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Alice in Cheongdam-dong casts second leads
by | October 6, 2012 | 82 Comments

Woohoo — Kim Ji-suk (I Need Romance 2012) has been offered the second lead in the upcoming rom-com Alice in Cheongdam-dong, starring Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo. He’s still considering the role so it’s not a done deal yet, but so far the cast for this drama is shaping up rather nicely. I’ve liked Kim Ji-suk before, but I do think he’s one of the slew of recent actors who’s making a bigger and better comeback post-army duty.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong is based on the novel Cheongdam-dong Audrey, about a Candy-type of heroine who enters the bizarre and foreign world (hence the play on Alice in Wonderland) of the uber-rich, who live in the tiny insular neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong. Moon Geun-young plays the heroine, a young fashion designer who gets hired at her dream job, only to find out that her high school classmate and rival is the boss’s wife and determined to make her life miserable.

The rival will be played by So Yi-hyun of You’ve Fallen for Me (pictured below). Urg, this actress really makes every character she plays So. Uninteresting. I suppose if I’m meant to hate her, I’m halfway there? Her character lived in the heroine’s shadow when they were young, so naturally she thinks it her life’s mission to make her pay now. Kim Ji-suk will play an advertising exec, and Park Shi-hoo is the rival designer company’s president, and also So Yi-hyun’s ex-boyfriend. Is the entire plot going to be a big frenemy war? I hope not.

The drama will be penned by Kim Ji-woon and Kim Jin-hee, who were junior writers on Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-deok. Directing is PD Jo Soo-won of Hyena. The one thing that worries me most is the drama’s description that the heroine starts out as a hardworking Candy… and then decides not to live that way anymore and puts all of her effort into becoming a Cinderella. Er, that’s your new goal? To marry Prince Charming? Please tell me there’s more to this drama than that. Pretty please?

Alice in Cheongdam-dong will follow weekend drama Five Fingers which puts the premiere sometime in December on SBS.

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82 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    Kim Ji-suk c’moooon I want to see you as main lead
    the girl… was rather meh in a few melodramas I’ve seen with her

    • 1.1 OMG

      I agree…he needs his time to shine…

      • 1.1.1 Sabah

        Agreed. He pretty much stole the show for me in INR2012.

        Still, I am looking forward to see what he brings to this role.

        • ilikehim

          I didn’t think so. I was pretty much very on Yoon Suk Hyun’s side despite his frustrating character.

          • Sabah

            Of course I can understand that, different hearts different tastes, so that there is somebody for everybody.

            I didn’t find Yoon Suk Hyun frustrating as I could understand his actions or rather lack of actions. Relative to Ji hoon his characterization just came across as stifled. Though not to the degree of INR1, I found the ending highly unsatisfying WHICH I rectified by imagining myself as the girl that healed Ji Hoon heart. Hehe, Someone for everyone. : )

        • Mystisith

          Agree. I stayed til the end for him even if I knew he would lose.

          • Sabah

            Same. I knew I was a fool to believe it would end happily for him, especially considering INR1 but I held onto hope, by the time I realized I should bail out to prevent heartache I was too far invested in Ji Hoon; a wonderful characterization. Really cutting edge cute!

          • Dana

            me too! I loved him from the start. he needed so much one of my hugs ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 1.1.2 OMG

        But I do love me some Park Si Hoo though so…..I ain’t mad…two pretties in one show… :()

        • OMG

          Dat should be a smily fa e… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sabah

          Yeah, Park Shi Hoo and his smile. : ) Kim Ji Suk and his smile. : ) Being stuck between sexy and a cute face! hehe, Really looking forward to it!

    • 1.2 Kel Lea

      AGREED! I’m tired of seeing him as the 2nd guy who doesn’t get the girl. He deserves to get the girl for a change.

      • 1.2.1 Sabah

        He doesn’t have to necessarily get the main girl but I would like to see him centre of her attention just like he is the centre of my attention whenever he is on screen.

  2. dulcedeleche

    Ahhhhh Park Si Hoo. This better be good… I could watch this man allllllllll day.

    • 2.1 Lilly

      Park Shi Hoooooooooooooo!!!!
      yes yes yes
      Hope the part is good enough for his great acting.

  3. Mystisith

    I loved So Yi-hyun in the underrated Glowing She. Didn’t like her in You’ve Fallen For Me (I didn’t like anything in that drama to be honest…). Now if the story here could be a bit more meaty, it would be nice.

    • 3.1 Sabah

      Definitely need a good story.

      I don’t really rely on previews or drama descriptions because so many times they never match up to the reality of what is shown. Maybe it is because they don’t want to give too much away or maybe because they don’t really know yet. 2012 has been a year where a vast majority of dramas didn’t ‘match’ their descriptions/expectations, so I just tend to watch the ones that have ‘favourites’ in, seem interesting or are recommended to me. This one fills the first two requirements, so let’s see.

    • 3.2 2.34

      Kim Hyung Jun didn’t get much attention either, even though he is one of the better idol-turned-actors.

      • 3.2.1 canxi

        This is true. He was pretty good.

        I watched Glowing She and didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, though. It lacked character growth and I felt like the story moved too slowly for the episode count it had. By the time, things were actually starting to happen it was too late and the show had ended,lol.

        • zhill

          So Yi-hyun did a better job in Glowing She/Sunshine Girl than in YFFM. just not happy with the ending though … i was hoping she would end up with the eye candy Kim Hyung Jun, but didn’t ARGH! at least both of them have this really cute MTV “Everyday”, OST for Glowing She, a wedding and honeymoon scenes in Hawaii … super cute mv.

    • 3.3 ditdut

      I loved So in Jewel Bibimbap and Hyena as well. She’s awesome when she’s playing a bright, cutesy role. But I guess her recent ones have been more of a wet blanket type??

  4. Betsy

    I hope the description of the lead female will change. I’m all for Cinderella stories, but let’s not have her start out as a strong female and then turn her into the ditsy boy crazed girl. As for the male leads love them both and can’t wait to see how the entire drama comes together, also can’t wait for Five Fingers to end (dropped that drama after 3 episodes).

  5. milkmustache

    I honestly don’t like the sound of the plot at all, but for Moon Geun-young, Park Sihoo, and Kim Jisuk, I will watch it, simply because I love those three so much.

    So Yi-hyun is gorgeous and all, but she doesn’t look young enough to play someone the same age as Moon Geun-young. This might come from the fact that Moon Geun-young is turning into the second Eugene. She never ages, lol.

  6. Lila

    I love Park Shi Hoo!

    There’s kind of an age difference between him and Moon Geun Young though. Maybe that’s because I always think of her as young, since she’s looked the same for the past 8 years.

    • 6.1 Annie

      I personally think it’s a refreshing change of pace from the way casting has worked in Kdramas in the past couple of years with female leads often being significantly older than male leads. I hope the age difference is acknowledged in the drama since nobody with eyes would mistake PSH as being MGY’s age.

    • 6.2 miss unknown

      MOon Geun Young has work with people who are even older than Park Shi Hoo’s age and it was perfectly fine…I’m actually not worry about their chemistry…it’s more of the story line that I’m worry about…

  7. lizzie

    So Yi-hyun … lol

    I think she is better suited for Innocent girl roles… or the main suffering poor girl because In gloria for example she did a good job being the depressed rich girl, who wanted to die. lol

    But in Youโ€™ve Fallen for Me she wasn’t great and just annoying.

  8. miss unknown

    The story line sounds nothing special…but I thought the description of the drama is not out yet because there’s so sueing going on and the writers are claiming they did not copy the book at all. Only the title is the same but the story line is different?! Anyhow, I am still looking forward to December to come!! I can’t wait for Kim Ji-suk, Moon Geun Young, and Park Shi Hoo in one drama! That’s enough for me watch!

    • 8.1 Danna

      Yea thats right…apparently the drama is not based on the novel and hence the lawsuit…but I think the drama description that JB is talking about was probably released by the production company..because it doesn’t sound consistent with the first description of the book……also i’ve read multiple other descriptions too, none of which appear very simmilar……eitherways I hope the writers are better than that and dont make our heroine a cliched Candy or Cinderella…..gratefully I’ve heard nothing but good things about Hyena, so I have some hope for the PD…..I’m praying ardently that this drama doesnt suck….I’ve been way too long for a MGY comeback

  9. SoyJade

    I really liked and cared for Kim Ji-suk’s character in INR 2012. I hope he does NOT accept this role. I wish he would be given a lead character role. I think he would make many of us swoon,cheer for him and actually get the girl in the end.
    I am curious about this drama mostly because of PSH. It’s hard not to want to see his pretty, pretty face. The plot sounds okay. Enough to watch a first episode to see how it’s executed.

    • 9.1 malta

      Agreed! It’s time he had a lead role.

  10. 10 Noelle

    Hmm. Is it bad when the description makes me dislike the heroine more than the villain? SKIP.

  11. i was excited when i first read the news that PSH is going to have a new drama soon..i love his portrayal in Prosecutor Princess and The Princess’ Man..

    just then this article came up..oh my! they are casting KJS for the same drama as well?! i started to like him the moment i saw him in I Need Romance 2..i hoped till the last episode that the main lead will choose him in the end..even though i know for the fact that it was impossible to happen..it ached my heart that he was dumped..i even cried at that time..

    and now, i think i have to prepare boxes of tissue papers for him..even though i want him to end up with MGY in this drama, i also don’t want PSH to be left behind..i bet there will gonna be a tug-of-war inside of me for these two actors..i love them both..i love PSH more though.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 12 subject

    About So Yi-hyun, I think she did pretty good job in Gloria and Glowing She, so I can deal with her presence. Him, on the other hand, no way. What to do? I waited so long to see Moon Geun-young in a normal role, and I kinda like Park Shi-hoo. Besides, it’s a weekend drama, and I almost HATE everything that made for those days.

  13. 13 reeen

    Somehow the plot description reminds me of the wreck that was Mary stayed out all night. Only this time it’s Audrey. Or Alice. Or whatever. I hope the plot is solid (despite sounding dim-witted). If it goes down the drain it would be such a waste of actors I like. Moon Geun Young’s streak of back drama-luck can’t last forever, right?

  14. 14 Danna

    thankfully Kim Ji Suk was really lovable in INR2…it has helped partially erase the memory of his crappy character in Personal Taste….hopefully he can keep up this new winning streak

    • 14.1 girlatsea

      I agree! From what I saw of INR2 (six episodes) he was great! He’s really natural in his acting. I actually thought he was better than the lead who I have always thought to be a bit wooden/awkward.

      • 14.1.1 bd

        Kim Ji-suk overacted a bit in “Chuno”, but in INR2, he had just the right touch.

        Thought that Lee Jin-wook (the male lead in INR2) did a pretty good job as well, much better than what he showed in that crappy spy series (well, what little I saw of it anyway).

        • Danna

          pffffffffft…you thought he overacted in Chuno??…you should check out his stint Hometown Legends…he was so OTT there…had me in fits for days…thank god he has toned it down a ton since

  15. 15 li~~~

    I actually sort of love So Yi Hyun. I’ve only seen her in You’ve Fallen For Me and Gloria, and while she was bland to the max in the former, she really shone in the latter.

    Her character in Gloria was meant to be fragile and precious in the beginning, but as the show went on, she gradually grew a backbone and stopped pitying herself and the transformation was remarkable. Therefore, I think So Yi Hyun can do something pretty great if she’s given the right character and the right character arc. However, I fear that that will not be the case here.

    Either way, regardless of the Cinderella trope, the pairing of Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo is pretty great, so I’ll be looking forward to this with bated breath.

  16. 16 crazedlu


  17. 17 canxi

    I love Kim Ji Suk, I hope he accepts. And then a lead role! Hmm? Hmm? He can so take on a full-on lead role now. I’m waiting for that.

    And I actually like So Yi Hyun for her character in Gloria,lol. Maybe it’s because that’s the first role I saw her in, I thought she was good there. I don’t hate her.

    As for the description, the way I read it was that Moon Geun Young’s character starts to think about the her life up till now because of So Yi Hyun’s character making her life miserable at the “dream job” (where she only runs errands and doesn’t design). So, I was hoping that this means she kind of re-claims her life in some way and starts doing things by her own standards. I would love to see that happen. I wouldn’t mind if they took a page from Fashion King and had this little designer that could go up against the big company, lol.

    • 17.1 Sabah

      “she kind of re-claims her life in some way” Yeah, Drew Barrymore, ‘ever after’ style. I could get on board with that.

      • 17.1.1 canxi

        Yeah! Her character believes that success comes from hard-work so I can see her quitting and starting up her own thing. If Kim Ji Suk takes the part, he’d be playing a designer, and he’d probably help her along in that regard since Moon Geun Young plays a talented designer too.

        It’s a show that can go either which way. I also think being a “Cinderella” can have more than one meaning. It could be trying to nab some Prince Charming to take you out of your troubles or (hopefully) rising above all the evil you have to put up with everyday and going out for something that makes you truly happy. I hope it’s the latter cuz Moon Geun Young is a really great actress for girl power themed things, lol. She just looks like the type that doesn’t let people walk all over her.

        • Sabah

          True, Kim Ji Suk role would be something more likeable as her supporter rather than the main male lead that might become her be all and end all BUT I just don’t want it going there either.

          Cinderella but on her own terms.

          • canxi

            Oh no! Not a supporter, more like a business partner,lol.

          • Sabah

            Ah, that sounds much better.

  18. 18 Dona A.

    I’m not sold with the story but I love the main cast so I will give it a try. I hope KJS will accept the role!!

  19. 19 varms

    I am so on this drama if Kim Ji Suk really gets casted!! Two eye candies who can act! Well Kim Ji Suk is slowly getting there but he’s adorable. So far the casting for the ladies for me is meh. I only liked MGY in her movies. So Yi Hyun looks pretty in almost everything she wears so maybe this role is suitable for her.

  20. 20 djes

    So Yi Hyun was okay in Assorted Gems, but she was annoying in You’re Fallen for Me.
    I’m interested but somehow I’m bit nervous with Moon Geunyeung & Park Sihoo’s pairing.

    • 20.1 Lilly

      That is what recaps are for, to spare us intense trauma if it all goes wrong so we can skip that drama and wait for our fav actor’s next good one.

  21. 21 minah

    To be honest, I’m terrified to watch this drama….

    Too many times have I been looking forward to a drama because the cast is amazing, or storyline is interesting, or director is amazing etc only to be disappointed because something terribly wrong always happens (example: Fashion King writing, Mary Stayed Out writing, etc etc)

    I LOVE PSH and MGY (they happen to be one of my most favorite actor and actress) but I’m just afraid I’m going to be disappointed again D:

    Sighhh….. what to do..

  22. 22 ditdut

    Frankly, Kim Jisuk > Park Shihoo. Both have this greasy vibe coming off them, but Park’s is waaaaayyyy out there.

  23. 23 aliya

    They had me at Kim Ji Suk. *huge inner squeal* I actually fell in love with him in I need romance 2012. To the point where I almost hated the main guy lol ._. His acting was great, had me heartbroken with the ending. But YAYYYY I’m def. Gonna tune in for this ^.^

  24. 24 aliya

    So I totally commented before reading the article ._. That’s how excited I was lol. I hope he takes this role..because I am being selfish and want to see him in a drama..and for no other reason lol

  25. 25 Steamy Bun

    OMO I forgot about this show. And that guy from Chuno (didn’t watch I Need Romance) is so cute. I’m a big MGY fan so I really hope this becomes one to watch!

  26. 26 saranga

    so yi-hyun plays it too safe to leave much of an impression. if she were to make herself break out of that cast, she could be good in my opinion. i really like her face, especially that dimpled smile of hers, and her lipsโ€”pretty charismatic. but a terribly dull actress for the most part.

    i feel like MGY is one of those actresses who enjoys top star status, but always tends to be paired with lesser known or less charismatic male leads. kim rae-won and jang geun-suk are the only exceptions i can think of, but i think MGY was the bigger name in little bride (at the end of it, kim rae-won did become more mainstream). and the drama with jang geun-suk isn’t worth much a mention. kim sun-ah is another such actress in my opinion. is it just me?

    • 26.1 canxi

      I can see that,lol. Who would you like them to be paired with by chance?? I’d love to know ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. 27 Village Mrembo

    I loved SYH in Gloria, her and Chun Hee were perfect as the long suffering couple! I think she was also in Assorted Gems, can’t remember her role but i loved the drama so i guess she passes too! Her last drama tho with that SS501 guy…mmhhh…yawnfest ; ( But thats 2:1, not bad

  28. 28 ninsarama

    I semi-agree about So Yi hyun. I liked her in Resurrection/Rebirth, but everything else specifically You’ve Fallen For Me, was meh.

    I LOVE Kim Ji Suk. His character in I Need Romance 2012 was unrealistic but dreamy! Can he please get a lead role or at least the girl in a project very soon?!?!

  29. 29 infiniti512

    PSH may still turn this down right? KJS you back out too lol

    I’ve been wanting to see Shi Hoo in something else after Princess man but I can’t seem to stand his female lead on other dramas. I like MGY although the age gap even in just looks is strange, it’s the so called storyline that I’m not liking right now.

  30. 30 whatis

    Alright, as much as I like MGY, the plot just sounds super super dull and cliche.

    I sure this is drama’s good, just for her sake.

  31. 31 malta

    Good cast. I will wait and see what the first couple of episodes are like since the previews and the synopsis, promotional pics and trailers, really all that stuff, often have nothing to do with what the actual drama turns out to be. It’s likely that the script isn’t even finished yet and/or they will be tweaking it to death till the bitter end.

  32. 32 malta

    So what exactly is going on in that first picture? Is he looking through spider webs? Icicles? KJS seems confused about it too. Haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. 33 thatsoumia

    Haha the handsome!

  34. 34 soo bin

    i hope that they thicken up the plot a bit. i’ve had too much of the Cinderella/fashion frenzy storyline from kdramaland. but with my insanity,park si hoo there,watching him will save the day for me!

  35. 35 jyyjc

    This drama sounds super cliche and any drama that mentions fashion and fashion designers just reminds me of the wreck that was fashion king. But I’m gonna trust MGY on this, maybe it sounds dull on paper but will be good in the excution and storytelling idk..
    Also my face went from ๐Ÿ˜€ to :/ when I scrolled from kim jisuk’s pic down to so yihyun, that actress is dulllllll.

  36. 36 errr

    this really sound like it’s gonna be Mary Stayed Out V2.0…probly just me….the plot doesn’t sound the least interesting….
    i like So Yihyun though….well, i like her in Gloria…and looking at other comments that said she was okay/pretty good in *insert different names of drama*….she’s probly not that bad.
    i don’t think i could survive this drama though so….

  37. 37 a_fan

    He was really great in I NEED ROMANCE 2012. That was a better drama than the first one and I am surprised there were no recaps around and no ratings either.

  38. 38 NewKdramaAddict

    Still want to see it as it has my top favorite actress, MGY and my favorite hottie, PSH! Can’t wait!

  39. PARK SI HOO!!! I’m officially in love with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    A hottie,

    ….an excellent actor,

    ……..a smile that can melt every girl’s heart,

    ………….plus the dance moves!!!

    i just love everything about you!

  40. 40 graygirl

    I don’t like MGY… For no reason! Am I the only one..?

    But gonna watch this anyway!!! I love Park Shi Hoo!!!! Fall in love with him in his every drama! Heh… I like So yi hyun too.. I don’t know why..

  41. 41 Songie

    I’ve never seen the two second leads, so they’re starting on a clean slate for me. I love Kim Hyung Jun, but i never did get around to starting ‘Glowing She’. I’m kind of jealous that she will be working with PSH after working with KHJ. XD

    There was never a follow-up on PSH’s confirmation, not publicly at least. It’s a safe assumption for now. The only thing i like about the drama so far is MGY. The only thing i love? Park Si Hoo. Fashion-oriented plots scare me, but my faith lies in PSH. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. 42 shirubang

    ugh, i can’t wait to see park shi hoo be all sexy and… sexy~ <3 great lead casts!

  43. 43 JD

    It’s a shame Kim Ji Suk sports such a greasy playboy look…I think that’s really why he hasn’t ascended to lead status yet. He doesn’t have the “look” the producers are looking for. Same with Lee Kyu Han. Couldn’t really see him as the lead in The Marriage Plot.

    • 43.1 JD

      Or more like they’re both typecasted as the greasy playboy type and now people can’t rid them of the image. SAD. Because that’s really all I can remember of all the roles they ever played.

    • 43.2 bd

      Well, KJS did play the “nice guy” in INR2012.

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