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Full House Take 2: Episode 1
by | October 27, 2012 | 170 Comments

This drama makes my head shake and my body shudder in laughter. It’s so bad it’s awesome. The format is a little different than usual dramas, being only 30 minutes long to air on Mondays through Thursdays, on cable channel SBS Plus. Episode 1 is split into Part 1 and Part 2, and aired on Monday and Tuesday. Because of that, I’ll be recapping them two parts at a time… but it’ll really be one episode.

And so, I present to you the sequel that has nothing to do with the original, the spinoff that has nothing to do with the original, the drama that you should not have any expectations going into… Full House Take 2.

(Available on DramaFever as well.)

Part 1

We begin with the arrival of little Michelle Jang (who grows up to be Hwang Jung-eum) and her mother at Man Ok Gymnasium. The gym is where her burly grandfather (Jang Hang-sun) teaches hapkido. Grandpa is a formidable man, but he takes a liking to his sweet granddaughter who will now live with him. (Why? We don’t know, but we just take it for granted.) He renames her Jang Man-ok after the gym, ‘Man’ meaning ‘Full’ and ‘Ok’ meaning ‘House.’ We just got so literal in the first two minutes.

Little Man-ok ends up being Grandpa’s protegee and goes everywhere with him dressed in her hapkido uniform. They go to a fancy housewarming party for the Lee family; Grandpa seems to be good friends with the father of the household (perhaps even mentor). The parents, who seem to be the loving and nurturing kind, snub one of their guests, Lee Joon, a young college student who won a singing contest and has deep respect for the father. Father must be a music producer then…?

This is where we get the first glimpse of Lee Tae-ik (who grows up to be Noh Min-woo). Tae-ik thinks Man-ok is a weird dude, with his short hair but girlish voice. Man-ok: “But I am a girl!” Tae-ik: “But girls wear dresses!” They go off on their own for some snacks and to play, but it’s clear they don’t like each other very much. Later in the evening, Tae-ik searches for Man-ok, who seems to have gone missing. She’s trying to reach something under a hole in a small bridge, crying out, “Chateau!” She won’t even explain what “Chateau” is, saying only, “Chateau is Chateau!”

Tae-ik pushes her aside and reaches under the bridge, grabbing hold of “Chateau.” It’s a cute white kitty! Immediately Tae-ik starts sneezing because of course he has an allergy. He throws Chateau at Man-ok and runs off, sneezing away.

As Tae-ik sneezes his way home, he passes the pillars that shade the pathway to the front door, and ages before our very eyes. Finally at the front door, it’s grown up Tae-ik, still sneezing, but this time because of the polyester in his clothing. Ah – he’s so sickly, it explains his skeletal and pale look… Tae-ik dumps almost all of the clothing the stylist has prepared for him because of the material, and opts for a safe tuxedo that he’s already got. Flashing abs no less!

At an airport in China, fans greet the arrival of Take One, a boy duo comprised of Tae-ik and Won Kang-hwi (Park Ki-woong). Clearly Kang-hwi is the more awesome member of the group, being dressed all idol-like instead of looking like a stiff butler like Tae-ik. (Tuxedo Man called by the way; he’s kind of pissed you couldn’t rock it with a top hat.) But their seeming bromance is all for the cameras; once on their private bus, the two of them get into a lengthy spat over who’s more popular, and therefore can sit in the backseat. Kang-hwi knows he’s the more likable one, even though he’s also the worse singer.

Tae-ik steals the spot anyways, and when Kang-hwi hurries over to pull him away, Tae-ik pulls back the shades so Kang-hwi has no choice but to smile at their fans.

At least Kang-hwi gets the last laugh when news reports come out about their arrival and label him as the fashionista, while Tae-ik is the fashion disaster. Tae-ik looks so affronted that it’s hilarious; I mean really, who comes out of an airport wearing a tuxedo!? But that’s the problem, considering Tae-ik will only wear clothing he’s not allergic to, and are sponsored by brands. He’s more picky than Kang-hwi, which causes headaches for their stylist.

Kang-hwi notices a scarf that the stylist is offering for their outfits, but because he grabbed it first, now Tae-ik wants it. It’s clear that Tae-ik is also the bigger star, and more talented, as the stylist and assistant manager Bae Go-dong (Lee Seung-hyo) quickly make sure Tae-ik is appeased first. Kang-hwi refuses to hand over the scarf and drapes it over his neck. Oh yeah? Well then Tae-ik’s gonna yank on it and choke Kang-hwi to death!

No I’m serious. I mean practically creating a noose with that scarf and choking him to the point poor Kang-hwi is red in the face. These people are so murderous…

Tae-ik wins the scarf, and the outfit. Kang-hwi stomps out and leaves – he’s not going to perform at their concert! See if Take One can survive! He would, since he has Go-dong’s money! But when Go-dong informs the manager Bum-soo during breakfast at the hotel’s cafe, Bum-soo remain calm. “Kang-hwi would not allow himself to be caught dead outside wearing a t-shirt and tracksuit pants. He’ll be back in no time! Plus, he doesn’t know Chinese except for basic greetings!”

Kang-hwi: (in Chinese) “How much is this? But it’s too expensive! Ok, I’ll take it, but can I also have your sunglasses? I can’t be seen today.”

Back in Korea, Man-ok sends Grandpa off in the airport, as he’s taking a three-month trip. She’s still dressed in an exercise outfit, and plays every part of the filial granddaughter. But the moment his back is turned, she’s off to the bathroom for a whirlwind makeover! Man-ok reappears, much more stylish and ever so girly, the new Michelle Jang.

She takes her best friend Han Ga-ryung out on the scooter to the shopping mall, where they begin purchasing cheap clothing to resell. Grandpa disapproves of making money in any other method but in teaching hapkido, which means, they make no money. So Man-ok has three months to make as much money as she can to pay bills, and clear out the stuff before Grandpa comes back. Thankfully, one of the mothers of her students discovers her store – and wonderful taste in fashion – that she recommends the place to many of her friends. While Man-ok teaches her young students, business is booming.

It’s time for the concert, but Kang-hwi is still nowhere to be found. So Tae-ik is forced to do the press conference by himself. His interview is projected on a large screen outside the theater for all the waiting fans to see, and also Kang-hwi, who’s shocked that no one has come looking for him yet. Kang-hwi tsks over Tae-ik still wearing the scarf that he told him not to wear, and he seems to find it a very big problem…

The manager wants to cancel the show, since they can’t do the show without Kang-hwi! But Tae-ik is adamant they continue; the fans paid a lot of money for it, and even if they don’t do the show, they still have to pay for the venue. He goes on stage and performs their song, solo. Well, if Kang-hwi’s a terrible singer, Tae-ik is a terrible lip-syncer.

Soon enough, Tae-ik freezes up onstage. He begins dancing erratically, not following the choreography at all, and before too long, he collapses onstage.

The fans gasp, the music pauses, and the manager is unsure what to do. Never fear, Kang-hwi’s here! He’s already anticipated this and is set up with a headset. He jumps onstage and the music continues as Tae-ik slowly gets up. Kang-hwi manages to distract the fans for a moment before Tae-ik falls again. It seems the scarf he so adamantly insisted on wearing is giving him a severe allergic reaction.

So Kang-hwi swoops over to Tae-ik, picks him upright, gives the crowd a mischievous smile, and KISSES HIM RIGHT IN THE MOUTH! Before you think it’s a short smooch, he then SENSUOUSLY TAKES OFF THE SCARF FROM TAE-IK’S NECK and DROPS IT FLIRTATIOUSLY ON THE GROUND!

Who’s having an anaphylactic shock right now?! Oh wait, that’s me. *Breathes into bag* Talk about a creative CPR solution.

Part 2

Well, someone’s not appreciative. Backstage, Tae-ik socks Kang-hwi in the jaw, leading to a bloody lip. Is Kang-hwi a pervert!? Kang-hwi is affronted by such accusation – he’s too good-looking to be a pervert!

Tae-ik leaves first, pissed off, with the manager, and they get a call from their agency president. Oh looky here – the president just so happens to be Lee Joon, and the agency called UEnterLJ.

Pause. Laughs at all the innuendos. Stares at screen and replays line. Laughs again. Continues episode.

Tae-ik doesn’t want to work with Kang-hwi anymore, although it isn’t the first time he’s said it. He’s concerned about all the reports and rumors surrounding Kang-hwi’s “performance,” even though Lee Joon has said he’ll block all the reports. Tae-ik wants out; after all, didn’t the president promise him he could leave whenever he wanted? Lee Joon: “I did promise that. But it’s not enough yet. You haven’t made enough money… You want to settle with your little house? If you want to get  this house back, shut up and work.”

Looks like Tae-ik is going to have to be an indentured servant for a while… Hmm…

The stylist turns up at the house, where Go-dong and Kang-hwi quickly try to shoo her away from Tae-ik’s room. He might fire her over the scarf incident after he sees her! But it’s too late. He calls her inside his room – how could she give him something that wasn’t 100% pure? How could she be his stylist and not know about his sensitive body?

Kang-hwi attempts to soothe the crying stylist, but it’s too late. She finally bursts and throws a bag full of samples at him. Does he think his body is luxurious?! If so, why does he use samples all the time and treat her like dirt?! She quits right then and there, and Tae-ik is so embarrassed at being seen with samples. Even Kang-hwi thinks it’s ridiculous that a rich idol is using free store samples. (I bet it’s because all that money ends up in Lee Joon’s pocket.)

To add fuel to the fire, Kang-hwi turns on Tae-ik and says that he should never have worn the scarf that was meant for him to wear. After all, Tae-ik should have known right away that it wasn’t pure silk; he was wearing it out of stubbornness and competitiveness. It’s a good thing Kang-hwi kissed him, because then he was able to take off the scarf that was killing him.

Of course, the rest of the world doesn’t know about that, so they assume that Kang-hwi is gay (which seems to be a death sentence for Korean idols). Lee Joon orders Kang-hwi to do a round of variety shows and community service documentaries to help his image with the public. Of course, Kang-hwi complains; can’t the public just be cool about his little performance? And why can’t Tae-ik pull his share in the variety show roulette? Just because Tae-ik says he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to?

Tae-ik is happy to hear Kang-hwi getting punished… until Lee Joon berates him for firing yet another stylist. Tae-ik is fine with that – he doesn’t want to work with anyone who can’t cater to his needs. Likewise, Kang-hwi doesn’t need one because he can style himself and still be called a fashionista.

But there is a stylist looking for work! Man-ok hurries Ga-ryung to find out if her internet mall got anymore orders, but Ga-ryung is too busy catching up on the latest Take One gossip. They get an email from user ‘Na-nim’, who sent back a picture of him wearing one of their clothes as a form of thanks, and blocked out his face. Ga-ryung wonders if they can get him to model their clothes, since he’s a perfect fit, but Man-ok thinks the money would be better well-spent somewhere else…

Like purchasing an entire outfit on a mannequin (and the mannequin) with that same amount! Man-ok nicknames him “Billy,” her new model for men’s clothing. As she lugs him around Seoul, she bumps into a man and knocks his hat over.

His blonde hair unveiled, Man-ok recognizes him to be Kang-hwi, probably playing truant again. She’s star-struck, and soon a legion of fans come swarming to take his picture. Man-ok senses his discomfort and starts to swing her mannequin at everyone to back off, giving Kang-hwi enough time to run. She’s a fan, but not enough to let him be ogled like an animal!

Kang-hwi runs off, but the rabid fans make chase until he’s blocked off by a gate. Good thing Man-ok is around the corner to help him escape to a deserted street. She makes him take off his jacket and pose with her mannequin in order to avoid his fans, and he praises her quick thinking and cute style. He gets her number, as he wants to repay her with tickets to their concert. Ding ding! And one of our male leads hits it off with our female lead!

Turns out Kang-hwi is late for a show recording with Tae-ik, who’s on his way with Go-dong in the group’s van. Tae-ik gets competitive and tells Go-dong to speed up the car, as he needs to be there before Kang-hwi. Just ‘cuz, yunno, he needs to be the better one.

But Go-dong stops the car, and it beeps down… looks like their out of gas! Go-dong calls for some help from Bum-soo, but the first person to arrive is none other than Man-ok on her scooter, with Billy riding in the back. She’s not there to help them at all, but Tae-ik notices a Take One sticker on her scooter and guesses she’s a fan. When he gets her attention, he requests that he take her scooter as he has a live recording to attend. Man-ok says no; she’s not his fan, and whatever show he’s recording can’t be live, so why rush?

But Tae-ik just pushes her out of her seat, puts on her helmet (which fits him perfectly), and scoots off, leaving Billy crashing on the pavement. Man-ok cries at Billy’s dislocated arm; she paid W200,000 for him!

Go-dong tries to apologize to her on Tae-ik’s behalf, but she just grabs his arm and flips him on the pavement. Hell yeah. At least Bum-soo arrives in time to drive her back home, hoping she won’t press charges. She promises she won’t – as long as she gets home on time… to answer Grandpa’s call! Looks like he’s still checking up on her to make sure she’s in the gymnasium all day long.

Kang-hwi arrives at the recording later than Tae-ik, and doesn’t bother to listen about the change in the choreography. They go straight into rehearsals, and Kang-hwi does his rapping solo bit before WHAM! He walks right into the camera and falls, suffering a small cut above his eyebrow. Tae-ik looks concerned that his partner got hurt, but also angry that he never listened.

The actual recording goes off without a hitch, and right after it, Tae-ik hurries to the nearest cafe to get a bag of ice. Aww – looks like it’s for Kang-hwi! But when he returns to the room, he hears Kang-hwi complaining to Go-dong about Tae-ik rushing off and leaving him behind to finish the recording when he’s the one hurt. Tae-ik’s hurt, and he throws the ice bag to the ground.

Oh you two and your petty misunderstandings.

Tae-ik drives home by himself, all bitter and leaving Man-ok’s scooter with Bum-soo for him to return. He sees a delivery man who can’t enter through the locked gates; he’s got a package for Kang-hwi, except no one’s home to receive it. Kang-hwi begs Tae-ik to accept it on his behalf, but of course, that just makes Tae-ik more angry for being ordered around.

When Kang-hwi returns home, Tae-ik says he threw it out. “Oh and today’s recycling day…” he adds, as Kang-hwi rushes out to check the bins. It’s too late – his limited edition shirt from Man-ok’s Closet is now gone! He calls up Man-ok and asks if it’s possible to get another limited edition shirt in his size. She can’t promise anything, but learns that he’s ‘Na-nim.’ (She still hasn’t figured out she’s talking to Kang-hwi though.)

Out of revenge, Kang-hwi makes his injury a much bigger deal than it really is: how can he do all the variety shows with a bruised face?! So now Tae-ik has to step in, and he goes on a documentary show where he plays with little kids for an hour.

Tae-ik is the stiffest person ever as the little kid he’s playing with, Joo-young (played by ‘Ding Dong’ from Best Love), builds a tower and plays on a mini plastic slide. The filming crew takes a break, as it’s like pulling teeth to get Tae-ik to do anything. Joo-young is even hurt that Tae-ik doesn’t seem to like him. Of course, not wanting to be perceived as mean, Tae-ik says he’ll play, and they begin a spinning game. (Grab each other’s arms and spin in a circle.)

They spin hard and fast – to the point that each pulls the other’s shoulder’s out of the socket and fall to the ground. Great – now they both have dislocated shoulders! Tae-ik wants to go to the hospital, but Joo-young says his hapkido teacher can fix his shoulder in a jiffy. Uh-oh…

Joo-young and Tae-ik head over with Go-dong and another film crew member to Man Ok Gymnasium. Joo-young runs to teacher Man-ok for help, and with one grasp and a sharp pull, Joo-young’s dislocated shoulder has been set right again!

Then Tae-ik enters, needing the same treatment. He doesn’t recognize her initially, but Go-dong sure does! And he cowers behind the singer in fear of “the lady who flipped him in the middle of the street.” That’s when Tae-ik realizes she’s the scooter lady… and he dislocated her “man’s” arm too…

Tae-ik: “Let’s go to the hospital…” But as he turns away, Man-ok grabs his arm and pulls – hard.


Oh what to say!? So much running through my head but I don’t know where to start!

First off – that ending of part 2 was a little lame, only because I wish it ended when he sees Man-ok for the first time in her gymnasium and Go-dong cowers in fear. That might have made me anticipate the next episode more (not that it matters, since it airs the next night). But moving on…

Full House Take 2 is To the Beautiful You and You’re Beautiful on crack. It wasn’t enough to give Tae-ik similar allergies to Hwang Tae-kyung, but also had to give him a similar name and have Noh Min-woo channel as much Tae-kyung personality as much as possible. The over-the-top silliness of the drama makes it seem like a dismissive comedy that doesn’t merit any attention. However, it’s what makes the drama so endearing for me. The actors are of that right age where they can act like juvenile ten-year-olds and still get away with it. Their world, their dialogue, their hair lets all of that happen. I’m not going to say it’s the greatest drama; heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this drama ends up being terrible. But it’s so hard to hate – especially when you have two men who just have to beat each other for no real reason at all.

Park Ki-woong and Noh Min-woo: the two of them bicker for the sake of bickering, shoot zingers back and forth that aren’t necessarily smart, but are terribly funny, and make a dynamic duo (ha!). The bromance is in the air – if only they could pause and stop misunderstanding each other so much, they could get along. But then we wouldn’t have their ridiculous rivalry, which really makes the show. This one-up-manship is just too precious.

What I love is that the two actors go all out in their emotions. They over-act in some cases, and in scenes where Tae-ik tries to look pained, it just…fails. But I have to give them credit for going all the way. Park Ki-woong can do no wrong in my eyes; he may choose weird projects, and while this one may be a blot on his resume, it certainly shows his comedic range. He’s got no qualms about going all out.

Story wise, I think it’s intriguing that Tae-ik has in a way become an indentured servant to Lee Joon. I’d love to explore more of that story and find out what Lee Joon’s grudge against Tae-ik’s family is, and also how he ended up “owning” Tae-ik’s home. It looks like that home is being used as Take One’s residence, so I imagine that later, Man-ok will move in and then make it a truly “full house.” This drama has veered so far from the first series so far that I wonder if a contract marriage will even occur! (It could – especially if the rumors about Kang-hwi or Tae-ik being gay cause a severe public backlash, and then Man-ok is there to help improve their image.)

But before they all move in together – I think Tae-ik and/or Man-ok need to change their hair styles. It does not help that I cannot tell who is who from the back of their head. (Who on earth styled these people!? Fire their stylists, STAT!) I’d like to know the difference between my male and female leads, thank you very much, and to see the faces that I recognize, rather than pale stick figures with a mop for a hair!


170 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    I love this drama!!!!!
    I wished it would be advertised for its own merits not of FH 1

    • 1.1 Dominique

      The way this drama has packaged the actor playing Tae Ik makes him look like a transvestite or transgender. And, from the resulting look of Tae Ik, an aging drag queen, at that.

      I can bite that. A drama about a transvestite or transgender has its own rich, dramatic potentials.

      Yet, that is not what this drama is about, either.

      Nor is the drama claiming androginy, which is an entirely different thing, and which I do dig. So, I am supposed to pretend that this is how a non-gay male (be it an idol or whatever) looks and behaves? When Tae Ik exudes not a scintilla of maleness? In what universe, today? I cannot suspend my common sense that far.

      Besides, Tae Ik looks awful, neither beautiful nor attractive.

      Park Gi Woong, on the other hand, looks natural and in his elements, playing his role. Despite the actor’s not-so-young age that his face betrays on screen.

      • 1.1.1 anastassia

        I always wonder you always comments on the first or second reply comments which is the your reply button didn’t related at all with the previous comment

      • 1.1.2 yvette

        i agreed completely. I was really looking forward to this drama but the male lead is disappointing. Both the female and male lead look like poodles with a bad hair cut. Fire the show stylist!

  2. jean

    so the cat name is chataeu!!!! -.- the subs translated it as sato. was wondering why she named the cat as magistrate!! i miss my eun oh:(

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Not sure about that but me and a friend decided that the name of the pet is “chaton” which means kitty in French.

      • 2.1.1 Okay

        Chateau means house or residence of a lord or nobility.

        • Mystisith

          I know, I’m French. ^^ I just find that Chateau is a strange name for a cat. Well, the whole drama makes no sense so it could be true.

          • Okay

            Well maybe because the name of the drama is full HOUSE…

          • dbsklove


    • 2.2 zgznoona

      It actually be Chato from the French chat=cat. Since when he tells her she should tell him it was a cat she just said Chato like “isn’t it obvious”. Moreover, her name when she goes to the grandfather’s is Michelle and she’s into fashion. That was my deduction.

      • 2.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Wouldn’t it be Ssa in French–>Korean? Or did someone fail French 101 on the crew. (and doesn’t get that the t isn’t pronounced in French)

        Le Chat –> 르싸 (Reu Ssa) (In Korean)

        Yes, sad that I know the romanization.

        Chato Korean–>French is Chateau–>Castle.

        Or did someone mess up El Gato and Le Chat

        El Gato–>엘가토+ 르싸=싸토?–> 사또 (Personally, I think it should be a harder s and a harder t)

        고양이 (Ko-yang-i) is cat in Korean.

        I took French…

        • momosan

          Chaton = kitten

          “The kitten is a kitten.” Or at least that’s what I heard. Also I swear she called the woman at the beginning aunt, but I think the main conclusion is that little girl actor can’t enunciate.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            The n in French would be pronounced just a bit though… (n is aspirated) closest in French–>Korean would be [르]싸톤 [Reu] Ssaton otherwise is sounds like Chateau.

            The little girl called the woman at the beginning 이모 “Imo”–> Mother’s sister. 고모 “Kumo”–> Father’s sister. (for the peanut gallery) You are correct…

    • 2.3 dany

      I miss eun ho too, I started watching The King and the Clown just to see Lee Jun ki again.

      • 2.3.1 Rahnia

        Miss him too!! Pause. Laugh at all the innuendos. Stares at screen and replays line. Laughs again. Continue episode. Kaedejun love your comment hahahah

    • 2.4 ck1Oz

      Can you all decide so the viki subs can change the name of the cat then? Seriously.

      • 2.4.1 Mystisith

        I know! It’s a question of National Security. And I hate uncertainty. Can the writer of this drama enlighten us?

      • 2.4.2 Kim Yoonmi

        Probably a corruption of Le Chaton… pronounced incorrectly. (Should have been 싸톤 in my opinion…)


  3. missjb

    wow.. I didn’t expected there will be full house 2 recap

    LOL this drama is hillarious… hahha

  4. Nadia

    The drama is funny and very entertaining, I will definitely keep watching it. I just don’t understand why No Min Woo got surgery done on his face, He was FINE as WINE before the surgery. Now he just looks plastic like a lot of the male actors and boy band members.

    • 4.1 babyfat

      i’m with you there…too much make up being applied on the male roles – and the sad and ironic part is they’re good looking already – and now they’re look plastics /fakes from the team of Tammy Faye Baker school of make-up …didn’t like Hwang Jung-eum already and now with the ridiculous hair-do it’s brutal to look at her even i think the drama is going to be ridiculously hilarious kinda way – oh well

    • 4.2 dany

      Are you sure he had plastic surgery? I just thought he lost a lot of weight for Midas. He looks absolutely skinny, poor thing.

    • 4.3 cutieblue

      Surgery??? 0_o I thought he just got crazy thin. I still love him tho 🙂

    • 4.4 zsa

      I don’t think he got surgery, but he did drop a lot of kgs for Midas and they never came back. he was perfect in Gumiho…that said, i think he has a knack for comedy if only the script was better…his over reaction gets toned down in ep2 and i find him surprisingly entertaining..maybe he was scratching his head trying to figure out how to act some ‘crazy’ scenes…i don’t blame him…

    • 4.5 Val

      I’m pretty sure he never got surgery. I’ve looked everywhere and there is no evidence for it

  5. reglest

    Oh yes!
    I never expect sth, so this maybe I found it’s fun? LOL
    Please, please recap this!!

  6. Robs

    LOL…Kaedejun, you hit the nail on the head with your comments! I watched Ep 1 – part1 and thought this is bad but found myself watching part 2, and the episodes after that. It is bad and over acted, but there is something endearing to it. Looking forward to your future comments!

  7. Barbarella

    tq kaedejun .

    BAN their hairstylist from coming to work. Horrendous hairstyles.

    Both look like ahjummas with mop, bushy brush bowl shape hair.

    So awful ! for kdrama and

    the 3 actors look so pale like ghosts !! eeh!!

    and the two man look sissy with their gestures and movements !!.

    • 7.1 pinkipu

      I didnt want tot have high expectations. But I can not watch because of their hair! I know I shouldnt be biased but I cant stop looking and the whole drama becomes meaningless for me 🙁

      • 7.1.1 wayang

        agree with you…..can’t stand with the hairstyle….suck


    I already knew from beginning that I should not put high expectation on this drama, just watch and enjoy the silliness. and honestly it’s pretty enjoyable.
    wanna say hello to my Park Ki Woong…….!!! and I watched this right after finishing BRIDAL MASK. From evil-badass villain officer to this narcistic-cute-adorkable idol~~did I see the same guy? lol so different, totally love this actor!
    *that kiss is kinda hot, OMG, next you have to kiss and get the girl!!*
    Thanks for the recaps. I cant wait for the next episode!

    • 8.1 news

      PKW is so adorkably funny! A blot on PKW’s resume? No way! I love him in Gaksital, but I love him even more now.

      Lol, yeah that kiss IS hot!

  9. Kiara

    Lol its so bad its awesome. Looks like “Jinception” is not the only comedy of the year. I heart you kaedejun, thanks for the laugh. I really needed it.

  10. 10 subject

    I really hated Full House 1, but really. I couldn’t even finish watching it, but this one is INSANE! OMG, let’s put aside their hairstyle and focus on the 3 leads and damn they’re doing great job to make this insanity into cracking drama. I’m all IN!

    • 10.1 Ladytron33

      Hi subject!!! Yay for the type of insanity this show is promoting. I’m all in.

    • 10.2 df

      I fell asleep watching Full House 1, I was so underwhelmed. I thought I was the only one that felt that way about it though! This sequel looks like kooky fun and it seems the weird hairstyles make sense with the vibe it has!

  11. 11 rainy

    i’m surprised that you have recaps for this!!

    but the hair style….

  12. 12 Mystisith

    That drama has been sponsored by Jang Geun-seuk’s Japanese Fan Club. That’s the only explanation I have for this show. How to blow your image of sadist torturer in Gaksital or your reputation of mysterious sexy stranger. I just hope they had fun while filming this: Regressing to a child’s state (the “I say NO to everything” period to be precise) must be fun to play. Or embarrassing.

    • 12.1 zgznoona

      But this was filmed way before Gaksital, but still it will help to show his range as an actor

  13. 13 HurryUp

    It’s a wonderful drama, I hope they continue the grateness to the end. I love all three main actors(which was the reason for watching this drama) and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Lee Joon in this drama as I really like his character in May Queen.
    Both No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong look drop dead gorgeous in this drama and the same goes for Hwang Jung Um. I don’t understand your unhappiness about Mank Ok and Tae Ik’s hairstyle, I totally dig it. Especially Tae Ik looks very cute and playfull when he pins a strand of hair on his forehead.
    The other and one of the main things I like about this series is that there’s a lot of humour and, as you mentioned, bromance with a little rivalry between the male leads.
    Thanks for the reccap, I love going through pictures and reminiscing about the episode I already watched. Your comments are great too ;))

    • 13.1 almea

      Uhm… You’re kidding, right?

      • 13.1.1 subject

        Why she can’t think it’s good? It’s her taste after all. Maybe she meant to say: It’s bad in a good way? 🙂

      • 13.1.2 HurryUp

        After watching 4 episodes, I think it’s great. I haven’t watched the first Full House and I can’t compare, but, I guess, others do. 🙂

        • JoAnne

          They are different 100%

      • 13.1.3 ella zala

        she/he is trolling?

      • 13.1.4 Val

        I’ve watched through episode 8 and I love this drama to death.
        No Min Woo looks amazingggg – how does he pull off so well EVERY freaking hairstyle they give him?? It blows my mind!

    • 13.2 jdkk09

      I know I’m going against the flow of comments here, but I like this drama for the reasons you stated above. I don’t care about the utter banality or frivolity of the character’s styles because they are funny. It’s a comedy after all. Yeah they make the actors look like dorks and dorkesses? but that’s what’s funny. HK reminds me of Kim Heechul of SJ the way he talks. Totally hilarious. I like this drama for those reasons.

      • 13.2.1 JoAnne

        Agreed 100 percent – this show is funny funny funny so far

        • news

          I LOVE the crazy hairstyles! 😀 I think it really suits this drama well and I especially love that Tae-ik’s hairstyle literally changes in every new scene he’s in. It certainly makes me look forward to his next hairdo.

      • 13.2.2 ajj

        Ki Woong actually said his character was based on Kim Heechul’s colorful personality and GDragon’s fashion sense. And he’s totally rocking it.Bring in the silly.

    • 13.3 momosa

      Interesting style – I haven’t try this hairstyle before, might give it a shot & clip it up like that….

  14. 14 Okay

    Fire hwang Jung eum’s stylist please. Two dramas with that atrocious hair and horrible clothes. When that ajhumma told her she was looking good and had great style I was so annoyed… Do they really think that telling people that’s great style and it becomes great style? You are wrong about them having no connection… Both of the full houses have carried on the really bad outfits the main leads wear. Bi rain’s horrible shirts in full house were almost as hard to watch as hje hair and ugly long skirts. the drama really isn’t that bad. The bickering is a little too much and hje overdoes her cuteness.

  15. 15 sajatokki

    I just watch for No Min Woo, but why did they give him such horrendous hairstyle?! I can’t like the female lead too. FIRE THE HAIRSTYLIST! Surprisingly I’m now watching for Park Ki Woong…

  16. 16 AintDrama Critic

    First, my heartfelt gratitude to kaedejun for recapping this wonderful romantic comedy drama, Full House takes 2…

    Honestly, I was one of those critics who expressed our great dismay on the hairstyles of our lead couple – No Minwo and Hwang Geung Eum.

    However, after seeing the 2 episodes…i suddenly had an amnesia on their hairstyles coz i was instead hooked on its story and how great the actors were in FH2.

    So, please…please..continue recapping FH2. : )

  17. 17 red

    i think this drama is quite fun

    but the hair style OMG! BIG NO!!!

    please anybody, change the hair style, i beg you with tears

  18. 18 someone

    I might watch it for park .ki Woong who is an awesome man.
    But really why did they copy yab ?one jang gen suk is enough but are they trying to create another one? That’s suck….

  19. 19 am

    I’ve not read the whole recap yet but I really enjoyed the screen caps. I guess I’ll be sticking to other dramas.

  20. 20 cattleyae

    LMAO I screamed at the ending of part 1. Well it might be a CPR, but with them doing it while STANDING… And damn Park Ki-woong looks so sexy.

  21. 21 Shaz81

    I just finished watching this, I agree its so bad its awesomely funny. I shall be watching for the Bromance more then anything and also agree about the stylist I have never see HAIR so bad !!!!!!

  22. 22 Stéphanie

    I couldn’t watch it… was too hard to deal with No Min Woo’s hair…

  23. 23 Village Mrembo

    When its all done and am bored out of my mind then i’ll marathon it! Last silly drama i watched was Haeundae Lovers, i need time to recover ; )

  24. 24 Whatis

    I’ve only seen episodes 1&2, and I quite enjoy it! I didn’t know what to expect but when I saw the opening sequence’s use of comic book illustration, I really hoped it was going to be crazy 85%, and 15% special moments, much like Japanese HS dramas. It’s really what I wished To the Beautiful You could’ve been.

    The drama is fun and zany. I’m even getting use to their hairstyle. The drama is just coo coo and endearing enough that I’ll just roll with anything.

    The only problem is, I agree with you, tae-ik is acting a lot like tae-kyung. Look is a bit similar, demeanor is also a bit similar.

  25. 25 Midori

    Fire the hair stylist! Some of the clothes are great but I hated her track suit with the black shoulder cape. The actors are so pale that at times I wondered if they were going to be vampire idols. The abs scene with Noh Min Woo was scary – he looked like a skeleton. He looked way better in Secret Garden. The man needs to gain about 20 pounds. Park Ki Woong is great in whatever he does.

    • 25.1 dbsklove

      ill probably end up watching just because park ki woong is so….. cute :3 i mean shunji was awesome, but….. AN IDOL. THAT I WILL ROOT FOR. YUM. <3

      • 25.1.1 ladyana2j


    • 25.2 quinn

      I don’t think Noh Min Woo was in Secret Garden. Are you thinking of Hyun Bin maybe?
      but I do agree that abs scene was kind of gross and not sexy at all!

      And he and HGE need to lay off the bb cream + whitener, STAT!!! LOL

    • 25.3 news

      NMW wasn’t in Secret Garden; he was in My GF is a Gumiho.

  26. 26 bjharm

    lol as I thought the only connection with Full House to Full House 2 seems to be the name, and pretty much ends there..great for pre drama promotions i guess. So as long as you forget the title and any silly expectation you may of had, then you can sit back and enjoy the fun and games, good and bad.

  27. 27 karened

    I’m going to watch it just for the guys. Too cute, seriously. Can we just focus on them both and drop the girl? =P

  28. 28 maldita

    LMAO. It really does seem to be the “so-bad-it’s-awesome” kind, meaning I just might check it out.

    Apparently, Park Kiwoong based his portrayal of his character on none other than Super Junior’s larger-than-life over-the-top personality that is Kim Heechul. A+ on the research for the man, seriously. He even got the theatrical group member lip-locking performance downpat.

    Also, LMAO over the fact that I see shades of current DBSK on Noh Minwoo and Park Kiwoong’s stage outfits.

  29. 29 maydayJ

    OMG. Park Ki-Woong… NOOO!!! *cringes* what happened to our Shunji!?

  30. 30 dany

    Park ki woong looks ok, I think, but No min wo and the lead lady have absolutely horrible hair. And her clothes are awful, too. Nonetheless, the series seems fun, I am enjoying it.
    Thank you for recapping it.

  31. 31 addylovesbwood

    I’d love to hate FH2 but omg noooo i freaking love it’s madness!! I screamed sooo loud at the ending of EP 1…. Park Ki Woong has shown how far he can go as an actor!! I totally digged that kiss and that wicked smile of his after he did it!! boy did that get my attention PURE GENIUS!!!

    FIRE HAIR STYLIST!! I understand her ajumma hair style… I guess they wanted something different from her straight bob cut in CYHMH. But pls do something about No min Wo’s hair….

    I like the short 30 minute episodes and that it airs Mon-Thu

    We need more light dramas to offset the Melos/unexciting-saeguks (Faith) May Queen, Nice guy and five fingers

  32. 32 Mari

    I’m joining the “it was soo bad it was good” group. While 2 of the leads look horrible, the hair & the clothes! PKW is adorable. I’m currently watching Gatsikal, so it makes me not hate him as much. I’m just confused as to who is the male lead here?? I’m thinking its bad hair, but asking why????? PKW is soo much more likable. Anyhow, I’m in as long as It keeps getting subs.. I decided that’s its completely ok to give up sleep for my dramas.

  33. 33 sakurakiss

    OMG you’re spot on!!! i’ve been waiting for someone to re-cap and give this drama the benefit of the doubt. when i read your post i said “thank you drama gods!!!” i truly enjoyed watching the first 4 eps. like you said it’s soo bad it’s good. it is very entertaining to me and it makes me laugh half the time. oh yess the hair needs to go ,but i’m assuming that as the characters evolve , so will their hairstyles…again thank you for posting i ‘ve truly enjoyed reading and it feels like my personal feelings about this drama has been written down in your blog.:)

  34. 34 crazedlu


  35. 35 cutieblue

    I was just about to go and watch this when I saw the recap was up. I was planning on watching this solely for Noh Min Woo, but this sounds so awful that its ridiculous!! I thought they would play it more straight rather than for the laughs. I love shows like this! It seems like they know that its all ridiculous and just got all out for it!!
    I <3 Noh Min Woo 🙂

  36. 36 ck1Oz

    kaedejun- no, don’t be mean. Don’t make me laugh so hard at the ending for part 1. * wheezing here *

    Who’s having an anaphylactic shock right now?!

    I had warning there was a torrid kiss so I wandered across but even then, lol, the amount of lipstick slapped on must have made the lips cling. * shudder, cringe, cringe * Even
    a male- female kissing scene didn’t have all that suction.
    God, my poor eyes. >___<

    This episode can't be analyzed. You can't even freeze your brain cells. I spent most of the episode going " what the…&^%$" over and over again. But yeah, going to follow it next week. It's darned entertaining.

    • 36.1 ck1Oz

      Oops did I make everyone go into italics? 🙂
      So, so sorry. Really. Sorry.
      Can one of you correct it? Hahaha. It’s funny seeing all the subsequent posts that’s all.

  37. 37 Mar

    Was NOT expecting a recap on this!

    I did not expect to enjoy this, but wow, it hit the spot. As addylovesbwood said, maybe the timing is just right, we need the offset of the melo.

    I love the silly of the crazy hair and the heavy make up and the clothes. My perception is that this is over the top on purpose on the guys, they are a parody of pop band guys. Because anything else scares me haha. Ma Ok’s hair, my take on that is she has crazy Annie ajhumma hair because that is what her g-pa with approve of and she has to try to keep the peace.

    The lace cape on the track suit, so hysterically ugly-anyone else channel Secret Garden? Add all the over the top-ness, the parody on You’re Beautiful and then the fan service kiss thing, the bad lip syncing, is this show going to totally just have fun with k pop and k drama? I’m on board.

    That stage kiss was nicer than most k drama kisses lol, and will probably top any kiss we have later on in the series…I hope they prove me wrong lol.

  38. 38 bubbles32

    Wasnt expecting much but I’m loving it already after the 1st 2 eps. Out the gate, I actually prefer it over FH 1.

    Its fun, whacky and entertaining. Loving the bromance and banter btw the guys.
    Their hair bothered me when I saw the still promo shots but as soon as I started watching it I got over it.

    I think Park Ki Woong looks pretty good with blonde hair. Noh Min Woo has disgusting hair but then so does Jang Geun Seok majority of the time (especially in You’re Beautiful – detested his hair) but didnt stop me loving the drama.
    Think people should still give this drama a try despite the awful styling. Its a fun, light watch.
    (Plus PKW is awesome in this role! Wouldnt say its a step down from Gaksital, just a very different role is all).

  39. 39 Joy

    Totally loving this fun n enjoyable jdorama live action style kdrama. I think it would have been received much better should it not have called itself Full House 2.

  40. 40 KimLuvv

    OMG! I am so GLADDDDDDD you recapped this!! Yes I get that the hairstyles are horrendous and so is the fashion but it’s so ridiculous and funny that its AWESOME lol 😛 Realllllyyyy happy that you (kaedejun) are recapping this and now more people noe about it!! =)

  41. 41 Issa

    Godawful hair, fantastic fanservice (that kiss O.O) soooo….I’m in!

  42. 42 pinkpia

    Thank you for the recaps Kaedejun. I had no expectation on this one so it was amazingly surprising that I found myself enjoying and laughing FH2 and to that much more than FH1.

    I think I’ve got something in my eyes or is it just my brain gone haywire when I say Tae-ik reminds me of Jae hee from Nice Guy. I don’t know. The lead pair’s hairstyles is such an eyesore.

    Park Ki Woong is so adorable! I am going to watch this one for him and only him 🙂

  43. 43 Suzi Q

    Everyone is stuck with UGLY hairdos! But I think it adds to this goofy, crazy, just funny, and and zany comedy.

    LMAO with the bromance kiss! Gee! that was alot more passionate than some of the male/female leads.

    PKW is awesome. He is so cute and funny.I agree that NMW does look that he’s doing a parody of JGS. Didn’t know he could be so silly! PKW and NMW bickering was so hilarious especially when PKW was fighting and choking him with the scarf!

    I wouldn’t buy any clothes from HJE’s store. So far, her clothes are hideous and unfashionable. FIRE her stylist and her hairdresser. She looks like an adjumma.

    So surprised on seeing a recap of this comedy. It’s so OTP and just fun and entertaining to watch. 30 minutes is too short…

    Don’t know why they delayed showing it for so long. Please continue to recap this series!

  44. 44 Rach^^

    So much bad hair in one drama.

  45. 45 saltandpepper

    wow….ding dong….he is so cute 🙂

  46. 46 haru

    Totally cracktastic:0 Just the right kind of light, fluffy,absurdity that makes me unwind after a stressful day at work^^.

    The curly ahjumma hairstyles/fashion for me is like an inside joke since isn’t she supposed to be a style-maker who will be their stylist? Makes me wonder if they really thought that was fashionable or was it an inside joke for them as well…

    PKW is adorkable here:)

    • 46.1 haru

      PS: yeah, that kiss was hot!

      • 46.1.1 kstalls


  47. 47 pigtookie

    I was wondering why this show was getting that much viewership, I’ll definitely tune in! Thanks for the recap and opinions, kaedejun!

  48. 48 Noelle

    Man Kiss.

  49. 49 AnaBanana

    Thanks so much for the recap! I hope you get a chance to do more, but thanks for this one!
    Ahh Park Ki-Woong. Good to see your face. He reminds me of “My Tutor Friend 2”

    When, Park Ki-Woong, are you going to pick another project that shows your true potential and prowess as an actor? I know you need a break from Gaksital. And I lub him in FullHouse 2, but …. he is hotter (yes, hotter than when he kissed another dude) when he plays serious, mature roles more befitting his real age. Awww.

    Anyway, I shall continue to read your recaps, Kaedejun, just to see Ki-Woong’s face. Noh Min Woo who?

    • 49.1 AnaBanana

      I forgot to say — second favorite scene — Park Ki-Woong going around in end of episode 1, Part 1, dressed like a Chinese gangster as part of his disguise. Pfft!

    • 49.2 missjb

      haha same here
      I’m just happy to see PKW’s pic on dramabeans…
      Thanks KAedejun

  50. 50 CinDee

    That was an random, disgusting , out of nowhere kiss. So far, this drama bores me. I’m just watching a string of boring motions. Nothing like the original. Geez….

    Having two handsome male leads kiss each other. what a fantasy cock blocker.

    • 50.1 Mystisith

      You’re a female, right? And you talk of a cock blocker scene. ??? Dr Freud would love to comment your choice of words.
      For info, that scene is not random at all: It’s here for a reason. I guess you were too freaked out by the kiss to understand it.

      • 50.1.1 Mar

        I keep thinking click the “like” button but then realize I’m not on FB, so silly, but I wish I could “like” such comments as Mystisith’s here. Well said, Mystisith.

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