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Jung Kyeo-woon and Yoon Seung-ah pair up in rom-com
by | October 13, 2012 | 46 Comments

Oh fun, there’s a new rom-com in the works, starring a potentially good pair of leads. Jung Kyeo-woon (History of the Salaryman) and Yoon Seung-ah (Panda and Hedgehog) have signed on to co-star in a new romantic comedy film called Become Pretty Things, due out this winter. I would argue that they’re plenty pretty already, but that’s probably not the pretty they mean?

I can see them being an endearing couple, and I do love comedic Jung Kyeo-woon more than any other version. Yoon Seung-ah took a step backwards for me with Panda, not just because the drama was bad, but because she was bad in it (her acting repertoire consisted of Be Cute, and she acted like a ten-year old to do it). It drove me batty. But she’s been better in other things, so I would love for her to show some range in something new, and more importantly, do something other than cute.

The movie, directed by newcomer Han Seung-hoon, stars Jung Kyeo-woon as a law student who’s been trying to pass the bar exam for ten years straight. Wow. Does anyone want to practice law that badly? He meets and falls in love with Yoon Seung-ah, who is… wait for it… a rough-and-tumble tomboy. Yay, something other than cutesy!

There isn’t too much info on the plot, but it’s a rom-com about finding a sincere love, and it sounds like the focus will mostly be on youth and self-discovery. The two actors are from the same agency, so they reportedly have a good rapport going already. Hope it’s true and that it translates into some onscreen chemistry.

Become Pretty Things has begun shooting, and plans for a late-December or January release.

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46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jomo

    I do like her as Bad ass warrior over cute.
    And you are right, JKW is so naturally good natured, he is best served warm and funny.
    And no fat suit this time!

  2. mtoh

    Omo, omo Pandyyyyyyy…good luck to you!

  3. Mystisith

    Ohhh. A rom-com with a main couple that I love already: It’s going to snow hard tomorrow.

  4. Uj

    well i liked JKW’s acting in HOASM..even though i hated his character till the end…totally neutral towards the female lead…so i might check it out^^

    • 4.1 nomu nomu nomu

      I also feel the same. I liked JKW acting and the way the villain was portrayed in HOTS. Hated his character from beginning to end. He was clearly a villain. I don’t need mustache twirling and evil laughing to convince me. (since I don’t have the he-is-just-a-lost-little-boy complex, I didn’t give his character an excuse and treated him as a victim.)

      Yoon Seung-ah character was annoying to me in Panda and Hedgehog but I did like her when she was playing the warrior-bodyguard in Moon/Sun, even though her character development and role was a little small)

    • 4.2 josepha

      but i did love his character in it ! the best thing in HOASM is the couple : HW and WH !

      Woonieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i’m so happy for you ! a first in a movie

  5. Mar

    Promising casting. He’s attractive and can be funny. She’s adorable and can be fun too.

    Panda lost me despite the nice supporting case. The grandpa bromance was adorable. The sisters were awesome, especially the sister that went around calling guys hyung, she was a cracker jack and just a breath of fresh air. The husky voice and kind of low rent attitude was fabulous. I’d love to see that actress get a lead role and pull out the brass on a Cha Chi Soo/Gu Jun Pyo/Chef type. That would be a fun ride.

    Back to this I digressed haha. Maybe the pairing will give us something to look forward to over the recent (in my opinion) not so satisfying rom com fare and the plethora of melo and angsty. I’m tired and cranky. I need some fun filtered into my veins vicariously through awesome k drama hi jinks. Here’s hoping for some chemistry and quality.

  6. Sabah

    Aw, I really enjoyed Panda and Hedgehog. I don’t know what that says about me though liking a ‘bad’ drama. Though it was more for the bromance, makeshift families than the romance but still…

    I would agree though that her character really didn’t have much scope and I liked how you described it as ‘ten year old’ type of cuteness, quite on the nose. I can easily see how it was a ‘step back’ in developing her talent as I enjoyed her turn as Seol. Still, I really like her charms and looking forward to see what she brings to this role.

    As for Kyu Woon, he is just awesome. He was excellent in History of a salaryman and definitely looking forward to another role with layers, ‘trying to pass the bar exam for ten years?’ Desperation? Determination? hehe, I look forward to finding out.

    Thanks for sharing the news.

    • 6.1 ness36

      hello sabah
      i wanna ask you a question , i dropped “panda and Hedgehog” in the second or third episode , you said that you enjoyed it , can you tell me why, maybe it will help me to change my mind
      thkx a lot

      • 6.1.1 Sabah

        Well, actually, I have been questioning my choices lately, so I don’t if I should be recommending things… Also I can barely convince myself of things, so I doubt I will be able to change your mind, so I am going to just tell you my sincere feelings and leave the rest to you.

        I can’t deny that I really enjoyed it. I mean it is something that I would watch again. I do wish that it had been more polished though, even the acting at times so that certain scenes packed more of an emotional punch. I kind of just watched it like a daily drama, which tend to be less intense and tightly written. They just bumble along in their own little way. I guess that might be why I enjoyed it, I set a very low standard for it in terms of acting and execution and even story.

        So why did I love it? The bromance. I just loved how the ‘rivals’ became friends and really cute ones at that! The romance plot line gets shoved to the side in favour of the brother, grandpa, sister relationships which was lovely. I loved how they didn’t linger in conflicts and resolved them through acceptance. Also the cast had excellent chemistry and I just found out that they are all pretty much in the drama ‘It’s OK, Daddy’s girl,’ which has a series overview in DB recap section. Maybe check that out instead.

        It wasn’t epic or grand in concept, innovative or cutting edge but I found it sweet and simple with lots of cute moments and I am a sucker for underdog stories as well as ones where people fight becoming cold, bitter and cynical by warming themselves through forming families from the people they have found to love them. Yeah, I kind of loved it.

        • John


          I liked the characters in Panda & Hedgehog. The story was sweet, too sweet for some I guess.

          Now I’m in the mood for some macaroons.

          I’d like to see Yoon Seung-ah’s take on ” a rough-and-tumble tomboy”.

          Speaking of HOTS, Yoon Seung-ah’s pic reminds me of Jung Ryu Won as Baek Yeo Chi, in her down and out phase.

          On a side note:

          Oh Yi-Na as Choi Won-Yi . Boy, that girl has some big ears, all the better for whispering in to.

          • Sabah

            John : )

            I guess I have a sweet tooth too. Seriously though I think I ate my weight in cake and cookies whilst watching that show…monkey see monkey do…hehe

            Won Yi was just adorable, I loved how she felt so conflicted between her brother and hedgehog. I also loved the conflict that they brought in at the end with her realization that sometimes the ones that raised you are not so nice. It was finely done and I think most of us go through that moment when the pedestal where our parents stood for so long begins to shake. Also that scene with Jo Ki Tae and the tattoos; she was so oblivious when even I was blushing.

            I really wished we spent a little more time with the secondary characters and a proper love line for Won Il would have been nice since there was absolutely no chemistry or sparkle with Eun Bi. I preferred his other secretary.

            OMG! I thought it was Jung Ryu Won too at first! Hehe, I am beginning to really like you. : )

      • 6.1.2 zhill

        same here, I dropped P&H in the third episode, although I find the 2nd male lead super cute. I agree with girlfriday that Yoon Seung-ah took a step backwards with Panda. I hope she will do sageuk drama again, but for now a rom-com with JKW is a nice choice for her.

      • 6.1.3 girlatsea

        Hahah, that’s exactly where I dropped. I really wanted to like it, especially since I had enjoyed the first two episodes. But I think it got to the point where I could see where it was going, wasn’t really I interested in how it was going to get there and said “Ok, I’m done”.

        It’s still on my On-Hold list though. Maybe if I skip episode 3, I could enjoy it more?

      • 6.1.4 MsB

        I agree with Sabah, once you get past the first episodes of being annoyed with Panda, it really gets good! The bromances! Won Yi! DongHae acting is great!

  7. Melmax

    Ohhh, like this pairing!!! Yey for ‘Panda’ I loved her character naive yet very loving, thoughtful… She’s quite adorable there and I like her also in Playful Kiss… It’s great that she is going on to more!!

    Kyu Woon-a hottie!! ‘disliked his character in Salaryman, good actor not so harsh on the eyes, a hottie!!! Can’t wait thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Denali

    No sign of Kaedejun yet to claim JKW as hers, again? 😀

    Hopefully Yoon Seung Ah won’t be an ice queen like Kim So Yeon opposite JKW in Dr Champ. She would have deserved a “Gu Hye Sun” Award for her complete lack of physical attraction to him in that drama – how could she NOT?

    • 8.1 Ara

      OTOH, Uhm Tae Woong… 😉

      • 8.1.1 Denali

        Please elaborate a tad more. I’m confused. 🙂

    • 8.2 saltandpepper

      [email protected] Hye Sun” Award …..very true…

  9. Noelle

    I like this pairing. Can’t wait to see this.

  10. 10 asianromance

    My first reaction was “Wait a drama hero who is NOT a genius?!!”, but then realized it’s a movie rather than a drama. But still yay for non-genius heroes!

    I watched like the first 6 episodes of Panda and Hedgehog. I like the feel of the drama (sort of jdrama-ish) and most of the characters are likable, but I couldn’t warm up to Yoon Seung-ah’s Da Yang character, who, like you said, acted like a 10 year old . I do think the writing for her character was too flat for a not-too-seasoned actress like Yoon Seung-ah to make into something more. This movie and her movie character sounds fun and likable, so I can’t wait.

  11. 11 canxi

    I’m half way through Panda! The show as a whole is not so bad to me, her character is even OK with me though I do agree that she does act like a 10 year old,lol.

    But these two will be cute together. Another movie to look forward to :3 Wee!

  12. 12 Undine

    Yoon Seung Ah is cute and all, but I wasn’t impressed with her acting in All My Love. However, I like this pairing. Jung Kyeo Woon is an actor that would have a lot of on-screen chemistry with any actress he was paired with~~

  13. 13 Village Mrembo

    Omo! This oppa is totally my style, not exactly boyishly pretty but manly handsome (and raw-rawr!)

  14. 14 saltandpepper

    liked her in playful kiss 🙂

  15. 15 kungfupigeon

    been trying to pass the bar exam for ten years”

    With that sentence I immediately thought of the running 1N2D storyline of Shikyung

  16. 16 pumpkinattack

    Cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. 17 Rachel

    Just me or already sounds boring..?
    A tomboy girl with a nerd guy. Seen and heard a tad too much.

    • 17.1 mary

      He’s not exactly a nerd if he’s been trying to pass the bar for 10 years. 😀

  18. 18 kaedejun

    Denali – stop trying to steal him!

    The whole bit about MAH BOYFRIEND studying law for ten years sounds about right, and I’d love to see more of that bumbling side to him that he showed off in Dr. Champ. Wheee!

    • 18.1 Peeps

      Denial is not just a river in Egypt. *Cough*

    • 18.2 Denali

      No need to steal what’s already mine. HAHAHA!

      Better watch out for Moon Geun Young is just this-close to take Park Shi Hoo away from you. *snark*

      • 18.2.1 kaedejun

        If Moon Geun Young ends up with second lead Kim Ji Suk, my world would be complete.

  19. 19 La Plume

    I’m reaching the end of Panda and Hedgehog and personally I loved it. It’s naive and cute although I gotta admit some scenes with Yoon Seug-ah made me cringe because of her bad acting. But overall I loved it along with all the characters ( especially Won Yi who’s just TOO FUN to be true). It’s childish and I guess it must have been targeted for a younger audience but I don’t see why one should not be able to enjoy some naive and cute ( and pretty btw) drama once in a while.

    It’s mainly a matter of taste. I remember being bored to death by “My Princess” which you seemed to have enjoyed while I struggled for 10 episodes before giving it up, same with Will it snow for Christmas, Personnal Taste and EVEN Dal Ja’s Spring and Flower for my Life ( that one was actually the worst because it got SUCH a good review I watched it ’till the end wondering if I was an alien for disliking it so much). For others who are hesitating before starting this show, I ‘d say give it a try before deciding. There’s lots of shows which may be deeper according to dramabeans but it doesn’t mean you’re gonna enjoy them, after all it’s a blog and although they’re trying to be objective and fair, in the end it’s all a matter of taste.

    There’re countless of shows I’ve started because of the good reviews on this site which I didn’t like, and others which I also loved.

    As for Jung Kyeo-woon, never managed to finish a single show he was in, got bored every single time… But I haven’t given a try to History of a Salaryman so I’m still open.

    • 19.1 John

      La Plume ~

      Re the “good reviews” phenomena .

      For example:

      Gakistal? Not for me.
      Secret Garden? Nah, the wife liked it though.
      King 2 Hearts? Whatever..

      Jung Kyeo-woon’s character in HOTS was a scumbag. I referred to his character as a “pretty punk” . Yet he had folks swooning. Go figure.

  20. 20 Hanjae

    I am excite!

    I’ve always liked Jung Kyeo Woon, and I personally loved Panda and Hedgehog and found Yoon Seung Ah absolutely adorable in it. She was childish at times, but I actually liked that our female lead was childish but essentially kind and sweet. The “tough, hard as nails” type is becoming almost a cliche. Panda and Hedgehog is never going to win any awards and the writing was uneven at times, but it’s so addictively heartwarming, with such good-natured and friendly characters and a darling OTP.

    • 20.1 Ara

      I agree – women in real life run the gamut from soft and sweet to tough and prickly. Why is it so awful to show a different kind of woman than the cliched ‘strong’ female lead?

      • 20.1.1 Mystisith

        Better a strong woman than a Stupid Doormat™ or a Bratty Princess™ which drive me bonkers.

        • Hanjae

          Very true, though Panda was neither – at worst, she can only be accused of being thick, but never a doormat or a princess.

          I’ve noticed that most people were annoyed with her character, and frankly I must agree that I found her irritating during the middle stretch. Not so much at the beginning, where she was naive but cute, but how she initially handled the triangle ticked me off.

          But she completely redeemed herself and made me respect her character when she firmly stood up for Hedgehog in the face of Won Il’s criticisms. When she told Won Il that she understood why Hedgehog did what he did in the past, that she didn’t care if people threw stones at her for being by Hedgehog’s side and actually wanted to block those stones for him and give him the love and support that he never received… I realized then why the two boys liked her despite her flaws. It’s that inate quality of kindness and unquestioning acceptance of people despite their faults that endears her to her friends and family.

  21. 21 topper

    Yoon Seung Ah must have a really good agent company with all these roles she’s able to secure one after another, given that her performances had been average at best.

  22. 22 aX

    Er, not familiar with the actress but really REALLY don’t care for Jung Kyeo Woon so a definite miss for me!

  23. 23 dany

    I don’t like him and she was extremely annoying in Panda. I mean she was plain stupid, and it wasn’t believable, her character was 29 and a journalist ( like in You’re beautiful the female lead was silly but she had been living in a convent all her life, so that explains it). What I really really liked in Panda was the bromance between grandpa and Donghae and the crazy sister (the second lead’s sister)

  24. 24 saltandpepper

    has anyone seen the drama “our attitude to prepare parting”??

    how is it??

  25. 25 Lilith

    I adore JKW, so I’m looking forward to this movie. ^^
    Well, I can’t say much about YSA – Just that I noticed she looks like Eugene in that picture. xD
    To be honest I thought it was Eugene before I read the title. xD

  26. 26 penny

    I watched Panda and Hedgehog and liked it too, just not for the romance. I loved the created family and the bromance of the two male leads going from rivals to best friends was the best. Maybe it’s just that I needed something light and sweet, but it was fun to watch in spite of problems with the writing and the acting at times. It was refreshing seeing characters who were very kind and supportive to each other.

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