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Faith: Episode 21
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Woodalchi has a new recruit, and while we don’t exactly get shenanigans from this living situation, we do get some nicely stirring moments of connection out of it. I’m pretty sure I don’t mind at all. ‘Cause who wants hijinks when you can have meaningful conversation and an excuse for skinship?


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After the initial amusement at discovering that the new Woodalchi recruit is Eun-soo, Young asks for the reason: “You say you’re leaving in another half month. Why do you enter my room and say you’ll stay with me?” The way he phrases it makes it sound like he’s taking this as a bigger commitment than temporary sanctuary and hijinks, but then again, maybe it is.

Eun-soo says it’s because the king said it was safest here, though it’s sounding a bit like an excuse. Young sighs that he could never figure her out, but has finally realized that her concern for his welfare drives a lot of her actions. And that’s why she wanted them to return to the palace this time too, isn’t it?

She nods. He says, “Even though you risked your life.” She replies, “But I didn’t die.” Honey, I’m not sure that’s such a huge consolation coming from the poisoned one.

He takes her hands, and lays out their priorities. First is procuring her antidote: “So once we cure the poisoning even without you returning to heaven, I’ll ask you: Can you stay?” He says he knows she has people waiting for her up in heaven, “But I will still ask anyway: I will protect you for the rest of my life, so will you stay with me?

First off, that’s sweet. Secondly, you just asked. What is it with drama characters who tell you they’re going to say something in advance of them saying it? Like it doesn’t count yet, but later it totally will. Just give her the promise ring already.

Tearily, she says it won’t be easy protecting her. He knows that, “But if I have you, it will be for the rest of my life. Not just today, or a few days. So when I ask you, will you answer?” She nods.

Outside, the Woodalchi all grin knowingly at each other. I love that they love to be all up in their boss’s love life, and how much they enjoy it. But only behind his back, of course.

Gongmin calls for Young to ask when he’ll return officially. He says he offered her a lofty government title for her protection, but she preferred to join Woodalchi. Does that mean he’s back?

Young says there’s one thing he wants to take care of first, asking for permission to take out Deok-heung. If he cannot provide an official reason, Young will take care of it personally. Gongmin replies: “Let us do it officially.” Aww, yeah.

Young returns to Woodalchi headquarters where a training session is under way, with Dol-bae getting his butt kicked while the others (including Eun-soo) cheer on. My favorite thing about this scene is that Eun-soo has indeed taught them all how to high-five. (Second favorite: Dol-bae leaves hapless Deok-man hanging.)

Young pulls Eun-soo aside and scolds her for being out in the yard, not remaining hidden out of sight. She half-mumbles her excuse, that she was told it was okay since they’re all part of the Woodalchi family, and that she was going to go to the palace infirmary for materials but was told to wait for his approval. He gives it, but orders her to keep four guards with her and continue her work indoors.

She cutely answers with a “Yes, Boss!” to all of his conditions. He must like it too, since he asks her to repeat it, getting all up in her face… only to be interrupted by Choong-seok. Yeah, it’s not so sexy when he says it.

Ki Chul presents himself to the king to repeat his request for the doctor. Aw, when did he go from being the scary bad guy to being the guy to whom the king sighs and says, “You again?”

Loss of menace aside, Ki Chul says he’ll have to go find her himself. He sends his minions to do some killing at the palace infirmary; Eum-ja and Hwasuin stroll right in and start killing people left and right. Eun-soo isn’t here, but they go ahead and slice-n-burn their way through the building anyway. The only one who escapes death is Deoki, who huddles in a corner quietly.

Eun-soo leaves Woodalchi headquarters with her retinue of bodyguards, all while regaling them with the story of Chun-hyang. It’s so cute the way the boys all react to the story’s dramatic turns, particularly as the wicked Magistrate Byun punishes the virtuous Chun-hyang for rejecting his indecent proposal.

Deoki runs in and grabs Eun-soo, all in a panic and pointing off toward the infirmary. Bloody bodies are strewn everywhere, and while the Woodalchi men scope out the grounds for danger, Eun-soo surveys the carnage on the verge of hysterics. The men confirm that the intruders are gone, but they make a shocking discovery. We don’t see what it is, but Dol-bae hands over a small pot to Eun-soo, telling her that Jang Bin “had hidden it in his grasp.” He’s dead.

Aw, really, drama? This is how you’re getting rid of Philip Lee? An ignominious offscreen death by Flute Boy and Fire Hand, without putting up a fight? I know he’s technically injured, but it’s not like your star had to go off to army before the show ended and you had to resort to body doubles, unlike some dramas.

Deoki and Eun-soo try to push their way into the room, but the men block their paths, insisting that she must return to headquarters immediately in case they come back.

Eun-soo flashes back to a conversation she had with Jang Bin, where he diagnosed her poison prick and told her he’d look for the cure. This must be the thing he guarded at his death.

The next ones to encounter Flute and Hands are our Suribang informants. One of the boys launches himself at Hands with his spear, but she burns his chest on contact. Thankfully his archer buddy is able to shoot an arrow at her and break their contact. They don’t do any damage to our baddies, but at least they manage to scramble to safety.

Ki Chul and Deok-heung are busy with their new plot, and while I totally don’t get why they’d think it wise to join forces, I suppose it’s neater to have one axis of evil to worry about, rather than lots of random free agents crashing around all willy-nilly. Ki Chul warns Deok-heung not to go plotting—leave the thinking to him. Deok-heung agrees, but you know, there’s something about him that doesn’t inspire lots of confidence. Maybe it’s the dozen times he lied and backstabbed and poisoned people?

Young goes to Ki Chul to demand Deok-heung, since he knows he’s harboring him. He orders his men to ransack the house looking for him, having received the king’s permission. Ki Chul is, as ever, fixated on his heaven obsession and states that he interrogated everybody who’d been there at heaven’s gate and saw Young walk through it with Eun-soo. Did Young make up the story and order them to stick to it? Or did Eun-soo trick them?

Young warns that Deok-heung is on the hook for kidnapping the queen, and if he falls, then Ki Chul won’t be able to escape scot-free either. He’s about to head out, hearing that a vehicle was seen leaving, but Ki Chul grabs his arm to stop him. “Let me meet her,” he entreats. “Just tell me where. I won’t kill her—there is something I must ask.”

Young replies that Ki Chul is guilty of a whole host of crimes, so he can’t allow him access to her. Ki Chul actually looks crushed. Aw, I know he’s the baddie, but he’s been on a real bad streak lately, hasn’t it? It almost makes me pity him.

Speedy Dae-man catches up to Deok-heung’s getaway carriage and overtakes the driver. The rest of the Woodalchi surround it with swords drawn. Deok-heung is caught.

Young reports this to Gongmin, who instructs them to lock him up to await questioning tomorrow. Today he has a state assembly to hold, with the councillors who are all, at the moment, questioning the king’s ability to lead and the value of his decision to lead them into possible war.

Gongmin informs Young of Jang Bin’s fate, adding that Eun-soo is badly shaken up to lose her only friend. And that’s only the half of it; he gets word of the other attack on the Suribang men, though at least that one had no deaths. He gets the confirmation that Ki Chul’s minions are the culprits, and they’re on the hunt for Eun-soo.

Young finds Eun-soo in his quarters, pretending she’s fine as she works on her medicines. She’s in a bad way, and she starts to cry as she tells him that Jang Bin was her teacher and friend, and he died because of her. She shows him the antidote, saying that she’s not certain whether it’ll work, but she’s already feeling its effects.

She blames herself for his death, crying, “I killed him.” Young silently removes her armor and tucks her into bed. She doesn’t resist, and he takes a seat next to her bed and tells her his story:

He killed for the first time when he was 16. It was a foreign enemy, and everyone praised him for his skill. So he felt proud at first, but that night he found himself awake and shivering from cold, only it wasn’t cold. He still remembers the day, and the man’s face. But he doesn’t remember the second kill in the same way; he thinks to himself, “One more.”

“So I know what it means. I killed him. Those are not words to say so lightly.”

Eun-soo wakes up at dawn to find Young preparing for his day. She watches as he takes a look at the antidote and wills him to look at her at the count of three. One… two… and when she looks up, he’s in her face (ha), telling her to rise and shine if she wants breakfast.

Then he says his goodbye and heads out, and she counts down again. One… two… and he turns back for a last smile.

First order of business: Deok-heung. Young heads down to the prison and gives him one last chance to offer up the antidote. Deok-heung asks what he’ll get if he hands it over—will Young give Eun-soo to him for his bride? Oh, still barking up that tree, are we?

A full pat-down reveals nothing. Envoy Sohn Yoo joins them in the dungeons to throw a wrench in the works, informing Young that it isn’t in his power to confine or interrogate Deok-heung. That power lies with Yuan. Deok-heung smirks.

Young asks the envoy why he tried to kill Eun-soo. Wouldn’t it be more fitting to keep her alive, if word of her achievements had reached so far? Sohn Yoo merely replies that he’ll explain himself to Eun-soo.

Young asks how Sohn Yoo knew his name. The answer? The envoy was informed that the king could go either way—tiger or domesticated cat. To tame him, his right-hand-man Choi Young would have to be eliminated. Young asks if he came to Goryeo to bring down the king. Sohn Yoo replies, “I haven’t yet decided which side to bring down.”

It seems like a significant setback, but our guys are working a bigger plot: Young reports to the king, who talks as if this is going according to plan. Still, Young voices his misgivings—they just handed Deok-heung over, and Ki Chul is likely planning to attack the king. He asks for soldiers to launch a pre-emptive attack.

But Gongmin resists, wanting his council’s agreement first. Young argues that their enemy doesn’t require that kind of official approval, but Gongmin wants to do this properly.

And so, both sides launch into strategy mode: Ki Chul and Deok-heung start sizing up the king’s army, meeting with other noblemen to gain their participation. They’ve got a persuasive argument, saying the king plans to claim their slaves and their properties in order to fund his war with Yuan. Thus, he will replace the king with Deok-heung, arguing that it’s for the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Meanwhile Gongmin consults with his statesmen. What’s clear is that the enemy far outnumbers the king’s forces. If they sit and wait, they may find themselves in the untenable position of fighting Yuan on the outside, and Ki Chul’s forces on the inside. He states that they have just cause to fight Ki Chul (for kidnapping Noguk), and thus must not lose their opportunity to take them down for good.

Not surprisingly, it takes a while. Gongmin presents his points, but the statesmen argue it out amongst themselves and get nowhere near a decision. Gongmin tells Young, who’s plotting out his offensive with the soldiers, that he plans to take each statesman aside and persuade them one by one. Time is of the essence, since the success of their plan demands a lightning strike, and Gongmin knows to hurry. But he won’t proceed without getting their agreement.

Young isn’t appeased, and reminds him that they let Deok-heung go as bait: “Did you throw bait without preparing a fishing rod? Do you know what it means to fish?”

And yet, Gongmin holds firm. I love that he’s finding his spine, and he tells Young that as king, he needs proper justification for doing things. He reminds Young of his own words on that night they’d been attacked in the inn, when Young had told him not to run away and stay behind him, so that Young could protect him. He asks now, “How long must I hide behind you?” He asks for patience, and Young agrees, however reluctantly.

Gongmin gives Young a different task: to find the ones who killed Jang Bin, and capture them. Alive.

Young accepts the mission, and heads out… and drops his sword. Ackkkkk! OH NO.

Everybody looks spooked, most of all Young himself. And me.

Eun-soo checks on Noguk’s health, which is recovering nicely. Noguk, however, has been thinking about the things Eun-soo mentioned earlier and asks for more of “heaven’s information.” Previously Eun-soo had asked how the king would fare without his wife, and Noguk has guessed that Eun-soo knew she had a weak womb and might have trouble conceiving. Noguk asks when she and the king will be able to conceive again, which is exactly the sort of question Eun-soo struggles to answer. (Historically Noguk died in childbirth, after which Gongmin basically went crazy. Tear.)

Noguk half-guesses, “Do I leave [this world] first? Is that why you said that?”

Eun-soo is spared from answering by Lady Choi, who calls her aside. She has a letter from the envoy, who requested that Eun-soo read it personally and send a reply. Eun-soo isn’t sure she’d be able to read the hanja properly, but one look at the note has her eyes widening in shock.

She heads over immediately to face Sohn Yoo, slapping down the letter. On it are two characters: Eun-soo. In hangul.

She confirms that he wrote it. Does he know what the letters mean? He asks her the same thing. Oh phew, so you’re not some weird psychic or time-traveler. We have enough of those.

While searching for the doctor, Flute and Hands come upon another Suribang warrior, this time the tall swordsman with the crush on Young. He fights them in a brief clash, but it comes to a stalemate and they both back off. Suribang names his price: 100 nyang, for the doctor’s location.

Flute and Hands follow him through the neighborhood until he comes upon a house, pointing them inside. Our villains are wary enough to proceed with suspicion, but Eum-ja’s super hearing at least informs them that there’s nothing (in the way of an ambush, say) lurking. So they head into the house, only to find the doors and windows immediately blocked off.

Hardly a worry for Hwasuin, who can just burn the place down—except that Eum-ja finds the house marked with oil. While they laugh off their feeble incarceration, Dae-man runs and brings Young to the site. As ordered, they haven’t been harmed, just trapped.

Not for long, since Eum-ja knocks a door down and steps out. But by now, the whole place is teeming with Woodalchi, with swords and bows at the ready.

Eum-ja reaches for his flute, only to get an arrow flying at him and preventing him from playing it. Hwasuin flings one of her fiery bombs (I always think of them as apples, heh), but Young slices at it and sends it exploding safely away from them.

Our baddies still look confident and brash, until Woodalchi hurl little containers at their feet, surrounding them in flammable liquid. Now they look worried, and Young warns that if she uses her fire against them, she’d be the first to go up in flames.

She accuses him of being cowardly for stooping to such tactics, and challenges him to a fair one-on-one fight. HA. Is this what we call honor among thieves? He sneers, “Why should I?” Then he grabs a bow and arrow and fires, pinning her sleeve to the door. Another arrow gets her other arm. Eum-ja reaches for his flute, and Young’s third arrow knocks it aside. Okay, that’s pretty cool.

He holds them at swordpoint and orders them captured and tied up. And then… his arm starts to shake. ACK!

Young quickly lowers his sword, but Hwasuin definitely clocks the trembling. Ugh. I have bad, bad vibes. At least she’s neutralized for now, because Young douses her in the oil to prevent her from using her old tricks.

Young walks away massaging his hand, looking concerned.

Eun-soo and Sohn Yoo have a circular conversation, thanks to their mutual distrust of each other’s politics, about whether he’d accuse her of witchcraft if she admitted to being able to read the letter, and if she’d lie about her answers. So he proposes compromise: this conversation is off the record, and they’ll disavow having had it as soon as they leave the table.

Sohn Yoo explains that he drew the characters because he remembered what they looked like, but doesn’t actually know what it says. He saw them written in his great-great-grandfather’s journal, which gramps had likely copied from elsewhere. The journal contained descriptions of a woman of using plants and “heaven’s tools” to heal people. She saved lives, and one of her patients grew up to become the leader of a band of robbers who killed off everyone in his village. Lordy.

That great-great-grandfather left a letter behind stating that if in his time he came across a woman doctor from heaven, he was to kill her immediately, to keep the world at peace. He asks what she thinks of this, and if she’s ever saved a life that shouldn’t have been saved.

Eun-soo answers that to a doctor, there is nobody who shouldn’t be saved. He asks her whether she came from heaven, and she answers, “No.” He asks her to read the characters, and she lies, “What are you doing over there?”

Young makes a stop to see the Suribang ajumma, who has also been working on finding an antidote. She doesn’t think one exists, but there are a couple of medicines with painkilling properties, and he grabs the vials and hurries home, worrying that he’s left her all alone all day. Uh, she’s not a dog.

When he returns to Woodalchi headquarters, he hears her voice cheerily directing the men to drink up a tea she’s brewed up as a health tonic. Young walks in and interrupts the festivities with his stone face, ever the killjoy. But today, hilariously, he just holds out his hand and takes his dose, then lets out a smile. See, you don’t always have to kill the mood!

That night, she works on her antidote studies again and thinks back to the rest of her conversation with Sohn Yoo. He’d asked whether she could continue living on without saving any lives—just being still and not making waves. It’s his job to get rid of dangers to his people, after all.

She’d answered that she knows people’s bodies, and that a person needs to react to invasive elements in order to build up a defense to them: “Telling someone not to live a full live because you’re afraid of the world? What kind of crap is that?”

She’d continued, “So history changes because of me? Well, what am I supposed to do about it? You ask if I came from another world? If I’m living here, it’s MY world. Thinking how I lived not able to breathe, it really pisses me off. Do you still have to kill me? Give it a try.”

Eun-soo prods Young to take the bed tonight, citing doctor’s orders. He asks about her antidote research, and as she talks she unties her hair and shakes it out. Young hands her a comb… and drops it on the floor. EEK. Every time he does that, my heart just drops.

Eun-soo doesn’t think much of it, but when he reaches to pick it up again, he drops it again. And now she knows something’s wrong, and guesses it’s not the first time, either.

Immediately in doctor mode, she intertwines their fingers and instructs him to pull. She doesn’t find anything wrong, and he dismisses it as a lack of sleep: “So let’s sleep.” Rawr. Now we’re talking.

He lays down, and she starts to walk away—but he grabs her wrist and pulls her down next to him. And when she lies down, he holds out his hand for her to take. Aw, it’s sweet.

Gongmin receives an unnerving request, to go to the government office that is currently under Deok-heung’s control. It’s so the Yuan envoy can question the two candidates closely and decide who to back. Our baddies wait there, with Deok-heung skeptical and Ki Chul certain that the king will join them. Their expectation is to swap the kings, and then Ki Chul can turn his attention to the bloodshed to follow.

Young cautions Gongmin not to go, saying that the king is making himself bait. Gongmin says wryly, “I don’t know much about fishing.” Ha. Way to callback.

Young outlines the plan. They’ll station royal guards around the premises, and Woodalchi will escort him inside personally. They must keep the royal army’s involvement quiet, lest the enemies mobilize their private army in response.

He also explains the plan to Eun-soo as he suits up, saying that he’ll have to take a number of Woodalchi and leave headquarters (and Eun-soo) a bit more understaffed than he’d like. I love the way she dresses him and informs him of her plans for the day, like a mundane married couple. The mood is light as she buckles him in to his chestplate, and he smiles, saying, “The new recruit sure is arrogant.”

But then they both pause, because she’s hiding her fears behind his back, head against his back. She takes a long moment, then because we love her, she holds it together and puts the smile back on, telling him he’s all ready.

The king readies as well, with his entourage following him. Outside, the Woodalchi men get into position with their weapons… and miss seeing the return of our hat-wearing assassin. Ack! I’d forgotten about you! (Also: Come ON, Woodalchi! I begin to doubt your competence as the nation’s elite. No, that’s a lie; I’ve been doubting for a while now. So cute, but kinda not the sharpest tools, are they?)

So it is that Eun-soo is working alone, barely guarded, when Black Hat shows up. Uh-oh.


Oh, Woodalchi. *shakes head in chagrin* Either you’re terribly overrated as the awesomest warriors who ever warriored, or Goryeo standards of self-protection are pitifully low, or this drama is directed to show you in the most bumbling lights ever. None of these options is appealing to me, but I know which one I’m putting my money on.

It’s not that the actual plot moment is bad, but more that I feel like we’re getting more and more slapdash in the execution here as we near the end. I’m pretty forgiving of dramas getting a little ragged around the edges toward their ends as the live edit syndrome really kicks in, because those are some crazy working conditions they’re dealing with, and yet at a certain (low) point you just can’t overlook it any longer. Like Philip Lee’s exit, which I understood and was totally prepared for. And yet… that was the best you could do, huh? I almost feel like the show could have just ignored his existence and it would have been a smoother exit, since they’ve been all but ignoring this character all along anyway. Well, at least he gets to almost-maybe-sorta save Eun-soo’s life, offscreen.

Raise your hands if you’re tired of the Eun-soo-in-peril, Eun-soo-gets-kidnapped, or Eun-soo-left-alone-at-conveniently-inconvenient-times story beats. I did really enjoy the scenes of her living with Young, so at least it gave us that. Their quiet couple moments together—the little beats, like the holding hands or the dressing each other like comfortable partners—are so much more moving than big, epic, sweeping kisses, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not saying I don’t want kisses—perish the thought!—but those don’t have the same lovely heartfelt undertones as the other gestures, the ones that show them living as companions and enjoying every bit of time together. It’s the difference between promise versus reality. One sounds a lot more romantic in words, but with the other one you get to actually live the experience.

But it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that she’d be in danger the moment Young admitted he was leaving Woodalchi emptier than he’d like. It would have been nice if the danger had been laid into the story more cleverly, though, because some dude sneaking by a few oblivious guards doesn’t do much to amp up the suspense factor.

Which isn’t to say the show is lacking in suspense. Because when Young’s hand started trembling uncontrollably, I just went Ooooooof. Heart dropped down to my feet. I love the introduction of this conflict just as much as I hate what it does for our characters’ sake—because yay, here’s a problem with emotional stakes. One we really care about. One that puts Young in immediate and direct peril, and possibly puts puts him into a crisis of existential proportions. How can he protect his king and his love when he’s no longer sure he’s capable of it?

I mean, yes, we do know historically that Choi Young went on to live many more years, so surely this thing isn’t going to be the thing to do him in. Except… is it? I do like how Faith explores the time-leap question from a philosophical standpoint, in the question of what it does to history (or what creates history, since Eun-soo’s interference was actually the thing that resulted in the history she came to know). It’s something our other time-leap shows have explored much less, some better than others and some not at all. It’s nice to have the question up in the air, of having our assumptions about history and time-warping put to the test. It’s true that things are “supposed to” play out a certain way… but in this world, people still have autonomy, and I wanted to cheer Eun-soo when she declared that it’s as much her world now as it is theirs, since she’s livin’ in it. What’s the point of anything if you’re just supposed to sit still and breathe? She’s decided to be of this world too, and that means she’s going to matter in it, like it or not.

So all that is well and good. But as an unfortunate side effect, it makes me really, really nervous about Young. I just don’t know how we’re going to recover from this. Eek!


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    Seen the episode already.
    Wahh, Jang Bin. They should have shown Jang Bin. Not just what has happened.

    Fave scene: when they have training session. Dol-bae only high-fived Eun-Soo.

  11. 11 Kim Yoonmi

    The writing out of Philip Lee was entertaining for me… I was laughing awkwardly rather than crying… ^^;;

    • 11.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Oh and the Noguk thing really tugged at my heart since I know her written fate. It was well acted.

  12. 12 JJ

    with the hand shaking thing I have my own theory, I think he might lost his inner power

    This episode is really romantic to me, no need kiss or anything…just living and comfortably together that is a great moment

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I think it has to do with the “sword is getting too heavy to carry” thing. Because that’s the first item he dropped.

      It would give her a reason to go back to Heaven… ’cause if he has a big surgery, then she needs to fix it… so he can live to 80’s like the history books say.

    • 12.2 momosa

      His cure… take long hot baths, and he needs to take off his clothes before that. Hah!

      • 12.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Or he needs to restore his yin. keke. Religious joke… not sure anyone will get it though.

        • momosa

          And we know who will be the yang. And for the first time yin yang sounds x-rated to me. Gosh, only LMH can give me such perverted thoughts…

  13. 13 AnneOfGreenGable

    i wonder how this will end??
    i still hope for a happy ending.
    but in reality, it is not possible.
    i hope Faith will surprise me…

    • 13.1 owl

      Just had to comment on your name, Anne of Green Gables! My fav series (and books)!Let’s just wish into reality a happy ending together for Faith!

      • 13.1.1 AnneOfGreenGable

        hi owl!
        glad to hear someone who read the Gable book and seen the series.
        yey, for a Faith happy ending 🙂

    • 13.2 modestgoddess

      Anne/Gilbert forever!

  14. 14 dulcedeleche

    So, his first sword drop…I was like NOOOOO your sword can’t get heavy. But then I thought about it and its the after effects of Ki Chul’s ki powers.

    The time traveling issues is interesting. If history is diverging from what we know it as….and Korea no longer exists in the future would Eun Soo just disappear there in this world? Like in Back to the Future?

    Or has this become more of a Back to the Future 2 kinda alternate reality? Past/Future Eun-soo (Hwata or whatever) is the alternate Eun-soo and Eun-soo is from the real timeline visiting alternate land? So she won’t just magically disappear if history gets muddled up so that she never exists?

  15. 15 Angskeet

    holy shiite! i thought Faith was already over.

  16. 16 Awe

    Mighty speedy recap, Ms J-Beans. thank you!

    have to agree with you on the couple moments vs. kisses. these two really exude a tender honesty between each other and for me, it speaks volumes way more than the kisses.

    a little disturbed about the exit of P.Lee and how they executed it, but heh, shit happens.

    this drama has become a very roller-coastery ride of emo deceits and betrayals. just really really happy Flute Boy and Fire Hands were caught. Now, pls show, pls pls pls give us a morsel of revenge by pushing them through heaven’s door…or sumptin. pls.

    loving the screenshots. i must say the beanoid recappers give the best screenshots (lol-sounds kinda nasty). thanks for screenshots. <3

  17. 17 SH

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    -I’m not really that surprised about the wooldalchi and their incompetence, but the writer did include “having new recruits” plot to the story.

    -I’m not tired of ES needing to be protected plot because that is the premise to begin with. She is trapped in a dangerous world where life and death can happen in mere seconds. She has not super power, and there’s only so much intelligence one can use. For someone needing to be protected, I find her to be fierce and independent with regard to her decision-making.

    -Dr. Jang’s exit was alright. A closure; he didn’t play such a huge role in the story to begin with. At least we know, he died saving a lifeline for ES. Get well soon, Phillip Lee!

    -Son Yoo is an interesting character; I wonder if he holds the key to unlocking time-travel mystery.

    -I love everything related to Young and Eun-soo in this episode. So sincere, romantic and subtle but not overtly cheesy.

    -Political chess game continues, but at least Gongmin is growing some balls and starts making decisions on his own. I do notice a distance between Young and Gongmin.

    -Poor Noguk 🙁

    -Hooray, Firelady and Fluteboy are captured. Next up is DH (or Duckhind-Ass as the folks at Faith Soompi called him). And KC, I really felt bad for you last episode, but not anymore.

    -Overall, this is my favorite episode so far 😀

    • 17.1 Misha

      Perfect summary 😀

    • 17.2 MargaretB

      Well done as usual, SH! Love your input!

      • 17.2.1 LP

        i agree with all your points.

        now i wonder how many people will call LMH “General” when he’s out in public…..

        • mary

          You can all call him General, I’ll call him yeobo(?) 😛

    • 17.3 Waca

      I agree with all your points! 🙂

  18. 18 mima

    It’s official. Faith and LMH character CY as he well potrayed got me at heartbeat. Java, love. U R awesome for doing this.
    This episode started as sweet as chocolate. In the middle tasted a bit like Lemon. End ended with a thriller.
    That almost intimacy stuff, hopefully those writers do something bold about it, like stat! I mean, think passionate affection times a hundred it should comes out with something hot and sexy, right? Or, think Twilight scene (for a kiss and sleeping side-by-side scene for instance )
    Please don’t make tonight episode as an all war stuff or heartwrenching goodbyes… Still what makes an epic story, right….

  19. 19 Midori

    “say General one more time”— to me that was THE RAWR moment I was at the edge of my seat just waiting for that kiss…and then the Vice General interrupted. TIMING man, learn it properly! >,<

    I do agree that the Eun-soo in danger and Eun-soo gets kidnapped plot is becoming a little too old. I wish that for the last remaining episodes, they would steer clear of that and maybe just spend some more time working on the love stories of both couples and bringing the power tug of war to a close. I think that starting another wild goose chase will only force the writers to take even more shortcuts…and well, the ending will suck and the story won't make as much sense.

    • 19.1 owl

      The say gen-er-al was a stroke my CY ego moment, and then – *burst!* yeah, a walk-in-on-that-there-oops! Drat!

      I agree with javabeans and midori that there is enough to untangle in the remaining few episodes without adding any more complications. It was a bit of a jumbled pre-curtain call episode with everybody on stage this episode (even poor Dr. Jang by mention).

      I need to see a few things resolved before this baby is over – I’m counting on not being disappointed.There have been a few super tender moments, yes, but I want a long to die for smackerondalipsbigtime. No use in saying I want it sooner, it’s already later!

      ‘Twas a super speedy (caffeinated??) recap, javabeans, thanks!

  20. 20 kirara

    Yeah.. I was disappointed in how they killed off Doctor’s character.. I was like HUH WHAT?? They didn’t even show the scene of him ONE LAST SCENE of him in pain, or you know dead..I understand he needed to exit but that was a lame execution.

    in Answer to your question, YES!! I raise my hand to tired of the repeat cycle of having to save Eun Soo (am I the only person raising the hand??) because YES it is getting tiresome… she can only be safe when Young is here to save her.. but he can’t be in two places at once..

    Now I’m really scared to know what happens next…

    Thanks for posting!

    • 20.1 skelly

      There are SO many ways they could have made Jang’s death cooler and more dramatic. After all, he showed himself in some of the early episodes to be a clever warrior in his own right. So what happened to his skills, and what about that fan? At least answer the questions – they could have taken him by surprise, for example, when he was working on the antidote, and demand that he destroy it all – so when he refuses they cut him down, and we could see his last desperate act to hide the last sample.

      But then, Faith is an ok show that is all about lost opportunities for drama and excitement. Take away the squeeing about LMH, and what is actually left? The king emoting his little heart out, Jang dead on the floor and ES in peril, yet again. For fun, when this show is over I will attempt to list all of the times they cut off a scene too soon or didn’t go where they could have to really give this show depth and emotional pull.

      • 20.1.1 cutieblue

        This comment is exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while about Faith. They’ve laid the groundwork for an interesting premise and interesting characters, but then they don’t complete them. It’s got tons of potential, but I feel almost like things are too busy to fully develop anything. :/
        They should have only brought up half of the plot points and given us a rich, deep story rather than cram in soo many complications.
        The weak hand of Choi Young pulls on my heartstrings, too, but I can’t help but feel like we don’t need even more drama. Isn’t being from different times and everyone trying to kill them enough??

  21. 21 Indiannomad

    Like you, I loved the quiet realistic moments of love, companionship and concern that the two share.

    Why does a dressing up scene always conjure up its opposite in the head…Is it just me?

    I love that Look in his eye as he says he couldnt figure her until he realized all of her actions were driven by concern for him….its an open acknowledgement that she holds his complete attention and his heart without explicitly saying “I love you too” And the “yes General” say it again scene.. and the wordless, hold my hand, stay with me, take the comb scene.. they are well executed.. although I saw one flaw….Any one notice that she lay down next to him with her hair open, untied and woke up the next morning with her hair tied?

    Thank you for the recap, it makes so many subtleties clear to my Non-Korean Mind.

  22. 22 mary

    UUUUUGGGGHHHH why is his hand shaking?!

    By the way, it’s not kdrama cancer, is it?


    • 22.1 Waca

      Hahaha that was hilarious! Thx for the link! 😀

  23. 23 JMin

    Dear javabeans,

    Thanks for the recap!

    Do you know the title of the song for ost of ep 20, scene where queen lose her baby.

    • 23.1 MargaretB

      It’s “Because it’s you” by One Piece. You can find it here :

      The song is really nice! Love it so much! By the way, Korean seem to obssess with this title. I’ve heard dozen of OSTs which have the same name this year.

      • 23.1.1 JMin

        Thanks!find ! IKR! been trying to this song since last week. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  24. 24 meix2

    What would have been easier… A casual reference that Jang Bin has been despatched somewhere for his medical skills to explain his absence or one super awkward sequence which has him killed off screen??? I’m also a bit baffled since it was shown way early on that JB also had some decent fighting skills and internal power, so how can he be killed so easily??

    Although I’m first to say that I love Faith, I feel that the whole ‘get Eun Soo’ thing is getting so old. It’s got to the point where the only reaction I can muster is ‘What… again???’

  25. 25 F.Ids

    I really enjoy reading the recap before watching the episode. i am.kinda disappointed about dr Jang’s case. i mean, we didnt even see him for a last farewell.

  26. 26 houstontwin

    Maybe Young has the same health issue as Ki Chul.

    • 26.1 JoAnne

      definitely feel it’s connected

  27. 27 Island Gal

    Another great episode, loved it!!!!!!!
    Couple scenes were so sweet as usual, totally agree that CY and ES have great chemistry.

    I wonder if CY is losing his lightning power like KC who seems to be weakening. I was so hoping he would have zapped the evil twins and DH to death, oh well. Hope he will be ok …

    Woodalchi boys had me cracking up though, all of them smiling at the general behind his back, love the camaraderie with these guys drinking their raisin tree tea.LOL

    Michael Jackson Suribang also had me cracking up, l mean what’s his deal, guy looks ridiculous ROFL

    Can’t wait for the next episode, OMG what will I do when Faith is finally over? (slaps forehead). :'(

    Keep up the good work Faith and Dramabeans!

    • 27.1 Alex

      Bahahaha… Thought i was the only onw thinking that he resembles Michael Jackson. Hi-5 bab

    • 27.2 owl

      The entire show could have done without any special powers whatsoever – zapping, icing, lightning, fluting, burning, fanning- and still have been the same story. The coolest effects are the martial arts moves, anyhoot, especially the flying leaps and highkicks:) so who needs random special powers?

    • 27.3 Ladytron33

      You know, every time I see the Suribang in white, i get really sad. It’s obvious that man has some sort of psychological disorder. You don’t make yourself look like that with a healthy self image.

      He probably suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, just like Michael Jackson did. It’s a really serious mental illness that’s tied in with the same disordered thinking that anorexics suffer from (and usually co-exists with anxiety, OCD, and depression). Many people who are addicted to plastic surgery have BDD. Sad.

  28. 28 Waca

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    Ok, so first…AUGH!!! What ARE you wearing, Choi Young??? It looks like a Ki Chul outfit!!! Ok…breathe…I’m ok, I’ll just concentrate on LMH’s face instead of his usually awesome costumes. Even if I did prefer him with the straight hair. 😉

    I agree with javabeans : “Their quiet couple moments together—the little beats, like the holding hands or the dressing each other like comfortable partners—are so much more moving than big, epic, sweeping kisses, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not saying I don’t want kisses—perish the thought!—but those don’t have the same lovely heartfelt undertones as the other gestures, the ones that show them living as companions and enjoying every bit of time together. It’s the difference between promise versus reality. One sounds a lot more romantic in words, but with the other one you get to actually live the experience.” That is why I prefer kdrama to american series…too much kisses kill the kisses, and I don’t like it when the OTP seems only interested by eating each other’s face. These gestures show the love much better, imo. But still…I want them to kiss properly!!! The only time they did it was in front of everybody, and to get her out of the wedding! So please drama, GIMME A KISS!!!

    However I have to say, I loved the Woodalchies’ reaction to the situation! I was totally laughing with them when CY got out of his room. I loved how CY turned around to look at them, and there they were, all straight, pretending they weren’t laughing a second ago. And I love how ES learnt them to high five! And as much as I was frutrasted by the interrupted kiss, I still loved Choong-Seok’s face and the awkwardness that resulted. 😀

    Now, the Jang Bin issue…I have to admit, I am conflicted. I dunno if I’m happy they did explain his disappearance or if I’m sad with him dying.
    Scratch, that, I’m sad with him dying. 🙁 I loved that character and I would have preferred him to be sent away for whatever reasons rather than have him being killed on the spot.
    However, as sad as I am, I still think it’s the best way they could send him off. Actually, I think it better we didn’t have a fight scene or something like this, because I surely did not want another failed scene like Joo-Seok’s one. So yeah, I prefer that they did not show us. And I’m not sure my heart would have stand it. I always thought Jang Bin had a weird face with his wide eyes and bad haircut, but I still loved the character.

    Now, the hand-shaking issue. If it has something to do with the “sword being too heavy”, well, it’s lame. That the “sword being too heavy” would make CY do mistakes during fights because of his hesitation, that would be ok. But to have him actually let go of the sword like this…would be lame.
    So I’d rather hope it’s more of an inner power problem. Until now, it was said that KC was stronger than CY. However in episode 18, CY overpowered him. I dunno if it was KC that was weaker, or CY who was stronger because his woman was in danger, but maybe his hand problem comes from this episode. Maybe he overused his power. So yeah, I’m waiting for the explanation…but I have to say, it was really angsty!!!

    Now, Mr Envoy. I still believe this guy is not evil. He’s not necessary doing the good things for our heroes, but he’s convinced he’s doing the right things for Goryeo, not for himself. So he’s an interesting character. I’m a bit tired of good vs evil, so it’s nice to have him there.
    About the Woodalchies being failures at protecting ES when CY isn’t there…yeah…ok, let’s put it in another way: Black Hat Bearded Guy is so freakin’ awesome he can enter the Woodalchi barracks without being seen nor heard (well, Dae Man did say the guy does not make sound)!!! 😀 Aaaaah, this is suddenly making the thing less lame for the Woodalchies. Self-persuading is cool.

    Now I’m gonna rewatch the episode, but with subtitles. I had watched it raw last night. So yeah, to fully appreciate Gongmin and Noguk, subtitles are necessary. 🙂 See you all!

  29. 29 Village Mrembo

    Ok, ‘say general one more time’ is now officially up there with ‘game over’ on the timeless LMH best lines list!

  30. 30 namcha

    Everyone wants that kiss but the director is playing with you guys! There’s been so many almost kisses; milkin’ it for all its worth. CY’s hand is worrisome, I think it’s nerve damage from the battle with KC. ES must stay so CY can live to be 80!

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    I totally totally totally agree with everything in your commentary. Honestly? They left her alone in Wooldachi headquarters? Honestly? Heck, she would’ve been safer dressed as a recruit and standing silently with them. Or they could’ve brought her to the Queen’s chambers before the questioning.

    I also am getting tired of the someone-interupting-at-the-right/wrong-moment trope. It’s a bit much. Why not let Young kiss Eun Soo? Why not? It’s something I’ve been longing for and yet by this time I almost don’t care if he does it or not. There’s a point where being continually teased just makes one not care anymore.

    Seriously, they just let Jang Bin be murdered without us seeing his slain body? And I know we have to get the plot going but we could’ve had a strong reaction from the queen about her doctor’s death. That would’ve really shown the effect on her frail body even more.

    And what’s with the questioning from the Yuan emissary? So, the time-travelling Eun soon still didn’t learn her lesson and one hundred years ago still went around TELLING folks she was from heaven? Then we find out she healed someone from a small village who ended up destroying the village. Why didn’t the emissary ask her about future events in Goryeo?

    As for Choi Young’s hand troubles: whether it’s the sword getting heavy in his hand, multiple sclerosis, the effect of badly-healed chi, I am so TIRED of illnesses and poisons. So, she mentions she needs a microscope. Maybe the THIRD thing is a microscope, but at this point I do not care. So many traces of her doctoring left in both “pasts” that she’s reminding me of Doctor Jin. The coincidence of the emissary having the will…well, it’s too much.

    Something about the plot just definitely felt slap-dashed and as if we’re just holding out for the big ending which will be soooooooo good, we will forget this past.

    And the throwing oil on Hwa Suin? Oh my! It felt a bit like a high school production. A bit silly. But I guess we had to get these two captured. But why not kill firehands and let Flutie totally lose his calm and really aim for vengeance? Would be a nice foil for the perfect cold warrior losing it totally and acting wholly out of passion. We need a symbol of hot-headedness up in here?

    Okay, all that said. Good scene: Choi lifting his hand while they lie in bed and Eun Soo reaching out to hold his hand. I liked all the sweetness between them. And the sadness of Noguk’s question. Love Ki Chul’s seething rage against the doctor. Always good to see Ki Chul and Noguk. The rest of the story is so full of people calculating and plotting and cold scheming that I like to see Noguk’s pure emotion and Ki Chul’s passionate scheming. Thanks so much for the recap.

    I don’t know what I wanted from this episode or how I would’ve written it if I were the writer, but I felt it missed something. Heaven knows what.

  32. 32 midwestmz

    Hallelujah! We left our hero and heroine in a questionable situation. A kiss we thought was coming, and the action stopped. Drats!!! We picked them up at that point, and still no kiss. Double drats!!!! Then the hero sat the heroine down for a heart to heart, talked health and healing, and if it could be done will you be mine forever!!!!!!!! Yippee . . . . . . . . . . .

    Ok, so we have to go through a couple of downs, downs, down, and some ups, until the BIG up? Please?? Please??? Please????

    Oh, and can we have a 2nd season with all the ‘left’ peoples to see how our loving dual are getting along? Shot me down, perhaps no 2nd season, but some episode extension to round it out? Please?? Please??? Please???? Please?????

    Reality check here, killing off Dr. Phillip for only an eye problem, bummer. In the early episodes he was a hunky fan welding dude, and they kill him off without even trying to take anyone with him? Understand had to resolve it somehow, but come on guys!

    Seems crackers (Gi Choel) is back to believing ES is in fact from heaven, and still trying to plot. Schmuck (jljlj) still seems to think the world is doing to go his way. Ah delusion, ain’t it great . . . .

    • 32.1 midwestmz


      Should read: “Seems crackers (Ki Chul) is back to believing ES is in fact from heaven, and still trying to plot. Schmuck (Deok-heung)

  33. 33 Toystar

    Thanks for the recap. Loved the CY & ES moments. I want to know what’s up with CY’s hand?

  34. 34 k

    This episode’s highlights for me hands down have to be, in JB’s eloquent words :

    “I did really enjoy the scenes of her living with Young, so at least it gave us that. Their quiet couple moments together—the little beats, like the holding hands or the dressing each other like comfortable partners—are so much more moving than big, epic, sweeping kisses, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not saying I don’t want kisses—perish the thought!—but those don’t have the same lovely heartfelt undertones as the other gestures, the ones that show them living as companions and enjoying every bit of time together. It’s the difference between promise versus reality. One sounds a lot more romantic in words, but with the other one you get to actually live the experience.”

    I cannot agree with you more, JB! Thanks to your incredible wit, you have put into words what was exactly on my mind! 😉

    LESS IS MORE and no more is that highlighted in the intimate yet subtle couple moments between Choi Young and Eun Soo. I am so turned off by so much crudeness, crass and vulgarity expressed in so many dramas and films everywhere in every language and genre that to witness grace, refinement, subtlety, restraint and gentility in the expression of deep, heartfelt human emotions between a man and woman in love as portrayed by Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun in Faith is such a breath of much-needed fresh air!! Aaaaaahhh…

    Not that I mind seeing Lee Min Ho kiss on-screen, because he sure can kiss…but I find his super-expressive eyes, super-seductive voice and super-alluring smiles say so much more than his kisses that even when he doesn’t kiss, his gaze, stare and look (with and without a smile) convey so much more of what his emotions are at any given moment. A woman can drown in his intense, unwavering gazes alone….

    and his voice…aaaahhhh….especially when he asked Eun Soo to call him ‘General’ again….the way his voice dropped to the lowest, most-seductive, raspy tone at the end……*shivers*…sooooo much more sexy and appealing than any kiss…hehehe…

    And the couple moments – CY holding both ES’s hands in the beginning when talking to her, CY wiping ES’s hands before removing her armour and tucking her into bed, CY entwining his fingers with ES in bed, and the soft, gentle, heartfelt smiles between them throughout the episode…waaahhhh…I am torn between smiling along with them and crying at the same time knowing that their story most probably will not end with a happily-ever-after, if the writers don’t go too far off historical accuracy…so their couple moments are so much more precious and bittersweet… ;(

    3 episodes to go! Arrrgghhhh…

    • 34.1 JoAnne

      she’s got a point.

      And I need some ice water.

      • 34.1.1 k

        Hehe…a better idea would be to watch the Behind-the-Scenes YouTube videos on Faith…seeing Lee Min Ho being himself behind-the-scenes is a sure-fire way to cool any feelings of being hot-under-the-collar…

        In fact, watch the following video esp minute 3.15 to witness how rough he can be with Kim Hee Sun, hitting Kim Hee Sun’s back so hard punctuated by his facial expression that KHS let out a cry of pain, then doubling over because of the pain…


        I always watch the BTS videos to shake myself off being too enamoured of Lee Min Ho, the actor, because Lee Min Ho as himself is a real eye-opener…he can act emotional scenes so well and with his drop-dead good-looks he is such yummy eye-candy that he comes across as HOT on-screen but the second he stops acting, he comes across as quite normal, just like another good-looking lad, NOT hot at all…hehehe…

  35. 35 swui

    Agree the cliffhanger is so repetitive…but hope the writer give us something new…like more bed scenes. LOL

  36. 36 Anna

    Hahah. Did anyone else notice when Eun-soo was counting to three and after she had counted until one, you can clearly hear a man saying “dul” in the background? How did they not realize that and edit it out?

  37. 37 MIKEY

    I’m glad im not the only one that noticed that the Woldachi have gone down hill since first episode. We still have not seen a good battle with the big baddies imo. If I was the King I would bluff and say I had “Heaven’s weapon’s”. Too bad Young didn’t bring back automatic pistols from the cops he took out. That would make Yuan and baddies think twice about attacking Goryeo huh?.

  38. 38 laraffinee

    Pfft….the “killing off” of Jang Bin was so amateur…the writers should be ashamed of themselves, really.

    Eun-Soo: The damsel in distress routine is so done already. The actress has a very shallow range of emotions. Her “perky” Woodalchi recruit thing is so stupid it is funny.

    This “drama” is very campy, and that gives it some entertainment value, but it is very, very contrived. It feels like a screenwriting class homework assignment in which to incorporate contrived, exaggerated elements. –Conversations are interrupted at key moments. “Big Hat” sleuth gets past ALL the guards, Flute boy and Hot hands get past ALL the guards, Queen gets kidnapped but King can not retaliate because he is a good boy (?) and follows “the rules” —and on, and on.

    A lesson in what NOT to do as a screenwriter….

  39. 39 JoAnne

    So glad this drama isn’t dragging at this point – last night watching this was (mostly) as much fun as I could have hoped for, and still gave me the emotional moments between so many of my beloved characters.

    Jang Bin was handled badly. There’s no way to get around that.

    But otherwise? Doc and her General, Kinglet and his General, Doc and her BFFL the Princess…omg the adorable Woodalchi – did anyone feel a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves vibe off those scenes? Can she please live with her General and the boys forever and ever? Poor Ki Chul. Why can I not hate you? Were you actually about to CRY when they told you you couldn’t see the Doc? Seriously, can’t someone just tell him ‘she’s not from Heaven, she’s from the Future’ and still let him have his little boy hope for a miracle? I mean, come on. He looks like the Tooth Fairy died on his bedroom floor and didn’t leave him a dollar first.

    I knew that Dansa guy wasn’t evil. We may not like his decisions but he IS honestly trying to do the right thing. For a minute I was thinking he’d turn out to be her great grandson or something during that scene.

    In cross drama news, every time I see Choi Young and General Yi/Lee Syung Gi walk into a room together in Great Seer I can’t decide whether to squee because I know who they are and it’s freaking middle ages history in a country I’ve never BEEN to…or throw something at the screen because I know what one will do to the other. And then I get all twisted because I LOOOOOVE General Yi in this one, and how can I do that if he’s gonna kill uri daejang?

    • 39.1 k

      I love all your points!! Can’t agree with you more with these especially :

      “omg the adorable Woodalchi – did anyone feel a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves vibe off those scenes? Can she please live with her General and the boys forever and ever?”

      HAHAHA!!! Thank you for sharing!! 😉

  40. 40 yeu2011

    thank you for the recap.. the recap clear up more questions for me. I started off watching this drama for past time and now I am totally hook on it. I am getting more nervous after ep 21. so my only consolation is hoping the writers will stay true to history of CY even if it is drama they still need to keep CY’s life history straight. pretty pls.. Faith writers with cherry on top.. this heart cannot take sad ending or seeing CY in pain at the end…

  41. 41 Ennayra

    Okay, I think my liking for this show has passed beyond all reason. I swear I enjoyed every second. I haven’t felt this way about a drama in a while; it’s refreshing. At least I know I’m insanely biased. It’s when you don’t know that you’re crazy, right?

  42. 42 modestgoddess

    I think Young has carpal tunnel syndrome carrying that sword all these years. I had to pause repeatedly to squee over skinship and bromance. Love the WooDalChi so much.

  43. 43 Liza

    I think Young hand issue is psychological in nature, he has no faith (excuse the pun) in his ability to save the Dr. what good is being able to fight if he cannot even save her? also he knows that she dislikes him killing. if he cannot fight, he cannot kill.
    The last 2 episodes I have been yelling at the screen. I am riding, albeit reluctantly, the writers’ emotional roller coaster are they? yes! no ! maybe! no way, yes way, hating that although the writers’ ploy is so obvious I am hitched until he end. The mysterious 3rd item; I am waiting, it had better be just what the doctor ordered.

  44. 44 Lilian

    Damn it! When I saw his hands shaking, I was like oh no! After such a good ending for Arang, I hope the writers for Faith think of a good way to end the drama too. Personally, feel this drama is too draggy with too many repetition going on. Can we just get on with it?

  45. 45 crazyjnx

    One thing I have to give the recent eps of faith credit for is the simple sweet moments between cy and es. its so sweet, just their simple comfortable character interactions, totally comfortable with each other. Its those moments that really squeeze my heart with warmth. not forced, not dramatic, but just comfortable, small sweet interactions. like the hand holding at the quiet moments. unfortunately the directors don’t seem to understand that whenever they try a forced “romantic” scene, lee minho and kim heesun always end up sitting awkwardly next to each other, looking awkwardly at distant portals and not glancing at each other. so please please! just stick to the simple sweet moments of comfortable interactions, and i think the two has moved up from awkward side hugs!!!!

  46. 46 Ennayra

    This is really mean, but does anyone else constantly smile when they notice how short the king is? All the scenes where he walks down the hallway with the tall Woodalchi’s behind him make me smile.

  47. 47 Abbie

    Good episode. I love that Gongmin is growing a spine, too.

    The hand shaking of Young’s is scary, too. Maybe it’s a side affect of his ki power like Ki Chul. That’s sad. I’m so glad that Eum-ja and Hwasuin are captured. They are, right? And what is up with Jang Bin’s death? That is a sucky way to go off a show. Poor Philip Lee. He’s a good actor, but if feels like his characters are always underused.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  48. 48 currypoker

    I kept repeatedly saying one, two, three after watching it. But no, lee min ho didn’t turn back nor smiled at me.

    Eunsoo- .what’s ur secret? 😀

  49. 49 Shahera

    I loved when CY grabbed the bow, shot the arrows and pinned Firegirl to the wall. There was something almost sexy about that. Then he knocked away Fluteboy’s weapon. He was focused on his mission of taking them alive and wasn’t going to get baited into fighting them one on one. I liked his fierceness. I liked his fierceness in the strategy sessions as well. He’s really showing strength, even though his face always seems way too young and beautiful to be a general leading armies.

    Loved the tender “like an old married couple” moments.

  50. 50 TS

    Seriously, no nookie between these two? It’s rather disappointing…

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