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by | October 12, 2012 | 403 Comments

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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 OMG

      HELLO IVOIRE!!!! How was ur week?????

      • 1.1.1 Ivoire

        HELLOOOOO OMG!!!!! *waves*
        My week was busy, very busy but good. Thank you for asking. How was yours?

        • OMG

          Mine was busy as well….a different kind of busy…ramping up d studying hours n lowering d sleeping hours as med school exams round two is in less than two weeks. also read my post below about BB tixs!….*le sigh*

        • Ivoire

          OMG, good to hear from you again :-). Keep up with the studying, and please study a lot and diligently, it will pay off and and you won’t regret it.
          Also, I did read about your BB Tixs, sad :-(. I don’t know if this is a silver lining, but you at least get to go the concert. I hope someone will buy the extra ticket from you…

          • OMG

            i hope so too…but m highly pessimistic cuz there r still a lot of tickets available on the ticketmaster website….i read some of ur posts down n i hope things are okay…..i wish d best for u n ur move n hope that whatever ur hoping to accomplish u shall….

          • Ivoire

            I would encourage you to remain optimistic OMG, because things could change, and continue to let as many people as you know or as many people as you can reach know that you have those tickets available, so hopefully someone would want to buy it (or them) from you. Hang in there.
            Yeah, things seem to slowly be changing in my life for the better, so that’s always good. You know how life goes, we have our ups and we have our downs, all of us. I feel cautiously optimistic, more intent on doing well in what I need to do and seeing where the chips will fall.
            Thank you for your kind wishes, I take them to heart and I hope you will do really well during your exams and in your med school career πŸ™‚

    • 1.2 oftheshore

      Salut, Ivoire! How are you? Have you managed to move and resolve some of those issues that you had to tackle last week?

      • 1.2.1 Ivoire

        Salut OTS!

        Yes, I did move last Friday, and I have another move coming up soon, and then I should be set for a while. I will be doing a lot of traveling between cities once I am at my final destination (for now) because of the different hats (and responsibilities) I will have. It will be a good thing however, I will just have to be very organized, which I need to learn to become more of. I will be engaged in some new things and I am looking forward to that. It should be interesting.

        I am a little anxious but you know, it has to do with when one is starting a new season and not really sure of things because you don’t see everything on the horizon. I just want to do a really good job (make that an excellent job) so the people I am supporting/helping will continue to be thrilled to have me around :-). That’s what I am striving for. I plan on being diligent in achieving that. It shouldn’t be too hard though, because they are already happy to have me in their lives, and I am happy to be in theirs.

        The issues are being tackled one at a time and that is encouraging to me. I will let you know when some (or all) of those issues are behind me. How about you, how are you? How has life been treating you? Are you sleeping better these days? Any new dreams of LMH :-)? None with me.

        • oftheshore

          Your life sounds stressful yet exciting.:) I really hope everything goes well for you, and you seem to have enough determination to make things work – good luck!
          I’m okay-ish – as I wrote below, I’ve lost my laptop, and the situation at home is a bit stressul, so it’s hard to concentrate on research. I should probably learn from those hard-working K-drama heroines how to always stay optimistic.:)
          No dreams about LMH lately, but I haven’t seen the last two episodes of Faith yet, but based on the recaps I would expect that they would encourage my brain to summon the image of LMH when I’m asleep!

          • JoAnne

            I think their optimism and pluck is proportionate to the amount of ramyun they ingest – along the theory that any food with a half-life of 100 years would impart some staying power to anyone who ate it.

          • Ivoire

            OTS, yes to your first sentence πŸ™‚ and thank you for your kind and well wishes. I did read about your laptop and I am so sorry about that :-(.
            So by the situation being hard at home, you mean home-your flat- home or home as in Ukraine-home? In any case, I hope that things will be resolved/lighten up so you can focus better on research.
            Re: being optimistic and upbeat, I too have been trying to emulate the Kdramas heroines and the actors/actresses behind them, they work so hard and constantly push themselves (I think they strive on it). I am getting better at it, I think (I just have to put my mind to it, really and it works).
            Speaking of sleep, how are you doing there? You didn’t answer that… πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Once again, JoAnne being her witty self πŸ™‚

          • oftheshore

            @ Ivoire,

            Re: sleep – it’s slowly getting better! We agreed with a friend that we would come to the office by 9.30 every day, work until 7-8 pm and go to bed before midnight, which seems to be working. I also joined a jogging group, and as you said, exercising always helps. By the situation at home I meant home-home. I am fortunate to have a great flatmate who even understands my love for Korean dramas – she’s a big fan of Jewel in the Palace.:)

          • oftheshore

            @JoAnne, I nearly choked on my breakfast while laughing at your analysis of plucky K-drama heroines and their ramyun. You rock!

    • 1.3 Korazy Lady

      Bonjour Ivoire! We meet again! I’m so bleary eyed from being up so late last night, and you know what is partially responsible for that! I’m still thinking of my answer….

      • 1.3.1 Ivoire

        Bonjour KL! and yes, we do meet again :-).
        I don’t believe I have an inkling of why you might have been up so late. Why was that again? *Frown my face while asking, wondering.* Nah, I am just kidding, I do know why :-). Please take your time thinking of your answer, we are not going anywhere…
        I hope you will be able to catch up on your sleep this weekend (the dramas will be there [and their beautiful men], waiting for you. So please, go ahead and sleep):-)

        • Korazy Lady

          I’m watching a 2 month old, a 9 month old, and a 5 year old this weekend, plus taking my 88 year old Mom to see the Philly Pops orchestra Sunday afternoon, so I don’t think dramas or sleep will be in the picture! But thanks!

          • Ivoire

            Awww… You sound very busy, and your weekend hasn’t even started yet :-(. I will have to talk to you about the children watching thing, on the other medium. I have seen the Boston Pops Orchestra on TV and liked it. I am sure the Philly one must be awesome and you get to spend some time with your mom, yay!!!!
            I really do hope that you will be able to catch up on your sleep at some point. Are all three children your grandchildren? (just curious…)

          • Korazy Lady

            Mais bien sur! I wouldn’t do that for just anyone!

          • Ivoire

            Oh, I see :-). So you wouldn’t do that for my children? LOL (we know I have none, but I thought I would ask, just to see your response :-). So what say you?)

          • Korazy Lady

            Well, I am a sucker for my friends when they ask for help! But coming out to California to watch your kids may be a bit much – altho I do it for my daughter regularly, so why not?

    • 1.4 cmrprindle's phone

      Happy Friday, Ivoire!

      • 1.4.1 Ivoire

        Back at you, CRP πŸ™‚

    • 1.5 Ivoire

      And of course Happy OT everyone! I do hope that you will have a wonderful weekend! It is getting gloomy in my neck of the wood and getting cold as well. I guess Fall/Autumn has hit/is hitting Northern CA. It is time to wear those sweaters and jackets again.

      I am behind on Faith and I will try to catch up. There were some major leaps forward in the romance department in Faith, so I am assuming some the conversations today might be about that on OT. I am still going to be very busy for the next few weeks (who isn’t right?) so I am still keeping it at one drama, for the time being. Speaking of Faith, I keep wishing we would see more of Philip Lee :-(. I deplore the fact that his character doesn’t have more of an arc/story. He has great chemistry with KHS, and with the rest of the cast and I was really looking forward to seeing more of him in this drama *sigh,* unfortunately… That’s not the case.

      The songs and instrumental pieces of Faith are available on Youtube, which makes me happy because I have been waiting for them. The choral version is one of my favorite instrumental pieces. I have become curious about the OSTs of Kdramas and film in general. I love that in Kdramas OSTs, they use a lot of string instruments and the piano. It makes me wish I could be sitting somewhere in the room when they play/sing and record those songs and instrumental pieces. I also love listening to MC Sniper (Faith, AATM, Chuno and another drama which name I can’t remember right now, maybe VP2, I think).

      Thank you so much for the warm responses last week. I was awwwing and I appreciated them all (still do). I still have to answer them, and I will. One more move to go (for me) soon, and then I should be set for a while. How do I do it? As I said last week, I am rolling with the punches, going with the flow and doing what I need to do, as the sayings go.

      I guess I don’t have much to say about dramaland this week (besides what I just said) and no “big” question of the week, maybe because I am behind on Faith. There are always the next OTs, right? I did check out episode 2 of Oohlala Spouses (per Maya’s recommendation), and the show looks funny. It is nice to see “older” actors being the leads in a prime time drama and do well (initially) in the ratings, as JB mentioned this week. OS reminded me of Gaksital and of SeGa (what I have seen of it). I will put it on my list of dramas to eventually watch.

      OK, I do have a question after all: am I the only one who has noticed that “mysoju” is down? As in there is no website that shows up when I google and search for “mysoju.” I was looking for the 1st season (episodes) of WGM (mysoju had them) and I couldn’t find it (earlier in the) week. I wonder if it will be back. I remember the discussion a few weeks back about websites being down. Mysoju was available at the time those conversations were taking place (and even after, for a while).

      So, having said all I can think of (for now), I shall post my second message :-)…

      • 1.5.1 Ivoire

        OK, this was long again :-). It never looks this long when I originally type it :-). That fools me every time *smile*

      • 1.5.2 Llamaesque

        I think My Soju is gone for good. ::sniffle::

        It was discussed a few OTs ago. (See the posts starting at 35.)

        • Ivoire

          Hi Llamaesque,

          So Mysoju is gone for good huh? *Sobs* That is sad. Maybe as Mysti suggested, they should register outside the US, I am not really sure how those things work. If the link you just posted is the one I am thinking about, I did read the conversations about some sites being taken down and what was happening with DF. I think I did watch some episodes of WGM season 1 after those discussions still. I wanted to watch all the episodes of season 1 of WGM, it was (and it is to date) my favorite season. I guess I will have to look for it elsewhere.
          There are also some movies I wanted to watch on MS :-(, Oh well… Thanks for sharing in the sadness…

          I do hope you will have a great weekend, still πŸ™‚

          • Llamaesque

            I’m not involved with My Soju and don’t know anything more than what was posted. I do know the website was back up for a while at a new location, but now seems to be gone. (Which is also true of kimchidrama, unfortunately.)

          • Ivoire

            Hi Llamaesque again, thanks for the update…

        • OMG

          can someone explain d deal with DF n all d other kdrama websites that r not Viki????

          • Ivoire

            OMG, click on Llamaesque highlighted link and follow her instructions and you will find the info. You can also go on her webpage from OT# 256.

      • 1.5.3 joybells

        Faith released its instrumental piece? i tried looking it up in youtube,but im drawing up blanks.Can u please tell me da pieces’ name/title?

        • Ivoire

          Hello Joybells, check it here and listen to the following songs, you could have them play automatically by activating the rotation thing that looks like a wheel (just click on it):

          Apparently there are 11 or 12 songs, but only 8 songs posted by this person are allowed on you tube. You could also search youtube by typing “OST Faith” or “OST Instrumental pieces of Faith, Korean drama” or a variation of that. I hope this helps…

          • joybells

            Hey Ivoire,Checked out the link you gave me.Its exactly what i was lookin for,thank you so much. khamsahamida πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Joybells, you are very welcome!!!! I am glad I could help. This is part of what this community is here for. Enjoy the soundtrack πŸ™‚

          • Sunshine

            Hi Ivoire,

            Thank you so much for posting! I’m listening to it now as I make myself cozy, and read the comments here.


    • 1.6 Rashell

      Ivoire! Where have you been this week? I haven’t seen you in the Faith posts. Please don’t tell me you’ve stopped watching!! πŸ™‚

      Anyway, hope you were missing because of something fun! And good to have you back!

      • 1.6.1 Ivoire


        LOL, it is nice to be noticed missing :-). This week, I met with someone I needed to see (and a few little people I will be spending time with :-)), and that took precedence over everything else. I am sure you know how that goes, having been there (especially recently) right?

        That being said, you must not have looked very closely (you didn’t pay attention, Rashell, “shame on you” :-)) because I did post a comment on the recap of episode 18 and another comment/response on one of the commenter’s comment, much farther down, but in the same recap.

        A commenter said she missed my long and detailed comments and like you, she missed me. I guess I will have to get back on those (I haven’t done those since episode 12. Episode 11 was my last long and detailed comment). I was debating whether I should continue to do those (they are time consumming, as much as I enjoy writing them). Seeing that I have a few readers, I might try to get back on that train, especially since I am considering taking a break from Kdrama watching after Faith, which might mean no more writing as much on DB, except for OTs. We will see… I mean, Faith only has 3 more weeks left, but I am also very busy in my personal life and about to be very busy in my professional life, and those are very important, right?

        Believe it or not :-), I have not fully watched epis. 15-16 and 17 (only the skinship scenes, to check a few things out, acting and chemistry wise) and I will have to rewatch ep. 18 b/c I was a little lost when I did watch it. I am not giving up on Faith, I would like to see how it ends, I am curious about that. I will admit that I was not as pulled into it, feeling the need to ABSOLUTELY watch it, so I did not hurry.

        Thank you for the welcome back :-). I was missing because I had some stuff on my plate I needed to take care of, and also b/c I felt that I needed some time away from dramas, and that felt really good, to be focusing on other things. I get really engrossed when I watch a drama. My episode viewing and commenting process is a long and detailed one, but I experience the drama better that way and I get more out of it that way too.

        I thought you would be rejoicing that I have not commented on Faith (and also not watched it recently). One less woman looking at your boyfriend no? You must really feel secure (in his attention for you) if you care more about me not watching anymore than you do the many comments about how gorgeous (or awesome) your boyfriend is :-).

        • Rashell

          HA! I’m so sorry that I missed your comments. I don’t always check back as often as I maybe should. I’m sometimes a comment and run kinda gal.

          And when you’re “boyfriend” looks like mine, you have to be secure about other people looking at him. It really can’t be helped, so I’ve accepted it. And I love to hear how awesome and beautiful he is, but I definitely miss hearing your indepth analysis more. I know that he’s gorgeous, but I don’t know what Ivoire thinks. So yeah, try to find time to post. You are missed when you don’t.

          But I do understand being busy in real life. So if I can only get to say hi here for a while, I’ll try to be accepting of that. LOL

        • Ivoire


          Awwww… you made my day and my weekend, btw. I don’t go around fishing for compliments, but I will be honest and admit that they are encouraging and that I appreciate them. As I have said earlier, I had been debating whether I should continue to write those long comments of mine (I don’t know how to write them any shorter. I always want to “write” all that I feel and have seen in an episode and I try to pay attention to a lot of things, so I end up being detailed. By the time I am done writing, one knows exactly what I thought and how I felt). I feel comforted and am glad that you and a few (OK, maybe a couple of people) appreciate my process, it makes me feel that it was time well spent.

          The danger for me has been that after I post, I get responses and then I want to write some more, b/c honestly, I would rather do that than other things, so I need to watch it :-). I think I am so vested b/c my heart is in it (watching the episode, commenting and reading others’ comments and commenting some more). That activity of analyzing the drama is more addicting to me sometimes than just watching certain dramas themselves, but it starts with watching the episode, so I have to start there.

          This ” And I love to hear how awesome and beautiful he is, but I definitely miss hearing your in depth analysis more. I know that he’s gorgeous, but I don’t know what Ivoire thinks. So yeah, try to find time to post. You are missed when you don’t. ” warmed my heart. Thank you!!!! When I have had a busy and sometimes challenging week and I come to DB to this, on OT or on a recap, it does warm my heart and makes me feel better. Again, I am not going around looking for compliments, but I think you know as well as I do, that a kind comment or word can go a long way. It can act like a balm on one’s heart. And I do LOVE to write, so you got me there πŸ™‚ (pulling at my heart and at my weaknesses, you sneaky you :-)).

          So please make sure you stop by and drop a line (or two or more) when I comment, because it makes me feel like my time wasn’t wasted to do it. I have had a few times when no one responded to my comment, and it was :-(. I know that many people comment, so it is not like there are no comments/opinions to read and that is what I have been thinking, that even if I don’t comment, others do and so it is OK. But I think I am realizing that my style is maybe appreciated and liked (for lack of better words), and I have noticed that there are times when I have said one or two or many things that no one else has mentioned (I read all the comments, sometimes) and so then, my commenting was worthwhile. the process is long, which is why I stepped back some :-). I would have to say that I get more out of the drama that way, however.

          I loved this: “But I do understand being busy in real life. So if I can only get to say hi here for a while, I’ll try to be accepting of that. LOL” I thought it was cute and funny, LOL. Were you trying to make me feel guilty? Manipulate me maybe with the end of your sentence? (just kidding). It is just that your last sentence sounded so dramatic (at least to me) :-)…

          Have a wonderful weekend, Rashell!

          • Rashell

            Were you trying to make me feel guilty? Manipulate me maybe with the end of your sentence? (just kidding). It is just that your last sentence sounded so dramatic (at least to me) …

            HA! Wow, that’s a lot to get out of a simple sentence LOL. But I am a drama addict so it could be that my ending was a touch on the dramatic side. But I would never deliberately try to manipulate you. Just wanted you to know that I’d missed our chats but could be understanding of committments in real life. I have a few of my own. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire


            LOL at your reaction, precious!!!! OK, I am guilty! See, this is what happens when someone like me who likes to analyze/dissect dramas (and other things) read comments/responses, I end up reading a lot into your response, even thoughts you didn’t know you had, LOL. I think I have magic powers like the baddies in Faith. I can read people’s intentions.

            Now that you know that, are you sure you still want me to share my thoughts on recaps? I might come up with notions and thoughts that even characters didn’t know they had, LOL. You know the saying: “Be careful what you wish for…” πŸ™‚

            I was pulling your leg (some) but in all honesty, your last sentence could be read with a dramatic tone, try it, and you will see. It works. This back and forth banter is fun though, I can see why you missed it on the recaps:-)…

    • 1.7 Sabah

      Ivoire! : )

      I love how you nearly always manage to begin these OT. It creates such a good mood; a loving and open ambiance. I don’t know, it kind of makes me feel safe.

      Wishing you well!

      • 1.7.1 Ivoire

        Sabah, (I really love your screen name, btw)

        I have been thinking about you. It is good to hear from you. Yeah, my weeks are busy and will be for a while, until I get my bearings. I will still be very busy after that, but I should be settled (some) and be organized, so I will be breathing better. Thank you again for your patience, Re: you know what.

        Thank you for your compliment, it is making my day and my week (this will hold me until next OT and beyond). The interesting thing is I don’t even try to create anything, I just write and put online what comes to my mind, and before you know it, there is a journal waiting to be read :-). I am glad it creates a mood, and more importantly that it makes you feel safe.

        A lovely weekend to you!

        • Sabah


          Your name is prettier to me though. Whereas mine is an aspiration, yours is more an inspiration as it encapsulates your history, something old which you take into the new, your future.

          Please do not feel rushed. I tend to flow more in line with the pace of the earth rather than the world we have created upon it. The Earth’s pace is slow and gradual, it takes a lot of patience as you noted, but nothing worth gaining is easy to come by. Well except your friendship (hopefully), which has been gifted to me. : )

          I believe you when you say it is natural. So I am going to make you blush AND quite possibly cringe BUT most people who have had the honour to know you would say this is true of you: Some people make the world a better place just by being in it.

          Wishing you well and much happiness.

          • Ivoire

            Sabah, Sabah, Sabah, *smiles warmly*

            How do you do it? You are killing me… softly with your kindness. I tell myself I will stop participating (maybe) on OT and cut way back on commenting on DB, and then I get comments like yours and it’s like Awwww…, really? *sighs, but for a good reason.* You are such a nurturing person, and I haven’t even met you yet, *chuckles*

            Well, thank you, for everything!!!! *Bows to you at 90 degrees angle* You know, now that you say it, I DO like my name, b/c it is pretty and it is me. I originally used it b/c I needed a screen name and yet wanted something connected to me as well. Only people in my family used to call me that. The more I see it written, the more I grow attached to it and the more I like it. I find it funny when some people who I have met here prefer to continue calling by that name, even after they find out what my 1st name is. Adding to that the things I have shared with you and the significance it has in light of recent events, and you can clearly see why I am deeply attached to it, *feeling emotional and sentimental.* Thank you for making me realize that (I just did, I swear).

            This “but nothing worth gaining is easy to come by.” Ain’t that the truth… I (and many) here can attest to that, many times over, so I continue to plug along, with the desire to remain diligent.

            I like how we are slowly building our friendship, a step at a time. About writing, it is the place where I go to be me and express myself (partly). If I can make people feel better in the process, or write something they want to read, the better :-). Maybe that’s what comes across, and people sense it and respond to it. My heart goes into what I write, no matter how long or short the comment/response and at the end of the day, that is all I can do.
            Speaking along those lines, I finally spoke last week to one of the OTers, and her first comment was: “You sound exactly like the way Ivoire would sound!” It was so funny and cute. How could I sound any different, LOL? I AM Ivoire :-)…

            I LOVED THIS: “Wishing you well and much happiness,” mostly b/c I am ready to be well and I TOTALLY welcome the happiness (a deluge of it would be nice :-)) And I wish you the same…

          • Sabah

            Ivoire, : )

            Aw, I always feel humbled when people ‘thank me’ for just liking beauty. Isn’t just a natural consequence of being human. You are a warm person, so naturally I would find comfort in your words. It’s more than that, as that person noted, you sound like you because you are sincere. There isn’t any pretentiousness and I think that resonates the most with people. It might seem like a small thing but when you meet ten or even hundred or so people who insist on showing you their ugly side, it is a balm to find one real person who wants to share some goodness. Trust me, it is something grand.

            I am sure you have heard this saying before, that a good word is like a goodly tree,’ that’s what your words do for people; they plant seeds of courtesy and of friendship. We are indebted to you for it.

            Ah, your name. I love how it found you, though you had it with you always. There are some things in our lives that are just awaiting their cue, too early and we might overlook them and too late and we would regret. This was just perfect timing for an appreciation of its worth. I am honoured that I got to be here for it. : )

            I know that your principles of courtesy won’t allow you to leave without replying BUT please note that I understand the restraints of time and the responsibilities of duty. It’s OK, to reply to me some other time and place.

            Wishing you an abundance of happiness.

          • Ivoire

            Sabah, I will take you at your word and will reply later, here or somewhere else πŸ™‚

          • Sabah

            You can most definitely take me at my word. : )

          • Ivoire

            Good and thanks! πŸ™‚

    • 1.8 Enz

      Hi ivoire, I am enz and am new here but you seem to be a legend here and I wanted to just add my good wishes for this move and your next one and hope you get to be settled by the end of the year as you wish.


      • 1.8.1 Ivoire

        Hello Enz and a warm welcome to you :-)!!!!!

        I did read your post further down and I was meaning to drop a line to welcome you. Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes, I appreciate them. As many have said, people are nice here, so please make yourself at home and get comfortable. You will get to know people, the more you participate and read others’ comments. I was once a newbie and remember being nervous when I 1st posted.

        By that time, I had diligently been reading other DBeaners’comments and posts, so I kindda “knew” who was who and what they had done or what had happened to them (based on how much they had shared in previous OTs). I was made to feel welcomed and the conversations were lively. I never stopped after that, as my long and frequent posts can attest :-)…

        We are so very happy to have here and I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend. If you don’t mind my asking, what part of the world do you live in? (what country?). I am just curious, time zones and all…

        • Enz

          Thanks for the warm welcome:). I live in the capital of Malaysia , kuala lumpur.. So, it’s often Saturday here by the time I get to OT.

          I do love how on Friday, everyone converges on this little corner and starts these chats.

          I have visions that if we could only get everyone to love k drama, we could achieve world peace!! Haha

        • Ivoire


          Part of the beauty of OT (and of DB as a whole) for me is that we can interact here with people who live in many different places in the world.
          This “I have visions that if we could only get everyone to love k drama, we could achieve world peace!! Haha” made me smile! If only it were that simple, really… We can only dream and hope though πŸ™‚

          • Enz

            I know.. If only. But simple is how things should be most times. Keep it simple

          • Ivoire

            Enz, I will answer this b/c I can make it short πŸ™‚

            Yeah, to your 1st response, I wish life could be as simple as people learning to love Kdramas and holding hands together and maybe learning how to speak Korean too? πŸ™‚ (So we could understand and appreciate Kdramas better) and getting along.

            2–Yes, I am French speaking (From Cameroon in Central Africa) but currently reside in Northern California. I do speak 4 languages fluently, however: French, English, Spanish and Bulu, which happens to be my native Cameroonian language, and I am slowly learning Korean as well.

            3–I have held many positions in my life so far and have had many responsibilities professionally. Currently I am going back into being a nanny b/c I LOVE working with children, but I also tutor French (and Spanish) and I do translation work (for French-English so far). I have worked in offices at some point in my life, and I have worked in the medical field as well. As I said, I have worn many different hats so far.

            4– I know you live in Malaysia, are you from there?

          • enz

            ivoire! you are in danger of unleashing a monster – the too much information monster in me πŸ™‚

            yes, i am from malaysia – born and bred. not originally from the capital – was born in kedah, a northern malaysian state also known as the rice bowl of malaysia. so was surrounded by padi fields and rubber plantations growing up. now, am in a concrete jungle but life is pretty good as at least i live close to where i work and dont need to commute so much for work. its the thing that would make my life most miserable i think.

            ethnicity wise, i am a chinese. its wonderful that you can speak so many languages. i cant speak mandarin ( my mother tongue!) well but already am interested in learning korean. i do speak hokkien (chinese dialect) and malay. its nothing to brag about here – you speak the dialect with parents coz they dont speak english and you learn the other two languages in school – so its just natural for most to speak a few languages.

            your life truly sounds interesting. i would love to travel to africa – esp to see the wildlife there. hopefully, in the next year or so. but now, korea is also a much wanted travel destination for me, unsurprisingly πŸ™‚

            thanks for the good wishes on my weekend. i am going to a concert tonight which also is a charity concert for breast cancer awareness. its called spanish sensations and features a classic guitarist with our local orchestra. am sure i will enjoy it. really looking forward to it πŸ™‚ hope your weekend is shaping up nicely

        • Enz

          Ivoire, am sure you must have mentioned in past OTs ( if I remember you mentioned about being a nanny?) am curious too – where are you living currently and the way everyone greets you, am I right in that you’re French speaking?

          If you’re too busy, don’t worry about replying. Am sure one of these days I will read enough to know!

          • Ivoire

            Hey Enz,

            Thanks for your response. I will try and respond as well before the weekend is over (before the end of Sunday, my time, which is DB time as well). I hope you had fun at the concert. It has been great getting to know you. Thanks for “approaching” me and connecting with me. Again, one of the blessings of participating on this blog, we meet and interact with people from different walks of life and from all over the world, and we don’t have to pay an expensive airline ticket to do it, though I do love traveling πŸ™‚

          • Enz

            Ivoire, It’s true.. I debated whether to ‘approach’ or not.. You already have so many folks that are known to you and so many comments to reply to, I wasn’t sure quite how to start. But wishing ppl well can never go wrong I thought.

            Thanks too for responding so warmly to a newbie πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Hello Enz,

            This is very late and I apologize. This: “Thanks too for responding so warmly to a newbie,” makes want to tell you that you are very welcome, and that I don’t see why I wouldn’t respond warmly to you. I was once a newbie, and will be a newbie in some areas of my life, I am sure, so I totally know the feeling. I wanted to honor the fact that you “approached” me. We all need to feel welcome when we are new somewhere (and even if we are not new, we should still feel welcomed, I think).

            I hope you had a lovely week and a great time at that concert. And I agree with you, wishing people well is always a good thing to do.

          • enz

            hi ivoire

            hope your weekend is going great. ive had to work this saturday but will be off tomorrow – cant wait.

            the concert last week was good. i have no classical music background but i did recognise some of the music although i wouldnt know the composers but for the programme.

            my drama watching is really slow coz i only can manage one or two episodes a day usually. so since last weekend, am only at episode 15 of city hunter. am not so enamoured with lee min ho – i really like joon hyuk though. he is very intense.

            am planning a trip to myanmar in dec. i didnt realise that its really not cheap there! apparently prices have really shot up now that they have opened up a little.

            apart from that, there is nothing very much going on in my life. i like my dramas in k-land, not in real life πŸ™‚

    • 1.9 kakashi

      Hallihallo Ivoire and hello everybody else! Happy Friday.
      I’m still too busy and it’s no fun at all. Couldn’t even watch my favorite of all dramas ever, Arang… πŸ™ I’ll probably wait for it to finish and then marathon the last 8 episodes … Or I’ll start from the beginning again and marathon it all. Yes, that’s a plan. Kakashi, hwaiting!

      • 1.9.1 kakashi

        oh, and I wanted to ask: is anybody watching the Great Seer? Is it good?

      • 1.9.2 Ivoire

        There she is: I was wondering when you were going to show yourself here :-). I think you should take your time handling what you need to handle, b/c DB and OTs and dramas are not going anywhere, (*whispers: they promised :-)*). So go, take care of that little pesky thing called life, we all have to and we understand :-).

        I do hope you will have an amazing weekend, Kakashi! About the Great Seer, read some of the comments below.

        • kakashi

          ah, the wise woman speaks again πŸ™‚
          so true, DB, OTs, KDramas will be there for a long time (I hope!!!!) so what’s a little RL stress now and again?
          But I think I’m going to watch Vampire Diaries now … hehe. too much heartache in all my favorite shows this week. Need something a little more fluff.

        • Ivoire


          This “ah, the wise woman speaks again :)” I got the reference, FYI *smiles.* So, also remember to breathe, that is important and oxygen will go to your brain (I think). OK, now I just sound like a mom or an unni (I am the latter and I have been the former by extension, so…).

          Is VD a Kdrama as well? Too much heartache in your fav. shows this week, you thought there was heartache in Faith? (I could stomach it) or maybe it is not one of your fav. shows, so that comment doesn’t apply to it, hehehe… Please explain πŸ™‚ (b/c now I am curious).

          Enjoy your show Kakashi πŸ™‚

          • kakashi

            ah, no, Vampire Diaries is absolutely not Korean – it’s a (rather stupid) American show. The 4th Season started yesterday. I have time this weekend and will get back on the KDrama-wagon then πŸ™‚
            And yes, Faith also made me sad. The whole thing about her having to go back etc.

          • Ivoire

            Oh I see, about VD. I keep hoping that Faith will have a HEA kind of ending, but I don’t know, we will see I guess. I am very curious about the ending, however it goes…

    • 1.10 alua

      Hello Ivoire!

      How are you? How was your week?

      I’m late too the party but I’m super-hyper today. The London Film Festival has come to town, so I’m reeling from the awesome films I have been watching, starting with Hosoda Mamoru’s Ookami Kodomo (Wolf Children) yesterday and Miike Takeshi’s Ai to Makoto (For Love’s Sake with Tsumabuki Satoshi!!!). The hyperness is probably mostly due to Ai to Makoto, which is a way over-the-top manga adaptation in musical form set in the 70s.

      Still watching the J-film Dreams for Sale tonight, which is all serious and will probably bring me back down to earth. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Draaaamaaaaas… somehow I ended up marathoning Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (which I had previously seen) last weekend, which made me want for more Kamenashi Kazuya, so I went for Suppli next (hadn’t seen that before). Also started Orange Days (with Tsumabuki again), and although Tsumabuki is his usual awesome self, I’m not sure I will be able to handle the female lead for a whole 10 episodes.

      Haven’t watched any k-dramas this week, but I have three K-films coming up at the London Film Festival: A Fish (Mulgogi), Helpless (Hwacha) and Romance Joe (plus more Japanese stuff, something from Israel and something from Chile and if some films weren’t sold out already I would go see more even!) Equally excited for all of them!

      Hope everyone has a fab weekend.

      *still hyperactively reeling, my apologies* πŸ˜€

      • 1.10.1 Saima

        How’s Ai to Makoto? You had me at Miike (really enjoyed the Crows Zero movies) and Tsumabuki. Will have to admit that I have yet to watch any of Tsumabuki’s works…his Waterboys has been on my to-watch list since forever. Any additional reccs will be much appreciated.

        Kame was absolutely glorious in THnK!! <3 Suppli was just bad, lol despite having him (for an idol i think he's quite good) and Eita (wasted!!). I love these two THnK fanvids. Beautiful and evocative…just like the show.

        • alua

          I really loved Ai to Makoto but it’s probably one of those love-or-hate things. (And if anyone walked into that cinema without know that it was going to be a genre-mash up whacky musical Japanese style, I’m sure they didn’t know what hit them once the reel rolled.)

          I recommend anything with Tsumabuki. He is nice eyecandy, but he’s a truly natural actor. Haven’t actually seen Waterboys (Tsumabuki’s done so much, I’m working my way through all his dramas and films one by one!), but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen with him. I only just started Orange Days, but one drama of his that I watched was Slow Days (himonotales recapped it).

          Kame was lovely in THnK – he can really do that kind of character. Suppli, I thought, was alright – his acting was fine, but I didn’t quite like the way he wrote his character or certain twists in the tale. But watchable. I’ll watch the fanvids tomorrow, I really have to go to sleep!

          I will review all the films (I’ve tickets for 9 at the moment) I see at the festival, not sure when exactly I’ll have the review up for Ai to Makoto though it’s a higher priority one. (Wolf Children is on the top of my list for reviews at the moment, but it will be screening at a lot of festivals around the world soon)

          • alua

            *the way THEY wrote

      • 1.10.2 Ivoire

        Hi Alua,
        My week was good. How was your trip to India? Great I trust. Sounds like you are busy these days with exciting things going on for you.

        • alua

          Are you still unpacking from your moving? Hope that hasn’t been too stressful.

          India was lovely (I miss it!) – I put some pics on the blog, I think one in August (entitled something like “Back from Kashmir”) and one in September (Photologia), and when I find a free moment I’ll put one more more set of pictures… but who know when that will be.

        • Ivoire

          Hey Alua,

          I actually didn’t unpack everything, since I will be moving again soon. I might do some repacking and I will add to what I have here with me before I go to the next place (that’s my plan). I haven’t visited your blog in a long time. I probably should, so I can see the pictures. Thanks for posting them. Have a great weekend!

      • 1.10.3 John


        How was Ookami Kodomo (Wolf Children) ?

        • alua

          Very reflective, intrinsically sad, not for kids but absolutely wonderful.

          I thought it wouldn’t be as good as The Girl Who Leapt through Time (which I adore adore adore), but I like it just as much but for very, very different reasons.

          I’m expecting to have the full-length review ready by next weekend (in time for the Scotland Loves Anime screening and if I’m fast I’ll have it in time for the Honolulu screening which is midweek!).

          You’d like it I think!

          • John

            I haven’t seen The Girl Who Leapt through Time.

            I might check that out this weekend.

  2. Stacy

    Happy OTF and TGIF everyone! I’m glad for the weekend because it gives me a break from these lovely children…I do love teaching but good googly some of these young’uns….
    Very much enjoying VP2, Faith and Arang. The Thousandth Man has turned out to be slightly better than I expected – though to be honest, I had very low expectations – but there’s only one more ep and I feel they spent too much time on the mom and her lovelorn secretary and not enough on the OTP. Sigh.
    Counting down the days to Big Bang…and on that topic, I have a VIP ticket for sale. There were 4 of us going, but one person backed out. It’s for the Nov 9 New Jersey concert and of course includes the goody bag. If anyone is interested, please email me – [email protected]. Or reply here with your email and I’ll contact you.

    • 2.1 Stacy

      I’d also like to add that it would be awesome to meet up with any fellow Beaners going to the concert! We’re flying into NJ on the 7th and staying at the Mariott by the airport.

      • 2.1.1 Shortiesss

        I will be going to Big Bang on the 9th too! hahaha I wonder who else on dramabeans is going?

      • 2.1.2 OMG

        I’ll be there!!!!!!

    • 2.2 Korazy Lady

      There are a bunch of us who will be there, and I think we’re meeting for dinner before the concert. Some of us are actually going to be there Thursday night. But Shukmeister is the chief planner. The more, the merrier, I’m sure!

      Stacy, check your email!

  3. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday to my fellow Dramabeaners!
    I haven’t been able to participate in the last couple Open Threads so I have missed all your comments. I am woefully behind in my drama watching as my daughter’s wedding was last weekend. It was over in a blink of an eye, but all the prep was worth it. She was married standing under 1000 origami cranes, we had an almost authentic Korean wedding dinner, and some of the guests had their first experience with soju. (to explain, she was born in Seoul but has lived most of her life in the States in a non-Korean community)
    I am really enjoying Arang (I am holding my breath) and am still following Faith; I am finishing up the last episodes of To the Beautiful You, Golden Time and Thousandth Man. I plan on picking up Nice Guy, but am not sure about Horse Healer, Oohlala Souses or the Great Seer. What is everyone else watching?

    • 3.1 Korazy Lady

      Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding, RPS! (One of the things I love about the OT is that there are people old enough to have married kids and even grandchildren on here!) THe wedding sounds awesome!

      I am watching Nice Guy – be prepared for a ride with something unsettling happening at every turn. But it is truly my crack right now. I’m also watching Ohlala Couple – I hate with a capitol H the husband’s character, but love body switching and it is pretty hilarious and the actors do a great job. I couldn’t make it through one episode of the Great Seer – OK, it wasn’t completely subbed, but it’s too gritty for me, and I cannot watch saeguek torture scenes, even with the promise of seeing Ji Sung.

      Just my opinions – hope you have a great, relaxing weekend–after a wedding, you deserve it!

      • 3.1.1 LizJ

        I haven’t made it past the first two episodes of Ohlala Couple for the reason you mentioned. Hard for me to get enthusiastic about a KDrama comedy when one of the leads is so unlikable. I struggled with that in Couple or Trouble (can’t remember its other name right now) till over halfway through the series, even though I liked “Overboard,” the movie it was based on.

        • Korazy Lady

          The funny thing with OS is that the husband is still so unlikeable even when being portrayed by the woman! It makes me repulsed to watch him treating his wife that way. At least Couple or Trouble had OJH’s dimples to distract from the lead actress’s obnoxious character. But I have to hand it to the male lead in OS – he is seriously hilarious in the role of the wife.

          Not sure how long I’ll stay with it. I’m just trying to get a little levity after being so angsted after watching episodes of Nice Guy!

          • JoAnne

            I don’t really have any desire to see this because just in the first episode or two of recaps the husband sounds like such a f-ing pig that I would actually have heartburn from watching. I will wait. If toward the end people start saying OMG you have to watch it’s soooooo worth it – then I’ll watch. But for now, this is a pass for me.

        • alua

          That’s why I couldn’t even start the drama (only read the recaps so far)…. that kind of dislikable I can’t handle, not in real life and not in dramas! Just get too angry….

      • 3.1.2 Maya

        KL, I really love the way SHJ portraying the wife. Totally hilarious since he got all the small details as well, like her hands movement, etc. Haven’t watched episode 3-4 yet. So I don’t know how despicable the husband’s character is (or still is).

      • 3.1.3 Rashell

        That’s my issue with Ohlala as well. I loathe that man completely and see no way that I could EVER root for him to get his wife back. But it is dang funny to watch. And the guy that plays the husband is acting the heck out of his part and being the wife. He’s an awesome actor.

    • 3.2 cmrprindle's phone

      Congratulations on the wedding! I’m sure it was a complete, but happy whirlwind experience πŸ™‚

    • 3.3 oftheshore

      Oh wow, congratulations to you and your daughter!

    • 3.4 Ivoire

      Congratulations RPS (to you, your family and your daughter), It sounds like it was a wonderful time. I 2nd KL (Korazy Lady) in wishing you some much needed rest now (and hopefully some kdramas watching while you are resting :-)).
      I hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

    • 3.5 JoAnne

      Congratulations on the wedding – it sounds like it was lovely and the sentimentality of acknowledging her beginning in this world brings a tear to my eye.

      What doesn’t, right?

    • 3.6 Maya

      Congratulation on your daughter’s wedding, RPS!
      I’m currently watching Arang, Nice Guy, and Oohlala Spouses (I’m a bit behind by 1 or 2 episodes tho’).

    • 3.7 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! Someday it’ll be a granddaughter’s wedding
      I finished golden time a few weeks ago and I still miss it. I think you’ll love the ending. I’m watching goong finally. I’m also watching get karl oh soo jung and I psyched myself up to watch the great seer. It was always something I wanted to watch- based on the premise alone but then adding jisung to it’s cast pushed it to the foreground! I’m going to watch kim so roo first though. I thought I would watch horse healer too but movies and shows about horses always start me thinking of the plight of horses. Nice guy is sooo on my list but I’m not in the mood yet.

  4. Rubysing

    It’s sad that first mysoju, then kimchidramas/mykimchidrama got taken down. I hope the others will be alright – seems to be a blitz going on πŸ™

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      Yep. Here we go again. People who create streaming sites should just register them on servers outside the US. When KD was down it was a surprise, but MYKD knew was coming their way…

  5. OMG


    Here’s what happened to me this week…like an idiot, AFTER i bought the 11/8 BIGBANG tickets, i went on ebay n i saw this really good seats for the 11/9 ticket n i bought it like an idiot cuz i thought i could refund my tickets for the 11/8…….I cant so now m stuck with two tickets n wasted $225….AARRGGG!! so if anyone wants tickets for d 11/8 show…message me!!

    Anywhos in the world of TV, now that fall TV in the US is back in full swing, less time for KDRAMAS…. n i have an exam in less than 2 wks so i have had to cut down in kdramas for now…else i fail my exams…this means HORRIBLE withdrawal n sadness…as i wanted to catch up on Arang before d finale SO i can comment….i love the commenting…LOLs!
    I cant wait to watch NIce Guy…SJK is hot hot hot n a bod boy….*swoons*…even tho he’s a horrible person in d show….

    How was everyone else’s week or wkend to come???

    • 5.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      remember how bad guy was good in the beginning? Is nice guy the same? I think song joong ki did his army duty already right?

      • 5.1.1 JoAnne

        You hush, you bad person. *Fingers crossed against the evil mojo of Bad Guy.*

    • 5.2 momosan

      Put the ones you don’t want for sale on Stubhub. Just don’t overprice them, and someone will pick them up. Am jealous you are going. I wish I could, but I have a seminar I need to be at. My nieces want to kill me, since they really wanted to go.

  6. KDrama Fan

    Hello everybody.

    Thanks to the Dramabeans Team for bringing dramas to life with their recaps.

    And thanks to the person/people who recommended the movie ‘Hello Stranger’. I really enjoyed it.

    All the best for the week ahead. Fingers crossed for the Arang ending:)

    • 6.1 Korazy Lady

      It’s always nice to give a shout out to the hardworking Dramabeans team!

      • 6.1.1 kakashi

        I superimmenselyforever heart Dramabeans!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. shirin-noona

    Hello everyone
    How have y’all been?
    I’ve made this music video for “Queen In-hyun’s Man”. Please check it out if you like.I’ve worked a lot on it.

    • 7.1 JoAnne

      awwww…I was watching something on Viki yesterday and their automatic ‘next episode’ was Ep 1 of QIHM. I heard the music and saw that opening montage and my eyes just filled up immediately – that will always be one of my most-loved stories of all time in any language.

    • 7.2 JoAnne

      You did such a good job! My hair stood up and I got teary by the end – good choices in shots and song

      • 7.2.1 shirin-noona

        Thank you so so much for watching it:) I’m glad you liked it:)

    • 7.3 John


      Nice job! Liking.

      • 7.3.1 shirin-noona

        Aw!Thanks John:)

    • 7.4 Sunshine

      That was really neat. Loved the music. After spending so much time together filming, it is no wonder those two fell in love in real life after getting to have so many romantic, and sweet scenes together.

      • 7.4.1 shirin-noona

        Thank you so much for watching it sunshine:)

  8. DTK

    Happy Friday everyone, thank you to the Dramabeans Team for your recap. I had enjoy Arang alot, I am not looking forward Arang ending πŸ™
    have a wonderful weekend.

  9. ck1Oz

    Hello everyone. Just a quick ” Hi” before bed.
    I have just marathoned Answer Me 1997 the last 4 days in between work and viki.
    I salute you guys who watched it during the weekly episodes. No idea how you survived not knowing who was the dad. By ep 10 I gave up and had to watch ep 16. I could not stand the suspense.
    Damn fine drama- hit all the emotional buttons for me. Never laughed and teared so much in each episode before.There seriously can’t be another show to beat this drama easily. The writing, directing and acting were superb. I’ve already raved about it to my friends and am just so happy you guys liked it. Because if not for the hype I wouldn’t have watched it. And that would have been such a waste.
    Tae Woong- the hyung is daebak. I admired the way they wrote him. My favourite moment is in ep 7 when she was pulling at Yoon Jae’s hair after he broke her phone case. Can’t recall a heroine being so violently loving to her ” love ” before. Think I repeated it like 5 times just to laugh at it again.

    Have a good weekend everyone. I am such a happy drama viewer having time to catch up on all my dramas this month. This coming week- Nice Guy from ep 1 πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 JoAnne

      oooh, you’re gonna LOVE Nice Guy. It’s so very good πŸ™‚

      • 9.1.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

        as good as bad guy was? I mean remember that scene when mo ne’s niece pushes him off the ledge? I know song joong ki is no kim nam gil, but kim nam gil was no kim nam gil until he was shin gun wook. Well technically until he was bidam but you get my point.

        • JoAnne

          The fact that I understand you is worrisome.

          I don’t think these two dramas are the same in any respect, really, except that so far we have a bad guy whose heart is not really in being a bad guy.

      • 9.1.2 ck1Oz

        Thanks I have people doing subs comparisons for me so checking which is better to watch.Not to mention now that viki has subs for Reply 1997 am wondering if we can get more subs now.Feel bad for Mr X and not to mention some DF subs having DBSK subbed as TVXQ was driving me nuts.Plus I like accurate subs and will probably buy the DVD set if it comes out.All the different cable rips are a pain for me to remember which subs goes with what video.

  10. 10 John


    1 week left of Arang’s ghostly goodness.

    Also watching, Faith, May Queen, Innocent Guy, (a couple of eps behind on that)

    • 10.1 Korazy Lady

      Good morning, John. I have finally caught up on Faith, but really there are only two words that I’m obsessing over right now – Nice Guy. Enough said!

      Hope you have a good weekend.

    • 10.2 alua

      I’m behind on them all… well, reading recaps for Faith but avoiding them for Arang, because if I read the recaps I might end up not watching Arang and I want to watch it although I’m like 10 eps behind!

      How is May Queen? I suddenly got interested when I realised that the guy from 3-Iron (one of my fave movies ever) is in it!

      • 10.2.1 John


        May Queen is okay, (a few eps behind).

        Of course there’s a love triangle, a birth secret, a murder or two.. You know, your standard K melodrama stuff.

  11. 11 cherkell

    Hello and Happy OT Friday/Saturday DB DramaDahlings! Just a quick hit-and-run again, Noona CherKell Style (horsey dance optional).

    Four weeks from today (or 28 sleeps) will begin what I have coined “The Trip To End All Trips” in meeting up with some of the DBers in Newark for the Big Bang show on 9 November. I. CAN’T. WAIT. We is gonna have a great time blowing out the carbons, y’all!! πŸ˜€

    Wrapping up work is a time-suck right now, so the only drama I’ve had the chance to stay current with is “Five Fingers” for the most obvious reasons. I swear, that show will be the death of me yet with its mood swings and left turns to hell and back again. It’s melo with a Capital MMMMMMM… BUT THE ACTING!!! *swoon* JJH and JCW continue to take my breath away with their interactions; tormented half-brothers doesn’t even begin to describe their characters. But hey SBS PD-nim? You wanna make a ton of fangirls happy (and you guys rich in the process)? Release the next OST with both those boys singing a duet together. I’ll even make an offering to the Production Gods in gratitude, ’cause only seeing a tiny scene with My Precious singing at a noraebang is not satisfying my OST lust in any way. Just sayin’.

    I did DVR the first two KBS World episodes of “Nice Guy” and will continue on DVRing so I have something to marathon for the flights Back East and Back West. Other than that, everything else will have to wait until I’m gainfully unemployed and have some time on my hands again.

    Saying that, I’m off and will be back later today. Everyone have a wonderful day!! *waves*

    • 11.1 cmrprindle's phone

      I can’t wait for the big day! (Even though I’m not going to the concert with you guys.) This silk be an especially special birthday month πŸ™‚

      • 11.1.1 cherkell

        CMR!! Can’t wait to see you, sweetie!! Are you a November baby too? Me, you, JoAnne… am I missing anyone from our posse? Maybe I should bring some extra cash for bail money… πŸ˜›

        • Korazy Lady

          Oh boy, here we go again! Do I have to start saving, too? πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet everyone!

        • cmrprindle's phone

          Usually I’m the one with the bail money, but I’ll happily give the job to someone else πŸ˜‰ And yes I am also a Nov baby. I didn’t realize there were so many of us.

          • cherkell

            LOL that’s how you can tell it was REALLY cold spring weather in those years… πŸ˜›

    • 11.2 cv

      Happy Friday Cherkell! ^^
      It’s only a month away! I’m sooooo excited to see BigBang and DBeaners who’s all going also. hehe πŸ˜‰

      • 11.2.1 Enz

        How exciting it is that all the dbeaners are meeting up as well. Dramabeans really created something special with this website bringing together lovers of all things k!

      • 11.2.2 OMG

        m sad that i wont be able to join in the pre-BIGBANG festivities….UGH med school exams!!!:(

      • 11.2.3 cherkell

        CV! Can’t wait to see you too!! I will bet the farm that we are gonna have an awesome time!! Warming up the ol’ vocal cords for Noona Karaoke Night — I have a few choice tunes already chosen for the queue, but I’ll entertain any and all requests… πŸ™‚

        • Korazy Lady

          Do they have to be Korean songs? Cuz I’m not sure I can get some under my belt in just a few weeks!

          • cherkell

            Oh not, not at all. There’s only two or three in my Korean repertoire that I know backwards and forwards. I’m thinking 70’s Motown, 80’s Hair Rock, stuff like those that we’d all know from memory… if we even have any voices left after screaming our lungs out at the Show. πŸ˜‰


  12. 12 kewbie

    Happy OT Friday all! On my wsy to do done Costco shopping. Hope all is well with you!

  13. 13 kewbie

    Oops I meant WAY. Dang smartphones. BBL!

    • 13.1 LizJ

      I β™₯ Costo. One of the cheapest places to buy meats and seafood. Got Langostinos there a few weeks ago.

      • 13.1.1 kewbie

        Me too. You can definitely find good stuff there. Somehow I managed to tear myself away from Costco sooner than I normally do. Otherwise I would have spent a heck of a lot more money there!

        How are you doing LizJ?

        • mrembo

          Hi Kewbie, glad others have the same Costco experience as me, if only to make me not look so loony:)

          Yep, Costco, you go in intending to buy only one or two things, you swear, but a couple of hundred dollars or so later…I can never keep to my budget in that place! And the sad part is that I am shopping for one. Sigh.

  14. 14 oftheshore

    Hello and happy OT everyone!
    As I mentioned in the previous OT, Ukraine (my country) is apparently getting its own version of Protect The Boss, and I’m actually kind of excited for that, if only because it might get the viewers back at home interested in K-dramas.:)
    Just before I went home, however, I had my laptop stolen, which spoiled most of the fun, aling with my flu. I have now spent hours looking for a used MacBook Pro in my area.:(
    On a happier note, I attended my friends’ wedding, which was fun, although the bride was not amused by the family members’ requests to (quote) ‘start making babies as soon as possible’ or ‘have at least two children within the next 12 months’. Pfffft.
    Also, someone mentioned Neon Bunny here last week, and I just wanted to say how much I adore her songs.:)

    • 14.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      nice relatives! watching goong this week I felt a little envious watching those two idiots get closer. I didn’t think maybe I should get married, only it seemed a bit nicer than the life I have now. I hope you keep us updated on save the boss! I really hope it’s great.

    • 14.2 kopytko

      Hi, Oftheshore!
      I had to go to two weddings not long ago, and I guess they are all quite similar in our part of Europe :). There is a custom that the guests put money for a pram into a basket and they can dance for a while with the bride/groom. It depens a lot from the music band – the whole thing can be funny or embarassing and slightly vulgar – I saw both versions πŸ˜‰
      I am quite intrigued by your Ukrainian version of PtB – can you give any more details or some link to more information?

      • 14.2.1 oftheshore

        Hi kopytko!
        Actually, although I know the bride since we were in primary school, we reunited in Warsaw, and we were neighbours with her, her boyfriend (the groom) and my best friend, who was the maid of honour. As such there were several guests from Poland at the wedding.:)
        I agree that the wedding traditions in our countries are probably similar. In Poland, do they also steal the bride’s shoe?
        Regarding Save the Boss/Protect the Boss, all I could find was this page with the photos of the cast:
        Will let you know if there are any updates, but my guess is that it will start in November/December.

        • kopytko

          Thanks, ots!
          It will be a great opportunity to revive my Russian, which I haven’t spoken or even heard for ages but miss it a lot :). One of the comments says it starts on 29th October, which is nice too. I am really curious how it will be rendered. Now that I think of it, the original was relatively free of difficult culture-bound elements (like all the hierarchy and social relations, well-mannered-doormat-daughter-in-law stuff, etc), so the script shouldn’t need many alterations.
          I was thinking when the Asian series will come to Europe, and here they are! Once again, thank you for the tip – even if the drama turns out less than great, it will be super interesting to think of similarities and differences and why they were there.

    • 14.3 alua

      Sorry about your laptop. πŸ™

      • 14.3.1 oftheshore

        Thank you so much for your support!
        This was just me being an idiot – after all, the city where I live is notrious for its safety.
        Are you going to attend any of the London Film Festival screenings this year? I think you mentioned two Japanese films in the previous OT. I’m seeing Romance Joe and Celeste and Jesse forever, because the other films we wanted to see with a friend were sold out. πŸ™

        • alua

          Losing a laptop is painful. I haven’t had one stolen, but some 10 years ago I stepped on mine and broke the screen, which was a painful experience (not physically, but financially).

          Don’t worry, I need more sleep too!

          So much sold out for the festival already — I did buy tickets for 9 films early (I’m a BFI member), but saved some to make up my mind about later. Still wanted to see Kauwboy (NL), Le Tableau (FR), Key of Life (J) but they are all sold out!

          Seeing Romance Joe next Friday!

          If you are in London, do you go to the Korean Cultural Centre screenings? Are you planning on going to see any of the Im Kwon-Taek screenings or the Korean Film Festival films (of course, for the later we only know two films on the programme so far)?

          • alua

            One of my fellow London K-blogger just put a poster for the London Korean Film Festival on Twitter, so we’ve got more films figured out:

            The Thieves
            As One
            White Night

            I’m guessing we’ll get the full line-up next week some time!

      • 14.3.2 oftheshore

        Aaaargh, please ignore the last part of my post – you answered these questions above, which really shows that I need more sleep.

  15. 15 cmrprindle's phone

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    Kinda a hit and run post as I’m between thinga and can’t move forward until someone gives me the info I need. Argh. It’s trying to turn into that kind of day, but I refuse, darnit!

    I’m only watching “old” dramas still: History of the Salary Man (what is your angle, Mo Gabi??) and Padam Padang (why are you so hard to download, ep 10??).

    How’s everyone else doing this fine, chilly morning?

    • 15.1 kopytko

      It’s a fine chilly evening here πŸ™‚
      Gosh, the last weeks were all so hectic for me that I reduced my drama offerings to Nice Guy.
      Thank you for mentioning two dramas that I enjoyed a lot – Jung Ryeo Won was sucha revelation – no chance for me to rewatch them, though. Ok, I’ll just have a glimpse at some Kim Bum scenes – I’ve worked hard this week, I deserve it πŸ™‚

  16. 16 LizJ

    Hi, everyone. Based on the recommendations last week, I sampled three slightly older dramas and found them all very likable – The Marriage Plot (AKA The Wedding Scheme on Viki), Dr. Champ, and Romance Town. I like that the first two have male leads who are the ones that push the OTP relationship forward, and are enthusiastically pursuing more reluctant female leads – it seems like a lot of KDramas portray the opposite.

    With Arang ending next week, and Faith ending soon as well, I have given some thought as to why Arang doesn’t grab me in the same way that Faith does. I think it boils down to the differences of personality in the lead characters (as well as the chemistry of the actors who portray them). I can believe that the OTP in Faith have passion and love between them. In Arang, I see simply compassion instead of passion.

    The other issue to me with Arang is that I think the story has had way too much filler, that this is a story that could have been told in 8 to 12 episodes. How much time did we waste on Evil Woman’s mugging for the camera?

    And before we get too far away from the airing of Panda and Hedgehog, I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed the show as a counter-balance to some of the more intense dramas currently airing. The OTP were two of the sweetest leads I’ve seen in a KDrama. I was sorry to see the emphasis on their romance greatly decrease in the second half as the bromance and family issues took center stage, but I recognize that it was one way the writers and PD could keep the love story on a sweet, PG level. It was hard to find recaps on this show, so it’s gone under the radar for a lot of KDrama fans, but it’s really worth checking out.

    I’ve gone on record as being wary of Nice Guy, but honestly, as of reading the recaps for episode 10, I may be back in. I may go recap only for another episode or two, but as long as the show doesn’t whiplash back in a more cynical direction, I could be happy with the plot.

    So, here’s my question for this week: what are some of your favorite romances in KDramas? In the romance (book) genre, stories usually have a happy ending, so I’d like to make that a qualification for the KDramas you pick (as opposed to a “romantic tragedy”).

    • 16.1 BB

      That’s the word I was looking for – whiplash. NG gives me whiplash and leaves me bewildered and emotionally cold.

      • 16.1.1 Korazy Lady


        In seeing the preview for episode 11, I’m just hoping there is redemption coming. (“it wasn’t love in the beginning, if it’s love now, what will you do?”) So far NG has brought me to the edge of not watching because I’m so depressed, then it manages to reel me back in the next week.

        And SJK is…(sounds of noona-swooning)

    • 16.2 John

      Panda & Hedgehog are adorable.

    • 16.3 Rashell

      Well, my favorite k-drama romances are all in my favorite k-dramas…that’s mainly why I watch.

      So I love the most

      Eun Chan/Han Gyul from Coffee Prince
      Hang Ah/Jae Ha from King2Hearts
      Hee Jin/Bong Do from Queen In-hyun’s Man
      Se Ryong/Sung Yoo from The Princess’s Man
      Na Na/Yoon Sung from City Hunter

      I also really really liked Yoon Jae/Shi Won in Answer Me 1997, Kae In/Jin Ho in Personal Taste, Jae Eun/Tae Hee in Ojakygo Brothers, Mi Ho/Dae Woong in MGIAG

      Man, that’s a long list. But all of those drama couples were pretty great and the dramas themselves weren’t too bad either.

      • 16.3.1 JoAnne

        The love story in K2H is pretty great as well, but there are definitely some sad losses along the way.

        • JoAnne

          oops sorry you had them already!

        • Rashell

          Yeah, I would have added the 2nd couple in King2Hearts as well, but the post was specific about HEA!

          ~sob~ I’m still not over Shi Kyung. ~sob~

          But that is something I really loved about that drama. It had elements of funny, sad, romantic, horror, mystery. It just had it all for me. And the fandom while we all watched was amazing. Probably my best k-drama watching experience. I still miss it.

          • Ivoire

            I concur Rashell, the fandom during TK2Hs was awesome. Made it worth it to watch it while it was airing. Best fandom ever!!!!! I also really liked that couple, especially LOVED LSG in it :-)… and Shi Kyung, of course (and the 1st king). Oh, the different bromances (all the guys) in that drama was great.

          • LizJ

            I liked the second couple too. I’m just going to pretend that Shi Kyung’s death was faked and he’s now working undercover to take down Club M , and one day he will be reunited with Jae-shin πŸ™‚

          • Sunshine

            Sweet earnest-bot. I bawled like crazy when Shi Kyung…*lowers head*

    • 16.4 Enz

      Favorite romances for me are in my favorite dramas too.

      Coffee prince, FBRS (flower boy ramyun shop) and greatest love .

      In these three, I love the male and female leads equally.. I think that’s the main factor.

      However, am a newbie and a very slow drama watcher so there are still so many I haven’t gotten around to watching. The list will change accordingly I suppose

      • 16.4.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

        how could I forget the greatest love! It’s been on my mind so often these past weeks. This morning actually I was thinking of the seung ki dokko jin cf war. Big never happened the last hong sisters drama is the greatest love.

      • 16.4.2 redfox

        oh bromances,
        well, nothing can beat
        Crazy Horse aJae Shin and Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan scandal.
        after that – omg ahjussi and Yoon Sung, so heartwarming and also Yoon Shik and Yoon Sung (!!!!)
        Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo in SUFBB
        and not straight up bromance per se but I have loved some manager-characters like in Greatest Love or You Are Beautyful they were adorable guys and so cute towards their stars

        • redfox

          ahh you only asked romances I thought bromances. sorry
          romances – I liked Who are youΒ΄s Miracle and Soccerball, not the turtles, the main pair.
          and Dokko Jin and Ae Jung
          and Dal Ja and Tae Bong

          • JoAnne

            Dal Ja and Tae Bong! yes! MAN those were some good kisses πŸ™‚ and when he picks her up and carries her into the bedroom and the Superman theme song plays? I about had a coronary I laughed so hard. Go Min Ki! Go Min Ki!

          • redfox

            yeah it was Oh. My. God!

      • 16.4.3 Enz

        Oh I lied.. In coffee prince I love Han kyul more than eun chan but I liked eun chan enough exc her not revealing her gender earlier to him

    • 16.5 oftheshore

      Definitely both pairings in Coffee Prince and also all the pairs from Dal Ja’s Spring. I’d like to say Kim Sam Soon and Sam Shik, but sometimes I think she’s too good for him. πŸ˜€

      • 16.5.1 Rashell

        I loved the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, but she definitely was too good for him. I spent most of the drama wanting to kick his butt. But yet I totally understood why she loved him too. Oh, the power of Hyun Bin.

    • 16.6 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      Okay I’ve read a few romance novels in my day, using them as reference:
      My name is Kim Samsoon
      Protect the Boss
      City Hall
      Queen Inhyun’s Man
      Secret Garden

      • 16.6.1 saltandpepper

        my favorite couple will always be: Jae Hee and Han Chae Young in “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang” πŸ™‚

    • 16.7 Mar

      My favorite K drama romances-not sure how I’m supposed to answer this as with the show or the couples so I did both lol.

      My favorite romantic couples-

      I think these two set the bar:

      Eun Chan and Han Gyul -Coffee Prince

      Hee Jin and Bong Do – Queen In-hyun’s Man


      Jo Gook and Shin Mi Rae -City Hall

      So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul-Boys over Flowers

      Park Tae-in and Na Bo-ri-Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy

      Lee Shin Young and Ha Min Jae-The Woman That Still Wants to Mary

      My Favorite k drama happy ending romance shows:

      Boys Over Flowers
      Queen Inhyun’s Man
      The Woman that Still Wants To Marry
      My Name is Kim Sam Soon
      Coffee Prince
      Answer Me 1997
      Flower Boy Raymun Shop
      City Hall
      Worlds Within
      Protect The Boss
      Secret Garden
      Personal Taste
      City Hunter
      Me Too Flower
      Sungkyunkwan Scandal

    • 16.8 erinthelibrarian

      I love romances but hate angst, so keep that in mind for my favs πŸ™‚

      Two of my top three are oldies:
      Bottom of the Ninth, Two Outs
      Snow White (starring our favorite vampire before eyeliner)
      Biscuit Teacher, Star Candy

      I also enjoyed:
      You’re so Beautiful
      To the Beautiful You – ignore the plot and focus on the chemistry!
      My Girl (mostly) – The last two episodes drove me bonkers but it ends well
      Goong (mostly) – the OTP yes, a lot of the rest, boring

      I’m a fairly new watcher so my list is nowhere near comprehensive πŸ™‚

      • 16.8.1 bbstl

        yes! 9 End, 2 Outs and Sam Soon! another great romance drama that is rarely mentioned is Last Scandal. Also a real oldie, 1% of Something.

  17. 17 Affistar

    First timer poster but avid reader for the last two years. What’s getting me to finally post is wanted to know if any DB’ers are going to the Big Bang 11/3 concert in Anaheim? I would l would love to meet up!
    P.S. Am currently watching Faith and Arang. Marathoned I Need Love 2012 last wkend and re-watching parts of Queen In-Hyun’s Man and Gentleman’s Dignity mostly so I can re-live the background locations I went to in my Seoul trip this Aug.

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      Welcome Affistar! How awesome that you are going to Seoul! I’m sure you’ll recognize so many locations.

      BTW, I loved INR 2012, and loved the F44!

      • 17.1.1 affistar

        Thanks! Yes, I already went… for 1 wk… it really felt like I was “IN” a drama. Especially when I was hanging out in Gangnam – felt like I was in “Gentleman’s Dignity” I was with my girlfriends and got picked up by this model/actor guy and his agent. He told me he had a bit part in Athena and as soon as I ogt back hom, I looked him up. Sure enough!

        • λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

          wha shin nanda! I’m somewhat envious! What’s wrong with the world today all I have in envy.

        • JoAnne

          ooooooh πŸ™‚ fun!

  18. 18 BB

    Hey everyone!

    The only K-drama that I was watching was Nice Guy but am abandoning that train halfway through. I just don’t. get. the. show. I feel manipulated as a viewer. After the stunt EG pulled in the tunnel by endangering another life/lives my empathy for her just vanished. JH’s become yet another typical K-drama vamp. I felt a tinge of sadness for Maru. So yeah.. :S

    • 18.1 LizJ

      If Nice Guy makes you feel manipulated, be sure and stay away from Fashion King πŸ™‚

    • 18.2 Momi

      LOL same, I’ve had it up to here with Nice Guy. At first some of the nonsensical plot point I could ignore as long as it moved the story along…but when it happens every episode??? NOPE.

      The only thing that keeps me watching is Song Joongki’s face at this point.

    • 18.3 katiamon

      I think the same, the drama is way to heavy and melodramatic for me but i’m sticking with reading the recaps of HN2…

      • 18.3.1 cv

        LOL that is why I stopped watching NG—too melodramatic for me. 0_o

    • 18.4 Llamaesque

      I’m not ready to disembark from train Nice Guy yet, but I mostly agreeβ€”the show is so interested in being ambiguous that it’s dropping the ball on every other angle it should be pursuing, including character development and eventual redemption. I also think that they’re unwilling to really dirty up the character of Ma Ru, as if they’re afraid they won’t be able to rehabilitate him if they do.

      Ugh. And his best friend? He’s so the Osaka of fall 2012. (Only even more obnoxious, because he clashes all the more with Nice Guy’s serious tone. The original Osaka fit right in with the comedy train-wreck that was Secret Garden.)

      • 18.4.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

        so nice guy is closer to a man’s story in tone than bad guy?

  19. 19 Momi

    Hey guys! My first open thread hehe.

    Has everyone heard Ga-in’s new mini album??? FLAWLESS!! It’s an album showcasing the journey of sexual attraction/love. I think it’s such an endearing concept for an album and Gain is absolutely flawless with her vocals. and bloom’s MV — woooo! imo it’s a very empowering feminist video. A woman taking control of her sexuality and demonstrating that it can be beautiful and happy??? squeee! It might be my favorite MV of the year so far.

    tl;dr I love Ga-in T_T.

  20. 20 saltandpepper

    Hi everyone πŸ™‚

    This is the first time i’m taking part in open thread….

    • 20.1 cv

      Hi and welcome! enjoy your stay! ^^ Everyone here is very nice. πŸ™‚

      • 20.1.1 saltandpepper

        hi cv… πŸ™‚

  21. 21 saltandpepper

    well i’ve seen that in almost every K drama,there is a kissing scene..

    but here in India we don’t have kissing scenes on television shows…only in movies and that too not in every one of them…

    On television…it is strictly a no-no..

    • 21.1 Saima

      Hiya! Welcome to OT!

      I’ve watched only one Indian soap: Kayamath for Shabir Ahluwalia. That was enough, lol. I liked how the OTP’s love story was developed before (like all Indian shows) it went around in circles. Since most of these shows are centered around family hence they limit the PDA and stuff viz cool with me.

      As for bollywood movies I miss the stuff that I grew up on i.e. Andaz Apna Apna, Hum Aapke Hain kaun, Dilwaale Dulhania, etc. The stuff that’s churned out nowadays is pretty cringeworthy. That said, this year I enjoyed Kahaani, English Vinglish (Mehdi Nebbou’s HAWTT, yo!). And, looking forward to Talaash and Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

      • 21.1.1 saltandpepper

        ya… shows here are just awful…

        Even Tv shows in the 90s were really good..

        This year…kahani was really good..even Barfi is a good one!!

        • Saima

          We had gone over to a family friend’s place for dinner and she asks me what Indian shows I was currently enjoying. I went, “oh boy! how do I handle this” in my mind. My bro chirps in that I watch K/J-dramas. They were all o_O Oh wells…am glad I was outed! Hahaa

          • kate

            Totally. The most recent bollywood I watched was Bodyguard. I miss 90’s bollywood. I also liked the early 2000’s like kal ho na ho and Salam namaste. I used to watch tv shows when I lived in India, Kasauti Zindagi, Khunki Saas Bahu, Kahani Gar Gar, and Kasamse and many more. I m not watching any Indian shows currently, what is good?? I’m on the edge to lose my fleuncy in Hindi and really don’t want that to happen!

            Thanks in advance.

          • Saima

            Unfortunately I don’t watch Indian shows save for the one that I mentioned. There are a bunch of decent movies this year that you can give a try. I mentioned a few in my earlier comment.

            I too found that my fluency in Urdu/Hindi was decreasing…so I tend to converse w/ my family strictly in my first/second languages. Professionally I use these languages as well as I offer therapy/services in them if parents/caregivers aren’t fluent/comfortable in English.

    • 21.2 Enz

      Hi salt and pepper .. Welcome from a fellow newbie. I was too daunted to comment on OT for a while but now I really look forward to it πŸ™‚

      • 21.2.1 saltandpepper

        hi Enz..:)

        same here….earlier i used to only read comments…but now i’m enjoying doing it myself…

        i’m watching nice guy(so good!!) and the king 2 hearts(i know i’m very late…but it is really awesome)

        • Enz

          Never too late! Am not a fan of K2H though.. So many more dramas to check out. Which is good. I only completed very few current dramas, this year being my first.. I completed Big ( for gong yoo), answer me 1997 and rich man, poor woman. Its easier to just do the older completed ones for me. Plus one gets all the feedback bout them already so one has an idea what one is getting into

  22. 22 katiamon

    hi everyone! it’s friday, yeah!!!!
    i can’t wit to get out of the office to watch Arang and Oohlala Spouses… BTW, this drama is not in the recap list of DB, which is sad but i guess they are tired (it’s been a rough season).
    About Oohlala, the second episode cracked me up. Shin Hyun Joon nailed it with his pink slippers and lady talk XD

  23. 23 kelinci biru

    I’m going to watch Big Bang tomorrow (Jakarta’s show 13 oct), woo hoo! Who’s with me?

    I banned my self to look at twitter tonight, as it make me jealous with people who watched it tonight…

    I didn’t function very well this week as there been some troubles with my ticket, thankfully it sorted out! Yay! Just in time for tomorrow. I feel like jumping around. So excited!!

    • 23.1 cv

      Have a good time! πŸ˜‰ Take lots of pictures! ^^

  24. 24 felicity

    I am a newbie in Kdrama and my first time here. So far I am loving Five Fingers.

    • 24.1 saltandpepper

      welcome to k drama land πŸ™‚

    • 24.2 Enz

      Welcome felicity. Am very new too:).

  25. 25 JoAnne

    Greetings, My Wondrous Beans!

    I am mended from last week, mostly, although I think I am brain-dead after certain twisty work problems ran me through the mill. Good thing I like untangling knots! It’s FUN…but I get tired by the end of the day. Sigh. I am old.

    New music – I did have something to share. What was it? Argh.

    Faith – I know someone who thinks this week gave us two WTF episodes but I LOVED them. I was giggling and dabbing away a few tears here and there. Good stuff. Good stuff.

    Arang – ”Even if I have to go, I loved you.” And then he dislocates her shoulder to give her that kiss. Lee Jun Ki-ssi, Shin Min Ah-ssi, Dol Swe-ssi, that one decent Bang guy – I love your faces. In fact, Lee Jun Ki-ssi…every time I see you my inner-noona starts screaming THAT’S A MAN, THAT’S A MAN, THAT’S A GOOD MAN AND ooooh he’s PUUUUUUURTY but even pretty like that he is ALL MAN. Evil Fairy Mom, I do NOT love your face. But my heart breaks for your story. It’s so sad you ended up this way when your beginning was so innocent.

    Nice Guy – hyperventilating at this point. This is one amnesia plot I reallllllly like. Song Joong Ki – you HOT THING you. Where did that come from? I know you’re 27 or 28 so I keep telling myself it’s ok, really…but you look 17 year old and act WAY TOO HOT FOR 17 so my feels, they are all confused.

    US shows – 666 Park Place – fun. Nashville – I like Connie Britton. I think I can wait to watch a bunch of episodes at once, though. New Girl – Schmidt is the best character on tv. Haven’t seen Glee this week. WALKING DEAD STARTS AGAIN SUNDAY NIGHT EEEEEEE!

    Big Bang. BIG BANG. It’s weird but for the past few months, you know, while I’m staring at pretty TOP and going ooh, I like that..I’ve been side-eyeing GD and yeah…lately? I don’t even look at TOP. GD is that skinny little intense guy that you dismissed in school until he surprises you with BAM! Sex appeal! ’cause that little boy brings it. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS CONCERT.

    • 25.1 Korazy Lady

      OK, I think I have to start spending time on Youtube watching Big Bang in case I land a ticket for Friday. Or at least so I can relate to what everyone is talking about beforehand!

    • 25.2 Korazy Lady

      OH, and SJK? When he showed up with the new hairdo, I literally had to pause the video and take a few breaths to keep from melting off my chair!

      • 25.2.1 JoAnne

        Seriously. Where did that COME from? When he walks away down the hill and I’m looking at his skinny bow legs and his upturned collar and his cool little boots and I’m like NOONA WANNNNNNNNNNNNNTS

        • jomo

          Everytime they show that long dark silouette, I think Ichabod Crane was NEVER this sexy.

          [Beeeeep] me, he’s hot.
          It’s like he carries around this Sexiblility Cloak.

          • JoAnne

            HAHAHAHAHAHAH Sexibility Cloak


          • myweithisway

            DB seriously needs a LOVE button for comments like this!

        • Korazy Lady

          lol! When he’s in that black outfit…..(sorry, I cannot continue to put thoughts together at the moment)

          • jomo

            I know, right?
            But why?
            Why is this so skip-the-brain-let’s-go-for-the-gonads hot?

            I have no precedence for this.

            Maybe it’s like the early Beatles slim and sexy look?
            Regency drama Mr. Darcy long coats and riding boots?

          • JoAnne

            Definitely Darcy long coat and boots

    • 25.3 kewbie

      Oooh…I watch 666 Park Avenue, too! The dude from Lost is as creepy in it as he was in Lost. I like the show but I don’t know how long they can sustain the story of an evil NYC hi-rise. hehe πŸ˜‰

      • 25.3.1 JoAnne

        Especially since with those elevators you’re gonna have a hard time filling anything above the 3d or 4th floor, LOL.

        I was going to do a bit about an evil monkey bell-hop but I got lost in a daydream about the floors of the hi-rise corresponding to the levels of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. I wanna watch that show.

    • 25.4 oftheshore

      Aw yes, New Girl! I love Schmidt too, he’s such a larger-than-life character, who somehow still manages to remind me of an ex-flatmate. As someone who lived with two (alright, not three) guys, I really enjoy this show. Nick is pretty much my other ex-flatmate, except for the fact that he had a corporate job.

    • 25.5 kopytko

      Song Joong Ki is confusing indeed! I can’t get behind his babyface – on the one hand he acts well, but I can’t help feeling that he is 17 and pretends to be an adult. Nevertheless, I love this drama.

    • 25.6 alua

      Hi Joanne!

      Just wanted to say that — have to run (well, cycle) to work now.

      Soooo tired though (got home late after a film festival movie and slept only four fours).

      Hope you are doing well!

      Now that you write “I am a old” a quote from the book I’m studying comes to mind: “We are as old as our mind and soul feel”. I know they feel young, right? πŸ™‚

      • 25.6.1 JoAnne

        Alua hi! Have been enjoying your excited comments about the film festival – I will read reviews! Mostly I feel young inside but my joints are old – they are under a lot of pressure though because I am quite fat! Its just weird lately because I am turning 50 and I cant quite figure out how that happened so fast

        • alua

          I don’t want to think about the reviews just yet because I’ve got so many to do it’s scary! Also still some from Raindance (London’s biggest indie film festival, which was just before the London Film Festival)… but I’ve seen so many good films lately, gotta let the world know about their awesomeness, especially of the ones that are barely on anyone’s radar for lack of exposure.

          It’s good your at least feeling young inside. πŸ™‚ For your joints & health, can’t you do something about that? Exercise? Eat healthier?

          • JoAnne

            of course I can!

    • 25.7 jomo

      Reminder #7: SJK
      Time Between Dog and Wolf
      Let me know when you get to it. I’ll do a ride along.

      Tell me when you get here:

      • 25.7.1 jomo

        Should be LJK, not SJK!

      • 25.7.2 JoAnne

        oh I queued it up and but havent watched! When Arang and Faith end I will

  26. 26 cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^_^

    It’s going to be a busy weekend for me. Lot’s friends and family in town. Going out and about. I’m behind on Arang, but will try to catch up sometime this weekend.

    Can’t wait for The Great Seer to be subbed. Look epic-like. haha!

    Saw first ep of Horse healer. Not a bad start. Will catch up later though.

    Faith is getting so interesting. Aww…. I hope they run away together. ^^

    Have a wonderful weekend all! πŸ™‚

    • 26.1 John


      I hope the Great Seer is , well, great.

      • 26.1.1 JoAnne

        I have high hopes for this one, too. Waiting for subs, though.

        • John


          We watched the first two eps last night, (Drama Fever).

          This might be my new crack. Shamans, palace plots, babies that grow up to be cowboys …

          Just kidding about the cowboys.

          • JoAnne

            John – dude in the bear skull puts me in mind of Jack Sparrow so far – and 2 eps in I am SOlD for this

          • John

            JoAnne ~

            I see a tribal/ Native American look. Can’t wait to see what happens with the babies.

      • 26.1.2 cv

        Hi John!

        Hi Joanne!

        happy Friday! ^^

        YEssssh! I hope so too. IT looks good—saw the first 3 minutes of ep 1 and stopped because I needed eng sub. LOL I really like how they made it look ooold. Something different=awsome. I’m keeping my fingers cross that this becomes an epic drama. *let’s hope*

        • John


          It’s. Almost 2am here

          However, the wife and I watched the first two eps. of Great Seer.

          Like it so far.

  27. 27 mary

    Wow, looks like everyone is busy this week. πŸ™‚

    Most of the OT posts start with: “I’m just dropping by to…”

    I get a Christmas-y feeling where everyone is rushing off to buy/do something nice (watch a new drama/go to the Big Bang concert).

  28. 28 Deeno

    I’m finally caught up with all my recaps and it feels like I’m in some crazy alternate world where I don’t have any pressure or obligations to recap. Till tomorrow that is.

    Five Fingers is finally becoming palatable. Is it odd that I’d like to ask for one more murder in the next three or four episodes.

    Nice Guy is ripping my heart out and making me look like a puffy-eyed panda right before work, but I love it. I’ve never shipped a couple as much as I ship Eun Gi and Maru. If either one of them dies I don’t think even a marathon of Panda and Hedgehog can pull me out of my depression.

    Other shows are kinda meh for me right now. I’m glad that DramaFever is subbing Fierce Wife because I’m quite enjoying it, but not enough to wade through the Viki version. *shudder*

    In real life, my sister is going to be in town next week for my little brother’s birthday. I’m pretty excited to spend time with both of them.

    • 28.1 cv

      Hi Deeno! Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

      I liked Fierce wife–watched it on viki. LOL It was not bad at all. I want to see the movie though, the conclusion of the drama. :p I don’t think it’s out yet? (might be but not subbed?) Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come out soon enough. hehe

      • 28.1.1 Deeno

        Howdy! I’ve liked Fierce Wife so far. It’s kinda nice to take slow as I watch it. I think Viki is fine if you’re in a rush, but I’d rather wait for higher quality videos and to avoid the pain of watching it in segments.

        The movie is out in theaters but not on DVD which is probably when we’ll get subs.

    • 28.2 jomo

      I viki-ball dragged through half of Fierce Wife, fast viewing scenes with the mopey weepy couple.
      I don’t care what Wei En/Rui Fan said. I don’t care what Wei En/Rui Fan did.
      Turns out I was still able to follow the plot.

      Made me a Janel Tsai fan, but put me off of James Wen.
      Loved Chris Wang’s turn as Henry Higgens to Sonia Sui’s Eliza Dolittle.

      There were some really really good moments in that. I felt it resolved logically, too. Except for the money it would generate, I don’t understand the need for a sequel.

      • 28.2.1 Deeno

        I never really appreciated James Wen, but it’s nice to see him in a different role.

        Chris Wang is rather adorable. I’m totally going to be in love with him by the end of the series.

  29. 29 Enz

    Hullo fellow beanuts :). It’s already Saturday here and at the risk of revealing my pathetic life I am going to share, yet again, pics taken from my meet Jung il woo event. I can’t help it.. New pics from event organizers surfaced.

    This first one I call :

    WHEN CHA CHI SOO GOT HANDSY WITH EN Z or in everyone else’s reality when Jung il woo rests hands on fan’s back when taking group pics

    (am on far right and look totally too happy)

    Second one is ON MY KNEES WITH CHA CHI SOO or when Jung il woo signs autograph for fan ( that would be me. On my knees.)

    Ok . So the high has lasted me three weeks. Well worth the 300 ringgit I spent to achieve this :).

    Since I was on the Jung il woo drug, I decided to marathon 49days which I enjoyed and which kept me interested throughout. I do have the same reservation as java WANs regarding the ending. It’s not one of my favorites but I liked it enough.

    After all the angst of 49 days, I wanted something light and fun and am currently watching city hunter. Am enjoying it so far although I wish the girl would be less cutesy and more badass. And i wish he wasn’t instantly so enamored with her cos it doesn’t seem very convincing to me. Still, the romance bits ARE cute. And the rest of the story interesting.

    So that’s all from me. I promise no more Jung il woo pics!!

    • 29.1 Carole McDonnell

      oh my!!! Had to go look at those Jung Il Woo photos. Much noona love in these parts! HE is so so so cute!

      • 29.1.1 Enz

        Yes he IS. He totally is adorable and handsome in real life. Sighhhh

    • 29.2 jomo

      So cute! So happy you could meet him.
      Totally hella jeaolus, too!

    • 29.3 Rashell

      Oh you lucky lucky girl!!! Jung Il Woo is definitely worth it.

      Oh and City Hunter!! One of my favorite dramas EVER! If it helps, try to remember that Yoon Sung had a picture of Nana by his bed for years that ajussi gave him. And he promised to protect her for ajussi. That helps it make sense that he’s so all about her from the beginning.

      • 29.3.1 Sabah

        Oh no, please bring on the Jung Il Woo pictures! Thank you for sharing the pictures. You look so happy and understandably so.

        Ah, City Hunter is one of those things that like Holly from Red Dwarf I wish I could erase from my memory just so I could watch it for the ‘first time’ again.

        • Sabah

          Yeah, I posted in the wrong place. Hehe, it’s meant to be for

      • 29.3.2 Enz

        Yes rashell.. I try to remember that for a long time, she was his idealized version of a Korean girl. It is a fun drama. .. I hope it stays that way till the end.

    • 29.4 mollyP

      I am still jealous. *poutyface*. I am pouting and my mum asks me why and I tell her about you and Jung Il Woo and my green-eyed monster, and she just looked at me and rolled her eyes. Sigh people dont understand thats why I love Dramabeans.

      Also Im still jealous. So Jealous. Happy for you. But jealous.

    • 29.5 joybells

      Wow….ur so lucky…its JUNG IL WOO!!!!! gee,im so jealous i cant even type πŸ™‚
      thanx for sharing your pics though πŸ˜€

    • 29.6 Korazy Lady

      Love the pictures! And you look adorable, too! We are all basking in your glow so keep the pictures coming πŸ˜‰

      • 29.6.1 Enz

        Thanks KL :). I l couldn’t keep the grin off my face. If you look carefully, you can see that I am ssstttttrrrettchhing to put my hands on his waist.. AND really he had his hand on my back too. Sigh… Why couldn’t It have been just the two of us?

        WAKE UP enz!!

        • Korazy Lady

          We really need a like button on these posts!

  30. 30 Saima

    Have so much love for J-actor/actresses. <3 The list keeps growin' because they impress me with just a drama and I absolutely fangirl over them. Case in point being: Kame, Oguri oppa, Narimiya, Eita, and now Erika.

    Third time's the charm where Erika Toda's concerned. She's been in my most favourite doramas like Nobuta, Tatta Hitotsu…but dude she's SO frackin' awesome in Keizoku 2: SPEC. Totally have a girl crush on her, lol. I assure you it's not due to her frizzy hair or fashion forward stylin' (puwahahaaa!) but her character's like HOMGGG!! I've watched her intro scene a bunch of times…SO GOOD!! J-doramas do eccentric like no other=LUB 'EM!! whooooosh!!

    Have a lovely weekend OT'ers!

    • 30.1 John


      I loved Erika in SPEC.

      I want to eat gyoza with her. Oh, and comb her hair for her too.

      • 30.1.1 Saima

        I’ve lost count of the number of times I’d pause an episode to grab a bite jussssst cuz she was binging on gyoza. And lulz @ combing her hair. Quite a surprise, Erika was! <3333333 Still have two episodes and the SP to go…am savouring the dorama most definitely.

  31. 31 Yi An

    Hey Dramabeans and OT-ers!

    It’s my first time writing a comment haha and I’m her to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for subbing most, if not all, the dramas that I want to watch/am interested in watching!
    Since it’s my A level year I CANNOT allow myself to succumb to my drama-watching addiction again… So I’ve been surviving on recaps!
    Kudos to all your hard work <3

  32. 32 Momi

    I cant wait for that new drama ‘can we get married?’ to begin!

    My favorite actress lee misook is going to be in it and she never disappoints.

    • 32.1 Saima

      oh yes! Sung Joon’s in that one, right?! As for MiSook I remember the hot photoshoot that she’d done with TOP! So lucky! heh

      • 32.1.1 saltandpepper

        haven’t seen any j-dramas…how are they different form k-dramas??

        • saltandpepper


          • λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

            erm watch proposal daisakusen and operation proposal? That’s on my watch list actually. I think in general jdramas end their stories sooner but have a lot more flow through out.

        • JoAnne

          They’re shorter, for one, so the story editing is tighter. There’s even less skinship than in K-Drama, and the focus tends to be on the power of friendship and family. Some of the rom-coms, particularly high-school aged characters, tend to have a manic-craziness that you either like, or don’t.

          Very recently, an excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT drama was Rich Man, Poor Woman. You can watch it on, for one. You’ll thank me later, honest.

          • saltandpepper

            thank you all for the info.. πŸ™‚

          • jomo

            Agree on RMPW

            My take is there is about the same amount of skinship, although they sometimes wait until the very very end for the first kiss. This is because second leads get a lot more action in J-doramas, almost more!

            Another difference in the romances is that unmarried couples actually have sex without the sky falling in, so to speak.
            There also seems to be less interference from parents.

            Because the shows are shorter, they are more poetic. We see less of the mundane. There aren’t those repeated flashbacks to fill time.
            I also feel the message is a lot clearer throughout because it is allowed to float a little longer, and they stick to the point without compromising.
            This means you get less OTP together HEA, and more HAE despite not being together. I like that.

      • 32.1.2 Saima

        K-dramas tend to have that flash in a pan addictiveness but unfortunately more often than not drop the ball towards the latter half of the drama. As JoAnne mentioned they’re longer than J-doramas which usually range b/w 9-11 episodes with a special episode thrown in if the dorama tends to do well.

        J-doramas are classified by genre. You have your procedurals, renai (romance), manga adaptations (which tend to be manic and crazy eccentric -esp if you’re not familiar with the source material). If the genre is not romance then there really isn’t any romance at all. Some of the best shows that I’ve watched are J-doramas.

        Social dramas: Soredemo Ikite Yuku, Nobuta wo Produce, Mother.

        Romance: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Rich Man Poor Woman, Aishiteiru to Itte Kure, Hotaru no Hikari, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (latter 2 are more romcoms)

        Procedural: Keizoku 2: SPEC, Jin

        Manga adaptations: Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi (this was an uneven show but it gave us Nakatsu=<3), Ouran High School Host Club

        • ctrawberry

          Agreed on most jdrama mentioned. But would love to name few more that i like as well XD
          Nodame shouldn’t be excluded
          Social drama, includes human drama? Then i would say Freeter.

          After years of watching jdorama n kdrama, i come to realize that, i have more general likings kdrama but top of my list of my all time fave, are mostly jdorama.

  33. 33 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:
    Am presently watching Arang, Faith, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Madame Butterfly, Ooh La La Spouses, The Great Seer, Death and her and me, Innocent Man. Liking all these. Had to give up on Late Blossom. Just felt it was gonna be overwhelmingly depressing. Also gave up on Horse Doctor. Good show that, but the baby switch thing is a sore point with me. Gave up on Five Fingers. Trying to get into the Great King’s Dream (or is it the King’s Great Dream.) Gave up on Last Steep Ascent.

    Trying to get into watching Piece, Sugarless, Perfect Blue. At least I want to watch the first episodes to see if I’ll continue with them.

    Watching several school animes. Sukitte Linayo, and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun are especially good.

    Marathoning The Chaser, Playful Kiss, and some k-drama specials. Cannot believe it took me this long to watch Playful Kiss.

    Awaiting Woh-Woh and hoping it’ll be good.

    • 33.1 Enz

      Hmmm am thinking I should watch either playful kiss or extend my lee min ho drama festival and watch personal taste or BoF.. I need to see what some of others are seeing in him cos I ain’t seeing yet 7 episodes into city hunter

      • 33.1.1 saltandpepper

        you should watch playful kiss for sure…..
        very simple…and i think that is the best thing about it….
        and kim hyun joong is just so handsome πŸ™‚

        • saltandpepper

          watch boys before flowers…and you’ll know…what lee min ho can do….because the only reason you can actually go through its 25 epiosdes ride is HIM…..

          • λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

            excuse me boys before flowers has 25 episodes? how is that possible?

          • kdramapedia

            haha, yes, it has 25 episodes and they are simultaneously the best and worst 25 episodes of anything you’ll ever see. The F4 are beautiful, which is why I watched all of the episodes (over and over), because I’m not a huge LMH fan. It’s all of the boys combined that kept me watching!

          • Enz

            I tried watching boys over flowers but didn’t get past first episode but I think I am more persistent these days, so will give it another go at some point. Same with you’re beautiful.

            I dropped dalja’s spring too cos I didn’t like it that much

      • 33.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        I still haven’t finished watching BoF. I wanted to watch it for Kim Hyung Joong’s sake. Cause he’s so dang gorgeous. I fell in love with him in We Got Married. I think I might try City Hunter to see LMH dong his hotness stuff. Will see.

      • 33.1.3 Mar

        Boys Over Flowers=CRACK. I loved all the characters, even the scary Dragon Lady Kang, because, well, she’d cut you and that’s good in a scary dragon lady character. It had continuity issues, quality issues, and wtf just happened issues, omg, we could have wrapped this in 20 episodes AND still had more Woo Bin storyline issues, but again, it was like crack.

        • Rashell

          BOF was my first k-drama that I totally stumbled into by accident when I clicked on the wrong youtube link. So it wil always have a special place in my heart. But yeah, even as I found myself watching basically 24 hours straight, I knew that the drama had some issues to say the least. But I still couldn’t seem to pull myself away. I still sometimes go back and re-watch parts.

          • Mar

            We have a December BOF weekend marathon planned lol.

    • 33.2 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      madame buttefly is the one where she’s an ex top actress living with her inlaws right? where are you watching it?

      • 33.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Am watching it on Dramacrazy. Watching Ooh la la on Dramacrazy and viki. So far, Madame Butterfly doesn’t have the wild wacky laugh-out-loud fun of Ooh la la (OLL is becoming my favorite comedy so far this year.) There’s a real betrayal woundedness issue running in that family. I don’t see it as a comedy yet but maybe Ms Butterfly will surprise me. Anyways, both of these shows are so good.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Clarifying: a betrayal issue in madame butterfly. It’s not melodrama but it’s definitely not a comedy either. Very good though. But not wacky humor. More based in realism.

  34. 34 Sabah

    Aw Panda ended!

    It wasn’t epic or cutting edge but in its own cute way it stole my heart. Here’s to bromance and making a family not through blood but love.

    Does anyone know where I can find the background score to Vampire Prosecutor? The music/instrumentals are lovely but I just can’t find them anywhere on the OST!

    Finally has anyone watched Invincible Lee Pyung Kang with Ji Hyun Woo? If so, may I have your thoughts on it, spoilers welcome, I just need to know if I should give it any of my time. Thank you.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

    • 34.1 Mystisith

      I thought it was a funny show, uneven at times and JHW is adorable (spoiler?). But be warned: The poor guy is mistreated by the girl in it, a lot.

      • 34.1.1 Sabah

        Thank you. Hehe, thanks for the spoiler! I’ll be sure to look out for the adorableness. Also thanks for the warning, I think I am going to give it a go. : )

  35. 35 Kim Yoonmi

    Watching Arang, Faith, Ooh La La Spouses. Also watching The Great Seer, and hoping for more subs on Queen Insoo.

    Watched a few Japanese dramas too, but they aren’t in full swing yet.

    Also watching Miss Rose (TW drama). I know I’ll get flack for this, but I don’t know why I’m watching it. The acting isn’t that great. The music cues are weird. The story is predictable and the directing is only passable. Yet, I’m still watching it.

    Also finished Panda and Hedgehog, though it was more background noise for me. *sighs* Adoption took another hit. Best drama with adoption so far I would vote up I Need Romance 2 followed by My Princess, with the movie My Father coming in third (in Korea. Japan has done better. And the US sucks.)

    I think that’s it for now. I must have finished other things, but I watch so many, that it’s hard to remember besides the good ones. Not listing what I tried.

    • 35.1 jomo

      Miss Rose – Since the opening credits are all about the OTP’s wedding photos, I don’t think unpredictability is what they are going for! LOL.

      Part of the enjoyment is the anticipation / tension / resolution. It is soooo satisfying.

      For example, you see girl holding cake, you see hot well dressed man approach, you see broken heel and you squirm in anticipation of What WILL Happen.
      They put super handsome man into these silly situations to make us say, “Awwww, he’s just a regular guy.”
      The fact that Roy is taking the pratfalls with such good humor makes it even more fun.

      I especially love the parents in this one. They make me all warm and happy. Actually, that is what the show delivers. Nice, light, happy (once the tears clear) moments that make you forget your reality.

      Did I mention Roy is very easy on the eyes, too?

      • 35.1.1 ockoala

        Roy = MINE.

        Just reminding sweet jomo lest her dreams start including my honey. πŸ˜€

        But yes, MR is all about the family and friends heart warming stuff, which it does better than Office Girls did overall. OG wins on the OTP moments (so far but MR can surge in the second half), but MR hits harder on the overall ensemble sweetness.

        What works in MR is in the delivery. That’s Roy’s forte and finally SETTV knows how to use him. Before OG, he was just wasted in WS and EFHL. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if this is his last drama and he goes the way of Ethan Ruan’s career trajectory. I hope not, for my sake.

        • jomo

          What is so nice about you, Koala, is that is your MINEs end up all over your site, and that makes me very happy
          observing – no touching!

          I decided to mine 14, anyway. Ling Geng Xin
          This guy:

          • ockoala

            Hahahaha, you MINE’d 14? You are going to be SOOOOO happy soon. I have a post coming up that will feature your 14, and you may soon be gobbling him up onscreen in another project. *wink wink*

            Lin Geng Xin is a baby to me. Him and Tangren’s other baby newbie Jiang Jing Fu, who headlined XYZ with Hu Ge and Shi Shi, are nice to look at but really raw.

            I like 14 more than I like LGX. Does that make sense? I think 14 made him, and now when I see him I just see the loveable lug who smuggles biscuits in the rain and asks RX would she be kneeling out here if the one in house arrest was him and not 13.

            In the novel, RX and 14 are the closest in age and playmates, and that is what LGX didn’t quite capture in the drama, but he did manage to bring it when 14 mans up and becomes the great general and then tries wayyyyy to late to get in the Win-RX-game.

          • jomo

            @Koala –
            That means headers of just him? YES!

            It makes sense to like the character more than the actor.

            When it comes to MINEs, age is just a measure of counting years that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!

            As far as BBJX, I haven’t finished, so I haven’t seen the ultimate outcome for 14.
            But I like that we saw 14 grow and change throughout.
            He was judgemental of RX and didn’t quite get her. It struck me as authentic. His support of 4, and then 13, brought him closer to her so he was able to see her in a different light. It was cute and heartbreaking, that his success as a general made him the talk of the town with all the OTHER girls, but not RX. She was like, “I have 4, little brother. Why do I want you?” Poor thing.

          • ockoala

            When you’re done you can go back and read what I wrote on BBJX, but don’t miss the novel epilogue. It includes a section on 14 that I know you’ll appreciate immensely. Everyone always asks Tong Hua – 4 or 8? – and she finally answered it for good – she would pick 14.

            In BBJX all the men are written as scheming, they all have their battles to fight, no one is more upstanding than the others. Conversely, TH wrote all her ladies are romantics, as choosing love above all else, as living true to their hearts even in a world filled with things they have no control over. In the end, every one of them if asked would say “I have no regrets choosing this path.”

            But 14 is a darling puppy I’d adopt any day, and LGX really is so easy on the eyes.

      • 35.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        Family in TKA and ISWAK and The Rose were warmer to me and closer to realistic. (Well, I’m a big fan of Winnie’s portrayal of family, mirrors and non-romantic bedroom scenes) So this family isn’t that big up on my scale.

        Still have no clue why I keep looking for episodes… I know I should, but I don’t. It’s an easy watch though.

        And I do admit that the starting lines of the drama song kind get my girly heart all aflutter. “Would you like to change your surname?” =D Also the ending bit with the convenience store.

        It doesn’t get my heart pounding, but I still watch it. =P I don’t like that type of male lead much (and OcKoala can claim him–not my type). It set off my feminist meter. Some of the plot points make me scratch my head, but I still watch it and look for episodes and I still don’t know why.

      • 35.1.3 John


        Roy is good looking. I saw him the T Rom-com Office Girls .

        When Roy & Tia Li are together on screen, it’s almost an overload of pretty.

  36. 36 Jinny

    Happy Friday everyone! I think this is my first time posting in an OT ><

    I've had a pretty bad week school-wise…but hopefully it will get better! I should really be working but procrastination….it's an amazing thing haha.

    Started watching Rascal Sons and What is Mom. Even though I'm watching What is Mom without subs (because my Myungsoo/L addiction is too strong..) I can surprisingly understand/guess 50% of it πŸ™‚ I have yet to catch up on ep 3-4 for Ooh lala spouses because their voices and reactions after they swapped bodies annoyed me to no end (am I the only one?!)

    I'm sad to say I've given up on Nice Guy because it's just too melo for me. Maybe I'll marathon it in the summer! Arang stopped being on my list a long time ago (my LJK love couldn't save it…) but I still enjoy javabeans&girlfriday's recaps! Can't wait for the finale next week ahhh.

    • 36.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      what is what is mom????
      hi and so on.

      • 36.1.1 Sabah

        It’s a new MBC daily also known as What’s the deal mom? It’s has Lee Myung Soo in it, whom you might know from Shut up Flower boy band or Infinite. It’s also got Shin So Yool from AM1997.

    • 36.2 joybells

      oooohh,myungsoo’s new drama.JUst completed SUFBB,so im completely smitten by him right now.I didnt know his new drama was on.Do u know how many episodes its going to have in total? coz if its i daily,i have to consider picking it up,as its gonna take a longgg time.

      • 36.2.1 Jinny

        It’s a sitcom so 100+ eps haha…dramawiki doesn’t say exactly. It’s definitely a lot but watching a 20-30min video every day is enjoyable so far! Just start before too many eps come out XD there are only 3 so far.

        • joybells

          @jinny , 100+ !!! wow,thats lengthy,but if its 20-30 min then ,i could manage it by shifting around some schedules.:) . The things we do just to mange our drama-watch ;).. sigh!!!!

  37. 37 redfox

    happy OT

    I am re-watching Gaksital, cause current dramas are uninteresting.
    some thoughts:
    I got thinking about how samurai ethics affected Shunji and his family members. Although he turned evil in our eyes, we still need to remember samurai families have a long background and the concepts that move them. But I think they abused those concepts…still, Revenge, blood for blood, I can see the tip of the root. But then it went wild….

    second thought: Damsari would make a dreadful Santa Claus. Really, who would want to disappoint children with a guy who cant even attach a moustache properly. I wonder what would happen giving him a beard????

    I was also thinking how much Kang San was tired and wised for death or just an end to his masked life, in many ways. So was he relieved at the end? And was it in fact relief that it wasnΒ΄t a stranger that… you know….

    on different things now. I intend to make chibi drawings of my 48 collegues. I havent made a promise yet, I said I will try and see what comes out of it. crazy task. But then I always take ambitious goals.
    and I just made rice dumplings that were terrible. But I know what went wrong. Next will be ok

    • 37.1 redfox

      P.S. I was reluctant to watch the
      series again for a few past weeks, it was too difficult and emotional. but now I have distanced myself and I feel the need to look deeper.

    • 37.2 mollyP

      OMG DAMSARI AS SANTA CLAUS? Can I be on his naughty list please? I cant get this image out of my head.

      • 37.2.1 redfox

        yeah thats one way to imagine it. grown ups dont have to believe in santa, but they can still, ahem…enjoy …khmm Christmas. haha could you imagine Damsari being Santa Claus to the freedom fighters and Gaksital on his knee like a little boy. I need to make a chibi composition of it.

      • 37.2.2 JoAnne

        oooh I want to sit in Damsari’s lap and whisper what I’d like for christmas, yes, please.

  38. 38 saltandpepper

    has anyone watched “I am sam”…is it good??

    • 38.1 temponess

      I didn’t like it.. haha couldn’t get past the 2nd episode >.< BUT I did, however, watch all of TOP's cuts on youtube hahaha

    • 38.2 Jadielaw

      I loved it!!

  39. 39 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

    I’m supposed to be out shopping for goat/lamb to make this awesome pumpkin curry I want to eat! But I just thought I’d peek in on ot and say hi and so on (1 hour ago!) The later it gets the less likely it is I’m going to have goat in my pumpkin curry. One thing I’m hating about the cold weather is the need to be ethical about my heat usage- the air gets too dry if the heat is on so I open the window which just makes it harder for the room to keep it’s temperature. I had a dream that my nose was hurting so much that I became a social outcast. It was really hurting when I woke up to turn off the heat. What’s happening with the big bang meet up in jersey? Which dates and so on?

    • 39.1 kopytko

      Hi, I can offer a piece of advice about the window πŸ™‚ Namely, the thing to do is to open the window as far as possible, but for a short time – so that the air circulates, but the walls don’t get cooled. Leaving the windows slightly open for a long time cools down the walls which makes you need to increase the heating. Warm greetings!

  40. 40 saltandpepper

    hi λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„…..ya…boys before flowers has 25 episodes…why??

    • 40.1 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      I just don’t think it takes 25 episodes to tell that story. I haven’t watched it. I think I started dramas just when it was the craze and I couldn’t get into it.

      • 40.1.1 saltandpepper

        lol….it is indeed 25….but i think the original Japanese version has much lesser episodes…

        • λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

          you know the same thing happened to me with playful kiss but after I’d seen a few jdramas I could watch it just fine. I had forgotten boys over flowers has japanese origins. I just might watch 16 episodes of it.

        • Hillary

          @saltandpepper: but the original Japanese version had 2 seasons (a 9-episode season 1 and an 11-episode season 2) , I think. And the korean version sort of combines those 2 seasons.

          • saltandpepper

            okay…didn’t know that..

  41. 41 mollyP

    AAAAHHHHH! OT again!
    By the by ladies I am hooked! you guys made it fabulous for me last week!
    This week I will put my love for kdrama hotties to rest and beg all my wonderful dramabeaners to help me find out where I may wath all the old 90’s Kdramas. I am totally intrigued and am dying to watch Feelings, and The Last Match, and Sandglass. DB and GF have convinced me that they are totally worth watching. Just a heads up I cant watch anything on DramaFever (darn it) as it doesnt work in the UK.
    Also, (who am I kidding, lets spazz out on Kdrama hottness) can we have a moment to appreciate the perfection that is Song Joong Ki in Nice guy? I started watching it last week and am on tenterhooks and dying to know how it all ends!! Park Si Yeon is brilliant (albeit slightly whingy) and Moon Chae Won, I just adore the girl. Although i knew it was coming ***** SPOILER ALERT ***** The amnesia thing irritated me a bit, but I hope they play it out well.
    Other then that Song Joong Ki is gprgepus. Oh and he can act. And we need a cameo from his first love Yoo Ah In. Nekkid. Please?

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      @mollyP I’m in Europe too and still I can watch on dramafever, viki and other sites supposedly unreachable for us: I use Chrome + Hotspot shield. Who’s kidding with drama fans in need of their dose?

      • 41.1.1 Sabah

        @Mystisith. Thanks for the valuable information.

      • 41.1.2 mollyP

        Everytime I try to go on dramafever it tells me I cant watch them as it only works in North and South America. It makes me sad πŸ™
        Some viki shows work, not all of them, but some do.
        Where abouts in Europe are you? Somewhere not wet I hope!!!

        • Mystisith

          I’m in France. But my belief is that dramas should be licensed for only one territory: World.
          You just have to download that little soft (free and secure): When you want to watch on a blocked site, you activate it and it gives a fake US IP address to your computer. This way you have access to American sites.
          I cite this soft cause I use it but I know there are a lot of equivalents who do the same job.

          • mollyP

            Thank you so much! I cant wait to try it! You are brilliant!!!

      • 41.1.3 Hillary

        @mollyP: I just moved from US to West Indies, which also does not have access to dramafever and viki (and I have a paid subscription to dramafever). I watch both dramafever and viki using ultrasurf. Sometimes hotspot shield works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. I watch both using google chrome (athough it also works with IE).

  42. 42 saltandpepper

    ya….yoo ah in….that will be simply great πŸ™‚

  43. 43 saltandpepper

    currently watching the king 2 hearts….Jo Jung Suk is such an amazing actor…

    • 43.1 saltandpepper

      and i’m liking Jo Jung Suk and Lee Yoon Ji’s scenes more than those of the lead actors…

    • 43.2 Enz

      Agreed I like him very much too. And I almost couldn’t recognize him in architecture 101. He was good there too

  44. 44 temponess

    Happy OT!!

    Is anyone actually watching the 3rd Ward/Hospital? I saw a ton of articles about GG’s Sooyoung’s acting and I was debating on whether I wanted to watch it or not.

    • 44.1 Sabah

      I am behind on it BUT what I watched so far I like very much. It is actually a lot more lighter than I expected. The acting is fine, though not why I watch it. That isn’t meant to be as insulting as it sounds. What I mean that the dialogues, set up haven’t really called for much depth, yet.

      I would recommend it.

      • 44.1.1 temponess

        I actually could care less for the acting too haha. I just find that medical/hospital dramas are often too cliche and lack depth. But I’ll definitely give it a try kekeke

        • Sabah

          I think you will like it. The medical parts act as more of a setting than carrying the momentum. In fact at first I was a bit disgruntled that there wasn’t more East vs West detailing in the story BUT now I am just enjoying it for what it is.

    • 44.2 Mystisith

      I watch it & I have only one complaint: Episodes are too short! Less than 45 mins. I see it more as a rom-com with a (good) medical background. Also, I love the music. And yes, Sooyoung is really good in it.

      • 44.2.1 temponess

        I listened to the OST and it is really good!

  45. 45 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

    This morning while I was thinking of the greatest love I also thought about kim rae won and why he’s not in any upcoming dramas? Is it because a thousand days promises made him depressed too?

    • 45.1 saltandpepper

      i hope kim rae won and moon geun young act together in a drama….loved them in “my little bride”…which happens to be my introduction to korean entertainment πŸ™‚

    • 45.2 temponess

      Now that you’ve mentioned it.. where has he been? I remember he was in a scandal not to long ago.. something about sexual assault?

      But I miss that hottie. Definitely needs to make a comeback

    • 45.3 kopytko

      If I am not wrong Kim Rae Won wrapped up a film not long ago – I remember seeing some stills on hancinema – you may want to have a look there πŸ™‚

  46. 46 Lanalas

    First time leaving a comment in here.

    Can we just please ask Nice Guy to stop stabbing me through the heart repeatedly I cannot take much more…. This drama is just so sick and twisted in a very beautiful way. I still have hope in you Maru <3

    Thank you Dramabeans people for the recaps and everything else~ you guys rock ^,^

    • 46.1 saltandpepper

      you can do one thing….watch it with a it’s-not-gonna-have-a-happy-ending mindset…lol

      • 46.1.1 Lanalas

        That’s exactly what i’m trying to do but it ain’t easy lol. And from the second I knew the writer of the drama was the same person who wrote A Love To Kill I knew it couldn’t end well. Especially that Nice Guy also has a revenge plot. So yeah, I’m just wondering how badly is bad going to be.

    • 46.2 Hillary

      @Lanalas: That is why I am only reading recaps … and will only watch if I know there is a happy ending to it. It is a bit too melo for me although I am enjoying the recaps.

      • 46.2.1 JoAnne

        Hill dearest…there is no way this ends happy. Not for us, anyway. Every time I see my pretty little Song Joong Ki I think ‘I love you and you’re going to die. It’s so sad.’

        It won’t help me much at the end, but at least I won’t be shocked into hiccuping sobs followed by a catatonic state, the way I was with My Beloved in her two earlier dramas.

        • Hillary

          @Joanne: Say it ain’t so. I hope you and I are proven wrong. Because my poor sister is so hooked on it and laughs at me when I explain to her that I think one or both of them will die, so I prefer not to watch until I KNOW what is going to happen. I don’t like surprises … that is why I read the end of books before buying … LOL. And same goes for my kdramas and kmovies.

          • JoAnne

            @Hillary – she is new huh! The hero (antihero right now) will live! said the writer of no melodrama ever

  47. 47 kdramapedia

    Just saying a quick hello! I hope all of you are doing well!

    Life’s a little hectic for me. I’m in the middle of a cross-state move, plus work, plus the obstacles life likes to throw at me. I can’t wait to finally be settled in. I’m starting to get a little taste of what Ivorie probably goes through with her moves, lol! Major props for being able to handle them so well because I think I’m slowly going insane! =P

    Have a great weekend OTers if I don’t have the chance to check back! =)

    • 47.1 Ivoire

      Hi kdramapedia,

      I happened to be scrolling down, quickly reading what other OTers have been sharing, only to find my name in your post, LOL. That was precious!!!
      So you are moving too huh? Welcome to the club, LOL.

      This had me in stitches “I’m starting to get a little taste of what Ivorie probably goes through with her moves, lol! Major props for being able to handle them so well because I think I’m slowly going insane! :-)”

      Thank you for making me laugh, and I wish you all the best with your move and settling in. Don’t let life get you down, I know it is easier said than done at times :-).

      • 47.1.1 kdramapedia

        Glad I could make you laugh! I wish the best for you, too =)

  48. 48 JW-KSA

    I think someone put this up earlier…but i can’t stop watching it!!

    “If you liked Gaksital, and you haven’t watched this video, do it now! It’s completely GENIUS.”

  49. 49 Mar

    I was having this discussion the other day about guys that are teddy bears. So, fellow Beans, out of your viewing experience:

    Who do you think is/was/would be the most physically affectionate, (a guy that would always want to touch, hug, hold hands and snuggle, with his partner) romantic male lead in a k drama?

    • 49.1 Mar

      I should clarify I’m speaking of the CHARACTER, NOT the actor in real life.

      • 49.1.1 JoAnne

        Boong Do and Tae Bong and Eun Oh and Sang Doo and Han Gyul and kang Hyuk

        • JoAnne

          and kang to!!! Probs Shunji before he got bad too

          • JoAnne

            darn and Do Jin too and Yonghwas characters in both shows

    • 49.2 Rashell

      Wow, that’s hard because k-drama heroes are not really known for their warm touchy feely ways.

      Ummmm right off the top of my head, I’d have to say Kang Suk from Family’s Honor is very affectionate. He was always trying to do all of the things mentioned above to Dan Ah.

      Jin Ho from Personal Taste was pretty affectionate as well. That whole scene where he took care of Kae In when she didn’t feel well was adorable. And when he sat behind her to blow dry her hair, he clearly was a very tactile affectionate guy.

      Han Gyul in Coffee Prince was an extremely affectionate boyfriend to Eun Chan. It wasn’t so much that he was constantly touching her, but more that he just looked at her like she was the most precious thing in the world. And he was adorably protective of her with the other “princes”.

      I’d say Bong Do in Queen In Hyun’s Man too, but really it was Hee Jin that was constantly making reasons to kiss and touch him. Not that I blamed her, and not that he resisted at all either. LOL.

      • 49.2.1 Enz

        Definitely Han kyul for me.. Remember when he was daydreaming about eun chan and him in bed. I so wanted to be her and bite him :).

    • 49.3 Mystisith

      A sticky glu-y man? Do I have to mention those names again? Really? OK, people will say I’m a broken record but I can’t think of other characters:
      Kim Joo-won in Secret Garden. Motto: “If you fight I will hug you tighter.”
      2nd place goes to Kim Do-jin in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Motto: “Never lose an opportunity: Even sorting nails can do the trick”.

      • 49.3.1 kopytko

        Awww… the nails sorting scene *nosebleeds* Where are guys like that hiding?

        • Mar

          I’m gonna have to google the nails scene. I did not watch AGD, and probably will not.

      • 49.3.2 Mar

        Haha! Mystisith! Sticky Glu-y! Rashell=I have the same list so far except the first, haven’t seen that.

        I was thinking more of just snuggle bear type not horny I want to get my parts on you type. I sometimes felt Kim Joo-won was going to pull a Night at the Roxbury move on Gil Ra im.

        Bong Do is the only one I can think of that is would seem calm and snuggly. Han Gyul, yeah, possibilities, but even he was control freak bouncing around spazzy at times.

        I am thinking I might add Choi Young to the possible lay on the couch and snuggle list. I could so see him cuddling up on front of a fire, or in a big fluffy comforter. Okay, great, yeah, thoughts. I was trying not to go to those, uh, thoughts, about any of these characters.

        • Rashell

          OH, Family’s Honor is a family drama so of course that means like 50+ episodes. But Park Shi Hoo is the hero Kang Suk, so I couldn’t not watch it. It’s a really good family drama if you like that sort. It’s also where I developed my ajussi crush on the guy who played Damasari in Gaksital. He’s the brother of the heroine in Family’s Honor and he’s the sweetest thing. I know that it’s availabe at Dramafever if you have access to that site and want to check it out.

          And I must say that I would totally cuddle Choi Young any day anywhere. But it’s a little hard to imagine the General in cuddle mode

    • 49.4 kopytko

      Now that I think of it, Seok Hyun of I Need Romance 2012 was affectionate…Especially in the first episodes. Wasn’t he? *pretends not to nosebleed again*

      • 49.4.1 JoAnne

        both guys were now that you say it

        • kopytko

          Lol. You’re right. Looks like I am biased. I never supported the second guy, somehow he didn’t convince me at all πŸ˜‰

    • 49.5 Sunshine

      Ooooo…I would think the snuggly ones are (I’m not taking into consideration their “projected” cool/bad boy image…they might be the possibility/probability that they are players in real life considering all the girls that must throw themselves at them, but I think that for the time a girl is with them they would be very affectionate… this is just my opinion!) πŸ™‚

      -Ji Sung- I seriously think he would be great fun to hang out with, and is probably very affectionate.

      -I think Kim Jaejoong would be very affectionate…that is if the saesangs would leave him alone and let him have a girlfriend without fearing horrendous consequences.

      -Kim Bum just looks snuggly.

      -Daniel Choi

      -Jang Geun Suk

      -Kang Ji Hwan

      I’m sure I’m missing someone, but that is my little list. πŸ™‚

      • 49.5.1 Sunshine

        Just saw the note where you said the characters, not the real actors…

        but I was basing it somewhat on the characters they played…

        KB in BBF

        DC in Baby Face

        JGS in Love Rain
        Kang Ji Hwan…well, I just think he would be. πŸ™‚

        • Jadielaw

          Kang Ji Hwan is great in Be Strong Geum Soon – chasing after the girl, affectionate.

    • 49.6 Mar

      Thanks everyone for input! Choi Kang-hyuk went on my list, I’d missed him when I was thinking about this. He would definitely be into snuggling, maybe using you as a pillow when he randomly passes out, but hey it is a start.

  50. 50 kopytko

    Hi and hello everybody!
    It’s been a busy week, I guess I am not the only one to write that πŸ™‚
    Anyway, somehow I didn’t get to watch much mor except for Nice Guy – what I liked most about the recent episodes was an unusual approach to amnesia – the heroine was found by her people who take good care of her and she wants to get her memories/personality back. I think I am seeing something like that for a first time in a Kdrama.

    On another tone, I realized GHS is not te only actress I am not supposed to comment about so as not to enrage the fans. Will keep that in mind, I just cannot look at those post full of slogans in capital letters. Seriously, I don’t mind the opinions stated in them as much as those capital letters ;p

    • 50.1 JoAnne

      hahahahahahahah I saw that thread

    • 50.2 Mystisith

      If you talk about the thread about YEH being cast with Yoochun, I totally agree. Something funny: At times you see 3 or 4 consecutive comments in broken English which basically say the same thing (Best actress of all time!). I bet than if we checked the IP address, it would be the same person. Those rabid fans are noisy for sure.

      • 50.2.1 kopytko

        But it’s totally amusing when they compliment each other πŸ˜‰

      • 50.2.2 Mar

        I saw some of that stuff too. It’s great to enjoy an actor but wow, people can not like people too lol.

        I was pondering that pairing and think it could get interesting if the writing and directing is good. But I keep thinking YEH needs to do a cable rom com show with Jung Il Woo. Except we the audience might not survive a kissing scene. I’d risk it. πŸ˜‰