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To the Beautiful You: Episode 11
by | September 22, 2012 | 60 Comments

Welcome to Angstville where teenage love is realized and dreams are shattered. Everyone has something to say but no one will say anything. Our leads take a backseat this episode dancing around the “I know but you don’t know I know” topic of Jae-hee’s secret and our second leads step up to show how cruel the world can seem when you’re a teenager.


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Tae-joon storms out, his blood boiling after Hanna’s public declaration. Jae-hee chases after him to tell him that she has something important to say. I don’t think now’s the time to make your big reveal to an angry teenager but who am I to stop you?

But she stumbles over the first few words and Tae-joon swoops in, “Later. Let’s talk about it later.” Later’s gonna be too late.

Hanna ignores calls from Director Jang and finds Tae-joon waiting up for her outside.

They relocate to a cafe and Tae-joon asks why she went through with the love confession. She plays dumb and that he finally bursts in anger. Is it all a joke to her? Did she find it amusing?

It’s neither and Hanna’s voice starts to waver. Her feelings towards Tae-joon is no secret and he’s a completely different person after Jae-hee walked into their lives. Who is Jae-hee to suddenly appear out of thin air and come between them?

When he answers that he’ll take care of Jae-hee, Hanna pinpoints why Tae-joon chose to pretend not to know the truth that Jae-hee’s a girl. She confronts him – does he like her?

Tae-joon looks away to which Hanna shrills, “Why can’t you answer me?!” She lays down an ultimatum: either date her or kick Jae-hee out.

Meanwhile, Jae-hee has another therapy session with Sangchu, wondering how mad Tae-joon would be if he found out the truth. But it’s better that she tells him herself than hearing it from someone else, right? Sangchu listens and Jae-hee cries.

Eun-gyul takes out his frustration on the field, practicing penalty kicks. He thinks back to when Jae-hee’s admission that Tae-joon was the reason why she was here and her curiosity to his big news. Then I half-expect that ball that hits the goalpost to hit Coach’s head.

He’s not the only one dragging his feet and runs into Jae-hee. It’s an awkward moment and they both do their best to hide their glum moods. He walks towards her, at first thinking it’s sweat on her face and then corrects himself, “Have you been crying?”

Jae-hee denies it and despite Eun-gyul’s concern, she brushes it under the rug.

It starts to rain and Jae-hee stands outside waiting for Tae-joon. She’s quick to cover him with her umbrella and later that night, everyone lies in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Hanna’s love confession is the talk of the town by the following morning and Tae-joon’s fanclub even coordinates a protest against Hanna. Director Jang is just about to pull her hair at the mattress while at school, Tae-joon seethes at the classmates’ sneers of sarcastic congratulations.

Jae-hee takes refuge in the laundry room and we flashback to an earlier conversation with Jung-hoon who wore his lucky hat to hear Jae-hee’s answer. At her pause, he removes it, bracing himself for what’s to come.

She tells him that he’s like a big brother oppa to her and he interrupts, “I know this is a compliment, but my heart’s telling me not to overdo it.” He’s heard his answer and Jae-hee apologizes for being unable to return his feelings.

He takes the rejection like a man and keeps his tone light-hearted to avoid making her feel too guilty. He does, however, leave her with an encouraging word, “Remember that I’m always on your side.”

Back in the present, Jae-hee is pleasantly surprised by Happy Virus Eun-gyul who tries to cheer her up with an impromptu hand sock-puppet show. The puppets fight over how they smell (ew) and clarify that they’re socks (yangmal) and not onions (yangpa). Cute and punny.

She notes that he was absent and Eun-gyul replies that he overslept. He in turn asks why she does her laundry daily and jokes that it’s not like she’s a girl or anything. Mmhm. The real reason reveals itself anyway when he reaches in and pulls out Tae-joon’s clothes.

Eun-gyul swallows hard and asks, “I know it’s an absurd question but… do you like Tae-joon?” Woah, what’s up with the second leads asking all these direct questions today?

Jae-hee reacts in surprise and denial and there’s a flash of bewilderment in Eun-gyul’s eyes before he laughs off the moment as usual. When she leaves, we can tell that her hesitation bothers him.

Both Tae-joon and Hanna are called to the agency and neither are particularly happy to see the other. Tae-joon instructs Hanna to come clean to Director Jang. Hanna dangles that carrot of the truth in front of him: sure she’ll say they’re not dating but she’ll also reveal that Jae-hee’s a girl.

Tae-joon has no choice but to abide by Hanna’s warning to keep his mouth shut while Director Jang rips a new one into them both. She’s more disappointed in Tae-joon than Hanna who aegyos, Don’t be so hard on Oppa!

Time to do some damage control and she orders that everything will be transmitted through the company.

He’s quick to get out of there as fast as possible, rejecting Hanna’s invite to lunch. Before Hanna can run to catch him, she receives a text from Jae-hee.

Eun-gyul is sideswept in shock after he belatedly hears the news about Tae-joon’s dating scandal. Now Jae-hee’s dejected mood makes sense and he pulls Tae-joon aside to have a man to man talk on their own.

He gets straight to the point and asks, “What do you think of Jae-hee?” He repeats it when Tae-joon reacts in surprise and he adds, “Do you like Jae-hee?” If he doesn’t, Tae-joon should admit it now.

Tae-joon deflects it and Eun-gyul’s suspicion radar dings – Tae-joon’s dating Hanna but why can’t he give a straight answer? Ooh. Tae-joon remains vague and Eun-gyul stops him and warns, “From now on, no matter what it is… don’t make Jae-hee cry anymore.”

Why? Eun-gyul makes it perfectly clear, “Because I don’t want the person I like to cry because of you. I like Gu Jae-hee.” So Tae-joon better straighten up his act and not make Jae-hee’s heart waver anymore. Damn those are bold words. Good for you Eun-gyul!

The girls have a chat of their own and Hanna voices her displeasure about their meeting. She scoffs when Jae-hee asks why Hanna hasn’t told Tae-joon that she knows the truth about Jae-hee’s identity. Hanna: “Is that what you were worried about? Should I go tell him now?”

Hanna has a question of her own: why did Jae-hee come here? Is she a sasaeng fan? Hanna places her foot down that Tae-joon is dating her. She gets up to leave and Jae-hee begs to let her tell Tae-joon the truth herself.

Hanna: “Don’t tell him.” Until she gives Jae-hee permission, she’ll remain acting like a boy.

Jae-hee returns drained and even more out of sorts than before. Tae-joon covers up his jealousy that she was out with a friend by getting worked up. He almost forgets himself, “Do you know how many scary-” Scary what? Guys? Muggers?

He tells her not to stay out late, adding that it bothers him. She misinteprets this and thinks that she’s hit past his 40 decibel boundary and apologizes. Tae-joon walks towards her to straighten things out and his hand accidentally lands on her chest.

They stand there awkwardly for a minute and then Jae-hee cries out in pain. Menstruation cramps? Tae-joon excuses himself, running out the door. He takes a deep breath and puts a hand over his rapidly beating heart.

She visits Doc who simply asks if she caused trouble again. But she’s here to ask for some “sanitary pads” and Doc sighs, Really? I gotta do this for you too?

Tae-joon returns from his run and hands Jae-hee some meds to relieve her stomach pain. Awww. He sits in his bed below the loft, smiling.

Jong-min waits for Eun-gyul, hung up about how he hasn’t returned yet. He and Seung-ri make enough of a ruckus to interrupt Hyun-jae’s studying time. Kids study in Genie High – who knew? And Seung-ri, who’d been doubled over laughing over his manhwa now bends over in pain.

Tae-joon confides in Sangchu about how he can’t subject himself to Hanna anymore and that he’ll need to find another solution to Jae-hee’s secret. Sangchu barks in agreement.

His text to Hanna distracts her during practice and she lands on her foot incorrectly. Ouch. Tae-joon has just returned back to the dorm after he was unable to meet Hanna. He has something important to tell Jae-hee but an urgent call from the hospital interrupts them.

Once Tae-joon gets to the hospital, Director Jang pulls him aside for a word. We don’t get to hear the conversation but then we see Tae-joon enter Hanna’s room with a solemn expression.

Hanna voices her complaints in her usual manner, clucking that her “boyfriend” should have dashed over sooner to attend to her. It’s just an ankle sprain she says but Tae-joon’s concern suggests that things are more serious than they appear. Hanna mentions Tae-joon’ text – didn’t he have something to tell her?

Flashback to his earlier conversation with Director Jang. Sure enough, Hanna’s injury could be severe and she drops the bomb that it may be the end to Hanna’s rhythmic gymnast career.

Despite Hanna’s prickly personality, she’s a skilled and hardworking athlete and Director Jang wonders, “What was she thinking about that she would make that kind of mistake?”

Even though Hanna’s not that likeable, it kills me that she brushes off her injury like it’s no big deal. She tests the waters and mentions that she’d like something to eat and Tae-joon jumps up, more than willing.

That surprises her and she admits that his company is good enough for her. She’s afraid to sleep alone tonight and asks if he can stay overnight with her. Tae-joon agrees and then sends a text to Jae-hee.

Hanna talks about all the things she wants to do with Tae-joon now that they’ve gone public with their “relationship.” Tae-joon doesn’t answer and tucks her into bed like the experienced caretaker he is. He steps out for a moment and Hanna muses to herself, “I’m glad I got hurt.”

Just then, Tae-joon’s phone dings and Hanna checks to see a response text from Jae-hee. She deletes it.

Looks like Seung-ri’s stomach pains have landed him in the hospital as well and he hilariously mistakes Tae-joon that he’s here to visit him. “But you sure got here late.” Tae-joon clarifies that he has “a friend” hospitalized here as well and Seung-ri laughs off the awkward moment.

They’re joined by Seung-ri’s father, a doctor at the hospital. Seung-ri ears perk up when his father namedrops about Hanna. He overtly expresses his worry about her and has to be dragged away by the ear by his father.

Tae-joon and Jae-hee stay up, both waiting for a response text that will never come.

Morning. Jae-hee wakes to see Tae-joon packing a bag to spend his time at the hospital. She asks if Hanna’s condition is serious and he tells her that Hanna might be unable to train again.

In class, the boys whoop and laugh when they learn that Tae-joon’s missing to be by Hanna’s bedside. Jong-min gripes that Eun-gyul is absent yet again and Jae-hee sits there even more downcast, if that’s even possible at this point.

Director Jang resolves that they can’t keep the truth hidden from Hanna. Her parents won’t be returning from Europe until the following evening but they can’t put off her treatment any longer. Tae-joon steps up to be the bearer of bad news.

He walks in to see Hanna excitedly drawing up a list of all the foods she was barred from eating during training. Tae-joon sits down and chooses his words, “I have something to tell you…” Isn’t that the fifth time I’ve heard those words this episode?

Hanna grows nervous as Tae-joon places her hand in his and she asks, “What? What is it?”

We see Jae-hee just outside bearing flowers for Hanna. She opens the door and sees Hanna sobbing on Tae-joon’s shoulder as he pats her back to comfort her. She turns back and leaves.

She spends the rest of the afternoon cleaning and later, Hyun-jae runs in asking Jae-hee if she hasn’t heard from Eun-gyul left. Hyun-jae hopes that he hasn’t gone to do something stupid since he seemed pretty dejected ever since he didn’t make the national team.

That’s news to Jae-hee and Hyun-jae clucks in disappointment that he thought they were such good friends. How could he not pay enough attention to what’s going on with him? She asks for Eun-gyul’s home address.

Sure enough, that’s where he’s been spending his days and his mother asks if he’s not going to school today either. He asks why she keeps asking him that if she’s the one who’s sick. Mom laughs that it’s no big deal and her surgery date is set. Hmm.

Next thing we know he’s surprised to see Jae-hee outside his house. He takes her to a spot overlooking the city and muses, “Whenever I sit here and don’t think of anything, it really feels like I’m not thinking of anything. It calms me down too.”

Jae-hee asks after why Eun-gyul didn’t mention that he didn’t make the national team and apologizes for not paying attention to him enough. Is that why he hasn’t been at school or taking any calls?

He answers that he hasn’t shown up at school since Mom is sick and he lost his phone on his way here. When Jae-hee asks if her condition is serious, Eun-gyul admits that it’s an excuse because, “I ran away because there’s something I’m afraid of.”

He continues that it’s something he needed to think about outside of school and because he runs into it every day, he wondered if he was mistaken. But that wasn’t the case because those thoughts constantly nagged him here too.

He laughs when Jae-hee asks if it’s about soccer and Eun-gyul changes the subject. Jae-hee reminds him of when she mentioned that she came here because of Tae-joon. Now she wonders, “Maybe I shouldn’t have come.”

Eun-gyul’s heart goes thump thump again and he slowly slides closer to her. He lifts up a sympathetic arm of comfort and his hand is mere inches from her shoulder but he stops himself.

Tae-joon finds Hanna watching other rhythmic gymnasts (namely Son Yeon-jae) in her hospital room. She sends him out for another errand and then rifles through his pictures on his phone and stops at the one of Jae-hee playing basketball.

She forces a small smile when he comes back. She recalls when Tae-joon was firm that he wouldn’t jump in the qualifiers but all of a sudden he changed his mind. “Was that… because of Gu Jae-hee?” Tae-joon nods.

He remains silent when Hanna asks if he actually likes her. Hanna: “But what will you do if I don’t let you go?” He’s a boy not a toy honey.

She cries, “There’s nothing left for me anymore. If you leave too, I don’t know how I’m going to live.*” So she can’t, no won’t, let him go. Tae-joon takes all of this in silence.

Eun-gyul watches from the porch as Jae-hee happily plays with his puppy. But then she sits down, looking forlorn. He says out loud, “Jae-hee, I don’t think I can see you hurting anymore.”

He walks into the kitchen and gives Mom a side hug. He apologizes and when Mom says for what, he replies, “I may do something that shames you in the future.” And hilariously, Mom snaps if he got caused trouble (as in, getting a girl pregnant? Oh, Mom.) and then lists off all the other possibilities – his grades? Did he steal money?

Eun-gyul insists that it’s none of those but it’s too late – Dad has overheard the latter part of the conversation. He chases his son around with a golf club yelling, “I told you not to take anything that isn’t yours!” Haha.

Back in the hospital, Hanna says that there’s somewhere she wants to go outside of the hospital. Tae-joon wheels her into a darkened gynasium and Hanna muses that if she didn’t get injured, she would have competed today.

Tae-joon tries to boost her morale that she just needs to continue to do rehab but Hanna wonders if that’s really true. She offers to show him her routine and he tells her to take it easy.

So she takes off her shoes and then performs her heart out, pushing through her pain and hopping on her good leg. We flashback to when they were kids and promised each other that they would get gold medals in their respective sports.

She takes a step on her injured foot which sends her crashing to the floor in pain. Tae-joon immediately reacts and starts towards her but then stops himself, kneeling on the floor beside her.

Crying now, Hanna kisses the floor mat and says, “Thanks for everything. Now… goodbye.”

Tae-joon tucks Hanna into her hospital bed. He checks the time and then tells her that he should tell her the truth. But before he can, she sends him away – she wants to be alone now.

He insists that he’ll stay until her parents arrive but Hanna presses for him to go. She forces out, “I’m a little sick of you now.” She’s sick of chasing after someone who hates her and she liked the gold medalist Tae-joon. Aww no one believes you but if that’s what it takes to preserve your pride.

Her voice wavers, “But you’re not good at sports anymore and not charming either.” So she’s going to put her feelings to rest and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. She’s the type who gets sick of things easily and she’s been holding it in for a while.

She drills in the final nail in the coffin. “Hurry on and go. Because I don’t want to see your face right now.”

Eun-gyul and Jae-hee arrive back at school after a silent car ride. Before Jae-hee enters her room, Eun-gyul calls after her. He walks towards her with determination in his steps, “I have something to tell you.”

He warns her not to be too surprised and she asks what it is. Eun-gyul: “I know that you’re a guy…”

And we pan back to see Tae-joon walk in to see the two of them. Cut back to Eun-gyul who finishes, “Gu Jae-hee… I like you.”



Eun-gyul, bless your heart – loving a cardboard sheet is no easy task. But kudos for you to overlook it anyway.

Our second leads really took the cake this episode and I didn’t miss Jae-hee or Tae-joon in the slightest. They’ll continue to circle the “I know-you-don’t-know-I-know-but-I-want-to-tell-you-I-know *ring ring*” so we’re not going to be missing much for now. It’s really the writing here that makes our second leads so much richer and the acting that carries those emotions through.

Hanna has been a superficial character so far with splashes of  moments that made us wonder if she loved Oppa like any fan or like a little sister who won’t let her security blanket go. And this is the first episode where I found her not completely unlikeable. She may have started rhythmic gymnastics because of  Tae-joon but like Director Jang mentioned, there’s no doubt that despite appearances, Hanna works hard to become the best.  How much of that is about Tae-joon versus her own passion by now is debatable. It’s then cruel irony that she injures herself and her dreams are dashed by the same person who placed it there in the first place.

This episode was fantastic for Eun-gyul who up to now has been struggling with his heart about his feelings for Jae-hee. His identity crisis and inferiority complex are issues that every teenager faces and it’s got to kill when you feel like you’re second best. But for this episode, I loved that confidence in his feelings where he’s not afraid to admit it to both his rival and his crush when the time calls for it.

Because if I have to hear another “I have something to tell you” and I don’t get an answer, drama – I will put you in detention.


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. melmax888

    thanks so much….

  2. Jihwan

    Kim Ji Won. Lee Hyun Woo <3

  3. Laurentian

    I know you wanted it to be more than a simple I’m-attracted-to-you-because-you-are-secretly-a-girl explanation you mentioned in previous recaps, but I think it’s just that. Eungyul is not gay. And I don’t think he’s like a repressed gay either that just came to terms with his inner self or just a dude with homosexual tendencies. Jaehee to him is an incredibly effeminate boy with soft girlish features. Sulli in boys clothing made him *think* he was gay.

  4. ceire

    For me, this drama is all about Eun-gyul. Aww.

    (Thanks for the recap! Splendid job, as usual.)

    • 4.1 houstontwin

      Me too. I just love him!

    • 4.2 mrmz

      In real life I’d tell any girl to choose him over Tae joon any time!! I really like his new hair style!!! Plus he’s so chill, honest about himself, straightforward and once he was sure about his feelings, he lets the concerned people know about it.
      Like you he broke up with the girl because he didn’t like her. He tried his best not to hurt her, but he wouldn’t drag her around while having feelings for someone else. Yes I did like that Violin girl (Sorry forgot her name :P) more than Jae Hee, but it did say alot about him when he decided to not run in circle around her and be honest. He did the same in this episode too, telling Jae hee how he felt and warning Tae joon.

      • 4.2.1 Akiddo

        Eun-gyuk anytime! To him, man or woman, he likes Jae Hee all the same.

        Love that!

  5. lily

    gahhhh a sort of hearbreaking episode, poor eun gyul but hey, im here for you! lol XD

    seung ri is funny lol

  6. jomo

    Your first thoughts:
    Eun-gyul, bless your heart – loving a cardboard sheet is no easy task. But kudos for you to overlook it anyway.>/i>
    made me lol and shake my head in agreement. I guess we are to believe that all that wide eyed, empty looking “Whahhhhhht?” face is verrrrrry attractive to the boys.
    None of the three boys have listed which of traits were the most attractive.

    This really was LHW’s show. He has taken a funny fun and cute role and made EG so rich and vulnerable that my heart breaks for him. I hope he wins that newcomer award for this role. His acting was solid in every scene. Going from adorable to pensive in a flash, then to heartbroken, to amazingly silly. I love him.

    It is kinda cool that the reason JH doesn’t like him like him is NOT because he isn’t good enough for her/him, or even because she likes TJ more.
    It is simply that she never even considered any of the boys as possible love interests.
    In her defense, and I can’t believe I am defending her, even though her heart belongs to TJ, she has kept her promise to the doc not to act like a girl at all. Romance is NOT on her mind, just being really special to the boy she has loved from afar and who inspired her to work harder at happiness.
    We see she has moments where her resolve weakens, and those special feelings start, but she has worked hard to quash them.

    I am glad Hanna wizened and gave up, finally. It really must have been hard on her to not like TJ when he was nice to her all the time since they were little. He never said he liked her liked her, but she always hoped. She needs to get over him and start liking SG!!! (Sorry, Heads.)

    • 6.1 panshel

      But Hyun Woo is not a newcomer. He has been acting since he was 12.

    • 6.2 HeadsNo2

      I refuse to accept this apology!

      But, blerg. My patience with this show has gone the way of Tae-joon’s shorts; just shorter and shorter.

      • 6.2.1 mrmz

        I haven’t noticed that but love ur comparison lool

  7. Yushi

    It might be just me but the drama feels slow now. If it was shorter than 16 episodes it would be perfect, but I feel now they don’t have enough cute to last 16 episodes. Eungyul isn’t gay, his feelings are as straight as they come since Sulli gives off so many feminine feelings, so I’m pretty sure he isn’t gay.
    I hope the drama doesn’t slow down much more than needed..

  8. Jules

    For me, this was one of the strongest (and most enjoyable) episodes since… around episode 3, I think? (and it’s one that did not feature the two main leads. coincidence?)

    My heart broke for Hanna because, however bratty she may have been in the past, she in no way deserved to have her gymnastics career – which, as gummimochi pointed out, she worked very hard for – end before it had really begun. Poor girl. 🙁

    Eun-kyul’s bravery and strength made me want to stand up and cheer… but it had me biting my nails at the same time, because you just know he’s going to end up crying in a corner somewhere after Jae-hee stomps on his heart. Hm, maybe he and Hanna can comfort each other? 😉

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  9. ninji

    I’m SO glad they didn’t make Hanna’s character completely like Yoo Hee Yi in You’re Beautiful (even though she felt a lot like her in the beginning).

    • 9.1 Gabby

      But to be fair to the Yoo He Yi character, although she was annoying, the Hong sisters and UEE seemed to realize this and thus her brattiness was portrayed as something more amusing and harmless, whereas Hanna has just been shrill and unpleasant – I kind of chuckled at Yoo He Yi’s antics but with Hanna I just wanted her off the screen.

      However, as gummimochi said, I still felt sorry for her when her gymnastics career was cut short. I wish the writers had played up that side of her character, the one that had a passion that was increasingly distinguishable from her obsession with Tae-joon.

      It’s interesting, because you can also make parallels between Sulli’s Jae-hee and Park Shin-hye’s Go Mi-Nam, and just like the Hanna/He Yi situation, I found Go Mi-nam’s ditziness and naivete (while occasionally frustrating and eye-roll inducing) endearing for the most part. I was able to root for her in a way I’m not able to for Sulli – It’s not that I particularly dislike Jae-hee, it’s that I’m completely apathetic.

      • 9.1.1 Mic

        I actually find myself more able to deal with JH’s ditziness than MN’s. >.< Although I do find both annoying, tbh.

        • TT

          How so? I think GMN has a better reasons the be naive/ nice ( nun-to-be) and be a boy than Jaehe.
          Jaehee came from America, I ‘d expect she has to be a bit faster… Kids here know everything so early…
          Plus even I love Sulli but the writing doesn’t help her show case her acting skill… All I see in this ep is a depressing Jaehee…. with only 1 or 2 face expressions….

          • Jeannette

            Do you think she was in the hospital for depression/suicide attempt? That’s what I’ve thought all along. Maybe she seems depressed because she’s slowly becoming more depressed by her situation?

          • shelhass


            Pray the Gods it’s nothing related to suicide attempt. I really dislike this drama handling of some serious stuff like almost-rape, bullying, deceiving and etc, so if we have something like a suicide can you just imagine what they would do wit it?

          • TT

            @ Jeannette : nah I don’t think so. It’s not that big of the deal. She hasn’t even realized she is “in love”. She was just sad that it’s coming to the end and she needs to face it. It’s hard to speak the truth…. that’s all.
            Don’t over think, Dear!

      • 9.1.2 TT

        “you’re beautiful” is a lot better in acting and writing though…. It’s sad that the writer making Jaehee so 1D that it’s getting annoying

  10. 10 mercy

    thanx for the recap. EG’s heart went thump thump again, so cute 🙂

  11. 11 mimosa

    EG shall get the girl,with that kind of confession. But, drama, you’ll just going to break his heart. e

  12. 12 owl

    Sorry to have to say goodbye to Jung Hoon, pretty, pretty guy. But his exit was classy, as expected. He and Jae Hee would be SO good together, but alas – friends it is. I liked that Jung Hoon upped the playing field a couple of notches with the high school boys. It was a fun game while it lasted. The thing is, Jung Hoon, Eun Gyul and Tae Joon are all so “A you’re adorable”, not to metion being good guys as a bonus, that it doesn’t matter who is gets screen time, they all elicit heart palpatations that are a little stronger for a little longer. Ahhh.
    The drama cast listed him as making a guest appearance, so Jung Hoon’s departure was no surprise. Still, I have a big rave for his Korean doll face good looks. Yeah. Guess you can tell this was the highlight for me; somehow even Han Na couldn’t spoil things for me today. Even if no one could say what he or she wanted to say for the entire hour. Can’t wait for ep 12.

    • 12.1 houstontwin

      Honestly,Jung Hoon could do better with a more mature girlfriend.

  13. 13 TammieR

    Loved the episode, loved, loved, loved Eun Gyul. He needs to live in my pocket so that I can bring him out, set him on my desk and adore him all day long.

    Now down to business… Maybe I’ve missed it, but do we know the real reason that Tae Joon is so important to Miss Cardboard? In the first episode, I took it that she was in some kind of hospital/medical ward (in America) because there were people pushing IV poles in the background. Am I crazy? Is it that she was injured somehow and he gave her inspiration to overcome her injury? Has this been discussed and I am just WAY late to the party? Help please!

    • 13.1 shelhass

      Till now the only answer we have is that she had a hard time adapting to her new life in America (I still think she was bullied) and she found inspiration/support/strength in Tae-joon’s motto (“miracle is another word for working hard”).

      But as you’ve pointed out, there’s that scene and maybe just some illness waiting to surprise us next corner.

      I hope not, but I feel like there’s still more about Miss Cardboard being grateful to Tae-joon than just words.

    • 13.2 k-soup

      we are on the same boat.. (a little) the explanation of why Jae Hee went after him is so shallow. I am still looking forward to the REAL reason behind the “Miracle Thingy”

      It bugs me that it’s heading to the final episode but the drama seems so shallow like there are still a LOT of things to discuss or show.

      Let’s hope that they will solve that problem 🙂

  14. 14 zhill

    this drama is indeed about Eun-gyul. at first i watched this drama for the cute and the pretty, but i got more in what i expected it to be. Lee Hyun-woo always delivered solid acting in all the dramas he was in. he’s growing up so beautifully, from that adorable Iljimae sidekick (RoI), to now a certified noona-killer. he was great in EM … he’s gonna be one of kdramas finest actor in the very near future.

  15. 15 Yue

    It’s kinda hard to like To The Beautiful You in this episode. The almost was already killing me and then it was angstville in there. I feel bad for Eun-Gyeol and I have to agree that the second lead is written better than I expected it would. And I think credit is due to the actor as well because no matter how good is the script, if the actor is a wooden block, he or she would not be able to convey anything.

    And I don’t know, I don’t particularly hate Hana, but, I don’t particularly like her either. Her obsession with Tae-joon was probably the reason why I find it hard to like her. If I wanna run comparison, despite the fact that Jae-hee disguised herself and start to attend Tae-joon, her love and respect is far more admirable in comparison to Hana. She was there to support Tae-joon and instead of putting her feelings first (which had been obvious for the past few episodes), she had been putting Tae-joon’s first. So, no, I wasn’t at all sorry that Hana was injured. But, I do feel that it is such a waste to let someone dictate what you do in life. She did work hard to be where she was and no matter how she got started, she should have been proud of what she had. It’s probably her fatal flaw, she believed she needed Tae-joon and won’t be able to go on without him…

    And OMG! I love Eun-gyeol’s family. His mom and dad are extremely hilarious. Seriously dad, chasing your kid with a golf club? Is that a new thing these days? Boy, I remember when I was chased around with the broomstick… I guess that how rich people rolls ^^

  16. 16 panshel

    After five strong episodes, the story comes to a standstill. The only headway made in this episode is Eun Gyul’s admittance to Tae Joon (*flails*) and subsequent confession to Jae Hee. Conclusion: Hanna is boring. But more importantly, don’t tell me that Jae Hee flashback was the last time we’ll ever see Kim Woo Bin. >_<

    Thanks for recapping, gummimochi!

  17. 17 Jeannette

    Thanks for the recap! As soon as I saw this I yelped with joy!

    I actually liked this episode. EG grew a pair and told Jae-hee AND Tae-joon! WHAT? EG is such an awesome character. I don’t understand what all the discussion about him being gay in the show or not. He’s not. He fell in love with a person and just accepts it as it is. You love who you love.

    By the end of the episode I was really proud of Han-na. She finally gets it. She doesn’t like it, but she gets it. (quick aside, I saw Strong Heart the other day and I could have sworn that she confessed that she and Minho are dating IRL? Something about a blind date…I might have misunderstood but are they together? Not like I care *cough cough* but just curious! lol)

    Also, is it customary for patients to leave hospital whenever they want, with whomever they want? Or is it just customary in dramas? hehe.

    Finally, I learned a valuable lesson in this episode. If someone touches your boob, you get your period.

    • 17.1 shelhass

      Yeah I saw Strong Heart to, but they were saying that they’ve had a blind date way before the drama, but it didn’t work out.

      • 17.1.1 Jeannette

        I’m a bad noona, because I am happy to hear that, even though she seems really sweet! lol

  18. 18 shelhass

    Gummi, thaks for the recap.

    Well, TTBY is starting to lose his cool. This kind of Angstville bores me to death, but Hanna goodbye mat scene was well played.

    But as everyone said already this episode was all abut Eun-gyul. Lee Hyun Woo sure as hell needs a first lead role stat!

    ps: I laughed so hard at Seung-ri’s farting scene.

  19. 19 Mari

    Eun Gyul… The only reason I watched this episode.
    I’m so tired of Sulli. I know we have to suspend our disbelief, but she looks & acts soooo much like a girl.
    On the other hand I’m head over heels in love with Tae Joon, since he finally started acting like a human…

    • 19.1 TT

      but she is a girl and that what guys falls for her even in the manga ….
      It’s not Sulli’s fault that the character is not tomboy

  20. 20 Lemon

    Thanks for the recap! This episode wasnt so good. What this show does well is the cute, not the angst. For angst to be interesting, we have to believe in it and the acting has to be good. So far the only character who’s angst I totally sympathize with is Eun Gyul. Puppy. 🙂

    • 20.1 Lemon

      Oh, I didn’t watch the second half of the ep when I commented. Darn Internet was down!

      Anyway, Hanna’s performance to Taejoon was really heartbreaking. I actually kinda get why she sticks to Taejoon, since he’s probably her only friend, and they grew up in the same social circle with the same goals in mind.

      I guess now her only friend is her chauffeur.. LOL

  21. 21 AJ

    thanks for the recap~ ^^

    but aww..i’m actually anticipating this episode’s recap to have taemin’s solo of “U” as the song of the day..the song represents eun-gyul’s feeling very well. it is especially suit the mood in this episode..but nevertheless, i love “please don’t go” <3

    yup.the mood is a bit down in this episode.but of course u can't be all cutesy for all the time. there are times when u have to deal with emotions and issues.or else,,the drama won't end -.-

  22. 22 Stef

    So I’ve haven’t actually seen this drama yet and I’m not sure I want to. Why does there have to be so much angst?
    From the looks of it in the pictures and the recaps it feels like it would be somewhat painful to watch.

    The reason why I’m bummed is that I really loved the original Japanese drama. It wasn’t angsty or didn’t really tried to be super romantic. It was just light hearted with so many likeable characters and nonsensical competitions which were tons of fun.
    Still I shouldn’t be so biased, although I am for a good reason, since I still haven’t watched the Korean version.
    Anyway this little rant was just a rant…

    • 22.1 Stef

      Thanks for the recap by the way, I read them now and then.

  23. 23 Laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    This is the episode where I stopped wanting to stuff Hanna down the nearest chimney, so I’m glad. Looks like they might be gearing up for a Hanna-Seung-ri love line? (Noooo!) Laughed like hell at that farting scene. I knew there had to be a reason Seung Ri was in the hospital at the same time as Hanna. Does this mean Seung-ri isn’t purely Nanba– he’s got a touch of Noe in him as well? But I guess I gotta wait till the finale to see if I’m right.

    Despite her brattiness, I did feel sorry for Hanna. Her dreams are gone and she still has to deal with the fact that Tae-joon doesn’t love her the way she wishes. Plus, even with the way she behaves, he’s still there for her like a good oppa, he just keeps pulling out his cellphone from time to time to check from a message from Jae-hee. All that go-around with the cellphone just served to hit home to Hanna that even if he doesn’t openly say it, Tae-joon really does care for Jae-hee as a girl, not for her. So she decides to push him away, but since she’s bratty, she doesn’t go for the gracious route. Tae-joon understood anyway.

    Nakatsu’s confession! Well, he didn’t scream it out in public this time, but this way, Eun Gyul’s confession seemed waaay more mature than Nakatsu’s. Eun-gyul and the doc are the only ones even remotely following the manga at this point, but at least his mom didn’t come to get him from the dorm.

    Is it my imagination, or do the kids (esp. Sulli and Minho) look a little haggard in this episode? I hope they’re getting enough rest. 🙁

  24. 24 Linda

    Okay….. First of all thanks for recaping:)
    Ok here we go….
    I really really think that Jae Hee was miscast. While Hanna does come off as bratty and selfish she is a teenager after all. I’m not justifying it but let’s jus forget about it. She had the courage to actually LET GO of TJ. Who does that in a kdrama??!? It’s really heartbreaking to see that she won’t get back to how she was bc even if she started for TJ she seems to geneuinly enjoy the sport. It was tragic to see her perform and realization hitting that maybe she won’t be able to do the sport she has detonated and loved most of her life.
    For people to say she’s a brat I feel like Jae Hee is a brat on the DL. I mean she puts her foot down to say she doesn’t want to leave TJ and says she going to come to Korea to help him. I mean how is her relationship with hi more justified in everyone’s eyes than Hanna’s? Hanna’s known him all her life while Jae Hee has simply seen him on tv (correct me if I’m worng. IDK if they meet somewhere else) and decided it was her duty to go and make him jump again like wtf? If someone actually did that that would be wierd.
    All I have to say is that if maybe it was a different actress portraying Jae Hee I would have more sympathy for her, idk.

    Btw LHW is killing it

    • 24.1 TT

      well she came here to help Taejoon jump again and he DID. Can HaNa do it? or couldn’t have done it?
      She didn’t think she ‘d be in love with him n that’s why she try to stop her feeling all these time… She never wanted to fight with Hana for Jaejoon. I mean she thinks he think she is a guy. It’s not right what she did but if she hasn’t Taejoon ‘d never jumped again
      And I don’t think Jaehee need your sympathy but Hana needs it since she has been a annoying brat since the beginning…

    • 24.2 shelhass

      I really like Sulli as Jae-hee even though there’s a lot of people saying she was miscast. Why? Just cause she doesn’t look like a boy, not even a tomboy?!

      I sometimes think people were expecting her to be like Amber.

      • 24.2.1 Vecchio

        In my three years of reading javabeans, I found that some people are so much more critical of the actresses. Not surprising the more beautiful and young the actress is the more hate they seem to get. Sometimes it’s genuine but most of the time I chalk it up to jealously with a dash of female envy. If you tend to lurk in female dominated message boards half of your day, you pick up on a few things.

        Amber would have been terrible. She can pull of a alt lesbian look but not a day to day school girl. I think generally people like Sulli as Jae hee it’s just that the complainers are more vocal about it.

        • shelhass

          I guess you see my point. When I say Amber, I think like they were expecting a girl that looks like a boy. But if you press to much effort on it, it may look more than unreasonable even for fiction. Or you end up if lesbian vibes.
          But it was never implied that on the manga or even on other cross dressing dramas.
          Almost all those girls, Go Mi-nam, Jae-Hee, Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min-young) and the actress of Portrait of a Beauty doesn’t look like a boy.

          But people insist on this ‘has to look like a boy’. I think the real problem with Jae-hee mostly is related to the way she behaves. She’s a very girly boy.

  25. 25 k-soup

    GOSH, I was thinking the whole episode : YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL reborn??? there are a lot of parallelism.. bored to death but I expected the worst sokay then..

  26. 26 mary melaku

    i love eungyeol n hyunwoo.

  27. 27 Dara

    John, pls come BACK!

  28. 28 marie21

    thanks for the recap! I’ll try to watch it, though I’m more and more disappointed with this version! I knew that it wouldn’t beat the Japanese version with Oguri shun and Tomaaa (now here’s a great Nakatsu/ Eun Gyul, we can see how frustrating and puzzling it must be for him to have feelings for what he thinks he’s a boy, since he likes girls a lot in the beginning of the drama!!^^) but still I had hopes that it wouldn’t be too bad. And the first episodes were rather OK, even if the girl really looks like a girl and even if the actress seems to have a non expressive face at all! and I still like the lead (I’ve always liked Sano anyway) but now I’m just trying to concentrate when I watch this thing!!!I love the story of the manga so much, it’s so frustrating to see the female lead be so dumb and so “cardboard sheet” as you said and the silliness and loopholes in the script of this version!!!

    • 28.1 porcorosso

      At last some one agrees with me! the original hana kimi was simply amazingly put together. I loved the friendship between the classmates taht was portrayed there. And I personally think nobody can surpass toma in portraying nakatsu.

      On the other hand i would not say this drama is very badly done. And i love the fact that this episode was more abt the supporting roles rather than the leads who may as well be called ‘cardboard sheet’!

      This episode was an explosive one in the perspective of han na and eun gyul. I loved the way eun gyul confessed to jae hee more over i love the the fact that it doesnt matter jae hee is a guy, he is not emotional over that fact but rather he simply loves jae hee. the confession to me was a powerful moment.

      And han na was amazing. one thing i loved abt this show was hanna. abt how confident she is about her love no matter how many times she gets rejected. and she was really strong to let tae joon go despite the fact she has eventually lost all things that were dear to her.

      But i really wish the drama makers would follow the manga more other wise it just become another teenage drama. 🙁

      • 28.1.1 Startulle

        @porcorosso… U read my mind!!! I love Hana Kimi and the doctor and I love TTBY but hopefully it’s not like u say turn out to be another teenager silly drama! There are so many things to explore, rite?!

  29. 29 Elizabeth

    I’ve got to admit. Though I don’t like Hanna as a character but that scene when Tae Joon and her went to the gymnastics competition site and started doing her choreography, honestly, i was pretty moved…. =(

  30. 30 malta

    It’s ok Jae Hee. Go ahead and turn down Eun Gyul. I will swoop in right after you to console him! Mauahahaha! ;P

    I love Eun Gyul. He is so awesome.

    LHW has had such a great year in 2012.

    Jae Hee and Tae Joon have had some cute moments together, but I feel like when they get together it will be a cardboard cut out staring at a brick wall. They really need a spark between them. It just hasn’t happened yet despite all the awkwardness. I wish there was more emotion from Sulli and I wish Minho would really let Tae Joon’s cool facade go. They would both be more engaging that way.

  31. 31 jnx

    Thanks so much for the preview…^^

  32. 32 Lilian

    Hmm. That is probably the problem with a lot of dramas….it takes too long to reach the main conflict . In this case as the girl in question is So iblur she never realises Eun Gyul is in love with her. Glad that it us now no longer a secret!

  33. 33 amu

    seriously!i loooooooooooooooooooove hyunwoo and sulli!you’re the best couple!(in the beautiful you)I don’t know but i really dont have any feelings for minho…………………

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