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Jang Nara joins KBS remake of School
by | October 12, 2012 | 30 Comments

Jang Nara (Baby-Faced Beauty) is coming back to television, and has become the first confirmed cast member of the upcoming remake, School. The production recently teased the casting possibilities of Kim Woo-bin and Lee Yubi, though as yet no other actors are official locks for the miniseries.

Jang Nara will be playing a teacher in the show, according to a rep with her agency, who confirmed the casting. It’s a verbal agreement at this point, but she is reportedly working out contract details and it sounds like it’s pretty much a done deal. She’s got a famously young face but at 32, I suppose she won’t really be running the risk of being mistaken for the younger generation. Especially since the producers are busily casting about for fresh new faces to fill their classroom sets. The original series gave a whole slew of current stars some early experience, so there’s some expectation that the new series will do the same with the new generation.

One thing that worries me: The drama doesn’t have a script yet. Sure, the show doesn’t air for another two months or so and is said to have an outline, but I get a little nervous at the idea that they’re casting based on a synopsis and a prayer. On the other hand, this is a remake so it’s not like they’re without source material; they can always refer to the ’90s youth drama for reference. Just check the fashions at the door and we’ll be good.

School will be a Monday-Tuesday drama that’ll premiere in December.

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30 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JIW_sobangnim

    OKAY baby faced in school?
    HAHA 🙂 Cheers!

    • 1.1 JIW_sobangnim

      AND WOW I AM THE FIRST 🙂 Yays to me! And Besides, fresh faces……….. Im thinking is Lee Hyun Woo STILL considered fresh? And umm, I guess Chan Sung should get a shot. Well he is the only young kid besides, Hye Sung which didnt get MIGHTY popluar after High Kick!

      Another choice would be YEO JIN GOO.
      Count me in for the ride.
      And that other cutie…. whats his name again? ARGH.
      The Young Yunho [TVXQ!] in Balloons MV. HE IS A LOOKER!


      • 1.1.1 Lala


  2. Fab

    Funny, yesterday I thought she was in the original series. She will make a sweet teacher.

    • 2.1 bjharm

      you may be thinking of the nonstop series, like School it to was the start for a lot of now famous people, Jang Nara of course being only one of them.

  3. j

    My dream casting cast for “students” role ^^
    It’s kind of impossible to have all of them in the same drama. But we can dream right ^^
    Kim Woo Bin
    Lee Yu Bi
    Yeo Jin Goo
    Nam Ji Hyun
    Lee Hyun Woo
    Yoo Seung Ho
    Kim Yoo Jung
    Kim So Hyun
    SHin Eun Kyung
    Park Eun Bin
    Lee Min Ho ( The Moon embracing the sun)

  4. akikisetsu

    Since KeyEast Entertainment aka Bae Yong-joon’s Co. is behind this drama. Then it’s likely that they would cast most of the young actors from their agency esp the main characters. Same with Dream High (KeyEast–>KSH JYP–>Suzy). I think Lee Hyun Woo, Park Ji Bin and Park Eun Bi are under KeyEast and roughly the same age. It’s fun to speculate! ~.^

    • 4.1 girlatsea

      Shin Won-ho plz!

      I know they’ve already played high school students but if Sung Joon and Jung So-min weren’t doing that jBTC drama, I’d want them in it too.

      • 4.1.1 girlatsea

        Oops that was supposed to be a separate comment haha.

      • 4.1.2 cheekbones

        What jBTC drama ??? I didn’t know !

        And, yes, Shin Won-ho please !

    • 4.2 Danna

      I think that’s going to be the case…which is why I’m surprised they picked Kim Woo Bin who is from Sidus HQ….of course, we don’t know if this show even has a definite lead….could be an ensemble a la Dream High….also he has not rrally confirmed yet anyways

  5. m

    It would be really great if they cast real new, unknown actors and actresses and not a lot of idols who might not be good at acting.

  6. saltandpepper

    ya….no idols please….they better use some good and natural actors…

  7. shoesrgreatrite

    yes yes! yeon jin gu! and kim yoon jung! HOPEFULLY THEY’LL CAST FRESH FACE ACTORS LIKE ANSWER ME 1997. If this is a youth drama, i will and always will be measuring it against answer me 1997. Eventhough the plot is different.

  8. Ara

    I hope this isn’t devolve into a teacher-student romance; such relationships really shouldn’t be glorified (regardless of gender).

  9. KStyle

    I’m so on board for this remake, it ain’t even funny.

    Please let’s get unknown actors and if there are idols, pick the good ones who can act not just pretty/cute faces.

    That is All.

    School Ajaja!!!

  10. 10 Village Mrembo

    She looks like my 18 yr old younger/imaginary sister…and am 28 ; (

  11. 11 Danna

    Interesting development….her role must be pretty important…..as for the rest of the cast….i’d like to see some new faces with talent not just pretty…like kim ji won or baek jin hee would be great

  12. 12 Mystisith

    Love her! But yes, no script is kind of a problem… Unless they want to do some improvisation. Maybe it will be a remake so they just have to dust off the stories.

  13. 13 myra

    i wonder why don’t they choose city conquest first!? they’d have more time to prepare and city conquest could finally air! it sems that they’ve been filming forever now…

  14. 14 Shiku

    I liked her since I saw Mischevious Princess! So am happy she is coming back to k-dramas.

  15. 15 Mari

    She’s soo pretty. All throught Babyface beauty I kept thinking she had the WORST HAIR EVER!!! what was the deal with Kdramas & giving the leads horrible hair??? Think Boys over Flowers’ Jan Di, Romance Town Sung Yu-Ri?? I could probably name some more.

  16. 16 Noelle


  17. 17 DryedMangoez

    Can we get Choi Daniel cast as a teacher too?

    He and Jang Nara were absolutely perfect together in Babyfaced Beauty. Such chemistry and so cute. Hee.

  18. 18 glacierkn

    Jang Nara will always be the leading star to me 🙂

  19. 19 bjharm

    Her last Korean work was to be on the cover of a wedding magazine
    But she been mainly busy with two chinese films and a new album, plus the shock of losing her manager, so I can see her taking on a k-drama to get home for a while. Nothing like hearing your own language and eating the food you eat as a child to recover and get better balance back in your life.
    I read the name of Lee Dong Wook being mentioned in some news reports. That could be interesting as there where some rumors he had a thing for Jang Nara, when she appeared on Strong Heart, though as that a variety show it could just have been scripted in.

  20. 20 Sonia

    Good thing she is a teacher. I was getting kinda worried reading the title. On another note, I hope the show will cast some hot new actors and feature realistic storylines about normal teenagers.

  21. 21 pamela

    yeah i also llike shin won ho, suzy’s partner in big, and the young actor lee minho, and, i wish they can have kpop idols like apink chorong, btob minhyuk or bap daehyun…:D

  22. 22 bjharm

    It should be noted that is still not ‘confirmed’ that Jang Nara will be in ‘School’ the latest is ‘it is under consideration’. Though she is back in Korea so at lest she in the right country lol.
    One of her ambassadorships, among many, is for fair elections and she made a surprise appearance at a rally to do with that.

  23. 23 bjharm

    of course how can you have a school drama and jang Nara not wear a school uniofrm at lest once!

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