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To the Beautiful You: Episode 10
by | September 17, 2012 | 92 Comments

Eureka – this show actually can churn out a solid episode from start to finish! We get TWO love confessions packed into one hour and a whole ton of cute that will make you grin from ear to ear. Truth is out to the person Jae-hee least expected and now stakes are raised to keep that secret under wraps. I never thought I’d say this about this drama but the angst… it just hurts so good.

Ratings picked up for Thursday’s episode to 5.8%. You may be behind, but keep it up drama.


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Eun-gyul stands frozen at the sight of Tae-joon and Jae-hee who hastily sit up in bed. I don’t think the boy needs to go pee anymore. Then Jae-hee does the first thing that pops into her head and pushes Tae-joon off the bed. HA.

Poor Eun-gyul returns to his room, pale-faced and glum. He climbs into bed and lets out a long dejected sigh.

Needless to say that things are awkward between Tae-joon and Jae-hee. She jumps at the slightest touch. Tae-joon checks to see if her fever broke and she thanks him for taking care of her. It’s no big deal, he replies – they’re roommates after all.

She drops her toiletries and Tae-joon turns his back, pretending not to notice the tampons that also fall out.

Tae-joon receives a text about an interview. In the bathroom, Jae-hee tries to shake herself out of it and cries, “I can’t keep having these feelings for Tae-joon!”

Eun-gyul tries to objectively analyze how Tae-joon and Jae-hee ended up in the same bed together. Which means more of his fantasies! Yay!

Scenario 1: Both of them knock heads trying to pick up a coin and fall into bed unconscious. Scenario 2: Jae-hee is an acrobat who sleep-fell into Tae-joon’s bed. Scenario 3: Jae-hee joins Tae-joon in bed after their routine pillow-fight. AHAHA – this is fantastic; I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of his daydreams.

Conclusion: All ridiculous but all plausible in Eun-gyul’s head. He hangs his head in dismay anyway.

Reporter Yang conducts Tae-joon’s interview, snapping at Director Jang whenever she answers first. Tae-joon confirms that he was in a slump and rejected Coach Holton’s offer to train in Canada.

His vague answer has her press for more – is he perhaps staying for someone special? He answers: “There’s someone I want to show my jumping to.” That piques Reporter Yang’s interest and asks if it’s Hanna.

Tae-joon remains mum. Dude, you can’t just say that and not say anything else!

Once they’re alone, Director Jang asks if Tae-joon is dating someone. He denies it and sighs that he didn’t want to lie about it. That leaves Director Jang even more confused and asks if it really is Hanna.

Tae-joon says no and he eases back into his seat to catch a few winks he lost last night.

Jung-hoon would rather gaze at photos of Jae-hee than doing actual work which is just about the most adorable thing ever. His assistant recognizes Jae-hee as the male student the other day and comments that she looks pretty feminine.

He admits, “She is a girl.” He calls Jae-hee a frog princess and intends to release her from the spell she’s under. Then he stares at his computer screen again. Cute.

Eun-gyul drops by to return a book to Jae-hee and mentions that dorm inspections are coming up. Meaning he better hide that porn stash. Tae-joon insists he has nothing of the sort and Eun-gyul snorts in disbelief.

He is reminded, however, of Jae-hee’s feminine products and runs to his classmates for some magazines. Ha – I’m oddly impressed by the creativity of their hiding spots. Tae-joon stashes it behind his back just as Dorm 2 Inspections are announced.

The principal warns that they’ll start the random inspections and warns them that should they find prohibited items, it’ll mean severe punishment.

They reach Tae-joon and Jae-hee’s room and Seung-ri heads up to check the loft. Jae-hee cringes, afraid of what he might discover. And just before he opens the last few drawers, the principal uncovers the porn mags beneath Tae-joon’s bed.

It’s like his entire world comes crashing down as he takes in that the golden boy isn’t so innocent after all. Then he flips through the pages and walks out with it while Seung-ri calls after him, telling him they need to confiscate it.

Jae-hee breathes a sigh of relief that she wasn’t caught and is surprised to hear that Tae-joon knew about the dorm inspections beforehand. We see him running outside alongside the other offenders.

Naturally Tae-joon’s confession makes headlines and the girls wonder who in the world “that person” is. Their #1 guess is Hanna who coolly answers, Who else? and the Tae-joon fans shoot eye daggers at her. But we can tell the news is just as unsettling to her as everyone else.

The boys are busy gossiping over the same thing; all obvious signs point to Hanna. Seung-ri slumps his shoulders and Eun-gyul responds: “Tae-joon could do so much better.” Hahaha.

At Jae-hee’s murmured comment of so what, Eun-gyul shouts that Hanna is a snob from head to toe. That of course gets Seung-ri all riled up and his sudden shouting spooks them. They shrink, “S-seol Hanna’s pretty. Yeah, s-she’s pretty.”

Tae-joon adorably sneaks up to Jae-hee who’s lost in a daze after hearing the news. Aww, does he know that the finger-to-cheek trick means, “I choose you?”

Jae-hee broaches the subject about how Tae-joon has decided to stay in Korea. He confirms it and she asks why – didn’t he want to train with Coach Holton? Tae-joon acknowledges that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but, “There was a reason for me to stay.”

His calm attitude about it all nags at her. How could things be so easy for him? To her, it looks like he’s throwing his future away but she doesn’t say so.

Disappointed, Tae-joon asks if she wanted for him to go to Canada and when she doesn’t answer, he resignedly says, “So it’s enough for you that I jump again no matter what might happen, huh?” He understands, since that was she longed for in the beginning.

Jae-hee says that it looks like a lost opportunity and asks why, since apart from Hanna, there is no reason why he’d turn down Holton. She takes his silence as a sign that she’s prying into his business again and stalks off, crying.

Tae-joon goes running after her (good for you!) but before he can catch up to her, Jung-hoon drives up to pick up his frog princess.

He asks to borrow her for the day, holding up a pass excusing her for the day. She’s not in the mood to play his games. Jung-hoon notices Tae-joon in the distance and pointedly asks, looking in his direction, “Have you ever seen a kidnapper take a kidnappee’s feelings into account?”

They drive off and he points out her sullen mood. He tries to lift her spirits with some light-hearted humor and she calls him corny instead.

Tae-joon receives a call from Hanna reminding him about his cousin’s exhibition. He’s in no mood to attend but as usual, she threatens to show up at Genie High again if he doesn’t show up.

Eun-gyul’s coach praises him on his determination and informs him that a scout for the Youth National Team will be in attendance in their next match. Eun-gyul hiccups as a nervous response and Coach is sure that he’ll be picked. Like a dutiful and loyal student, Eun-gyul comments that it would be nice if Coach were picked too and vows to avenge his grudge for him.

Jung-hoon brings Jae-hee to a dress shop because he needs a date for tonight’s event. He doesn’t know anyone in Korea and he can’t arrive without one. If it helps, she can think of it as getting a good meal out of it.

She’s like, I have to get changed? and he points to her school uniform, “Then are you going to go like that?” Why do you adore this girl so much? *scratches head*

Hanna nudges at her manager, fishing for compliments about how well Tae-joon and Hanna look together. Tae-joon fidgets in his suit and asks who would notice if he didn’t show up. Hanna: “Me.” Of course you would.

She too asks about his decision regarding Canada and he gives the vague answers, “Just because.” Hanna does her best to make light of the situation and supports his decision to stay.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyul is out shopping and a set of rugby shirts catch his eye.

Jae-hee is busy piling food onto her plate, utterly starving. She complains to Jung-hoon (who should just wear a tux all the time, honestly) about her uncomfortable wig. He merely smiles back at her and pretty much tells her beauty over comfort.

He tells her she looks pretty tonight. Awww.

Hanna and Tae-joon arrive at the event and he congratulates his cousin on his exhibition. He stops her when she starts requesting a gift in gratitude for her attendance tonight.

Eun-gyul practices in the mirror on how to present the shirt to Jae-hee, scratching his head in frustration when he deems all of his approaches as unacceptable as the last. He emerges from the bathroom to find Hyun-jae smiling, thanking him for the early birthday gift.

Eun-gyul snatches it away, telling him it isn’t his. He tries to make up for it by offering some birthday punches instead, but Hyun-jae’s in a sour mood now and grabs him by the shirtfront. Gulp.

Jae-hee contemplates whether to call Tae-joon and Jung-hoon walks up next to her. He calls her out on her disinterest for the arts and admits that he’s honestly bored to tears too. He pulls her away to show her something far more interesting.

He leads her to a corner of the hall where her surprise awaits her. They’re all photos of Jae-hee. Aww, so cute.

She’s surprised by the vast amount, wondering when he took all of them. Jung-hoon tells her that after a certain point, he even surprised himself at all the photos he amassed. Jae-hee is sincerely moved by the gesture and he says it’s enough for him if she was touched.

Jae-hee asks: “But why me?” She figures he’s joking around again and points to one that’s turned away. Jung-hoon bites his lip and swallows hard, nervous for his next few words:

“Jae-hee, I’ve watched you from the sidelines ever since you were little. I’m doing that now and I want to keep doing that in the future. From now on, I want to be by your side.”

And because our heroine needs everything to be spelled out for her, he continues, “I’m confessing my love for you right now.” He tells her to take her time (but not too much, heh) to think about it. He’ll be waiting for an answer.

Jae-hee spots Tae-joon outside and starts towards him but then remembers herself. To make things worse, she sees Hanna as his date. She slips inside but Hanna catches a glimpse of her anyway.

Hanna acts on her hunch, following Jae-hee out, finding it strange that she keeps running away. Jae-hee’s path is blocked by a locked door and just before Hanna can reach her, Tae-joon holds Hanna back.

Not even Tae-joon can derail her and they’re soon interrupted by Jung-hoon who tells them that they’re in a restricted area. Once they leave, Jung-hoon apologizes to Jae-hee for the close call.

Afterward, Jung-hoon greets Tae-joon with a joke that it’s the first time he’s waited up for a guy. He gets straight to the point: “If you’re not going to make Jae-hee happy and if Jae-hee’s not happy by your side… then let her go.”

Jung-hoon admits that he likes Jae-hee and more importantly, confident that he won’t make things difficult for her. For what it’s worth, I will gladly take Jae-hee’s place, Jung-hoon. She seems pretty hung up on Tae-joon right now.

Tae-joon returns to find Jae-hee asleep in her bed but as soon as he turns away, we see that she’s not sleeping after all. They both brood.

Eun-gyul runs out of soccer practice to give Jae-hee her gift. He’s all, Oh it was totally small on me so you can have it about it and as expected, she’s touched.

He adds that he has something important to tell her but not now – he’ll tell her after he gets picked for the National Team. Jae-hee whines that she’s curious so he should come with it.

Soon they bicker back and forth – she’s like, Tell me already! and he responds, I’ll tell you later! You two are so adorable.

Jae-hee sneaks a quiet moment to confide in Sangchu. She wonders why she gets so upset whenever she sees Tae-joon. She knows she shouldn’t be thinking like this but she can’t help it.

Ha – I love how Jae-hee tries to leave when Tae-joon appears but he just pulls her back by the collar. He asks if she’s free today and then takes her by the wrist, telling her to follow him.

Jae-hee asks where they’re going and he tells her that he wanted company while going out to take pictures. He offers to share some eggs as a snack, cracking one on her head. Heehee.

As soon as she takes a bite, she recalls something: doesn’t he hate egg yolks? Tae-joon: “Yeah, I do.” Eeep! She offers to eat them instead and hiccups, her mouth stuffed. No worries because Tae-joon has drinks on hand too.

They spend their time at the park, snapping photos of nature and each other. They even take a selca together. Omg, are you pretending to play hide-and-seek? That’s just adorable.

They take a break and Tae-joon addresses that Hanna wasn’t the reason why he decided not to go to Canada. But he can’t tell Jae-hee the real reason right now – it’s a secret. Stop torturing us with your half-confessions!

The important thing is that he’s not going anywhere so neither should she. She’s like, “Where would I go?” and he says, “Anywhere.” She beams.

On their bus ride back, Tae-joon dozes off and his head falls on Jae-hee’s shoulder. She gently tries to lift it back up but he just snuggles in closer.

Jae-hee allows herself to brush his bangs away and then stops herself, “Let’s not get any greedier.” You’re actually setting your own boundaries towards your crush? Is it Opposite Day?

Hanna can’t shake off that nagging pull of familiarity, thinking back to the mysterious girl from the exhibition. After she hears about an upcoming interview, her curiosity continues to eat at her. Which is when her eyes fall upon the yearbook again. Ruh-roh.

She flips through the pages and then one picture gives her pause: Jay Dawson. Oh crap – that look in her eye is like we just woke a sleeping dragon or something.

Teacher Lee looks on with resignation to find Coach Baek fixing himself a pot of ramyun again. He boasts that he makes a mean bowl of ramyun and offers to make her some. She declines, citing that she doesn’t eat instant.

Cut to: Teacher Lee feasting on ramyun. HA. She inquires why Coach Baek quit sports – if he was an Olympic silver medalist, he must have made quite a name for himself.

He says that he grew tired of it and thought that once he left, he’d feel free of it. Unfortunately, that realization came too late when he suffered an injury.

Teacher Lee asks what that realization was and he hilariously burns himself on the scalding pot (he lights up when she immediately attends to him). Focused again, Coach Baek confesses: “That high jumping… was all I knew.”

Jung-hoon reviews his proofs of Tae-joon high jumping and then looks at his photos of Jae-hee alongside of them.

Eun-gyul is just about to leave for his match when Jae-hee flags him down. She gives him a shirt haphazardly embroidered with a taeguki for good luck. Belatedly, she gasps, “Is this too girly?”

He shakes herself no and thanks her, genuinely moved.

Jae-hee isn’t even remotely surprised anymore to see Hanna waiting in her room. But this time, Hanna silently spills the contents of her toiletries bag and throws it at Jae-hee. She scoffs, her suspicions confirmed and finding the entire situation ridiculous.

Jae-hee pleads with Hanna to keep her secret and all Hanna can yell back is, “You’re worse than I am!” She has no intention to keep Jae-hee’s secret and Jae-hee’s begging will do her no good.

Hanna storms out, intending to inform the school authorities immediately.

Thankfully she runs into Doc first and spills, “Are you aware that there’s a girl hiding in this school?” He’s taken aback and feigns surprise. Hanna raises an eyebrow but Doc pulls her away and sends a text to inform Jae-hee.

In his office, Doc tells Hanna that she’s too worked up and persuades her to sit and talk about it. He warns that informing the principal can implicate Tae-joon. Is that what she wants?

The only obvious issue is Jae-hee in Hanna’s eyes but Doc retorts that it’ll get messy for Tae-joon who shared a dorm with a girl for some time now. He advises that they remain quiet for now because it’s only a matter of time before the truth reveals itself.

She warns that she’ll take matters into her own hands if it takes too long and is peeved when Doc stops her again. Hanna: “What now?” Doc: “Just one autograph.” HAHA – ajusshi fan through and through.

Tae-joon isn’t necessarily excited to see Hanna ether, reminding her that girls are prohibited on campus grounds. She drops the bomb, “Gu Jae-hee… is a girl.”

He’s obviously not surprised. Tearing up, the truth starts to dawn on Hanna, “Did… you know? So you knew and pretended that you didn’t?” Does that mean she was the reason he didn’t go to Canada?

It’s like her world has come crashing down and she hits Tae-joon to release her hurt and anger, calling him crazy. He ekes out an apology but that’s not good enough anymore.

She’s on the verge of completely breaking down when he too asks that she keeps it a secret and let Jae-hee be the one to out herself.

As a matter of fact, Jae-hee is sitting with Doc in her room, wondering how she found out. Really it’s a wonder that you weren’t found out sooner.

Doc says that isn’t important but now that they’ve bought Jae-hee a little time, she should use it to settle things.

She runs through her memories made with Tae-joon at Genie High from their very first encounter to his drunken kiss to when he chased her around the room with the cake.

As Hanna prepares for her interview, she sends a text to Tae-joon. In it, she agrees to keep Jae-hee’s promise. In exchange, Tae-joon will have to grant her a favor. Mm, I don’t get a good feeling about this.

The soccer team returns to school after the match. Eun-gyul’s coach calls him over to deliver bad news: he didn’t make the team. That look of confusion and disappointment on his face just about kills me.

A single tear runs down his cheek and he buries his face in the shirt Jae-hee gave him. I know this is a difficult time for you but… did you make sure to wash that shirt?

Doc leaves Tae-joon and Jae-hee to talk things out. Jae-hee starts that she has something to tell Tae-joon when a student points to the TV.

It’s Hanna’s interview and the host starts talking about the upcoming championships but Hanna interjects that she’s here to be congratulated – there’s someone she likes.

And she drops the bomb, “Kang Tae-joon and I… are dating.” She looks to the camera saying, Oops I made it public! Hope you don’t mind! Love you!

The students look in his direction and Tae-joon stares in astonishment.



Be still, my heart.

Just when I thought that Wednesday’s episode was fantastic, Thursday’s just hit it out of the park. It struck all the chords I wanted while keeping up the cute that sustains this series. What motivated this drama to kick it into gear? The story? The production team? Or is it the ratings? Is it Kim Woo-bin because that man steals every scene he is. Biased? Of course I’m not… yes, yes I am.

Since we’re on the topic – Jung-hoon, you dear, wonderful man. Don’t you see how your talents and efforts are wasted on such a plain dull cardboard cutout of a character? You prepare this lavish confession and she just stares at you. Granted, she had no idea of how you felt (but she isn’t aware of how anyone feels) but my heart panged for you when all she gave was a blank expression. As a character, Jung-hoon does deviate from the source material (named Gilbert Lang) to more kdrama third(?) lead territory but he’s a formidable contender for Jae-hee’s heart. That sense of confidence in everything, especially Jae-hee, is sure to make Tae-joon tick.

As of yet, Jung-hoon is scheduled to exit the picture after this episode (cries) but Jung-hoon is still waiting for Jae-hee’s answer so I sincerely hope this means that he’ll be sticking around some more. Plus, I love seeing Jealous Tae-joon trying to overcompensate next to Jung-hoon – it cracks me up.

Overall, I loved this episode to pieces and even Jae-hee impressed me at times. At first, it confused me that Jae-hee was wrestling with her feelings over Tae-joon but then I realized that what she admired and loved about Tae-joon was the mantra, “A miracle is just hard work by another name.” rather than him. So this means wearing his shoes in his bed and crossing into stan territory was about Tae-joon the high jumper and not Tae-joon the boy. Yes, I’m impressed that you’re setting reasonable personable boundaries to guard your heart Jae-hee. Yet at the same time, I understand how Tae-joon can feel that all Jae-hee wanted was for him to high jump again.

Oh the teenage angst – it just hurts so good. It’s been what I feel like eons ago when teenage drama meant that one thing can make it seem like your entire world is crashing down. That much is true for Hanna since she now knows the truth. So to make sure that no one else will steal her Oppa, she’ll declare their fake relationship to the world. And well, Tae-joon – you kept half-confessing your feelings this episode so my sympathy for you is kind of limited. I know you wanted to be true to your feelings but you’re in a cruel industry where the press will twist your words and if you give them an inch, they’ll stampede for a mile.

And for Eun-gyul It’s a double whammy – not making the National Team is a hit to his pride as a soccer sensation but it also means he won’t be able to impress his crush. It’s the end of the world for him as he knows it and that moment was drawn out so well. I know it seems like everything is coming to a screeching halt but it’s just the beginning.


92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nova611

    stroryline is slightly the same as U R beautifull
    Uee potrays better B***** there

    • 1.1 Brian

      There are quite a few similarities between the shows and the second female lead. Uee’s character was a little different in that she seemed to actually care about her image, as she pretended to care about sick children in hospital. Also, her blackmail scheme is slightly different in that she may have thought that Ty Kyung wanted to keep Go Minam’s secret in order to keep the band from being exposed. Hanna already knows that Tae Joon is keeping Jae Hee’s secret because he luffs her ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 1.1.1 la dee dah

        Also, Uee’s character wasn’t actually in love with Tae Kyung, they had an antagonistic relationship. Though I agree that Uee was the better biotch.

    • 1.2 Autumn

      Eh, not really. But why are all crossdressing females in dramas so unbelievably dumb and naive?

      • 1.2.1 gwen

        this is not dumb

  2. maria

    i really love that the show is finding its footing– not getting too big for their britches, but not entirely fluffy either. just right. ๐Ÿ™‚ and just…. way, way cute. ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m so shocked at how fast min ho got on my radar, it’s in.sane. how his jawline expresses more emotion than his eyes. HEHEHE. NOT. COMPLAINING. haha!

  3. Frances

    Thank you gummie!

  4. jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    I think I rewound the slow-mo fall from the upper bunk about 5 times because it was so ridiculous. The fact that in EG’s mind it made sense was fabulous.

    Someone pointed out the pillow fight was a nod to Sulli’s CF with Shin Wonho

    • 4.1 amanda

      Ummm…did you see the HIlarious video on YouTube where Minho has a pillow fight with some insane broad from Canada? Just about peed myself from laughing so hard when even his flirtatious grin didn’t stop the beating….though I think he was being courteous.

  5. Miss D

    I am enjoying all of the cute so much! When Tae-joon and Jae-hee went to the park together I was seriously amazed that she hadn’t figured out he was totally flirting with her. Ooooooh Jae-hee. I love all of the boys that are chasing after you…but after you pick one I’ll be there to comfort the other two’s broken hearts.

  6. rez007

    Thanks for the recap!
    Jung-hoon looks hot in that tux. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Tae-joon was prepared with all the food and drinks…a complete outing. it was so sweet. ^.^
    And i want that camera which Tae-joon was carrying. it was so cool. which cam has a complete internet in it??

    • 6.1 gg

      Yes, taejoon, a boy who never wanted to take pictures. he told junghoon he doesn’t like to take photo and told him to stop taking his pictures.

      Al this while, all taejoon took (with his white internet-ready Samsung camera) were pictures of scenery, no human photos.

      Now with jaehee by his side, taejoon finally found meaning to take photos. he found the reason to smile again. he lost his smile after his mother passed away and his injury cause him to stop high jumping.

      He also determined to include jaehee into his photo album, together with him to create nice memory in his life.

  7. shelhass

    As Gummi I loved this episode to pieces.
    The good, the bad, the weird and the cute parts of it. LUV!

    But let’s be reasonable, I don’t want Jae-hee to say ‘yes’ to Jung-hoon – beside the fact that’s Woo-bin, she doesn’t deserve him. Actually she doesn’t deserve any of them. She’s immature and dense, well… ok, dumb.
    They’re always there protecting, helping, supporting her, but in reality she’s also crushing their feelings.

    I want to like her, cheer for her, but she just doesn’t let me! *pulls hair*

    But the show still finds a way to hit that spot for me.

    • 7.1 colors

      Well, to her defense, the men who want her heart are dumb too. No deserves no one.
      One can’t get his timing right about confessing his feelings although he’s okay about loving “a guy” (I’m so sorry for him, he’s so cute!!).
      Another looks a bit like a stalker to me with good intentions but wrong manners (taking many pictures without her consent isn’t a bit like stalking? trying to get her away from the school because of jealousy and love rather than just because she’s silly to be there in the first place is kinda weird)
      And last, but not least, the one who will end up with her, can’t bring himself to tell her he knows she’s a girl and he likes her, let alone think that she’s in a dangerous place and they could be all lovey-dovey if only she went to a normal high school in the same city or was in a long distance relationship… “my love by my side no matter what, even if the media and all the citizens are gonna trash her in no time thanks to bitchy childhood friend who has a crush on me”. Sends the wrong teenager message to me. (Well, maybe she won’t force him to date her this way, but who knows.)

      What I like about the manga is the lack of realism due to the small universe of odd but cute teenagers being in an odd school, but adding the k-showbiz with common references (stars, scandals, media…) is a way of saying that the whole plot looks like it’s credible.

      • 7.1.1 hola

        but all the faults about jh is on the writing

    • 7.2 SoyB

      So true… I want to like JH and I was hoping she would be better than the typical slightly dumb/dense accident prone, always needing to be rescued character. What happened to the girl that fenced with the toilet plunger??? Why are the males always better portrayed?

      • 7.2.1 kewbie

        I think the girl with the plunger was just trying to not get hit by the bad guy at that time. Your survival instincts come out when you feel you’re in danger, after all.

        • serena

          but apart from sometimes jh suits all guys as a little sis

    • 7.3 la dee dah

      I don’t really like the implication that someone only “deserves” someone based on their intelligence level. The belief that someone is not “good enough” if they are “dumb”. If one person is smarter than the other but there is a mutual respect between them and they click, what’s the problem? To me, the only reason a person does not “deserve” someone is if that person treats the other badly and with no respect.

      And why should Jae-hee automatically think the other Taejoon and Eun-gyul like her because of the things they did for her? She thinks they think she’s a guy. Support her, protect her – those are things friends also do for each other, and she thinks they are doing those things because they are friends. They also try to hide their intentions behind their actions and play it off as “friendly”. Plus, we the viewer see the intention behind everything these guys do, she doesn’t see that. Heck, in Reply 1997, there are two sets of people (not going to name names in case of spoilers) who didn’t know that the other person liked them for many many years, but that doesn’t make them dumb.

      • 7.3.1 Jackie


      • 7.3.2 guy

        yes, I agree, too.

        true love should be unconditional. if we put, terms and conditions to the person we are suppose to love, I think no one in this world will truly love on another.

        it will be so fake, unsecure, scary. I love this person because that person is rich, or is intelligent, or with reputation, status, properties, lands, endless list…

        one day, the person without these things, retired, old, sick, poor, then love will be gone.

        love is spontaneous. u just love the person without a reason. it is the click, affinity, fated, maybe even due to past lives, it is the chemistry. u fall in love the moment you see that person. u do not ask, are you entitled to my love or not? are you worth it? what if you don’t? there should not be any questions…u just go with the flow, follow your heart, if your brain think too much, nothing will come out of it. time will not wait for you.

        like nike says, “just do it”

  8. ck1Oz

    Yay thanks for this.This may be my favourite episode but also the one where I want to hit JH on the head.Is she really that oblivious ?That is one passive heroine and coming from the US doesn’t count.That is the basis of the story.However was the manga character really supposed to be like her?
    Tae Joon was really hot here though.

    • 8.1 Laya

      “However was the manga character really supposed to be like her?”

      -Actually, yes. I wanted to hit Ashiya Mizuki on the head too. **SPOILERS** The doc in the manga was actually giving her broad hints that the boys were all in love with her especially Sano, but she kept insisting that they didn’t, and kept finding other excuses as to why they were behaving the way they were. At one point Sano even hinted broadly that he loves her “no matter if you were a girl or a boy”, wanting her to confess already, but she thought something like he loves her as a friend/roommate– he loves her even if she’s a boy?–no, he surely doesn’t know she’s a girl. Facepalm. **END SPOILERS**

      • 8.1.1 mommai

        Yeah, Mizuki wasn’t the best heroine in the first place…

        • ck1Oz

          Ah… I would just look at the new upcoming generation of pretty boys then.Cos’ they don’t look legal even if they are.Shesh.
          And just not let my brain think when JH doesn’t know the guys are protective of her.

  9. wheey

    why no jung hoon …. i still want to see him next episode and the next … actually i wished that by the next episode, jae hee could set her mind and think that since tae joon has hanna and he is jumping again … she can leave already.. we need the separation for them to grow … i cant see anyway out other than prolonged angst and misunderstandings … they can also show us how they solve this school problem or one of future interactions … ill all her friends in school know .. or is tae joon and eun gyul the only one who can recognise her in female clothing when she reappears after the separation …

    The tw ending was so disappointing in that they tried to cover up everything … that alll the schoolmates are dumb and naive when the fact is like in their face and that they cover with the high jumper’s voiceover saying it’ll all work out … like whut?????

    and the japan one did allow her to be a girl again but gave no indication of what happens next to the otp other than us knowing that they both like each other … did they end up together or what? but that reminds me the japanese’s first version’s julia is the awesomest … slightly miffed that there’s no julia in the korean one .. but felt so much better when they did jung hoon and the other versions didn’t …

    ugh, sorry guys for the rant … i have now absolutely no clue what’s gonna happen next… tae joon should just speak up .. he’s just putting her in jeopardy by wanting her to stay by his side, while you live in a BOY’S school!?!

    • 9.1 ffroyo

      There was a Julia in the first Japanese version?! I don’t remember that.

      • 9.1.1 colors

        Yeah, I think she appeared in a special or something. Or maybe in the “real” plot? The best friend from America who tried to check whether Sano liked Mizuki and all (trying to get him jealous, then realizing he knows about the gender, etc). In the first Jdrama, I remember she took a compromising picture of them and printed it for all the school to see.

        • Rovi

          Julia appeared in the Summer special of the 2007 Ikemen Paradise version. That’s why there was a point wherein there was a time skip between 2 episodes.

          I think Julia appeared in the taiwanese ver.

    • 9.2 colors

      I sorta remember a final chapter where Sano and Mizuki go to attend some wedding and give some information about the “main” second characters. Am I wrong?
      Maybe you were talking about the first jdrama. They did end up together, right? Didn’t he go to see her in the US? I know there was a kiss at the airport, and the next special episode gives Sano and everyone’s memories of the previous Valentin Day (gloups, I was gonna write Vain Day…), implying they’re still together even if they’re in different schools, right?
      My memory seems fuzzy.

    • 9.3 Laya

      Technically, we do have a Julia– Jae-hee’s blonde friend who tried to stop her from cutting her hair in Ep. 1, and who also videotaped her winning a race. It remains to be seen if she’ll show up in Korea though– maybe not.

  10. 10 mamajoni

    I really dig this episode to pieces. And my heart broke a little when Hyun Jae mistook the rugby shirt as a gift from EG for his bday… awwww… he looked so happy! Then BAM! the disappointment and hurt was so palpable!

    TJ needs to up his game if he’s going to best Jung Hoon at all for JH’s heart. And how clueless is our heroine? I mean, gosh, she literally couldn’t empathize at all with Jung Hoon after his confession! Is this what “I can only see TJ cause he’s the be-all and end-all of my existence.” means?

    EG acted out his anguish really well, giving depth to his emotions and keeping it low-key but highly charged.

    Seems to me like TJ is upping his acting in this episode. At least he doesn’t look like he’s over-thinking his role. And he feels genuine with his emotions.

    Great episode!

    • 10.1 Janelle

      Oh, me, too! The episode was cute and tense and all that stuff, but really: that moment with Hyun Jae was all I wanted to read the re-cap for. I know it’s ridiculously outside of the main story, but I want more Hyun Jae.

  11. 11 boholAnna

    Thank you for the recaps! Love this drama and this episode . . . Until they did the fake girlfriend bit like You’re Beautiful. C’mon, it’s already been done before. I can forgive the writers if this was in the manga.

    • 11.1 mommai

      I’m pretty sure it is, but I’m a little fuzzy. I think Manga-Hanna was a tennis player.

      • 11.1.1 boholAnna

        Thanks! As gummi says, I’ll try to to overanalyze and overthink the plot(s). This drama is just TOO cute.

        • boholAnna

          meant..NOT to overthink

  12. 12 Laya

    My reactions to this episode went along the lines of:

    OhmyGod more Eun-gyul fantasies hahaha what acrobatics, Jae-hee’s not Hanna you know…
    Noooo, Seung-ri, not Hanna, jebal!?!
    Jung-hoon wth is up with that dress on Jae-hee, it looks like you made her wear her granny’s dress! …
    And if someone who knows Jae-hee, like, say, other Genie students or faculty, sees those photos, she’s so outed. …
    So Tae-joon really recognizes Jae-hee now in whatever disguise…
    Drinking out of the same can…? I’m waiting for someone to point out that’s an indirect kiss, like in the manga…
    Uh-oh, Hanna found out, I don’t like that look in her eye…
    Am I too beastly to even feel some satisfaction seeing Hanna cry…?
    Ugh. Preemptive strike, Hanna? Are you channeling Yoo Heyi now…?

    I was thinking Jae-hee was angry at Tae-joon partly because she was jealous, yes, but also because she was the one who sent that e-mail to Coach Holton so she might also be feeling that Tae-joon was disregarding her efforts to help him towards his dream, and worse, it’s because of Hanna. After all, she’s still got that “Let’s not be too greedy” reaction. So of the two girls, while Hanna is the one who tries to cling to Tae-joon, Jae-hee would rather let him go away if it’s to his advantage. Yet Tae-joon already chooses to stay because of her. And the misunderstanding just deepens with Hanna’s “revelation” so I’m guessing this will put a gap between the roommates. Or not– it might give them a cover to maintain the status quo– maybe Tae-joon will be following Jae-hee around this time while she tries to keep her distance?

    Tae-joon, like Sano, now doesn’t want Jae-hee to be outed because that means he has her by his side — it’s a boys’ school after all, and if she’s outed, and has to leave the school and go back to America, he loses her. If she finds out he knows, the same thing will happen– she’d probably refuse to be his roommate from then on. But we kind of don’t get that explanation from the drama alone; I just filled in the blanks from Sano’s motivation in the manga.

    • 12.1 Laya

      And omg how could I forget… thanks very much for the recap!

    • 12.2 mamajoni

      OMG! That dress! It looked like a curtain that was stitched together at the ends to cover her body. It was shapeless and the color was hideous! They should fire that stylist pronto! TJ flirting with JH…so cute…but lost on JH who, as usual, was as dense as a brick. Sigh.

      • 12.2.1 Laya

        I hated that dress so much, even if lavender is my favorite color. It was so totally wrong, loose and shapeless on her– she’s a teenager, for goodness’ sake. And yet when Tae-joon glimpses her in that dress and with the wig, he recognizes her. Ah, lurve.

    • 12.3 Honey

      I’ve seen Sulli in many weird outfits because of f(x)’s quirky stylem but she always pulls them off…. yet the staff managed to find a dress so ugly that even gorgeous Sulli can’t pull it off. argh.

      • 12.3.1 jomo

        I think the dress was so she still looked clumsy and not-at-all-girly. Just to emphasize, “Sure, she could pass a a boy.”
        Unlike how sweet she looked as a boy dressed as a girl in the pageant singing like a girl.

  13. 13 Jambo

    Thanks for the recap! You just made my Monday so much better! You have no idea!

    I have this crazy Wednesday routine where I try to watch the new episode via my Viki apps during my lunch hour w/ the subbing probably at 36%. I’ll watch it again at night prior going to bed when it hopefully is subbed at 100%. Repeat for Thursday episode.

    I’ll read your recaps when it comes out to tide me over til the next week. And most likely, will rewatch the prior episodes. It’s just so hard to wait, it’s ridiculous!

    • 13.1 Startulle

      Me too, Jambo! Anxiously waiting to watch at Viki with subs or not!!! Lolol…. Since I’m having Minho’s fever!!!

  14. 14 Lemon

    Thanks for the recap!

    I think Eun Gyul acted really well in this episode. That quiet moment where he was sitting on his steps was and crying silently was heartbreaking. Kudos to the actor.

    Hated what Hanna did in the last part. Reminded me of what UEE’s character did in You’re Beautiful, and it’s gonna cause unnecessary angst since our female lead Jae Hee is pretty dumb. Let’s hope they resolve this misunderstanding between Tae Joon and Jae Hee quickly!

    But so far this drama is pretty entertaining! Much improved from the WTFamiwatching that characterized the first few episodes, lol.

  15. 15 Gom

    Aaah. I had to re-watch the hide-and-seek part of their date (I mean, non-date)! How can they be so cute? It totally reminded me of that cooking scene where the potato thing falls into the food. That part where TJ pretends to feed something to JH and then he eats it anyway. UGH. SO MUCH CUTENESS.

    But oh, Caterpillar. Stop crying. You’re totally breaking my heart. T_T

    • 15.1 Laya

      I loved that hide-and-seek thingy. And was totally thinking “Jae-hee, that’s flirting. You’re acting like a girl already. With the way he responded, how could you still think Tae-joon doesn’t know?”

      And yes, poor Eun-gyul. ;__;

    • 15.2 delta7757

      Just sooo much cuteness in the extreme. My constant
      smiling/chuckles during these last 2 eps reminds me my Minho noona/ahjumma crush is alive and well. (lol)

      Thought I would share these discoveries w/ the other Minho noona/ahjumma”s.. (lol) I know at our age who would have thunk! Redunkilus…. but WHAT TO DO. ๐Ÿ™‚



      • 15.2.1 Minea

        Ahahaha! I know what you mean when you said “… but WHAT TO DO?” about your MinHo crush. Is there already a support group? ’cause I think I need to join. LOL.

        This MinHo crush . . . it defies logic. I’ve always looked at idol group members as juvenile. And even in the promotional posters for TTBY, Min Ho was not even in my radar. When did he suddenly become so manly? Shoot! Just writing that makes me cringe. I feel like I’m breaking the law or something! So wrong. *darts nervous looks around*

        This show should have come with a disclaimer: ‘Noona Killer on the loose. Watch at your own risk!’ so we could have at least mentally prepared to resist the pretty. But who am I kidding? At this point, it’s a losing battle.

        AND thanks for the link, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 15.2.2 Jeannette

        OHNO! When he was eliminated and looked so sad, I yelled “oh no, my poor bunny rabbit!” Oh god. I just want to feed him cupcakes, haha. Delta, you are SO not helping with this Minho crush AHHAHAH! BAD!

      • 15.2.3 Gom

        His level of concentration is out of this world. And yes, when did he become so manly to me? I never saw him as that because he seems like a little kid acting like a grown up man. But maybe that’s also the reason why he’s just swoon-worthy.

        @Minea A disclaimer would’ve been helpful, right? Sigh.

        • Jeannette

          *cries* I guess we didn’t save any countries in a past life since none of us are dating Minho or even remotely close to his age so we can properly fantasize about it haha!

  16. 16 cheekbones

    One of these days, Kim Woo-bin will get the girl. I didn’t follow Vampidol, did he have a love line there ?

    • 16.1 ~Feather~

      I haven’t watched it either, but he has a crush on a bunny in vampire idol. Well. it’s actually a girl in a bunny costume, but he doesn’t know that. :3

  17. 17 Gom

    Okay, so this girl doesn’t know bat sh*t about boys and their feelings… and then she goes to a boys’ school. Yep, very rational thinking you got there, sister.

    Even so, I can’t really bring myself to hate her. Maybe it’s Sulli’s acting? But I really can’t find it in my heart to curse her or even question her decisions (which are generally stupid, by the way). Maybe because I’m way older than her and all I really want is for her to do well and get out of whatever situation she got herself into. Like a protective noona would, like what Daniel did.

    I can hate her for being clueless and all that, but I will always give her some slack in the end. I will always root for her.

    Ugh. I kind of hate myself for saying this, I’ve really come to love Jae Hee. Or maybe Sulli? Or both. Yeah, maybe both.

    • 17.1 Minea

      First, thanks Gummi for the recap! Was waiting for your take on the cuteness of this episode ๐Ÿ™‚

      “Even so, I canโ€™t really bring myself to hate her. Maybe itโ€™s Sulliโ€™s acting?”

      I agree. It’s probably because Sulli looks so innocent that we forgive her being so daft. Chalk it up to naivete. One needs to throw logic out the window when watching this show though. Considering that Jae Hee has attended school in the US, you’d think she’ll be more worldly. But, even if she drives me up the wall most of the times with her actions, I’ll be rooting for her as well.

    • 17.2 Jeannette

      For me it’s her smile. She has the sweetest, most pure smile.

      Or maybe it’s the smile of an idiot? I dunno.

      All I know is I find her sweet and innocent and I really do like her a lot. (even if she makes me fly into rages sometimes)

    • 17.3 Gom

      Me when Sulli does something stupid:

      %&@!*%*#&!!!!! Are you kidding me?! How can you be THIS stupid? Did you grow up in a cave with no human interaction whatsoever?! ARRRRRGGGHHHH. *throws pillows to the floor*

      Then JH smiles.
      *guiltily picks pillows from the floor*

  18. 18 A-M

    Pretty adorable.

    I love all the blurring of the traditional gender roles that is happening in this drama.

    Not just the cross dressing, but how like Tae Joon is the nurturer.

    • 18.1 ani

      I agree. i love the way Tae Joon did a complete 360 when he found out Jaehee is a girl.. he’s not cold anymore and defintely more caring not just towards her but to everyone! I hope that aspect will play out more.

  19. 19 wanderlust

    Times I burst out laughing when I wasn’t squealing and grinning from ear to ear.

    1. EUNGYULS IMAGINATION. omg all three were hilarious but I FLIPPED at the second one with jae hee doing the sleep walking acrobats onto TaeJoons bed PUAHAHA TOO GOOD. Serz though Eungyul my love, I think you know that your imagination wasn’t real because you always had them on the wrong side of the bed in your head, you couldn’t find a way to justify why Jaehee was on the inner side and Taejoon on the outer but props to you for trying!
    2. Seungris hilarous outburst in defense of Hanna. So in love with him, he serz needs a love interest and asap! Not Hanna though that girl does not deserve someone that fine ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. Hyun Jae thinking that Eungyul bought him a birthday present LMAOOOO tooooo cutee, the smile and his voice of surprise was priceless and a little sad. Love them all!

    When Jaehee was asking Sangchu why she feels so upset whenever she sees Taejoon and her cold, hurt voice was exactly like the one I used with the guy I liked when I was hurt by him thinking he liked someone else. So relatable.

    And even though Hanna’s annoying, the moment she realised Taejoon knew all along, I felt bad for her. There’s nothing worse than finding out the person you like likes someone else.
    and lives in the same room as him? I would flip worse.

    That ep was so freaking good, cant wait till ep 11! Thanks GM!

    • 19.1 wanderlust

      and Minho. so freaking into that boy now ๐Ÿ™

  20. 20 wits

    Kim Woo Bin!!! In a tux! *swoons

    Jung Hoon exiting???? Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    I totally agree that the last two episodes rock!!! But I would surmise that it is just because of Kim Woo Bin. He breathed fresh air into the stale, overused tropes of a drama. I love his character. His presence in all his scenes is so commanding, he owns every one of them.

    He should be a lead in his next drama… like seriously!

    • 20.1 Jeannette

      Did you see White Christmas? Pretty damn sexy in that one.


      • 20.1.1 Minea

        @ Jeannette

        Pffft. HAHAHAHA! That’s hilarious! You’re probably not the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jeannette

          As long as I’m not alone with scary people, I’ll be okay, hahah!

  21. 21 Mika~

    Considering that this is a Korean drama (as opposed to a Japanese drama), Junghoon’s presence is a MUST. Eungyeol’s role as the second lead just isn’t enough, because as adorable as he is, he’s not any real competition to Taejoon, and Taejoon’s not going to be threatened by him. On the other hand, Junghoon pretty much forces Taejoon to realize his feelings, and to also realize that his way to Jaehee’s heart isn’t guaranteed.

    And also, I know everyone hates Hanna for her meddling, her pretentious attitude, and her whiny entitlement, but let’s look at the whole situation objectively. If your childhood friend’s roommate turned out to be masquerading as a guy in a school for boys, would you really sit still? Even if I weren’t in love with this childhood friend, I would definitely still report the roommate! Everything that Jaehee did to get to the school just screams “STALKER!” And the fact that the doctor, someone who’s supposed to be a responsible adult is allowing this to happen, and even trying to cover up for her? I think Hanna does have some right to be pissed as hell. Of course, she doesn’t own Taejoon, and how she tried to keep Taejoon for herself in a last-ditch attempt… she has no right to do something like that. But honestly, I think Hanna’s one of the only ones being logical about Jaehee’s stalkerness… And it just really sucks when you’re the only one who’s right and everyone knows you’re right but everyone keeps doing what’s wrong.

    • 21.1 la dee dah

      The thing is, Hanna did not want to report Jae hee out of concern for Taejoon – she wanted to report Jae hee out of pure jealousy, since Taejoon liked Jae hee, not Hanna. She pretty much goes at anyone that takes a liking to Taejoon, and if he actually likes someone back, it’s full on hatred. Yes, Hanna should feel hurt that Taejoon doesn’t like her even though they have been together for so long, but really that’s her problem and she does not have a stake on him. And while Jae hee did lie her way into the school and this could be perceived as being a “stalker”, usually a stalker is someone that has an obsession with the victim with the main goal out of pure infatuation (which seems more like Hanna at this point than Jae hee). Jae hee’s purpose was to make Taejoon jump again since he was her inspiration to get out of her funk many years before. Once he did accomplish this, Jae hee was going to leave the school, but Taejoon stopped her.

    • 21.2 Brian

      Yes, why is the doctor sticking up for Jae Hee? Why is he desperately trying to cover up for her when the right thing would be to get the stalker out of there? Well, the answer is that he is not just Jae Hee’s doctor but Tae Joon’s as well. His diagnosis was probably the same as Jae Hee’s, that Tae Joon has Yips syndrome, a heretofore pretty near incurable problem. Sorta like an impenetrable writer’s block for an athlete.

      Yet suddenly, here comes a “new treatment modality” it’s quite unusual and luckily for me extremely cute, funny and entertaining. But it seems to be working! Taejoon is back jumping and has decided not to quit after all! that’s probably why the doctor is now on Jae Hee’s team. Gotta keep the reason for Tae Joon’s resurgence around so that he keeps jumping!

  22. 22 faranak

    woooooooooooow! LOVE IT :* great episode,can’t wait for next ep ๐Ÿ™

  23. 23 redfox

    I think I want to live inside Eun.Gyulsยด brain. Like a Tim Burton Maggot from Corpse Bride. it is a great place. so much crazy.

  24. 24 ninji

    I just felt so bad for Hyun-jae. ๐Ÿ™ He was so happy for the shirt.

  25. 25 Honey

    I loved this episode.. that’s some well done angst.. I have a feeling that it’s gonna get more angst-y soon, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Jae Hee has been lying to many people, and things are starting to crumble around her. Sure, the boys and doc may do everything they can to protect her, but there is only so much they can do. We all know that she will be found out by everyone sooner or later, and I’m anticipating what consequences are awaiting her.

    I’m still waiting to know more about jongmin and Hyunjae!

  26. 26 Cinderella

    I completely agree, I’ve always tuned in to this drama but now that Kim Woo-bin is ‘cameo-ing’, I’m definitely in LURVE!! Can Kim Woo-bin stay for good? Even though he won’t get the girl…

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the indirect kiss that happened between Tae-joon and Jae-hee… cause I know I was screaming and clapping like a seal when I saw that scene… (or was it just me?)

  27. 27 Melmax

    Gummi loved ep 10–soo cute yet so full of angst for practically every single caharacter… Hope this continues to be awesome!!! Thanks so much

  28. 28 Jeannette

    Awww, poor Hyun-jae. Eun-gyul should have let him keep the shirt, the poor thing!

    This whole episode was full on adorable. I’ve re-watched it a few times, but always skip through the Han-na parts because she is so darn b*tchy that it makes me angry.

    Everything I’ve wanted to say has been said by everyone else so I’ll just close with this: thank you SO MUCH for the recaps! I look forward to these as much as I do the actual episodes.

    Also, Minho is hot.

  29. 29 wanderlust

    & Youtube are wondering what’s with the flurry of increases to videos relating to some “Min Ho.”

  30. 30 FeKimi

    Ha Na character is so cheesy and they have it in every drama. Get rid off Ha Na character and it will be better drama…

  31. 31 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap, gummi!

  32. 32 Emily

    A) How can Hanna keep *sneaking* into Genie High? How terrible is the security? Then again, considering that Jae Hee was able to dress up as a boy…

    B) Do they not lock the doors to their dorms? Seriously…

    C) Hanna irritates me…and ugh. She doesn’t consider people’s feelings around her. Everything revolves around her. Then again, she is a spoiled princess…

  33. 33 umalily

    So cute! I liked Hannah in this episode, she emotes better than both leads. But yeah the fake girlfriend is a bit over done… What could she have said though to provoke a similar reaction? … Think writers think…But it’s all been done before.

  34. 34 Dramalover

    Oh man hate Hanna so much gahhhhh. She’s like a kid that never grows up, always putting her selfish emotions first. Though objectively speaking, she does have every right to report on jae hee.

    Jae hee on the other hand, is extremely dense. I really wish the character would rise above the typical damsel in distress trope but I guess I can’t expect too much out of a k-drama. Most of her choices, heck, ALL of her choices seem to involve no though process at all and she just bumbles her way through, hoping that she’ll somehow make it (usually with the help of other ppl). however, maybe it’s got to do with sulli’s acting bcuz in the end, I don’t hate jae hee and still root for her xD

  35. 35 kirara

    Agree with everyone else in this forum.. NOOO Jung hoon leaving means.. no more 1 Up battles between him and Tae Joon.. So wanting to see more fights and rivalries.. made things fun and its basically 1 more step further for Tae Joon to confess his feelings!

    But now Hanna’s gonna cause some messy problems and Tae Joon really gonna have to 1 up his game because the prince is gonna be coming to protect his frog princess and he’ll pull all the stops.. he’s got the looks and the money!! Oh yes! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you for posting.. now we have to wait till Wed-Thur’s episode!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. 36 Brian

    What I worry about most is that with Hanna and Tae Joon’s “love” that Jae Hee will feel that Tae Joon doesn’t like her any more and there will be misunderstandings like in You’re Beautiful. However, due to the fact that she thinks he doesn’t know he’s a girl, I suppose she wouldn’t expect him to like her “in that way”. Unless she thinks that Tae Joon plays for the other team, she should probably be happy for him that he continues to want to jump and has a “relationship” with Hanna.

    I sincerely hope the writers can pull out something interesting and fresh from this — as there are a lot of ways they can go instead of the “hurt feelings and misunderstandings”. They could even continue the “OMO there’s a girl here at Genie High?” who could it be? That would continue the silly roller coaster and have all of the people that know about it scrambling for damage control. Since I haven’t read the manga or seen the other versions, all I can do is wait till Wed-Thurs like everyone else!

  37. 37 k-soup

    HOW I HATE THE ENDING OF THIS EPISODE! It was like I was having a very nice dream and suddenly my alarm woke me for work…

    Hanna’s totally a B**** and extremely disparate for some spot light. She’s cute but totally b*****

    last week’s episode was really SUPER! I really loved it except the fact that I wanna dive to the cliff for the next episode… please don’t be lousy or too emotional.. I like the light feel of this drama.

    Like what happened in YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. It was light and easy to follow and suddenly the break up was too heavy and I just wanted to skip those parts..

  38. 38 Rovi

    Does anybody notice (beside me) that “Jay Dawson” has a classmate named “Amber”???


  39. 39 panshel

    Kim Woo Bin is my favorite character in this drama. <3 Loved the confession scene. Can every confession always be that charming!? Jung Hoon makes me go weak at the knees. (But this doesn't excuse whoever put Sulli in that hideous frumpy dress. Blech!) Loved the ultimatum scene with MinHo even more. Confidence = SEXY!! I am going to cry myself a river when Jung Hoon gets his heart broken and has to return to the States. T__T Regardless, I think Jae Hee would choose Jung Hoon over Eun Gyul, whom up till now, she has never seen him as more than just a friend.

    I thought Tae Joon handled Hanna's confrontation very well. No denying Jae Hee wasn't a girl; no denying he didn't know Jae Hee was a girl; no excuses for why Jae Hee pretended to be a boy. No declaration of love, unfortunately, but that's expecting too much too soon.

    Thanks for the great recap, gummimochi!

  40. 40 marie21

    am I the only one who thinks this show sucks?!! as you said in your comments after your recap, the actress doesn’t know how to act, plus, the character she plays is so dumb it makes me cringe!!! I agree with you, gumminochi, the only good scenes were with Jung Hoon and Tae Joon! and I also liked the scene with the porn magazines!!lol ^^ ha that was funny! still, she doesn’t get it!!!duh!!!

  41. 41 Lilian

    Ah….a love rival who does something is always more fun to watch than one who doesn’t. Probably that is why the last two episodes were so much better compared to the earlier ones.

    • 41.1 Dayana_Babe

      Jay’s intention coming to SKorea to make TJ jump again no intention to fall for him.TJ lost hope to jump again due to the road-accident after his mum death.TJ’s mum is the one that inspired him to be great high-jumper.TJ was brood all the time after the rehab but Jay’s will do anything to make him jump again.Many incidents brought them together that creates great ‘room-mates’ until one he overheard conversation Jay and her brother reveals she’s a girl that makes this drama up-side down, love blooms,confusion,cat-mouse chasing and curious hahahaha….I like Minho~Sulli pairing as teens lover not overdoing and yeah she acted blur until full real confession by TJ towards the end hahahha unless some twisting oooohhh please don’t be like “Fashion King” huh!

  42. 42 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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