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Ha Jung-woo and Jeon Ji-hyun co-stars again?
by | October 22, 2012 | 19 Comments

So we haven’t even seen Ha Jung-woo (The Client) and Jeon Ji-hyun (Thieves) play their first onscreen married couple yet, in the spy thriller Berlin (still in post-production and due out later this year). But they’ve already been cast as their second married couple in the new movie The Road Home. Ha Jung-woo has signed on to star, and Jeon Ji-hyun is still unconfirmed and considering the offer.

The Road Home is the latest project from director Bang Eun-jin, who directed Suspect X, also due out later this year. It’s a suspense thriller, about a wife who gets framed for smuggling drugs on her way home from France. Worst vacation hangover ever. All the evidence points to her, so she gets thrown in prison. Her husband then embarks on a dangerous one-man operation to rescue her.

I’m assuming that means he intends to go after the crime syndicate, catch the real baddies, and clear her name, all on his own. I do really like Wronged Man suspense thrillers, because there’s something so satisfying about watching an everyman/woman struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds. And badass is kind of a default mode for Ha Jung-woo, so I like the idea of an average husband and wife who are both vulnerable and scared, having to fight the system.

Both Ha Jung-woo and Jeon Ji-hyun are having stellar years — Ha Jung-woo has especially kept himself busy, going from one project to the next without a break. It feels like he was in every third movie that came out this year and last, though that’s probably not true. But hey, more Ha Jung-woo is never a bad thing in my book, so I say keep ’em coming, as long as no one gets sent to the hospital for overworking.

The movie plans to start shooting in January, for a release later next year.

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19 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JIW_sobangnim

    another show with great stars?
    sigh! <3

  2. Quasimodo

    It’s kind of like Bridget Jone’s Diary II XD

    • 2.1 mud

      That’s what I thought, except I don’t think comedy will have much of a place in this version. Plus, Ha Jung-woo might not deal with things the legal route and just go BAMF on the criminals , which I confess I would love to see. He’s one of my biggest ahjusshi crushes.

      Also, he did do the “male version” of Bridget Jones in Korea. I would watch a story of reverse Bridget Jones 2 where the competent lawyer gets stuck in jail and the fumbling everywoman/man needs to figure out the best way to rescue his/her beloved. Of course, the competent lawyer probably won’t be in the mess in the first place….

  3. Quasimodo


  4. eevee

    “Taken….Third Time’s A Charm”. 😛

    • 4.1 Mrs. Hand Towel

      my thoughts exactly…

  5. h0ns

    ha jung woo sshi.. looks like Ha Ha ^^

  6. aX

    The plot sounds a lot like ‘the Next Three Days’ starring Russell Crowe with a hint of ‘the Brokedown Palace’ starring Claire Danes. Either way, both are fabulous Hollywood movies!

    • 6.1 soysauce

      EXACTLY what I thought.

      • 6.1.1 saltandpepper

        me too….the first thing that came in my mind after reading the plot..

  7. blah

    That’s identical to The Next Three Days with Russel Crowe.

  8. Sajen

    “as long as no one gets sent to the hospital for overworking.”

    isn’t that the only way celebrities in Korea get to take a break?

  9. Lemon

    I love Ha Jung Woo. He’s pretty hot in that gruff, manly way, plus that deep voice of his… Phew!

    • 9.1 jomo

      Me, too. LOVE.
      Whether he is a cop, hopeless optimist (My Dear Enemy) serial killer or sperm donor (Never Forever, I am not making this up.) he is so completely a man.

  10. 10 saltandpepper

    I also like “Wronged Man suspense thrillers” very much…

    but I have a question….why jeon ji hyun does only movies, and not any dramas ????

  11. 11 Teejay

    Sounds intriguing enough! Though to be quite honest I’d watch ANYTHING with Jeon Ji Hyun, she can do no wrong in my eyes.

    She was a stand-out in The Thieves (wonderful movie, nothing ground-breaking but HIGHLY entertaining). Heads up to anyone living in Australia, Hoyts is currently showing the film so get to a cinema pronto! 😀

  12. 12 whysocereal

    can i switch the female lead? jeon ji hyun to secret agent war with joo won. and choi kang hee to this with ha jung woo…. oh, drama’s god pls pls…. it’s gonna be win-win for everyone, and i swear half of joo won’s fans will stop cursing you right away.

  13. 13 kumon

    I hope to see HJW-HJW tandem (Ha jung woo – Ha ji won) xD

  14. 14 Gabby

    So, Jeon Ji-hyun is basically going from an Ocean’s Eleven remake to a film with a plot suspiciously similar to The Next Three Days (at least that film credited its source material, lol).

    Well, I liked TNTD, so hopefully this will be good too. It would be cool if one of these days the gender roles are reversed, and the WIFE gets to go on the heroic crusade to bust her man out of jail…and not in the, “I’ll spend 20 years working within the system to do it” way a la Hilary Swank in Conviction, but through kicking ass and taking names – the way men in these stories always get to go about it.

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