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To the Beautiful You: Episode 13
by | September 29, 2012 | 54 Comments

Yay! We finally get some rich character development in this series. Better late than never, right? You’d be dead wrong if you think that you’ll find progress in either of our leads. No, no – this episode is full of epic win for Hyun-jae who learns that some things in life like friendship, love, and forgiveness are far better and more satisfying than winning.


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Jae-hee stares blankly at Tae-joon’s big “Stay with me” confession until the door slides open, interrupting them. Eun-gyul clucks at Jae-hee for not answering him and returns her phone. Tae-joon shoves himself out of there, leaving Eun-gyul to silently glance at Jae-hee to check if she’s okay.

The two arrive back at school the following evening and Tae-joon ushers Jae-hee to clean up first, adding that they’ll chat about “a secret” afterwards. Jae-hee wonders to herself, “Did he catch on that I’m a girl?”

On the other side of the door, Tae-joon resolves, “I’m not going to hide my feelings anymore.” By… not telling her how you feel or that you know she’s a girl? Let me know how that works out for you.

Doc can’t shake off his suspicion after he sees Tae-joon voluntarily carry Jae-hee’s bags in so he sends Jae-hee a text to be more careful because “not everyone is an idiot like you.” Man after my own heart.

Only, he mistakenly sent it to Tae-joon instead. Doc panics.

He meets up with Tae-joon and tries to play dumb, explaining away his mistake. Then his jaw drops when Tae-joon asks if Doc already knew that Jae-hee’s a girl.

Tae-joon has suspected for some time but knew for sure when he overhead Daniel. But then he’s silent at Doc’s next question of why he kept it a secret if he’d known for so long. Doc’s eyes grow wide in realization, “You really think of her… as a girl, don’t you?”

Tae-joon admits it and says that he’s going to come clean because there’s no reason to hide how he feels any longer. Doc questions this line of logic, wondering if that’s best for everyone. If Jae-hee becomes aware that Tae-joon knows, won’t she feel like she has to leave?

Tae-joon glosses over his earlier mention to chat when he returns to the dorm. Surprisingly, Jae-hee asks what Tae-joon meant last night in regards to Eun-gyul. He replies that he meant just that – for Jae-hee not to think of other people when she’s talking to him.

Then what about America? It’d be annoying to get another roommate. Jae-hee takes it all at face value and starts to walk away, disheartened, when Tae-joon stops her by the arm. He says, “Don’t think of anything else and stay by my side.” Wait – that doesn’t answer anything!

He repeats himself with added weight to his words when she nods along. So Jae-hee assures him that she’ll stick to him like a piece of gum which gets him to smile.

Morning. Now Tae-joon smiles warmly at Jae-hee’s notes and even leaves one for her, thanking her for the drink and telling her she drools when she sleeps.

He’s even in prime condition at practice, and gets caught smiling at Jae-hee who watches from the door. The same can’t be said for Hyun-jae, who fails to make it, and it’s an extra hit to his pride when Coach asks Tae-joon to show him how it’s done.

Coach Baek comments that it’s good that Hyun-jae is aggressive but there needs to be a push and pull – he can’t just charge forward of his own volition. He sternly reminds Hyun-jae that Nationals are just around the corner and that Olympic qualifications are on the line.

In the locker room, Hyun-jae ponders over the endorser’s business card, contemplating what to do.

Jong-min entertains a small crowd with his tarot cards and reads a much enthused Eun-gyul’s fortune. As expected, he scowls at the last card, Love: “Do you like someone?” Eun-gyul: “No comment.”

He’s even less inclined to read Jae-hee’s fortune but does so at Eun-gyul’s request. She picks the Death card and Jong-min reels in horror – she has a darkened aura and had better be careful.

Afterward, Eun-gyul tells Jae-hee not to worry about it – who would trust Jong-min to read someone else’s future? She tells him it would be nice if his fortune about making a goal in his debut national team match came true.

Eun-gyul shakes his head – he’s going to rely on his skills, not some silly fortune. They take a turn on his souped-up scooter and Eun-gyul shows Jae-hee a preview of his goal ceremony and bends over like a soccer ball. Aw, is that a ‘Gu’ for Gu Jae-hee?

Later that day, Jae-hee comes out of class and notices Hyun-jae hanging out by the railing, who fidgets nervously. She doesn’t think much of it and spots Tae-joon in the distance. She calls out his name and he stops, just as a rogue flowerpot crashes to the ground, missing him by mere inches.

As they eat lunch, Jae-hee wonders if Hyun-jae harbors any animosity towards Tae-joon but he dismisses that notion. No one got hurt and it was just coincidence – no big. I’m so glad you cherish your safety that much, Tae-joon.

But the Death card plagues Jae-hee’s thoughts and she warns him to be careful anyway.

We jump to the hospital where Hanna is conducting an interview. She chirps that she’ll be going into rehab, to which the reporter comments that Tae-joon must be a great source of support.

Director Jang snaps at this violation of privacy but Hanna breezes that they broke up, confusing everyone. She hilariously shrugs that Tae-joon was too boring so she was the one who dumped him.

Who can stay away from this juicy headline? The reporter asks for permission to run the story and both Director Jang and Hanna answer, “Yes!” “No!”

Her cheery attitude is a different story once she’s alone, and Hanna lets out a deep sigh. She tosses Jae-hee’s note aside and stares at her injured leg.

Right after Tae-joon heads inside the dorm, Hyun-jae sneaks up to his bike, intending to cut a wire. Oh no, Hyun-jae – don’t do it! He gets caught by Jae-hee mid-cut and runs back to his room, breathing hard.

Only there he’s further spooked by Eun-gyul who hands him a gift – wasn’t it his birthday some time ago? Aww that’s sweet. Hyun-jae thinks so too… until he pulls out his birthday gift: BB cream. HA.

I’m afraid he’s going to pulverize his roommate but Eun-gyul aegyo singsongs, “Why were you born?” It gets him to crack a smile but not even the gag gift is enough to lift his spirits.

Jae-hee tries her best to deter Tae-joon from riding his bike in the morning and resorts to taking his bike and riding off on it to prevent him from getting hurt. Now you’ve voluntarily and knowingly endangered yourself.

And you’re worried that you’re making Tae-joon late to practice? She figures there’s nothing wrong because she luckily rode 100 ft without injury and then gets back on the bike. You… I… *headdesk*

Are you really that surprised the cord finally snaps? Jae-hee panics and screams bloody murder. Eun-gyul hears her desperate cries and catches up to her on his scooter. He skids in front of her and pulls Jae-hee off of the rogue bike seconds before it crashes.

Jae-hee thanks Eun-gyul for literally saving her life and she comes out of the entire incident without a scratch. Eun-gyul insists that he’s fine too but he sports a bloody ankle and then hops on his good leg towards his scooter.

Bad news bears. Eun-gyul’s injury will keep him from playing in his debut game next week. Eun-gyul remains optimistic about the situation and Jae-hee asks why he put himself at risk to save her. I’d like to ask you that very same question, Jae-hee.

Eun-gyul chirps that it’s a given in his head, just like how water floats above oil, he’ll be protecting her. (He mixes it up but it’s still adorable.) He sends her off with a huge smile like always and then finally succumbs to the extent of his pain once she’s gone.

Gah, it kills me that even though he’s clearly in pain, he keeps telling himself that it’s a relief that Jae-hee isn’t hurt.

Jae-hee finally confronts Hyun-jae and scolds him about the consequences for his sneaky behavior, “It’s your fault Eun-gyul got hurt!” Well no one told you to ride the defective bike either, hon.

Hyun-jae grabs her by the collar, calling her accusations utter nonsense. Jae-hee retorts that she hopes that it’s unfounded or else she’ll look into it.

Eun-gyul whirls Hyun-jae around and asks what Jae-hee means by her accusation. Was he responsible for messing with the bike? Hyun-jae is rendered speechless.

The boys relocate and Eun-gyul rips into him that Jae-hee – er, someone could have seriously gotten hurt. He demands Hyun-jae for an answer or even an excuse, but all Hyun-jae can mumble is a genuine, “Sorry.”

Eun-gyul voices his disappointment and shoves him out of the way. By the by, can we get this boy some crutches?

Tae-joon burst into the classroom after he belatedly hears the news about the bike. He worriedly asks if Jae-hee’s okay and frowns at the news of Eun-gyul’s injury. He asks what happened to his bike and why Jae-hee ran off with it but she remains silent.

Seung-ri scours the hospital for Hanna and finds her on the rooftop staring blankly into space. He’s seen the headlines and sympathizes with her about her injury. In fact, after he was in a serious car accident three years ago, he was told that he wouldn’t be able to recover. But he proved the doctors wrong and won the 1500m national title.

He turns around to show Hanna his scar and she shrills, “Why are you sticking your butt at me!” He shouts back, “It’s not on my butt!” HA.

Seung-ri suggests that they become friends and promises to make her laugh whenever they meet. Aww. She declines but then adds that hospital life is boring so he can entertain her like a cheap magazine.

Seung-ri beams. Have some pride, good man!

News about Hanna and Tae-joon’s split breaks and Jong-min makes a dig at Tae-joon for getting dumped. Jae-hee tries to come to his defense but Jong-min’s like, Headlines don’t lie… Tae-joon’s Grandpa Style! and then breaks into the horse dance. Can’t escape the power of Psy.

Coach Baek enters to whip them back into order and finds Hyun-jae’s absence from class strange. And Tae-joon finally starts putting the pieces together that Hyun-jae might be the culprit behind the strange attacks.

Dad drops by the school and is introduced to Jae-hee through Coach Baek. Dad confides in her that he has no idea what Tae-joon is thinking since he keeps Dad in the dark.

Jae-hee asks if he doesn’t believe in Tae-joon enough but Dad answers that there’s no parent who doesn’t believe in their child. Dad shares that it was him, not Tae-joon who made the mistake because, “…he still thinks his mother’s death is because of me.”

Dad sadly notes, “He’s not wrong about it either…”

Seriously, can we get this guy some crutches? He hobbles along campus, thinking over how he was scolded by his coach for squandering this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and how apologetic Hyun-jae was.

He spots a young girl looking for Tae-joon in front of the school. He assumes she’s Tae-joon’s little sister and when he doesn’t pick up, he tries to send “little Tae-joon” away. She snaps, “I don’t wanna!” HA – this one be feisty.

He decides to cart her into the room and the girl pops up out of the bag, “I thought I was gonna die in there!”

Jae-hee is ecstatic to meet Tae-joon’s little sister, at which point the pint-sized squirt pipes that’s she’s not. She clarifies, “Tae-joon oppa’s my lover and my brother’s name is…” They’re interrupted by Coach Baek who’s looking for his high jumpers, both of whom are nowhere to be found.

Once he’s gone, she pops out of her hiding place again and tells them who her older brother is: Hyun-jae.

Speaking of whom, he’s in the gymnasium, looking over a withdrawal form that states his reason for quitting the track and field team as “personal reasons.”

Coach Baek finds Tae-joon in the locker room and asks if he’s heard any news on Hyun-jae. Though Hyun-jae’s numbers keep falling, Coach Baek is relieved that Tae-joon is improving. He mentions that Dad came to visit and seemed especially worried about his son. Tae-joon’s smile disappears and he excuses himself.

Hyun-jae returns to his room and his sister, Hyun-ji, jabbers on about how Oppa never comes home and how he’s best buds with Tae-joon. Both Jae-hee and Eun-gyul swoop in, confirming that the two are BFFLs and Hyun-ji lights up at the mention of getting her idol’s autograph.

When Hyun-jae drops off his sister at home with some snacks, she frown that Oppa’s leaving without staying longer. She mumbles, “You always do that.”

She asks when Hyun-jae will win a gold medal, reminding him that he promised that when he does, they can finally be together as a family. He tells her to wait just a little bit longer.

Hyun-ji assures her brother that she’ll be fine on her own – she’ll keep the TV on until Mom returns from work. They do the cutest little handshake before he leaves.

Back at the dorm, it’s Hyun-jae who breaks the silence by thanking him for taking care of his sister. He won’t ask to be forgiven for what he did to sabotage Tae-joon. As for why he did it in the first place, Hyun-jae admits, “Because I had a reason to win. Because I only thought about winning.”

“I believed that there was nothing in the world you couldn’t do as long as you worked hard. It felt euphoric to jump over a wall you thought you couldn’t jump over. So I don’t know if that’s why I chose high jumping. Because it’s like you’re jumping over yourself. But after watching Tae-joon, I realized for the first time that that didn’t work. All my hard work pales in comparison to his natural talent. Kang Tae-joon was a wall I couldn’t jump over.”

Hyun-jae holds back his tears, ashamed, and Eun-gyul tells him that there’s no such thing as fruitless effort. He doesn’t know if Hyun-jae will be able to beat Tae-joon but his hard work is bound to pay off. “As much as you try, I mean.”

Hyun-jae pulls himself together and owns up to his behavior – he’ll take responsibility for it. Eun-gyul struggles to get up and puts a hand on Hyun-jae’s shoulder. Of course he’ll take responsibility for it… because he’s going to be Eun-gyul’s slave until he gets better. HA.

Omg, Hyun-jae looks like he’s going to cry but yay for bromance!

Jae-hee drops by the gym while Tae-joon practices his jumps and comments that everyone seems to be working so hard except for her.

She grows uncomfortable as Tae-joon asks if it was Hyun-jae behind the bike incident and if she rode off on it so he wouldn’t get hurt.

She walks away, placing a hand on the bar when Tae-joon suddenly pulls her into a backhug. He thanks her but adds, “But don’t do that again. You getting hurt because of me… I’d hate that even more.”

Jae-hee stands there, frozen, and Tae-joon plays off the moment, asking if it’s the first time she’s ever been hugged by someone. They leave the gym together as Jae-hee jabbers on about how cute Hyun-ji is.

Hyun-jae meets with Tae-joon later and admits fault to his misdeeds. He stutters that he knows that he should quit the track and field team but he can’t bring himself to do it. But if Tae-joon says that he should, then he’ll quit.

Tae-joon simply asks if something happened and Hyun-jae scoffs in response. Surely Tae-joon must have heard about what he did. But Tae-joon plays dumb which surprises Hyun-jae.

There’s not a lot of time left until Nationals and it was Hyun-jae who said that one shouldn’t be so lax before a competition. Tae-joon is training because he doesn’t want hear people say that he didn’t work hard enough.

Tae-joon ignores a call from Dad (How much do I love that Darth Vader pops up?) and at Jae-hee’s question of why he doesn’t visit home often, Tae-joon answers that he finds it bothersome. Jae-hee mutters that his father probably waits for him to visit.

That pings on Tae-joon’s radar and he asks if Jae-hee met up with Dad. He takes her stammered response as a yes and grows increasingly annoyed as she says that he should make amends with Dad.

Jae-hee keeps going, saying that there’s a big misunderstanding surrounding his mother’s death but Tae-joon has heard enough, “If you don’t stop… I’m leaving.”

Tae-joon sits outside with Sangchu who lends a sympathetic paw. He thinks aloud, “I know too… that’s it’s not Jae-hee’s fault.”

We flashback to when Mom was alive – it was her birthday and Dad sent some flowers as an apology for his absence. Then Tae-joon came back from school one day to find Mom collapsed at home and Dad came back later that night, smashed.

Another flashback teaches us that Mom had a cold that Dad disregarded. Then after the funeral, Tae-joon asked why Dad lied about how sick Mom was and Dad gave a blunt apology.

Fighting tears, Tae-joon told him that if only Dad took her to the hospital sooner, if only she got surgery, if only Dad had a care about Mom… Tae-joon: “You’re the one who killed Mom.”

Tae-joon’s phone rings again and this time, Jae-hee picks up. She runs outside looking for him and the music swells, signaling to us that this will be Something Serious.

She’s out of breath when she runs into Tae-joon and delivers the news, “Your father… just collapsed.”

Tae-joon stares back in shock.


Because it wouldn’t be a kdrama unless someone collapsed and went to the hospital. I understand that the drama’s intention was for us to feel the oomph so that we the audience might think, “Oh no! What if Tae-joon loses both of his parents?” But don’t you worry. Drama won’t get rid of Dad just yet.

I know that we threw logic out the window halfway through the series but for this episode, we really have to bring it back. Ultimately it was Hyun-jae’s fault for trying to sabotage Tae-joon and it was a constant struggle and the consequences of his actions continued to eat at him. This is what sets him apart from some of our other characters because hey, no one got hurt from a falling flowerpot, right? No big. Sigh.

What annoyed me, however, was Jae-hee’s confrontation that it was Hyun-jae’s fault that eventually Eun-gyul got hurt. Jae-hee, your line of logic is: (1) See Hyun-jae cut wire of Tae-joon’s bike. (2) Stop Tae-joon from riding on said bike. (3) Let’s ride off on bike to show that everything’s okay! (4) Oh that faulty wire must have been a figment of my imagination. (5) Oh no! No brakes! (6) Eun-gyul’s hurt = Hyun-jae’s fault.

This could have been easily avoided if you: (1) Not got on the bike. (2) Not got on the bike. (3) Not got on the bike. (4) Just rolled the bike away from Tae-joon. (5) Not got on the bike. (6) Not got on the bike. Get the picture?

So you knowingly endangered yourself by a poor lack of judgment and then blamed Hyun-jae so that he would have a stack of crimes against him. And then you turned his roommate against him to buoy your stupidity. Girl, consider yourself lucky that those boys made up that quickly.

What I love about Hyun-jae is that he feels so much more complex compared to our other characters. He has a motivation (his poor family) and is tempted by money and fame to achieve success. I will point out that I found it particularly unfair to Hyun-jae that his epic speech about hard work is overshadowed that effort can never jump higher (hur) than natural talent. And then he gets made out to be the bad guy because of it. WUT.

At the same time, it was a nice turnaround for Tae-joon to tell Hyun-jae that he’s working hard despite his natural affinity for high jumping because he understands that success also means hard work. It’s easy to twist those words to mean something selfish, but I’m more inclined to believe that Tae-joon doesn’t mean it in a malicious tone.

Oh and Tae-joon, you can NOT say that you’re going to be true to your feelings, then say you won’t admit them, and then do this. It’s just not fair.


54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cattleyae

    Thanks for the recap! 😀

    While I’m enjoying the improvement of the drama, WHO’S MISSING EUN-GYUL’S SELCA TIME? 😀

  2. Melmax

    Hyun Jae love!!! Yes, he turned around, and his little sister (Siwon’s daughter in Oh! My lady… this kid can act!!! All grown up!!).

    Really liked this episode, quite heartwarming… Thanks for the recap…

  3. Gom

    I just want Tae Joon to tell Jae Hee that he knows she’s a girl. THAT IS ALL.

    I also find the secondary characters more compelling at this point.

    Oh, and Tae Joon, FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE TELL HER ALREADY. I beg you.

    • 3.1 Miss D

      Gom, I agree. I REALLY agree.

      I swear, ever since episode 10 I’ve been yelling at the screen and urging Tae-Joon to JUST TELL HER! But, alas, would it be a kdrama if all that angst and secrecy wasn’t there?

      But I guess that if he told her then Jae-hee would, I don’t know, turn ackward and decide to move out? Jump out the window? As demonstrated by her other spur of the moment reactions (HAHAHA gummimochi, thank you so much for basically laying out why getting on the bike was such a dumb idea), she might do something drastic. She really doesn’t seem to always make the best decision, but I guess the point the drama is trying to get across she is led by her heart….and definitely not by reason.

      • 3.1.1 Estrella marina

        The drama was so awesome.i really liked it n I am a big fan of korean dramas.love u all.

  4. zhill

    Thanks for the recap.

    The annoying Hana now replaced by Jae Hee, aargh! at least Hyun Jae realized his mistakes sooner than later … him and Tae Joon can now have a friendly competition. Eun-gyul is such an eye candy … oh boy I just can’t stop staring at his beautiful face. it’s like watching Jo In Sung and Daniel Henny … sooo yummy lol!

  5. UJ

    Let me be a fangirl here first!

    i really want to watch this drama..but man i dont get time from the others T_T

  6. Jeannette

    I had SO MANY ISSUES with this episode. First of all, you can’t be all determined to confess and then let some school nurse talk you out of it. You obviously must not want to confess that badly. Secondly, in that fancy-rich school no one has any crutches lying around? Don’t use your leg much but you still have to walk on it? ARGH!

    Also the bike thing. Why couldn’t she just looked at the wire, pulled it to show it’s damaged and then they decide to walk and have the bike fixed? Oh, right, because it’s a drama. *rolls eyes* I would never make it in Korea because I have no problems explaining myself and communicating unlike every single person in any drama ever. And why would the wheel fall off when the wire broke? And why didn’t she just swerve into the grass to slow down and then fall gently there? tsk tsk.

    I’m glad they forgave Hyun-jae. It was a SERIOUS lack of judgement but I dunno. I’m partial to him and he’s so adorable that I couldn’t bear to see him seriously punished.

    Also, Hyun-Jae is so cute with his sister. I loved that EG and JH didn’t ask questions and just let her believe that he was best friends with TJ. It was really kind of them. But how embarrassing for HJ! LOL Awww!

    Even with all my complaints, the backhug kinda made up for it. And Minho. And Sulli being so cute. I’m pathetic.

    • 6.1 PT

      Hello there. Just want to give some of my opinions on your issues, haha.

      I guessed the reason why Jae Hee didn’t want to pull the wire off to show it’s broken is because that way Tae Joon would suspect Hyun Jae did it since Jae Hee mentioned that earlier (the flower pot incident).

      And the reason why the wheel fell off is because of the high speed the bike was travelling, so when it crashed, the great impact would then cause the bike to fall apart (and thus the wheel fell off).

      Therefore I don’t think going into the grass would help slow down the bike since the bike was already travelling at such high speed.

      Hope you don’t feel as furious now over this episode! The characters in this show are really cute 🙂

  7. Q

    How did Hyun Jae get in to such a prestigious school if he has no money 🙁 his sister was adorable though.

    Jaehee is really piling on the retard. Just. Sigh. And I wish they gave Eungyul more breathing room to be sad about the injury. Such a big loss for him and he’s just like … Oh well. Wat.

    • 7.1 dodi18

      the same question i ask myself their school is so fancy and prestigious that i don’t even dream of entering it so i was shocked when i found out he was poor but maybe he got in with a sports scholarship it’s possible but they should have pointed it out 🙂

    • 7.2 aaron

      Based on what the little sister says when he drops her off about winning the gold to bring the family back together. It hints that his parents are divorced or separated and we do not know his father’s financial situation. Also schools can give out things called scholarships. but then again maybe the righter wanted the viewer to have more pity on him. Just guesses though.

  8. ck1Oz

    Haha.Your logic I swear was in one of the books in Uni on critical analysis.Analyzing Jae Hee is a worthless exercise in my brain cells.Even a lightbulb is not as dim as her.Did they have to write her as stupid as this? What a waste of potential emotional angst.
    Yeah Taejoon was quite clearly behaving like a boy falling for a girl.The academic standard in this school must be low.The kids are out all the time and there ain’t never any exams.

  9. Rong

    After watching two cleverly written shows (QIHM and AM1997), I really find it annoying to see the development of this show. Jaehee’s carelessness and (un)awareness. Jaehee ya— please be more alert ok? Taejoon, please quickly tell her that you know she is a girl. Poor Eun-gyul too.
    Haha… But Despite of all these, I am still watching it as I hope all turn well.

  10. 10 wanderlust

    Ep 13: The episode when everyone fell in love with Hyun Jae.
    Watching him explain to Eun Gyul while sniffling was so sad. And Ah kang from The Princess’s Man as his sister, CUTEST. I’m a super for good oppa’s :’)

    Jae Hee’s dim but she is still sincere in her actions and I really think she wanted to give Hyun Jae the benefit of the doubt with the pot and the bike hence why she didn’t tell Tae Joon and so when she made it 100ft without ny incident, she was happy to be proven wrong and kept going. But again, like Eungyul said, he got hurt but TaeJoon or anyone else who rode it would’ve been hurt due to Hyun Jae cutting it so I don’t think Jae Hee’s wrong or off the mark for blaming Hyun Jae.

    I’m glad we got confirmation that Taejoon suspected even before he found out for sure she was a girl. Still loving them both! God Minho, that boy- can’t get enough of him

    Oh and I know a HeadsNo2 who had disowned Hanna for calling Seungri a “cheap magazine” LOL

    • 10.1 Laya

      Lulz one of my friends refuses to acknowledge that Hanna even exists in this drama. 😀

    • 10.2 pigtookie

      i fell in love with hyun jae since the beginning 🙂 but this was the episode where his backstory was really drawn out. that’s what the drama/writer is good at, the characterizations, if it did it more consistently and was smarter about it unlike our female lead.
      (seungri’s manga character had a good story, and the doctor as well. a comparison isn’t necessary, but am1997, what’s up, etc. are examples of a cast full of interesting personalities which was the heart of the story for me.)

  11. 11 Yuhotarubi

    ”’ This could have been easily avoided if you: (1) Not got on the bike. (2) Not got on the bike. (3) Not got on the bike. (4) Just rolled the bike away from Tae-joon. (5) Not got on the bike. (6) Not got on the bike. Get the picture?””

    I laughed A LOT when I read this, you’re hilarious gummimochi

    thank you so much for the amazing recap

  12. 12 Yue

    I am dying with this drama. I feel like pulling my hair more than I should. I mean, I already knows how it ends if they are sticking to the Manga-line. But, it’s still frustrating. Seriously Tae-joon, stop annoying the life out of me and just admit you like Jae-hee publicly! Or something…

  13. 13 mrshobbes

    I’m just getting increasingly frustrated with how Jae-Hee is being written. GAH. I really believe Sulli is competent, there have been many moments I’ve kind of forgotten she’s a girl, but even a competent actress can’t make up for such a flatly-written character. :/

    Thanks for the recap, gummi! 🙂

  14. 14 zoey

    thanks again gummi for the recap 🙂 i was frustrated at first when TJ still hasn’t confessed to JH what he knows about her (and also, how much he likes her). then this morning, I rewatched the 2007 hana kimi version. sano didn’t tell mizuki he knows her secret (and confessed his feelings) up until the last episode 😀 oh well, I guess this version is going to that route as well… although, the japanese version only has 12 episodes while this one has 16… guess the secret is going to be kept much longer 😛 overall, I still love this episode… (and also episode 14) even if there are obvious flaws in the storyline. I just love how this series is giving us OTP cuteness overload that is quite lacking from the 2007 version. looking forward to your episode 14 recap! 🙂

  15. 15 Bahar

    Tanxxxxxxx alot 🙂

  16. 16 Laya

    This was Hyun-jae’s episode hands down. 😀

    Jae-hee, girl, you be dim. *headdesks*

    Anyone else noticed that Tae-joon got a flashback of Jae-hee’s bike accident even though he wasn’t at the scene? Um, director, editor, writer… wth.

    • 16.1 Laya

      And of course I forgot again… thanks for the recap!!

  17. 17 HeadsNo2

    “But after watching Tae-joon, I realized for the first time that that didn’t work. All my hard work pales in comparison to his natural talent. Kang Tae-joon was a wall I couldn’t jump over.”

    This speech made me want to ragequit. What a depressing thing for Hyun-jae to realize.

    • 17.1 panshel

      But Tae Joon is all about hard work. After all, his motto scrawled on billboards is “A miracle is another name for hard work.” While his speech was touching, it seemed like Hyun Jae was implying that Tae Joon relied solely on his talent for getting him this far and didn’t put forth any effort.

      • 17.1.1 gummimochi

        You’re right that Tae-joon does work hard – that combination of hard work and talent is what got him to where he is. And it’s sad that Hyun-jae puts it the way he does and understandable that it definitely looks like solely talent in his eyes.

        It’s the lesson that this drama is trying to instill that, “No matter how hard you work, you will STILL not be good enough when it comes to natural talent” that really irks me. This is not the first nor will it be the last drama that teaches this lesson. =__=

  18. 18 la dee dah

    Hm, I must be in the minority, because I do not feel the love for Hyun Jae in this episode like everyone else does. Yes, he has a sob story, he realizes he will never be like Taejoon even with all the hard work. BUT, he INTENDED to hurt Tae joon. He could have killed him, seriously. He may feel regret for his actions, but he still DID the things he did, not once, but twice! And with the bike, he could have tried to stop it, do something to prevent anyone from riding it (he had hours and hours to do that), but he didn’t. That’s why I thought the pretty much immediate forgiving of him by everyone was too much, like letting him off the hook for what he did. And he didn’t even come forward to admit it, Jae hee had to go and confront him, so he would have kept quiet about it. Some may say “at least someone didn’t get seriously hurt”. But that is ONLY because of circumstances that are not his doing. Again, he intended to hurt Tae joon to help himself. It’s like in real life, where someone is so poor and hungry, and he goes and robs some innocent person and hurts him. He had a pitiful situation, but I certainly don’t love the person for doing that to the other person because he went ahead and did it.

    To be clear, I don’t hate Hyun Jae, he is a pitiful person that regrets what he did. He should be forgiven because he has regret, but not right away – makes it seem like his actions were just nothing.

    Other than that, Jae hee… really, your only option was to ride the bike of doom away yourself?? sigh…

    • 18.1 panshel

      Hyun Jae pulled a Tonya Harding on Tae Joon, so I agree that Hyun Jae was forgiven way too easily by the victim and potential victims. But Hyun Jae’s character was never written to be a villain from the outset and is a friend and dorm mate of our main cast. Plus in k-dramaland, even murderers get redemption in the last episode.

      Not only did he have hours and hours to prevent someone from riding the tampered bike, but he was RIGHT THERE as Jae Hee rode off. He should’ve fessed up at that point if he were really feeling guilty, but what did he do? “Drats, I just missed her!” Le sigh. He could’ve outrun her leisurely ride to take the bike away from her. If he didn’t want to be found out, he could’ve even done it without Tae Joon noticing.

  19. 19 Dara

    I didn’t have anything against Sulli’s acting until this episode, her acting felt so weak like she’s confused or gave up, may be lots criticize her acting on the net that she felt lost how to act? Poor girl, fighting! Just two more eps!

    • 19.1 Startulle

      Yup… I feel sorry for her since she looks so exhausted and lacking of sleep she can’t express any feelings anymore..

  20. 20 Mika~

    I know Jaehee’s supposed to be endearingly innocent… but that “endearing innocence” has completely crossed over into the realm of stupidity. I mean, riding the bike away from Taejoon was idiotic enough, but the fact that she stopped, had the chance to check whether the bike’s wire was broken or not, and STILL continued riding? I almost wish Eungyul hadn’t saved her. (But because I’m half-heartedly supporting her as the protagonist, I’m glad he did save her. Kind of.)

    I will also say, I absolutely love Hyunji! SO FRIGGIN’ ADORABLE. Although I kind of wished she’d look up more to Hyunjae than she would to Taejoon, because it’s kind of sad that Hyunjae’s kid sister admires his rival so much… maybe even more than she admires him.

    And also, I’m REALLY confused about what’s going on with Taejoon’s mom. Why was he so shocked when he found out that his mother died of some long-term disease? (That’s what he’s blaming his dad for, right? For neglecting her when she showed symptoms of the disease, which ultimately led to her death?) I mean, wasn’t there a scene in an earlier episode in which he was taking care of his mother at the hospital, and he was already aware that his mother was really sick (the same scene in which she gifted him the necklace)?

    • 20.1 Naz

      Sometimes when people are sick for a long time you get used to it. It may sound stupid but its easy to get used to seeing someone sick day after day after day. When that cycle comes to an end it can be quite shocking even if you saw it coming.

    • 20.2 panshel

      I got “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” vibes with Hyun Ji, comparing Hyun Soo’s kid sister’s adoration of Ji Hyuk over him.

      I’m confused about the mom thing, too. Tae Joon blames his dad for not taking his mom to the hospital sooner to diagnose her disease. But they were just at the hospital after Tae Joon found her unconscious; why didn’t he insist she get a checkup then?

  21. 21 shelhass

    Like the recap, as always.

    Let’s all agree that maybe, just maybe, Tae-joon is a bit bipolar, right?!

  22. 22 A-M

    Jae Hee… is…. uhm… well…

    So she is really dumb, but at the same time they gave her this intuition, which only really works for big whodunnit moments, it seems and not in any relation to her own smaller scaled life matters.

    And here’s my question:

    Why did the doc point out that Tae Joon confessing his feelings to Jae Hee would make her leave faster?

    • 22.1 panshel

      Because unlike Eun Gyul, Tae Joon’s confession would reveal to Jae Hee that he knows she is a girl. And if he knows that she’s a girl, that would force Jae Hee to leave the all-boys school.

  23. 23 Merong

    It’s almost funny how badly written this drama and its characters are. Almost funny, but mostly aggravating. Who is this writer and why on earth was he hired?

    Jaehee is a frustrating character, but I agree that Eungyeol’s injury was Hyunjae’s fault. Whatever nonsensical crap Jaehee did or didn’t do in between, the fact of the matter is that he tampered with a bike and as a result someone got hurt. I like Hyunjae and sympathize with him, but in this one situation he wasn’t just made out to be the bad guy, he was the bad guy. However sad and unfortunate his backstory is, he was purposely trying to cause someone physical harm and that isn’t excusable just because someone else maybe could have caught on but didn’t.

  24. 24 MH

    I love the point!

    After Taejoon makes the jump and sees Jaehee in the doorway he points to her like “That was for you girl”.

    Love it!

  25. 25 panshel

    Okay, Jae Hee just braided Little Hyun Ji’s hair and Eun Gyul STILL doesn’t know that she’s a girl?! *headdesk*

    =_= I knew it. This accident-prone girl needs to leave the school immediately for all the boys’ safety. It was pure luck that she thwarted the falling flowerpot; it was only a matter of time that she would need rescuing again. Tae Joon’s backhug was surprising and sweet, but he totally had it backwards when he said he keeps getting indebted to Jae Hee. If it weren’t for you, Tae Joon, she would be dead for the nth time by now.

    Hyun Jae struggling internally with his evil deeds proves he is not cut out to be evil. I commend Tae Joon for being the bigger man and taking the high road. Let bygones be bygones… even though he did try to kill you.

    Thanks for recapping, gummimochi!

  26. 26 jesshearts

    To be honest I can’t wait for this drama to be over. I was sick of it by episode 4 but I just wanna finish it to see what happens.

    My grudge that the ghost/aura guy isn’t in this version remains 😛

    • 26.1 panshel

      My grudge is becoming why this version changed Nanba’s character so drastically? Seung Ri’s relentless pursuing of Hanna is getting pathetic. I don’t care about their storyline, much like I don’t care about the teachers’ storyline.

      • 26.1.1 Laya

        I’m guessing at this point that Seung Ri is not purely Nanba; he might have some Noe in him too.

  27. 27 S a r a h

    I just wish wish WISH Tae-joon would tell Jae hee already! It’s talking way DAMN. too. LONG.

    And I’m glad you pointed out how stupid it was for Jae hee to ride that bike. Now even Eun gyul (my sweet, cute man) loses his dream! Aiiiigoooo!

  28. 28 Aarana

    I don’t know if this is mentioned already, but the thing with the dads hospitalization? That was a manga plot, not a random Kdrama add-in 😉

    Love your summaries by the way. No episode is complete without one!!!

  29. 29 sophia

    It’s obvIous that the recapper doesn’t like the serIes but I love It. In the battle between the min ho’s (choi on ttby and lee on faith) i think this min ho is definitely winning. Every episode makes me smile. Eun gyul is a treasure.

    • 29.1 gummimochi

      This drama is in the “I wish it was more awesome” tally because I love the source material to pieces. I get emotional whiplash from “This is AWESOME” to “WHY, oh why!” I’m glad you like it and there are many readers who do as well. 🙂

      And yes, Eun-gyul is absolutely precious. He’s THE BEST.

  30. 30 LadyM

    There’s an ad on cable showing Eungyul singing that, “cute..cute..my smile is cute..” and boy, this guy is cute…he made me repeat this like over and over again…but actually, seungri’s character is my fav. His dorkiness made me want to squeeze him…haha…anyway, whats with the riding-ur-bike-coz-someone-tamper-with-it gesture?? Stupid act of nobility….when you could just tell Tae Joon, “Hey, dude, I think your brake got snap,” or something….she’s really getting bothersome to me….and bothersome is not cute….and why do bothersome girls get all the attention?? Do guys actually like girls like that??
    Oh well, k-drama without all the constant shouting,”YA!! WHY SHE DO THAT!!” “STUPID!!” to the tv screen would just be boring tv…

    Oh….thanks for the recap… (^__^)v

  31. 31 Rovi

    Haha, really, one requirement really is that one gets ill. And dies. Or gets into coma, if he’s (un)lucky.

    Jong-min = the gay roommate + the guy who sees ghosts. Hilarious~!!! XD

    Hyeon-jae’s sister (Hyeon-ji) = the Germanophile’s sister, I think???

    Major ouch for Eun-gyeol at this episode. Though peeps should be giving him medical attention by now…

  32. 32 rez007

    thanks for the recap.

    aah…finally we get more of Hyun-jae. I like the part were we get a glimpse of Hyun-jae’s background and the feelings that he has stored inside him.
    Jong-min’s Tae Joon Oldman Style! it was hilarious.
    This was a really good episode.

  33. 33 Jambo

    I was beginning to wonder what more they can do with the remaining 3 eps. You can only stretch the should-I-tell-her-or-shouldn’t-I? dilemma so many episodes.

    I’m also wondering if we’ll ever see the other two dorm leaders? Although, I don’t mind that the Kdrama version veered off the fraternity path. Most of the meat of the Jdrama version was the rivary between the 3 dorms.

    Good thing TJ and JH are so darned cute!

  34. 34 denise

    Kang Ha Neul (Hyun Jae) is soo handsome… My favorite character besides Eun-gyeol & Seung Ri. He reminds me of a young Lee Jung Jin when he smiles. I hope to see him in a lead character in the future for he has potential, looks and charisma as a leading actor. ;=)

  35. 35 Dwight

    We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with helpful info to work on. You’ve performed a formidable job and our whole group shall be thankful to you.

  36. 36 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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