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Even more stills from King of Dramas
by | October 15, 2012 | 56 Comments

I’m getting a kick out of the stills for the upcoming showbiz comedy drama King of Dramas, due out in a few weeks. They feature some pretty clear character types from the get-go, and when you put them all together in one combustible drama space, it’s bound to be disastrous for them and funny for us.

Kim Myung-min stars as the Midas-touch drama producer whose pitches amount to: Dramas = Money. He’s just rockin’ the three-piece suit, the overly coiffed hair, and the smug look of self-satisfaction that screams I can turn anything into money. What I’m looking forward to is his fatal flaw, because with an ego that large, there’s gotta be an equally massive fall from grace just waiting to happen.

The conflict begins when the slick producer has to work with Jung Ryeo-won, who plays an idealistic young drama writer who also hates his guts for personal reasons. She’s all about the Art, and he’s all about the bottom line. I’m liking the easy-going look for her character — she always looks a little undone and slightly frazzled, but really natural and adorable.

And then the final part of the equation is The Star, the hot commodity actor played by Choi Siwon. He’s the diva that they have to keep happy, and though the producer and writer drive each other crazy, the star drives them both even crazier. It cracks me up that he’s always half-dressed in every still for this show; the one down below is literally the first fully-clothed shot of him I’ve seen on this set. Not that anyone’s complaining, obviously.

I think this show’s got a genius-simple recipe on its hands, though of course it rests entirely on execution to spin it into something funny. Mix together 1 Jaded Producer, 1 Idealistic Writer, 1 Diva Star. Sprinkle with a dash of meta. Stir with inappropriate feelings. Cook on high till tempers boil and kitchen explodes. That sounds tasty, right?

King of Dramas follows Faith and premieres Monday November 5 on SBS.

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56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. apple

    This drama has so much potential.
    I am crossing my fingers and hope it’s more comedy than tragedy.

    • 1.1 JO

      Just looking at Kim Myung Min….so lovely and awesome. He exudes that aura of BEST DRAMA.
      I just hope it will be so

  2. Mystisith

    I love that recipe, very much. Please be good, Drama. Sidenote: Kitchens are always interesting places in Dramaland. :)))

    • 2.1 YY

      Why are kitchens interesting places in Dramaland, Mysti?

      • 2.1.1 Mystisith

        I noticed this trend: It’s the favorite room for playful flirting in the house. More than bedrooms strangely. I can’t count all the backhugs or the scenes where the girl is pushed against the sink. Rawr!

  3. Anya

    I just wish, after the second episode or so, I WANT A CHANGE, NO I DEMAND A CHANGE IN HAIRSTYLE FOR SIWON!

    • 3.1 saltandpepper

      i totally agree with you..

    • 3.2 saltandpepper

      totally agree with you..

    • 3.3 Anne

      I was worried about the hairstyle when he came to greet staff on the first day of filming, but figured, eh, he didnt even have a scene that day, he prolly was just lazy to do his hair. Maybe he’ll have better hair in the drama. But, totes disappointed. πŸ™ hotness level downed a peg, but still hot nonetheless.

    • 3.4 matinsoleil

      I can’t agree more with you on this!! Please hairstyler do something!

    • 3.5 MIKEY

      Isn’t that the same doo from Penny Pinchers?

      • 3.5.1 Moko

        looks like it

    • 3.6 Dewo

      Please someone get Shiwon a hair pin, please!

    • 3.7 kit

      the hairstyle is making me cry.

    • 3.8 YY

      Well, we should just be thankful he still has a healthy abundance of hair on his head.

      Think of the alternative: NO HAIR.

    • 3.9 am

      I cannot take him seriously with that 2008 emo do…or we’re not supposed to take his character seriously?

  4. LingLing

    I don’t know how I feel about that hairstyle on Siwon.
    But I can’t wait for this drama to come out! Looks fun!

  5. Ara

    KMM and JRW look soooo good together. I love this drama already.

  6. ss

    cant believe im saying this but, i cant wait for faith to end!

  7. mandicg

    Now that Arang and the Magistrate is ending :'( I think this will be the next drama I’ll watch!! or maybe I Miss You…or both!!!!

  8. Mar

    Thanks for the update. I like the premise. The actors, not really a draw for me. I’ll check it out for promising plot though. Crossing fingers for something fun.

  9. Sowon

    wow! my beethoven virus maestro! ^^ & AGAIN in those fancy suits!! well, actually i like the grey one! πŸ˜‰

  10. 10 Noelle

    want to watch this now

  11. 11 JoJo

    Believe that picture of Siwon was taken when he dropped by the set to say “Howdy” and give a cake to JRW. According to the terms of his contract with KoD producers, he’s got to show his abs in every episode…not complaining.

    • 11.1 AuntieMame

      Wow! That’s really fan-service. Abs every episode, I can hardly wait! LOL

    • 11.2 skinnymocha

      At some point, there must be a parody of Siwon’s acting career.

      • 11.2.1 visitor

        Maybe this is it? =)

  12. 12 Monona

    Wait, who’s the main lead and who’s the second lead?

    • 12.1 reyna

      i believe Siwon is the 2nd lead? am i right peeps?

      • 12.1.1 canxi

        Yup, yup.

    • 12.2 pipit

      I think (and this is the only reason why I’m going to watch it) KMM is the lead.

      Hopefully this one will be great because without meaning to be mean to Siwon all his previous projects were….. well I don’t want this drama to be a flop. Anything with KMM in it needs to be spectacular.

      Love how they dress my Master Kang!

  13. 13 come2noona

    Looking good, KMM, looking good! This is definitely on my “to watch” list.

  14. 14 saltandpepper

    definitely gonna watch this….

  15. 15 Anne

    The fully clothed Siwon picture isnt even a still from the drama. That waswhen he came to surprise the staff on the first day of filming with a cake in hand. He didnt even had a scene to film that day. He just wanted to grace the set with his perfect self. How generous of him, really.

    • 15.1 canxi

      LMAO. I find that even funnier. So he’ll be half-naked all drama long is what they are actually trying to say. XD

      • 15.1.1 Anne

        I believe so. Can’t wait for all the pervy comments really. Im sure there’ll be a lot.

        And isnt it starting to get chilly in korea? Poor bb.

  16. 16 girlatsea

    Kim Myung-min in those three-piece suits. *fans self*

  17. 17 Lovebug

    Obligatory Siwon post about doing second season of Skip Beat!

    But really looking forward to this minus Siwon’s hair!

  18. 18 umalily

    Now if only the writer would be attracted to the diva also in a self-disgusted way. It would be pretty funny.

  19. 19 Arhazivory

    I love the stills. This is one I’m looking forward to.

  20. 20 Kdrama fan

    I gotta say anything KMM is in, I’m on it! 😍

    I’ve loved his acting since I saw Beethoven’s Virus. I forget that he is an actor when he performs. AND he is looking sharp in all the suits AND there is his famous sneer! Hehehe

    • 20.1 pipit

      You know what, I love his sneer too!

  21. 21 chichiri

    But Siwon, what is that hair?

  22. 22 jedi

    Kim Myung Min !!!
    Yay !!!!!

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    Man, I am excited about this drama. Thank you for the news.

  24. 24 asianromance

    “though the producer and writer drive each other crazy, the star drives them both even crazier.” —> LOL! I’m in!

    • 24.1 pipit

      β€œthough the producer and writer drive each other crazy, the star drives them both even crazier: it’s the best description of a perfect romcom, if only the director and the writers could deliver on the premise!

  25. 25 zoe

    Never liked Jung Ryeo-won…but I must say she is looking great in all d pics! Not ghostly white like in salaryman and for the first time looking fresh and a bit healthy…KMM is gonna rock dis character! Cant wait!

  26. 26 Kang Song Kyung

    Ever since Salary Man, I’ve had my sights on Jung Ryeo Won.
    Hope this drama doesn’t disappoint!

  27. 27 erwinia

    looking forward to this show because of Masetro Kim Myung Min. He is the only gold in Beethoven Virus when the rest of the stuff are crap.

  28. 28 Koirv

    I LOVE YOU KIM MYUNG MIN. Actually, if it were another actor, even though the plot is undeniably the best ahhhh, I still won’t watch it. Thank God for the perfect actor, Kim Myung-min.

    I hope this will be a light drama, not a melodrama. Goodness, KMM knows how to choose his roles really.

    *Crossing fingers for Best Actor hihihi*

  29. 29 MsB

    For Jung Ryeo-won, I would watch this if I had time as I loved her in History of a Salaryman!

  30. 30 anne2ken

    can’t wait for the recaps of this. haha

    really love kang mae in BV, and now looking forward for another master piece. πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Enz

    Sounds like something that could potentially be very funny and good. Fingers crossed. Haven’t watched any current dramas after answer me.. Will take a chance on this one and maybe I missed you for yoon eun hye..

  32. 32 n818

    Thanks gf ! I’m just holding it in. Worried I might jinx the drama.

  33. 33 Carinne

    Is that… is that a 3 o’clock shadow on Siwon’s face?? That better be a part of the script ’cause I can’t wait to see it in HD.

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