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Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji in talks for That Winter
by | October 9, 2012 | 51 Comments

More casting additions for the new Noh Hee-kyung drama That Winter, The Wind Blows: an offer has been made to Kim Bum to rejoin the writer and director team behind his last drama, Padam Padam. He’s reportedly considering the role, but no confirmations yet. I say if there’s a clause wherein you do two of her dramas and you get to be the lead in the third, go for it. Another offer is out to Answer Me 1997′s Jung Eun-ji, for a smaller supporting role.

That Winter stars Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung in a remake of the Japanese drama I Don’t Need Love, Summer. Jo In-sung plays a Cheongdam-dong gambler (Is that a profession? No really, I’m asking.) who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, and began to see life as meaningless after the death of his first love, which means he basically lives his days as a reckless playboy.

Song Hye-gyo plays the heroine who suddenly becomes blind following a traumatic time for her family, including her parents’ divorce, her father’s death, and her brother’s disappearance. She lives a lonely life isolated from others, to protect herself and her giant chaebol heiress fortune. The hero starts out intending to con her by posing as her long-lost brother, but then they fall in love.

Kim Bum is up for the bestie role — Jo In-sung’s closest friend since their college days. That’s not a lot to go on, but based on Kim Bum the actor, I’m assuming that means second lead and hopefully also good guy, unless it’s a drama without those (which it very well might be). Jung Eun-ji is up for what sounds like a really small role on paper: Jo In-sung’s first love’s little sister. I suppose if they were married, she might have remained his family?

That Winter plans to start shooting next month for a 2013 broadcast.

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51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    Bestie role?!! When is the leading male role call coming?! Oh well, I’ll take what I can get! I’ll just be glad to see Kim Bum again!

    • 1.1 Lynnet

      I agree when will the leading man role call come but maybe this will prepare for a big come out as a leading actor

      • 1.1.1 houstontwin

        He definitely has the skill and charisma for a leading role.

        • Ennayra

          I agree. I even watched “Woman Who Still Wants to Marry,” and thought he was alright in it. Actually, I really like that drama(eps1-12ish anyway), but that might just be because I was a huge fan of the wardrobe of the female cast.

          • Lilly

            I liked him in that one also.

  2. kopytko

    Kim Bum playing a jerk? Yes, please! That would be awesome. He’s great as a good guy or even an angel, but a change would be a good opportunity for him to show some more skill. Cause we know he can do the ‘troubled guy’s best friend’ part. I think he needs a challenge 🙂

  3. Village Mrembo

    Jung Eun Ji as ‘his first love’s little sister’…mmhhh…where have i heard that before ; )

    • 3.1 JoAnne

      Aww, but she’s SO adorable. I will take any screen time I can get of that cute face and brilliant smile. Although it would be interesting to have her play someone who completely doesn’t remind us of Si Won – I’d like to see if she can really act, or if that role was just very similar to her personality.

    • 3.2 tinatot

      haha. this made me smile 🙂
      gawd. i miss reply… 😐

  4. Kelinci Biru

    Will these two have some interaction? i can’t see Eun Ji with Jo In Sung but with Kim Bum. perhaps. perhaps.

  5. SD

    Yay! I’d be delighted to see Kim Bum back on the small-screen. While I’m a bit miffed that he’s back to second lead, it doesn’t really matter as long as I get to see him again. A role of a jerk would be really refreshing. I’m sure he has the chops to pull it off.

    But PDnims, when are you gonna pair him with Kim So Eun???

  6. Fab

    Yesss, I am seeing Eun Ji and Kim Bum pairing!

    Can’t we stick with ‘That Winter’ as the title?

    Oh, is it just me or do the broadcasters invest more in melodramas than in comedy’s? I am fine with the good melo’s we are getting, but more good written romcoms are most welcome…

  7. DayDreamer

    Hi! I’m new around here. Wasn’t sure if there is some place to post introductions and whatnot so decided to plunge in here and post a comment (by the way, I absolutely love this site…it’s so amazing and perfect for my kdrama addiction, lol).

    That aside, I wanted to say that there is also a Korean movie version of this called Love Me Not. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Me_Not) I liked that movie, hadn’t seen the Japanese version though, and I guess it’ll be interesting. The leads in the movie were fantastic.

    • 7.1 Maru

      Thanks I didn’t knew the name of the movie… but I knew the premise sounded similar ‘to that Moon Geun young movie’!

    • 7.2 angelpur

      I only watched this movie a few weeks ago and i thought it sounded familiar too! i remember thinking at the time it would have been interesting if they turned the movie into a drama. will def be looking out for this one!

    • 7.3 DayDreamer

      Yeah, I liked the movie but I hope the drama has an ending that’s more comprehensible. I didn’t really understand the ending…were they both alive or both dead? I assumed the latter.

  8. Lila

    Kim Bum in another bestie role? After F4 and Padam Padam? He should be main in his own drama (but I love Jo In Sung so not this drama). If he’s second lead, does that mean he’ll be in love with Song Hye Kyo’s character? That’s kind of…ick. But I guess it’s fine since she looks young.

    • 8.1 SD

      Oh my, I hope not. I’m thinking that he’ll be more like a wingwan, something similar to his role in Padam Padam. He’ll probably be Jo In Sung’s sidekick who’ll be looking out for him.

      • 8.1.1 canxi

        That’s what I’m thinking too. I also don’t mind that he’s not a lead in a drama yet. He has had a couple lead roles already, including a recent one for a movie, and so I don’t think he minds either. I think he’s still improving–where Padam Padam was the first time I took him seriously.

        • SD

          I know what you mean. I think he massively improved in Padam Padam. I think it’s his first drama where he had shown different sides to him as an actor. He did a marvelous job in that one.

  9. TammieR

    In our house, the words “Kim Bum” are ALWAYS followed by a *sigh*. So here goes… Kim Bum *sigh* this winter in a drama? We’ll watch Kim Bum *sigh* in anything! Bring it on, dear drama gods. Kim Bum *sigh*, Kim Bum *sigh*, Kim Bum *sigh*! SQUEE!

  10. 10 Daisy

    If Eun Ji accepts at least she isn’t playing the “other” girl role that everyone hates..

  11. 11 shirin-noona

    Yay!But wait ,second lead again? 🙁
    Also,does anybody else think that Kim Bum looks way too young to be playing Jo In Sung’s best friend from college?
    Then again,who cares?! Kim Bum is back!Yay!:)

  12. 12 tamy

    Little of topic but YES gambling counts as a profession. I know people who made huge money by playing but usually after some time they invest that money in something because you can’t gamble all your life.
    Your bound to become addict at some point. So it’s important to now when to stop. I have seen addicted gamblers. It’s horrible to see how once a cheerful person looses interest in life. Addiction breaks families and person becomes unrecognizable.
    So I’m curious how Jo In-sung character will be portrayed.

  13. 13 Naila

    The story behind this new drama kind of reminds me of the movie with Moon Geun Young and Kim Ju Hyeok – Love me not.

    Has anyone seen it?

    • 13.1 Rashell

      Yeah, it is the same story. Now they’re just making it into a drama series.

      I’ll watch Kim Bum doing just about anything. So I’ll check it out. But this one has all the halmarks of being seriously depressing. I’m not sure I’ll make it for the long haul.

    • 13.2 kdwkyah

      yeah, i saw it. the movie was all pretty, but no substance.
      hopefully noh hee kyung will give depth to the main characters, who were unlikeable in the movie.
      anyways, i will be watching this drama for bummie! <3333

  14. 14 crazedlu

    well in that case, i might actually watch this. :’D

  15. 15 ND

    The drama itself sounds so boring…..no matter what….i can’t watch it…..

    • 15.1 canxi

      Lol, why don’t you try watching the movie first and then decide? Not as boring as it sounds. Promise. 🙂

  16. 16 Danna

    Oh Bummie….what happened to his leading role dramagods??…idk if his career trajectory went the way I expected it to….well, at least he’s still young and has talent and opportunity to learn and he’s picking well

  17. 17 Eeefu

    Ah no wonder the story sounds like “Love Me Not” (2006) by Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk, as that movie was also based on the same J-drama.

    The second lead will be a character mostly created out of the imagination of the writer. Go for it, Kim Bum! I like your angel boy role in Padam Padam!

  18. 18 Noelle

    Kim Bum should be the lead. I don’t understand why he keeps getting second lead all the time.

    • 18.1 Biggie

      My dream prod is to see kim bum, suzy and song joong ki in a drama … Eye candies in a gangster premise.

  19. 19 craziluver

    Song Hye Kyo’s character description sounds very tragic, well at least she’s rich so she dont have to work multiple jobs.

  20. 20 Mar

    The addition of both these actors kicks my interest in this drama up a notch even though it’s melo and I’d signed off on it even though I like both the leads and the writer. Love Kim Bum, and really like this actress in Answer Me.

  21. 21 Lilian

    Ooh. Jung Eun Ji is really hit stuff now. I hope she continues taking on interesting roles and injecting life into her characters! Kim Bum is also doing well by taking on a variety of roles after his F4 stint.

  22. 22 Meghan

    Eunji’s role sounds almost like a cameo… I don’t know if she would have much time to have a larger role, she’s doing the Legally Blonde musical (though she is sharing her role), and her kpop group A Pink is due to have a comeback this winter. So she’s pretty busy already. :O But good for her for capitalizing on her new found popularity. I smell an OST coming.

  23. 23 DarknessEyes

    a melo??? sigh.. not my favorite genre. But… we’ll see.

  24. 24 melusine

    I hope Eun-ji continues acting. She has great potential.

  25. 25 JenJen

    The conman+blind, hermit heiress summary reminds me of Moon GeunYoung’s 2006 movie Love Me Not / I Don’t Need Love….. hopefully the melo turns out well though

  26. 26 Arhazivory

    Wow…the tragic backstory of the two leads is really laying on the melo pretty thick. I hope there’s a happy smile at the end of the road for them. It does sounds interesting though.

  27. 27 Eeefu

    Gambling, on the surface, is about probability, sophisticated math (stats (deviations, distributions, curves etc)) and game theory. Remember LBH’s All-In? DC’s Casino Royale?

  28. 28 Pleuvior

    Why doesn’t Kim bum ever act as a lead character..?!

  29. 29 zsa

    Urghhhhh….reading the description is enough to make me lose my appetite…what’s with the super melo theme???

  30. 30 Mandy

    I’m really excited to see Eunji in another acting role (: I hope there’s a love line between her and KimBum that would be adorable <3

  31. 31 Mandy

    Eunji is so spunky and I think I’ve fallen in love ^^” After watching Apink News, Eunji was the one who stood out to me the most because of how tomboyish , natural , and playful she is <3 Gotta love Eunji!! ~ She's already got a bunch of male idol fans~ *coughWooyoungcoughLeeJoon (; She'll do an amazing job, such potential!!

  32. 32 dramacafe

    not so keen on JEJ and KB joining this drama…
    i believe they deserve more. why not pair the two in their own drama?
    don’t shoot me but i have this nagging feeling that the two of them will be wasted in this drama

  33. 33 Aliiiiiiiice

    “Jung Eun-ji is up for what sounds like a really small role on paper: Jo In-sung’s first love’s little sister.”

    Well, she’s already played her 1st love’s older brother’s first love’s little sister in Answer Me 1997, so this actually might be, interestingly enough, a step TOWARDS the center of the limelight.

  34. 34 Bonz

    make it happen please, Song Hye Gyo, Jo In Sung, Jung Eunji and Kim Bum!! its like a dream come true for me 🙂

  35. 35 peachys2sleep

    I just hope that Bummie doesn’t have long hair this time around.

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