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Lee Seung-gi and Suzy cast in fantasy sageuk
by | October 19, 2012 | 283 Comments

Well you know I’m a happy camper if puppy’s back in dramaland. Lee Seung-gi (The King 2 Hearts) and Suzy (Big) have been cast in a new drama, a fantasy sageuk called Gu Family Book. That’s a rough estimate on the title, since we have no hanja to go on yet, but the Gu refers to gumiho, a mythical nine-tailed fox, almost always in mythology a woman. But this time, Seung-gi will be playing a half-gumiho / half-human. Seung-gi, isn’t going from gumiho’s boyfriend to gumiho-boy kinda retreading old ground?

It’s at least a sageuk, which means it’ll be completely different from the modern rom-com My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. I’ll just think of him as Miho and Dae-woong’s baby. The drama will be helmed by PD Shin Woo-chul, of Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity and writer Kang Eun-kyung of Baker King, Man of Honor, Dalja’s Spring.

Suzy is still “considering the role favorably.” There’s not much information on her character yet, just that she’s up for the heroine. Seung-gi has reportedly been attached to the project from the start, and has confirmed the lead role. All we know is that he’ll be playing a half-man-half-beast, in his first historical drama to date. I… cannot picture him with a mane of glory. Does not compute. In danger of fire hazard. You know I love the boy, but sometimes hair is his enemy. Can he be a half-gumiho who hides his true identity while living as a nobleman? ‘Cause pretty topknot with hat and hanbok sounds right up his alley.

I think it’s an adorable pairing, and while Suzy does leave some emoting to be desired, she’s better with every role, and I honestly just like her in everything. I dunno… she’s just plain likable. It probably helps that she’s played some funny characters, because comedy is her stronger suit. I hope there’s some funny to be had in this new show, because that’s my favorite mode for both these actors.

The series is aiming for an early 2013 broadcast, and is currently in talks with MBC for a time slot.

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283 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mariam

    wow, i cant wait

  2. nyx

    Yay! Lee seung gi’s back! Missed him on my screen…

  3. Fanny

    I am happy that Seung-gi is back, but with Suzy as the lead heroine… eh, idk.

    • 3.1 JoJo

      Exactly what I was thinking…

    • 3.2 crazedlu

      Not down for Suzy. – -;

      • 3.2.1 canxi

        I like Suzy, she’s OK. I realize I don’t have a problem with her besides her lack of emotion at times. I liked her in Architecture 101 and feel she can get better. It’s her rabid fans I don’t like. The ones that flock to her every 2 second appearance in something and raaaaave about how awesome she is & only see her, so if she was cast I’m not looking forward to that LOL I think that’s the only downside.

        Lee Seung Gi is cool but I can’t imagine him with a mane of glory either…or in a saeguk really. I know every actor does it at least once (or five?) times, but I can’t picture him…

        • Kgrl

          Hahaha. You can say that again. I’m also not on board with this pairing, if not for the fans, than for the fact that Suzy hasn’t shown she could emote. Though her bland, no-emotion, deadpan face is quite impressive. It totally got me to like her in Dream High. Lols.

        • Jayden

          With you on her lack of emotion. I tend to back out of dramas really quickly if I’m not emotionally with the heroine that the main lead is supposed to fall for. It just doesn’t compute in my head. I need to believe the character she’s portraying.

          I’ve mixed feelings about Suzy, because while she probably is improving (and I’m still amazed I sat through Dream High — though that was probably more for the secondary couples), I feel it’s a bit unjustified how she’s being cast left, right and centre. Where are the other actresses?

      • 3.2.2 Awe


        this drama is DOOMED. suzy? really? cardboard actress. she’s 18 yrs old OY.


      • 3.2.3 Joy

        IDK YOU GUYS. I really like Suzy as a singer and all and she was amazing in Dream High. She’s a decent actress and I don’t mind her being in this drama but with Seung Gi? I’m sorry, I can’t see it. It feels like a brother-sister relationship to me and idk. I hope they do work out though.

        • Sammy

          Yeeeeeah. I really liked her in Dream High (who could forget robot Hye Mi?) but with Lee Seung Gi? Weirdest. Pairing. Ever. I do hope that they’ll work out, it seems okay, but, yeah…Seung Gi x Suzy is just weird. But hey. She’s just considering it. Maybe she won’t actually accept the role?

          Crossing my fingers it’ll work out.

      • 3.2.4 mimimi

        I hope Suzy turns down this drama! Can’t stand her acting (more like the lack of it). Love Seunggi to bits but I would skip this drama entirely if Suzy is going to be the main lead πŸ™

        • linda macy

          Soooo agree with you. Worst pairing in Kdrama history!

    • 3.3 lenrasoon


    • 3.4 True2u

      AGREED!!!!!!!! I’m saying this in a nice way, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
      Her acting needs a lot of work and I think Lee Seung will over power her!

    • 3.5 a_diva

      so funny. i was thinking same thing but didn’t want to say anything b/c not sure if it’d be construed as a bit of hater-ade, lol. i’m not that impressed w/ suzy. she’s just not there yet & this pairing seems odd to me. hopefully they’ll prove me wrong!

    • 3.6 Dana

      please, no Suzy!

      • 3.6.1 Dwi yuliani

        I love seunggi so much,, and happy to know he’ll back to drama… But,,, suzy as lead woman?? Ohh,, I don’t agree!!
        She cant expression the character well.. Seunggi will get problem and difficult to act with her!!

  4. ricky

    I don’t know about these two in a sageuk. I like them both, though, so I’ll definitely check this out.

  5. nova611

    love both of em

  6. weissman

    I wasn’t a big fan of her at first , but as she moves forward both with her acting and with her music my famdom has grown considerably

  7. Fab

    Yep, please let it be comedy. While I trust LSG in any role, Suzy’s acting range is dubitable…

  8. mtoh

    Wanted to see him in segeuk…but this from guminho to some kind of beast…Gi why?
    Any way…good luck…glad to see you back!

  9. topper

    First time for both doing a sageuk, should be worth checking out for.

  10. 10 MsScorpion

    Ok, so Suzy and Seung Gi I’m totally behind but my worry is THE WRITER, the Man of honor writer???!!!!!! I never finished the drama though I watched over 2 thirds of it, it was plain stupid and painful. I worry for that drama, but again, I loved Dal. Ja’s Spring, sooooo can only hope…..

    • 10.1 topper

      Man of Honor was really bad writing. Baker King wasn’t any better but it was meant to be a makjang fest anyway. Dal Ja Spring’s the only hope exactly.

      • 10.1.1 eny

        i really like baker king, one of my favorite drama all time, but not really interesting about this

      • 10.1.2 windmill

        The Scriptwater also wrote Hotelier, If I’m not mistaken. It’s a good and heartwarming story. Hotelier was very popular in 2001 starred by BYJ and SYA, later was adapted by TV Asahi Japan in 2007. CMIIW

        I still have faith in her ^^

        • foolmoon

          Really? Hotelier is always my fave drama of all time. But looking back now, I think what really won me over in the drama were the acting and the chemistry between Bae Yong Joon, Kim SEung Woo, Song Yun Ah, even Song Hye Kyo.
          The story itself was not really special. So, I don’t know …

      • 10.1.3 mtoh

        2nd this for Dal Ja’s spring…loved that drama and LMK!

    • 10.2 wanne

      Ditto, my sentiment exactly.

      I just hate the makjang-ness of Baker King and Man of Honor. Seeing that they cast Suzy, I’m hoping this drama will be heartwarming, has its lightheartedness but also has elements of epic and good mystery because the story seems to have potential for that. Is that too much to ask, writer-nim?

      Seunggi has yet to disappoint in his project choices, so I’ll put my faith on that.

    • 10.3 observantzani

      SAME SENTIMENTS. When I first heard the news, only Man of Honor and Baker King were attached to her name. Didn’t bother looking her up because of the horrendous works I’ve seen. I think I’ll give her a shot since a lot are raving about Da Ja’s Spring and Hotelier.

    • 10.4 Ace

      I have no problem with Suzy and Seung-gi coz’ I love ’em both. Also the director’s fine for me. I did reread the part about the writer penning Man of Honor and that kinda makes me leery about the drama. Hopefully she’s working on the script as early as now and make it like Dalja’s Spring where the drama had comedy and heart in equal parts.

  11. 11 aoren

    Somtimes i feel like people are a little to harsh on suzy. On many Korean websites people are already saying they won’t watch because she’s a ‘bad actress’ and I agree her acting isn’t great but it’s gotten better with each project she took. So in this upcoming drama (hopefully) she’ll be better than she was in her pervious drama/movies.
    Honestly I am also looking forward to improvement from Lee Seung-gi too. Although he is without a doubt better than Suzy, i still sometimes find it hard to find his acting in emotional scenes a complete success. In King 2 Hearts he was pretty convincing and I hope it’s the same with this drama.

    • LSG’s comfort zone is in rom-com. Doing a fantasy sageuk? Well, let’s see. I love him though. I’ve watched all his dramas and he can really act. He also has expressive eyes. That’s actually his best asset.

      Suzy, on the other hand, is an idol and a rookie actress. In Dream High, she was able to handle her role well because her character there was pretty simple at first. An emotionless singer and stubborn lass. But as time passes by, she gets better and better. On her drama Big, I can see her improvement on her acting skills. She has still a long way to go. I’m pretty sure she’ll be better on her next drama.

    • 11.2 Whatde......

      r u stupid or what??!!! have u seen lee seung gi acted be4 or not???? he’s make whole world cried in My girlfriend is gumiho (the scene where shin minah disappeared ) i can feel his pain…. in the other hand, about suzy…. yes i like her as a variety idols, for me she’s not that good as a singer even worse as an actor…. yes she can learn acting and posible she’ll be best but to be in this drama with seung gi shes for sure ruining the atmosphere…. please just let seung gi with other good actor such as moon geum young…. much better pairing dont ya’ll think???!!!

  12. 12 red

    can’t wait!

  13. 13 Abbie

    Sounds great. Can’t wait!

  14. 14 eny

    i don’t like story about relationship of ghost and human, except if it’s comedy, never like lee seung gi drama. Doesn’t hate him just his drama never make me interesting including this one

  15. 15 windmill

    Good luck to both Seunggi and Suzy….Can’t wait to watch airing drama again after TK2H. Hope it will be DAEBAK! ^^

  16. 16 im_eve

    he WAS gonna be THE Iljimae, y’know! hehe yep, THAT one with THE mane of glory..or so atleast with jung il woo :p

    • 16.1 mud

      I know! I am having a hard time trying to picture Seung-gi with a mane of glory as glorious as Jung Il-woo’s. I mean, his is THE mane of glory in the history of mane of glories. Whereas, Seung-gi’s hair on 1N2D could also be interpreted as a mane at times, but perhaps not categorized as glorious.

      • 16.1.1 Airyn

        Oh gawds, the Astroboy hair. *facepalm*

  17. 17 red

    I’m fine with the pairing, but what shocked me was the discovery that the writer of Dalja’s spring went on to write Baker King and Man of Honor…does not compute. Maybe she was a co-writer in each?.

    How can the person who penned Man of Honor (shudder) and Baker King (wasn’t a fan) write the awesome Dal Ja’s spring??

    • 17.1 mud

      I haven’t watched the other 2 but Dalja’s Spring is one of my favourites. Were Baker King & Man of Honor suppose to be comedies? Because maybe the writer’s strong suit is comedy and hopefully this is going to be another comedy. *prays to ye gracious drama gods* Regardless, I’m going to check it out because of Seung-gi.

      And I’m going to agree with girlfriday that Suzy is just plain likeable. Even though all her roles have been essentially the same…. so I guess I’m just carrying over my love for her characters to her as an actress.

  18. 18 Eunice

    Doesn’t the director Shin Woo-chul always collaborate with the writer of the “Lovers” trilogy? I’m surprised that he’s not collaborating with her for this project.

  19. 19 browncoat_78

    As long as this leans towards comedy, I’m all on board. Just can’t wait to see Lee Seung Gi again. His acting gets better and better with every role.

  20. 20 m a r a

    I’m not a fan of Suzy’s, but hee, I really like this pairing.

  21. 21 The Real CZ

    Jesus Christ, not Suzy. She ruined Big for me, before the writing ruined Big for me. She was also terrible in Dream High. This is one idol that should definitely stop acting.

    • 21.1 Roggy


    • 21.2 Sueweeties

      If suzy is bad in acting , but why she can get the awards .The way youcomment Suzy’s acting just like you are so goodddddd ..and Actually I really wonder why people really hate her . What’s wrong with her till people always bashing her .

      *Cannot wait for Suzy new project . Hwaiting Suzy

  22. 22 wanne

    I read that his management said his character is not a Gumiho but a half-man half-beast.

    Anyway, my two reactions upon reading the news:

    1. Yay, Seunggi is back on drama!

    2. Writer of Baker King and Man of Honor? hmm. But after reading that its also the same writer behind Dal Ja’s Spring, at least there’s a show I like from her. Here’s hoping she will surprise me like The King 2 Heart’s writer.

    But I encho you Girlfriday, you made me laugh right there about his hair being his enemy.

    And with regards to Suzy, thats what I feel about her too. She’s lacking in emotional scenes, but when doing comedy, she has great timing and acting for it. She looks funny and adorable at the same time.

    Looking forward to more news on this drama and hoping it will turn out good! My main concern is the plot/writer really.

    • 22.1 reglest

      True, now the writer is the one worrying me… Baker king is an addictive one, though it doesn’t have that much quality. Man of Honour…*sigh* wanne..you know how rumor spread around 2011 ago among Airen about Seung Gi’ll play baseball player, weren’t you? My hope is Dalja’s spring & Hotelier. Hopefully this writer can turn the switch, and the director able to pull out the quality.

      As Suzy..I blame Ha Ji Won that I’m expecting an experienced actress to play his opposite, hahaha, I know it sound silly, but it’s not I don’t like Suzy, I love this girl, jinjja..but my heart drop when I heard rumor she’ll play the female lead. Sorry Suzy, sorry….

      For now, I think I’ll take back seat and will gladly happy to be proven wrong about the writer & Suzy…

      • 22.1.1 wanne

        Oh, I didn’t know about the rumor. But recently Seunggi has been hinting about playing a manly role so I guess this is it. I can’t picture him in a mane of glory or even saguek speaking, but it will be interesting to see. Seunggi is someone who works hard and a perfectionist, so I’m sure he will do well in saguek as well. But because he works too hard he has the tendency to overact at times especially during the beginning of a drama. And as we all know, his management love to ruin his look, unless he’s acting as someone important like the king. So I’m hoping, please please please a good hair also this time!

        Regarding his female counterpart, its refreshing to see him with a younger one this time. Most of the time he’s always the youngest in his previous project be it drama or variety. So I’m sure he’s giddy to work with someone who will call him ‘oppa’ haha. Its a new experience for him, so that’s good as well.

        • anicheung

          “But because he works too hard he has the tendency to overact at times especially during the beginning of a drama.”

          There it is. Even though I love Seung Gi to bits, and I’ve seen improvement in his acting from Brilliant Legacy up to his most recent King2Hearts, I’ve always been of the impression that there was something about his acting that bothered me. I was never able to pinpoint it (or maybe I was just trying too hard to love him), because there’s always something awkward about some points of his acting. This makes more sense to me, because I can totally see it now. He’s got great emotion, but somehow he has moments where he’s a bit awkward and that might be because he tries too hard to get into character and get it right that he overdoes it.

          Thanks for putting that idea into perspective! πŸ˜€

          • wanne

            Oh I just read your comment. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this but I just want to respond hehe..

            Why are you trying hard to love him? Being a fan doesn’t mean we have to like everything that person does and see no faults on him. No one is perfect. As a fan, I have no problems reading criticism on Seunggi but only when they are said in a good manner.

            I first know and become interested in Seunggi through Brilliant Legacy. I didn’t find him handsome at that time (with the moppy bird-nest hair on him), but there’s something about his acting that really charms me.

            When his character is in love, I can totally feel and see it. He has great range of expression and can hit it good during emotional scenes when not overdone or try too hard. I guess that’s why I think he’s best during the light-hearted and quiet scenes in that drama. He could make me cry, but he could also make me cringe.

            Compared to some flat actors who I couldn’t feel their emotions at all eventhough they’ve cried a river, I think Seunggi has potential if he can learn to control his acting more.

            One of the scenes where I was really impressed by him in The King 2 Hearts was when Bonggu revealed to him that he killed his brother and when Hang-ah was shot in front of him. Also when he took off his neck tie on the day of Jaekang’s death, I teared at that.

            I hope someone tells him about his overdoing tendency, so he will be able to maintain his acting and shows more improvement in his future project. Its good that he has become close with the veteran actors in TK2H. I’m sure he can gain great advice from them.

  23. 23 saltandpepper

    yay for lee seung gi πŸ™‚

    but for suzy…hmm..i’m not sure…always the same kind of emotionless characters….

    • 23.1 saltandpepper

      sorry….it should be expressionless….

  24. 24 Nokcha

    Love Seung-gi and Suzy was hysterical in Big (though the drama itself left one wanting…) and really loved Dalja’s Spring. I’m looking forward to this one.

  25. 25 Meghan

    Ah, the expected shade on Suzy. I expect nothing less from the idol bashing readers of this site.


    • 25.1 Korazy Lady

      I think that’s a bit harsh. I don’t follow the idols so wouldn’t know one girl from another. She just seems to have that polarizing way about her – you either love her or hate her. I found her to be grating on the nerves in Big (maybe she got better but I only lasted about 1/2 way with the show.) But then again, it took me until I saw Kim Suh Na in a serious role (I Do, I Do) for me to like her!

    • 25.2 kit

      Shrugs. I love kpop. I know much more about the fandom side of things for music than I do of dramas. Miss A is fierce, consisting of truly talented girls. Suzy is to be commended on her foray into acting, she’s done much better than many others and is a delight even without comparisons. But it seems jumping ship too early? She’s only got three projects under her belt, and two of them were pretty minor roles.

      But yeah, I understand where you’re coming from. The elitism from drama fans to the kpop side of things gets amusing to downright annoying sometimes.

      • 25.2.1 Meghan

        And it’s funny to me that most people tend to forget some of their favorite actors and actresses started out in the biz as idols in the 90’s.

        I’m not saying Suzy is the best actress ever, I know she’s not, but she is likeable, and she does improve in her roles. I just wish people would stop bashing before they’ve even seen the drama or the particular idol’s performance.

        • kopytko

          To some people she’s absolutely unlikable and stuck in her robot mode, while those peolple don’t give a s#*&$ if she’s an idol or not, because they don’t care about kpop. Just saying.

    • 25.3 turtles_tszx

      I guess they tend to forget that Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Kye Sang, Yoochun etc used to be an idol.

    • 25.4 lenrasoon

      I don’t think the “bashing” it’s because she’s an idol, people love Yoon Eun Hye, UEE, Yoochun etc but Suzy’s a weak actress for leading role and yeah i saw Big, Dream High and the Architecture movie do i’ve seen enough. People will point that out regardless of ~hurting fans feelings.

      • 25.4.1 mars

        People are bashing her because she’s idol. “One of the idols that can’t act” “she should just stay an idol”. Come on. Yet everyone loves LSG who has pretty limited range as an actor and has played pretty much the same guy in every role. LSG is riding on his charm and not his amazing acting ability, but you know he’s hot so we can overlook that.

        • crazyajummafan

          I beg to differ! He certainly does NOT have limited range as an actor! He is one actor I enjoy watching cos he has a WIDE range of expressions, even back then in BL! And he’s improved tremendously in TK2H, beyond many people’s expectations, so much so that veterans in the industry praise his acting. He was NOT riding on his charm, but his talent!

          • mars

            I watched K2H but tbh I felt the real draw was Ha Ji-won, but LSG was pretty good in it. However I don’t think that the character was too out of his comfort zone. Anyway I’m just majorly annoyed at the Suzy bashing because the majority of the time this type of criticism is leveled at actresses. It’s just really frustrating to read the same type of comments whenever a leading lady is cast.

        • BB

          Most of the comments here ARE mentioning his previous outing as an actor in K2H. It’s safe to say he’s garnered most accolades as an actor due to that drama. Whether that show was one’s cup of tea or not, one can’t deny the fact that Seung Gi acted his heart out and delivered the goods. As King Lee Jae-Ha he was pitch perfect. Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion and that’s cool.

  26. 26 JIW_sobangnim

    LSG…. was my daily dose UNTIL he quit 2D1N. And then he became my drug in TK2H. And then, WHY THE LONG BREAK?

    LEARN from your HYUNG – TAE WOONG (which Ju Won is diligently following) WORK ALL THE TIME <3 <3

    U dont even need to act; JUST smile for an hour, Ill be still giving it reviews Seung Gi πŸ™‚

    Cant wait. And Suzy, you are so pretty I FORGIVE YOU πŸ™‚
    Now for supporting characters, anyone hoping for No Min Woo to comeback? Or maybe someone pretty like Yoon Shi Yoon?

    • 26.1 mud

      I think the short hiatus is because Seung-gi’s been working on his album & prepping for his Dream Concert. He’s still working hard as usual, just maybe not as noticeable as a daily/ weekly appearance.

      • 26.1.1 JIW_sobangnim

        Nah, mud-nim. I know my husband’s schedule actually , LOL πŸ™‚ Cant wait for his Concert as well, DEFO going <3

        Just…… WELCOME BACK to the the screen!
        When will i see the dream team (Hodong and Seunggi? πŸ™‚

    • 26.2 Saima

      Not to mention that he started his second master’s program last month so currently pursuing a double master’s in addition to the other shtufff he’s been doing.

      • 26.2.1 mud

        I’ve never heard of a double master’s but that sounds intense…. why not just do a PhD while he’s at it?

        Also I want my Dream Team (Ho-dong & Seung-gi) back together too! Essentially I want all the 1N2D gang together and forever and happily ever after.

        • wanne

          His second master to be specific. And a different one than the first master he took.

        • Saima

          By double master’s I meant in two different programs. His first one’s not exactly an MBA but in the field of Business/Econ. And, he was so impressed with PD Lee of K2H that he enrolled in his second one viz in Culture Content.

          I agree with you on having the 1N2D S1 cast & crew back w/ Kim C, MC Mong included. After they left somehow the show became off-kilter. As much as I want it I don’t think Seung-gi will be returning to variety any time soon…am quite sure he’ll be enlisting next year.

      • 26.2.2 anicheung

        Gotta love a man with ambition and smarts! πŸ˜€ I knew that Seung Gi is regarded as intelligent and hardworking by his peers and sunbae, but I didn’t realize he was working on a second masters. That’s just so awesome!!

    • 26.3 cutieblue

      Yessssssssssss!! No Min Woo comeback please!!! πŸ˜›

      • 26.3.1 JIW_sobangnim

        No Min Woo.. then it’ll be his second time pairing with LSG.
        So that might be unlikely….. SO

        LETS try someone like LEE HYUN WOO? or my current….. SEO IN GOOK? or maybe PARK KI WOONG? Who else……?

        Hmm, HWANG CHAN SUNG? Another idol sorry (2PM). But he did act in HIGH KICK as debut so started off actor THEN became an idol.

  27. 27 sweetspring

    i hope the writer & PD dont take the beast part too literally, i would watch seung gi doing anything or nothing at all but if they take cute puppy & make him into something i can’t bear to watch there will be hell to pay!!! (got that old fogeys!!! *shakes fist at heavens*)

  28. 28 twentyonebuds

    Yayyyy! So happy LSG is back<3 <3 But Suzy…. um I don't particularly dislike her but she does leave something to be desired with the acting tbh and I just don't/can't see them together :s

  29. 29 sara

    Seung gi is my fave. So happy he is back. But Suzy…terrible actress. Reading the news made me very excited. What a shame. Hope she won’t be cast.

  30. 30 Biggie

    Some Suzy bashers turns out to be fantards of other idol-actresses who just can’t be at par with this girl’s popularity so they end up bashing the poor girl.

    • 30.1 JIW_sobangnim

      It’s irritating to see Suzy bashers πŸ™
      Why cant the idol-hards come out of their idol fist shell and just focus on the acting? ><

      Suzy is a great actress. She emotes her character well enough for her to show the character. Have you guys watched Introduction to Architecture? GRR. SHE CAN IMPROVE!

      Everyone has to improve somehow right? All I can see is, SHE KEEPS IMPROVING. And thats all that is needed.
      Wouldnt want her to be up there and fall down aye? Gotta work from BOTTOM to the TOP. Which is how I see Miss Suzy πŸ™‚

      • 30.1.1 rabbitsfortea

        I love this girl to BITS, and she IS improving but her emoting does leave much to be desired. I’m not saying bashers should bash her, but her acting isn’t the best and if they were to focus on her acting, it isn’t her strongest point.

        Just saying (:

        • Minerv

          I have no problem with suzy’s acting to be honest.

      • 30.1.2 Sueweeties

        I really agreed with your comment ..

        *Suzy whaiting ..

  31. 31 rabbitsfortea

    I have to agree about her emoting.
    I guess it’s due to her young age and lack of experience? But it’s like you can’t fault her because she’s just SO freaking gorgeous <3
    Hehehe, hope she confirms this soon!

    PS. Seunggi is another busy one with all his dramas huh?

  32. 32 Jules

    That’s how I feel about Suzy: no matter what she’s in, no matter the sort of character she plays, I just like her. (I feel the same way about Yoon Eun-hye, thinking about it.)

    And Lee Seung-gi has been charming in all, er, two of the dramas I’ve seen him in (Gumiho and King), so… Yay?


    • 32.1 Celest

      This is also how I feel about Suzy. I actually loved her character in Dream High. Sure she’s not A class yet but at least she’s improving.

      As for LSG…well I like him as a host and on variety shows but I’ve never really liked any of his acting or his dramas except for TK2H. Most of the time I find his characters grating so the acting is turning me off. The only exception has been TK2H and even then at the beginning, I was on the fence…

  33. 33 kumon

    I wonder how Lee Seung Gi would look like in sageuk costume. Can’t wait to see the first stills! Uri puppy Lee Seung Gi’s evolution to a half man-half beast sageuk character will surely make my day. I love him sooooooo much in King 2 Hearts.

  34. 34 glo

    Yayyy, Seunggi is back. When I first read that he’s going to be half-human, half-beast and nine-tailed fox reference, Naruto crossed my mind. Eagerly anticipating this unique fusion sageuk.

    I love Seunggi and Suzy pairing, she’s very likeable. And this will be the first time Seunggi’s leading lady is younger than him, so a fresh change is surely welcomed.

  35. 35 rearwindow

    OOOooh!!! Not a huge fan of Suzy, but I adoooooore Seung-gi from TK2H. Interesting choice. I hope it’s awesome!

  36. 36 I want ChunChun too

    She is 94 line and he is 87… mmmmm

  37. 37 Minerv

    I like Suzy the actress, to hell with the haters.

    My problem is, i see no chemistry.

    I want her with Lee Min Ki or Kim Bum or Song Joong Ki.

    • 37.1 rabbitsfortea

      Meh. I see no chemistry either (maybe it’s cos I don’t particularly find LSG good looking?), but there might be sparks when they actually come together?

      Fingers crossed.
      I have faith in both their onscreen charisma πŸ˜€

      • 37.1.1 Ara

        LSG is not good looking at all, IMO, but he meshes surprisingly well with his costars. I always thought that he and Han Hyo Joo looked weird together but they somehow worked in Brilliant Legacy.

        • Jade Butterfly

          I admit he used to not look good ON PRINT & I used to shudder & convulse at his fashion & eeky hairdos.
          But some of us Dramabeanies saw him in person ,recently, we were shocked outta our skin that he looks bagazillion times handsomer in person . His face- to- face Charisma grabs you by the throat & annuls any speech.Most of us got to shake his hand. We were like shocked drooling deers caught in his headlights.
          Print deals him a harsh card.

      • 37.1.2 Minerv

        I agree. He is not good looking in fact I find him ugly. But he seemed like a dood guy

        • Minerv


          • guerrero

            i guess you think of yourself as a pretty girl,i guess you are a girl,thats why you are very exigent with looks,then we will stop the “tyranny of beautiful people” because this world is not only yours,”ugly” people also exists and some”ugly” people are more sucessful than “beautiful” people like you,thats why they deserve their role

          • Ara

            Since when do you have to be beautiful to evaluate the physical appeal of other people? Entertainers put themselves out into the public sphere to be judged, like it or not.

        • Hafy

          Ugly is a VERY strong word to describe a person…

          • Minerv

            sorry. Scratch that, just not good-looking.

        • manassuper

          plz don’t stoop so low by saying him ugly.but for me he is the most handsome and charming.there were many who bashed him before TK2H but what happened all had to eat their words.TK2H RECORDED THE MOST REVIEWS AND COMMENTS ON DRAMABEAN RECAPS and he won a lot of praises for his superficial acting.if you mind is in right state go back and have a long glance at TK2H recaps……..

          • Minerv

            No thanks. My mind is ok. I just made the wrong choice of word so chill.

        • Fangirl

          I have seen him in person. He is not good looking. He is super good looking ! I guess he is just not so photogenic.

          • crazyajummafan

            Totally agree with you! Saw him in person, and he’s one good looking guy – gorgeous! Anyway, he has the kind of looks that may not appeal to some immediately, but his charm and personality eventually makes him look better and better with time.

          • reglest

            True…I’m speechless when I see him, the only word able to spit out from my mouth is “so handsome” again and again..like a mantra

            Eonni!! So so agree with you, he is the one who carved deeper and deeepeeeeer as time goes by. Which when you’re browsing about him you can’t but fall in with him more…
            I don’t know, maybe his charm worked very well to me?^^ hehe

        • bd

          LSG is not attractive at all – he has what I call a “mush face.”

          Now, there are plenty of actors and actresses who aren’t attractive in the typical sense, but have that “it” quality that makes them attractive in their own right.

          LSG isn’t one of them and to me, LSG is just annoying.

          • Fangirl

            To me , LSG is super attractive with his good looks and humble character. A man in a million. LSG fighting !

          • reglest

            It’s so true that everyone has their own favor and their own taste, and Lee Seung Gi is just the perfect taste and spice for me πŸ™‚

            We appreciate your ‘unlikeness’ to him, thank you ^^

          • manassuper

            it seems your words and you are attractive at all and sorry you don’t have the β€œit” quality at all.to me you and your comments are most annoying…..

          • kaka

            I hate troll ~

          • crazyajummafan

            Who dares to call MY BOY ugly and a ‘mush face’? RRREPENT! Or face the WRATH of THE CRAZYAHJUMMA FAN and her band of fiery Hearties!!!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

            Btw, I always believe that if one does not have anything nice to say or write about someone else, its polite to keep one’s opinions to oneself. It’s ok to say or write CONSTRUCTIVE comments and give different view points, but to call another person ‘ugly’ and a ‘mush face’ is VERY rude and does not speak well of their upbringing and shows the ‘ugly’ side of their personality. Please take this advise from a woman who has lived for almost half a century and raised 4 children.

          • bd

            Has nothing to do w/ “taste.”

            There are people I aren’t “my thing”, but I can objectively admit are good-looking.

            LSG is not one of them (bad cheeks/not so great cheekbones, kinda a weak chin/jawline, etc.).

            People getting all butthurt over others having opinions is what’s annoying.

          • reglest

            Thus I say, we appreciate your thought, thank you^^
            Because everyone’s favor about good looking is different, you can’t say yours is the objective one πŸ™‚ and to say about butthurt..it’s rather funny because I feel you’re the one who’s being butthurt to insist he isn’t good looking^^

            Kay, shall we stop it here? The discussion is off when we talk only about face. @bd I’ll be appreciate you so much if we stop talking about ‘how to standardizing the point of good looking’, because as I says above..I THINK everyone’s taste is different^^

          • crazyajummafan

            @ bd
            I’m so sorry for you! Tsk,tsk,tsk! Name calling and using ugly and rude terms like ‘butthurt’ doesn’t speak well of your upbringing.

            Like I mentioned earlier, everyone’s are entitiled to their opinons, but in a public forum/thread, they should show some discretion and decorum in the way they express their views, or they will appear immature and insecure. Worse, they bring shame on the people who raised them up and on themselves.

          • LSGLover

            @crazyajummafan & the rest of hearties/airens:
            Totally agree with you all…Yes to each is own…and I’m proud to say that Lee Seung Gi is totally THE complete package! Good looking, hot body, great manners, smart, hard worker, talented actor/singer/MC, etc…etc…I just feel bad for those people who can’t appreciate him at all… They don’t know what they’re missing πŸ˜€

      • 37.1.3 Airyn

        In the past, people thought the actresses LSG were paired with wouldn’t have chemistry with him, but they all ended up being very good in character. So maybe the LSG-Suzy pairing doesn’t look that good on paper, but let’s hope they surprise us. πŸ™‚

        • glo

          I totally agree with you.

          There were many people doubted he wouldn’t have any chemistry with SMA in MGIAG; but in the end, they both pulled through. I miss cute Hoi-Hoi couple ^^

          And who could forget all the negative remarks when he first cast as HJW’s King, many believed they looked like siblings; but they gave a stunning & sizzling performance as Ah-Ha Couple. Ah-Ha Couple is still on my top 3 best K-drama couple ever.

          I believe this time, he’ll surprise us again. He always brings the best out of his partner, and makes his partner shines.

  38. 38 Mawiie

    May I refer you to your own screencap? πŸ˜›


    And yep, I totally just went through a bunch of MGIAG recaps just to find it

    • 38.1 MsScorpion

      OMG how could you remember than and go looking through recaps to fnd it????? Count me impressed.

      Also, Gorgeous may I say, Mane of Glory and Guy Liner confirmed πŸ™‚

    • 38.2 Arhazivory

      Thank you! I was about to go dig that up. I remember well how good he looked in sageuk garb from Gumiho. So Seung Gi with a mane will be hot as long as the mane is properly done.

    • 38.3 pillowhead

      That is Lee Seung Gi in that picture? for real? What episode was that in?

      • 38.3.1 glo

        MGIAG episode 4

      • 38.3.2 Mawiie

        Yeah if you rewatch the episode there were parts where he didn’t have the mask on too. I must say that the mane of glory does suit him better than his regular hair xD

  39. 39 I love drama

    Love your writing, drama bean. I’m also all your brief drama . I’m fan Lsg from my girlfriend gumiho . That’s right, i can’t deny about act of suzy. She ‘s betty and cute, only lack experience. It’s first chance for her action. But most important is plot story. Also my feel is news character of seunggi make me image as son of miho and daewong. Miss it. WaW, FIRST history for seunggi and suzy. Hope good chemistry and most memory.

  40. 40 milkteanlsg

    I am not very familiar with Suzy so I would not comment about her but she looks sweet!

    Seung Gi oppa in sageuk drama!!! <3
    Male gumiho!!?? even more <3
    Cute as miho + strong +hot + beastly + wild!!!!!!!
    Very, very, extremely <3

    Can't wait for it~~~
    Oppa, FIGHTING!!!

    • 40.1 Fab

      This is how to anticipate you favo actor’s new drama.

    • 40.2 Florentine Lily

      My sentiments exactly!

      I’ve only seen Suzy in BIG and thought she was like-able. I definitely won’t judge her based on that show. I’ve seen Seung-Gi in three dramas and I fall even more in love with him every time.

      I’m eagerly awaiting 2013.

  41. 41 milkteanlsg

    “Miho and DaeWoong’s baby”!!!

  42. 42 baNTai

    great news…i though k2h is his last drama before he go to military…but new article say he got new drama really surprising me.Seeing him again next year with suzy…aggghhhrr…i can’t wait!

  43. 43 Saima

    YAYYYYYYY!! SO excited to hear Seung-gi’s return to drama land. Am o.k. with Suzy.

    The writer makes me nervous with two makjang fests back to back…ughhh!! I dread for my boo! Although she did writer Dalja’s Spring so yeah here’s to hoping.

    • 43.1 Saima

      In hindsight a majority had qualms with the Hong sisters prior to K2H and that turned out quite well.

      • 43.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        just in case anyone was a little confused, Saima meant the other set of Hong sisters. The K2H writers that also wrote Beethoven Virus

      • 43.1.2 mtoh

        Yuhuhuhu unnie! See you are back in Kdrama land!

  44. 44 Lilly

    As long as they don’t pout too much they are fine.

  45. 45 Osi

    I’m IN. As long as it’s Lee Seung Gi. <3 <3 <3

    • 45.1 windmill

      Well said Osi…I’m with you Gyahahaha

    • 45.2 crazyajummafan

      Osi, rearwindow, reglest, mtoh, Saima and the rest of you Hearties, I’ll see you in Dramabeans again next year! I’m certain the other Singaporean Hearties would be too!

      Besides seeing LSG in a drama again, I’m also excited about exchanging views with u guys again!

      • 45.2.1 Florentine Lily

        It’s a date, Hearties!

      • 45.2.2 reglest

        A real date *wink

      • 45.2.3 Arhazivory

        Date night! πŸ˜€

      • 45.2.4 wanne

        I see a lot of familiar names here! and at Koalasplayground too whenever there’s a post about uri Jeonha and His Queen. It makes me nostalgic! Oh, The King 2 Hearts days~

        I’m excited for this drama. Hope more news coming sooooon!

      • 45.2.5 Jade Butterfly

        Suzy , to me, is a Disney princess prototype.
        LSG , after K2H & after seeing him in person , has just signed & sealed me as a hardcore lovin’ fan.
        He used to be just a preppy boy next door to me but now , he’s the va-va-voom uber-male who can do no wrong. Ops ,I got a disclaimer.His hair…his hair is his Achilles Heel. His hair can be all kinds of wrong, on occasions. LSG+ Suzy…hmmmm. I’m sceptical & hoping that, somebody else of stronger acting experience will take over Suz’s role. Jebal !!

        • Jade Butterfly

          Oremanida , HEARTIE FRENS FROM K2H Spazzfest time!!

      • 45.2.6 lovecityhall

        Hello Hearties,

        Can’t wait for Seung Gi’s new drama. See all of u in the comments section next year!

      • 45.2.7 rearwindow

        Mos def! (Did I just type that?!?? Look at the things that LSG makes me do!!)

    • 45.3 ilikemangos

      There comes a time.. when hearties reunite..
      Hi all, glad to see you’re all here!

      • 45.3.1 LSGLover

        uri maknae is here too and the rest of hearties!!! it’s party time!!! Can’t wait for 2013 πŸ˜€

  46. 46 djes

    Like girlfriday said, I just like Suzy in everything.
    While I don’t like saeguk, but this will be first time for both of them, so..hope it goes well.

  47. 47 jomo

    Puppy!! YAY!
    Suzy !! YAY!
    Fantasy!! YAY!
    Sageuk!! YAY!

    Writer from MAN OF HONOR/GLORY JANE?! Nooooo!
    Pin meet balloon of YAY * sad face *

  48. 48 Korazy Lady

    Girllfriday, loved your concerns about LSG’s hair. If you ask me, Suzy’s hair seemed a little out of control in Big, too (from what I watched!) Forget about the writer and director, let’s hope they have a top-notch hairdresser on board!

  49. 49 bb

    seunggi *-*

  50. 50 anicheung

    Oh yes! Lee Seung Gi, I have missed you so! I will watch anything he takes on. And I like Suzy, so this will be an interesting match-up if she takes the leading lady role. However, I DO agree… hair is not Seung Gi’s stronger suit as we have all seen him in some questionable mops (a la Brilliant Legacy…), so mane of glory is going to be a hard one to figure out… sigh. Still, I love him, so it’s fine whatever happens.

    I DO like me a good fantasy/historical genre, and I have yet to watch a Seung Gi series and not like it (yes, even Brilliant Legacy).

    I will be following this news with smiles. Thanks much for the updates!

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