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by | October 5, 2012 | 348 Comments

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  1. Ivoire

    Happy OT Everyone!

    • 1.1 simply_me

      Happy OT Ivoire. You beat me to it!!!

      • 1.1.1 simply_me

        Oh, and to everyone too (insert embarrassed blush here)

    • 1.2 shel

      Hello, Ivoire!

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      So I have a very busy day ahead of me today, I am moving…again in a few hours. I won’t be active here for a while, but I will check back later. There are some people I owe some responses to from last OT (I am trying to live up to my name “Our Lady of The Methodical Response Approach Process,” which I actually am, so am just trying to honor the name and continue to do it justice :-)), and I will respond (mostly because I want to, I like to finish my conversations, or at least close that circle [kind of like coming full circle kind of thing]) so I will answer because I said last week that I would and if the people I am answering to have something to add to what I said, I would like to know that as well.

      So, thank you for your patience, your kind wishes (I know there will be some) as I am tackling my 3rd move in 8 months (yeah… don’t ask, this is an eventful year for me). One has to learn to roll with the punches and I am continuing to learn…

      Things seem to be looking up for me in the near future. I will share once things are finalized and once I am settled (I have one last move after this one, that one will be soon. Remember, I said “don’t ask?) I will explain later, when I am settled but I think I can I say that things are getting better.

      Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend. It was hot in my neck of the wood this week. Drama wise, I am only watching Faith, with the changes in my life, I cannot handle more than that (and that is mostly because I am also methodical in the way I watch and process dramas. I don’t want to watch more than 1 or 2, 3 at the most at one time, but I would stop at 2, probably. So right now, Faith it is, but I haven’t watched the full episodes this week (15 and 16), just the skinship scenes to see how our OTP is getting closer.

      I will “read” (instead of talk to you) later…

      • 1.3.1 Mystisith

        Hello Ivoire! Don’t worry. We won’t forget you even if you keep “silent” for a while. *Keeping a warm seat*.
        I hope than at one point things will calm down cause you’re sure having a crazy year. I know, I won’t ask… Anyway, it will give me time to compile and write all the family recipes I wanted to share (learnt by watching like in old times, no notes!)
        Wish you a good WE and a happier life after your move.

      • 1.3.2 myweithisway

        Best of luck with all your moves! You can do it =)

        Holler to us DBeans if you need any help, we’d love to help!

      • 1.3.3 alua

        Glad that things are looking up for you! That’s always good to hear!

      • 1.3.4 Rashell

        Good luck Ivoire! Hopefully your move goes smoothly. It sounds like you’re experienced enough that you’ve probably got it down to a science now. LOL!

        I’ll look for you to get back!

      • 1.3.5 kakashi

        Ivoire, 화이팅 /hwaiting!

      • 1.3.6 Hillary

        Lord Ivoire, I don’t know how you do it. Moving 3 times in 8 months is just crazy. I just relocated to Trinidad and it was the worst thing ever. And on my last trip to Chicago, I finally moved the last member of my family, my uncle, who was unable to make the trip when I moved in July as he suffered a series of mild heart attacks the week before and had either been in hospital and/or rehab until I brought him down two weeks ago. Hopefully things are looking up for you and this is the last move you will make (at least for this year).

    • 1.4 Korazy Lady

      Happy OT Ivoire!

    • 1.5 alua

      Happy Friday Beanies!

      I want second seasons of Lucky 7 and Rich Man Poor Woman, because I want some Matsujun and Oguri Shun. Well, some drama with Okada Masaki or Tsumabuki Satoshi would also do but there is nothing coming up with them as far as I know (though I’ll be seeing Tsumabukai’s film Ai to Makoto at the London Film Festival next week!!! One of several that I’m really excited for!). There is one coming up with Yamapi, but while he’s pretty, his dramas (and acting) are always a bit lacklustre.

      Very very behind on Arang but I have been (and continue to be) super busy and I really don’t want to watch this one in a rush. I want to watch it when I have time and can saviour it fully.

      The only thing I watched this week dramawise was a TW one called Miss Rose which is pretty funny. I like the female lead (the male one is gorgeous, but perhaps a little too perfect – I don’t know, he’s lacking a tiny something in the way he is written). It’s not the most original of stories, and some parts are just annoying, e.g. everyone saying that the heroine is ‘old’ and not goodlooking?!?!?!; the ex coming back; the super-bratty second female – why anyone puts up with her, I do not understand NOR why she wants to marry the main guy when she clearly states she doesn’t love him and, being Daddy’s girl, can everything she wants anyhow?. But otherwise, it’s pretty funny at times, there are some nice friendships and lovely bromance (ha, the lead guy’s sidekick is a riot – he really nails it with his comments and all-knowing winks).

      • 1.5.1 Cabbage

        Lucky 7 is worth every minute! It was the first time I’ve ever seen Eita shine so well – I expect his career to take off this year.
        I also picked up Miss Rose (I don’t often watch T-drama, but sometimes I just go on a kick.) While waiting a whole week between episodes (!) I watched Office Girls, from the same crew. In some ways it’s better, in some ways not as good as Miss Rose, but I think you’d like it.
        Leave time in your schedule to watch Ep 12 of Arang over at least twice.

        • alua

          Lucky 7 I (in part) adored for Matsujun, but Eita is lovely in it as well. Well, actually them together rocked until Eita disappeared for way too many episodes. I’m waiting on the Jan DVD release for Eita’s The Native Duck, the Foreign Duck & God in Coin Locker (hope I remember that title right!), which I’m looking forward to seeing.

          I don’t watch a lot of TW drama either – they don’t normally work for me (too sappy in a weird way? and too cliché-steeped), but occasionally there’s something.

          Somehow I think Arang and me is not going to happen for several more weeks (if not a month or so), because precisely I want to have the time to rewatch those episodes that require it!

      • 1.5.2 Hillary

        I am also a Miss Rose fan (well to be honest, I am a big Roy Chiu fan, so I tend to watch any drama that he is in). It is the only non-Korean drama that I am following. Even though it is absolutely torture waiting a whole week for 1 measly episode. Korea has so spoiled me… LOL

        • Shukmeister

          I haven’t watched Miss Rose, but I’ll put it on my watch list. I still haven’t finished the last 4 eps of Queen of SOP, but, unfortunately, Real Life stuck a stick in the wheel of my Project bicycle, so I just have to finish a few things between now and end of November before I’m back on track.

          I did love both L-7 and RMPW, though.

          • Hillary

            Hey Shuk: Long time I haven’t chatted with you. That damn RL … always seems to get in the way. Though I still read OT on a regular basis, I just haven’t had time or energy to post any messages. Any new stories on your blog (as you know I thoroughly enjoyed your last one)?

          • Shukmeister

            Hillary!! You just enjoyed it for my brilliant portrayal of your awesomeness! LOL.

            Yes, I’m currently juggling three online projects: a multigenerational fiction with the two couples coming together over love letters from WW II; a vampire romance set in India; and the recapping of a 2005 KDrama “18 vs 29” starring Ryu Soo-young (the reporter from Ojakgyo Brothers).

            In RL, I’m gearing up to spend this coming weekend with 20 teenagers at a beach house in the Outer Banks, NC. Once that’s done, it’s time to complete the prep work for the Big Bang concert in Newark NJ. At press time, there’s six OT regulars meeting up for the first time!

            I hope the move to the Caribbean was accomplished smoothly, and, of course, I’m sending you good thoughts regarding you and your family!

          • Hillary

            @Shuk: Hopefully, RL will give me a break long enough to get into some of your projects.

            And your RL seems to be quite filled … LOL.

            The move wasn’t as smooth as I would have hoped but it hasn’t been that bad. The best thing is that my daughter now loves to go to school (even though she has to get up 5:30 to go to school that starts at 8:00 a.m. and finishes at 2:15 pm) and she is having a marvelous time with her new brother and sister and her cousins.

        • alua

          I only just started it recently, so I had 10 episodes to go through.

          I so did not realise it’s only 1 ep per week! Argh!

          Haven’t seen Roy Chiu in anything else, he’s definitely doing a lot of the pretty factor in the drama.

          • Hillary

            @alua: Roy Chiu is also in Office Girls (which was just great) and in Waking Love Up (the first show I saw him in … and there were rumors that he is dating his co-star of that show.) Highly recommend both (and as they have already aired), there are subs available. Believe that Office Girls is on dramafever and I think I saw Waking Love Up on several sites including viki.

  2. FishcalledWanda

    Hello fellow dramabeaners! (and a happy OT to you Ivoire!)
    How are you all? Hope everyone had a good week.
    Today I’m going to watch the last episode of White Christmas! Can’t wait to see how it all ends. The weather has been horrible all week, every time when I rode my bike to college I got as wet as a fish in the sea!
    Still watching Faith and Arang. I like it when stories have supernatural elements in them (I also like the American show Supernatural a lot. Any other Supernatural fans out there?), so obviously I like that in these dramas too. I think Arang is doing it more for me then Faith (except that I’m swooning so badly over LMH and not so much over LJK, no offense …), but I think Arang is more solid in directing and storytelling. The fight scenes in Arang are SO cool! And in Faith they are incredibly, laughing-out lame. But I’m invested enough in Faith (and in LMH, of course) that I’ll keep watching, I’m very curious how the whole time-traveling thing is going to work out.
    Also watching Vampire Prosecutor. Liked this week’s episode a lot. But I was expecting very different things from the preview! Which of course I kind of already knew to be a fake-out, but I had hopes nonetheless.
    After hearing good things about it, I also watched the first episode of Panda. It was very cute and I’ll definitely keep watching.
    I’m thinking of starting Oohlala Spouses, the recap sounded good. Has anyone seen the first episodes? Are they good/fun?
    And because I’m not watching too much already, after reading all the fun recaps about 1n2d I also started that (and because of Joo-Won, ’cause yes I’m shallow like that) and I like it much more than I anticipated. The guys never fail to make me laugh out loud.

    And for some non-drama related talk: what do you guys listen to next to kpop? I just bought the new album of Mumford & Sons and I like it so much! They keep going with what they’re good at, but make just enough new sounds that it doesn’t sound like you’re listening to the whole first album all over again. Since they have a new album out, I hope they start touring and come to my country soon! Can’t wait to see them live again. Sunday next week I’m going to a Radiohead concert, it’ll be the first time to see them live. Has anyone seen them live before? Can I expect good things? 🙂

    Wishing everyone a nice Friday and weekend ~

    • 2.1 mek

      I’m also a supernatural fan!!! I love how angels and demons are fighting – then angels and angels fighting – i do like the supernatural – heaven and hell stories.

      as far as kdrama – faith and arang are definitely it for me too. i watched to the beautiful you and its cute because of MinHo. that boy is beautiful!

      have a great weekend everyone and im off to work 🙂

      • 2.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        I loove Supernatural! I’m so far in love with the show now that even though the writing turns less good sometimes, I can’t admit it! The new season just started, yay! I hate to wait between seasons, becaus SP always ends the seasons with a major cliffhanger and this time was no change!
        Hope you have a nice workday!

    • 2.2 myweithisway

      I’ve watched first 2 eps of Oohlala, it’s fun but a bit slow for my taste. It’s also not all fluff so do check it out!

      • 2.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks! I will check it out then (if I can fit it into my watching schedule, lol). Curious to see how they combine fluff with not-so-fluff. Maybe it will gather some speed after the initial introduction has settled down.

    • 2.3 alua

      White Christmas. Still haven’t gotten round to that one! And everyone says it’s awesome.

      But sometimes the most awesome dramas are the ones I put off the longest, because I want to watch them when I feel I can give them the kind of attention they deserve, anyone know what I mean? Meanwhile, some of the fluff, the half-baked stuff I can just consume by skip-watching….

      • 2.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Yeah, I started it because everyone was saying it’s awesome! So I decided to check it out and was not disappointed! I can’t remember why I kept postponing it, glad I decided to watch it eventually! I know what you mean that you want to give it your full attention, because deep down you know it’s gonna be good and you want to enjoy it to the fullest!

        • Shukmeister

          White Christmas gets a double thumbs-up from me! The writing was tight, the cinematography was beautiful, and the cast was perfect!

      • 2.3.2 kdramapedia

        I’m the same way. White Christmas is also on my “must watch” list, but I want to make sure I’m able to give it my full attention because I hear it’s that great!

      • 2.3.3 Jeannette

        You MUST watch it! It’s AMAZING! I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. When the weather turns cold, I’m going to rewatch it. 🙂

        • alua

          I will, I have no doubt that I will watch it!

          But it’ll be at Christmas I think. In cold weather. And with a bit more time & leisure on my hands.

          • Jeannette

            Yeah, I watched during the summer and I just knew that it would be even better watched while curled up in a blanket during winter. 🙂

    • 2.4 Llamaesque

      Most Kpop is a bit too hip-hoppy for me to get into it. (I’m more of a Mumford and Sons listener, really.) Lately I’ve been marveling at the names of Kpop bands, though. Like, is 2NE1 supposed to be read as “twenty-one”? And Shinee as “shiny”? I’m confused but intrigued.

      • 2.4.1 kdramapedia

        haha, yes, I love the odd spellings of group names. they’re all spelled phonetically (at least, Korean phonetically imitating English phonetically, lol, if that make any sense). I always get a kick out of it!

    • 2.5 Enz

      Hi fishcalledwanda and everyone else on OT..I just love 2d1n and started it when I was obsessed with Jo won post ojakgyo brothers. Now, it feels like sunday is incomplete without it!

      • 2.5.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi enz! Glad I’m not the only one with a Joo-Won obsession! I still have to watch Ojakgyo Brothers, my obsession started with Gaksitaaal, but I’m planning to! I can now not live without 1n2d, lol. It does indeed complete my day 🙂

      • 2.5.2 Shukmeister

        I watched 2D1N before Joo Won, for Um Tae Woong.

        I want to be first in line for a matseon with that guy! He plays a lot of dark roles but is the funniest person in RL.

        • Enz

          I started for joo won but now I really love just the interactions between all of them.. I love their games and wonder at their creativity in coming up with it.

          I have to say that I really hated some American reality shows like the one that made ppl eat all sorts of gruesome stuff cos I REALLY believe it NUMBS ppl … Desensitises ppl to the point that nothing is ever awful enough or shocking enough And I can’t help but think that that somehow contributes to some of the sick depraved things that ppl can come up with to do to other ppl these days. WOW, that was a long rant.

          Korean variety shows, on the other hand, are so fun and funny! I find myself LOL all by myself sometimes. Reading the recaps over here also completes the experience. Just LOL funny 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            Truth to tell, the only American show I can swallow is “Amazing Race” and that’s mostly for location shots. I’m surrounded by people who think reality shows are “real life” [shake head].
            I don’t know, maybe they think their life is better because it’s nothing like the one on the telly.

        • Enz

          FCW, ojakgyo was what started me on my Korean drama journey! Every, or almost every weekend, after dinner at my parents, we would watch and initially I watched it indifferently. Then somewhere in the middle I started to take more notice and by the end, I HAD to watch and read recaps at softy’s as well.

          I loved it so much..hope you get to watch it some time.

          Btw, I didnt mean to offend the Americans here with my rant against American reality shows! *gulp*

          • FishcalledWanda

            Ha, I completely agree with you on the American reality shows. They just don’t have ANY content! It’s all about superficial entertainment and shocking people. And the people in it always fight and say stupid things. Not that 1n2d is all about intelligent content, lol. But it always makes me laugh and feel happy. And the recaps make it more complete and sometimes help me understand certain things better! I’ve also taken the habit to eat something while watching 1n2d, because it always makes me hungry!

            I’m planning to start OB, but the length is a bit holding me to start it. But it probably will turn out that when I like it, 50 episodes is still not enough… Also, I’m afraid I’ll become completely obsessed by it and my mid-terms are creeping up to me, eek!

          • Shukmeister

            It was my second long-running one (the first being last year’s “Twinkle Twinkle”), and I enjoyed almost every episode. It did bog down a bit in spots, but the interaction between the matriarch and the brothers was what kept me watching week after week.

    • 2.6 Marika

      I like the supernatural element as well. I don’t know why. I guess it just keeps things interesting.

      I’m watching Faith and Arang, and I think Arang is much better (though I have to admit that I really liked the last two episodes of Faith). I started watching Faith for LMH, but the main reasons I watch now are to the king and the queen, and the bromance between Choi Young and the Gongmin (the king has probably become my favorite character).

      Arang is simply amazing so far. And I love Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah.

      I started watching Oohlala Spouses (I couldn’t resist with both Shin Hyun Joon and Han Chae Ah in it), and it’s different than what I expected, but I really like it so far. I’m excited to see where they take it.

      I watch 1N2D as wee, but I’ve mostly been watching the older eps. (I’m trying to catch up on them all – but that’s a lot XD). I’ve been keeping up on the recaps for the new season though, and I’ve watched a few of the episodes. (I’ll admit most of it’s because of Joo Won.)

      I love Mumford and Sons, but I actually haven’t listened to their newest album yet.

      • 2.6.1 FishcalledWanda

        I think I like the supernatural element because it sets the stakes differently. It’s different when you have to battle heavenly (or hellish) creatures, then when you have to deal with stuff that’s essential to being human. It also makes a nice dichotomy of human/non-human.

        The relationship between Choi Young and the king is so good (and so cute at times!), I wish they had more screentime together. Arang is indeed very good. It hasn’t gotten me completely, but I’m invested in Arang’s journey and the relationship between Arang and the Magistrate. Haven’t watched the latest episodes yet, but I like how to show mostly provides more questions than answers. Can’t wait to see how the big mystery is going to turn out! And Lee Junk Ki and Shin Min Ah how such chemistry going on!

        I also started watching the older episodes, the group dynamics are so different and I find them more hysterical. I really enjoy that show. I have the same mission to watch them all, but that’s going to take a while indeed!

        The new album is strongly recommended, if you liked the first one, the new one won’t let you down. Seeing that you like Mumford, do you also like Fleet Foxes? What other music do you like?

  3. shel

    Just poking my head in to see who’s here. I actually remembered the OT before noon.

    Crazy busy, about to get busier, probably until Christmas as all the Christmas music rehearsals have started. Living on a piano bench….not much time for dramas.

    Still watching LMH in Faith, which I really love so far. Love the costumes, and the little king is awesome, and LMH is great so far. Fun. And the fighting scenes are getting better.

    Last week while waiting around for my daughter (and a few late nights) I marathoned Can Love Become Money. The story was OK, but it’s the first thing I saw Yun Jung Hoon in. Now I’ve got both Vampire Prosecutor shows on my list, lol. Who knows when I’ll get to them, though…

    Hope everyone is well and happy…..

    • 3.1 kakashi

      me, too: I am crazy busy! Just wanted to say hello to everybody and wish you all a happy OT, Friday, weekend, and week.

      I am faaaaar behind with my drama watching schedule. well, I watch (or skip through) most episodes raw (and I read the recaps on here :)), but there’s 10 episodes from three current dramas that I haven’t properly seen … and that’s not even counting Nice Guy, which I’m dying to get into (saw episode 1 and skipped through the rest … I can barely hold back!)

      RL, let me alone! I want to watch KDrama!!!
      *over and out*

      • 3.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Good Morning Kakashi! (Or whatever time it is for you – can’t remember the time difference). We meet again! Were you the one who wanted to do the Oppa Gangnum flash mob with me a few OT’s back? I can’t believe that that song has actually made it to the top 10 here in the Philly suburbs.

        Hope you have a great day!

        • kakashi

          well, it’s evening and I’m about to start cooking dinner. Sure, I’d be happy to do the flashmob anywhere, anytime 🙂 I’ve been practising with my 3.5 year old. We’re getting there. Slowly.

    • 3.2 shel

      OH and just found out that it’s Hand Towel’s birthday!

      Happy Birthday, Song Seung Heon!

      • 3.2.1 kakashi

        haha, great piece of news 🙂

        • cv

          Oh my! Happy Bday Song seung Heon! He’s so hot! I first saw him in Autumn tale–was drooling over him. ^^ haha! dang, so long ago.

          Happy Friday Shel! ^^

    • 3.3 Dorotka

      I’m watching “Can Love Become Money” as well, but got stuck on last 2 episodes (no time, no time). The story looks like from 2004 or so… but has some refreshing twists… and I just looove Yun Jung Hoon’s character there! (not mentioning his visuals…)

    • 3.4 Ladytron33

      I’m loving Faith too! It’s the only one of the past season that I had withdrawl symptoms over. It’s really gotten better and better. And I love all the secondary characters.

  4. Shiku

    Happy Friday everyone!

    This week I marathoned Ghost and I liked it more than I thought I would. I’m thrilled that Kang Mi wasn’t running around in heels like other females in similar roles. They actually gave her comfortable shoes SHOCKER!
    Anyway, I’m still not impressed with SJS as I wish he would channel Ki Young more, have that driven look in his eyes instead of his confused and timid look.

    Still watching Nice Guy (team JaeHee), Arang although I haven’t watched this week’s episode. Also watching Bridal Mask and Secret Investigation Record.

    • 4.1 OMG

      Bridal Mask (Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaal) n SIR r very awesome shows with very very VERY handsome leading men!!!

    • 4.2 Marika

      Did you love Ghost from the beginning or was there a certain episode at which you started liking it more?
      I’ve tried to watch it, and I really want to like it, but I just can’t get into it. I’ve only watched 4 episodes. I really enjoyed Daniel Choi when he was in it, but I just don’t like the way SJS acts the role.

  5. kahlanrich


    • 5.1 Korazy Lady

      Just had to comment. My daughter is a teacher and I’m so proud of her. I think teachers are great! Happy WTD to all out there!

  6. JIW_sobangnim

    YouTube –

    Oh gosh. Its Friday again and by next Friday, this competition would have found its winners. I can’t believe i did such a crazy thing.. Its a cover of the answer 1997 drama song all for you in English and Mandarin

  7. OMG

    Happy OT EVERYONE!!!! Just marathoned thru 49 days n lemme tell u that the ending was not what i expected but i was still pleased with d show!!! Also Nam Gyuri’s acting is so so….i think it got better when i accepted the couple pairings in the show!! LOL!
    Also saving up money n waking up early tomorrow to but dem BIGBANG tickets! Wish me luck!! Will get them this time around!!
    Also no more KDRAMAS for me for a while…BOOO~!! But med school is kicking my ass n i dont think its appropriate to spend days marathoning thru KDRAMAS…especially since i seem to be watching really good ones that just hook me!!
    ALSO JANG HYUK IS MINE!!!!!!…just throwing it out there!
    Hows everyone’s wk n wkend to come????

    • 7.1 Korazy Lady

      49 Days is one of my top 5 dramas! Many people hated the ending, but I was OK with it. I remember doing a heavy marathon with that one as it kept me interested at every turn.

      I can’t believe I’ve never seen Jang Hyuk in anything! Except a strange show on Viki called It Travel where he’s touring the US and learning to surf. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it:

      I think you’ll enjoy it – and he is pretty cute!

      Have a good day and I applaud you being in med school! Kdramas will always be here for you.

      • 7.1.1 OMG

        Thanks for d encouragement…I think I need it as I will soon be getting kdrama withdrawal symptoms…I thought that when I got into med school I wouldn’t have time for kdramas but I have been making time, although its only one kdramas at a time so m glad for that…lol.
        I watched chuno…n jang hyuk was smoking smoking SMOKING hot…..trying not to think about it it…*turns into a puddle of goo*

        • ND

          Have you seen Jang Hyuk in “please teach me English”??

          he is totally cute in it!!

    • 7.2 Enz

      Hah… Am marathoning, well as much as RL will allow, 49 days as well and am only at episode 11. So far, am enjoying the drama. The girl who plays yi kyung has a charm about her even if she isn’t the best actress around. Story s intriguing, pace is ok.. Can’t wait for the ending cos have read that any don’t like it and I wanna form my own opinion on that.
      Hope to finish by weekend, which I should do given that am not working this weekend plus gym is under renovation for 4 days.. Don’t even need to feel guilty then bout spending all that time on dramas!! 🙂

    • 7.3 Shukmeister


      BB tix! Fighting!!

      I know I am stoked about going to the Friday show with several of the DBOT regulars here. After I finish a few personal projects (hopefully by the middle of the month), I’ll be focusing on my NYC trip.

      I liked 49Days; even though at first I was angry at the ending, not everything can be the big happy sendoff.
      Heck, one of the reasons I got hooked on anime as a kid was the fact they killed off primary characters, unlike American cartoons. So, after the second watch, I felt more satisfied at the ending.

  8. YYJ_Love

    HI guys! Me and my friend did a cover on ANSWER ME 1997’s title song ALL FOR YOU! And we really love this drama and wanna try our luck into winning this competition! Have a listen and hope you do like/comment on YT 🙂 It counts towards winning! 🙂

    FYI, we dubbed it into English and Chinese 🙂

    • 8.1 YYJ_Love

      AND for the people that did watch/comment/like it! THANKS IN ADVANCE! I will reply you on YT no worries!

  9. katiamon

    OMG! i just found out that my hottie Jade Emperor is in his late teens! can’t believe i’m such a cougar, but whatever, maybe i have to get use to the idea of going to jail, haha!

    • 9.1 Korazy Lady

      If lusting after younger Korean hotties is a crime, the jails would be full of Noonas! And think how much fun we’d have there together 😉

      • 9.1.1 shel

        JoAnne would be the first in there, so it would definitely be a party, lol.

        • Mystisith

          They must have our names on their tablets already.

        • JoAnne

          Well thank you for the nod to my penchant for fun but it is NOT MY FAULT I didn’t find K-drama until I was 48. And now here I am about to turn 50 and yes, yes, I will admit that sometimes my inappropriate crushes horrify me and I have to SIT on my grabby hands to keep my monitor from getting too fingerprint-y – and if you don’t think that makes typing hard you are not thinking hard enough, no sirree.

          Anyway. Let’s got some more hot ahjussis out there and I will be the FIRST one to shout YAY let’s hear it for hot men of a certain age. Except then I start thinking you know, he’s probably got a wife, and kids, and I wouldn’t want someone mentally undressing MY husband…and then I feel worse than I do about the 20-somethings.

          Please don’t ruin KDrama for me.

          • Korazy Lady

            Isn’t your birthday during the Big Bang weekend? We will need to have a shot of soju to celebrate!

          • JoAnne

            Nope, it’s November 1st – but we can do the shot anyway!

          • katiamon

            My vibe is not to discrimate by ages, i can be happy watching maknaes and ahjussis as well, i mean we can’t deny that AGD was eye candy for many gals like us…

            (ps: they are ahjussis for me and i love KSW in 1N2D)

          • Hillary

            @Joanne: Another thing we have in common … besides the name. As I now have company on OT, I don’t feel that guilty (well maybe a tiny bit) about these kdrama pleasures. I am … hate to admit it … going to be 47 years old this month … October 20. However, I rationalize that if I don’t really have anything but inappropriate (bad) thoughts which will never be followed up by inappropriate actions (probably more due to lack of access … Korea is fair away and actors are outside of my social sphere … than willpower), then I can continue watching kdramas (and drooling over their actors) to my heart’s content. We all need something, don’t we? I can dream (fantasize) all I want, can’t I?

          • cherkell

            There’s two of us with birthdays right before the BB show; Joanne above and me on November 5th. And this is a BIG ONE, so what better way to celebrate than with the DBOT Noonas — first round of Jinro shots are on me!!!

            And when it comes to being a Charter Member of the ICOMYM Club…

            I. Regret. Nothing.

          • Hillary

            @cherkel: we so belong in jail … LOL.

          • JoAnne

            did I ever mention my thing for cops

          • Korazy Lady

            La La La La (Has hands over ears) I will not be a party to a noona roundup by the Newark police

          • JoAnne

            Come on girl – think how much those cops would love us!

          • Shukmeister

            If they get arrested, more soju for me!!! lol

            After this weeked, I’m stoked to start the final preparations for our adventure in Newark! And let’s not end up on an episode of Jersey Boys…

    • 9.2 Jeannette

      You’re telling me. I found myself drooling over Infinite’s maknae. He’s like 16-ish. But, but I have goof reason to! In the dance version of The Chaser, he’s wearing really tight white pants and he does this *hat-cha* thing and his thighs are all om nom nom.


    • 9.3 Carole McDonnell

      Wow! Really! Okay, cellmate.

    • 9.4 Ladytron33

      This comment is hilarious and very relatable! I’ve set myself a rule that anyone born before 1992 is fair game (god, I feel so old!). Unfortunately, I keep finding reasons to bend it. *Sigh* At least I’m only breaking the law in my mind.

      • 9.4.1 Jeannette

        WAIT! Time out, friends! I just found out he’s 19. THANK GOD. I just went nuts on my fb and said “Sungjong’s legal, thank god!”

        I think I’m starting to worry some people.

      • 9.4.2 katiamon

        yeah, he’s nineteen but it’s still almost a 10 year difference for me :(.
        Anyway, in my head (and, specially in my dreams) he’s legal! and i can be his (twisted?) fairy, hahaha
        We are cellmates for sure!!!!

        • Ladytron33

          It’s almost a 10 year difference for me too! It’s so wrong, but I just can’t help myself. My obsession at the moment is the cast of TTBY and the baby warriors on Faith. They’re all such cuties. As you said, dreams don’t hurt anyone, right?

          Liked the twisted fairy comment!

        • Jeannette

          Hey, I’m 34! HAHAH My daughter’s 13! (she likes Dongwoo, whatever!)

          man, I wish my IRL friends or FB friends at least were as fun as you guys.

          • shel

            My son is 34, lol.

        • JoAnne

          THIRTY years – yes THIRTY YEARS difference for me. I scoff at your angst.

          • Jeannette

            JoAnne, I love you. LOVE YOU.

          • Korazy Lady

            @ JoAnne – hahaha! I still have you beat (this from someone who shameless watched Sukki’s Just Drag It Samsung CF a million times, which I think he did when he was like 14 or something!)

          • JoAnne

            awwww I love you too!

  10. 10 zgznoona

    This is a hit and run cherkell style… well shorter
    I’m going to be busy today and tomorrow, not sure if I’ll have time to come and comment. I know I own replies from last week. I’ll get to them I promise.
    I hope you all had a great week full of dramas

    • 10.1 cv

      Zgznoona, you have a good weekend too! 🙂

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    * Hi, waves to OT * people. Then running off to watch Arang ep 16- need some work on it. Then watching TTBY ep 16th for like the 4 time. My guilty pleasure. OTT, silly, cheesy, not that great with the acting but pretty as all heck.

    When the girls in soompi were wailing, I was laughing. I do like my silly Korean dramas because I tolerated the ending better here than the other versions. Just throw in some Caucasians wandering around the road, and
    ” voila ” it’s California. And you sit and stare from your table at the front of the house… on the lawn!! People have alfresco and backyards in California right? Do you
    ( if you’re from there) sit at the table on your front lawn? Contemplating life? And with your laptop?

    Anyhow… am going to check out f(x) now because of the drama. And going to watch SHINee’s new single (?) Minho is going to age into a fine looking man one day. Isn’t he? 🙂

    • 11.1 ck1Oz

      Oh. And I noticed how many times, countless scenes where they made him do push ups in all sorts of places. I didn’t find Jae Hee sitting on his back romantic. I thought ” omg, your poor back she is 169.9 cm tall and she can’t be that

    • 11.2 shel

      I live in Cali. I like to sit on my deck and watch the sunset over the ocean….when it’s not foggy, so that I can actually see the sunset.

      We did a lot of stuff outside in the yard in San Diego, here it’s kind of cool and windy a lot.

    • 11.3 Jeannette

      I love “Dazzling Girl.” It’s so catchy! I started listening to f(x) because of Sulli. They are so cute. SHINee and f(x) did a version of “Lollipop” together and it’s great!

      Oh, Minho, Minho. I’m watching “Salamander Guru” just for you (and L’s cameo). You know it’s true love.

    • 11.4 JoAnne

      The random wrought-iron outdoor furniture just IN THE GRASS in people’s front yards – yeah, that makes me nuts.

      First of all, that shit is heavy. People gotta cut the grass, yo. Where’s the deck? Where’s the patio? Who’s moving that stuff?

      Second of all, front yards – no. If you have a big enough front PORCH in an old neighborhood with a lot of trees and kids on bikes and random old people taking after-dinner walks, then you might have some wicker on that porch and you might sit out there and rock, and wave at the neighbors. But people don’t really do shit in their front yards in America. That’s what back yards are FOR, Korea.

  12. 12 jessica

    HELP. i have some questions about GAKSITAL. im a little confused. who is the emperor/ highest rank in the japanese govt?

    is gov wada the highest rank? and why are kishokai people very powerful? why dont the members like japanese officials to know? they are keeping it a secret from konno, but konno is japanese police also. so why are kishokai members afraid to let the japanese know? im sure kishokai and the japanese have the same goal right?

    • 12.1 eny

      the emperor isn’t in the drama, he is in japan, gov wada is highest rank japanese officer in korea. Emperor and kishokai have the same goal to rule asian and kishokai is one organization that wanna be the most powerful beside emperor or higher than the emperor and konno is the right hand of emperor…it’s my interpretation…

  13. 13 thunderlyn

    So….confession time. I FINALLY found some poor soul willing to watch a korean movie with me (My mighty Princess). And now she is hooked! So hooked! I have to convince her to go to bed at midnight because she has to work in the morning and we really shouldn’t marathon you’re beautiful in one night. So I thought I would only feel happy that I have someone to watch dramas with. But I feel GUILT!! Seriously, this habit is not healthy, I don’t know why it is so addicting, but it for sure is! Now I feel like I gave a cigarette to a kid or something.

    • 13.1 Korazy Lady

      Consider yourself lucky – some people have no one to share KD’s with! Love your analogy of the cigarette to a kid! It isn’t really bad for her health, unless you call going around with giant circles under your eyes from no sleep, or going days without seeing the sun for computer time, or making up excuses to friends of why you can’t go places so you can watch your shows bad for your health….ok, I see your point. But think of all the pure pleasure it brings us addicts!

    • 13.2 myweithisway

      Do NOT let her marathon You’re Beautiful, that’s like dumping an alcoholic in a bathtub full of their fav drink of choice. That show is so cracktastic it’s not even funny!

      • 13.2.1 Enz

        How come I couldn’t get into it? I couldnt stand the girl! I lasted I think two episodes only

        • myweithisway

          I guess your tastes differ! (But I’ll admit I really only cared for the guys, not so much the girl^^)

          • Enz

            So many ppl love this show.. So I tried it.. Maybe it needs another try 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            Try it with soju at your elbow, Enz. It might help! 😉

          • Enz

            Haha shukmeister, I am so new and there are sooo many dramas out there, I can afford to wait before I need to go for a drug aided drama !

          • Shukmeister

            Hee hee hee. You’ll find that soju can sometimes make the worst one a teensy bit more palatable…

        • thunderlyn

          I agree that the girl is a bit annoying ,esp at first. She is so spazzy, but that’s part of the fun. There’s a few dramas that take me a while to get into it. Maybe revisit it in a year or so. I just watched My girlfriend is a gumiho and loved it, but when it came out I just couldn’t get into it.

        • Enz

          Haha shukmeister, I am so new and there are sooo many dramas out there, I can afford to wait before I need to go for a drug aided drama ! Haha

    • 13.3 cv

      Hahha! You aren’t the only one. heheh I finally got one of my friend who’s never watched Kdrama hooked after I told her to watch Sungkyunkwan scandal–a great watch with a happy ending. She loved it, watched it to the wee hours when she had to work really early in the morning. LOL
      So I feel kinda bad but now have someone to rave to about all the awsome kdramas that she hasn’t seen yet.^_^
      Now she’s onto City Hall and City Hunter. Then it’ll be You’re Beautiful—oh so cute and wonderful. ^^ She said not to get her anything with sad ending so I’m recommending all the happy ending Kdramas. After that, I’ll get her into Tdrama, Jdorama and Cdrama. LOL

      • 13.3.1 Lilly

        She should like Panda and Hedgehog then. Sweet, warm, and full of beautiful deserts art to look at also.

      • 13.3.2 Shukmeister

        Oh, you’ve gotten her good! Congrats.

    • 13.4 Ladytron33

      Oh, I have the same feeling right now! Just got my mother into Kdramas after marathoning Queen InHyun’s Man with her. She told me that she can’t enjoy American television anymore and has deleted all of her season passes on her DVR! She was really bummed about it. 🙁

      Of course, I haven’t watched more than a couple of US shows since I got hooked on dramas, so this isn’t a new phenomenon. There’s just something about the story telling that I enjoy more. And the fact you get a complete narrative with each new show.

    • 13.5 Hillary

      @thunderlyn: I recently converted my sister and I think that I created a monster … she cancels appointments with her clients (she is a physical therapist) because she is too tired after marathoning Kdramas. And she got two of her friends hooked on it as well (they are upgrading their internet service as they no longer watch cable but need internet to watch their shows). So my sister is also watching shows in the raw (she is currently following 7 dramas that are on air). No longer willing to wait for my recommendations, she recently decided to seek out and watch dramas and movies on her own … and has discovered, much to her dismay, that sometimes in kdramas and kmovies, one or both of the leading characters are killed off … LOL. So, make sure and warn your friend (if you haven’t already) to read recaps and/or watch the endings before committing to watching the entire show if they don’t want a romantic kdrama or kmovie with a tragic end.

  14. 14 Korazy Lady

    Happy OT all my fellow Beanies! I am so glad to be back at home after a few weeks of traveling. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! They do keep me busy!

    I am soooo excited that I will get to meet some of you in New York in November. I did miss out on the Big Bang tickets due to traveling (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they sold out in a few hours – we can’t keep those Korean guys to ourselves, you know) but I’m so looking forward to driving up and meeting the queens of the DramaBeans before the show!

    Also have enjoyed getting to know some other Beaners (you know who you are!) recently!

    For now, my Kdrama obsession is Nice Guy. Everything else has fallen to the wayside while I watch and rewatch this. (Except I did start Ohlala Couple, just for a little comic relief after all the heavy of NG.) Anyways, SJK is AMAZING. I’m hoping we have a little Nice Guy discussion on here today! (Off to read DB’s recap of Eps. 7)

    • 14.1 myweithisway

      Ooh where are you? You’re driving up to NYC so you must be on the east coast…

      if perchance you’re anywhere near VA, maybe I can take the train to meet up! I wish DBers would organize local chapter meetups!

      • 14.1.1 Korazy Lady

        I think Shukmeister is from Virginia. I’m from outside of Philly. I think there are other east coasters, too. Maybe JB and GF could designate one day a year as meet-up day so we could do like you suggested!

        • myweithisway

          Shuk is in VA…*commence stalking* ^^

          We really really ought to have a DB meet up day!

          • Shukmeister

            Hey, Wei!

            Yep, I’m about 1/2 from you, in Hampton Roads. I’m taking one of the daily buses from Norfolk to NYC for the BB concert.

  15. 15 Blue

    Hello everyone.
    I think today is a good day to just say ‘thank you’ to the entire dramabeans-team: javabeans, girlfriday … all the other recapper, servermanager … .
    Maybe you know, sometimes there are days when you should not get up. It’s cold and raining outside, you’ve forgotten the umbrella of course, the train arrives late, your seatneighbor spills coffee over your clothes, the boss is in a very bad mood, the computer hates you and crashes before you could save an important file and while you prepare dinner, you cut yourself in the finger. In summary: a fucking day.
    But no matter how the day went. The dramabeansblog is publishing new articles, flashy images and funny recaps EVERY day. The bloggers share their thoughts on the kdramaworld with us, make us smile (or drool … you know .. pics of hot guys with hot abs and this stuff…).
    Anyway, we do not know whether javabeans & Co. had a bad day. Or a bad mood. Or just do not feel like writing or something creative. Since every day is something new on the blog.
    I get back good mood when I read Dramabeans. So I appreciate the efforts of the Dramabeans-team. And I want to say a big fat THANK YOU. Thank you so so much for everyday day, you make us smile a little (more). Keep up the good work. And a super nice weekend to all.

    • 15.1 Korazy Lady

      I second that. And a super nice weekend to you, too, Blue.

      • 15.1.1 Shukmeister

        I’m giving that a big round of applause, Blue. You said it so succinctly and perfectly!

    • 15.2 My2Girls

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you DB!

    • 15.3 Llamaesque

      I completely agree. Blogging can be hard, time-consuming, and often utterly thankless work, but the Dramabeans team are so awesome that they make it seem effortless. Without this site, I bet my Kdrama obsession would have petered out after a month or two. (Hmmm. Would that have been a good thing or a bad thing?)

    • 15.4 Enz

      Big fat thank you to the team on DB from me too..

      I love that I am sharing this newfound love for kdramas with folks from soooo many countries. I find it amazing that every Friday, this bunch of ppl come here and share their day, their thoughts, their new obsessions and everybody is sending positive vibes and thoughts to everyone else.

      So, thanks DB from a newbie..

    • 15.5 Carole McDonnell

      Thanks, DB

    • 15.6 JoAnne

      I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve been watching KDrama for mmmmmmm….? Maybe 18 months now? I love it more now than I did when I first watched Goong, completely unaware of what I was in for.

      Because then I found Dramabeans, and discovered (much to my relief) that my experience with Goong (3 bleary-eyed days of non-stop tv watching, sobbing, laughing, and googling) was, in fact, quite a normal response.

      With DB, I had found my people. Yes, I have people in real life, too. And in a vague way they are aware of my strange new preference for tv with subtitles. But here I get to revel in all the particularities of this lovely little world and I don’t have to explain a thing.

      And yes, WE are the community which is why I acknowledge of all you as My Wondrous Beans, every week. But without our lovely tour guides giving us this place, we wouldn’t exist. This community is both devoted AND respectful of each other (generally speaking) and honestly, with this level of traffic I don’t really see that anywhere else. We owe it to them for sending out the siren call of DramaBeans, and I join in giving my very honest and sincere thanks for all the work and effort they put in each and every day.

      • 15.6.1 Rashell

        Ha, this sounds like my story almost word for word. That’s why I flove this place so so much! In real life, I’m the crazy wife and friend who watches “foreign” tv. But here I’m just like everyone else.

        Thanks to JB, GF and the rest of the crew for giving us a place to feel “normal” about our drama obsession.

      • 15.6.2 Shukmeister

        It’s thanks to this site that I started my own blog, met a lot of virtual friends, restarted my love of creative writing.

        Without this site, my Asian drama obsession would have died with whatever was on Hulu at the time, and I would have gone back to anime none the wiser that a rich live-action subtitle experience awaited!

        Thank you DB Goddesses!

    • 15.7 Hillary

      That is so true…

  16. 16 Jushi

    Any good movie that’s good for the brain? Or a total no-brainer but sure would make me laughing till I’m out of breath. Or a combination of both.

    • 16.1 Enz

      Have you watched Paul?

      I really liked it .. 2 British guys and an alien about sums it up

      • 16.1.1 Jushi

        Yeah. I’ve seen that already.

  17. 17 mud

    It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow kdrama-watching Canadians!

  18. 18 myweithisway

    I’ve been marathoning Birth of the Rich and I just realize how captivating NGM’s voice is. I melt every time he speaks *sigh*

    Also can’t wait to finish TTBY, it was torturous but LHW is just too amazing to miss out on!

  19. 19 mollyp

    Hey everyone! My first OT! How exciting. I always read the comments but have never actually commented myself. Here we go.
    Well im watching Faith and I adore it. I admit that it isnt perfevt and it definitely needs a LOT more badassery but I love the subtle, simple romances and human intercations. Take Choi Young and his aunt for example. Even though they are essentially discussing pretty intense situations, they are so comfortable with each other. Its adorable. I especially love it when she hits him. Reminds me of my aunt. Hee. Eun Soo is currently rocking my socks off right now. Shes just so likable. And has pretty hair. I think Gongmin and Noguk are one of my favourite pairs. Their romance quite literally crept up on us. I didnt even realise he reciprocated her feelings until it became more obvious. You dont always need huge declarations of love. Sigh. I think Young needs to be a wee bit more assertive for his love and make her bloody stay. Dont let her leave. Im liking all the villians although i wish more would happen. Less politics more fighting please. I know Im blood thirsty. Oh and can Choi Young get his old hairstyle back please. And also take hisnshirt off? And can Jung Il Woo cameo as an old bromance or can Eun Soo fall for him? Pleaseee? Sigh. And while im wishing can Yoo Ah In grow back his sungkyunkwan facial hair and cameo too? With his bro Song Joong ki? Im going off an a tangent. What have you done to me kdrama land? I shoukdve stuck to the colin firths of bbc land. Oooh which reminds me is anyone watching BBCs the Paradise? Its gorgeous to look at and an all round good show. Oooh and whos excited about BBCs Sherlock season 3? Only 3 months to go. I know im all over the place. I get distracted.
    Im on a bit of a break with Arang. Im not sure but im not quite feeling it. I think Lee Jun Ki overacting a bit and I find the characters geberally one dimensional which annoys me. I may pick it up a bit later.
    Im also watching Once Upon A Time In Saeng Chori. Its so underrated. I think its charming and i love the 2 male leads. I dont know who I route for. I do think the romance a bit slow but that doesnt subtract anything away from the story. Infact its a nice change. Im on episode 13 so almost dooone.
    All right im done rambling.

    • 19.1 shel

      Welcome! You will find that everyone here is very nice and respectful.

      • 19.1.1 mollyP

        I can see that! Thank you for the warm welcome! Im already hooked.

    • 19.2 LizJ

      Count me in as eagerly awaiting Sherlock season 3, since I’m a BBC fan in addition to being a KDrama fan.

      I just wish Sherlock was airing on BBC America, where they would air it soon after showing in the UK, instead of on PBS, where we typically have to wait 6 to 8 months. After all, Dr. Who ended it’s fall run last week, which leaves a big hole in my UK Drama viewing!

      While I wait for the awesomeness that is Sherlock, I’ll content myself with two of my favorite US shows – Fringe (yes, sadly that too will soon be gone) and Once Upon A Time.

      • 19.2.1 mollyP

        Oh no thats stinks! We get US shows very quickly. A couple of months maximum after they air in the US. Are you watching Elementary? Im not sure I like it. I just miss the Watson- Sherlock bromance. Im a sucker for bromance. I guess Im just a Cumberbitch.

        • LizJ

          Well, BBC America has really changed things for us here in the States – popular shows like Dr. Who are now airing the evening (US time) after they air in the UK (so just a few hours later). Problem is that BBC-A is usually only available on the more expensive channel packages for cable and satellite.

      • 19.2.2 OMG

        Once Upon a Time is freaking awesome….can’t wait for what season 2 has in store….

        • Cabbage

          I agree – I watched the season 2 premiere, and thought…. “Well THAT’s a game changer!”

        • JoAnne

          I watched the first four episodes as they aired, last year. I watched the entire 1st season this weekend, and then the premiere for this season. Wow.

          Favorite story has to be Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold as the Beast, with his Beauty.

          Kinda think Charming is a day late and a dollar short most of the time.

          Red is AWESOME. Did NOT see that coming.

      • 19.2.3 부럽지 않아

        I have sherlock withdrawals like crazy. I am really upset about it though. It’s messed up my life. I can’t watch anything else. It’s that an the end of golden time.

    • 19.3 Korazy Lady

      Yes, welcome mollyp. Word of warning, the OT can become as addictive as Kdramas themselves. Like if you can’t get to your computer on a Friday to see what everyone’s up to, you start sweating and your hands start shaking! (Well, not really, but I do like to start my Friday mornings on the computer!)

      • 19.3.1 mollyP

        Haha. Im already loving it! As you can see I enjoy rambling. I cant wait for the next OT already! I wonder what kind of tangents Ill go off on next time.

      • 19.3.2 Dorotka

        Sherlock – count me in. I “met” him just this summer (I know, late) and fell in love… I love how they adapted it in modern times and yet kept the original flavor…. plus it brings memories of my father reading to us the original stories at bed time…

        • Dorotka

          ups, sorry, this was meant as reply to mollyP’s original post.

          • mollyP

            Naw its cool. My mum used to read Sherlock Holmes to me. I always wanted him to be my super cool Victorian-era uncle. This is like when I was tiny, oh so many years ago. Now, after Sherlock, I want to stalk him and make him mine. Kind of creepy.

          • Dorotka

            …yes, where did that superclever uncle with another supercute uncle (Watson) disappear?? Now I’m even their “noona”…. Aaaah… love them both… plus Lestrade… and their landlady, haha…

          • mollyP

            Im not old enough to be their noona. I wish i was. Im not Korean (Im Pakistani-British) but I feel it has a certain amount of power attached to it. From a younger man to an older woman I think its a lovely term. In my language we have a word ‘Baji’ but its from both males and females to an older female and it is PURELY if they are like an older sister. None of that boyfriend/girlfriend situation is attached to this term. Thats why i like Noona so much.

          • Dorotka

            I’m not Korean either, but “noona” and “oppa” are really great words! I wish I could use “oppa” when I was at high school… not only sounds that sooo cute, but also then… then all the “oppas” would do what I wanted! HA ^^

    • 19.4 Carole McDonnell

      yes,yes, yes, Jung Il Woo………….please! He’s so charming and there’s just this flaky joy that emanates from him. Cameo, please!

      • 19.4.1 mollyP

        I LOVE JUNG IL WOO> I think I just said that when I wrote on your post way further down. I think the boy CAN ACT. Like hes a natural. And so incredibly sexy. He doesnt even try.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Ah woman, we’re on the same wavelength… the Jung Il Woo ether. And, yes…sexy!!! EXACTLY!!! I like most kinds of sexiness, the pouty baby sexiness. The caring good solid father-figure sexiness, the melancholy bad boy sexiness. But there is something so wonderful about Jung Il Woo. He’s like a wellspring of joy and lightheartedness that just makes me giggle non-stop. From what I’ve seen in his roles in dramas –even in he sad ones– and in his interviews, it’s always there. It just kind of flows out. I hope he really is like that in real life. They say sometimes melancholy folks often seem very light-hearted. I hope he never has any sorrows in life. I hope he does super-well in all his professional and personal pursuits. Am a real fan of his.

          • mollyP

            You described him to a T. well what I think of him. He is so lovely though isnt he? There is an aura of elegance about him no matter what role he undertakes. And a strange mixture of childish-maturity (if that makes any sense). Sigh I want him. ALOT. Another project please Mr Hotty McTotty? Preferably with your bro Min Ho (Mr Broody McCutie)

      • 19.4.2 Jeannette

        I just drooled a little bit thinking about our precious Il Woo! LOL

        • Carole McDonnell

          LOL! Wipe that drool, Woman.

          • Jeannette

            tee hee! DANGIT! L is in this episode of Salamander Guru (with Minho) and I’m all drooly anyway. GAH

          • mollyP

            WHAAAAA? Where. Must watch it for L!!!Im not a huge fan of idols, unless they can actually act and L is one of those few who can!

          • Mar

            Count me in ladies. I am firmly seated on the Jung Il Woo bandwagon. Jung Il Woo ether? Love it! I’ll take a hit , whoa! The look he gets in his eyes is pure, unadulterated impish glee. He does that better than anyone.

          • mollyP

            Rowrrr to the impish glee. Totally spot on. I think we need a Jung Il Woo appreciation OT. Please Javabeans and Girlfriday. Oh mighty ladies of Kdramaland please hear our plea?

          • Jeannette

            @Mollyp He’s in one episode, but he’s all ninja and cute! I grabbed my daughter and made her watch him do his fight-spin-kapow thingie. She was impressed!

            I can’t wait for L’s new drama!!!!!

    • 19.5 cv

      Welcome! ^^ Enjoy OT/weekend!

    • 19.6 kdramapedia

      Welcome to OT!

      “Oh and can Choi Young get his old hairstyle back please. And also take hisnshirt off? And can Jung Il Woo cameo as an old bromance or can Eun Soo fall for him? Pleaseee? Sigh. And while im wishing can Yoo Ah In grow back his sungkyunkwan facial hair and cameo too? With his bro Song Joong ki?”

      I *so* agree with you on all these points. I want to watch the mollyp version of Faith! lol

      • 19.6.1 mollyP

        I want to watch the mollyp version of Faith too. I bet I could write great fanfic but whats the point if they dont actually do it? Sigh. Trust me when I say SungKyunKwan Scandal, Faith, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and any other drama with a predominantly hot male cast, would be very different if I wrote it. Firstly there would be more hotties, more nakedness and more manes-of-glory. Oh and less women, and preferably me as the lead. Or one of my fellow wonderful dramabeaners.

        • Jeannette

          The world would be in serious trouble if I wrote anything to do with TTBY. Two adorable people who totally like each other sleeping in the same room? a girl at an all boy’s school (that shows off tons of bromance to boot)? *shakes head*

        • kdramapedia

          I will fight all the noonas/fangirls/ajummas to be the leading lady in a Jung Il-Woo pairing. And not in a Faith-lame-type of way, but in a Gaksital-kickass-type of way. LOL =P

          • Jeannette

            I would let you have that pairing for sure if I get to be the Idol Ajumma! I don’t know why, but I want to feed all these kids. And then get secretly married to Lee Jun-ki, BWAHAHAHAHAHA

          • kdramapedia

            you have so made my day! you can have whatever you want, and if anyone says otherwise, I’ll pull out my Gaksital moves again! lol

          • mollyP

            Can I just have me drama please? with all my favourite drama boys? With me at the centre? And they pamper me like the oppas they are? Ugh Im dead.

  20. 20 kewbie

    Happy OT Friday, all!

    After I just about killed myself at my exercise class I am finally relaxing here in front of the computer, heh.

    Nothing much on the kdrama front as I haven’t been watching consistently, except for TTBY. Now that TTBY is over, I’m watching the 2007 Japanese version of Hana Kimi. Very interesting. I really should catch up with my other stuff, but man I’ve been lazy as heck.

    Anyway, I hope all of you are well!

    • 20.1 Shukmeister

      I’ve only skimmed TTBY and haven’t watched the JDorama version. Which one do you like better?

  21. 21 LizJ

    Hi, everyone.

    I’m still watching Panda and Hedgehog (is this the final week coming up?), Arang, and Faith. Not really sold on Oohlala Spouses from viewing the first episode.

    Occasionally wandering into Five Fingers to see how it’s going.

    Backing off on May Queen for now because I like the Hae Joo/Chang Hee paring and based on everything I’ve read, it appears that it’s not going to last through the second half of the drama.

    Nice Guy…I’m still guarding my heart against liking it, because I hate dramas where everything goes to h-e-l-l and everyone self destructs at the end. It’s still very possible that Nice Guy will end up that way.

    I do want to pick another older drama for viewing when I don’t have new episodes to watch. Looking through the older recaps, I’ve compiled a list of those I might like (based on the early episode recaps). Anyone want to give me their opinions regarding the following dramas?

    Can’t Lose
    Hong Gil Dong
    Marriage Plot
    Mary Stayed Out All Night
    Personal Taste
    Romance Town

    • 21.1 shel

      I like Personal Taste, it had a few story issues, but for the most part I thought it was fun, and it was the first thing where LMH seemed like a man, not a kid. Worth watching, even if just for the Game Over Kiss.

      Hong Gil Dong. A saguek, but one that’s kind of fun. I enjoyed it a lot. Of course, I’m a die hard KJH fan, and I love the Hong Sisters writing. I don’t think it was one of their best, but I liked it a lot. Some people didn’t like the end, but I think it can be interpreted several ways. I was fine with it.

      Mary Stayed Out All Night. You know, I love JGS (in dramas, in RL he’s an odd duck), but I didn’t love this one. I thought the writing was all over the place and it seemed to just drag stuff out waaaaaay too much.

      • 21.1.1 OMG

        Lemme tell u that that game over kiss still gives me d sguilly wiggly…lol…that’s something since more kdramas r stepping up their game with the kisses…ie Queen Inhyun’s man n more…..

        • mollyP

          Queen Inhyuns man kiss was breath-taking. Flower boy ramyun shop kiss made me wiggle with glee. Im enjoying the new trend when it comes to kisses. but the two that I mentioned take to cake. No question and no competition.

          • JoAnne

            Girl you need to watch the elevator kiss from Que Sera Sera

          • Shukmeister

            @ JoAnne

            Oooh, I’ve seen the Game Over Kiss from P/T, and, of course, all the liplock interaction of the OTP in QIHM, but not Que Sera Sera. Is it worth watching the series? I’ll be honest, still can’t get through Goong, but I haven’t given up.

          • JoAnne

            That depends…it’s a melodrama. But let me find out where that kiss is exactly…. you need to see that, even if you can’t stomach melodrama. But you know, it IS Eric, if that changes anything for you?

          • Shukmeister

            I want to see it!!

      • 21.1.2 Rashell

        Personal Taste is absolutely worth watching just for that kiss alone. That is probably the hottest k-drama kiss EVER. LMH is definitely into it and what makes it the best is that Son Yi Jin is also going for it. I seriously squeed out loud when it happened.

        • Llamaesque

          My money is still on the Coffee Prince kisses for the hottest ever. Oh, Choi Han Gyul, why have you ruined me for other men? 😉

          • Rashell

            I can’t disagree about Han Gyul. He is still my very favorite k-drama hero. He was so adorabley in love with Eun Chan. It just radiated from him in every scene with her. Sooooo CUTE!

            But there is just something so HOT about the way LMH walks to SYJ like a BOSS and just sweeps her up into this passionate open mouth kiss right in the face of the other man. And his “Game Over” right as he grabs her. Swooon. I seriously could watch that scene on a continuous loop and never get tired.

            But Coffee Prince is on my top 5 drama list and I watch it at least once a year just because I really love pretty much every single thing about it.

          • Korazy Lady

            I’m with you on that one. I keep feeling like it’s getting to be time for another Han Gyul fix!

          • Enz

            Me too.. I love love CP. It has a feel all its own

          • shel

            Yep, but she didn’t have CP on her list. That’s my all time fave. Well, maybe it’s QIHM. Or Puppy-Chona….

            Ok, I can’t decide.

          • Shukmeister

            I love them all, and I’m always looking for the next awesome smoochy. Recently I kinda liked the Haeundae Lover’s one in the pool…

      • 21.1.3 Sethe

        I’ve been marathoning Personal Taste (mostly on Shel’s recommendation — hi Shel 🙂 ) and I finally got to the “game over” kiss. I don’t even know what to say… that was unbelievably HOT. As young as LMH is, he certainly appears to know how to give a woman a damn good kiss, and yeah, they both made it look real. WOW. I’m really enjoying the whole drama, by the way… interesting and complex issues, and the actors make them seem totally believable. And (unlike in so many dramas) even the villains seem… real. As in, you can understand everybody’s motivations for the things they do, and maybe even sympathize with them, even if you think they’re wrong or misguided. I am REALLY liking this drama!

        I know I haven’t been around for a while, but I’ve kept up (intermittently) with what’s going on here. Best wishes to all, and let me assure you that I sincerely wish I still lived on the East Coast and could meet up with you all at the concert 🙁 Hope you all have fun, anyway.

        • Shukmeister


          I’m always happy to see you online. I hope things are going relatively smoothly for you in SK. And, yeah, I’m excited about some of us meeting face to face in NYC.

    • 21.2 Mystisith

      Ouch! I watched CL, MP, Mary, PT and RT: All pretty average to me (Mary is really bad trust me). I agree with Shel, Personal Taste is maybe the best option for its entertainment value. I’m not a LMH fan but I liked him in that.

    • 21.3 alua

      Mary Stayed out All Night is a mess – pretty much everyone agrees on that. I still kinda enjoyed watching it as there are some cute scenes and I liked Mary & the two boys (double dose of pretty). What I couldn’t stand was some of things that absolutely made no sense (the whole promise of a father signing the wedding contract for his daughter, and her accepting that despite it being a fake contract. Given that the whole story is based on that fake contract, that no matter how you look at it is worthless, means the drama has a huge issue through and through – and that’s ignoring all the other weaknesses). MSOAN did have a real kiss, the first real kiss I saw in a k-drama and it remains one of my favourite ones (the kiss, not the drama)!

      Personal Taste – Pretty okay although the heroine was a bit too weak for my liking and needed too much rescuing. I’m not a particular LMH fan either so the ‘pretty’ didn’t up one this for me.

      Haven’t watched the others.

    • 21.4 Rashell

      I really liked Personal Taste and Can’t Lose.

      Hong Gil Dong, Marriage Plot and Romance town were okay for me.

      Mary Stayed Out All Night is a hot mess, but the boys are pretty. If you chose to watch this one, watch for the pretty and not the story.

      I haven’t seen Gourmet, so I can’t comment on that one.

    • 21.5 Jeannette

      I wanted to punch Mary in the face about halfway through. I love Sukkie so I stayed with it for him. The boys were really pretty. But Mary didn’t deserve EITHER of them. UGH.

      • 21.5.1 alua

        I think only KJW sort of deserved anyone in MSOAN. JGS got a bit too immature over time, I remember being annoyed at his reactions in those final episodes.

        • Jeannette

          I thought so too, but I fell for his character HARD by the time we were half-done with the show and as much as I wanted him happy, I couldn’t bear to see him with that dingbat.

          • alua

            Well, I never thought Mary was all that awful. The worst for me were the parents, especially the two Dads.

        • shel

          I remember spending the last few epeisodes shouting at someone or other to grow up, lol.

    • 21.6 Hillary

      @LizJ: I have watched Can’t Lose, Gourmet, Mary Stayed Out All Night and Personal Taste. Personal Taste is my favorite (probably because of Lee Min Ho and the game over kiss … I think I have seen that episode at least 10 times). It is my second favorite LMH drama (City Hunter was my favorite even though I wanted more romance and a less open ending).

      I liked Gourmet as I am a big Kim Rae Won fan but the romance on it is very subtle … I really liked it for the competition with respect to the dishes created in the show… that was exciting. But if you want a food-related show with more romance, then I would recommend Pasta (with Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun … I am a big fan of theirs). And of course, there is the ultimate food porn show (again with a really subtle romance line) in Fermentation Family (with Sun Il Guk and Park Jin Hee). Fermentation Family is not for everyone (some thought it was a bit slow) but I loved it.

      Can’t lose was funny but I do not like the lead actor that much so I think that colored my impression of it. And although I am a huge Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk fan, it is my least favorite show on your list.

      Hope that it helps.

    • 21.7 neaa

      of those you mentioned..i’ll suggest personal taste..son ye jin and lee min first you might find the pairing odd, but trust me they are a eye candy..
      as for nice guy.. even i can’t handle self destruction kinda endings..but i can’t help but stay away from nice guy..may be because of song joong ki.. or the plot is pretty interesting

  22. 22 Korazy Lady

    Have you watched Protect the Boss? I haven’t watched Gourmet or Hong Dong Gil, but I liked PtB way better than any of the other shows. And as for Mary Stayed Out All Night – I am still mourning the hours lost to that show. Even JGS + the kiss couldn’t save it (just go watch the kiss on Youtube!) Also thought Rooftop Prince was hilariously funny in the beginning and fairly good throughout.

    • 22.1 LizJ

      OK, sounds like Mary Stayed Out All Night will be struck from the list, and Personal Taste will be towards the top. Thanks!

    • 22.2 Hillary

      I second the Protect the Boss. The ending was a bit draggy but the first half was hilarious. Also recommend History of a Salaryman, if you want something just a bit different.

      • 22.2.1 Shukmeister

        PtB was good, especially for the pretty leads! I could watch those two bicker for hours. [sigh]

    • 22.3 oftheshore

      OK, it’s a bit too late, I hope someone sees this…So I went home for a few days, and home = Ukraine. On my way home from the airport, I saw posters advertising a new show called Save the Boss, and that sounded eerily familiar. I googled the title, and indeed one of either Russian or Ukrainian channels is adapting Protect the Boss. OMG!!!

      • 22.3.1 Hillary

        That is a hoot. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hope it was as good as Kdrama version.

        • oftheshore

          I think it should start a little later this year, but I read an interview with the channel’s executive director, and she said it was her favourite (new?) show of the season. Also, the main guy is kinda cute, which…helps. =))

      • 22.3.2 Shukmeister

        @ oftheshore

        I wonder if it’ll be on viki. That’s where I found the THDrama version of Coffee Prince!

        • oftheshore

          Unlikely, but I could sacrifice~ myself and write recaps, maybe?

          • Shukmeister

            I’m doing my first recap now, and found out how exhausting it can be. But all sacrifices are worth it, right? I mean you get to focus on those abs scenes over and over again… 🙂

          • Hillary

            @Shuk: You would focus on the abs scenes, wouldn’t you? Naughty, naughty.

          • Shukmeister

            [wide eyed innocent look] What? I’m just looking out for the overall health and vitality of our stars. Purely scientifically. [snerk]

  23. 23 Dorotka

    Hello all,
    haven’t been here for a long time… real life and its demands…
    Hope you are all fine. We are, the kids started the new school and so far they are happy there. The teachers also seem to be good, so we all hope that we will not repeat our bullying experience there…

    Dramawise, finished RMPW.
    Watching Miss Rose (cute, loved the stomping on the cheater’s chalk-figure in the last episode) and Nice Guy (mixed feelings, but it’s addictive… and SJK and MCW are such a feast). Behind with Arang (no time).
    Tried Panda and was surprised the first episodes were better than I expected.
    Should finish Can Love Become Money…

    One question: Has anyone seen Kim Kiduk’s “Pieta”? Any good?

    Oh, another question, can someone recommend me some Korean music which is NOT k-pop? I reasonably liked CNBlue…

    • 23.1 cv

      You should try FTisland. I like their new mini album that just came out. ^^
      Lunafly is good. They are kpop but not in the traditional sense–don’t do the dancing and such. They sing in english–pretty good and Korean.

    • 23.2 myweithisway

      If you liked CNBlue, check out their label mate FT Island. If you’re into rock, their Japanese releases are slightly edgier than their korean releases.

      On the other hand, if you haven’t heard Clazziquai, you should check it out. I think their songs are sublime.

    • 23.3 Dorotka

      Thanks for the tips. Just listening to Clazziquai… “Romeo and Juliet” reminds me of Winterplay (I liked their OST from Who are you?).

      Wait, those are the guys from Kim Sam Soon OST, right??

    • 23.4 JoAnne

      Nell or Mate or Verbal Jint or Tablo (Epik High) or Ali or K Will

    • 23.5 kopytko

      Hi Dorotka,
      how about Dear Cloud?
      the song seems right for this time of the year and even if you don’t like it, there is still the video to behold 😉


    • 23.6 canxi

      MUSIC! with some songs to start you off

      10cm (“Americano” or “Beautiful” or “Rebirth”)
      Verbal Jint (“You Deserve Better Love” or “You Look Good”)
      Neon Bunny (“Plastic Heart”)
      The Koxx (“Take Me Far From Home”)
      The Black Skirts (“Tangled”)
      Junggigo (“Blind” or “Waterfalls”)
      Primary (“Meet” ft. Zion. T) He’s a producer who collaborates with other artists, so it’s nice because he puts you on to even more people.

      Check them out and tell me what you think.

      • 23.6.1 Dorotka

        I think Neon Bunny and Primary are the most interesting for me right now… but could also be because of the work I’m doing…

        • canxi

          Cool! I like them very much ^^

    • 23.7 Dorotka

      Oh, thank you all! I have definitely something to listen to now while trying to finish my work (midnight here) ^^

      So far, my favorite stay CN Blue and Clazz. (I guess I need some beat…).

      • 23.7.1 cv

        Then you should try G-Dragon’s new album–One of a Kind. He’s got all sorts of songs(differen beats) in there. ^^
        I love the song—Missing you. 🙂

    • 23.8 Dorotka

      Thanks a lot again to all. Now I need to go to bed… very late here. Have a nice weekend!

      • 23.8.1 shel

        Or if you like ballady stuff, Lee Seung Gi’s albums have a nice mix of upbeat and nice ballads.

  24. 24 Carole McDonnell

    Am glad I discovered Lee Jun now can become a fellow Jun Ki junkie. (Yeah, i know. Bad pun.)

    Anticipating much grief for when Arang is finished. Liking Lee Min Ho a lot, gonna miss Faith as well but hey I have some extra weeks to watch that.

    Loving Innocent Man/Nice Guy.

    Liking Ooh La La Spouses.

    Watching Death and Her and Me, J-drama. Also, trying to get into Miss Rose but Chinese comedies just kinda make me cringe. The actresses tend to mug. Tried to watch The Last steep ascent. I could get into it, probably. Am intrigued cause it’s a true story so I’m thinking I won’t have to deal with a lotta fiction cliches…and there is something very endearing about Chinese drama stories in the way they aim for a kind of Everyman nobility. But the acting is a bit wooden and reminds me of state-sponsored Chinese Communist theater productions of the Mao era. Will see if I can get past the ending.

    Really realizing more and more that I like Korean Dramas more than J-dramas or Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese dramas. J-dramas are so heavy on the manipulation and the “look the character is crying” reaction shots, and the weirdly nihilistic joy-denying happy endings, weird stuff they do to keep the OTP apart, and well they can be just so preachy. And annoyingly they really tug at the heart in an intense way until they come to their annoying endings. Which is what bothers me. One ends up loving a lotta j-dramas only to find one’s self so hooked and then this horrible ending that makes you want to scream and swear of j-dramas forever. So I endured Sprout and Rich Man Poor Woman but am wary that Death, her, and me will disappoint me with some flaky annoying ending.

    Been rewatching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Lord knows. I really think that’s one of my favorite dramas. It just makes me laugh out loud so much. So cheesy, so sweet, so witty. Or it could be my Jung Il Woo crush. Cause I’m thinking I’ve gotta see Return of Iljimae again.

    But eh, time is needed to see new shows so will have to stop revisiting the old.

    • 24.1 mollyP

      I ADORE JUNG IL WOO> he is so bloody talented. Takes my breath away. But I get so confused when Lee Min Ho is around. I cant decide who I find more attractive. I have a list you see, (sad I know) and I cant decide who should be higher out of the two. When I watch either ones drama, they prevail, so Im just a big ole’ confused mess. FBRS is wicked, and I love ROI. What I need is a drama with LMH and JIW both in lead roles with us not being told who is the 1st and who is the second lead and then I will finally decide who is better.
      FBRS is my go-to drama when Im down in the dumps. It always makes me feel….. awesome. And in need for JIW. when I want something heavy I always go to ROI or City Hunter. Right now Im loving Faith too. I need more JIW in my life. Sigh.

      I revisit old shows ALOT because I find the new shows increasingly unsatisfying. There is always a gem amongst them, but quite rarely.

      • 24.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        This is the first time — FAITH– that I’m actually sitting through a LMH story. I tried City Hunter and Boys over flowers but didn’t get it. Could not for the life of me see why he was handsome. But now, wow! (Dang, I hope I wasn’t shallow and being put off by the flaky perm! I’d hate to think I’m still that shallow at my ate.)

        I think of the two Jung Il Woo is the one that grabs my heart. And of all my k-pop k-idols k-drama stars, I think Jung Il Woo is the one that feels closest to my heart. I like Yoo chun as well. He’s got to get his acting skills up to par but there’s a sweetness and a kindness. He kinda reminds me of a neighborhood kid someone a little old lady like me would smile at everyday as he walks past her house. I also like Kim Hyun Joong. There’s somethign sad about him, as if he’s pushing past some internal isue…and that makes me wish him well. I want him to be incredibly happy in his life. And I like JaeJoong. Lord knows why. But Jung Il Woo and Yoochun “Mickey” are definitely my faves.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Oh, gotta add Hyun Woo too. But it might be I’m actually in love with Kim Bung Do and not the actor. Will have to see again. Although Hyun Woo’s musicianship did knock me over.

        • shel

          KHJ is our fave, my daughter has his pictures all over his walls. Listening to several interviews with him and things other people say about him, he had a kind of teenage years….not due to his family, but he ran away from home and kind of made his own mess there. But now, he seems very humble, very polite, very grateful for his success and an all around nice guy.

          Saw a vid of him, when a couple of Japanese fans were trying to give him an envelope and his security kept pushing them back…as the security guys bustled him off, he held his hand open behind his back and she ran up and put it in his hand. Thought that was classy of him.

          He’s not a great actor yet, but he is humble enough to know that and work hard at it, I think he may end up surprising a lot of people in the future.

          • Carole McDonnell

            yes, there’s a sweet sad gentleness about KHJ. And yes, very humble. Sometimes he seems to lost and confused but he tries so hard. Love him a lot.

      • 24.1.2 Rashell

        Ha, that’s so funny since they’re pretty much besties for life. I’d love to see a drama with the two pretty boys in it for sure. But that much pretty may almost be too much. And how would a drama herione choose between those two?

        • Carole McDonnell

          That much pretty is never ever ever too much!

          • mollyP

            never ever ever

    • 24.2 Enz

      I have been rewatching FBRS quite a bit too, not the whole of it, although I could easily do that if I had the time. It’s one of my faves too and still so good on rewatching.

      I noticed though that most love the male characters in FBRS. I do too but I really love yang eun bi as played by lee Chung ah. I loved how she managed to balance the comic with the heart perfectly. Tink she did a wonderful job.

      @MollyP, don’t know if you read the last OT but two weeks ago I managed to see Jung Il Woo in person AND got to have pics with him (relax, group pics :)) AND shook his hands three times. PLUS when I was taking pics with him, I had my hand on his waist. I was sooo tempted to give a little rub but didn’t.

      He is, if you can believe it, even more good looking in person. His pics don’t do him justice cos they don’t show how adorable he looks smiling talking etc. His skin is FLAWLESS. Honestly!!

      Here are some links to view the pics

      • 24.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yes, she is one of the first female k-drama actresses I learned to actually love. She cracked me up everytime she was on screen. She was so funny without mugging it up or seeming to wink at the audience. I thought “Dang, this girl is so good at embarassment humor!” Cause you could just feel her character holding up past the embarrasing situations she found herself in. There are so many scenes she did which just made me laugh out loud and there is one scene where she is talking about being loved with her friend and the way she just nodded her head — the way a knowledgeable ahjumma would– OMO, it cracked me up.

        It’s not terrible sane and a bit shameful that I remember the names of the guys I like and often don’t remember the names of the women. Or I remember the names of the handsome actors who I have crushes on but forget the other really great acting folks…or I don’t consider remembering their names. I have to fix that.

        • mollyP

          Im sorry as a female Kdrama viewer I ALWAYS focus on the men (I guess I need one of my own ASAP) as most of them are almost perfect. But there are some women that tickle my funny bone or pull at my heart-strings that I get excited about when their name is attached to a project. Lee Chung Ah is actually pretty awesome. she is very talented and had excellent chemistry with all four of her male co-stars (lucky cow). I also really liked Park Min young in CH and SKKS although she can get a wee bit over with the aegyo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kim Sun Ah. the woman can NEVER do any wrong. I am also a massive Shin Min Ah fan although her earlier projects were lacking until MGIAG (be still my heart). Im currently really enjoying Kim Hee Sun too. I love Yoo In Ah and think shes got excellent comic timing. Im also really liking Moon Chae won although she rocked the princesss man (still not quite over that one, ooooh). I liked yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince but thats the only one. Theres more but I cant quite remmeber them all.

          The bottom line is I love Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho and 4 dozen other K drama men. And a couple Jdrama and Tdrama ones too (uff jerry yan).

          • Carole McDonnell

            oh gee, now you’re gonna make me google all these women. And I’ll probably look at them and say “Yes, I know her. I recognize this one.” Then I’ll get all sad again about how boy-crazed I am for only remembering the guys’ names.

          • JoAnne

            Ha Ji Won and Shin Min Ah and Im Joo Eun

        • Enz

          Oh carole you described it perfectly.. She was just so spot on with the expressions and all, for me. I say that cos I know a lot of ppl thought differently . Most of the time in k drama, the female lead is not very interesting but my two favorites have been gong hyo Jin in best love and lee chung ah FBRS.

          Yoon eun hye did a great job in coffee prince but I didn’t super love the character go eun chan as I do the two mentioned previously

          Ahh. So nice that some others like yang eun bi too

      • 24.2.2 mollyP

        OMG I AM SO JEALOUS> I AM ACTUALLY SO JEALOUS> *falls over and lies in a catatonic state for an unspecified amount of time*. He seems so genuine and lovely. I wonder if he’ll come to England. I severely doubt it especially considering Id pounce him. But you lucky thing you! You shouldve squeezed his waist and NEVER let go. Then gotten a restraining order. And transferred his signature to a wedding certificate. Too much you say? Its never to much for some Il Woo loving.

        • Enz

          I know I KNOWWWWW!! I should have just done ANYTHING ELSE BUT GRINNED DUMBLY LIKE I DID!!

          At one point, during the second autograph taking, after he had written Be Happy on the poster, he looked up at me staring at him and wanting to SAYYYY something and it was a look that was a little longer so he looked expectantly and then we both chucgled (which is a cross of giggled and chuckled) and I did a little half wink and said thank you and left.

          THE PLAN HAD BEEN TO WINK AND SAY ‘ you’re pretty’ like in FBRS or at least JIW you’re awesome or SOMMMMMEEETTTHHIINGG but vocal cord seized up 🙁

          • mollyP

            OMG God please give me the opportunity? Please? I will be good but lemme squeeze him a little Ameen. Im spazzing our here God-knows-how-far-away on your behalf. I think I wouldve made cat noises around him and gone like Rowrrr you sexy thing you. Trust me I have guts enough to start dancing infront of him. I wouldve probably called him Chwa Chi Soo and pouted like scheduler and sang the ringtone while doing an Iljimae sword flourish. Im still totally jealous.

          • Korazy Lady

            mollyP, you crack me up!

            And Enz, at least you got a wink out–that’s pretty awesome. I’m sure if I had tried that he would have thought I’d gotten something in my eye!

          • enz

            oh no korazy! now, i think that would be what he thought!!! *pout pout*

          • mollyP

            @korazy lady– awwww thanks! I save the world one crack-up at a time.

            and enz- I wouldve licked my upper lick slowly, with my eyebrows twitching. there is NO WAY he wouldve mistaken that.

          • Enz

            Mollyp, you say that but when you’re in the presence of beauty, you just might be struck dumb too!! :p

        • mrembo

          mollyP, I want to be your friend in RL! You have cracked me up:) And you love the shows I love; but I much prefer LMH to JIW.

          Hope you all wonderful DramaBeaners are right as rain:) Seriously, you’ve all cracked me up today with talk of ending up in jail for our “inappropriate” crushes on younger, gorgeous Korean men (count me in!). I love being part of this family, and want to add my voice in thanks to JB and GF and everyone else who makes DB such an awesome place to visit everyday, multiple times a day:)

          • mollyP

            I LOVE US. And I would love to be friends with everyone of you lovely people, but Lord knows the anonymity (which is a beautiful thing…. sometimes) can be a bit of a damper. I mean you guys are probably 1000s of miles away from gray old Britain. Sigh. I am legally okay for crushing on these gorgeous men because they are a couple of years older WOOOOOT! But the things I have imagined involving them are jail-worthy, believe me.
            I am totally confused between LMH and JIW. If they were both asking me out, I would first and foremost die, then be resuscitated, then I would die again from the inability to make a decision!

          • mrembo

            Yes, I am 1000s of miles away, in the sunny, beautiful American Southwest:)

            Lucky you, you are age appropriate! But who cares? That’s when anonymity comes in handy;) My RL friends think I have gone a tad kooky and have named my ongoing obsession my “Asian-mystique” phase (along the lines of “jungle-fever” etc).

            Ha! about your reaction to being asked out by the two handsome fellas – don’t know what it is about LMH ( definitely his fantastically beautiful smile:), but since BOF, I’ve had thoughts about him that could get me a cozy corner in the hottest part of hell! (as per my Catholic upbringing). If I am willing to risk that, what are man-made jails to me? I scoff at them!

          • mollyP

            I think I adore you mrembo. I also have a strict religious upbringing, which I usually adhere to, unless my lovely asian men are involved. Also I say this in the nicest possible way….. see you in hell! Preferably in LMH’s corner. Or JIW. I dont know. Im back to square one. *cries*

            Ive only ever been to Florida and New York, but mostly Florida (woooot Disney!). I would love to see more of the US. It beats British weather ANY DAY.
            My “Asian-Mystique” phase (gosh I LOVE YOUR FRIENDS FOR THAT PHRASE) has been around for a good 3 years now, possibly 3.5 years. Ever since Japanese Hana Kimi, and then Korean BOF. I have a feeling its not a phase.

  25. 25 ida

    Hey everyone,
    So, I just came on because i really wanted to recommend a great drama… and was wondering if anyone else has also watched it.
    of course, most people, including myself, don’t mind watching pretty mindless fluff, with middling acting at best, typical and relatively unchallenging plotlines, and middle of the road music choices. I’ve used up many precious hours to watch such dramas.. and whilst I haven’t regretted it so much that I want to tear my hair out, when I do come across a gem like ‘A Wife’s Credentials’, I wonder, ‘what the hell have I been doing wasting my time with other rubbish?’
    harsh words? I dont’ think so. Because, let’s me honest… how many dramas actually stick with you a month, 2 months after you’ve finished watching it? and i mean in a good way? how often is it that the music played in dramas come back into your head, triggering a whole host of the awesome moments it accompanied?
    A Wife’s Credentials is possibly the best drama I’ve seen this year 2012. It’s got a great cast, who perform so realistically, and humanly, and of course this is due to a great script, where human nature, human feelings are shown without shying away from the awkward… The production and use of real life settings gives the drama great feast for the eyes and mind. everything about it feels natural.
    i watched the drama without a clue as to what the plot would be about, other than the short description in DramaWiki… which is actually not right btw.
    Oh, and I forgot another thing about it, the music. the music that accompanies this drama, and envelopes this drama, doesn’t blare out at you, but it grows on you ever so slyly, so much so that it itself means something to the characters.
    The drama reminds me a lot of ‘Alone in Love’… particularly in the way music is placed and used..
    but it’s somewhat more darker. and ironically funny. and for those reasons, the sweeter moments, sweeter and ever more precious..
    I hope you get to give this drama a little attention, because it was worth every second… not a second, not a line, not a moment was wasted in that drama.

    ok, i’ve harped on about this drama for too long…
    i’m sorry that i haven’t provided the premise of the drama, but if you’re curious enough, go search for it yourself. and after you watch it, check out this site, which gives some awesome visual commentaries and reviews on the drama –
    (here’s the review of the first 4 episodes)

    • 25.1 Dorotka

      I heard only good stuff about it. It’s on my watch-to-list…

      But first I want to finish “Answer Me 1997”. Did you like that one as well? I first just read the recaps from GF…and then started watching… finished… and now I have to watch the beginning…I know, it is quite an unusual way to watch a drama, but I just wanted to check out one of the currently recapped episode that time…and I was hooked… Siwon’s father is the best! ^^

      BTW here is some funny video of Yoon Jae giving some tips

      • 25.1.1 ida

        Hey, yeh, deffo watch a Wife’s Credentials when you have time!!! And yes, I watched AM1997, n loved it. Admittedly, thelatter half wasnt as funny as the first half, but none the less, it was another great little drama.. I think it just over indulged in itself. Which I still enjoyed, but would have been even greater if it had kept to its initial 30/45min length per half episode.
        Yeh, I loved siwon’s dad too! N her mum! N all sung jae as well! Hell, I liked them all
        LOL at the video.

      • 25.1.2 John



    • 25.2 whimsyful

      I really really want to watch that! But it seems like no one has the completed eng subs available.

      • 25.2.1 ida

        If I find some good subs I’ll have to let you know..

    • 25.3 Korazy Lady

      I haven’t checked recently to see if a Wife’s Credentials is completely subbed yet, but I loved the first 5 episodes. Sometimes if the subs don’t come out, I lose momentum, put this is definitely on my must finish list.

      • 25.3.1 ida

        it’s a shame about the lack of subs
        have you tried any sites like or gooddrama?
        mind.. Good subs are also important in actually getting the full experience.. Poor subs could distort meanings in conversations, the subtle nuances that are written into the Korean script..
        But if I find some with good English subs, I’ll have to let you know.

    • 25.4 Enz

      This was how I felt about ojakgyo brothers :). And a wife’s credentials was strongly recommended at cadence (softy’s blog) so I would like to watch some time but there are so many dramas out there for someone new like me!! Thanks for recommending it

      • 25.4.1 ida

        I would say… It’s better than ojakgyo… Haha, I know they are two different sorts, but ojakgyo could have done without that stretch in the middle which was just angst angst for jaeun n joowon’s character.
        But I enjoyed it still.
        There are sadly a whole crap load of rubbish to middling korean dramas.
        But still you find the odd gem or two.ANother great one is ‘I live in Cheongdamdong’. It’s a 170episode sitcom, each episode 30mins long, but that’s another one I really enjoyed. Really heartwarming, funny.. All the characters are great in that.

        • Enz

          Oh but I enjoyed the angst very much! That got me hooked I think.. Will need to see a wife’s credentials to see how it compares I guess . Thanks 🙂

    • 25.5 Carole McDonnell

      Wow, you have me intrigued. I’ve gotta try to see it. Thanks.

      • 25.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        Decided to do a marathon of Wife’s Credentials and made it to the sixth episode then turned off. It’s probably me. I have a thing against certain kinds of OSTs. I don’t mind music that helps us understand the emotions of a character but I get very bothered at music that pushes away our moral bearings by pretty much directing how we should think morally about a particular situation. I kinda started getting annoyed at this use of music when I was addicted to the American shows Law & Order. We always “knew” when a suspect was telling the truth because the music would kick in telling us how to respond to the suspect’s declarations. As a writer that kinda thing feels manipulative and unearned to me (yeah, i know…all fiction is manipulation but….) So, with the music telling us how to feel about the characters’ love affair, and the writers using the music to show the viewer why the characters should be together, I kinda had to let the story go. I balk at that kinda moral musical manipulation. I want the story to be reasonable, i guess…and to convince us…not to get all mystical about a love that is meant to be and coincidence etc. So annoying, cause I was really wanting to like that show.

        • Enz

          In that case Carole, have you tried aojkgyo brothers? I loved that one although it IS long..

          • Carole McDonnell

            googled it. Wow, it’s a long one. Will try it

        • ida

          i’m sorry that you didn’t like it… I know different people can interpret things in different ways, so I thought I’d just give a few of my thoughts.

          I don’t think the show is trying to even suggest that what the characters are doing, having an affair, is right. because, well, it’s not.
          Rather, what we get to see is how claustrophobic and very pressured the world in which Seo-rae lives in; her husband, in laws, the other mothers in Daechidong etc. And granted the world is small, with a few coincidences, but the fact that she meets this man and has feelings for him, is not, i think, because it was love at first sight, but more out of the joy of meeting someone that is a fresh of air for her in that new neighbourhood. someone that she can relate to, and someone who can relate to her.

          and though the character of her husband is a rather traditional alpha male, with flaws, and yet love for his son etc; you can see he also is a human. not some kind of caricature of wickedness. So though he is a dick, I found him a very compelling, albeit repulsive at times, character.

          the music… hmm. for this show there was an actual music director who was given a budget for what music was to be used. So all i can think to say to your opinion is… the music wasn’t directed by the writers. rather the music director chose the music that complimented the script, the particular moments. the music isn’t trying to make you feel the affair is right; more like it ‘s highlighting what Seo-rae as a character may be feeling… or the atmosphere.. Because for them, this affair, though they know it isn’t right, is something new to them. though she knows she’s doing wrong…for Seo-rae, it’s what makes her realise that she isn’t someone that just has to listen and accept the rebukes and rants of her husband and in laws – which are many times hypocritical.

          Just another point i thought I’d mention. The show is actually really good at bringing this organic feeling in all its scenes. And so they often go through entire scenes without any musical background. They let the scenes breathe in a natural way. Or in other cases, to bring tension, awkwardness… Those moments that we ourselves experience in our lives. That’s what’s so great about the way they use music.

          but, this is of course, just my view. You are entitled to feeliing the way you do, and there isn’t anything wrong with it. 🙂 and though I’m not sure if i’ve expressed what I want to say about the music clearly, I hope it gives you some food for thought 🙂

  26. 26 ida

    hey, has anyone watched or heard of ‘A Wife’s Credentials’?

    • 26.1 Rashell

      I haven’t heard of it, but your post convinced me to take a look. Thanks! Always looking for a good new drama.

      • 26.1.1 ida

        You won’t regret it 🙂

  27. 27 redfox

    Hello, happy open thread!

    omg one of my ex classmates in in Seoul now, he is a DJ, he says on Facebook he is doing a party in gangnam style! hahaha.

    Faith got interesting this week. Well, half interesting. I like Choi Young as a character. He is not overflowingly angsty all the time.

    But I still don´t care a crumb about Arang. It is like a Mix All Salad. I dont eat those. They should take a look at the older Norse mythology. They could use some more exciting and less childish ideas.

    • 27.1 Mystisith

      Why am I still watching Arang when I so DON’T click with it? That’s the biggest mystery of all. I guess Yun Woo-jin has that power over me. Him, the Reaper and Jade. The main couple leaves me totally cold and the thriller/suspense thingy just gets on my nerves.

      • 27.1.1 Korazy Lady

        That’s one of the shows that I loved at first, (only because I love Shin Min Ah) but when I was away and couldn’t watch it, I kind of lost interest. I’m not into all that reaper/mother/ Jade stuff either. Maybe someday….but it didn’t do for me what I thought it would. I’m getting so demanding with my dramas these days!

  28. 28 LizJ

    I’m still watching Arang because I like the OTP. That’s pretty much it. I find the supernatural elements on the cheesy side, and the same for the second couple. It’s like the show stops just short of making the supernatural stuff completely campy. It would have been better if they had thrown caution to the wind and gone for it.

  29. 29 joybells

    Hey fellow OTers,”To The Beautiful You” ended this week n i just finished watching the final episode,And i have a few words to put it.

    **************SPOILER ALERT*****************
    gaah!!!! what an ending *pulling my hair in frustration* *wanting to chuck things at the laptop screen*. Not that the drama started off flawless,but it was pretty fun to watch,ignoring the haywire script and bad acting.But seriously they could have put a little more effort into the final episode,i get it that its a sweet,candyfloss kinda drama,but it was cringeworthy.They never explained why she came to admire tae joon in the first place.i was hoping there was more of a backstory,like she was in depression(coz of the bulling),or that she had been in an accident and was waist down paralyzed or something(coz she was in a hospital in da opening scene).anythng!?! They just kept reapting through da series that he was her miracle,but couldnt give us a satisfying reason why.sigh!! im disappointed.the only reason i guess i stuck around was for MINHO(big shinee fan) ..hehe..hez realli cute n even though he’ acting was not flawless i could see the effort he put in.As for sulli,realli disappointed,i wish her they had put in more work on her charcter.
    Nways done ranting,have any of u completed the drama? do let me know ur thoughts 🙂

    • 29.1 kdramapedia

      yes, I was so disappointed with the ending! And I don’t understand the purpose of the one year later thing at the end. nothing happened in a year! I can’t wait for the recaps so I can properly vent all my frustrations about it!

      ***SPOILER ALERT***
      I was touched, however, when all the guys from her dorm wished her farewell. I was like, awww, they accept her as she is and wish her well. But then it went promptly back to being stupid, so I didn’t aww after that.

      • 29.1.1 joybells

        @kdramapedia, i totally agree with you,the one year later had no purpose watsoever.And what was the scene bout random girls gossiping that there was a girl studing in genie high in did those girls know? coz none from the cast who knew that jae hee was a girl accidently leaked da info.the scene realli seemed random

        • kdramapedia

          ugh, yes! like how did that even get out there! lame excuse to end her stay there. but no one cared that she was a girl anyway, so why did she leave? ARUGH!!! *ah stress*

      • 29.1.2 joybells

        @ kdramapedia And boy,did the finale have many random kisses(for a kdrama),maybe the director thought forget bout tying up loose threads,lets just put cute romantic scenes. 🙂 … but have no complains bout the OST. its pretty good. i too cant wait for the recaps n to hear wat others have to say bout the show 🙂

    • 29.2 la dee dah

      They did explain why she came to admire Tae Joon in one of the earlier episodes, where she made that presentation for the Coach. Being from Korea, she was a shy quiet girl in the U.S. who didn’t have any friends and was sort of an outcast. She happened to learn about Tae Joon, being a Korean and in the championships, and his words that were something like “Miracle is just another name for hard work.” So she was inspired to create her own “miracle” and joined track and didn’t become the outcast anymore. And when she saw the troubles that Tae Joon went through, she wanted to basically return the favor.

      • 29.2.1 joybells

        @ la dee dah,ur right,i completely forgot bout that scene,that explains some of it.But i wish they had put more screen time and executed it would have given the story more depth,and we would feel more inclined to support our heroine,instaed of yunno,just rooting for her coz she the lead.

      • 29.2.2 joybells

        @la dee dah , i completely forgot bout that scene,that explains some of it.But i wish they had put in more screen time n executed it properly(maybe in a later scene) . it would have givin the story more depth.and we could actually root for our heroine and her decission

  30. 30 cv

    Happy OT all! ^_^

    This week, finished watching TTBY. Oh, I miss the cuties already. (sigh) So sad… but onto the next drama. lol

    Faith: Still watching. Can’t believe she’s Hwata. IF so, dang, she must have master time traveling? or Not that’s why she had to write herself a letter? All I have to say is, there better be a happy ending but to get there, the storyline needs to be understandable first. :p

    Arang: Oh my! Love this week eps! hehe Nice pace, new revelations about all the characters–even the jade emperor who doesn’t know all–especially the human hearts and how they will react. I like that.
    However, need more romance between the OTP. IF not, I suppose it’s okay since the mystery is going really well. ^^

    Sprout: Saw the raw last ep. Oh my, it’s so cute! 🙂
    Will have to catch up on it again after it’s subbed in english.

    Miss Rose: Oh Roy, why you so hot?

    Prosecutor vampire 2: Hot, hot, hot! I’m really liking this season. Like the flashback story within the story.

    Third hospital: Interesting brothers. Good watch.

    Read the recap for Ohlala couples. Not my cup of tea. I’ll probably pass on this one.
    Saw the first two eps of Nice guy but just can’t continue. Too much backstabbing, crying, and nerve wrecking angst. Maybe I’ll watch the ending after it’s done. LoL
    Started Horse Healer–ep1. Woh, a 50 eps drama. Dang, going to be a long one but interesting so far. They really going for starting at the very beginning–from fathers to sons. I’ll watch a few more just to see where it goes.

    Overall, not a bad week to watch dramas.

  31. 31 kdramapedia

    Hey OTers! Getting in a little bit of db while on my lunch break! Hope all is well. Still looking for a permanent place to stay. Living out of a suitcase is no fun, but I enjoy my new job. Relocating looks like it’ll be worth it.

    On to kdrama topics!

    Even tho TTBY was crappy overall, I will definitely miss seeing Minho on the screen. He is so cute and he is such a good crier! He’s around my younger brother’s age, so I borderline between proud noona when he’s acting well and creepy noona when I think he’s hot. ah well, what can I do? Oh, I know, stalk SHINee on youtube! haha =P

    Faith is so good for the slow romance (although the rest of the show leaves much to be desired). I love how it’s never been a huge declaration for any of the couples, but just how it is to be in and fall in love with someone daily. daebak.

    Gotta catch up on Arang and Nice Guy, oh, and finish Answer Me 1997!

  32. 32 mary

    Just dropped by this week to see what everyone else is doing. 🙂

    I’ve also had a crappy month but and Dramabeans posts help so much in boosting my mood as Blue so nicely put it above. My timezone is different so recaps come out during lunch and they help so much in making my day’s half-point better!

    @LizJ, please try to stay away from Mary. (not me, the drama haha) watch it only if you don’t have anything else to watch. The story is all over the place and the motivations so weird. :O

    I am strangely immune to Lee Min Hot in Faith. I want more Ki Chul and Gongmin and Nogul. Or even more Heavenly Doctor Acting Not So Heavenly.

    I just finished SUFBB and am totally on the Sung Joon ship since Lie To Me days. I thought he was an Oppa since he acted alongside YEH and KJH but turns out he’s a 1990er. Dang. That’s harsh. I’m still sad about that. 🙁 But this noona will totally forgive him if his new drama with Jung So Min turns out to be perfect too.

    • 32.1 Jeannette

      Oh, Sung Joon, my darling! There’s something about him that just…RAWRS. I especially loved him in White Christmas.

    • 32.2 Rashell

      I admit that I will totally watch that drama simply for that one pairing alone. I love both those two. Thanks for this info! Now I just need to find subs for it.

    • 32.3 joybells

      I just completed SUFBB ,and sung joon totally won me over.i cant believed i kept this drama on my to-watch list till now.Everythng from da casting,to the acting,the story,directing n OST was awesome. And EPIC “bromance”.. sigh!!! i miss the bromance already.Coz of hyun soo( played by L of INFINITE band),im watching INFINTE videos on youtube now..keke

      • 32.3.1 Jeannette

        L’s my bias, but Sungjong the maknae is a VERY close second.

        • mary

          L is for the pretty and the bromance <3, for everything else, there's Sung Joon. haha

      • 32.3.2 redfox

        I loved that drama so much and got so involved emotionally for all of them I did not know what to do. lots of my young friends are musicians and I see similar stories all around me so I could relate.

    • 32.4 whimsyful

      No lies, Sung Joon is the only reason I am interested in that drama.

    • 32.5 canxi

      Hahaha, I just heard about this drama today and had to blog about it because I was all what?! Why haven’t I heard more about that cast list??

      I realized DB reported about it once to say that Lee Mi Seok was in it, but that was the last I heard of it until today which I think is weird since I feel like there are three awesome young talents included. But, maybe they aren’t that well known yet? A shame )’:

      • 32.5.1 mary

        I think it’s going to be another cable drama. :'(

        Hopefully there’s enough SungJoon love in this world to get it subbed not quickly, but accurately enough.

        I wanna marry Sung Joon. LOL

        My little sis looks at me strange when I pick him over L.

  33. 33 Jeannette

    *sigh* TTBY. Loved you, got mad at you, loved you some more…I’m happy. I think it was worth it. If they don’t give me a movie or a special I’m going to RAGE.

    I’ve got too many K-crushes now. I can’t keep up with them. I think 99% of them are younger than I am, haha!

    I’ve been flooding my FB-flist with so much Korean stuff that I get yelled at! I’m glad this place exists. 🙂 (And Twitter,…I’ve started flooding my Twitter haha)

  34. 34 Noelle

    Hello everyone! Happy OT!

    Off to read Nice Guy!

    • 34.1 Fab

      Good luck!

  35. 35 whimsyful

    Happy OT everyone!

    Insanely busy this week, so I haven’t had time to watch anything yet. Massively behind on…everything, actually. I’ll probably wait until Arang and Nice Guy are done for a marathon.

  36. 36 Fab

    Happy OT!

    Finally, finally, at last Ive watched the finale episode of Answer me 1997. So sweet! Totally recommend it.

    With completing a drama there is time for a new one. Oohlala Couple! It’s in so many ways like Can’t Lose which I really loved.

    • 36.1 Rashell

      Except that the husband in Oohlala is a cheating cheater who cheats. The husband in Can’t Lose just didn’t really want to grow up and be responsible. He had his wife doing that for him until she got fed up. There is a little of that aspect in Oohlala except that husband is so MEAN to his wife. Hyung Woo in Can’t Lose would NEVER talk to his wife in the cruel dismissive way that Soo Nam does.

      Right now, I’m just watching to see how on earth they are going to redeem this guy who seems like a complete ass, and if it can even be done. I’m also hoping to see him SUFFER. Yeah, I’m not sure that the term hero applies in this drama when talking about the husband.

      • 36.1.1 kopytko

        It made me a bit angry that the mindling body-swapping-grandpa treated both spouses equally, whereas only one side was an ass. The woman must have sinned a lot to be punished with a husband like that, whom she even cannot normally divorce!

      • 36.1.2 Korazy Lady

        The verdict is still out on this show for me. I really can’t stand the husband, so watching was a bit grueling for me at first. Luckily, I did find it to be hilarious after the body switching, so if it keeps up with that kind of humor I may stick with it. And yeah, I also want the husband to suffer. A lot.

  37. 37 kopytko

    Hello Everybody!
    I’ve been busy recently and I have a feeling I’m behind with everything in dramaland.
    I’ve just discovered Nice Guy – wow, this one is intense and twisted. I did read the recaps but just didn’t feel this show and never bothered to watch the actual stuff. I caught the recent episodes and I am hooked. Love both female leads, don’t love SJK yet. I respect his work, he surely does well, but (luckily for me) he doesn’t fascinate me enough to make me watch anything else with him (because except of about 20 minutes of Penny Pinchers, I’ve never seen his dramas/films). Anyway, what I like most about it is that I don’t really know the characters’ motivations and, well, we don’t really know what they really are.
    I keep watching Faith for Lady Choi – SuperAunt, KiChul and several other, obviously superficial, reasons. On the serious note, the plot does keep me on my toes and we haven’t got that much of a trauma. Oh, the royal couple is adorable beyond words 🙂
    As much as Shin Mina is one of my absolute favourites, I don’t follow Arang closely – such a shame, I feel both SMA and LJK are both underused here. I need more sparks! Mom’s scary hairdo is not enough to keep me interested.

    • 37.1 canxi

      Agree about SJK, I don’t love him yet either despite seeing him in a couple other things but maybe Nice Guy (when I watch it) will change my mind. I think he’s cute but I haven’t gotten behind his acting yet. Lol, I actually watched all of Penny Pinchers but I didn’t really enjoy it, even though I wanted to.

      • 37.1.1 kopytko

        Not everybody has to like the same. Similarly, I could never find myself admiring Jung Il Woo, although I appreciate his work. But it’s a good thing, otherwise I would do nothing but watch dramas with all those popular actors just because they are in them 😉

        • canxi

          Hahaha, Jung Il Woo–he’s actually another one I feel that way about too. Either way, I’m quite excited for Nice Guy, it looks to be right up my alley.

    • 37.2 Dorotka

      Are you suggesting that you haven’t seen SKKS alias Sungkyunkwan Scandal ????? ;–) That’s were I found Song Joong Ki, he was my favorite there…
      Started watching NG because of him… but MCW is taking over…

      • 37.2.1 kopytko

        MCW rocks!
        I haven’t seen SSS, because I dislike dramas with historical setting, really hate gender-bender stories and the plot itself was really not my cup of tea. I remember the buzz around it, but I’ve never wanted to see even a couple of minutes. It’s a funny feeling when you know something is just not for you, isn’t it ;). Just like Vampire Prosecutor – love the actor, grew up watching X-Files, and yet I couldn’t find much pleasure watching VP2, so dropped it altogether.

    • 37.3 Carole McDonnell

      I’ve always liked SJK. He has the most beautiful lips but basically it was my love for his cuteness that made me think of him if I thought of him at all. I saw him on an interview once and I thought, “Nice kid.” But not much else. But am really liking his acting in this. Maybe I’ll add him to my to be lusted after list.

  38. 38 canxi

    Hello everyone! I’ve gotten over my cold but I’m not feeling so hot right now again ): Headaches! Why?? Whyyyyy??

    I’ve been watching Haeundae Lovers and it’s adorable. I haven’t finished it yet, but I should be done this week and then I’m gonna watch To the Beautiful You or Panda and Hedgehog that finishes up this week. Leaning more towards the latter,lol.

  39. 39 JoAnne

    Very Late Greetings, My Wondrous Beans!

    It was a bee-yooooo-ti-ful day here in New England – what I could see of it from my opened windows, anyway. I haven’t been outside in THREE DAYS…some wierd stomach bug/virus thing. I have managed to put in mostly full work days between naps but I’m feeling a bit stir crazy so that MUST mean I’m getting better.

    No new music for me this week unless you count finding new songs from people I already enjoy – Jung Sungha, etc.

    Mostly current on ‘airing’ shows I’m watching – still behind on Five Fingers. I think that will end up just getting save for a marathon. Importantly, ALSO current on Glee and New Girl, but have yet to see any of the new offerings this season. Apparently there’s a bunch of good ones – at least, they sound interesting. But if all I can manage to add to current watching non-subtitled is American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, I’m good with that.

    Faith – I have decided that I don’t care if your fight scenes look like badly filmed Youtube videos or that your lighting occasionally looks like it might come from my grandmother’s floor lamps. I adore you. You tiny, adorable King you. You amazing woman, Princess Noguk. Eun Soo, who is more beautiful without make up and the best kind of plucky in the world. Suribang, you odd collection of funny people. Woodalchi – I ADORE YOU ALL. Lady Choi. Ki Chul, you manage to make me forget that you actually DO do horrific things, because you are so much fun as the embodiment of the mustache-twirling bad guy from Dudley Do-Right cartoons of my youth. Bad Bad BAD uncle, you opportunistic cutie. And Choi Young. Oh, for a general of my own. So loyal. SO LITERAL. Such a wonderful face for such a range of emotion. I don’t know what it IS about LMH because objectively I don’t think he’s that handsome or that great of an actor but subjectively – he makes me love him. I am compelled by the power of the Min, I guess.

    Arang – It’s gettin’ hot in here. I have no idea what’s going to happen, I really don’t. I love that. I’mma pop Bad Mama’s bug eyes out of her HEAD if I get a chance, but every single other tiny little bitty thing from the most momentous down to the most insignificant, I buy. I take out LOANS to buy. I want Arang and Eun Oh to have a happy ending so badly that it hurts me, and I have no idea how to make that happen.

    Nice Guy – every episode you give me more of that ALTK crack, and while I know that doesn’t exactly bode well for Maru and Eun Gi, I am so in. I can’t tell who’s actually BAD in this. Can you? Honestly? I mean, Jae Hee has done some really rotten things but I also see real emotion there. And sorry, but Maru is not a bad guy at all at this point. He just isn’t. Come to noona, you poor baby. I have band aids and heating pads and soup for you.

    TTBY – Ok, so there was so much that was just NONSENSE about this plot but I honestly don’t care, and I was MUCH more emotionally invested in the feelings of of the kids this time because they did give us more romance. And come ON. When, except for SUFBB, did we ever get such a cast of pretty boys? They wrapped it all up neatly (barring dropped plot points) and gave us happy endings for each of the main characters. So I’m good. I’m REALLY good. And you know what, even if we didn’t get all the answers (or lets face, bare minimum of human reasoning) we could have asked for, we got Lee Hyun Woo the human caterpiller, we got the frickin’ Chest of Glory, and we got Minho’s glorious, glorious, GLORIOUS smile. (But I still say I’d drop him like a flash for Jonghyun, Shinee People.) In the words of the guy who secretly loved Keira Knightley in Love Actually: ‘It’s enough. It’s enough, now.’

    Movies – I watched Penny Pinchers and Architecture 101. Enjoyed ’em both quite a bit. But I’ve been talking for a long time now, so…

    • 39.1 kopytko

      Nice Guy’s Jae Hee is surely a remarkable character. On the one hand i do understand her wanting badly to escape from that extremely underpriviledged life, but still her choices are not clear to me. She makes me curious to know what she really thinks, but I don’t have any sympathy for her. Not a bit. If she got her chairman she should appreciate this and stay put or just leave him, out of honesty – I would understand that life of luxury is not everything and it is not worth giving up a lot to have an old husband you don’t love. I keep asking myself and my computer: What the heck does she want?!

    • 39.2 Ladytron33

      I swear you read my mind about Faith and TTBY. You summed each one up perfectly! Who cares about reason/logic/plot when you have so much pretty? Who cares about crap direction when the characters are so well drawn?

      Sad to see one end and the other start to wind down as I’ve enjoyed them both so much…

    • 39.3 Jeannette

      I just wanted to say here that JoAnne is awesome.

  40. 40 Sonia

    Any variety show enthusiasts out here? Apparently Kang Ho Dong is coming back to TV with Star King. So Psyched! 🙂 Now I can’t wait for him to be back in 1N2D!!!

    • 40.1 Jeannette

      Pig Ajusshi is back? Awesome!

  41. 41 Carole McDonnell

    Am really liking the Horse Doctor. I really did not want to commit to a long 55-episode drama but oh well, I’ve fallen into it and I can’t get out. Good show so far.

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      lol! I’m cautious too. I can’t say I’m completely hooked but it’s interesting enough for me to keep on watching. Subbing is picking up which is a good sign.

      • 41.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Am in a bind now. I really like the story so far but — SPOILER– I hate the switch that happens. I hate that particular motif and have never been able to sit through it.

  42. 42 Enz

    Hullo everyone! It’s almost 1pm Sunday. Need to take a break from the cryfest that is the last few episodes of 49 days. Need to complete it before 2d1n at 5+pm so that I can have time to recover from it.

    Also, so that I won’t look like a puffed eyed zombie when I go to work next day…

    Hmmm.. What to get for lunch? Kimchi fired rice to complete the all Korean experience ? Yes I think that should be food. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend whevrever you are in the world.

    • 42.1 Shukmeister

      Kimchi-fired rice! I like the idea. Do you use a cannon?
      That could be funny.
      And, yes, I’m a smartypants.

      • 42.1.1 enz

        i was just checking if anyone was paying attention hahaha …NOT

        have a good week and see you friday! b OT of course 🙂

  43. 43 jessica

    HELP. i have some questions about GAKSITAL. im a little confused.

    why dont the kishokai members like japanese officials to know about kishookai? they are keeping it a secret from konno, but konno is japanese police also. so why are kishokai members afraid to let the japanese know? im sure kishokai and the japanese have the same goal right?

  44. 44 neaa

    hello everyone.. this is my first time on open thread..i’m a regular dramabeans reader.. because i don’t understand korean and some dramas take a while to get subbed..can someone help me with openthreads? how does this go about?

    • 44.1 Hillary

      @neaa: you just jump right in. If you have something on your mind, just put it out there. And as you can tell, it covers everything including kdrama, kpop and real life.

      • 44.1.1 neaa

        thanks.. it’s already late to rave on this openthread..i’ll make sure to jump in on time,next time!!

    • 44.2 Shukmeister

      Welcome neaa! We talk about absolutely everything: all asian entertainment venues, salacious gossip, favorite cookie recipes, american television, why some men suck, current fashions, best onscrene kisses, broody showers scenes, choco abs….hmmm. Oh what? Sorry, lost track. lol

      • 44.2.1 neaa

        haha..sounds so interesting…especially the why some men suck part… and i thought it was just k-dramas and stuff.. i also watch american shows..with dexter’s new season just started and vampire diaries new season to start today.. rest.. i don’t really know how to cook.. except instant noodles.. onscreen kiss.. broody shower scene..’s going to be fun..thankyou

  45. 45 ND

    Hi everyone…..
    I have been reading dramabeans for quite sometime now..but this is the first time i’m taking part in the open thread….
    I’m relatively new to k drama world….has been only a year since i started watching them….and now i have become an avid fan of them….they are simply awesome….i have seen about 24 dramas since then….
    and i’m glad to find a place where people share my love for them to the same degree 🙂

    and ya…i have taken the name ND which stands for Nancy Drew….my favorite since school days…lol…

    • 45.1 부럽지 않아

      I was just watching veronica mars and having the biggest laughs ( I can be really pathetic sometimes) when she and her dad introduced themselves as carson drew and his sister nancy. I like series books and collecting series books but nancy drew doesn’t hold up. I like the bonita granville movies though.

      • 45.1.1 ND

        i know it is not some kind of great book but it always makes me nostalgic about my good old school days 🙂

        otherwise my most favorite ones are by Agatha Christie..

  46. 46 부럽지 않아

    I started goong. The idea is interesting but I don’t like the characters and I don’t like the sageuk theme murmurings. I’m only on episode 2 and I know the lead guy but it’s annoying me that I can’t reconcile him to his charcter in mahwang. I’m not really sure what’s bothering me. I want to get swept up in goong. but not with ridiculous angst. The golden time team has ruined me for a bit. Has anyone else watched sweet spy? I have been watching episode 14 for weeks. I just can’t stand the show. There were some semi interesting parts that I keep expecting to return. Did I miss the drama awards?

  47. 47 jessica

    HELP. i have some questions about GAKSITAL. im a little confused.

    why dont the kishokai members like japanese officials to know about kishokai? they are keeping it a secret from konno, but konno is japanese police also. so why are kishokai members afraid to let the japanese know? im sure kishokai and the japanese have the same goal right?

  48. 48 ND

    I’m just i’m asking….

    I have seen in dramas like best love,full house etc that even the top actors perform all household work like cooking,etc on their own…so is it like this in Korea that everyone does every work by themselves??