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To the Beautiful You: Episode 9
by | September 15, 2012 | 106 Comments

How’s a girl to choose between three of the most adorable boys ever? Another suitor drops by Genie High to complete the cutest love triangle of jealousy ever. But instead of all fighting for the same girl, this girl is thinking that you should fight over each other. You know — just a suggestion.

I like Tae-joon best. No, Eun-gyul. Wait, Jung-hoon. *pulls out hair*


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Around the campfire, Eun-gyul builds up to his grand confession as Jae-hee is unsurprisingly distracted. He starts, “I…”

…and gets interrupted by the meteor shower. Jae-hee hurries to make a wish and Eun-gyul gazes at her with a warm smile. At the same time, Tae-joon watches from the car.

Eun-gyul casually asks what Jae-hee wished for and she answers, “That Tae-joon would fly like before.” He complains that Tae-joon is all Jae-hee ever talks about and is surprised to hear that he’s the reason why she’s here.

In a lowered voice, she adds that if she didn’t come, “I wouldn’t have been able to stand it.”

You can almost hear his heart drop as Jae-hee continues her Tae-joon accolade. Girl could write a manifesto on how much she idolizes him.

The moment gone, Eun-gyul sweeps his confession under the rug.

He hesitantly asks, “If it was me… would you still have done it?” Would she still have come if it was him who got her through those difficult times? Jae-hee replies that she probably would have and he lights up, satisfied with that answer for now.

She suddenly smells something burning and Eun-gyul smugly acknowledges it as his burning heart. Ha – taking a page from Eric, are we?

But no, it’s his soles and not his heart melting by the campfire.

Hanna chases after Tae-joon, shouting that there’s no way she’s ever ever going to let her Oppa leave for Canada to train with Coach Holton. He lets her down gently and then asks why Hanna likes him so much.

She pouts that she doesn’t know – he was always by her side and the only one who stuck around. Aww. His little laugh of amusement gets her even more upset – doesn’t he know how happy she is that it’s Tae-joon and not someone else?

Tae-joon simply thanks her for relaying the news about Canada with a little pat on the head. Still just a dongsaeng in Oppa’s eyes.

Eun-gyul arrives at school sporting a mighty fine new ‘do. He’s slightly disheartened when Jae-hee doesn’t recognize it, thinking back to when she made a casual remark some time earlier.

Tae-joon’s thoughts are preoccupied with last night’s conversation with Dad. An email was the reason for Coach Holton’s change of heart, Dad told him. He’ll take care of everything, so all Tae-joon needs to do is be ready.

Jong-min sidles up to Eun-gyul to report a rumor about a perv who’s been creeping around Serin Girls High. To make it worse, the perpetrator allegedly drove off after he failed to drag a girl into his car. Please don’t let it be McCreeperson making a comeback so soon.

Tae-joon adorably takes a picture of Jae-hee playing basketball on his phone (Hi there obvious product placement!), smiling to himself when it comes out well. When Jae-hee waves in his direction, he pretends to be taking a selca instead.

Afterward, Jae-hee belatedly realizes she forgot her phone and backtracks to retrieve it. Just then, a white convertible pulls up right in front of her.

The mysterious man pushes her into the passenger seat, ignoring her protests while the boys stand around. Didn’t you just hear there was a creeper in the area?

Finally recalling Jong-min’s words, Tae-joon takes off running and keeps up for a fair distance before he falls behind. In the car, Jae-hee demands to know who he is. Her abductor chuckles, “Can’t you tell? I’m kidnapping you right now.”

Disappointed that Jae-hee still doesn’t recognize him, he takes off his shades. “Long time, no see.” Meet KIM JUNG-HOON (Kim Woo-bin) aka John Kim, and Jae-hee is happily surprised to see him.

But before they can exchange pleasantries, Tae-joon shows up with a greeting of his own: a punch to the face. Tae-joon asks if Jae-hee’s all right and grabs Jung-hoon by the shirtfront.

Jae-hee intervenes before things escalate any further and Jung-hoon scoffs, “You’re Tae-joon, right?” They glare at each other.

Turns out that Jung-hoon was in on Jae-hee’s secret and he asks about how life in a boys dorm is treating her. He’s impressed that she’s lasted so long, figuring she’d be outed in a week. You and me both, buddy.

We flashback to when Jae-hee dropped by his studio, pleading for his help. He’d brushed her away, annoyed and skeptical at the entire situation. But then her chopped locks stopped him in his tracks and changed his mind.

He asked, “Who do you take after to be this idiotic?” Another Voice of Reason? You are most welcome here, sir.

Now that he thinks about it, he jokes that he should have tried harder to talk her out of it. He pinches her cheeks, much to her annoyance, when they’re joined by Tae-joon. We learn that Jung-hoon is a wee bit of a respected photographer who quit university. The reason: “It looks cooler when I meet girls.”

She asks after the reason why Jung-hoon is in Korea and spits up when he matter-of-factly answers, “Because I missed you.”

Jung-hoon tosses out that he was Jae-hee’s first love and her first kiss. She bolts out of her chair to cover his mouth before he can spill anything else and laughs that it’s absurd that her first love would be a guy. (I think this guy would say otherwise.)

I wouldn’t worry that he’ll be the one to out you – you seem to be doing a fair job of that on your own. Jealous Tae-joon makes a triumphant return, sending death glares to Jung-hoon and balling up his fist.

Eun-gyul lies bed, contemplating whether or not he should pretend to be crazy and confess his feelings. Yay more Eun-gyul daydreams!

This time he dreams of pushing Jae-hee up against the wall declaring, “Listen up because I’m only going to say this once. I like you. No… I love you Gu Jae-hee!” The next minute, we see him in handcuffs as Jae-hee and Tae-joon tsk tsks at him.

What about if he gets picked for the national soccer team? Jae-hee would be so proud and Tae-joon would gape, “Compared to Eun-gyul, I’m no better than a worm!” HA.

Tae-joon gets called away to the agency, leaving Jung-hoon to drive Jae-hee back to school. He asks if she’s sure that Tae-joon is still in the dark about her secret. He’s skeptical and remarks, “No matter how dense the guy is, what idiot wouldn’t know if his roommate’s a guy or a girl?”

He reminds her that guys have a sixth sense when it comes to these things but Jae-hee is convinced that Tae-joon hasn’t figured it out yet. *facepalm*

She tells him that Tae-joon is different – he doesn’t think about girls all the time unlike someone else she knows. Jung-hoon quips, “How did you know?”

And then adds, “It’s not girls… but [a] girl.” Eeeep!

Director Jang brings up the news about Canada and Tae-joon tells her that he’ll think about it. He’s got a lot on his mind and in an aegyo voice, he asks if she can treat him to a meal.

He climbs up the loft to check on Jae-hee and stops when he hears her murmur his name in her sleep. He tucks her in and smiles that her email to Coach Holton must have worked.

He ponders whether going to Canada would be the right decision to make and he recalls all their memories together, both the good and bad.

A surprise appearance from Jung-hoon gets Jae-hee in trouble for speaking in banmal in class. But how can you be mad when he’s making those adorable faces?

She tells Jung-hoon to cut it out at lunch but he replies that he’s here because he missed her. Aw. He continues to tease her while at a nearby table, Eun-gyul and Tae-joon fume in jealousy.

The principal awes over Jung-hoon and then mistakenly introduces him as John Park. Jung-hoon politely correct that he’s John Kim the photographer, not John Park the singer. No matter because the principal laughs off his err with a pun (John Kim sounds similar to joeungim or “good feeling”).

Teacher Lee is impressed by the pretty (Who wouldn’t be?) and Coach Baek’s jealousy shines through, answering that Jung-hoon, “takes some photos for some newspaper.” The principal snaps: “The Times!” (aka the New York Times.)

Jung-hoon gets to work but Tae-joon confronts him that he’d rather not be photographed. Tae-joon is the most photogenic of the bunch, Jung-hoon defends. Plus, doesn’t he shoot all those CFs and photoshoots? Touché.

He finds nothing wrong with it since he obtained consent from both the school and his management company. Adding fuel to the fire, Jae-hee comes to Tae-joon’s defense that a photographer should respect if a subject doesn’t want to be photographed.

He’s miffed that she’s taking the golden boy’s side and she pulls Jong-hoon away.

Tae-joon waits up for Jae-hee later that night, exerting his worry by working out (rawr). He imagines Jung-hoon kissing Jae-hee beneath a broken streetlamp. The thought worries him and he runs out… the very moment Jae-hee returns from dinner.

He asks in that I-don’t-care-but-I-do tone if anything happened. She denies it and then apologizes for Jung-hoon’s earlier behavior. Tae-joong puffs up that he’s so not pissed about that. He then retreats to the bathroom, letting out a deep breath.

Elsewhere, Jung-hoon tells his assistant to clear his morning schedule – he’s got a date.

The next morning, Tae-joon overhears Jae-hee making plans to do some sightseeing with Jung-hoon. He catches her before she heads out – is it just the two of them?

When she shrugs that she’ll just ask if they get lost but Tae-joon puts his foot down. In a overly exasperated tone, he says that that won’t do – he’ll have to go with them.

She asks why he insists and Tae-joon retorts, “I just want to ensure that he gets the correct impression of Seoul.” That’s right – you stick to your denial!

Then we learn that Tae-joon isn’t much of a guide either and Eun-gyul tags along. Guess you’ll have to add one more to to your party.

The four explore Seoul together, shopping and snacking as Jung-hoon snaps pictures. They stop at a cafe and when Jung-hoon orders an espresso, the other boys are quick to change their order. Jung-hoon holds back his laughter.

I love how the younger boys stare at the cup like it’s some foreign object. Eun-gyul recoils after a sip but Tae-joon downs the shot.

Tae-joon covers that he’s an occasional java drinker and to keep up the ruse, declining Jae-hee’s juice as a chaser.

Jung-hoon brings the kids to his studio and Tae-joon slips away to explore. Aw, I forgot you’re an amateur photographer. He stops at a large portrait of Jae-hee smiling and he beams, putting a hand to her cheek.

A voice comments that he’s never seen Jae-hee smile so brightly as she did in that photo. It’s Jung-hoon, who adds, “…until she knew you.” Aw, break my heart why don’t ya.

He confronts Tae-joon about whether he knows Jae-hee’s a girl and then curiously asks why Tae-joon pretends like he doesn’t. But if Tae-joon does know then that’s a different story. He firmly asks, “What do you think of her?”

At school, Seung-ri pines over his budding crush on Hanna. Who should then appear than the princess herself, who hops over the stairwell like the gymnast she is.

I kinda love that his cool act falls apart in her presence and adorably stammers that she can’t be here. He gets miffed when she insults him and for a moment, convinces himself for being so enamored with her in the first place.

Which then of course he sees her in a new light. She scurries off and he stutters again. Heh.

Back at the studio, Jung-hoon’s assistant informs him that their models have pulled out last minute – where are they going to find replacements?

Cut to: Eun-gyul and Tae-joon modeling in front of the camera. You can thank me for the pretty later.

Eun-gyul (in his guyliner) wonders how someone as stubborn as Tae-joon was persuaded to model anyway – does Jung-hoon have something over him? But we see that all it took was one simple request from Jae-hee to win him over.

Jung-hoon calls out his next direction, telling Tae-joon to act as if he’s looking at the woman he loves. When Tae-joon hesitates, Jung-hoon flippantly adds to think of anyone who comes to mind. He looks away from the camera.

On their way back, Jae-hee starts coughing from the cold and before Tae-joon can offer his sweater, Jung-hoon hands his over first. Jae-hee’s burning up by the time they’re back in their room. It’s sweet how his concern towards her is so transparent.

She assures him that she’s fine and Tae-joon teases her that idiots don’t catch colds.

Eun-gyul is still deadset on his dream to make it to the national team to impress Jae-hee. Coach is let down that he’s not who Eun-gyul wants to show off to and asks, “Are you going to backstab me?”

The soccer star laughs that it’s ridiculous. He kicks… and the ball strikes Coach square in the back of his head. (The expressions “to backstab” and “hit in the back of the head” are the same in Korean.) AHAHAHA – so punny.

Doc congratulates Tae-joon about the news of Canada and Coach Holton – does this mean he’ll be heading overseas? Tae-joon isn’t sure but Doc sees it as a simple decision since this is what Tae-joon has longed for and the opportunity has finally come.

Tae-joon is still on the fence about it so Doc advises him that if you examine the problem in simple terms, the answer will present itself. And if Tae-joon doesn’t want to go to Canada then isn’t the answer obvious? “Something more precious than Holton must be here.”

He returns to a darkened room and Jae-hee says that she was just about to change the lightbulb. Both Jung-hoon and Doc’s words resound in his head as he watches her stand on the stool. Then he gets up and hugs her, much to her surprise.

It takes him a minute before the situation registers in his brain and then makes the excuse that he slipped. She’s baffled and he comments that he can think a little clearer now and walks out.

She wonders aloud, “Did he find out that I’m a girl?” No kidding, Sherlock.

Jung-hoon reviews the pictures on his computer and one of Tae-joon’s shots gives him pause. He notices that Tae-joon is looking away from the camera and wonders what he’s looking at. He zooms in to find out who he’s looking at: Jae-hee.

He gets a surprise visitor in the form of Tae-joon and greets, “It looks like you won’t be giving in either.”

Tae-joon is here to answer Jung-hoon’s earlier question. He did know that Jae-hee was a girl. And why he pretended not to know? “Because now… I want her to stay by my side.” Finally, he admits it!

What better way then to fight over the girl you like over a 1:1 basketball match? They fight dirty, pushing each other to scrape each and every point.

At a certain point, Jung-hoon asks for a further clarification about Tae-joon’s declaration. Tae-joon retorts that it’s none of his business and sinks a 3-pointer to end the game.

Jung-hoon calls it null and tells him that now that he’s aware of Tae-joon’s feelings, he won’t be backing down. In fact, he’ll make sure to bring Jae-hee back to the States with him.

Jae-hee’s fever sky-rockets in the middle of the night and once again, she dismisses it as the common cold. Even though she’s slightly delirious, she’s conscious enough to joke that now that she has one, she’s not an idiot right? Well, that’s debatable.

Tae-joon gently tucks her into his bed and gets angry-upset that she’s sick. He tells her that he’ll check if the infirmary is open but Jae-hee grabs his hand, “Don’t leave.”

Slightly defused now, he relents and this time it’s Tae-joon who stays by her bedside until he too falls asleep.

Morning. Eun-gyul rushes into the room, his bladder just about to burst, when he sees this:

Jae-hee and Tae-joon open their eyes.

They both bolt awake and stare at each other, wide-eyed.



How’s that for an alarm clock, people? It’s like Eun-gyul’s worst daydreams play out right before his very eyes. How will his mind let alone his heart handle the aftermath? And how did you get under those sheets, Tae-joon? *shifty eyes*

That aside, I’m so relieved that the series has finally found its footing, bottling the romance and ridiculousness in a formula that works. It’s as if the production team swept the first four episodes under the rug and laughed, “Oh that? No no, don’t worry about THOSE.” The characters warm my heart in a way where I’m in a fit of giggles or on the flipside, make me want to pull at my hair. One person comes to mind and I’m sure you know who by now.

How do I luff thee Kim Woo-bin? Let me count the ways. I was worried that we’d lose a voice of reason once Daniel left the picture but I’m relieved that you’re here, Jung-hoon. I find his frank confessions a relief and a fair rival to Tae-joon who is just breaking out of his denial shell. If anything, Jung-hoon’s assured confidence drives Tae-joon to acknowledge his feelings towards Jae-hee.

Thank you for hanging a lantern on the question that’s been bugging us: If Tae-joon knows she’s a girl why does he still pretend that he doesn’t? And I’ll say this: Jae-hee, you are the world’s densest girl for being completely unaware that these boys luff you.

My brain is trying to wrap around Tae-joon’s change of heart once he learned that Jae-hee is a girl. Now he’s much nicer to everyone, including Hanna, whom he brushed off in the beginning. And although I still find her character as expendable, it did strike a chord when Tae-joon patted her on the head like the little dongsaeng. To her, she hangs on because he’s the only one who stuck by her all these years and that connection isn’t easily broken. So in a sense, my heart does go out to her since Tae-joon won’t return those feelings but neither will he cut her out of his life.

I found the love triangle (or is it love square) particularly enjoyable and cute. I loved the scene where the four of them are at the cafe and the boys ordered a coffee to appear older in front of Jung-hoon who just chuckles. It doesn’t impress Jae-hee, of course, and I love the boys’ different reactions: Eun-gyul gives in to being a teen whilst Tae-joon attempts to overcompensate. It’s so sweet and what any teen would do to appear more mature and dignified.

But that only works if the girl you like is just as mature as you are, which our Jae-hee is not and I doubt may ever be.


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  1. cattleyae

    Thank you! Never knew Kim Woobin would cameo in this… A very very very PLEASANT surprise for me on Thursday morning ♥

    The cuteness continues to kill me! 😀

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I admit I’m not even watching this but Eun-gyul all the way yo! Look at the new hairdo…thank lordy!

  2. edge

    oh 🙁 second

    thank u for the recap! 😀

    • 2.1 cattleyae

      whoops sorry for stealing sis :p

  3. umalily

    Yay! It’s in. I loved this episode. So cute!

  4. Anpam

    Kim woo bin <3 be still my beating heart

  5. Rovi

    To comment back~! XD *squee*

    • 5.1 Rovi

      So Jeong-hoon/John Kim’s character is both the photographer of the orig.manga (who eventually found Mizuki’s identity during the period the manga was featured on him, but chose not to out it) and Gilbert of the orig.manga (who was modeled after LeoDiCap, and had Mizuki as his first love or something. And the first kiss, the nice little double-meaning’ed statement). Nice insertion, don’t you think? Makes me happy at least.

      Also, Eun-gyeol’s new do. Makes him look a bit cool.
      But he still retains/will remain as the Jeremy/Hong-ki + Ikuta Toma adorbs. in him. 🙂

      Date with killjoy Tae-joon and Eun-gyeol + photoshoot = love that TTBY made its individual touch by inserting the orig.manga scene (aka Korean version of the orig.manga’s chapter wherein the trio are photographed by said photographer (+ Minami Nanba, I’ve forgotten who his equivalent here is except that Seung-ri wasn’t included)). Anyways, it’s a nice little touch, but sadly it still remains as Ikemen Paradise 2007 still. *sigh*

      Anyways, last part is deffo WIN~!!! XD

      BTW gummi, http://s630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama2012/TTBY/TTBY_09/TTBY09-00415.jpg isn’t working. I wanna have that pic. XD

  6. ninji

    So much cute. But the background music/sounds is killing the mood.

    • 6.1 come2noona

      I agree about the music and sounds. So distracting!

  7. Laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    My favorite episode so far. 😀

    Just after people were saying in the comments to last episode that there will be no topless Minho scenes in this drama because of SHINee’s image… ohai, the abs! 😀

    In the manga, Ashiya does find her way into Sano’s bed not once, but several times, and I was wondering if they’d ever go there. Seems they did. Well at least this is more logical than if Jae-hee sleepwalked over there. Although I do have to echo gummi’s question: How the heck did you get under those sheets, Tae-joon? 😀

    • 7.1 Laya

      Oh, and I forgot…

      So Gilbert and Akita got mashed-up into Jung-hoon. Awww, no comical Doc-admirer. On the other hand, he’s got Gil’s cheekiness and Akita’s photographer’s eye, so that’s good. Tae-joon will have to work hard to beat him! And lol they’re both photographers as well.

      • 7.1.1 Rovi

        Unfair that you wre so early at noticing the resemblance. 🙁

        But glad to know there’s people who know the manga so well. 🙂

        But at least Jeong-hoon has no heart/lung problem, and didn’t scale a mountain like Gil did later

        • Laya

          Ehehe I love the manga. Even if Ashiya was really a little dim. My favorite characters are Sano and Nanba (sorry, Nakatsu). I guess Seung-ri being absent from the photo session means he will end up with a different career path, huh?

          I wonder what Jung-hoon is going to do instead of climbing a mountain. 😀 But yes, much better that he isn’t sick like Gil. Although I was waiting for some sort of Leo diCaprio reference, even if oblique.

          • Rovi

            Me too. Hisaya Nakajo really draws good, along with the mangaka of the Sailor Moon series, and the manhwa-ka of Goong.

            Well, I guess manga heroines tend to be stereotypically that way. 🙁
            Haha, you fave the playboy? XD BTW, may I ask, who’s the equivalent of the gay dorm-mate who’s in love with Nanba? is Jong-min the equivalent of the gay roommate???
            At least Seung-ri didn’t have the “teacher as first love” story like Nanba did.

            Yes, yes, agree. Though I think they won’t insert the LeoDiCap reference. XD maybe someone closer to the present Korean stars. XD

          • Laya

            IKR, the illustrations for Hana Kimi are just so graceful. They give me an art nouveau feel.

            Part of my Nanba-love comes from him just being beautifully drawn (I’m shallow that way) but he was just so precocious, wasn’t he. I’m glad they didn’t put that teacher-first love part in too. I guess I view him as that lonely playboy character who’s still waiting for the love of his life to come along. Although I thought Seung-ri was pretty close at first, he departs from Nanba in many aspects now– Nanba wouldn’t have stuttered or been flustered, no! (And ugh, please, for the sake of my remaining Nanba-love, not Hanna!! Anyone else but her, because I still want to throw her into the nearest swimming pool and hold her under for 10 minutes!) Yup, looks like Jong-min is the equivalent of Nakao, but isn’t he supposed to become a good friend of Ashiya’s? Right now he’s just being bitchy, and his crush has been transferred to Eun-gyul, not Seung-ri. For the sake of tension between him and Jae-hee I guess?

          • Rovi

            Haha. Love that the Korean version’s beginning to make its identity.

            But still, I regret to say TTBY is still following the lines of 2007’s Ikemen Paradise. 🙁

      • 7.1.2 canxi

        I like that mash-up! Usually, mash-ups can be awkward & nonsensical, but this one is cool and seems to be done right. Also Kim Woo Bin! He is so great.

    • 7.2 wits

      Me too! This episode is the strongest and the best so far for me. I love every little scene among our love square!

      I am now impressed with Kim Woo Bin, and this is only the second drama I have seen him in, and always in bit roles at that. I watched him in A Gentleman’s Dignity too. Although he is not remarkably as good looking, this guy has a LOT of charisma and presence! He can act and he commands every scene he is in. So, watch out, I know he will go really far. Cast him in a lead role, please drama gods!!!

      • 7.2.1 jomo

        He has a very meaty role in White Christmas.
        The whole cast is amazing it that drama.

        • shelhass

          YESSS. White Christmas! HeadsNo2 made such a wonderful job with that recaps.

  8. Jeannette

    I loved this episode so much. It’s my favorite to date! Jealous Tae-Joon is so heartwarmingly hilarious that I’ve developed a hardcore noona crush. Damnit!

    • 8.1 haruko

      ditto ditto. le sigh…


  9. lillywai

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi! You have a wonderful sense of humour, and it makes reading the recap so enjoyable. =)

    I especially adored the Eric reference, and then you brought up Joon Hee… <3

  10. 10 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    Definitely my favorite episode of any drama all week. I realized by the end of the 64 minutes, that I had smiled through most of the show. It is so cute and sweet, and the pretty? Areyoukiddingmewiththatphotosessionofguyliner?

    This made me LOL.
    I wouldn’t worry that he’ll be the one to out you – you seem to be doing a fair job of that on your own.

    I like that her cluelessness about them knowing she is a girl is being treated comically because it is literally ridiculous. They are making her stupid, and totally undeserving of all three boys’ love. On one hand, it makes me feel superior to her, on the other hand, who is the one sleeping with TJ? NOT ME! Waaaaaaaah!

    Kim Woo-bin !! Woot! His appearance made this episode feel like a completely different drama. It is amazing how the cast seemed to improve playing across from him. Everyone stepped up their game. I wish he could stay for a long time.

    I could hardly stand Minho with his shirt on, but shirtless? I ooophed!

    • 10.1 canxi

      On one hand, it makes me feel superior to her, on the other hand, who is the one sleeping with TJ? NOT ME! Waaaaaaaah!

      Come Jomo! Let us fly to Korea and “accidentally” find our way into their beds >:D If anything, we are tourists and we just got horribly lost.

      • 10.1.1 Laya

        This sounds like fun! May I join you? 😀

      • 10.1.2 jomo

        horribly lost, then quickly arrested! LOL

        • canxi

          @Laya Of course! XD

          @jomo Oh, how long could they keep us for sleeping??? It’ll be fiiiiiine lmao

          • Laya

            We’ll just go: Ahjusshi officer, we were just so sleepy, we traveled so far just to get here so we were so tired… it’s not a criiiiiiime…. /throws in an OPW for good measure.

  11. 11 firestarter

    So cute!!!

    The boys reactions in the café are the essence of the charactere before meeting Jae-Hee. Tae-joon the cool guy who won’t be shaken easily while Eung-gyul is the noona killer by over dose of cute.

    Whereas the japanese versions over-did the cheerfulness of Nakatsu making Izumi appearing stiff and stuffy, I find Eung-gyul deeper and the range of emotions diplayed closer of a teen angst. He’s aware that Jae-hee sees him as a good friend. Eung-gyul wants to confess but is afraid to loose her friendship or worse to be hated (the scene where Jae-hee and Tae-joon got him arrested).
    that what let an opening for Tae-joon to be the leading guy and not just an accessory. He is moved by Jae-hee and we feel the change in his feelings. First she was a pest then a responsibility then a girl (no comment on this). That’s when he starts to worry about her getting caught. That girl slowly wormed her way under his skin and is not even aware of it.

    Can’t wait to see what the writers in store for the next 7 episodes, but I’m enjoying the ride.

    • 11.1 Laya

      I was laugh-cringing in the coffee scene– I think Jung-hoon ordered the espresso on purpose to see what the boys would do, and they reacted pretty much as I expected.

      I was wondering if Eun-gyul would ever do Nakatsu’s confession scene. Sigh, only in his fantasies?

  12. 12 Gom

    I never thought I’ll say this but I’m loving this drama more and more, that it literally pains me to wait for the next episode.

    Where will I ever get the dose of pure adorable that is Eun Gyeol when it ends? And don’t even get me started on Tae Joon’s.

    Thank you so much for the recaps!

    • 12.1 Gom

      Oh, and more importantly:


      God. That kid.

      • 12.1.1 Jeannette

        I know, it’s awful! I feel so WRONG. I mean, I’m 34! I’ve got a 13 year old daughter (who only has eyes for Onew) so this should be her territory. I swear, they didn’t make them like this when I was a kid!

        • delta7757

          I knoooow. A crush at my age…I even watched “Hello Baby w/ Shinee” (which was adorable) and watched his “Dream Team”eps…. luved his drive (lol). Oh well.. he makes me smile.

          • delta7757

            Oh … gummimochi …my bad 4 not thanking u 4 a great recap. I’m a fan 🙂

          • kewbie

            That “Hello Baby w/Shinee” was what made me like Minho to begin with. He was so sweet with Yoogeun (or whatever the kid’s name is). Later on I saw a picture of Minho as a baby, and damn he was a beautiful baby. Now here he is with his smile and his abs and ruining perfectly good noonas. Sheesh.

        • wanderlust

          for nothing was he named noona killer 😀

          my crush has me doing the exact same, hello baby again, dream team and shinee mvs.

          watching replay makes me feel illegal 🙁

          • Jeannette

            I just got done watching a mess of Infinite videos and my face is so red because L is so cute, haha! Should we have a support group or something? LOL!

          • Jeannette

            I finished Hello Baby and promptly made a picture from that show my Google background haha.

        • ness36

          hi jeannette , i laughed so much at comment , i’m 36 and it’s a bit worse but i have a crush on minho in this drama and even on taemin!!!!! so i think it’s not a noona crush but an adjuma crush!!!!and i totally agree when we were kids , they did not make that so handsome and sexy as now!!!

          • Jeannette

            I’m so scared of the day when someone calls me “ajumma!” LOL Let’s just pretend we’re younger, okay, unnie? 🙂

          • Yayuk13

            Adjuma crush…???!!!!..please.., take me with you… because I am 43, and still….sigh…

        • fifi

          jeanette!! hahhha,same with you.I also 34 years old with 2 children but I’m Tae Joon.eun gyul.John Kim fans… LOL.. especially for Kim woo bin (John Kim),he really makes my day everytime I see him uh-oh ^ ^

          • Jeannette

            OMG you guys! HAHHA I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Seriously, someone quick make a FB group or something! HAHA

        • Jambo

          At least you’re 34…I’m the transposition of your age…(high five Yayuk13)….sigh, I think I’m aging gracefully, but at times I wish I was 25 again (especially after watching this show). Is this my form of midlife crisis? Coz I wasn’t even this bad when I was 25. lol.

      • 12.1.2 Startulle

        IKR?!…. I can’t stop watching this teenager drama because of this kid! What’s wrong with me??? Lolol

      • 12.1.3 Gom

        So now I’m fairly at peace with this noona/ahjumma crush because I see I’m not alone in this. I shall not question myself anymore. Haha.

        But is there some kind of therapy for this? A support group? Lol. There should be a union against noona killers. Or just something that will make them less adorable, especially you Minho.

        I was planning to watch Hello Baby. But then I started with their MVs and TTBY behind the scenes and I was just smiling and screaming the whole time like a crazy person. So I’m still debating whether more Minho will be a bad decision or not. Sigh. This is becoming a bit of a situation.

        • Jeannette

          I have Hello Baby on standby but I am seriously afraid of watching it. I already give myself headaches from smiling so hard and giggling like a flipping idot, lol.

          Honestly, I think I might have to search out for a place for us to join, haha. If there isn’t a good one, someone needs to start one on FB or something. Oh god. Seriously? I’m too old for crushes HAHA!

          • Jambo

            Where exactly can you watch Hello Baby? You Tube?…I think I may regret asking…but…:P

          • delta7757

            Hi Jambo… u can watch Hello Baby Shinee Season 2 at Daebaksubs subs or Imeimo


            I also highly recommend “Let’s Go Dream team Season 2” 4 a fun Minho fix (he’s a little bit older and luved his focus)…. lot’s of eyecandy on different eps. First ep is Minho … Song Joong-ki….etc.

            Jeannette… I’m on board. Glad 2 see I’m not alone w/my noona/ahjumma crush. (lol)

          • Jambo

            thank u, Delta! Uh oh, I’m in for it now! 🙂

          • Jeannette

            Ya’ll, I started watching Hello Baby today. WAHHHH! Now I’m in love with like ALL of them, haha. I always knew Taemin was my cutie bunny, but he is the dang sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

            Are we screwed? I think we’re screwed.

            PS I tried looking for some sort of support group (haha) but there are some sick weirdos out there so i got scared and stopped. lol 😛

          • delta7757

            Apologies Jambo if those links don’ work 4 u. Here’s another 🙂 Enjoy.


            And Jeannette we’re sooo screwed….. 🙂 Later.

          • Gom

            Lol you guys, we’re all screwed. ^.^

            JSYK, as I was searching the web for random things, I accidentally (not!) bumped into a Minho article that says he actually likes girls older than him. His ideal type is So Eun Seo who’s a ’86-er. I think it was Onew who talked about that in their Strong Heart appearance.

            So yeah. Uh-huh. Minho, you’re doing well, baby.

  13. 13 mamajoni

    Hi! I couldn’t help adding that you forgot to add the light-bulb backhug. It was so darn poignant and if anything should have clued Jae Hee in that TJ knew she was a girl, that sweet hug should have told her! I agree 100% that JH’s cluelessness is starting to get annoying. Anyway, the 3 guys more than make up with the cute!

    • 13.1 gummimochi

      Thanks for the reminder! Just forgot to copy and paste that in! Jae-hee may be clueless – I’m just forgetful 🙂

  14. 14 Musings

    Woooooooobin. <3 nuff said. He's not particularly good looking but there's just something about him that I'm drawn to!

    • 14.1 Vincy

      Ahaha that’s what I’m thinking!

      For me, it’s the character he is playing and how he’s portrayed. That witty boy, who was Jae Hee’s first love.
      I’m so glad he came into the story; another guy to compete for Jae Hee’s feelings!!

  15. 15 mamajoni

    Also, I think TJ had an inkling that she was a girl when he her panties. Then his suspicions were further aroused when he caught her after the marathon. His look of surprise sort of clued me in. So his subsequent actions like sheltering her from the rainsplash, etc. became more logical for me.

    • 15.1 kewbie

      So true. I think the underwear, and when he walked in on her in the shower were big clues.

  16. 16 kirara

    Totally waiting for your recap! Yay! I got to agree with you on this one.. LOVED THIS EPISODE.. IT was FUN watching the 3 guys ONE UP each other.. Who’s gonna do it better right?? and Jae Hee was clueless and had no idea what was going on!!!

    I was literally LOLing and like on the floor from the the beginning to end with this episode… Gosh.. We need more episodes like these!!! 😀

    Mr. John Kim.. You literally upped the stakes for the next few episodes… FUN FUN!! 🙂

  17. 17 Vincy

    How much do I love Kim Woo Bin?
    He just completed the episode. I’m so glad he came into the story.

    and I will never get over my crush on Minho.


  18. 18 ck1Oz

    Ah Jae Hee,Jae Hee.How can a girl be so cluelessly in love with the guy?And not realise he likes her.Luckily she’s in school because if she was a working adult, she’ll be a twit .

  19. 19 Lemon

    I’m really loving this show right now…

    Despite the horrendous plot and questionable acting of the leads, what this show does really well is portraying the youthful vibe, playfulness, fun and angst; and packaging them into an addictive ride.

    The vivid colours, cute boys, gorgeous guys, and did I say cute boys? Are enough for me to keep on watch. Yea, whatever, I admit I’m shallow that way.

    Another thing, is that I used to love everyone in Shinee except Minho, but this drama is slowly changing my mind. I can’t believe I’m admitting it since I used to tell everyone “I don’t find Minho cute at all!” – but I actually find him attractive here… Sigh. Not cool man.

    Loving the jealousy of Eun Gyul and Tae Joon!! Always hilarious to watch hahahaha.

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap!

  20. 20 Dara

    It’s clever to bring in a new charming face, a hottie at that. I was grinning ear to ear episode long can’t decide who to choose for me. Haha.

    Thanks gummi ^^

  21. 21 MhsC

    Eun Gyul you’re so handsome :))))

  22. 22 Honey

    I really enjoyed this episode…. the cafe scene was my favorite! It reminded me that we are dealing with kids here haha

  23. 23 Mia

    Awww Kim Woo-bin!! Nice episode 🙂
    Feelings are becoming stronger, and acknowledged. Also the boys are just so cute! I wonder how it would be like if Daniel was present. How he would react in the situation, cuz he’s definitely not dense like his sister. Awww really i’d like to see the fireworks!

  24. 24 wanderlust

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    something something awesome episode, something something LOL at ice crunching scene, something something woo bin oppa! something something le abs……..

    *wipes drool off keyboard*

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    I am starting to love this more and more. Eun Gyuls fantasies are just soooooooo adowabwle. wututuu there baby language.

  26. 26 Suzi Q

    Finally, Eun gyul has a cute hairdo. The mushroom cut is something you give to 5 year old. Now he looks like a love rival instead of a dork. Just love his cute facial expressions.

    Kim Woo bin is such a scene stealer! You can tell he is an more experience actor with his scenes with Minho. He is the one who will knock some sense into Tae Joon who always appears to be passive.

    Jung hoon has a lot going for him (first kiss with Jae Hee, an old friend and confidant, and a famous U.S.photographer). He makes a great rival to Tae joon who shouldn’t be so smug and has been outed that Tae joon knows Jae Hee was a girl all along. Finally the love triangle is now a square and maybe there will be more complicated crazy actions…..

    It was dull in the beginning, but with the addition of Kim Woo bin, it has gotten a real boost.

    Love your funny recaps!

  27. 27 kewbie

    Thank you so much, gummi! Been waiting for your recap very patiently. 😀

    Kim Woo Bin sure did add more excitement to the mix! He still had that sexy vampire thing going on but at least his character was not too serious. Can I also say how much I love Eun Gyul’s imagination? So hilarious! (Especially in ep 10.) Then there’s Tae Joon…oh man totally loving his jealousy. So cute. I should say that I was also happy to see Minho’s abs make an appearance even after he said that there probably wouldn’t be an opportunity to show them in this show. Glad he was wrong. 😉

  28. 28 nancii


    YES! I wasn’t the only one that thought of SHINHWA Eric reference !!!

  29. 29 boholAnna

    Eun Gyul’s definitely rocking the new ‘do. I always thought it was weird that they gave this cute kid a weird bob cut.

  30. 30 shanwa

    i loooooveee this episode…. Minho abs (drools)…. ah, you make noona (or ahjumma) feel soooo wrong….

  31. 31 shelhass

    OHHh Gummi, thank you for the recap.

    I adore this show and all but I wouldn’t mind if we had some info (flashback, maybe?) on when exactly Tae-joon found out she’s a girl.
    I know it’s not that important right now, but I think there’s something in there.

    Anyway. Kim Woo-bin!!!!
    Everybody is talking about MinHo’s abs (RAWR), but when I saw him in his guyliner glory I totally remembered Woo-bin on Vampire Idol. LOL

    • 31.1 Gom

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he confirmed it when he overheard Daniel and Jae Hee arguing in their room. Before that, he was only suspecting it.

      • 31.1.1 shelhass

        oppps, sorry about that.
        What I meant was ‘when he started suspect she was a girl’ or at least a pervert, because of all the girly stuff.
        Cause for me it still seems so random the way he was behaving before the big-she’s-a-girl-secret came out, like he already knew it.

  32. 32 Laica

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    That is all. 🙂

  33. 33 Lang

    Am I the only one that was laughing at the ridiculous Photoshop zoom of Minho’s eyeball with Jae Hae in it ?

    Is that even possible in real life ?

    Because that looked really high resolution…

    • 33.1 Jeannette

      I burst out laughing, too. I had to rewatch that part because it was so funny!

    • 33.2 Laya

      We were speculating about the resolution of Jung-hoon’s super-camera. 1000 mp or something, maybe? 😀 That was really LOL.

      • 33.2.1 Jalwyn

        Hi guys! Hehe I’m not sure of this but I thought that bit was actually possible. I was thinking that because DSLRs have this setting on the image type as ‘RAW’ and that setting meant that the camera will capture more pixels in so that when you zoom in a photo, all the details are still crisp. I haven’t really tried or checked it though. :))

  34. 34 anikk


  35. 35 Lucia

    Thank you for the very detailed recaps. U R the best.

  36. 36 Mika~

    I love Eungyul’s daydreams. It was so hilarious to watch Taejoon say “Compared to Eungyul, I’m less than a worm,” not only because of Taejoon’s character, but also because of Minho’s persona in real life. I bet Jonghyun nearly died of laughter watching this part.

  37. 37 missmanderley

    Kim Woobin! He was so adorbs in AGD! Oh and totally loving Eungyul’s new hairdo… he looks so pretty!

  38. 38 zoey

    thanks gummi for the recap! it was so much fun reading this 🙂 and how hot minho is on this episode… *sigh*

    It’s funny that up until a month ago, i have no idea who minho is but now, i search about him all over the internet 😀 … and he can really sing well too! i found a clip of him as a guest in Strong Heart. He explained why he has a hard time singing to SHINee songs (at least the high parts)… and he sang LIVE… he has such a nice low voice… very sexy hehe.

    And of course, the backhug! gggaaaahhh i keep on playing this part over and over 😀 very sweet moment for our OTP.

    Keep up the good work gummi! Even if the ratings of this show is not high, you can be assured that a lot of people are waiting every week for your recaps 🙂

  39. 39 far away

    why so cute, waaai?

    @ work n it’s so quiet, them seuddenly me talking to my screen saying “aww so cute, so cute ” to Eungyul’s picture. and all my coworkers start looking @ me :/ so noooooo good

    anyaway, I loved this episode 😀 TJ & JH are still ot of likeness list , though.

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap, you made my day 😀

  40. 40 k-soup

    I would dare say that this is my favorite episode (so far)1.

    1. Looking at TJ’s jealousy makes me full that I don’t want dinner anymore. He’s so cute when he gets jealous.

    2. JH didn’t fall into MAJOR rescue scene.

    3. the right amount of sweetness and cuteness..

    4. John Kim’s character added color to the drama


    I’m blind right now to the flaws of this episode.. probably overpowered by uber cute scenes between TJ and JH

    • 40.1 k-soup

      I’ll add up EG’s hair as number 5 .. totally cool!

  41. 41 panshel

    Favorite episode EVER!! Sulli is officially the luckiest girl in the world! It took me three hours to watch a one-hour episode because I replayed practically every scene.

    Hyun Woo’s new hair!! *fangirls* THANK YOU, Stylist Noona, for getting rid of that dreadful bowl cut! KIM WOO BIN!! *more fangirling* Dayum, that boy is a frickin’ model! FINALLY a shirtless MinHo!! *never-ending fangirling* Waited long enough!

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  42. 42 Yue

    I think I died from squealing too much because of this episode. It was one thing after another and my heart felt like it was on constant overdrive. It was lovely how the characters are slowly progressing and I like how Tae-joon is becoming nicer with Jae-hee is around him. She’s probably the best thing that could ever happen to him and in some ways, I hope he realized that.

    The endless denial is killing me though, I kept yelling; MAN UP! Without realizing it. All in all, it’s a cute episodes and thanks for the recap gummimochi!

    By the way, the need to stop with the obvious product placement, money doesn’t grow on trees dammit!

  43. 43 Melmax

    Best episode so far with a solid Kim WoBin entering the picture…I choked and cheered when he ‘kidnapped’ JH, cheered for this his upping the ante, ‘hope he’s here for few episodes… and yes for getting TJ to face his attraction for JH..

    And I’m a part of the cougar club that has formed for this cutefilled drama focusing on Minho and WoBin!!! Yup love the eye candies, and the Minho scenes.. Yes that child is great eye candy and having seen this child up close at an SMTown concert, well he is real and truly good looking!!!

    Gummi, love your recap, hope that Ep 10 will soon be out… Thanks so much!!!!

  44. 44 jambo

    The addition of John Kim to the equation was unexpected. Why haven’t I learned the K-version totally differs from the previous Jdrama. I’m all for it though. I like the focus on the developing feelings between the main leads. I think Jae Hee just doesn’t see herself as a boy magnet, unlike another girl in this show. And I get why she wants to stick to her belief that Tae Joon doesn’t know. Once her cover is blown she’ll have to do the right thing and leave. So, they’re both “sticking to their denials” for the sake of staying together.

    I’m curious how this show will end/resolve. I was left hanging by the Jdrama ending. I know they’re just teenagers in high school, but still….I was left feeling, what? That’s it? Were they together, going steady, under mutual agreement, what? See you after college??? Drove me nuts! I have high hopes for you, Kdrama!

  45. 45 lala

    i feel slightly disappointed at the character for tae joon .. i dont know what his plan for his future and jae hee will be, but i definitely dont think that they can continue from here.

    she needs to get out of school. in this episode, i love love love jung hoon and eun gyul, they deserve a fair chance too and dont have the luxury of seeing her all day in school and at the dorm …

    i’m actually hoping jung hoon can bring jae hee away, not without some relevations with eun gyul’s character, boy is so sweet it kills me.

    i wonder how did jae hee grow out of her first love and why didnt jung hoon hold on to her then … its the first encounter with the idea of jae hee having a first love, since i haven came across this with the other versions and have not read the manga…

    i’m hoping julia could appear, but if not, i’m fine with the appearance of jung hoon … i love kim woon bin, so i hope he’s here to stay or at least bring jae hee away … 😀

  46. 46 mia

    This episode confused the hell out of me because all this time I could have sworn that Jae Hee knew that Tae-Joon knew she was a girl. I thought she knew from the moment he kicked her out after he heard her conversation with her brother.

    • 46.1 Jeannette

      She doesn’t know that TJ heard any of that though. I can’t remember what excuse he used to kick her out that time, but there was one. Oh, darn. Am I going to have to watch THEM ALL OVER AGAIN TO FIND OUT? For the greater good and all that…

      • 46.1.1 Gom

        Okay, so I re-watched that scene where he kicked her out again and the only reason he told her was that he was just tolerating her all this time. So it’s time for her to leave. If not, he’ll find another room for himself. Then he told her not to talk about jumping again ever.

        Now that I’ve watched it again, I think TJ’s first decision was to kick her out because it’s the right thing to do. I’d like to think he went through that conflict. He knows the girl has to go but then again…

        We only have 6 episodes left *sob* and I can’t wait for TJ to act on that conflict. I will definitely miss the cute, funny scenes but I think it’s almost time for him to do something about that tiny bit of information about JH. You’re not planning to share the same room with JH forever, right, TJ?

        @mia JH doesn’t have the slightest clue that TJ knows. Lol. This girl is the epitome of clueless-ness.

  47. 47 Honey

    I loved this episode!

  48. 48 cherry2k3

    I want Eun-gyul better he’s the best i dont know about you guys but jae – hee and eun-gyul match better.. main guy is boring i hate the way he looks… eun-gyul is the cutest one there 🙂 i wish they change the ending but dont think thats gonna happen 🙁 i just llike watching eun gyul he’s so funny i was that girl i would choose him 🙂

  49. 49 Lilian

    Kim woo Bin looked very familiar. Then I realised he was in Gentleman’s Dignity. He is awesome here too. Hope gets more screentime. And the show is picking up but probably a little too late to rescue its ratings. Oh well, I will still watch on 🙂

  50. 50 Cindy

    The jealousy is sooo cute!
    Despite how different this is from the other versions, i still love it!

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