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To the Beautiful You: Episode 7
by | September 8, 2012 | 99 Comments

Who knew that Tae-joon could be so adorable when he’s jealous? More pieces are laid down in our puzzle at Genie High. Some add up to some meaningful explanations while others throw us for another loop. There’s never a boring moment at Genie High.


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Hanna freely expresses her shock after she finds Jae-hee and Tae-joon in the gymnasium earlier, “I thought you were with some girl!”

They run into Seung-ri who tells her the school festival’s over. But leave it to Hanna to do her best oppa-pout-wiggle to change his mind. That does the trick, but when he checks to make sure she won’t stay after-hours, Hanna calls him an “old fogey” and charges ahead.

Eun-gyul remarks that Hanna is so brash that she’d be able to survive Armageddon. At this rate, she’d be able to crawl into the boys dormitory like a cockroach.

Jae-hee congratulates Eun-gyul at the news that he’s dating Da-hae. She agrees and lets slip that Da-hae is pretty even “as a girl looking at her.” Eun-gyul piques at that and once Jae-hee realizes her mistake, she covers by pointing out her wardrobe.

He takes a picture for teasing blackmail (Mhm, okay) as she leaves.

The party is in full swing when Jae-hee rejoins the group, now dressed as a boy. Hanna gets up to sing a duet with Tae-joon who refuses. The boys repeatedly chant, “Date her! Date her!” which is too much for Jae-hee to bear and she walks out.

Jae-hee shares her woes with Sangchu, pouting that she can put on a show too. So she spontaneously sings and all I can think about is how she sings as a girl while she’s dressed as a boy.

This is how Tae-joon finds her, using the excuse that it was too loud inside. He notes her changed wardrobe and Jae-hee slips again that she’s more comfortable dressing like this now.

Tae-joon tellingly asks, “Isn’t it uncomfortable to disguise yourself like that?” She looks at herself and he covers that he means the dress. He thanks her for putting in a good word for Seung-ri which gets a smile out of her.

At a distance, Hanna fumes.

Dorm 1’s plumbing system has broken down which means that they’ll have to temporarily vacate the students into the other dorms. This means it’ll be three to a room and Jong-min comes looking for Eun-gyul. He scowls when he learns that Eun-gyul has moved elsewhere.

Eun-gyul happily greets his new roomies, looking for his new bed. Tae-joon isn’t happy about the arrangement and Eun-gyul defends, “D’you think I wanna be here?”

Cut to: Eun-gyul pleading with the Dorm 1 student to change places with him to the point where he offers his precious signed Park Ji-sung soccer ball.

Tae-joon wonders aloud how he got stuck with the kids who had nowhere else to go. Eun-gyul figures that since Tae-joon hates sharing space, he’ll just bunk with Jae-hee. But Tae-joon holds him back, telling him that he has a solution: a hammock. HA.

Jae-hee offers to sleep there instead (Not making things better there) and Eun-gyul intervenes, happily hopping onto the hammock… and then falls out of it.

The students gripe about how suffocating it is to squeeze a third guy into their hotel of a dorm. Let me get you a tissue for your tears. Jong-min grumbles seeing Eun-gyul so happy with his new roommates.

I’m not sure if you can actually see anything through that telescope but kudos on a safer plan to look for Tae-joon’s necklace in a raft, Jae-hee. Eun-gyul joins her in the raft and asks if this is what she’s been doing everyday to search for the necklace.

He suggests that it might be faster to swim in the pool herself but then retracts his idea when she reminds him about her chlorine allergy. Or maybe we’ve forgotten that she had a traumatic spill into the pool a few days ago.

She playfully pushes Eun-gyul into the pool and sticks her tongue at him. Jae-hee playfully teases that she’ll only pull him back up if he calls her “hyung.” Eun-gyul resists at first and then gives in.

Hanna’s suspicion is not a force to be trifled with. She asks her manager hyung to look into “a friend” and he retorts that she doesn’t have any. She orders him to research Jae-hee and find out every last detail about her.

Back in the room, Eun-gyul asks if Jae-hee wants some ramyun but the problem is that they don’t have any. But never fear because Eun-gyul has packed everything down to a portable gas burner and notes that even the end of the world couldn’t stand in his way.

Jae-hee deduces that that would mean only he, Hanna, and the coackroach would survive and if he and Hanna got together… Eun-gyul takes issue with that: “I’d rather be with the cockroach!”

Leave it to Tae-joon to be a stick in the mud about cooking inside. I love that Eun-gyul is all, Rules were meant to be broken! but Tae-joon tells them to go eat elsewhere. Meaning, the bathroom. HAHA.

What’s better is that Tae-joon overhears them joke and laugh about it and then presses his ear to the door to listen in. Why so cute, Tae-joon?

The door unexpectedly flies open and Tae-joon falls inside. When he’s asked what he’s doing, he gives the lame excuse about the door. Eun-gyul invites him to join them to eat but Tae-joon kicks them out of the bathroom too, citing that he’s gotta go.

When they leave, Tae-joon lets out a deep sigh and hangs his head.

Eun-gyul stays up late texting with Da-hae who tells him that she misses him. He hesitates before typing out, “Me too.”

We’re not sure if he actually sends it or not but later, he sneaks up to watch Jae-hee sleeping. His heart thumps again and he sighs, “Gu Jae-hee, what are you?”

Man, I officially love seeing Tae-joon be jealous. He notices Eun-gyul watching Jae-hee in the mirror and then the two have a furious toothbrushing battle.

Just because Tae-joon and Hyun-jae are training partners now doesn’t mean they’ve checked their rivalry at the door. Even though they assist each other in practice, they still shoot glares at each other.

In the locker room, Hyun-jae asks if the rumor about the yips is true and Tae-joon responds, “Why? Do you want it to be?” Hyun-jae shrugs it off – he’s only worried as a fellow teammate.

Tae-joon explains that Hyun-jae isn’t the reason why he’s jumping again. And then he hits a nerve when he mentions that doesn’t seem to be the case for Hyun-jae. Ooh, interesting. So there’s a bigger reason than your rivalry with the top dog?

Tae-joon is in a sour mood as soon as he enters the room, snatching an old movie (Heart Is) out of Jae-hee’s hands. Jae-hee says that she likes that movie too, particularly the ending.

But Tae-joon doesn’t know… because he hasn’t seen the ending yet. Oh no, why do I get the feeling that this has to do with Mom?

Director Jang snatches snacks out of Hanna’s hands in the car, reminding her that she needs to lose weight before her competition. No matter how annoying you might be, I’m with you gaining a few pounds.

Mention of a Michelle Kim reminds the manager that it’ll be faster contacting her about “that friend” since they went to the same school. That’s news to Director Jang and Hanna plays innocent to her plan.

Tae-joon tries to plug his ears from Eun-gyul and Jae-hee’s incessant chatter. He acts annoyed, pretending to do pullups but we all know you’re jealous that they’re getting chummy.

Jae-hee apologizes for the noise and in an effort to stop distracting him, she closes the shades on him. HAHA. Oh I can watch you be jealous all day.

Aw, at least they invite Tae-joon out for a study break, teasing him that he’s not interested because he can’t bowl. His pride on the line, Tae-joon stretches out to war up.

They run into Seung-ri and the others and agree to a bowling match. Everyone seems to be a decent bowler and Jae-hee even gets a strike. Now it’s Tae-joon’s turn and he gives us a breakdown to the perfect strike.

That, however, turns out to be just a figment of his imagination. He revs up… and the ball flies out of his hands in the opposite direction. Thankfully Jae-hee catches it without injury (phew) and Tae-joon blusters that he isn’t fully warmed up yet. Which of course leads to a gutter ball.

Tae-joon sits annoyed at Jae-hee’s cheers for Eun-gyul who makes up for the gap. Eun-gyul has another little awkward jealous of his own when Tae-joon celebrates his next strike with Jae-hee.

At school, Eun-gyul enters the dorm, not finding it strange that the door was locked. He hears the shower running and his hand hovers over the handle… when Tae-joon interrupts.

How sweet – Eun-gyul shows up to the pool to search for the necklace in Jae-hee’s place. Today’s Selca of the Day tells us that he’s working hard at his friendship.

But then his precious phone drops to the bottom of the pool right next to Tae-joon’s necklace. Convenient, that.

He reaches in his pocket to return it to Jae-hee since she said it was important to her. But then he hesitates when he learns that it’s Tae-joon’s and that he lost it when he saved Jae-hee from drowning.

Da-hae calls him out on his dejected mood on their date. She’s willing to listen but is confused when he says that he must not be a good friend. When he confides in her that he’s getting jealous over an object, Da-hae pinpoints the origin – is this about Jae-hee again?

She tells him that Jae-hee is all he ever talks about and Eun-gyul laughs that it’s absurd Da-hae would be jealous of a guy.

Jong-min stops Jae-hee outside and she perks up to hear that he came across a necklace in the pool. Problem is, he dropped it by a building that will soon be demolished tomorrow.

And of course, our heroine has no reason to question him or assess in her head that it’s perfectly safe to go into a restricted area. It worries me more, however, that the door just opens, as if inviting her into danger.

The Jong-min idiot trio dress up as ghosts and start their search for Jae-hee. I love it that they scare themselves just looking at each other. Meanwhile, Dorm 1 make sure to recover their “dorm treasures” aka their porn stash. And then the two idiot teams scare each other HA.

Outside, Coach Baek attempt to impress Teacher Lee about his Marine days. Doc says that he must be able to catch ghosts then and Coach Baek puffs up that once a Marine, always a Marine.

Then the Jong-min idiot trio runs towards them and Coach Baek passes out in fright.

Tae-joon waits up in the room and calls to check on Jae-hee only to find that she’s left her phone behind.

Jae-hee finds herself locked in and she tirelessly works to break the chains. They don’t budge and she yells for help.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon runs to search for her on the grounds and he hears her muffled shouting from inside the abandoned building. He breaks through a window and runs inside.

He worriedly asks if she’s all right and then proceeds to kick the door. When that doesn’t work, he smashes the lock open. Jae-hee runs into his arms and Tae-joon comforts her.

They walk down the stairs and Tae-joon silently takes Jae-hee’s hand in his. They sit down to rest and Tae-joon adorably massages her leg. She apologizes that she couldn’t find the necklace. Tae-joon: “Even if I do get it back, nothing will change.”

Turns out, watching movies used to be Mom’s pastime and we flashback to when they watched that very movie in the hospital together. It was the day before the Olympics and they’d agreed to watch the end next time.

Mom held him back to tell her that she loved him but her voice held a ring of finality. Tae-joon thought about turning back but left anyway. So after he won the Olympics, Dad dropped the bomb about Mom’s death.

Crying now, Tae-joon breaks, “You don’t know how many times I turned the clocks back in my head. Even though it wasn’t much, we could have watched the end of that movie.”

Jae-hee hugs him and they both cry.

Hanna peruses Jae-hee’s old middle school yearbook after tracking down Jae-hee’s old classmate. She frowns at being unable to find Jae-hee but then gets pulled away just before Jae-hee’s picture.

Back in the room, Jae-hee notices that Eun-gyul’s out late. (Neither she or Tae-joon knows he left because of a text from Da-hae.) Tae-joon contemplates for a moment before pulling out the movie out of the drawer. He suggests they watch it together and she agrees.

Aw it’s little Yoo Seung-ho! Jae-hee observes Tae-joon watch the movie and they watch the rest together.

Tae-joon is delivered another cartload of fanmail and the security guard hands him one for Jae-hee: a birthday gift.

Eun-gyul is left to do a mountain of work and discovers the same tidbit. The work earns him a pass so he can attend Da-hae’s recital.

He beams with pride and does that, “That girl up there is my girlfriend” bit to the person next to him. Only that person turns out to be Da-hae’s dad. Awkward.

He takes Da-hae out shopping and then slips away to get Tae-joon’s necklace gift-wrapped for Jae-hee’s birthday present. He decides that he’ll settle his feelings with this last gift.

Dude, shopping for your crush while you’re out with your girlfriend? You are so asking to be put in the doghouse right now.

Elsewhere, Tae-joon awkwardly walks into a beauty shop for Jae-hee’s present. The clerk asks if it’s for a girlfriend and he asks for a gift that’s for a woman but doesn’t look like it’s for a woman.

Eun-gyul looks high and low for Jae-hee to learn that she’s busy doing laundry. He walks in and then wraps her in a backhug. Eep!



Although the series fell in ratings again to a series low at 4.6%, I still found it to be quite enjoyable. It even managed to get a few good laughs out of me which makes me wonder if the show has found its footing. The narrative is starting to weave together and the show even has a couple of running jokes. Like how Hanna would survive an apocalypse because, well she would with her level of tenacity.

Eun-gyul continues to be one of my favorite characters in this series. Besides from the obvious reason that he’s so darned cute, I love his inner emotional conflict. For him, attraction is literal with a thump thumping heart for Jae-hee and not for Da-hae. I’d argue that Da-hae’s a better match for him and it pains me to watch how well they get along only to know to whom he’s truly drawn to. He’s really trying in this episode to be a good boyfriend to her and I know it will just end in heartbreak for Da-hae and himself. What can do you when the timing isn’t right?

I was intrigued by Hyun-jae in the previous episode but now I’m totally invested to find out what his true motivation for working so hard at high jumping. If what Tae-joon is saying is true, then what’s more important than their rivalry? Is it fame, celebrity status, or something else? I’d love to see his drive stem from something deeper than jealousy.

Tae-joon is becoming a more interesting character every episode. We expected that Mom died at the height of his youth athletic career but we’re still so far away from knowing what caused him to pull away from high jumping all together. I loved that he shared that genuine moment of vulnerability with Jae-hee and her response was to simply be there for him.

Additionally, I love how Tae-joon’s interest in Jae-hee is growing. It was sweet that he silently took Jae-hee’s hand in his and that he makes the extra effort to get a birthday gift. Then he keeps dropping hints that he knows about her secret since we all know that Jae-hee’s not doing a very good job of hiding it nowadays. But overall, I just like seeing him jealous because it just makes my day.


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  1. wowow

    <3 Lee HyunWoo!!!! hehe thanks for the recaap!! xD

  2. Miss D

    Tae-joon tries to plug his ears from Eun-gyul and Jae-hee’s

    Hahaha I love how jealous Tae-joon was of Eun-gyul getting all chummy with his new roommate, Jae-hee 😉 wink wink

  3. crazedludrobinfacebook

    I just love the colors of this show. So pretty. And the story is still breezy. Fuuun.

  4. becca_boo

    Aww, I love Tae-joon: when he’s taking care of Jae-hee, when he’s sad about Mom, and ESPECIALLY when he’s jealous and/or being awkward about his crush. When he walked into that beauty shop, all awkward and jumpy, I couldn’t stop laughing. Same when we thought he was doing pull-ups and it turned out he was standing on the shelf. HA! Why so Cuuuuuute?

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  5. Hayat

    Thank you for recap

  6. my_diaries

    Is Lee Hyun Woo can really play football ? He loos good at it or his acting is very good ^^ I thought as bothh

  7. alexandrasi

    I far prefer Minho’s portrayal of the Taejoon/Sano character to Oguri’s/Wu Chun’s. Although I wish someone else was in the role of Jae-hee.

    Thz 4 the recap.

    • 7.1 shelhass


      And stop badmouthing MinHo. He’s doing a good job.
      I think this people don’t even watch the show.

    • 7.2 hajae

      I think it’s got a lot to do with how the character is written. Sano is actually more of a shy kind of guy, not stoic. He’s also actually quite close to his friends and goes. Which is why I didn’t understand why in the jdrama adaption, Sano was just so… cold. And hence, the reason why I like Sano in the kdrama adaption more. He’s more true to his manga character.

    • 7.3 dorama

      Sano was too bland of a character for Oguri to instill any life into him. That character was a snooze-fest. That said, Oguri is absolutely killing it in Rich Man Poor Woman. He’s breathtaking on the dorama. Among the top 5 male performances from the Asian dramas I’ve seen thus far.

    • 7.4 k-soup

      he’s acting is actually fine.. I’ve read the manga and he has the closest portrayal of the original Sano

    • 7.5 hanabi

      I’m also happy with Minho’s Taejoon/Sano.
      The way Sano was written for Oguri was so boring. He showed little to no attachment to Mizuki.
      I love Taejoon’s jealousy and his clearly growing feelings for Jae Hee. I agree that his character is more in line with manga Sano.

      • 7.5.1 redfox

        I like his acting too. It is so “It´s totally unlike me but I cant stop myself” and “If I dont look out for her, she´s headed for disasters!” just like in the manga. turning the guys´ mind into a one-way tunnel, his mind always fixated on her.

    • 7.6 Laya

      I like Min-ho’s Tae-joon a lot. It’s very close to the manga Sano. He even has Sano’s favorite mannerism of patting Ashiya’s hair.

  8. Honey

    hmm.. do you think that the show could increase in ratings now that bridal mask aired its final episode? Or is that just wishful thinking?

    I’ve seen a lot of people blaming Min Ho alone for the low ratings, which is very harsh and unrealistic, imo. Besides, I think he’s doing a good job considering its his first lead role…

    I agree, I think the show gets better and better with each episode! It’s fresh and cute.. an easy watch after a long day 🙂

    • 8.1 kiryuu

      I think Salamander Guru was Minho first lead role..

  9. Ivoire

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  10. 10 Ashley

    Please remind me, does Jae-hee know that Tae-joon knows she’s a girl?

    • 10.1 becca_boo

      Nope. As with all things, she’s pretty oblivious. : )

  11. 11 shelhass

    Hyun-jae is such a interesting character, right?! I am really invested on him, ever since that episode 1, when he kept that picture of Tae-joon in his locker.

    Oh, please more jealous Tae-joon! MinHo is so adorable right now I could watch him into it all day long. Would someone give him an entire episode of jealous bickering or somwthing of the sorts?!

    Oh, Is it my eyes or I saw a Kristen Stewart pic at that school yearbook? LOL

    • 11.1 kewbie

      I think there was also a picture of Zac Efron in that yearbook. At least that’s what I saw on twitter. Thanks for the recap, gummi!

      • 11.1.1 Honey

        and Justin Beiber too haha


      • 11.1.2 becca_boo

        Matt Damon, Mick Jagger… this is hilarious!

      • 11.1.3 crazedludrobinfacebook

        Pwahaha. Wow. They would. Hahaha.

      • 11.1.4 bigwink

        And Mac Jacob, Jake Zilenhal, and if my eyes were right.. Glee Cast? Pffftttt what the heaven! Busy class i’m sure

      • 11.1.5 gummimochi

        O M G. I did NOT realize this but that is the most hilarious thing ever. Thanks for sharing! (dies of laughter)

    • 11.2 shelhass

      it’s here:


      It’s Kstew for sure.

    • 11.3 Ashley

      Kevin Mchale under the name “Glee Cast” hahahaha.

  12. 12 Q

    I wish TaeJoon and HyunJae would just be friends already ~_~ both of them are pining for it. Also am loving all the gratuitous eye candy in this drama.

    But I do wish the writer would elaborate a little more on the other characters. Most of the supporting cast still feel quite bland and one-dimensional to me. For example, in the next episode TaeJoon says Hanna is blunt but kind-hearted … Where is his basis for this?? Being kind to one person is not kindness. She exists in the script just to antagonise JaeHee and make her feel inept as an admirer of TaeJoon. I put this down to poor writing, as I quite like the actress’ portrayal, but feel that for such an important role it is quite lacking in depth.

  13. 13 UJ

    I really wanna watch this drama…dont care much abt the ratings..it gives me the same vibes as playful kiss…it may not have much substance or story but it does manage to make you feel kinda happy on the inside^^ not every drama can be as brilliant as say coffee prince or city hunter…having seen the first epi there are a few things that irked me but on the whole i found it to be light and cute!

    • 13.1 Honey

      This is so off topic haha but anyway:

      soooo many people recommended playful kiss for me when I first got into k-drama.

      to be honest, I liked all the characters except the main leads.. the girl was an idiot that lives her life for a boy who really doesn’t deserve it in any way. He takes her for granted and the only things going for him are his face and his brains. that’s it. and they end up GETTING MARRIED first year into college. the whole thing is a pain in the head, the cute parts were cute but they could only help so much. I would never recommend that drama to anyone tbqh.

      TTBY is definitely not as great as say Coffee Prince (that drama is amazing) but I wouldn’t put it on Playful kiss’s level either.

      • 13.1.1 mino

        Yeah, l agree with u. All my friends recommended me as well to watch Playful Kiss of which l did. Then, l somehow think its so boring lame with Kim Hyn Joong as a robot boy no matter how cute it was. l’m sori, but that drama is just so not for me.

        Btw, l’m a fan of Shinee Minho. TTBY seems like a very light drama with no heavy emotion involve. Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo and all the casts are actually adorable. l enjoy watching them and for this ep, l laughed a few times cos of Tae Joon’s jealousy.

        It may be not a good drama as others to win award, but i is enjoyable, adorable, cute and l can watch it few times to see all the cuteness of them.

        The ratings kinda low, who knows with the ending of Bridal Masks, it will shoo up. Let’s see how’s Nice Guy’s ratings after competing with TTBY since it also a light drama.

        • Honey

          yeah, I agree 🙂

          well, it’ll be interesting to see how the ratings turn out for the rest half of the series, but I’ll be finishing it either way so it doesn’t really matter to me haha

      • 13.1.2 ness36

        hello , i agree with you , when i first watched playfull kiss , i appreciated it because it was one of my first dramas but now that i ve seen many i think the acting of hyung joong was bas more like a robot even when saying he likes her or hugging her , i haven’t started yet TTBY because i prefer when the drama ends to start watching it but i read the recaps and watch some scenes , and i find it enjoyable i will give it a try when it ends .

  14. 14 shelhass

    How come Gummi let Tae-joon get away with being scared by the cat!

    OMO, I laughed so hard at that!

    • 14.1 umalily

      Me too! Great reaction from Minho. He screamed like a girl!

    • 14.2 Laica

      Yeah, that was hilarious! I love when TJ loses his cool and then tries to act all smooth afterwards.

    • 14.3 Laya

      I was very annoyed at Jaehee for walking into that building, but Taejoon made up for it with his reaction to that cat. And screaming for his mom!! :))

  15. 15 Jeannette

    This episode was SO CUTE! I love a jealous Tae-Joon. One thing that got me was how scared Jae-Hee was to be locked in a room but didn’t seem nearly as afraid when she was assaulted by that child rapist a few episodes back.

    • 15.1 Autumn

      Logic must be thrown out the window when watching this show, I swear…

    • 15.2 Gom

      Haha. I was laughing so hard. I was like, What is up with these two? The girl’s fine. It’s not like she’s dying. Calm yourselves!

      • 15.2.1 Bea

        I though that too, but on the other hand, if nobody found her she would really die the following day since the building is being destroyed to build a new one. At least that’s what she thinks based on the info she has.

        • Jeannette

          I thought that too, but she could have broken a window with a chair or something and yelled later on (or someone would be walking by eventually etc etc) but seriously, this show has no logic and I don’t mind one bit. When Tae-joon appears with his necklace on after he lost it and before it was found I was like…”Whatevs.” lol

  16. 16 NN

    Thanks for the recaps! The show’s not Shakespeare but it’s certainly enjoyable. All the leads are doing credible jobs so I hope Min Ho doesn’t get too down on himself.

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.I rewatched the staircase scene a few times.Nothing beats the first time an OTP holds hands in a K drama.Makes me squeal with joy and more heartwarming than a fall into sex at a first meeting in an American movie these days.
    Now that my brain just skips the dumb parts in the drama I am really enjoying Tae Joon falling in love.Hehe.Or are they too young?In like ?

  18. 18 Autumn

    Hyun-Jae is secretly in love with Tae-Joon.

    • 18.1 maldita

      THIS SO MUCH. LOL it explains everything, really.

      • 18.1.1 Honey

        The sexual tension is obvious! XD

    • 18.2 wanderlust


      it all makes sense now!!

      Totally an agressive version of the Yoon Jae + Joon Hee love line in Reply 1997 🙂

    • 18.3 Lemon

      Totally agree!

      “Tae-joon explains that Hyun-jae isn’t the reason why he’s jumping again. And then he hits a nerve when he mentions that doesn’t seem to be the case for Hyun-jae. Ooh, interesting. So there’s a bigger reason than your rivalry with the top dog?”

      I thought Taejoon meant that although his reason for jumping again is not because of Hyun Jae, Hyun Jae’s reason for jumping IS because of him (Taejoon).

      Which means… Hyun Jae <3 Tae Joon? LOL.

  19. 19 raky

    if that pink box of TJ’s gift to JH isn’t obvious enough for JH to have a clue that TJ knows she’s a girl, then I don’t know if any hints he drop on her will work..I luv that JH’s character is so much like ashiya in the manga, she is so oblivious and has no clue whatsoever that TJ knows she’s a girl..hehe

  20. 20 panshel

    Jealous Tae Joon is adorable, but Worried Tae Joon is more adorable. Gawd, is Jae Hee going to need saving every episode? =_= This is getting tiresome. Why is Tae Joon freaking out so much? It’s not like she will die from being just locked in a room. I guess since the building was set to be demolished anyways, there was no harm in breaking a few windows and doors…

    Eun Gyul had his share of creepster moments this episode. First, sneaking upstairs to watch Jae Hee sleep, but I was disgusted at him trying to sneak a peek of her in the shower. That back hug made up for it, though.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 20.1 redfox

      I thought it silly how he broke the door instead of calling the guard but I guess he did not want jae hee to be busted of going into a prohibited area.

  21. 21 umalily

    “I was intrigued by Hyun Jae’…could it be because he takes off his shirt in a lot of episodes?

    I thoroughly enjoyed jealous Tae joon. I laughed delightedly aloud. Too bad the ratings don’t follow the show it’s improving.

    • 21.1 jomo

      I was intrigued by Hyun Jae’…could it be because he takes off his shirt in a lot of episodes?

      Yes. I didn’t realize I needed other reasons…

      I like the contrast between these rivals looks.
      TJ is all pretty handsome and HJ is rugged handsome.
      I have to admit HJ would be my choice if I were forced to repopulate the planet with one of them.
      (It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.)

  22. 22 k-soup

    oh, the hell with ratings! this is a one heck of a fun and cute drama. So light and easy to tune in. Never been in love since Moon that embraces the sun. 🙂

  23. 23 reglest

    I think it’s safe to say that Korean version might be the closest one to the manga *though I still missing akiyama the ghost boy and the beautiful boy*
    And to say that Minho is the perfect one to play Sano..his jealousy is just sooooo cuteeee! I can watch it again and again!

    And Sulli, hwaaa..never do I thought you can do good as man, but you do it!
    And Lee Hyun Woo, do you know how much I love you? :*

    • 23.1 Laica

      I was hoping all the references to a school ghost in this episode might mean the ghost boy would finally appear… but alas, I was wrong.

    • 23.2 hanabi

      I think you’re right about following the manga. At first I was upset that some of the fun characters aren’t there (ghost boy, Nakao) and that the dorm heads and the dr. are different. That made me start reading the manga again. Then I realized how much of the fun stuff is showing up in the drama and I started to enjoy it. I like that we’re getting more interaction in the dorm and less with the agent lady.

      Yes, logic is tossed out in the show, but the same goes for the source material. It’s a comic.

  24. 24 Laica

    This was a cute episode. Jealous Tae-joon is hilarious. Especially when he was apparently doing chin-ups on the bunk bed – and then we see him standing on the bookshelf so he can see what they’re doing. HA.

    However, I’m starting to get kind annoyed by Jae-hee’s character, and that’s making me lose my investment in the OTP. She’s just. So. Dumb. And not in a non-book smart way (which, she’s actually supposed to have been a top student in her previous school, I don’t even), but in a way that makes you wonder how she survived to age 17. I realize why they’ve made her dumb; it’s because she would have to be in order to do what she’s doing. Which is the fault of lazy writing. If they had given her a more convincing reason for coming to Genie High, they could have made her less of a space cadet. Urgh.

    Eun-gyul was very cute in this episode, as usual. I feel bad for his soon-to-be broken heart. Come to noona, dear. I’ll comfort you.

    Also, the actor who plays Hyun-jae? *fans self* Who is he and can I claim him?

    • 24.1 Laica

      And, I love Coach Baek. He cracks me up! And the way he talks reminds me of Cha Seung-won in Dook Jin mode. Hehe.

      • 24.1.1 Laica

        Er, I meant “Dokko Jin.”

  25. 25 Honey

    Kang Ha Neul.. and nope, you cannot claim him.. that fine man is ought to be shared.

    • 25.1 Laica

      Aw. Okay. We can share him. 🙂

      • 25.1.1 shelhass

        Yes, let’s share him. Lots of noonas to take care of him.

  26. 26 Rovi

    Good points:
    -Eun-gyeol = Hong-ki/Jeremy + Ikuta Toma cuteness/adorbs~! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*~!!!
    -Tae-joon’s jealousy. Shawols and K-Pop fans alive swear it’s the Flaming Charisma’s ultra-competitiveness. *snerk*

    • 26.1 Gom

      OMG. That’s it! I keep thinking Eun Gyeol sure reminds me of someone. And you’re right! It’s Jeremy! Aaaw.

  27. 27 ani

    Haha this is so sad.. but I actually forgot that jaehee didn’t know taejoon knew she was a girl. I sorta forgot that tidbit when you said throw logic out the window lol.. i guess i threw out to much logic huh? Oh well, but when I was reading the recap I was like wait what! I thought she knew that he knew.. my goodness because that’s how obvious it was just by everything that happened! haha so frustrating! but who cares because i’m addicted to this drama and I’m gonna keep watching 😛

  28. 28 Lang

    Am I the only one who wants Hanna to fall in love with Jae Hae before she finds out she’s actually a girl ? I think it would make for some hilarious scenes…

    • 28.1 hanabi

      Hadn’t thought of that, but it would be fun. Doesn’t seem likely, though

    • 28.2 Lemon

      Lol that’d be like She’s The Man!

  29. 29 Dara

    Poor HJ, he high-jumped in every episode haha. But he’s hot or what? Actually, eh.. I adore the whole dorms hehe.

  30. 30 Jibbs

    I love this drama. its fluffy and breezy…plus its great to look at.

    i think minho is doing a fantastic job with the character. but i wish u “recap-ped” tae joon screaming like a girl over the cat. and the reason jae hee was so frightened..actually the reason they were all so frightened of the building i.e. tae joon, the ghosts and the dorm leader was because of the ghost stories circulating around that building ;furthermore i think there was a recent suicide mentioned during the show as well.

    i actually really like hyun jae as well. i can’t blame him for his jealously. i mean here is a guy who works so hard…deserves to be number 1 but is always number 2. its gotta be frustrating…however i still want tae joon to kick his ass at high jumping. GO TAE JOON!! MIN HO FIGHTING!!!!

  31. 31 Laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    When Hanna did that OPW I knew Seung-ri would cave, LOL. Has there ever been a K-drama instant when the OPW didn’t work?

    I was very annoyed at Jae-hee for walking into that building, but man does she ever have luck– she avoids Jong-min’s prank and Tae-joon rescues her. And I stopped being annoyed when Tae-joon screamed “OMMA!!”

    Tae-joon’s jealousy was so cute. And trying to be sneaky going into that Etude House store to get a present for Jae-hee too, although I was thinking “What? Beauty products? Oh man, you’re so obvious.” Since beauty products are such intimate gifts and the kind of stuff you’d think to give to a girlfriend.

  32. 32 Gom

    Thanks for the recap, Gummi!

    This episode (and the next one) is packed with the cute. I know at some point we’d have to really go into all that serious stuff (mother’s death, why he stopped jumping, etc) and I’m deathly afraid of how that is going to be handled. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the fluff. And the cute. And the super random funny moments like Taejoon screaming at the cat and Eun Gyeol’s wild imaginations and the epic battle that will take place in the next episode. They’re not even THAT funny per se but I love how the show doesn’t take itself too seriously at this point.

    That, and the fact that everyone’s so good looking. Ugh, I feel bad but those pretty faces are just… they’re pulling me into this drama! Damn. (Okay, I just had to get that out of my chest once again.)

    • 32.1 Gom

      Oh, and I think the cutest part was when Taejoon was pretending he was working out, just so he can take a peek at the two. Then when Jae Hee closed the curtain, we see he was standing on a block all this time. And to make the scene even cuter, he very silently puts it back to its place, along with the flower vases.

      So freakin’ cute. That went up my list of the Cutest Moments in Kdrama history. 🙂

      • 32.1.1 Lemon

        Omg yea! I loved it when he quietly shifted back the shelf and replaced all the flower vases, while looking towards Jae Hee and Eun Gyul’s direction the whole time. Totally adorbs, haha.

  33. 33 makke

    Thanks for the recap!

    It’s really fun and enjoyable to watch the TTBY, all the characters are good…it suited perfectly well with the lead actor & actress. I thought Sulli can’t pull it off but she does. She really does it well. Minho is also good.

    Basically I like the japanese drama of Hana Kimi (I’m an Oguri Shun fan) however watching TTBY I’m having fun watching it and keeps on looking forward for the next episode. I just don’t like the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi, Ella is so manly.

  34. 34 Brian

    What is the name of the song Han Na sings and then Sulli later sings in the show? I seem to remember hearing it from somewhere but I can’t remember. Also, when we’re young I think every guy wishes they had a roommate as cute as Gu Jae Hee. And finally — their dorm rooms are definitely amazingly nice. Most college students that live 3 to a room have much less room than that! Genie high must be a top prep school where the tuition is incredibly high!

    • 34.1 panshel

      Hanna and Jae Hee were singing “Nagging” by IU and SeulOng.

      The Korean version has the nicest dorms out of all the Hana Kimi adaptations. A spiral staircase? *_*

      • 34.1.1 Brian

        Thank you — i knew i heard ths ong somewhere 🙂

        And LOL about the dorms as the best out of all the Hana Kimi adaptations. My point was that their dorms are the nicest I’ve ever seen for students. Not only do they have the spiral staircase leading to the loft area for privacy, they also have their own restroom (although before the lock was fixed it was used by their fellow dorm mates). I wish my college dorm room was half that nice — and had it’s own bathroom. I suppose having the communal bathrooms that we had would have made hiding Jae Hee’s gender nearly impossible, LOL.

  35. 35 Yue

    Jealous Tae-joon is just darling. I find it too adorable that I can’t stop watching. I think it’s probably the only reason as to why I keep watching the series. I don’t think I would ever be able to stop comparing it with the Japanese or the Taiwanese version, but, I can say that Min Ho is on the right track on making me liking his character Tae-joon more than I did Shun’s Sano. Because Sano was always a bit difficult in comparison to Tae-joon. Sano is a little bit more discreet, a little bit more distant and he never really actually share much of himself with anyone – not even Ashiya even when his motivation for something is Ashiya. Tae-joon from what I can see is a bit more transparent compare to the Taiwan version (I actually forgot Wu Chun’s character name) and the Japanese version. I think if the others were actually looking — they could really see it.

    And I am still bitter that Ghost Boy is not in this version — or Sekime even, I liked them in the Japanese version — A LOT… *sighs* Can’t have them all.

  36. 36 holdtheaegyo

    I love this show!
    Does anybody else find Hyun Jae crazy attractive? He’s kind of jerky but I’ll overlook it.

  37. 37 redfox

    dont tell me I am the only one who noticed Eun-Gyul´s rainbow-colored T-shirt? Is he expressing his presumable orientation LOL

  38. 38 jubilantia

    I “aaaaaw”ed about a million times in this episode. I like that the conflicts were relatively small (although, really guys: just call the security guard to unlock the door!). Tae-joon’s and Eun-gyul’s pissing contests are adorable and hilarious, because they each like a different one of her personas. Tae-joon’s actor is doing a great job of being sweet and trying his darndest to hide it without being boring, although he will never out-cute Eun-gyul.

    I am also fascinated by Hyun-jae’s story. My theory is that he comes from a poor background, unlike Tae-joon, and that high-jumping is his chance to make it in life and support his family, rather than just high school. I am also a huge fan of the hate chemistry he and Tae-joon have- and I really think they should just make out already, because that workout montage was HOT.

  39. 39 Laurentian

    You’re quite accurate. I’d loved to have Jae Hee/Sulli as an undercover roommate during my dorm years. Of course I wouldn’t be responsible for what I’d do to her if she gets too… liberal. You litterally cannot rationalize or the control the hormones of a male in his late teens.

    And before someone calls me a pig; C’mon! We got noonas and ajummas here fangirling on Eun Gyul. Oppas and men-of-a-distinguished-age should be able to do the same! (I’m the former in case anybody is wondering – lessens the creepo factor somewhat)

    • 39.1 Brian

      LOL I won’t call you a pig — I’m with you. In fact, either we’re both pigs or we’re both not! And yes, if the girls can fangirl we can at least dream of what could have been 🙂

  40. 40 ngocng08

    Minho is improving! (or the writing for Tae-joon is channeling Sano Izumi much better)
    Now, phew, I see my Sano in Minho => CUTEEE!
    But why Kang Ha-Neul is so HOT? *.* *.*
    Cute and hot, which should I choose?

  41. 41 FeKimi

    I found this episode kind of boring.
    I only found the point that makes me giggles is when Tae Joon feels jealous. And, in some angle of camera he looks like Sano in human version.

  42. 42 Purpleclouds

    When did he find out she is a girl??? I’m so lost.

    • 42.1 Honey

      in episode 4

    • 42.2 Brian

      Taejoon over hears Daniel scolding Jae Hee for being a girl in an all boys school. Ironically he’s scolding her in both English and Korean, but he happens to mention the girl part in Korean, thus allowing Tae Joon to understand him, lucky break for him, eh?

      • 42.2.1 Honey

        I think Taejoon understands English too though.. After all, he read her email to the couch before running after her, and the email was purely in english.

  43. 43 tisha

    what was the movie that they were watching?

  44. 44 emily

    Am I the only one who thought Tae-joon and Eun-gyul started furiously brushing their teeth to escape having to be in the bathroom with Jae-hee while she was brushing her teeth which looked so suggestive? Excuse me if I’m the only one who had this strange thought LOL

  45. 45 kayla

    so awsome !! so sweet

  46. 46 priyanga

    i like you all

  47. 47 priyanga from tamilnadu

    i love u sooooooooooo much

  48. 48 priyanga from tamilnadu

    kang tae joon, gyul,jae hee all my friends…

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