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More stills from the set of King of Dramas
by | October 2, 2012 | 39 Comments

Here are some more photos from SBS’s upcoming King of Dramas, shoots for which are in full swing as the show prepares for its November launch. Above we’ve got jokey shots of Choi Siwon (playing a famous actor) posing with Jung Ryeo-won (playing a drama scriptwriter) as they pal around on location.

It’s a different mood for Kim Myung-min (playing the drama producer with a Midas touch), who’s looking sharp and serious as he stands by on the set, waiting for his moment to pour on the charisma. Of which this man has plenty. This may be the slickest I’ve ever seen Kim, who’s played lots of strong sharky types before but perhaps not with this kind of fashion-forward flair. I do love the sharp haircut on him, and the pinstripes.

If we’ve picked up something from Kim Myung-min’s former roles, it’s that he’s going to be putting a pretty distinctive stamp on his Anthony character, who runs his own outside production company. He butts heads with the new writer who’s all about humanism and feelings, things to which Anthony says, Pshhhhhh. The show is described as comedic, which should be great because as much as Kim is wonderful doing fierce and intense roles, he’s also a hoot in the funny ones (see: Bad Family).

Plus, Salaryman showed the wacky, quirky side of Jung Ryeo-won (which I much prefer to all her previous roles)… although I suppose this warm-hearted, friendly writer character won’t be swearing up a storm and throwing tantrums Yeo-chi style. Well, we can’t have everything. (At least there will be abs!)

King of Dramas will be a Monday-Tuesday show replacing Faith.

Via My Daily, TV Daily


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. matinsoleil

    1st!! I’m really excited for that one!!

  2. Lila

    Love Kim Myung-min! This should be great

  3. Mystisith

    That producer in suit is… Interesting. 🙂
    Will pray the dramagods for this show. Needs to be good!

    • 3.1 mud

      True…but the only comparison I have is the 1N2D PDs and their puffy jacket + layered style.

      • 3.1.1 nh

        He’s also the CEO of a production company. ^^ I was wondering why he’s so formal as well.

  4. Denali

    Just realized that Kim Myung-Min will act with yet another idol, plus his 2d SuJu singer, after Heechul in Bad family.
    Nice to see Si Won and Jung Ryeo Won having fun together, although that was a given.

  5. Arhazivory

    I want to watch this.

  6. Eye Candy

    I really hope this show capitalizes on all the opportunities for meta jokes. It looks promising. I know I’ll be checking out the first episode!

  7. Yay

    Yay Jung ryeo won looks healthily gorgeous!

    • 7.1 JRW

      Yeah!!I agree with u^^ Jung ryeo won so gorgeous now!!

  8. Noelle

    I just hope this is nothing like My Shining Girl.

  9. Dorotka

    I just L*O*V*E*D Bad Family!
    Hoping for fun (and unexpected warmth) again.

  10. 10 glacierkn

    We all need a good laugh…there are so many serious/melo dramas lately. This will be perfect!

  11. 11 Lord of the Things

    Sigh… Jung Ryeo Won, I love her so much

  12. 12 Fab

    Is it just me or did Jung Ryeo Won gain wait? She looks so much better here- so healthy. (she better end up with the king of dramas..)

    I might tune in for the laughs, love a good comedy.

    • 12.1 Fab

      gain Weight*

    • 12.2 pipit

      Yeah, she’d better be! But who is the King of Drama here? Nothing against Siwon but I do hope it’s Kim Myung Min!

      • 12.2.1 momosa

        No way, I’m not trading that for the *abs*, haha

      • 12.2.2 nh

        Yup, it’s KMM.

      • 12.2.3 nh

        Kim Myung Min ‘s acting is a work of art. Love watching his preparation before the camera rolls.

        • nh

          sorry…meant to make a new comment not under a reply

      • 12.2.4 Fab

        Of course it’s Kim Myung Min! He is sexy without trying. (sorry abs don’t last…)

    • 12.3 nh

      She looks good right. She’s so thin in the past.

    • 12.4 zoe

      Even i noticed that…she is looking much much better and not looking pale or sick anymore.

  13. 13 fan

    i laugh so much when i saw Kim Myung-min picture, seriously.


  14. 14 Bandi

    Is the white thing in the last photos her phone? It’s…really large…

    • 14.1 snow1081

      It’s probably galaxy note 2 that’s why it’s huge

  15. 15 Sajen

    Plus, Salaryman showed the wacky, quirky side of Jung Ryeo-won (which I much prefer to all her previous roles)… although I suppose this warm-hearted, friendly writer character won’t be swearing up a storm and throwing tantrums Yeo-chi style.”

    Who says warm-hearted friendly people can’t swear like a sailor and throw tantrums? The friendliest most warm-hearted person I know does all the time

  16. 16 Sjean

    Why is she holding that big block of tofu to her face?

    • 16.1 Dorkris

      Oh I was wondering what the hell that was until I realised it was a phone! Why on earth is it so huge is beyond me, so impractical!

  17. 17 Bengbeng

    totally agree! this is the best looking kim myung min ever =)

  18. 18 ladyana2j

    kim myung min look totally different from his role before, really hot and cool!!!

  19. 19 girlatsea

    Aww Jung Ryeo-won looks so cute~~ Honestly, I never really liked her until I went back and watched her in What Planet Are You From? with Kim Rae-won. She was really great in that one. I’ve had Salaryman on my watch list for quite a while, need to make time for it.

    I’m actually watching White Tower right now (currently on ep 3, taking my time) and 와 Kim Myung-min. Pretty subtle right now but can’t wait to see him in full on intense mode.

  20. 20 Carinne

    Wow, is this the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Note ll? It’s Ginormous!

    Ooh, it’s almost here. Woohoo~

  21. 21 Dix

    I have a new found respect for Jung Ryeo-Won’s acting after watching her in What Star Are You from. I couldn’t finish Salary man because of the main lead. I can take him in minor roles but I find his over the top acting annoying as a lead.

  22. 22 Dix

    Did Kim Myung Min get botox? lol
    He looks younger than his Beethoven Virus days.

  23. 23 SoyB

    Wow, I can barely recognize KMM. Ditto on looking younger than BV days. When I first heard about the pairing of KMM and JRW, I thought, ew, he looked so old and almost frumpy on BV, but he definitely looks younger here.

  24. 24 JRW

    Jung Ryeo Won smile beautiful!!!

  25. 25 loyalfan_1

    Jung Ryeo Won is just gorgeous. Love her.

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