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Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 18
by | October 11, 2012 | 415 Comments

So much good stuff today, packed with development and intensity. A few ends get tied up so we can turn our attention to the big ramp-up to next week’s finale, and I’m glad of it: We could use the time to confront the Big Bad and address the numerous mythological mysteries still to resolve, of which this drama has plenty. The mythology is also this show’s forte creatively, so I’m happy to direct my attention to that. And the romance, of course, which is inextricably linked to that mythology. ‘Cause I’m still dying to know how this universe and all its rules are going to allow our couple their happily ever after. Because they’re getting a happily ever after, right? I’m sure of it. Don’t contradict me.


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Eun-oh is called a criminal and arrested by the newcomer and his armed guards: Governor Park accuses him of misusing his power to plot a rebellion. Which makes him a traitor.

It’s obvious this is Lord Choi’s doing, and we saw him previously sending word to the governor. He can’t best the magistrate of his town, so he has gone over Eun-oh’s head to upper management, so to speak.

Lord Choi assures the governor that all his accusations are founded. The governor believes he’s locking up a true insurgent, but worries about Eun-oh’s powerful father causing problems for them. Lord Choi just chuckles, saying that they can use this opportunity to rid both father and son.

Arang makes her way inside the cave to face Mu-yeon, and gets to the point: What did Eun-oh’s mother want from her? Mu-yeon asks why, and for a moment I’m afraid Arang is going to tip her hand, but thankfully she just supposes that Arang wants to know what could be powerful enough motivation to give up her body. She answers that Mom wanted revenge against Lord Choi—but not to kill him. She wanted for him to spend his entire life groveling and submissive at her feet.

Ah, it’s a clever revenge, and exactly up Mu-yeon’s alley. She didn’t even have to do anything differently since that was how he spent his days anyway, so she could enter Mom’s body readily. Arang shakes her head in disbelief: “She wouldn’t have given up her body for that reason.”

Joo-wal paces outside the cave anxiously, and decides to barge in. He stops at the entrance just as Mu-yeon asks what Arang would want enough to exchange her body for it. Revenge on her killer? Protection for a loved one?

Arang stammers, “I… I…” No! Don’t say a word! Then she hurriedly gets up and runs outside. Phew.

Joo-wal stops her outside and entreats her not to forget what he’d told her—about never giving herself up.

Arang asks why the heck Joo-wal is with that woman in the first place, and he can’t answer. He enters the cave and finds Mu-yeon put out by Arang’s resistance, saying that she won’t be easy. Well, thank goodness for that.

She wants the magistrate out of the picture and he agrees to it, but she contradicts him: Leave him alone for now. He’s surprised, but she says that she changed her mind after meeting Arang, and with a sneer says she understands now why Joo-wal was so slow in finding out her heart’s desire.

Lord Choi drops by the prison to chuckle over Eun-oh’s predicament, saying that he could arrange for someone to bring him food if he likes. “Ah, she could do it—that woman ghost.”

Eun-oh’s eyes narrow. Lord Choi continues, smirking that even if Eun-oh were to die right now, the unkillable ghost-woman wouldn’t be able to die to meet him on the other side. Hm, he must really think he’s got Eun-oh good to reveal his hand like this. Don’t you know you do the Scooby Doo monologue after the fall guy’s dead? Or better yet, not at all? Some secrets you should just take with you to the grave. I’m no evil genius (or am I?) but that just seems like standard evil operating procedure to me.

Lord Choi adds the taunt that he could go to Eun-oh’s mother and describe in grotesque detail the way her father died. Sick bastard.

Eun-oh fumes, angry tears filling his eyes as Lord Choi tells him, “You can’t do a single thing, just like your foolish mother couldn’t.” He laughs, and Eun-oh launches himself at his bars, yelling into his face.

Arang returns home to the strange scene and wonders what happened. The Bangs fill her in and she beelines for the prison. Bang-wool arrives moments later, having heard the same news. Aw, that’s so sweet that both men at least have sweethearts to lament their downfalls.

The men urge the women to leave quickly before Lord Choi causes trouble for them too.

A notice is posted in the village of the magistrate’s supposed crime. The townspeople are convinced it’s slanderous, which warms my heart, and even propose taking a stand on his behalf. But thankfully these men have wits to match their hearts because they see that fighting in the name of the magistrate actually makes true the charge against him, which is that he was inciting rebellion. Still, brownie points for the thought! They decide to keep quiet and sniff around for the truth behind the matter.

Joo-wal is stunned to hear of Eun-oh’s capture, and his faithful servant informs him that it was Lord Choi’s doing. Joo-wal tears out immediately.

At the magistrate’s office, a crowd has gathered for Eun-oh’s punishment, while the governor presides with Lord Choi at his side. Along with Dol-swe, Eun-oh is dragged out and charged with his crimes; he is to be stripped of office and investigated. Eun-oh spits out that they’re trumping up false charges with no evidence.

The governor lays out his offenses, which Eun-oh forcefully refutes, like that he misspent earmarked funds for his patrols or offered jobs to the low-born with the intent of undermining national law. But when leveled with the accusation that elevated his slave to government office, which is also against the law, he can’t protest because that’s exactly what he did.

He tells Eun-oh to acknowledge his crimes, which will save at least his life. Furious, Arang starts to step in (“Oy, old man!” she barks) but she’s held back and cautioned to be quiet for Eun-oh’s sake.

Eun-oh insists, “I won’t confess to a crime I didn’t commit, not even if I die!” He glares and challenges them to lock him up or cut off his head if they like: “If I am guilty of a true crime, I won’t run away—I’ll accept my punishment!”

Lord Choi is determined to make an example of him, and tells the people to watch and see what happens to lawbreakers. He yanks Arang along, accusing the people of being too stupid to see that their magistrate has been bewitched by a ghost. He points a finger at her: “This woman is not a person!”

Arang tries to protest, but Lord Choi draws a sword and announces that the woman won’t die, no matter how many times you kill her. Uh… are you just going to stand there and let him kill a body without reason, on the off-chance that his whackadoo theory is true? (I mean, yes in this case it does happen to be true, but still! In normal people situations, this is not acceptable logic!)

Eun-oh fights his bonds and screams, “Don’t you dare touch her!” Even Joo-wal darts forward to intervene, but is blocked by the governor’s officers. Lord Choi swings his sword upward… and Eun-oh shouts, “Stop! I acknowledge all my crimes.”

Nooooooo! But even though his ploy has succeeded, Lord Choi is so worked up that he declares that he must see this through anyway, wanting to kill Arang to get the proof out in the open. But the governor orders him that it’s enough, and he lowers the sword.

The Bangs lament this unfortunate turn of events, and just when they hopped on the Eun-oh train! Weak-hearted Lee-bang trembles that he hopes Lord Choi will take him back, but Hyung-bang argues a different way: Let’s rescue the magistrate. I like him.

But a masked breakout seems above their heads, so they keep brainstorming. What if they take this to Eun-oh’s father? They draft a letter and send a messenger straightaway.

That night, Bang-wool and Arang sit on her front stoop, feeling gloomy. Bang-wool asks why it’s such a bad thing for Dol-swe to wear an official uniform, and why there are such strict differences between people when you’re all looking up at the same moonlight.

Arang says, “I don’t know either. People who should live become wandering ghosts, while Lord Choi should have already died and become a demon but runs amok. I suppose there’s a reason for everything. Maybe they’re throwing a mistake-ridden world at us, telling humans and ghosts to do what they can to change it.”

Eun-oh and Dol-swe are dragged out to the courtyard again the next day, to kneel before a smug Lord Choi, who says that maybe now that the rabble-rousing magistrate has been subdued he’ll be able to get some reading done. Eun-oh spits back at him that he’s the one killing men to silence them and filling his stores in corrupt ways: “But heaven doesn’t exist just to look nice—you’d better prepare yourself to receive your thousand punishments!”

Lord Choi kicks him and growls, “I am heaven, and I am the law. You receive those thousand punishments—I’ll give them to you!” He starts stomping on Eun-oh in his rage.

A cry sounds, “Stop!”

Lord Kim has arrived. Aww, yeah. I’m itching for a smackdown.

Lord Choi accuses him of interfering in due process—how can he harbor a traitor, no matter if he’s his son? Then he advises the governor that Lord Kim should also be considered under suspicion.

To which Lord Kim declares, “Governor, receive the king’s command!” Everyone reels in shock. Booyah! Daddy came prepared.

Immediately everyone gets down on their knees, including Lord Choi. Lord Kim reads the royal decree: Pardon the magistrate, Kim Eun-oh. His disregard of social status in his administration within his purview and not a crime. Furthermore, the magistrate has improved the lives of his citizens, which is to be commended.

The reactions of everybody are moved and relieved (except for the Old Evil One, but he doesn’t count), but the scene is worth noting just for Eun-oh’s alone. There’s such an intense mix of emotion in his silent reaction that you can’t help crying along with his tears of shock, relief, and gratitude. Or at least, I can’t. Blubbering mess here. Give me a sec to recover.

As they leave the premises, the men are greeted by their sweethearts: Bang-wool races into Dol-swe’s arms in a loud outburst of emotion, while Eun-oh and Arang have a quieter, but no less intense, reunion.

Eun-oh’s father explains that he got additional support from ministers who’d failed to step in when Eun-oh’s grandfather was unjustly accused. Eun-oh has taken on a key role in ferreting out Lord Choi’s evils, and he vows not to stop until the job has been completed.

Dad says that the people’s spirit is something that, like water, flows on its own once it starts to trickle. Eun-oh has tapped that public sentiment, and should stick around to see where its path leads. Eun-oh replies that he can’t presume to know what that public sentiment is, but he will make sure no more lives are taken.

Arang thinks to herself of all the things Eun-oh has, as though just now remembering—he has a father, and a mother, Dol-swe, this job, this home. “That’s right, he had his own life,” she notes sadly, as though she’s not a part of it. She thinks of Mu-yeon’s offer/question of what would entice her to give herself up.

In her cave, Mu-yeon is seized with a gripping pain as she becomes weaker still. “Mu-young…” she gasps.

She must be sensing his presence, just outside the cave. He enters, and she entreats, “Please help me.” He clenches fist and turns, leaving her pouting after him.

Eun-oh and Dol-swe set out to “finish the job.” With their patrolmen in tow, they storm Lord Choi’s household, a full-on battle waging in the front yard. Lord Choi is outraged, but refuses to heed his servant’s warning to flee. Instead, he begins emptying his drawers of valuables to take with him. Yes, so at least your road to hell will be paved with gold.

Predictably, he isn’t fast enough to both line his pockets and escape. Eun-oh strolls in as he’s packing up his chest and says he’s here to say: “After experiencing it firsthand, prison life is quite endurable.” He’ll escort him forthwith, so he can see for himself.

He arrests Lord Choi for murdering Seo-rim’s maid and illegally organizing a private army, among many other crimes. He’s dragged off literally screaming and casting one last longing glance at his gold, heh. Eun-oh sends him off tut-tutting. It’s pretty satisfying.

The officers clear out Lord Choi’s ill-gotten stores and dispense rice to the people.

Up in heaven, the gods watch the fall of one more of Mu-yeon’s minions, prey to his own desires. Always one to play devil’s advocate, Jade Emperor says that desire isn’t always a bad thing—it’s just that it can twist you up when you use it wrongly. However, “there are times when desires have the power to move the world. If all humans had powers of discernment, gods like us would not be so beset with such headaches, would we?”

Joo-wal comes out of the chaos unscathed, perhaps because heeded his servant’s cautions and left. He’s surveying Lord Choi empty room when Eun-oh returns and announces, “Now we meet again.”

Eun-oh knows Joo-wal secretly moved Mu-yeon and demands to know what their relationship is. Joo-wal replies, “Arang met her.” He warns that Mu-yeon never lets go of something she wants: “I don’t know what Arang is thinking, but at the very least you had better make sure she doesn’t give herself up for your sake.”

First thing back at home, Eun-oh asks Arang about the meeting: “You can’t possibly believe what she says?”

Arang explains the whole we’ll-forget-each-other quandary, “At least this way, we’d stay in each other’s memories.” Aww. So it’s not noble sacrifice driving her, but a last-ditch attempt to hold on to her love. Which, while also frustrating, is something I can’t take issue with.

He scoffs at the reasoning, telling her, “If it’s because of my mother, stop it. No—whatever it’s because of, stop it.”

Arang replies that the moment she found out that his mother had killed her, she realized that the truth bell was meaningless. “So, it made me think that my truth isn’t about killing your mother, but saving her and saving you. Let me do one real thing for you.”

He fires back, “Do you know how much of a coward you’re making out to be? Did you think that that’s what I’d want you to do?!” He glares at her with hurt eyes and storms out.

Eun-oh drowns his sorrows, while Arang writes a letter. Please tell me it’s not a Dear John. Don’t do it!

Joo-wal receives a different letter—one whose contents put him into a panic.

Later that night, Arang brings a tray of food to Eun-oh’s room, which she prepared herself. There’s not much time left till the full moon, she reminds him, and she wanted to cook for him at least this once.

He’s not feeling very enthusiastic about dinner, but she concedes that he was right about her misguided thoughts, and she’ll do as he wishes. You’re not lying, right? To lull us into a false sense of security or whatnot? At least her words get him to relax a bit and he eats, telling her the food is tasty. And still, I am not reassure at the way her smile drops when he’s not looking…

Neither am I getting good vibes at the way Arang strolls around the yard in the early morning, giving everything one last, wistful look. Oh, this is so sad. It’s the little wifely gestures that get to me, like the cooking of dinner and the way she turns around his shoes on the stoop. She grows teary-eyed as she walks away, and starts crying in earnest as she walks through the village.

She arrives at the shaman’s house just as Bang-wool is primping in the mirror, and the timing has Bang-wool grumping—because all the fussing in the world can’t compete with Arang’s beauty. Aw, but one solid bit of flattery is enough to revive her spirits.

Arang hands her a letter, asking her to convey it to Eun-oh. Ack! I knew it. Arang says she was a big bother to Bang-wool and tells her to be well. There’s no hiding the goodbye intentions, and Bang-wool hurries to Eun-oh right away, handing him the letter.

Eun-oh reads, understanding what she’s gone off to do. As he races out of the yard, Arang narrates her letter:

Arang: “Someone once said, I dreamt of a butterfly one afternoon and when I awoke, I did not know whether I was the butterfly or the butterfly was me. While I’ve known you, I felt that. Was I a ghost who’d become a human for a brief moment? Or a human turned ghost? It was enough to make me forget, and time flowed by like a dream. I felt happy spirits happily, and sad spirits sadly—living as a human was quite moving. Thank you for holding me dear. Thank you for allowing me to live with that dear heart. Just as the cold wind wipes away the spot where the moon grows dark, the place where I was will also disappear. But I won’t ask you to forget me. Please remember the name Arang. Magistrate, I love you.”

I love the shift from “I loved you” (i.e., I used to be here) to the present tense, to claim her love as enduring and without end. *Tear*

Arang arrives outside the cave… where Joo-wal awaits. Ah, so she wrote him the other letter, telling him of her intentions. He asks if she really means to do this, and she nods.

He blocks her advance, however, fighting his tears to say that she’s quite cruel, that she gives no consideration to what he feels. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t deserve that consideration, but his pain is palpable and he’s trying to urge her against this crazy idea, so I’m cutting him a little slack here. Arang tells him it’s not about that, but offers to go the rest of the way alone.

Joo-wal pulls her back, telling her not to go. The move sends her whirling back against his chest, and the motion recalls Seo-rim’s last moments—only this time, it’s Joo-wal who remembers. He flashes back to Seo-rim darting in front to take the dagger, and how she fell at his feet with her last words calling to him.

Arang pulls away and hurries to the cave. Joo-wal stands there stunned speechless, finally putting together that Arang is Seo-rim.

Mu-yeon smiles to sense her visitor. Arang heads inside the dark wearing a grimly determined face. And nearby, Eun-oh runs madly up the mountainside.


Oh man, did I love Lee Jun-ki today. I’ve been enjoying him all series long but he had a lot to work with today, running the gamut of emotions in one concise story arc that I also really appreciated (the conciseness, I mean). When they introduced the treason accusation at the end of last episode I was afraid this would be the conflict to take us through the final stretch of the show, like so many sageuks do at some point or other. Instead, they let Lord Choi sneer and smirk for a while, seemingly back our hero up against a rock, and then resolved it before the story had any time to lag.

Perhaps for a different kind of sageuk (say, one more politically inclined, or set at court) this kind of resolution is laughably simple, but it felt just right for this drama, which isn’t about those things. It’s more about how these machinations mean for our hero and how our good guys can best him and turn their attentions to more important matters. Namely, that whole heaven-hell dilemma and the twisted ethereal monster on the loose trying to upset the order of the universe. You know, that little thing.

This plot turn also gave me one of my favorite emotional moments from Eun-oh, after his father read the king’s order. It was such a small beat—a wordless moment that played out almost entirely as a fleeting facial expression—that I’m surprised how strongly it affected me. The primary emotion isn’t elation or amazement, as it is for everybody else, but this overwhelmed and overwhelming well of pathos. Like he can’t believe this show of support, the hand of solidarity, being extended to him.

I wonder if it’s a double-edged moment for him, as sharp and keen as it is comforting, because it’s this validation that he wasn’t expecting, that perhaps he’d believed was never his due because he’d been forsaken. It’s that curious in-between state of being an illegitimate son, particularly the higher up in status you go; there the rift is especially vast between the life (and honor, and respect) your bloodline commands, but from which you are not allowed to partake. Eun-oh has a kind father so his struggle isn’t, say, quite at the level of Hong Gil-dong (who famously “cannot call his father his father, or his brother his brother”), but we’ve seen that insecurity manifest itself at various points throughout. And thus we can presume Eun-oh became that cold, indifferent man to shield himself from the world’s rejection. To have the king not only back him up but praise him for his progressive ways… well, it explains the fullness of feeling in that moment.

I find it intriguing that Arang’s decision to give herself up is such a close echo of Mu-yeon’s own origin story—it’s her way of claiming a bit of agency in a situation that robs her of control. The winds (and whims) of Fate have seemingly shoved these two in an untenable situation, of giving them all the provisions to feel and cultivate love, but no way to actually act it out. Neither has been born into a situation where that love can be realized in a “normal” way, without breaking the laws of life and afterlife, or twisting the natural order of everything. And any way you shake it, the gods are telling them that you don’t get to keep this—it’s precious and dear and you can take a nice long look, but don’t you dare want it!—and moreover, that it’s not even right for them to want it.

So they do what they can to cling to whatever scrap they can, to resist the limitations of their supernatural Catch-22. What they end up with may not be anywhere near as close to the real thing they desperately want, but in the absence of anything better they’ll take it. So while I don’t love the shades of noble idiocy in her sacrifice, I bear with it because I do like how it rings true in this world, and how it connects these two opponents in a really fundamental way.

Of course, Arang and Mu-yeon are worlds apart, and Arang has additional reasons driving the decision; since giving herself up is the only way to have a shot at defeating Mu-yeon, I’m sure she’s comforting herself with the thought that at least this way, they’ll remember each other. Not that I find hers a selfish desire in the first place. All series long, she has faced this existential struggle to claim herself on her terms—to know she mattered. Her love of Eun-oh is just part and parcel of that. Here, the difference between Heroine and Evil Being makes itself clear: one lets her love pervert her very nature, and the other holds fast to it as a way of remaining true to herself.


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  1. Dominique

    With that, this drama enters its final stretch and what does it do? It sends Miss Arang straight to the fast-food corner of the Korean drama world, where she will join the likes of Gang Ma Roo (of Nice Guy).

    Our Arang, level-headed up until now, is going to make the classic sacrifice – totally unasked and without consultation with Saddo, who is her partner in the adventure. Poor Saddo, who has his own life at stake in the adventure and who will have to clean up any mess Arang thus foists upon him unilaterally! But then, the slow and dumb Saddo is not exactly Choi Young (of Faith) to save Arang from herself. Kim Eun Ho needs at least one full episode to process any new information or development, by which time, events will of course have overtaken him.

    And heaven forbid if these heroes and heroines make their sacrifice without expecting anything in return. The raison d’être of Nice Guy is the ungrateful Jae Hee, who, despite the unspoken rule, dared not to reward Gang Ma Roo for his gratuitous sacrifice, thereby failing to live up to her side of the bargain, which I must point out she never asked for or consented to. But she did accept the fruits of it, and that is why, according to the Korean logic, Gang Ma Roo gets a 16-episode revenge drama.

    I recognize the drill as something pre-programmed in the DNA of Korean dramas. But I also suspect that this is a form of psychosis unique to Korea. Does psychology have a name for it?

    Too bad. I so did not want to over-think or over-analyze this drama. I so wanted it to be nothing but unvarnished fun and light entertainment all the way to the finish line …

    • 1.1 kilmenyanne

      Love this.

    • 1.2 ilikehim

      I’ve seen it repeatedly, why are ppl referring Eun-oh as saddo/satto?

      • 1.2.1 pogo

        because that’s his title, and what Arang calls him (‘satto’ = Korean for magistrate)

      • 1.2.2 satsuki

        It’s korean for magistrate

      • 1.2.3 Kim Yoonmi

        ㅅ- s
        ㅏ- a (ah)
        ㄸ- dd (or t, depending on the romanization)
        ㅗ- o (oh)

        Title for Magistrate.

        BTW, the double d is not broken like “lad•der” nor is it completely sounds like a t… somewhere between double stressed d and a t. (dh in Hindi is pretty close, for those who know some linguistics.)

        • pogo

          I do speak Hindi, and I think the sound when Arang says ‘Sato’ isn’t anything like a ‘dh’, it’s closer to a flat ‘th’, and probably closest to the ‘th’ sound in Tamil, if anything – the H isn’t pronounced/aspirated, if that makes sense.

          The closest I can find in Western languages is like the way the T in ‘también’ is pronounced in Spanish – double stress that and you’d have something fairly close to the sound in Korean.

    • 1.3 pepperandice

      maybe stretch that further to asian psychosis? considering its massive and still majority audience in the region

    • 1.4 pepperandice

      or maybe not psychosis, maybe its just bad writing/bad directing/bad environment(in the sense that the popularity of this sort of plot idea makes it rare and difficult to produce anything out of it with proper support) overall that makes much more nuancedly ‘disagreeable’ dramas like house, dexter, or even comedies like arrested development(i know i know totally different genre but i just had to throw it in there, WATCH IT, it will change you lol!) where oftentimes audiences are forced to deal with characters that are neither hero nor villain no matter the setup and are certainly not predictable by any sort of dramaland precursor ‘it must be so therefore it is’ nonsense in alot of asian dramas (have to add that i am a long time asian drama addict, i love it for what it is even with its faults and have grown with it, abandoning the more immature fare even as i can see how and why they would still attract younger audiences cos i certainly loved plenty of pure crap in my time haha, its a wonderful fantastical balance to american/british dramas but i honestly cant imagine growing up not knowing english/other non asian language well enough to be exposed to television like the ones i listed above and many many more, i dont think i could reconcile my exposure to tv series being just that of asiandramastylefare, literally feel nauseous just thinking about it)

      • 1.4.1 waiwai

        Yup, Typical K- Drama …The Lead Actor & Actress sacrifice each other without hoping anything in return. I don’t think it’s related to Psychosis or Mental Break Down or what ever. It’s the way to PULL viewers emotions. ( esp. Women) … to PULL ( increase) the Rating … of the drama. Though it sucks …but Women Love it !!! Some viewers Love it !!! We have to admit …sometimes we love it too ^^ . Haha.
        Btw I love this drama ( Arang & The M ) , though I don’t like Arang character.

      • 1.4.2 Mar

        Wow. Clearly there is some lack of understanding of Asian philosophy and religion and well, history, that shapes Korean or other Asian cultures and therefore it’s drama and movie tropes. I recommend reading a little, it does wonders in developing understanding of influences on culture, and developing respect and acceptance for other cultures. Just for starters I recommend books on Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, something like The Sourcebook for Chinese Philosophy, and specifically for Korea, maybe check out the basics of Thomas Hobbes (yes, Hobbes, really), a good comprehensive History of Korea, Christian missionary influences, and then history books that turn their lens on the time frame of WW1 to well, the present.

        We all have our issues with shows. We all have our opinions and likes and dislikes. Constructive crit or analysis or even pointing out the silly or mistakes in a drama that you are following is cool. But attacking a culture, not so much with the cool, not at all.

        Stepping off the soap box.

        Just postscript on this thread, no one does revenge plots better than Korea. They own it. Old Boy and I Saw the Devil. Revenge. Owned. Just sayin’.

        • pogo

          Constructive crit or analysis or even pointing out the silly or mistakes in a drama that you are following is cool. But attacking a culture, not so much with the cool, not at all.


    • 1.5 hawaiianseoul


    • 1.6 Anastassia

      I beg to disagree.

      I dont think it will settle as simple as that. Arang has something on her sleeve I believe.

    • 1.7 Sonia

      wow. What nonsensical sweeping generalization. You may not have noticed it, but guess what? revenge plots are not unique to Korean dramas. American television has it aplently and I am quite confident other countries and cultures do too.

      Besides, Nice Guy as it stand right now is not even a revenge drama. Sure it may go there in the future, but as it stands right now, its more about an obsessive lover trying to hold onto some semblance of respect and love for his lifelong flame. Now, even if the drama enters a revenge plot, I don’t think the reason will be Jae Hee sending Maru to prison in her stead. And while I’m at it, I don’t even think Maru is expecting anything from Jae Hee for having gone to prison for her, but the least she could do was not hurt and betray him time and again.

      Oh and yea let me break it to you, there are korean/asians dramas out there that are not revenge, makjang or noble idiocy riddled. And I am sure Korean/ asians cringe as much when non-sense makjang is introduced (although sometimes when done correctly, it can be fun) to a plot just to get it moving. Such instances are by no means indicative of what the people enjoy, but just plain old lazy writing.

      I was nodding along until your second para, but third para on you crossed the line.

      • 1.7.1 adette


        I was searching for a ‘like’ button and then realized that this isn’t facebook… (and then I’m kind of disgusted with myself for having spent that much time on facebook in the last few days when I should be studying for midterms… :I)

    • 1.8 eternalfive

      “But I also suspect that this is a form of psychosis unique to Korea. Does psychology have a name for it?”

      …You CANNOT be serious.

      • 1.8.1 jay-z

        damn straight.

      • 1.8.2 Fab

        Like WHAT?! People have got to look beyond their surroundings.

        For her/his information Nice Guy will have 20 marvellous and revengeful episodes. Take that!

    • 1.9 adette

      While I agree that its a over-used plot device in kdramas, I think your argument is kind of weak. I don’t ask my parents for anything. But if they give me gas money, which allows me to say, visit a friend I haven’t seen in awhile on her birthday (me reaping the benefits of a gift I never asked for), of course I’m going to be thankful to my parents for giving me that money. Hell, I’m going to be grateful even if it isn’t my friend’s birthday, and I don’t have anywhere to go. Even if their gift isn’t necessarily helping me in any way, I’m not going to be ungrateful. Just because one person doesn’t ask for something doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be grateful if they receive it, or at the very least, if they’re going to be ungrateful, they shouldn’t also take advantage of the other person’s generosity.

      We don’t get a 16-episode revenge drama for Kang Maru because he sacrificed himself for his girlfriend and she went with it. We get a 16-episode revenge drama because after the fact, she more or less spit in his face by reaping the benefits of what he did for her and then treating him like trash when he’s trying to help in the first episode, and then in the next episode insults him by “repaying her debt to him” with money, and then actively fucks with his life when she lies to the police about him threatening her to save herself. But it’s an easy conflict to write into a story, because it’s so common in real life. Honestly, most people do expect at least a word of thanks when they do something for someone else.

      I agree that Arang’s choice in this context is pretty silly for her character, which has until now constantly been intelligent and, to borrow your wording, level-headed. The end just doesn’t justify the means… they get to keep their memories of their love, and Eun-oh gets his mother back. Okay, but that’s kind of selfish… because the conflict with Mu-yeon’s existence is bigger than Eun-oh missing his mother… it involves the entire drama’s universe, basically. If it was as simple as Eun-oh getting his mommy back, it wouldn’t be a matter of concern for the gods. By making this choice, Arang and Eun-oh get to remember each other, sure, but then she’s also perpetuating (and strengthening) a force of evil.

      That said, the two cases you present aren’t quite analogous. Kang Maru’s initial sacrifice was pretty selfless. Maybe he expected Jaehee to wait for him, to remain faithful to him, etc, which obviously wasn’t the case… but he certainly had nothing to gain from his sacrifice, whereas Arang’s sacrifice does have some benefit for her. It’s the only way she can think of to remain on earth, and retain her memory of Eun-oh, and have him retain his memory of her. There’s a big difference in this kind of conflict where the character sacrificing him/herself has nothing to gain versus everything to gain.

      Also, comparing Choi Young to Kim Eun-oh… kind of a weird comparison to make, in my opinion. Young is a soldier, and head of the Woodalchi. It’s his job to be able to protect others with his life. A magistrate should also protect his people, but protecting others’ livelihood with one’s authority isn’t the same as protecting others’ lives with one’s own. So it makes sense that they protect their loved ones in different ways, and sometimes at different speeds. But to call Eun-oh dumb and slow kind of discounts the intelligence he has displayed thus far in putting pieces of this puzzle together on his own. Not to mention that Arang didn’t tell him upfront that she was sacrificing himself, but lulled him into a false sense of security and then left while he was asleep. He didn’t react to the situation any slower than Young does when he finds out that Eun-soo is trying to sacrifice herself (poison, fake-aligning herself with the other side, etc etc etc) to help him.

      Look, you’ve made me over-analyze all this stuff tooo ): Why can’t we just shut our brains off and enjoy things ;~; lol.

      • 1.9.1 ms.auggie

        Didn’t BW said that if Arang vanished, or go to hell, her existence in the world will be forgotten?so no memory on her side as well as EO. And if iam not mistaken, her deal with Jade Emperror/Hades is that if she doent find the truth about her death she will vanish from the world (or has she won it because she remembered it already). If its true, that means Arang’s nobel idiocy were drived only with love. She will die anyway by the end of the month, so might as well give her body to MY so that EO can have his momy back. While her self, since she won the bet, she knew how she died, then she has no regret. She’s dead at first place anyway.

        • waiwai

          Agree ~~~ understand & can buy your idea… she has no regret …but at least she should think the impact if Mo Yeon possessed her body & become Eternal… at least she should discussed with EO ( & Moo Yong if possible) …what is the best way to defeat Mo Yeon.

          • earthna

            But her body dies after the full moon. Muyeon doesnt know that Arangha an expiry date. If she possesses her, she’ll eventually die in time and drags Muyeon with her.

        • zhill

          exactly! she will die anyway in a few days, so why not push her luck a few inches more to save her man. But I don’t think it’s a suicide mission on her part though. She must have a plan based on what ghost-grandma told her about the right timing on stabbing MY. I just hope Mom’s hairpin will play a big role on that and hopefully she has the Jade Emperor’s knife … ACK! scary thoughts of mine lol!

      • 1.9.2 waiwai

        Yup, Typical K- Drama …The Lead Actor & Actress used to sacrifice each other without hoping anything in return. I don’t think it’s related to Psychosis or Mental Break Down or what ever. It’s the way to PULL viewers emotions. ( esp. Women) … to PULL ( increase) the Rating … of the drama. Though it sucks …but Women Love it !!! Some viewers Love it !!! We have to admit …sometimes we love it too ^^ . Haha.
        Btw I love this drama ( Arang & The M ) , though I don’t like Arang character. I love this Unique Drama more than Nice Guy or Faith. Marang ( Arang & The M) is well written drama. And LJG is such a Great Actor. Just watching him … really delightful… amusing.

      • 1.9.3 Mikunda

        I think Arang is pretty smart. She understands that her function is to do what she is supposed to do to recover the balance in this universe. She knows that her body will expire She is aware of all the bets. She is doing exactly what the Jade emperor asked her to do. And she is padding it with the hope that Euhno will not forget her.

        I think what she is doing is pretty level-headed. I think she did it because Euhno would never let her do it, no matter what.

        So in this case it is NOT the typical Korean drama, it is actually very logical and clear.

        What is not clear is why the evil fairy couldn’t jump into another body in the interim – like a man’s body? This point is quite weak. Maybe I am missing somehting though.

        • ravens_nest

          Moo Yeon has to have permission to possess people. She doesn’t jump into someone else’s body because she has to groom someone desperate enough to give up that level of control. And you’d have to be really desperate to give up your body for possession.

          Also she doesn’t have a lot of time since she’s growing weaker after missing her meal last leap month (the next one isn’t for three more years) and with the Jade Emperor and Yeomra are hot on her trail, she needs a new body ASAP. Not only is Arang immortal but Moo Yeon has been working on Arang’s permission for a couple months already.

          As for the original poster, a lot of what was written was kind of offensive and not relevant anyway. (Why was Choi Young even mentioned? He makes bullheaded he-man decisions too.)

          Self Sacrifice doesn’t rank as Noble Idiocy to me if the fate of the universe and the balance of Life and Death is at stake as well as your love. She walked out of there knowing her time was up and her deadline was near. Knowing than the Jade Emperor was planning something more for her than just discovering her murderer and I think she believes it’s this sacrifice that will ring the Heavenly Bell. She is killing two birds with one stone here: completely her heavenly mission and helping the Sato at the same time. It is not even close to the same as other KDrama Noble Idiocy plots.

          PS. She most definitely talked about this with the Sato and he shut her down because he’s emotionally compromised and doesn’t like the idea of losing her. Moo Yeong, Arang, Yeomra, and the Jade Emperor understand Arang’s immortal body was created for the express purpose of luring Moo Yeon in. Sato knows too and even more he knows that this is the only way to stop Moo Yeon because he talked about it with Moo Yeong.

          PPS. Things would have gone better if Sato had sat down with Moo Yeong and Arang (maybe Dol Swe and the Shaman too) and worked out a plan to stop Moo Yeon with teamwork. Instead he shut everyone down because only his way matters cuz love and sunshine or whatever. And it’s only ok when the hero is rebellious and brash but if it’s Arang she’s stupid.

          PPPS. Why does everyone conveniently forget that Arang’s immortal body is finite and her time on Earth is up in like a few days?

          • earthna

            Thank you for your post. All my feels in one post.

          • chinita

            Thank you for this post. It expressed my thoughts exactly.

          • Nina Lima

            So good when sense and reason speak! Thank you.

          • JoAnne

            great job bring out all the salient points!

    • 1.10 jay-z

      there are so many things wrong with this i cannot even.

    • 1.11 Lolita

      Okay, I know it’s quite cliche for kdramas for heros and heroines sacrificing themselves for their loved ones…but what’s so wrongfully wrong with that? It is a love story, so you’ll obviously see tons of selfless sacrifices.

      It doesn’t mean they’re dumb. It happens in real life too, but also in different ways depending on the situation.

      (Or if you want to, you can just watch western dramas if you’re quite fed up with these kind of love story dramas.)

      The drama Arang wants to point out that love is the strongest and also the weakest weapons of humans.

      What I also like about this show is that it also depicts not just a love story but social problems, how everyone should be treated equal regardless of their social ranks, and how good governance should be.

      I am satisfied that it’s not just a feel-good light drama that I expected, but much more meaty than that.

      Aand, for Nice Guy, the story’s progress now is not about revenge.

      And please don’t compare Eun Oh with Choi Young because they’re totally different in character as heros, just saying.

    • 1.12 Kim Yoonmi

      It’s kind of a different cultural mindset.
      The west works more on logic this, logic that, exchange for money….

      …and to YOU that may seem logical, but to a Korean mind, that’s so cold, how could you be so heartless?

      In Korea, often a relationship is built up on the basis of favors (without counting.) You do not pay for a favor, that’s insulting. When a favor is given, often one is expected in return. The favor may not be voiced as much, but the exchange is there.

      The trouble the favor causes isn’t the issue, it’s the inability to at least return one favor back that’s the issue.

      In cultural anthropology, this is basic reciprocity, which you can see at gift giving time.

      Two friends decide to exchange gifts for their birthdays.

      The first one knows that their friend has been dying for an X-box, so gives it to Friend B for their birthday

      Friend B knows that Friend A does not play baseball gets a baseball bat and a glove, but gets it anyway.

      This happened with me and a person when I went to Korea. She asked me to bring her suitcase to the airport (since she’d left it behind.) In exchange, I got to stay at her place and she helped to orient me in Seoul. The favor wasn’t asked in either case, but it was indicated. She was doing a favor for a mutual friend, and I was doing a favor for her, so the exchange happened.

      When my parents found out, my mom insisted we should give her money, which made her really, really uncomfortable, though I’d warned my Mom time and again that it was really rude to do so. A favor shouldn’t be bought with money. This was the same when we went to Hong Kong, I’d done a favor for a friend, so we met up and she took me out to a noodle restaurant. My Dad insisted on paying, but she quietly told him it was for a favor I’d done for her, and she’d promised. He didn’t get it… the cultural wall was there.

      This is the same kind of thing in China, so I suspect some of it is Confucianism.

      So what you’re missing are subtle cultural cues. A favor was asked, one was indicated, it should be paid back if you want the relationship to continue.

      Now, on the Noble Idiocy side, not all favors are Noble Idiocy. That’s mostly a Korean occupation IN FICTION.

      And you shouldn’t label an entire culture off of its fiction. That’s like saying a masseuse, a cook, and a struggling actress could live a huge New York City apartment because you saw it on Friends. (repeated with Seinfeld, Death of a Salesman, Sex in the City… and many other shows) Just pointing that out..

      Hope that helps…

      • 1.12.1 Sabah

        Sincerest thanks. I am a better person for having read your post. Actually, I always try to read your posts, you have so much cultural insight spanning seemingly many cultures as well as being very grounded. Once again, thank you.

    • 1.13 Shoutaro

      Arang’s doing the sacrifice because she’ll die in a few days anyway, and it’s the only way that they know to defeat Mu Yeon. She’s the bait ever since Jade Emperor let her became human so it is understandable in her part to sacrifice herself.

      Also, she doesn’t want to consult Eun Oh because he’ll obviously stop her, duh.

      It’s kind of selfish for her if her wish is to be remembered by Eun Oh, but it’s natural for a human to desire that. And she’s sacrificing herself not just because of this desire.

      • 1.13.1 opheliadrowning

        I don’t know if I would call her act of wanting him to remember her as selfish. Remember what Bang Wool said: that leaving him with memories, even if it hurts him to lose her, is what gives him strength. For him to know love and be loved is Arang’s gift to him. He has changed because of her, so if he forgets her, than does he become the old
        Eunoh again?

        • JoAnne

          great point

    • 1.14 Kayleigh

      I can understand your frustration with the repeated use of familiar plot development in certain K-dramas.
      However Unless you are a social anthropologist who has spent years studying South Korean culture, might I suggest you avoid making sweeping assumption of an entire people or culture based on popular television shows?

      Whilst they can offer a certain degree of cultural insight, I don’t think fiction should be seen as reflective of a national behaviour. If that was the case, I think there’d be A LOT more concern about the popularity of crime thriller novels – especially among women…

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        Lee Jun Ki, please pick a romantic comedy next time. We want to see you in a prettend-happy relationship with a beautiful lady:)

        • zhill

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          • pogo

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          • Kiara

            Shin Min Ah is gorgeous. She complements him and he does the same for her.

          • marah

            Shin Min Ah is gorgeous when she is herself. As Arang,…. not so.

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    I can’t wait to find out how their story would come to an end. I still can’t imagine how they would work through it to have a happy ending.

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    . i haven’t heard “don’t contradict me” since i was at a family dinner at 9yo (’85) when i, in my idiotic need to have all tales be truthful, argued that my mom’s version of the story was not correct. for the record, it wasn’t, but that is beside the point. i look forward to reading the rest of your recap now that i have this off my chest.

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    • 8.1 opheliadrowning

      Well, it’s possible that he thought this last meal was her doing this because her time is almost out, not that she is going to sacrifice herself.

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    You pretty much summed up all mu thoughts in the comments, which i why I love reading these to get both of your inputs on the state of affairs.

    My frustrated understainding of Arang is what stuck with me this episode. And that essential question, how the hell are they going to get Mu yeon if she’s in Arang’s body? Or does she only plan on making sure she leaves Mom’s body so Eun-oh and her are saved? Just, ugh either way. RUN EUN-OH, RUN!

    • 13.1 pogo

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      If he is a girl… I will fall for him.
      He is HOMME FATALE . Either dress as a Man or as a Woman … JK Hyung is “Stunning”. I know It sound weird … but he has his Feminine side . His pointed chin …looks more feminine than SMA or any girls. But when he dressed as Magistrate he looks so Manly.

      Check his pic on my friend’s FB wall :



      What do U think ??? He is indeed a HOMME FATALE …

      • 15.1.1 pogo

        I think he was certainly prettier than any actress he ever worked with (in that very androgynous, manhwa-hero way) BEFORE he went off to military service which is what I see in those pics…

        but after he came back he looks much more like a really hot MAN in AatM, he’s still pretty but the manliness makes him more appealing to me in a different way that actually complements SMA’s beauty – I actually feel ‘yeah, they look good together’ instead of ‘no, she’s not as good-looking as him!’

        (and I would definitely be attracted to him too no matter what his gender was, but that’s not even what I was talking about in my comment, only that I like to watch Arang and Sato together)

        • Albert

          Haha…I see. Uhm…he is more manly after MS but still in some of his new pics …he looks pretty. Well, that’s the way he is…. Btw, They do looks good together . I heard Junki is dating ex Miss korea… she is pretty & tall. Probably be4 MS . But later on JK said he is too busy to date any one. He works 24 hrs a day for about 5 months …recently LJK & Kim Soon A … mentioned …the working time in korea is too cruel & should be changed and the labour dept noticed… maybe there will be some changes soon ( Hopefully !!! ).
          As U can see he looks worn – out in AATM. In interview …he said he start to grow wrinkles in his eyes but he will not do anything …he more concerns about his acting . JUnki is very commited actor… he never used double stunt … even wires. He is good in Taekwando ( band 3 ) , Hapkido & Taekkyon ( Korean Martial Arts). He learned Muay Thai too when shooting in Thailand ( Time btwn Wolf & Dog).

          • pogo

            He may have wrinkles now, but he’s improved so much as an actor since military service – he was good before, but no matter how much I loved him, a younger LJK couldn’t have carried a role like Sato the way he does now – I think he’s much more intense now while also keeping his playful side, and that has come with age, even if he’s overworked now and badly needs a holiday/several weeks of sleep.

            And I don’t hold it against actors who can’t do all their stunts, but special respect to LJK who can. Pretty sure there were wires used in that first fight scene in Episode 3 with the ghosts, though – it’s quite obvious, and it’s a good thing they stopped using wirework for fights after that, LJK’s own natural ability is enough to make a fight scene look good.

            And no matter what we say, AATM is a great comeback for LJK (and a great return to drama for SMA), I’m so glad that this is the drama he chose to make his return from MS with.

            (and he was dating a former Miss Korea? I will bet money that he was prettier than her too, haha – he’s prettier than 99% of the world’s population!)

        • Albert

          Well, that’s why I adore him so much … he looks androgynous… but he still a very Manly Man . Very Feminine yet very Masculine. Unlike other actors…they not only used double stunt , wires…. even riding a horse …they use stunt ( bec the don’t look cool ). But when junki riding a horse he looks really COOL !!! . He is a PRO… so I disagree …if some body compares him with some “not so -committed” actors ( the use stunt ). They more concerns of their pretty face .

    • 15.2 albert

      And believe me… I’m not the only one . Some other friends ( a woman & a man) felt the same way. Some ppl just to ashamed to admit that they attracted to him as male & as female. Hahaha . If I don’t know his sexes … I’ll start questioning my gender tendency ( preference) .

      Do U know LJK is a spoke person for KOTEX PANTY LINER … he did the Ads too….

      The creative director said ….they choose him because they think he is more pretty than any girls…

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  18. 18 Toystar

    Ok ep 18 made me cry so I expect 19-20 will bring more tears. Thanx JB for the assessment of evil fairy vs Arang.

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      • 20.1.1 satsuki

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        • pogo

          I know, even EO’s dad tells him he looks haggard after spending time in jail! (at least they have the built-in excuse in the script, keke)

          and it’s good that whoever was in charge of the lighting/cinematography went all-out on that last scene of Arang looking back at her home and her world – Shin Min-ah looks so beautiful there.

          I know that live shoots have meant that they can’t shoot and light the actors as carefully as they did in the early episodes, but I’m glad that at least that final scene made what it should have, of her face.

  21. 21 ricky

    One of my favorite descriptions of eun oh is “fearless to a fault” (according to arang’s words translated, at least). Even when his back is to the wall and they are judging him for being a traitor, he never backs down. That’s why his character is admirable.

    • 21.1 Mikunda

      All of his characters are like that:). I think he is drawn to this particular type (sans the clown one)

      • 21.1.1 Lily

        This can’t be called particular type. All of his roles are smart in different ways. As Lee Joon-gi can choose many admirable characters, he’s also a very talented actor indeed~*

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    Sigh. I cannot understand why Korean dramas always like to make heroes/heroines GO ON FOOT when they could take a faster way of transportation.

    That said, I absolutely adore this drama. The technical shortcomings can definitely take a backseat when the plot is tightly written with careful considerations. And Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min Ah really shine in their respective roles.


    • 28.1 Bakachild

      can’t horses not run on hills like the one to mom’s cave? He couldve taken the horse for part of the ride but he’d have to run the duration of it, through the forest and up hills.

  29. 29 Kate

    I knew she was going to take the whole noble idiocy route, but at least it’s not as annoying as the way they do it in other dramas.
    And as hard as it is for me right now to logically think of a good ending for these two, I am still convinced that we will be getting fluff and a happily ever after at the end. I have too much faith in these writers’ good storytelling skills to believe they would actually opt for a tragic end to this show. Despite some tragic occurrences, I still think this show has more of a happy feel than a gloomy, typical k-drama tragedy feel.
    *crossing my fingers*

    • 29.1 Anastassia

      I dont think it is as easy as noble idocy. She has something on her sleeve. She will follow Boong way 9 granny suggestion. She wouldnt easy to give herself.

      • 29.1.1 Kiara

        I’m not surprise if this was Jade’s plan all along. I think Arang is doing exactly what she was sent here to do. Immortal body that doesn’t die, its the perfect bait for Mu Yeon. She is not thinking that its too good to be true and she will fall right into Jade’s trap.

        • Jellybeaniebaby

          I agree. MY doesn’t know Arang’s body will expire. She doesn’t sense that it will.

          MY will give up mom’s body and spirit in exchange for Arang, so mom gets saved (and maybe reinstated by the king? so she can be with dad?)

          I think that it is possible that Arang will get to know MY’s thoughts and learn the truth, or

          I also think that JW is ready to spill the beans and switch sides.

          One more thing… is MY vulnerable when switching bodies?

          • Kiara

            I’m quoting Girlfriday’s previous recap in answer to your question.

            Granny “…it’s not certain, but she’s heard that with two souls fighting in a body, if they put what the first soul (Mom) values the most inside the body, it’s bad for the second soul (Mu-yeon).”

            If they use that precise moment to stab the demon with the Jade Emperor’s knife, then perhaps… But she quickly adds that not just anyone can do the stabbing.

        • belleza

          No doubt — Jade planned to use Arang’s “Immortality Cloak” as bait to draw out the witch. I actually wonder whether Jade fated Lee Seo Rim’s death, given that Arang was so conveniently let go from the get-go. What are the chances that she would carry the hair pin that would be like a homing beacon for the Magistrate?

          Jade is “good” but his divine sensibility makes him inherently inhuman.

          (Ironic note: Yoo Seung Ho’s characters often seems to be playing god with people’s lives for a high/not-so-high purpose. Whether it’s anti-hero Yeo Woon in WBDS, Chunchu in QSD, or heck Baek Ho in Operation Proposal.)

          • Kiara

            Fated yes. I bet he hid her body at the waterfall all these years and her meeting with Eun-oh was all part of the plan too.
            Hades is more of a straight shooter but Jade, I dont know whether I like him or not. If this whole operation fail, I’m going to blame him for it.

            I watched all YSH drama that you mentioned except for Operation Proposal. I never thought about his characters that way so thanks for sharing.

  30. 30 Stardust

    Well I kind of expected this to happen all along, because the events all lead up to the point where Eun Oh will sacrifice himself for Arang ( admitting his trumped up charges) and she loves him so she will do anything for me also. But I am hoping for some sort of reversal, because ol’Jade is definitely hiding something else in his sleeves…

    Only 2 more eps left, it feels like yesterday when I just started the drama… And whilst I have stopped watching Faith save for reading the recaps, I have watched this diligently hehehe

    Its funny to me that the Hyung Bang who was the bloodthirsty one who wanted to kill Sato, ends up being the one to want to save him when he is being set up. Great character development heheh

    Thanks so much for recap as always javabeans!

  31. 31 Sailorenigma

    Thank you Javabeans for the recap!!! We really REALLY appreciate it!!<3

  32. 32 Redge

    Maybe in the process of soul exchange, when Moo Yeon’s spirit is out that’s when Moo Young appears and strikes her? I hope so. I never really thought of Arang being possessed (since we only have 2 episodes). It’s the process I’m looking at, like what Granny said when MY’s spirit is weak. I’m also waiting for the Chekhov’s gun mother’s hair pin to make an appearance.

    I think we’ll get a happy ending with our OTP because there’s a reason why they’d show us the tragedy of MY and MY. To show us a happier end to two people who truly love each other and are selfless (compared to Moo Yeon who’s love made her selfish and well, destroyed her). Jade Emperor, don’t let us down!

    • 32.1 Redge


    • 32.2 LyArisa

      I hope to get a happy ending too for our OTP.. Just like @satsuki I want to see a straight forward happy ending for this drama (like the happy ending in SeGa, where they have a happy family & still love each other a lot)…

      It seems like our real life JE for this drama is the Writer-Nim.. Meanwhile the real life Yeom Ra is PD-nim..

      Please~~ Chaebal JE Writer-Nim & Yeom Ra PD-Nim~~ Have some mercy for us.. we just want to see a satisfying happy ending between uri OTP..

      I hope they consider the netizens and AATM fans comments on this matter.. Don’t kill my love towards this drama for a heartbreaking or open-ended kind of ending…

      • 32.2.1 earthna

        Hahahaha. Yes! I agree that Jade is writer nim!

      • 32.2.2 Redge

        I know. Eun Oh and Arang are suffering terribly to save humanity, the least they could do is have them end up together and be happy! If I were them and get no such reward, I would feel so wronged.

      • 32.2.3 KinaraLALA

        YESS totally agree!! i love to see happy ending story just like how Secret Garden end. Please don’t give us JUST 5 minutes happy ending, maybe i’m so greedy but the couples are too cute and sweet. Please Writer-Nim and PD-Nim ^^

    • 32.3 dramabliss

      In an earlier episode, JE explained to Hades (or was it Hades explaining to Mo Young?) that the reason why he (MY) couldn’t kill Moo Yeon with the dagger was because she was inside a human’s body. I suspect that the moment Moo Yeon frees Eun Ho’s mom and enters Arang’s body, Mo Young would appear and stab her and kill her, Arang being non-human technically. Thus we get rid of the Evil One, free the mom and Arang is, ya’know, still Arang.

      However, she is still on schedule to go to heaven, having learned the truth about her death. So I don’t have any guesses how the “happily ever after” for our OTP will play out. But JB, am not contradicting you. Bring on the happy ending, Show!

      • 32.3.1 Kiara

        It was Hades, in eps 15 :). We do have the same thoughts and hope.

  33. 33 Ajanne

    …im just bothered that if it in case it just did happen that Mu yeon will get Arang’s body., it will mean that Eun oh will get to see Arang but with a devil soul… You know, that’s tragedy., but I believe it won’t happen. hee

  34. 34 onandoff

    Had a bad feeling that this will not end well.,. I think Sato will live, but Arang won’t. She will be reincarnated as a butterfly in garden or park thingy that they went on previous episode.,. Please be good.,. 🙁 tsk

    • 34.1 satsuki

      I’ve been dreading that kind of ending since that flower field scene ;(
      Lately, so many dramas end with a bittersweet ending (supposedly a nod to realism) or with open-ended endings (Big, RTP, I love Lee Tae Ri)…
      Once, just once, I want a straightforward happy ending…..

    • 34.2 Kate

      ohghad please no! 0____0 I imagined that to happen, too, after hearing Arang’s letter to Sato.

      No sad endings!!!

    • 34.3 h0ns

      uhm… I have this feeling that sato will also die.. remembering that the quack shaman ever said that when she con dol seo… even she is just a half shaman that time.. I have this gist that sato will die in the end.. and remembering the scene that JE told to young Eun Oh that from now on his time is borrowed. 🙁

      and the way that sato prepare dol seo.. that means dol seo will be the magistrate replacing him..

      but my heart still hope that he will stay live.. leaving miryang maybe with arang…

      2 more episode and I’m not ready to part with arang-sato.. :'(

      • 34.3.1 Jellybeaniebaby

        I’m guessing they both go and live together in heaven.

        • pogo

          and then she’s doomed to water the goat for eternity while he becomes a Reaper?!

          I’d threaten to roast the goat if the Jade Emperor offered me such a rubbish substitute for a real and human love, none of this Jedi-style ‘we are not allowed to feel desire’ business!

          • Boingboingracquet

            ‘she’s doomed to water the goat for eternity’ – LOLLLLL…

          • dhamma

            HAHAHA …Pogo are U Buddhist or Not ??? Or maybe Confucian ??? In Buddhism … we become human because we desires too many things ( Attached or cling ) . Heavenly beings … have less desires …. and the Holy One – No desires at all that’s why they will not be born again in this world. They do have love …but different kind of love…unconditional – pure love for all beings . LOve without expecting anything …in return… and it’s really pure ( No sexual desires). But heavenly beings still have desires …but less than humans. Actually many level of heavenly beings…the higher the lesser desires.Sorry, just share my opinion …doesn’t mean to hurt any one feelings. I could understand the writers ….point of view. And if all of you want to know… this kind of things ( monsters possesed human body ) is still happened in my country. Some ethnic still …. use this kind of magic to gain power, wealth , success. Well, I love this drama …bec I somewhat understand the writer… thought.

          • pogo

            dhamma, I’m not Buddhist or Confucian but I mean no offence. I wasn’t talking about actual Buddhist concepts, just what we see on the show where Heaven is shown as an imperfect place with no room for human emotions, and that Mu Yeon at least is frustrated with it.

            And because Arang and Eun-oh have a love that allowed them to rediscover their own humanity, it would be nice if they got to have that love as humans and not in heaven. I think they already have a pure and selfless love, they should get to have it on earth at least for a little while longer.

    • 34.4 pogo

      I’ve been dreading it since the shoe scene, don’t they KNOW that by kdrama convention giving shoes to a girlfriend = they run away from you?!

      • 34.4.1 h0ns

        I still hope that won’t work in here… really hope sato will catch her or whatever before she gives MuYeon her body

  35. 35 divaz_sha

    seriously..one of the best drama with such detail story plot ever.
    it not rush and well planned


  36. 36 katiamon

    How is this drama going to end???? I have no clue, maybe many hipotesis but no solid idea of how are the writers gonna handle it. I’m surprised and amazed with such a wonderful imaginary world and i know i’m gonna miss it. Thanks for the recap JB 🙂

  37. 37 AuntieMame

    So, the two old farts in the sky did all this to dwarf a demon, put the universe back in order and for:

    Arang to learn that there was somebody, i.e. nanny, who cared enough to cry for her death.

    Eun Oh to learn to care for other people with a sense of compassion, sympathy and the gumption to fight injustice.

    Jo Wal to learn that being housed, well-fed and have a family isn’t all that is life because caring for someone else is equally, if not more, important.

    As Arang would say: “Those two old men!”

    Thank you for the wonderful recap and a superb commentary.

    • 37.1 AuntieMame

      BTW, isn’t Eun-oh technically also dead. Isn’t he on borrowed time from the Jade Emperor, from when he died as a boy?

      If so, then, wouldn’t both Arang and Eun-oh be headed to heaven after they finish this escapade?

      • 37.1.1 satsuki

        Omo I’ve forgotten about that borrowed time bit! Eun-Oh still hasnt remembered his encounter with the Jade Emperor when he was a child right??
        Mmmmm I wonder how the writers are gonna weave that bit into the last 2 episodes.

        • Boingboingracquet

          Ya, apparently he has no idea he ever died….

          • emmy

            Haha.. The way you phrased it is so cute!

        • green panda

          but what is the point of going to heaven if there is no love there like MY said. Remember that is the reason she wanted to escape heaven with MY.

          • donna

            Read dhamma comments above…. i think they do have desires …but lesser than human. Moo Yeon wanted too much …maybe sexual desires.

      • 37.1.2 sparkles

        Hmm… good point 🙂

      • 37.1.3 mojaslatka

        But I also worried because this reminds me of Mu yeon and Muyong. They loved each other too when they were humans. Then they died and became heaven beings. But they were not allowed to be together. They became brother and sister. That’s why Muyeon wanted to run away from heaven because she still loves Muyong.

        Arrrgh, I wonder how this is going to work for Arang and Eun Oh.

        Can’t wait for next week.

        PS: This drama reminds me of Narnia. Also, as a Christian I see in this drama the the real story of the Great Controversy of our world, between good and evil and how love, desires and the power of free will can affect the order of our world.

        • mokimchiplz

          To your postscript: I was kind of feeling the same thing about the simultaneously physical and metaphysical drama … which is why Arang’s decision just blindsided me (provided she’s not just being sneaky). Remembering your love is one thing, but HELPING the evil one to kill MANY MORE innocent women, and enslave lots of souls? a) That seems terribly immoral, and b) how could she stand being INSIDE Mu Yeon as she was doing those horrible things? We saw how Eun Oh’s mom was aware that he was present… Is Arang just short-sighted? Arrrgh!

          • chinita

            One of the sure ways to defeat Mu Yeon is to have her inhabit Arang’s body because:

            – Mu Yeon doesn’t know Arang has an expiration date
            – Arang isn’t exactly human making it possible for Mu Young to kill Mu Yeon if she’s in Arang’s body

            So Arang is actually helping Eun Oh save his mother AND helping the Jade Emperor to get rid of Mu Yeon. Sacrificing herself is not short-sighted and selfish at all.

          • beppu10

            Uh… I’d like to correct you on some things and I hope you don’t mind: I don’t think that by way of sacrificing herself Arang is helping the evil one. Remember that she is, first of all, a bait by virtue of being immortal. And remember how that’s just what the monster fairy needs for her to stop those senseless killings just to get the souls? Ergo, with the body exchange the killings would cease and when Arang’s body expires Mu Yeon’s soul will certainly come out in the open to be killed by Mu Yeong (courtesy of JE’s dagger). Arang knows all of these on top of her desire to be remembered by Eun Oh and vice versa, so she isn’t short-sighted for that matter, just determined to carry out her mission for the sake of love and order (?). Now, what happens in between the time when Arang’s body is possessed but Mu Yeon I don’t know and we’ll have yet to see in the remaining 2 episodes IF the writer plans to take that trajectory, as there are a lot of possible scenarios that s/he may come up with. I just hope that it will tie in nicely with the already-tight plot that we have been lured into the these past 9 weeks.

  38. 38 satsuki

    Thanks for the recap JB!! Good as always. I especially loved the Arang vs MY analysis 🙂
    My other favourite bit from this recap is the sentence “Yes, so at least your road to hell will be paved with gold.” Laughed so hard, too hard. Might’ve popped a blood vessel.

    Ah, I’m so happy that I got to see Daddy Kim come to Eun Oh’s rescue. After so many dramas where “half-caste” children have been treated with contempt or where parents are so cold, it’s really great to see Daddy-o extend a warm hand to his beloved child as how any loving parent would :’)

    Can’t believe AATM ends next week! I’m holding out for a good happy ending. Doesn’t have to be logical just happy. Not that hard right???!

  39. 39 redfox

    blah. whatever. still dont care.

  40. 40 Joongirl

    JB, it’s really nice that finally you see him so versatile, I read so many recap you wrote about him before and it’s obvious he’s not your type, kkkk but I really love to know you like him now, thanks for your recap 🙂

    • 40.1 Joongirl

      Him I meant is Lee Joon Gi

    • 40.2 JK

      That makes two of us. Pleasantly surprised to see a nice and worked-up review from JB (sorry to say, but so far, JB’s reviews on Arang has been a little,.. hmm, let’s say, detached..)

      But JB’s comments can be very in-depth and insightful, as is proven by this week’s comments on Arang and Mu-Yeon. JB’s remarks on LJG’s performance during the first half of today’s episode has me squealing in delight (figuratively).. haha

  41. 41 crazyajummafan

    I have 2 questions to ask.
    1) JB wrote that “giving herself up is the only way to have a shot at defeating Mu-yeon”. If Arang gives up her body for Mu Yeon to inhabit, how is she ‘defeating’ Mu Yeon’? Mum would probably regain her body, but won’t MY continue to live thru her?

    2) JW said in yesterday’s episode that after he gives MY Arang’s body, so that his memories will be deleted, he’ll destroy her. First, how is he going to do that, since possessing Arang’s body is going to make her stronger? Moreover, if he destroys her, assuming he could, won’t that than restore his memories, since her power would not longer exist?

    • 41.1 earthna

      Arang has an expiration date and Muyeon doesn’t know that. Maybe if Arang ‘expires’, Muyeon disappears with her.

      • 41.1.1 h0ns

        but if as I recall, there is a conversation between Jade and Mu Yeong when Mu Yeong asking how dangerous to put Arang as a bait.. and Jade told that risk must taken.. if Muyeon success in possessing Arang then it means the end of heaven.. *please correct if I’m wrong*
        but then that means the whole 3 full moons won’t work if Mu Yeon takes Arang body..

    • 41.2 Kwhat?!

      I have a feeling Arang’s letter to Joo Wal included a plan to destroy Mu Yeon. I think it’s probably something along the lines of “I’ll draw her out by offering my body, and while she’s between bodies, you kill her.” Which would also explain why she thinks this would help her end the mystery—if she helps destroy the one who killed her, the bell will ring, indicating that she’s achieved her goal. Then the Jade Emperor will reclaim her soul. (Or not, because I want her to be with Eun Oh forever.)

  42. 42 Des

    My tears flow like a river when i watch last night!!! Its so awesome!!! Lee junki is a great actor!!! The plot of this drama is amazing!!! My fav drama this year and best couple!!!

  43. 43 Dais

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    • 43.1 dhamma

      I’m gonna miss him too ~~~~

  44. 44 Lololo

    I’m just a little bit confused. Why is it that the only way to defeat Moo Yeon is Arang sacrificing herself? In the first place, what is the real way to caught Moo Yeon. Please explain thoroughly. Thank You very much!

    • 44.1 srhdt

      Here’s my take: Moo Yeon can only be defeated if her spirit leaves the host’s body. That can only happen if the thing the host most desires enters the body (or comes near the body? Not sure.) So Arang gets possessed, the Magistrate comes, and since he is what is most precious to Arang, Moo Yeon is forced from the body, this allowing the Grim Reaper to stab her.

      Bam! Demon defeated.

      • 44.1.1 satsuki

        like that suggested ending. just hope Mr Grim Reaper won’t be too teary-eyed to miss the timing to stab her.

      • 44.1.2 Redge

        Yup this is what I theorize too. Let’s hope it happens! Though this scene can play out in like, 15 minutes, so I don’t know how they’d extend it to 2 episodes.

        • satsuki

          *crosses fingers* hmmmm maybe Arang DOES have something up her sleeve (*cough* mother’s hair pin *cough*) as a few others have mentioned here.

      • 44.1.3 Jambo

        Yeah, but has someone sent a memo to the Grim Reaper that this is how the plan is going to go down. I mean, how does anyone know when to show up? Oh, yeah, this is kdramaland.

      • 44.1.4 yaya

        Make sense.

      • 44.1.5 yaya

        Make sense.

      • 44.1.6 Emma

        I m with u…remember everytime HS try to harm Satto, his mum soul will fight her, severly weakening her…Judging for the other former “shell” I think HS lie. Sato will never get his mum alive back. In that way, she must also not satisfy Arang condition for giving up her body so there will be an internal fight for body between the 2 souls.just like how Sato mum fight her 3 years ago. seem like she need to wait for full moon to eat soul or change shell..so there is still time…. JE says you need blood relation to destroy her…So either Sato kill his mum (with MY) still inside or Reaper kill his sister when she come up of the mum shell..Arang is just a bait

  45. 45 Caltan

    You wrote really well here.

    I agree. that moment when the King’s decree was announced the gamut of emotions that went through EO’s face is really well protrayed by LJK. The main emotion was incredulity. It must have enforced what he told AR earlier, that it is regretful he hadnt been more involved in the world and chose to run away from helping people. He must have felt that he didnt need to run away from his father just because of his lowly status.

    LJK Really must keep his hair away from his face, AT ALL TIMES…..his protrayal of all those emotions in just that short few seconds is just heart-wrenchingly good.

    • 45.1 yaya

      LJK …is recognized as an actor …who can express complicated ( conflict) emotions really well. I read from netizen comments. Just like his acts in The King’s Man. His portrayal as a street dancer ( as pretty as a girl or many people said he is prettier than girls) in the King’s Man also ..amazing. In ilijimae too…
      That’s the reason why I love him … so much . He is not only
      handsome but he is a great actor as well.

      • 45.1.1 Lily

        Yes, LJK is just an over-amazing actor~!

        • des

          agree his a amazing actor!!!he can act through his eyes!!! you can feel the emotion,,not all good actor can do that!!! and bonuses is his really good in action scene!!!

    • 45.2 pogo

      I know, that moment when the royal decree was read out – and specifically the parts where he was praised, my heart just went out to EO, LJK was amazing there.

      He’s really matured as an actor since his return from military service, and more than ever I’m so thankful that THIS is the drama he chose for his comeback

      (it’s also funny to think that he was originally supposed to do Faith but had to drop out because his start date for service was too early, and I heard that he was the original choice of lead for Nice Guy too – which would have made it a My Girl second lead reunion! – but couldn’t commit to that because of his military duties too. Either way, all worked out for the best, Arang will be a gold star in his career and he should be proud of it as should Shin Mina)

  46. 46 earthna

    I don’t want to believe that we only have two episodes left. There are still so many questions left unanswered and mysteries to be uncovered. So many rules to follow and I just wanna break them all to give Arang and EunOh a happy ending.

    When I watched this without subs, I felt like strangling Arang so she cant go to Muyeon but thanks to translation, now I understand her a bit for sacrificing herself. Wherever she ends up going, one them will forget. At least in this way, their love won’t be forgotten and she’ll be able to do something for Eun Oh. She has to die anyway. We all know she’ll be gone and for her, this is the best choice she can ever get. Might be stupid for me (or for you viewers as well) but to Arang, it is not.

    I love the scene when Eun Oh and Dolswe got out of jail and Bangwool just came running towards Dolswe. It’s so cute!! As for thw other couple, the way they calmly embraced each other melted my heart. It was so warm and beautiful, I cant help but go awwww. And when Arang made food for him. My heart ㅠㅠ

    Near the end when Arang leaves the office and put Satto’s shoes in place, I just cant control my feels anymore. Then she went to Bangwool. They’re already best friends and it hurts to see her say goodbye to her.

    Damn my sister for telling me this after watching: “I think Joowal will sacrifice himself for Arang. Now that he knows that Lee Seorim sacrificed herself for him and he just stood there doing nothing, maybe this time he won’t be so helpless. Maybe this time, he’ll do the right thing.” ㅠㅠ If that happens, I’m gonna cry big time. Joowal is a lost case by now but I cant let go of this hope that he somehow changes to redeem himself even just a bit.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap javabeans!!

    I’m putting everything to the writers now. I have watched he drama from ep 1 until now and I loved every bit of it. I halted all dramas I’m watching to focus on Arang. This drama is now holding my heart. Writers, it’s on you to keep my heart intact or to break it into pieces. 2 more episodes to go. It’s gonna be a long wait.

    • 46.1 Jen

      Hi earthna,

      I will definitely cry with you rivers if Joo Wal sacrifices himself for Arang and dies on her behalf…… I, too, cannot let go of the hope of JW redeeming himself to do good and ultimately not going to hell (Hades, you hear that? My second time plea already!).

      Not sure how the story will end but I do hope for a happy end for our OTP (although my love is JW) and resolution to all the evils that’s been done because 2 people couldn’t be together even after 3 lifetimes.

      Really salute the writer-nim coz this is not an easy story to write, with all the characters and ghosts and heaven and hell and reincanation and love and life…. the list goes on.

      2 more episodes and its goodbye show and goodbye to my first ever second-lead syndrome JW/Yeon WooJin!

      • 46.1.1 earthna

        Dear, have you watched Ojakgyo Brothers? You’ll be more addicted to Woojin im there. I was watching it with Arang but i had to stop to focus on this drama more. Woojin is a totally different charcter in there and I thought i wouldnt take him seriously in Arang but whoa how he plays with my heart ><

        • Jen

          Hi Dear,
          I heard he is inside that drama!
          Can you tell me if his role is good or bad?
          and if his ending is good/bad?

          I need to know before I start watching it! Haha!
          Thanks so much!

          • earthna

            I guess he’s good. Lol. He’s the youngest out of four brothers and he’s really adorable. I havent finished it yet but I can say it’s worth watching. He doesnt get lots of screentime though since there are four brothers, meaning four stories. And I havent finished it yet. I’m on ep 45 so about 13 more to go. I’ll do that after Arang. Hihihi

          • dramabliss

            Woo Jin Im plays a very sympathetic and adorable character in Ojakgyo Brothers. Maybe that ‘s one reason why I can’t fully hate Joo Wal here. Tae Pil (from OB) gets in the way.

          • Arhazivory

            He’s so good that I still shout ‘maknae oppa’ when I see him in Arang.

  47. 47 earthna

    Oh, I forgot to say. LORD CHOI, IN YOUR FACE!

    • 47.1 Jen

      Dear, thanks for the comments of OB! Can’t reply you with that thread (!!) so will use this to thank you!
      I will start watching it after Arang too! He’s cute/adorable right? Kekeke….

      Yeah to Yeon WooJin-lovers!

  48. 48 Anastassia

    Oh my heart and show. Just kill me already.

    Argh, crying so much and again by reading ur recaps i cried again. Never cried before reading a recap.


  49. 49 Boingboingracquet

    I think I’ll get beaten up for saying this.. Projecting from how things are going and the constant reference to flowers, heaven and butterflies, in my imagination the ending is so going to toy with us this way:

    EO, alone, walking…

    (Camera pan to reveal he’s in the flower field he brought Arang to)

    EO looks to the sky with sad sorrowful eyes (killing us for the n-th time), a tear trembling at the corner.

    EO: ‘Arang…’

    A butterfly wanders over to EO and sits on his shoulder, fluttering reassuringly.

    That butterfly is ARANG.

    EO: ‘Arang……’

    *The end*

    • 49.1 earthna

      I have imagined the end to be like this as well but i dont know. This drama never fails to surprise but I guess I’ll be satisfied with that ending too.

      • 49.1.1 Boingboingracquet

        Nooooo~ I can’t take that kind of ending!!!

      • 49.1.2 LyArisa

        Oh No!!!!! I’ll die if it ends that way!!!!!! (T_T)

      • 49.1.3 Kate

        Noooooooooo!!! No more sad endings please!! T____T

    • 49.2 Wowow

      Oh PLEASE NO!!! D: I will cry a thousand bucket of tears i tell you!

      Btw, I totally just imagined Lee Jun Ki uttering “Araaaang” in the most heart-breaking way plausible. hahaaa that made me laugh though!

    • 49.3 h0ns

      NO.. I want them together… not as butterfly and not as Grim Reaper-Fairy!!! as human.. in this life.. another life.. modern life.. or wandering ghost *this is the last option*

      anything as them together in one kind of entity.. not butterfly or heavenly goat…

    • 49.4 pogo


  50. 50 reenee

    Until now I feel confused and anxious with the bell that JE give for AR?? from the statement in ep.4, that bell will ringing when she know who kill her. but why after AR know that EO mother stab her and also that means HR/MY kill her why that bell can’t ring?? i still don’t understand what JE said too in ep 11 that EO life isn’t his life any more. Can that means he will die in the end?? OMOOO…….I can’t wait any longer to the ending of this drama………i still anxious will this be sad or happy ending.

    • 50.1 yaya

      Wanna bet ? Happy Ending ~~~~

      • 50.1.1 h0ns


    • 50.2 Emma

      I read somewhere the phrase JE said was…”with the death of the one who kill you, I will ring this bell….” so bell should ring when Sato mum (body or soul) die…
      Since both are living on borrow time….can give us a little hope of Happy ending for OTP

    • 50.3 Ella Zala

      Eun Oh shall then the series with “Kids, thats how I met my mother; and your mother” DONE.

      • 50.3.1 h0ns

        “Kids, thats how I met my mother; and your mother” ====> LOL
        and I bet even the title is longer then the original series, the stories is much shorter and less complicated then the original..

        yup ghost became human is less complicated :p

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