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Oohlala Spouses: Episode 1
by | October 4, 2012 | 85 Comments

For a rollicking comedy, Oohlala Spouses gets a bit of a darker start that nonetheless works out great, especially since we’re dealing with cheating husbands and broken families. It’s a little hard to make that topic a knee slapper right off the bat, but we’ve got a great cast delivering little moments of funny and plenty of heart to help buoy us out of Depressing Marital Strife-ville.

Something you get with seasoned actors and a fast-moving script is dialogue that feels very true to life, so what I really noticed and enjoyed this episode was the fact that we had characters that felt like they were actually listening and reacting to each other. (I know!) Add in a little whimsy and the promise of future shenanigans, and we’ve got a fun and touching first taste of what’s to come.

Oohlala Spouses had some stiff competition in the premiere bandwagon, but came out victorious with 10.9%.


Cherry blossom petals rain down as a geisha performs a fan dance in front of a group of Japanese officers, catching one man’s eye in particular. Cue some serious Gaksital vibes as we find our hero spying out a window to see a 1930s-era occupied Korea.

Our heroine is a pro-Korean spy named Sayuri, and she shares a passionate kiss with our hero along with a secret meeting time and place written on a slip of paper, which she gleaned from charming the officers.

He uses a journalist’s armband the next day to sneak into a pro-Japanese procession and passes along a hidden bomb to a fellow spy, who then tosses it at the arriving Japanese viceroy’s party.

The grenade explodes, causing massive damage and chaos.

A Japanese officer comes for Sayuri, who seems to know that her time is up. She reads a note from our hero: “We came into this world at different times, but I want to leave this world with you at the same time. In the next life, let’s meet as a husband and wife, and live happily.” She reads this while sitting in front of a dagger, which only means bad news.

Our hero arrives to a house of weeping women, but is too late – Sayuri has committed suicide. He holds her body and cries out her name.

…Which is a slightly depressing segue into our couple in the present day, getting to live out their dreams of being husband and wife in another life.

Meet our modern day Sayuri, NA YEO-OK (Kim Jung-eun). She manages to get her husband out of bed after repeated attempts, but trying to get him to fix the bed is a no-go. He lays down the rules of marriage – wives take care of household chores, husbands take care of outside work.

Husband GO SOO-NAM (Shin Hyun-joon) is definitely not as dashing a figure as he was in his past life, as Yeo-ok bitterly complains about his good looks being just a veneer for a lack of substance. As for who fell for his good looks without checking under the hood first, she knows she has no one to blame but herself.

Her household isn’t a quiet one, with mother-in-law ordering her about, son GO KI-CHAN trying to get ready for school, and sister-in-law GO IL-RAN (who Yeo-ok strangely refers to respectfully as “agasshi”) claims she’s running too late to lend a helping hand. Yeek, even my head is spinning.

It gets worse when Soo-nam accuses her of stealing money from his wallet, and his tone and words are nowhere near loving – far from it, he’s plain out yelling. Yeo-ok holds herself back as she reminds him that they’ve been married for twelve years, so the least he could do is treat her like a human being. Yeeah, doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon.

The house is still in a state of madness, but Yeo-ok bears it all… until Soo-nam comes charging out of the bedroom ready to rant at Yeo-ok some more about that missing ten dollars.

This is the final straw, and Yeo-ok throws down her apron in front of husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and son, declaring: “I’m going on strike!”

Soo-nam can’t seem to wrap his head around the concept of a housewife going on strike, so Yeo-ok spells it out for him – she’s had it up to here with getting treated like a thief by her husband and a slave by the rest of his family, and she quits.

Ha, and it’s pretty clear that all the shouting everyone does after she leaves points to the fact that they’re helpless without Yeo-ok around. I love that Soo-nam is just obsessed with that missing bill, since he’s unfazed and yells after her, “You know that I’m always right, right?!”

Cut to a ritzy hotel, where smiling clerk VICTORIA KIM (Han Chae-ah) ushers in not just a VIP client, but a VVIP client. I always get a kick out of that extra V.

Soo-nam is an employee of the same hotel, and complains about Yeo-ok’s “strike” to a colleague, claiming that he’s been going easy on her since she’s been taking care of his mother. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Soo-nam, but whatever floats your boat.

He heads over to Victoria’s desk after getting a text about their VVIP guest, and handles the situation with aplomb. Victoria just looks star-struck at the sight of him.

Soo-nam gets the VVIP client’s room just the way she likes it, and makes it through her numerous complaints about her husband. But he’s caught off guard when she asks him if he treats his wife at home as well as he treats her as a guest.

Cut to Yeo-ok sputtering out: “I always say this to my husband: Just treat me half as well as he treats his hotel guests.” Forget about half – she’d be happy for one-tenth.

But her complaining session is cut short when the friend she’s crying to admits in tears that her husband is having an affair. Eek. I love that Yeo-ok goes straight into crisis management mode once her friend tells her that she doesn’t want a divorce – Yeo-ok is going to make it so that woman never goes near her friend’s husband again.

Of course, when she meets “the other woman” BAE JUNG-AH (cameo by Nam Gyu-ri), she’s a lot prettier than her friend made her out to be. Yeo-ok quickly collects herself and lies that Lawyer Lee (her friend’s husband) referred her.

The general manager of Soo-nam’s hotel is planning a move, so Soo-nam and one of his colleagues are up for the promotion. Soo-nam jumps on the opportunity right away and one-ups said colleague, resulting in a funny confrontation outside where Soo-nam gets him off his back by saying his breath stinks. Ha.

Meanwhile, Yeo-ok drags Jung-ah for a confrontation with her friend, though she doesn’t bother to correct Jung-ah when she assumes that Yeo-ok is “Oppa’s” jilted wife, so caught up is she in the idea of bringing Jung-ah down a few pegs.

Of course Yeo-ok takes offense on her friend’s behalf when Jung-ah calls her husband “Oppa,” and continues to get huffy when Jung-ah claims that her husband wanted to break up with her anyway.

I love that Yeo-ok starts legitimately getting offended when it isn’t even her husband, while friend NA AE-SOOK remains silent but angry at her side. Jung-ah haughtily sneers at the thought that Yeo-ok might go into drama ajumma mode and throw water in her face or pull her hair, which causes Ae-sook to do that exact thing to her. Haha.

Jung-ah tries calling for help, but settles down once Yeo-ok informs her that she’s on their turf, and no one can hear her scream. Ha. She does finally come clean about Ae-sook being the real wife, which Jung-ah reacts to with a: “You think Oppa will go back to you because you do this? Actually, things have turned out well. Oppa had been feeling burdened thinking of you. When he hears about this, I’m sure he’ll be very happy.”

Dayum. Well, the fight isn’t ending any time soon, is it?

Ae-sook moves on to the next phase of the plan, which is pulling out a knife from Yeo-ok’s purse and sliding it across the table to Jung-ah. When she pulls the intentionally-censored knife from the wrapping out of curiosity, Yeo-ok snaps a picture of her holding it before Ae-sook tears into her – one of them has to die. Who’s it gonna be?

Haha, and with even Yeo-ok pretending to be scared of Ae-sook, the situation just gets scarier for Jung-ah until she finally breaks down and says she won’t meet Ae-sook’s husband again. She scurries out, and Ae-sook waves the censored knife after her.

Lawyer Cheats McGee tries calling Jung-ah, but keeps getting her voicemail as we find her sobbing in a bathroom stall.

Hilariously, the image of her suffering is superimposed onto Yeo-ok’s coffee, which she sips in triumph. Hah.

Ae-sook asks what her friend plans to do with this strike, to which Yeo-ok replies that she’s not the kind for compromising or negotiating. “An eye for an eye,” she grits out. “A tooth for a tooth. Since I pulled out my sword, I’m going to give him hell!”

I caught this a little late, but when Soo-nam gets a text from who-I’m-guessing-is-Victoria, the name that pops up on his phone is “Big”. Shout-out to drama Big? Either way, she tells him that she’s leaving early to fix dinner because she has something to say.

He gets called back to his flirty VVIP, and it seems like she’s putting the moves on him when she talks about divorcing her incredibly wealthy husband.

I’m not sure if this is just a tactic to get her off his back, but Soo-nam looks dreamily into the distance and speaks like a man in love as he tells her that divorce causes regret more often than not, and “A husband and wife… They don’t just share a blanket. They take care of each other’s wounds and cover up each other’s flaws. Isn’t that how they should live? That’s what I think.”

His VVIP coos over how deep he is, but is cut short when her husband arrives to bring her back home. Just when Soo-nam was talking about how her husband just made a mistake, too. Did he call her husband?

Either way, he leaves the two of them to talk things out and preens as he heads off a little too happily to be going home. That seems to especially be the case when his sister calls with the news that Yeo-ok’s strike is real, since there’s no food on the table and they’re all going hungry.

Soo-nam isn’t happy to hear this news, and calls someone else to say that he can’t make it due to Yeo-ok’s strike. And, to no surprise, the girl he had a date with is none other than Victoria.

She knows everything about his married situation because he tells her everything, and pouts when he says he can’t make it for dinner. As for the lack of eye contact when they’re at the hotel, Soo-nam says it’s all part of the game since they can’t be caught. So yeah, we’ve got a full-on affair going on here.

He goes home to find everyone sans Yeo-ok eating takeout. I don’t know whether his sister is just dense or in denial – she’s acting all affronted that Yeo-ok didn’t cook them dinner without a warning. Honey, did you completely miss the “I’m going on strike” speech from this morning?

Mom suggests going easy on her, not necessarily for the good of their marriage, but because they need to eat breakfast tomorrow and either Yeo-ok cooks or they don’t eat. Aww.

Soo-nam is ready to give Yeo-ok a piece of his mind, and they end up airing their dirty laundry in front of the rest of the family. She demands to know whether she’s more important than his hotel guests, but he’s quick to point out that those guests pay for their house. Mom, Ki-chan, and Il-ran all nod in agreement.

To her credit, Mom does try to mediate the fight, but Yeo-ok insists on saying her peace. She tells Soo-nam that it isn’t the chores that wear her down, but the cold way he speaks to her.

She’s on a pretty good roll until she asks if she’s nothing more than a back-up dancer to him, but her dancing to enunciate her point just has Il-ran laughing. Soo-nam doesn’t see her point of view and thinks she’s putting on a show, to which Yeo-ok fires back, “If I don’t fix the way you speak by the end of this year, I’m going to change my last name!”

Turns out she even bought an apartment just for this circumstance five years ago, and plans to move out so that it’s just her, Soo-nam, and Ki-chan. But for now, she just leaves to cool her head.

At a food stall by the Han River, a young woman magically appears next to the ajusshi cooking. When I say magically, I mean like, poof! she’s not there one second and the next, she is. He calls her MUSAN (Narsha), and berates her for popping up all willy-nilly.

But she’s got her eyes on Yeo-ok, who zombies her way up to the stall to ask for food. Musan tells the elder, “She’s Sayuri, isn’t she?”

Flash back to the ’30s, where the not-a-douche version of Soo-nam sent off Sayuri’s body on a flowery boat into the sea. He’d cried about being unable to join her, but, “Although we can’t go together right now… If it’s our destiny, in the next life, let’s definitely meet as husband and wife.”

Back in the present, the elder tells Musan, “Do you know what lengths I went to in order to put those two together?” HA. So Fate really did like they asked? That sure backfired.

The next day, Yeo-ok heads out to check on the apartment. Mom doesn’t want her to move out, but Yeo-ok sees it as a two-year thing, and hopes that Mom can teach Il-ran how to be a functioning human in the meantime.

Seems like Yeo-ok has been subletting their apartment, but when the tenant isn’t home Yeo-ok tries her old passcode, which surprises her when it works. She vows to just take a quick peek inside, but the place looks pretty familiar to us. Eek. Has Soo-nam been housing Victoria in his wife’s apartment?

Yeo-ok decides to head out… juuust as Soo-nam and Victoria head to the door, arm in arm. That. Sucks.

What’s worse, Yeo-ok doesn’t have an escape route so she sneaks back into the apartment and hides in the bathroom before her husband and Victoria notice. When he asks her why she hasn’t changed the passcode, Victoria happily replies that since it’s Oppa’s birthday, she can’t change it.

They kiss, and Yeo-ok sees them through a crack in the door. She’s devastated. Who can blame her?

Ugh, and then he swoops Victoria into a bridal carry off to the bedroom for Happily-Cheating-On-My-Wife Sex. Soo-nam, meet Dead To Me. Dead To Me, meet Soo-nam.

Yeo-ok tries to get a hold of herself in the bathroom, and has a pretty realistic, hyperventilation-full reaction before she hightails it outta there. Soo-nam hears something, but is too easily distracted by his sexy time with Victoria to think much on it.

Shots of Soo-nam and Victoria in bed are intercut with shots of Yeo-ok wheezing her way to the elevator. My heart is just breaking for her.

She runs into a man’s car, and drags herself inside. After she ekes out ‘pharmacy’, he takes her and helps her get an emergency inhaler to stop her asthma attack.

Once she’s a little calmer, she heads to the Han River and has a conversation with her own conscience, reminding her that she’d calculatingly asked Ae-sook to decide on a divorce like it was that simple. But now, faced with the same issue, divorce doesn’t seem so black and white.

She has a pretty long conversation with herself, and her Conscience/Other Half goes from suggesting that Yeo-ok just turn the other way and forget about it to telling her to be smart about it – if she’s going to divorce, fine, but she has to grind her teeth and bear with things a little longer to save up money, get the apartment in her name, and capture solid evidence of his infidelity.

“Take that person for all he’s worth!” Her Conscience says, and Yeo-ok readily agrees. I’m glad she stuck to her guns on this one, because turning away like it never happened would be a monumental task.

Yeo-ok heads home to find that Il-ran has mended her ways and finally cooked dinner, which gets a sort of crazy laughing/crying reaction from Yeo-ok. My guess is she’s laughing at the absurdity of it all now that her married boat has been thoroughly rocked, as she tells Il-ran and Mom between laughs that the strike has ended and she’s not moving into the apartment.

Once alone in her room, the fresh memory of Soo-nam kissing Victoria sends Yeo-ok into another bout of hyperventilation. She sucks on her inhaler like it’s her last lifeline in time to collect herself before Soo-nam comes home from his super busy day cheating. (I’m not letting this one go until Yeo-ok does.)

He’s just as mad to hear the strike is over as he was when it began, and begins ranting at Yeo-ok the second he’s in the bedroom, all while throwing pieces of his clothes at her to put away while he undresses.

Soo-nam is ready for a fight, so it’s kind of funny when he’s all ready to go, only to get completely blindsided when Yeo-ok doesn’t put up a fight and admits to being wrong.

So now he’s mad at her for not fighting, and tries to set her straight by telling her that one more foul like this strike debacle will get her kicked out of the house.

Yeo-ok finally fights back, “Didn’t I tell you not to speak rashly? The words that you so carelessly spit out hurt my pride even more than your having an affair!” Well… crap.

The complete shock that follows is funny only because of its sheer absurdity, as Soo-nam can only stare widely at her and cough. Then we see him switch gears into damage control mode. “A-a-affair? What do you think of me?!”

So Yeo-ok takes the opportunity to play it off like him, and does that disconcerting laugh-cry as she apologizes. He asks if she’s clinically depressed with her crazy mood swings, and she just laughs(?) him off.

Sometime later, Soo-nam waits for Victoria to get in bed, but she takes an unmarked pill first. (Anti-depression? Birth control? Plain ol’ multivitamin?) She tells him about Pippi Longstocking, a story near to her heart since she grew up in Sweden where it originated.

She explains how she felt that Pippi Longstocking, wild and brave, was like her, and Soo-nam asks her if that’s why she lives so bravely.

But, he adds, “Don’t worry anymore, because now I will take care of you.”

Then we slowly pan out to reveal this exchange captured on camera, as Soo-nam watches it on a laptop… in front of Yeo-ok.



This was definitely a well-paced first outing that, despite not bringing the funny right away, laid down the emotional groundwork needed for us to become invested in these people’s lives and care about what becomes of their marriage. Even though the trajectory looks like it’s heading downward as far as they’re concerned, but what goes down must come up. We are watching a comedy, right?

The Previous Lives opening had me scratching my head a little at first, since part of me wondered whether the 1930s jaunt was just a throwback to Shin Hyun-joon’s role in Gaksitaaaaaal, or whether KBS just had the sets and costumes from Gaksitaaaaaal still laying around and wanted to get their money’s worth. Either way, the scene worked, and managed to make sense once given a little context.

Even though the reason hasn’t been spelled out for us yet, I thought it was clever to use the whole past lives thing as a justification for why our lead couple is inevitably going to get some white glove treatment from Fate, instead of leaving us wondering why body-swapping is happening at all. Here’s a situation where Fate would be totally justified in being all, “C’mon, we gave you guys a second chance at life and THIS is what you do with it?!”

I can already see the fun in Musan/Aphrodite’s involvement (along with the yet unidentified elder), which gives Fate some personification and adds a whimsy fantasy element. Then again, personification isn’t everything, since we had Dad’s clear hand of involvement in Secret Garden, and I’m still confused about why that body swap was necessary when Dad had magical heaven powers, but that’s a different discussion. It’s a little early to call this upcoming body swap as better than the others, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have high hopes, if only because I believe in the world this drama has set up. Even if it is a little silly, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

From the teaser trailer and the phone shout-out, it’s clear that the Oohlala Spouses team has seen Big and (hopefully) will steer clear of that body-swapping drama’s more serious pitfalls. But, for an episode with zero body-swapping, I loved it.

Most of that love goes to Kim Jung-eun, who just nailed all the emotional beats so well that I was rooting for her from moment one. I like that she’s an all-around rational woman, and one who has her conscience to remind her that life isn’t as simple as she sometimes makes it out to be. (As we saw literally with the way she handled Ae-sook’s husband as compared to her own.) And though we’re pretty much hardwired to root for her character anyway, she’s adding a nice amount of depth that really brings home the toll Soo-nam’s cheating/terrible ways has and has had on her life.

Just like we’re hardwired to like (or at least sympathize with) Yeo-ok, this show definitely isn’t making any apologies yet for Soo-nam, who’s pretty easy to dislike at this stage of the game. I think it sets up a fun dynamic to play with in the future, especially when this couple is at the point of no return.

However, I am glad that Victoria doesn’t seem to be an especially malicious person, even though it’s hard to paint her super sympathetically at this point. Like with Soo-nam, I’m excited to see where the show plans to take them and how they might (eventually) be redeemed. And Shin Hyun-joon certainly has the acting chops to sell Soo-nam to us, it only depends on whether the writing will let him.

Future recaps are up in the air, but you can count me in as a viewer, if only to see the body-swap shenanigans. Color me excited.


85 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Caitlyn

    I’m torn between wanting to watch this as it airs, or waiting and seeing how it plays out and how the Dramabeans girl like it. It sounds like an interesting show though.

  2. MhsC

    Haha ! Thank you for the recap 🙂 The Gaksital Reference was cool … Hahahaha

  3. Mez

    Great recap!

    I loved this episode, and I’m definitely hooked. If nothing else so for the fact that Victoria supposedly grew up around the area I currently live in. Never expected that to happen in a drama xD

    • 3.1 M.D.

      I cannot agree more!
      I am totally fascinated and so looking forward to the recap for the second episode (I really hope and send my good, full of good energy thoughts for HeadsNo2 to give her strength to carry on!) which drives us deeper into this couple history and offers some mythological (?!) explanations.
      And as someone said on a later comentary, Kim Jung-Eun gave a nice display of waves of emotions and sadness. And a suprising – for me – performace, considering that I used to call her “cardboard lover” when I was watching “Kprean Peninsula”.
      Shin Hyun-Joon, on the other side, seems to be good too at playing the idiot cheater – a dork -profi at his job and an ass of a husband who cannot even cheat in style (Oh, good old days of “Gentleman’s Dignity”! Where are you Lee Jung-Rok? Wait a second, he was an idiot,too. Park Min-Sook got him every time.) Anyway, Shin Hyun-Joon looks perfectly fit for this role and even more in the second episode.
      I have a feeling that my schedule is going to be really packed for the next few weeks with not just one, but even two good shows/ day! I nead lots of beans for good, strong coffee to keep me up and functional.

  4. Village Mrembo

    There wasnt much to laugh about in this ep, besides the gaksital ref which seemed to me like a spoof or something, but ep 2 had me clutching my sides, too hilarious for words, esp the body gags!
    Surely u’d stick to recapping, considering the drama I’ll never bother to watch, TTBY, is over, ne? ne? ; (

    • 4.1 M.D.

      “Gakshital”, then “Big”, so what’s next? There are so subtle moments of parody and irony that are pure delight. A comedy that respects the intelligence of the viewers who can laugh even when there isn’t a blunt gag! Adorable!
      The blurred knife sequence was totally hilarious!

      • 4.1.1 Stardust

        I found the blurred knife sequence absolutely PPPFFFFT worthy too! Good thing I watched during my lunch hour so I was able to LOL in the office when no one was around lol

        Thanks HeadsNo2 for the recap! Looking forward to next week!

        This storyline actually seems to take alot from Chinese mythology? Having Yue Lao ( old man of the moonlight ) who ties people together as couples, the girl is a fairy of sorts? lol And the whole idea of being reborn is also kind of Chinese beliefs? Or do Koreans share the same ideas?

    • 4.2 FrozenPearl

      Oohlala…I have forgotten about Gaksital, but you just triggered my memories..so I basically dropped it and rematched Gaksital bcuz it was soooo friggin good. At least I got ep 1 of Oohlala done. Well, it was over a year ago, and talking about Oohlala, I might give it another go on DVD. You’ll have to wow me, Show.

  5. MIKEY

    I thought their was plenty of funny in this episode. I didn’t understand the spy suicide tho. Maybe they will explain that later. It’s funny seeing all the actors from the dramas we just finished seeing. I like that Yeo Ok doesn’t put up with a lot of crap.

    Was curious. Where do you watch these episodes? Us yanks get either dramafever or viki, etc.

  6. subject

    HeadsNo2, I love you SO much!
    First, thanks for the recap, I bet you wrote it as usually sharp and witty and made the funny scenes even more hilarious than they are.
    Second, I vote for La La Couple, both because it is really well written and dealing in a fascinating way with problematic issues in relationships, and also because we deserve something to make us smile just before Nice Guy smash our heart on Wednesday and Thursday.
    Third, I off to read. I’ll be back.

    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      Headsno2 is on FIAH with these recaps.
      I’m totally fangirling right now.


  7. Itoshi

    I’m loving the first episode!! Go Soo Nam encompasses all the horrible qualities a husband shouldn’t have in a marriage-he talks rudely, he is stingy, he’s calculative, he mistreats and doesn’t appreciate his wife, he doesn’t help in the house and he has an affair. And sadly all of these are true reflection of the kinds of husband that exist. I know many of them. The best part is when he said “You know that I am always right, right?” Pfft. That is the worst quality a person could have and that marriage is in deep trouble as long as one of the two spouses has that attitude.

    I also like that Yeo-Ok knows everything to do about her friend’s husband cheating but when it happens to her, she is flustered. But i like that her rational self talks it out with her, and the best part was her scheming to get the house and money and taking pictures as evidence LOL cuz that’s the way to win a divorce. I’m very interested to know of her life before marriage cuz she seems sensible and clever(moving out from ur mother-in-law’s house is very clever)

    Then again, am i the only one who feels like Victoria is faking it-she says she’s like Pippi Longstocking and Soo Nam seems convinced that ‘she had gone through so much’. I wonder I wonder.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed the acting from the two main, Shin Hyung Joon knows how to make a cold personality (soo different than Gaksital’s Kang San, i’m pleasantly surprised) and Kim Jeung Eun with that asthmatic attack, and when she’s tearing up, oh so excellent!!

    And are we gonna have a major fight next eps? bring it on!!

  8. djes

    Isn’t that the tradition that the wife have to call the sister in law ( husband’s sister ) ‘Agasshi’?

    Thank you for recapping. I’m planning to watch this drama soon..

  9. Ss

    I never felt so angry watching a drama. The acting is superb!! I totally sympathize w the wife! Cheating partners >:(

    • 9.1 Sweetpea

      Same here! I was seething the entire episode. The tone is lighthearted but the husband’s actions and words just enraged me so much that I wanted to tear him into pieces every time he appeared or spoke. LOL.
      I hope that the body swapping gives him a huge spanking. Hopefully he won’t use that to his advantage by pushing all the blame to his wife (who will then be “him” by being in his body). He better not get off so easily, that bastard. ._.

      That said, I will certainly be watching for the future shenanigans! Hopefully the funny will outweigh the angst and jerkhead.

    • 9.2 Ladytron33

      Oh, me too! I’m glad I’m not the only who was furious through the whole episode. As much as I really enjoyed the pace, writing, and acting of the show, Soo-nam’s cruel and selfish nature really hindered my enjoyment.

      Honestly, there is very little that could happen for me to consider Soo-nam redeemable. Short of a “Secret Garden” type sacrifice, I do no want these two to get back together. I’d much rather have Yeo-ok find a true companion and leave her husband in the dust.

      I’m sure things will improve with the body swap. I did watch the second episode and enjoyed it much more. But I still stand by my opinion that it’s hard to root for a reconciliation at this point (which I’m assuming is the end game for this type of rom-com).

      • 9.2.1 Sweet Pea

        I know, right? Given the comments on the other post concerning this show about how funny it was, imagine my surprise when I went through the entire episode without laughing at all. 😛

        The scene where they were threatening the other girl with the knife was pretty over-the-top so it was amusing in a sense.
        However, I find it pretty sad how they had to be so desperate to have the other girl not return to the guy in order for the husband to not cheat with her. It shows that the wife’s word probably has no meaning/affect on the husband that she had to go after the girl and not him. The problem lies with the guy. IF it wasn’t this girl he was cheating with, he’d probably have been cheating with another one.

        • skelly

          THANK YOU. It’s nice to find someone else who watched this without laughing. I am horrified that this guy is the “hero,” that this couple is the supposed OTP. He is a cheater, a liar, weak and selfish and stupid and manipulative. He is ugly, inside and out. I turned to my daughter and said, “There’s nothing that this show can do that will make me like this guy.” And I turned it off. She’s too good for him, and too nice to him, and I don’t need to watch a show that just makes me want to tear a character’s eyeballs out.

      • 9.2.2 Hooliah

        “Honestly, there is very little that could happen for me to consider Soo-nam redeemable. Short of a “Secret Garden” type sacrifice, I do no want these two to get back together. I’d much rather have Yeo-ok find a true companion and leave her husband in the dust.”

        This was exactly my reaction too. She doesn’t need to take this BS–find a better man! It’s hard for me to see how they are going to make up for what a huge dick Soo-nam is right now.

  10. 10 MsB

    “Soo-nam, meet Dead To Me. Dead To Me, meet Soo-nam.” A true statement! I generally avoid adultery themed dramas as I know how it feels but boy did I learn a few things HAHA!! Wish I could have had this drama watched behind me 12 years ago!! But back to the drama, this was an excellent start. Kin Jung Eun took this role out of the park to use a baseball analogy! Excellent job! One I expected and was proud to see! My exposure to Shin Hyun-joon is new as I’ve only seen him in 2 dramas but he owns the role of Soo-nam. What a mess! But I’d like to know why?! There just is not any indication from watching Yeo-Ok why he treats her so badly! I’m flummoxed on that one. She seems to be a woman who simply looking for attention but only getting used by her family. 2nd episode was telling on why she is like she is. The knife scene with her friend was hysterically! I never laughed so hard about a subject that basically is hurtful; wish I had a friend like that! Hopefully, they show us redeeming scenes of Soo-nam because right now he is truly on my s**t list!

    • 10.1 Saner

      I’m not trying to excuse him but I was intrigued by the way the Show contrasted his rollicking in bed with Victoria to Yeo-Ok completely breaking down in the elevator. He’s so busy looking at Victoria through moony eyes and lavishing his affection on her in that semi-romantic fantasy they have set up that his poor wife can’t really do much to earn herself points.

      Also, methinks it’s a little bit of guilt – if he makes his wife hates him and deliberately provokes her ire, it makes him feel a little comforted when he runs to Victoria: “Why doesn’t she like me? Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  11. 11 Lang

    Love this show so far. It’s really night and day how Soo-nam treats his wife and how he treats his hotel guests.

    It’s really cool, because he turns super suave and speaks in this slow, gentle voice that is so romantic.

    But when he’s with his wife, and family, he speaks in this annoying sort of high pitched voice.

    And is it me, or does he have some crazy eye lashes ?

    That scene with the cencored knife made me laughing so hard, and dam, Nam Gyu-ri is super hot….

  12. 12 kit

    I was so pissed off from the opening scene (of the present). Right off the bat, the husband laid down the stereotypical korean, patriarchal, arrogant speak of ‘the woman should stay in the private sphere’. And I knew I’d love to hate his character, because I just wanted to kill him so badly. Which is, you know, in terms of the drama, really good. But still, right after a lecture on feminism, mm.

    I’d thought the viewer would be sympathetic for both sides, but we’re firmly on the woman’s side from the beginning. Which gets even worse, when, bam, adulterer. I did love how she said that even worse than the sleeping around was the fact that he spoke so cruelly to her, because that hits home to a lot of married couples I think.

    In terms of acting, the leading male’s really solid. Woman’s okay, I grew up watching her act tbh. There were a couple of scenes where I was like ‘…’ though, more in the beginning. Like that scene when she talks to her friend and she’s just looking in an awkward direction the whole time, sniping away with a tone of voice. Still, she always did win at those crying scenes.

    It’s going to be a really fun ride as the husband gets put in his place.

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    Oh, and also something I noticed. HeadsNo2, you wrote that the wife had planned the apartment for them to move out in but when she said it, it was insinuating that the couple had bought it together? So what I got from it was that actually, all along, the husband had bought it for the /other woman/ to live in ….. which means that he’d been cheating for at least five years if not more? I could be wrong of course, but, just thought I’d throw it out there.

  13. 13 Lemon

    No shit Heads, you’re awesome!! Thank you for all these recaps 😀 Love you.

    And you know, I’ve always been curious about your name Headsno2..

    • 13.1 Lemon

      Kim Jung Eun’s acting is awesome. I love her!

      And after watching ep 2, Shin Hyun Joon as his wife was FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS to watch!

  14. 14 botbot

    KJE improves over the years.Big time. I’m pleasantly surprised to see her acting here. There are no more blank doe-eyed and dead watery eyes ala Lovers in Paris or Lovers days. Granted, those are the only 2 of her dramas that I’ve seen so far.

    I wonder what kind of laser, peels, whatever that she and Shin Hyun-joon is doing. That kind of skin at their age is just amaaazzingg.

    Although I don’t find the first episode funny, I do laugh loudly on the second episode. Ooohhhh this drama is like a fresh air after all the dreary stuff lately.

  15. 15 Carinne

    Lookin’ good thus far.

  16. 16 katiamon

    must watch SOON! I really need to order my schedules hehe. thanks for the recap!!!!

  17. 17 Saner

    Question: Has anyone seen Kill Me Kiss Me (the movie)? Isn’t that whole thing about being together in the next life also in that film too?

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      Kiss me, Kill me is a great movie but no afterlife thingy at all in it. Good old Carpe Diem.

      • 17.1.1 Saner

        I know but I think the the girl’s douche of an ex says something about meeting in the next life…I only mentioned it because I’m pretty sure that Shin Hyun Joon is in it too 😀

  18. 18 Amberscube

    Thank you for the recap Heads. I knew you would be recapping this.

    I love the first episode. The scene with Nam Gyuri is hilarious. I was laughig so hard she played the “other woman” (she was the betrayed one in 49 Days and Haeundae Lovers) this time and i really think she did well…

  19. 19 laineyhog

    “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Soo Nam”
    That was brilliant, witty recap as usual.

    • 19.1 trotwood

      My favorite line has already been quoted above: “Soo-nam, meet Dead To Me. Dead To Me, meet Soo-nam.”

      Oh, HeadsNo2. I needed a laugh today. Thanks.

  20. 20 bigwink

    Aww yeah! Glad you recapped the first episode.
    Seems interesting and different, but yet again, that’s always the promise we got….right?
    My hopes are high though, and with you recapping this?! I bet my gazzillion cyber money that this will be a fun ride! Whoop!
    Thank in advance Heads 😉

  21. 21 bishbash

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!! Ep 2 just gets better. Shin Hyun Joon really rocks.

    BTW, the elder is the Chinese version of Cupid, aka The Old Man under the Moon. 🙂

  22. 22 KANGly

    Thanks for the recap! I hope you will continue. It is a very good drama.

  23. 23 Noemi

    Thanks so much for the recap! I watched the first episode and I’m liking it so far.

    About Soo Nam getting a text from “Big”…I kind of assumed “빅” was short for “빅토리아”. Because “Vic” can be a nickname for Victoria…but I could be totally wrong!

  24. 24 cv

    Sounds hilarious but dam it, I hate to see a drama where one of them is a cheater. ARrrgh! Suk big time.

    I hope this gets recapped so I can just read instead of watch.

    Thanks for recapping!

  25. 25 chocopie83

    been waiting for the recap! xD

    anyway while 빅 may be a ref to Big, it’s also short for 빅토리아, which is hangeul-ised Victoria 🙂

  26. 26 Lila

    Thanks for the recap! After watching this, I absolutely hate the male lead character. Absolutely shameless. It’s going to take a lot for me to start liking him.

    It was absolutely heartbreaking for me the moment she found out. I don’t usually cry during dramas but did during this episode because I felt so bad for her.

    Hope Han Jae Suk appears soon.

  27. 27 pigtookie

    Great recap!
    Shin Hyun Joon made me go from loving his last character, to feeling bitter at his sight onscreen, pretty fast. He’d better be in for a major redemption, this one, because that was terrible how he treated her. My heart hurts for the wife, but I loved the appearance of her conscience (the Fierce Wife, fast forwarded?) The show is funny and sarcastic right off the bat, but it’s also grounded in realistic conflicts. I find the couple’s acting too exaggerated at a couple moments, but they do nail everything else and make up for that (granted, I have a soft spot for KJE as I have a soft spot for all my first kdramas/movies, the infamous LIP included.)

    hehe I liked the nod to Gaksital though.

  28. 28 Sweetpea

    Every time I see Victoria, I automatically view her as “Rie” from Gaksital. So even when she’s in bed with him, I feel no animosity towards her; I just want her to be happy! Gah.
    -must erase gaksital from my mind-

  29. 29 Baji

    Episode 2 is HILARIOUS, let me tell you, when the body swap occurs. My mouth hurt so much after laughing! Do give it a chance. 🙂

    I’m definitely on board for this drama. I need the laughs from the depression I’m undergoing with Arang.

  30. 30 lovepark

    Great recap!
    Episode 1 was okay for me, but I thought the second episode was a lot better. I really like the fate and magical aspect of the drama; it sort of makes sense in their world. I can’t wait for more hijinks to ensue.

  31. 31 Ryoko

    I was seething throughout pretty much the entire episode. I gave myself a headache from glaring death-rays at Soo-nam. From an acting standpoint, props to him for making me hate him practically on sight. I can see that the writers are trying to give him a reason for the way he treats his wife (his job at the hotel has him taking care of other people all day), but I still find it hard to swallow. Then you find out that on top of being an abrasive, chauvinistic husband with no respect for his wife, he’s a cheater. Well, Show, to me there’s no path to reconciliation for this couple; Yeo-ok should get out of there ASAP and never look back. Unfortunately, I’m assuming that the writers have already planned to have them reconcile in the end, and the episodes in-between are supposed to provide the justification and the laughs. Problem is, I have never been so repulsed by the first episode of a drama before. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the second episode, even though people are saying it’s a lot funnier. Remembering them pre-body-swap would make the laughter caused by post-body-swap hijinks stick in my throat.

    In reading the comments already posted, most people, though upset with Soo-nam, seem to be on board with the series. I’m just curious, is there anyone else who saw the first episode and feels the same way I do?

    • 31.1 Midori

      Girls please I don’t only see it the way you do I can add on for years! The only way this drama going to work for me if it’s about changing fate! I don’t know how they can possible get back together, for heaven sake she said it herself, she watch him F_ _K another woman. I’m sure he didn’t wrap it up but it’s a wrap for me! I don’t care if she loses her memory, unless she has brain surgery and what I mean by brain surgery is that she and Victoria switch brain at the end. There a huge different between what you think happen to knowing exactly what happen.

      I also disturbs and I do me disturbs with K-drama display of how Korean woman should just accepted cheating man. I have watch so many k-drama where I hear the family and friend telling the wife to wait he come back, who want an A—H– back? There was even one drama where the father left the mother for over 40 years slept with every woman on the island and when he got sick he come back to his wife and her kids, her KIDS that she raise alone advocate for her to forgive him and take him back. The worse one I watch a while back was when the man left with his mistress had a child with the mistress but the wife end up raising their child. (She raise the boy with love) when the father got sick and had no where to go he return back to his wife (WITH) the mistress and they all live together disgusting. Also My Fierce wife (Taiwanese drama) was awful on all level of ungodliness. What kind of self worth do you have to take a man back and worse and his mistress? I tell you, none you have no value!

    • 31.2 Midori

      I forgot to add, the bastard use ‘HER” apartment to house his “Whore” I just don’t get why people think she deserve to go through this with a man that not worth the $10 he thought she stole. Episode 1 wrap up they entire relationship, he has always treated her like nothing and sadly in this life time he always will. I have looked at this from every angle and it still come down to stupidity if she takes this man back. My emotion was tired up with disgust, pity, anger, disbelief and compassion to even allow humor, my mother always said 2 each it owns…..

    • 31.3 grin

      I was expecting hilariousness right from the start and, while this episode did set up slightly humorous situations, in the end I was too angry and torn up about the wife’s situation to laugh. I didn’t like how the husband acts and frankly I don’t think he deserves her. I’m going to be angry if she ends up forgiving him and I find it tough to swallow that this an all too likely possibility. On that front, I completely agree with you Ryoko.

      In the end though, I’m sticking with this drama for a few more episodes to see what happens to the wife. Even though I know what is likely to happen, even though I hate that possibility, I’m watching this because I enjoy watching the wife. It’s rare to find a women in fiction (or movies or other media) that is so rational about what to do. She speaks up and stands up for herself when other people mistreat her. She laughs hysterically and forces herself to smile towards her husband in order to get things in order before the divorce. And, all the while, she’s conscientious enough to feel guilty towards her friend towards the end of the episode. How can I not want to watch one more episode with a female lead like this? Maybe this is an everyday thing in Korean dramas but for me it’s a novelty.

      So yeah, hook, line, and sinker for emotional appeal — though I’m hoping it lives up to that lighthearted, funny vibe from the teasers— I need some of that after watching dramas like Nice Guy.

      So Ryoko, I hope you stick with this for at least two more episodes. Who knows? Maybe this drama will end up surprising us.

      • 31.3.1 Annie

        @ Grin I agree about the wife character its truly rare to see in K-drama. I myself have continue watching drama due to a strong female lead and tend to fall for the second lead female because they don’t lack self worth. There has been very, very few female characters in K-drama where self worth is not validate by the rich man accepted first.

    • 31.4 Sweet Pea

      Agreed. I posted a similar comment above expressing how much I loathe that jerkhead. Still debating whether or not to continue watching… I hear the funny is going to kick in soon so maybe I’ll give it a go. Arugh, she’d better not take him back though and give in easily. I want his butt kicked and for him to get his consequence. Of course, the body swap would be kind of difficult for that to happen though, I’d imagine.

      The only way I can EVER accept the reconciliation is if he has taken responsibility for his actions and repent by completely taking a 180. I sure hope she doesn’t take him back a minute sooner.

    • 31.5 Lila

      I agree as well. I’ll keep watching for the next few episodes, but I don’t think she should take him back. Unfortunately, dramas almost always make the women go back to the man no matter how he treated her in the past.

      Seems these writers are always trying to find a threshold to how much of an douche they can make the male lead before they give him a change of heart in the last two episodes, and have the girl come back to him as if nothing happened, and have the audience on their side.

    • 31.6 cv

      That’s why I was hoping to read instead of watching this show. It may be funny and all but the set up of the story–him as a cheater–really stinks. The writer could have done it differently without him being a cheater. Even attemps to cheat such as eyeing other ladies because of the situation at home…sure understandable but right out cheating for years? wtf?!

      I’ve heard of the saying—once a cheater, always a cheater.

      Blah! I guess you can’t argue with fiction—dramas. :-p

    • 31.7 stargrasper

      I think it’s what makes the drama interesting. It plays on the dynamics of not just “fate” but “forgiveness” as well.

      In wise words: “To forgive is an act of compassion … it’s not done because people deserve it. It’s done because they need it.” (Giles)

    • 31.8 skelly


  32. 32 hanyuja

    I haven’t watched episode 1, but I was so curious about episode 2 from the recap that I watched it…so hilarious. i could see why the wife and husband were initially shown with very distinct mannerisms and speech because it does help the other actor play their roles.

    I’m hoping for deeper messages from the drama about relationships, repenting, and reconciliation! Preview for ep 3 shows a little bit of how the husband might be forced to grow/change..

  33. 33 Noelle

    I watched this yesterday and a bit of the second. I couldn’t help but cry when she saw them together. She did such a good job showing her heartbreak. The depiction of their marriage kind of hit home for me so I got really into it.

  34. 34 X5

    oohlala recaaaaaaap! couldn’t have woken up to a better morning! *giddy* off to read… thanks dramabeans! ^_^

  35. 35 mamacat

    Don’t you think that he played her out even in their past life? That note that he sent Sayuri said that he hoped they would leave this life together, implying a suicide pact – which he did not fulfil. It was also something he apologised for as he sent her bier off with the waves. I think it’s all fun and comedic now but there are signs that some melo is in the background. Especially when you listen to the dialogue about fate etc in the second episode as the old-man-cupid and Musan discuss Victoria’s link to Soo Nam in their past life. Still, loads of fun to watch for now – while Soo Nam is a complete ass (shows how SHJ really owned the role!) – it DOES get loads funnier in ep 2. The physical comedy is a hoot and KJE really brings it on once the swop takes place!

    • 35.1 mojobobo

      i think so too!!

    • 35.2 Mel

      they could be. I mean, they didn’t even get t change to married. maybe they were destine to have unhappy ending one way or another.

  36. 36 Mia

    definitely a must watch! this show is a hoot! but it’s not only funny, it’s also about marriage, family, love, etc. they’re all equally shown.
    If the wife doesn’t get her justice in this drama, i’ll totally hate you show! sigh~ women are always at disadvantage, most of the time, in dramas (and in real life, don’t deny)

  37. 37 honeywell

    Wow I barely recognized kim jung eun. The hair and make up threw me off.

  38. 38 Mel

    I interested to see why things have turned out that way. There must be something wrong with the relationship which they haven’t shown us that would make the guy like this. ….unless there are just no reason and he have reborn into a player…l

    • 38.1 glo

      Seconded, I’m also very intrigued to see why their marriage turned out like this. I’m a strong believer that it takes two to tango, and it takes two for the marriage to work & flourish.

      Hope that through these body-swapping, they will show the viewers what truly happen with their relationship and how they can work it out to recover their marriage.

      If he’s been reborn as a player, I will definitely give up this drama. And if he cheated with Victoria in their past lives, I’m speechless.

      • 38.1.1 zodd

        You’ll find out her connection with him. Though you have to wonder if fate ruined them getting together having intervene in getting both the leads together when he possibly was meant to be with Victoria if Fate hadn’t interfered.

  39. 39 hunB

    i might be wrong but that old man is not fate but a person from their past, same with the ghost.
    from what the old man said he had a hand and sending off his lover so that housewife can get back with her past lover (since their love was cut short). cheater himself said he doesn’t want his love to leave him again like his previous lover, so not only does he not love her but doesn’t even respect her.

    i don’t see how swapping bodies can make him change since he is the one causing her the most grief. maybe she’ll turn into a verbally abusive lazy louse so he can get a taste of his on medicine.

    i loved the knife scene but will stop watching this didn’t grab me at all

  40. 40 tweetie

    One of the first drama’s in a long time where I am reaching for the next episode in excitement! Hope it continues being this well acted and funny. Maybe not the best thing to do to watch it as it airs! hope it is recaped.

  41. 41 IBELIS

    I knew they would be in trouble from Soo Nam in the past. One moment he was let’s die together and the next it was sorry I can’t go this time.

  42. 42 WM

    So far I’m totally hooked on this drama. I’m glad they had the couple’s past lives flashback at the beginning, because I wouldn’t have stayed if the introduction to the husband had been that “you make the bed” scene. But since we know their past, in particular his, it gives me hope that there’s a good guy lurking in there somewhere, and that the wife will have an actual backbone. lol I’m also glad they didn’t go the whole “woe is me” route for more than part of the first episode; she made her decision and was smart about it. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

  43. 43 anna

    I really like Yeo-ok so far, but now thinking of how Yeo-ok is going to be Soo-nam.. or SN in her body, just pisses me off! I don’t exactly like him already.

  44. 44 mikan

    I laughed at this episode esp. the confrontation of the wives and the mistress haha..
    i feel pity for Yeo-ok..and I want to kick Soo-nam for his attitude grr~

  45. 45 stargrasper

    I kind of find this show endearing and I’m all up for the “forgiveness” aspect of everything. Of course, Soo-nam is just a terrible husband. I have my sympathies for Yeo-ok but I hope people don’t turn away because it’s blatantly obvious the two are getting back together. It’s the entire process that makes it entertaining.

    Not quite sure if this was in ep 2 or not but there’s another particularly “fateful” reason why Soo-nam and Victoria are together. So regardless the situation, it definitely is about bending the boundaries of fate if anything else.

    I’m really surprised at how the drama rolled out though. I was expecting them to pull in the entire story of them two meeting and their past before we actually see them now as the bickering sick-and-tired couple. However, this was just entertaining and played with my emotions so much more. Love it, love it, love it.

    Also need to add the acting skills in here. It’s just fantastic. You know they’re seasoned actors and they’ve certainly got skills but not only that, they have the potential chemistry. The sparks flying. I just love that they can play out poignant scenes beautifully and at the same time, show their hilarious comedic side without going overboard or with awkward expressions. The drama is meshing the dark and light-hearted really sweetly.

    I hope this drama churns out nicely. 😀 Excited for more to happen and for the emotions to play out between their little dilema.

    • 45.1 Gasenadi

      Shoulda listened to your and my daughter’s predictions. Woulda saved myself 15 hrs and lots of ANGER.

  46. 46 MeeisLee

    Thank god there’s recaps for this show. I don’t know how I could spazz on my own! In fact, I’ll just watch the first episode instead of catching up on Faith and Arang. I need some comedy in my life after taking SATs today!

    • 46.1 MeeisLee

      “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Soo-nam, but whatever floats your boat.”

      -This is why I love you.

      “Future recaps are up in the air, but you can count me in as a viewer, if only to see the body-swap shenanigans.”

      -Don’t hurt the ones that love you~~~

      Sigh, too many good shows are currently airing. Who knew I would be sad to have lots of enjoyable shows to watch while I procrastinate on hw :(.

  47. 47 pangya

    kyaahh! love this show…. it’s so funny… i hope you would do recaps of it! XD

  48. 48 Jo

    No more recaps for ohlala spouses from dramabeans?? I’ve been really looking forward -_- cries~

    • 48.1 Saner

      …agreed 🙁

  49. 49 Susan

    I wish you would recao ep 10. Did I miss something or why didn’t he ask hospital info if she was admitted. Then did no one look for her the whole night. Why didn’t she call home and if she went to the hospital in her maid uniform, where did she get the clothes she left in?

    • 49.1 Gasenadi

      My questions exactly. I guess she didn’t call because her phone was left at Victoria’s apt. Y-O felt cramps in the pharmacy. Maybe she went home first and packed before going to the hospital. About him not finding her, I don’t get it, unless he asked about her BEFORE she was officially admitted. Still love this drama, tho. Wish dramabeans would recap cuz the whole past-lives-Fate thing with the two meddling “love gods” is frustratingly confusing. And I’m all for forgiveness in principle. But that doesn’t mean she has to go back to SN, especially after what we learn in subsequent episodes.

  50. 50 kcekce

    Well, I don’t find the story with the past lives so confusing. From what we saw till now – in their past lives Su Nam was Victoria’s husband, cheating with Yeo Ok-geisha. Since Yeo Ok was deeply in love with him, she decided to die and find happiness with Su Nam in the next life. But he refused to commit suicide and stayed with his wife and kids…

    So now I expect (and hope) romance to turn kind of the same way – Su Nam to stay with Victoria. And Yeo Ok, instead of dying, this time should open her eyes for her husband’s low worth and find better future with her loving Oppa… I would feel pretty unsatisfied with any other ending actually.

    • 50.1 Gasenadi

      My confusion stems from precisely what you describe: the original married couple was Freedom Fighter and wife (Victoria) with whom he had 3 kids. From Elder’s “speeches” about marriage and the connections created w/n it, you’d expect the “fated” couple to be Soo-Nam and Vicky. But no, the only one who matches these 2 is the “Love Goddess”. Elder INSISTS that the “fated” couple, the one he’s worked so hard to match, is Soo-Nam/Yeo-Ok. DESPITE the fact that Freedom Fighter cheats on Previous-Life-Wife w/Sayuri; then chickens out of his part of the Suicide Pact w/Sayuri; THEN cheats on Yeo-Ok!! And for what? So we can “learn lessons” about “forgiveness”, “redemption” and “happy families” and “LOVE”? I’m still reeling at Elder’s lack of sense. Or maybe from hasty writing? (And I’m not EVEN going to go into that cheating President and his penguin wife….!)

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