Dramabeans Podcast #14, Part 2
by | October 9, 2012 | 87 Comments

Time to conclude this (monster of a) sucker, with a discussion of the currently airing dramas. Thanks for listening to another podcast, everyone. Until next time!

Podcast #14, Part 2

Running time: 40:51

In which we:

  • discuss why we love the world and the characters of Arang and the Magistrate;
  • move on to Vampire Prosecutor 2, what we like about it, and also what we like a little less (13:49);
  • and conclude with Nice Guy, with all its dark and twistiness (25:30).

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

Lee Jun-ki – “하루만” (Just One Day) from the Arang and the Magistrate OST
MC Sniper – “Danger” from the Vampire Prosecutor 2 OST
“Lonely” from the Nice Guy OST
말랑말랑밴드 (Mallangmallang Band) – “저기요” (Hey)


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Amberscube

    Yay.. Part 2 is here. Off to listen.

  2. FishcalledWanda

    Thanks for the (hilarious) podcasts! I always die laughing while listening. Sometimes I listen to them in the train and I get a lot of funny looks and stares because I have to laugh out loud!

  3. dany

    ARANG & M.!! yay!

  4. Wowow

    Now I’ll have to forego my sleep! Hahaa!! Thanks for tge podcasts!! LOVE Arang and the Magistrate!!!! :’DD

  5. peanuttybuddy

    we did learn about the transfusion thing! >.<

    that was the whole reason why dr. blood went Guilt Tripping last season; because he was experimenting with vamp blood and transfused some into first season's Big Bad.

    remember? tae-yeon even went to confront him about it, and dr. blood was like, uh, yeah, sorry, i created the guy who killed your sister because i was playing god a little and didn't know exactly what would happen…my bad, dude.

    and then at the end, when he was bleeding out all over the place, he asked tae-yeon to bite him to make amends for his unwitting Wrong.


    loved the podcast, as per usual! ^_^

    • 5.1 javabeans

      Yes, our point is that we knew about the transfusion resulting in vamps last year, but we were never TOLD about the rules of the transfusion until this season. The show does things without explaining the rules, and then retroactively lists them way down the line.

      • 5.1.1 fatima

        thanks for the podcast, love your voices by the way
        I guess the whole point of the show this season is mystery, now, I see your point when you say that the it feels like the writers are trying too hard or are afraid of sharing the secrets with the audience, but I also remember you saying about the last season that his strength lies precisely in the fact that it isn’t afraid of holding back & confusion the viewer, & thus challenging him (us)
        I actually much prefer a show like this rather than one where I am almost oblivious to what is going on, where I can actually answer my phone, play mah jong or do whatever I need to do & then go back & find out that I didn’t miss much, here I feel that I am fully invested,to the point that I pay attention to stuff, decoration & even clothing style searching for clues to understand the chain of events
        I call that challenging my brain & I love challenges
        Also there is a very good character development this season, & the adding of Dr Jo’s character makes me wish they’d stick around longer
        on an finale note, Yeon Jung-hoon stated in a recent interview that the first season was focused on the crime solving process, while the second would be more about exploring the vampy side of the story
        Thanks for the recaps by the way, I really like your sence of humour, both of you girls!

  6. jcay

    Yehey…been waiting for this. Thanks. Off to listen to this.

  7. Dorotka

    Yessss! Second part! Thank you!

  8. MhsC

    Thanks for the part 2 !!! :))) Arang ♥

  9. jigglybelly

    Thanks again, ladies. Listening to you guys was a nice break from studying. 🙂 I totally agree with your comment about Jun-ki’s seemingly army-duty-earned gravitas. I like his acting more now, and I agree that he is much hotter. Although I watched all of his old shows, I never really understood the reason he was so popular.

  10. 10 James

    문채원 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 11 SweetPea

    Wow, another podcast so soon? Awesome. LOVE these podcasts.
    Thanks Girlfriday and Javabeans! I’ll be looking forward to the next podcast!

  12. 12 Kiara

    So much love for Arang and The Magistrate and not just our lovely couple Shin Min-ah and Lee Jun-ki but for the rest of the casts. This show put all its characters to good use. This is the kind of show that I will go back and watch again like The Princess Bride. “Yes my Eun-oh ya will come for me ” lol. I’d call it a childhood favorite if it came out years ago.

    I have a new appreciation for Lee Jun-ki, he has really grown and mature and more manly. I liked him before but he was too pretty for my taste lol. I loved The King and The Clown but I wouldn’t want him to play a pretty character again. I have his current manly image in my head/memory and I want to keep it that way lol. What a talented actor, I love love love him.

    Thank you ladies for the pod-casts and the ost. I’m not into rap but MC Sniper is the exception. Mask Dance is my favorite.

    • 12.1 Kiara

      Is MC Sniper singing “Danger” with someone else or am I mistaken?. The English part …”danger here comes danger…..doesn’t sound like him.

  13. 13 SandrOu

    i enjoyed it (both podcasts)! A lot of fun Thank you! 🙂

  14. 14 Mystisith

    I agree about Vampire Prosecutor 2. What works for this show is the Team Spirit: I’m so glad they kept all the characters of season 1. (+ Dr Jo who is amazing). On the other hand, it’s a show of only 12 episodes of 57 mins and I’m not sure there is enough room for a complex & twisted overarching story a la LOST. The confusing editing and the lack of data given to us (where/when/who/how) doesn’t help and yes it’s frustrating for the viewers. Share with us Show! I was also bothered by the extreme darkness and the torture in episode 1: For me it works better when they keep the pain “mentally and figuratively” in this drama. Torture and gruesome should be kept for season 2 of TEN (still waiting for that one by the way). Oh well, they do a lot of fan service and Tae-yeon is definitely the hottest vampy on TV so all is not lost. Maybe a season 3?

  15. 15 Sabah

    Hehe, so it’s not only me who has been turning up the brightness control to 100% during Arang!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are always a blast to hear.

    • 15.1 jigglybelly

      hahahah … and I thought I was a function of me watching it on streaming sites and early in the morning, when my eyes are already very tired!

      • 15.1.1 Sabah

        Yeah, I download every version just to find a better or rather brighter one and after that sat on every angle on my chair, closed my windows, opened my windows, tried a combination of back lights, fronts AND FINALLY just grumbled through each episode. I thought I was going insane but at least now I know…that I have good company. Hehe.

    • 15.2 mysticmalady

      And here I was thinking that my computer screen was faulty. Did find out that the best way to watch Arang is in a dark room with the brightness up all the way, even if that’ll spoil my eyes.

      Love the 2-part podcast! <3

      • 15.2.1 Sabah

        Tell me about it! After changing the brightness control, I dialled the contrast all the way up and it went from all black to all grey THEN I changed a new more setting and it just looked like it was snowing in every scene!

    • 15.3 Kiara

      I think they went back to the cheap cameras somewhere between episode 7 or 8. Live shooting is such a bitch.

      • 15.3.1 Mystisith

        I’m seriously getting addicted to the HD quality given by the new cameras: Image is crystal clear (pimples forbidden!), colors are so bright. I’m not a techno geek at all but here the difference is just enormous…

        • Sabah

          Tell me about it. I have had a fund set up for my 5D DSLR camera for ages now BUT keep having to spend it on ‘important’ things BUT HD pics/vids are important, aren’t they? I hate prioritizing.

      • 15.3.2 Sabah

        Yeah, as mentioned in the Podcast, at some point they just stopped trying and you can tell the difference. Thank goodness the story, characters are colourful and 3D (sorry that was just a blerg comment) but you know what I mean.

    • 15.4 Jagi

      Phew!! I thought I might need to visit the eye doctor.

      • 15.4.1 Sabah

        Hehe, I kept cleaning non existent smear marks off my glasses.

  16. 16 Andy

    All that’s missing is a commentary on Gangnam Style

    • 16.1 Mystisith

      Yep. GS is appearing in absolutely every dramas airing these days. It replaced the easy jokes about the SeGa universe (The 3rd Hospital is the only line of Resistance for that matter). Now, that’s sad for me.

    • 16.2 DayDreamer

      LOL, Gangnam Style even reached India which was weird because being Indian and thus being largely attuned to Indian television, I haven’t noticed anything relating to Korean pop culture ever enter Indian television before. Now even my Indian friends are completely aware of it, lol.

      • 16.2.1 anu

        omg..so true….What I couldn’t believe was that even though I watch any good k-ent programmes that come my way, my roommate was the one who made me watch GS…and to think she has never ever heard/see a Korean song/video before….#irony

      • 16.2.2 Chimera

        @DayDreamer: Oh lord, I almost sprayed my soy milk all over the table when I saw a ‘how to do the gangnam style dance’ in the HT supplement. BUT… BUT… THAT’S MY THING! HOW THE…?

        And then I almost burst a gut when saw BOF stickers in an Archies and tried to explain to my mom why my voice had suddenly gone all squeaky. It was like somebody had gone and unearthed my secret candy stash. THOSE STICKERS ARE SACRED, OKAY? NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE STREWN OH SO CASUALLY ABOUT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EVEN HEARD OF LEE MIN HO!!

        After being a lone ranger with my Kdrama obsession for the past year, waking up one day and suddenly finding Hallyu in India? Does. Not. Compute.

        • DayDreamer

          @ Chimera: Omg, rofl…..but I totally understand how you feel cause Hallyu definitely doesn’t show up in India. That probably says a lot about Gangnam style….actually, one of my Indian friends said that it’s probably because of the catchy DJ style and moves that kind of resemble Bollywood dance moves. That’s the way I see it becoming so internationally popular, particularly in India.

          @ anu: Seriously, I didn’t even think much of GS when I first heard it a while ago and it was only after my friends (who are Indian) started talking about it on FB, that I seemed to realize the immense popularity of it. I was like, “Hey, you guys weren’t even supposed to know about this!” LOL

  17. 17 SandrOu

    The part about joowon’s overacting. i felt the same way while watching Gaskital . Honestly i haven’t cried for any dramatic scene that he did like when his mother died etc.. The emotion was there, about to cry and then no, it felt way too much. I was like “hmm what i’m suppose to do right now? i’m not crying is that normal ?” lol Anyway, yes overacting …

    • 17.1 TurquoiseLover

      Haha…. you’re absolutely normal…. because I did it so…. ;D
      I’ve just realize that he did overacting..
      At that moment, his acting lead us to think… “no this is too much” and we drag to be focus on his acting more than the feeling…. that’s why we did not cry or that point… don’t you think so….?

      I do love Lee Jun Ki’s acting in Arang and The Magistrate better than Joo won in Gaksital actually…. ^^

      • 17.1.1 eny

        i’m not agree about that when you kill your brother with your own hand then find out your mother die and they just all that you have you must be crying like crazy like that. If you compare too lee jun ki acting joo won acting is better, and lee kang to charracter much harder charracter than lee jun ki. Joo won get so much praiss from people who work in entertainment bussiness and called best actor in 20’s generation and about lee jun ki there isn’t many praiss about his acting in the drama i say he is not bad too.
        I’m not lee jun ki anti fans i see Arang too at least untill ep 14

        • Joongirl

          Lol for you

        • Jackie

          Lee Joon-gi has done those similar acts as lee kang-to in Time between Dog & Wolf, and Iljimae. But Joon-gi did them better than joowal. He also got a lot prizes and praises with them, both from domestic & overseas entertainment industries. So, Joon-gi doesn’t need to show those acting repeatedly. He’s been a big hallyu actor since his 20s because of his superb acting.
          So far, Lee Joon-gi have done a lot of characters with much versatility. We don’t need to compare him with joowal who has made 1 distinct character.

          • eny

            joo won must be really good untill fans of senior actor like lee jun ki hate him, he just newcomer actor who just take three drama, i just reply the one who compare them, base on what i see in two drama arang and gaksital

          • Joongirl

            Well, then, since Joo won is still new comer, you can compare him with LJG old drama when he was rocky back then too… like let’s see… Time between wolf and dog, have you seen it? Why I am sure you haven’t seen it? Lol

        • Jackie

          For Comment (

          Don’t think Lee Joon-gi’s fans hate him. It’s just Lee Joon-gi’s fans believe him as one the best actors in challenging new characters, and always perfect with every role he plays. His fans just not too impressed with joowon’s acting because those have been the similar characters that JG splendidly played. Joon-gi is really the 1st k-actor who started doing many complicated characters, and does action scenes without stuntmen. Thus, joowon’s character and gakistal’s script is not a new thing.

          Yeah, your comment made problems because you only mentioned about lee kang-to character harder than LJG, and talked like joowon is better than LJG. So, it’s a right thing to tell you about JG’s previous characters & acheivements. It’s probable you will also see his amazing talents when you’ve watched his previous productions as leading roles.

          • Joongirl


          • sunny

            You’re right, Jackie^^ It’s sure eny is talking like that because she haven’t watch any of Jun-Ki’s previous works.


            Hmm… you’re missing the productions of a must-know talented actor~ Wish you can watch his precious works, and know why he’s becoming such a too reliable actor ^^

          • Rawr

            Wohohooo~Well said @Jackie……I echo your words!

        • JGelf


          Yes, Joongirl & Jackie are right. Haha~ I’m sure you haven’t watch LJG’s previous works as new comer, right? Watch them, you’ll be speechless with his expert qualities. Lol!

          • eny

            ha ha ha,it’s so funny who the first compare about their acting, this thread talk about arang and gaksital so i give comment about what i thought about that drama. i only see LJK in my girl he is not bad but didn’t realy impress me. You say he is good in time betwen dog and wolf, is the story good? if good i will watch it. Because i like good story ang good acting
            May be you think my comment is bias. Actually i see joo won in baker king first and i already like his acting as villain eventhough he is not handsome in the drama. And i see all his drama well act.

          • Jackie

            @eny, for comment (

            This thread talked about gakistal, where? Lol
            I said you to watch his previous works as leading roles (for both movies & dramas). He was the second lead in My Girl, and it’s rom-com type. And if TBDW’s plot is not good, he won’t become a huge K-wave actor then. Because he is not a tall actor like many other k-actors who can easily make many ppl to interest him. His fame is just depended on his superb talents, hard works, charisma and productions. He can always choose the interesting & worth-watching stories for his fans to be proud of.

            LJG is really a worth-interesting actor. As he has done too complex characters as similar as your favourite gakistal’s character, he chose a smart serious one this time. Since you know the kinds of great acting, I think you’ll also see how LJG can make all detailed expressions for every scene in A&M.

            So, I’d like to recommend you to watch his K-wave mega-hits like the movie “King & the Clown”, and the dramas “TBDAW” & “Iljimae”, which are filled with great acting of all cast, nice strong stories & editing, etc. Then, you’ll understand how he can extend to his versatility for characters, and can make perfections for all roles he does.

          • eny


            sorry for write it above, because there’s no space to answer bellow your comment
            don’t you see the comment above compare their acting @17.1, so i give my vision about it.dramabean potcast #14 part 1 should be talk about gaksital and this is part 2 should be talk about arang. Ithink some fans doesn’t wanna hear about another opinion

          • Jackie

            @eny, comment (

            I told it bcos you wrongly wrote as “this thread”(podcast #14 part 2) which gakistal not included.
            Yes, I know some fans are kind of that. I made that recommendation not to want you like LJG, only you to know about him and how strong his potential.

            You can tell like that to other k-actors who have only good-looks & no good acting skills. But you carelessly said wrong things to LJG without knowing many things about him. And, your comment ( has become your confession like “I don’t want to recognize another talented actor so I won’t watch his precious works”.

          • Lily

            Good Job, @Jackie ^^
            Your words are unbeatable!! Trueeee…..

    • 17.2 Anon

      I think many viewers were confused as to what emotions Lee Kangto was supposed to have when he let out that terrible wail. If his mother had died due to an illness or maybe even him witnessing Kenji shooting his mother, then I would agree that wail was misplaced and he overacted. But the circumstances were much worse. He just shot and killed his beloved hyung, came into his mother’s bedroom to wake her up,only to find her dead too. If he were to just cry, I would say it’s utter nonsense.

      I dare say I have watched all Joo Won’s crying scenes in every drama(there’s only 3 anyway), he can do very controlled subtle crying if he needs to. This is the first time I see him cry like this and I think it is totally appropriate for that scene.

      I am not comparing him with Lee Junki coz I have not watched Arang.

      • 17.2.1 Sintia

        I think his acting was just amazing in that scene and his grief completely broke my heart.

  18. 18 opheliadrowning

    I’m so happy to hear all the “Arang” love, too! It is by far my favorite Kdrama that I’ve seen in my short time watching. The plotting is fantastic, and it’s wonderful to love both main characters.

    I’ve been so perplexed lately by peoples’ comments about how “Arang” is dragging or boring. I’m like, uh, where? Each episodes has so much either plot or character development, and the surprises keep coming in good ways. Maybe they are watching for more limited reasons?

  19. 19 crazedlu

    hee. love the pictures you guys choose for podcasts. especially the ones from radio stints with the headphones. cute.

    feeling both of you with your thoughts of all the dramas from part 1 and 2.

    thanks for the podcasts. looking forward to the next. ^^

  20. 20 Yushi

    thanks for the second part!! 😀

  21. 21 Carole McDonnell

    great podast. thanks.
    Re: Nice Guy — trouble with a vengeful character is –if we’re gonna commiserate with them (instead of seeing them as nasty– we have to see their suffering. And we didn’t see how the chairman tossed off his first wife. And first wife doesn’t pop up enough to make us see how much she suffered at Jae Hee’s hands. So that’s problematical. As for Choco, yeah..definitely…Choco should’ve died. I like her character, but they really missed out on reality by letting her live. So now we have another character who will have some timely-untimely illness to deal with.

  22. 22 sweetcloud

    So glad to hear your comments on (and love for!) Arang 🙂 I totally agree that the live shooting caught up with the quality, while watching the first episodes I honestly thought it would become one of the best dramas I’ve seen in terms of all around awesomeness (scenario, actors, cinematography, music, whole package of humor/melo/romance/action/mystery), but I wasn’t so hooked up on the latest ones (although still watching keenly).

    I hope you will overcome your drama fatigue, I am more addicted to your blog than to the dramas themselves, but seeing how much work and intense drama watching this probably takes I understand why you would feel tired…

  23. 23 Jagi

    Thank you, JB and GF.

    I completely agree with your assessment of Arang. It’s one of a few where I rarely roll my eyes while watching.

    Loving LJK in this show. He is hotter and a better actor since I last saw him in My Girl and Iljimae. His comedic timing has always been excellent and although there are still a few ott acting in some scenes, he is nailing this performance.

    Sorry to hear that you are a bit drama-fatigued. Understandable considering the number of dramas you both have recapped the past six years. Your dedication is much appreciated.

  24. 24 Chiyo

    I think why Maru wanted to get “revenge” is that he is obsessed with her. He wants her by his side, no matter what. So he is willing to sacrifice his life for her, because he just wants her. I think that this is scarier and much more than a mere revenge plot. He was the one to offer to go to prison and was willing to forgive her for leaving him. That makes me feel like he is so warped in his own love of her. A twisted love is so much interesting to me then getting revenge. Can’t wait to watch more. Yeah, time does fly by so fast 😀 hehehe. A good study break.

  25. 25 Chiyo

    Oh and for Vampire Prosecutor I actually love the flashback in the beginning and in the end, then proceed to the mystery of the day. Narratively, it works for me because the mystery of the day relates to Dr. Jo. The story is introducing him to the team and making us care about him as a person. Plus the pseudo family always get to me. And it relates to main mystery because Dr. Jo is somehow related and if we are invested in Dr. Jo, we are going to be more emotionally invested into the main mystery. Like how it was for Tae-yeon and his sister. I’m actually liking Season 2 more.

    I also don’t really like the new procedures of showing a case. It’s a bit overly done for me. I’m glad you mention that grave scene, when they weren’t allow to examine the body. Like why pretend you can see it then?

    Oh and thanks for the podcast! Very interesting 😀

  26. 26 Cez Prieto

    First time to listen to your podcast here because of ARANG! Keke. I totally agree about LJK I never realized him as a “MANLY” man until he starred in Arang. In this show he has transitioned from being a dubbed as a flower boy to a more mature and more manly actor which is a plus! I hope that after Arang he will get to act in more shows that will showcase his strength as a manly actor. 🙂

  27. 27 nonski

    double yay for the follow up podcast! podcast 14 1 and 2 is both LOVE… cuz you girls talked about my fave dramas, Gaksital and Arang! thanks so much for all the hardwork. 🙂

  28. 28 DayDreamer

    This is my first time listening to a podcast here. It was pretty cool. But whose voice belongs to whom? 😛

    Anyways, I only listened to the parts about Arang and the Magistrate and Nice Guy since those are the two I’m currently following. Love, love, LOVE Arang and the Magistrate. Yes, the scenes have become darker and that was a little upsetting since I tend to like brightness more. But oh well, it doesn’t deter me from hanging off the edge of my seat whenever I watch an episode…the story is that amazing and well executed. As for the pace, I did feel it became slower but I didn’t think it was bad. Some things just need to be slowed down and thought about. About the hype over Lee Jun Ki’s pretty vs manly face, since I didn’t watch any of his previous works (I’m fairly recent to the kdrama world), I google’d his pretty face and I have to say I’m a bit of a sucker for that prettiness. So I like both images. 😛

    As for Nice Guy, there are some things that bother me but I’m still waiting for the story to develop more before I make more decisive opinions about it. So far it’s interesting but I’d like to see some good reasons for revenge kinda like how you guys suggested in the podcast with the whole kill-the-sister-off thing. Actually, I wanted that to happen because I couldn’t stand Choco’s and Maru’s friend’s scenes…so childish and too long for my tastes.

  29. 29 enz

    i agree its not often to have equal love for both male and female leads. so far, in my limited watching its only happened for the greatest love and FBRS.

    i dont know why i am so easily irritated by the female leads or at the most indifferent to them, not LOVE them . i feel it must be me cos i dont read others feeling like this as much!

  30. 30 chulz08

    hello, newbie here 🙂

    what is this PODcasting means? Is this some kind of -IMO- of all the writers here about all the latest drama? If would listen to this will I get a spoiler..I haven’t watch Arang and even Faith 🙂 Thanks

  31. 31 Bakachild

    oh the darkness in Arang. It’s best to watch in a dark room with brightness up. Maybe thats what they wanted?
    Or more likely live shooting + lame cameras
    Still love it to bits. Only 4 episodes left! I’m so excited, and sad :c
    And Nice Guy just has me in a ball of nerves all the time. In a good way though. I think Jee Hee is the worst type of manipulative. On the scale of bastardom she slid to irredeemable levels with that jumping into the river scene. So god damn manipulative. Only character i like is Joon-ha. Best lawyer ever. How come you guys didn’t mention him?
    Also there’s a lot of hate for Choco and Kwang-to but i don’t mind them. I need a break from the nerves in that show.
    Thanks for the podcast guys!

  32. 32 hapacalgirl

    Based on the ep 9 and 10 nice guy spoilers that have been floating around, the amnesia arc starts this week and we also get a time jump (with makeovers for everyone) . I am curious as to how this drama pans out in the next portion of the drama.

  33. 33 h0ns

    I love JB and GF discussion about arang.. may I say that both of you love arang, coz I hear lot of “cute” from both of you for this drama..
    hopefully they can maintain the cuteness and the mustery and of course the heaven for the rest episodes..

  34. 34 jinkzz

    LMAO while listening to you guys talking about Lee Jun Ki… I am right there with you… I didn’t like Lee Jun Ki before he went into the military but watching him in Arang changed everything… Oh my, now I really, really, really like him…

    • 34.1 Joongirl

      See… he doesn’t need to show his ABS to show how sexy he is, lol

  35. 35 pogo

    I love the podcast, it’s such a good thing no one was around when you guys were talking about Arang because I legit cracked up multiple times there, not to mention the sighing when you were talking about LJK and his new post-military gravitas.

    (and YES about the lighting! I thought I was the only one who noticed, but it’s particularly obvious in this last ep, when they had flashback footage from episode 3 – the contrast was glaring. Thankfully LJK and SMA are beautiful no matter what, and thank goodness being in live shoots hasn’t affected either the writers’ storytelling or the actors’ performance – I can live with a few dimmed lights, if that’s what it takes)

  36. 36 mskololia

    Thanks for the AatM and NG mentions as these are the only two kdramas on my to-watch list and NG is likely to be dropped after this week.

    I love LJK’s acting in this drama. When I saw that he was doing his own fighting scenes, it upped my love. The lighting was bad in the last couple of episodes, but sitting in dark rooms during that time period made sense so I took it with a grain of salt.

    NG is not turning out to be what was advertised and is published on so many sites so the revenge/melodrama genres are terribly misleading here. I love that SJK is the lead and look forward to reading about his next drama and look forward to watching the Wolf Boy movie.

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Aint that the truth. They used candles in those days, of course it was really dark at night.

      As much as I love SJK to pieces I can not stand melodramas. When Koreans do melo-d its excessive to the max.

  37. 37 James

    Good prediction on 착한남자 btw.

  38. 38 InSu

    Dark. Umm maybe they were trying not to get broiled by the lights?

    FYI there was a prolong heat storm during the shooting. Look at all those shinny sweating faces.

  39. 39 InSu

    Podcast talked about PSY character making some bad decisions. Ummm NG is written by an Asian. In LYH’s K-drama universe, it doesn’t matter what decesion you make, Fate brings about the same out come, it controlls everything. LHK always has characters trashing God and her dramas show Fate rules, not God.

    Side note: Writer Amy Tan’s parents were of 2 different cultural realities. Chinese Fate and Christian Faith and she was constantly jumping from one universe to the othere.
    Amy Tan wrote “Joy Luck Club” and many others.

  40. 40 missjb

    wah… Talk about over acting? My Girl and TBDAW were the only Junki ‘s project I have been saw him in. And yes my impression was he tend to OTT too much and did it so many times. But when he turn it down, he will nailed the dramatic scene (as far as i remember, he only overact in dramatic scene?). I can tolerate OTT acting sometimes, though. Especially if it’s appropiate. I have yet to watch Arang to see his progression as an actor after post army duty.

    • 40.1 Kiara

      He is a lot better in Arang and I’ve watched him in “The King and The Clown”, TBDAW, Iljimae and part of MG.

    • 40.2 Joongirl

      Ive watched almost all his drama, and for me his acts is the best, the subdued and overacted one, lol I remember his crying scene on Iljimae when they hanged his sister, I just cried like a a little girl to see that T.T

  41. 41 eeeeek

    NICEGUYYYYYY aahhhhhhhhhhh it kills me.

    did you watch ep10?
    i really want it to turn into a love story but i don’t know how likely that will be. A;OSIDJF;AOISDJF songjoongki<3

  42. 42 MeeisLee

    Aw, no Oohlala Spouses, but it seems like this was recorded before it premiered. Thanks for the podcast :D, a nice way to brighten my week.

  43. 43 pillowhead

    I love these podcast! I want to be included in this while drinking. :D. I agreed, in a scary amount, on almost everything , although i haven’t watched procecutor.

  44. 44 lorac

    I’m always a bit amazed at how my feelings and opinions of dramas fit perfectly well with Dramabean critiques. Some comments are laugh-out-loud funny and so to the point.

    I enjoyed the commentary on Vampire Prosecutor 2. This is a drama I had wanted to watch for quite some time, but finding subtitles to match the (my) files was problematic due to commercials not being edited out. (On the other hand, seeing Korean commercials was interesting… up to a point). I finally bit the bullet and spent some time fixing the subtitles and had a marathon watch of Season One while Season Two was airing. Then with Season Two, I found myself in the unenviable position of waiting week-to-week for the next episodes.

    I concur that Min Tae Yeon is a hottie. On the other hand, Yun Jung Hoon is not… but he grows on you. It’s sorta like his character in “Can Love Become Money” describing his falling in love with Yoon Da Ran. “I think I just grew fond of her. Just the way a light rain make your clothes wet, drop by drop. I just feel like I found myself in an ocean.” (Dramafever translation.) I think it’s also because he reminds me of a Korean guy I knew. Not handsome, just ordinary but with a lot of personality.

    I’ve only seen Yun Jung Hoon in one other drama, the above mentioned “Can Love Become Money.” Although that drama was not a hit, I quite enjoyed it, especially seeming Jung Hoon in a role other than a sexy, highly moral, bad-ass vampire. I do have “Jejoongwon” waiting in my viewing queue and am seriously contemplating “East of Eden.” (Although, I’m not a fan of long-running dramas, especially since I have more current dramas queued to watch.)

    And is it just me, or does anyone else feel like Yun Jung Hoon is channeling Donnie Yen in his fight scenes? I was surprised to read in an interview that he had not studied Jeet Kune Do before the role of Min Tae Yeon. If that is truly the case, he is a quick learner.

  45. 45 monita504

    I seriously enjoy listening to you ladies. Any plans to put your podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or double twist?

  46. 46 Cindy

    What’s the song at the VERY beginning? so catchy!!

    • 46.1 Rachel

      One Day by Lee Jun Ki, from the Arang OST.

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