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Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 4
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An especially humor-filled episode, which keeps me happy. What makes this show work, after all, isn’t the crime scene of the week so much as it is the little character moments, and this episode is chock-full of ’em. And while the show continues to be a big tease about the romance, ‘shippers might find a little something here and there to cling to. Cling on, I say.


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EPISODE 4: “Interview With a Vampire”

Finally, a solid date! We open in August 1988, in the hospital office of Dr. Ra Jae-wook. Ah! It’s Dr. Blood, aka Bartender, aka Tae-yeon’s hyung and blood dealer. I do believe this is the first time we’re getting a name for him.

(Refresher: He was the doctor who turned last year’s Big Bad, Prosecutor Jang, into a vampire seven years prior with a transfusion of vamp blood. It was an experiment gone awry, and Tae-yeon ripped into him when he found out. Figuratively, I mean, even if Tae-yeon did later drink Dr. Blood—although that was at the latter’s dying request, after being attacked in the finale and wanting to save Tae-yeon. In the very last scene, we saw him out and about, presumably turned into a vamp by Tae-yeon.)

Here in 1988, Dr. Ra has a visitor—Park Hoon—who tells him an outlandish-sounding story: There’s a vampire on the loose killing people, which also turned him into a vampire. There are two ways of turning: Either you are a vampire’s first victim, or you get a transfusion of vamp blood.

Park Hoon has sought out Dr. Ra because he’s well-known for his studies on blood. Dr. Ra dismisses him as crazy, telling him he wants the psych ward instead. He takes his cup of water and heads for the door, but Park Hoon stops him with a remark: “You must be thirsty. But so am I.”

In a flash, he has Dr. Ra’s throat in his grasp. He leans forward, a gleam in his eye….


We open at a swanky pool party, with cocktails and beautiful young people frolicking in the water. Two women walk by, looking like they belong to this hot young crowd, but they’re really here to steal from unsuspecting partiers.

A stray beach ball sends a beer bottle flying at the lead thief. A guy grabs her out of harm’s way, getting cut on the cheek by broken glass… which heals over quickly. A vamp in our midst.

The woman gasps, “Your cut!” The vamp quickly leaves and rejoins his buddy, while the thief’s friend shoots the buddy a come-hither stare.

Those two sidekicks rendezvous that night at the pool. But her smile fades when the guy identifies her by name and criminal record (multiple pickpocket convictions). Then he bares his fangs and attacks.

And… cut? Grahhhhh, this was just a freaking movie? I’m pretty sure you already used this fake-out last season.

The vamp actor wants another take and the victim starlet wants to try a better scream, both challenging Director Jung. The director snipes about the starlet tattling to her bigshot Daddy, but his hands are tied and he can’t argue when the actor takes charge like he’s the boss.

Next thing we know, we’re at a murder site. Tae-yeon examines a grave in the woods bearing a woman’s bloody body, imagining it rising up to meet him so he can inspect the wounds.

Nearby, he finds a rock stained with blood and takes a taste. The vision gives shows him the victim’s perspective of headlights of an oncoming car. Jung-in reports the victim’s identity: actress Yang Yu-jin, who played the thief’s friend and vamp victim. She was filming at a nearby pension.

Soon-bum arrives at a separate crime scene, where a woman’s body lies in the middle of the road. Huh. Tae-yeon must’ve seen her last moments, because this one’s clearly been hit by a car. But why was her blood found near the other victim?

The reason for the two cases is explained in a flashback to boss-lady Prosecutor Joo, who seriously brings to mind a rat. Sharp, vicious, and mean. She basically orders Tae-yeon to increase his productivity with a double load. He asks if it’s punishment for the last case, and she says that the higher-ups were peeved to have a 15-year-old case dug up again. Tae-yeon calls her retaliation childish. But I’m wondering: Does she know these new deaths are related?

Dr. Jo apologizes for being the cause of the punishment, and Soon-bum tells him not to say stuff like that when they’re one team. Dr. Jo asks, “One team?” and looks heartwarmingly happy to be included in the family.

Soon-bum asks Dr. Jo to call him Soon-bum-ah: “Let’s be comfortable as hyung and dongsaeng!” Dr. Jo has difficulty bridging the professional divide but manages an awkward “Soon-bum-ah.” Soon-bum returns, “Jung-hyun hyung.” Omg. Adorable.

They move on to case talk, and Soon-bum cluck-clucks when Dr. Jo reverts to professional jondae. He wants banmal, and he wants it now!

Soon-bum thinks it looks like a simple hit-and-run case, but Dr. Jo’s study of the injuries doesn’t line up that way. She was run over by the car, but she was already lying in the road when the car came along.

Dong-man finds bloodstains down the road which suggest that the body was already bloody when it was taken out of a car trunk, then dragged to the middle of the road. Soon-bum murmurs, “A faked hit and run. Clever bastard. Punk, you should’ve used those brains to study.”

Another development: The driver of the car has turned himself in.

At the pool film shoot, the entire cast and crew is fingerprinted and catalogued by police. Jung-in sits with Director Jung, who is packing on the white powder—he also plays a vampire in the movie. She asks why he’s acting when he previously only directed, and he replies, “Because it’s my story. Who would be better to act it than me?”

The movie is titled Vampire Prosecutor and depicts the showdown between a good vampire prosecutor and an evil one who drinks from humans with bad (criminal) blood. Hm, this sure sounds familiar. Are we in for an episode of epic meta?

Director Jung took his inspiration from the case of Prosecutor Jang, imagining the film as a what-if scenario if he’d been a vampire. Its prominent storyline is the melo romance between the vampire prosecutor and the ex-con thief: Neither can mingle freely with society at large, giving them one commonality.

Jung-in looks skeptical at the pairing, so Director Jung urges her to imagine herself as the ex-convict heroine—even if she wants to turn over a new leaf, she can’t do anything but steal.

Ha, and then we re-envision the opening pool scene with Jung-in as the lead thief. That’s when she meets the good vampire prosecutor—that’s who the director plays, but he looks around for a better example and lands on: Min Tae-yeon. You don’t even know the half of it.

Now we rewatch the beer-bottle-flying scene, this time with our real prosecutors. Tae-yeon catches Jung-in, who lands on top of him; his cut heals; he walks away mysteriously; and she falls in immediate lust. I mean, love! She falls in love!

On to the other case. Dae-man is snippy at Soon-bum about being chummy with the new doc: “How come you’ll [be hyung-dongsaeng] with him, but not me?” Haha. Bromantic jealousy, I love it. What happens when Tae-yeon gets dragged into the mix?

Dae-man decides he’s just gonna call him Soon-bum hyung anyway, arguing that they don’t have brothers in real life so this is a way for fellow lonelyhearts to bond. And while they’re playing brothers, Soon-bum really ought to come home and visit his (Dae-man’s) mom once in a while and show proper son respect. Ha. This is already my favorite episode.

Soon-bum agrees to play the son, and asks how old Mom is. Dae-man calculates… she was born in ’67 which makes her 46 (Korean age). Soon-bum growls that he’s ONE YEAR older than her. HAHA.

They arrive at the local police station, where a guilt-stricken taxi driver has turned himself in for the hit and run. They review his car’s black box, and see it running over the victim’s body. The camera also shows a car parked by the road, near the second set of bloodstains. Should be easy to get its plate number.

Hilariously, Dae-man answers in banmal, Soon-bum shoots him a glare, and Dae-man meekly corrects himself with jondae. Then a phone call comes in from their coroner and Soon-bum answers, “Yes, doc—I mean, Jung-hyun hyung.” Commence pouting.

The results of the autopsy are in. The victim was an aspiring actress, hindered by her erotic film history. There are a few injuries that don’t line up with the taxi, like the marks that don’t match the tire tread. So… it was a double hit and run.

I love how awkwardly this pair is doing their whole hyung-dongsaeng routine, constantly tripping up by getting overly formal. Soon-bum gives a friendly wave while Dr. Jo bows. They correct themselves—and Soon-bum bows while Dr. Jo waves. Hee. They decide this isn’t working, and revert back to their formal ways.

Then after Soon-bum leaves, Dr. Jo practices to himself, “Good work, Soon-bum-ah.” Why are you so cute?

Filming resumes on Vampire Prosecutor. The movie vamps have a disagreement: Bad Vamp argues that Good Vamp can’t swear off drinking from humans forever, because that’s what vamps do. Instinct will always prevail. Tae-yeon watches uneasily—this conversation echoes his own argument with Prosecutor Jang.

Director Good Vamp calls cut, and again Bad Vamp grumbles that the scene was far from good enough. He storms out in a huff, and Jung-in follows him outside.

A heavy light falls from the roof heading straight for her, and Tae-yeon pulls her out of its path. She’s taken back to that imagined pool rescue, but he just warns her to stay alert.

The body of starlet Yu-jin, the one found in the woods, turns up DNA from her co-star Bad Vamp. But the actor scoffs that the director’s more likely to have kill her, since he hated Yu-jin. He was forced to use her instead of the actress he wanted because her daddy’s an investor, and turned her character mute.

Bad Vamp points to a dust-up from yesterday’s shoot, and Jung-in immediately knows the scene he’s talking about. She sheepishly admits reading the script and finding it interesting, while Tae-yeon shoots her this hilarious “O RLY?” look.

As Bad Vamp recounts the argument, Jung-in again pictures herself in the heroine’s role, running from formerly affiliated gang members. She falls and starts crawling away as the gangsters loom over her—just as someone arrives to help her up. Good Vamp Tae-yeon.

He touches her face gently, then takes charge, fighting off the gangsters easily. Rejoining Jung-in, he leans in for a kiss…

“Cut!” Augh, can’t we even get an imagined kiss in peace?

It’s starlet Yu-jin who calls the scene to a halt, saying she wants to be in it. After all, both ladies are thieves, so shouldn’t they both be chased? Bad Vamp takes her side, and Director Jung retorts, “So you want the kiss to be a three-way too?”

Tempers are high all around, and Yu-jin calls the director a talentless hack. Threatening to have Daddy fire him, she takes charge and tells the crew it’s a wrap for today.

Yu-jin’s autopsy is still under way, so we don’t yet know her murder weapon. Jung-in asks whether Tae-yeon has any other leads, but he says no—he can’t exactly explain the hit-and-run vision he had, with no evidence to back it.

Then he stops in his tracks and turns to Jung-in with a curious look on his face. He leans in closely, and the soundtrack in Jung-in’s mind lays over romantic music as he raises a hand, just like Movie Tae-yeon did to Movie Jung-in. She closes her eyes…

Tae-yeon points out she’s missing an earring. Romantic music cuts out. That pouty look on her face? It’s on mine too.

Real-life Tae-yeon’s a lot crankier than the smooth romancer of fantasy, and he tells Jung-in to read the case files instead of screenplays if she’s got so much time.

Back at the office, the other team traces the car’s plates and narrows the number down. Soon-bum looks up in surprise as the little girl, Ji-hye from last episode, emerges sleepily—Dae-man’s mom left her with him while she went off to aerobics. Aw, they’re still taking care of her? Is Ji-hye going to be a fixture at the office?

Tae-yeon asks the director about a recurring name on his phone log, Park Sun-jung. The director says she’s Yu-jin’s body double, hired by Daddy to stand in for any nude or explicit scenes. The director tried to contact Sun-jung to continue the movie, but she wouldn’t pick up. Lemme guess—she’s hit and run girl?

Tae-yeon has his suspicious face on, clearly not buying such a simple explanation.

Dr. Jo examines Yu-jin’s corpse, looking for the murder weapon to match her injuries. He lands on: shovel.

Dr. Jo finds little Ji-hye at the office, and she asks when her uncle’s gonna come home. She wants to see him, and mommy, and grandpa. Oh sad, she doesn’t know they’re all dead, which explains why she’s so cheery. She offers Dr. Jo a sausage and even peels the wrapper for him like he’s her gramps, which brings a tear to my eye. The lonely, family-less doctor is suddenly getting family from all directions.

Soon-bum finds the car’s owner, but he’s not the culprit; the car got repossessed months ago when he had money trouble with a loan shark. Following that lead takes him to a mechanic’s shop, and he stops to arm himself with a bat and hands Dong-man some chains. Based on Dong-man’s nervous fidgets, I’m not so sure he’s gonna be contributing much to this fight.

Soon-bum addresses the lead gangster, listing all the laws he’s broken. They start to catch on when he mentions the faked hit and run, and swing at him with metal pipes. He has no trouble taking ’em down.

Ha, Dong-man skitters away from the gangster who comes at him, flinging the chains around and actually wrapping his own neck up in it. He takes Soon-bum’s advice to act like the freak and starts screaming and shaking, till Soon-bum comes and knocks out his gangster for him.

With the fight out of the way, Soon-bum compares the tire tread to the marks found on hit-and-run girl’s body. It’s a match.

There’s another match on the other case: Blood found on the shovel traces back to the lead actress, Hae-in. Are you confused yet by all these names? Basically, there are three ladies: Lead Actress, Sidekick Starlet (dead), and Starlet’s Double (incommunicado).

Lead Actress explains what she saw after filming ended that night: Director Jung had comforted the double, Sun-jung, telling her that this movie is “our story.” She’d been upset that he’d made her the stand-in when he’d promised to give her the lead, and he’d apologized for being unable to do better.

Lead Actress took that tidbit to Yu-jin, who’d been peeved at her stand-in’s nerve. Yu-jin stormed off and knocked over a prop shovel, which landed on Hae-in’s foot. Hence the blood match.

But Hae-in draws a different conclusion from this conflict: It was Sun-jung the double who killed the lead, angry at her for stealing away her role.

The next day, the prosecutors watch another scene being shot, and Jung-in imagines herself in the lead’s place. Heroine Jung-in asks Hero Tae-yeon why he lives out in the middle of nowhere, and he replies that living in the city is lonely.

A gangster charges at them with a knife. Tae-yeon grabs him by the throat and shoves him through the air, then falls gasping at the stab wound in his side. Jung-in rushes to his side… and sees his fangs. She scrambles to her feet to run away, but he gasps, “Don’t go.”

She turns back. Jung-in promises not to go anywhere… he turns toward her… they lean in…

…and Soon-bum’s voice cuts in. Heh. I wasn’t even hoping that time.

His arrival is a surprise since he’s not working on this case. But turns out his own case led him here—to the lead actor playing Bad Vamp. It takes little to make him cave once he realizes he’s caught: He’d borrowed a car from the loan shark, who gave him the repo’d vehicle.

The actor admits it was a mistake: He’d been nodding off as he drove when he hit something. We see that the victim seemed fine at this point, although there’s still the question of how she ended up sitting in the middle of the road. The actor freaked out, took the body to a different location, and put her in the road.

He sobs that it really was a mistake. Soon-bum tells him that while the first part may have been, the second act of masking it as a different accident is a crime.

Soon-bum tells Tae-yeon of his hunch that their cases are related, with the crime scenes being so close to each other. This explains to Tae-yeon why he saw two scenes in his blood vision—the victims’ blood mingled. Yu-jin died in the woods, and Sun-jung in the road.

The director hears this and confirms that the actor killed Sun-jung. He asks Tae-yeon for a favor, since the movie only requires one more scene. Could they arrest the actor after they film it?

On to the shoot. Bad Vamp holds Heroine hostage as Good Vamp arrives. Through Jung-in-vision, we see Bad Vamp reminding Tae-yeon he only drinks bad blood, and the lady’s got a criminal past.

Tae-yeon asks him to release Jung-in. Bad Vamp asks what he’d do if he stabbed the girl—will he let her die, or will he bite her and turn her? “Whether you’re human or vampire, you can’t defy instinct. Love is an instinct too, Min Tae-yeon.”

Stab! Jung-in falls. Tae-yeon vamps out and launches himself at Bad Vamp, grappling for the knife, landing them in the pool. Mm, wet prosecutor.

They continue the fight in the water, the knife still in play, until blood seeps out and mixes with the pool water. But whose?

Tae-yeon is the one who comes up. He returns to Jung-in, cradling her prone body in his arms, and says, “I’m sorry, Jung-in-ah. Don’t forgive me.” And he bites her.

Jung-in gasps back to life, eyes blue and teeth fanged. A tear slips from Tae-yeon’s eye as he holds her to himself.

Cut! It’s a wrap. The crew claps, and the actors rise from their positions. Except Bad Vamp is still in the water, and when his body is turned over, a knife sticks out of his side. Director Jung offers up his wrists for arrest: “I killed him.”

In the interrogation room, Director Jung explains that Sun-jung was the only person who acknowledged him as a director while everyone else held his porno past against him.

That’s why he wanted this movie to tell their story—but he doesn’t mean they’re vampires. Rather, he wanted recognition as a director, just as Good Vamp wanted to live as a human. While former erotic actress Sun-jung wanted to be a real actress, like her character wanted to cast off her criminal past.

The night of the murders, he’d gone out looking for her and found Sun-young and Yu-jin in a fight. Yu-jin screeched at Sun-jung and shoved her, sending her head slamming into a rock. Director Jung jumped in an punched Yu-jin, over and over in a rage. He’d gone to grab a prop shovel, but when he came back he found that she hadn’t died after all. He debated taking Yu-jin to the ER, but he couldn’t have her accusing him of attempted murder… so he finished her off with the shovel.

Belatedly realizing that Sun-jung had disappeared, he looked everywhere for her. But by that time, she’d stumbled out into the street, where she was run over.

That’s two cases closed. The next morning, Jung-in gets a call about a new case, then trips on the curb and skins her knee.

Tae-yeon steps up to offer her a hand up. HA, her romantic music swells again in the background. And just like all those other times, Real Tae-yeon is a lot less flirty than Dream Tae-yeon and calls her a klutz… just before he heads off with a cheeky smile.

Jung-in looks down at her hand, and finds he’s handed her the earring she lost.

Back to the past. It’s a year after our intro scene, September 1999.

Park Hoon meets with Dr. Ra again, but this time the doc is on his team; they’re even speaking banmal like old friends. Park Hoon asks about his research, and he answers that he’s working on it.

Dr. Blood has a question for him: Has he ever drunk blood from a person? Cue flashback (within the flashback), as Park Hoon remembers being shot in the chest. His shooter trembles and drops the gun. Park Hoon vamps out. I’m… taking that as a yes.


I love the funny episodes, because that’s what gives this show so much character. All the petty bickering and manly bonding and daydreaming just make my day. That’s not to say the crimes don’t add their own slick style to the show, since they make up a bulk of the show. But even when they’re well-written, I don’t consider that to be where the show shines.

In fact, I’ll offer up a minor complaint, and that’s that the crimes are sometimes too clever for their own good. I feel like the writing sometimes gets away from itself, trying so hard to surprise us at every turn that it becomes downright confusing. You want us to feel like we’re on a journey of discovery with the characters, cracking the case with you—not left out in the rain hopelessly scratching our heads until you enlighten us with the info you’ve been withholding. Smart cases with clever twists, I love. Incomprehensibility, not so much.

It’s also because the show is experimenting this season with more directorial tricks—crime scene special effects, flashbacks, and flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks. It’s all very complicated and I feel like these tricks can obscure the story rather than help it along. It’s a minor complaint in the scheme of things, because a large component of this show IS the style, but I do think it’s worth noting. Especially since I think this season is in more danger of it than last year, where at least they tried to keep it down to sharp 45-minute episodes. I’m still shuddering a bit at the torture-fest of the premiere.

On to this episode, which I really did enjoy quite a lot. And it’s not surprising that the murders had very little to do with it. (Side note: Did the two cases really just happen to be the same case? Did Prosecutor Joo have a clue, or is this a coincidence? I’ll hold out judgment for now, but if it was just a convenient coincidence, I’m gonna be mighty disappointed.)

I totally loved all the bonding moments, though, and Jung-in’s fantasies running the show. Aside from keeping the acting squarely in the hands of characters we care about (and not the guests), it also alleviates the total cheese factor of the scenarios. Don’t get me wrong—I’m totally feeling the chemistry of Tae-yeon and Jung-in (though okay, the man could have chemistry with a door) and rooting for some sort of romantic development, even if it’s not a conventional happy ever after.

But at this point in the pop-culture time-space continuum, I must admit that there is this inescapable cheese factor at the overly melodramatic, vampire-human Love That Cannot Be (Cannot Be!) scenario. And by portraying it as part of a girlish fantasy, we totally get to have cake and eat cake: We can enjoy the scenario while keeping in mind that it’s not completely real. It’s beyond the scope of straight mocking, because it beat us to the punch by self-mocking.

Alas, who’s sad that Tae-yeon can’t actually turn Jung-in? ‘Cause if I’ve got my timelines right (and with this show, that’s a challenge), he’s already used up his turning rights on Dr. Blood. Time to call in a favor?


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      Dr. Blood didn’t turn Park Hoon. He turned Tae Youn previous boss by blood trasnfusion. But what I am confused about is WAS DR.BLOOD A VAMP OR NOT IN THE FIRST SEASON???!! before the whole biting scene??!!

      • 15.3.1 mysterious

        I’m confused about some things too. Prosecutor Jang was turned 7 yrs prior to the first season. And he turned Yeon-jae(I think that’s her name) the same night. But then it was mentioned that Tae-yeon was turned 7 yrs prior to the first season by Park Hoon. If Jang, Yeon-jae, and Tae-yeon were all turned in the same year that Park Hoon died, then how could Park Hoon have had enough time to figure out Jang’s pattern of “bad blood” and set up a law firm in such a short amount of time? Unless Tae-yeon was turned not 7 yrs ago, but some time after. Maybe I misunderstood exactly when Tae-yeon was turned. If he wasn’t turned 7 yrs ago but quite some time after than it would make sense.

        • Lilith

          Well, there are 365 days in a year I guess? It could even be a leap year XD

    • 15.4 Anen annaway

      I’m thinking the same way too…😍😸

    • 15.5 Anen annaway

      When I watch tae min and Jung in my on YouTube.i thought their scenes in here is real,b u then when I watch the whole episodes,i found its just Jung In imagination then I was like 😖😌I thought it’s real but just imagination..arrggggg…
      But even so,i enjoyed Jung in fantasy about her and tae min as the lead cast in the VP hahaha..the scenes in the film was like already happenings ..it’s just its not tae min who bite Jung in instead red eyes the vampire.
      But if ever there is season 3,then maybe f Jung in still human,there is a possibility that Tae min will turn Jung in into a vampire just like Jung in fantasy..
      What f the badblood vampire is Park Hoon.
      It seems like Luna is half an enemy..

  16. 16 OMILORD

    i LOVED this episode!!!… it wasnt what i had in mind but it gave me what i wanted..moments between the leads.. the whole imagination for me was awesome and i think it showed that though jungin is a badass.. she is just like us, when she sees a movie or something like that she imagines the lead as her and her crush (or the love of her life) and its something i shamelessly will acknowledge of doing. AND i loved that cheeky grin at the end!!( YOU CHEEKY BASTARD!!!) it was soo cute!! entire week i was trying to figure out how the hell was the scenes in the preview gonna play out and it played out well and i was fangirling all over it!!

  17. 17 mysterious

    I love Jung-in’s new look. Her sass is still there but now she has the look to go with it. I want more romance between our hot vamp and our sassy prosecutor. And how cool is it seeing Dr. Blood again. I was wondering if they were going to bring him back or not. And I’m dying already for the next episode. How will I last another week?! Oh the waiting, the torture! But again -I LOVE JUNG-IN!!!

    • 17.1 Shukmeister

      And I love her fashion style this season – a lot more goth than before. It makes her a better fit with Min, I think. Mutual badass crimefighters!

      • 17.1.1 kakashi

        … and the eyeliner to match. well, she has a ‘little’ more, but who cares about details!

  18. 18 Lemon

    Thank you Javabeans!

    I agree, it was a hell lot confusing. There were parts that I was like – whu? Ohhhh. Huh?

    I loved the contrast between daydream Taeyeon and real life Taeyeon. But I must say real life Taeyeon is a lot hotter. 😀

  19. 19 Toya

    Had to be a movie within a drama… **pout**

  20. 20 divaz_sha

    may i know the rating?season 1 have a good rating

  21. 21 dani305

    What?! Min komsa bit the hot bartender last season? We never actually saw it happened… This is just speculation, no? If he’s still alive… why isn’t the show giving us this eye candy?? I’m glad he at least showed up in a flashback.

    • 21.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      he bit him..he was dying at that time and he said to Min to drink all his blood and find his sister..well, i guess he just drink some..

  22. 22 kakashi

    what a tease this show is! In a totally good way … the cheesiness of the vamp-romance scenes was hilarious. I liked them because they showed us how the ‘real’ romance will NEVER be; and why we (= the ones that are totally into that romance:-)) like the ‘real’ romance so much … it sizzles by understatement and simple loaded glances. And smiles … omo, the smile! I told you to stop that, Min Tae-yeon!

    I was pleasantly surprised to be treated to a glimpse of Mr. Hottie Bartender’s previous self cause I’ve been wondering what happened to him after Min Tae-Yeon ‘turned’ him (if he really did). Since he’s back in the picture, I’m now hoping we’ll get to see him in the here and now soon. Yum. Quite possible that his character holds a few keys to unlock the greater mystery.

    And: I do like the new Special Effects this season (the crime reconstruction bits). It’s really well done.

  23. 23 blue

    Thank you for the recap!

    I’m really interested to see how they’ll tie in Dr. Re, Park Hoon, and Dr. Jo, and what all their roles are in the bigger mystery. I find myself getting more invested in that story; though, of course, the main characters and their interactions really make it for me 😛

    This cast of characters is snarky and adorable at the same time. I’m usually squealing or laughing when watching loll.

  24. 24 sexyvamp

    Totally like it <3 when my siista sayy min bite jung in previously , i already know that maybe just jung in fantasy. I'm in dilemmmma to read tthe recap or not buut thanks 2 reecap
    Hoopely more misteerious case next

    • 24.1 Anen annaway

      Home I thought that was the real show then when I watch the whole episodes , I lagh cos it’s just Jung In imagination …haha…and I’m disappointed a little..

  25. 25 Sujini

    Well, Taeyon might not be able to turn Jung in but gosh he definitely turns her on. 🙂

  26. 26 Onichick

    OMG SHOW IS SUCH A TROLL! But I still love it.

    And Taeyeon is a evil evil bastard who is evil. Really makes me want Jungin to find someone else to date so he has to squirm a bit. (And also because I totally see Ajusshi and Dongman sitting down to interrogate the guy and Taeyeon sitting off to side trying not to act interested and it cracks me up)

    I am relieved the show didnt go there honestly. I think if they had done the romance like what Jungin was daydreaming about it they would have painted themselves into a corner and the show would have lost some of its awesome.


    • 26.1 Laura

      Me too, I also really really want Jung in to find other guy to see some reaction from Prosecutor <3 But I guess, if it'll be so, that other guy will be the bad vamp or smth 😀

      • 26.1.1 Happdra73

        I hope so too! We need rival for Min LOL

  27. 27 nikeeda

    If Dae-man’s mother turns out to be Sook-ja (Soon-bum’s first love) that’d be hilarious 🙂

    • 27.1 mud

      That’s what I’ve been thinking too!

    • 27.2 min

      i got a strong hunch she is too! 😀

  28. 28 Devi

    the drama in drama with the same title. I’m laugh so hard when I read the movie parody like same with the real. And jung in, your imaginating is too good!

  29. 29 goldeng

    lol since the preview i was overly excited, fangirling but since the beginning i was like “she must be dreaming”, “he must be dreaming” and i was close… since she was actually DAYDREAMING xD and on top of that her daydreaming was from a movie called “vampire prosecutor”… Id totally watch it btw xD
    something I like a lot is that Jung in is kinda dressing different in all black and/or rocker-like clothes! it adds to her badass attitude xD
    when tayeon got close to her, staring at her i was glad he didnt actually did the “yanking the earring out” thing like he did in the teaser xD BUT I still want to know how he found the earring…! YOU DRAMA WRITERS HAVE TO TELL ME!! yes, he’s super sexy hottie sharp smartypants Min Taeyeon WITH vamp powers BUT STILL he must had to spend some time looking for it!! like around the office, the desks or something! and the cheeky smile? he’s a bully calls her a klutz and then he smiles like that in a sort of intimate way?!! did i miss something?! am i seeing things?! O__o

    I’ll be happy if they can bring hottie Dr. Blood back!!!! *—-*but im sad that Taeyeon turning Jung in wont happen u.u

    • 29.1 Anen annaway

      Jung in got bite but from another vampire and. Not tae min ..her daydreaming ..haha…so sad..no more season 3 I gues .bcoz it’s been 3 years and a half..still no update..😖😭

  30. 30 goldeng

    oh i forgot anyone knows the name of the guy playing the bad Vamp role? please tell me! i know ive seen him before but cant remember x.x
    and thanks for the recap! :33

  31. 31 Purplejam88

    Oh, how I loved this episode with cheeky Min prosecutor and e dreamy Jung In! I was grinning throughout every scene of them together be it e imaginary movie or the drama part … Guess at least these scenes can satisfy our crave for the OTP romantic moments in e meanwhile :))

  32. 32 lavie

    man this show is such a tease
    well i admit i was expecting something on the line of a dream and not this happening for real but please hurry up and show us some real romance

  33. 33 sararamo

    hahaa can’t they be together in real life 🙂 oh I meant real drama life I am desperate for them to be together

    • 33.1 Anen annaway

      Me too ..can’t stop laughing and inlove with Jung in and tae min to be together as couple in this real drama,but season 3 is still hangin…

  34. 34 Reka

    I love this episode and I knew the writers’ were pulling our legs last week but I still didn’t want to believe it!

    Oh, does anyone find it weird that in the teaser, it was an earring scene and now we have two earring scenes in this episode? Is this a clue or something???

    • 34.1 PurpleJam

      I dont care, haha … just show us the real kissing scene … and not hearing “cut” here and there by Soon Bum or whoever is in the way for us viewers to see the OTP romantic moments lol

  35. 35 Stardust

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ep… i am only like 20min in and I already know I will love it , regardless of how the case goes… lol… I think my fav char is… not Min Tae Yeon, GASP I know right?? Its Soon Bum hyung! LOL He is the life of the group, teasing Jung in, banters with Tae Yeon and puts Dae man in his place lol… and today he pulls in Dr Jo for a family bond?? I can tell Dr Jo is just soo happy to be thought of as a hyung, since he probably had a lonely life not mingling with other ppl, keeping them away at professional arm’s length lol I just love soon bum!

    I have yet to finish watching the ep, so I will read recap after, but I know it will be great! Thanks javabeans! =D
    Or javabeans unni? HAHA ( cowers like Dae man)

    • 35.1 Stardust

      Yup I finished it to the end and YAAAY I LOVE IT more and more! hahahahaha The cheeky grin he usually uses with soon bum!! Min Tae Yeon you are tooo hoooooot

  36. 36 rabbitsfortea

    Would be so much fun to start Season 3 (oh, please let there be one?) with a vampy Jung In 😀

  37. 37 Ryoko

    Haha, am I the only one to notice that Javabeans wrote Dong-man’s name as “Dae-man” a bunch of times? Oh, the perils of double recapping 🙂

    Thank you for the wonderful recap!

    • 37.1 mud

      Lol, I just noticed that too. Actually Dong-man and Dae-man are kind of alike in terms of looks and puppy-character. I would mix their names up too if I were JB.

  38. 38 Ellen

    Thanks for the recap!! It’s fun to read your recaps of the episodes!! I’m actually quite happy that Jung In wasn’t turned because I think it’s too early in the season to do that. I want the romance to happen, but I don’t want it that fast. As long as it reaches to a we are together or something like that at the end of the season, then I would be happy. I knew it was going to be fake some how, just not sure how they did it until I watched the first scene with the director screaming cut. Then, I was laughing so hard at how smart the writers are to give us romantic moments with the couple and not have the storyline ruined because I really think the writers would like to torture us with their romantic relationship, dragging it as long as they can. Anyways, it seems like it might get more romantic as the season progresses after this episode. I actually thought we might not even get any improvement of some sort after watching the last 3 episodes. I’m so happy now, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them.

  39. 39 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! I am so in love with Dr Jo. There are no words for my mega-crush. Oh sure there are boy toys I can fawn over and lust for but when it comes to happily-ever-after-ing, the only one I can see myself totally married to and traveling the world with on our great deep middle-agers-in-love honeymoon is Dr Jo. Not sure if i would feel the same way about the actor who plays Dr Jo but heck if an actor can portray such sensitivity and sweetness, maybe the character trait is already there in the actor as well.

  40. 40 fan

    final watch the episode with english sub thanks to dramafever. now I real loved the episode because it real toyed with us, as viewers and fans.

    first I real hope Dr. Jo won’t turn bad or have a dark past or something because i real like him, but we’ll never know.

    secondly on the serious note, do you guys remember when Min asked his chief prosecutor in season 1 if he knew Jung-In father was a gangster boss and chief prosecutor at the time respond to him by saying “keep your friends close and keep your enemy closer” I’ve also wonder what that means, is he saying that in law terms or vampire terms. this came to me because of episode 5 preview, where it seems that gangster are involve and Min gets beating up in the case.

  41. 41 rubi

    I don’t think Park Hoon already drink human blood before. Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon turned by him, right? So, there is NO WAY Park Hoon drank anyone before Prosecutor Min Tae yeon.

    And I don’t really believed that Dr. Blood changed by Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon on the last season.

    If so, Prosecutor Min Tae yeon could not turn anyone else (read Prosecutor Yoo Jung In) into vampire.

    Though, this is just my opinion.

    • 41.1 mud

      I’m confused about whether Park Hoon siring Tae-yeon or whoever that first victim he flashbacked to, too. I’m thinking he didn’t bite his shooter, but just got really pissed.

      Equally confused about whether Hot Bar is still alive & well as a vampire. I figured he may have made an appearance by now being Tae-yeon’s blood supplier and all. Plus there’s the unsolved sister & Prosecutor Jang survival from the last season that I think Hot Bar may be able to somehow help with… no? That’s a stretch?

      • 41.1.1 Ryoko

        While the jury’s still out on whether Dr. Blood was already a vampire when Tae-yeon bit him or if he was a human, I am 100% certain that Park Hoon was the one who changed Tae-yeon. That would imply that Tae-yeon was Park Hoon’s first bite since he definitely wasn’t changed through a blood transfusion. So unless for some unknown reason more than just Park Hoon’s first bite changes someone, there’s no way he could have bit someone before Tae-yeon.

        I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Dr. Blood later this season since he’s tied into the huge overarching back story that includes Dr. Jo, Park Hoon, and that red-eyed vampire.

  42. 42 mud

    Gaaaah!! My Vampire Prosecutor love is back! Seriously, before this episode I wanted to love this new season so so bad, but just wasn’t feeling it. I’m pretty sure it was the lack of interactions between our Scooby Gang (and more so the potentially star-crossed prosecutors!) that made me not care enough about the previous episodes.

    This episode had me busting smile at the Dr. Jo & Soon-bum’s budding bromance. And I completely busted a gut at Dong-man’s fighting strategies. But it’s Jung-in’s fantasies that had my heart & soul. I’m very much so clinging on to the hope that The Love That Cannot Be can, in fact, Be. Seriously writer-nim, make it happen! Though at the same time, I do realize that the a large part of the draw is the impossibility of it all.

    Anyway, all this flashbacking is starting to get me confused about my sire order. So if a vampire can only turn his FIRST victim into a vampire, then from Park Hoon’s flashback that he may have already tasted human blood from a previous victim, then how was he able to sire Tae-yeon?

  43. 43 jini kazama

    Loved the episode!
    I had worries that the writers might challenge the audience who figured out the preview was a troll but thanks God they didn’t; & now I’m really blindly wholeheartedly trusting the fellas!
    I love how the set, the unrealistic mood & the director were the catalyst for Jung in to let out the feelings she clearly had been repressing for a long time, nothing like a movie set to make you live the fantasy! But I hated the theme track, hope it won’t be the couple’s official ‘cause it really sucks!
    I love that even in her dream Jung in is dressed quit discreetly, & the fact that she’s the first to realize her feeling, boy that would create some hiccups in the future but the more there are the merrier, now all we need is a hotty vampire or a prosecutor to get Jung In a bit distracted, & watch Min stewing a little, who’s with me?
    while the fantasy scenes were supposed to be the most romantic I actually liked the real scenes more, Min being his usual I-am-totally- hot-&-I-know-it-but-there-is-no-chance-in-hell- my-partner-would-be-falling-with-me (ARE YOU NUTS?!!) & Jung In being clumsy as usual around him, unlike the confident women she is elsewhere, the saving scene was hilarious & unexpected, & the earring’s also was intimate & THAT CHEEKY SMILE ‘nough said! it cracked me up the fact that Jung In actually closed her eyes, & Min was like “is she sick or what?!” dude you have no idea!
    The earring thing is mirroring the teaser we’ve seen, & I think it’ll be a running joke throughout the show, Jung In keeping losing her accessories & poor Min keeping finding them (do you hear me writers?!)
    On the other hand I totally LOOOVED the adorable awkwardness of Sun Boom & Dr Jo, these two seriously compete with the Min-Boom pair, but then again Sun Boom would makes a great couple with a rock! The fact that he didn’t forget the starving boy & actually made the bad guy pay for the chicken, that was adorable, talk about community service!
    The crime was a bit boring at the beginning, but the twist in the end made it up for me, it saddens me that all this havoc could have been easily avoided if only the director didn’t panic & took the pain to check the girl, also the actor being stabbed & killed in front of the team? That might hold them for some serious accountability within Mme Turtle!
    Mr. Bartender finally made an entrance, I think he looks a lot like Jung In’s Daddy mob, could easily pass for his son
    Finally the writers found it useful to put some clues regarding the timeline because it’s really hard to make order of the events
    I don’t think Park Hoon is the one who converted Dr Blood, he converted Min, & we’ve seen him attacking the man but we never saw him ACTUALLY bite him, & if I learned anything from VP it’s that to never trust the appearances! Fact facts facts, like Dr Jo says
    & if Dr Blood was a vampire & got bitten by Min & never appeared again (mind you him appearing in the last scene of the first season doesn’t mean he’s still alive), does that mean that the only thing that could eliminate a vampire is a vampire?!
    Anyone finds it optimistic that Park Hoon said there is no way YET to cure the vamp pathology?! Doesn’t the “yet” mean that there might be a way in the future?! That gives some hope to the Min-Jung in couple right?!
    Anyway, a huge character developpement, & still I find myself hungry for more that is a sign of a great show

  44. 44 fatemeh

    Thanks so much for the recap.
    Though Tae Yeon can’t turn Jung In as his first victim he can give his blood to her in an emergency transfusion.

  45. 45 Happdra73

    I was going to think that I will like Jung In’s new style but 4 eps passed and I missed her old stye. Unbelievable? I agreed that this new hair style fit with Min a lot. But somehow I prefer her… uhm…. innocent image : (

    Anw, is it me or Jung In’s style changed a lot? No talking about ep4 (dont wanna think about it), in pre ep 5, she look completely fashionable (as Min)! And it seems they go along well also? Seriously, c’mon Min, you waste your time to find AN earing and the “nice” writer just let you guys like that!

    • 45.1 jini kazama

      Thank you very much, FINALLY someone who agrees with me that Jung In looks different & that her old style suits her better & fitswith the innocent girl next door image we loved in the first season!
      I almost didn’t recognize her this season & I’m afraid it’s not only the changing of her sense of fashion but also in the features, I blame it on the shape of her eyebrows which is badly done & makes her look a little witchy for my taste, & also some Botox here & there, PLEASE nobody tell me she didn’t got any, SHE DID, & it’s very obvious
      It’s a shame because I like her character developpement this season, unfortunately I can’t say the same about her look

  46. 46 Belle

    wait if park hoon has had human blood before as audience is led to believe in that flash back how did he change min? Also wasn’t doc blood already vamp so who turned him? And doc blood said he found out that giving humans vamp blood changes them after giving it to bad vamp from last season, but park hoon told him it was one of the ways to make a vampire. also at end of last season we see doc blood presumably turned as min’s first victim, but does that count? How does that even work if doc blood was already a vampire. I don’t think you can make the undead undeader, or can you. And if so where is he now?

  47. 47 Sirena

    I was also fooled by the preview! That being said, I’m glad that the ‘romance’ was just a product of Yu-jin’s daydreams and not reality. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of a romantic relationship to develop between the Yu-jin and Tae-yeon. Also, while I recognize that Yu-jin is attracted to Tae-yeon, I do not recognize that she is in love with him. The same goes for Tae-yeon’s feelings for Yu-jin. With eight more episodes to go perhaps the writers can develop whatever feelings may be between them a little more. And if they are planning a third season, then the possibility of a romance can be further developed.

  48. 48 Sirena

    I was also fooled by the preview! That being said, I’m glad that the ‘romance’ was just a product of Yu-jin’s daydreams and not reality. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of a romantic relationship developing between Yu-jin and Tae-yeon. Also, while I recognize that Yu-jin is attracted to Tae-yeon, I do not recognize that she is in love with him. The same goes for Tae-yeon’s feelings for Yu-jin. With eight more episodes to go perhaps the writers can develop whatever feelings may be between them a little more. And if they are planning a third season, then the possibility of a romance can be further developed.

  49. 49 jomo

    OMG what a great freaking show!

    You know, I am so glad you think they are getting overly complex this year. It isn’t as much fun to watch when you feel kinda dumb. Take it easy, we are hear for the YJH, and don’t actually want to use ALL the brains finding clues.

    I had forgotten how they did what they did to me watching last season. As you said, with YJH’s sexy factor at about 1,ooo,ooo th power, it doesn’t take anything more than a tight close-up to make me swoon.

    Loved the earring meta from the trailer! If ONLY she missed the one from other side, it would have been perfect. His returning it to her was fantastic. It doesn’t matter where he found it, he FOUND IT.

  50. 50 mysterious

    Something I don’t get. If Park Hoon told Dr. Ra/Blood that transfusing vamp blood can turn a human then why on earth would he do it anyway knowing what it would do?!!! He thought it would heal a human knowing the possiblity of creating another vamp? That is just reckless and arrogant! And look at how many people lost their lives as a result. And I hope they will hurry up and tell us more about red-eyed vamp cause he seems like a veerrry interesting character. Oh Show, will you please explain things! Give us a proper timeline!

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