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Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 3
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Yay, a heartwarming episode for our makeshift crime-solving family, as they meet their first big challenge with the newest member, Dr. Jo. The overarching season mystery also takes on a new twist that I love, so great stuff all around. As for the mystery of the week, dramaland seems intent on making me live in 1997 forever. I came for hot vampires and got H.O.T. fanwars. ‘Ssup with that?

EPISODE 3: “Any Justice”

We open on a crime scene. It’s a familiar opening – the prosecutor flipping that lighter open and closed, examining a body. Only the prosecutor isn’t Tae-yeon, but Park Hoon (Tae-yeon’s sire). Wait, he was a prosecutor too?

Okay, things are starting to fall in place: these Park Hoon scenes are definitely a few decades in the past. And he didn’t start out as a shady Wolfram and Hart Lawyer Man. He was once Min Tae-yeon the Beta Version, right down to the ‘tude. Innnnnnteresting.

A young rookie takes photos of the crime scene, and runs to puke his guts out. Park Hoon snaps at him to get it together, or find another line of work. The young man steels himself and says no—he made a promise and he’s going to do this job. Park Hoon: “To whom?” He doesn’t say.

Park Hoon asks his name. “Jo Jung-hyun.” Oh! It’s Dr. Jo, our coroner!

Present day. Dr. Jo is at a book signing. He’s Bones! The book is called There Is No Perfect Crime, and Dr. Jo is surprised when Soon-bum arrives, beaming, “I’m a fan!” He nods behind him, and Dr. Jo finds the whole team there to cheer him on. Aw, how cute.

Soon-bum gets his book signed, swearing he likes books, and Dong-man dictates how many hearts ought to be included in his, while Jung-in asks Dr. Jo if he really thinks there’s no such thing as a perfect crime.

Tae-yeon hangs back and Soon-bum joins him, gaping at how expensive books have gotten. Tae-yeon shoots him this I’m-embarrassed-by-proxy look before asking, “Hyung, how long has it been since you bought your last book?”

He remembers it exactly: 1971, an issue of a magazine where he was a model. Okay, what? Tae-yeon blinks to try and understand, “You? Were a model?” Soon-bum swears he was super cute when he was little, and Tae-yeon just crosses his arms and puts on his extra-skeptical face.

He asks if it was a husky children special issue, and Soon-bum snaps, “It was a pretty children special!” Hahaha. He sighs that he was adorable once, but then hit his head as a teen and since then, his head was the only thing that grew. He simply gained weight to match his giant head. HA.

I just love the way Tae-yeon smiles when he’s just shootin’ the breeze with Hyung. I could watch them be cute all day.

Suddenly someone cuts to the front of the line… and arrests Dr. Jo for a murder. Aw, I love episodes like this. Go team! Save one of your own!

Tae-yeon and Soon-bum rush to the crime scene, where the lead investigator blocks the door. Tae-yeon flashes his badge (Why so hot?) and the cop argues that there’s no need for a prosecutor on an open-and-shut case.

Soon-bum just shoves them aside so Tae-yeon can slide under the police tape, and guards the door like the pitbull that he is.

Tae-yeon walks inside to find a message written on the wall in blood: “All the evidence points to you.” He sees a vision of an old man… possessed? Or just crazy?

Grandpa takes the butcher knife on the counter, and chops off his own hand. Aaaaaaack.

Tae-yeon tastes a drop of the blood from the wall, and his blood vision shows a young girl’s face. It’s the victim’s granddaughter, and Jung-in asks her about her family. Her dad died, her mom left, and she was raised by Grandpa.

She does have an uncle, but he went to prison before she was born. She remembers Grandpa always saying that Uncle was innocent.

They ask her about that day, and she says Grandpa came home with Dr. Jo’s book, and kept scotch-taping and un-taping it (we see that he’s lifting fingerprints off of it). He then told her that Uncle would be out soon, and cried, telling her that he was sorry.

He sent her outside to play, but as soon as she stepped out she heard him cry out in pain… and then looked in the window and saw Grandpa’s dead body. Holy trauma, little girl. So Grandpa killed himself, but… why?

Dong-man joins the team in the office and makes the mistake of asking who’s going to take care of the little girl before social services takes her, and Soon-bum tells him he has to, since he lives at home with Mom.

He has good news about Dr. Jo though – the evidence cleared him so he’s due to be released. Aw, so soon? I mean, I’m happy, but that was pretty easy.

We see him return to his darkened office, as Jung-in tells the guys that Grandpa had cancer and didn’t have much longer to live anyway, so then why suicide?

Dr. Jo goes through his old records and finds the case he’s looking for in a dust-covered binder. The lead investigator on the case: Kim Sung-hoon. Ah, Park Hoon’s real name?

The case was 15 years ago. Flashback to Grandpa confronting Dr. Jo in the bathroom at the courthouse. He demands to know if the evidence he presented really proves that his son is guilty. Dr. Jo says yes.

Grandpa insists that his son didn’t kill anyone. He swore to that fact himself, and a parent knows when his child is lying. Dr. Jo says people lie, but evidence does not, and just as a parent might know if a child were lying, a medical examiner knows if the evidence is true or false.

“All the evidence points to your son.”

Back in the present, Dr. Jo goes to visit the son in prison. He asks the man directly this time, “Were you responsible for that crime?” He laughs and asks why he wants to know. Dr. Jo hangs his head, admitting that he wants to correct things if they need to be corrected.

The man launches himself at the glass between them like a raving lunatic, screaming that he’s the one who threw him in jail and he’s asking that now? The guards restrain him and he finally calms down and says that they’ve set the date for his execution.

Dr. Jo watches him being dragged away, and a chyron tells us it’s D-3 days.

Tae-yeon asks Prosecutor Joo for permission to reopen the case, and she turns him down. Obviously a waste of resources where she’s concerned, since they’ve caught a guy. But when she asks if he’ll investigate it anyway, he makes it clear that her permission is merely a formality.

“You’re too arrogant, Min Tae-yeon.” He counters, “You’re too calculating.” Damn. But, uh… she wasn’t wrong about the arrogant part.

The scene is intercut with Dr. Jo asking Tae-yeon to reopen the case, thinking that the father’s desperation in committing suicide to get his attention means something. Tae-yeon warns there’s a chance they’ll prove he was wrong, staining the doc’s record.

But Dr. Jo says without hesitation, “A person’s life is more important than my career record.”

He presents the team with the case: two murders at a high school in 1997. People, I just left that year behind! One young girl’s body was discovered with zero evidence to tie anyone to the murder. Then a second girl, the same age, was found on campus, killed the same way as the first girl.

And this time Dr. Jo found traces of pig fat in the stab wounds on her body, and the killer’s blood under her fingernails. That led them to the local butcher (Grandpa) and his 20-year old son Lee Joon-sung (Uncle), then a student at the same school.

He gets hauled away for the murders, spends fifteen years locked away, and is due to be executed in three days.

Dr. Jo says that the evidence is almost too neat, as if all the arrows are pointing at Lee Joon-sung without deviation. Tae-yeon asks why that never occurred to him fifteen years ago, and Dr. Jo hangs his head and readily admits that back then he thought himself the best medical examiner in the country. He trusted that above the evidence, and that was his mistake.

Tae-yeon asks what they’re supposed to do about it, and the room goes silent. But he asks it again, clarifying what he means: as the lead investigator, Dr. Jo has to give them orders so they know how to help. Aw. Warm fuzzies. You’re one of the team!

Dr. Jo lets out a breath of relief and surprise, and Tae-yeon smiles back.

D-2. Jung-in and Dr. Jo head to the high school to talk to a teacher about the incident, and she wonders if the rumors were true. She shares things she heard from the students—that Joon-sung had a crush on the second girl who was killed, but had no connection to the first.

As Dr. Jo starts to piece together some things about the victims, a scene plays out in front of him. Both victims were part of the Broadcasting Club (school radio), and we see the second victim Min-jung being bullied by a girl in the hallway. In a nice moment that crosses 15 years, Dr. Jo looks down the hall and makes eye contact with the young victim.

Soon-bum goes to the local police station to get the case files out of the cop he already pissed off at Grandpa’s crime scene. When threatening and annoying doesn’t work, he finally tries some empathy.

He rattles off the insane hours cops work, how you forget what your wife and kids look like, how your underwear reeks of something rotted but you don’t have time to change. Gee, thanks for the multi-sensory imagery there, Soon-bum.

He says it’s inevitable that they’d make mistakes given those circumstances. “When a bank teller makes a mistake, a number changes. When you or I make a mistake, someone’s life changes.” He says he’s here to fix “our” mistakes, and asks for the case file.

Good play. The team digs into the old files and finds that there were two students who testified against Joon-sung. One girl said she saw Joon-sung kill Min-jung, and a boy testified that he saw Joon-sung argue with Min-jung that day. They were all in the Broadcasting Club together.

Jung-in and Dr. Jo seek out the Head Mean Girl and club president, Ji-yeon, who’s now a doctor. She vaguely remembers the club and oh-so-casually forgets her thug minion Choong-gu’s name, and Jung-in points it out skeptically.

She just breezes that she naturally forgot that time in her life and moved on. Her version of the story adds a twist: she was the victim’s friend, and eye-witness girl was the one who terrorized Min-jung, not her. We see her beat Min-jung up in the hallway for playing an H.O.T. song instead of a Seckskies one. What is this, 1997 the murder version?

Dr. Jo asks if she thinks Joon-sung was the killer, and she says she thought so at the time, but now, she doesn’t know, because she’s forgotten and moved on. You’re awfully suspicious.

Soon-bum tracks down Sechskies fangirl, who tells another version of the story—that Min-jung was the one who terrorized her. Well now I think everyone is guilty. He asks if she really saw Joon-sung kill Min-jung, and she swears she did.

She’s convinced it’s because Min-jung wouldn’t accept his feelings. Flashback to the two girls hanging out after school. Joon-sung comes up dressed in an H.O.T. costume to confess his feelings to Min-jung. He gives her a cell phone as a present.

But she says coldly that it’s Woo-hyuk oppa she likes, not Hee-jun (the member he’s dressed as), and tells him to get lost. Soon-bum argues that teenage rejection, no matter how harsh, is hardly a reason to kill somebody. But Sechskies girl says that Joon-sung was crazy, and said that if she didn’t accept his feelings, he’d die and she’d die too.

Tae-yeon tracks down the other witness—the boy who said that he saw Joon-sung and Min-jung argue the day she died. He’s a rapper now, and Tae-yeon watches the performance and introduces himself as a prosecutor.

The guy raps at him (pffffft) and then Tae-yeon actually RAPS BACK (insulting his hair, ha). And now I’m dying of embarrassment and I can’t even look at you. Also, why is your stankface so funny?

Rapper Boy pulls out a switchblade because he’s a moron, and Tae-yeon uses the room’s one microphone cord to wrangle all three guys that attack. It’s pretty hilarious.

Tae-yeon asks about the case, and Rapper Boy swears he saw Choong-gu argue with Min-jung that day. Er? Tae-yeon says his testimony states that it was Joon-sung.

Rapper Boy swears that Choong-gu was the name he gave the police… but it was the cops who told him that he must’ve seen it wrong, and told him that it was Joon-sung. They threatened that he’d go to jail too if he didn’t follow their lead. He figures now that they just wanted to close the easy case.

Tae-yeon asks if there were problems between Choong-gu and Min-jung. Now it’s Rapper Boy’s version of the hallway scene, but this time it’s Choong-gu who pushes Min-jung down and threatens her. I like that each version of this scene has a different ’90s track to go along with it too.

He says that following the hallway incident, Choong-gu and Ji-yeon “trained” the rookies in the club and punished Min-jung for wanting to quit—he hit her 150 times, as they stood and watched. Augh, this is hard to watch.

Min-jung is terrified and beaten up, but she cries that she “saw it.” She directs the threat at Leader Ji-yeon, who hurriedly tells the other first-years to go home while she and Choong-gu talk to Min-jung.

Back in the present, Dr. Jo goes to see Joon-sung in prison again. Joon-sung asks why he keeps coming. Dr. Jo: “Because I’m sorry. If you do get out, what’s the first thing you want to do?”

Meanwhile Jung-in goes to Choong-gu’s house. His mother acts squirrely when Jung-in asks to see him…

And we see her get the call the day when they discovered young Choong-gu’s body lying bloody in the living room. He sliced his wrists because he didn’t want to go to the army. Hm.

Dong-man calls to say that he found fingerprints on the butcher knife…

D-Day. Tae-yeon enters the interrogation room. Sechskies fangirl fidgets nervously. He shows her the butcher knife with her prints, and she caves pretty quickly, saying all she wanted to do was survive.

Back to that night, when she let Rapper Boy go on ahead and turned back to wait for her friend Min-jung. But when she went back, she found Min-jung already dead, with Ji-yeon standing over her body.

She screams at the sight, and Ji-yeon sends Choong-gu running after her. That’s the scuffle Rapper Boy caught a glimpse of, assuming it was Min-jung. Ji-yeon threatens her with the same fate unless she helps them cover up the crime.

They task her with finding a fall guy, and Joon-sung was the only person she could think of. So she steals into his room and takes his fingerprints and a drop of his blood. A moment in the flashback shows us that she was also jealous of Min-jung for having Rapper Boy’s affections.

She swears that she only did it to survive and they don’t know—the look in Ji-yeon’s eye as she killed…

We see that same girl now trying to save a life as a doctor. She fails and the patient dies, but the look on her face is dead inside, almost happy. She walks away drenched in his blood, and then, she does the creepiest thing ever: She smells the blood on her hands like it’s… intoxicating.

But Tae-yeon and Dr. Jo are there to snap her out of her moment.

They confront her with the accusation that she killed both girls and framed Joon-sung for the crimes, with minutes left on the clock. Dr. Jo is a nervous wreck, checking his watch every five seconds, desperate to free Joon-sung before the statute of limitations runs out on this case and he’s executed.

But she is one cold calculating murderer, and doesn’t even flinch when Tae-yeon lies that they reexamined the evidence and found her fingerprints. She calls his bluff so he gets Dong-man on the phone, who hilariously keeps trying to correct Tae-yeon: “No, no we didn’t find any evidence. Hello?”

He sticks the phone out, challenging her to take the call, and she looks like she might cave… but doesn’t. She takes it. Dong-man cringes and bluffs, following Tae-yeon’s lead, but she’s smart and asks if there was evidence of a scar on the prints, showing Tae-yeon the scar on her finger.

Dong-man lies yes, and she catches him in the lie—she got that scar in med school. Damn. The clock starts winding down to the hour, and she notes Dr. Jo’s desperation. He finally breaks and just pleads with her to help him save an innocent man’s life, who will die because of him.

She says it’s not her problem, and he gets down on his knees to beg her. Aw, doc.

By now she’s feeling confident that she’s won this game, and says she’ll tell them everything once the next minute passes. She literally counts down to the end of the statute of limitations on her case, and laughs.

She breathes a sigh of relief, and then says without an ounce of remorse that she killed Min-jung and framed Joon-sung. It started with the first girl’s death, which was actually an accident. She was beating her up and she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck.

But then when Choong-gu was beating Min-jung, she said she saw it, and so she had to kill Min-jung to keep her quiet. She says it was a good thing she killed her though, because in the first death all she could think to do was to erase the evidence.

But it was the second killing when she realized that she had to add evidence to frame someone else. “The evidence has to point to someone, so that I can live.” Oof, the look on poor Dr. Jo’s face.

She adds that she first discovered her strange reaction to blood when she killed them—how insanely happy it made her feel. She turns to go.

Tae-yeon asks what it is she thinks Min-jung saw. It turns out that the big thing she witnessed wasn’t the first girl’s death at all, but Choong-gu cheating on Ji-yeon. She laughs like it’s a minor quibble, “It doesn’t matter, since the perfect crime is already done.”

She walks toward the door, and Tae-yeon smiles to Dr. Jo that he can get up now since Lee Joon-sung will be fine. Dr. Jo asks what he means, and Ji-yeon stops in her tracks. She opens the door… to find Soon-bum waiting.

He arrests her for the murder of Min-jung, adding that with Choong-gu’s murder she’ll probably serve multiple life sentences. Her jaw drops.

Tae-yeon walks toward her with his arms crossed, informing her with such delicious spite in his voice that she must’ve misunderstood the way statute of limitations works. It’s calculated from the end of a crime, not the start.

She killed Min-jung on one day but by the time she dumped the body it was well past midnight, meaning that they still have 24 hours until D-Day is up.

Whoo! Dr. Jo sighs in utter relief and Soon-bum cuffs her. Tae-yeon asks if he can borrow a quote from Dr. Jo’s book and turns to Ji-yeon: “There is no such thing in the world as a perfect crime. In order to cover up one crime, a person will inevitably commit another.”

He adds that knowing you’re guilty means there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. As she gets hauled off, Dr. Jo says that last part wasn’t in his book, and asks why Tae-yeon didn’t tell him about the plan.

Tae-yeon smiles and says they had to make the whole thing as believable as possible. Dr. Jo thanks him and says he owes Tae-yeon a great debt. Tae-yeon insists that the doc was the one who solved this case: “Because the head can never win against the heart.”

They smile as Tae-yeon answers a call. His face darkens. Oh no. What?

Dr. Jo heads to the morgue. A body gets pulled out and he reaches for the sheet but can’t bring himself to look.

Then we hear the call from Jung-in that said they pulled the execution up by a day. We watch Joong-sung quake in terror as they cover his head and tie a rope around his neck.

And then back to Dr. Jo asking him what he’d like to do if he gets out. He said he wanted to grill some meat with his father and his niece. Augh, he didn’t even know that his father died?

The sack over his head gets drenched in sweat, spit, and tears, and clings to his face as he cries out. The rope goes taut and he dies.

Dr. Jo uncovers his body and breaks down in tears. Oof. That’s a punch to the gut. And just when I thought we had a clean happy ending.

He comes out where Jung-in is waiting for him in the rain. And so is the rest of the team, in a nice echo of the book signing moment. He walks up to the little girl who’s waiting with them, and she asks if Uncle is coming out.

Dr. Jo crouches down and takes her hand, drenched in rain and tears, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Back to the case that opened the episode. A young Dr. Jo reports his findings, and Park Hoon teaches him that if he focuses only on the evidence, then he’ll lose sight of the people in the case, and tells him to dig deeper.

He turns to go, but freezes when he sees the photograph on the wall. It’s an even younger Dr. Jo with his father… the nerdy scientist he questioned in the military bunker!

Flashback to the night that opened Episode 1. A teenage Dr. Jo wakes up in the middle of the night to find his father putting on his jacket to leave, after getting that phone call. Dad tells the boy not to wait up, and that he’ll be back soon.


Well thank goodness we have more answers about the Park Hoon flashbacks, because they were confusing as hell without an anchor. A vampire who doesn’t age gives us no clues about time, but now we have a clear chronology using Dr. Jo’s relative ages as a timeline. It’s also nice to have one of our main characters linked to both eras as well, which keeps things relevant on a character level, rather than having the bookends always feel like a separate snippet from a movie. I’m so intrigued by the idea of Park Hoon (or Kim Sung-hoon back then) as a proto-Tae-yeon. Was he good? Was he bad? Was he something in between?

And more importantly, this changes everything about why he might have sired Tae-yeon. Did he do it on purpose, knowing he’d follow in his footsteps because they were alike? Why is Dr. Jo coroner to both vampire prosecutors? That can’t be a coincidence. How much does he know about Park Hoon and Tae-yeon, and about vampires? If his father was involved in that mysterious government science project and knew about vampires (though we still don’t know how much or why), was it something he told his son about?

This episode definitely sealed the deal for me—I love Dr. Jo’s inclusion as a new character, in both timelines. As part of the flashbacks, he gives us a great connection and roots us in an emotional journey, which is harder to access with a character like Park Hoon who remains a mystery (for good reason). And in the present, it’s so great to have him be accepted as part of the family, because you just have this trust that Tae-yeon wouldn’t do that for someone he didn’t have a gut feeling about. Despite questioning how much he knows, I trust that Dr. Jo is good peeps. It’s so sweet to watch him become part of the team, especially because Tae-yeon is so normally gruff that when he gives one smile or one show of trust, it speaks volumes. I really like the kind of traits he adds to the group too, as an older man who might have something to teach Tae-yeon, and a man of hard science who knows how to look beyond cold facts.

The arc for him just in this one episode was hugely significant for his character—it humbled him, but made him more human, to us and to the team. I thought the case rather straightforward (in that the cold doctor seemed the obvious choice for the killer) but then the final twist really came at me by surprise because of it. We all expected some sort of fakeout from Tae-yeon to sneak a confession out of the doctor, but then to have the confession, be triumphant, and have the innocent man die anyway? Ouch. But the character moment for Dr. Jo was worth the pain.

The title of the episode (Any/What Justice) could mean range of things, because in Hangul “justice” and “friendship” are the same. It could just as well mean “What Ties of Friendship,” pointing to the friendships between the suspects in the case, as well as the growing friendships on our team of good guys. I just like that thematically, the search for justice is what ultimately allows Dr. Jo and Tae-yeon to develop a friendship, and for Tae-yeon to see that he’s good at heart and worth trusting. And we all know that Tae-yeon is a friend worth having in your corner.


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            so let say that not dream the last part , but if not dream she not going to be vampire no matter how much i wish for this they not going to do that , so what is the last choice we have : they have been Locked up somewhere and she bleeding he can’t stop his hunger so he bite her but stop it on the right time and that why he say not to forgive him cause he really think and bite her or at least think of it , so at last she know his true and even so she want to stay by his side till the end and dont want to leave ……so my friends this the best we can have from the next ep ( that what i think but who now myabe they will give more as the greatest gift on my life ) .

    • 3.8 kakashi

      haha, and here I was thinking it’s some kind of code of conduct NOT to talk about previews on episode recaps (cause it almost never happens). That said … OMG!! O M G!! Mind blown.
      But then (when my brain started functioning again), I thought … these writers, they are good. And smart. So, why would they a) give all this away in a preview and b) fundamentally change ALL THE STAKES in episode 4? That’s not likely, is it?
      I then thought that the scenes with her in the forest kinda look … dreamy. Why does she have her eyes closed, for example? I ‘hope’/fear it could be both of their dreams.

      • 3.8.1 OMILORD

        does the min jung girl, you know the one who was killed look familiar, Is she the same chick as the girl who had multiple personality disorder in the first season????

        • kakashi

          I need to check that out! yikes. can’t it be Sunday already?!

        • Chiomy

          no she is not. she is in the tv series assorted gems as kheutsoon

      • 3.8.2 rabbitsfortea

        Much as I would love for it to be real, I don’t think they would go there? :/
        Anyhow, if I were to pick, the forest scene looks way more like a dream scene.

      • 3.8.3 Ryoko

        I noticed that dreamy feel to the forest scenes as well. Maybe the next case has something to do with some type of drugs, and either Tae-yeon or Jung-in end up ingesting them and have these hallucinations in which their innermost desires and fears play out.

      • 3.8.4 aiguebelle

        the forest scene reminds me a tad too much of twilight!

    • 3.9 Reka

      If they give us a “dream” romance instead of the real thing next week, I swear the world WILL end in 2012 for the writers.

    • 3.10 Arhazivory

      The preview slayed me. :O

      *falls over*

    • 3.11 tania

      I know, amazing isn’t it. I actually did! lol 🙂

  4. bim2

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    Of course it is. Why they can’t made the thriller version of Answer Me 1997? ^^

    Just kidding. I love this episode and how they potrait Dr. Jo. Oh and another saucy mistery for the big plot ^^

    • 4.1 koreampuff

      I was thinking the same thing LOL

    • 4.2 pabo ceo reom

      Too early to bring up 1997. I’m still getting over it ending!

  5. Lemon

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    • 5.1 Lemon

      Oh man the ending…. That was unexpected and it made me go “WHAT! NO!” The poor guy who was framed, that didn’t even know his father died. And his dad, who believed in his son for 15 years, before eventually committing suicide to make his stand. But the one who suffers the most will be the little girl. She has no family right now. 🙁

      Besides the heartbreaking ending, the first part of the show was unintentionally funny. I LOLed at the “1997 the murder version” comment HAHA. The Sechkies and H.O.T. fanwars will never end!

  6. estel

    The end to this episode gutted me. I felt so sorry for the poor doctor, and I thought that Sung-beom’s words to the other policeman really resonated with the doctor’s storyline. Perhaps even moreso than the police, if the ME slips up it can completely change someone’s life – or more like multiple someones, since “no man is an island”.

    All in all, I’m glad the last two episodes have returned to the familiar tone of VP’s first season. I felt like the season opener was too violent and ultimately meant for shock value, not plot. It wasn’t as emotionally compelling as these last two episodes because it was simply too unrelatable.

    I just hope next week we get some forward motion on the loveline tension between Jung-in and Tae-yeon. I’m ready for the hints to become more than hints, if you know what I mean. ^_^

  7. bishbash

    Thanks for the recap girlfriday!!

    If anyone recalls, Dr Jo said in Ep 3 that his father researched on blood. So I believe Dr Jo knows about vampire blood, and also Tae-yeon is a vampire.

    And reading the above comments, DAMN I WANNA WATCH EP 4’S PREVIEW!!!

    • 7.1 Onichick


      You never saw this….*shuffles off in a trench coat*

      • 7.1.1 befuddled

        My reaction to that preview: !!??!!?

        • Onichick

          Pretty much my reaction too with a whole lot OF WHAT…WAIT…LAKJSHLAKHSJLKAHS

      • 7.1.2 zie

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    • 7.2 koreampuff


      scroll to the end of the video.. although I must say.. you might not want to -__- you’re going to be squirming the whole week impatiently for the next episode.

  8. koreampuff

    So this is how I followed the story – Park Hoon was a prosecutor working on the case of all those people who died in the bunker, and Dr. Jo’s dad, who was maybe the sole witness or survivor (?) was interrogated by Park Hoon. When Dr. Jo’s dad said ‘vampire’, Park Hoon reacted tensely because he was human at that time and thought it was nonsense; and then the next event is when Park Hoon is hot on the tracks of the mysterious lab vamp, and there he is sucked dry and is lingering on the verge on death when he gets turned. Maybe like ten or so years later is today’s flashback, where Park Hoon is working as a (vampire) prosecutor, and he meets Dr. Jo, and is shocked to find out that he’s the son of the guy who witnessed the military bunker massacre.
    Now the question is, what eventually happened to Dr. Jo’s dad? Because if he survived, then the Dr. Jo should know something as his son right? AGHH I love the flashback sequences though – have two stories converging in different time frames reminds of me Reply 1997 ^_^
    I won’t say anything but….. IT’S DRIVING ME INSANEEEE. I’m finally completely hooked on the new season. It was kind of lingering after the first episode, got better after the second, and today’s episode gives me confidence that it’ll be gooooood :] SOO curious who the mysterious lab vamp is.. oh and what happened to the man who got transfused the vampire’s blood in the bunker… obviously he’s a vampire now too.. so where is he…
    I’m loving the past sequences a lot though 🙂 They’re like the cherry on the ice cream for me.. for some reason..

    • 8.1 Jesse

      “When Dr. Jo’s dad said ‘vampire’, Park Hoon reacted tensely because he was human at that time and thought it was nonsense”
      At the end of the first episode you see a few seconds more of this scene and Park Hoon makes ‘animal sounds’ for lack of a better term.
      It may be my imagination, but I think this conversation takes place after he was turned into a vampire.

      • 8.1.1 koreampuff

        Hmmmm must rewatch!!!

    • 8.2 Carole McDonnell

      In the last episode, Dr Jo hinted at some inherited disease, didn’t he? Not sure if he named it. I think he did. But if he didn’t….uhmmmm what does that mean? And if he did name the illness, how does that illness work with having a vampire dad? Nothing? Something?

  9. diorama

    Yay, girlfriday is back on the VP train!

    Is it inethical of me to love Soon-bum’s ‘interrogation’ tactics? It is LAWLS so funny to see him go all gangster on the poor scared criminals.

    And I really hope that Jung In will find out Tae Yeon’s big secret soon – lots more time for angsting!

    • 9.1 Stardust

      Yeah!! HIGH 5!! I LOOOVE Soon-bum to bits… his big head and all! hahahah He’s such a warm friend to have, and can always read ppl to get what he needs… I love that he and Tae Yeon are such good buddies, you almost never see Tae Yeon smile so gaily except with him *aaaaaaaaaaw*
      Their rapport is no joke, you notice that when they went to the first crime scene, Tae Yeon seemed to know that Soon-bum was going to start creating a diversion and he looked AWAY, all : What? I didn’t see nothing! lol like Caroline from Bones…

  10. 10 jyyjc

    That one screencap of Yeon junghoon with the blue eyes and the fangs is making me laugh. Looks like he’s about to sneeze a big one.

  11. 11 Vanessa

    Thanks!! 🙂

  12. 12 FM

    oh god…if the biting is not a dream…i really dun wanna see the writers do ‘i hate u cos u turned me’ for this couple….n if it helps…i think when jung in and tae yeon were walking, she said something like she’s not leaving n at the end, after biting her, he told her not to forgive him…:(

  13. 13 kakashi

    Min Tae-yoen has to stop doing that smile-thing. Far too many smiles in this episode. I’m already too crazy about him for my own good, but if he keeps that up … not sure what I’ll do. Go to Korea and kidnap him?!

    • 13.1 RubyJ

      Only makes me more green with envy that Han Ga In is married to him =(

  14. 14 shadow

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    Hope more scene bout jung in n prosecutor min

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    Jung In with blue eyes? ohh.. men, i can’t imagine it. #LoL#
    i just wanna say that Vampire prosecutor 2 is Awesome! daebaakk! ^^

  18. 18 Jay

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  19. 19 sararamo

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  20. 20 fan

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    now for episode 4 preview, I real do hope it’s a dream, because i don’t want Jung in founding out our vampire secret that way and i want the story of I’m a human but I’m an love with a vampire its so much romantic then two vampire being in love. but i having a strong feeling that they are trolling with us somehow.

  21. 21 Lori

    i absolutely love the addition of Dr. Jo. The relationship between him and our vamp is so fun to watch. Hopefully we will get some romance as well for our vamp prosecutor.

  22. 22 Ellen

    I loved this episode!! It sort of reminded me of Cold Case which was very cool. Right when I was getting depressed with the ending of this episode, the Ep. 4 preview popped up which left my jaw open until the end of the preview. I really don’t want Jung In to be a vampire because I also love the I’m human and I love a vampire thing. It makes it interesting for me. But, when I was watching the preview, I felt that the kissing and biting is like a dream sequence or something. Usually, the preview shows some sort of murder case happening, but in this preview, it was mostly Tae Yeon realizing his feelings for Jung In? I feel that the kiss and the romance is too fast, so I just think it’s probably a dream thing. Didn’t the psychic lady from Ep. 2 (really don’t remember her name) say that Jung In was going to have a difficult romance or something? From my understanding, it meant for me that she will push and he will back off because of what he is. In a way, I think that maybe this sequence of events will make Tae Yeon back away further from Jung In because he doesn’t want that to happen and something else happens to pull them together later on? I really like the romance, but suddenly kissing and biting all in one episode is too fast for me. I think they should start off with a hug, hold hands and then kiss. Anyways, I reallllllly don’t want to see Jung In as a vampire cause it really ruins it for me. For some reason, at the back of mind, a part of me says that it won’t happen which I hope is true. Boy, this week is going to be a loooooonnnnngggg wait and I don’t want next week to come cause I have a midterm. 🙁

    • 22.1 RubyJ

      Given that we’ve had bits and pieces of a loveline in season 1, it makes it even more agonizing that it really hasn’t progressed any … yet. So that little teaser of ep. 4, I hope is just to wet our palettes for hopefully what is to come in the future.

  23. 23 Village Mrembo

    Personally i thought they’d forwarded the clock then Dr Jo kept glancing at the clock to ger the murderer doc to notice it and be fooled! Oh well…
    Plus they showed like a premonition of the guy being hanged so it didnt come as much of a shock.
    And Drama PDnim r u sure that kinda preview is allowed?!!

  24. 24 Abbie

    This show is so amazing. I’m starting to love Dr. Jo as a new character. He adds something special to the team.

    I really like this seasons mystery more than last years. Because now, the good doctor is part of it and that makes it more intense.

    Also, I love the director on this season. That brief moment where Dr. Jo and the victim locked eyes through time (or whatever) was brilliant. I love it when the characters are actually standing in the “crime scene” as it’s taking place. That is utter brilliance.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  25. 25 Khrisstyne

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  26. 26 goldeng

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    • 26.1 Ellen

      Trance? Oh yeah!! That was what I was thinking of. Although it looked pretty cool to have Jung In sit down and Tae Yeon do all the bad guy fighting, I really don’t see Jung In as that kind of a person to just sit out on a fight. She would chime in. Plus, she was wearing a skirt. Since when has she worn a skirt in the series? Oh please correct me if I’m wrong. Didn’t someone say the episode is called Interview with a Vampire? It’s probably Tae Yeon’s fantasy story or how he would react if Jung In did get into a situation like that.

  27. 27 Lilly

    Maybe the little girl will be their child if they both become vampires and cannot have children on their own.

  28. 28 soserious

    thanks for the recap!

    thought the episode was pretty decent. all the different flashbacks had me all confused for a while though.

    and hahaha, it was seriously Answer Me 1997 Murder version.

  29. 29 VPfan

    Ohmygod, I just watch this week ep and next week preview with sub! I can’t wait! Next week title is interview with vampire! Oh my There is other vampire too ? I am getting really curious!

  30. 30 jenni

    maybe Doc Jo’s dad was researching vampire blood to save his son? like the dad from episode 2, cuz his son had that disease which was slowly killing him.

  31. 31 jini kazama

    I’ve been a silent reader for a long time, even Gaksital wasn’t much of an incentive for me to write, but, BOY this show really stirs something in my mind, it’s clever, intense & polished, it never gives you all the answers, yet leaves you craving for more, everything I like in my Drama is there, & the witty dialogue is the sherry on top!
    Anyhow.. regarding the 4th episode preview which, apparently, by the end of the week will drive everybody insane, I’m totally with the theory that it’s a fake, either a hallucination or a dream sequence, not because I don’t want the romance to blossom, actually I’m a BIG shipper of this couple, but the thing about their romance is that it’s unspoken & based on sexual tension, & that is what makes it subtle, if the love story is consumed then the tension will be gone & the show would be just another “Moonlighting”, & that would make the audience disappointed!

    I think it’s the same thing like the season finale of the 4th season of House, where everyone was rooting for House & Cuddy to end up together & in the same time worrying that breaking the tension whould leave nothing for the audience to look for in the romance department, the writers came up with a brilliant twist (as I think) & made the pair hook up, or left the audience BILIEVE that they did, only to showcase in the last 5 minutes that it was all in House’s head due to his vicodine addiction

    I think it’s very early to take this road at this stage, & the writers have proven that they are smart enough NOT to take this huge step this early, otherwise I would fear that there would be no more seasons, which would make me REALLY sad, because , as much as I LOVED the last season, I thinks the current season takes the trophee just by the adding of the great character of Dr Jo, he alone deserves at least 4 season, he adds much needed poise & humanity to the team, not to mention his mysterious history with Park Hoon
    Come on show you can’t make the man work only for 11 episodes ! & we still don’t know why TY was turned into a vampire in the first place,

    • 31.1 shadow

      hi there, even if agree with you like 120% that all will be fake and they will not go there but i dont agree that if they do that the tension will be gone , that not true or will not be another season cause you said it yourself :

      1- the add Dr Jod eserves at least 4 season and not just him they can make a new character and mystery that make use hungery for this drama more then just 4 season ,

      2- it not just the new character they can even make us interstant on the all old characters cause don’t tell me you knew everything about our main characters ,how about how min and Soon-bum first meet??, how he know that he a vampire?? and not just that, Soon-bum himself do we know really anything about him and it the same for other .

      3- for the romance part you have writers and they very smart they can make another level of romance that out of our thinking and even make you forget “the thing about their romance is that it’s unspoken & based on sexual tension”

      so my friend i agree with your way of thinking and you right but the thing that the writers has my heart now and i trust them and that something i don’t do easy ,but their here i am now with writers that prove that the way they thing is Unusual and not simple or copycat so i don’t mind what they going to do next they just making a good jop . but i just hope they dont break my heart with small romance cause i need more but i am sure that no matter what they give us they will make me in the end say that “they have point”.

      • 31.1.1 jini kazama

        Hi yourself, & thanks for replaying
        I am totally with you on the matter of trusting the writers, because they haven’t let me down till this moment, I am glad they keep surpassing themselves & our expectations, it’s refreshing to know there are countries (other than the US & Europe) who manage to pull great procedural dramas, on both writing & directing levels, I started watching VP on a whim because I found the title really ridiculous, & vampire stories were never my thing (mind you, Twilight didn’t do much to improve my opinion about them as a theme!) but I found myself totally hooked by the 4th episode of the first season
        However, there is a reason why in ALL dramas (universally speaking) when there is a love line, it’s always kept unfulfilled as much as possible, because it let the audience craving for more, wanting more, eager to see more, so when the slightest hint of romance is up we practically cheer for it, the key for the writer is to leave it to the imagination of the follower to create the situations & the scenes where the leads let out their feelings, but when you ACTUALLY see it by your own eyes, there is nothing left for you to imagine, it’s called “pleasure delaying” a sort of sweet torture we tend to inflect to ourselves while watching a drama
        That is exactly why very popular shows try to the maximum NOT to make their leads hook up earlier, Bones took 8 seasons, House MD kept House & Caddy dancing around each other for 6 seasons, same goes for Jack & Kate in the 3 first seasons of Lost, & recently Castle & Beckett after 5 seasons
        The most striking example is an 80’s TV show called “moonlighting” (to which I referred in my last post) this show was HUGELY popular mainly because of the sexual tension between the leads, as they were obviously madly in love with each other but never confessed, until the 6th season, & guess what?! The very episode right after this one, the rating dropped dramatically & never could rise again the producers were forced to end the show, the main reason as stated by the critics & surveys was that what the audience liked about the show was the bickering & the hide & seek game between the leads, but once they were officially lovers, the tension was gone & so is the excitement of the relationship, it’s even been called “Moonlighting effect”
        That being said, I am like you, trusting the writer because they really managed to have me addicted to a vampire show, which I never imagined would happen!
        Glad that you share the same interrogations with me regarding how the bromance was born & how much does SB know exactly? There is plenty of questions needing answers like if the sister, bartender & prosecutor jang are still alive (because vampires don’t drown do they?!) is the bartender a vampire? & if he is not how did he get acquainted to Min? was it a coincidence that Dr jo worked for both prosecutors? How many vampires are out there, & what’s the thing with the changing of eye colors? Does that mean there are levels of vamping? How can these vampires resist daylight? How come nobody around noticed that Prosecutor Min doesn’t age (he’s been vampire for 7 years) How come jung in is a prosecutor while her father is a mobster? & the most important question: HOW ON EARTH DOES PROSECUTOR MIN MANAGE TO LOOK THAT HOT EVEN WHILE DRINKING BLOOD! That’s unfair! Smiles like his should be banned… They are dangerous for weak hearts like mine!!!
        The one thing I regret however is the in your face fact that the actress playing Jung In underwent a plastic surgery or a Botox procedure, I really can’t get beyond the fact that she looks really fake compared to her innocent girl next door look that I fell for in the first season! Screw plastic surgery!
        Sorry for being this long, been a pleasure talking to you

        • Stardust

          jini kazama I love your analysis about the love line… To be honest VP2 has so much mystery and crime going on, I am actually totally not missing out on it… Which is funny becos since young, I was only interested in cartoons with a love line eg, Hot Rod had ArCee, Wheeler had Linka.. and almost all the dramas I watch now of cos have OTPs getting together, staying together…

          But with only 11 eps per season, I am really not even missing any romance… I just need the mysteries to all be solved, and tied in a pretty ribbon….. in the end… ( no matter how many seasons)…

          The actual worry is, for Yeon Jeong-Hun to stay looking young over the seasons may be the main challenge. Because vampires does not age. Mr Vamp-hottie is now 34…HAHA… I hope BOTOX will not come into play THEN..

          As for Jung-in/Lee Young Ah getting botox ? ( at 28 no less), I have to humbly disagree… Yeah I admit that I did thought she looked very different… But part of me had her confused with Yeri from OCN’s other Crime show – Special Affairs team 10 hahaha After I compared her two photos, then and now, I again humbly conclude that she seemed to have lost a little baby fat, became more ladylike with her much longer hair, and of cos, she got to share some of the sizzling eye-liner this season round hahahaha ( I read that maybe she had plastic surgery. but oh well.. hahaha)

          • jini kazama

            @ Stardust, I am totally with you on mystery & crime being the soul of the show, I actually liked VP BECAUSE it’s almost romance free, just the little amount to bring some humanity to the show, I never liked pure romance movies or show, I think they are boring, & the reason why I didn’t start watching Kdrama earlier is the misconception I had about them being only romance & melodrama (definitely not my thing) but VP & other Kshows had me corrected!
            The odd thing is I never thought that when I’d be commenting on VP, I’d start with romance, because there is SO MUCH going on to discuss but I guess it’s the fangirling going on here that influenced me ;b!
            GOD NOOO…. !!! I don’t want Yeon Jeong-Hoon having Botox! He’s way too perfect to spoil his perfect bone structure with it! Besides he’s aging really well (I always think that Asian people age gracefully, lucky them!), in my country 34 is not considered aging at all!
            You have a point in comparing Jung In with Yeri (that was another great show), I actually liked Yeri & though she was cute & has a really comforting voice (suits her profession), but what I liked about Jung In is while looking all cute & angelic, she has guts & Badassery that she never fail to impress us ( & her boss) in the toughest situations, even alone in the woods I used to read JB & GF screaming to her to run for her life, & while she’s never been tested I always thought that she’d do well facing danger, she’s a mobster’s little girl for God’s sake & we’ve seen how skillfully she handles white weapons like a pro!
            I did notice the more feminine changes in the look, the long hair, the smokey eyes & even the clothing (still tomboyish but better than last season), but it’s not what I meant, what I mean goes deeper in the features of her face, her lips look swollen & so does her face, I actually like her natural smile so I don’t want it spoiled
            & you’re right, Botox tend to make people look alike & that’s why I hate it! I might appear as an anti Botox but I really like natural beauty, hope Yeon Jeong-Hoon doesn’t give it a though, fingers crossed!
            Let’s wish they extend the show for more than 4 seasons with the same level of craft & more episodes!

          • Ellen

            Wow! 34? Could not tell at all!! Maybe he could pull it off!

  32. 32 Carole McDonnell

    Just saw the episode. I loved this episode so much. Just warm and wonderful and I really love Dr Jo even more than I did. He’s really earned our respect and is not just a quirky doctor with new forensics techniques. HE’s a good person. Sounds corny but yeah, a decent humble human being.

    The ending just made me so dad. One of the best anti-death-penalty (or is it “anti-overly-aggressive-prosecution”?) episodes I’ve ever seen anywhere.

    • 32.1 Carole McDonnell

      My typing skills this morning, alas.

  33. 33 Stardust

    Thanks for the wonderful recap girlfriday! As usual I was able to glean alot more of the drama from your words…

    Tae Yeon is just so casual this ep and the way he rapped XD HAHAHA Just adorable. I notice that he and Jung in barely had any lines today, but its just how I like it. This ep is Doc Jo’s – that cold doctor who is willing to want to become more human….

    This ep had me biting my nails, at the end I thought they rewound the clock or something to get her confession, but it was so much better than i thought hahaha…

    But the ending was so sad and twisted… I wasn’t expecting a ‘bad’ ending, becos usually Crime dramas like CSI, they (almost) ALWAYS catch the bad guy, and the most recent victim has a 90% chance of surviving it, being rescued in the nick of time….

    With Vampire Prosecutor, the odds are stacked :sometimes they get them, sometimes they don’t… sometimes they save them, and sometimes they don’t….

    This formula is just gutting us, but why do we love it so.

  34. 34 sundae

    @jini kazama I don’t think she’s gotten any botox because she’s always looked alike that. She gains and lose weight so that explains her bloated face. Or the fact that she’s filming two drama at a time like VP2 and King’s Dream ,which are both weekend dramas. Different hair style also adds to the shaping of ones face. And her lips has always also been like that.

  35. 35 marylnn

    Well, I love this V1 & V2 dramas. Hoping that there is season 3. Yes, I agree with sundae. She has been filming 2 dramas at the same time which is also weekend dramas. She appears in a cosmetic show last weekend. Before she acts in V2, she has just finished acting in a movie and MBN ghost stories drama. Therefore she looks quite tired on camera. Wait to see her in ‘king’s Dream’, from the pictures, her face looks smaller and thinner. By the way, the korean media has proved that she never have any cosmetic surgery.

  36. 36 fan

    I agree, i don’t think Lee Young ah got any work done, it’s the heavy make-up and the hair, take a look of this picture from last year.
    as you can see the bangs do make a huge different.

  37. 37 Mar

    I liked S1 okay but I thought it was high on style, which was a lot of the reason I kept watching, and low on substance especially in the beginning. Looking back, still kind of feel that way but it did more than I realized on establishing the characters. To me though it’s more a procedural show rather than a supernatural show. I see a lot more substance in just the first 3 episodes for the second season and look forward to further character development. I like the addition of Dr. Jo. He brings a lot to the table. I’d like to see more development of our Vampire Prosecutor, quirks, personality, outside of the office a bit. I’d like to see the show get away from the formula stock filming of- drink dead persons blood, vamp out, look at blood flying everywhere scenes, because they were so repetitive in the first season. Other than that, I look forward to future episodes.

  38. 38 Kiki

    Another awesome ep..T_T but so damn sad to have that innocent guy died and his father (who looks like one of the witness from season 1)

  39. 39 Lilian

    Love the screenshots of Taeyeon above. Awesome stuff…..and I do like this new coroner. Just one request. Can we see Jung in and Taeyeon in lovey dovey mode plz?

  40. 40 lishuys

    omgosh i just hated that ending . . . come on give us a break. after an hours worth misery it wouldve been nice to have justice served. why rush the execution? is he going anywhere in the next 24hrs? why werent the team notified if the authorities knew the case had reopened? aren’t there protocols in place? rushed the execution??? i dont accept that . . . . stink ending!!!!

  41. 41 jini kazama

    Finally watched it subbed, & that was a great episode, I especially liked the fact that every once in a while the writers spot on a particular member of the team & make him/her the unpronounced leader of the investigation, can’t wait for a SB centered episode!
    anyway, it was a smart move to get a Dr Jo focused episode so early, & though we already feel he’s been part of the team for a long time (unlike Mme cleavage who always felt like an outsider) it’s a nice touch to enhance his character treat as the heart of the team, which is usually played by the female member in other shows, besides, having an elder in any team gives it more credibility, wisdom & more depth
    there are plenty of good moments in this episode, starting with the book signing scene, it seems like Dr Jo really appreciates friendship gestures even though he is a loner (not by his choice as we know, & I can’t help thinking he would’ve made such a great husband)
    Min looks like he’s more open & a lot loosen up, which makes him even more likeable, & Sum boom who is consistently reliable even with his harsh methods, he always shows that he cares, I likes the speech he gave to the detective pointing out that human life is the most valuable thing & guys who work for justice can’t afford to make mistakes because they put lives at stake, I could hug him in this scene
    The execution scene was painful to watch, reminded me of the one in the first season of Prison Break & the actor did such a great job, but I can’t figure out why on earth would they pull the date up without informing the team, weren’t they notified that the case was reopened?
    The theme of the episode was that there is no such thing as “the perfect crime”, but I could argue that without the girl confessing, how would the team prove that she was the killer? & wasn’t it a bit silly for her to confess in front of a prosecutor & a cop? Furthermore, even though the guy died, wasn’t she risking the death row herself by confession?
    Finally the little girl trusting the good Doc who feels guilty towards her, that was heart breaking, I think/hope they will wind up as a family, that would be perfect for them both, being lonely in this world
    I think this season had established itself as a better one than the first, & that is impressive considering that the first already had high stakes

  42. 42 Sirena

    So far the episodes have been amazing! Episode three touched me on many levels. I am enjoying the bond that is forming between Dr. Jo and the rest of the team. And I agree with GirlFriday that the flashbacks have provided me with an idea of how old Tae-yeon’s sire might be. I am curious to see where VP2 will take this character. Lastly, I just loved the back and forth between Tae-yeon and Soon-bum! In my opinion seens like this one testify to Tae-yeon’s ‘humanity’ inspite of the obvious reality of his supernatural condition. I cannot wait for epsiode 4!

  43. 43 Ennayra

    I’m really glad I read this recap, because I did not piece together that the bookend scenes are set in the past. Has it been this way in episodes 1 and 2 also? I also didn’t piece together the fact that the young forensics doctor who threw up every time on the job for 2 years was our confident Doctor Jo.

    During the rap battle, I made Tae-yeon’s stank face, and then he made it. I was pleasantly surprised; some real camaraderie there.

    I’m watching this on hulu, so new episodes are super slow. Is there a better site to watch this on?

  44. 44 Pam

    girlfriday wrote “(t)he guy raps at him (pffffft) and then Tae-yeon actually RAPS BACK (insulting his hair, ha). And now I’m dying of embarrassment and I can’t even look at you. Also, why is your stankface so funny?”

    I love Tae-Yon, rap, stankface and all…. I could never be embarrassed of our hottie prosecutor…LMAO! At least Tae-Yon rapped with conviction!

    Don’t say that the dumb rapper didn’t deserved to get dissed…hehe.

  45. 45 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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