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Nice Guy: Episode 13
by | October 25, 2012 | 152 Comments

This episode is a nail-biter, and one which reminds us why Nice Guy is unique among melodramas. With every character desperate for something, whether it’s Maru’s desperation to shield Eun-ki, Eun-ki’s desperation to find her memories, or Jae-hee’s desperation to prove that she doesn’t have her Terrible-o-Meter turned up all the time, we’re in for a surprisingly thrilling hour.

Ratings are up again at 17.1%, and I’ve convinced myself that those numbers coincide with Maru’s will to live. The more he wants to, the higher they go.


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A surprising turnaround already – instead of a Brooding Shower Scene, Maru gets a Happy Shower Scene. He’s so happy that he even writes “Happiness” in the condensation on his mirror.

Eun-ki’s humming along as she makes breakfast downstairs, though she’s unable to get Doctor Suk’s words out of her head and struggles to remember the most painful memory that’s caused her to be this way.

She manages to remember the very moments leading up to the accident, but seems to stop herself from going further. When Maru comes to lend some skinship and some supportive words for her cooking, she admits, “I’m scared.”

It’s not her memories she’s afraid of, but the fact that Maru could grow bored with her and leave her, to which he replies that he won’t ever do that. Eun-ki sighs that you never know a person’s heart.

But Maru replies that he knows his heart the best, and that it will never falter, become bored, annoyed, or bothered. And we’ve seen exactly how much it took for Jae-hee to break that bond, so short of Eun-ki killing his sister, Maru means what he says.

Prosecutors bearing a search and seizure warrant interrupt their peaceful morning, since Maru is being sued by Taesan Group for corporate theft on top of leaking confidential information.

We know this is Min-young’s plan in action even before we see him relate the news to Jae-hee. He has a folder of “evidence” that’ll make it hard for Maru to wriggle out of this accusation, and seems a little let down that Jae-hee doesn’t want to see the contents.

Of course, she’s probably feeling guilty. But it’s not like that’s ever stopped her before.

The prosecutors search through Maru’s house until they find a thumb drive that contains what they want to see.

They’re prosecutors with a heart, at least, since they wait outside to arrest Maru so he has enough time to eat the breakfast Eun-ki made, since it’s her first time cooking. Aww.

He devours Eun-ki’s soup, totally unaffected by what’s happening since he knows what Taesan is trying to do. Eun-ki’s not as easily comforted and wonders how he plans to clear himself from being framed.

“Like this,” he says as he dials Jae-hee’s number. There’s a little moment where his face falters, just slightly, at the sound of Jae-hee’s voice.

Outside, Maru evades arrest by pointing out that there’s no arrest warrant. And besides, it’s not like he was caught in the act, so there’s nothing the prosecutors can do to stop him from driving away.

He goes straight to Jae-hee’s house, and smirks when she receives a well-timed call breaking the news about Maru giving company secrets to their rival. She acts surprised and asks him if it’s true that he was hiding company secrets in his home.

She knows it isn’t, and Maru knows it isn’t, because they found that thumb drive all too easily. (Meaning that they planted it.) “I may have been kicked out of school,” he tells her. “But from my memory, I know my IQ is greater than yours by thirty points.” Hah.

He calls her act foolish, so much so that even she’s too smart for it. “Did you think a genius like me would not see through it?” he asks. So is this conversation a bashing session on Min-young being a terrible villain? I love that he asks who’s the “brains” in their operation, because they might need some.

Jae-hee isn’t shaken, and saunters up to Maru as she croons that his past of corporate spying will make it difficult for him to climb out of these false accusations. There’s plenty of evidence pointing to him, and none of it pointing away.

“That’s why, Maru, you should just leave everything behind and walk away while you can,” she says. If he does, she promises to use her prosecution connections to stop the charge from going further. She can’t go easy on him, but he can’t go to prison either – what would happen to Choco and Eun-ki then? Omo. Them’s fightin’ words.

Jae-hee uses the remainder of the conversation to try cutting him down to size. I’m sure there’s a term that applies here… counting your chickens before they’re hatched? Depending on another plan that has a 99.9% chance of going awry when your track record is pretty dismal? It’s like she’s setting herself up for Maru to pull yet another grand “I told you so.”

Eun-ki goes over her Wall of Personnel, focusing specifically on Jae-hee and Min-young. The spark in her eyes is just like the old Eun-ki.

Joon-ha storms into Min-young’s office to demand answers on the Maru debacle, knowing that he manipulated evidence to frame him. Min-young claims that Maru’s already accepted the truth and chosen to leave Taesan, though Joon-ha isn’t so convinced. “Should I use it? My last card?” he asks.

Again, Min-young preys on what he thinks is Joon-ha’s possessive love for Eun-ki as he tries to convince him that it’s better for him if Maru’s out of the picture, that way he can have Eun-ki to himself. Joon-ha: “Do I have to have her? If I love someone, do I have to have them? I don’t think so.”

This throws Min-young for a loop, especially when Joon-ha adds that the two of them aren’t that different, save for the fact that Min-young met Jae-hee, while he met Eun-ki.

And though they may be on the same road now, Joon-ha wants to make the road different so they never have to meet again.

Jae-hee tells her personal prosecutor that they’ve dropped the charges against Maru, and is taken by surprise when she finds out that Maru’s turned himself in to the police for investigation.

There’s the one prosecutor under Jae-hee’s thumb present, and he’s clearly uncomfortable with the turn of events as he tries to dissuade Maru from bothering the prosecutor – after all, the case was dropped.

But Maru’s there to clear his name, since his innocence wasn’t proven. And even though he has an unsavory past of cheating retired workers of corporate secrets, “I did it because I thought I could die quickly if I lived like that. I couldn’t end my life, leaving behind my younger sister. I thought that if I lived that way I would get punished, and end this crappy life early.”

However, now Maru explains that he wants to live. In fact, he now has a reason to live.

Cut to: Eun-ki, his reason for living, as she dresses in business attire and heads to her old home, running her fingers along the brick wall as she reassures herself that this was her home, her father’s home, her mother’s home.

Though she’s hesitant to even ring the doorbell, Eun-suk and the maid arrive to greet her happily and usher her in. She remembers their names and faces from her Wall.

She touches everything once she’s inside, desperately trying to remember what’s what. Eun-suk starts copying what she says and it turns into a “Don’t copy me!” “Don’t copy me!” “Hey!” “Hey!” So. Adorable.

Eun-suk asks her if she’s a rock head, which is what she’d insulted him with before. Eun-ki realizes this but quickly turns it into a joke, and they’re back to playing. I love love love this, since it would have never happened without Eun-ki’s memory loss.

Maru rushes home once Choco tells him Eun-ki’s gone, and calling her proves useless since she left her phone. They desperately search the nearby streets calling her name like they’ve lost a dog.

Jae-hee’s in for a big surprise when she comes home to find Eun-ki and Eun-suk happily playing video games together. Eun-ki seems to remember to be on her guard once Jae-hee enters and loses her playful demeanor instantly.

Meanwhile, Maru finally returns home after a fruitless search and even gets angry at Jae-gil for walking through the door, because he’s not Eun-ki. Ha.

Luckily Jae-gil knows she went to her house, because the doctor told her to go to familiar places in order to regain her memory. That’s all Maru needs to hear before he’s off.

Eun-ki looks like she’s barely holding it together at dinner, and doesn’t even notice Eun-suk copying her every move. She tries a little of every side dish (which Jae-hee already notices as strange), and ends up eating a clam dish she’s allergic to, which the maid notices by the hives appearing on her arm.

While Eun-ki excuses herself, Jae-hee asks the maid to bring every dish that Eun-ki used to ban from the table. The only reason she thought about it in the first place was because of the maid noticing that Eun-ki seemed like a different person.

Maru arrives while Eun-ki’s still in the restroom reminding herself of what she’s allergic to (having had to study these things, I’m sure). Jae-hee manages to keep him around for dinner despite him wanting to GTFO, and asks him why he turned himself in when the lawsuit was dropped.

He responds with the obvious answer: To clear his name, and to bring the real culprits to justice. Jae-hee: “Do you think you’ll be able to prove your innocence that easily?” Maru: “It will not be easy, but… I don’t think it’ll be hard either.”

Jae-hee looks rattled at that declaration, though she’s intent when Eun-ki returns to the table to take the allergy medicine Jae-hee’s set out for her.

Luckily Maru’s quick enough to pick up what’s going on, even though they’re interrupted by the maid – Eun-suk can’t stop vomiting. She thinks it’s from indigestion since he’s been eating nonstop, most likely because he was copying Eun-ki’s every move, even down to eating.

Jae-hee goes off to tend to him while Eun-ki explains her sudden disappearance to Maru. Not wanting to stand idly behind him and just wait for the inevitable, she chose to take a proactive role in regaining her memories. “I want to recover quickly and help you, Maru.”

The maid tells Eun-ki that she’s so different from her pre-accident self, since she plays with Eun-suk now and eats a side dish she abhorred before. At the mention of that, Maru takes notice, perhaps realizing that Jae-hee is onto Eun-ki’s real condition.

Jae-hee tucks Eun-suk into bed once he’s feeling better, though he pleads for Mom to ask Eun-ki to stay, and she agrees.

She’s therefore offended when she finds no trace of Eun-ki or Maru in the dining room, and only a note Eun-ki left behind, accusing her of playing tricks with Eun-suk and the flounder side dish. My guess is that Maru told her what to write, and good thing, too.

On the ride home, Eun-ki expresses shock at hearing how she used to yell at people just for putting a dish she didn’t want on the table. “Didn’t I tell you that you were a bitch?” Maru replies casually. Hah.

She admits that the more and more she finds out about herself, the more surprised she ends up being. “Once I find out what I really used to be like, will I be disappointed?”

Maru’s solution consists of her just living like she is now, without the memories of her past. He’s sincere about it, and Eun-ki laughs the thought off – she may not want to remember everything, but she wants to remember every moment she had with him. Which is exactly what Maru doesn’t want her to remember.

She turns on the car radio to the San Francisco song, and surprises him by remembering the role this song played in their past. Okay, this only works if Maru has only one CD in his car, and that one CD has only one song. Otherwise, the radio station they’ve been listening to is clearly the one they play in hell.

Whatever the case, Maru looks crushed that she’s beginning to remember.

It’s another day at Taesan, and Joon-ha thinks Maru made a big mistake by admitting that he was once a corporate spy. Maru reminds him that risking his life is the least he can do when Joon-ha’s got half of Taesan on the table for him.

Team Maru and Team Jae-hee meet, though she gets a run for her money when Maru informs her that they’re checking the CCTV from his house very carefully, to see every movement the prosecution team made while they were in there.

He’s even got cyber police checking out the drive and computer, and announces his plans to go to the media that afternoon to make overturning the charge even easier. Basically, he’s threatening Jae-hee and Min-young with revealing lots of stuff they’d rather leave behind closed doors.

During a checkup with Doctor Suk, Eun-ki brings up what she does remember about the accident – changing lanes, her expressions varying between sadness and revenge. Only, she doesn’t know who she was driving toward.

He tells her to try remembering why she changed lanes as part of her homework, along with who she saw and ran into.

Meanwhile, acting on a suspicion that Eun-ki’s medical records have been fabricated, Min-young charges Secretary Jo with finding the truth.

Eun-ki tries to remember the accident, except she can’t remember who was behind the wheel of the other car. We see both cars heading toward each other, but nothing more than that. Drat.

Maru calls to check in on Eun-ki just as Jae-hee shows up at the front door. He instructs her not to open it until he gets there and scrambles to get home, but she decides to open it anyway.

Jae-hee acts motherly and apologizes for serving food Eun-ki didn’t like, but she catches Eun-ki’s interest when she asks about Jae-gil and Choco, since Eun-ki didn’t know they knew each other.

She shrugs that she’s spent a lot of time with them before telling Eun-ki to go home with her. “Even though you hate me and I don’t like you, even then, this isn’t right,” Jae-hee says. She cites Eun-ki and Maru living together as a problem for the public, seeing as they’re not legally married yet, though Eun-ki reaffirms that she’ll be staying with him regardless.

Maru is doing some aggressive driving to get home as fast as he can, while Jae-hee asks Eun-ki why it has to be Maru, of all men. “Just because you hate me. Just because you want to run your stepmom’s life, why are you ruining your own life?” Jae-hee asks.

This triggers a deluge of memories for Eun-ki, most of them revolving around Jae-hee warning her against Maru in the past.

Jae-hee: “Even though I don’t like you, I don’t hate you either. If you had just treated me more as a human… If you just noticed Eun-suk like you do now, then we wouldn’t have come up to here. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. I don’t want you to bleed because of me.”

The weirdest thing about all this is that Jae-hee seems completely sincere, which is one of those qualities that keeps her evolving and above Screeching Villain territory.

Eun-ki’s getting paler by the second as more memories come back to her, and she ekes out a question to Jae-hee: “Why do you disapprove of him?” It’s like she has barely enough breath just to speak, and Jae-hee notices that she looks unwell right away. Still, Eun-ki needs an answer.

Jae-hee’s bewildered because she’s sure Eun-ki already knows why Maru approached her. “I don’t know…” Eun-ki breathes, her chest caving like she’s about to faint. “I don’t know. Please tell me,” she begs.

Except Jae-hee doesn’t even need to, because Eun-ki remembers her coffee shop conversation with Joon-ha, where he’d told her that Maru approached her for revenge against Jae-hee. She starts practically seizing, and Jae-hee’s nearly screaming with worry as Eun-ki drops to the floor gasping for air and holding her head.

This is when Maru arrives. He throws Jae-hee off to get to Eun-ki, and turns on his old flame with a dangerous expression as he tells her to get lost. Jae-hee remains in a state of shock even as Maru leaves to take Eun-ki to the hospital.

Secretary Hyun tears into Choco and Jae-gil at home for leaving Eun-ki alone. We’ve never seen this side of her, so it’s kind of hilarious to hear her country dialect come out when she’s angry as she marches straight up to Jae-gil like a general reprimanding his troops: “I heard that you were a jobless bachelor. A jobless bachelor like you should stay home. Where are you wandering off to?”

Jae-gil towers over her in height, but can barely stutter a reply. Oh, this is too funny. I really hope Secretary Hyun gets more comic relief scenes like these.

Maru doesn’t let go of Eun-ki’s hand for a second while she recovers in the hospital. A memory of the crash wakes her up, and this time she almost got to see Maru’s face.

She loses consciousness before she can say anything, and Joon-ha arrives in the meantime. He stops himself from going to Eun-ki’s side once he sees how Maru is caring for her. Aww, this is why you’ll never get the girl, Joon-ha… If you are, in fact, into girls. (Hey, we still don’t really know. It doesn’t seem like the line about his sexuality in Episode 1 was a complete throwaway.)

Min-young finds Jae-hee in her perpetually dark office and hands over Eun-ki’s notebook along with evidence that the hospital records they had of Eun-ki’s were fabricated, most likely with Joon-ha’s help.

“From my speculations, Director Seo must have suffered a serious brain injury,” Min-young tells her. He believes Eun-ki is getting help to put on an act even though she’s had memory loss and cognitive difficulties, something that Jae-hee doesn’t accept at first – until she remembers all the strange things Eun-ki’s been doing, like not remembering her father’s room or that she was allergic to clams.

Now he reveals his plan to find concrete evidence of her brain injury and invalidate her claim to any inheritance by proving her an incapacitated beneficiary. Eek.

Eun-ki slowly comes to in the hospital while Maru stays asleep at her side. When he wakes up, she’s gone.

He goes on another mad search for her and finds her huddled up on a bench outside. He begins to scold her for making him worry but immediately apologizes and tries to get her inside… except she throws off the coat he gives her.

“Who are you? Eun-ki asks. Oh no.

Maru blinks at her, further confused when she again refuses his help. “I asked you who you are,” Eun-ki demands to know.


Whaaaaaaaat? I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I was more expecting an “I know who you are” rather than a “Who are you, anyway?”

This development certainly throws a wrench into the works, since this was the first episode since the amnesia where I really found myself missing Old Eun-ki. Despite that, I like the trajectory her character has been taking ever since the amnesia, and no scene brought that home more than her sibling bonding time with Eun-suk. It’s nice to see positive things coming from her absence of suspicion, and that’s one relationship that wouldn’t have fixed itself otherwise.

And though earlier episodes allowed her to be proactive in terms of finding her memories, the Eun-ki we saw this episode was more like a lost child than anything we remember her to be. There are sparks of Old Eun-ki that flare up now and again – like when she chose to go to her old home to try and find her past – but most of the time she’s wide-eyed and wandering. It’s not unrealistic, but I do feel plain terrible for her and wish she could get some of her faculties back. If we’ve now reset back to square one that’s even worse, even though it is narratively interesting. (But terrible on my nerves.)

In that vein, it’s interesting to see that Maru almost doesn’t want her to regain her memories because of what it might mean for them. But that line of thinking has me wondering if he remembers Old Eun-ki, who probably wouldn’t have left him if he wasn’t constantly pushing her away. She was just as in love with him then as she is now (if not more so, because she knew everything), so happiness between them with her memories in tact doesn’t seem like such an impossible goal, right? I can’t be alone on this one.

This was the episode where Maru showed the most desperation, but it’s not hard to see why. Protecting Eun-ki has become a full-time job for him, even though one gets the feeling that part of his newfound purpose lies only in the fact that she literally does need him, and can’t subsist without him. And he needs her too, since without her he doesn’t have a reason to live (according to him). But I’m beginning to wonder what will happen to their relationship dynamic when he’s no longer struggling to keep his house of cards from falling, and when Eun-ki no longer needs him to act as her human shield.

This Protector Role is something I’m not sure will ever change with Maru, since it seems to be what defines him. When he has no one to sacrifice for, like the year Eun-ki was missing, he wandered around with no will or purpose other than to die. As we’ve seen with Jae-hee, he seems to feed on need and whatever sacrifices he can make for his Love’s happiness, leaving me curious as to whether his own happiness is merely derived from utter selflessness, or whether part of it stems from a selfish desire to keep Eun-ki in her childlike state so she stays with him, needing him, always.


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  1. Amberscube

    Thanks for the recap.

    I love Eun-suk here. Im glad he didn’t get his Mom’s evilness.

    • 1.1 Katherine

      Honestly that was my favorite part of the episode. FINALLY getting to see Eun Gi & Eun Suk having fun together, it was just too cute.

      • 1.1.1 Saner

        It’s the ship I’ve been waiting for since Episode 1, so yaaay!

      • 1.1.2 am

        Eunseok and Eunki having that sibling bond just killed me…The aww’s were all over the place.

    • 1.2 la dee dah

      I also loved Eun-suk here, but it’s less that he didn’t get his mom’s evilness but more like I’m glad he was not turned off by Eun gi’s previous hatred and mean streak towards him. Just glad that Eun gi is finally treating him nicely (even if it’s because she lost her memory)!

  2. dasotong

    i couldn’t believe it when eun ki lost her memory again(?)
    i hope she gets them back soon
    wanna see how she reacts when her new personality blends in with the old personality

  3. Jlee

    Ty heads. 🙂

  4. chocopie83

    but Eun-gi’s second memory loss (if it really is a memory loss) makes sense too, since usually after recovering from amnesia, the worst memories are erased and will come back gradually.. i guess 🙂

  5. stars4u

    Joong-ki’s smile after the shower scene!!!!

  6. afterrain

    Oh my…

    This is so depressing!!!

    I love seeing Maru and the amnestic Eun Ki…and I cant see Maru got heartbroken once EunKi got her memory back.

    Anyone wishes that EunKi’s doctor a.k.a Maru’s old professor is the one who’s gonna saves Maru’s life in the end?

    • 6.1 Reena

      kinda wishing for that too… and that I hope that he will be able to help Maru become a doctor again…

    • 6.2 Fatemeh


    • 6.3 christy


    • 6.4 Claire

      im wishing somehow he’d save him and adopt him or pay for his med studies 😀

  7. redwhite

    thank you so much. i’m waiting this recap since yesterday. i love this drama! next recap please 🙂

  8. kika

    This is my first melodrama and what a ride it is.

    The sweeter the scenes are, like those between maru and eunki at the beginning, the lower my heart sinks with dread of what is to come.

  9. Village Mrembo

    I just thought this could have been the perfect project for SJK (and LKS?) to sign off on b4 leaving for millitary duty, he does know he now needs atleast an equally awesome project in the next 2 years right?!! The joys of being a male Korean actor hey!

  10. 10 Autumn

    “Ratings are up again at 17.1%, and I’ve convinced myself that those numbers coincide with Maru’s will to live. The more he wants to, the higher they go.”

    LOL I couldn’t agree more.

    • 10.1 Autumn

      Also Joon-ha is Eun-ki sexual lol.
      Homo and hetero aside, I think he just likes her for who she is.

  11. 11 semmiana

    So true about how Maru seems to NEED Eun Ki to need him. It’s almost like he craves the crazy. First Jae Hee and now Eun Ki.
    But he’s still beautiful, so I guess I’ll still take his brand of craziness! 🙂

  12. 12 sugarpunch

    omg. this is not happening. she got re-amnesia?????

    • 12.1 Awe


  13. 13 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!

    Wonderful opening scene! It had hit me in the gut when he used his finger to write, happiness, in the fogged up mirror. The one moment he has let go and let himself hope. Please let Eun-gi and Maru be together. Maybe 5 episodes ago, I would have been “ship every character to therapy and marry them off to other people”, but now I’m shipping them like crazy!

    I really felt that Maru and Eun-gi were synced into one being in this episode. Letting himself hope for a brighter, happier future in the midst of all this crap. The part where Maru went to Jae-hee’s house after the prosecutors “searched” his house: the way she spoke and acted with him reminded me of how Jae-hee spoke to Eun-gi at Aomori. And when Maru spoke, it felt like she was speaking on behalf of himself and Eun-gi. Maru helping Eun-gi write that note to rattle that scheming Jae-hee. Maru and Eun-gi, both anxious about her memory.

    omg, the scene when Eun-gi remembered the song in the car. Maru’s expression just broke my heart.

    I’m glad that even at episode 13, they’ve kept Jae-hee has a more faceted villain. She’s not a villain because the story demands a villain to throw a wrench into things. Her past, her flaws, and the way she has a conscience, but beats the living crap out of it with her insatiable need to have EVERYTHING….. She is a vividly-drawn villain.

    Joon-ha’s back on my good side now after this episode.

    I really hope that there was more to that car not-an-accident. For me that is the one big blemish to what I feel is an utterly thrilling and delectable drama. I just don’t like to think of Eun-gi being the one to cause Maru’s hematoma and basically killing Choco’s brother.

    • 13.1 RealKDramaaddict

      This is what makes me wonder how people can forget that EG attempted suicide and homicide at the same time, essentially castrating herself mentally and giving her beloved MR a hematoma.

      That was entirely her choice, which she is afraid to face now.

      It is ironic how she encounters people who remember her bitchiness and cruelty. Maybe, being so simple and naive now will allow her some introspection and remorse? Especially toward her little brother.

      All of them should learn from little ES, to forgive and forget.

      • 13.1.1 mel

        I’m not sure people forget, but since Maru is blaming himself everyone else seems to be too. He didn’t force her to try to kill herself and him in the process. He’s not blameless, but he’s also not completely responsible and she’s hardly innocent in everything. I’m not sure the show is really trying to portray her as the innocent victim in everything, especially since they keep bringing what a bitch she was before.

        She’s not repressing memories of what happened because she doesn’t want to remember what Maru did to her, she’s repressing because she doesn’t want to remember what she did to herself and him. And what type of person she actually was. Or at least I hope. My pity for her can only go so far.

        Yes, ES could teach everyone a lesson. Such a cute kid.

      • 13.1.2 cleo

        Can you please tell us your view on Jae Hee’s sins please? from soompi to dramabeans, you always talks about Eun Gi’s and Maru’s faults but never Jae Hee. Bias much?

      • 13.1.3 missjb

        I don’t know if it’s both of them or one of them. I hope this issues will bring up b the writers. Since the accident is really a curious issues. We didn,t knew the whole story.

        It’s Eun Ki who started it, with FULL speed, so Ma Ru couldn’t avoid the accident? Or Ma Ru actually could but didn’t want to avoid it? Or even if he avoid Eun Ki’s car, Is there a car behind him? If So, Is that the reason he kept driving in the same lane?

        • moose

          I don’t think that issue is complicated at all lol. Maru was obviously driving straight into her of his own will. He had no other thoughts and was simply “accepting” it, in a sense.

          • asianromance

            If that is the case, I feel like he should have avoided her, not to save himself, but really to save Eun-gi. Even if she wants to kill herself and even if he wanted to die himself, I think that Maru- with his protector instincts- would do everything in his power to not let Eun-gi die. That’s also why the not-a-car-accident scene didn’t really sit well with me.

            The way they keep on cutting away at about 200 ft before collision makes it seem really mysterious. Maybe…just maybe someone swerved.

          • yumi

            Not showing the accident might have been a budgetary decision. Probably not–but. . .

      • 13.1.4 am

        EunSeok is my hero in this episode. Kids are so simple, yes, forgive and forget. Pride practically doesn’t exist in their vocab yet.

        There were a lot of moments in this episode, that if all of them could just lower their pride, at least have a decent talk without everyone breathing in each others neck, things won’t be as difficult. Ack! If all of this were just so simple!

    • 13.2 missjb

      “I really hope that there was more to that car not-an-accident. For me that is the one big blemish to what I feel is an utterly thrilling and delectable drama. I just don’t like to think of Eun-gi being the one to cause Maru’s hematoma and basically killing Choco’s brother.”

      Honestly, I’m not only bother by this in this drama. In earlier episode of the drama, I remember I’m so bothered by EUn Ki action for accusing Ma Ru as one of Jae Hee’s alliance for attempted murder , even after knowing Ma Ru actualy had rescue her life! She didn’t care about her action will give a bad impact to others. eventhough the law willing to let go of this case, but In fact this action make Choco become sick!
      I really hope once after she knew the one who rescue her life is Maru, she will felt abit guilty?
      But this case has been forgotten and makes me angry! hahahha
      Makes me felt in the beginning, Eun Ki was someone who full of her self without compassion with people around her.

      • 13.2.1 yumi

        Eun Ki’s brain damage and Maru’s hematoma.

        I don’t think we have any idea what happened in the tunnel. Eun Ki and Maru were heading for a head on collision but we have no evidence that contact happened.

        I might have missed it, but I don’t remember Secretary Hyun or Joon Ha locating Kang Maru at the seen of Eun Ki accident. She might have swerved into the wall of the tunnel at the last minute.

        Maru’s hematoma might have been the result of the beating Jae Hee’s thugs gave him.

        Even if Kang Maru and Eun Ki did had a head on collision, it is clear that Maru had enough time to avoid the crash if he wanted to. So it would be a attempted double suicide not a attempted murder-suicide.

        Call me maladjusted but I didn’t find anything wrong with the old Eun Ki. She wasn’t friendly or approachable–so what, that isn’t a sin. She didn’t play with her little brother. Not a crime. I never saw her hit him or deny him food. If she were his sole support, the behavior would be actionable, but she wasn’t so no crime, no sin.

        Eun Ki never behaved criminally as far as I can remenber. She never ordered an illegal beat down on anyone. She never planted evidence or rigged the justice system. When she went after anyone she did it by the law.

        I don’t see old Eun Ki as bitchy or cruel. She might have lacked compassion but that’s no crime and where in that household should she have learned compassion.

        And about Eun Ki’s attempted suicide. I have a great problem with murderers but only compassion for suicides. People who haven’t lived with protracted bouts of depression, sense of abandonment and hopelessness often sit in judgement of folks who battle those feelings for years then give into despair. If Eun Ki thought the first and only person she loved was playing her for her enemy’s benefit and her father, her sole relative had died in the same day–I could see why she might drive herself into a head on collision.

        Kang Maru is dirty and have done some immoral things–but it is clear he has a conscience and a soul. Therefore he is a human being in need of redemption.

        Jae-Hee is amoral, consciousless, greedy, grasping and evil. She is her brother in a skirt and but with more style.

        I understand growing up wanting, lacking and needing. I understand a drive to succeed. I understand a fear of losing what you have achieved. I understand killing someone accidentally. I understand shrinking from responsibility and letting someone take the blame [I understand but do not condone] BUT I do not understand deliberately planning to have someone murdered for money or sold into sexual slavery for financial gain. I don’t understand that and I certainly don’t forgive that no matter if you had a rotten stinking childhood. That is the action of a soulless creature–a demon.

        • Laurita

          I agree. You said what I really wanted to say.

          As for this ep. it was very good (thought regarding the beginning almost all the time I feared with “what if that happiness is a lie”, it seemed so fragile.. )

        • missjb

          For me, It’s not about How big their fault/crime is. It’s about the writers+PD acknowledge for what the character did in the past. At Least pointing out their mistake, especially for the character we are suppose to root for (hero/heroine). and when their action gave a BIG impact, how big their action affecting others people,etc

          Example: the character feeling guilty, remorse, or trying to fix their mistake/fault, or give them the consequences for what they did.

          I’m a sucker for flawed character, but hate it when the character who is supposed we root for make a big mistake and the produser don’t knowledge it..

          But I can ignore a little plot holes… though

          • moose

            really? lol i think they have already achieved that with everyone calling eunki pre-amnesia a bitch. or when eunki post-amnesia expresses shock at her pre-amnesia self being such a bitch.

            and i can’t see how the size of the crime/fault don’t matter. i don’t understand what you expect to get out of eunki feeling guilty/remorse for being a bitch. she had a bad personality but there was really nothing worth “redeeming” for, except her mistreatment of eunseok. whereas jaehee is actually causing HARM to people and have never expressed remorse, only regret.

            sorry, this is a terribly written post lol. im in a rush so i can’t collect my thoughts well enough.

          • missjb

            I find you abit harsh telling my post said what I have writtten is a terrible post.
            here is the think:
            I’m happy they recognized Eun Ki’s bitch behaviour. But they just pointing out his whole personality in general in the past. And not her particular behaviour
            accuse MR for attempted murder is one of example.
            Poor boy always being accused for something he hasn’t done.

            But the thing is, it seems they forget about it. I mean, It just out of character, not feeling guilty you have accused someone for something he hasn’t done, even after you found out he is your lover aka Ma Ru? Is that a normal reaction? Hahaha

            I expect after her confession in the end of ep 7, she will point out this aspect and apoligize to MR.

          • yumi


            “sorry, this is a terribly written post lol. im in a rush so i can’t collect my thoughts well enough.”

            Moose is commenting of her own post not yours.

          • moose

            lol like what yumi said, i was commenting on my own post, not yours. i don’t think yours is badly written at all, i just don’t agree with it.

            i honestly don’t think being highly suspicious of maru (which is just generally her personality, she’s suspicious of everyone and everything) is that big of a deal lol.. maru didn’t even know she thought of him like that, and i feel like she had reasons to believe that (he wasn’t licensed, jaehee sent him 1mil afterwards, jaehee claiming blackmail). it wasn’t like she falsely accused him for betraying her trust or something. in fact, after meeting him, it was the opposite of that. she placed SO much trust into him despite him not exactly deserving all of it.

        • la dee dah

          I guess we have different ways of judging people. Sure what the old Eun-ki did and how she treated people were not “crimes”, but that also doesn’t make them “right” in my eyes either. You can treat a person like crap for no good reason but not make it a “crime”, but that still doesn’t excuse that person from their actions. So yes, I think she was wrong to treat Eun-suk that badly before, doesn’t matter if it didn’t go to the level of a “crime” – she acted horribly to an innocent child (and it also doesn’t matter he’s the son of the person she hates). She knew Jae-Hee was lying after Maru saved her on the plane, yet she tried to get back at Jae-Hee by insisting that they arrest Maru based on her lie (that he was trying to extort money), even though she knew deep down Maru didn’t do the crime – she just wanted to get back at Jae Hee. And there is a reason she had no friends and why everyone remembered her as being, well, not so nice. So while I think she is no where near as bad as Jae Hee or Min young, the old Eun-ki was no saint.

          • Yumi

            Don’t think Eun-Ki has any way of knowing who Maru was or trusting or not trusting him. She was right to hold Jae Hee to her lie and go to the police. She probably thought if Maru was innocent that would come out and so would Jae-Hee’s deceit. If Maru and Jae-Hee were both guilty, then justice would be serve. In that episode Eun-Ki was not at fault, Jae-Hee was.

            Also, Eun-Ki has people who care about her and like her. The only person Jae-Hee has on her side [not that a comparison is necessary] is a man who is there, not because he like her but because he wants her.

            The Ajumma who works in Eun-Ki’s house face lit up when she saw Eun-Ki. Secretary Hyun is very devoted to Eun-ki. She isn’t taking care of her just for the money. Joon-Ha cares deeply for Eun-Ki as a person, but we can leave him out of it. The Chairman she goes to make a deal with in Episode 14 had a good relationship with her. It is clear that people with power and people without power like her. The only people I’ve seen her act badly towards are people she associates with Jae Hee.

            Yes, she was mean to her brother, and I couldn’t get why he was so insistent on being close to her. Most kids–especially ones who have had healthy parenting–do not yearn to be with people who make it clear they do not like them. Something weird was happening there. Which makes me wonder about the way Eun-Ki and Eun-Suk fell into their echo game in episode 13. I wonder if that was a new thing or an old pattern. The drama is a relatively unreliable narrator. It is not divulging everything we need to know. Instead it is keeping a few aces up its sleeve.

            Old Eun-Ki acted bitchy. Well I have nothing against people acting bitchy, unless it is an asymmetrical relationship and the rude person has more power. Equals and people without power can be as bitchy as they want–on dramas.

            And for me there is a big difference between bitchy and cruel. Old Eun-Ki was arrogant, unforgiving and unapproachable [which some people equate with being bitchy], Jae-Hee was and is cruel.

          • la dee dah

            @Yumi, I got the impression that Eun-ki knew that Jae Hee was lying about Maru (not that she was unsure about Maru), and that Eun-ki pushed Jae Hee to do something about Maru because she knows Jae Hee is lying. And that if she didn’t have Maru arrested, then Jae Hee would basically be admitting she was lying. But of course Jae Hee couldn’t admit to that. It was basically a fight to see who could one-up the other. So though Jae Hee first perpetuated the lie, Eun-Ki also pushed it without regard for Maru. So I think it was both their faults (more Jae Hee, but Eun-ki also had a hand in it).

            The sad thing about the old Eun-ki is that she really does not have any actual “friends” and someone she can confide in, and it’s mostly because of her attitude. She probably did have friends before, but maybe her change in attitude came about after she took the fall for that guy she was liked before (regarding the drugs), which probably gave her trust issues, and then that thing that happened with her mother, so then she probably pushed away any remaining friends she had. The people you named as liking the old Eun-ki were people she had business-relations with and people who she essentially grew up with that worked in her household and probably knew her before all her problems occurred. It’s pretty much like a caretaker who has known you for years because they watched over you and even if you act badly, they know you act badly but can’t really find it in themselves to hate you because you remember them as being good once upon a time. Amnesiac Eun-ki even knew that the Eun-ki before the accident was bad, and felt bad that she was really that way before. I already admitted that Jae Hee was worse than Eun-ki, I was just responding to your comment that you thought there was nothing wrong with the old Eun-ki, which I disagree with. It doesn’t matter if the bad person is of higher power or lower power. A person of lower power should not be disrespecting someone of higher power that has done nothing to him, and vice versa. But that’s just me.

          • yumi

            @La dee dah

            “The sad thing about the old Eun-ki is that she really does not have any actual “friends” and someone she can confide in, and it’s mostly because of her attitude.”

            I always have problems trying to understand if characters on dramas don’t have friends because of there personalities or because of the drama’s budget. I wonder the same thing about empty hospital corridors.

            To me, and I’ve been following mostly through recaps and a dip in streaming here and there because of my schedule, I don’t have a problem with old Eun-Ki.

            I like nice more than the opposite of nice. While I think nice makes things better/easier I don’t think it is an obligation or even necessary. I think fair and just are a part of the social contract. So the fact that old Eun-Ki isn’t nice wasn’t a issue for me.

            I also felt she was in a “just war” with Jae-hee and Kang Maru wander onto the battlefield and was at risk of becoming collateral damage. Appalling and unacceptable in real life, but I can let it go in reel life.

            My comment about power. I stand by. I still think nice is best, but if you can’t help being bitchy, be bitchy with an equal and risk being put in your place. Or better still be a jackass to a superior and guarantee it. Which is why I find some k-drama character unforgivable, they pick on people with few options and less power.

            I still don’t have a problem with old Eun-Ki. Wouldn’t want to hang with her, but considering the scorpion nest she finds herself it, can’t fault for her behavior.

          • la dee dahc

            @yumi, about Eun-ki not having any friends, it was stated by Maru after he researched about her, how she didn’t have any friends and that her only hobby was bike racing.

        • Korazy Lady

          Yumi, I believe on the news report that Jae Hee’s brother was watching, it stated that Eun Ki was in critical condition, and that a Kang MaRu was also involved in the accident. At least that’s what I remember.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Wow, interesting line of thinking. It’s okay to put the man who saved your life in jail because if he is innocent, he would be released.

            EG was so paranoid at the time, she concocted a story that JH hired MR to kill her on a plane, despite lawyer Park telling her that the man actually saved her life. How on Earth JH could possible know when EG might collapse and then conveniently produce MR to kill EG?

          • Yumi

            Thanks for the info. I missed the news report.

            It’s kind of interesting in some ways the silence on the detail of the car accident creates a kind of tension in the narrative for me.

            It vaguely echoes the death of Walt (?) in THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP. We go many pages and we never get the details of the accident and after a while the absence of Walt becomes palpable and the reader tires to read ahead to find Walt, but you can’t and then you read Walt dies.

            The details of the accident leaves me with so many questions about what actually happen.

            Of course it just might be the both of them crashed into each other going 90 miles an hour.

  14. 14 pogo

    I would have loved this episode for the Avengers reference alone (and kekeke @Secretary Hyun the Hulk, best scene this episode :D) but of course there was the cute bits of skinship and Eun-ki and her brother’s playtime, which was adorable.

    (Though that kid is seriously persistent, most kids would have learnt to avoid someone as cranky/bitchy as Eun-ki years ago)

    I do like Maru and Eun-ki together, I really do, but can I get Good Lawyer Joon-ha if she doesn’t want him at the end? Even with the idol hair he’s such a pretty woobie.

    • 14.1 reeen

      Looking at EunSeok’s persistence, he does bear a resemblance to his half-sister. It makes me wonder about the history of their father and EunKi’s mother. It would be interesting if the drama addresses what actually happened between the parents.

    • 14.2 jomo

      I am not sure the little one would give up on his sister.

      I watch my 17 year old daughter trying to push her 12 year old brother away since they were little.
      He adores her, and never ever gives up, even after she makes him cry again and again. It’s like little ducks getting imprinted from their moms almost. For some reason, he just expects that one day she will give in.

  15. 15 rbee

    “She thinks that I was born yesterday…”

    Wow. Perfect song choice up top. Loved it. And the recap. Thanks Heads.

  16. 16 snzlee

    Thanks for recap!

    That amnesia thing I think it’s because of Eun-Gi keeps running away from the ‘sad memory’ and don’t wish to reminisce her past, even though she did says that she personally wanted to gets her memory back so badly but her conscience betrayed her. So she choosing not to reminisce her past and bury all those sad memory.

  17. 17 risa

    Maru may have written “happiness” on the mirror to express what he was feeling, but SJK probably knew that it was what we, the legion of SJK-loving fans, were feeling. (Showing us a smiling, half-naked SJK is a pretty daebak way to begin an episode… )

    I was under the impression that Eun Ki was faking the amnesia this time, as a way to separate herself from Maru whom she isn’t sure she can trust anymore. Another round of amnesia would be narratively interesting though. I agree about Maru seeming to be stuck in Protector mode, though I wanna believe that an empowered Eun Ki could help him to find another way of being (e.g. in Partner mode.)

    I’m digging this drama so much, I guess I gotta stop saying that I don’t do melos. There are things about it that really frustrate me though, like how ridiculously ineffectual Team Eun Ki can be. They couldn’t mange to drill into Eun Ki’s head that Jae Hee was to be avoided at all costs, and Jae Gil really couldn’t stop Eun Ki from going over to Mommy Dearest’s mansion, even though he tried? Maru couldn’t tell Eun Ki that Jae Shik wasn’t his hyung, and he couldn’t warn her not to ask Jae Hee questions about the layout of their house, etc? In any case, this is an awesome ride, made even more awesome by the awesome recaps. Kamsahamnida!

    And btw, in my head, Maru rarely listens to music while driving, and hasn’t turned his stereo on at all since listening to it with Eun Ki, which is why the same track plays every time she turns it on.

    • 17.1 asianromance

      I think kdrama characters in general tend not to be a suspicious lot! Like all those kdrama people getting drunk enough to pass out in public. Wonderful target for a thief to steal their wallets and their snazzy phones. They enter into contract marriages/roommate agreements with people they only know for a week. They open doors for people they don’t know and don’t like. They don’t question things villains tell them, even when the villain is cackling and twirling his metaphorical mustache.

      and did anyone notice that Maru isn’t very consistent with locking the front gate at his old home?

      Yeah, if I were team Eun-ki, I would not let her leave the house until I drill in every single thing into her head and what questions not to ask. There would be guerrilla-style questioning and interrogations until she can answer in record speed and precision. She would never have forgotten Ahn Min Young’s name like she did in episode 12 (though scene did give us that awesome “you are a bad person” response!).

      • 17.1.1 Gasenadi

        How about a chain bolted to the floor and installing bars on doors and windows? LMAO!! LOVED your analysis of kdrama characters’ naive behaviours.

  18. 18 Eli

    Thanks for the recap, Heads.

    I’m sure I’m on minority here but the character I am more interested in is Jae Hee. She has done lots of terrible things, no doubt, but she still have that conscience.
    It will be easier for me as audience if Jae Hee just plain evil from the beginning but that’s not the case. So that’s why it’s painful for me to watch Nice Guy not because of Maru or Eun gi but because of Jae Hee. I bleed for her. Every time I watch her scene, I was like ‘Don’t do that,’ ‘Don’t go there, please,’ ‘Stop it, you are better than that,’
    Either Lee Kyung Hee is great at writing character with duality or Park Shi yeon’s awesome portrayal or maybe both. But I’m having a hard time to hate Jae Hee, even to try to hate her for whatever things she’s done to the people around her.

    I really wish Lee Kyung Hee will explore Jae hee’s backstory more. Why she did what she did. Easy answer will be greed. But I hope there’s more to that. It’s like I can feel it, there is other reason. Gah… this is insane. I knew I am in for heavy drama but I never expected to fall for the villain more than the heroine or even the hero.

    But I guess that’s never going to happen (the exploring thing, I mean) since Jae hee isn’t the heroine. She kill me with ‘what could’ve been’ written all over her.

    • 18.1 RealKDramaaddict

      You and I. The duality of JH puzzles me although she drops to new lows every time her fears kick in. I am still waiting for JH to hit the bottom and wake up.

      I dislike both MR and EG; they have done truly sucky things to others, including JH. I cannot compartmentalize my own memories of bitchy EG making her brother cry, sending MR to jail, and scheming against JH. Then she tried to kill MR and herself and now I am supposed to feel bad for her mental deficits and MR’s health?

      I cannot forget that MR slept with many women for money (how is that better than JH, I don’t understand) and coldly extracted money by spying on people, causing suicide. What Nice Guy?

      So yes, I am all for everyone’s redemption, not just JH.

      • 18.1.1 pogo

        but Eun-ki’s flaws were all out in the open – not once did she try to manipulate or murder people or consistently go behind anyone’s back, as Jae Hee did.

        You can rabbit on about her flaws for ages, but when faced with someone like Jae-hee, who makes it a point to avoid the consequences of her actions, I honestly don’t see Eun-ki coming off looking bad at all.

        Maru, on the other hand, he’s done his share of bad things especially when it came to Eun-ki and also the the loan-sharking and cheating……but again, unlike Jae-hee, that guy takes the consequences of what he’s done and doesn’t seem to be running away from it. If anything, he wants to punish himself even more than he wants to ruin Jae-hee (whom he doesn’t care about anymore except as an obstacle to Eun-ki’s rights).

      • 18.1.2 RealKDramaaddict

        I have to say that I do like the development of EG and MR’s love and trust.

        Their scenes together are heartbreaking. MR’s patience, EG’s doubts, and his reassurance that he won’t abandon her are moving.

      • 18.1.3 missjb

        @realkdramaaddicts: I feel the same like you. that’s why i’m against “jae hee become darker with no return in the end” plot.
        This is element in some drama I watch that I dislike. They make their villain getting bad and low each episode, while the hero and heroine who even did wrong even for the villain be redeem so people will start rooting for them and forget about some their sin that didn’t get paid attention enough and didn’t take the consequences some of their sin because maybe the writers forget about their sin? . sometimes case makes me root the villain instead especially when the villain not only one dimensional type villain to begin with. or if i can’t stand, I will stop watching, if their sin bother me so much.

      • 18.1.4 Agatha

        JH is a really confusing character for me, too. Sometimes, she fits the character in “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” more than Maru does. I get that she’s lonely and to a certain extent, I could understand her actions, but I just couldn’t get past her greed.

        Maru and Eun Gi, on the other hand… I cannot say that they’re pure. The drama truly shows that “There’s No Such Thing As Nice Guys” (which is the full title of the show, if I’m not mistaken). But at least I could understand their reasons.

        Maru wanted to self-destruct and yes, he may be a bad person by involving others, but hey, if you’re in too deep that you wanted to destroy yourself, would you still have what it takes to stop and ask others if they get hurt in the process?

        Eun Gi’s case is the same, too. She keeps getting backstabbed. Her boyfriend. Lawyer Ahn. Even her father kind of betrayed her. You couldn’t really blame her for being so cold and suspicious. I’d be shocked if she were all smiles instead.

        I’m all for redemption for them, too, but it would definitely take more for JH than for MR and EG.

      • 18.1.5 J-sun

        Am i missing something? When did Eun-ki send Maru to jail? The only scene i remember was when EG said MR was blackmailing JH? Then he went to jail? But that was only a short-term and he wasn’t charged or anything. Plus, that was before she knew MR and im pretty sure she wasn’t aware that MR was the one who saved her in the plane, since after the 2nd time he saved her from the motocross accident she asked him in the hospital whether he knew her? If so, it makes perfect sense that she accused him of blackmailing?

        • LastFantasy

          It was in episode 2 when Jaehee sent Maru money to “repay” him for the debt she owed him. Eun Ki heard that Jaehee took out a large amount of money from the bank and found out that she gave it to Maru. She accused Jaehee of paying Maru to kill her. Jaehee said it was to thank him for saving her life on the plane but Eun Ki didn’t believe. Then Eun Ki reported to the police that Maru stole the money and threatened Jaehee and her family. Jaehee had no choice but to confirm it so he went to jail for that.

          • cleo

            She always has a choice. No choice is just an excuse.
            EG just filed the blackmailing case because it is what JH told her.

          • cleo

            Forget to add, JH told EG that Maru blackmailed her for EG’s past with drugs.

    • 18.2 ladida

      Well, I think Jae Hee’s a (situational) misogynist, but I still find her interesting. I want more about Jae Hee and Eun Ki, about the issues they had between them before Ma Ru showed up in the picture. What happened with Eun Ki’s mother? What role did the chairman play, if any, in the antagonism between the two? Jae Hee says that she just wanted Eun Ki to treat her like a human being, but what are the dynamics that lead to Eun Ki not treating her like one? Did she want Eun Ki to treat her as a mother? Did she treat Eun Ki like a daughter? And if she did, was it in the way she treats Eun Seok, or in the way we’ve seen her try to use her position as “mother” to exercise authority over Eun Ki?

      • 18.2.1 pogo

        well, Jae-hee herself says she seduced the Chairman while he was still married to Eun-ki’s mother, which led to mom leaving him. So it’s not hard to see why Eun-ki was bitter from Day 1, especially with a dad who was constantly telling her he could replace her with Jae-hee and Eun-sook and give her position in the company to them.

    • 18.3 am

      Gawd! I have this very very strong Love-Hate relationship with JaeHee. She’s so freaking beautifully damaged and so freakin’ awful! I just can’t hate her to the full extent of wanting her gone. Although I want her to serve jail time because she’s done wrong, but so did Maru.

      I love seeing JaeHee’s layers being peeled through out the story. How the good keeps getting trampled over by other awful things about her. She’s a very well written character.

    • 18.4 asianromance

      I think we’ve gotten a lot on Jae-hee’s backstory. In the flashbacks of Jae-hee’s childhood, we know she was poor and she was abused by her family. Her brother wanted to sell her to a brothel! She lived her childhood in instability and fear. Maru was her light from all the abuse. Jae-hee’ isn’t just being greedy. She is doing all this for her survival. For her child’s survival. She wants to make sure that she’d never be in danger of having to sell her body for money to life (probably what her mother did). To make sure Eun-seok will never be in danger of having a crappy childhood like hers. He would get everything she never got.

      While I hate the stuff Jae-hee has done and chortle in glee when she is brought down, ultimately, I pity her. i really want to get her into therapy or a self-help group. In the end, she is a lost, unhappy woman. I sort of wish I can clone Joon-ha and give one of him to her.

  19. 19 missjb

    “This Protector Role is something I’m not sure will ever change with Maru, since it seems to be what defines him. When he has no one to sacrifice for, like the year Eun-ki was missing, he wandered around with no will or purpose other than to die. As we’ve seen with Jae-hee, he seems to feed on need and whatever sacrifices he can make for his Love’s happiness, leaving me curious as to whether his own happiness is merely derived from utter selflessness, or whether part of it stems from a selfish desire to keep Eun-ki in her childlike state so she stays with him, needing him, always.”

    I don’t get that sense, honestly… My impression looking at Ma Ru right now, I admit he tend to always willing to help and care about the one he love. Since it’s the only way he know to express his feeling for someone who he love and care. He know how to give some love who need emotional support, but he never know how to receive some help (?) But not in kind of state as if he needs random people who look pitiful to become his objective for willing take his sacrifice and help.

    We didn’t knew exactly the whole story about accident. But I thought he become lifeless and be a walking dead person is because of the whole guilt he felt towards Eun Ki. Worried about Eun Ki’s condition. Not because of his obsession with helpless woman willing to receive his help.
    he is stunned when he heard EUn Ki only want to know about him and their relationship not because he is scare he will no longer needed, but because he knew exactly her memories with him mostly her bad memories full with trauma, and will left a big wound in her heart, and it will hurting her.
    He is happy because he finally given a chance to treat EUn Ki and at least it will reduce his guilt and makes sure he can do it. Plus… He has fallin for EUn Ki.

  20. 20 redfox

    a bit off topic but is the actress who plays Jae Hee pregnant or something? her puffy cheeks are sweating and they dress her in these bubble-shaped jackets and dresses…

    on Maru: on one hand I agree with what some of you said, that he is desperately holding on to Eun-ki wanting here to need him. but on the other hand Maru is just the kind of guy who always gives everything of himself in the name of his love but in a totally different way for Eun Ki than for Jae Hee once. now he wants to do whatever he can for Eun Ki without losing himself, his own happiness and their common future.

    I am hoping for the best, or what can I expect from a “melodrama” anyway? I don´t want sadness and heartbreak. at least peace and some certainty. Or is happiness in life really only a disappearing letter on a bathroom mirror, do we have to be satisfied with those short moments of joy….? Is that what they are saying? Everything else is just suffering in the name of those moments?

    • 20.1 Jenn

      lol i totally know what you mean.

      sometimes the clothes they put her in make her look a little, umm, rounder? or just not the typical shape-enhancing, tight-fitting clothes that females (especially powerful, smoldering types like jaehee) in kdramaland usually wear.

      no official news of pregnancy for park si yeon online so far, but who knows.

      anyways, eunsuk and happy maru stole the show for me today (: thanks for the recaps as always!

    • 20.2 jandoe

      OMG I’m not the only one who thinks she’s preggers!

      (I’m pretty sure she is, because in the past this lady’s always been super hot and sexy (not that she isn’t now, but I sense Different all over her in here))

    • 20.3 Ann

      It seems to me that JH has been looking worse each episode since her husband died. It’s rather like a reverse Dorian Grey.

      I don’t think Jae Hee can possibly be redeemed. She is totally insincere, and lies even to herself. She did not care a lick about Eun-Ki; she had just come over to jerk her chain because they had left her at dinner. And she is very jealous that Maru wants Eun-Ki instead of her. She has basically a narcissistic personality disorder, and nothing she says can be taken as genuine.

    • 20.4 Katherine

      Park Si Yeon rocked up to some event recently & the dress she was wearing made her look pregnant but I just brushed it off as poor fashion choice.
      There has been no news from her camp so I’m just assuming it’s the stylists fault.

  21. 21 soulsentwined

    I really don’t know what to think about this new memory loss. They were doing fine with the current story line and now they hit reset again.

  22. 22 neener

    and I hope Maru’s will to live won’t go away since I don’t want the ratings to go down 😀 this drama is sooo good that it deserves higher ratings 😀

  23. 23 jean

    I love the scene where Maru pushed Jae hee away from Eun Ki and told her to get lost when we know how he wanted and thrived to protect/possess her from the beginning of the drama…

    the Eun gi and Eun suk scene was surprisingly cute.. and i love that even though ES was practically being ignored and hated by ‘original’ EG, he still loves her sister..

  24. 24 Hooliah

    “Okay, this only works if Maru has only one CD in his car, and that one CD has only one song. Otherwise, the radio station they’ve been listening to is clearly the one they play in hell.”

    I laughed so hard at this! I have been thinking exactly the same thing–is this the only damn song anyone listens to in Korea or something?

    Thanks for the recaps. Still loving this show. Really enjoyed today’s ep as well but will wait to say anything until the next recap. 😀

    • 24.1 asianromance

      I’d like to explain it away in that he made a CD with just this one song and plays it alllll the time because it was their song.

  25. 25 ladida

    “Once I find out what I really used to be like, will I be disappointed?” Nooooo, don’t be, you were so gloriously bitchy! Bitches need love too! Sigh.

    And you aren’t alone, HeadsNo2, you aren’t alone! It’s what I’ve wanted from the very beginning! I don’t know how to articulate it yet, but it’s just so horrifying to me that Ma Ru would prefer a memory-less Eun Ki to one with all her memories. Like, she didn’t. Remember. Her own. Name. Her own name, man. She had to be told who she was. And yet she remembered her love for Ma Ru. That ain’t romantic, that’s messed up.

    What does it say about Ma Ru that he’d rather have a woman who doesn’t know the whole truth about him and loves him to a woman who does know the whole truth about him, forgives him his faults, and still loves him? I want to know how he reconciles the old Eun Ki to this one. They are so vastly different, and yet he loved/s them both. Or did he not love the old Eun Ki? I can’t help but be confused, because there’s a tender amusement in his tone when he mentions the old Eun Ki, and yet he treated her so badly. I just…I don’t understand why Eun Ki has to be so thoroughly disempowered in order to find some reciprocation in her romance. I wanted the amnesia to be used as a way to help her navigate all the pain she had, which she clearly didn’t have the tools to handle, but instead it’s being used as a way to show us how much Ma Ru *loves* her. At least, that’s how it’s being interpreted. I don’t know.

    Anyway, sorry for the emotional breakdown; thanks so much for the recap; I’m gonna go nurse my disappointment by watching Can We Get Married?/shoving my face into a bowl of ice cream.

    • 25.1 yumi

      I’m not sure he can only love an amnesiac Eun Ki so much as he feel only an amnesiac Eun Ki can love him.

      I think proof on his love will show up in who he helps Eun Ki be.

      If he tries to stop her recovery to keep her dependent on him–he doesn’t love her he wants to own her.

      If he helps her get back to who she was, despite what it mean to him and their relationship, then he loves her.

    • 25.2 pogo

      I’m with yumi on this one – it’s not that Maru can only love an amnesiac, weakened Eun-ki, so much as he feels that he can only be loved by her without hurting her, if she doesn’t remember what he did to her.

      I think there’s definitely a masochistic side to Maru that is waiting for the axe to drop – I don’t remember whether it’s this ep or 14 where he tells her she has to get back to her old self/find a way to live, so that he can leave her with no regrets.

      He probably still feels like he doesn’t deserve her love, but I hope that when the time comes he leaves the decision up to her, at least.

    • 25.3 missjb

      @ladida: IMO FoR Maru’s case, to me it doesn’t means he prefer new eun ki than old eun ki. it just about timing. He realise he love eun ki after he has hurting her. He used to date with any other woman and thinking Eun Ki was one of them in his life. He started has feeling for eun ki after her sister told him to forget JH and found a new love one. I think after that his feeling for her grow. Instead, my perception is MR come to love eun ki because he feel Eun Ki understand him and value his presence. Remember his monologue in ep 12 keep insisting “he always come back to me”….and when he smile heard eun ki’s confession she is too shy to ask as a sign he felt finally someone consider his situation?

      I’m amazed how alot of scene in any drama can being interpreted differently by many people.

    • 25.4 am

      Maybe, just maybe, he said those things because he fears that if she remembers everything he’ll lose her. It’s not impossible that it hasn’t crossed his mind, that maybe it would be a fresh start for both of them. And her remembering everything also means getting second rounds of the all the pain all over again.

      But yeah, I absolutely agree that EK was GLORIOUSLY BITCHY. hahaha And i really really miss that EK!

    • 25.5 Jushi

      Not that he doesn’t want the old Eun Gi back. It is fear that is kicking in. Maru is scared that once the old Eun Gi is back, the happiness that he is experiencing now will be all gone. He’ll be back to being purposeless and hopeless because he has nothing to feel alive again. I think that is him holding on to time because he knows his time is finite.

      I’d say, Maru’s main agenda is still to die. He still thinks it is his inevitable finale. As much as the amnesiac Eun Gi is instrumental in Maru’s change of heart, he is still not a thoroughly changed man.

      And so, I am waiting for the ‘whole’ Eun Gi to come out. Because I think the Eun Gi who has gone full circle will be the one who’ll save Maru from his train wreck.

  26. 26 Jenn

    “Otherwise, the radio station they’ve been listening to is clearly the one they play in hell.”

    Hahaha – now this line totally made my day.

    • 26.1 jomo

      Oh yeah, there are some K-drama background songs that belong on that radio station.

      I cringe every time I hear Clare – by Gilbert O’Sullivan – playing in the restaurant while the characters drink coffee.
      They love these mournful tunes, but need to listen to the lyrics on this one. A babysitter in love with his babysittee? Yerg.

      There is also a Brahams Waltz diddy I hear the violins moan out during every other cocktail party. Any Suzuki student/parent will recognize it immediately from Book 2.

      • 26.1.1 Gasenadi

        For me, it’s [gag] “Moon River”. Can. Not. Get. Over. how much it’s played in dramas. [gag]

  27. 27 yumi

    Thanks for the recap and this

    “She turns on the car radio to the San Francisco song, and surprises him by remembering the role this song played in their past. Okay, this only works if Maru has only one CD in his car, and that one CD has only one song. Otherwise, the radio station they’ve been listening to is clearly the one they play in hell.”

    • 27.1 jomo

      Love these comments the most, heads!

      But I think it is something else.
      The music director is a psychic and a American baseball fan.
      He belived so strongly in the Giants’ (of San Francisco) pitching team that he placed this song in the OST to encourage their performance in the World Series.

      I either read this somewhere, or made it up.
      You decide.

  28. 28 random person

    I think what Eun-ki meant to ask Maru was who the hell he was since she regained her memories back and she doesn’t know what to think of him since he seems to be a new person to her like how he doesn’t push her away anymore, I think she’s afraid that she’s being manipulated by him once again, hence the question “Who are you?”. Or maybe that’s just me. Or maybe they’re just trying an amnesiac Eun-ki with the personality of old Eun-ki instead of innocent Eun-ki? Lol.

  29. 29 Sajen

    “This Protector Role is something I’m not sure will ever change with Maru, since it seems to be what defines him. ”

    well it seems to be ingrained in him as it’s not just limited to Eun Gi and Jae Hee but also Choco, though he did drop the ball on that one at an important time early on, and I’d assume Jae Gil. Which leads to his obsession which really just means he wants the object of his “love” to be as he imagines them not as they are. In other words he needs to be needed or well you saw the alternative while Eun Gi was missing so I hope that as Eun Gi learns to love he does as well.

    also Joon Ha is freaking confusing

  30. 30 LastFantasy

    Jae Hee seems really sincere when she shows her concern for Eun Ki at times and I do believe her. Park Si Yeon portrays her so well that I always look forward to her scenes and moments where we get to learn more about her as a person. She is definitely my favorite character in Nice Guy. I hope she can get a redemption by the end of the show. One thing I don’t get is why Eun Suk like Eun Ki so much. I mean, yeah she’s his Noona and all but she was never nice to him before and always yelled at him yet he’s always so happy to see her. The scene where he was copying her was too cute. And Joonha is soo the true Nice Guy of the show. He’s so sweet and kind <3

    • 30.1 pogo

      yeah, I love Park Si-yeon as Jae-hee, she’s one of the best antagonists I’ve seen in kdramaland in a long time and she is fantastic in this role. Jae-hee is a great villain for pretty much the same reason as I loved Loki in Thor – because she is in part sympathetic and not always moustache-twirling levels of EEEVILLLL and so one actually cares about what she’s doing and why.

      The Eun-suk scene was too cute, though that kid has to be the most persistent in the world lol, Eun-ki spent years avoiding/being mean to him and he kept liking her anyway.

      And I agree that Joon-ha is the true Nice Guy of the show, his face when he saw Maru by Eun-ki’s bedside was enough to make my heart want to twist a little.

    • 30.2 jomo

      I agree that the JH character is fascinating and that PSY is layering her so well.

      I still don’t know if I should feel sorry for her as a lost lamb trying to be good, or be suspicious of every single word she says.

      She may care for EG a little bit, but not enough to yield to her. As long as JH doesn’t see EG as someone after her cookies, JH is fine with her.

      Remember how she treated/treats Maru – this is a man she purports to love. It seems in JH’s reality, loving someone is feelings and words, but not actions.

    • 30.3 mel

      I think she likes EG well enough if she stays out of her way. Be good, don’t take what is now mine and I’ll like you. If EG tries to stand up for herself and/or take something JH thinks belongs to her that’s when her insecurities and craziness kicks in. So basically JH could probably like EG as she is now. She could never like the old EG as she was, especially considering how she treated JH like she was less than human.

    • 30.4 asianromance

      Park Si Yeon has come a looooong way since her horrible one-note disdainful “i can’t believe this.” expression in My Girl. I hope the critics are giving accolades to her performance in Nice Guy and that she’ll be up for some type of award.

      I think Eun-seok just has a crush on his sister

  31. 31 redfox

    I am watching ep 14 on youtube with translated captions and laughing my ass off right now although it is obviously dramatic as hell but when a guy who looks exactly like Dalai Lama (some businessman in the next ep) seems to say his penis got stuck in a menopaus lift while having the Duke for lunch, I am a drooling mess almost choking from laughter.

    • 31.1 ladida

      Bwahahahahahahaha, omg.

  32. 32 faranak

    WOW! awsem. LOVE THIS SHOW,and i know i say it every time i comment 😉 😛 can’t wait for next ep

  33. 33 jc

    Oh no… nooooo. Forget everything, but don’t forget Maru -___-. I’m hoping Eun-ki will remember /everything/ soon cause the amnesia is starting to grate on my nerves…

    Also, I feel bad for Jae-hee; she gets hurt too easily to be a villain.

  34. 34 missjb

    I have the same feeling! actually i want to believe Jae Hee geniunely love eun ki. I get that impression from the first episode. every time Eun ki is in danger, she always looked vulnerable.

    I just hope the writers don’t forget this element.

  35. 35 jc

    Also, the beginning! Happy Joong-ki is sah cute gah. I feel like him actually smiling in this drama is rare..

  36. 36 Donna Lynn

    Your recaps/reviews are truly a delight! I love to watch an episode of something, then come back and read a recap. It puts things into perspective. Your writing style is also poignant and thought provoking. Thank you for this recap, and al the others! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • 36.1 Donna Lynn

      al was supposed to be “all” sorry about that LOL

  37. 37 Lanalas

    Can we all just agree that this drama is pretty awesome? Despite it using some cliche plots, it is still managing to do an awesome job in keeping you interested. I see why the ratings are so high. The other reason is the actors and the acting………man, so good…. seriously so good. Park Si Yeon, Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Woon are doing a tremendously awesome job in this drama. Even if there wasn’t an interesting story, I would want to watch for their acting only. I think Jae Hee was forced to realize that Maru is really finally over her when he was like “Get lost.” loved him for that….

    I can kind of see more heart break coming our way and I am just gonna keep my tissues close by.

    I am still wondering about one thing in this drama. If I were to use White Christmas’s terminology, is Jae Hee a born monster or did she turn into a monster due to her circumstances? We first met her in the drama as a murderer, and then as a betrayer, but we don’t really know much about her before that other than Maru’s memories. Something her brother said made me question whether she was actually as innocent as Maru thought she was or not. Because it seems that she already had something going on with the president /before/ killing someone. I am just curious as to how Maru’s character would react upon knowing the true events of that night, and if he knew that Jae Hee was already with someone else.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap. Patiently waiting for next episode’s~

  38. 38 simplevi

    cant wait for the next recap!

  39. 39 notsolittlej

    Damn, that was a great episode! I loved every single Jae Hee scene. I love how the writers are still keeping in touch with her human side. The Jae Hee x Eun Ki was probably one of my favorite scenes in the drama so far. Their interactions are always the best. Jae Hee seems to genuinely care for her. And what made the scene all that more great is that Jae Hee didn’t even have to tell her anything but she remembered it herself. But then of course Maru had to come and ruin the scene as usual. I’m seriously getting sick of him and his protecting crap. I’ve come to the point where I’m annoyed every time he appears on screen. I guess I’ll have to put up with him though just for the sake of Jae Hee. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a character in a kdrama as much as I loved her. Flawed but likeable beautiful, damaged, bitchy yet caring, strong, determined. Definitely not your usual “villain”. Her journey as a character is so interesting to me. I am a sucker for complex femme fatale kind of characters.

    Btw, how cute is Eun Suk? I just want to pinch his cheeks ^__^

    • 39.1 Kiki

      LOL, at first I thought I wasn’t reading it right…Maru coming in like that, I thought were perfectly timed and necessary, if not that bitch jae her would have certainly caused more harm than help…Lol, but really…this post cracked me up, it really wasn’t intentional….

      • 39.1.1 notsolittlej

        How do you even know she would cause more harm? Don’t state your assumptions as if they were facts. From what we saw Jae Hee was genuinely worried for Eun Ki.
        Oh don’t worry,your ignorance cracked me up as well!

        • redfox

          are you a serial killer or just their grandchild?

        • Kiki

          That’s pretty rich, from someone who decided I was ignorant based on a comment. I didn’t mean for my comment to sound offending or sarcastic…it just cracked me up in a surprising sort of way…contributed from the high i got from the last episode, and i stated there it wasn’t intentional. Also, it’s surprising as I don’t read much positive comments about jae hee. In any case, I’m sry. To me, though, I really felt jae hee would have just left her there, or plot something, based on how they portrayed her on earlier episodes…she seemed like she only have fleeting moments of conscience, so I don’t doubt she was worried about eun gi.

          • notsolittlej

            I’m sorry too, I guess I went on the defensive. But it’s really frustrating when you love a character and people mock you for your opinion. I love Jae Hee for many reasons but I understand the reasons why people hate her. But I DO love her and I don’t really appreciate when talk to shit to me because of that. I’m not saying that you did but the way you said it rubbed me the wrong way for sure.

  40. 40 george

    my comment comes w/ having been able to watch ep. 14.it’s down to the last 2 episodes but don’t have any bit of a clue how they will put an ending to this drama.i don’t want to have high expectations how it’s gonna end but it’s all been great up to this episode(14) that i can’t help not to expect something big.

    it sure is nice to have that Eun suk ang Eun gi moment.i guess we all have been waiting for that.

    i hope for this drama to end in a happy ever after but just in case Maru dies in the end then atleast they should find some justification for both women to be happy in the end.they don’t even have to have a great realtionship but atleast there has to be some justification for both to still keep a good relationship as a family?after all they both love Maru.Jae hee is not pure evil.what she did when she married an older guy w/out love,to me, isn’t betrayal,its survival.she has to survive.even in the real world,we think Jae hee’s character is a bitch stealing someone else’s husband and father but then they also sacrifice their happiness and they have to live w/ guilt all their life.her only fault in the story is she’s being greedy.she should only fight for what she think she deserve and not to have it all.for Eun gi,i think she’s just been hurt by everything like thinking that her father doesn’t love her and her father having another woman and she lost her mother because of it.to add to that she has prove herself worthy to be an heir for her father’s company.but at some point in the story,i kind of saw a side of his father loving her in a silent way.i think he just want to mold her into something strong enough to handle the company.someone that can handle the corporate world even of men.i thinl that’s why he is being harsh and cold to her.

    oh well.i can’t wait to see how it all ends.

    • 40.1 LastFantasy

      Nice Guy actually has 20 episodes not 16. So 6 more to go!

  41. 41 am

    I just wish the ratings have an effect whether Maru lives in the end.

    • 41.1 jomo

      Many things to consider with this writer, this cast, this genre…

      Best thing for series in the long term is that Maru dies. The most memorable and most talked about dramas do not end happy. As a scientific measure, count WPS (words per series) on OT here. Personally I have talked about WBDS, for example, more than any other show. There were others, but I don’t want to spoil and list all of the sad endings shows.

      Best thing for SJK is that Maru dies. That means every time we see him later our hearts will ache, and it will feel like a beatiful dream come true. I will always be in love with YSH because of this.

      Best thing for MCW is that Maru lives. We have seen her cry plenty. It is time for us to laugh and smile and hold her babies with her.

      Best thing for PSY is absolutely Maru dies. The acting that would come from these scenes will be amazing.

      Best thing for the writer – make Maru die. This will allow her to continue to make us guess in the future. Not all of her heroes die.

      Best thing for ratings? Not sure – as long as the viewers hope he lives, they will tune in, and promptly shut it off when/if he doesn’t!

      Best thing for jomo? Get your ass to the hospital, Maru, for crying out loud!!!!!

      • 41.1.1 missjb

        i really though, so! My feeling the best ending is Ma Ru will die.

        Hate to acknowledge it, but he has to. Since both female lead has strong feeling towards him.

        But i really hope before he dies, he will experience and knows how to received someone help, support, and love. He has been the one who give both fmale lead support eventhough he ever hurt them.

        sometimes i feel frustated everyone have no clue about his real condition, even his best friend. How can he cover his condition? They are even share the same house. @

      • 41.1.2 MissyK

        It may be just me, but I feel the positive turn on Eun Gi and Eun Suk’s relationship may be providing the setup for the finale where after the dust settles, and all wrongs have been righted, Eun Gi will take on the responsibility of raising Eun Suk, and declare both herself and Eun Suk as joint heirs to the inheritance left by their father. After all, what she always yearned for was love and warmth, and Eun Sok genuinely treats her with the love and warmth like a family.

        • jomo

          Sounds like you think JH will end up either in jail or perhaps, dead?

          • MissyK

            Yup, that would be my guess. For one, she’s got a walking time bomb in Lawyer Ahn who seems ever ready to drag her down together with him in whatever he does or will become. He seems like the devil advocate who fights the better half of her conscience, and emerges victorious, which is why when Jae Hee flashes of her humanity are usually in times when he’s not hovering around her. Should Jae Hee go down the path of redemption, he would inevitably be affected, and inasmuch I do sympathise with Jae Hee’s character, I don’t see her getting out of this unscathed thanks to him.

          • MissyK

            Sorry, I mean Jae Hee’s flashes of humanity are usually shown when he’s not hovering around her.

      • 41.1.3 am

        AHAHAHA! Really good points raised and totally agree with you. But that last bit! Now that he’s saying he has a reason to live, wouldn’t that be enough to drag your beautiful butt to the hospital?

        I’ve considered the pro’s and con’s of him dying (and story-wise, dying sounds pretty darn good) but I’m so emotionally invested in my Maru-Eunki ship that all I really want is for them to be happy. What with all that Eunki monologue in the rain about having babies and a nice future together? It.Breaks.My.Heart.

  42. 42 Sunshine

    wat?!?!? what happened dont tell me it an amnesia thing too!! argh i cant wait for the next ep!!

  43. 43 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    Always happy to hear your reactions and thoughts.

    Even with having seen 13 episodes so far, we all cannot really understand Maru, and that is pretty awesome.

    Is he the protector who can keep from meddling? What does he get out of all this? What will make him stay happy, and not just in the shower?
    (Although it is FINE with me if he stays in the shower all the time.)

    The various versions of the title: An Innocent Man, Nice Guy, There’s No Such Thing as a Nice Guy keep us guessing, and SJK playing this role enigmatically makes for both a confusing and uforgettable drama character.

    It seems that hair people are making his face more and more visible as we get more clarity on who he is.
    His wardrobe, sadly, is less sexy as a good guy, but he still is the most beautiful man, isn’t he? Sigh

  44. 44 Jambo

    Thanks for the recap. I was wondering about that San Francisco song too. Whoa! There it is again every time Eun Gi turns on the radio. Maybe that radio station is like this one Philippine radio station of yesteryear where they keep playing the same song My Fair Share by Seals & Croft over and over at exactly the same time every morning. I mean, it became a marker if were running late for school.

    Probably insignificant, but just wondering why the car MaRu is driving right now seems to be the same one he had before. Wasn’t it a head-on collision? Wouldn’t they both have totaled their cars? Unless he really likes that model/make. Or maybe not a head-on collision after all?

    • 44.1 jomo

      Oooh! Good question.
      Maybe it is a mistake, or maybe it’s Mau’s brand loyalty showing.

      • 44.1.1 Ginny

        Haha lolz

      • 44.1.2 asianromance

        LOL! That is a total win!

      • 44.1.3 Dark Justice

        Get what you mean I was literally like that. One time I had a G-Shock watch and it faced a little tragedy. (no need to go into details) Suffice to say the next watch that I bought was the same make and model as my previous one found it with a bit of difficulty. 🙂

        But we should also take into consideration a point that other people have brought up. We are never shown the entire accident. So most probably it didn’t happen head on. Remember when the Secretary tells Marru the first time they met was at the hospital. So what may have happened is that the accident was caused some other way (at the last moment) and Marru being Marru rushed her to the hospital. He then contacted the secretary ie via speed dial or maybe he was next to Eungi when she came when she was informed about the accident. After all if the accident was so bad that Eungi was in such a bad condition Marru should have been in a similar condition. I don’t recall Eungi ever mentioning who her boyfriend was so I doubt that the secretary knew for a fact his name. Plus being a 1st meeting and all. Maybe I am wrong and things happened differently.

        So unless someone goes to previous eps and checks out the cars number plate and confirms that it is the same one lets assume for the time brand loyalty.

        Also when the prosecutor team was ransacking the house for evidence and they guy finds the USB I say he must be saying Ah Mr. Kang Maru I have finally found your stash of illegal Digital Porn files from your Gigalo days now that you are going down. Then he gets real disappointed when he cant amuse himself with that but it is just a bunch of data with corporate information.

        Okay guess that wasn’t funny. sorry have a terrible sense of humor please bear with me. 🙁

        Fuel me with more comments and responses please 🙂

        • asianromance

          Right after the accident, the news on the tv said Eun-gi and Maru were both in a crash in the tunnel, so Maru really did get hurt that hour in the night in that tunnel. Eun-gi was probably more hurt because her car was tiny and he had an SUV.

          • Dark Justice

            lol good point. Since I haven’t watched the eps. yet I didnt know that. thanks for clearing that bit up.

  45. 45 shelhass

    Wonderful recap!

    This show is so brainy (you know what I mean), it helps a lot having you analising some stuff for us, who don’t have Maru’s IQ level.

  46. 46 rearwindow

    Thank you for the recap!! I can’t wait to watch this episode.

  47. 47 Momi

    Yeah it doesn’t make any sense that Maru would prefer amnesia-Eungi over old Eungi. Didn’t he say he enjoyed her bitchness before?? Why, why, why?! It’s not like old Eungi loved him any less.

    I was thinking that maybe we need to draw more on the accident and how “out-for-blood” Eungi was acting. Maybe the rage she had against Maru was deeper than we thought at that moment and he doesn’t want her to go back to it (although not really sure why she would blame Maru for her dad’s death). I was thinking that must be the reason he doesn’t want her to regain her memories.

    Other than that it must be that he doesn’t want her to stop being all-consumed by him and their love. Because before she had other concerns like running the company.

    Either way I really enjoyed their domestic scenes ;_; I hope they end up going on that date!

    • 47.1 Momi

      and if either of those scenarios are the case then Maru is being a class-A a-hole. -_-

    • 47.2 asianromance

      I think he doesn’t want her to regain her memories because he’s afraid that the feeling of domestic bliss he has been experiencing with Eun-gi would disappear once Eun-gi remembers everything – like all the mean things he said to her before she went and attempted murder-suicide.

      If she remembers everything, then she’ll also remember all the pain. Look at how she reacted after finding out that she was too busy chasing after Maru to be by her dad’s side (since one of the things she and her dad fought about in his last surviving days was about Maru). How will she react when she retrieves that memory and experiences that guilt on a more personal level?

      Then she will also remember that all those hopes amnesia Eun-gi had of remembering all the good ole times she and Maru shared are dashed because there weren’t any truly loving memories – just lies and pain.

      But I also think he (the nobler side of himself) does want her to regain her memories so that she can protect herself from Jae-hee, but then that would mean losing Eun-gi for himself.

  48. 48 pogo

    Ratings are up again at 17.1%, and I’ve convinced myself that those numbers coincide with Maru’s will to live.

    or maybe the fact that there’s no Arang this week so even if that show was in second place, its viewers are wide open to watch Nice Guy lol

  49. 49 Lilian

    I love the Eun Suk scenes and I hope we get a happy ending for the step siblings, excluding evil mummy.
    I love the lawyer and am still hoping he gets more airtime. Love the part about choosing roads =)

    And this show keeps throwing in surprises. I never know what to expect.

  50. 50 Suzi Q

    What? a re-amnesia? Are we going in that circle again? Poor Eun Ki….lost her marbles again.

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