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Jeon Woo-chi beefs up its comic lineup
by | October 11, 2012 | 28 Comments

Here’s another wave of casting news for Jeon Woo-chi, and it looks like since the production has done its leading role pass and its villain pass, it’s time for the comic sidekick pass.

First up is one of my favorite scene-stealers, Jung Soo-young, who never fails to make me laugh out loud with her eccentric characters (see: Queen of Housewives, City Hall, Fantasy Couple). She’s capable of playing the straight character (Coffee House), but why waste all that comic timing? She will play a tavern mistress who also happens to be Jeon Woo-chi’s (Cha Tae-hyun) “ardent fan.” The hero has a fangirl? Er, I guess fanjumma? That’s hilarious.

Part of the reason I like Jung so much is that she’s hysterically funny, but without going too slapstick. Her humor is all in the droll, deadpan delivery. So while she says she was wary of going too overly comedic with the character, I’m not worried for her. Jung said, “I worried about that, but the director encouraged me, telling me we’d find a character I could make my own. At those words, I decided right away to take the role.”

You probably recognize Lee Byung-joon, below, as a comic fixture in practically every drama he’s done in the past several years. (Secret Garden, Dream High, Myung-wol the Spy, and even Gaksital—hardly a funny show, but his character Shin Nan-da (heh) had shades of the ridiculous.)

Lee Byung-joon

Lee Byung-joon will play a quack guru/fortune teller, which seems right up his alley. The drama’s description includes the tidbit that Woo-chi will mingle with all the lowest classes of Joseon society—the slaves, gisaengs, wastrels, petty criminals—and the fraudulent psychic oughtta fit right in. Can he be a fangirl too?

Last but not least is rookie actor Ahn Yong-joon, who’s a pretty fresh face. You probably don’t recognize him from his prior roles, but he does have a few: He debuted in 2005’s youth drama Sharp 2, acted as young Prince Yuri (son to Song Il-kook) in Jumong, and played a psychopath in OCN’s God’s Quiz 1 and 2.

Ahn Yong-joon’s got a big role to fill as a young king, Yi Geo, who ascended to the throne at a young age as the result of a coup. The dethroned king is his half-brother by a different mother, and while hyung was still in power Yi Geo feigned utter indifference in politics as a mode of self-preservation. However, even after becoming king he isn’t quite able to command full authority and continues the pretending game: he has three facades he hides behind—weak, lax, and indecisive. In actuality, though, Yi Geo harbors “a grand vision for a new Joseon.” Hmm… Is that an ominous vision? Or does that make him friendly to idealistic Hong Gil-dong and his disciple Jeon Woo-chi, who comes to Joseon and fights for its poor and downtrodden? Innnteresting.

Jeon Woo-chi premieres on November 21, following Nice Guy. The countdown clock is already tickin’…

Ahn Yong-joon

Via Asiae, Kuki News, SBS


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. saltandpepper

    yay…i’m the first one to comment 🙂

  2. saltandpepper

    hopefully this drama will be a fun watch!!

  3. JIW_sobangnim

    Nah its gonna be Cha Tae Hyun now! 🙂


  4. Fab

    I am breaking my head over this, I am sure I’ve seen Ahn Yong-joon somewhere, but haven’t watched the dramas listed in the item. So he either was or resembles the ‘pretty boy’ in Capital Scandal?

    I can’t wait for this drama, I am pretty sure it’s gonna be hilarious!

    • 4.1 crysalide

      Ahn Yong Joon was in Capital Scandal. He played the young errand boy at the Han Go Eun’s geisha place and was one of the good guys until he betrayed the team for his sister’s safety.

      I wondered where did he went. happy to hear him cast here.

      • 4.1.1 Fab

        That’s him! He is still so young.

        Thanks crysalide.

  5. saltandpepper

    but i wanted to ask…Javabeans,do u get up so early in the morning??
    I mean at my place..it’s evening time now…but i think there it must be pretty early…

    • 5.1 jomo

      She could be going to bed late, too.

      • 5.1.1 saltandpepper


  6. Noemi

    aw, Ahn Yong-joon! He was Kim Bum-soo in Comrades…loved his character!

  7. scircus

    So. Excited. :>

  8. raindrops

    aw!! ahn yong joon! i recognize him from accoustic collabo MV!!!

  9. Oohlala

    Cha Tae Hyun??
    I’m in 😉

  10. 10 anais

    Jung Soo Young can do no wrong after Fantasy Couple. Love her!

    Ahn Yong Joon was great as Yuri in Jumong, but he was even more fierce (and frightening) in God’s Quiz.

  11. 11 Rainerust

    I am loving the cast line up already – CTH is one of my favorite leading man ever! He can do funny and yet poignant simultaneously, not an easy feat.

    Oh and hey AYJ! He was pretty good in God’s Quiz (which is strangely one of my favorite cable dramas despite the fact that the plot really puzzles me at times).

    I have to say though, every time this drama is mentioned, it reminds me of how much I miss (and love) KDW. When is he coming back to the small screen!!

    • 11.1 birdscout

      CTH did funny and poignant in Flowers For My Life and I’ve been a fan ever since. Just looking at his face makes me smile. Am trying not to get overly excited about this.

      Love Jung Soo-young in all the wonderfully wacky roles she’s played. And, she’s really beautiful to boot!

      Trying so hard not to get overly excited about this drama, but I CAN’T WAIT!

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    Ahn Young Jun! Nice. I just spent 24 days in Jumong land and then right after I saw him playing an awesome creepy villain in God’s Quiz. Zit’ll be nice to see him again.

    Man, I’m totally looking forward to this drama.

  13. 13 damianna

    oh i remember her d most in me too flower. she’s hilarious in dat. just by looking at her face makes me laugh.

  14. 14 Mystisith

    I love the 2 guys cast here: Secretary Park and the crazy spooky rat lab of GQ. Don’t know the girl at all.

  15. 15 skelly

    Yay! I’ve loved Jung Soo-young since City Hall days. Didn’t she take some time off to have a baby? (or am I confusing her with someone else…?)

    • 15.1 D

      yes, i think that’s right.. i love her anywhere anytime she’s on screen

  16. 16 Mar

    I keep hoping she gets a lead role in a rom com. She’s wonderful.

  17. 17 Yasmin

    Gah! It looks so good, can’t wait.
    Currently watching this Ahn yong-joon in god’s quiz 2! I think he will do fine in jeon weo-chi, he’s a really fine actor for a rookie.

  18. 18 dduk

    OMGGG Ahn Yong-joon!!! he was sooo creepy in God’s Quiz!!! Loved his performance in that drama though… game me chills… can’t wait to see him in this one!

  19. 19 Luis

    i dont know those actress/actor, I only know lee byung joon. he played as uee’s father in birdy buddy too, he can act comical, sad and anger face. what a great actor.

    i hope it will be a lot of laughter and thriller at the same time… (I dont think they will put a lot of romantic scene, bcause their age difference, it seems awkward but I hope they can pull it off)..

    YAYY!!woohhoo… I Really Cant wait!

  20. 20 부럽지 않아

    his gakistal character’s name was shin nanda? do people really name their kids like that?

  21. 21 lovepark

    Jung Soo-young is awesomely awesome!! Can’t wait to see her again.
    Lee Byung-joon is hilarious and I usually enjoy his characters and their quirkiness.
    I’ve seen Ahn in a couple of projects (Get Karl, Capital Scandal, etc.) and he’s got charm so we’ll see how he does.
    Sort of looking forward to the drama and what they’ll do with the plot and cast.

  22. 22 Ennayra

    Okay, I think I’ll check this out, just for Jung Soo-young. I’m not saying you should watch Hero (the Lee Jun-ki one), but if you do, she was hilarious in it.

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