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Oohlala: The cameo parade
by | October 5, 2012 | 38 Comments

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday show Oohlala Spouses got off to a strong start this week, and is poised to continue leading in the ratings for the immediate future. To help things along, they’re beefing up their lineup—which stars Kim Jung-eun, Shin Hyun-joon, Han Jae-seok, and Han Chae-ah—with an endless string of guest appearances.

Okay, not endless, but certainly long: a new cameo every episode. According to the production, leads Kim Jung-eun and Shin Hyun-joon have quite the extensive network of industry contacts (and with the number of years and projects between them, that’s no surprise), and along with PD Lee Jung-sub, they’ll be doing most of the recruiting.

So far, we’ve seen Nam Gyuri (Haeundae Lovers, 49 Days) make an appearance in the first episode as one of the Other Women (she was in a Drama Special with the PD), and Eugene (Creating Destiny) in the second episode playing Shin Hyun-joon’s first love (she worked with the director on Baker King Kim Tak-gu). Shin’s good friend Nam Hee-seok, an MC and comedian, also showed up to get in a fender-bender with our heroine.

To come in the next week is a guest appearance by Kim Chang-ryul, of the old-school K-pop group DJ DOC (ah, the ’90s…). He’ll get set up on a blind date with Juni, who plays the bratty sister-in-law.

Shin reportedly has had the biggest reach so far, but it’s early days yet. I don’t know that cameos do much in terms of ratings or even the plot, but they can be fun little interludes of Spot the Celebrity. And is anybody else picturing a behind-the-scenes battle between the “spouses” to one-up each other? Can there be wagers and embarrassing public punishments on the line? Pretty please? C’mon, I’m pretty sure that’s what Twitter was invented for.

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38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tweetie

    I really hope some one will recap this, or even just get views on it from JB and GF like you did with Lie to me, that’s the bit I enjoy the most from your recaps (the witty comments)

    • 1.1 Mrs. Hand Towel

      it is being recapped on db

    • 1.2 tomorro22

      HeadsNo2 did a recap for Ep1, but she did say future recaps were still up in the air :/ I hope she continues, lol~

  2. Anvesha

    Will Joo Won make an appearance for his hyung? I’m curious..

    • 2.1 jinkzz

      hahaha…you beat me to it…i was going to ask the same thing

    • 2.2 katiamon

      that would be terrific!!!! and can his character be as aegyo as he is in real life????? 🙂

      • 2.2.1 Zaza

        Oh no, if Joo Won cameos, it will really put me off the show. I just can’t stand him acting cute. I have enough of that in 1N2D. Yikes!

        • Dominique

          I cannot stand him, either. Ju Won is like an e-mail you read only once and then promptly delete before you move onto the next.

          • Steamy Bun

            Woah, where did that come from? Harsh. But you’re entitled to your opinions of course. 😀

    • 2.3 Pitch

      lol, yes please!

    • 2.4 Biscuit

      Ohoho. Just imagine if he was part of the married couples “previous lives” during the Japanese Occupation. Or he could Shin’s step-brother from the states that comes to visit – which would help with him only having to cameo for an episode.

    • 2.5 joofanatic

      haha…would love that tooo……..

      • 2.5.1 R

        Me too, really hope a joo won cameo in this drama since he worked with the pd in baker king and shj and hca in gaksitaaal !

  3. lizzie

    oh just now realized both Huni and KJE worked together in I’m legend, right?

    • 3.1 lizzie


  4. Tammie

    While this show has me wrapped around it’s little finger, I was floored when in the first episode the wife kinda dismissed the husband’s affair – “It’s the first…” yada yada. Seriously!!!??? Infidelity is a no biggie in Korea? To me, the treatment of it was staggering. Almost like it is expected for every husband to cheat on his wife. Anyone else get that vibe?

    • 4.1 Kwhat?!

      I think they were trying to demonstrate how it’s easy to decide how you WOULD handle cheating, but when you actually have to deal with it, it may not be so easy. I don’t think they were trying to make light of his cheating—it is the major conflict (apart from the body swap), after all. But for many people who are confronted with a cheating spouse/significant other, I think it’s natural to try to justify and rationalize at first. Which is why I loved that scene, because she basically talks herself out of that mind-frame, and makes a suitable plan of action.

    • 4.2 Chihiro

      Um, it’s not really that feeling to me since the show did a long segment on how badly she was shocked and betrayed to the point of bringing on a asthma attack.
      I felt that she was trying to forgive him a bit because of love. Sometimes love can overcome everything, even a Cheater McGee. But, he should totally get a bashing on the head and be thrown into the icy cold lake by her and old man o’fate. People make mistakes. Sometimes, they are too large to forgive and other times we try to make ourselves see past those mistakes (or character faults) because we love those people. Of course, after they’re hooked around our little fingers, then we reform them.

    • 4.3 mnstpdu08

      I agree with you completely. I can’t empathize with women who take back or “deal” with their cheating husbands; hence, I can’t watch those dramas. There’s no justification for cheating, regardless of all the “circumstances.” A relationship can never go back to where it was before or go forward, because the person who was cheated on will always question the other person’s actions.

      • 4.3.1 narae

        it’s easy to say that, and at one point i thought exactly like you.
        but i’ve almost been the other woman in a relationship before (i didn’t go through with it because i wouldn’t have been able to respect myself if i did), and i can tell you, it’s a lot more complicated than that.
        perhaps you’ve been in the situation before, perhaps you haven’t, but it’s easy to say things like that when it’s happening to someone else. it’s not so easy when it’s happening to you, and you care deeply about the other person. this was a person who was willing to endure years of exploitation for the sake of a love that transcended time, albeit without her knowing the transcending time bit (which makes it sound a lot more grandiose than it actually is….), and it’s not so easy to throw all of that history away in one blink. please don’t be so dismissive of all of the other emotions someone goes through when facing a cheating spouse.
        that’s not to say this is a defense of cheaters, merely a caution to be less hasty in casting judgment, especially upon the victims.

    • 4.4 JO

      But in the end she decides against it..

  5. Kwhat?!

    I’m excited to see all the cameos they pull in. I’m not completely hooked yet, but I’m nibbling.

    • 5.1 Dominique

      Judging from Episode 2, this drama is going to need all the help from cameos to fill up the remaining 14 episodes.

      As we have seen in Big earlier this year, once the body-swap happens, a drama cannot bring in new dramatic materials. It is restricted to what it built up before the swap, until it is time to re-swap the bodies. What a torture it was to watch Big squirm under this restriction, so much so that I had to pull my plug!

      Episode 2 of Oolala Spouses already shows the same strain.

  6. Chihiro

    LOVE this!!
    Please continue to recap if you have time. I look forward to your insight!

  7. Lila

    I enjoyed Eugene’s cameo, but not Nam Gyuri’s. Something about her grates my nerves.

    Looking forward to seeing the other cameos.

    • 7.1 bd

      Could it be b/c her face doesn’t move naturally?

      • 7.1.1 Lila

        Yep, that’s one reason. Too much plastic and soulless eyes. So tired of the doll look.

        I was annoyed by that in 49 days when I first saw her, but I stuck with that drama because it was actually a good one, and stuck with Haeundae Lovers because she was unimportant in that one.

  8. Chihiro

    Cameo! Cameo! Cameo! Oh please Joo Won, you HAVE to make an appearance. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Maybe as the elusive returnee brother?

  9. kimbap

    Someone please recap this show! Thanks. I appreciate the hard work put into each post. You guys rock!

  10. 10 jyyjc

    And didn’t comedian kim byung man cameo’d as the guy who set up the hidden camera? Or was I seeing wrong..?

  11. 11 nuna

    2 cameos was not mention; a MC (forgot his name), the one that sent our leading lady to the pharmacy when she had an asthma attack in episode 1
    and Kim Byung Man, the technician guy who set up the hidden camera. cameos are fun!

  12. 12 Noelle

    OMG the guy who plays the friend’s cheating husband… Lawyer Lee? He looks sooooo flipping odd it’s not even funny. He is gonna look all kinds of funky when he’s old. Wasn’t he the dude in Playful Kiss?

    • 12.1 tika

      he look like an anime character. the crazy one. haha

    • 12.2 bd

      Lawyer Lee, Choi Sung-Guk, was in the comedy “Three Mr. Kims” (just a sill,y, fun film) w/ Shin Hyun-joon.

      Love the expression on his face when Kim Jung-eun’s character stated that she chose him b/c he wasn’t a very good lawyer.

      Love how they make Shin Hyun-joon look so goofy in his “younger days” (same thing was done for the film “Marrying the Mafia II”).

      Shin Hyun-joon is so good w/ physical humor/slapstick, as well as being able to do the serious parts well.

  13. 13 mikan

    Maybe in the future episodes Joo Won will be there (really hoping! ^_^) .. I’ve watched the 1st episode, it’s interesting and quite funny.. the husband’s so mean..

  14. 14 74volvo

    It’s always great to and hear about my original reason for becoming a drama addict: Eugene! I wonder why we didn’t get to see her walk the carpet at this year’s Busan festival? So many have graced the carpet thus far. Princess Eugene should always be one of them… 🙂

  15. 15 someone

    Wow!there are actually joo won anti-fans here?amazing!I was actually wondering if he has heaters or not.because he is too cute be hate and his acting is also superb…

  16. 16 tamtam

    It’s a shame that DB isn’t recapping this comedy drama other than the first episode. Of all the body swapping dramas, this one made use of it in a really good sense. It’s fast-paced and witty, the situation is changing in every episode to keep it fresh. I suppose it’s too early to tell whether it’ll drag on or keep moving at this pace, but so far so good. The acting’s solid, and the supporting roles are also interesting. I’ve no idea why there aren’t more buzz about this. I guess the name is an immediate turn off? On a side note, I thought Narsha did a really good job as a rookie actress.

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