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Park Ki-woong interview: Two-faced never looked so good
by | September 23, 2012 | 103 Comments

We’ve covered the hero, so next on the Gaksital interview circuit is villain Park Ki-woong. Well, next and last. It’s a short circuit.

I have loved watching Park Ki-woong come into his own over the past several years, even though he’s been around for close to a decade at this point. He was first seen in 2004 in a K2 music video for “I Hear Love” (you can watch here, though the video itself is pretty lame), and made his acting debut in a 2005 Japanese horror movie [괴담 / 怪談] that seems to be, from my inability to rustle up much info on it, a project that faded into obscurity.

But it was a 2006 CF for a Sky cell phone that launched him to stardom, hilariously (watch the awesomeness), and he followed that up with a leading role in My Tutor Friend 2, which was a cute fluffy movie co-starring Ramyun Shop’s Lee Chung-ah. He was cute as the second lead in 2008’s rom-com Love & Marriage (where he had a very sweet parting with the heroine as they left their first loves behind to go on to their next).

Then he took on the role of an autistic genius in 2009’s dark, intense Story of a Man, and I think that’s really when he started his career as an ‘actor.’ He followed that with Chuno, Bow: The Ultimate Weapon (aka War of the Arrows), and now Gaksital. (We’ll choose to ignore the travesty that was The Musical, which should just be stricken from the record.)

Notably, his most memorable roles have all been villainous, enough to have some calling him a villain specialist. He joked on a recent appearance of talk program GoShow that when he’s a bad guy his projects are hits, and when he’s the nice guy they flop. He was awesomely chilling in Bow, playing a sadistic Manchurian prince who liked to toy with his spoils of war, with a leer on his face and while speaking a different language. (Park has said that for Bow, he was so frustrated and embarrassed after shooting NG after NG on his first day that he spent hours on end nailing his dialogue, and was thus gratified at the praise he received for his language performance.)

Even so, he singled out the latest role as the toughest: “Of all the characters I’ve played, Kimura Shunji was one of the most difficult. It’s a drama that has left me with a lot, on an acting level. I really worked a lot on it, and learned so much.”

(Side note: Gaksital is Park Ki-woong’s fourth time working with this director, which explains both why he was cast and why he and the director had good rapport. They did a Drama Special episode together, then Love & Marriage where the PD was a B team director, then Story of a Man.)

The role of Shunji required Park Ki-woong to travel between good guy and bad guy; he started out with a pure heart, but the situation brought out his dark side.

“Nice Shunji and bad Shunji. I thought a lot about the double-sidedness and how to act them. It wasn’t a matter of acting extremely good-natured, and then extremely evil. Out of this extreme situation he changes into being truly bad, and that is what provides motivation and justification for Kang-to and Gaksital’s actions.”

Yet it wasn’t a simple linear progression but a frequent back and forth, and Park worried a lot about how to adequately depict the character’s duality.

“Rather than calling Shunji absolutely evil, he’s a person who undergoes a complete transformation. It was the process of changing from a good person to a bad one that we showed. There were parts where it’s expressed as pain birthed by the era. Despite their different nationalities Kang-to and Shunji were friends, though they became antagonists, and it was the middle ground that was difficult to express. Because it was the gray area I had to show, not a side that was too evil, or too good.”

On set, shooting would frequently have to stop for the two leads, Park Ki-woong and Joo-won, to allow them a chance to get a handle on their emotions—they would be so overwhelmed that the tears would keep coming.

On the Gaksital website, there was a recent behind-the-scenes clip posted of Shunji’s torture scene with Kang-to. In it, Park Ki-woong had trouble holding back his tears as Kang-to tells him how he became Gaksital, although his character wasn’t supposed to cry. (It begins around the 4-minute mark below.)

“The tears kept coming. Shunji and Kang-to may have been incredibly close friends, but turning into enemies was unavoidable. Kang-to killed Shunji’s brother and father, Shunji’s brother killed Kang-to’s brother and mother, and Shunji’s father killed Kang-to’s father. These situations were heartbreaking. More than the dialogue being sad, it was the situation that just naturally brought the tears to my eyes. In the scene in the last episode where Kang-to and Shunji sit down for a drink together, we had to stop filming because we couldn’t stop crying.”

As for his own real-life personality, Park described it as reserved: “I don’t like going out much, and I tend to only be friends with people I’m close to. For example, I don’t really enjoy parties or that kind of thing. It feels awkward and uncomfortable.”

He describes his relationship with Joo-won as that of a close hyung and dongsaeng: “Because of shooting schedules, we haven’t been able to meet much outside of work, but while on set we were always glad to meet.”

“Usually I’m not really one for giving or receiving massages, but I became fond of Joo-won’s aegyo. I received energy from Joo-won a lot as well. Joo-won and I are a bit different. He’s the type to immerse himself fully, and he’s got energy and great concentration. Whereas I take care to be half-immersed, and half-awake. With him, I think we had great synergy, and when I acted with him we’d both lift each other up. Our emotions would build on each other and get stronger.”

[SPOILERS FOR FINALE] It’s for that reason that the final episode showdown between the two resulted in an endless string of NGs. It’s the scene (as if we could forget!) where they meet knowing that one of them will die tonight, and instead of challenging Kang-to, Shunji sends him out and kills himself.

“I don’t think the director wanted flowing tears from either Kang-to or Shunji in the suicide scene. What he wanted was for Kang-to to send Shunji off with resolve, and for Shunji to show a complex range of emotions and then let the tears flow as he died. But the NGs came because both of us kept crying.”

“In the fist-fighting scene in Episode 27, and the suicide scene of 28, I had the thought, ‘I want to do more with him. It would be fun to work with him more.’ He was a really great partner.”

“I’m really thankful to Joo-won. Acting in Gaksital as a whole, the energy level is pretty intense, and we had a lot of give-and-take with each other. If I came into a scene with an acting tone thinking ‘This amount is enough,’ Joo-won would meet me and both of us would elevate. We helped each other out.”

What about the female co-stars?

“I’m sure she asked advice of the other actors too, but Jin Se-yeon called a lot to ask me this and that. She’s a motivated actor. For me, it was actually the first time I’ve given someone acting advice. It’s a sensitive area, so I didn’t say much but she would draw out my responses. She worked really hard.”

Then there’s Han Chae-ah, scenes with whom he said he enjoyed shooting the most for those reasons because it gave him a chance to speak frankly to a sympathetic ear. “Shunji was always stressed from not being able to catch Gaksital that wherever he went, he would suppress it all and not express it. But when I was in scenes with Han Chae-ah noona, we would be like companions in misery and our conversations would be plain-spoken, which was really nice. And whenever the other person is delivering their lines, she’s the kind of actor to always offer a kind reaction.”

He added, “She was the one person I could express my feelings to. Acting with her felt refreshing. Because of Hong-joo [Rie], I survived.”

(Park has been quoted recently saying Han Chae-ah is his ideal woman, ha.)

Emotionally: “Gaksital was really emotionally draining. We’d cry a lot and become enraged, but then had to come down from that. Acting became exhausting, especially when I’d grab Kang-to’s throat and fight him. Joo-won told me to grab his throat for real, and I found myself actually doing it. I could actually feel my emotion taking over.”

“All the torture scenes were the most difficult. I really hate hitting other people, but there were quite a number of scenes where I’m hitting women. It particularly drove me nuts to do the drowning torture scenes with women. If you have an outtake in a water torture scene, you have to dry their hair when there’s very little spare time to go around, and grab your co-star’s hair and just shove them around without mercy. It was psychologically rough.”

Yes. It was psychologically rough to watch them, so one can only imagine how dark a headspace you had to be in to act them out: “All the scenes in that room were very intense, and you get pulled into that space. Because of the emotions involved, I’d come out after filming the torture scenes and not be myself.”

More than your average historical drama, it seems this one carried an extra burden, perhaps because the pain is so recent, so raw with yet-unhealed scars. So I’m not surprised to hear that the crew took their burden seriously; that was evident just by watching the show.

“In order to express these historical events like the comfort women issue, it wasn’t a sense of obligation we felt but a real obligation. I wasn’t personally involved in the comfort women storyline, but the other hyungs [playing officers] had to intervene and act out very violently. When we read that script, everyone had a hard time with it and felt uncomfortable while shooting it.”

For instance, there’s co-star Yoon Jin-ho, who played one of Shunji’s most prominent sidekicks, Koiso, and was a sympathetic ear for him. “Since this is a drama that requires so much emotion and expressiveness, you get used to that state and find that your emotions surge and well up. I’m thankful to Jin-ho hyung, both in and outside of acting. I sought acting advice a lot from him, and while it may be presumptuous for me to say it, he’s a sunbae with really strong acting skills.”

Park admits that there were times he overacted, singling out the scene of Damsari’s execution as an example of overdoing his facial expressions. As a result, he’d had nightmares at the time and even wanted to run away from it all.

“After thinking those thoughts, I doubted myself, wondering, ‘Will I be able to hang in there?’ There were ten episodes left at that point, and I felt that I wouldn’t be able to manage if I didn’t figure out how to draw back on my facial expressions. That’s when I, the total computer illiterate, learned how to use Twitter and started to use it with Koiso hyung. On set, I started to purposely joke around more. This was my fourth time working with director Yoon Sung-shik and most of the staff were people I’d worked with before, and when I started to goof around more things got better. Rather than approaching everything overly seriously, I think it’s necessary to enjoy yourself too.”

As we know, the cast of Gaksital took a ton of goofy, cute, aegyo-filled photos when not filming. We can imagine that it was a relief to break character when possible. And while looking at the photos makes Park Ki-woong seem just as inclined toward natural aegyo as Joo-won, it’s fascinating seeing just how different they are. Similar outer expressing, worlds apart on the inside.

Park said, “I took a lot of those kind of pictures. After doing this work constantly, I found myself looking for fun in the smallest things. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself.”

Park Ki-woong was one of the folks who took care of others on the set as a leader, which Joo-won said was something he learned over the course of this drama. Park said he in turn learned it from Park Yong-ha (RIP), his co-star from Story of a Man.

“Yong-ha hyung took care of everyone around him, and when the drama wrapped the whole cast and crew took a photo and wrote our names on it. If you don’t work with the staff a lot, you tend to just greet them and leave it at that, without learning everyone’s names. But hyung did all that. He was a really good hyung.”

Asked if he’s thinking of awards, Park said no. “If I’m given an award, of course I’d be grateful. But awards, you know… There’s a part of me that’s like an old soul. To be honest, sometimes I think people will think I’m acting too much like an old adult that I try to live more free-spiritedly. That makes me more comfortable. What I like best is to do my best in a tough situation. If I try too hard and struggle with everything, it just makes me more tired.”

Via TV Report, My Daily, My Daily, Newsen, Hankook Ilbo, TV Daily


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  1. canxi


    • 1.1 canxi

      Ahh, I like him. The part where he says he is reserved is pretty much how I am…I always ending up liking actors with personalities like mine the most. It’s like they call me!

      But, I admire how hard he seems to work too. He makes it [acting] seem really natural , even though it must not be. He is awesome at playing the bad guy but I can’t wait to see what other roles he takes on from here on.

      Though for me, I think I’m gonna have to remember The Musical since that was the first thing I saw him in,LOL. But, I’ve watched quite a few things of his since then and he is pretty great.

      • 1.1.1 ceire

        “Ahh, I like him. The part where he says he is reserved is pretty much how I am…I always ending up liking actors with personalities like mine the most. It’s like they call me!”


        • ~Feather~

          Same. 🙂
          Though now, I’m trying to be more bubbly and less self-conscious. I feel that way, I can get closer to my friends and family, and people in general. Although, I still prefer having a few close friends vs. a lot of friends who I’ not that close with.

          • canxi

            Yeah, when I get introduced to friends of friends I try and talk to them…it doesn’t make it any less awkward though,lol! I feel if you’re famous being reserved can be troublesome though since everyone wants to meet you, ahaha.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Thank you again JB, he was my favorite actor in Gaksital. I was glad to see that he addressed of lot of what happened BTS and I had some conversations about that with one or two people on OT and in private emails. I am always curious as to how actors and actresses approach their work, how they prepare for it, and how they deal with their characters (do they take them home with them, do they feel that the characters are leading them in a particular way, etc…).

      These interviews, which allow us to find out a little more about them as people and as professionals are great. We appreciate these.

  2. acejihyo

    jfc, i’d almost forgotten about how hard the bts must have been. trying to immerse yourself in the scene of torturing someone/trying to film it all in one go. they need to wash that away with some fluffy unicorns or smth.

  3. Sho

    lol I like that posing picture with Abe and Koiso

  4. ilukd

    This man … You know what he is extraordinary actor ..Man it gave me chill for long time after watching BOW …He is incredible in that movie … Again in Gaksital … I was scared to the death even looking at him in latter episode …. He is one of the most talented Korean Actor …. Hope he will act in many more awesome drama and movie ….. He really deserve award for Gaksital.

    • 4.1 Dominique

      Park Gi Woong is a rarity in South Korean acting profession today in that he possesses the caliber of a Shakespearean thespian. I can see him comfortable in tragedy as well as comedy, so long as the role comes with plenty of meat.

      Most Shakespearean roles are not to be classified along the lines of good vs. evil or pretty vs. ugly or hero vs. villain. That sort of binary view of life or world is the bread & butter of Korean dramas, but precisely because of that, most Korean actors or actresses cannot survive a day in a Shakespearean park. As a result, viewer fatigue towards most Korean actors and actresses sets in a lot sooner. For every Joo Won, there are 10 more babyfaces waiting in line to step in on a moment’s notice and susbstitute him, with no discernible differences.

      Unless you are Kim Tae Hee (or Kim Ji Mi), whose beauty is in a class of its own so that a viewer forgets to think about her acting abilities. With Elizabeth Taylor, it never mattered what Liz did on screen because viewers were far too busy just looking at her.

      • 4.1.1 Gabby

        I’m a little insulted you’re comparing Elizabeth Taylor to Kim Tae-hee. Kim Tae-hee is barely mediocre (My Princess was the only project where she was decent).

        Taylor on the other hand…you should see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Who’s Afraid of Virigina Woolf? She was a talented, not just decent, actress.

        • Gabby

          I should’ve added some emoticons to make that seem less combative. XD

  5. Stardust

    2006 CF for a Sky cell phone MADE ME almost LOLed in my quiet office… AHAHHAHAHAHA it became a silenced PPFFFFT instead… XD

    I had no idea that Park Ki Woong was my favourite char in Story of a Man… hahaha I really loved his character, in his white earphones, and even though I can’t remember the story well, I DID remember going NOoOooooo when his character was stabbed…

    I enjoyed reading the interview and pics javabeans thank yoou!! ♥

    • 5.1 Cam

      Yes! 😀 I really enjoyed with this interview of Park Ki Woong! It’s really interesting what he has his personality and the way he like that way. (I like him from that awesome drama “Story of A Man”) Yupss!

    • 5.2 ladyana2j

      yes, my favorite char too, he was totally super duper CUTE!!! when I finished watch last ep of gaksital, I felt so great, so happy and so excited after watched him in story of a man, kyung tae and kimura shunji, both char is totally different, but, he potrayed them perfectly! really i love him as an actor now!!!

  6. dduk

    UH~! that man that loved to hate in Gaksital… he was just so good in it…. Can’t wait to see him in other things!

  7. Brandi

    I’ve been loving him since Story of A Man … why is PKW so awesome?

    • 7.1 Autumn

      I’ve fallen for him since then too. Can’t wait for his future projects! 😀

    • 7.2 missjb

      @brandi: OMG, me too! I have liked Park Ki Woong since story of a man. His char. was one of my favourite, though Do Woo’s Kim Kang Woo was the memorable one in Slingshot for me.

      But I become a total fangirl after watching him in Gaksital that I endep up watching some his past project. Gah… My obsession for him is unhealthy at this point lol. I loved his role in War of The arrows as a villain. And Loved his adorable character in Never Ending Story as Uhm Tae Woong’s brother. in both movie though he only took a small roles, he make a good performance.
      And yes he is awsome. HE can do both in comedy/light roles and intense/dark roles well. he is soo versatile.

    • 7.3 dramabliss

      Ditto. I loved him in everything I’ve seen him in, including “the travesty” that is the musical. For me, PKW was the only good thing about that drama.

  8. milkmustache

    Argh, I love him so much<33

  9. rearwindow

    I love him and cannot stop watching that cell phone CF that you linked to. It is HILARIOUS. *runs to watch it for the 5th time*

  10. 10 Annie

    Wow, great interview. Just felt so real.

  11. 11 Lilly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Park Ki-woong’s acting.
    Seriously hope to see a lot more.
    Very Robert Downy Jr.
    Smart, complex style is hot.

  12. 12 crazedlu

    Seems like such a nice guy. =)

  13. 13 eny

    i also think that his acting is better when he transform into bad guy

  14. 14 lizzie

    I feel bad for him, made such a amazing role on Bridal mask but his drama full house which was filmed before will air after this LOL

    reminds me of Jang Soo Wook after giant he appeared in Paradise ranch which was filmed before too…

  15. 15 bishbash

    awww really appreciated the hard work from the entire cast n crew!!


  16. 16 saranga

    LOL that cf. i think story of man was where i first saw him (unless i watched love & marriage before that, which i can’t recall). i’d love to see him do something really comedic next, based on that cf alone.

    he was also on the go show this week! he was with three other guests so there wasn’t enough park ki-woong by a long shot, but he came across as this adorably shy man-boy. surprisingly he has a bit of a baby face, and his eyes are beautiful—so innocent and pure looking.

  17. 17 missjb

    I didn’t knew he carried such a burden for playing Kimura Shunji. This kind of character really hard to potrayed, I can feel his frustation…
    So glad he realized and admit some flaws about his acting. It will make him become better as an actor. What I love about his acting as Shunji was he seems understand and knows his character well, and it allowed him to makes his character transformation believable and subtle. really, I used to see him an actor who has cute face. But in gaksital, it’s the first time I felt he is sooooo HOT… lol….
    His character’s transformation was one of the main reason I’m sooo drawn into gaksital.
    One of my fav villain character of all time.
    Hope he won’t stop doing another intense and awsome roles like in Gaksital.

  18. 18 jandoe

    OMG I loved him, and now I love him more from this interview.


  19. 19 h311ybean

    Thank you for this as well. It’s amazing to think that the same guy is playing Good!Shunji and Bad!Shunji, and the transition from one to the other seemed so seamless but thanks to Ki-woong’s acting, you could also tell that he underwent so much during the change.

  20. 20 anvesha

    We will probably have to forget Full House 2 as well.. I kind of want to watch Story of A Man. And that cf is HILARIOUS!!

  21. 21 spoonie

    Not related but didn’t know where else to post:

    The airing dates are a bit off on the side of the page. The monday is the 24th and tuesday is 25th. I thought I missed a day somehow and gave myself a small panic attack 😛 (I have an assignment due the 25th and I sure hope thats not tomm!)

    Not a big deal though …

  22. 22 funkypicklez

    I knew the pictures were a result of a great filming atmosphere but I had no idea that they were therapy for the actors on set. Awww I’m glad KiWoong found a way to deal with the stress, guilt, and horror that comes with a role like Shunji…. I look forward to his next project but for the sake of his health, I pray that he’ll find a role that is more “him” and requires absolutely no torture scenes….

  23. 23 Sudi

    love him.Thanks

  24. 24 whimsyful

    Loved him since Story of a Man, and glad that he’s finally getting the attention he deserves.

    On a purely shallow note, he and Han Chae-ah would look gorgeous together.

  25. 25 Ennayra

    Aw, this makes me like Park Ki-woong even more. Before Gaksital, I’d only seen him in Love & Marriage, so I felt iffy about him. I really admired his acting after his character’s brother was killed. His scenes in the later half of Gaksital were the most interesting of every episode (okay, as long as it wasn’t a meeting with the Kaka(sp?)…). I was always yelling at the good guys to hurry up before Shunji came, haha.

    Can I just say that I appreciate how hilarious the Sky cell phone ad is? So glad I watched that.

    And I loved his dynamic with Han Chae-ah’s character.

  26. 26 anon1

    Aww, I miss Park Yong-ha. I loved his friendship with Ki-Woong in Story of a Man.

  27. 27 redfox

    I am so sick of V signs. Bleergh. No need to show them every single time.

    Park Ki Woong, applause. Great acting. In other cases I would say, be careful, dont get too absorbed in your characters, don´t wear yourself out. But in his case, I would say put all in. Going totally over his limits, being squeezed and drained empty like a lemon seems to suit him and get very good results. Not that it is physically good but…. what I am saying is, he should do it regardless. Also better satisfaction with the job he has done. Seems like a perfectionist though, worrying about NGs and stuff. Dont hang around it too much, happens. No big deal.

  28. 28 aramint

    Park Ki-woong and Han Chae-ah? Yes, yes, yes! 😀 I thought I was the only one who kinda wanted Shunji to end up with Rie. Heee..

    Also, in the BTS clips, they looked comfortable with each other, goofing around and he’s always taking care of her. That’s when I thought, ah, they’d make a lovely couple. ^.^

  29. 29 malta

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  30. 30 stellar

    The title! <3

    I just suddenly remembered a convo with my Death Note obsessed friends that if ever Death Note will be remade into a KDrama [LOL I know, too far out], Ki Woong would be the perfect Light Yagami. It was a unanimous vote. =)

  31. 31 DarknessEyes

    so, seeing that you had mentioned that PKW was in Bow, I immediately went to google to find a picture of him in it. But then when I typed in “Bow the ultimate weapon kimur-” i knew I have been watching way too much Gaksital. But seriously, the role as Shunji was the highlight of his career so far.
    tho i LOVEEEEDD my tutor friend. I think i laughed so hard that my stomach started to hurt.

    • 31.1 DarknessEyes

      Haha yeah all of you guys who think that PKW is better at being a villian, watch him in My Tutor Friend 2. That is HILARIOUS. WAYYYY more funny than that CF. And that CF is freaking funny.

      • 31.1.1 Alvina

        yay, another MTF2 fan! People say that the movie is dead boring, but I think it had some amazing moments.

      • 31.1.2 missjb

        lol me too… i ended up liking this movie eventhough it has sone flaws…. his facial expression indeed hillarious, I can’t stop laughing lol…

  32. 32 VB

    After continually hearing how good the drama is.. I’ve decided to forego freetime and watch Story of a Man. (Plus, I loved PKW in Gaksital) Problem is, I can’t find it.. can anyone help point me in a direction?

  33. 33 Lilly

    Funny guys always make the best villains like Gene Hackman and Robert De Niro.

    I think he his best bet is to try for all De Nrio type roles.
    Park Ki-woong shines brightest as playing a dark character just like De Niro, even if it is in a comedy like De Niro in Meet the Parents and Analyze This.

    Scare me and make me laugh both and I will be your fan forever.

  34. 34 DaDa

    “I don’t like going out much, and I tend to only be friends with people I’m close to. For example, I don’t really enjoy parties or that kind of thing. It feels awkward and uncomfortable.”

    Is he me? OMG. We were meant to be. :-O Hehehehehe.

  35. 35 SH

    Thanks JB for the translation. Park Ki-woong played the role of Shunji brilliantly. I loved the fact that he understood Shunji’s transformation from good to bad was filled with grey areas. And I definitely got that emotional portrayal while watching the show.

  36. 36 Alvina

    Jeez, that video and the tears. Heartbreaking stuff.

    I’ve loved him since MTF2, so I thought he was as light-hearted in real life as he is on the screen. It’s amazing to see that this is not the case; show’s just how amazing his range his.

    I remember first commenting on the CF video article in 2009 lol. Wow, has time flied.

  37. 37 UJ

    He was a delight to watch in Gaksital! I am a fan now!! ♡

  38. 38 Lemon

    Great interview – felt very honest.

    I loled at the youtube video, at the part where Shunji puts on Gaksital’s mask and the Phantom of the Opera theme comes on. HAHA.

    And Han Chae Ah as his ideal woman? HOW CUTE!

  39. 39 bluemoon

    Aww…..so in love with Park Ki-woong. He is a really good actor. I like him since Story of a Man too, but Shunji is by far his best role yet. I hope he pick another great role in the future because this man can REALLY act.

    Anybody know when can we see Full House 2? Shouldn’t it be out already? Why are no networks picking it up?

    Now, seriously, I think that Park Ki-woong and Joo Won should both win big awards at the end of this year for Bridal Mask. They were both so great in the drama. Both acted equally well.

    Bridal Mask is by far the best drama this year. I thought The Moon that Embraces the Sun was great, but Bridal Mask came along and knock it down a few (maybe a lot) notches.

    Can’t wait for him and Joo Won’s next project.

    Rest In Peace, Park Yong-ha!

    • 39.1 canxi

      Well, I feel like after the success of Gaksital, they might actually give Full House 2 a time slot just because PKW is in it…but…I really want them to keep that locked in whatever box they put it in. I really really really do.

      And I feel like he is definitely getting an award! He should get all of them! *___*

  40. 40 coby

    After reading, it made me realize that I am not yet over Gaksital. It still makes my chest heavy, just the mention of their scenes. Gaksital aegyos…PRICELESS.

  41. 41 dany

    Great actor, thank you for the info!

  42. 42 Vanessa

    Aww <3 He's such an awesome actor, completely brought the role to life. I hope he doesn't have bad dreams anymore though D:

  43. 43 gulsan

    Thank you very much, javabeans!
    Btw, has anyone ever thought that park ki woong resembles the japanese actor tamaki hiroshi? The pictures in the top even more made me think so.

    • 43.1 skinnymocha

      Really? I can sort of see it in the smile… but Ninomiya Kazunari is the one who pops into my head.

  44. 44 irishlaw

    Thanks Javabeans for the article. I love this man. He’s one of my favorites. PKW did brave and excellent performance that I kept only thinking of his Shunji until the end. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen his Slingshot drama yet which he did an autistic genius role, but I already watched him in Tutor Friend 2(comedy/movie), Someone Behind You(Horror/movie), Ghost&I(drama special), and his 2 dramas : The Musical and Gaksital. I think he is the kind of actor that can do both dark/villainous and light/good/comedy very well. He’s actually pretty versatile. He has great range and ability to do many facial or comical expression. It’s just that his villainous projects are the most famous and did well in rating than his comedic/good role projects so far.
    Though his dramas/movies are not great yet, Full House 2 maybe turns being crap project but to me it’s been very exciting to see his various of roles. It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing him dancing and singing in Full House 2 (after seeing him torturing people in Gaksital).
    I still want him to continue doing many interesting and unique roles.

  45. 45 Laura

    I so like Joo-won’s acting but Park Ki-woong, comme on, he’s such a… human. So natural, so honest…

    I always wanted to know more about the real work of actors, behind the cameras. How they prepare, what difficulties they face, so this interview was great.

    And who can resist that:
    “In the scene in the last episode where Kang-to and Shunji sit down for a drink together, we had to stop filming because we couldn’t stop crying.” Awwww…

  46. 46 GhF

    Park ki woong was so wooden in the begining, unbearable to watch. But he got a lil better towards the end.

  47. 47 Muuta

    And just yesterday, I was going through the recaps of Me Too, Flower and found out Park Ki Woong did a cameo there as the heroine’s ex. Mind, I saw his name and I was going “This has got to be a joke, right?” and scrolled down to find a still of him in that scene!

  48. 48 namcha

    I would like to see him in a rom com next. He’s a good actor. I sense some kind of attraction btw him and the actress who played Rie. Seems like he connected with her.

  49. 49 wormsoup

    lol. even though the Musical really went downhill after like episode 4 or 5… i totally watched it for Park Ki Woong! Loved him in the show.

    • 49.1 Ar-Feiniel

      Same here. He was the only good thing about that drama.

  50. 50 toystar

    Thanks JB! Park Ki-woong is so awesome as a bad guy!!

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