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Nice Guy: Episode 8
by | October 5, 2012 | 246 Comments

So much good stuff this episode, especially since so much of it is just fallout. Dark, dramatic, narratively compelling fallout. Love. It may have taken a few good hits and a murder charge, but Maru finally proves that he has a limit, and Jae-hee passes it right on by with flying colors. Who needs revenge when you’re as mistake-prone as Jae-hee anyway?

Ratings took a bit of a dip this episode at 15.1%, but those numbers weren’t enough to knock Nice Guy from its first place spot.


Jae-hee thinks she’s in the clear when she sneaks out of the house to take Maru her apology meat, but Min-young spies her leaving as he lurks in his parked car outside her house. Nothing good comes from that kind of face.

As always, more is revealed to us than what we initially saw, and Eun-ki’s confession gains a few more lines. The message is still the same: Even if she loses everything else she’s known in life, she doesn’t want to lose Maru.

She remains unaware that Jae-hee is watching, and after spending a moment staring at the both of them, Jae-hee sets the package down and leaves.

Maru tends to Eun-ki’s bloody and bruised feet, though he pointedly avoids any attempt on her part to even touch his own wounds, or talk about what happened. “The good-looking face is all ruined,” Eun-ki sighs, mirroring what she’d called him before.

After giving Eun-ki a set of his sister’s clothes, Maru shuts down any more discussion about his face: “To tell you the truth, I like my face now. It’s become more like a human face. Having a painting-like, good-looking face is getting really boring now.”

At Eun-ki’s look of disbelief, he adds, “I’m not kidding. I didn’t even apply medicine in order for it to heal slower.” Eun-ki, please slap some sense into this boy. (Any place but the moneymaker, though.)

Maru undresses privately to reveal a roadmap of bruises covering his whole torso. As he leaves to get food for them, Eun-ki talks to her Mom: “Tell me I did well. This is the kind of life you were hoping I would have, Mom. It will be difficult, but just this once, I’m bravely going to try and take this road. Give me strength, Mom.”

There’s a long moment where Maru stares at the food Jae-hee left, but in the end he chooses to ignore the package entirely, while Jae-hee sits in her car outside only to be surprised when Min-young knocks on her window.

Eun-ki’s asleep on the floor by the time Maru returns, and he carefully tucks her into his own bed. There’s a picture of an island locale on his counter that wasn’t there before, and an attached note from Eun-ki explains that she was bored and found it in his drawer.

She added that she wants to go there with him tomorrow if the weather is good. “The first trip we take together, only us two.”

But it’s an old photo, and unsurprisingly has ties to Jae-hee. Namely, she’d taken the photo and given it to him back when they were young and in love, telling him exactly what Eun-ki had written about taking a trip there, just the two of them.

It’s jarring to contrast that happy, smiling version of Maru with the one we see now staring lifelessly at the same picture.

Despite the flashback, he now brushes Eun-ki’s hair away from her face as he leans in close, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek while she sleeps.

Time for another Jae-gil & Choco interlude, so let’s just grin and bear with it. Jae-gil sobs at the water’s edge because their pension owner told him Choco died after eating rat poison, only to find Choco alive and perfectly well.

Turns out the owner was talking about her dog, also named Choco, something that Choco is used to since her dad gave her a dog’s name. She explains that the name came from her being a huge crybaby when she was small (you don’t say!), and how she’d stop when she was given chocolate. Hence the name.

So Jae-gil decides to give her a new name: Ji-hyun. And while she’s on a roll, she changes her last name as well to make her new name Jeon Ji-hyun. And as usual, she tries to pry some feelings out of Jae-gil, and as usual, he hits her on the forehead. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Maru heads out while Eun-ki’s sleeping to buy her some designer outerwear, but stops when he sees Jae-hee’s face on a newspaper along with her pre-marriage interview.

He can’t help but think of Jae-sik and his murderous intent on finding his sister, and how he’d mentioned her upcoming marriage to Chairman Seo.

However, when Maru gets a call from Jae-hee, he ignores it and turns off his phone.

Jae-hee’s more than upset that she can’t get ahold of him, and a flashback to her conversation with Min-young from the night before reveals why she’s so on edge – he’d shown her the CCTV footage and revealed that Chairman Seo knows everything about them.

To make matters worse, Chairman Seo already had a meeting with Joon-ha and his accountant to draft up a new will that gives everything to Eun-ki. This news hits Jae-hee like a ton of bricks, since even her son, Eun-suk, has been written out.

“Let’s beg the Chairman,” Jae-hee tells Min-young through tears. “Let’s beg until he forgives us.” But Min-young knows what kind of man Chairman Seo is, and he’ll never forgive them.

He also adds that Eun-ki knows everything about Jae-hee’s relationship with Maru, and he’s of the belief that Eun-ki’s holding onto him just to make Jae-hee squirm. Didn’t he make it so that Eun-ki would find out? What was he hoping for?

Jae-hee breaks down in the car, while Min-young tells her to pack her bags and get out of that house. With people like Eun-ki and her father who’ll never forgive adultery, Jae-hee can never win.

Back in the present, Jae-hee puts on a “Woe is me” face like a true actress before leaving Maru a voicemail that her brother is going to kill her, and she has no one to call but hime. “Just this once, help me just this once!” she cries into the phone, before smashing her mirror with a wine bottle to make her situation sound more violent.

The second the message is saved, Jae-hee drops the act. The broken mirror reflects her many faces back to her, but this much is clear – she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Eun-ki finally wakes up to the sound of Joon-ha calling, but like Maru she ignores her phone. She’s surprised at how late she slept in, wondering, “Is this house that comfortable?”

Maru finally checks his voicemail against his better judgment, his eyes widening at Jae-hee’s message. He tries to ignore it as he heads for his house, and even lies that he called the police to help her when he calls her back.

It’s interesting that we don’t hear Jae-hee’s side of the conversation, and can only see Maru’s reactions go from “I’m not falling for this” to a DEFCON 2 level of concern. Didn’t take much for her to get him hook, line, and sinker. And she knew just how to do it, too.

Unaware, Eun-ki waits blissfully for Maru’s return. When she takes a peek outside his gate, all she sees are the shopping bags he left.

She looks like a kid on Christmas when she pulls out her new digs, especially happy when she see’s Maru’s note inside: “Let’s go on vacation.”

So she’s disheartened to get a text from him saying he can’t make it today, but cutely tries on the shoes and jacket anyway because she’s so excited. Aww.

But a text message from a private number arrives to rain on Eun-ki’s parade, with only Maru’s name, Jae-hee’s name, and where they are currently. (A vacation home, by the looks of it.)

…And, strangely enough, Jae-hee is behind the text. The room is torn up and her lip is bloody, which means she literally inflicted pain on herself to back up her lies. I shouldn’t be that surprised, but somehow I am.

Maru rushes in to find Jae-hee huddling on the floor, with bruises and scratches littering her arms. He’s reminded of the first time they met as children, and suddenly sees Child Jae-hee in Jae-hee’s place, all cut up and miserable.

Wow. So Jae-hee purposefully replicated the moment when Maru fell for her? That’s sick, but crafty. (Or, Maru could just have some very serious issues.)

She puts on the pitiful act for him, and it works. He goes off to get her first aid kit and she drops the act while alone in the blink of an eye.

Just when you think Maru’s getting a call from Eun-ki, it turns out to be Jae-sik, calling from a police station in Busan to see if Maru will bail him out. Oh crap. But oh, sweet fallout.

There’s a moment before Maru realizes what this call means, and once he puts it all together that Jae-sik being in Busan means that Jae-hee lied, about everything, the look on his face is honestly frightening.

Still, he saunters back into the room silently, and begins to tend to Jae-hee’s wounds. Eun-ki arrives outside in the meantime.

With tears in her eyes, Jae-hee appeals to the Maru she knows still loves her, claiming that she was crazy for leaving him. Oh hell no, did she really do all this to get Maru to take her back? What an opportunistic ——–.

Maru considers her for a moment, as though he’s reconciling the goddess image he’s always had of her with the cold hard proof that she’s using him. “Noona, you know me very well. You know me much better than I know myself.”

He basically calls her out for knowing just how to get to him, despite his best intentions to not indulge that part of himself she appeals to.

Eun-ki arrives during this conversation, though she doesn’t reveal herself while staying within eavesdropping range. She hears Maru tell Jae-hee that he really didn’t want revenge – he just wanted to see her that desperately. “I also knew that it was my pathetic obsession with you.”

His voice grows graver as he goes on, imitating her when she called him six years ago and now with her “Maru, help me” line. The Maru from six years ago abandoned his sick sister to run to her like a crazy person. (Can’t argue with that.)

Maru: “You knew I’d come to you like that. No matter what Noona did, I understood, I was patient, I forgave you, and endured it all. You also know this, right?” Whoa, is Maru finally having a breakthrough?

Maybe not, since he admits that even after all that, he’s still crazy about her. “I’m still a lunatic. Someone with brain damage. Someone with amnesia. And someone without pride.”

Eun-ki stays until Jae-hee interrupts him to desperately tell him: “You told me to just come down, right? Okay, I’ll come down. As long as I have you, I can throw away everything. I will throw away everything and give up everything. I will go down to the old me.”

This is all Eun-ki can bear to hear, and she starts to zombie her way out of the house as Jae-hee continues her complete and utter lie, totally unaware that she’s digging her own grave where Maru is concerned.

It’s too bad that Eun-ki didn’t stick around for Maru’s reply, since he finally(?) puts an end to all this craziness with Jae-hee. He basically tells her that he doesn’t care where she goes, whether it’s hell or utter destruction. Jae-hee still, somehow, doesn’t understand what he means. Or she just doesn’t want to.

Maru: “I’m saying that the unyielding feelings I have for Han Jae-hee have come to an end.”

He means it, but is only able to keep his cool until he gets outside. Tears slip out as he flashes back to all his good memories with Jae-hee, which manage to make me both sad for him and for her – at least, sad for what she’s become. And the fact that it’s destroying him.

Maru sees Eun-ki racing out of the driveway, but only vague curiosity registers on his face. Jae-hee calls him from inside to ask if he’s leaving her because he’s fallen in love with Eun-ki.

Relief floods her face when he says “I made a mistake. I’m regretting it.”, clearly thinking that he’s talking about the breakup. But no, he’s regretting that he drug Eun-ki into this mess.

He calls Eun-ki as she drives away, and she pointedly refuses to pick up.

Joon-ha tends to Chairman Seo, who looking like he’s already got one foot in the afterlife. He’s only thinking of Eun-ki despite failed attempts to contact her, and stresses to Joon-ha that Jae-hee is to receive nothing when he dies. That’s the only way he can think of to protect his daughter.

Eun-ki ignores yet another call from Joon-ha as she drives back to Maru’s neighborhood, but in a moment of decision, she peels back out just before Maru drives in. They barely miss each other.

Reminders of Eun-ki’s presence remain in Maru’s house, but the vacation picture is what he picks up first. Turns out he forgot Jae-hee had written him a love note on the back, which means Eun-ki had seen it. And it’s probably why Eun-ki suggested it as a vacation spot, because Jae-hee did so first.

After she’s cleaned up a bit, Jae-hee struts into a bank vault while Min-young’s advice to her reverberates in voiceover: Chairman Seo is pissed, and she has to keep her head down.

Inside her safety deposit box is a familiar looking crumpled envelope… cue a flashback of her during her reporter days getting a call from someone with scandalous information about Chairman Seo.

And in a very interesting reveal, that man turns out to be the man she murdered in the hotel room he’d been living out of since Taesan took everything from him.

The envelope she has is one he handed over to her in the hopes that she would air Chairman Seo’s dirty laundry to the world – all his bad personal and business dealings, including enough illegal deeds to put him away for a long, long time.

But Jae-hee doesn’t seem to think the same way, and seems to even come to Chairman Seo’s defense, going so far as to tell him to just sell his information back to Taesan for money. He claims he remembers hearing that Chairman Seo had his eye on a reporter, and guesses by her reaction that it’s her.

Unsurprisingly, this gets him riled up, and the harrowing scene that follows shows him trying to rape Jae-hee, ripping at her clothes while he shoves her into the mattress.

In a state of terror, Jae-hee smashes a bottle over his head and kicks him away, only to have his head fall back on a jutting corner. That blow to the head is what kills him.

Flash back to the present, where Jae-hee now has the envelope and the will to use it.

Meanwhile, Eun-ki drives to the vacation spot from Jae-hee’s photo, and takes a picture from the same exact vantage point. She sends it to Maru in a text, and he’s out the door the second he sees it.

While Jae-hee heads to Chairman Seo’s house with the envelope, Joon-ha looks torn over having to do his boss’ bidding by digging up files on Jae-hee and Min-young. Aw, it’s cute that he has a conscience.

Maru finds Eun-ki taking in the sights at the beach, though their discussion turns frank when she asks him whether he’s been here before. “It’s the first time,” he admits. “I decided to come here with someone in the past, but in the end we couldn’t go.”

Eun-ki asks him pointed questions she knows the answer to, but she’s determined to get him to admit what she wants to hear out loud. And when she finally asks who it is that Maru loved, he silently weighs his options before answering, “Han Jae-hee.”


Not the most exciting cliffhanger when Eun-ki is just verifying what she already knows, but it’s an important step for both her and Maru to get some honesty where he’s concerned. He’s not a liar, but he has been deceptively good at using silence to his advantage up until now. And he’ll probably use it long into the future, too.

It’s a definite plus that she’s smart enough to realize that, and that her personality is strong enough for her to ask him what she wants to know point-blank. If she gives him an inch she knows he takes a mile, so it’s good to see her slowly adapt and change in order to make this dangerous relationship work, and to see how that positively influences Maru to do things he would never have dreamt of three episodes ago.

But when he does forego silence for, you know, words, he never fails to bring the house down. I was really pleased with the whole way that “Help me, Maru!” sequence played out, because we had just enough time to hate Jae-hee and worry over how long Maru would be trapped in her web… Only to have her brother cause a late-game reversal that got us straight to the fallout. That’s good storytelling.

The fact that Chairman Seo found out about the affair now and not in hour seventeen was also a wonderful surprise, since again, we got to skip past the inevitable meandering misunderstandings period and get straight to the good stuff. It’s never fun in dramas when one character manages to hold onto a big secret despite all logic and credibility, so to see Jae-hee’s secret out so fast, Maru’s secret out so fast, and even the secret behind the murder that started it all out already keeps the pace brisk and the scenes engaging.

If there’s one aspect I keep waiting for improvement on, it’s the comedic(?) derailments with Jae-gil and Choco. Their characters are inoffensive enough, and while I understand their role in Maru’s life, sort of (Choco’s at least had an impact, not too sure about Jae-gil), I was kind of floored when they got removed to their own godforsaken island.

Because, really? You’re going to take these two characters who already have problems integrating into the story, physically remove them from the main action, and hope that’s somehow better than when they shared a roof with Maru? Sigh. I want to like them, and I keep trying to like them, but they need some relevance. Inversely, if they are really just there for comedic relief, then they need to be funnier.

The shining moment of this episode definitely goes to Jae-hee and her master plan to fall back on Maru, aka Ol’ Reliable. I have to admit, her idea made sense, if you look at it from the standpoint of a terrible person: She knows she’s about to be homeless, and what better home to go back to than Maru, a man she described as being like a house that always has the lights on and a warm fire burning? I bet she wasn’t expecting him to go and change the locks on her.

The fun part about Jae-hee is that she makes a lot of terrible decisions, and most of them have already backfired on her. I don’t know whether it says something worthwhile about her in that she’s always able to scheme her way up when the chips are down, or whether all her failed plans just reinforce Maru’s theory that she doesn’t belong in her world.

‘Cause as far as the affair thing goes, Maru didn’t even have to lift a finger. Is that good revenge, or the best revenge ever?


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      P.S. Who else feels they’ve been Samsung-Galaxy-S-III’ed out? Let’s make the product placement less obvious folks! 🙂

      • 1.1.1 Bloom

        I agree with you about the oh-so-not-subtle advertisement 😛 I kinda laughed out loud when I saw the big “Samsung galaxy S-III” in this episode and the way the camera zoomed on the phone. But hey, if I had one, I would also be showing it off everywhere haha!

      • 1.1.2 BibiRouge

        Or when Eun-Ki took that photo on the beach and it sent: tak-tak-tak-tak-tak, and I kept wondering how she could not laugh…

      • 1.1.3 Awe

        tbh—i get very irritated when i see the samsung products in dramas.

        it’s like samsung is gloating over the fact that they are getting away with their ripped off technology. guess it wasn’t enough that Apple gave samsung business to make [some] iPhone components…and provide jobs to Koreans.

        OY—i’ll get off my soapbox so y’all can bash me for my opinion on this.

        bash away….

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  3. Onichick

    I really enjoyed this episode. Im glad that Maru was able to end things with Jaehee because honestly I hate her. It was also nice to see where MAru cares for Eunki. LIke the kiss on the cheek, that wasnt for anyone benefit. It further his agenda. I was also cheering when he was being honest with her in the end.

    This show is being well acted and thought out..minus the Chocco/Jaegil plots which while I find them humorous I could do with out.

    *goes back to stockpiling tissue and booze for the inevitable pain this show will bring*

    And yes SJK is made of everything good in the world with a a lot of sex appeal. We will not discuss my obsession with finding a certain wink of his from SKKS.

    • 3.1 Lilly

      Maybe Jae Hee will accidentally kill Choco by mistake thinking she is getting Eun-ki and Jaegil goes back to his father turning gangsta crazy or something. Still a lot of episodes to fill.

      • 3.1.1 Miichiyeo

        I feel like something has really bad has to happen to Choco because of Jae Hee in order for Maru to do any REAL revenge. Which is kind of sad since I don’t really want anything bad to happen to her

        • Onichick

          I dont want anything like that to happen either. Usually I am all for letting the heros of the rails but in this case, I have feeling he did, he would never come back and I dont want that.

          So hopefully Jaegil doesnt fall down on the job of watching Choco.

          • jomo

            I think the writer uses the hero or heroine’s weak person as someone who is at risk of harm, but usually she keeps them around for the duration. This person has to be there up to the end as the reason to keep the fight going against the Evil Foe.
            It is kinda cool that Choco is annoying, and in our eyes disposable, as opposed to the sweet angelic lil’ sister who would make our stomach churn. Maru protects her no matter what because she is family.

      • 3.1.2 asianromance

        Yikes! I really hope that doesn’t happen! The series should be moving towards redemption! How can MR be redeemed if we throw him into the darkness again! That is too cruel!

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    Thanks so much heads!!! (;

    Can’t wait to see what everyone has to say!

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  7. Lilly

    The only way for Jae Hee to get the money for her son now is to kill Eun-ki. Now she has Maru’s prints on a lot of things in the villa, including the surgical tool he used to swab her wound with. I wonder if the character is planning something with that?

    No matter how you look at it, for Maru, for revenge, or for money, the only happy ending Jae Hee character could see now is a dead Eun-ki.

    • 7.1 Saner

      Or a Eun-ki whose forgotten everything…?

      • 7.1.1 Moonblue

        Agreed, maybe this is where the amnesia (finally) kicks in but I will really dread it.

      • 7.1.2 sugarpunch

        oh no, nooooooooo no more amnesia plots for me. I think it’s just a convenient way of creating dilemma, hiding secrets and manipulation. So far, this drama has been doing it well, deviating from the pretty usual melodramatic storyline. Surprisingly i don’t feel frustrated watching this drama:)

        • zodd

          Most likely a failed murder attempt on Eun-ki that left her with amnesia. Making Maru want revenge.

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    Me too!! Waiting since yesterday!..

    I bet she wasn’t expecting him to go and change the locks on her.<<<<love this!

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    I thought this drama was about him getting revenge using Eun Ki’s amnesia? When is she going to lose her memory? We’re on ep 8 already, if it was going to happen is should have already.

    • 9.1 anais

      I really hope that the amnesia doesn’t happen. What I can see happening is:

      • Maru & Eunki have a lovely time falling in love.
      • Eunki loses her memory
      • Either Jaehee manipulates Eunki’s amnesia to her benefit or Joonha understandably influences Eunki so that either way Eunki comes to hate or even hurt Maru.
      • Then, Maru has to fight for real this time.
      • Then???

      I just don’t want A Love to Kill or Sangdoo ending. The ending to those two scarred me so much that I stayed away from K-drama and fiction in general for a while each time. Or a Bad Guy ending, which had me so *#&$)@(&##@*(**%&*#!

      I really liked the ending of Episode 8. It was such a relief. Finally. The first ending that leaves us with a sense of hope, with a BOOYAH!

      • 9.1.1 RealKDramaaddict

        ALTK and Bad Guy. Two dramas that left me angry at unnecessary angst and unrealistic endings.

        I am sure this writer is coming up with epic angst again.

      • 9.1.2 Junko

        Omg if Eunki loses her memory would not be good at all. I really enjoyed this episode. Maru has finally come to his senses.

  10. 10 Eye Candy

    Okay, so this is the first melodrama I have watched, and I just can’t stop. Even though I know there is pain awaiting us at the end of this journey, I keep hoping there will be hapiness (which is why I normally watch romcoms). But this show just keeps delivering and honestly I hope there is no amnesia in the show just because I feel like its so strong without a common trope like that. But then again, I think this show would make the amnesia much more than a typical plot device. Can’t wait for more episodes.

    • 10.1 kafanyu

      I know exactly what you mean. I’m another melodrama convert, thanks to this show. Normally I steer clear of them just because they tend to recycle soooo many tropes (seriously, if dramaland was real, amnesia would be more common than shortsightedness), but based on this drama’s performance so far, I’m trusting that it can execute the necessary angst cleverly and effectively, with or without an amnesiac Eun-ki.

      • 10.1.1 Betsy Hp

        I’m also trusting this drama to take the amnesia-trope and make good use of it — if they do use it. I’ve been impressed with the way they’ve handled familiar tropes so far.

  11. 11 Korazy Lady

    I really liked this episode because frankly the way things were going in 7 was getting downright grueling. At least we didn’t have to sit through Maru once again being sucked in by Jae Hee’s lies. Who would have thought that her brother would end up being a hero in this episode?

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    I am inlove with this drama. 🙂 Thank you for the recap. I loved reading your thoughts about it.

    I really love how the story is being told. The story and characters are very engaging. I feel a wide range of emotions when watching this show.
    I love Eun-Ki and Maru is growing on me. I also love Joon-Ha and really feel bad for him. I love to hate Jae-Hee.

    Arghh… can the next episode air now.. getting impatient to see what happens next 🙂

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      I’m a little slow in understanding…but can you please tell me why you feel sorry for Joon-Ha?

      • 12.1.1 Aurora

        On the relationship chart, it says Joon-Ha loves Eun Ki. I kinda did suspect that since it doesn’t seem like he’s gay. I’m guessing in a future episode, they’ll reveal why he had to lie that he’s gay to her.

        • pogo

          did he actually say that, or is it just something she assumes? Because I could totally ship them.

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    Thanks for the awaited recap HeadsNo2.

    I thought the confession by MR at the end was hard for him to utter JH’s name as it caught in his throat and not weighing his options. EG already saw the back of the photo and knew JH was his loved one and used his past to get what she wants–MR for herself. Why should he lie? All’s fair so I do not blame her, but if she insists upon having a relationship with him, it’s on her.

    I think it’s a little odd her traveling to the same place as JH (unk? that they did not go) for a vacay with just the two of them. I’m all for disclosure, but something about that scene was a little creepy. Is she using him like atty Ahn alluded but I’m going further in that she’s trying to replace MR’s memories with JH or to eradicate them all together. Good luck with that sister. JH represents the freaking ocean (unending) that you brought him to….a place of remembrance. MR is not stupid about women…apart from JH that is, which has now been cleared up betw them even though I think he knew but just forgot or forgave.

    This looks like an anchor episode for all involved in this love triangle. What mess is about to blow up because of atty Ahn allowing the chairman to die with JH caught in the crossfire? I don’t know how he can stop atty Park from following through on the will unless something bad happens to EG where she’s incapacitated. Atty Park looked troubled while digging into JH’s past in order to bring her down.

  15. 15 SweetPea

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    I bet Chairman Seo suffers an attack and dies RIGHT before he changes the will. That's what always happens in melo-kdramas right? History of Salaryman, anyone? 🙁

    ARUGH. I was hoping Chairman Seo could have made Jae-Hee's life a living hell first for a little bit and actually have her stranded….

    ANYONE ELSE also worried that somehow the Jae-Hee will either be able to threaten and/or prevent the change of will?

    Sigh, poor Eun-Ki will end up homeless AND amnesiac.

    • 15.1 Peeps

      Homeless?? Isn’t MaRu her home?? Keke..

      • 15.1.1 asianromance

        It’s one thing to be homeless because her dad was a meanie and kicked her out. Another to be kicked out because of Jae-hee, who will probably have emotionless sex with that gross Lawyer Ahn on the master bed.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          She would have emotionless sex because to would ensure her survival and then she would cry and look vulnerable and regretful. It’s a pattern.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            JH flashes her body and kisses the lawyer; he wants to possess her and starts manipulating her life, according to the preview for the next episode. Once again, this proves that her little schemes are shallow and not well thought-out. She is easily outsmarted and overpowered by others. She is not Mishil from TGQSD, that’s for sure. She is a one-trick pony, always using her body and vulnerability and relying on men to rescue her.

            I wonder if is she capable of growing up as a person. Would she be able to forgive herself? Find an inner strength to stand tall and accept responsibility for her choices?

  16. 16 Aliiiiiiiice

    Jae Hee’s kind of crazy is that she just has no idea what happiness is, but is desperately reaching for her best shot at avoiding self destruction, thinking that THAT is her shot at being happy/free.

    Before it was her relationship with Maru. Then her stint as a reporter. Then it was her comfortable life as a mistress. Then it was the prospect of securing an empire for herself and her son. Then, when all that tumbled, finally back to Maru.

    In some ways it’s so sad. A smart woman of many talents who loses her spine and her soul whenever her security is threatened.

    And yes, while JaeHee is sometimes soulless, I don’t think she’s heartless, especially given that all of her poor decision making is dependent on her panic-driven emotions. If she was heartless, her calculating would have been much cleaner, me thinks.

    Let’s remember that JaeHee never shows her claws unless she thinks she is threatened. I think what’s sad is that if EunGi left her alone, JaeHee might never have been motivated enough to try to push EunGi out in the first place.

    I don’t like JaeHee, personally, but I do find her interesting.

    As for this eppy — I just really loved how Maru broke up outside after he ended things so coldly with JaeHee. So many times in dramaland, after the disillusionment, there is usually only anger and bitterness and no real mourning period in between. His love for JaeHee was as real as he realizes that it was crazy and obsessive.

    I like the little romps with JaeGil and Choco since they’re cute and cute to look at, but yes, I am getting a wee restless to see how this all adds up.

    I just KNOW that JaeGil’s chaebol connections will kick in at some point.

    And can anyone explain the sporadic bouts of vague illnesses w/ the women in Maru’s life? (Choco, EunGi and even JaeHee.) I really, REALLY hope it’s not some plot device that is being utilized as a crutch. Because that is abusing the audience’s expectations.

    While I shall allow myself to stomach the fact that they always arise to add the “something happens” plot device to get things moving and to amp up the drama and level of conflict, if they aren’t explained or given some context soon, it’ll be hard for me to bajeoh any further.

    With writing this good, my standards have, fortunately and unfortunately, risen. So what might’ve worked in 2002 just doesn’t work as well in 2012.

    That said, I did feel much relief that all is pretty much out in the open between EunGi and Maru. The danger, the love and the crazy.

    Amazing recaps, Heads!

    • 16.1 asianromance

      Speaking of sporadic illnesses, what about the amazing healing capabilities. It took less than 12 hours for the massive swelling in his eyelid to go down. So was that swelling due to being hit or was it just an allergic reaction? Maybe he was lying abt wanting an ugly face so he didn’t do much in terms of applying medicine.

      And remember when he had that broken rib? A day later, he’s out and about fighting Choco’s biological mom’s abusive husband. And seemingly a day after that, he was jogging.

      An acquaintance of mine just had a small fracture in her leg and she has to rest it for at least 2 weeks.

      • 16.1.1 risa

        Yeah, I know wounds usually heal way faster in dramaland than in RL, but I wish they would have let Maru’s disfigured face last another half-day– it would have made Jae Hee’s victim act seem all the more heinous, and I really wanted her to have to face what she had done to him. Though I get that it was probably better for a more empowered-looking Maru to reject Jae Hee with his “I’ve changed the locks on my heart” speech.

      • 16.1.2 Kgrl

        Time is not stated in this drama clearly. What looks like a day is actually probably several days. Notice that EG said MR has lasted a month in her first attempt breakup. If were to look at the way the episodes have been filmed it’ll seem like they’ve met each other for only 2 weeks.

    • 16.2 anais

      Totally agree that Jaegil’s background will help Maru later. And I hope nothing happens to Choco. I may be among the few who actually likes them. And found the self-referential Choco dog allusion absolutely adorable.

    • 16.3 Chintu

      took the words outta my mouth with respect to Jaehee’s character and what Jaegil’s chaebeol connections might mean… word!

    • 16.4 kafanyu

      I’m not a great appreciator of Jae-gil and Choco, but I did like the scene when she got her name ‘changed’. I like the touch that, even though she’s so immature, a part of her wants to grow up and stop being the kid who cries until Dad/Maru/*insert father figure here* solves her problem. If that’s where her character is headed, then I’m on board.

      • 16.4.1 Aliiiiiiiice

        Ahahaha. Leave it to her to take a sweet and precious moment to tack on the surname “Jeon” to form “Jeon Ji Hyun”!

        Sometimes I look at Choco and I think that if Jaehee were a little more dumber and carefree, she wouldn’t have been all that different from Choco, who received the love of a very caring older brother, while JaeHee only received fists and fear.

        She’s sooooo cute! I luff her. Being young and full of dreams, she still thinks she can do anything once she sets her mind to it. Despite her illness, I’ve yet to see her completely fall into a pit of despair and unyielding bitterness.

        “…a part of her wants to grow up and stop being the kid who cries until Dad/Maru/*insert father figure here* solves her problem.”

        I think that this is where Choco has the opportunity and chance to find that kind of faith in herself and go after what she dreams up, find the kind of independence that JaeHee never allowed herself to have completely.

        I think independence can happen for anybody, but really, it’s the support of your loved ones and your trust in them that gives you the faith to try out those few baby steps all by yourself.

    • 16.5 Betsy Hp

      Oh my gosh, Aliiiiice, I so agree with you about Maru breaking down after his cold break up. It shouldn’t be easy it end something he’s held so close for so long and I love the show for recognizing that.

      And I also love that we can see why Jea-hee makes the choices she makes. I mean we can see they’re wrong and hurtful and selfish, but it’s so cool that we can see they’re panic-driven. As you said: “If she was heartless, her calculating would have been much cleaner, me thinks.” I think so, too.

      You asked: “And can anyone explain the sporadic bouts of vague illnesses w/ the women in Maru’s life? (Choco, EunGi and even JaeHee.) I really, REALLY hope it’s not some plot device that is being utilized as a crutch. Because that is abusing the audience’s expectations.”

      In the ep 7 comments, Ladida talked about Maru’s way of showing love by protecting and doctoring them (56:2, second paragraph). So I wonder if it’s less a plot-device or something ominous that’ll pop up in later episodes, and rather a character hook. Choco’s illness has helped shape how Maru shows love. Jea-hee’s old injuries were a physical reminder of what all they’d gone through together — what he’d protected her from and therefore his love for her. And Eun-gi literally falling ill into his arms the first nudge on his “protection = love” button.

      Though I do agree that this isn’t a healthy way of loving, so it’s something that needs fixing rather than something that should continue. Choco needs to get to a point where she can stand on her own without Maru as a crutch. And Maru needs to have a love where they’re equals — not him as white-knight protector of the damsel in distress.

      • 16.5.1 Aliiiiiiiice

        “So I wonder if it’s less a plot-device or something ominous that’ll pop up in later episodes, and rather a character hook. “

        THAT is what I hope and pray for.

        “Choco’s illness has helped shape how Maru shows love. Jea-hee’s old injuries were a physical reminder of what all they’d gone through together — what he’d protected her from and therefore his love for her. And Eun-gi literally falling ill into his arms the first nudge on his “protection = love” button.”

        You know, I never framed it that way in my mind, because I was so stuck on the suspension of belief. But if I look at it again through those lenses, I feel much less annoyed and a lot more forgiving towards the story.

        “Ladida talked about Maru’s way of showing love by protecting and doctoring them (56:2, second paragraph)”

        Ahahaha. I laughed when I read that. I think we’re both a little intense in similar ways when we’re super into a show.

        As for healthy ways of love, this is definitely Maru’s gauntlet or rite of passage as a man.

        There’s this thing I learned about in my school — which is a cross between shamanism and clinical psychology — that’s called the Triangle of Disempowerment.

        Whenever you feel like your life is out of control or like you have no power over a situation and it’s stressing you out, chances are that you’ve stepped into one of 3 roles: victim, perpetrator or rescuer. And until you step off it, you are continuing to perpetrate one of these roles and you are continuing the loss of power and agency for yourself and others.

        Maru = Rescuer. Guilty as charged.

        And being the Rescuer, he is just as responsible for the unnecessary suffering as if he’d been the perpetrator. Because he totally takes the victim’s agency away and the ability for her to learn how to stand on her own.

        In my social justice activist days we called it the “Jesus Complex” — when things got too hard, they jump in, take on everyone else’s burdens and try to “save” the situation.

        It makes me wonder, Betsy Hp, what it will take for Maru to step up and allow the person he loves to fall and get back up all by herself. I think there might have been flashes when he told Choco in the rain, “Fine. Then go die.”, when he was under extreme duress, but he did revert back into a caretaking role for Choco when he rescued her from living with her biological mom and abusive boyf.

        What is an equal?

        I’d love for the writers have Maru’s psyche tackle that question.

        • Betsy Hp

          Ahahaha. I laughed when I read that. I think we’re both a little intense in similar ways when we’re super into a show.

          Hee! I’m assuming you’re talking about me (pulling a reference out of my pocket and sourcing it?). And if so — yeah I can dive deep when I’m into something. Which is what makes the internet so cool because then I can bug the similarly obsessed instead of friends and family. 😉

          I love, love, love your explanation of the Triangle of Disempowerment. Because Jea-hee is constantly spinning between victim and perpetrator. And I feel like she’s trapped there because she feels like being the perpetrator is the only way to get power. And instead it tends to blow up in her face.

          While for Maru the way out of being the victim for him is to become the rescuer. (And isn’t it interesting that he couched his attack on Jea-hee as “rescuing” her, even if he meant it ironically?) And since I think (hope!) we’re going to get a redemption story for Maru, it’d be awesome if he did step out of that role and, as you put it, let his loved one get back up on her own.

          I wonder if Eun-gi’s strength (and I’ve been really impressed by her strength and her honesty) won’t cause her to just tell Maru that this is what she needs — to do it herself, not for him to do it for her? So far anyway, I think Eun-gi has been refusing to be the victim — hopefully that’ll continue.

  17. 17 kafanyu

    Thanks so much for the recaps.

    This is the first melo that I’ve watched (and not hated so much that I had to stop).

    Wowww… such a good episode. I love love loved the backfiring of Jae-hee’s latest evil scheme. I love how tough Eun-ki is, how she makes her own decisions and digs up the truth no matter how much it scares her. Could we have some more Eun-kis in the real world, too?

    In a thematic sort of way, I kind of liked the fact that Maru looked such a mess in this episode. Obviously, his beat-up face isn’t as easy on the eyes as SJK’s normal look, but I think it makes sense that a character who has so many internal scars (courtesy of Jae-hee) should also have some external scars (also courtesy of Jae-hee).

  18. 18 trixicopper

    Who da thunk that this episode would make me want to hug JH’s brother of all people? The award for great timing goes to the skeevy bro! 🙂

    Thanks for recapping!

    • 18.1 mskololia

      Now you know MR’s a part of that crazy family. JH’s brother calling him and demanding money.

      The one hostess insinuating that MR is his brother and telling him to send the money to their account…too funny.

      • 18.1.1 asianromance

        I hate the brother, but that scene of the brother and that Busan hostess at the police station is, admittedly, sort of cute and funny (if we discount the whole MR is on the line putting the pieces together that JH lied to him). They should just have the brother stay in Busan and be bossed around by strong, Busan women.

  19. 19 Dara

    Fatal Attraction on all sides.

  20. 20 owl

    I probably shouldn’t be writing this because I can’t make my way out of this black episode to see the sun. I hope I am able to before next week’s episodes, but at this point, I’m not sure. Ma Roo is messed up. The two women in his head are two halves of a fantasy whole. When either half says “Jump,” Ma Roo says, “How high?” He mind is one scary place.

    BIG disclosure in the backstory that Jae Hee was with the chairman back then when she was a reporter- wow, despicable scam girl. Something more that Ma Roo doesn’t know. Can Jae Hee possibly become any more unglued? Self-destruction, imploding, black hole – she is all of that and then some. “Whether you’re headed for hell of utter destruction I don’t care anymore.” It’s both, Ma Roo. I don’t believe for a minute that he can walk away from Jae Hee for good.

    Another thing, what were dramas like before cell phones? I’ve never seen a plot more driven by stolen/misplaced phones, texts read by the wrong eyes, and cryptic messages intentionally sent to stir up trouble. Just accidently drop the cell phone in an opportune place for the next person to make the plot twist.

    Gotta go find a flashlight.

    • 20.1 mchall

      Yeah, Jae Hee is such a flawed character that I don’t have any sympathy or understanding for her or her actions. It’s so easy to hate her… in fact I’d love to see her punching herself before Maru arrived. It would be disturbing but oh soooo satisfying …

      • 20.1.1 zhill

        yeah, if would be nice if they showed us viewers the punching and scratching act of Jae Hee lol! I have zero sympathy for her … she was flirty and manipulative from the start … that’s why her brother wants to eat her alive.

        Park Si Yeon’s acting was very good, very convincing actually coz’ we hated her every moves. she reminds me of Kim So Yeon playing an exceptional villain in “All About Eve”. Her character was so evil, but the viewers loved her though, enough for the writer to let her live and redeemed herself in the end … well, kind of.

        • mskololia

          Perhaps her brother hates her because she wanted to make something of her self….She had a dream and her family could not crush it.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Except… JH is not very smart and mostly reactive rather than proactive.

            PSY is gorgeous and, in my opinion, her JH outshines EK in emotional layering.

          • mskololia

            I think JH’s intelligent and intuitive.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            I think she is not very bright but she is sensitive and can make quick, most of the time wrong decisions that she regrets afterwards.

          • owl

            Yes, but as a true narcissist, Jae Hee only thinks of herself. Always. That means there isn’t an “us” when it comes to boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/daughter, husband/wife, even mother/son. It is always Jae Hee and Jae Hee alone when she makes her decisions which is why she can turn on anyone at any moment to place herself in the best position for that situation. Narcissism can never look at the “US,” it only looks at “ME”.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Come on, healthy narcissism is good. The glow of love JH had with her son is difficult to fake.

            I would not demonize JH yet. She was abused and powerless as a little girl and now she is hyper vigilant about safety, survival, and power. Those basic needs come first, then it’s about compassion and care for others.

          • asianromance

            Agreed. He always knew she was better than her “station” in life and that she would succeed and leave the shitty family behind like they deserve. Girl even went to university, got a degree, and landed a white-collar job. And considering how hard it is to get into college in Korea when you’re NOT a celebrity-idol? She worked hard and did tremendously well for herself.

            Even if she’s a horrible person who deserved to be crushed, a good brother would be like Mu-young from Arang. He at least felt bad when he had to punish his baddie of a sister.

          • ladida

            I’ve never thought of power as a basic need before.

          • Kgrl

            @ladida: Lmao. Oh hon, I love you.

            JH doesn’t seem to be book smart, but she is very intuitive – she has to, as it’s one of her survival skills. She’s learned to read people, to mold herself to fit their perceptions in order to survive, to manipulate to get what she wants.

            JH isn’t evil. In many ways, she’s similar to a child who’s been taught all the wrong things. Can you blame the child for learning it? Like the saying goes, there are no bad students, just bad teachers.

    • 20.2 owl

      At least there was an in-house shrink in Me Too, Flower. Remember when the psychiatrist gave her a classic explanation of the personality test results? So funny!

  21. 21 ladida

    Thanks for the recap!

  22. 22 티샤

    omg im so glad that he finally wants to do good by eun ki cos i wld feel so bad for her if she went through the entire drama with her one-sided love! it’s so hard for someone who’s not used to trusting people to love someone so i really think she deserves to be loved back. but since it’s a melo, i wasnt really sure if things were gonna swing her way.

  23. 23 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, HeadsNo2! I hope you’re having a great start to the weekend.

    The brilliant scene where Jae-hee pretends she got beat up by her brother and MR later finding out that his sympathies had been played- I was at first angry at her because I felt like was trying to lure him into a compromising situation and blame him for the beating, but by the end of it, I just ended up feeling like JH is a sad, sad person. She has fallen so low.

    It’s been said that MR is like a dog, but the real animal is JH. She has lost the pride of being a human being. Depressing thing is that she didn’t need to manipulate him like that to take her back. I think if she were to bring her bulgogi apology gift a few more times around to his house and said she wanted to leave everything for him, he would have taken her back. And then they could have moved on from this and pick up the pieces of their happy past together. Actually if she had taken the fall for the murder, do to the circumstances of self-defense, she may have been able to get away with no or a very minimal sentence.

    However, she’s unable to keep it together and is now being manipulated by Lawyer Ahn. He’s exploiting her vulnerability to keep her by his side.

    I was worried that Eun-gi would end up deciding to backstab MR and then we’d get a whole cycle of misunderstanding, cross-purposes and people-using. I’m glad she had let herself get caught by MR regarding her knowing his association with JH and decided to face it head on, but without hysterics. And I’m glad this whole JH-MR association is out in the open- EG knows. And he knows she knows. And she knows that he knows that she knows.

    I’m a bit sad that she wasn’t aware of what may have been the first truly sincere kiss that Maru gives her. Loved that kiss he gave her while she was asleep. Swoon!! Replayed that part like 6 times.

    • 23.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      Me too! The kiss he gave her while she was sleeping was so sweeeet!

      I can’t wait to see them work together again, now that everything’s out in the open. With their powers combined, they are gonna be a fiercely interesting couple to watch when they set their sights on a common goal.

    • 23.2 owl

      All three main characters were physically hurt this episode, walking around with bandages, ripped lips, disfigured eyes, bruises and cuts – the outward physical manifestation of so much inward emotional and psychological damage. These are such deeply wounded people!

      • 23.2.1 mskololia

        I think they are the walking wounded because they are trying to escape another person’s or society’s rules for them.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          One person who is truly clueless and does not have evil skills is EK.

          MR is a talented male prostitute and JH is a social climber who uses her body to secure male’s protection. They should truly understand each other because they play with human emotions to extract money or power.

          I feel sorry for EK since she has no experience in love and eats up anything that resembles warmth and care toward her.

          • mskololia

            Constantly berating a person living under your father ‘s roof is not evil behavior? She’s an adult and knows what bullying is.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Good catch. EK is unpleasant and a bully herself. Since her character suddenly became like a saint after falling in love with MR (?!!! so out of character for early EK), I forgot her disgusting behaviors she displayed earlier.

          • asianromance

            I think JH and EG equally bullied each other, just that JH is a bit more passive-aggressive (which is a smarter way to play it) and EG is just aggressive. EG was still smarting over the mysterious incident of her mom leaving/getting kicked out. I think children want their parents to stay together forever, not realizing it is better sometimes to celebrate. One example was the heroine from Me Too Flower. Her anger was misdirected at her mom for leaving, when all her mom was trying to do is escape an emotionally abusive relationship with the dad and make the best of what’s left of her life. And it really did look like JH trapped EG’s dad by having Eun-seok.

            I find EG lovable and vulnerable, but is she a saint? Maybe in the area of love, EG rules with her loyalty. But put her in the same room with JH in a tense situation, we may just end up getting old EG. If everyone was exactly one way in all relationships, then a lot of mean people out there won’t be able to get married and have kids and propagate more meanies. And I’m saying this as a woman who has never dated, while a druggie-rapist around my age managed to experience a loving romantic relationship (unlucky that that relationship had to be cut short because he got caught for a violent rape committed years ago.)

          • ladida

            Me Too Flower! Omg, I LOVED that show, even with all it’s glaring flaws. Definitely one of my favs, and Bong Sun remains one of my favorite heroines.

            Hmmm…yeah, Eun Ki was definitely bitchier in the first four episodes, especially in that scene where she was talking to Eun Seok. I think it’s something she uses strategically and still makes use of, though, like in the last episode when she told Ma Ru that she was dumping him because she was way out of his league. And she isn’t particularly kind to Lawyer Park when she doesn’t want to be. Is she evil? I don’t think so. She isn’t willfully, unprovokingly (is that a word?) immoral and malevolent. She’s actually surprisingly ethical, if we look at her business practices. I think the closest we’ve gotten to evil is Ma Ru in the opening scene of episode 6 and the man who sexually assaulted Jae Hee.

            I think RealKDramaaddict wrote somewhere about Jae Hee being reactive (please correct me if I’m wrong!). It’s her worst flaw, I think, because it makes her make really rash, incredibly bad decisions, like hiring thugs to beat Ma Ru to a pulp and then threatening his sister, and then fabricating a scene of her own abuse. It’s like she’s so used to the culture of abuse (having grown up with it) that she has no problem making a fiction of it and using it for her own benefit. But there’s something really fascinating in that. Like, how is it that she can so easily hurt herself? What kind of determination do you have to have to risk drowning, to scratch off your own skin?

  24. 24 noanao

    The look on EG’s face at the last scene with MR seemed to tell me that she hoped that he will lie to her (since EG didn’t know that MR already aware of her knowing about his past relationship with JH) It was as if, in her heart said “Lie to me, lie to me please so I can let you go”. I think EG was at the brink of letting MR go hence her decision to go ahead with the vacation trip and promptly made MR knows her whereabouts. She’s preparing for a farewell, but caught off guard when MR chose to tell her the truth. And I love it that MR chose to finally open up to EG because I can see a sliver line of hope fr them to work things up.

    As for JH, how much deeper a grave you want to dig and bury yourself in? She’s a pitiful character that even though she managed to make me hate her when she was in her evil manipulative mode, but digging deeper, I really can’t hate her to wish a certain painful death upon her for all the things she inflicted on MR. She has been abused and used since her childhood until present by most people in her life except for MR. Even Attractor Anh, judging from ep 9 preview might be the real evil that we all need to be aware off and JH is already caught deep in his trap.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next ep. Thanks for the wonderful recap 🙂

    • 24.1 noanao

      LOL!! It was suppose to be attorney Ahn XDD

      Anyway, forgot to mention I love that scene where the camera caught the reflection of JH on the broken mirror coz it seemed to say that woman is born with many faces, and that scene depict just that. Damn!! That was awesome 🙂

      • 24.1.1 mskololia

        What I found just as interesting as the frame when he lifts her head (SJK you’re killing me) and then at 38:32 where we see the fractured mirror in betw them. This relationship has morphed into something unique and truly theirs. It’s sad but and I just cannot take my eyes away from them. This is akin to driving by a traffic accident and slowing down to see….I want to help them, but injured ppl like that do not accept help—-kindly. They will turn on you.

      • 24.1.2 kafanyu

        I like your analysis of the broken mirror scene. My initial understanding of it was that it was symbolising what a flawed, broken person Jae-hee is – broken mirror = broken personality. I like the ‘many faces’ idea better, though.

        • noanao

          Well, JH is both. She is broken, well beyond repair that her character has turned into a twisted manipulative woman with many faces that we see her now, thus the broken mirror with her many reflection on it. Who ever though to write this scene and direct it resulting in this awesome character defining moment is a genius 😀

        • anais

          In film theory, mirrors in general indicate split identities. Even when mirrors aren’t broken, but say there are multiple reflections, such imagery would indicate a fractured personality.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            And this gives me hope that integration and reception are both possible for JH.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Redemption, not reception. Where is autocorrect or editing option?

          • mskololia

            Like the use of the mirror in episode 1 at 8:12?

  25. 25 mchall

    Did I imagined it or one of the teasers before the drama aired showed Jae Hee telling someone that Eun Gi had to die? Maybe she will give this task to Maru and somehow he will end up with not-dead-just-lost-memory Eun Gi and will use her as his secret weapon against Jae Hee? Or maybe I could just wait and see what happens… yeah, I think I’ll do the latter…

  26. 26 risa

    *bows with appreciation (and a bit of envy) to HeadsNo2 for having written three kickass recaps in three days*

    In the midst of all this intensity, I get a real kick out of watching smug Jae Hee’s I-gotcha-now plans foiled time and again thanks to her propensity for shooting herself in the foot. I did feel a wee bit sorry for her before (or as Heads said, for what she’s become) but I have no more sympathy for She-Who-Made-My-Darling-Puppy-Cry.

  27. 27 Peeps

    Nice guy… Strengthening my Galaxy Note 10.1 cravings one scene at a time….

    I have never been as frustrated with product placement until now. Every time i see it, I drool, but I have no money to buy it… :'(

    • 27.1 Awe


      save your pennies and buy the REAL tablet…Apple’s iPad.

      that way, you’re not getting karma for using stolen technology.

      just saying…

  28. 28 Strawberry Milkshake

    THIS DRAMA IS AMAZING! I seriously love how Eunki is not a wimpy chic who would just cry cry and cry. Maru’s addiction, although not relatable, is… real, in a way. This episode has done it, count me in for this emotional roller-coaster!

  29. 29 mskololia

    This is a kick-ass drama and I hope it continues until the end….

  30. 30 Noelle

    Aww. Poor Eun Ki. I love her character to pieces.

    • 30.1 kafanyu

      Yeah. She’s so tough but so vulnerable at the same time. And for some twisted reason, half the characters seem to be out to hurt her. We should start the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Eun-ki.

  31. 31 Suzi Q

    Just wondering when Eun Ki will become an amnesiac?I think Jae Hee will try to get rid of her when the chairman croaks because Eun Ki is the sole person standing in her way of all that moolah,status, and respectability that she craves for herself and her son.

    Although Ma Ru has attempted finally to be honest and cut the crap, can’t tell how the wind will blow for Eun Ki’s feelings about him.

    How many times do you cry wolf? He’s her first love, but she left early and only heard that Ma Ru was still crazy about Jae Hee. Eun Ki is not stupid so I think she will wised up finally and face reality that he has been lying to her all this time. Can’t wait until the shit hits the fan.

    • 31.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      EunGi’s supposed to become an amnesiac?

      • 31.1.1 Laura

        yeah, she’s supposed to…

        Let’s say, if she got amnesia in the next episode, and the Chairman’s health turned very bad, Jae Hee would get all the power in her hands again, wouldn’t she?

        • Aliiiiiiiice

          @Laura, @Suzi Q —

          I’ve been reading the wiki descriptions and it doesn’t mention amnesia in its premise. Did I miss it somewhere? If you can, lmk, I’d super appreciate it! People keep mentioning amnesia but I must have missed the point of reference.

          • Betsy Hp

            I get all my drama stuff from Dramabeans and I don’t know where they get their info, but here’s a link to the first description of Nice Guy:


            It describes Moon Chea-won’s character as an amnesiac and I think that description stayed for pretty much all the news releases after.

          • Betsy Hp

            Oh — hah! Should have scrolled down. Ah well, tons of answers are better than none. 😉

          • Aliiiiiiiice

            Thank you, though, Betsy Hp. That was super sweet of you!

    • 31.2 rez007

      I have the same question in my mind. When does she loses her memory? On every site they have mentioned about Eun Ki’s memory lose and they further say that Kang Maru uses her to exact his revenge. I really want to see the next episodes. Right now i’m very curious about it and i’m also addicted to this show!

  32. 32 lilly

    what if eun gi and maru have another break up next week’s episode. Isn’t it already sad enough that eungi found out the truth about jaheemaru relationship and now has to breaks again.

    • 32.1 owl

      They’ve hardly been together enough to have a real breakup.

  33. 33 rhia

    It feels as if Jae gil and Choco’s story is written by a different person. I’m trying to think that it may be relevant in the future, but so far–natch.

    And that last screencap? Apt. And SJK, why are you so cute?!?!

  34. 34 bluemoon

    Okay, I was wrong in my earlier predictions about the file with the man in the Hotel room being involved with Eunki’s drug case and stuffs. Short sighting on my part.

    Now let’s see what’s up in the upcoming episodes.

    great drama so far

  35. 35 RealKDramaaddict

    Imprinting. As long as MR sees JH as an abused, scared, helpless little girl, he will continue to protect her without thinking. As long as JH feels threatened, she will continue to run to MR for help. He has been saving her since they were children and this sick connection is difficult to break. Might be impossible to break, unless MR suddenly gets amnesia of a heart.

    I still have a whiplash from EK’s transformation from a cold-headed, strong, vicious business woman to a suddenly trusting, passionate, consulting with spirits, soft-hearted and forgiving damsel in distress. MR, of course, automatically rescues her just like he does with JH. No surprise there.

    Is this the idea that Kdramas promote? Be strong and the world will fight you, be soft and in distress and a strong man shows up to rescue you?

    If MR saw that JH was really strong and manipulative, he would stop his pointless task of “bettering” her life. Now with EK, he is doing the same since she has changed from a motorcycle-riding, fearless amazon to a scared lost girl (scenes in Japan).

    • 35.1 reeen

      I guess Eun Ki’s dad might have had a point when he said she was seen as too weak to successfully lead the business.

      The damsel in distress thing is a truly annoying message. Hello patriarchy. I do think traditional gender roles are something most KDramas promote.

    • 35.2 memajuve

      Here here. This is probably the main reason I do not support either pairing of the triangle. MR has a hero complex and both girls play DID. Do they girls need to be so dependent on him? What happened to EG? And don’t give me crap like love makes you do stupid things.
      They are 29-30 yrs of age. they are not in high school or something.

      • 35.2.1 Noelle

        I don’t think JH is DID but more playing at it to get what she wants. The last thing she is to anyone is weak. EK on the other hand is a damsel. Can you blame her though? She never got that warmth from anyone but her mother who ended up leaving and dying. She is weak when it comes to any kind of warmth and love because it’s what she’s been craving for so long. Believe me though, I am getting tired of all the strict gender roles being paraded around dramaland with a dash of machismo bullshit. If I was Clint Eastwood my pants would be up to my neck with this crap.

    • 35.3 mskololia

      It looks like our leads are living in a dreamlike world.

      The opening credits with MR and the watch is very avant-garde and surreal.

      MR wants to interrupt JH’s dream-like state because it’s not the status quo for someone like her…she does not belong to that “world” he keeps telling her and us.

      It’s the same thing mirrored by EG and her father and atty Park. She wants out of the status quo and begins her own dream world, unfortunately (or fortunately) for MR, he’s its center.

      Kinda cool and disturbing all at the same time.

      • 35.3.1 asianromance

        awesome point!

        And I also think MR was just upset with JH because her actions interrupted HIS dream-like state. I feel slightly offended each time MR says JH doesn’t belong in that world. Why doesn’t she belong there? MR doesn’t seem to know that the Taesan group is involved in illegal activities, so it’s not like he can say this world isn’t suitable for her goddess hands. I don’t think we really can’t say she doesn’t fit in to the rich, glitzy world or that she would be crushed by that world.

  36. 36 dania

    there’s something i really really want to know.someone please do enlighten me!

    is eun gi gonna have amnesia?


    some synopsis said that maru uses amnesiac eun gi for the revenge.i thought he already started his revenge.so i’m kinda confused -.-”

    but if there’s no amnesia case in this drama, there’re plenty of episodes left and most secrets already discovered so what’s the next plot?

    can’t wait for wednesday!

    • 36.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      Can I second that question??? WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE AMNESIA?

      I’ve asked about it on at least 4 other occasions and no one gives me a clear or straight answer. Frankly, it’s driving me just a leeeeeeeetle batty.

      Seriously. It’s a bit frustrating. So many people are talking about it as though it’s been heavily foreshadowed in the writing, but I must have missed it, since I really can’t locate where or when that happened.

      I just want to know where that story line came from. I haven’t seen it in any of the synopses I’ve googled thus far.

      Is it a rumor? Is it something heavily foreshadowed? If so, then where?

      Why can’t anybody tell meeeeeeeeeee? I feel crazy. O___o

      • 36.1.1 kafanyu

        The first I heard of it was in Javabeans’ August 1 post about Moon Chae-won getting into character:

        “…there’s the whole part where she has amnesia, adding to the woe-is-this-damsel-in-distress profile…”

        Like you, I haven’t been able to find any official confirmation of it. The wikipedia page on Nice Guy talks about the amnesia as if it was a fact, but the sources it cites don’t actually mention amnesia.

        The Hancinema page on Nice Guy has a synopsis that talks about amnesia in a vague sort of way, but it seems to be figurative to me – I don’t know how you could reach any conclusions about Eun-ki getting amnesia from that.

      • 36.1.2 ladida

        I’m hoping it isn’t “real” amnesia. Like how kayfanyu says about it being figurative? Like in this episode Ma Ru said something to Jae Hee about his love for her making him act like he had amnesia. Unless that was some kind of foreshadowing…

        • Aliiiiiiiice

          @kafanyu — (( H U G )) Thank you. Thank you, thank you. This helps out a lot. I feel a little like the kid in Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone’s talking about how fabulously gorgeous his new digs are but I don’t see anything and feel like I’m crazy cuz I don’t see anything. Whew.

          Now that the pieces are coming together, I’m wondering if the amnesia storyline isn’t a casualty of the live-shoot system’s last minute script changes. This wouldn’t be the first time that the plot promised in the premise didn’t match up to what ended up happening in the drama.

          Upon further poking around (“And when Eun-gi loses her memory after an accident, Ma-ru decides to take advantage of her as a pawn in his plans for revenge”), and I’m in speculation mode, it still doesn’t all add up.

          Now that it’s all out in the open and he seems to genuinely care about her and regret using her as a pawn in the prior episodes, I can’t see how even if she got amnesia later that his conscience would allow for him to use her as a pawn.

          His illusions over JaeHee have shattered, he realizes (almost belatedly) that EunGi’s a good girl and that he cares for her — and since she knows all about his past (and even if she lost her memory, her own hot lawyer will be quick to remind her of Maru’s past), it would only make sense that Maru would strategically use EunGi as a partner and not a pawn.

          Pawns suggest a person using another for personal gain. But I don’t think Maru has anything to gain anymore by independently going over JaeHee to show her what’s what in light of her many betrayals.

          I mean, it would make sense if his medical license was on the line or if JaeHee was sitting on HIS money, but neither is the case, and he’s just had a very serious wake up call as to how irreparably disfigured JaeHee’s persona has become: the JaeHee he’d gone crazy over no longer exists in his world.

          I mean, the fire in his revenge has pretty much quelled, and is nowhere near as dark and angry and crazy as it was back in episode 6.

          I think what really makes sense now is for the conflict not to be about solely Maru’s personal vendetta against JaeHee to make her pay, but about exposing JaeHee for what she is when she threaten’s EunGi’s security over her dad’s precarious company and fortunes.

          Kinda reminds me a little bit of a darker version of History of a Salaryman, but I’ll run with it.

          Of course, I really wouldn’t mind if the writers thought up of a different way to draw out conflict, an alternative, if you will, for a dog fight over Tae San Group and all the monetary inheritance.

          • kafanyu

            With so many secrets in this drama already out in the open, I’m kind of afraid that the writers are planning to give Eun-ki amnesia so that we can have a ‘reset’, with all the same secrets getting recycled again. For me, that would be the worst direction they could take this drama, because recycled secrets means recycled angst, which would leave me wishing they would just hurry up and get to the end already. Of course, if the whole amnesia thing does actually happen, Eun-ki will have to rediscover the things she’s learnt, but I’m crossing my fingers that the writers would give it some kind of spin / some other conflict to be the actual driving force in the drama. Given how they’ve done so far, I’m hopeful.

  37. 37 reeen

    So happy to see my subs on dramabeans 🙂

    I’m already dreading the next episodes… I’m pretty sure there will be some huge fallouts.

  38. 38 mary

    +1 for Best revenge ever

    He didn’t have to do anything. I like my revenges lazy and self-served. 🙂

  39. 39 IBELIS

    Maru stated that he was never after revenge, so I think the up coming battle will be to save EG. Just judging from the preview I think the amnesia is coming next week as well as the chairman dying. Also I think in the future MY is going to have JH dancing to his tune. She thought the chairman was scary.

    The thing that confused me was JH getting the papers out of the safety deposit box, when she left Maru to clean up the mess in the hotel she went straight to the chairman and gave the papers to him, so is what she got a copy?

  40. 40 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks for the recap. Gotta say I like Jae Gil and Choco. Not sure why they’re in the story, of course. Maybe as some kind of subtext, plot balancing foil or what not, or maybe to remove Choco from telling Eun-ki everything she knows (that little kid’s such a blabbermouth), or maybe they will be impotant in upcoming episodes. Jae Gil being secretly rich and all. Or maybe we’ll want them to return from the island cause they can reveal some truths…so I’m holding up. Their scenes aren’t laugh-out loud funny but there is a cuteness and a rest for out Maru-stressed hearts when they pop up.

  41. 41 Arishia

    I’m seriously hoping that the rest of the drama is going to be about MaRu fighting for EK from a healthy caring place. That would be healing for both of them. EK will likely resist/reject him soon, but he will fight to regain her affection, trust and her sense of well being. I got the feeling that he really saw the contrast between EK’s vulnerability and JH’s, and what he’s been confused about and missing all along in this episode. He’ll have to fight the sicko cutter JH and the current predator in JH’s life. Funny how JH seems to set her life up so there is always predator and a rescuer. It’s like if she was parachuted into a foreign country she would set up that same dynamic straight away. One trick pony that one. I think she has some karmic dues to pay in this life and there is no getting out of it for her. She’s just stuck in the spin cycle this time around.

  42. 42 memajuve

    Can we get more of lawyer park, please, pretty please?

    i am so over the triangle. I also prefer JH’s character development as opposed to sweet EG who is so in love with maru that she doesn’t even consider her father is ill.

    • 42.1 reeen

      It’s not like her dad ever wanted her near him… all he did was to push her away and throw stuff at her.

      • 42.1.1 asianromance

        So true!

        And Eun-gi did try to offer him her kidney or some other organ, but the Chairman refused. And later, he kicked her out. And when she was let back in, he had her locked in her room.

        Even if she did escape to visit him and show him some sort of concern, he would just have the guards throw her back in her room or yell at her in a way that would make him even more ill.

        She did show some consideration towards him by not revealing Jae-hee perfidy to him right away. I would have printed a screencap of the Jae-hee and Lawyer Ahn kiss and posted it all over the master bedroom with a big “TOLD YOU SO!” spray painted on the floor. The video would even be on youtube. Which will just make me a horrible kdrama heroine because kdrama heroines are not supposed to say “i told you so!” so happily in someone’s heartbreak and broken relationship.

      • 42.1.2 mskololia

        C’mon…he threw one glass of water on her face because she was disrespecting him in front of an audience.

        Not allowing one’s only daughter to give up an organ for him was showing his concern and love. She’s sickly too, remember?

    • 42.2 RealKDramaaddict

      I am curious about JH’s path to redemption and true sorrow because she keeps digging her grave deeper and making all sorts of mistakes.

      She is the most complex character, plus she is the mother – that would double her resolve to win the inheritance and plot against EK.

      I just want to remind everyone that she is not that smart – remember, she couldn’t pass tests in college and her decision making in crisis is pretty bad. Even when she lied about being abused by the brother, she did not bother to check his whereabouts. Poor planning.

    • 42.3 Betsy Hp

      Blech. Eun-gi’s father is a pig. She shouldn’t care about him even if he is ill. Honestly, of all the characters I’d say the Chairman is the worst. And yes, I’m including Jea-hee in the mix. She’s doing what she’s doing out of a desperate, panic-induced need. Selfish and wrong, but not petty.

      The Chairman is like the definition of petty. He’s a big old cheater who cheats but can’t take it when someone cheats on him. And he’s willing to totally abandon his child leaving his son fatherless and motherless (remember, he’s wanting Jea-hee to rot in jail for years). The kid is four. The old man should have a heart.

      The only reason I’m not labeling him evil is… Huh. I can’t think of a reason. I guess he’s evil! 😀

  43. 43 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Loool i was waiting for the recaps and refreshing the whole time @_@ when did u post it!!! Anyways thank heads for your great work 🙂

  44. 44 Julia

    Thanks for the recap! I love reading them cause someone else is bound to catch something I missed.

    I’m really liking this drama so far. It has a few flaws in my opinion (the repetitive Choco/Jaegil scenes, and some repetitive Maru/Jaehee scenes “Stop this! How far will you go?! Let’s go as far as we can!”), but other than that it’s great! Characters are really developing, and my favvvvorite part is that the story is moving at a great pace. I can’t stand dramas that rely on one secret to carry them episode after episode. Things are getting hidden/revealed at appropriate, very calculated times.

  45. 45 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    I feel like the story has finally begun.
    Of course, JH will be doing everything in her power to gum up the works, but at least all secrets having to do with Maru are out for EG to see.

    Like you said, MR has never lied to EG, except for maybe that “I love you, too” thing…But but but maybe he was looking into the future?

    Love JH’s brother. I hope he comes back to eff with JH later.
    We need to find out what other despicable things she did when she was young.

    Anyone willing to bet she planned for MR to take the murder rap the way she set him up to believe her brother beat her?

    • 45.1 mskololia

      No. I think JH the girl went to MR’s house by chance and stayed because being around him was a like a good dream for her until another dream surpassed it with the chairman.

      • 45.1.1 jomo

        I agree that her ending up at MR’s house was not planned.

        I am questioning whether she counted on MR taking the murder rap even if she didn’t ask to him outright.

        • mskololia

          Listen to his dialogue in this episode starting around 38:02 and tell me what you think? 🙂

        • mskololia

          Viki’s subs are terrific!

    • 45.2 RealKDramaaddict

      Well, JH is the mother. She will fight for her son’s inheritance.

      Now it is easy to interpret everything that happened in her life as a an evil plan and calculated traps. She is a poor planner then since everything she does fails.

      I think PSY is an amazing actress in that she shows many layers of JH including vulnerability, sweet memories, love, and warmth (toward MR in the past and toward her son in the present).

    • 45.3 mskololia

      I’m beginning to question MR taking the rap for JH now.

      Was it a calculated way to ditch his so-called “bright” future when he realized it was not the path he truly desired and used JH predicament as a scapegoat?

      Memories are tricky things but his conversation to JH is so loaded.

    • 45.4 NikaNika

      By jomo:

      “Love JH’s brother. I hope he comes back to eff with JH later.
      We need to find out what other despicable things she did when she was young.”

      You mean other than continuously getting brutally beaten by her brother half to death, or always having the threat of being forced into child prostitution by her mom and big lovable bro looming on her head. WTF? Just yuck.

      • 45.4.1 RealKDramaaddict

        That is a very good summary of JH’s childhood.

        Kind of difficult to make her evil – the girl does everything she can to avoid ever being in danger of poverty or powerlessness again.

      • 45.4.2 jomo

        Such a reaction!! I do need to be more careful with my words.

        I love the actor, Yang Ik-joon,who plays JH’s brother. I do hope he comes back because he’s really good at being evil.

        I hope JH’s brother comes back – not because he is a loveable character, and good for JH as a person – or ever was a sweet and loving force in her life.
        With that character around to eff with her plans whatever they are, makes the story more interesting to see, because now we see JH fighting on two fronts.
        His presences makes her that much more desparate, and PSY is awesome in those moments.
        (I don’t want him to beat her, I just like him as another evil force in the show.)

        As far as what she did when she was younger, I think she did manipulate MR more that we have already seen. I will take back despicable, though.

      • 45.4.3 jomo

        Did I miss something?
        I had no idea there was a forced prostitution thing.
        I guess that’s from not actually watching it subbed, but raws with recaps.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          She is clawing her way up. Such strong desire and force were born out of abuse and fear.

          I think that JH and the Chairman had a relationship at the time she killed the blackmailer. Which makes her phone call to MR a calculated one.

    • 45.5 asianromance

      I hate JH’s brother! Sure JH’s actions are despicable, but the brother is no better. He’s probably even worse. If he hadn’t tried to sell her to a brothel when she was a child/teen, maybe she wouldn’t have been so effed up. And he used to beat up a preteen Jaehee. Not cool.

      I bet he’s the type of guy who would rape a preteen and say that the girl seduced him. While I do think JH framed him and sent him to prison these past few years, I don’t believe she was an evil mastermind as a preteen and teenager.

      I think she was a truly sincere person in her flashbacks with Maru. She was the type of girl to rather get beaten than to let her brother take away something Maru had given her. Maru was her tether to humanity after being treated like crap by her “family”. After she killed that guy by accident, she was scared of being thrown in jail and that after working her way up to being a reporter, she was going to end up back where her mom and brother wanted her to be (poor and in a brothel). So she had let Maru protect her, like he has always done. However, with Maru locked up, she no longer had a home to go to, no longer had a person who reminded her that living happily and simply is enough. The temptations of the world became greater.

      And JH’s sort of dumb for not having secured Eun-seok’s future better. I feel bad for that kid. It took her 4+ years to work up an engagement. The moment the chairman agreed to a marriage, she should have gotten the papers ready asap and say screw the dress and ceremony.

  46. 46 Jade Butterfly

    The preview showed cars ( one of the cars was clearly EG’s ) looking like they were headed for a collision.
    Is that where she’ll get her amnesia ?
    Then , the dad’s Will got tampered with & she hadda bunk in with yummy sad face. Not that , thats anything to complain about.
    While EG’s looking all homey , Maru , on the other hand might be focussed on getting back EG’s inheritances from the robbers . Just guessin’ .

  47. 47 rainy

    Am I the only one who likes the Jae-gil Choco scenes??:)

    • 47.1 asianromance

      I like certain ones. The episode 8 one was too inane. The hitting on the forehead move I think is trying too hard to be cute. My favorite Jae-gil Choco scene was when his gf tried to accuse Choco of stealing. It was sort of sad to see Jae-gil’s facial expression change, knowing that his gf is lying and accusing Choco of something he knew Choco would never do. He tried to make it light and it was funny that the gf tried to backpedal. But nevertheless, it was still sad that he was being lied to and touching that he knew Choco so well.

    • 47.2 Momi

      Lmao I like them too! They always come at the right times when I’m all tense at the dramatic moments. They make me laugh and then we move on lol. but I do agree that they’re pretty nonsensical and don’t fit in.

  48. 48 zodd

    I agree that Jae-gil and Choco are the weak link so far, it’s not just that they have no point to the story right now but also because there not funny to watch since there clearly there to lighten the mood but fail because there so bad. I this point I just skip their scenes because there nothing but filler right now.

  49. 49 Cary

    I really could not like Maru at the moment. Why is he blaming jae hee when he brought it all on himself? I think his real issue is not that jae hee made him do all this stuff to himself, because that is all his choice, but that despite him giving more than he could, jae hee still doesn’t want him back. And his end goal really is to get her back the way they were, which is obviously impossible. And knowing this he vents out his frustrations to playing this stupid love game with eun ki. Lawyer park should have been the lead, he’s the real nice guy. Although I get that it’s not the point of the title.

    • 49.1 reeen

      You’re right that Maru is also responsible for giving more than he could afford to Jae Hee. But I don’t think she’s free from blame. Sometimes, as in Jae Hee and Maru’s case, it’s immoral to take all you’re offered. Even worse, we see Jae Hee constantly trying to manipulate Maru into offering even more without giving back anything.
      I think Maru was/is obsessed with Jae Hee because he has invested so much into their relationship and can’t bear to see his sacrifices be meaningless. Fortunately he has woken up now (permanently, I hope) and has given up on his Jae Hee related hopes and expectations.

    • 49.2 Jushi

      ladida pointed out to me the ‘meat’ in Maru’s confession to Jae Hee about his revenge. What you are saying is actually what he said to Jae Hee. That all the while he thought he’s doing what he’s doing because he’s revenging but in reality it is because he still is madly in love with her.

      Which for me is a more grounded motivation than him being all angry. He has nothing to feel angry about like you said because he went to jail on his own accord. Though him being obsessed with Jae Hee is something I need answers still. What is behind the unhealthy relationship with Jae Hee?

      Could be because they are both mentally ill? Hah. Anyone knows whether Maru’s dad a good dad or not? Since both Eun Gi and Jae Hee’s characters are founded with difficult childhood, I wonder how dysfunctional Maru’s family is as well.

      • 49.2.1 mskololia

        Choco stated that their dad “made no time for her” so MR picked up that role of being dad to C.

        That is a big burden to place on the shoulders of a child.

        • Jushi

          But it was said as well that Dad seem to like Maru, that he only cares for Maru and not Choco. And that’s when Jae Gil asked Choco whether she’s jealous and she said she’s not.

          Or I got it all wrong. I need to re-watch that sequence then.

          • mskololia

            I’d say their homelife was dysfunctional yet held together by the child MR.

          • Betsy Hp

            @Jushi: I think it was both — Maru was his Dad’s golden child and Choco got ignored. So Maru took it on himself to be a father-figure to Choco.

            @maskololia: Agreed. It sounded really dysfunctional. And I think it goes a long way towards explaining why Maru thinks showing love means rescuing and protecting.

    • 49.3 Makoto

      I think Jae Hee is the more suffered people in this story. It wasn’t her fault 100% after all. She did want to take the responsibility of the murder she did, and it was Maru who stopped her. It was Maru who told her to look forward, and not looking back. When they met again after 6 years, Jae Hee DID want to repay all her debt by giving him money, though money could never pay it anyway. And it was Eun Gi who reported Maru to the police for blackmailing, Jae Hee didn’t have the chance to explain the whole thing to Maru. She also cared to Eun Gi so far, before we came to episode 8. Look how she warned Maru not to approach her, not to hurt her. Look how she warned Eun Gi to not be deceived by Maru. It was also Eun Gi who treated her and Eun Suk so bad. So I think, three of them (Jae Hee, Maru and Eun Gi) are not free to blame. They treat people wrongly, but they have their own reasons to that evil to others.
      I wish this drama ends without killing or hurting three of them. I wish happines for three of them. 🙂

  50. 50 subject

    I don’t know what to say. After 8 episodes, still most of the times my brain refuses to process this obsession. Revenge is almost primal need, but is also a heavy stone that draws you into the depths. I can understand to motives, cause I really believe we must understand the past to explain the present and plan for the future. Only then we can learn from the past and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Instead most of you see the development and growth, I see a dead end street.

    • 50.1 subject

      Can someone delete this? I posted a longer comment…

    • 50.2 asianromance

      I wish the dad would at least make someone feel loved before he kicks the bucket. If not Eun-ki, at least Eun-seok.

      Whatever happened to the whole Jae-hee is going to donate an organ?

      • 50.2.1 asianromance

        oops that comment was supposed to be a standalone and not a response!

      • 50.2.2 anais

        Where is the LIKE button?

      • 50.2.3 Aliiiiiiiice

        Jaehee was gonna donate an organ? This is what I get for eating up eppys before proper subtitulos.

        Can anyone explain to me the whole EunGi going amnesiac? I read through the premises online regarding the show and they made no such reference. Was it part of a preview for the next ep?

        If someone could enlighten me, I’d be soooooooo appreciative.

        ::wiggles tail::

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