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More photos of young romance (and heartbreak) in I Miss You
by | October 25, 2012 | 92 Comments

javabeans: New stills for I Miss You are out. Who feels like crying already? Haven’t these two kids been through enough?

girlfriday: I have a feeling they haven’t even begun. It might be the kind of show where the audition consisted of nothing but: “Show me the tears!”

javabeans: I’m clinging to the fact that the writer does heartwarming dramas. So… pain and separation at 15 can be heartwarming, can’t it? Somehow?

girlfriday: I feel like at some point, they reunite as adults, so… yes? But who knows they’ll be “playing hide and seek” till that day, per the drama’s tagline.

javabeans: I’m pretty sure playing hide and seek with love is the worst game ever.

girlfriday: I can think of a few that are worse. Russian roulette of love. Pin the tail on the love.

javabeans: Fine, fine. You win. Oof, that tagline kills me. “Old enough to love… but not enough to protect you…”

girlfriday: Awww.

javabeans: You’d think Fate could grow those two on concurrent timelines, no? What good is an otherworldly power if it can’t do that?

girlfriday: Yeah but no one makes dramas about that kind of fate.

javabeans: The kind that doesn’t suck?

girlfriday: Yeah the kind that works out, and doesn’t cause years of missed opportunities, blindness, and poverty.

javabeans: Now I’m picturing that other drama — you know, Fate’s Overlooked Sister — where she goes around madly trying to undo bitch-unni’s havoc-wreaking.

girlfriday: Like Arang’s gods, only sisters, and much more competitive.

javabeans: I was totally thinking Arang, but more about the gods than the humans. We should write that drama.

girlfriday: To make it even more competitive, they should be twins, and the unni is only three minutes older, but acts like it’s centuries.

javabeans: And she’s even meaner than Hades because she ages on his schedule but is way more vain about it.

girlfriday: I dunno, Hades was pretty vain. Though I guess he could’ve been more upset about not winning the body-swap bet, like set-a-plague-upon-the-earth upset.

javabeans: He was vain, but fair. Fate, on the other hand, sure likes to fuck with people.

girlfriday: Yeah she gets a sick sense of pleasure out of it, and then the good sister can get pleasure from thwarting Fate’s schemes.

javabeans: Ha, who’s to say that’s not how it works? Fate No. 1: “Poof! You’re in love… and you’re siblings!” Fate No. 2: “Undo, undo! You only thought you were! Your mother was really a cheating hussy!”

girlfriday: Hm, I think that IS how it works. And then: “Counterattack! Suddenly one of you has a terminal illness!”

javabeans: “Dammit. Okay, then at least you learn the meaning of life before you go!”

girlfriday: Or if she’s feeling really creative, “Well that’s just an opportunity for the hero to show how much he loves her by giving her his eyeball and curing her eye-cancer!”

javabeans: Who knew you could get so much drama mileage out of one step forward, one step back?

girlfriday: Anyone who’s ever watched a drama?

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92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    Thanks but no thanks. *Running away from that cry fest*.

    • 1.1 Mira

      Piggybacking to say: Yooo, Arang and the Magistrate spoilers! Not even cool.

      • 1.1.1 nene

        lol..i’m feeling the old actors n actresses..amaze..

  2. Termas

    Okay, I totally want to see the drama about Fate and her sister that y’all were discussing. It needs to be made.

    • 2.1 cray-paz-heart

      i second that! I have years of competitve sister rivalry experience too, if you’re ever in need of more material!

    • 2.2 estel

      I third this. I would totally watch any drama penned by javabeans and girlfriday. Do you hear me, Drama Gods and Universe? Make this happen!

      Seriously, it would be the coolest thing EVAR.

    • 2.3 Candy

      I’d love to see that too! When will gf and db release their own drama?

      • 2.3.1 toystar

        yeah I’m with u guys cause I am number 2 of 3 girls.

        • pillowhead

          oh, me too. my sisters are the evil ones.

    • 2.4 ~Feather~

      Agree! Why should we always have to see Fate by it’s actions? Let’s give it a physical embodiment! Although, they can’t both be called Fate if they’re sisters, that would be weird. What would the good sister be called?

      • 2.4.1 Termas

        Good question… Fortune? Destiny? Jane Doe? I have full trust in jb and gf; they’ll come up with something.

        • Autumn

          I’m kind of digging the Fate and Destiny duo. They would be an epic pair of twins.

      • 2.4.2 leaf

        There’s a personification of Fate and Love in Oohlala Spouses. But they’re not doing much in the story (yet?). I hope Dramabeans continue recapping it. 🙂

  3. Naz

    is that the kid from warrior baek dong so?

  4. nyss

    it would reaaaaaaaaaally suck if the young actors did well but the adult actors cant carry the role with the same intensity. lets hope YEH & PYC do well too!

  5. FishFillets

    girlfriday: Or if she’s feeling really creative, “Well that’s just an opportunity for the hero to show how much he loves her by giving her his eyeball and curing her eye-cancer!”

    lol Stairway to Heaven??? xDDD

    ahhhh I’m soooo gonna watch this…… *goes off to save up money to buy truckloads of tissues*

    • 5.1 Gaeina Lee

      …Am willing to share my stock with you… *Wanted: Cryfest mates* ^^

      • 5.1.1 shelhass

        I’m up to the task!

        I’m sooooo into the cryfest. Thought Nice Guy was all about the tears, but that damned drama is so much more! But I still need the tears, so… yep, totally watching this.

        *stocking Klenex*

        • Autumn

          Surprisingly, I haven’t cried once while watching Nice Guy. It’s a good drama, just one that hasn’t made me bawl. That is a good thing I suppose.

          • denya88

            What makes me bawl every time is last episode of Chuno. Just finish my third round last night (re-run on KBSWorld) and still cried as much as the first time.

        • pogo

          yeah, I like Nice Guy for its suspense and occasional adorable, but it never makes me want to cry – surprisingly, Arang did that.

      • 5.1.2 becca_boo

        Reporting for duty! This drama has the potential to wring every last drop from me if it has the right atmosphere, which it does, if the stills can be trusted.

  6. Wowow

    Totally, knowing them and their prominent acting like in moon embraces the sun,. i just hope the adult counterparts dont let us audience down :’) Btw, anyone missing arang now? D: i feel empty now that i’ve no arang to watch 🙁 Lee junki Shin mina … <3

  7. Kiara

    Hope my mom does not find this show. This is the kind of heart-breaking stuff she loves to watch.

  8. ida

    The woman in the second to last picture.. Does anyone reckon that’s how song ji hyo will look like when she’s older? Maybe it’s just the eyes that se eem similar… But that woman whoever she is reminds me of song ji hyo SO much.
    Anyone know who she is?

    • 8.1 Monona

      It’s Kim Sun Kyung. She’s been in a few dramas – The Moon That Embraces the Sun (as the Queen); Heartstrings (the music teacher) and the movie Sunny (the wannabe beauty queen). They both do have similar features.

  9. Kelinci Biru

    I’m going to watch every happy-bubbly drama this weekend, to be prepare for this tearjerker.

    These two seems like they belong together, don’t they?

  10. 10 crazedlu

    Omdude, puke. Not digging these scenes. I am, however, enjoying the tag team articles. Ha.

  11. 11 MEK

    I’m a big fan of YEH – and I’m now starting to like Yoochun…i hope they have good chemistry…this I’m going to watch…

  12. 12 QIII

    A really nice fanvid of the new twase teaser


  13. 13 jomo

    This whole thing made me LOL but this started it, and I agree!!!
    “Who feels like crying already? Haven’t these two kids been through enough?”

    I hate to say this, but doesn’t SK LOVE these stories. This could be the surprise ratings hit o’ year. I mean, if METS with its similarly cast first part is any indication.

    “Undo undo!” I wish life had an undo button.

    • 13.1 Annie

      Yoochun is not nearly as strong an actor as Kim Soo Hyun though and the latter’s drama did well despite a lot of hate directed at Han Ga In. I have to wonder if either Yoochun or Yoon Eun Hye is really a big enough draw amongst older Koreans who dominate TV ratings.

      • 13.1.1 girlatsea

        Ahjummas love Yoochun but they’re all probably watching Nice Guy like the rest of us.

        • jomo

          You are right, ajummas also love SJK, too. He is in every other CF.

          How long is the overlap?

          It’s funny how for me, whethere five dramas air the same time or five diff times, I watch ’em all. SK has to have some sort of way to measure viewership for simultaneous shows in SK.

          Don’t we know which shows are the most tivo’d?

          • Lotus_Blossom

            Missing You is scheduled to air on Nov 7th with the kids in the first four episodes or so. If no extension for Nice Guy, then they’ll only overlap for four eps only.

      • 13.1.2 dana

        90% of Yoon Eun Hye fans are ajumma’s, she even said it in one of her magazine interviews. LOL!

  14. 14 becca_boo

    I’m probably going to watch this, even though I know I’ll cry my eyes out. I mean, if those stills alone brought tears to my eyes, what will 16 (or is it 20?) hours do?

    Then again, I am tired. I need more sleep if I’m gonna watch this cry-fest. Ah, but I do love a good, moody melodrama. Please be good, please be good!

    Also, I would watch your drama. Fate’s little sister trying to thwart evil unni? Sounds. Awesome. Can little sis be as sassy as early Arang?

    • 14.1 s'Hia

      I love YJG…He’s amazing actor..but PYC will not be him..Only great actor like Kim Soo Hyun can pull off the acting of YJG as adult actor..I don’t care about people who said PYC and YEH have a dominant pairing because of their big name..and they will grab high rating..
      for me, that only a stupid though!!
      I have to say 3 flower boy with amazing acting skill in this year were
      Kim Soo Hyun.,Song Joong Ki.,and Joo won..
      and 3 flower boy with suck acting were
      Park Yoo chun.,Jang Geun Suk., and Lee Min Ho..
      Kim Soo Hyun absolutely the best in this year..Joo Won also bring BM with his acting level..and right now.,i can say no Kang MaRu without SJK..That how all ahjunma’s feels now..
      i don’t feel any heartbreak about the teaser,plot and photos..if it’s true i can say it’s can’t be more tearsjerking than Nice Guy..Daebak drama of the year..
      MBC you better continue the special drama until NG ends..So stupid decision..when NG left only for episode.,then MY will debut..!! hahahaha so poor.

      • 14.1.1 denya88

        hmm… what are you trying to do here actually? Pulling a drama down even before watching it? Nice try..

      • 14.1.2 my

        wow, can you be a little gentle in giving your comments here coz I’m hurt.. I’m not actually the person u are pertaining but really it can hurt others’ feeling :'(

        Please…just save your comment until the adult casts showcased their acting… because its quite unfair for them…. just my opinion…

        let’s be friends here and don’t bash any actors/actress ^^

        • s'Hia

          sorry @My for hurting you…
          It just i hate so much with too many crying..Futhermore it’s just a teaser.?.why must they put majority crying in a teaser.What is their motive?..i’m just feeling is it because YJG was awesome in crying.,so they want to make it again..Truly said.,YJG already grab viewers heart with his acting in TMETS and his crying acting can be conclude as heartbreaking..I’m really think MY already lost their step to attract viewer. But sometime,viewers also will feel bored if you so typical..this is what i though!I really don’t want the love for YJG decrease…huhu

          • MY

            your sorry has just been accepted 😉 let’s be friends everyone!!!

            and let’s respect each others’ opinion without hurting each other esp the actor/actress coz were talking behind their back ^^ if they jut knew!! lolz

      • 14.1.3 my

        @ s’Hia… watch out your words, can you just watch whatever you like… okay? just leave this page for those fans who are positively and patiently waiting for this drama.. if you like to praise ur fav. actor… go… do whatever you want, we will not bother you..

        create a page specially dedicated for him…hehe

        just sad that ur fav actor don’t have drama right now.. it that why you are bashing others?…

        go and make drama of your own and cast your ” Kim Soo Hyun ” and leave us alone 🙂 actually I also love him, but one thing I can do for my fav. actors/actress..

        I will not say negative things to others… BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL….

        We should be responsible of our words.. what is the sense of our parents sending us to school if we behave like this? act as ur age 🙂

        Reading your comment just ruined my day 🙁

        • Maybee

          THIS !!!

        • gggg

          I think S’HIA is just spreading the hate for this drama. I saw a comment in koalasplayground. A person with the same username called this drama

          “the most SucK and Stupid drama of the year Missing You at the last!!!
          absolutely under 10% rating for all episode..because of their poor desision!!!”

          Seriously.. its really frustrating for those persons who are anticipating this drama to see ur comments full of criticisms and insults.. pls be watchful of your words. Yes, we r given the freedom to say what we want.. but it doesn’t mean dat we have the right to abuse it.. We can rupture a person’s heart with our words.
          it only takes a few seconds to make a comment, but its effect may be harsh esp to those persons you are pertaining to..

          *I am so sorry if I come out as rude for posting a comment from koalas here on dramabeans. I just dont understand why would anyone hate on a drama that hasn’t even aired yet. I’m gonna get it off my chest or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep for years.

      • 14.1.4 hihi

        LOL! the same comment in koala playground! woahhh.. never expecting this.

        btw, if u keep on following this drama, that will be a “So stupid decision..” keke^^

        • gggg

          I think that person is a hater of PYC. Geez.

          • hihi

            yeah..i think there is no need to compare pyc with her ksy bcoz this drama is not related to TMTETS at all. this is a melodrama..of coz there would be much tears and heartbreaking storyline..

            i hope this drama can give me a good pain. LOL

            sorry for my bad english..keke ^^

  15. 15 denya88

    I can’t help but looking at the young girl’s lips and teeth and always find the resemblance with YEH’s. That’s really a good choice by the director in casting them as before and after.

  16. 16 RockPaperScissors

    I am so watching this, no matter how potentially bad it gets. After all I cried all the way through “Big” because the script was so bad, and I wanted Gong Yoo to have a solid comeback. And I basically could watch YEH cry for hours (think the scene in Coffee Prince where she cries to HS about his cousin HG while they are outside on the street corner – that was one box of kleenix alone). I am glad Nice Guy has gotten me in shape for the Crying Olympics.

  17. 17 Waca

    I like Yoochun but…sorry Yoochun!!!

    *runs away with Mystisith from the cry fest*

  18. 18 lalaISme

    awwwww…. gosh, I’m really looking for the beginning story of this drama.. don’t know if I’ll stick around for the story afterwards, but I’ll definitely give the drama a go because I love these child actors! Seriously, they make me want to make movies and put them in there! lol <3 anyways I hope the best for the drama!

  19. 19 Danna

    Is there a role in which Yeo Jin Goo has not had to cry?

  20. 20 Belle

    so does Fate’s sister get a name? Or since it’s Fate wouldn’t the older twin be chaos? And Fate only seems like a bitch because of the older twin? Or are you going for more of Twins Moira and Destiny Battle of the fates? Either is potentially awesome. You should definitely write it, I would read it.

  21. 21 nhi

    I demand (beg, plead) that all posts in this format. You guys really are the best when you’re together <3

  22. 22 ELENA

    I cannot do another ‘let’s go back to schoool…’ I just can’t!

  23. 23 JO

    I super super duper wish you guys could write a drama or produce one. Then maybe we could avoid tragedies like….ugh I wont name any dramas. But we know what they are…

  24. 24 matinsoleil

    I’m crying just by looking at those pictures. Those kids are just awsome like all the time. But already so many saddness with the young cast quid for the adult cast? I hope we’ll have some laughs even if it’s a melodrama -_-

  25. 25 Mari

    Java & girlfriday, you guys are hilarious!!! So I’m new to drama land ( 5 months & counting) but since I found this site, I read everything you guys do. Plus you got me hooked on watching reruns of Xman… I love YEH. Who needs sleep!
    I’m ready for the cry festival! I really don’t think anything could make me cry as much as as “49 days” but YEH might prove me wrong.

  26. 26 ravens_nest

    “give her his eyeball and cure her eye-cancer”

    Jesus, I am done with y’all. omfg! Dead and in the grave.

  27. 27 Lotus_Blossom

    That Yeo Jin-gu kid can do angst so well. *sniff*

    Since this is the PD of Thank You, I am hoping for some heartwarming funnies as well.

  28. 28 Bu Young

    Yeo Jin Goo is such a great actor for his young age! We’ll be talking about him for years to come, I know it (:

  29. 29 la dee dah

    Aw, I feel sorry for Yoochun and Yoon Eun-Hye already. From these stills, it seems a lot of the scenes with the kid actors are angsty, dramatic, heart-breaking scenes, and they’re showing their emotions well. The audience will remember the intensity and the drama of what’s happening with the kids and feel sorry for them and all they’ve gone through. Then once it fast forwards to the adults, Yoochun and Yoon Eun-Hye’s characters will not be living the same events that happened when they were kids – they will pretty much be moving forward with their lives without all that angst, so they have no chance to show all the dramatics the audience remembers of the kids. And I’m sure some people will then blame Yoochun and Yoon Eun-Hye and say they are worse actors because they are not angsty and dramatic like the kids.
    I’m optimistic that Yoochun and Yoon Eun-Hye can act those dramatic scenes well (I’ve only seen YEH in Coffee Prince and thought she did well, Yoochun was mostly playing for laughs in Rooftop Prince, but in the first episode and the later episode where he find his dead wife/injured love in the lake, he really played the desperation and utter heartbreak well), but we’re likely not going to have those kinds of scenes until later in the drama.

  30. 30 mizweng

    am watching this…i like melos and I love YEH…i do wish this drama would hurt so good like Nice Guy…. and the kids are already killing me in these stills…..wahhhhhhhh

  31. 31 Suzi Q

    Hard act to follow, the kid actors who are awesome.
    Can tell from the stills it’s going to be a cry-fest the first couple of episodes.
    Better go out and buy more tissues!

  32. 32 Hanni

    Funny that the young actors look more like Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-Won to me than Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye. They would have been good child doubles for those actors.

    • 32.1 QIII

      So Hyun doesn’t look like HJW at all.
      I’m seeing a bit of YEH but mostly a dead ringer for Son Ye Jin

    • 32.2 asianromance

      Kim So-hyun reminds me more of Eugene.

  33. 33 syer

    @shia wow..the story dont even started yet you have this perception..i love nice guy but i think you did not need to down others drama..its not really nice attitude..sorry..juz watch whatever you like..i know i will stay to watch nice guy and continue with this drama..huhu..

  34. 34 DarknessEyes

    isn’t that the girl from that one gender bender?

  35. 35 Carinne

    Ahhhhh, my eyes!! Why did I click this page? I am extremely late to these younglings pulling out my heart, roast it on a skillet, feed it to the dogs, then shove what’s left of my heart back into my body cavity… kinda stories… it all started w/ Will It Snow For Christmas onward. These writers have a bit of a sadistic mentality if you ask me. When will these cruel-to-viewers formula ever end? Thank goodness the young (adult) actors have that effect on me, the adult actors don’t cause that much anguish… except those shows like Giant… doh, I’m starting to fear these kind of shows ’cause if I cry too much I might start pre-mature blindness. > , <

  36. 36 nasus

    reading the word “twins” in your post, i just realize that there are not many Korean dramas portraying stories of twins. would be interesting if somebody makes one…

  37. 37 Village Mrembo

    KSH has done too many evil roles (and at such a young age too!) that am struggling to separate acting from reality! I do appreciate that she’s an awesome actress but she never piques my interest when shes in a project in the same way that her Moon/Sun nemesis(whats her face) does…

    • 37.1 akikisetsu

      Oh, you mean Kim Yoo Jung(young Yeon Woo/HGI)? Even though I wanted a reunion of the MoonSun leads, but I guess Kim Yoo Jung looks a bit young for the part. KSH wouldn’t look awkward (age-wise as a high schooler) but acting level, I think she’s not there yet. She’s pretty and all, but her acting lacks the charisma and intensity, as of yet. Her scenes on the trailer where sad, more because of the situation (abuse and all). But d*mn, Yeo Jin Goo’s scenes (close-up crying shots), you just feel his pain with just his face on the screen. I guess it’s the eyes.^^

  38. 38 asianromance

    So many wonderful actors and actresses in this drama, but I’m sort of already feeling fatigued by all the sad faces. I hope this story will turn out to be thrilling and interesting and not a very long sob-fest.

  39. 39 Bengbeng

    i like your smorgasbord of a story, JB and GF. Maybe you should really write one =). It could come out better than the Hong Sisters =)

  40. 40 rheina07

    Oh. My. God.

    How come the picture could shed tears of mine!

    I guess this drama will drain my tears. T.T

  41. 41 eli

    I know i am gonna die after watching this but not becoz of sadness but jealousy. Look at him how he is crying not to be able to protect her …i know i am gonna die !

  42. 42 kaye

    I’m foreseeing buckets and buckets of tears coming up. One thing that I hope happens is that the adult cast holds up to what their younger counterparts establish for the viewers. May force be with you, Chunface and YEH.

  43. 43 YooYooYoon now


  44. 44 pscrazyinl

    come on I miss you MBC I really expect epi 1 that’s hot with
    main actors YEH,PYC,YSH …!!!

  45. 45 cookiesinmycereal

    ahhhh….so many Moon that Embraces the Sun feels because of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun lol.
    love that they’re playing the young version of a possible pair of star crossed lovers. can’t wait to see the chemistry between these two since in Moon/Sun miniHwon didn’t care much for miniBoKyung.
    looks like I’ll have to join the cry fest for this drama hey?
    meh. Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo and Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho will make the puffy eyes totally worth it.

  46. 46 browniescat

    Woah. i dunno how someone can get in the mood of crying being watched by all those camera and lighting staffs. haha. kudos to them actors! anyway. so far PYC has been showing improvement but I’m still not confirmed whether he’s talented. I would have to say that he immersed himself in his role and is less self-conscious than his bandmate, KJJ (which I think is very handsome & in love with his voice – but the guy should just stick to his singing). PYC did Ripleys quite well but that his character didn’t have this much sadness. So I guess if he can pull of Miss You just fine, I’ll deem him talented, chop chop.

  47. 47 korfan

    i can’t wait to watch this drama! the young actress as YEH resembles her esp her lips?

  48. 48 J

    These new pictures are beautiful to look at and all, but I really want to see more still from our OTP YEH and Yoochun…

    I can’t wait to see them interact at the press conference on November 1st and maybe we’ll see a new trailer too 🙂

  49. 49 Viki

    Omg, Yeo Jin Gu!!! He’s becoming a Yoon Shi Yoon look-a-like!

    Anyway, I can’t teary shows…but I feel like I will have to watch this heh

  50. 50 Sammy

    If I watch this drama it may only be for Yoo Seung Ho. Melo and unnecessary tears and screaming are so not my thing.

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