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Running Man: Episode 110
by | September 16, 2012 | 37 Comments

Time to stretch your muscles for this action-packed episode! Being rained in doesn’t mean it has to rain on your variety parade. When did numbers get to be so confusing? But stay with me to the end because what you see is what you get on Running Man.

EPISODE 110. Broadcast on September 9, 2012.

Last week, we left off with Haha after his visit to Witch FD. He gathers his other teammates and relays the information that if someone attempts to eliminate him, Jae-suk will be taken out instead.

They decide to take out the weakest link on the Red Team first (Kwang-soo) but the Blue Team is completely unaware that someone overhears their entire top secret exchange: Jae-suk.

Poor Kwang-soo is sent out as bait and he’s quickly spotted by the other teams. He eliminates Gary before the latter has time to size up the situation and hides. It’s not long before the Green Team corner him and in one swift motion, Tae-hwan rips off Kwang-soo’s name tag.

But wait… oho! Beneath his name tag reads “Park Tae-hwan Out” which means that the Red Team must have visited ol’ Witch FD as well. Elsewhere, the speakers blare the announcement and Jae-suk bursts excitedly, “Kwang-soo! Did you do that?!”

Tae-hwan’s dumbfounded and tries his best to laugh off the situation. He shouts, “August sure is awesome!” Well it hasn’t been exactly rosy for you to say the least.

Spartakooks sits in the corner, both his teammates now gone. When the Red Team approach him he’s all, I was resting, not hiding! He finds the Red Team’s request absolutely absurd – how can they ask him to eliminate someone on the Blue Team when he’s got the wings of his name tag snuck under his armpits?

But before they can say who, the Blue Team appears and now Jong-kook is outnumbered for sure. Time to run! And don’t worry – the other teams are too busy trying to rip each others’ name tags to be paying much attention to you at the moment, Jong-kook.

Kwang-soo is eliminated first and then Suk-jin stands back to let Haha and Jae-suk duke it out. But remember – Yeon-jae’s on the Red Team too and she eliminates Big Nose Hyung with ease.

HA – it’s kind of funny that Jong-kook escapes to the same place that his teammate was eliminated him. Unfortunately, his bright sneakers are a dead giveaway and everyone proceeds with caution.

It’s an eerily calm and quiet moment and then Spartakooks charges which cause everyone to jump back. They circle around him (Jae-suk does his best to protect Haha) and though it’s 4:1, it’s no easy business approaching Jong-kook.

Haha jumps ahead, declaring that it’s okay if he’s out and Jae-suk repeatedly pushes him back. And you still haven’t caught on that Jae-suk might already know, Haha? And then… Yeon-jae rips off Jong-kook’s name tag in the scuffle.

Tae-hwan buries his head – the Green Team’s out.

The remaining Blue and Red Team members have a standoff, buying some time until Jae-suk attacks first. He eliminates Ji-hyo and then holds Haha down.

Yeon-jae tears off Jae-suk’s name tag and then like an anticlimactic afterthought, eliminates Haha as well. Haha just stands there, stunned and speechless. Yeah your plan to backfire totally backfired on you. The Red Team wins it.

Day 2. 7 AM. How hilarious is it that Jae-suk is sleeping in Cinderella’s villa? His bed hair makes a stunning return and he wakes Kwang-soo from his slumber.

Yeon-jae is already wide awake when the staff come to collect her and conversely, Mung Ji-hyo who grumbles awake. Good morning, sunshine.

Mr. PD informs them that their originally intended morning mission is cancelled on account of the typhoon. Each of the members are invited to offer a game and can bet pieces of baduks. The member who has the most at the end is the winner and gains an advantage in the final mission.

The first game is gonggi which is Gary’s suggestion. The majority of the cast bet a piece each and Gary initially bets half of his pieces (5) before rethinking it to two. Haha fails right away and they’re impressed by Yeon-jae, who handle the jacks with ease.

Gonggi really is one of those games where the advantage leans to the youth and I forget that Yeon-jae is 18. She gets up to Round 4. Surprisingly, Suk-jin seems to hold his own pretty well and Haha teases: “He’s so good at girly things!”

He has a good run and is distracted enough that he slips up in Round 4. Now it’s Gary’s turn who up to now has been all talk, whooping whenever someone messes up. He clears Round 1 just barely and then fails to catch the jacks in Round 2.

Jae-suk does a fistpump when his suggestion (ddakji) comes up next. It’s no secret that Jae-suk is a master when it comes to this game which involves flipping a paper square.

Only four of the members participate and when they suggest doing it tournament style, Tae-hwan says, “You can’t put the two strongest players against each other!” The Easy Brothers gripe.

It’s Suk-jin vs. Tae-hwan first, and Marine Boy Tae-hwan warm up and slams it down… but does nothing. All brawn, huh? He gets another chance after Suk-jin fails and gets to move on.

Jong-kook wins against Kwang-soo who gets annoyed when Jong-kook lets Tae-hwan try first. Jong-kook wins… to utter silence and Haha breaks the tense moment, “Why are you trying so hard?”

Aww Master Jae-suk doesn’t even get a shot as his own game as Jong-kook wins right away, letting out a hearty cry of victory. Jong-kook feels bad and so agrees to go for 2 out of 3… and wins it again. Game over, man – where’s Sad Violin when you need it?

The next game is a test of flexibility and Yeon-jae has the clear advantage here. She shuffles forward and shyly shows them a basic stretch: a split.

She then reaches for her toes (the boys guffaw), and then nervously admits that she can’t bend backwards because it’s too early in the morning.

Oh honey I don’t think anyone in this room can even attempt that last move (a vertical split). They ask how many she’ll bet and she meekly says, “4? 5?”

Since all of the moves are supremely difficult for this cast, she initially allows them 1 out of the 3. But Tae-hwan bends over to touch his toes without difficulty and then changes the rules to 2.

So all the boys start a round of, “Do you wanna do the split?” and then Haha steals one of Ji-hyo’s pieces to put it in the pot. Jae-suk calls out that counts for his own participation.

Haha fails to reach his toes and bend down so his chest touches his legs and that vertical split attempt has got to hurt. I’m thinking that no man should attempt that last move – even with help, Kwang-soo’s face burns a bright red.

Tae-hwan folds his upper body over easily and Yeon-jae is nice enough to consider amending the rules so that Tae-hwan doesn’t have to do a full split. Once she sees it, however, she starts, “Originally…” and shows the split again. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say you won.

Kwang-soo what kind of game is yours? He explains that the winner is whoever has the most water in their mouth in one try. There’s no better way to describe that. Yeon-jae whispers, “How strange…”

All the boys participate (Yeon-jae passes on account of the strangeness of the game) apart from Tae-hwan and they all complain how nervous they’re getting. Bottoms up!

This is just a disaster waiting to happen. Jae-suk spits up at Kwang-soo, Gary bursts and so does Suk-jin. They line up the water bottles to compare and the judges declare that Kwang-soo’s Adam apple moved twice – he swallowed.

They run through the remaining ideas dismissing them as they go (Ji-hyo: Identifying faces blindfolded, Tae-hwan: holding your breath). Settling on Haha’s game of “Cola Cider,” Haha explains the rules: if it crosses the line mid-way it’s “Cider,” completely within the line “Cola,” and out if you pass it.

Jae-suk is first and Haha teases that he’s eliminated, “Because you’re ugly.” Gary: “Then I can’t play?!” Jae-suk passes the line and by Gary’s turn, Jong-kook’s piece is closest to the line.

Yeon-jae tosses her piece and it lands just past the line and Haha declares it as “Cider.” Finally it’s Haha’s turn and he sets himself up for the toss. Someone’s piece is knocked out of the way and Jong-kook seethes, “Did you just knock my piece out?” Gulp.

Yeon-jae enters the final mission first, having come out first place in the morning games. Everyone picks up a card that denotes a number. Wait, are we at Haha’s alma mater? He gets super embarrassed by a poster of himself hanging in the hallway.

Mr. PD introduces the mission through the speakers as target hunting. Stay with me because this can get confusing. The target starts from 9 to 1. If the target remains alive after the allotted time, there will be a secret opportunity.

This means that Number 9 will be hunted by the other members but he can also eliminate them for a more favorable number. And to make it worse, Mr. PD announces who Number 9 is: Kim Jong-kook.

The cast begin their search for Spartakooks and Suk-jin starts to sweat – if they eliminate Jong-kook, he’s next (as Number 8).

Gary and Tae-hwan find a door locked and they have no idea that Jong-kook is behind it, hiding. They leave without checking further and Gary muses, “Did he go home?”

Haha and Yeon-jae swing by a minute later and Jong-kook bides his time before he bursts out of the room to sneak attack them. But he finds himself fighting 3:1 while the others rush to join them. While the boys corner Jong-kook, Yeon-jae coolly passes by them, “I’ll call for the others.”

Woah now Jong-kook is doing his best to fight off the guys, falling to the ground to protect himself. And though he puts up an impressive fight, Tae-hwan rips off his name tag. Yeon-jae asks where Suk-jin is which is when he’s announced as Number 8.

Cut to: Suk-jin who hides in the costume room.

Jae-suk notes that everyone is calm now that Suk-jin is the target. They head out to find him but then we see that Tae-hwan is Number 7.

Ji-hyo searches through the costume room and almost leaves before she spots the VJ. She silently calls Tae-hwan over and then Suk-jin hops out of his hiding place. You could have just stayed in there! He’s easily eliminated by Tae-hwan. But… doesn’t this mean you’re next?

And just when the speakers are about to announce his name, Tae-hwan rips off Ji-hyo’s name tag. Now he’s Number 1. Impressive.

Kwang-soo and Jae-suk contemplate what their next steps should be. They could try to eliminate Number 6 (Gary) but their biggest problem is Tae-hwan who seems practically untouchable in their eyes.

Haha roams the halls for Gary, looking through a suspicious locker room. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Haha opened the door and Gary popped out? Which is exactly what happens.

The other boys join them in the basement and Kwang-soo tries to signal to Gary to eliminate Tae-hwan. But Gary misinterprets this and rips off Jae-suk’s instead. Innocent Gary: “You should have said so earlier!”

The most hilarious and sad part about this? Jae-suk was Number 5 which means Gary still is the target. Haha has finally realized that they need to set their eyes on Tae-hwan (who’s literally skipping through the halls).

Gary hides in a locker and Kwang-soo counts to three before he shrills, “Tae-hwan!” Ahahaha.

Tae-hwan comes running and Haha leads him through the lockers, whispering that he saw Gary’s DJ. And while his back is turned, Gary slips out of his hiding place… and tears off Tae-hwan’s name tag. All Tae-hwan can mutter is, “Daebak.”

The boys praise each other on a job well done (Kwang-soo: “It was like straight out of a movie!”) and then Yeon-jae asks to Kwang-soo: “But aren’t you the next target?” Sure enough, the speakers confirm it and Kwang-soo starts running.

Gary hops along, telling Yeon-jae that she has to be the one to eliminate him and she whimpers, “But I’m Number 3…”

In a surprise turn, Kwang-soo eliminates Haha and moves up to Number 2.

In jail, Tae-hwan fumes at his elimination and Jong-kook pipes that he fell for Haha’s trap because Tae-hwan is only thinking about himself. They spy the same cards on a nearby table and Tae-hwa hopes it means a second chance for either himself or Jong-kook.

And what do you know, two people will get to be reinstated. Gary, Kwang-soo, and Yeon-jae’s jaws drop. Kwang-soo: “There’s no way that Tae-hwan will be reinstated, right?”

Jae-suk picks first and then gripes when he gets a dud. Jae-suk: “But it’s a “R” [sticker]!” We can’t see Mr. PD’s reaction but I get the feeling it’s a “So?”

Jong-kook picks next and Jae-suk comments that if Jong-kook is freed, “It’s like heaven in here and hell out there.” HA.

It’s a “0” and the staff gasp in awe. Not only is Jong-kook back in the game… he’s now Number 0 and ahead of everyone else.

The remaining four pick simultaneously but here’s the catch – whoever gets released will be Number 4 aka the immediate target. Jae-suk: “It’s probably better than you stay in here than becoming the target as soon as you leave.”

… Holy… Crap… it’s Tae-hwan.

Now Gary, Kwang-soo, and Yeon-jae are sandwiched in between the strongest players in the game. Uh, now what?

Kwang-soo runs straight into Tae-hwan who immediately reaches for his back to exact his revenge. Then Kwang-soo yelps, “Gary’s Number 1!”

Tae-hwan calls over Yeon-jae who readily comes like the cute dongsaeng she is. I’m thinking he going to ask if Kwang-soo is lying but then she tells him to look ’round the corner… where Jong-kook is hiding.

She’s so scared and shocked that all she can do is laugh. Yeon-jae: “Can’t I just go to jail?”

Tae-hwan’s got both Kwang-soo and Gary’s name tags in his reach. Not enough hands? No worries because he wraps his leg around Gary to topple him over. Then Kwang-soo reaches over Tae-hwan’s back as Tae-hwan rips off Gary’s name tag.

HAHAHA – this is priceless. Kwang-soo runs away from Tae-hwan who’s now Number 1 and then comes to a screeching halt when he spots Jong-kook. Even though Yeon-jae is the next target she goes chasing after Kwang-soo which now brings his hunter count to three.

Back in jail, the others praise Gary for lasting so long even with his back injury. He saw Jong-kook on his way here, wondering why he wasn’t announced. When they tell him he’s “0,” he breathes a sigh of relief.

But wait a minute – Tae-hwan’s Number 1. They’re like, Now that’s worth watching!

Kwang-soo eliminates Yeon-jae and then takes a breath before he realizes that he’s still the target. He runs into Jong-kook and whispers that he’s going to eliminate Tae-hwan. Of course, he has no idea that Jong-kook is Number 0.

His real plan, however, is to team up with Tae-hwan to eliminate Jong-kook but he gets caught seconds later. In disbelief, Jong-kook says, “I wasn’t supposed to let you live…” Kwang-soo starts to plead and then reaches for Jong-kook’s back. Omg, will you really do it?!

Jong-kook is too quick for him and immediately Kwang-soo apologizes for the attack. Kwang-soo goes for a second try and now they’re both grabbing at each other’s shirts. Tae-hwan just watches from the sidelines, laughing.

Kwang-soo loses (You put up a good fight there!) and the speakers begin to announce Target Number 1. Tae-hwan reaches for Jong-kook’s back… and with one swift turn has Jong-kook’s name tag in his hand.

Tae-hwan wins it all (and the kalbi set). Things are starting to look up, don’tcha think?


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. divaz_sha

    running man ..always fun..but …

    i want the fun to back in full force like supernatural episode

    • 1.1 LK

      That episode was epic, but epic episodes only happens when there’s no guest!

      I thought that episode was really fun! The 1st half was hilarious! And the 2nd half was really exciting. I really like the concept of chasing 1 person in order and the resurrection!

  2. Sabah

    I truly loved this episode. I mean I enjoyed all the episodes for one reason or another, recently more just about the eye candy and cuteness BUT this one I loved.

    Also Kim Jong Kook is awesome!

    Despite not even being one of my two biases on this show (whilst noting Yoo Jae Suk being his usual smirky self & Song Ji Hyo being adorable Mong JI) he always leaves me in awe. Once again he showed us why he is the commander. I counted six people on him at one point AND he was still defending his name tag. That is more than impressive that is overwhelming. Kim Jong Kook you are wondrous!

  3. akikisetsu

    Fun and competitive episodes, which I like! Now, I wonder what would happen if both PTH and Park Jisung are on the same episode. I think they would really take it personally.

    But, I think RM had issues with these 2 episodes coz of product placement. I think they exceeded that allowable minutes/hours that a show can “advertise” within the program.

    • 3.1 CM

      Product placement 100% of the airing time… *sigh*

      • 3.1.1 chocopie83

        is it really a problem? ><

  4. callie

    I kinda find part 2 better than part 1. But still, the thrill isn’t there anymore. >< instead of watching with a 'wow' and 'omg' and big 'hahaha', I'll be like 'oh okay' and 'hmmm'. thanks for the recap btw. =)

  5. Nancii

    I love it when sports stars go on!

    I totally see Park Ji Sung and Park Tae Hwan in a new light after these eps 😀

  6. Vanessa

    I laughed so hard at the paper flipping one. Sometimes what the cast comes up with on the spot is so simply brilliant!

  7. Lemon

    Hahaha this episode was great.

    I’ve actually developed a mini crush on Park Tae Hwan. He’s so big and buff in all his Olympian glory, so it was especially hilarious hearing him whine (“you must do some thing about that Kwang Soo~~!”) and call Jong Kook hyung. His relationship with Jong Kook was so cute to watch!

    And why is Jihyo so quiet. Is it me or is she participating less in the games?

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 7.1 Laica

      I know Jong-gook and Tae-hwan were so cute together, they instantly bonded! Kookie is usually very competitive but this time he was totally rooting for Tae-hwan to win. And I love how Tae-hwan totally dwarfed the usually imposing commander. Those are some broad shoulders!

      I’ve been noticing that Ji-hyo has been quiet lately too. Sadness. She’s so awesome, I wonder why guests don’t seem to pick her for their teams?

      • 7.1.1 bd

        Kookie finally got someone he could totally relate and bond to, but Kookie is still physically more imposing, w/ Tae-hwan being more tall and lanky than big.

        And yeah, Ms. Mong has been kinda out of site recently aside from a few glimpses of “bad Ji-hyo.”

        She’s definitely not a morning person.

        • Laica

          You’re right, Kookie has more presence, but it’s funny to see them standing next to each other. 🙂

      • 7.1.2 bjharm

        She making a film isn’t she? At the same time as also doing running man, last time she tried to make a tv drama and do RM she ended up in hospital, also there where rumor that she was going to leave RM to make the film, so I am guessing they keeping her present in RM but with less to do, so less Ace is better than no Ace idea. I pretty sure a lot of her scenes in RM have been heavily scripted to cover this, like this episode when Tae-hwan took her out to get the number one spot, you could see that coming a mile off, made even more apparent when he had the choise of either Ace or Gary, you expect the guy to take on a guy not the girl if they had a choice between the two.

  8. Lilian

    Taehwan must have been shocked at the competiveness among the Rm guys. You really really cannot trust anyone.

  9. oi

    I liked this eppie much better than previous ep. So funny, how scared everyone is of Kim Jong Kook

  10. 10 matz

    i laughed so hard when they were just playing their own games in the first part

    really, running man is at its best when they’re just so close together and playing and having fun together

    great idea about the ripping of name tags! i can’t even imagine that RM staff can still think of new ideas about it

  11. 11 Laica

    I’m loving the return to the two-episode format in these last two episodes! Water games, morning mission, food games and best of all LOTS of chasing and ripping of name tags! Plus the guests were awesome – especially Tae-hwan.

    I also like how in the two-episode ones there’s a chance for the members to bond somewhat with the guests, makes for fun times, especially if it’s a funny/charismatic guest.

    Thanks for the recap, gummi!

  12. 12 shanwa

    I love this episode, lots of laugh realy lol lol lol…. 🙂

  13. 13 bd

    While this ep wasn’t as laugh-out funny like the one w/ Gong Hyo-jin, it was pretty enjoyable due to all the competitiveness and the interesting twist to the hunt/name-tag game w/ the numbering system.

    Kookie must have really enjoyed bonding w/ someone, Tae-hwan, who is as competitive as he is, and Yeon-jae was pretty competitive in her own right.

    TH has that sardonic dry humor and YJ was not only cute, but good for a quip here and there as well (such as her being frightened upon seeing Spartakooks back in the game and stating that she’d rather be in jail).

    Thigns couldn’t have worked out better for the PD’s to have Spartakooks and TH be the ones who end up getting a 2nd chance.

    Spartakooks was able to defend himself for a good while against a horde of others who had ganged up on him, showing that the ease some male idols had in ripping off his nametag previously was just the Commander going easy on them (probably for fear of all the crazy fans) and not b/c those male idols were “so strong” as some had suggested.

    Kwang-soo did a pretty good job of fighting the Tiger; nto sure why he always tries to do the whole scaredy-cat act when he’s actually pretty good at ripping of nametags due this reach.

    Wish TH didn’t sneakily rip off KJK’s nametag at the end b/c I wanted to see them go head-to-head (KJK having the advantage in strength and Th the advantage in reach).

    • 13.1 min

      agree 100% to what you have said.

      i m simply amazed with the creative ideas the writer came out with every episode and i specially like the 2nd part of the game with all the RM targeting 1 by 1 and the resurrection.

      the RM initially did not think of any strategy and just go ahead to eliminate no. 9, 8 & 7 until they realise they could not fight PTH if things continue and came out with their own strategy to beat him.

      the resurrection act becomes more dramatic with the 2 of the strongest got the cards and PTH is being the strategic one here, allowing KJK to fight kwang soo so that KJK becomes the easy target for him.

      i realise kwang soo is becoming more and more bold in recent episodes that he will try his best to rip of name tag instead of just allowing things to happen to him…

  14. 14 Lee Bebeolli

    This episode is pretty much up there with my other best episodes of RM. Loved/laughed every minute.

  15. 15 Running Man Fan

    Commander Spartakookie is so charming in the recent episodes.. From a punk looking guy grow to a manly and dependable guy. He really aged gracefully with fit and healthy body and a really good and young look.. Amazing strength.. The part where everybody gang up on him was hilarious and I was shock that he can defend himself against others and put up a really good fight.
    Classic moment
    1) kookie being the target of everyone. The first and second match was epic. Reminds me of the early episode of running man.. Where kookie displayed his strength ( the staircase at the shopping mall, where 5 ppl pulled him)
    2) kookie and TH bonding
    3) Haha plan backfired, yoo jae suk is so smart came out with strategy
    4) YJ so cute and her reaction when she witness the fight and when she saw spartakook
    5) kwang soo reaction when he saw spartakook again. Classic
    6) gary and haha plot to eliminate TH
    7) the paper flipping game and all the indoor games were awesome
    8) kookie expression when he won yoo jae soo
    9) yoo jae soo defeated expression
    10) kookie help kwang soo with stretching
    – agree that kookie went easy on guests especially girls and idols. Song ji hyo is just tired so she is less participative.

  16. 16 Quiet Thought

    This two-episode sweep isn’t going to do much to discourage the people who think the show is fixed. Once again a sharp regular allows a guest to get behind them and win at the last second. I’m reminded of Ha Ji Won bagging Song Ji Hyo at the end of her episode. Still, it was a good contest.

  17. 17 Quiet Thought

    Song Ji Hyo definitely seems to be in trouble on the show. Aside from her general lack of energy and initiative, I noticed two shots in which her basic one-second reactions were chopped clumsily out of the scene. Watch where she is doing the standing leg stretch and where the four pulled for that number 4 resurrection card. She’s either swearing or scowling at the camera too much. Charitably, I’d guess she’s ready for another hospital trip due to overwork.

  18. 18 holdtheaegyo

    The fix is obviously in, but at least the last few episodes have brought the funny back. I was concerned for a while there during the last few months.

    I love Kwang Soo. He always has me laughing so hard it makes my ribs hurt.

  19. 19 Krumbing

    I love Rm but these ep is not into my best lists not even a good lists maybe Iam the only one who find the games no good and not funny the second is alright just bec they took sparta and his like incredible hulk wow thats alot of strength the marineboy is not entertaining enough for Rm sorry guys but his so eager to win ending up losing unlike the girl who is adorable shes just cool and always win the resurrection part is totally just to save marine boys ego he and Sparta is out and no way to be revive thats cheating I think the pds are just saving the marine boys ego coz he totally lost both episodes

    • 19.1 z

      The ‘resurrection part’ was announced as a secret chance from the start, hun. And learn to use punctuation.

  20. 20 Krumbing

    About Jihyo yeah I thought she is either doesnt feel good or tired of RM already and maybe wants to leave dont know RM is hard to do seriously its like round the clock shooting and exerting alot of strength and shes a girl. But she can just chill and let the boyz do the work Ive noticed the Gary is exerting alot of energy n contributing alot which is great coz in all the boys I think his lacking with hardwork Haha and Jaesuk does the jokes n funny things sparta does his own hardwork thing Sukjin does the old guy do but exert hardwork also and Kwangsoo does whatever it takes sometimes he looks so tired and pitiful but still get the job done. Jihyo at first shes really exerting effort but lately shes lagging I sont her deal I like her but we dont know their reasons I dont think overwork coz you cannot beat Jaesuk schedule poor guy and now she only did a movie as far as I know and she looks very healthy unlike before she looks bones maybe shes not happy anymore with RM but really if she leaves her popularity will decrease a hit variety show is the most awesome type to make a celebrity to a B list to an A lister and everweek in Tv is a great self endorsement for an actress or actors so if shes a truly an ace she wud know that in her career RM gave her the Alist popularity and its the truth

    • 20.1 sp

      I agree about Jihyo, it’d be silly for her to leave RM. I know age is catching on all of them but I hope none of them ever leave.

      I used to watch RM only occasionally, mainly for the guests until I started to love the members more than the guests themselves. I’ve always been a fan of Jaesuk but it’s only after watching the early episodes of RM that I grow to love Jihyo as well. And I have to say, early Jihyo and recent Jihyo are like 2 different person. Where has this spontaneous, fun, hard to grasp girl gone?

      Maybe her workloads is taking a toll on her, plus RM’s format has been changing over the years, thus her role been reduced role to minimum. I wish she can take a good rest, taking time picking her drama/movie carefully and regain her presence in RM. What I love the most about RM is still their relationship and interactions with one another.

  21. 21 catiechan

    I’ve always been a fan of Kwang Soo even back when he was too pathetic for his own right. I just find him so funny. In this and in the past 2 episodes he just keeps getting better and better. And I noticed that the RM cast are thinking beyond the obvious now. They’re now more into scheming and planning and outsmarting each other. 50 episodes ago the cast was too scared of KJK to even think of outing him first but nowadays, they can unite and work well enough together to trap the lions and the other hunters to eliminate them first and let the omnivores of the serengeti betray each other later.

    my throat got sore from laughing so hard in this episode, especially when kwang soo mustered the courage to face KJK directly –only to beg him to be spared a few seconds later. I hope they write better stuff for LKS in the next episodes. and for Ji Hyo and Gary too. there’s too little exposure for them that Ji SukJin’s star looks brighter next to them…

  22. 22 uhmmm

    The first part of this episode was kind of boring due to the fact that they had to change the location of the filming. The typhoon was on its way so they changed to indoor and came up with emergency game plan. Therefore I kind of understand the production team. I love Kwangsoo and I’m glad that he’s fighting hard recently and the guests seem to pick him more often these days.

    About Ji Hyo I think that because Monday Couple is pretty much gone her role is also reduced. Back in those days it was because of Gary that she seemed to shine more because he was pretty much the one who initiated the all jokes. Ji Hyo alone is not the extremely funny type.

    • 22.1 sp

      While Monday Couple benefited both them, I think Gary gains more from it. It portrays as this poor but funny guy that been liking this girl despite it appears to be an unrequited love. It made him more popular with girls.

      I think Jihyo does have her own identity that is separated from monday couple, which I don’t ship at all. I love her interactions with Jaesuk, Kwangsoo and KJK more than Gary. Her and Haha could have been fun too if Haha didn’t keep a distance fromher and Sukjin as this naggy picky older brother is lovely too. She’s cunning, have good game instinct and is always able to come behind to snatch a win. She’s definitely eye-catching and was important part of RM’s success in the earlier era.

  23. 23 Raptor

    Very lacklustre guests here, especially the female. Is it a coincidence that SpartaKookie and Ace were taken out so quickly? I don’t think so.

  24. 24 Raptor

    Really can’t stand the gymnast, even though I understand she’s a young kid. She can’t even speak properly and just mumbles all the time!

  25. 25 Julie

    This episode seemed to be scripted for the guest to win 🙁 but maybe it’s just me.

    • 25.1 Raptor

      It’s not just you. The swimmer shouldn’t have been allowed to tear SJH’s name tag because the announcer already said TIME STOP. Yet he was just conveniently given that number one tag due to this unfairness.

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