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Behind the scenes of Arang and the Magistrate
by | October 15, 2012 | 150 Comments

So adorable. It’s finale week for mystery fusion sageuk Arang and the Magistrate (*sniff, sniff*), so I thought a nice detour backstage would help us all prepare to say goodbye. Unless you’d like to remain in denial; denial’s not so bad. Here’s a boatload of stills from the set of the show, with everyone from hero to reaper to demon hell-spawn… looking utterly adorable and blowing my mind. On what other set would you want to pinch someone’s cheeks and say, Who’s a widdle king of hell?

Behind-the-scenes cuteness is always best on shows like this, where death, darkness, and mayhem are usually the order of the day. I’m still a little weirded out by shots of baddies like Lord Choi or Mom smiling out of character. They’re so cute, but I’m instinctively second-guessing: Is it for real? Can we trust them? But really?

This was such a fun drama, due in large part to a rich world populated by unique characters; it’d be a shame if the cast didn’t have a good time while making it. But it looks like there was a lot of love on set — for allies, foes, and even mascot goats. I’m pretty sure that goat’s got its own fanfic, somewhere out there.

Arang and the Magistrate airs its final two episodes this Wednesday and Thursday. Kings of heaven, hell, and all attendant goats: Give us a good ending, or there’ll be hell to pay.

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150 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JoJo

    Thanks for this post. I started watching after reading your recaps and have enjoyed the drama.

  2. mtoh

    Happy and cute..,can’t ask for more.

  3. elle loves kdrama

    I am even more creeped out by Mom and her smile in her pic. Yikes! 🙂

    • 3.1 PollyRose

      I know right? My head knows she is an actress, but try telling that to my poor frightened heart. Logic and the ability to separate fiction from reality apparently has no place there 🙂

      • 3.1.1 tari

        But she does creep me up

  4. hottestjen


  5. austriandramalover

    Thanks for the post! Those pictures are freakin’ adorable =)

    And yes I am still in denial… Like I was when Gaksital ended…. I don’t want Arang to end but I guess we can’t help it.

    I just hope that I will cry tears of joy in the end! I don’t know who I am going to kill if that drama doesn’t get a happy ending!

  6. ricky

    These are great! Looks like everyone is having a great time on set.

  7. Irene

    Oh, I am going to miss them!! My favorite drama of this year so far!

    I don’t want EO to kill Arang(with Mu-yeon inside), but I have a feeling he will, but still they’ll all end up happy even Mu-yeon. Can’t wait to see!

    I loved the brothers too, the true jin&jang characters!

  8. Mystisith

    Everyone, take what you want! I reserve Yun Woo-jin in black clothes for myself. That smile, squeeeee!
    Glad to see they had fun on the set cause the story is not light.

    • 8.1 smiles

      I.WILL.FIGHT.YOU.FOR.HIM Kung fu style lady, lets duel babes cos that boy is MINE!!!

      • 8.1.1 Minea

        ^^ LOL. Too funny!

    • 8.2 Kiara

      Hot damn he is so drop-dead handsome in those pictures LOL.

    • 8.3 seth

      JOO WAL IS MINE!!!!! :)))

      • 8.3.1 Mystisith

        I didn’t know there were so many people with excellent taste in the house. ^^
        If something ugly happens to him in the last episodes, Heaven and Hell will feel my wrath! I stick to this show only for him!

    • 8.4 Arhazivory

      No no no Myst. Leave Maknae Oppa alone! *prepares for war*

    • 8.5 Danna

      Honey, there’s a line….a line that began when he was a certain maknae oppa

      • 8.5.1 ck1Oz

        Yeah. He was so adorable in OB.

    • 8.6 Jen

      No no no!! Maknae Oppa is MINE!! MINE!!
      I love Yeon WooJin after watching this, and earthna dear asked me to watch Ojagyo Brothers and I did! Love him inside coz he’s sooooo………. AODRABLE! Our youngest brother of the lot!

      *off to polish my sword and war gear…. WAR!

      • 8.6.1 earthna

        I guess we’ll have to fight for him, eh? HAHAHA Joowal feels. Seriously him on that black outfit + killer smile. Get it? Killer smile. Kkkk

        • donna

          Junki is The Best no 1, Jade E is no 2 , Joo wal is no 3. I would be more than happy …giving Joo wal for all of U . Hahaha

    • 8.7 D

      *grab popcorn and waiting for the action to begin*

    • 8.8 Kim Yoonmi

      Why don’t you do polygamy and settle the matter. I don’t think he’d mind acting like a Joseon King… if you’re open to that there are about 600 (Court Lady) positions that could be filled.

    • 8.9 Anya

      Oh My, Jowal is soooo handsome on those black clothes! I will fall in line and wait for my turn, he’s mine too! heheheh!

    • 8.10 Arang2 soul

      YES!!! Lee Jun Ki is Mine! Mine! Mine! First dibs! *looking for a cave to hide* 😀

      • 8.10.1 Bella

        Lee Jun Ki is mine okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!
        …mmmmmwwwwahahahahahah *evil laugh*

        • CoolSera19

          Hecks noo!!!! Lol That hottie Satto is mine. Yeah right he’s mine :-*

      • 8.10.2 donna

        He is my Man. Sato is mine !!!

    • 8.11 hoa lo

      He is so sexy in that pic hands up

  9. mandiscg

    Oh my gahhhhh!!! I’m giggling at my phone like an idiot in the middle of class 😛 so so cute

  10. 10 kakashi

    But … where is the goat?! Why haven’t we seen it in such a long time? Has it been eaten?!

    • 10.1 Arang2 soul

      JE better hide that goat or it will end up as a goat stew if I don’t get a happy ending!!!!

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        Ikr? That goat is so dead if we dont get our happy ending.

  11. 11 Andi_ya-ya

    The cover pic was so cute.. perfectly fit to be the cover of this post! – Joo Wal is so damn hot with his shades pairing it up with his goody hanbok.. – love the bromance photo of Hades & Jade! – and LOL for Junki & the 2 bangs with their aegyo..

    girlfriday… thanks a lot for the photo update.. 😀

    • 11.1 Midori

      Joo Wal in the shades is my personal favorite. So hot! Anyone know where I could get BTS video?

    • 11.2 Minea

      Agree about the shades and the hanbok. But I liked the pic where he’s holding the Pucca fan. So handsome and so cute!!!

  12. 12 Kiara

    Awwwww I’m going to miss this show A LOT. I’ve loved it even before it was aired lol. Can I say “WELCOME BACK” Lee Jun Ki <33333333333333333333333333333333, always a treat to watch him sageuks.
    Cant wait to buy the DVD.

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      *gripes about army abs* TT I know I sound shallow, but I *did* make some enlightening comments besides the army abs in other posts… Where is the Civic duty?

      • 12.1.1 Kiara

        I know I know. Can you just forgive him just once?. I’ll post a pic for you of LJK with abs lol.


        • Arang2 soul

          I don’t know if I should thank u or not on this link but darn NOW i want to see the post army abs… U know just for comparison of before & after hehehe

  13. 13 nabithoj

    My fave pic is definitely of Joowal sporting the sunglasses while in his hanbok… XD

    • 13.1 QIII

      Same, that and Jun Ki X Tree

      and Shin Min Ah you ridiculously pretty person 😮

  14. 14 Jilly

    I vote for the one of Dol-swe backhugging Eun-oh an the on of Eun-oh laying on Ju-wal’s lap. Bromance ftw!

    • 14.1 Kiara

      I love the pic with Eun-oh laying on JW’s lap. Well, if it doesnt work out with Arang, there’s always Joo Wal, Mu Young and Jade.

      • 14.1.1 gelai

        OMG! are you thinking what i’m thinking?! @_@

  15. 15 toystar

    2 cute!!! I going to miss Arang.

  16. 16 Rexy

    OMG so freakin’ adorable! Everyone looked like they were having a hoot making this drama. Urgh I’m definitely going to miss it. One of my favorite dramas of the year!

  17. 17 Lina

    The pics where Joo Wal, Lord Choi and Evil Mom are smiling makes me wonder if they went to a good, just direction, they would be smiling like that like a family. (Yeah, yeah, they wouldn’t be family-family but if Arang was a sitcom or something.)

    And I haven’t seen episode 17 and 18 yet, but those happy Moo Yeon – Moo Young moments are so sweet~ That’s what they were like before Moo Yeon became evil! 😀

  18. 18 jomo

    OMG, YOU LOVE US! That is why we get these pictures, right?

    Can’t decide if ninja JW is hotter than sunglasses. He is so freaking cute. I can’t stand it. I can’t. I am sitting it.

    PS Must have been nice for YSH to take a side seat during this production rather than have to carry a show like OP!

  19. 19 cutieblue

    Thanks for the pics!!
    Everyone is soo cute! >.< I adore this show and am going to be so sad when it ends. I would definitely choose JW in the ninja outfit. Rawwrrr!!

  20. 20 Bakachild

    Thanks for the pictures 😀

  21. 21 becca_boo

    Aw, I’m going to miss Arang. Thanks for easing the pain with all the cute pics! Seeing Joo-wal all smiley and cute is so good for my heart. A little creepy, yes, but still cute.

  22. 22 aina

    now.. I am crying.. 🙁

    Love the adorable old man sibling sooo much, will miss them..

    huaaaaaa.. crying.. crying 🙁

  23. 23 Arhazivory

    *sueals* Can I stare at these pics forever? I’m loving it. Maknae Oppa….erm…Joo Wal….Yun Woo Jin smiling happily is really the best. *swoons*

    lol….Lord Choi and Satto smiling side by side – I’m not sure I was ready for that one yet. Haha.

    Thanks a lot GF.

  24. 24 birdscout

    The BTS shots are so cute! Thank you. Arang and the Magistrate is one of my top picks for 2012! 🙂

  25. 25 jyyjc

    Hahaha joowal in sunglasses.

  26. 26 Lotus_Blossom

    Awww, thank you, GF.

    That pic of LJK sitting on the tree is epic. I am gonna miss this show so much. *sniff*

    My first drama with Yun Woo-jin and just love his understated yet compelling performance thus far. Will definitely be on the lookout for his future projects.

  27. 27 Kdrama fan

    Thank you for the pics! As I was looking at them, I could imagine all the various captions for each one. Hehehe

    I’m glad the cast and crew are having fun! Will miss them all. 😢

  28. 28 furuutsu

    Omo, so cute! Thanks for sharing these BTS pics, girlfriday, they definitely brightened up my day!

  29. 29 ms.auggie

    Check out LJK face when he take aegyo picture with Lord Choi, its so small. How come a guy had that kind of small face?? He’s so pretty for a guy.

  30. 30 sweetspring

    that halloween ghost cake with the satto sitting on top in his finery is too freakin cute!
    I’ll be in denial~~~ with a whole bunch of other people i thinks…

  31. 31 dugeundugeun

    Satto looks so….. pretty!
    my favorite pic is the first one: the facial expressions of Mu-Young and Hades are so adorable. And Jade just smiles x)

  32. 32 jae

    all of them is so cute ! ^^

  33. 33 HK

    I dont watch this show but all the behind the scene photos are very cute!

  34. 34 girlatsea

    Aww so so cute. Love this cast! Can’t read any of the comments because I still need to catch up. Hopefully after midterms~

  35. 35 Caltan

    love the pic of EO perching on the tree branch

  36. 36 pamela

    cute pics! i want to watch again drama of lee joonki and shin mina! they are good actors!!!! more drama pls!

  37. 37 Caltan

    LOL…..even the good endings in Kdrama are typically unsatisfying. The OTP looking at each other and the camera pans off, like wtf, so???
    Almost never get to see a love completed…the best ending i have seen so far is Greatest Love. That one leaves you satisfied.

    suspect this is the way they get us to continuously watch the dramas.

    • 37.1 dramabliss

      Check these out for very satisfying endings : City Hall, Secret Garden, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Ojakgyo Brothers.

      • 37.1.1 Minea

        Yes! Agree with OB ending. So good. Also, ending for Answer Me 1997 was pretty satisfying for me, too.

  38. 38 dramabliss

    Just daebak adorable! Love the one with LJK on the tree even if he looks a tad uncomfortable.

  39. 39 lizzzie

    SO. CUTE. I. CAN’T….Is there a squee pool? Can I add mine in I need to get my squees out of me to make a rainbow or something. Was thinking, gosh, joowal has SUCH a cute smile he’s been hiding all series long. Then that sunglass photo comes up and I’m done for. Why so cute??

    Love the satto-dooswe bromance too, the one with them smiling at each other in their prison whities is impossible >< Basically love all the photos, all the characters, thanks so much for sharing <3456

  40. 40 khina

    sleeping beauty LJK ^^

  41. 41 Arang2 soul

    Thank you GF for posting these awesome pics! I’m still in denial mode and my soul will hover around your site until it’s ready to go back to the real world with no weekly AATM *sniff* to watch… Hope to have a great & happy ending for our lovely couple ***fighting***

  42. 42 spazmo

    i’ve been dreading this week, because i am going to MISS this drama, when it ends… but am so anxious to see how the story ends!

    thanks for the pics, i’ve added them to my screensaver folder! thanks for the recaps, also… so fun to revisit the episode by reading your articles. loved the cast, loved the story… and i agree, i hope it ends with a happy BANG!

    ohhhh, what’s to look forward to now?
    : (

    <3 LJK

    • 42.1 Caltan

      Having terrible withdrawal already…..just the thought that this serial ends this week…..

      Can’t they extend it like they did for Golden Times?

  43. 43 green panda

    it is really strange to see everyone so happy…since I got way into the drama and each one’s character…and it so bright! lol since most of the show is shot at night lol

  44. 44 bbm

    yay for bts pictures…
    yay for joowal smiling…
    now i need to find bts videos

    • 44.1 anastassia

      There are SO MANY in soompi’s threads. When i watched BTS vid i love OTP, the cast and drama EVEN MORE.

  45. 45 JK

    I’m really gonna miss the show, the cast, watching the making, browsing the photos and reading everyone’s comments. To me, this is really one hell of an example of interactive TV – watching the show and sleuthing out the truth together with the actors and everyone of us.

    Already LJG’s OST “One More Day” just keeps playing in my head.. If only we could have one more day of the drama…

  46. 46 Anne

    Joo Wal is so adorable when he smiles like this. ^^

  47. 47 katiamon

    Too much cuteness, it’ such a great atmoaphere on set, and you sexy jade emperor, I’m so dying to be that goat!!!!! muahaha…

  48. 48 zsa

    joo wal so sexy with sunglasses in that attire!

  49. 49 Abbie

    This is just too much cute. I love this show and will be sorry to see it end (hopefully with a happy ending). It will remain one of my favorites for a long time to come.

  50. 50 Joongirl

    Love all the Magistrate’s photos of course, lol

    I am glad to see Woo Jin-ssi’s smile again in the pic of him with my satto on his lap, even his father just passed away, you’ve got my condolence dear…

    • 50.1 Noelle

      Oh wow, I give him my condolences.

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