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Full House Take 2 finally gets an airdate
by | October 9, 2012 | 105 Comments

Finally. Full House 2—aka Full House Take 2—has at long (long) last found a home on a television schedule. The show got on air in Japan even before it managed to at home; it premiered just days ago (October 5) on Japan’s TBS, while Korea will have to wait a few extra weeks for it to show on SBS Plus.

That’s… anticlimactic. While we here at Dramabeans have much love for cable television, that appreciation usually comes for shows that were intended for cable, and the greater creative license that cable affords. However, this case is different, since Full House 2 was meant to be a big broadcast production and floundered—literally for years—to find someone to air it. It feels a lot like this drama’s being relegated to a shadowy corner of the cable box, to be burned off on the downlow.

This is a sequel that should have come with tremendous buzz—after all, the original series was a mega-smash hit, got exported everywhere, and shot its already popular leads Rain and Song Hye-gyo to superstardom. Yet the sequel kept hitting snags, and while its production company tried to find a station to air it, scheduling conflicts caused a whole wave of castings and uncastings and recastings (heck, just skimming over the Related Posts headlines below gives you an idea of how confusing things got).

Frankly, a sequel without the original stars and set in a totally different world isn’t much of a sequel at all. Essentially Take 2 uses the initial premise of a movie star falling for an ordinary girl, and goes from there. Which is already like a dozen other K-dramas anyway. In this version, Noh Min-woo plays a top star who enters into a fake engagement with aspiring reporter Hwang Jung-eum, while idol star Park Ki-woong steps in as the third leg of that love triangle.

I was beginning to wonder if Full House 2 would be shelved forever—and I actually wonder whether it would have been better off that way, if only for the sake if its stars. The leads have since added more serious work to their resumés, and the delay in getting this show broadcast might seem like a regression. Remember Joo Sang-wook filming Paradise Ranch first, then getting lauded for a career-turnaround role in the intense drama Giant, only to have Paradise Ranch air afterward? All I can say is, thank goodness for Ten.

So after Park Ki-woong blew us all out of the water with his incredibly dark, complex role in Gaksital, I don’t know that I want to see him playing another lovelorn second lead, and in a fluffy rom-com that’s a retread of the same old. (Rom-com hero? Now that’s a different story.) We know Noh Min-woo can handle serious fare (Midas), and Hwang Jung-eum recently wrapped up successful medical drama Golden Time. It makes you wonder how they feel about Full House 2 coming out now.

Full House Take 2 premieres on October 22 on cable station SBS Plus.

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105 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. joybells

    Finally we get an airdate.But im realli not digging any of the cast’ hairstyle 🙂

    • 1.1 mysterious

      I think Park Ki-woong looks pretty good with blonde hair (but that’s just my opinion).

      • 1.1.1 Ara

        Yeah, I was just thinking that he doesn’t look too bad in the second set of pictures.

      • 1.1.2 aenea

        Yep. I second that.

        As for Noh Min-woo’s… Well, call me crazy, but I think the hairstylist that’s assigned to him was attempting to recreate Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock’s do — but fell short of successfully doing so.

      • 1.1.3 paper

        YES YES YES *-* Totally adorable~<3

        Also… anyone know why the production team hired a hairstylists who gets inspiration from pubes?

        • Monona

          Eew. And LOL

    • 1.2 Zeffir

      yep, I had one look at them and realised it will take a very boring day for me to want to start on this drama. especially on the first pic – Noh Min-woo has probably the ugliest hairdo ever

  2. Ennayra

    I have so much love for Park Ki-woong because of Gaksital. I think I’m going to avoid Full House 2 like the plague in order to preserve that love. 🙂

    • 2.1 Toystar

      Me 2!!

    • 2.2 paper

      But if you love him so much~ wouldn’t you want to watch his drama & be supportive no matter how crap it is? ;o

      Look on the bright side~ at least his hair doesn’t resemble pubes!

      • 2.2.1 houstontwin

        Out of love, we should avoid this drama. None of the actors would really want to be seen this way.

        • silver

          I too was reluctant to start this one. But it does get better and rather addicting. Now I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s episode. So fans of these actors must give this drama a chance and I hope you won’t regret it. Anyway, you’ll know if you like it by the end of the first episode *grins*.

  3. Fasiris Fay

    This does not sound promising. Maybe they should just change the title, since it doesn’t really have much to do with the original?

  4. mysterious

    I hope this won’t have a negative impact on the actors’ careers. Especially Park Ki-woong who is just phenomenal.

  5. CM

    I almost forgot how much I hated the hairstyles in this drama lol. What have they done to me pretty No Min Woo!? 🙁

    • 5.1 zhill

      No Min Woo! *crying* please don’t tell me he’s gonna have that hair from start to finish. I loved him in Midas, and I loved him more in Gumiho, but ohmygay! he looks sooooo gay!

  6. Mystisith

    Mark my words: That THING is going to be worst than Dr Jin on the open scale of train wrecks. Japanese trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9KhgXJT2Fs
    I know a lot of people will cry for the wasted Park Ki-woong… As for me I want to save Noh Min-woo from that nightmare. Who are the stylists and hairdressers of that show? How could they do this to him? Huhuhu…

    • 6.1 canxi

      I know! Noh Min Woo! I have not seen the guy in years and this happens and I want to hide under a rock for him from second-hand embarrassment. His managers and him better be working over time to get in a new show,lol.

      I’m hoping Park Ki Woong will be fine. I want to see him in more and more things and I’m hoping this won’t change people’s feelings about his acting, like those who don’t know this was filmed way before Gaksital.

      It’s so nerve wracking,lol.

    • 6.2 anna

      Oh my god, is she ever going to get a decent haircut in my projects? She looks like a poodle.

      • 6.2.1 anna

        ugh, by my i meant “any”.

      • 6.2.2 aX

        Um yeah!

  7. Arhazivory

    Myst, I was going to link that awful trailer but thankfully you beat me to it. Linking it would mean seeing it again. *shudders*

    I was saying the exact same thing as it relates to this airing ‘now’. The drama scene is abuzz with Park Ki Woong’s phenomenal acting and now to see him in…..this. *facepalm* I’ll avoid it like the plague. I like Noh Min Woo alright enough although his last role in Midas was pretty much wasted. Hwang Jang Eum played a nice anti-typical-heroine role in Golden Time that I appreciated. Tut tut…oh well, not all dramas on one’s resume will look good. 😀

    ANd….hey, it could be good. I mean really, its possible.

  8. Ella Zala

    What’s up with park ki woong’s hair? it looks odd to me…

    since i liked the first full house drama [one that got me hooked on kdramaland] and i’ve read the comic version of it too~ I will meditate to convince myself to watch it…

  9. crazedlu

    PWAHAHA. oh no. kind of feeling bad for all of them at this point. kind of laughed at the drama airing in japan first. this drama looks ridiculous.

    hi, park kiwoong. ~

  10. 10 Lila

    Wow, I totally thought this came out already, earlier this year, and I just missed it. I’m surprised it didn’t…it shall not be as good as the first but I might watch it, for the eye candies No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong.

  11. 11 missjb

    Thanks God, Ki Woong has covertness for his upcoming project. Hope this movie will be a good one, seems promising project AMIN

  12. 12 Danna

    Apparently the thing is already on DVD too…lol….and I thought that it would end there
    I think the biggest travesty is the hair on our leads and what it has done to all the pretty….but of course that’s a point thats been discussed already…I do wanna add that Hwang Jung Eum really needs to fire her godawful hair stylist…whoever it is…I mean we got the upside bowl in CYHMH then this rag in FH2 and then the bad hair in Golden Time too..maybe she can look into getting Lee Min Ho’s hair stylist

  13. 13 Jlee

    PKW… blonde hair… just no. ):

    He looked like, x200 sexier as Shunji.

    • 13.1 Lilly


  14. 14 djes

    I thought it isn’t going to air after all, oh well, never plan to watch it, more after watched the preview.
    HJE with that kind of hairstyle…
    does the stylist is her antifan, because she’s so lucky to have 2 pretty men to kiss her?

  15. 15 Daisy

    HJE hair is messed up! I have no idea what she or the stylist was thinking at the time!!!

  16. 16 lenrasoon

    damn this will flop so hard, i feel sorry for the actors involved especially PKW.

  17. 17 canxi

    Uggggggggggh! It came. I’m still in denial. They finally took it out of Pandora’s Box. Please someone…put it back. I really wanted them to keep it locked up without an airdate 5ever. Why, Drama gods, why?

    • 17.1 Laica

      5ever? Is that even longer than 4ever? If so I TOTALLY agree. 🙂

      • 17.1.1 canxi

        It is,lol.

  18. 18 SweetGodzilla

    I Have to watch this Full House. I just can’t take more melodrama and the angst after Arang and The Magistrate. I need a light fun fully romcom drama.

  19. 19 Unnie

    Uh-oh. Who would watch an uglified version? What were the producers thinking? tsk tsk tsk.. such a waste.

    • 19.1 Yoori

      I agree! It’s like totally manga-fied verison of Full House 2. Even if we don’t compare it and just judge the drama solely itself; it looks B.A.D. (except PKW; what a waste of talent).

      The leads look so pale, tired, and cold (literally and figuratively).

      Anyway, the house is totally the star of the drama!

  20. 20 niKai

    Why does everyone sound so harsh n pessimistic? Except for the really poor choice of hairstyle, it looks like a fun series based on the trailer. I think it’s a little different than paradise ranch case bcoz (or dr jin for that matter) because all the main leads here r great actors.

    Unless someone has actually watched the one that airs in japan and know from that that the script n directing are reallyt bad? Now that would be a more solid base to give critisms, me thinks.

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      If that drama is watchable in the end and manages to make me laugh and cry for the good reasons, I will post a public apology on dramabeans. Every material I could find (videos, BTS, pics) is cringe worthy.

    • 20.2 canxi

      It’s not critcism, it’s just a bad feeling. A really bad feeling. The fact that it was stuck in limbo for, like, 2 years before it got an air date is reason enough to be pessimistic. Then there’s the fact that’s it’s pretty much a non-related sequel that came yeaaaars after the original. (Then there’s also the fact that I didn’t even like the original.) And like Mysti said, it looks bad just from videos. It may be better than it appears, buuuut I’m really not too sure. Also everyone’s worried that it may be a setback for the actors involved if it flops, which it just might. Seriously, SBS Plus? I didn’t even know that existed…

    • 20.3 kopytko

      I think there are two main reasons that make people less than ethusiastic. For one the plot is something we’ve all seen a good gazillion times, sometimes in a better, sometimes in worse quality. The first Full House was decent, had great actors and became a hit. It will be difficult to make it again – can any of those actors repeat Rain’s and SHK success? Is the actress as beautiful and charming? Is anyone as cute as Rain? *giggles to old memories*
      Moreover the fact, that a sequel has been talked about for ages and then gathered moss on shelf for just as long makes me think, that the outcome doesn’t seem attractive even to broadcasters – who wouldn’t want to earn on the great success that FH was? There must have been a reason, that the mighty ones didn’t buy it.
      But of course, they can be simply wrong.
      I am in the group that don’t hold their breath waiting for the premiere, even though I did enjoy Rock Rock Rock with Noh Minwoo 🙂

    • 20.4 alua

      Because all the signs pointing to that this is just not gonna be good are there. Shelving a project that long – uhoh. (Although, if I remember correctly, What’s Up was shelved for a while as well, that was fairly decent – not amazing, but pretty good at times.)

      Personally, I wasn’t even much a fun of the original Full House. The whole thing about ‘friends’ selling your house and forgiving them was just too mind-boggling to me. Scratch that, I found it outrageous and upsetting to the point that it irritated intensely me the whole time I watched that drama.

      • 20.4.1 canxi

        ^This. I also thought Rain’s character in that drama was a supreme jerk. More so than the usual jerk.

  21. 21 blackitty

    I just hope this doesnt turn up like dream high 2

  22. 22 anna

    Just watched the trailer…. cringed so hard. Their hairstyle is a disaster. NMW’s makeup.. jesus. Is he playing a vampire disguises as a pop-star?

    • 22.1 anastassia


  23. 23 bishbash

    Saw a full page advertisment on this drama in a Japanese newspaper some time ago, and was utterly confused because back then there was no news of its broadcast in Korea.

  24. 24 AnaBanana

    Let’s not forget PKW does have a new project coming out — I think he’s doing that movie “Covertness” — it’s kind of a comedy. Hopefully a dark comedy (hopefully) — and he’ll be playing one of the three main leads as a North Korean undercover spy. I haven’t heard any news from his management agency but it sounds like the movie has cast him

  25. 25 katiamon

    Blond shunji????? I like him better as a brunette… Take 2 sounds kind of dull, not gonna watch =S

  26. 26 divaz_sha

    she a reporter?
    i thought she a cleaner AHJUMMA

    this drama can won an award already

  27. 27 anklegirl

    Having seen Ki-woong in Tutor Friend 2, I feel like he would be epic!!There’s a scene with him in tighty-whities @_@;

  28. 28 varms

    Maybe the reason it has an airdate now IS Park Ki Woong’s surge in popularity. Full House started my own personal drama craze, I have the VCD and everything comes out in DVD now…

    Will also meditate on whether to watch this.

    • 28.1 canxi

      It’s definitely the reason,lol.

    • 28.2 Fab

      Let’s all pretend that guy with the ridiculous hair is not PKW.

  29. 29 purexorange

    it may fair better in japan though. the japanese love eccentric things/people… i think the hairstyles might just do it for them xD

  30. 30 denise

    i will watch anything NO MIN WOO is in. nuff said :=)

    • 30.1 cutieblue

      I must agree with you, although I’m not really looking forward to the premise. But… Noh Min Woo. I must watch (^.^)

  31. 31 dramahan

    Wow, I can’t wait to see this. But I don’t like the hair styles either. They look like women..

  32. 32 a_diva

    *sigh* so not feeling the love for this show. i was already very skeptical about a remake based solely on my love for the irrational, frustrating but totally loveable original show . . . but the different stars, the retreaded premise, the obvious problems the production has run into make me not want to bother.

    on another slightly related note . . . na BI saranghae.

    end *sigh*

  33. 33 Celest

    I guess Korea never learns its lesson…

    Anyone remember Goong 2? Anyone? Or how about Dream High 2? Yea, I thought so. No one.

    But who knows, perhaps it might be able to barely make it in Japan. This looks like it’s been manga-fied. Japan’s more into that stuff…so who knows.

    Feel super bad for the leads though. They’re all pretty good actors. God only knows what possessed them to take on already much beloved characters…

    • 33.1 ss

      there’s vampire prosecutor 2! thank god it didnt plunged to nothingness with the new director. i guess for kdrama to survive season 2, they need the old cast! goong 2 and dream high was a waste of time. srsly.

  34. 34 ND

    Ohhhh…..I don’t feel like watching it just because of each one of their hair style…..how will i manage to go through it for entire 16 or so episodes when i’m resisting it so much just in a photo….

  35. 35 aX

    Wow, completely miscasted. Too bad. Probably giving this one a miss.

  36. 36 Anvesha

    The stars probably wish to forget it’s existence…

  37. 37 JenJen

    The trailer posted in one of the earlier comments makes this series feel like KPOP The Ultimate Audition or whatever (specifically it reminds me of the scene where the yoobrother got pants and there was screaming…..). Everything about it screams ewwww to me: the hair of the leads, No MinWoo’s effeminate looks, the cheap-and-overly-cartoony feel…. I think it was shelved for over 7 years for a reason. Alas, we’ll have to wait to it to air for the final verdict.

  38. 38 Jenny

    tq jb

    eye candy hairstyles to boost

    the viewers esteem and ratings !!

  39. 39 Laura

    I feel so bad for Park ki woong. His career is like ups and downs all the time, ugh :…(

    It can be at least decent, right? right?

    Actually (from the trailer) the main man’s haircut does remind something more of a japanese style, but if I feel like I am lost in hay when the leads come together, that’s not good at all.

  40. 40 Claire

    why did they even make a “take 2” for this?? can’t they think of new plots now so they keep remaking old dramas? err =__=

  41. 41 bluemoon

    I like Park Ki-woong in all kind of shades and colors, but his Kimura Shunji is my favorite.

    Does this mean I get to see the badass Shunji being all fluffy and cute since he’s supposed to be an IDOL and all? Don’t know how I really feel about this, but let’s wait and see.

  42. 42 AnnaCC

    I wish Park Ki-woong was the main lead 🙁

  43. 43 sweetcloud

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Full House, because it was the drama that introduced me to kdramas and Hallyu culture in general, but this sequel doesn’t sound appealing in the least. And looking back with a more critical eye on Full House I cringe at its numerous flaws – badly and over used soundtrack (those few piano notes will stay imprinted forever) – repetitive storytelling – over the top melo and acting… Like you said in another post, the drama landscape has evolved so much over the past few years that making a sequel so long after the original aired makes no sense, not even from a marketing point of view, because the success it had then would probably not happen today.

    • 43.1 ND

      on the other hand….i like its background score a lot!!

      • 43.1.1 sweetcloud

        I like it too, but I think the show triggered a Pavlonian response in me, whenever I heard the beginning of 운명 I’d be like “Omg Angst!” 😀

  44. 44 Isi

    I LOVE the cast….but….WHY STYLIST WHY?!?!?! TT.TT

  45. 45 matinsoleil

    I don’t even watch the trailer yet but i’m laughing at your comments. Guys you’re so funny!!

    But definitely the hairstyles could be the mean reason not to watch this drama even though I like the cast ^^. Plus does it matter that I never saw the Full house 1?

  46. 46 KitKat

    YAY! I am a little worried about the stars being taken a bit less seriously after this, but I seriously need some less-serious Park Ki-woong to heal my wounded heart.
    It will suck to see him as second lead again, though maybe it’ll work out…. Maybe he’ll be more of a friend-oppa whose not really interested in her and only serves to get Noh Min-woo jealous. I hope so!

    • 46.1 KitKat

      Just realized Park Ki-woong is playing an idol.

  47. 47 ND

    I’m just curious..so i’m asking….

    I have seen in dramas like best love,full house etc that even the top actors perform all household work like cooking,etc on their own…so is it like this in Korea that everyone does the work by themselves??

  48. 48 Anao

    I can tell I’m gonna have second lead syndrome just based on the hairstyles. I’ll never understand why some dramas insist on giving their heroins hideous bowlcuts and ajumma perms. Maybe they want to make them more easy to relate too, but all they do is making my eyes bleed.

  49. 49 arina

    im goin to skip this…not everyone looks gud in curly hair…and Minwoo definitely NOT..

  50. 50 bigwink

    I think the drama is intended to be japanese styled (whatever that means), it surely feels like one. And NMW fit the Japanese style cold guy perfectly! He looks okay

    On the other hand, HJE looks bleh. Poor her, really. I don’t know how she endured looking at herself with the wig. Bleh.

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