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News bites: October 3, 2012
by | October 3, 2012 | 44 Comments

  • Lee Sang-yoon, star of new weekend hit My Daughter Seo-yeong, is in October’s issue of Dazed & Confused. We won’t say we love the polka dots, but we’re cool with geek chic. [Source: Review Star]
  • Lee Byung-heon’s film Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King is making an impressive showing at the box office. It has held the number one spot for three weeks running, and passed the 7 million ticket mark in 21 days. Is it just a good year for movies, or is there something in the water? [Source: Star News]
  • On the cover of High Cut: It’s Psy’s world. We just live in it. [Source: High Cut]
  • Kim Nam-joo won the Daesang at the 2012 Korean Drama Awards for her hit weekend drama You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly. And she didn’t even have to share it this time. [Source: Star News]
  • Do Ji-won (Smile, Donghae) joins the cast of upcoming melodrama I Miss You starring Park Yoochun. Do Ji-won will play the second lead, a cunning two-faced character who wears the mask of a perfect angel. Still no confirmations on the lead actress, though the drama premieres in just a few weeks. Either it’s the best-kept secret in dramaland, or… the alternative does not bear contemplating. [Source: Newsen]
  • Another addition to I Miss You: actress Jang Mi-in-ae, who’ll play a web-toon artist with an easygoing personality—except in the face of injustice, which sparks a hot temper. Though maybe not so much in front of her one-sided crush Yoochun, with whom she turns cute and bumbly. Those are two words I don’t associate with her after she crushed men’s hearts as Maneater Min-ae in the smart romantic comedy Soulmate. [Source: My Daily]

  • Do Ji-won, Jang Mi-in-nae

  • Woori (You’ve Fallen for Me) changes her stage name to her given name, Kim Yoon-hye, in time for her new project Fortune Tellers. (She went into shoots as Woori, emerged as Kim Yoon-hye.) Apparently it’s to shed her child-star image, and also ‘cause it’s awfully hard to search your name on the internet when it just means “us.” Go on, try to google that. [Source: X Sports]
  • Ha, so Faith messed up one of its captions in Tuesday’s episode, flubbing the name of the palace building. It was especially glaring since the scene totally didn’t call for that caption in the first place. Not that we’re hewing so close to history in the first place… unless there are records of a topless General Choi Young. In which case, I demand my historical accuracy! [Source: Review Star]
  • Dude, Kim Nam-gil (fresh outta army duty and headed to Busan International Film Festival tomorrow) is totally channeling Kim Jae-wook with his new ‘do. Did they go to army together and swap identities? They did play the same guy (sorta) in Bad Guy; is this life imitating art? [Source: TV Report]

  • Kim Nam-gil, Oohlala Spouses

  • Shin Hyun-joon tweets an adorable photo from the set of Oohlala Spouses, wearing matching tracksuits with co-star Kim Jung-eun. This is a man who knows how to use Twitter well. Who needs a drama promo department when you have photo hijinks and a savvy star? [Source: Seoul Shinmun]
  • Ryu Seung-soo (The Chaser, Lie to Me) revealed his first impression of best bud Jang Hyuk on the October 3 episode of Radio Star: “I didn’t like him.” So… you’re saying the bromance won you over, right? There’s no fighting it; the bromance always wins. [Source: Review Star]
  • At right, a still from tvN’s Glass Mask, with Seo Woo on piggyback. But more importantly: Park Jin-woo! Where have you been?! I adored you in Nonstop 5, Bad Family and even Dasepo Naughty Girls, thought you had tons of comic talent, and then couldn’t find you anywhere for years. I’m just glad you’re back in stuff again! But… did it have to be a daily cable drama? [Source: Newsen]
  • According to Ji Jin-hee, star of the upcoming large-scale sageuk The Great Seer (Daepoongsoo), the role he plays of Joseon founder Yi Seong-gye almost went to Lee Jong-hyuk. Not knowing that, Ji called him up and said, “Hey, I’m doing this drama called The Great Seer. Wanna do it with me?” And Lee said, “Hyung, I lost the role because of you!” Haha, and *awkward silence.* [Source: TV Report]
  • Aww. Ryu Jin expanded his fanbase with Standby, where he plays Ryu Jin-haeng, the devoted and doting surrogate dad to Im Shi-wan. Now Shi-wan’s young fans have taken to calling him “Dad.” (The comments at the end of the interview? “Jin-haeng appa!”) [Source: Star News]


44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. iluvsmores

    Thanks JB! I wish you could do this News Bites more often. 😉

  2. Eye Candy

    I think the writers should look more closely for those historically accurate shirtless scenes of Choi Young. Thanks for the updates!

    • 2.1 TA

      Wikipedia: “Despite being born into a relatively wealthy family, his beginnings were humble, and his lifestyle would best be described as spartan.”

      Me: spartan lifestyle —-> LMH…swimming in the river,
      LMH…washing himself under a waterfall

      • 2.1.1 Eye Candy

        Yes! I love your logic!

  3. Bandi

    OMG BIDAM!!!!

    • 3.1 shiku

      MTE!!!! Oh why is he still making us wait for a project?

      • 3.1.1 canxi

        He’s doing a movie with Jung Yoo Me (Que Sera Sera) called “The Backwards Guy”.

        • Kiara

          Figures, most of the talented actors are making movies.

          • canxi

            I know, I’m crying.

  4. Arhasivory

    LOL at Jin-hee and Jong-Hyuk. Haha.

    Thanks for the bites.

    • 4.1 Kiara

      Lol they could have given him Choi Young’s role. He was a pretty badass fighter in Chuno and he’s got absssss.

  5. Mystisith

    -Kim Nam-gil as Kim Jae-wook: Not just a little. 00
    -Psy on High Cut: Like it. He is using all the codes of fame and success only to hack them properly.
    -I miss you: For some reason this project sends me bad vibes. Hope to be wrong.

    • 5.1 helma rivers

      looks like it..its already the 4th here(in Us) and they still have not found a leading lady? what is wrong?

  6. Anne

    Park Jin Woo me loves. I’ve missed you so much. But not enough to sit through glass mask, cause there’s just something about seo woo’s face that throws me off.

    • 6.1 Annie

      Plastic surgery gone wrong. I’ll go ahead and say it – I think her face looks absolutely grotesque.

      • 6.1.1 bd

        Yep – just very unnatural looking, esp. when she contorts her face.

        The same applies to Min Hyo-rin tho not as bad.

        • Anne

          I find min hyorin rather pretty. Unrealistically pretty so i guess that makes it sort of unnatural.

          The diff between the too i think is that seowoo’s features are bloated. Permanently. Kind of like how 2NE1’s park bom’s face is constantly bloated. Pretty to some extent, but just weird.

          • bd

            Eh, Min Hyo-rin does nothing for me since she looks, well, a bit fake and even if that weren’t the case, her features are decent, but hardly anything great.

            She has the same artificial look like Nam Gyu-ri, except NGR has better features.

            But yeah, Seo Woo’s face is more like Bom’s (Bom was actually way prettier before all the work; don’t understand why she had it done and don’t understand all those who think she’s gorgeous).

  7. Lemon

    Holy cow, Kim Nam Gil really looks like Kim Jae Wook here!

    When I read it, I was like, hm, really? They have different styles.. Then I scrolled down and laughed immediately. HAHAHA

  8. KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB.

    Loving Ooh La La. I think Shin Hyun-joon is doing fantastic in his role in this drama.

    Ooh La La SPOILER(?)
    I liked his co-star better as a woman but I’m still onboard.

  9. Lucille

    I think I am the last person in the world to hear about Psy. I didn’t know who he was or what the song was until last week. 🙁

  10. 10 bd

    OK – that polka-dot shirt Lee Sang-yoon is wearing is, shall we say, “interesting” (not so much for the polka-dottedness, but the cut and collar), but the bigger problem is the pleated pants.

    And not only pleated pants, but pleated pants w/o a belt.

    I mean in that pic, LSY is starting to look like MC Hammer.

    As for PSY, while it’s great for him getting all this int’l fame (got to be nice for his bank account), I’m afraid that he is primarily seen as a gimmick/fad – that funny-looking Asian guy w/ the funny dance.

    • 10.1 jomo

      About Psy being popular world wide because he could just be the chubby, funny Asian guy everyone is laughing at…
      Yes, (and yes, he is laughing all the way to the bank…)
      I know it is all fun and games with his schtick of “Hey Sexy Lady, I’m your Oppa,” etc, but there is one
      genuinely sexy moment with him and Hyuna in the subway, when he comes in close to her and puts his hand behind her head…
      I always catch my breath a little and think, he IS very much a sexy guy, for reals.
      Hopefully he will come out of this with himself intact, and be able to create something else the world can appreciate.

    • 10.2 canxi

      Psy has spoken about that, I think he knows and doesn’t mind,lol. I honestly think he’s really super cool, though–I mean the man knows how to wear a suit–reason enough for me to like him, hahaha.

      • 10.2.1 Kiara

        I love him, he is such a genuine guy.

  11. 11 Hanna

    I couldn’t recognize Jang Mi-in-ae at first from that picture! I would prefer for her to be in a zippy and funny show like Soulmate but I will support her in any role she plays. Soulmate, though insane, was freaking awesome 😀

  12. 12 Bamsa

    Kim Nam Gil is back!!!! Woot!

  13. 13 rubie

    “Lee Byung-heon’s film Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King is making an impressive showing at the box office. It has held the number one spot for three weeks running, and passed the 7 million ticket mark in 21 days. Is it just a good year for movies, or is there something in the water? [Source: Star News]”

    Perhaps it’s truly a well-made & enjoyable movie. LOL.

    Hope dramabeans will do a review on this, pretty please. ^^

  14. 14 WvR

    Thanks for the News bites!

  15. 15 canxi

    Kim Nam Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiil! I am literally on the verge of tears. This is the first time I’ve felt this way! *currently marathoning Haeundae Lovers*

    • 15.1 Fab


  16. 16 jyyjc

    Wait what? Do ji won will be playing the second lead competing for yoochun’s affections? Isn’t she like nearly 20 years older than him?

    • 16.1 Annie

      Don’t worry, Do Ji Won will be playing Yoochun’s scheming stepmother. Jang In Ae Mi will play the second lead.

  17. 17 asianromance

    Thank you for the news bites, javabeans, especially when they’re written in such a humorous way!

    Speaking of Park Jin Woo, I tend to get him mixed up with Ha Suk Jin, whom you’ve just covered in another post. So strange how these two funny, great-looking guys aren’t more famous.

  18. 18 theleenbean

    aw yea, news bites is back! love this feature.

  19. 19 hellochloe

    Thank you! – bonus points for the bullet points

  20. 20 Quiet Thought

    So . . . how did the founder of Joseon start out wearing a Polar Bear headress and barbarian face make-up? Was he a Canadian immigrant?

  21. 21 MEL

    Park Jin Woo–yes where have you been–yes, truly great comic timing in ‘Unstoppable Wedding’ back in 2008..

    Ryu Jin, having a growing fan base as Siwan’s pop in ‘Stand By,’ adorbs…. hope both of them end up in a better drama. I’m still hoping ‘SB’ will get better but I guess not…

    ..thanks, lookin forward to the next news bite….

  22. 22 niKai

    why couldn’t it be Lee Jong Hyuk? Why???

  23. 23 JO

    woah woah I thought Kim Nam-gil was Kim Jae-wook…lol

    • 23.1 Fab

      Really me too, at first glance he is just KJW. Which is not necessary a bad thing.

      Waiting patiently for his comeback in a drama!

  24. 24 Jess

    KIM NAM GIL!!! <333 I miss his "Bad Guy" look. And you're right, he does look like Kim Jae Wook with that hair look. But nonetheless, still soooo fine! He needs a small screen comeback ASAP!!! Pleaseeee T___T

  25. 25 Christina

    Does anyone else think Park Jin-woo and Lee Jang-Woo look alike?

  26. 26 Rovi

    Missed the news bites~

    -Something MUST be in the water, since what is with 2012 today?! Nonwithstanding end-of-the-world hijinks…

    -Of course. We’re in PSY’S WORLD NOW~!!!

    -Missed Do Ji-won ever since “Three Brothers” (nearly loved her in “Smile, Dong-hae” if she wasn’t too simplistic and too naive in the first place, even real life peeps with psychological and mental problems aren’t that stupid in real life) and “Yeoin Cheonha”. Actually, I loved her more when she does the evil thing. And her as Park joins the cast of upcoming melodrama I Miss You starring Park gyeong-bin was the coolest thing ever. Before Lady Choi of DJG and Mishil ever came.

    -what palace building? Did they shoot again in that palace reused and recycled since “Seodongyo”, “Yi San”, “Queen Seondeok”, “Dong Yi”, & “My Princess” (ep.1)???

    -hooray for Kim Nam-gil. But yeah, he’s rocking off the Kim Jae-wook style. DX

    -Ryu Seung-soo: I didn’t like [Jang Hyuk].

    -OMG, I can’t even imagine “City Hunter”‘s Lee Jong-hyeok as Taejo. At ALL~! XD

    -I didn’t even know Ryu Jin before “Standby”, and I’ve watched “Loving You 10,000,000 times” and didn’t even know he was Jeong Gyeo-woon’s cheater elder bro. Awww, Siwan has a dad now, XD

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