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Yoochun confirms I Miss You
by | September 26, 2012 | 145 Comments

Finally, some confirmation: Yoochun has decided he will be taking on MBC’s melodrama I Miss You after all, after “seriously considering” it for weeks. Granted it sounds like he was pretty much onboard the project anyway, but it did take a while to get the final notice.

That makes him the first of the main leads to be cast (if we’re not counting the childhood versions, to be played by Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun); Yoochun will play Han Jung-woo, described as a “cheerful, cheeky detective” in the violent crimes department. He’s got a pleasant personality until he’s on a criminal’s trail, and then he turns into a fiend who doesn’t rest until the bad guy’s been caught. Interesting juxtaposition of traits there, but you pretty much had me at Yoochun being cheeky. My favorite version! Plus, you’ve got Yeo Jin-gu starting things off with his awesome adorable self, then passing on the baton to Yoochun. Way to build up the affection from the get-go.

It’s a good thing the character’s got such an upbeat personality, since I think the plot’s going to bring our characters enough angsting. The two leads fall in love in their youths and get separated in a painful manner designed to keep them brooding about What Could Have Been (also What Once Was) for their early adulthood. Then they meet again.

It’s looking less likely that Chun Jung-myung will be taking the antagonist’s role, but the latest articles still have him listed as a potential second lead. It sounds like the fandom’s got the pulse on this drama more closely than the official news, as evidenced by the talk in the last post; based on that speculation and online rumors, it sounds like a leading lady is also in the picture, just unreported.

But as for me, I’m not gonna believe anything till it’s got the official go-ahead. The better for protecting myself against hopes being crushed. (Why, Sohn Ye-jin, why?) Speaking of which, final word should really be coming soon, given that the show airs in November following Arang and the Magistrate and will be revving up production in the coming weeks.

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145 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kakashi

    Yoochun = yummy.
    But I might not like this show. Because it follows Arang and the Magistrate and therefore symbolizes the end of Arang and the Magistrate.

    • 1.1 Shukmeister

      LOL – That’s true [sigh].

      • 1.1.1 kakashi

        what I still don’t get: why does this show start in November when Arang has twenty episodes scheduled (yes?) and is therefore due to air it’s final episode on October 18?

        • Mystisith

          I smell an extension of Arang… Cause they are late in the pre-production of this show.

          • kakashi

            hm. that’s what I’ve been thinking. I am not sure I want an extension of Arang, even though I love it. It seems so tightly written, I doubt they could suddenyl produce more episodes of the same density. But then … they could just have 30min long fight scenes. Twice in every episode. I wouldn’t mind!

    • 1.2 Village Mrembo

      Ha ha! Isn’t that what we all said of Nice Guy replacing Gaksital?!! And look at us now ; )

      • 1.2.1 pepperandice

        Conclusion: Addicted

        ..and kdramalandia makes life shorter…really.

  2. Gladys

    Yay! It’s nice to see Yuchun kicking butts for a change! We did see him in a badass mood in one of his encounters with Lee Tae Song in RTP. I think he’s made the right choice as the Koreans prefer melodramas more than rom coms as they normally have higher ratings. Way to go Yuchunah!

    • 2.1 Ara

      I think Ji Sung’s sageuk will clobber them both.

      • 2.1.1 Jade

        Well, as far I know both of SBS and KBS new Wed-Thurs drama are saeguk rite?
        It’s good MBC come up with something different, since Korean do loves melodramas.

      • 2.1.2 Gladys

        Don’t underestimate the power of Yuchun’s fandom. His RTP managed to lead in a few episodes over 2 other favourites in The Equator Man and King 2 Hearts with a veteran actor and rating puller actress!
        Moreover the writer of this drama has Yuchun in mind when writing his detective role. From my lurking on OT, I notice that not everyone is into sageuks and I am one of them with the exception of SKKS where I discovered Yuchun and it is the only sageuk I had watched and love to bits.

        • Kiara

          All his previous work has been in the low teens when it comes to the ratings. It takes more than a horde of fans to push the ratings up.

          • Grace

            I don’t think Yoochun cares so much about the ratings and frankly, many of his fans don’t either. He is using this opportunity to expand his acting capabilities. Dramas with high ratings do not equate to high earnings overseas. Ultimately, what matters most is how much money these dramas rake in through advertisements and overseas sales and this is where Yoochun’s immense popularity is acknowledged by most PDs.

          • Kiara

            They all care about ratings whether they admit it or not because they are not the only one involved. Domestic earnings > over-seas. Why? because they dont get dollar for dollar in the overseas market. Most studios would be lucky to accquire half of they make over-seas plus the costs for promotions, dubbing, licensing, etc etc etc.

      • 2.1.3 Jagi

        @ Ara

        I think Ji Sung’s blockbuster sageuk will most likely win the time slot. Traditional sageuks such as Yi San, Dong Yi and Queen Seon Deok have always been rating monsters in korea. I Miss You and Jeon Woo-chi will probably have to fight for second place.

        Unless dramas can bag megastars the likes of Jang Dong Gun or Lee Byung Hyun, I think their ratings are determined by many other factors: genre, competition, quality, timing and etcetera.

        Although I don’t think ratings is the be-all and end-all of any drama, I hope, for Yoochun and everyone else involved, that this show can garner double-digit numbers.^^^

        • noi

          no, i’ll bet on CTH sageuk. they have more interesting lists. and considering SBS sageuk past production… winning over KBS sageuk? ha. not in the current lifetime i guess.

  3. Kiara

    Yeo Jin-gu, love this kid. Now I’ll have to watch this till his part ends. The only thing stopping this kid from getting a lead role is his age.

    • 3.1 ilikemangos


    • 3.2 pepperandice

      tell me about it man… honestly i was thinking screw off adults i wanna watch these two for 24 episodes when they ended his and Kim Yoo Jungs bit in moonsun (have to say im 22 and normally have zip interest in following anyone younger than me, this was an honestly freaky anomaly)

      he is the walking talking definition of Jailbait…

      • 3.2.1 Awe



  4. jjer

    though i m not into melo-drama its a good choice tbh .. he is always taking different type of roles and my Best wishes for him and the drama … Waiting for the news for female lead.

  5. o!karto

    He’s up against Cha Tae Hyun and Ji Sung? Make that two sageuks as well. HUH. They really need a very popular and well-loved actress to stand a chance against sageuks = ratings monsters.

    • 5.1 Village Mrembo

      Don’t rule out the JYJ/DBSK fandom just yet! Haven’t u learnt anything from Reply 1997 fangirlism! ; )

      • 5.1.1 QIII

        fangirlism would only get a 6-7% max though

        (which is what happened with SKKS since people didn’t actually expect it to be good )

        i’m a fan but i have no expectations with regards to rating

        Maybe one thing working in Missing you’s favour would be that sageuks have a specific (albeit very large ) audience?

        So maybe viewers will choose sageuk A or Sageuk B?

        Whatever it is Yoochun is up against some heavy weights
        but if the story is good plus he’s lucky he should do decently i think.

      • 5.1.2 Alice

        You forgot Actor Yuchun’s fandom which is very huge in both korea and overseas. His popularity among general public is rocketing.

    • 5.2 hawaiianseoul

      time to bring in the high ratings queen, Ha Ji Won.

    • 5.3 bluetsukky

      IMO, I Miss You will kinda suffer in ratings since as you said, it’s up against 2 sageuk dramas. Fandom really doesn’t help I guess. Let’s just count to the ahjummas who loves him! Haha.

      Well anyway, I’m not really into the ratings, I’m just happy with the fact that Chun’s taking a kind of different character now.

      • 5.3.1 Gladys

        Actually Yuchun is ideal for Jeon Woo Chi but then again it is sageuk which is too stereotype for him which was why he rejected TMTETS.

        I am confident he can hold his own as not everybody is into sageuks. His RTP did well against 2 heavyweights in The Equator Man and King 2 Hearts!

        Fandom helps indeed! The votes he got for the Seoul International Dramas Awards (70+% for each category) speak for itself.

        • Kiara

          Most fusion sageuks no matter how good or who the hell is in it are still behind in the ratings compared to conventional sageuks. “The Great Seer” and “Horse Healer are the two conventional sageuks coming up. Goodluck to those shows in the same timeslot.

  6. maldita

    With Yeo Jingu as the child actor, I’m hoping Yoochun does the character justice.

    • 6.1 bluetsukky

      True. I just hope he’ll continue the awesomeness that Jingu will surely bring in with their character.

  7. mas

    Love love love the child actors, and yay Yoochun being cheeky does sound like a lot of fun. Just hoping the female lead is someone just as awesome. *o*

  8. Fatemeh

    Yeo Jin-gu and then Yoochun! I am on board!

  9. wowow

    Oh how do I survive after the end of ‘Arang and The Magistrate’s run? I can’t even think about it! D:

  10. 10 Fab

    I am sorry but I’ll be happy when Arang ends, simply because I am not watching it.

    I hope we hear soon about the other cast.

  11. 11 lizzzieQ

    Omg did the drama gods hear my cries for some post-Arang anti-depressant medicine?

    Yoochun being cheeky is my favourite version too.. but then, that’s really just another way of saying Yoochun being himself. Some badassery thrown in would be awesome.

    Too bad he’s not on twitter anymore or we could have more exchanges with the adorable Kim Sohyun. Super cheesy oppa-flirting and all.

    • 11.1 anicheung

      Aside from Miss Ripley, I’ve enjoyed all of his series so far, so I might catch this one. Although I was thinking along the same lines here: Yoochun being cheeky… is pretty much just Yoochun being himself, which is quite charming anyway. lol

      And then Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun… I think I’m at least on board for the kiddies and that might just allow me to stay on for the rest of the series.

      • 11.1.1 eny

        the only yochun drama that i watch is miss ripley because the story is different, and lee da hae acting is good. Im more interested with Cha ta hyun drama, he is good in comedy and the story looks more interesting

  12. 12 MariePhils

    99% – IT yOON eUN hYE as the female lead in I MISS YOU..

    If that happens…this drama will indeed have a “beautiful” cast..

    Crossing fingers now…

    • 12.1 Stardust

      REALLY!!! I will be so stoked!! hahahaha

      Btw I am just glad Yoo Chun is a chaebol no more… I mean all his roles are rich! Yang Ban, Chaebol, Prince… ( ok down and out prince, but still… )

      Thanks for the confirmation jb! =))

    • 12.2 lollicake

      Latest rumor says that Yoon Eun Hye rejected I Miss You.

  13. 13 sam

    yoon eun hye is the female lead.

    • 13.1 Tina

      oh ! then it will be NOOONA, dongseang

      • 13.1.1 Ara

        Not really; the characters in the drama are the same age.

  14. 14 I want ChunChun too

    Yoochun need to do a good acting here… Yeo Jin Goo always makes his adult characters pales incomparison to him.

    • 14.1 Kiara

      Ikr?. He is the one in my memory from Moon/Sun eventhough…. whats his name…..Kim Soo Hyun was really good too. It took me a while to warm up to him.

      • 14.1.1 peachisgrey

        can’t agree more… it took 3 or 4 episode for me not to missing Yeo Jin Goo and look more into Kim Soo Hyun and hey KSH did very good jobs there…

        sigh… hope Yoochun well prepared this time

        and i’m crossing finger for good SW!!!!!!!

        YooChun got too many strikes out on unstable SW!

  15. 15 vegaspink

    I’m just hoping that an official announcement of who the leading lady will be released soon….. I know that a lot of speculations are out there, but they’re only speculations until the confirmation and sometimes the actual filming.
    I’m hoping for a particular Top Star since I miss seeing her on screen… But I’m not too happy with a lot of the Yoochun fans who are belittling her. It’s actually making me reconsider wanting them to star together, even though I was excited at first.

    • 15.1 momo

      Oh, really? (Assuming we’re talking about the same actress here) I wonder where have you seen that. And here we are thinking it’s the other way around, you know, her being a Top star and all. Ever since the casting rumours came out, I’ve never seen her name dragged alongside his, at least in Yoochun’s DC gallery.

      Fans’ positive/negative reactions about a certain pairing is inevitable like that. They can only rant about it for a certain time, but both sides end up supporting the drama anyway.

    • 15.2 oh

      i mostly see it other way around too. U can tell through the last post and this one. I don’t think YC’s fans said much about the actress at all.

      • 15.2.1 vegaspink

        Welll there’s at least one here and a lot on other sites and social networks like twitter.

    • 15.3 o_cehan

      Ah, if they indeed casted for this and show amazing chemistry on and off -screen, fans will be eventually warmed up. Just look at how well-loved Han Ji Min amongst YC’s fans, they even wish they are dating irl.

  16. 16 Sunshine

    detective series??!! i am all the way yoochun or not! 😀

  17. 17 dramaland

    I hope the female lead is Han Hyo Joo….i really like her 🙂

  18. 18 Beatrice

    thank you jB,

    Park yoochun, I have not watch any of his dramas since
    becoming an actor and also when as a singer.

  19. 19 Tien

    There’s goes my peaceful empty life.. Can’t time come faster??

  20. 20 Carole McDonnell

    My absolute favorite Korean singer-turned-actor. Just a sweetie overall. So now between this and JaeJoong’s “Jekyll” this heart o’ mine has much to look forward to.

    Come on, the rest of you DBSK-ers, start filming.

  21. 21 J

    Is it true Yoon Eun Hye will be the female lead? Uuyeah, I’ve been wanting her to tackle melo for a change!xD

    OTOH, the title in hangul reminds me of the great classic Kdrama OST of Stairway to Heaven -> Bogoshipda by Kim Bum Soo. Anybody here was into kdrama long enough to have seen that tearjerker classic??lol

    • 21.1 b1

      me and i was still in pigtails then — hahaha .. but the memory of that classic . i still love —

      i just traded my junior prom for the finale of stairway when it was aired here ..

      hahah .. i love yoochun and i really hope he delivers.. he got too much good projects and i hope this one would be too — ++ i pray improved acting .. he’s going really well . but he’s got tons of improvement needed .

      but yay for another yoochun — ill see you in livestream 🙂

  22. 22 Jlee

    Jin-gu = ADORABLE.

    I’m crazy for the little adorable ball of hotness! D:

  23. 23 Dara

    What? Micky twice in a year? Yessss!

  24. 24 crazedlu

    I kind of like casting when the leads are closer in age. If the two younger counterparts are around the same age, wouldn’t it make sense to cast similarly with the older ones? I like myself some Yoochun so I hope they cast well for the female lead.

    • 24.1 Ara

      Exactly. I was kind of glad that Son Ye Jin declined because I don’t think that pairing would fit the characters. Someone else mentioned Yoon Eun Hye but I’m not sure if she has the right image for a melo… she’ll always be the queen of romcoms for me.

      • 24.1.1 vegaspink

        Well, Yoon Eun Hye has a versatile image that allows her to play parts well. People just need to give her a chance. She tried to do a melo before (Love Song) but that unfortunately didn’t come to pass. Besides, no one thought that she’ll do well as the “bad guy” before, but she was great in the Cass CF. Besides, she does know how to use her f acial expressions well, unlike the other actors/actresses who use the same expression over and over again (ex: wide eyes with/without an open mouth for a surprised, scared, and other looks). And don’t forget the crying. She’s one of the best for that. She doesn’t do the “I-need-to-look-pretty-while-crying-look” that a lot of actresses are guilty of.

    • 24.2 Jade

      yes, I’m crossing fingers for actress around same age with Yoochun. I do love SYJ, but she will looks too older for Yoochun,

  25. 25 swoony

    who i want to play the female lead:

    it would’ve been awesome if son ye jin took the part…i love her…and yoochun as well!

    • 25.1 dramaland

      But I think Son Ye Jin would have looked older than Yoochun….

      • 25.1.1 swoony

        i should have replied hear…hahaha

    • 25.2 Justpassingby

      My pick outta these three: Han Hyo Joo!

      Any chance at all?
      Han Hyo Joo and Park Yoochun will make a great couple, love both their actings, very natural.

      • 25.2.1 swoony

        me too!! i wanted dem to be paired in rooftop prince…but since dat didn’t happen i want them to be paired here! is han hyo joo still filming a movie?

        • Justpassingby

          Idk!! How I hope she’s jobless and all free now, lol. I know I’m bad, but I’m dying to see this two pair up for at least once.

          • Justpassingby

            typo *these*

          • swoony

            i think they’d be perfect for a melodrama…and they wul both be super adorable…pllsssss make her be the female lead…

        • snowdrop87

          Wahhhh…I would love Yoochun pairing with Hyo Joo too I would be very2 excited to see my two bias in the same drama. and btw, Hyo joo has been pairing with Jaejoong as well(that must be a very interesting fact not to be missed out if she took the role=)

      • 25.2.2 my

        agree with you 🙂 I want to see their chemistry on TV!!!

  26. 26 swoony

    yeah…but i still think it will work with the chemistry…hoho…also i want yoochun to act with someone his age hence my choices.. ^_^

  27. 27 apple

    Where is Park Shin Hye?! It’s time for her to do a drama again and not with her YAB co-stars for once, lol.

    But Yoon Eun Hye?! hmmm

    • 27.1 swoony

      i want park shin hye and jang geun suk in another drama…haha

      • 27.1.1 ajj

        me too.

  28. 28 Justpassingby

    Park Yoochun to portray a cheeky, badass detective?
    I’m so ready to watch this.

  29. 29 JO

    I lOVE YOOCHUN. But having Chun Jung-myung be the second lead also makes my heart ache! WHYYY. When he looks pained, my heart always freaking drops into my tummy. His baby face should never hold such sad expressions!!!!

    • 29.1 Justpassingby

      Me! Like you, I love both the “Chuns” too.

      • 29.1.1 I want ChunChun too

        ChunChun <3

  30. 30 Jagi

    Love Yeo Jin-gu and Yoochun. I am in.

  31. 31 papermoon

    Sooooo excited about the news! Love Yoochun…can’t wait till November! Hope we hear final casting news of his leading lady very soon. I hope it’s someone around the same age or younger, although if it’s YEH as the rumors suggest, that’d be okay too. I could picture them having chemistry together. This would be different kind of role for Yoochun too, finally not a chaebol/aristocrat/princely type of role…he’s gonna play a detective! Totally looking forward to it! 🙂

  32. 32 soli

    How I wish the female is Park Shinhye though the rumors is YEH. but psh is good at melo she did great in stairway to heaven.
    BTW Yoochun Woaaaaah.

    • 32.1 catnipevrdn

      Me too! At least Park Shin Hye is closer to his age. 🙂 I’d really love to see her in a drama again but I think she’s still busy shooting for her movie December 23.

  33. 33 faranak

    can’t wait see him again in dramaland !!!! MISS HIM,LOVE HIM :* 😀

  34. 34 oh

    SYJ can be right if they don’t uglify her. TT TT I want her in this so bad.
    If it is Han Hyo Joo I will cry too. That will be perfect.
    Because melo is not my type, i really want to have the casts that can suck me in despite all.
    I like YC, now I need a female lead that I like as well. Either Son and Han is fine. I have the feeling that it is not them though.

    • 34.1 zsa

      sohn Ye Jin is a badass!!!! super LOVE her and she’s a real chameleon of an actress…I don’t mind if the female is older or younger…just don’t cast him with inexperienced young female idols…put a REAL actress for this one!!

  35. 35 UJ

    i love my chunnie! 😀
    plus i am really happy with his character description..its so very different from the typical melo drama characters…looking forward to this drama..and i hope they bag an awesome female lead soon!

  36. 36 Momos

    This must be my lucky year, TWO Chunnie’s dramas!!
    Fallen hard for you in SKKS, rip my heart in MR, laugh my head off in RTP, IDK what emotion you’d evoke in this detective drama.
    Anyway, mighty glad to seeing you on screen again, Chunnie. FIGHTING!!!!

  37. 37 Noelle

    I’m actually getting into the melo. So there might be a good chance I will watch.

  38. 38 glo

    I read in one of Micky fansite that the scriptwriter wrote character Han Jung Woo with Micky’s in her mind; so it’s perfect for Micky and this drama will showcase his great acting.

    I love Can You Hear My Heart, one of my favorite k-drama.

    CYHMH has lots of makjang elements; but the acting was superb and the chemistry between the three leads were palpable. Somehow I hope I Miss You can be unique, like Nice Guy… Not too much makjang elements / noble idiocy.

    I hope the rumor about the lead actress is true. Fingers crossed we’ll hear the announcement really soon.

  39. 39 Jade

    I’m looking foward to see this drama.
    I like Yoochun in SKKS and Rooftop Prince and whoever the leading lady will be, fans should support both of them since they will working together.

    • 39.1 Alice

      shake hands! I’ll support whoever the lead lady is and hope for good chemistry and performance from them.

  40. 40 Lilly

    Cheeky detective. Hope is Sherlock Holmes style and not just weepy love drama alone. I love eccentric detectives.

    • 40.1 Jade

      Yoochun being cheeky, ha.
      I think we can put our hopes high, since the writer is really good one.
      News said she writes his character with Yoochun in mind so I think it will showcase his acting skill very well.

      • 40.1.1 jjer

        “News said she writes his character with Yoochun in mind ”

        really ??!!! looking forward to see it 😀

  41. 41 priti

    OH my god..it is my lucky year!!! 2 chunnie drama..wowwwwww..can;t wait for Nov…. I so wanna find out who will b the leading lady…. CHUNNIE stole my heart in SKKS…MR…n even more in RTP…. NOV..Bring it on!!!!

  42. 42 ajj

    wow if it’s Yoon Eun Hye it’d be daebak.The two are probably friends back to Xman days. Yoochun is so busy this year i wish he’d rest.Is he gonna play a badass role this time?

    • 42.1 vegaspink

      I remember their Of Course game from XMan (ep 23), they looked cute together… And it seemed like they had chemistry.

  43. 43 zia

    yeh can’t act full stop, same expression, mouth open all the time.

    • 43.1 vic

      if she couldnt act as you what said, then how she get those awards and ratings…you mean all judges are blind…maybe you are?

      • 43.1.1 jjj

        most YEH’s fans are blind too, so childish some more.

        • zzz

          same to Yoochun fans all are also blinded….another childlike freak!

          • Grace

            Yeah, we are all blinded and dazzled by his awesomeness so eat your heart out, sour grapes! LOL!

  44. 44 my

    I want Han Yoo Jo this time to be paired with YC, it would be great since this actress can pull heavy drama acting and this is melo …. YEH is not bad though :).. looking forward for other details on this drama.. keep us posted! thanks javabeans^^

  45. 45 susan

    “Why, Sohn Ye-jin, why?”——-yeah..so sad :(((((((((((

  46. 46 Mic

    A cheeky detective?

    Let’s go Sherlock Holmes with this. 😉

  47. 47 jyyjc

    Ooh reunion btw yoochun and kimsohyun. Kinda, not like they’re going to be filming scenes together but he seems to really adore her since meeting her while doing rooftop.

  48. 48 iluvsmores

    Yoochun with his flirty oppa style. Haha. He totally broke his noona fans’ hearts (including mine) when he tweeted So-hyun, “I don’t want to be your sam-choon(uncle), call me oppa, instead” (or something like that). Ohmygerd Yoochun, the grease. Teehee.

  49. 49 DaDa

    Ugh this guy.

    • 49.1 Jade

      don’t like him? just skip the article. easy.

      • 49.1.1 rory

        Calm the hell down, girl.
        Not everyone is going to love your oppa and some people are in this article because they want to see what is going to be up against JiSung and Cha TaeHyun’s drama.

        • busybody

          She didn’t say everybody have to love this guy, she’s suggesting to @Dada to skip the rudeness.

          Don’t like/love doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude. It’s a matter of manners, not this guy.

  50. 50 timeee

    I hope the lead lady is gong hyo jin!
    I think iam the only one wwho ship them 😀

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