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Alice in Cheongdam-dong begins filming
by | October 19, 2012 | 74 Comments

Ah, time for the new crop of dramas to start filming and releasing promos and stills, as is the case for Alice in Cheongdam-dong, the upcoming romantic comedy series on SBS.

The drama stars Moon Geun-young as a young woman who finds herself in the strange (upscale, fashionable) land of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, an odd environment where image is king. She is clearly not a native, which we could guess from the title alone, but her fish-out-of-water quality is reinforced by these first stills where she’s dressed in a floofy animal costume, playing heroine Han Se-kyung.

Se-kyung is a familiar archetype as a quintessential Candy character, which means she works tons of low-paying jobs with a smile on her face. Se-kyung’s personal motto is “Hard work will earn me my place” and she battles all sorts of hardships with an optimistic attitude. She enters every open contest she can apply to and finally scores a job at an apparel company aspiring to be a designer, only to find that she’s the glorified errand girl for the president’s wife.

This Candy also gets to be a Cinderella, which is frankly a progression that makes me a bit nervous. Yes, both types are a dime a dozen in dramaland, but it doesn’t mean I have to embrace the message that if you work hard, you’ll succeed… because a rich, handsome chaebol (Park Shi-hoo in this case) will fall in love with you and make you his Mrs.

Still, we’ll have to hope there’s much more to the plot, since Alice in Cheongdam-dong purports to be a show that’ll make people think on “the true meaning of marriage.” It’s all very vague, so right now I’m mostly looking forward to the pairing of Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo, both of whom I like very much and whose chemistry I’m eager to see. I’ll admit that I’m not sold on this story, but I hope it pans out well.

The drama is scheduled to take up the post-Five Fingers slot on SBS weekends beginning in December.

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74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kiara

    I hope this is a better drama for Moon Geun-young. Her last few projects has been …. not so good.

    • 1.1 rabbitsfortea

      I know right.
      Frustrates me to no end.

      • 1.1.1 annedramaaddict

        I know right! I like her as an actress.. Cinderella’s Sister started out great and ended as a disappointment. Mary Stayed Out All Night was just a disaster.. Hoping for a better drama for her…

  2. Vanessa


    • 2.1 Vanessa

      hehe still thank u for the post

  3. Fasiris Fay

    As I’m currently not watching anything, am hoping that some of these new shows coming out in November and December turn out to be good!

  4. DaDa

    I hope this is good because I love MGY and PSH. She’s looking adorable btw.

  5. MICKY

    Figthing MGY and PSH ! I love it !

  6. dulcedeleche

    I think MGY has mades some bad project choices …think Mary Stayed Out All Night…but on the other hand PSH has made some AWESOME choices. I’ll put some faith on him and hope that it’s not your typical K-drama.

    • 6.1 Annie

      This. Something about this project must have made PSH choose it and forego more lucrative uses of his time. He’s been on a roll in the past couple of years and he’s probably well aware of the importance of momentum in the industry.

      • 6.1.1 Hamster428

        Lawl. I used to think, “MGY can’t make bad project choices, right?”… until the bad ones came along. And now I have to rely on, “PSH can’t make bad drama choices, righttttt?”

        • Annie

          Well, MGY didn’t/doesn’t have much to lose with respect to her drama choices. She’ll be one of the nation’s sweethearts regardless. PSH doesn’t have that luxury so I’m hoping/praying that he picked wisely and that this drama will be a hit.

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          same here! i’ve watched Iljimae, Princess Prosecutor, Queen of Reverals, and The Princess’ Man, and they are all GOOD! i’m a big fan of him since I watched Princess Prosecutor..he’s just so gorgeous and charming..and the way he smiles, it melts me..haha!

          • dulcedeleche

            Either that or he’ll take a completely boring/typical K-drama plot and totally win us with his acting…. In Queen of Reversals he wasn’t suppose to get the girl…but the extension and all the fan support made him into the hero.

    • 6.2 Biscuit

      Sadly, MSOAN wasn’t that bad in the beginning, but I don’t know why it ended up failing to bad.

      With CS, it was a pity since it wasn’t her fault. The first four episodes were gold, but the director/writer change messed everthing up. If they stayed, it would have been one of her best drama choices (next to PITW).

  7. saltandpepper

    waiting eagerly for this drama 🙂

  8. OMG

    M waiting for more story about this plot…cuz right now this synopsis is turning me off…

  9. anvesha

    I can work with cindrella stories.. but candy type heroines? That’s hard. And usually, they’re related, unfortunately.

    I missed PSH, so waiting for this project, but not putting too much hope on it.

  10. 10 Lovebug

    PSH!!!!! So excited for the return of my one true Drama love! (My friend actually got me a tshirt with Park Shi-hoos face on it for my birthday this year – that is how much i love him!)

    I am a tad bit worried about the premise of this Drama, if it were any other actors I wouldnt be interested. ( I like MGY too). However PSH is so charasmatic that he will atleast be interesting and worth watching. (As long as they let him smile!) He made his character who was pretty douchey and the drama Perfect Neighbors watchable despite the convulted murder plots!

    Ok will take a break from the fangirling now…

    ps. I literally do the cabbapepatch anytime I see anything related to this drama!

    • 10.1 kakashi

      second that … Park Shi-hoo!!! louder: PARK SHI-HOO*!!!!! It’s funny how we all have faith in his drama-choosing abilities (they have indeed been good so far) … but everybody seems to be a bit nervous about this one … me too, it really doesn’t sound like much. Hm. Will my PSH love be strong enough to watch him in something less than mediocre or even bad?

      * don’t you dare be absent from Dramaland for a whole year again after this, hear me??

    • 10.2 kakashi

      and what?! o_O
      you have a TShirt with PSH’s face on it, Lovebug?! me wants!

      • 10.2.1 Lovebug

        Ha yes indeed I do! And it was given to me by my non-drama watching friend because even she knows how much i love PSH. (It says on the back “I love his Charisma!” which is a direct quote) It was a total suprise and I completley spazzed when i saw it!

        I cherish it, though haven’t worn it yet… trying to find the right occasion! lol

    • 10.3 Undine

      Same~~ I have yet to see a good fashion-related drama, and I find the synopsis a bit cliche. However, I’m intrigued by the pairing of Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo. I hope they have lots of chemistry!!

      On the other hand, though I love both Seung Gi and Suzy, I’m not really shipping them together.

  11. 11 ladeedah

    i’m wondering who the WRITER is of this drama. ;_____;

  12. 12 Msb

    Cannot wait! Even though I’m one of the few who liked Cinderella’s Sister, I have preferred her movies. So love her and PSH so I am already on board to watch this!

    • 12.1 Tha

      I really CS, too!

  13. 13 bd

    MGY was too cute on RM; hopefully, this project will be worthy of her talents.

  14. 14 DeeDee Wakabayashi

    “the true meaning of marriage”–I like dramas like this. Sounds like they may get married for the wrong reasons and struggle together and find ou what marriage is ‘really’ about. If so, I’ll be looking forward to it! I love both actors!

    • 14.1 Fab

      Yeah that’d be nice, because those usual HE’s where they FINALLY get together kiss, forgive and forget in a few minutes are never satisfying.

      Nonetheless I am very excited for MGY and PSH together!

    • 14.2 saltandpepper

      same reason for me….i like stories where they fall in love after getting married 🙂

  15. 15 Raine

    PSH is my love and I absolutely adore MCW. Both actors bring out the best in their costars and fellow actors. I, too, am included in the doubting the premise, but I’ve been happily fooled before! Thanks for the news as always JB!

    • 15.1 Fab

      You mean MGY? Although MCW is equally great…

  16. 16 Mari

    FANGIRL moment complete with dance number!!!! I just love Park Shi-hoo! I do not lie when I said I watch the ending of “prosecutor princess” about 30 times!!! Plus i really dont care how cliche Cinderella stories are, I love them. watching this shows is a way to scape reallity. so i love me a good girl meets boy story! How in the world am going to find time to watch all this dramas!!!

    • 16.1 Steamy Bun

      Same here. Keep making Cinderella stories and I will KEEP watching them! No twists necessary — they just have to be good!
      And I do so hope that this turns out to be really good because I adore MGY and like PSH (he’s so pretty), and I just really really want to be able to watch this. I don’t really have time to devote to anything mediocre right now no matter how much I love the leads.

  17. 17 Vanessa

    Hehe she looks adorbs(: love park shi hoo and her so I cannot WAIT till the drama airs <3

  18. 18 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    i hope they release stills of PSH..can’t wait for it..

  19. 19 Laica

    I’ll watch ANYTHING for Park Shi-hoo, though the synopsis of this makes me leery.

    I wish for once we could get a poor heroine who is actually not all smiley and optimistic. Personally, I would be kind of grumpy and sarcastic if I had to work 3 jobs and had no money. The Candy type kind of drives me crazy. I mean, it’s good to take your hardships in stride, but it’s like some of these heroines are clairvoyant and already know they’ll marry an as-yet-unknown chaebol heir, and are just biding their time in their current lowly existence.

    (Maybe it’s the unexplained brand-name wardrobe that tips them off, that would never actually fit in the tiny closet in their rooftop apartment? A sign that the Fairy Godmother is helping already!)

    • 19.1 NikaNika


      The heroine (Lee Soo Jung played Ha Ji Won) from What Happened in Bali was poor and was completely the opposite to most of the K-drama mold of heroines .

      I’d like to see less of the happy-go-lucky, on a permanent sugar rush types less in general.

  20. 20 ck1Oz

    I just realize they would be married so yay to skinship etc before the last episode 🙂
    Besides the other 2 actors are from CYHMH and All that glitters.I am a happy camper because they are all experienced and hopefully collectively,they didn’t chose a bad drama.

  21. 21 rjyuggy

    Why romcom Moon Geun-young??

    She should pick meatier roles to use that heavenly acting skills.

  22. 22 Addylovesbwood

    i dunno…the title just turns me off.

  23. 23 MsTree

    Weirdest thing! I was just revisting Princess’s Man the other day after got totally captivated by Moon Chae Woon’s magnificent Eun-gi from Nice guy. I must admit, the weekly waiting time is killing me. That lady is going to have an incredible career ahead of her, she makes all her co-stars look great it seems.

    I am also big fan of Painter of the Moon (except the weird ending thanks Mr.Park). The two Moons won best couple with their incredible chemistry and really fantastic nuanced sensitive portrayal of a delicate subject matter, just beautifully done, and now this? It is like playing musical chairs.

    From what I understand is the two Moons are really great friends off sets. I wonder if they ever consult with each other with drama decisions, co-stars gossips, and uhmm maybe sharing professional tips about co stars like emmmm ya know… ‘kissing and all that stuff’ *blush and sniggers*

  24. 24 lizzie

    lol at PSH fans, in my case, I’ll watch everything with My moon! And I’m a fangirl btw XD I just…….. miss her too much.

    • 24.1 Daffodil

      lol.. Me too! I will watch this because Moonie.. God I miss this girl

      • 24.1.1 moon

        yes me too, i miss mgy so much! Love all of her movies and dramas! Why some of you say again and again she choose bad drama! At first i think so like that, but i watched Cs and MMM second time again i really love these dramas:-) You all know that she’s so talented, just look at her acting and awards (eventhough if you think Cs and MMM are bad dramas but she got many awards there too)
        I really like psh too! There is only one male actor who i like in korea. Just started from his early drama how to meet a perfect neighbour and now! But don’t compare the two together! They two are so so great and really talented! If i have to choose one, i will choose mgy <3 (i am fangirl) LOL ^^

  25. 25 Lila

    Park Shi Hoo! Chaebol roles suit him.

    Again, I hope the age difference isn’t a huge deal in this drama, seeing as she still looks like she’s 18. I recently watched her on Running Man and can’t get over how young she looks.

  26. 26 news

    Hmmm…I can’t grasp PSH and MCW together in the same way I can’t grasp CKH and JW as a couple in Secret Agent War. I like all actors but something about their individual energy that when coupled together seems off.

    Alice in Cheongdam sounds like Alice in Wonderland. Frankly, I’m tired of the princess complex in kdramas, so I hope there’s a twist to this story and characters.

    • 26.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I guess PSH and MGY is a better pairing than JW and CKH. CKH is a good choice for the role (a rookie working alongside with a veteran who’s good at romcom is an advantage) but not for the pairing.

      Or are they making JW look matured? i wonder how they’ll do it. Are they going to put a mustache on him to make him look older? LOL! 🙂

  27. 27 Odet

    Anything with Moon Geun Young… I watch… This is on my waiting list…

  28. 28 Lilly

    Park Shi-Hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    Where is his picture?

  29. 29 Noelle

    PSH love!

  30. 30 asianromance

    It’s got MGY and PSH, but I’m just not feeling the story based on the tidbits of information out right now. A lot of kdrama heroines are pretty much Candy characters (or end up becoming on about a couple episodes in), but usually they don’t advertise it that much. The fact that this character description is promoted makes me leery that they are going all out with making her the most Candy of Candy characters and then the most Cinderella of Cinderella characters.

    Or maybe it will turn out to be an awesome 16 hour self-aware spoof of kdrama heroine tropes!!

  31. 31 soo bin

    hoping to see more to an overused Cinderella/fashion plot but at least, i get to see my greatest live park si hoo again and moon geum you.g is fine with me.

  32. 32 neener

    totally agree with you! I can’t wait to see them act together and I haven’t seen MGY act since Cinderella’s Sister 😀

  33. 33 Jade Butterfly

    I’m so un-WOWed by AIC’s a-dime-a doz storyline but then its has my sweetheart , the ace actress , Moon Geun Young in it. And that is the draw for me. I’d watch her do laundry anyday so , her in a doggy ( i think..) outfit is many steps up my watchibility barometer.
    Welcome back , Geun Young, you’ve been sorely missed!

    • 33.1 Jade Butterfly

      I can clinically appreciate Park Shi Hoo but *tsk* he doesn’t give me brain-freeze when I look at him or when he acts. Him & GY..hmmmm.She has chemistry with all her male leads , regardless of whatever disparity, so , it’ll be lovely to be pleasantly surprised.

  34. 34 Ai2

    Moon Guen Young is a very good actress, and Park Shi Hoo is also good. Individually, they are good. I don’t know though about their on-screen chemistry. I hope this is a good pairing. Because despite MGY’s good acting skills, for me she doesn’t have any sex appeal and PSH has plenty of that. So, probably this drama is for those “lonely hearts club” who could not get any dates, but in the end married the leading man of Mills and Boon love stories.

    Is it similar to Betty La Fea – Korean adaptation?

    • 34.1 enz

      I thought of yo soy betty la fea too reading this! I was watching that obsessively when it was showing in Malaysia. I was soooo disappointed in the very two dimensional American remake of it

  35. 35 Suzi Q

    It doesn’t sound like Ugly Betty…

    I love MGY and PSH individually, but can’t see them together as a romantic pair especially doing kissing scenes. She’s Korea nation’s little sister and PSH is super HOT!and SexY! Can’t get the image out of my mind.

    MGY should have stayed home instead of doing Mary Stayed out All Night and Cinderella’s Sister was disappointing. PSH has been on a roll in his drama successes so hopefully this drama will be .great too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I know MGY is a great actress.

    She looks cute in the photo with the animal suit.

  36. 36 Village Mrembo

    Not too excited for most of the upcoming end-year dramas but who am i to complain when we’ve had smash hit after smash hit all year long!

  37. 37 girlatsea

    Silly me started rewatching The Princess’ Man (ㅠㅜ) and now I can’t wait to see Park Shi-hoo in something new. I’ve missed him SO MUCH. So even if this a disaster in the making (though, I’m sincerely hoping it isn’t) I’ll still probably watch the hell out of it. Plus MGY has plenty of experience working with older actors, I loved her with Kim Rae-won in My Little Bride. I’m getting excited for it! ^^

  38. 38 Songie

    I am on board with anything PSH– yes, i’m one to get experience brain-freeze/heart attacks/etc. by his mere presence. He’s been busy promoting his debut film, “Confession of Murder”, so no photos on the set yet. These are exciting though. I like MGY and i think she’s adorable, but i also agree that she has no sex appeal. Perhaps that’s the discrepancy between the two. The age difference doesn’t bother me, the both look at least 5 years younger than their actual age! I was a bit iffy about the premise, however, the marriage track does add more meat. PSH is the most consistent man in the industry, so my faith in him is pretty strong and steady!

  39. 39 sorya

    MGY is one of the best actresses of her generation, she has nothing to prove to anyone because it has already talent and won awards even with these last 2 dramas, so I’m not worried for his new drama because it can make a difference even if the story is cliché, fight fight mGy i love you!!

  40. 40 kline

    I’ll look for mGy because c is a great actress, I do not know yet but psh I looked the man in the Princess and it was good, I hope it will be up mGy!

  41. 41 Sonia

    So glad to see Ms Moon’s fans out and loving her cause this might turn out to be a PSH lovefest. They look good together though and although you may not have liked some of her works, MGY did her acting job and did it well. I too do not care what this is about because it is Moon Geun Young’s comeback and being a true fan of hers I am very happy no matter what it turns into.

  42. 42 pali

    I can not wait to see this drama, as in mGy is I was waiting for it

  43. 43 Dona A.

    I don’t care much about the story itself, I’m only on board because I’ve been itching to see MGY’s acting. And no lie, I’m drooling over PSH as well! lol.

  44. 44 hilalia

    Oh I miss mGy strongly in December, for me it is the best

  45. 45 calvinklein

    Moon geun young the best !!!!!

  46. 46 hal

    MGY she’s my favorite number one actress

  47. 47 moobanmee

    i want to see this series drama so much. i like two actors PSH and MGY so much. PSH is so smart and so cute. saranghae!!!

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