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Lee Je-hoon reports for military service
by | October 24, 2012 | 85 Comments

javabeans: Oh no! Lee Je-hoon (Introduction to Architecture, The Front Line, Bleak Night, Fortune Tellers) is off to army! Drat that draft.

girlfriday: Sigh. Takes ‘em all when they’re just peaking. But on the upside, it spits ‘em back out with post-army abs.

javabeans: This is one case where I’d forgo the army abs just to have him for two extra years. I can drool over most actors in a purely eye-candy way, but Lee Je-hoon? This one hurts. He’s amazing.

girlfriday: And he’s amazingly young, for being amazing.

javabeans: And he was amazing so amazingly early in his career. Which is amazing.

girlfriday: Basically, he is amazeballs.

javabeans: He’s not just a technically spot-on actor, but he’s got this blazing intensity that just sucks you right into his orbit. You know like those people with so much charisma that they could be talking to a group of people and you feel like they’re Talking To Your Soul? That’s how I feel about his characters. Your soul is hooked and maybe a little scared because the guy might be a weensy bit psychotic, but you love him anyway.

girlfriday: Er, that sounds intense. I think I’m fine letting you be the one sucked into psycho orbits and all.

javabeans: Probably a good idea. I need someone to pull me out into sanity! Although… I guess army duty can do that. Damn it.

girlfriday: Well if that orbit’s as strong as you say it is, no two years will stop that force.

javabeans: At least he left behind a pretty great filmography to rewatch. Sadly, none of those includes a decent drama.

girlfriday: I won’t do Fashion King, no matter how strong the gravitational pull.

javabeans: Eh… I think Fashion King has negative gravity. Repulsive magnetism? There’s a sciency thing for that, right?

girlfriday: So it cancels out the Lee Je-hoon Factor?

javabeans: Well it certainly shits all over it. *shakes fist at Fashion King*

girlfriday: I want him to come out and be Won Bin, but he doesn’t have the exposure for that yet. Drat that crap drama.

javabeans: Don’t count him out just yet! Won Bin has crap dramas on his resume, doesn’t he? Everybody gets a mulligan once.

girlfriday: Perhaps army duty will make those memories fuzzy, and then BAM! Hotness.

javabeans: That silver lining’s a little more like tinsel, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

girlfriday: Hey, we take what we can get on Army Enlistment Day.

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85 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. canxi

    *sobbing* *crying* *sniffling*

    • 1.1 canxi

      And lol “Repulsive Magnetism” is just called “repeling” 😀

    • 1.2 mariolawpanda

      He already has the army abs so I don’t understand the reason for him going. Hmm.

  2. ck1Oz

    Can he possibly look any younger?
    He even looks younger than Joo Won and Yoon Seung Ho today. Gosh.

    • 2.1 ck1Oz

      By the way both of you can’t show that much love in this post and not make the hurt worse. It did. Reading it. That and the multiple photos!
      I haven’t seen you guys do that many photos. Not even when Hyun Bin enlisted.

      • 2.1.1 canxi

        No, we have to be like Shunji from Gakistal and linger on each one in turn…and then do it all over again. *CRYING*

    • 2.2 ColleenF-H

      Every time they show pictures of the actors on enlistment day with their hair cut so short, they all look they are about 13 years old. I really think it is the hair cuts. They always look like little boys.

      • 2.2.1 houstontwin

        He still looks handsome with the buzz cut.

        • birdscout

          I think the buzz cut actually makes him more handsome as it shows off his face!

          • Mara

            Definitely agree with you. It makes him look more manly, less boyish. I adore his acting, yes, even Fashion King 😉
            He was a pitiful character which takes acting chops to project.

  3. childboo


    • 3.1 Rendang

      ooooooooooppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa toooooooooooo TT TT

      • 3.1.1 Fab

        Oppa! <3

        God luck in the army Lee Je Hoonshi and may those 2 years fly by as fast as they can!

  4. saltandpepper

    he is just so amazing 🙂

  5. zsa

    I love this guy, he’s such a darling for someone so hot and cool, and that talent…oozing with screen presence wherever he goes (sans fashion king…he was good, the drama was bad)….I’m delirious…I LOVE him…

  6. Mystisith

    I’m glad he did Fashion King! Did I just say that??? Yes, I did. Team Baby Loan Shark forever! What a slap in the face, that character.
    Really don’t want to let him go. At least he doesn’t look too depressed. In fact he is very good looking on those pics.
    Will miss him, that’s for sure.
    Take care, man. Sending good vibes your way.

  7. jandoe

    Aw another one! I am gonna miss him SO MUCH but the upside is when he’s back he’ll forever be on my screen, pretty much 😀

  8. jess

    NOOO! I’m so sad to see him go just when I’ve recently discovered his talent and body of work. He was the only thing that kept me watching that hot mess, Fashion King.

  9. Kelinci Biru

    The good news is Kang Dong Won is going to be back!!!! Woo Hoo

  10. 10 Aqee

    How old is he actually..?

    • 10.1 Danna

      28? He’s an ’84er

      • 10.1.1 Brandi

        Really? I definitely thought he was younger than that and was trying to get his military service out of the way.

        • ~Feather~

          I thought he was in his early twenties just cuz of his face. O.o
          I didn’t know he was 28! Wow! Well, I’ve never been good at guessing a person’s age so…oh well. Anyway, I hope he gets an awesome drama once he’s back. 🙂 I won’t even bother to touch Fashion King, it’s not worth it, even for him.

  11. 11 crazedlu

    I let my curiosity get the better of me after THE longest fight with it and finally tuned into that last episode of Fashion King so many people have barfed about.

    Verdict: Wanted to punch myself in the FACE for giving it a five minute fast forward.


    But he’s cute and acts well so see ya in two. ~

    • 11.1 jyyjc


  12. 12 Danna

    lol…I saw this news on naver just 2 mins ago and just thought there might be a post coming up…its a daen shame Lee Je Hoon hasn’t made it big in dramaland just yet ans has to enlist now…its too bad I can’t rewatch front line or archirecture 101 or bleak night…some are just too painful to rewatch….and i’m not touching fashion king with ten foot pole…good thing there’s two movies to be released

  13. 13 red

    oh nooooooo…. he’s still young right?

  14. 14 jyyjc

    Ughh whyyy. I wish he had at least one hit drama before he went but noooo…

  15. 15 TA

    yep he’s good…and he has the sexiest lips…

  16. 16 Mari

    🙁 2 years… My Leetuk goes in next week ( yes I love my idols). On the bright side Hyun Bin & Rain should be back soon!!!!!!!!!!

    • 16.1 AnnaCC

      Omg you read my mind!

      Leeteuk T_T but so excited to have Hyun Bin back really soon 😀

    • 16.2 needlight

      I was thinking of Leeteuk oppa too. sobs…

  17. 17 racheose

    i downloaded FK for him and Yoo ah in but i haven’t touched it yet… i hope when he comes back he will have better projects…
    but whenever i look at him i am greatly reminded by shin ha kyun… i don’t know is it just me?

    • 17.1 canxi

      He kinda does look like him 🙂 lol, The forehead and the nose (a bit),lol. They both have shy smiles.

  18. 18 nyss

    “Your soul is hooked and maybe a little scared because the guy might be a weensy bit psychotic, but you love him anyway.”
    WORD!!! lol…

  19. 19 Baerchii

    when u just start to like them, they vanish 🙁

    • 19.1 racheose

      so true like lee joon hyuk…

  20. 20 Odet

    He was amazing in The Front Line. I remember him more than Goo Soo. amazing, amazing actor.. I want him to come out too and be Won Bin.

    • 20.1 Youwen

      Oh I totally agree! I got hooked onto him while watching The Front Line. Such intense acting…

      Really wish he left behind more dramas for me to watch during these 2 years of absence ):

  21. 21 Unnie

    He’ll be back when the 87ers are about to enter MS. And he’ll be constantly on our screen. and when the 87ers go in, It’s gonna hurt. Jang Geun Seok, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Jung Il Woo, Joo Won, Seo In Guk, Ji Chang Wook, Top, …. That is gonna hurt bigtime!

    • 21.1 mommai

      Ugh, that one comment is the most painful one I’ve read on here yet

    • 21.2 girlatsea

      Omg, don’t remind me T__T

    • 21.3 bigwink

      Lookie here! A “friendly” reminder :__________(

    • 21.4 cherkell

      WAAAAAAHHHHH!! Yes please, no more reminders. I’ve only just started folding 1,000 paper cranes for that horrible day when My Precious Changwook-ssi has to head to Nonsan. I want to reside in Denial City (population: ME) just a little bit longer…

      • 21.4.1 Danna

        Oh honey there’s goong to be population,you , me and a hundred othrrs at denial city….heck i’m already there with regards to Song Joong Ki leaving next year

    • 21.5 Saima

      Whenever one of these actors enlists one person has to mention the imminent enlistment of the 87’ers. My Ryu Deok-hwan’s also on ‘that’ list. It’ll hurt like a bishh! :'(

      • 21.5.1 canxi

        Damn. It hurt extra hard when you mention Ryu T___T

    • 21.6 anu

      Oh boy..I don’t want to think abt that!!! It hurts already..:(

    • 21.7 jyyjc

      Omg……That means most of the 86ers and 85erswill have already gone to the army before them: Yoo ahin, JYJ, Yoon siyoon, park kiwoong!!!!!, song joongki!!! T____T


      • 21.7.1 canxi

        Park Ki Woong TT___TT Yoo Ah In TT___TT

  22. 22 Banu

    Je Hoon fighting! looking forward for your new image and project.. See ya after 2 years.. TT

  23. 23 Julia

    Is that the “F… you!”- sign on his shirt? *loves*

    • 23.1 Fab

      It’s a peace-sing crazy.

      • 23.1.1 Fab

        sign it is..

        • Julia

          Crazy, eh?

          I think the hand is turned the wrong way for it to be a peace sign ergo it´s the British sign for “F… you!”.

  24. 24 Enz

    He is really beautiful. Saw him on happy together variety show and he just had this radiance about him . Really. Just this shy guy. Gosh the girl who rejected him and made him not date for THREE years must have been a bit mad.

    • 24.1 zsa

      exactly…i saw him on happy toghether and he was shining all over the screen…he still has that boyish shyness about him that i cannot get over…a bit like Uhm Tae Woong if u ask me…they never get old! what is better than a good actor…a really genuinely good person at the same time…and he’s all that!

      • 24.1.1 Enz

        I felt so lucky to have caught that particular episode coz I don’t always remember when it comes on. He was just soooo lovely. And he honestly blushed when he was forced to say hullo to his ‘first’ love.. He was too too adorable.

        he said the girl rejected him cos he was not man enough!

  25. 25 red

    This makes me so sad 🙁 …I was waiting for a new drama project from him. The only happy thing is that in a couple of weeks Kang Dong Won will be coming out of the army!

  26. 26 missmanderley

    and there goes another one! ill be crying buckets of tears when my Joowon goes for his two years

  27. 27 rabbitsfortea

    Amazeballs and intense charisma indeed.

    Oh, this one hurts too much ):

  28. 28 kdramapedia

    Noooo!!!! It makes me feel old when my dong-gaps begin going off to the draft, but this one especially hurts. I agree, there’s not enough amazings to describe his amazingness. I hope he leaves the army and explodes on the drama scene. In broody, topless shower scenes. (what?! lol)

    • 28.1 pogo

      Me too! On the upside, most of the ’82ers are out of MS this year or due out soonish (Lee Jun-ki, Joo Ji Hoon, and how much longer will Rain be inside?). Now THAT lot hurt! (looking forward to Kim Jae-wook emerging soon, too)

  29. 29 jomo

    tears and more tears…I will miss this one…

  30. 30 pogo

    I will miss him 🙁

    But this, guys:

    it spits ‘em back out with post-army abs.

    Not if they’re Lee Jun-ki, stingy oppa only gave us a shoulder! Dammit…..

  31. 31 news

    Aw, I love this guy. I haven’t seen him in anything except ‘Bleak Night’ and his acting was just so daebak. I was surprised he followed that up with ‘Fasion King’ like I was surprised Sung Joon did ‘Lie to Me’ after ‘White Christmas’. O.o

  32. 32 Village Mrembo

    Av only watched him in FK so pardon me if i don’t exactly share the love! Looking forward to his post army projects though…

    • 32.1 jomo

      I thought he was mesmerizing in FK.
      Suits? Non, but man, is he beautiful to watch be in pain.

  33. 33 Indigo

    Now that you mention it, he reminds me of Won Bin actually. Not so much in looks (I think Kim Soo Hyun is his lookalike) but the overall aura? of him is pretty Won Bin-ish. If that makes sense at all.

  34. 34 puka007

    Sad to see him go. I really liked him in Architecture 101.

    By the way guys, aren’t you gonna update the ratings page? I’m really looking foward to the ratings for Gaksital, Arang and Answer Me 1997.

  35. 35 am

    Sob Fest with all the fan gurrls all over the world.

    Hated his Fashion King character but ugh! It’s hard to pull away from YAI and Lee Je-hoon.

  36. 36 girlatsea

    Oppa, I’ll wait for you! Sorry, I could not sit through Fashion King but

    Whatever happened to Lim Joo-won? Isn’t he coming back soon?

  37. 37 matinsoleil

    *crying* Sad, just when I started to be hooked by him. I even plan to watch Fashion King just to have 20 ep of him but now I’m hesitating, is that drama really bad?
    But thanks the Army he’ll be back hotter than ever ^^

    • 37.1 anna

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DON’T DO IT! That drama almost ruined any love I had for him beforehand. I mean, his character made me wanna punch puppies. All of them actually.

  38. 38 lovepark

    He really is amazing, and I can’t wait until he comes out again. He looks so much younger to me than his actual age, and it’s not just these pictures. I seriously thought while watching Front Line, why did they cast someone so young, and then he filmed Architecture 101 that made me think he was in his early twenties until I saw an interview… and he’s 28. He really looks young for his age! To think he’ll be 30 when he comes back.
    Well, best of luck!!

  39. 39 Suzi Q

    Oh Shoot! Will miss him!
    He looks like a young Wong Bin.

    I was just discovering him in those films.He was SO good in them so it was really disappointing to watch him in FK. I liked him in it, but not that dud of a drama, FK. Hopefully, when he returns he will finally get a good drama.

    One consolation when he returns, ARMY ABS!

  40. 40 anna

    “Takes ‘em all when they’re just peaking”
    Ugh, seriously! This is why actors should just serve when they were younger, get it out of the way.

    He’s really cute and talented.. Fashion King ruined him for me though. I always have Architecture 101 to get me back in.

  41. 41 muhloy

    Hot Damn that haircut looks good on him!

  42. 42 Mai

    *sobbing* I can’t wait for him to return with those yummy abs!! Yeah, he is amazing!

  43. 43 Bu Young

    When I read this I totally forgot he was like 28. Looks so young for his age!

  44. 44 topper

    His buzz cut is the legit army cut. So many enlistment shots of other celebrities with fake army buzz for the sake of being photogenic.

  45. 45 kaye

    I saw him in HaeTu last week, I think. where he mentioned that he’ll be enlisting. So it happened already. Guhhhhhhhh. This one’s got to hurt. :((((

  46. 46 babyfat

    good luck Je Hoon – you will be fine and come out even a better man ( and i still love him and Yoo In Ah in Fashion King ) – now its seem weird how are the youngie 26-28 starts to enlist and Leeteuk is dragging till the last bells ring : i won’t go quietly until you drag and push me to the hole door

  47. 47 Devi

    Hiksssss I’m gonna be miss him, I just finish fashion king, and I do love him so quick hehehhehe,
    Take care oppa see you in 2years later

  48. 48 Jess

    My heart broke. ;(

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