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Han Ji-min does Americana, sort of
by | October 26, 2012 | 64 Comments

javabeans: Han Ji-min is in the November issue of a lifestyle magazine called The Traveller, and… This concept. I do not get it. It’s like: “Pretty things, we put together, surely it’ll make sense.”

girlfriday: This is one of those times where the concept of American exotic-ness does not compute. Because uh… they’re on a farm.

javabeans: Ranch. Is more exotic. Plus there are cowboys.

girlfriday: Or… just four dudes who had some hats.

javabeans: Haha, true. I guess three guys in hoodies does not equate to cowboys.

girlfriday: Like if you want cowboy, go all-out for Marlboro Man. Two of the hats are baseball caps.

javabeans: And I think one might be a fedora. I guess this is an example of not really thinking of aspects of your home culture as a *thing* until you see it through the eyes of another one. So Americana is, apparently, trucks and hats. Funny, because those are things I do not see around me ever.

girlfriday: Yeah I suppose to us city-dwellers, it’s as foreign a concept as anything. But yunno, we know it when we see it.

javabeans: Han Ji-min is described as “wild and seductive” in this photo shoot. Um. So is this a case of an art director not knowing words, either?

girlfriday: Are we surprised?

javabeans: There’s always the hope that one of these days, a magazine shoot will actually make sense. Call me the eternal optimist.

girlfriday: Or we could put a cowboy hat on you and call you the wild optimist.

javabeans: Don’t forget seductive.

girlfriday: You need a truck for that.

javabeans: ‘Cause nothing says seductive like a dirt road and a turtleneck.

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64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MEK

    “girlfriday: Like if you want cowboy, go all-out for Marlboro Man. Two of the hats are baseball caps” – that’s because they are rednecks!!!

    • 1.1 jomo

      Dont forget:
      “And I think one might be a fedora.”

      Now if you put “fedora” in quotes all by itself, you get a whole nother meaning.

    • 1.2 Blondie

      As one who hails from the land of rednecks, I can say that baseball caps and hoodies are not unusual gear for farm workers on horseback (but even I’m not sure how the fedora got there).

      • 1.2.1 WooHigh

        I agree with everything you said. I know some cowboys, rednecks, and cowboy rednecks who switch between baseball caps and cowboy hats.

    • 1.3 anais

      rednecks & baseball caps? That doesn’t compute.

      Baseball caps (+sweat shirts/hoodies) = beer guzzling frat dudes

      • 1.3.1 Ennayra

        I love how all our stereotypes are slightly different.

        • anicheung

          I know. I hail from the flattest state in the U.S. where there are farms and rednecks galore. Hoodies and baseball caps go hand-in-hand with cowboy hats, tractors and farmhouses. Granted, I don’t personally live on a farm, but one of my best friends grew up on one. Believe me, hoodies and baseball caps are VERY common everyday clothes here.

          Of course, my friend WOULD prefer her cowboys with the entire cowboy hat and boot set with large truck included or a nice John Deere tractor…

          But I agree… the stereotypes from all over the world are so interesting. 😀

      • 1.3.2 Mar

        Trust me, baseball caps and rednecks are a real thing. This magic place is called rural Virginia. In fact, many of these men wear the damn things all the time, including in the house. I escaped to the city, but I still see an offender sometimes. Shudder.

      • 1.3.3 Gabby

        I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have a problem with guys wearing baseball caps and sweat shirts/hoodies, or see anything inherently “redneck” (read: backwards, uncivilized) about that?

        • Mar

          I don’t about anyone else but have a problem with a ball cap in context. When a guy is playing a sport, or outside at the beach, or something when a baseball cap is appropriate to wear, driving a tractor, or working in the yard where sunshade is needed, hiking even amusement or theme parks if the sun is hot, those kind of things. But wearing a baseball cap 24/7 just to wear it is redneck, or tacky, whatever you want to call it. I have seriously known men that only take them off when they shower and go to bed, and maybe church depending on the church dress code lol. For them it is like putting on a shirt and pair of pants in the morning, and there is no reason for it other than a habit/cultural thing where they live. They go to school, work, grocery store, got to bars, go out to dinner, go on dates, etc. etc. wearing those stupid hats.

          Hoodies are a different thing. I do not think they are redneck or tacky.


  2. Mystisith

    Like the theme for that photoshoot.
    Autumn’s Light, Cowboys and Quarter-horses.
    I guess someone heard about that “horse dance thing” and decided to start from that. Imagination is such a cool thing.

  3. canxi

    Eh, I think it would have been better without the dudes! Just Han Ji Min. She looks pretty as always though. Lol’ing at wild and seductive though…not quite!

    • 3.1 Gabby

      I know, it’s kind of weird with them lurking in the background.

      There were clearly just happened upon and then randomly asked to participate.

      • 3.1.1 gg

        but is it just me, or does she look really different here? almost couldnt recognise her…

        • canxi

          I think it’s the eye makeup!

      • 3.1.2 canxi

        Lol, right?

  4. becca_boo

    Loving all the conversations posts lately!

    • 4.1 mud

      Same! They’re quick and entertaining. Not that I don’t like the individual ones… I always try to guess who’s writing it is, but without much success.

      Back on topic, I actually like the last outfit though I can do without the random yellow truck. As a city-dweller now living in a smaller town (for school) I was quite “culture-shocked” by the aggie community. It’s really different from city life and nice at times. However, I must admit that the old saying about “you can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl” really applies to me.

  5. JoAnne

    I know right – after Ha Ji Won these 2 are my favorite girl crushes – could listen to them talk a day!

  6. katiamon

    such an odd photo shoot: the dudes are so misplaced in the frame and i think she looks cute and sort of nostalgic (?) in the pictures but not sexy at all.

  7. Andy

    All I see is Han Ji Min….everything else is superfluous.

  8. kdramapedia

    I laughed so hard at the pictures. They make absolutely no sense!

    And “America” and “exotic” don’t belong in the same sentence. More like… hmm… “different” or “special.” =P

  9. dustdevil

    I totally want to know the back story of the guy in the fedora holding the dog.

    The truck has Oregon plates, so I’m also obsessing about why they would do a photo shoot in central or eastern Oregon (the dry side of the state.)

    • 9.1 muhloy

      i didn’t even notice the dog, i had to scroll up.

      are you sure that isn’t a goat? cause it’s such a farm and stuff?

      seriously though, all that dead grass and dirt….looks like Texas. like the kind of Texas you drive through for what feels like years until you finally reach civilization again.

      • 9.1.1 becca_boo

        That’s definitely a dog – he’s even got a buddy peeking around the horse on the far right. Photobomb! Level: Han Ji-min fan-pooch. (Because the word “pooch” is hilarious.) : )

      • 9.1.2 Ann

        No kidding, except you could not find four guys together in that part of Texas. Much less with three in hoodies. Unless it was one of those juvenile delinquent work camps. But then the guys would be younger and hotter.

    • 9.2 YY

      Ok, time for me to clear up the mystery of the sad-looking fedora guy. That’s not a dog he’s cradling. It’s actually a slinky black feather boa. He brought it along when he found out about the proposed “wild and seductive” photoshoots because he was secretly hoping to slip into it come shooting time. That’s the reason he’s looking so glum – he just found out it’s Han Ji-min who’s supposed to be the”wild and seductive” one.

  10. 10 skelly

    And is the Sad-Sack guy holding a dog?
    Actually, I think the problem is that they went to a REAL ranch, a sheep ranch somewhere in eastern Oregon by the looks of it, and a real ranch only bears a nodding resemblance to the Marlboro Man version. Real ranchers do wear hoodies and gimme caps. And those trucks would see more action than the horses.

    Seductiveness and verisimilitude obviously do NOT go together here.

    • 10.1 becca_boo

      Ha! Yeah, few real ranche(r)s are anything like how most magazines present them. So, yay for realism?

    • 10.2 Ann

      Maybe Oregon ranchers wear hoodies. But in Texas, durnit, they wear leather. And cowboy hats. Sometimes the cowboy hats are leather.

      • 10.2.1 becca_boo

        You and I are obviously familiar with different parts of Texas! : ) I’ve lived on a ranch my whole life, and everybody in my family and community wears hoodies and/or denim jackets. Cowboy hat or cap is a personal choice, though.

        That’s the thing about Texas, I guess: it’s so big, you can’t really generalize.

        • Ann

          My husband’s grandfather was a small-time rancher and wore a leather jacket and a leather cowboy hat. He also wore those heavy cotton work shirts.

          My grandfather was a tree farmer, but he lived in South Carolina, and so he always looked as though he was getting ready to play golf.

          Y’all must be in a cold part of Texas, though, to wear hoodies. Last week it was still in the 80’s here.

          • becca_boo

            Exactly, it really depends on which part of Texas you’re in and what the region’s culture is like. Also, whether or not you can get free caps from the local businesses. : ) Our ranchers wear the cotton shirts, too, which I totally love. They can come in all dirty and tired, and I still think they look nicer than the clean t- and polo shirts that the city boys wear.

            We had 80˚ weather last week, too, and when it’s like that (or hotter, which, as you know, is most of the time), nobody wears jackets or hoodies, period. Cold snap came yesterday, though, and we lit the fireplace, which makes me happy.

            Ha, it’s so weird having a full conversation about what ranchers wear! And at Dramabeans, of all places.

  11. 11 nachos

    She is pretty…but also pretty bland as looking at a plain cardboard box.

  12. 12 gingeranna

    I’m actually not very sure the 4 men are all… Men. I think the third one is a woman, or at least I thought she were, the photo is little so I don’t know.

    Anyway I love random shots like these from fashion magazines, and I love them more when they’re supposed to be serious X°°°D

    • 12.1 becca_boo

      Lol, I thought I was the only one!

    • 12.2 canxi

      Oh snap! You’re right! lol, maybe should have left the 10-gallon hat for a 5-gallon?? XD

      • 12.2.1 Ann

        That reminds me of the saying “All hat and no cattle.”

  13. 13 Mar

    lmao. Okay, this to me looks like old school Playboy shoot, except for well, she’s wearing clothes.

  14. 14 Suzi Q

    Oregon is exotic?
    The 3 guys and the kid on horseback looks like ranch hands. And not very good looking ones either!
    She could have stayed in Korea for the truck photos.

  15. 15 yelena

    Pretty girl but very terrible model! She makes the shoot look so boring and dead.

    • 15.1 Melon

      Same here. not attractive at all.

    • 15.2 canxi

      I don’t think it’s Han Ji Min’s fault. I’ve seen her rock a photoshoot before, I think it’s this concept that is literally dry.

  16. 16 Sajen

    really what doesn’t fit is what she’s wearing the background is actually pretty much like the modern day country here in the US

  17. 17 crazedlu

    omdude, i hate this shoot. hate, just friggin hate that second pic. “oh, hey, dudes on the horses.. will you stand in on this pic?” my eyesssss…

  18. 18 Jane

    Maybe the photographer and teampicked a random farm and said this is it! And start shooting forgeting that its a ranch and they need cowboys and since theres none they just pluck some 4 random dudes theyve seen from the farm with horses and voila cowboys! Lol or worse they are part of the team and well they can model too!!

  19. 19 beggar1015

    The last picture: that’s totally what I wear when I drive and old “yella” pickup truck full of crap.

  20. 20 rainy

    your conversations are so good!!

  21. 21 foolmoon

    Love the conversation <3 <3 <3
    I can (try to) understand the outfit of those cowboys or ranchmen or farmer or whatever, because maybe in real life that's what people are really wearing, random things, just saying.
    BUT "wild and seductive" Han Ji MIn? Wild and seductive?!
    Wild, seductive, with turtle neck, long sleeves, loose garment?
    Well, that's a whole new definition for me. ^_^

  22. 22 YY

    I am laughing at all these comments, and I had to keep scrolling up, first to check on the goatish dog whom I missed in the first place, and later to check on the mysterious man-woman rider. It’s a woman, but that goatish dog, I’m pretty sure is neither a dog nor a goat but a Texan chicken. And why I’m writing this post is beyond me.

  23. 23 jubilantia

    Yeah for laying on the conversation posts! These are always so much fun. I do love the non-sensicalness of magazine shoot themes.

    As for this one: maybe they blew all their money on the actress and couldn’t afford to hire actual American models? Although it might be more silly to have shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch type guys with more muscles, but the same come-hither expression as Han Ji-min…

  24. 24 Mi

    Han Ji Min looks beautiful

  25. 25 luri

    My guess is that they got an Oregon license plate then went to Australia to shoot. Cheaper & easier than shooting in the US. It would be interesting to know definitely where they did shoot since the cupola on that barn creates a barn style that I haven’t seen before.

    Where I live you can tell the ethnic origins of settlers by the old barns styles that they brought with them from Europe.

  26. 26 mskololia

    Americans don’t do “exotic” in the US nor feel the need to…..Stop with the nonsense.

  27. 27 JustSayn

    Don’t you know?

    Baseball Cap, Hoody, Carhartt Jeans & Boots: Everyday Work Wear

    Cow Boy Hat, Boots, Levi’s, and Big Belt Buckle: Evening/Formal Wear

    Beside, they went to Oregon and not the true “Cowboy Country” like Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, etc.

    • 27.1 anicheung

      THIS! lol Actually so true where I live… O.o

  28. 28 glace

    Lucky, lucky men. Sure this is not the best photoshoot but just the fact that they got to meet HJM makes me jealous haha.

  29. 29 Noelle

    HAHAHA! Oh man this is hilarious.

  30. 30 redfox

    she looks like she is a victim of a tornado who ended up naked in a prairie and just picked up random clothes lying on the ground, sat on a truck for 4 hours thinking it must take her somewhere, not realizing two wheels were missing, and then she stopped sunday riders asking to catch her a cow cause she was hundry, while they were 30 feet away from Mc Donalds. and then she stole some ladies´ designer bag thinking it was carried there by the tornado, while the lady actually just adjusts her stocking seams. and all the while she forgot to look in the mirror and realize that she looks like a scarecrow.

    • 30.1 mskololia


      Do you think they let her escape from the farm or is she stuck out in the fields somewhere?

  31. 31 owl

    Could be Pendleton, Oregon and the dog is really a sheep who gave the wool that was used to ka-nit the baggy sweaters that Han Ji Min is drowing in. And the guys just made a run to Cabella’s for ammo, and are now thinkin’ “gonna shoot me some squirrel” (or deer, whatever).

    It’s a cultural mix miscast that don’t make no sense.

  32. 32 yume

    I personally think shes very beautiful in these shots but the cowboy one just throws me off….I love the scenery though…

  33. 33 sunlit

    oh why are you two so funny!?

    still lolling

  34. 34 Nimai

    I really like the rustic look and the dudes are authentic. Even their attitude as they present to the camera, somehow affirms the backdrop.

    While I dig Ji-min, she might as well have been photoshoped into these pics. Her whole thing is juxtaposed to the environment. I don’t think there’s a rational explanation for that. So whoever set this up is clueless and deserves 50 lashes — almost a death sentence.

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