javabeans: Oh no! Lee Je-hoon (Introduction to Architecture, The Front Line, Bleak Night, Fortune Tellers) is off to army! Drat that draft.

girlfriday: Sigh. Takes ‘em all when they’re just peaking. But on the upside, it spits ‘em back out with post-army abs.

javabeans: This is one case where I’d forgo the army abs just to have him for two extra years. I can drool over most actors in a purely eye-candy way, but Lee Je-hoon? This one hurts. He’s amazing.

girlfriday: And he’s amazingly young, for being amazing.

javabeans: And he was amazing so amazingly early in his career. Which is amazing.

girlfriday: Basically, he is amazeballs.

javabeans: He’s not just a technically spot-on actor, but he’s got this blazing intensity that just sucks you right into his orbit. You know like those people with so much charisma that they could be talking to a group of people and you feel like they’re Talking To Your Soul? That’s how I feel about his characters. Your soul is hooked and maybe a little scared because the guy might be a weensy bit psychotic, but you love him anyway.

girlfriday: Er, that sounds intense. I think I’m fine letting you be the one sucked into psycho orbits and all.

javabeans: Probably a good idea. I need someone to pull me out into sanity! Although… I guess army duty can do that. Damn it.

girlfriday: Well if that orbit’s as strong as you say it is, no two years will stop that force.

javabeans: At least he left behind a pretty great filmography to rewatch. Sadly, none of those includes a decent drama.

girlfriday: I won’t do Fashion King, no matter how strong the gravitational pull.

javabeans: Eh… I think Fashion King has negative gravity. Repulsive magnetism? There’s a sciency thing for that, right?

girlfriday: So it cancels out the Lee Je-hoon Factor?

javabeans: Well it certainly shits all over it. *shakes fist at Fashion King*

girlfriday: I want him to come out and be Won Bin, but he doesn’t have the exposure for that yet. Drat that crap drama.

javabeans: Don’t count him out just yet! Won Bin has crap dramas on his resume, doesn’t he? Everybody gets a mulligan once.

girlfriday: Perhaps army duty will make those memories fuzzy, and then BAM! Hotness.

javabeans: That silver lining’s a little more like tinsel, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

girlfriday: Hey, we take what we can get on Army Enlistment Day.

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