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To the Beautiful You: Episode 6
by | September 3, 2012 | 76 Comments

Ack! The Cute is back in full force this episode. Phew, I thought I lost you there for a second. Now that we’ve decided that nonsense is the most sensible explanation of this series, this is a much more enjoyable ride now. This is why I like you, drama but I’d appreciate a little less of the emotional whiplash.

Episode 6 picked up a little wind with 5.6% in ratings.


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Tae-joon mutters Jae-hee’s name after he reads her note and tightens his hold on the red shoelaces.

In the car, Daniel asks if Jae-hee is really okay with leaving without seeing Tae-joon jump. Isn’t that what she came here for? Jae-hee beats herself up for the umpteenth time that it was her fault for making things hard on him. “I don’t think I can watch him jump. I don’t have the confidence.”

He asks if she won’t regret it and Jae-hee remains silent.

Back at regionals, Hyun-jae successfully clears the 2m mark, the 2.05m, and the 2.10m mark. Tae-joon signals that he’ll pass. Uh, you haven’t high jumped in a while – are you really that confident that you’ll clear your own record?

Meanwhile, Hanna rushes to make the meet as her manager comments that he found that someone dropped off the uniform in the car. She lurches in disgust but spots the same lighted bracelet that was in Tae-joon’s room…

Hyun-jae clears the 2.15m bar and Tae-joon finally gets up. He warms up and the timer ticks down.

He runs towards the bar, leaps into the air as the music swells… but his lower body catches the bar, and it clatters to the floor. No good. (Hyun-jae gives a self-satisfied smirk.)

The taxi pulls back up to the school and Daniel tells her to go watch the meet. “You said that Tae-joon is jumping because of you. If it hurts, it hurts. If it’s hard, it’s hard.” He tells her not to avoid it because Tae-joon isn’t either.

She makes it just before his last attempt. She calls out his name and Tae-joon looks at her. He breaks into a smile and breathes, “Gu Jae-hee.”

With a new wave of determination, he sets off running. He jumps and soars into the sky, landing on the soft pad below.

She gasps, I gasp, and Tae-joon looks up. Lo and behold the bar remains untouched. Everyone breaks into a fistpump of celebration (yeah I saw you Coach Baek).

Tae-joon looks in Jae-hee’s direction, flashing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and tears stream down Jae-hee’s face.

Afterwards, Tae-joon teases her about how she said she wouldn’t be able to make the meet. He asks if she’s disappointed he didn’t do as well as last time. Jae-hee furiously shakes her head; she was moved.

He plays off that she’s overreacting again and she quips, “Someone told me that overreacting is underreacting’s hyung!”

She gets a text from Daniel that says there’s no harm in her staying a little longer and she can come back any time. Nooo Voice of Reason, come back!

She shares the good news with Tae-joon and goes in for a hug. They stay there like that for an awkward moment and he pushes her off of him.

Tae-joon shows off the shoelaces, saying he used them well. Aww, okay that’s really cute.

Looks like Eun-gyul took Da-hae up on her offer about the movies. He asks what the title of the movie is and she answers, “Let’s date.”

It takes a second or two for that to register in his head. His eyes grow wide and his heart goes thump thump again.

Hyun-jae is miffed now that they’re tied at 2.30m. He vows that he’ll break it within the year. Reporter Yang drops by for a quick interview with Hyun-jae and congratulates Tae-joon on his comeback.

But Hyun-jae can’t help a last dig at Tae-joon. He asks that next time, Tae-joon doesn’t make it so easy for him because he’s starting to get bored.

Tae-joon, however, gets the last word: “It’s going to get even more fun from here on out. I guarantee it.” Hyun-jae betrays a look of worry.

After confirming the bracelet is Jae-hee’s, Hanna confronts her about the swiped uniform. Jae-hee tries to evade the questions but Hanna persists – is Jae-hee a pervert? Or better yet, “Are you a girl?”

Tae-joon interrupts, calling it pure nonsense but Hanna is adamant that it’s one or the other. She presents the bracelet as evidence and Tae-joon shows her his.

He tells her that they were selling these nearby the school and that Hanna should stop jumping to conclusions. She fumes.

Tae-joon tells Jae-hee that she should be more careful – there was the Pooh underwear and now the girl’s uniform. Omo, are you telling her you know? She asks what she’ll be outed as and he answers, “A pervert.” Way to sidestep that one.

Jae-hee takes offense at the comment and Tae-joon smirks in response, “Then what is it? Are you a girl?” He continues, “Don’t worry. I’ve been taught to respect people no matter how weird their tastes are.” She nearly pulls her hair out while Tae-joon stifles his laughter.

Some new Hyun-jae fangirls emerge from his recent victory and they start to question Tae-joon’s ability to fully recover. The Tae-joon Fanclub Trio get up in defense but it’s Hanna who beats them to it.

Pouring tea over their tablet, she warns that Tae-joon is currently training and he’ll be back on his feet soon.

The principal rushes over to the dorm leaders, upset that the preparations for this year’s festival is behind schedule. The Dorm Leaders have already printed out the pamphlets of course and the principal oohs and ahs over them.

He asks if the dorms are planning to do “that” again this year and Young-man pipes that they have to – it’s school tradition. The principal is on the fence about it but Seung-ri defends that they keep it in. In fact, his dorm has a trump card.

Turning towards the other dorm leaders, Seung-ri is positive that this year’s Miss Genie will be from Dorm 2. Oh you know, don’t you?

Jae-hee gasps in surprise over the past Miss Genie photos, finding it hard to believe that the pretty ladies are in fact their dorm leaders. Eun-gyul brushes the topic about whether he’s dating Da-hae aside to ask about Tae-joon.

He’s heard that he lost against Hyun-jae which effectively kicks him out of the team. Jae-hee worries about it too, sighing if she only knew what she could do to help.

Like help more? Didn’t you just say your meddling caused issues earlier?

Back in the room, Tae-joon waits up doing push-ups (rawr) and wonders what’s taking Jae-hee so long. Then he pauses, “Why am I concerned about her?” Uh, ’cause you luff her?

He goes to find her anyway only to run into her in the hallway. Jae-hee asks where he’s going since it’s late and he awkadorably points in a random direction, Uh, over there.

Jae-hee leaves first but she turns at the last moment. She tells him that she realized that, “Kang Tae-joon is the coolest when he’s out on the tracks.” He smiles in return, “Not yet.”

Hilariously, Seung-ri is busy in the lounge with a picture of Jae-hee. He draws in longer hair and then lifts his masterpiece with satisfaction, “Gu Jae-hee, I caught you.”

(Which is doubly hilarious since it can mean either, “I caught you [as a girl]” or “I targeted you.”)

On the soccer field, Eun-gyul is distracted in practice by Da-hae’s confession and Jae-hee’s insistence that she’s got his back. He accidentally kicks a ball straight to Coach’s head. Oops.

Jong-min sidles up to Jae-hee after having heard about her near-drowning incident. I wonder if she suspects Jong-min at first but he clarifies that he heard it from the guys. He raises his eyebrow – didn’t she have a chlorine allergy? Oh right, that.

He digs for more gossip and pouts when Jae-hee doesn’t give in, telling him that she just slipped from the platform. Seung-ri comes charging in the classroom and asks for a minute.

Staring out from the rooftop, Seung-ri poses the age old question: “What do you think a man is?” In a Totally Serious Voice, he says that there are times when the individual must sacrifice themselves for the group. He asks, “What if that was you?”

It’s the delivery and the music that totally kills me – I’m a fit of giggles. Jae-hee’s like, Sacrifice? What sacrifice? so Seung-ri shares the edited photo with her.

She gapes in horror and Seung-ri takes her by the shoulders. He declares firmly, “I’m saying this man to man. Like a man… can you consider turning into a girl?” AHAHAHA. Omg, this is awesome. Replay!

Jae-hee is against the idea but it’s Seung-ri’s persistence that gets me, “You were born to play a woman! You’re gifted to dress up as a girl!”

Jae-hee splits out of there and Seung-ri calls after her: “You’re not acting like a man! Be a girl just this once!” So, he doesn’t know she’s an actual girl after all. Hee.

Eun-gyul is bummed and distracted at dinner over his old cleats now too worn out to be repaired. When asked why he doesn’t buy new ones, Eun-gyul tells Da-hae they’re his lucky cleats – he scored three free kicks with them.

The sports jargon flies over her head but it’s sweet that she still tries. Eun-gyul asks if she knows what position he plays and she’s like, “Are you the visuals?” Aww.

After dinner, he throws the cleats away with a disheartened sigh.

Tae-joon does pullups in the room (rawr) and Jae-hee is clearly impressed with his exercise regime. She volunteers herself to be at his beck and call and she doesn’t her him answer that she needn’t do that.

She sticks her head out to hear him better but that puts them thhhiiiisss close to each other’s faces. She knocks her head on the railing and he falls into a beanie. Teehee.

Tae-joon retreats to the bathroom and mutters into his reflection, “Gu Jae-hee… Gu Jae-hee’s dangerous.” Oh is she now?

Teacher Lee tries to get her students excited about the upcoming festival. No one’s feels inclined to volunteer themselves as baristas so she assigns Tae-joon to the task. Which means Jae-hee joins. And Eun-gyul. And Jong-min.

Tae-joon is annoyed at the pesky fly aka Jae-hee trying to cool him off while he’s trying to break a sweat. He chases after her with one of the personal fans but stops when he sees the track and field team busy training.

HA – Seung-ri tries to act all cool and tough when Jae-hee approaches him. But he turns on a dime once Jae-hee agrees that she’ll cross-dress (or is it regular dress?) for the festival.

In exchange, she has a favor to ask. Seung-ri eagerly agrees to whatever it is though we don’t get to hear it.

While out shopping for supplies with Eun-gyul, Jae-hee picks up some lemons that help with fatigue. She works tirelessly to make honey-dipped lemons later that evening.

She puts them in with the heaping pile of fanmail for Tae-joon, touched that his fans still support him. You didn’t think you were a fanclub of one, right?

Tae-joon returns later that evening and he recognizes her drawings from the notes she left for him once.

Seung-ri leads his team through drills but his mind wanders back to Jae-hee’s earlier request. In exchange for participating in the Miss Genie contest, she asks that Seung-ri help Tae-joon rejoin the team. So Seung-ri approaches Coach Baek with the request.

Back at the classroom, Jong-min asks if it’s true that Jae-hee will be participating in the Miss Genie contest. That’s news to Eun-gyul and Tae-joon and Jong-min leaves in a pissy mood.

Coach Baek catches Tae-joon training in the gymnasium again and Tae-joon asks again to let him rejoin the team if Coach will have him. Then, he drops to his knees in front of Coach.

It’s a big step for the legendary star and Coach acknowledges as much. He agrees but reminds him that he’ll be training alongside Hyun-jae.

Festival Day. The boys set up the cafe and Jong-min hops in with an animal suit to attract more customers. He smiles gleefully when Jae-hee volunteers only to scowl when Eun-gyul mentions she looks cute.

While he fills in for her on her bathroom break, Tae-joon walks up with an iced coffee, thinking it’s still Jae-hee. Eun-gyul only takes off the suit later and looks at the iced coffee curiously. Why is Tae-joon suddenly being nice to her?

He slips back to the cafe where Da-hae is waiting for him. Tae-joon asks who she is and Eun-gyul is quick to clarify that they aren’t dating and that they “just friends.” Aww, and she overhears.

Jae-hee heads back inside and asks who the girl is and Tae-joon sweetly calls her Eun-gyul’s girlfriend. D’aww.

Eun-gyul looks over at Da-hae and smiles, and then spends a lingering moment staring at Jae-hee before he sees Tae-joon. He shakes his head.

Afterwards, Eun-gyul and Da-hae sit by the soccer pitch. Da-hae doesn’t let on that she’s heard the boys talking about her. She keeps the topic light despite his attempts to broach the subject.

Instead, she spews some soccer facts to Eun-gyul’s surprise. Aww, you learned about soccer for him. She accurately pinpoints him as the striker and says that she grew curious.

So when Eun-gyul asks if she suddenly got interested in soccer, she answers. “Not soccer. You.” To top it off, she gifts him with his old cleats, now fixed.

He invites her to see a soccer match herself and Da-hae asks if this means they’re dating now. Eun-gyul offers his hand and she happily takes it.

Time for the Miss Genie Contest. This naturally bores Tae-joon and he slips out, unwilling to stick around to support Jae-hee. He catches Seung-ri in the hallway and thanks him for his efforts. But Seung-ri tells him that if he wants to thank anyone, it should be Jae-hee.

I can’t tell if I like the butterfly ballerina who can pop or my eyes are forever seared by Jong-min dancing to “Bad Girl, Good Girl.”

Seung-ri drops by to hand over her outfit for the contest and then takes out a couple of loaves of bread. Jae-hee asks if it’s for her to eat but no no, it’s for her to put in. Hahaha.

Tae-joon contemplates heading into the dressing room before deciding against it. He walks past a mysterious student but doesn’t think much of it.

Meanwhile, Jae-hee is busy changing and the perpetrator swipes her hanging clothes when she isn’t looking. Which is the same time that Seung-ri announces her entrance. She doesn’t show.

Jae-hee panics in the dressing room and finding the door locked, Seung-ri runs to find the key.

The perpetrator runs down the hallway to be tripped by Tae-joon who emerges from the shadows. Turns out it’s No Pants after all, still miffed by the pant-pulling accident. Tae-joon grabs him by the shirtfront and pushes him against the wall.

In a calm, threatening tone, he tells No Pants to be careful because his patience is wearing thin. No Pants asks what business it is of Tae-joon’s to concern himself and Tae-joon answers, “I’m the roommate.”

Jae-hee panics when the door unlocks but a hand drops the outfit just inside the door. Jae-hee thanks him just before Seung-ri returns with the key.

Seung-ri rushes back to announce Jae-hee and she steps out on stage. Both the audience and Eun-gyul’s jaws drop, stunned by her beauty. Jae-hee sings.

Just when I’m thinking that she’s let the farm know that she’s a girl, we close up to Doc who says the exact same thing.

Eun-gyul tries to snap himself out of the dream that it’s just “a couple of loaves of bread.” He pretty much dies when she sends a wink his way.

Hanna drops by well after the festival wraps up and runs into Eun-gyul. He tells her to scram before he calls security but she feels hardly threatened. No big – she’ll just call the cops on the pervert who jumped in her bath. Eun-gyul grudgingly complies.

Jae-hee walks in while Tae-joon continuously tries to clear the bar. She thanks him for earlier, adding that she can recognize his hand. Tae-joon: “So… did you win?”

She didn’t, and she asks if she’s not that pretty. Tae-joon gives a small shake of his head before he steps towards her to pick some confetti from her hair. He tells her that she’s not all that bad to look at.

He tells her that he has to practice and Jae-hee takes her leave… but not before she trips on the pole and the box flies out of her hands.

Eun-gyul and Hanna watch as Jae-hee falls on top of Tae-joon, confetti flying around them.



Cute, where WERE you? I thought I’d lost you in the Abyss of Angst last week and I’m happy to hear you’ve returned safe and sound. The show brought back what I’d hoped to see – more school antics, more of the slightly zany, all while balancing Tae-joon’s growing interest towards Jae-hee.

I love love love the dorm leaders. To pieces. They were the ones who made my day in the Japanese dorama version and I still love them here. I adore their petty bickering but especially love their united front when it comes to, yunno, school tradition. I squee whenever they’re on screen and I want MOAR. And I nearly died when Seung-ri gave Jae-hee that talk to be a “man’s man.” Man I loved Nanba, but I love you too dorm leader. *runs away from HeadsNo2*

Highlighting some other characters, I’m strangely intrigued by Hyun-jae and his determination to become an an excellent high jumper. His “I’m going to crush you” rivalry speaks more about his inferiority complex but really it boils down to natural talent vs. hard work. That isn’t to say that Tae-joon hasn’t worked hard to achieve his goals but for someone who’s regarded as second-best, it’s hard to see past that popularity and celebrity status.

He’s not necessarily bad-natured either because we can see that he cares about his classmates and friends, even taking the time to ask Eun-gyul what’s on his mind. He’s an interesting character for sure and one I definitely have my eye out for. I also see his hair wet more than I see it dry but hey, who am I to complain about glistening sweat?

Da-hae is a breath of fresh air and I love seeing her with Eun-gyul. Don’t get me wrong, his bickering sessions with Hanna are downright hilarious, but seeing a nice girl who cares for him is simply a joy to watch. What girl doesn’t empathize with that moment when your crush refers to you as ‘just a friend’ to his buddies? And since he didn’t tell her outright how he feels, I know that there’s more to come.

I do have to say that Min-ho is doing an impressive job of portraying Tae-joon in this series. That cold, callous character in the beginning was tough to get through but now that it’s cracking, I can’t help but acknowledge that he’s just so darned cute, adorable, and awkward. You should smile more – Noonas love that kind of stuff.


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  1. Farpavilions

    Thanks for the cute! 🙂

  2. Eun

    I think I should bring Minho home. hehe.

    • 2.1 starlight

      You can’t because I’ve already locked him in my chamber of love. aka my room. hehe 🙂

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Eun and Starlight,

        You guys should clone Min-ho, so you will each have your own. That’s what a few of us do/talk about when we find a character/actor/singer/celebrity that is swoon worthy. You know, there is a place that will do that for you. Some of our favorite characters are still being worked on, because we wanted some added features, to personalize them. Let’s us know if you would be interested in knowing where that place is, how to order your own clown, etc… Just a thought, 🙂

        • nonski

          waves at Ivoire

          *sighs* Minho is super cute especially when he’s smiling!

          thanks for the recap. i love it that almost everything that is on my mind you’ve written in here. 🙂 and yeah Noona’s really love that kind of stuff.

      • 2.1.2 Steph

        Are you charging for admission? Cause Ima need a tickets,lols!

        And this drama is best when it goes all out with the cute. I’m actually enjoying it more than I thought I would.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Steph,

          Nope, no charge for admission. Just a bunch of fans (some of us ahjummas) really loving our characters/actors/actresses/singers. Just let us know how many clones you need. It takes a while to get them (receive them) because the work is meticulous and they do checks to make sure everything is working well. So patience goes a long way with this factory 🙂

    • 2.2 Lahlita

      More Min-ho! MOAR MIN-HO!

      Scheiße, that boy is cute! He’s so tall, his voice is so deep, his eyes are so big, his head is so hilariously tiny. I’m in love.

      And I think his acting has gotten much better (not good per se, but still better). I am blinded by my love, though. And I’m going to insist that Mr. Lahlita do push-ups and pull-ups all over the house from now on.

  3. Smalltank

    Thanks for the recaps! I’ve replayed the last 2 mins of this ep for just about 10 times? Loving the many squeal-worthy moments.. tJ kept the light bracelet in his gym bag, made JH ice coffee..aww so sweet!

    • 3.1 Gom

      Me too! It was such a perfect scene. The song gave me goosebumps. The 360 camera was used for a reason. And it’s just an overall awesome scene. I wouldn’t mind an ending like that for each and every episode. Lol. 🙂

  4. maldita

    I wish they focus on the cute more. And honestly, I love everyone in this show but Minho and Kwanghee. Kind of exactly like how I expected it, as in the 2007 Japanese version, I liked everyone but Oguri Shun.

    MORE DORM LEADERS SCENES! All 3 of them are such eye candy. Toss in Hyunjae too.

  5. Waca

    Awww, Tae-joon’s character seems much better than Sano’s from Hana Kimi… In Hana Kimi I loved everything except for the main couple…I couldn’t see the chemistry and Sano bored me…

    I thought I wouldn’t watch TTBY, but the cute here seems just so irresistible that I think I’m gonna watch this episode! Minho and Sully seems to have good chemistry!

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    • 5.1 Waca

      Finished watching!!!

      Now that w

      • 5.1.1 Waca

        Urgh, I hate keyboard shortcuts…sorry for the almost double-post!

    • 5.2 Waca

      Finished watching!!!

      Now that was a nice piece of cuteness and fun!!!

      Even though I had read the recap, I laughed a lot when:
      – Eung-gyul hits his coach with the soccer ball
      – Seung-ri talks all serious to Jae-hee about the Miss Genius, with the dramatic music playing
      – Tae-joon exercises and almost bumps his head into Jae-hee’s face
      – and more!

      Minho is really cute, and Sully is quite believable as a boy, except for her voice. No really, the singing part was ridiculous. At least in Hana kimi she didn’t sing and she also wore a long dress…here…it is just nonsense. How can they not see she’s a girl???

      Ah. One bad point about this drama: Hanna is just…ugh…she’s not funny, she’s just plain annoying, I really don’t see the purpose of her being there apart from being annoying…please Hanna…get out!

      *now going to sleep smiling stupidly with cuteness overload*

    • 5.3 Jackie

      Haha, same. The main couple kinda killed the show for me.

  6. Laya

    Ugh, Hanna, go away.

    That scene with Seung-ri had me in stitches, he was so “I’m srs!” He’s no long-haired pretty guy, but he’s just. so. cute.

    The cute in this episode, it just kills me. Luckily Tae Joon fell into a beanie! Heh. I like him more now. 😀

    I was also thinking Minho fits the description of Sano in that “he has beautiful eyes.” 😀

    Although I think I caught a glimpse of that necklace around Tae Joon’s neck… isn’t it supposed to be at the bottom of the swimming pool, or is that another necklace?

    • 6.1 Laya

      …oh, and thanks for the recap! <3

  7. cattleyae

    I love the song of the day ^^
    I kinda side-eye Daniel for some reasons… He was the one who reallyyy wanted to drag Jaehee back to the States but once they were in that damn taxi, he suddenly asked why she didn’t want to watch Taejoon jump… But then again we were warned to throw logic out of sight for this drama.

    • 7.1 wanderlust

      I actually didn’t think this was too illogical. After his talk with the Doc, he was starting to cave seeing how earnest Jae Hee was. She agreed to come back with him after the championship but he could see it wasn’t because she wanted to come back, only that she was doubting herself and had lost confidence. But he realised that she was in fact helping TaeJoon in whatever way, and like the doc said, even if noone believed in Jae Hee, he should. So it was that plus he’s a good caring brother in general even if he didn’t agree with her decision, so he stepped up to believe in her when no one else did and let her finish what she started, and I don’t think that’s illogical at all. It would’ve been if he refused to see reason after finding out but it was obvious that he was slowly cracking, first letting her stay a bit longer to see Tae Joon’s comp and then this.

      Sad to see him go, Daniel Oppa Jjang!

      • 7.1.1 shelhass

        Ok, I see your point, but shouldn’t he let her help Tae Joon in whatever way by not being a girl-disguised-as-boy?
        He isn’t Voice of Reason for nothing!
        But that way we wouldn’t have all the hijinks and a drama, right?!

      • 7.1.2 ilog

        I kinda agree that he was *slowly* caving in. But I would have appreciated more screentime to this momentous change-of-heart, not a single “Ohwell, you could probably stay here a bit longer! Bye!” text.

        It was “Fine, you could watch the tourney”, then suddenly, “You can stay.” all out of the blue.

        I hope we see Daniel-oppa again!! :DD

  8. eternalfive

    Oh wow, this ep seems way cuter and more entertaining than the rest, now that Tae-joon knows she’s a girl and everything. And just when I decided to drop the drama too! Maybe I’ll go ahead and watch this ep now, and see if it’s as good as the recap, and if Minho and Sulli are a little more engaging together now that Tae-joon’s feeling the attraction. 😛

    Thanks for the recap btw, gummimochi!

  9. ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recap. Episode 6 was so cute. I saw the gif floating around soompi.Cute, cute and more cute 🙂

    Not to mention Tae Joon looks hot in a white shirt.
    * suddenly noticed him *

    Off to read…

    • 9.1 ck1Oz

      I just wanted to say, I couldn’t wait for Wed and I have no idea what to expect. So I started watching Hana Kimi the 2007 from ep 7… let me just say, for someone who is used to Korean dramas; I am shell shocked at the J dorama.

      Brain freeze, going back to look at the Tae Joon doing pull ups instead. OMG.

  10. 10 shelhass

    I’ve seen this episode 3 times now, just to bask on the CUTE.
    And I have to agree to Waca that MinHo is doing a better job than the japanese actor (what’s his name again?).

    Anyway, agreeing with Gummi completely, this episode was good.

    • 10.1 Waca

      Yeay! Thanks! The japanese actor’s name is Oguri Shun. When I watched Hana Kimi, there was a lot of people saying they find him great and attractive as Sano…but Sano bored me to death! I almost skipped his parts! So I’m glad someone else agrees with me…

      On side note, Oguri Shun is actually a good actor. I’ve seen him in another drama, and he was good in it. 🙂

      • 10.1.1 Bea

        I thought Oguri Shun was attractive as Sano because I always think he’s attractive, but I have to agree, Sano was dead inside and he wanted us to join him.

      • 10.1.2 shelhass

        Yes I know. I loved him on that one where he gets a huge debt because he can’t say no to people. Bimbo Dashi! (right?)

        Anyway, he’s good and all, but MinHo? Really, he’s doing so well, I’m almost afraid to praise him all I want.

        And I LUFFF Sano, and tried to like Oguri, but nope, huge letdown.

  11. 11 becca_boo

    Ah, this episode was so good! Please stay this way, Show. But even if you don’t, I’ll probably stick around because I realized a few episodes back that I’ve fallen for Tae-joon. Why so sweet? I love the way that he teases Jae-hee now that he knows she’s a girl. When he called her a pervert, I laughed my head off.

    Da-hae is quickly becoming my favorite of the girls. I love that she’s so smart and forward but still with that vulnerability and tenderness underneath. Why can’t the other girls get this kind of depth?

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! Here’s to many more episodes of Cute and of swoony Tae-joon workouts and smiley-faces! That shouldn’t be hard for the show, right? I mean, it’s not like we’re asking for the moon.

  12. 12 Sudi

    cute….will it end up in kiss…eyes wide awake…
    pause until next eps…

  13. 13 Anna

    Big fan of jdorama Hana Kimi but I agree with other posters Tae Joon character is better than Sano. Just in terms of sweetness andbeing cute and protective towards Jae Hee. I didn’t get to see much of that with hana kimi – all the cute scenes were with the second lead who was both cute and funny.

  14. 14 nat

    I like how they’re not even trying to hide the springboard in the high jump scenes.

  15. 15 wanderlust

    SO falling for that 360 camera, I can’t help it, it’s soooo pretty I just want them to use it all the time LOL overkill ftw!

    Freaking love Tae Joon softening towards her while still keeping up his prickly demeanor, it effing cute! Really liking Min Ho’s nuanced acting here!

    I’m very jealous on how true to herself Dae hee is, I wish I could be like her and be open and soft, she’s a good character 🙂

    Seungri is the best dorm leader/ hyung / friend hottie ever <3

    • 15.1 shelhass

      “SO falling for that 360 camera, I can’t help it, it’s soooo pretty I just want them to use it all the time LOL overkill ftw!”

      @ wandelust, yeah that camera is cool and as much as I liked the way it was used in this episode ending, I still think the best use of it was that scene where Tae Joon jumped in Mr. Eugene’s car.

      I was like: OHHHHHHHH!

    • 15.2 redfox

      and I must be dumb cause I dont even notice. how can you tell it is a 360 degree camera? I have looked 4 times, I still dont see any difference.

      this show is really random. I thought the manga played the dressing into a girl while pretending to be a guy while being a girl a bit better.

      • 15.2.1 shelhass

        @ redfox

        Look those up:
        – First Tae Joon hgh jump scene (ep. 1)
        – Tae Joon jumping into Mr. Eugene’s car (ep. 3)
        – Jae Hee falling on top of Tae Joon (ep. 6 ending)

        All 360° scenes.

        • redfox

          okay, you mean when it kind of stops and makes a turn? that´s the thing? I see. doesnt do much for me, I guess I grew tired of it watching the Charmed ones.

        • Autumn

          It was used when a banana peel was thrown at Jae Hee as well. I forgot which episode that was in.

      • 15.2.2 wanderlust

        SM utilizes this camera alot- if you’ve watched snsd the boys, the first sequence uses this camera as well. you can tell because the scene freezes and it does a 360 swirl around the character/setting so you can see the scene from every angle in a 360 motion, it really is quite gorgeous, instead of normal cut scenes to show a different angle or viewpoint 🙂

        That last part in ep 6 when she fell on him, plus the music, plus the confetti and the perfect alignment of their legs before they fell on the mat, nooooooooooooo SO PRETTY. Raped the replay button, if this drama is anything, it’s damn gorgeous and sometimes I must be shallow and lap it all up because it makes me so happy 😀

        • redfox

          ahhh so how it works is it is filmed 360 degrees and played like one split of a second from the scene? now I get what to look for

  16. 16 Sudi

    totally agree that cuteness of Tea joo
    surpasses sano & jdrama eps was just11/12 episode…But kdrama it is enlarged &modified improved but better than that of Tdrama which was jdrama version….

  17. 17 Sakura

    thanks gummimochi

    Oguri shun did well as Sano, excellent acting skill, sano is an introvert but we can see oguri’s charisma when
    sano knew mizuki is a girl.

    As for tae joon, he kind of like jae hee as his roomate but did not want to be too obvious about it !. But now that he know he is a she, tae joon is lubbing her.

  18. 18 estel

    Chingu-ya~! Why is there no gratuitous screencap of Tae-joon in his barista outfit?!?!?

  19. 19 bigwink

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi! Very cute!
    You made me think that every scene is causing a toothache.. keh.
    Gotta start watching this too 😉

  20. 20 Dara

    Wed yet?
    Thanks gummi ^^

  21. 21 faranak

    LOVE this drama,it’s sooooooooo cute! 🙂

  22. 22 Gom

    Because of the nice intro to the recap, I found myself watching this episode as I am having a bad day and I think I need cuteness to wipe it off. Take note that I haven’t watched any of the previous episodes so these are all based on this episode only:

    – Minho is really an eye candy. He just oozes with hotness. He’s that guy in high school who just takes all the girls’ breath away just by passing by in the corridor. He’s a really good looking kid. HOWEVER…

    – Why in the world can’t he move that pretty face? It’s immovable! He needs some serious facial exercises because his has no nerves in it. I feel like I want to reach out to the screen and massage his face myself. It just wouldn’t move. Is he scared that he’ll look un-pretty if he moves his cheeks or lips or eyebrows just a little bit? But then I don’t think it’s possible for his face to look bad no matter what he does with it. So what is wrong with his face? I mean, I know Tae Joon is supposed to be serious-looking and all, but take for instance that scene where he runs to the bathroom because their faces are suddenly inches from each other, he’s supposed to at least have an emotion there, but there’s nothing. HE HAS EXACTLY ONE FACIAL EXPRESSION: -.- But I’m giving him a slack because he doesn’t have much experience. It would’ve been awesome if a good actor was playing his role though. I’d be really rooting for his character.

    – The dorm leaders are so hot. I am speechless.

    – I noticed that the scenes have no continuity. They’re just cutting everything off. You get so into one scene building up and then after like 5 seconds, we drop that scene and we’re on to another completely different scene. Maybe it’s only for this episode but I’m not feeling good about how it’s being edited. Or maybe it’s in the writing itself? I’m not sure. I like a nice continuous and focused storytelling and I’m not seeing that here.

    – I appreciate the music but sometimes it just doesn’t fit the scene. But it’s business so…

    – It’s really sad to know that Nam Ji Hyun (Da Hae) is only here for an extended cameo. I find her pairing with Eun Gyeol really cute and that scene in the soccer field where Eun Gyeol learns that she memorized facts about soccer was just aaawww. Eun Gyeol will obviously be heartbroken because of the main pairing so I want him to have a ship of his own. Plus, I have a preference for characters like Da Hae. Even though the storyline for their pairing is extremely overused (girl likes boy-boy likes another girl), my heart still goes out to these kinds of stories. I’m cheesy like that.

    – Why is the name of the band SHUT UP? Is this like a reference to the drama? Or is it pure coincidence?

    – For the Taiwanese version, I totally freaked out when I saw the lead girl dress up as a girl because it looked so weird! She looks like a real boy. But with Sulli, it was perfect. And I have to applaud her because she’s not as annoying as the one in the Taiwanese version. In fact, even though I’m biased to the Japanese version, I have to admit that Sulli is much less annoying than those two. It helps too that she still looks good both while being a boy and a girl. Props for her. She’s pretty good and you can tell that she’s comfortable with acting.

    – When Eun Gyeol was talking about that bread thing when he saw her on stage! That was actually really funny.

    – THOSE LAST FEW SECONDS WITH THE 360 CAMERA. Is it weird that I literally screamed out loud? I had to repeat it again and again because it’s just such an awesome scene with that amazing song!

    I actually dissed To The Beautiful You a couple of times before. But with this episode… man, I feel like I’m having a change of heart. OTTOKE?!

    • 22.1 Bea

      Yeah, that last scene! The 360 camera, the cute clothes, the falling on a cute guy, AND the shiny confetti. Aaah, beautiful.

      I also prefer this lead girl. For an irrational reason I can’t put up with Horikita Maki, and the Taiwanese one… The drama was funny but I couldn’t quite understand what super hot Wu Chun saw in the girl (though the actress can be prettier, but she was SO intense…), other than the convenience of being the only girl around.

      And I also think that Minho needs to improve his acting skills. Still, he’s really cute and at least his character seems to have more feelings than the original one (Oguri’s) (who BTW I looooove -currently watching Rich man poor woman).

    • 22.2 Waca

      Loved your comment!!! 😀

    • 22.3 panshel

      That last scene made my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t stop replaying it. SM’s favorite 360 degree camera plus the confetti flying in the air — stunning. *_*

      I wish our couple landed backwards with Jae Hee on bottom and Tae Joon on top, so there could have been the cliched accidental-fall-on-top-of-your-lips kiss, or cliff-hang the episode with Tae Joon leaning in for a kiss.

      Naming the band Shut Up threw me for a loop since Shut Up Flower Boy Band was on a whole different network, but perhaps because Yoo Min Kyu is in both dramas? I felt they should have acknowledged Led Apple’s cameo by referring to them by name.

  23. 23 Mak

    I’m fine with the plot logic being… You know illogical, but there was a scene in this episode with Taejoon wearing a silver chain. That silver chain, which ended up in the pool last time and is apparently still in the pool since there going to go look some more next episode? It must have magic transportation powers.
    But other than that I was pretty pleased. Tons of cute!

    • 23.1 Laya

      Haha, noticed that chain too.

      Maybe Minho forgot to take off the necklace or something and no one noticed /facepalm

  24. 24 Bea

    Noonas do, indeed.

  25. 25 Dindae

    Awww, I’m so happy you found this episode cute (I soooo knew it you would). I think this series has the charm more than the taiwanese version (though I love that too, but not that much like the japanese ver. ).
    I don’t know why but I think this is just cute, and can’t wait for wednesday.
    (And the previous episode was kinda disappointing 🙁 )
    And thx, of course^^

  26. 26 Lucy

    Thanks for the recap 🙂 I’m enjoying the adorable in this drama and it’s pretty easy to watch for me. I don’t really have complaints about the acting and think all the leads are doing a good job. I like how Taejoon has broken out of his shell a little more so I do get the awkward, cute.

    But for me Taejoon’s always been a pretty good guy. Since the beginning, as aloof as he was, he seemed like quietly steady good guy. Other than the first episode or two when Jaehee’s first impressions creeped him out haha.

  27. 27 jomo

    Thanks for the recap and the screen caps

    Can only add to the general admiration of Minho’s smile.

    I remember watching thinking with those big eyes and kindof half awkward half “say cheese!” smile, he looks like a 5 year old. Cut to the chin-ups scenes, and THAT idea’s gone.

    Shun was a much different attractive when he played Sano. Quietly watching and protecting – he played it more maturely and coolly. But then the whole cast was older.

    Minho seems to be more age appropriate, and he is playing it a lot warmer.

    Both are fine with me.

  28. 28 FeKimi

    I had ‘eh?’ feeling when I watched ep 3 and 4, but, finally, I have the feeling that this drama is enjoyable enough for the cuteness.
    Same with you I like the dorm leader, Seung Ri. He is my favorite character in the manga and Japanese dorama, this Korean version of him also become my favorite due to his attention to his junior

  29. 29 HeadsNo2

    You can continue to admire Suh Joon-young from a distance. Any closer and we’ll start to have words. Nowhere you run will be far enough! Mwa ha ha.

  30. 30 panshel

    So much “rawr” for Tae Joon this recap. But Tae Joon is the best. roommate. ever. always working out like that in their room. 😛

    The boys as baristas was a total shout-out to Coffee Prince, then Jae Hee in the animal costume brought back Rooftop Prince memories. I feel bad for Da Hae. Eun Gyul doesn’t like her; he was just touched she went out of her way to memorize soccer facts. I aww’ed at her “visuals” answer. Not that there was ever any doubt, but Jae Hee is truly a stalker when she can tell it was Tae Joon from one look of his hand.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  31. 31 Tiffany

    finally an episode that’s enjoyable! my whole week’s of waiting had not been in vain! Show, please continue to be this enjoyable for the rest of the 12(?) episodes!

    seung-ri is such a joker! he is sooo suspicious that i was wondering if he had discovered JH is a girl, only to find out he wants her to ‘cross-dress’ as a girl! gawd funny dude!

    all the boys MUST BE BLIND if they still think JH is a boy! O_O she is sooo girlie-girl in that dress-up scene!

    da-hae is really uber sweet, and dont people say childhood sweethearts are the most jjang?! <3

    sidetrack: because of Julien Kang, i actually started watching WGM of him with Yoon Se Ah *LOL*

  32. 32 k-soup

    I’m really addicted to this drama though it lacks substance.. the cuteness fills it up. 😀

  33. 33 kiongna

    My fav. episode so far!

    Thanks dear Gummimochi! And I’m so glad you are enjoying this drama now 🙂 and sound happy ^^

    Let’s just leave logic aside when as we see fit and enjoyyyy the drama – Min Ho dongseng ah, woot woot!

    I somehow really can accept whatever is thrown together my way and don’t bother questioning… my “silly no logic” sensor just takes an auto back seat….*AHHHH* *Swoons* oh have I done my fan girling sigh yet? I did? Oh… well let me DO IT AGAIN * AHHHHHHHHHH hmmmmm* skips away in happiness!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  34. 34 j

    awww i’m totally into tae joon’s character! it is really interesting to see how he’s evolving from emotionless, no life, and one-expression person to someone who freely express his anger, annoyance and also tolerance after he met jae hee. his character then evolved more to become warmer, sweet and caring after he decided to protect jae hee.. it is as if he found a reason to be humane again. nice ^^

    • 34.1 alexandrasi

      Agree. Luvin Minho’s portrayal.

  35. 35 nyxzt

    I’m mostly just intrigued by how hot Hyun-jae is, rather than his determination or whatever.

    And lol, Lee Hyun-Woo is a furry! So into the tiger mascot.

  36. 36 non-quad

    Korea have laudromats?! thought everyone washes clothes using basin-washboard-feet method.

  37. 37 Dulcce

    Thank you so much for your recap !! <333 So much love for your comments, they're so hilarious and fun to read !! Thank you so much !! (I agreed with everything all the time.) Hehe.

  38. 38 Renee

    Hiya! I really like the song playing at the end of To the Beautiful You episode 7 during the preview for episode 8… does anyone know the artist/title by any chance? Thx!

    • 38.1 ctrawberry

      Isn’t it the normal ending theme J-min’s Stand up? It is a great song

      • 38.1.1 Renee

        Thx! Great addition to my running playlist 🙂

  39. 39 mino

    At first l watched it because of Minho, he is so darn cute with that baby face, l kinda smile everytime he’s on screen. mmmpphh…

    But now, everyone is this drama had hooked me up. l need this type of drama in my life that can make smile and release my tension.


  40. 40 Teji

    AHHHH!!! I love the Song of the Day so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. 41 Pweety :)

    They should dress Sulli up more like the Genie High Miss Genie, she looks soooo pretty!! 😀

    This episode got me all ticklish inside, 😛

  42. 42 oneside

    I particularly LOL-ed and cringed like hell at Jong-min’s scene at the Miss Genie pageant.

    Likewise, my eyes are seared and I might not see Kwanghee in the same light ever again. OTL

  43. 43 Mpound

    I really love this movie.Especially the song in episode 6.

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