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Siwon (and abs) for King of Dramas
by | September 26, 2012 | 99 Comments

From my years following dramaland, I have come to know certain truths. If the hero is rich, the heroine will be poor. If the heroine is poor, she will work a zillion jobs. If Siwon is in a drama, Siwon will be topless. It’s practically a law of nature.

The drama is King of Dramas, which is set in the drama-production world featuring a production company CEO, a rookie writer, and a top star. Siwon’s the star, which feels like such spot-on casting that I’m half-wondering if it’s… wrong somehow, like it was too easy. It seems just like his role in Oh My Lady, maybe crossed a little with Eric in Myung-wol the Spy.

(Speaking of Oh My Lady, remember all the abs in that one? (If you don’t, I have thoughtfully provided you with a reminder below. I do what I can.) It was like a game in that drama to see how to get his character topless as many times as possible, with as many different excuses. Ah, good times. In fact, toplessness is such a fixture in Siwon roles that not baring his abs feels unnatural, as he himself shared about his abs-less Athena stint.)

The scene pictured in these stills shows his character, Kang Hyun-min, hiding out at his vacation home to avoid being dragged into “casting wars” between production companies. Jung Ryeo-won, playing rookie writer Lee Go-eun, sneaks onto his property for her company’s sake… and kidnaps him. Ha. Is that really the best way to get him to agree with your plans?

Hyun-min is a star at the peak of his career, enjoying widespread mainstream popularity and enough clout with the Big Three broadcasters that casting him is an automatic greenlight for his dramas to air. But he “hates thinking deep thoughts, falls in love easily, and breaks up easily.” Haha. Again, perfect casting; Siwon has that easy charm that makes it so easy for him to convey that kind of personality. I picture this character being a lot like glib star Dong-min in Queen In-hyun’s Man: hot, but kinda dim.

Meanwhile, we’ve also got new stills of Kim Myung-min as Anthony Kim, the producer with the Midas touch and our so-called King of Dramas. These shots totally remind me of Maestro Kang from Beethoven Virus, where Kim played an awesomely snarky, control-freaky conductor; I suppose he’s now conductor of his production company, if we’re explaining the god-like pose he’s workin’ in the scene.

King of Dramas airs in November on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS.

Via My Daily, Sports Chosun


99 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bluemoon


    • 1.1 Dominique

      I am not so sure. Choi Si Won’s face in these photos looks very round, almost like a full moon. Until recently, his face was long but narrow … Widening (or flattening) face is a sign of middle age! Gravity is a bitch.

      As for his abs, I agree. But on screen in the States, tall guys with perfect abs and pecs are a given. It is what these guys do with their perfect body that separates hits from duds.

      • 1.1.1 hapacalgirl

        I think its his current really bad hairstyle that is causing his face to look round. Its a very unflattering haircut for his face shape.

      • 1.1.2 Miranda

        his face is becoming more like crescent moon.. i can’t explain.. it seems he lost a lot of weight

  2. 9to5

    Yay! Love topless siwon! Hehe

  3. DMKO

    Oh, Javabean, thank you for your walk down memory ‘abs’ lane. You are my Hero! May Siwon’s abs live forever!

    • 3.1 birdscout

      Oh My Lady! Fun times! I will always remember Siwon’s abs and that cute little girl from that drama πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to seeing Kim Myung-min in this drama (as well as more abs, of course!)

      Thanks for all the pics, javabeans!

  4. Mystisith

    Bwahaha… Fan service galore. πŸ™‚
    I looked carefully, not a gram of fat to be found. On the other hand, his character looks a bit mentally challenged. And very arrogant. I wonder what will be the result of that combination.

    • 4.1 Shukmeister

      Hopefully, good things, Mysti. lol

      Since I’m recapping 18 vs 29, produced when he was all of 19 years old, I’m flipping in my mind between soft and innocent, and I-so-want-to-be-a-drop-of-water.

      If a station wants a rating boost, they should do a game show “Choco Abs” and have viewer voting and a mandatory post-army show. Just saying..

      • 4.1.1 Fab

        I think(vaguely) he was in Spring Waltz- very young then… Not quit sure though, I don’t remember ABS.

        Did this guy already went to the army?

        • Shukmeister

          I don’t think he has done his army service. I thought few, if any SuJu have gone yet.

          • Yahna

            *clears throat* As a SuJu fangirl (fan-ahjumma?)… Kangin is done with army service. Heechul is currently enlisted. Leeteuk (leader) enlists at the end of October… and he’s doing active service so he only has to do 21 months instead of 24. Yesung should be going next year. Siwon is one of the younger ones, so he’s got a few years yet before he *has* to go.

        • Shukmeister

          Just looked it up. ,18 vs 29 he was 18; Spring Waltz he was 19.

          He has not done his army training yet.

        • ajj

          not done with army yet hes only 25, pop stars usually enlists when they’re nearing their 30’s.Yes he was in Spring Waltz.

          • Fab

            Thank you ladies for the update on our favourite topless hottie.

            I think I’ve seen most of his dramas, and I am surprised(or not..) about that LOL.

  5. aidablue

    … and YAY for fanservice! Long live fanservice and eyecandy. But wait just a minute there? Weren’t we robbed of Shiwon’s chocolate abs view in Athena or have I missed it? Bad Athena, bad … very bad :))

  6. maechan

    Siwon *o* squeeeeeeeeal

    But I don’t particularily like his hair in this drama stills…

    Thanks javabeans for such an abs-filled post, I love it!

    • 6.1 Shukmeister

      [disbelieving eyebrow] You were looking at his hair??

      • 6.1.1 almea

        Yeah, me too… Got distracted by the hair amidst all the abs. It reminds me of Joo Ji Hoon’s hair in Five Fingers… I’m having this involuntary urge to cut it.

        • dedicated

          i also was distracted by the hair hahaha! cause you know, you start to look from the top to the bottom, right? so my mind is not that perverted after all!! πŸ˜€ happy to read that others as well stumbled on the do’

          • Stardust

            I think its part of the actors contracts to have ugly hair first, then cut it in the drama for story purposes… I have no idea why its so important… but I suppose its one of the easier things to change whilst shooting on Hell’s schedule.. hahaha

            Park Yoo Chun’s β™₯ dorky Miss Ripley hair comes to mind… Joo Ji Hoon in Five Fingers… erm… can’t think of any right now.. But I am pretty sure its no small number hehehe

      • 6.1.2 oozzeee

        I was… *pinky swear*…..

        ,honestly, that hair has to go…

        • rainy

          I didn’t like his hair as well…

      • 6.1.3 Midori

        Hahaha. It was actually also the first thing I saw. I was like “What is up with his hair?” and then I slowly moved my gaze down to his abs…Lol

        But then again we’ve seen those abs plenty of times before, in our (well, atleast my) minds, we’ve become desensitize or it’s already a given, no need to confirm it anymore! Almost like our brain flashes the word “ABS” as soon as we see or hear “Siwon” hahahaha

  7. ilovemandoo

    LMAO that indeed is a law of dramas. <3 Thanks for this post filled with eye-candy!

  8. coby

    thanks javabeans! with your first paragraph, I might be checking Siwon’s dramas


  9. canxi

    LOL omg, what’s with the pinky ring? I can’t wait to hear an explanation for that. He kind of looks like a mobster.

    And, he topless top-star Siwon. I feel like he walks around shirtless all the time! He looks so comfortable hahaa

  10. 10 neener

    Siwon loves the spotlight when it comes to his abs!!! hehehehe such a dork!

    • 10.1 PhoenixFan

      So, ab-dorkable

  11. 11 NissinRamen


    • 11.1 Gaeina Lee

      Unfortunately, I am prohibited to drool over my baby’s hubby to be… *sigh*
      …But she lets me have TOP instead… ^^
      Sadly, he never goes topless… *1000 sighs*

  12. 12 questions987

    Those abs are better in real life. Oh sm town. Si won ripping his shirt open in right in front if me…touching them….ahhhhhhhhhh

    Oh memories

    • 12.1 Iphiecham

      ah you sure can dream

  13. 13 Miss D

    O.o WOAH
    Thank you javabeans! Now Oh My Lady is number one on my “dramas to watch” list (closely followed by panda and hedgehog and then rascal sons because Seo In Gook is in it eek!)

    Those are very nice shots indeed. I would totally kidnap him too πŸ˜‰

  14. 14 mary

    Siwon! <3

    I watched Oh My Lady for Chae Rim but ended up liking Siwon as well. πŸ™‚

    A well-cast idol can do wonders!

  15. 15 Melmax

    Shibrows!!!! JB, I’ve been waiting for your take in this since it’s been circulating with all the abs glory of our Siwonie!!!! He’s with some strong actors, I guess more abs are on the way, we’ll wait and see. It’s a good cast, thanks JB for the eye candy again, I want to put this pic on my phone but I have to tamp down the cougar love…

  16. 16 Lilian

    Imo…..I will definitely Watech this show. Shallow maybe…haha. but dramas ate entertainment. Hahaha πŸ˜›

  17. 17 gakky

    Which is why I wasnt crazy about Siwon being in this drama. He’s just too different KMM. Siwon worries about his muscles more than his acting. I still remember him complaining about not being able to go topless on Athena. I’m like ,”Dont you have other stuff to worry about.” But it’s funny. He’s so predictable.

    • 17.1 Ayabewakasa

      I’m sorry, but I will have to respectfully disagree with your comment above.

      He was on a variety show and was being funny when he commented about not being able to go topless.

      If he worried more about his muscles than his acting, he would not have gone through the effort to ask Ahn Hyuk Mo to be his teacher. That says a lot about his dedication to his acting.


      • 17.1.1 zsa

        I agree…I’m not a fan of his but I watched him carry Oh My Lady on his shoulders like a true actor with ChaeRim. He has the ability, which of course needs polishing…but better than many idols I’ve seen acting!!! Comments shouldn’t be taken out fo context…

  18. 18 lidy

    read your comment bout siwons abs being a kdrama land law of nature and i was dying

    saw and loved him in oh!my lady and my fav scene is when he’s at a fan event and to avoid the iron stain he shows off his abs by unbottoning his shirt, homona homona homona

    excuse me if i’m raunchy, but choi siwon is built how i like em; w/ clothes on you can’t tell but then he goes topless and i’m like woowee (fanning myself and dying)

    regardless the toplessness, i did love him in oh!my lady and was excited to hear he’ll be playing tsuruga ren in TW version of skip beat (didn’t go topless πŸ™ ), so will be looking forward to this

    never saw Athena or posiedon or any of his other works, but it seems to me that his better dramas are are the one’s when he is an actor in drama within a drama

    • 18.1 im_eve

      “From my years following dramaland, I have come to know certain truths. If the hero is rich, the heroine will be poor. If the heroine is poor, she will work a zillion jobs. IF SIWON IS IN A DRAMA, SIWON WILL BE TOPLESS. IT’S PRACTICALLY A LAW OF NATURE.”

      THAT is how you start an epic storytelling! u got me an instant SLEW of laughs from that JB!from 1 peek! IDOL!!!

  19. 19 Blue

    Ohh… abs…how nice (daydreaming…drool…backonearth) πŸ™‚ ….
    Javabeans! Thank you very much for the pictures and news. You are the bestest!!

  20. 20 Danna

    And here I was wondering why he was nekkid in the garden…i forgot that this was Si Won and that he needed no reason

  21. 21 cv

    Yessssss! ^^ LOve Siwon. I’ll watch him topless any day. :p

  22. 22 sogazelle

    Oh Siwon is looking good…I discovered him in Oh My Lady, and he’s hooot… But I’m not too crazy about his hairstyle here… Anyways, I can’t wait for “King of Dramas” to start.

    By the way, does he have a love interest in it or not? Is he the main lead? thanks JB for posting.

    • 22.1 pipit

      Good question! With Kim Myung Min in it as the King of Drama I naturally want him to be the lead but I don’t like Jung Ryeo Won. I couldn’t even imagine her pairing with the God of Drama (or in this case the King of Drama) my beloved Master Kang (it’s strage how one character endears the actor to you but in my case that’s what happen).

      And I think my dislike for Jung Ryeo Won is the left over from My Name is Kim Sam Sun that I’m afraid is never going to leave me either.

      Still undecided whether going to watch this one or not. Looking for more insights of the storyline. But Siwon’s abs are to die for! Comparable only with THT!

  23. 23 Sammy

    I actually kinda liked Oh My Lady! Siwon’s ‘chocolate abs’ and that adorable little baby doll, made me fall hook, line and sinker.

  24. 24 lenrasoon

    well if you got it flaunt it~

    I like the whole cast so i’m looking forward to watch King Of Dramas.

  25. 25 annie

    is he going to get a haircut or fix his hair? can hardly see his eyes.

  26. 26 Hager Abdelrahman

    I’m looking forward to this Drama <3
    love Siwon and his abs <3

  27. 27 JoJo

    Thanks JB. This ELF is drooling…Will you recap or be a closet viewer?

  28. 28 mas

    Dang. That is FINE *___________*

    But I’m not sure if it’s enough for me to watch it….the premise just seems a bit…predictable?

  29. 29 lizzie

    yes, that is why he was casted, eye candy, so they might as well show us many shirtless scenes!

  30. 30 Aya

    his body is clearly allergic to clothes

    good to see Kim Myung Min back in dramaland

    • 30.1 Shukmeister

      [snort] “allergic to clothes”


      • 30.1.1 Danna

        him and Song Sung Hoon both seem to share this allergy, and pretty much every guy in dramaland with certain sculpted body parts (some more severe than others)
        Guys that come back from the army also seem to have developed this (must be the whole close quarters thing) and need to take frequent onscreen showers to relive the symptoms

  31. 31 crazedlu

    is it weird that i find Kim Myung-min more attractive than topless Siwon in these shots? shrugs.*

    • 31.1 gakky

      I was instead fantasizing about KMM being topless. haha…

  32. 32 pauper

    You know when the production released such photos, the drama is gonna be a fluffy fanservice and nothing more.

    I hope I’m wrong because I love Jung Ryeo-won and her acting. It’d be a shame if her talent is not fully utilised. Dear Drama, surprise me. Woo me. Amaze me.

    • 32.1 gakky

      Oh God…That’s what I’m afraid of. I love KMM. Cant imagine if this gonna be a disaster.

  33. 33 kyaroraine

    Just thought I’d tell you I’m loving your comment, “If Siwon is in a drama, Siwon will be topless. It’s practically a law of nature.” Totally made my day, haha.

  34. 34 matinsoleil

    O_O …Can I say that I’m excited??? ^^ Even though I’m a Siwon (his abs) fan, it would be great for him to do a drama where he won’t go topless……but still thx for those pics Javabeans!!

  35. 35 Anne

    Hair needs to go tho.

  36. 36 Mari

    Thank you!!!! For continuing to feed my Siwon addiction. I’m new to everything Asian & stumble onto a Super Junior Video on YouTube.. 3 months later. I seen all the dramas he has been in & LOVE Super Junior!!! Can’t wait!!!

  37. 37 toystar

    Oh sooo pretty.

  38. 38 momosan

    Am I the only one here old enough to look at the photos of Kim Myung-min and think “he’s doing the hustle!” ?

    Also, HAH! Siwon! (hey, I’m old, not dead!)

  39. 39 umalily

    *instant nosebleed* Love Siwon but quit giving it away, man!

  40. 40 obivia

    “(Speaking of Oh My Lady, remember all the abs in that one? (If you don’t, I have thoughtfully provided you with a reminder below. I do what I can.)”

    Hahahaha. You ARE thoughtful and so generous to remind us. It’s a public service!!!

  41. 41 Noelle

    LOL His feelings of being topless equating to normalcy is something I have no problems with! Bring on the choco abs.

  42. 42 Noi

    his face and hair make me sad ik it’s vain but that’s all he has is looks imo at least

  43. 43 Lovebug

    Its a Siwon post, so I will make my obligatory request for a Skip Beat sequel! Where I don’t believe he showed his abs at all.

    That was actually my first exposure to Siwon (and Donghae) and I really liked/ ABSOLutley loved his character and his acting. His character though an actor was super serious and professional which is the opposite of his persona in Korea.

    Anyway loves him!

    • 43.1 daria

      hahahah, he did but it was a blink-&-you’ll-miss-it moment… twas one of the later episodes & he was swimming in a hotel pool πŸ™‚

    • 43.2 Joy

      Me2 really enjoyed Skip Beat twdrama. Maybe i’m biased cos its one of my all time fav manga, but both Siwon and Donghae (and the lead girl) all performed well here. Wishing for season 2.

  44. 44 malta

    Hahaha! Does he have any scenes with a shirt on? πŸ˜€ I have to admit, he’s some pretty hot man candy.

  45. 45 anne2ken

    why is maestro kang wearing a pinky ring? he already gave that to ru-mi arrrgggg!!

    • 45.1 pipit

      LOL! ROTF!

  46. 46 ajj

    His role seems the same with his role in Oh! my lady, though he maybe can actually act here in King of Dramas.But I’m not complaining he was a hoot there and enjoyed his dorkiness very much.I’ll definitely enjoy his divaness in this one. My sister is Siwon’s huge fan so we definitely would watch this.Being a Suju fan and all Im kinda used to his abs but yeah he’s hot and super rich.

  47. 47 bd2

    Seems like Siwon has lost a bit of his muscle mass here which makes him look younger.

  48. 48 djes

    Ah Kim Myung min looks normal again! He gained his weight back, thank God!

    I’m excited. I like them both, and I think Jung Ryeowon is good in comedy.
    Abs is a bonus, of course. If KMM will go topless too, that would be a jackpot.

    • 48.1 pipit

      Praying for topless KMM! *despite knowing that’s never going to happen*

  49. 49 Abbie

    I absolutely love Siwon, thanks to my love of Super Junior. I know he’s still coming into himself as an actor, and can only help he does supremely well in this one. I also think he was perfectly cast for this role. It’s just so HIM.

    Also, thank you, Javabeans, for all the wonderful abs shots of him!

  50. 50 Gom

    Quoting a movie,


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