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  1. javabeans

    Whoops, this post glitched. Sorry for the delay, folks!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Hello JB, I assumed as much, and we understand.

    • 1.2 Leaf

      Thank you!!! <3
      And have a great week Dramabeans crew!!! <3

    • 1.3 jomo

      You know how trained I am?
      When I saw there was no OT Thread, I thought, “Oh. It must NOT be Friday afterall.”

      • 1.3.1 Lemon

        HAHAHA me too! I had to double-check my calendar to see if it was Friday, lol.

      • 1.3.2 Leaf

        SAME!! I went and double checked because I was like… but it should be on at 2pm…. it hasn’t changed and I don’t know because I haven’t been on for a while right??

      • 1.3.3 iZzie :)

        haha! Open Thread = Weekend Reminder 🙂

      • 1.3.4 Amberscube

        Hahaha… I have the same thought.

      • 1.3.5 Ladytron33

        Ha! Me too.

    • 1.4 zgznoona

      Thanks 😉
      Enjoy your weekend

    • 1.5 Mystisith

      Vengeance! Catch the culprit!

      • 1.5.1 Leaf

        To whoever caused the glitch with OT;
        I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career as a Beanie. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let Open Thread back on now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
        And then fix Open Thread myself.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Lol! Leaf our saviour! You would make a great cop intimidating all kinds of criminals!

        • Ivoire

          LOL Leaf, well said :-)…

        • Florentine Lily

          Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Definitely wouldn’t want to get between you and the OT.

        • JoAnne


        • Big Unni

          Oh My Gosh! I read this and died of laughter! In fact I’m still in tears. Nice with ‘Taken’ take! Ur hilarious! Happy Friday!

        • pillowhead

          LOL!! That is too funny. I’m so new to K-dramas but I’m a furious fanatic already. So OT every Friday. Good to know. My friends are all irritated with me trying to get them to watch something, anything korean. So I’m nomu-nomu happy to find u all. My peeps! I can take my post off FB and move the crazy over here. 😀

    • 1.6 John


      Thanks for all that you and crew do.

    • 1.7 Amberscube

      Hi JV, no probs with the delay when the news of Lee Seung Si drama making my day already.

      Hi Everyone.

    • 1.8 iZzie :)

      I knew it! It was a glitch! Haha! Thank you for still posting.

      I’ve been out for weeks that when I saw that there wasn’t an OT yet, I checked if a forum was made in place of it. Silly me.


    • 1.9 kakashi

      yeah, slight panic all around, but now it’s here …

    • 1.10 Kiara

      JB I thought you forgot lol.

    • 1.11 redfox

      I need a dramahug, I had a hard day of 13 hours, so many tours, I was the head of shift today, the museum was buzzing. I was about to lose my mind.

      I am so annoyed at Faith cause the background music reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean theme so much. what do you think? There are so many similar parts.

      Rewatching Gaksital stopped short of the last 2 episodes, cause I have so little time and I would also feel even more pain than the first time…
      but I am still in awe of Park Ki Woong and feel like I want to see him as a complete opposite of Shunji….dressed up in a pink bear-sweater and furry boots liek a girl.

      If you missed this in the last Open Thread, here is a gaksital- themed chistmas party where Damsari is Santa Claus:

      • 1.11.1 Ivoire

        Hello redfox,

        That was an interesting picture. It sounds like you are working very hard, you should be proud. I am sending you a virtual hug, I hope you will feel better. Could you please post links of Pirates of the Carribean OST whose tracks sound like the ones for Faith? I haven’t seen any of the PoCs (and I don’t know that I will), but I would love to listen to their OST and compare. Thanks!

        • redfox

          thank you for the hug

          here is PotC theme:

          couldnt find the exact bit, but here from 1:42 to 1:56 for example, it is quite similar.

        • Ivoire

          Thanks, I will listen to it right now…

        • Ivoire

          I just listened to it, and the PoC theme song actually reminds me not only of the Faith’s one but also of the CH one, in which LMH is the lead (in both as we know). This is interesting, thanks for sharing…

      • 1.11.2 kakashi

        Hi redfox! I remember that a lot of people commented on the similarity between the main theme and Pirates of the Carribean when Faith first aired … it was either on here and/or in the thread below the first and second episode. I remember well that I myself went like “What the… isn’t that Pirates?”, but now, the theme doesn’t bug me anymore, I’ve gotten used to it. Actually, I’ve caught myself humming along!

        • Ivoire

          Also, Faith OST has other songs that are very Korean, so the OST CD will have a variety of songs, in the end. I think that in that industry, they copy from each other from time to time…

        • redfox

          yeah it doesnt buther me as much any more as well, because when lee Min Ho appears on screen I blank out for everything else.

  2. mud


    • 2.1 Leaf

      Friday friday gotta get down on Friday!!

      ^shudders^ Sorry…

      • 2.1.1 mud

        LOL, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to sing it every Friday… =)

  3. Ivoire

    Happy OT!

    • 3.1 Leaf

      Unni!!! Happy OT day!!

      Hope you are having a good week!! <3

    • 3.2 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Ivoire!

      I always see you around here, but I never actually talked to you directly. You seem like a very nice and warm person, so I wanted to wish you a nice weekend.
      I read on previous OT’s that you moved houses like crazy, hope you are a bit settled down now?

      • 3.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello FishcalledWanda,

        And thank you for your kind wishes and for your compliments and for “stopping by,” :-). I am hoping that you will have a great weekend! I have one more move to do, and I should be “settled down” for at least a year (that’s what I am hoping).

        • FishcalledWanda

          Thanks for replying 🙂 Good to hear your moving is almost over, hopefully the next one will be the last! I’ve only moved twice in my life and found it quite traumatic, so I don’t know how you do it so many times!

        • Ivoire

          FCW, It’s called rolling with the punches, I believe, and I just do it, because I have to, to be honest. You know, I usually answer to the comments made to me, so you are welcome (about the reply).
          There are so many people commenting on here, I always appreciate it when someone “stops by” and says “Hello!” because honestly, they don’t have to 🙂 They could chose to ignore me and “talk” to someone else.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Hopefully you won’t have to move so much after the next time! I always feel a little honoured actually, when people reply to my comments. I appreciate that they (and you in this case) take the time to write a reply and post it! : )

          • Ivoire

            Hello FCW (if I may abbreviate your screen name),

            I will not have to move after my next move, but I will be traveling quite a bit, so I will be constantly “moving” from one place to another (for work). Like you, I do feel honored when people respond to my comments, which is why I make an effort to respond back. And like you, I appreciate that they take the time to write and post a reply.
            I hope your week is going well.

    • 3.3 Shukmeister

      Bonjour, Iv! Always good seeing you!

      • 3.3.1 Ivoire

        Bonjour Shukie!

        Always good to be seen :-). How you be? How is life treating you? You must be excited about the upcoming BB concert. I think I read that you guys finally have your tickets? How are your parents doing?

        • Shukmeister

          they’re great – we are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary tonight. My father’s back surgery is scheduled for the end of the month, and we are hoping this is the final cure.

          I haven’t done a lot of creative writing, although I made a spontaneous acrostic prayer last week using the word “Commandment” during my teen church retreat. Hopefully, I can get a couple of chapters out on both my stories before the concert.

          So how have you been? Has your life settled down at all?

          • Ivoire

            Hi again Shukie,

            OK, so I knew about your 1st fanfic, but not about the 2nd one. So, what do you mean by this “so I’ll have to step back and punt a bit?” (what does punt mean?)
            And I thought this was funny, “I still plan on finishing everything before Armageddon 2012 (just in case 🙂 ). You sound happy and that’s good and I know you like busy, so that’s also good. Have a wonderful weekend, and have a great time celebrating your parents’ anniversary :-)!!!!

          • Shukmeister

            Iv –

            It’s an american football term, sort of a last-ditch play. Basically, if you can’t get everything done, you try to move forward in little steps to get where you want to go.

          • Ivoire

            Shukie, thanks for explaining, once again. I just learned a new word :-). Have fun this weekend!!!!!!

        • Ivoire

          Congratulations Shukie, for your parents 56th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful occasion!!!!! I do hope that your dad’s surgery will go well also and that it WILL be the final cure.

          Huh, so you are writing 2 stories simultaneously? I know one is about war (or set in war times, right?) and the other one is about?…

          I am good, preparing for my last move (next week) and then I should be settled for a while. I will be busy however because I will have different responsibilities (professionally) once I move in. Like you, I will be doing some writing (translating), still tutoring and working with children. Doing all that for different people, so life will be busy… which will be good.

          • Shukmeister

            Yay for your life settling down for a while.
            I’m writing two: the first is mult-generational romance where the grandparents were high school sweethearts in World War II. The other is a vampire fiction set in Mumbai (Ricky HRH’s idea!).

            Yeah, my life is a bit busy, but then, it always is! lol. They just changed my hours at work, so no more graveyard shift for a year! Of course, that was my prime creative time, so I’ll have to step back and punt a bit. I still plan on finishing everything before Armageddon 2012 (just in case 😉 )

          • Ivoire

            Shukie, I answered, but posted in the wrong place. Here is my answer (higher or upper). Sorry about that:

   Ivoire October 19th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    • 3.4 Sabah

      Just adding my smile amongst the brighter cheery faces.

      Wishing well as always. : )

      • 3.4.1 Ivoire

        Hello Sabah,
        And may I say that I am very happy to “see” your smile amongst the brighter cheery faces. I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend :-)…

    • 3.5 kakashi

      Happy OT, Ivoire! Today feels like a LMH day, don’t you think? (wink, wink)

      • 3.5.1 Ivoire

        Yes it does, Kakashi!!! (and wink back at you with this :-)). I will get off the LMH train soon, so I am slowing saying “see you later…”. Thought I would inundated B. when she is done with work. She is in for a treat :-). It is interesting to see his transformation over time…

      • 3.5.2 Korazy Lady

        Sowhat time did the OT pop up? 5 minutes after I left for the beach? It was a glorious day, though, as the speedboat races were taking place in the ocean right off our beach. But so much catching up to do on the OT! Good to see you and Ivoire here!

        • Ivoire

          Hi KL, OT started around 9:08am. Good to see you…

        • kakashi

          I see beach, I am jealous 🙂
          have fun in the sun

    • 3.6 Saima

      Hey Ivoire! On last week’s OT you asked about where you could find some of the shows. I find the following site veryyy good in terms of finding ancient stuff. Also, no problems with the seeds & the legit-ness of the torrents.

      Happy torrent-ing!! 😀

      • 3.6.1 Ivoire

        Thanks Saima, I will check it out 🙂

      • 3.6.2 Ivoire

        I checked it out, and I don’t think I know how to use that site. I am not that computer savvy, so I stopped before something wrong happens to my computer (I don’t want to take any chances). I tried the downloading thing yesterday of ilivid thingy and I wasn’t getting any results, so again, I stopped. I couldn’t even find Faith, the drama on the site you recommended. I don’t know how to navigate that site :-(, and what things mean over there. I would need someone to walk me through and explain things to me.

        • Saima

          1. hmm, if you’re having problems with AsiaTorrents you could start off with the awesome semi-fly’s torrents. The following’s her blog:

          You can find the currently airing shows listed on the right. And, that’ll prolly direct you further to each episode’s torrent.

          2. As for AsiaTorrent you need to make an account. Make sure you read the rules (esp, the fact that you need to maintain your seed:leech ratio close to 1). I’ll say get acclimated with semi-fly’s torrents and then move onto this one. I usually download off here mostly for older J-dramas/movies.

          The following’s the link (which may not show up for you if you don’t already have an account) for downloading Faith episodes:

          3. You can find a lot of stuff on d-addictsDOTcom as well.

          4. Lastly, you should prolly uninstall iLivid. It’s not good news…that’s what my sibling mentioned.

          ‘neways, have any questions ask away. Also, if I can learn how to go about dl’ing and stuff anybody can!! 😀

          • Ivoire

            Hey Saima,

            I couldn’t correct you if I wanted to, because I simply do not know what a semi-fly is or what a torrent is. It’s all Greek to me for now. I guess I will learn about it as I go along b/c to be honest, I have only only used streaming sites like viki and others. I was curious, b/c you suggested torrents right away, and not the semi-fly’s ones. So I was wondering about the torrents then. Also b/c anything that is semi is usually 1/2 or close to the real thing, isn’t? (per the word definition?) but not really the real thing?
            That was why I asked all those questions.

            Also, is the picture/image quality better with semi-fly’s and torrents than the one on streaming sites?

          • liza

            I would suggest that you do not ever, ever download iLivid, not only bad news but unless you are computer savvy to get that junk that comes with iLivid off your computer, Searchqu will make your life a living hell. Trust me.

        • Ivoire

          OK Saima,

          thanks a lot and I will try again. Question: what is the difference then between semi-fly’s torrents and torrents?

          2–ON AsiaTorrent, can I monitor that my seed:leech ratio is close to 1? (Can I actually see it?) because I don’t want to make mistakes.
          I think I stopped the Ilivid thingy, but I will check again. Thanks for the info and for encouraging me. Is the quality of English subs good on those 2 sites you mentioned?

          • Saima

            Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the K-drama’s torrents are semi-fly’s. Other than being legit (as are most/all of the torrents on posted on d-addicts by different users) there really isn’t any difference.

            Yes, you can click on “Profile” on AsiaTorrents and it’ll tell you your ratio w/ a happy/sad face, lol. The subs posted are taken from different sources (like yunno THE two famous K-drama streaming websites *cough cough*, etc). Also, you can tell by the comments/rating the quality of the torrent.

            Hope this helped!

          • Ivoire

            Saima, I answered but posted in wrong place. Sorry about that. My answer is higher, here:
   Ivoire October 19th, 2012 at 1:52 pm

          • Ivoire


            Asia Torrents is by invitation only, so I can’t join. I won’t try again, I think I will leave it alone.
            2–For the semi-fly’s, I don’t understand what I am doing and I am trying, and it is not working for me. So I will also stop, as I really do not want to mess up my computer, I can’t afford to and I am not getting anywhere. It is not as simple as you make it sound, at least not for me. This is not a straight procedure. I don’t know what to open the torrents with, and I am still not sure of what is what. As I said, I did try. If I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t want to be running in circles.

            Thank you for trying to help and for your time, I appreciated both.

    • 3.7 Ivoire

      To the Faith watchers, I just wanted to share this bit of info, which explains why there was no Dr. Bin in epi. 19 (I think) and epi. 20 (for sure, b/c I noticed it).

    • 3.8 christy

      Hi Iviore! I know I owe you a reply from like three OT’s ago or something atrocious like that, lol. I’m driving out to MN Saturday and have been sick for almost two weeks so yeah, that’s why I’m still scarce around these parts. (feeling better now, but still not 100% yet) About the only thing I remember off the top of my head was your offer to keep in touch though email which would totally be awesome and I do want to take you up on it! so here is mine: [email protected]
      Once I’m out in MN and a little more settled, I’ll be tracking that old post down to see if there’s anything else I don’t want to leave hanging. I hope you’ve settled in from your latest move alright and that all is well in your corner of the world. 🙂

      • 3.8.1 Ivoire

        Hi Christy, thank you for your message. I will email you later. Have a safe trip to MN.

  4. Lemon

    TGIF folks 😀

    • 4.1 Lemon

      Haha, just realised I subconsciously wrote ‘folks’ instead of ‘people’ because I saw javabean’s first comment.

      Anyway, haven’t been watching much kdramas lately, besides Nice Guy. I’ve been faithfully following the Faith recaps (ha), mainly because Lee Min Ho is REALLY hot and manly here (first time I’ve felt this way about him, actually), and I want to find out how the main couple will overcome the whole time travel mindfuck issue.

      Off-topic, but I’ve been marathoning Bones, finished season 1 in 2 days – and it is awesome! The cases aren’t really as interesting as say, Criminal Minds, but the chemistry between Bones and Booth is friggin’ awesome. Kdramas couples should have more of this sort of sexual chemistry. Vampire Prosecutor comes close though.

      • 4.1.1 Shukmeister

        Lemon –

        Good morning!

        VP!!! One of my guilty pleasures right now, even with the writer-nim’s teasing.

        • Lemon

          Hi Shukmeister! It’s actually night here already, haha!

          Yea, Vampire prosecutor is really fun to watch, but haven’t really gotten round to watching this second season yet..

          • Ladytron33

            Oh, VP second season is soooo good! I really like the new cast members. You should give it a watch when you have some time.

            I love how VP mixes up the scary/gory episodes with funny ones. It makes it so much more interesting in my opinion. And the chemistry between the two prosecutors…so hot and so dangerous! 🙂

      • 4.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Lemon!
        Bones is so awesome! I love that series! But sometimes the victims look so grose, I can’t watch more than 2 episodes before I start feeling sick, lol.

        • Lemon

          Hi fishcalledwanda! I remember you from a past ot where you answered my question on friday-movie-night recommendations. 😀

          Yea, I can’t eat when I’m watching Bones – which is actually a good thing, since I tend to snack a lot while watching tv, hahaha.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah I did! Did you enjoy your movie night? ^^
            I don’t know what it is, but I always feel like eating while watching tv, lol (except for Bones, that is)

        • kakashi

          Yes, used to love Bones … before I became a KDrama addict 🙂 I think I watch 4 or 5 seasons altogether (what season are they on)?

          • Lemon

            Think they’re on season 8 now. I’m starting on 2 now, hah.

        • redfox

          I would love to watch it but 8 commercial breaks during one show just gets me and I shut it down in anger and go to sleep. I need it on DVD so I dont get annoyed

        • liza

          Maybe you can check out the books that the show i based on
          Kathy Reich (TEMPERANCE BRENNAN)
          I think the books are more intense but then reading is as intense as you allow your imagination to be.

      • 4.1.3 Florentine Lily

        Criminal Minds give me the chills when I watch it at night. I never learn since I always watch the box-set at night.

        I’ve never seen Bones but I loved David Boreanaz in Angel. There was this air of innocence around him that was endearing.

      • 4.1.4 redfox

        true, same for me, for the first time I can get past his flawless supermodel-skin and I think the manliness comes from his attitude somehow…

      • 4.1.5 pillowhead

        oh, I was crushing on him back when he was Angel in Buffy. But my current love affair with LMH doesn’t allow me to look at other guys. He’s so jealous. hehe

    • 4.2 Leaf

      I would rather it be Tuesday or Thursday haha.
      Those are the nights we go out at Uni… lol

      But for everyone else here TGIF!

  5. Leaf

    yay thread is up!!
    Have a good week everyone!! <3

    I've been super busy these past few weeks and haven't had a chance to get on here or watch much dramas THE HORROR!!
    This sudden busyness is unfortunately not due to me actually studying and doing well but to a newly discovered social life!! YES IT IS AWESOME!!! <3

    Also… there's a guy I think I like… and I think he may like me too… but it's early days and I am novice extraordinaire!!

    Anyway love xxx

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      Crossing fingers so your social life works out for the best. ^^

      • 5.1.1 Leaf

        Thanks!! So do I!!

        Have a great week! <3

    • 5.2 Lemon

      Hey, new social life + new guy > watching dramas anytime man!

      Sigh, haven’t liked a guy in agesss- so lucky you! I was afraid I was becoming asexual, but it’s most probably because the guys around me are… hmm.. unattractive and boring, haha.

      • 5.2.1 Leaf

        Haha well this is basically the first guy I’ve ever liked so I always thought I must be at least pretty asexual haha.
        It was even the rumor about me at school lol
        (I thought it was quite progressive of them as I just assumed I’d be labelled a lesbian…)

        But yeah… I can now confidently put it down to the guys here being ugly and worse HORRIBLE.
        I always knew it…

        • zgznoona

          LOL those things happen.
          I got that lesbian label during my teens for similar reasons. Kids like to talk, I have to admit my feelings were hurt when I first heard they thought so just because I had never had a boyfriend.

    • 5.3 Shukmeister


      Glad you got one on the hook 😉

      Hope school is going well for you, especially after your marathon SEA trip! Everything settling down?

      • 5.3.1 Leaf

        Uni is Uni… I need to start actually doing some work… ^sigh^

        And I WANNA BE BACK IN KOREA NOW!!! ^cries^

        Hope everything is going well for you!! <3

        • Shukmeister

          Yep, so far so good. Got my health, a good job, a reliable car, and BIG BANG!! lol

          • Leaf

            Ah well Health is always the most important thing!! <3

            And Big Bang is such a great bonus!! XD

    • 5.4 iZzie :)

      Happy Friday, Leaf! How did the SEA trip go? 🙂

      Oh, and wishing you the best with the new guy. 😉

      • 5.4.1 Leaf

        IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I miss Korea so so so much!!!

        And as I said…. it is super early days… but we shall wait and see 😉

        Hope you're having a great week! <3

        • iZzie :)

          Haha! Of all the places you went to, it’s Korea that pulls you back. 🙂 Same way here. I don’t think I’ll grow tired of visiting SK.

          about your new crush… LOL, u know a kdrama sister is always giddy about these things. 🙂

          week is great, thank you. (been seeing a lot of my crush too. haha!)

          happy weekend! 🙂

          • Leaf

            ohh good luck with your crush!!
            And yeah… Korea is that awesome <3

            And yes of course… I will keep OT up to date with any developments… so… yeah nothing is gonna happen probably haha
            But I can always hope! I mean… lots of people date it can't be that difficult surely…?

          • iZzie :)

            LOL! thanks. 🙂
            I was hoping I could return to SK this winter, but I think the trip’s gonna have to wait.

            Aja!Aja! to the new guy. 🙂 I’m starting wonder what he looks like. 🙂

          • Leaf


            Well he can look whatever you think he looks like 😛

            Personally I think he’s hot but I don’t think he considers himself that…
            Seriously when I walked into the bar thing I saw him straight away and went ‘omg he’s hot’ and yes it helps that he was quite a bit taller than all the other guys…

            But yeah it turned out he is in pretty much the same social group as me (he started this year so is a fresher but he took a gap year so he’s actually a few months older than me)

            So yeah… we started talking and we with another friend walked home at around 3am…

            So yeah… we shall see what happens… (prediction: NOTHING)

    • 5.5 mud

      Awww, I love reading about good news announcements on OT. Good luck Leaf!

      • 5.5.1 Leaf

        Haha how is I’ve become friends with a guy (who I like) that much cause for celebration 😛

        But thanks!

    • 5.6 cv

      Good luck with the guy!

      • 5.6.1 Leaf

        Thanks I”ll need it!! 😉

    • 5.7 zgznoona

      Best of lucks with love!!!
      And enjoy your social life
      We we’ll patiently wait to hear from you from time to time

      • 5.7.1 Leaf

        I will definately inform OT of any developments… but I’m pretty sure there won’t be lol.

        Thanks! 😀

        • zgznoona

          You have all the Unnis rooting for you
          Have some faith in you
          btw, are you playing quidditch this year?

          • Leaf

            Of course I am playing Quidditch this year!!! Nothing could make me stop!! <3

            And thank you everyone for rooting for me haha.

            I've realised that I've never had to think about my self confidence in dating before because every time I imagined it I was famous or at least successful. Therefore I was 'worth' something.
            But I don't have that (yet) so I don't know why anyone would like me.

            It's a weird thing. Cause in my head I'm going 'don't be silly of course there would be someone who might like you' but I can't quite believe it.
            I know I'm prettier than some girls who have had lots of boyfriends.
            I know I'm considered to be quite a nice person too even though I think I can be evil.
            It doesn't help though. There are many girls who are much prettier than me and have a good and more fun personality too.

            ^sigh^ Most people deal with this years ago not when they are already 19…

          • zgznoona

            You can’t go around comparing yourself to others, since there are always people better and worse than you.
            The important thing is being confident and believing in yourself.
            We all fear rejection, and not all guys you’ll like will like you back. But if you keep putting yourself down you’ll miss a lot of chances , and I’m talking from experience

          • FishcalledWanda

            By the way Leaf, you’re not the only 19 year old having this problem. It sounds very familiar for me. I have the feeling I kind of missed this phase in the start of puberty, but now it’s catching up with me! So don’t worry, you’re not the only one. And I’m sure it’ll turn out alright, I wish for you it will! 🙂

          • Leaf

            Really? I’m not alone in this?


            Other people are suffering muhahah.

            But seriously… it’s nice to know I’m not the only confused one…

            And good luck!!!! xxx

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, no you’re not! (I thought it was good to read here I wasn’t the only one, lol). When I like a guy (which does not happens often, more like almost never), I think the same about myself like you do. I know it’s stupid to compare myself to others, but still. I’m 19 for Pete’s sake, I should be over this stupid self-doubting thing!
            So I hope it turns out good with your guy (because that means there is also hope for me, ;p), be strong, fighting!

            (and may I ask what this Quidditch thing is, did you find a way to make brooms fly? If yes, please tell me the secret!)

          • Leaf

            Haha… not obsessively crushing over a guy at all times generally means you get labeled as quite weird doesn’t it?
            But seriously… how could girls crush over the guys at school? ^shudders^

            But it’s weird for me cause even though I think nothing will come of this this is the first time I’ve seen a guy in real life who I think ‘I would date you’. It’s a big change from my previous asexual existance. And not something that my billions of daydreams could have prepared me for.

            THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!!!
            Seriously… I have nothing to do with that. You will meet some awesome guy. YOU WILL!

            We will get over this lack of self confidence ok??
            FIGHTING!!! <3

          • Leaf

            And of course we fly in Quidditch! How else would we play it? 😉

          • FishcalledWanda

            YES, you get that label, why? Generally only thinking of dating guys in school gives me the shudders. Only since I started university it’s getting better. But I choose a study (arts), in which there are only 5 guys out of the 80 students (of which at least 3 are gay). So that doesn’t make it much better! Where are the cute, sweet guys that I only read about in books and see in dramas? ;p It’s possible I’m a bit delusional, lol.

            Even though you think nothing may come out of it, I’m still happy (and rooting) for you! Keep the updates coming! And you sound convincing that I may meet an awesome guy, so I’m convinced that it may turn out really good with this guy you met!
            Yeah, sista! We will overcome!

            And omg, I’ve always wanted to play Quidditch! 😀 When I was little I threw a Harry Potter themed party in which we would walk with brooms and hit tennis balls with tennis rackets. We had capes made of thin paper. It was the most awesome party in my whole life!

          • Leaf

            That’s what I’ve always thought!!!
            why are there decent guys in books but not in real life??

            And yeap… I had a Harry Potter party too!!!
            Harry Potter is the reason I learnt to read haha.

            But truely… there are about 3.5 billion guys on the planet… some must be good right…?

            And there’s always hope!!! <3 Even if they aren't on your course!! 😛

    • 5.8 Korazy Lady

      Hi Leaf! I’m so late in the game here OT wise, but hearing you talk about a guy you like, who may like you…….ah, it just warms my heart to bits! Nothing is better than the beginnings of a relationship! I hope you have many hours of randomly bursting into smiles when you think about him!

    • 5.9 Shukmeister

      Hey Leaf!!

      YG Entertainment just announced Big Bang UK tour dates:

      Wembley Stadium
      Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 1930
      Tickets go on sale October 26, 2012


      • 5.9.1 Leaf

        I ALREADY KNOW!!! And made a post about it at the bottom!!

        I AM SO GOING!!! <3

  6. FishcalledWanda

    Woohoo! Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a nice week!

    Being a student living alone also involves cooking for oneself. To my surprise I don’t hate it as much as I thought, but I lack the inspiration and I noticed that lately I’ve been cooking the same things every week. I’m in for some new things, so who knows any delicious (and not too complicated) recipes? Can be Asian, Italian, or whatever, as long as it’s tasty 🙂

    Have a nice Friday and weekend everyone!

    • 6.1 Shukmeister

      FishcalledWanda –

      I buy a rotisserie chicken, eat the dark meat (my favorite), and use the breast meat in other recipes, saving the carcass for soup. Below is one of my favorite recipes for chicken pot pie:

      1 cup diced chicken
      1 can cream of chicken soup
      1 bag frozen vegetables
      ½ cup milk
      1 egg
      1 cup Bisquick mix

      Preheat oven to 400 degrees

      In a 9-inch pie plate, put in the soup, vegetables, and chicken

      In a bowl, mix the egg, milk and Bisquick together. Pour over the chicken and vegetables. Spread evenly.

      Bake 30 minutes or until golden.

      • 6.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks Shukmeister!
        It sounds delicious! The dark meat is also my favorite 🙂 I’m going to try it somewhere next week! Hope I don’t mess it up, but it doesn’t sound to difficult!

        • Shukmeister

          I use a glass dish, for the even heat.

          Once it’s made, I make it into about 4 servings, and freeze the extras for later lunches.

          Other uses for the chicken breast: 2 cups of rice (I have a cooker), a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, chicken and soy sauce, and make my own fried rice! That I also freeze in smaller portions for lunch.

          We have a full-size refrigerator/freezer at work, so I’ll pile them up and pull them out as needed.

    • 6.2 whimsicalnet

      when i was living in states, we survived on many simple dishes. i’ll b glad to share but i think it will b easier for me to email u if u would email me your email add. it’s mynick @ gmail . com 🙂

    • 6.3 Sabah

      Well this isn’t a home cooked meal as such but really a delicious snack that I love, it’s a really easy no bake cookie recipe.

      Take around 30 digestive biscuits crush into breadcrumbs, as life sometime does. Add a packet of small (or large ones cut in two) of Marshmellows (seek out the hard to find ‘suitable for vegetarian’ kind for vegetarians like me). Add small tub of Glacier Cherries (optional, sometimes I also add white choco drops. My sister adds walnuts too but there are enough nuts in my already.)

      Finally bind everything together with that most sweetest of things, a whole can of condensed milk.

      Form into two long sausage shapes to represent your life and the life of your companion. Coat with desiccated coconut for that added je nais se quoi.

      Wrap in foil and leave overnight in refrigerator, then take out and cut up into 1 to 2 cm sliced biscuits. Ah! The cold, cruel world. Hehe. Enjoy!

      • 6.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Sabah! Nice to ‘see’ (read?) you! Omg, whoever came up with that idea for a cookie is a genius! I’m definitely going to try that out! I like your comparison to life, but it does sound a bit depressive. But I guess, that’s what life sometimes is!
        I now feel a very big craving for cookies, I think I’m going to raid my hidden cookie stack…

        • Sabah

          Sorry, it didn’t mean to sound so miserable. It’s my ultimate comfort food. I make them when I need cheering up, like today, so probably why I am down on life BUT not to fear, I always pull myself out of it. I have it too good to insult people who are truly suffering.

          The recipe was given to me by a close friend from Ireland, she told me that they are called ’15’s’ because you used to use 15 of everything in the recipe. I love sharing it with others because once they’ve made and tasted it, they love me forever. Seriously, they are that good!

        • FishcalledWanda

          I read in your post below that you had a dreary day, so no wonder you sound a bit depressive. Sorry to hear about your bad day. But it’s good to hear you are able to manage yourself out of it (with a little help of cookies). Cookies can make miracles. If everyone had some cookies to share, the world would be a better place.

          Haha, I’m going to share the recipe too then! I like it that they are called 15’s, must be easy to remember the recipe!

          I hope your weekend will be better than today! ( and if not, I wish you all the cookies in the world 🙂 )

          • Sabah

            Aw, you really are a cookie pie! Yeah, I am all right, feeling better by the minute. : )

            How are you doing? I really like fusion cooking, which is just a licence to experiment and call whatever comes out ‘art.’ Normally I just ask people how they make ‘other’ food, for instance, I ask my friend from India how she makes pasta, and mostly you’ll find that the recipes are customized a little, a mix of both cuisines. Just a suggestion. Wishing you well. : )

          • FishcalledWanda

            Glad to hear that 🙂 Hope it will keep improving through the whole weekend! Do you have anything nice planned?

            I’m very busy studying for mid-terms and I had to cut down my drama watching dramatically, so I still haven’t watched the end of White Christmas. I want to savour it for a good moment when I have all the time to fully enjoy it.

            I always feel a bit weary to experiment, cause I often end up with weird stuff and the feeling I kind of butchered my ingredients! But experimenting can also bring great things, like today I made something different with a courgette and a grill pan and some other stuff and it turned out great! But mostly I just make some kind of pasta, because I really like it and it’s very easy (perfect for when you’re feeling lazy). Do you have any favourite foods?

          • Sabah

            Firstly, WRITE DOWN EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID! I find with on the fly experimenting that turns out well, you think, I’ll remember what I did BUT YOU DON’T. Trust me!

            One of our festivals is coming up next week and it’s my favourite one. Lots of nice food BUT the drawback is that I have to cook all that nice food too, but still, I really enjoy it. Thank you so much for asking, it was really sweet of you.

            It’s funny, people always wish they could return to their youth but I never do because one thing I don’t miss is revising for exams. Don’t get me wrong, I love gaining knowledge and learning things BUT I just have this issue with modern education where it almost sucks the fun out of learning. Still, I know some people love it, and just keep in mind the long term gain of that degree which will take you towards that career! Also hard work is its own reward, so you are already successful.

            Ah, that White Christmas ending, I won’t say anything more but I would be interested to know what you thought about it when you do because it has people divided.

          • FishcalledWanda

            I’ll take that advice to heart! In fact I’m thinking to start some kind of notebook with stuff I invent and suggestions and recipes I find or hear from others (like the recipes suggested to me on this OT).

            Sounds fun! What kind of festival? I hope you have a nice weather (with a festival I assume it’s outdoors?). I read somewhere you live in the UK? I guess the weather is not always nice there this time of the year.

            I really like my study and also learning new things and gaining new perspectives, but revising for exams not so much. I find it very stressful and time consuming.

            Yeah I read that some people liked the ending and other…. not so much. I’m very curious on which side I’ll end up!

            Have fun at your festival this weekend! (and enjoy the food 🙂 )

    • 6.4 Ladytron33

      Oh, I love sharing recipes! I’ve made this soup a few times for my hubby so far this fall, and he’s obsessed with it. It’s cheap and hearty and can go a long way.

      Potato and Corn soup

      1 cup onion, diced
      1 clove garlic, minced
      3 potatoes, peeled and cubed
      2 cups vegi broth (I like the Swanson flavor boost, yum!)
      1 can corn (or 2 cobs fresh)
      1 cup milk

      In a large saucepan, heat about a tablespoon or so of olive oil on medium heat. Add the onions and saute until translucent. Next, add garlic and brown for a minute. Add the potatoes to the saucepan along with the corn and heat in oil. Add 2 cups vegetable broth. Cover and increase temperature to medium high. Bring to a boil and continue cooking until the potatoes are tender.

      Allow soup to cool then transfer to a blender (or hand blend) reserving about a cup of the potato/corn/onion mixture. Blend until desired consistency (I like mine really smooth). Transfer back to the pan on medium heat. Stir in the milk along with some salt and pepper to taste. Cook for a few more minutes. Add the reserved potato/corn/onion immediately before serving.

      You can also jazz it up with some hot peppers or cayenne. I used chipotle corn once and it was great! Bacon or diced ham can be added for extra flavor/protein, but not essential.

      Hope you enjoy!

      • 6.4.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Ladytron!
        Thanks for sharing your recipe! It sounds amazing, never thought about the fact that you could make soup of potatoes! I just ate my dinner and now you made me hungry again! Definitely going to try it, thanks!

        • JoAnne

          Peel and slice a few baking potatos and one onion. Saute the onions in a little oil or butter or a combo of both in an oven-safe frying pan. Take out the onions. If you need to add a bit of oil to the pan, do so. Put down a layer of potatos to cover the bottom of the pan and cook on med until potatos are beginning to turn golden-brown and crispy on bottom.

          In that same pan, add some onions and shredded mozzarella cheese on top of the potato layer. Now add another layer of potatos, then more onions and cheese. Continue until you have run out of stuff or filled the pan, which ever comes first, but end with a layer of onions and cheese.

          Pour a little melted butter over the whole mess, and stick it in the oven to bake until potatos are cooked and everything is a glorious golden, chewy, oniony thing of beauty.

          I usually serve with some sort of savory sausage (not breakfast sausage, in other words.)

          Most recently, my daughter and I were thinking that adding something like sauteed spinach to the dish could only improve it.

          If there are left overs, we often toss them in a pan with some chopped bell pepper to saute for a bit, then mix in egg/milk for scrambled eggs and just scramble away.

          If you don’t have an oven safe pan, you could always skip the bottom browning step and create your layers in a casserole. I don’t think it would lose much of anything.

          For two people to eat heartily and have some leftovers, I will usually use 3-4 decent size potatos and one good-size onion. Probably a cup of cheese.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Woo! Sounds super tasty! I like the expression of ‘a glorious golden, chewy, oniony thing of beauty’, it makes we want to eat it instantly! Thanks for sharing 🙂

          • Sabah

            Thank you! I am going to try this for next week’s roast.

          • Korazy Lady

            JoAnne, are you bringing some of your dishes to Newark? Sounds great!

        • Ladytron33

          Yay, I’m glad I inspired you! I remember what it was like trying to cook for myself in college. *sigh* This is easy and cheap, so I hope you enjoy.

          Because I spent a large portion of my life living in England, I’m familiar with a lot of ways to use spuds (as my MIL calls them)! You should look up recipes for white bean and potato and potato-leak soups. Both are good as well.

          I love this time of year. All food feels like comfort food.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Never ate white beans and potato(or spuds, lol)-soup before, but I like trying different things, so I’ll definitely check it out!
            My main problem with cooking for only me is that I always have many leftovers and no freezer and a teeny-tiny refrigerator. When I go grocery shopping almost everything comes in big portions, very frustrating!

            I don’t always like fall and the coming up winter, but the comforting food aspect makes it certainly better. There’s nothing better than to curl up in a nice chair, while it’s cold outside, with some delicious home-made food!

          • Ladytron33

            FishcaledWanda – I remember the difficulties of not having much space and trying to cook for one (or even two sometimes). You can always half the recipe I gave you if you don’t want leftovers.

            Can you buy items like potatoes, onions, and carrots individually instead of in the large bulk bags? (At least you can here. I don’t know what it’s like where you live.) Very useful for winter soup making!

            Also, here’s another British potato recipe I used as a student

            Jacket Potato

            Wash a medium baking potato, pricking the skin a few times. Rub the skin with some olive oil and salt and bake (or microwave)

            Once this is done, it can be topped with many different fillings. Just use your imagination. Good ones to try are-

            – Tuna, mayo, and canned corn
            – Beef and bean chili
            – Diced ham, cheese, and spring onion
            – Sautéed mushrooms and onions with a sliced sausage

          • FishcalledWanda

            The problem is that onions and most other vegetables are sold per two or more. So when I want one onion I have to buy a whole bag! And I end up eating things with lots of onions for the rest of the week.

            Ooh, another one! Thanks! When I read the name Jacket Potato, the first image to pop up in my head was a potato with a real jacket on. This one also sounds really good, and very easy to make. Will certainly try it out!

          • enz

            ladytron33. now I know how to make jacket potatoes! thanks

    • 6.5 Mar

      Here is something I have on my staples list for a cheapo meal for one and it takes only the time it takes to cook rice in a rice cooker, what 15 t0 25 minutes for rice for one? Or you can cook a bigger batch if you want to get more than one meal out of it. You do have to have the ingredients on hand though and I find it easier to put some of my stock items in small portions in the freezer

      Buy a small rice cooker. Should run you $15-$30-you can get one with a steamer attachment for $20-$30.

      Add Bouillon or broth to your rice when you put it in to cook.

      After the rice cooks halfway, add:

      -Chopped veggies of your choice, or frozen veggies. Remember if it’s chopped small it will cook fast. You can’t throw in big pieces of carrot or squash halfway through cooking your rice and expect it to be cooked until soft.

      I like to mix and match from the following variety, as I have it:

      -bell pepper
      -yellow squash
      -peas-add last minute
      -bamboo shoots
      -bean sprouts
      -brocoli-I only add this last minute or steam it instead as rice cooks.


      tofu is an option.
      I buy chicken tenderloins and wrap them separately. I cook one while rice is cooking, and add it to the rice after it finishes cooking.
      or you can cook ahead, chop, and put in individual portions in the freezer.

      Sometimes for a something different, I buy chicken ot turkey kielbalsa, cut it into tiny sections, and freeze. I pull it out and shave it with a knife while still frozen and add it to the rice when it is almost done.

      Egg-add chopped up fried or scrambled egg.


      If you have a freezer, freeze items that are freeze-able that you like to add in small containers.

      I broil a quarter bell pepper, I like red, and then cool, remove skin, cut up pepper meat, and put in freezer, taking out small bits as I need it.

      I cut up mushrooms and green onions and freeze.

      I buy fresh corn, cut it off the cob, and freeze it in portions.

      I get shredded cabbage from the salad bars at grocery stores, sometimes other small bits of veggies that I want fresh, so I only have to buy small portions.

      After cooking rice, veggies, and meat if wanted, you can add further seasoning if you want based on the veggies you have added-you can do various styles- Asian rice, or Mediterranean rice, Italian, Hispanic rice, etc. You could add soy sauce,and ginger and sesame oil, and/or siracha or other spices for an Asian flavor, or italian spices, cajun, or chili pepper and some cheese, anything you want. Occasionaly when I do the asian type and add egg as protein I top it with a little ketchup omurice style lol.

      • 6.5.1 Enz

        Mar! You make me wanna get a rice cooker… Even though I have one already!!! Lol. I am too lazy to cook these days. I used to but living close to family and also it’s relatively cheap to eat out, I take all the easier options and just don’t cook at all.

      • 6.5.2 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Mar, thanks! I don’t have a rice cooker yet, but I’ll look into it. Sounds like it may come in handy (being lazy, that is).
        I also don’t have a freezer, got a bit of a space problem.
        What is omurice? Something with omelet and rice and ketchup? It sounds Japanese.

        • Shukmeister

          I first saw it on RTP, but then I looked up the recipe.

          Basically, it’s an egg omelet but the filler is rice, vegetables, and sometimes a little meat. There’s all kinds of options for it.

      • 6.5.3 Shukmeister


        That is almost the recipe for bibimbap, one of my all-time favorite Korean foods. The only difference is, I order it deol sot, which is an extremely hot stone bowl. It keeps the bibimbap hot and crunchies up the rice!

        It’s great, easy to make exactly to your taste, and fast! I keep veggies frozen in individual portions, and make the rice as needed.

        I have a small rice cooker, and a large ceramic hotpot that I use in place of the deol sot.

        • Mar

          My rice cooker will crisp the rice on the bottom if I let it cook until it auto turns to warm, haha. I go to the experts for bi bim bap though. I’m not that talented in getting the flavoring right. The local international market has a Korean lunch counter with great food and I like their bi bim bap.

    • 6.6 enz

      hi fishcalledwanda

      here is the recipe for fettucine with creamy tomato italian sausage sauce

      2Tbs olive oil
      3 shallots, chopped
      2 cloves of garlic, chopped
      1/2 lb sweet italian sausage and 1/2 lb hot italian sausage, casings removed
      2 cans of diced tomatoes in juice
      1cup whipping cream
      1TBs dried sage (although i have used mixed herbs)
      3/4lb fettucine
      parmesan cheese

      Heat oil. add shallots and garlic until begins to soften – 3 mins
      Add sausages and saute till no longer pink, breaking up sausages a bit (i break a lot!) – 5 mins
      Add cream, simmer about 5 mins
      Add tomatoes with juices. add sage. simmer till sauce thickens, stirring occ.
      Cook pasta. add sauce and toss pasta over medium heat till sauce coats pasta.
      season with salt and pepper
      sprinkle with cheese (i dont :))

      i keep it in the freezer and cook little batches over the week. i feel it gets yummier!

      hope you like it

      • 6.6.1 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks enz! I really love pasta, so anything with pasta is always a winner for me! Nice to know some variations, cause I tend to always make the same kind.

        When I eat frozen pasta out of the freezer when I’m at my parent’s home, I also feel it gets tastier after being freezed and warmed up again!

        Now I feel like eating pasta! Hmm..

        • Enz

          You’re welcome. I thought this is easy cos you just really need the sausages and cream and diced tomatoes. The hot Italian sausages are spicy. Can imagine that it’ll be good for winter

  7. zgznoona

    Happy OT everybody!!!
    Last weekend was awesome, tho I ended up exhausted and with a cold 😀
    I went to NYC for a friends wedding, Friday night was the wedding the bride and groom wanted and Sunday was a Chinese style reception for the grooms grandmother.
    It was interesting because it was the wedding of the first son of a first son, and the grandma (who seems to have a lot of power and money) wanted to show the whole community how proud she was. But it was all for show. During the tea ceremony she make it look like she “gave” gold to the bride valued in more than $10,000.00. She also played the Zheng, and changed dresses almost as often as the bride.
    All in all, it was an interesting experience. It could have been better if most of the people hadn’t assumed I was the bride’s sister in law. 😉 There were a few cute guys, but there is little one can do if you have to expend the night explaining that the guy sitting next to you is just a friend.
    On the drama front, I feel kind of empty. There is nothing that really excites me.
    Well, Arang ended and even when I loved the cute happy ending, it lack excitement.
    Faith isn’t doing much better, though I’m still watching
    Oohlala Spouses it’s ok, but not enough for me
    I know everyone is excited about Nice Guy, and I’m curious about it. But I don’t want to watch a drama with most likely sad ending
    And this season jdramas just started, there are a few I’m keeping an eye on, but still too soon

    • 7.1 Shukmeister


      I agree; there’s not much waiting in the wings that’s caught my interest. I’m still working through the TWDrama “When Love Walked In”, which is 32 episodes of love triangle and corporate shenanigans, but not too bad. No JDramas either. Any recco’s?

      • 7.1.1 zgznoona

        I watch ep 1 of Kekkon Shinai, looks good
        Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo might be interesting to watch, but I-ll tell you more once I watch more episodes.
        I’m keeping an eye on Piece, looks interesting, but no subs yet.
        Not too sure yet about Akamu Chan, kind of childish. But if you like Gackt go for it. Koukou Nyuushi mystery at high school during entrance exam, it’ll depends how they’ll do it
        I want to check a few more before deciding

        • Shukmeister

          zgz –

          Gackt was not one of my favs, I have to say.

          I guess I’m still suffering from Oguri Shun deprivation. lol. I have the movie “Crow Zero, but I don’t want to watch it in case we use it for Movie Night in November. Still, my hand keeps creeping toward the “play” button. I’ve been told his hair is soo much better looking in the movie than in RMPW…

          • zgznoona

            I’n not sure why I’ve been avoiding that movie, I might give it a try
            Last week I watched again RMPW, and I could do it a 3rd time this weekend, but I’m resisting
            You can always watch Tokyo Dogs 😉 he looks great in it

          • Enz

            But I liked his hair in rmpw!! :). Hi shukmeister ! I missed you last week.. I posted lots of jung il woo pics in case you’re interested 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            Ooh, I may have to look that up.

            Yeah, last weekend I spent with 20 teens from my church in a retreat in the Outer Banks, NC. Ended up exhausted by happy; no major disasters, my session Friday night was a hit, and I got lots of Good-n-Plenty from my secret pal! So I’ve been playing catch-up this week. Almost done tho!

          • Shukmeister

            Selamat, Enz!

            And I am brimming with jealousy! Great pics from your “stroke” of luck with JIW! Someone said in previous OT that he was gracious in person. I can see if your grin was any wider your lips would touch the back of your head!

            Thanks for posting them!

    • 7.2 John


      I see that the SPEC movie is available on DC.

      That will definately be a watch for this weekend.

      • 7.2.1 zgznoona

        I watched it at lunch.
        Quirkiest that I expected, with a lot of inside jokes. You might need to refresh your memory before watching it, because it jumps right in.

    • 7.3 tamtam

      Sad that people aren’t giving Oohlala Spouse a chance! It’s hilarious even though it’s about middle age people. Superb actors imo, esp Shin Hyun-Jun. For an actor who’s always in a dramatic serious role, I didn’t think it was possible for him to act as a woman and made it both funny and believable.

      • 7.3.1 zgznoona

        I know it’s funny, and I understand the story is telling.
        I’m watching it,I just don’t love it.
        It’s been a while since I really fall in love with a drama, and that’s what I miss. I miss being grabbed by a drama and becoming obsessed with it. It’s been a year since I last felt like that.
        RMPW and AM1997 were close to do that but not quite

  8. Yervang

    Good morning! It’s my first open thread. So sad Arang ended. But the weather is finally cooling off in California! Wooh hooh!

    • 8.1 Shukmeister

      Welcome, Yervang!

      Don’t be a stranger, and just add any and all comments!

      I haven’t watched the last two yet, but I intend to do that by Sunday. [cross fingers] I’ve heard mixed feelings about the ending, though.

    • 8.2 Leaf

      Welcome!!! Everyone is super friendly so have lots of fun!!

      And can you send some of that Cali weather to the UK?
      Much apprieciated xxx

    • 8.3 cv

      Welcome and enjoy OT! ^^

    • 8.4 Kiara

      Welcome :). I’m sad that Arang ended too but looking forward to their new projects esp Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah.

    • 8.5 zgznoona

      Welcome to OT!!!
      Weather is not cooling off in Florida yet 🙂

  9. am

    A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

    Happy weekend y’all! :3

    • 9.1 Shukmeister


      A convertible speeds past a cop, who gives chase.

      Pulling up alongside the vehicle, the officer sees that, not only is the blonde behind the wheel speeding, but she appears to be knitting at the same time!

      Rolling his window down, he yells, “PULL OVER!”

      She yells back, “NO, IT’S A SCARF!”

      • 9.1.1 cv

        LOL ^^

  10. 10 Noelle

    I am finally on time. Happy OT everyone!

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday everyone!

    That RL is sneaky. I’ve been very busy with various projects, and so missed last week’s OT, and have only a brief moment right now for this one.

    Still watching VP2 (really loving the arching storyline and our new family member the Doc!), Faith (A lot’s been said already, but crossing my fingers for some type of happy ending for our OTP), and Arang (haven’t watched the last two episodes yet).

    Nothing new has caught my interest yet for fall.

    Due to some computer glitches on top of everything, I’ve only recapped Episode 11 of “18 vs 29” – only 5 episodes left to go! I am so incredibly impressed at those diehard fans that crank out recaps again and again. It’s definitely exhausting, at least to this ahjumma!

    And the best news – BIG BANG! 😎 😎 🙂 😉 😎 As of this week, we have another OT noona joining my ranks for the Newark show. So far, I’ve got noraebang in Koreatown, a trip to Kristabellis (JYP’s restaurant), and Movie Noona night after the concert (currently scheduled is Shun Oguri’s Crow Zero.
    Friday afternoon, I am reserving a table at a local bar and grill at 1700 hours, in order to eat and fellowship but still have time to get to the concert venue. Depending on the response from other DBOT’s, I’ll try and reserve a correspondingly-size table. Bring cameras, I’m ready to do some V-sign mugging! lol

    Today, I have to make flower arrangements for a combined anniversary dinner: my parents (56), my 2nd sister (25), and my brother (14). That’s a lot of married years! I’m still at (0) 😉

    Anyway, take care everyone! See you tonight!

    • 11.1 Leaf

      Oh HAVE SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!! I AM MEGA JEALOUS!!! Experience the awesomeness!!! <3

      I'm even jealous you're going to JYP's restaurant because it will be awesome and I really want to go there as my real name is rediculously similar to Kristabellis!

      Anyway I hope everything is going well and have a great week Unni!!! <3

      • 11.1.1 Shukmeister

        It’s CherKell’s dream, so I’m going to accommodate her. Plus, the menu shows Samgyeopsal!

        • cherkell

          Well, it’s *one* of my dreams.. the others cannot be reprinted in public. 😀

          • Shukmeister


          • Leaf

            That’s the way it should be 😉

    • 11.2 cv

      Shukie, awesome plan! I’ll have to think of something to do while I’m there. LOL

      • 11.2.1 Shukmeister

        Friday am is still available, although I’m still pushing for Palisades Park, if we can make it up and back before supper.

        • cv

          That would be really nice! Hmm… I’m hoping to get to the hotel in one hour so it’s possible. IS Palisades Park in NJ?

        • Korazy Lady

          If I’m drinking soju on Thursday, I may need to spend most of Friday recuperating. Plus, don’t we have to see how long it takes us to get out of jail Friday morning?

          • Shukmeister

            You can snooze in the car after CMRPrindle bails us – lol.

        • cherkell

          PalPark is only about 15 miles north of where we’re staying in Newark. A quick up-and-back for sures.


    • 11.3 Enz

      Your big bang get together sounds really fun. Big bang is here this weekend. I have no idea where in KL cos I don’t know anything about kpop and did not pay attention.

      Hope you have a really good and fun time. Don’t forget to take pics with a group saranghae pose and with heads all tilted in one direction 🙂

      • 11.3.1 Shukmeister

        @ Enz –

        lol – I’ll be the one with the luggage under her eyes from trying to put this all together. hee hee hee.

        • enz

          good luck! i would have been super stressed coz am bad at planning 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            I am too! Planning definitely not my strong suit.

            My best friend used to do all the detailed plans, and then I would be there to adjust as reality needed. So our vacations were pretty smooth.

            Still, I’ve got everything on a spreadsheet, charted and typed, so nerd skills definitely help.

  12. 12 saltandpepper

    hi everyone 🙂

    I think I’m the only one who is not sad for the end of Arang and the magistrate….the reason being…i still haven’t started it yet….but will do so in a few days… 😀

    • 12.1 kopytko

      You’re not the only one! I did start watching, but I don’t remember when I skipped watching and even reading recaps. It’s not exactly bad, but somehow I don’t know when, if ever, I am going to finish it.
      I guess sageuks, normal or fusion, aren’t my cup of tea after all.

      • 12.1.1 Saima

        I have a hard time getting into sageuks as well. I’ve tried everything that’s been recc’d to me: from TwDR to TPM…yeah, no. Which is really unfortunate…

        • kopytko

          On the bright side, addicts can have a breath when there are more sageuks on – finally have meals instead of sitting glued in front of the screen 🙂

          • saltandpepper

            that’s right….lol… too…i like historical genre…but not in case of k dramas…i have only seen Sungkyunkwan scandal in that regard..

  13. 13 kewbie

    Happy Friday, all! I hope you all are doing well. Not much going on in the drama department for me, but I did buy some k-music recently. Epik High and Miss A really caught my eye/ear. 😉 Don’t know if I’ll be back later today, but have a great Friday!

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      I haven’t bought anything since Junsu’s “Tarantellegra” was released. I’ll check out your two recco’s!

  14. 14 Llamaesque

    Random question: has anyone tried the Apple TV screen mirroring for drama watching? I might give it a try—I use a Mac, and have an opportunity to get an Apple TV box.

    I’m curious how it would work with subtitles, though. I usually watch dramas streaming on my TV using a Google TV blu ray player, which I totally love. But it doesn’t allow me to watch things I download, and I’d love to see some older series and international shows that aren’t available streaming anywhere. :b

  15. 15 JoAnne

    Greetings My Wondrous Beans!

    (admit it…you were all refreshing like crazy like me, wondering where in the world OT got to and hoping everything was ok with our DramaBean Queens, right?)

    Good week here I guess – I’m so tired these days I’m not really sure anymore! I’m awake enough to keep watching my shows though, so how bad could it be?

    Arang: Everyone got the end I figured they’d get, and for the main couple, for reason they kinda forshadowed to us all the way through. It’s odd because I loved the two couples (Satto/Arang, Dol Sue/Bang Wool) a ton, and I really felt for Joo Wal – but this final episode just didn’t bring any emotion out of me. Normally I’d have had a tear or two but nope, nothing. Although I did laugh at the little girl at the end. How cute was SHE?

    Nice Guy: Oh goodness, there are no words for how awesome I think this show is. Every one has layers, the expected is handled in unexpected ways, they’re moving through situations J-Dorama fast, Eun Ki is the sweetest thing in the world AND we get to look at Song Joong Ki a whole lot. It really just doesn’t get better than this. Ok. If there was a field of vegetables and Maru was in a boy band full of muscular cuties who were very focused on, ya know, hygiene and moisturizing – THAT would make it better. But otherwise, nope. There’s nothing missing.

    Faith: I can’t be the only one who had a mini spasm at that final scene. Let that boy get up in my face like that and see what happens. And poor Ki Chul. SO disappointed, and now I think he’s gonna go nuts and ruin all my affection for his bad boyness by being really rotten. Tiny Kinglet, and his beautiful bride – my affection for this couple is going to last forever. My heart broke for them this episode.

    Great Seer: Two episodes in and if it keeps this way I am declaring Official Crack. First of all – Jee Jin Hee: come visit, and bring your costume (wink wink). And guy playing In Im, you crazy man – I’m gonna have FUN watching you, aren’t I? Beautifully filmed, too – imagine if Faith had had this scale, I think that’s what people were complaining about. They wanted this for that. I’m ok with what we got, but I see the point. This will be my first sageuk. It’s long too, right? I hope it doesn’t flag. I can’t wait for my Ji Sungie to be around a lot 🙂

    Five Guys – I’m up to Ep 9 now I think…I like it but I don’t feel any compelling urge to WATCH THIS NOW. Maybe my heart is too invested in other things at the moment. UGH NOT FIVE GUYS – Five Fingers. I’m hungry, sorry.

    So Jomo – Arang is done, and I’m gonna watch TBDaW, ok? You can stop poking me! I’ll start it this weekend.

    Music? Hm. I do like Epik High’s new release, and I LOVE Miss A’s ‘I Don’t Need a Man’

    Ok, I’m off to read comments!

    • 15.1 cv

      LOL YEsssh! I was one of them who kept refreshing to see if OT was up. 😛

      I love Tablo and now can’t wait for Epik High to come out with their new album. I think it’s today Korea time–OCt.19. I love their single: It’s cold. Wonder what they have in store for us fans? ^^

      I’m liking Great Seer too. 🙂

    • 15.2 John


      The Great Seer is something else.

      Get ready to rumble ! It’s going to get crazy.

      • 15.2.1 Ladytron33

        I’ve been wondering if I should start this one. It’s a little long, and I don’t know if I can commit 🙂

        I usually trust your taste, John. Should I give it a go?

        • John

          It looks good so far.

          • Ladytron33

            Good enough for me! Thanks.

      • 15.2.2 Ann

        Have you seen episode 3? JJH is laughing like he’s on nitrous. I guess he calms down with age.

    • 15.3 mary

      “So Jomo – Arang is done, and I’m gonna watch TBDaW, ok? You can stop poking me! I’ll start it this weekend.”

      My thought process:

      Arang -> Jade Emperor -> TBDaW… TBDaW… The Baek Dongsoo, A Warrior…?

      HAHAHA I totally forgot about Time Between Dog and Wolf… 😀

    • 15.4 Saima

      Yayyy to Epik High’s comeback!

      Am I the only one who thinks Ryu Deok-Hwan in his God’s Quiz look resembles Tablo?!

    • 15.5 jomo

      It’s TBDandW Weekend!!!
      (I sent your my new fake FB name in your FB mail if you want to “talk to” me as you go.
      It’ll be something like my 3rd rewatch, but I am excited.

      Faith, geez, you gotta love a warrior locked up in a room with a modern yeoja. We won’t be seeing any of the action, but it warms my heart knowing their gettin’ some before the Big Sad.

      NG – LOL and couldn’t agree more.

      Five Guys – My first thought was “There is a drama called Five GUYS and I don’t know anything about it?
      I am revoking my own DOA (Dirty Old Ajumma) membership card.”

      Should I start the Great Seer, really? It is on Dramafever. Is that where you are watching it?

      • 15.5.1 JoAnne

        yes and so far it’s absolutely glorious

        • joybells

          Can somebody please tell me if the king gongmin in “faith” and king gongmin in “The great seer” is the one and the same chracter?

          • JoAnne

            yes and Choi Young is there and Jee Jin Hee is the boy that Doc saved that in future is his death

    • 15.6 Big Unni

      “Let that boy get up in my face like that and see what happens.”
      What’s really funny is when I watched that scene I said the same thing…so did my mom…-_-
      I am a noona with a eommoni who thinks she’s sixteen again when she sees Lee Min Ho (a.k.a Lee Min Hotness). What to do but love her even more for having such impecable taste but still loving my dad! lol
      Happy Friday Joanne!

  16. 16 cv

    Happy OT all! ^^

    Just have to say, I can’t wait for Big Bang concert in NJ! Three more weeks to go! So excited! hehe 🙂

    This week I watched:

    Faith–still going strong. Four more episodes to go. Please end the show with a great ending otherwise I’ll hate to be disappointed.

    Arang– Well, I liked it, but the ending seemed a bit rushed to me since it’s the last episode. I liked the concept of them reincarnation to love again–finding eachother and they should have done a bit more with it and cut the part where they went into the underworld to find out how she died–seemed more of a filler to me. If only! I really did like the little reincarnation girl of Arang at the end though. Otherwise, ending was just a meh for me.

    Sprout–Finally went back to watch the ending subtitled and it’s still so cute! They got back together! ^^ (happy sigh)

    Other then that, I’m still waiting on subs for Great seer, third hospital and horse healer–planning to marathon this one.

    • 16.1 John


      Happy Friday!

      Sprout is one that was on hold, maybe this weekend..

    • 16.2 JoAnne

      Wait, what? My Hayato DOESN’T end up with a broken heart? Then I will watch – I decided not to finish when I heard that Souhei and Miku would be the final couple. Because Souhei is adorbs and all that, but NO ONE can beat my Hayato sweetie.

      • 16.2.1 cv

        Ahem! JOanne, not those two. :p LOL You know… the two main lead. ^^ I wish for Hayato too…but wasn’t meant to be. 😀

        • JoAnne

          Then I am protesting, and refuse to watch the end. Hmph.

          • zgznoona

            and I thought you finished watching it. Just so you know, if Shouhei and Miku get together is thanks to Hayato. It’s his decision. I hope that wasn’t much of a spoiler

        • Saima

          NOOOOOO!! Our poor Hayato! *sniffless*

          I still have to complete this one and now have a humongous reason not to do so.

          • cv

            You should finish it. ^^ IT’s such a nice watch though. 🙂 you can’t go wrong with this Jdorama.

  17. 17 iZzie :)

    Just dropping by before I resume my Faith marathon. 🙂 Old habits came back: skipping meals and delaying sleep to watch “just one more episode.”

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    • 17.1 saltandpepper

      how true about that “just one more episode” 😀

      • 17.1.1 Mystisith

        One of the many symptoms of the drama addiction.

      • 17.1.2 iZzie :)

        I thought it’s never gonna come back, but here it is. And it brought along eyebags and raccoon eyes with it. Soon, I’ll be having – in rickytrh’s words – eye luggage. 🙂

    • 17.2 jomo

      Always nice to see you.
      I think I found a cure to the “OK one more episode” problem:
      I started a Mainland China drama, Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan, with 100 episodes. While normally I would be whizzing through, I feel like I can take my time. It’s not like I’m going to find out the big answer any time sooner.

      I started Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan, (whew!) beause it is the same emperor as in BBJX. It is about the perils of being in the Emperor’s Harem. Honestly, I don’t see ANY benefits to being a concubine. It is horrifying what those women had to put up with.
      I am on ep 9 of 100. So far so good. I don’t ravenously want to watch because of all the current shows I am watching, but it flies by when I watch.

      Anyone finish it? It stars Sun Li, who keeps reminding me of the J-actress Kanjiya Shihori.

      • 17.2.1 John


        My wife and I are currently watching The Legend Of Zhen Huan.

        We’re at Ep 24 I believe. It’s good , isn’t it? So many plots and plans.

        The ladies are so pretty in their costumes.

        • jomo

          They are beautiful costumes, and the ladies are horrifying!

          Btw, I caught up with GS, I like David Lee a LOT as young Ji Sang. His resume is pretty impressive in the last few years with so many feature films.

          I like the show but there are a few LOL moments where they stretch credibility a tad. I guess it’s just safer/cheaper to have someone in 1 foot of water pretending to be drowning after falling off a bridge than to have him in over his head.
          And boy, GongMin is being portrayed as a weaker king than in Faith…

      • 17.2.2 JoAnne

        where are you watching this sounds innerestin

        • John


          Viki has it. Eps 1-24 are subbed. If you look at the last 3 eps, they have links to DVD subs (?) for the rest of the episodes.

      • 17.2.3 Enz

        Jomo, this is exactly what a friend of mine who watches Indonesian dramas say.. With them running into hundreds of episodes, she knows there is no way of marathoning. Hence, she takes her time. With Korean dramas, she knows 16 episodes if she marathons through is less than a day. And that’s what she did with coffee prince! And now, she’s Terrified of starting another k drama!! >.<

      • 17.2.4 iZzie :)

        Hi Jomo!!! *HUGS*

        Glad that you’ve found a work-around on the addiction. 🙂 But I doubt choosing 100-episode drama would work on me. Jumong and Dae Jang Geum were 81 & 54-episode dramas but I watched them on marathon anyway. 😀 It was like being a zombie for a week – I resumed watching as soon as I got home from work. I even ate in front of the TV (I had these dramas in DVD back then).

        But I’d still want to try this Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan. 🙂 I’ve seen documentaries about Chinese emperors and life in the forbidden city. And though I don’t agree about the way they lived or how women were treated back then (starting with foot binding), I still find their ways fascinating.

    • 17.3 iZzie :)

      Yay! Finally caught up with the latest episode of Faith. 😀
      Wow, what a ride! All the time travel loop-a-loops had me questioning the lingering of certain artifacts, but hey… I just strapped in and enjoyed it anyway. I love the ending of ep. 20 btw, even though it left me hanging – which is what drama episodes are designed for.
      I have a question though… do they still use film cameras in Korea? When I was there, I didn’t see anyone who used film camera or any photo developing shops. Or maybe I was too excited and too busy taking pictures to notice. 🙂

      And then there’s a concern: Lee Min Ho’s gonna be in town but the day he’s gonna be here is a work day. And I don’t have unscheduled vacation leaves left. Should I brave it (I might get dagger looks) and ask my boss for a change of work schedule to attend his fan meeting? I mean, what am I gonna say to her? LOL. Me and my non-problem.

      • 17.3.1 iZzie :)

        Oh, and yeah. I love Deokman. 😉 Of all the characters. There, I’ve said it. 😀 Happy New Week!

      • 17.3.2 Shukmeister

        @ iZzie 🙂 –

        Lee Min Ho?? [cough cough, hack hack] I think I caught something and it would be best to stay home a day so I don’t sicken others in my workforce [cough cough]

        Is fangirling lovesickness covered under my health insurance? Must look that up…


  18. 18 John

    Friday !

    The Great Seer is something else.

    There are others that I’m sort of watching.

    • 18.1 cv

      Are you liking GS too? Awesome! So far, so good. (fingers cross it stays that way)

      • 18.1.1 John


        Have you seen Ep 3 yet?

        • cv

          I have not. Still waiting for sub. ^^ Hoping to this weekend. Subs on viki is kinda slow.

          • John


            Yeah, I saw it on DramaFever.

            Can’t wait for the next episode.

          • cv

            JOhn, I’ll probably wait until both eps are subbed. Less waiting. Little spoiler…Does it start off with the babies?

          • John


            **Not Really A Spoiler Alert**

            Yes, 2 babies are born.

            Of course, there has to be a drama surrounding this, considering who the babie’s mommies and daddies are.

          • cv

            John, I couldn’t stop myself and watched ep 3 on viki. aawww~! Now I have to wait until ep 4 is subbed. 🙁 Sooo sad. I hate waiting. LOL
            I have to say, without the adult actors yet, the other side characters are doing well carrying this show. I do Like JJH’s acting. So different from his more modern dramas. IF this pace continues, this show may be up there on my great drama list with TWDR and WBDS. 🙂

    • 18.2 kakashi

      oh, this (GS) is so on my must-watch-list … I’m getting really excited about it

    • 18.3 Kiara

      Ji Jin Hee is hilarious. Its kind of a nice change from fusion fantasy at least for me. I’ve always been a fan of Korean history.

  19. 19 enz

    hi everyone! happy OT. am watching 2D1n right now – the one where joo won almost freaked out at the moth while trying to mantain a fixe position and now they are eating frantically as the song plays faster and am laughing like mad! love the show and the folks in them 🙂

    • 19.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi enz!
      I watched that 1N2D episode also recently. Joo Won really looked like he might start to cry! I love 1N2D, I started it because of Joo Won, but now I like the whole crew. I always have to laugh out loud, it’s so funny. The games they sometimes have to play are insane! Also, whenever I watch it I get hungry, so I’ve taken the habit of eating my diner while watching!

      • 19.1.1 enz

        hey fish called wanda.. you really CANT not laugh out loud! its too funny – even when you know what to expect coz youve read dramabeans recaps. its the same – i wanna eat what they are having or at least try a bit of it.

        anyway, i have a simple pasta recipe that i wanna share with you and will do so later coz its actually past 1am and i need to sleep now 🙂

        have a great friday and weekend. did you see all the pics i put up in the last thread – it was jung il woo overload 🙂

        • FishcalledWanda

          Yeah I saw all the pics! And drooled over them for about an hour. Still can’t believe you saw in the (beautiful) flesh! Did he actually touch your back?! If you have more pictures to post, keep ’em up! You can never have to many Jung il woo pictures to look at! I wish that I could be so close to him, aah!

          I always want to restrain myself not to read the recaps in advance, but always feel. Still it’s super funny!
          Oooh late, sleep well then! (lol, here it is only half past 7 p.m.) Thanks for sharing your recipe in advance ^^

          Also, are you still watching City Hunter? How do you feel about it now?

          • FishcalledWanda

            * saw Jung il Woo in the flesh I mean, ha!

          • Enz

            Yes still watching city hunter. Am at episode 15 now.. I enjoy it enough but do find that the main male and female leads a little lacking in comparison to the older actors and joon hyuk’s acting. I certainly find joon hyuk better looking and much better actor than lee min ho- am saying this at the risk of incurring all the lmh fans!! It’s like he acts within an emotional range of 5-7. It’ll be a show that I watch and not rewatch again for sure.

            As for whether JIW had his hand on my back.. Yes he did. As he did for many of the fans who had their pics taken with him. It’s silly to feel so pleased. Haha

            Just wondering if you’re able to get dried shrimps in holland. One of my fave soup dish ( eat with rice ) is spinach with dried shrimp and egg. It’s very simple to make cos you just stir fry a little garlic (chopped) and then the dried shrimp until fragrant and then add the egg and break it up so that dried shrimp and egg is combined. Add water .bring to boil and just at then end , add spinach… It wilts immediately and is cooked . A bit of salt but not too much cos dried shrimp is also salty. Wonder if you can try this :). Your neighbors might complain about the smell cos it might be strong but it’s a smell I love

          • FishcalledWanda

            City Hunter is one of my favourite dramas. It just got everyting: handsome lead, handsome second lead ( I like Joon Hyuk VERY much), nice leading lady, good action, thrilling action scenes, etc. I’m not sure I like Joon Hyuk more than Lee Min Ho, I like both a lot!

            Omg! I’m a bit jealous of you ;p That’s like the most amazing thing ever! Haha, I don’t think you silly for being pleased!

            Thanks for your recipe! I’m not really a shrimp person, but maybe I can try it with something else. Sounds very good though! : )

          • enz

            dried shrimp is quite different from usual shrimp – it flavours the food really well. but you may not be able to find it in holland.

            i notice that lots of people love lee min ho – i need to see more of his work and see what i am missing. in any case, its great that we all have our faves – in the city hunter case, i like joon hyuk coz he has this really intense look about him. i find it sexy 🙂

          • FishcalledWanda

            I’ve never seen dried shrimps in Holland before, but maybe some specialist supermarket has them.

            It’s true what you say about Joon Hyuk intensity, very sexy indeed. I found his character becoming more and more interesting as the series progressed. I like Lee Min Ho the best in City Hunter, less in Faith. Can’t exactly pinpoint why, maybe it was the whole City Hunter thing that elevated him. Like JB and GF said in a podcast, that a great director can make an actor raise an actor to a higher level. Certainly the case in City Hunter and not so much in Faith.
            Hope you’ll like the rest of the series!

            By the way, when I first noticed that sometimes your name is enz and sometimes with a kapital E, Enz, and it was in different posts, I wondered if maybe it were two different persons, but now I know your both, lol

      • 19.1.2 Ann

        Me too! No matter how much I have eaten, I still get hungry again!

  20. 20 whimsicalnet

    hallo and happy weekend everyone.

    on the kdrama front, now that Arang has ended I’m finally gonna get to watch the whole show. But i alr saw that little cutie Arang. hehe.

    am asking on the very very off chance of someone knowing, is there anywhere to watch episodes of Dr Who (past n/or present seasons). a fren is dying to watch it and the local tv stations dun show it.

    • 20.1 LizJ

      Are you in the US?

      Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Videos have previous seasons.

      • 20.1.1 whimsicalnet

        Unfortunately am not in the US. 🙁

        Oh well. Thanks anyway! 😀

  21. 21 avi

    Hey Everybody, I’ve been following Dramabeans for awhile now (~2yrs) and decided to get in on the fun.

    I married a Korean guy from Busan and fell in love with Kdramas! Chuno was the first one we watched together and I have been hooked ever since. I have even picked up some phrases! My goal is to be fluent so we can speak Korean at home.

    Anywho, nice to meet everyone 🙂

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      I really would love to learn the Korean language too. It would definitely help when I get antsy for subs.

      And my current secret desire is to also marry a Korean guy *blush blush* and go live in Korea. Do you suppose a Korean guy might not be adverse to marrying an Indian? rofl

      • 21.1.1 avi

        Maybe not! My hubs told me a story about the Gaya King (near Busan) who married an Indian woman who was floating on a river. I may be messing that story up, but it sounded really romantic.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          A drama was made of that: Kim Suro… and sounds like you are a little bit off. That was in the Samguk Yusa if you need the full tale.

          • DayDreamer

            @ avi and Kim Yoonmi: LOL! If only life was a bit like the dramas, eh? But thanks for building my hopes up. 😉

          • avi

            Oops, I thought I was off with that one. I’ll need to check out that drama though.

            My hubby claims his Moms side is a descendant from them. Something like 75 generation or something. That is Ca-RAZaY. It is also kind of awesome to have a family record book that goes that far back.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          @avi: Both sides of my Korean family come from Kim Hae… ^^;; When I found out I was asking “Wae~~” ^^;; Goes back at least two generations on both sides. Weird ’cause its a bit more acceptable than kissing cousins on the scale of incest. It’s the largest clan in Korea (10 brothers, 2 sisters, 8 brothers who are Kim Hae, 2 Heo Kim Hae and 2 sisters who married into Silla–traditionally one isn’t supposed to marry Heo Kim Hae either.), which usually means I’m related to everyone. Everyone at least has one Kim Hae in their family.

          Makes me 4%? Indian? Haha. (I leave the math to my brother.)

          Oh and Kim Suro isn’t that accurate on the Indian stuff. ^^;; I’m still working on my better version told from Hwang Ok’s POV–fusion style. =P

      • 21.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        I know there are people who do, but keep in mind your average Korean guy does not look like they do in the movies. So don’t be too disillusioned when you see that Korean guys can be ugly, silent and rude and will not reform. =P And I’m speaking as a Korean here…

        Some Korean guys also refuse to do events, do not cry and talk in monotone. (My famed brother. =P)

        • FishcalledWanda

          That last bit sounds like my brother too, and I’m from Holland! Guess that some things are universal.

          I wanna marry a Kactor ;p (which of course is highly likeable to ever happen! I’m not delusional, I’m not!)

        • DayDreamer

          Don’t worry, I certainly am well aware of the difference between reality and reelity, heh. But it never hurts to dream of marrying a hottie. 😉

          Oh but not only just the guy…I kinda want to be part of the overall culture and lifestyle too. Being as it so vastly different from my own. I don’t mind embracing the good, the bad, and even the ugly, lol.

          (I guess by now it’s obvious I’m enchanted by all things Korean. =P)

        • Ann

          That sounds a little like my husband and son (except for the ugly part). They often refuse to answer questions. We are about as Anglo as they come.

      • 21.1.3 Shukmeister

        DayDreamer –

        I’d settle for someone to do vehicle maintenance and lawn care. LOL

        Seriously, if I had my choice of any K-actor out there to be my love slave, it would probably be Uhm Tae-woong, mostly because of how he is in real life, more than any onscreen portrayal.

        Although if we count screen characters, I’d love me some Kim Do Jin (AGD) action for the romance and smoking hotness, or maybe Dokko Jin (BL) for the manchild experience.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Eum Tae Woong is delicious since he’s so dorky in real life. =P Dorks are fun to date.

          • Shukmeister

            True true! They’re usually not afraid to do goofy things in public!

  22. 22 DayDreamer

    I assume this is a thread to talk about whatever random stuff, right? Well, I’m someone who recently joined this site and I’m having lots of fun.

    Is there anyone watching Ohlala Spouses? Some parts are interesting but on the whole it’s not all that great. I’m still going to watch it to balance it with Nice Guy melodrama. Speaking of which, that is currently my favorite drama airing. Been watching Arang and the Magistrate to the very end too but somewhere towards the end, the show somehow became bland for me. The ending was rather not to my liking either. I certainly wish there had been something more exciting but oh well.

    I’m not really into Faith (for some reason medical anything is a big turn off for me, lol) so haven’t watched it all. Also, it appears that not a lot of people are into it either.

    Is anyone else watching My Love, Madame Butterfly? I need subs but only episode 1 seems to be subbed completely.

    I guess that’s enough rambling about dramas for now…nice to meet everyone.

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      I’m watching Ohlala Couple too and I have to say: I loved it at first but now after 6 episodes, the antics are becoming old. The declining ratings show than the audience feel the same. I’m beginning to think than you just can’t build a whole 16 eps drama only on that premise of body-switching. There is just a limited number of situations that you can use in the Woman/Man war. I hope we will see more of the 2 second male leads and less of the overacting leads in the coming episodes. Stay tuned.

      • 22.1.1 Ladytron33

        I agree with you! I’m more interested in the secondary characters at this point. Mostly because I feel as if the leads are just so stupid! I mean, switching bodies must be a crazy thing, but can’t you at least do it with a modicum of intelligence?

        And I absolutely hate the husband character. Such a jerk!!!! I can’t root for him in any way. I just want them to get a divorce so the wife can move on with her life. Unless he saves Korea from a nuclear disaster or something, I can’t see him getting redeemed.

        • Ladytron33

          I feel like this comment was more negative than I originally meant it to be. I think Ohlala Couple is one of the funniest dramas I’ve ever seen. I really didn’t mean to be so down on it. I’m still watching and enjoying it, I just really hate how awful the husband is to the wife and prefer their interactions with the second leads up to this point. And I do still wish they were smarter about how they’ve handled things thus far, but that will hopefully improve as time goes on.

          But the way the actors are portraying the switch is so much fun. Yes, there is a bit of OTT overacting, but I feel that is called for in this kind of situation. The physicality of both leads is really amazing, and I can see who they are portraying at all times.

      • 22.1.2 Florentine Lily

        Ohlala Couple is interesting and hilarious. It makes me laugh. Not the haha-gone-in-a-second laugh, but the deep-I-can’t-breathe laugh. Are their antics over the top? Sure but part of that is because the audience is not used to a man or woman acting that way. Perhaps, after a couple of episodes, I’ll want them to tone it down. But I’m okay with it for now.

        I don’t think the drama is about Woman/Man war but about both leads learning about each other and coming to a realization about their life so far and choosing their future.

        The husband is a jerk and a cheater. But I don’t go into every drama expecting to root for all the characters, even the main ones. I can’t wait to see how the writers will go about dealing with it.

        • tamtam

          Yay, someone who enjoys this drama! Honestly, I didn’t expect to like it, but it ended up being very enjoyable for me. So far, there’s been an overwhelming dislike for the drama because of the husband. But it’s slowly explaining why he’s being such a jerk, and that the blame on a failed marriage doesn’t always fall on one side. I so agree with you that it’s about those two learning about each other and how their decisions and actions in the past (and also in their past lives) contributed to their majorly eff-ed up present.

          For some reason, the exaggerated acting works for me. It’s a comedy and I don’t need to take it seriously. I can just sit back and enjoy KHJ’s flamboyant swag. It is a work of art? No. Does it have hot young men? No. But I needed a break from that lately and just needed something light-hearted and silly.

          The only lame plot device I didn’t like about this was their past lives. I’ve failed to see why they need to revisit this again and again. It’s enough to know that it was fate from the past carried into the present.

      • 22.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        On this one I’m approaching it more like I do for the majority of the Hong Sister (the rom com ones) dramas. It’ll be wacky, a little nonsensical at the edges, over the top, have weird outtakes, and some overacting.

        I do like how the plot twists highlight more information about the characters and perhaps how they got to this state while delivering a pretty good laugh (such as Episode 6 when they visit the therapist.) Plus the slow reveal of the previous lives.

        It’s not a drama that grabs you by the head by deep and philosophical themes. But it sure if funny. And the coordination between the actors is pretty close compared to others of its ilk (Secret Garden, though well-acted had the actors taking different takes on their characters… which led to the acting not lining up.) The same expressions and body language is used, though a little exaggerated… plus it does grab my heart in places, if not my mind.

        I often find myself laughing hard that I have to back it up.

        I also love the little inserts at the end…

        Besides, it’s fun to see the gender definitions between Korea and what I think of them… and the small allusions each episode to other dramas is also fun for me to catch.

        But at the same time, I respect detractors, and if one doesn’t like the antics of the Rom Com Hong Sisters when they are doing their wackiest, then this probably wouldn’t be that person’s type of drama…

        • Mystisith

          OK. Maybe it’s me and my grumpiness these days (blame our rotten autumn here). I have a really hard time finding a drama which grabs me both heart and mind lately. Time for some chocolate ice cream, a hot blanket, and some good oldie drama hidden somewhere.
          By the way, I marathoned All About Eve last week: Was that a wtf ending or what? NOT impressed with the morale of the story! And gosh, all those cigarettes and bottles of whisky… I thought I would catch a second-hand cancer.

          • zgznoona

            If you keep digging old dramas, you’ll find more than one wtf ending
            But I know deep inside you enjoy those melodramas

          • Shukmeister

            LOL Zgz! But I agree with you. [wink to Mysti]

      • 22.1.4 katiamon

        I’m watching Ohlala too, and i’m with you: the first 2 eps were pretty good but the 3rd and 4th were somehow a little boring for moments. I mean, the make me laugh and all but for moments i’m just waiting for the characters to end their scenes so we can move on. I hope the plot improves because i think it has potential… and i want her (in his body) to do more than whining and realize she can do more than everyone expects from her and that she’s not just a housewife.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Wouldn’t it be neat, though, if he got pregnant, though? After that night they spent together? Complications oughta ensue.

          • Mystisith

            Would be a nice twist for sure! “Junior” someone?

    • 22.2 Farpavilions

      I’m up to ep 4 on Oohlala and Shin Hyun Joon kills me. (Also, seeing his Gaksital reunion with Victoria is a little bizarro world…)

      Both leads are overdoing it a bit but seeing how unnatural it is for him to hug his knees suddenly made me hyperaware of how gendered body language is in daily life … even though I’ve read plenty about the same topic in commercials over at!

      (Says I, sitting in a most unladylike fashion as I type away on my bed)

    • 22.3 avi

      I’m watching Arang. We’ll probably finish it this weekend. I loved the beginning, but it got a little too angsty. Still a cute show though and the actors are great.

      Faith is blah, which is annoying because I was looking forward to it, ugh.

    • 22.4 cv

      Hi and welcome! 🙂

      I started Ohlala and stopped after the first ep. I just couldn’t watch it after finding out he’s been cheating on her for freakin 5 years! What the heck!? and he’s the main lead with her? No thanks. I know real things like that happens in real life…that’s why i’m watching dramas to get away from that. No need to watch it. I suppose, it’s not my type of dramas. haha! ^^

    • 22.5 Carole McDonnell

      I’m watching Madame Butterfly. Still waiting for the subs. I am really liking it. I watch it on viki but last time I looked the subs were incomplete.

      Am also watching ooh la la. Which i really like. I like the way the relationship between the wife and the other woman is going. The poor wife! She is giving (or has given) her love to everyone: husband, old boyfriend, and even to the mistress. And either they have rejected her or (in the case of mistress) they don’t know who she is. I so want her to be happy and to be loved. I’m thinking the character arc will be about her –and everyone else– realizing what a blessing she has been to the family and she will also learn to stand up for herself. Usually, i want the spouses to get together again but now I’m thinking… hey, if she breaks up with her hubby and ends up with previous boyfriend so much the better. But who knows? Maybe her former boyfriend will marry her sis in law or the mistress. One never knows.

      Oh, try to watch Faith. There’s really not too much medical stuff going on. But I know what you mean. But sometimes there are some good shows out there — like Syndrome– which take place in medical settings that are not primarily about medicine but the copywriters just badly summarized the plot.

  23. 23 kakashi

    Happy (belated) OT everyone! It’s almost time to go to bed … well, that’s not true, but I’m soooooo tired, I actually wouldn’t mind …

    Anyway, I have a question: I’ve noticed that there is a certain way of talking about Weekend-dramas … as if they were somehow … inferior? Not sure that’s the correct word, but they seem to be valued less on certain blogs. Why is that (if I’m correct)? Because they’re for a broader audience?

    • 23.1 kakashi

      oh, I got 23. Lucky number 🙂
      I’m off to London tomorrow and am thinking: whoever had the idea to organize a conference on Saturday and Sunday should be punished. severely.

    • 23.2 Mystisith

      Week-end dramas are mostly family dramas and the recipe is so copy and paste than few of them deserve to be reviewed or recapped: Casual story lines, lot of episodes, shot mostly in studio… Very sitcom-ish. Ojakgyo Brothers was one of the good ones, mostly thanks to the incredible chemistry between all the cast.
      Now for those dramas not family labelled, all is possible. I remember a certain little week-end drama called Secret Garden… 🙂 Also cable shows like Vampire Prosecutor. I believe the general channels could air more classic 16-20 episodes dramas the week-end. Competition is hard!

      • 23.2.1 kakashi

        thanks a lot, Mystisith! I thought it was about the ‘family drama’ or ‘for-all-kind-of-people’ thing, but Secret Garden and AGD etc. confused me.

    • 23.3 shelhass

      I think those are longer than the others, so much more investment from the viewer, and some of us are not prepared to wait so long for the finale.

      Well, this is just a guess. Here at home it’s more like an age thing. My mom likes weekend dramas, but not as much as the other weekly dramas (is that word right?).

      I don’t bother with those just ’cause I have a packed weekend.

    • 23.4 kopytko

      The weekend dramas tend to be longer than the other ones. And some of us still remember what happens when you get on board of a stinker like A Thousand Kisses – it was really bad, but we kept complaining to the very end of the show without missing a single episode – it sucks to get addicted to something so bad. I guess?

  24. 24 Sabah

    Greetings sent via a dreary day that defeated me. I hope everyone is well and fighting fit! I was wondering if anyone else watched ‘The Thousandth Man’ which finished last Friday?


    I’ll be honest, I only watched it as part of my Friday wind down, nothing grand but interesting enough to just let my mind switch off and follow along. Throughout its run, I never compared, or rather thought of comparing it to MGIG because its execution was so different. This was a much simpler affair BUT that ending just threw me and I couldn’t help but compare it to MGIG. I liked the ending to MGIG, and I wouldn’t have changed it but the ending to The Thousandth Man had a bigger wallop for me. It knocked me sideways and resonated upon the level of ‘actual’ sacrifice. Beautifully done.

    Also Kang Ye Won was superb!

    • 24.1 Anna

      I watched it, mainly because I loved MGIAG, and quite fancied another light hearted Gumiho story. And it was fairly lighthearted too, at least it was right up until the last 15 minutes or so. The ending also knocked me sideways, making me cry. Initially after finishing the final episode, I did feel a little bit disappointed as generally I like my endings to be happy (usually involving weddings and lots of laughter, sorry I can’t help it, I’m a romantic!!) but on reflection I realised that it was actually a perfect ending. I don’t want to go into it too much, as I don’t want to completely spoil it for anyone who still has plans to watch it, but it certainly resonated with me too.

  25. 25 Kim Yoonmi

    In K-dramas, not covered, but still watching Ohlala Souses–funny, wacky, off the wall. And the actors seem to be having fun. Plus I’ve decided that the coordination between the actors is good enough for me to buy it. I like the funny twists– you expect one thing to solve it and then it just twists and comes out funnier, but at the same time adds character depth.

    Started the host of new J-dramas. So far my favorite is: Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo for the new crop. It’s wacky, off beat a bit quirky and it’s funny. Money isn’t dripping off of it, but I still find it entertaining. (Plus the father/daughter interaction sells it for me)

    I also have a special place for Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi because I liked the first season. I like the low budget, acknowledging the low budget and it’s just damned funny for those even a hint close to RPG. (You can watch it with your son or husband that plays endless video games)

    Also watching Watashi to Kare to Oshaberi Kuruma–which is just cheesy, but funny at the same time. I love the outright satire of the rom com genre.

    Kodoku no Gurume 2 is also on my list ’cause I like Japanese food and I loved season 1.

    Lower end is Kekkon Shinai, ’cause I have the feeling that they aren’t going to do follow through and I’m going to be upset.

    Akumu Chan I’ll probably watch til the end, though I’m placing it into back burner for now. It’s kind of dark and off beat humor with a very dark tone…

    And I’m on the fence about Perfect Blue…

    Resident 5 nin I’ll probably skip.

    Doctor X I’m also on the fence about.

    Piece I’ll probably skip.

    I did finish Sprout. Nice easy, predictable drama. I like it more for the atmosphere and never pretending it was more than that.

    On TW dramas, still watching Miss Rose, though fast forwarded through the last episode. I was still snarking it while I was watching it but I still can’t quit. O.o; I know, I know.

    I feel like I’m about to be pummeled because there are a crap load of new K-dramas to also watch… Jeon Woo Chi… (helping on viki on that.) The ending of Faith and picking up the Great Seer again after the ending of Faith, plus new Sageuk… and some romcoms I want to check out. (I skip melos usually and the doctor K-dramas)

    Then also new Doctor Who episode for Christmas.

    Did I mention I love stories… ^^;;

    • 25.1 Mystisith

      I’m watching Kekkon Shinai too (just saw the 1st episode). So far so good. I love the tone chosen for it.

      • 25.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I’ll do a warning… though it might be untoward. Every single last drama of this theme where they talk about marriage and the church seems to end in the women deciding they don’t need men to be happy. The relationship breaks up and the argument is something like, “I’ll still find the right guy yet” or it ends up with a *maybe* on marriage. *blech* I always feel like the rug has been pulled. That’s why I’m not watching with high hopes.

        *still watching it* but I’m really really wary… ’cause if they keep pulling it, I don’t have much faith in this drama either.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Exactly what I feel. I just don’t want to get invested and to find this silly weird nihilism or righteousness at the end. The last Japanese drama that annoyed the heck out of me was Suzuki Sensei. I was so upset I wanted to scream. In fact…uhm… I think I did scream. And I couldn’t sleep that night i was so upset. So I am very wary of the Japanese drama need to NOT give adult stories a happy ending.

        • Shukmeister

          @ Kim Yoonmi @ Carole McDonnell

          Okay, now you’ve got me worried about Kekkon. I want another feel-good fest like RMPW.

    • 25.2 Saima

      Thanks for the reccs. Will check out TZS.

      Looking forward to Ikuta’s dorama which premieres on Oct 23rd!! EXCITEDDD!! Please let it not be a mess…..pleasse!!

      Did anybody check out Abe Hiroshi’s Going My Home? Would want an opinion before I check it out. Thanks, in advance. 🙂

      • 25.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Love, love Abe Hiroshi. I have a huge acting crush on him. I’ve loved him since Trick. That given, I can’t stand melos… and it looks like they are going to play up the melo angle… he’s been doing lots of melos.

        So it’s a skip for me. If you don’t mind melos, I’m sure someone has a better review…My own life has enough melo as it is, so I don’t like watching it. (though I do prefer Japanese melos to Korean mostly because of the tighter character focus.)

        • Saima

          I believe with the shorter length J-melos don’t have the “time” to beat around the bush (that drives me nuts!! :@)

          I am cautiously excited about Missing You but dunno I can watch 20 hrs of first loves separating, him becoming a cop to investigate her whereabouts, yadaa yadaa!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I wanna see Missing you cause i have a special place in my heart for yoochun..but will see how the angst and separation goes.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            I’m looking forward to Missing You for YEH’s possibility of being on Running Man. =P I know… it sounds shallow… but I’ve been waiting 115-ish episodes with each passing reference building up my hopes…

        • Carole McDonnell

          I like Abe Hiroshi as well. Loved him in Aoi Tori. But that said, Japanese melodramas just get too heavy and pious feeling and when Hiroshi is in it, the plots often do this weirdly worshipful “this is the guy who encompasses all that is noble in the japanese spirit” thing that just makes me want to scream. So I avoid him in dramas.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Kekkon Dekinai was also good. I like Abe Hiroshi’s Rom Com and Com stuff a lot. He has a good range… and he does quirky really well.

    • 25.3 cv

      Hahha@ I started ep 1 of Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi too and it’s hilarious! ^^ Low budget but very funny. I haven’t laugh out loud like that in a while. 🙂

      I watched ep 1 of Perfect blue also. Don’t know about this. The dog being the narrator…interesting but… we’ll see after the next couple of eps.

      • 25.3.1 zgznoona

        I watched Perfect Blue’s first ep. It all depends in how they develop the mystery

      • 25.3.2 Carole McDonnell

        the dog is the narrator? uhm….

      • 25.3.3 Carole McDonnell

        PS will try watching Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi. The description of it didn’t say it would be funny, only referenced a first season. So will check it out. Thanks.

        • cv

          Hahah! yes do! I thought it was going to be one of those Jdorama but right off the bat, credit on scren said this was a low budget drama. LOL I was like huh? But yea, the dialogues are very entertaining.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          The first season was very funny too, but second season had me laughing pretty much in the first two seconds.

          If you like Monty Python (especially Monty Python and the Holy Grail), and off the wall cheesiness/silliness that doesn’t take itself seriously, it kinda runs in that direction. It says it’s low budget and you know it because it’s pretty much the same village shot from different angles, the same forest and the same mountain, but it makes lots of fun of itself. (You don’t watch it for the intellectual–you watch it for the silly random)

          I would rec it as something you could watch with a husband or son.

          Does a ton of satire on RPGs, games and general fantasy tropes with lots of breaking the Fourth Wall by being self-aware.

          Hotoke~ *love* Meruru *love* Yoshihiko as a straight man, even overly so. *love*

  26. 26 LizJ

    Hurray for Dr. Who Christmas episodes! Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the UK and Korea both put Hollywood to shame as far as scripted TV?

    Anyhow, it seems like we’re going to go through a bit of a lull as far as KDramas that I’d be interested in watching.

    Still loving Faith. I’ve picked up Nice Guy again. That’s it right now, and my to-watch que of quality dramas is getting smaller. Oh,we’ll, there’s always the choice of revisiting old favorites.

    • 26.1 Ladytron33

      I thought I was the only person feeling like my list had shrunk! There was a point where I had to pick and choose because I didn’t have time to watch them all. Now I’m thinking of starting Nice Guy half-way though just to fill my schedule (and the fact I hear it’s pretty good helps too!).

      I also noticed the DB ladies have a lot fewer recaps ongoing than usual. Must be a lull indeed! Things will probably pick up in a few weeks. (Once King of Dramas starts, maybe?)

      Oh, and I love Dr. Who! Been watching it since the premiere back in 2005. It’s lucky I lived in the UK at the time. Much harder to watch international shows back then.

  27. 27 Saima

    Hiya everyone!!

    Smile turned on the switch and now am crushin’ on MatsuJun. Like, HOMGGGG!! He and Gakki were SO adorable together! Loved how he evaded her innocent advances. I really do like this dorama a LOT…in addition to being a love story it targets a lot of socially relevant topics that are central to the story and also love the OST. No mention of this show should go without pimping the awesome Oguri Shun. He’s barely on the show for half an hour but does he leave an impact or what? So chilling & sinister, so awesome!

    I went onto watch a bit of Lucky Seven. Eita is made of epicness, period. Those harem pants, crazeee hair, and shaved eyebrows totally were characteristic of cooky Nitta. Speaking of L7…a SP will be aired sometime in Spring and guess who’ll be guest-starring: Ishihara Satomi!! So in one episode, Eita + MatsuJun + Satomi = squeeeeee

    Am hoping I’m not the only one who’s wondering that Jun’s impressed with Satomi what with having her star in his co-production RMPW and then having her guest star on his show. aksdjlkfjsdlkfjsxczxlkcjzxl

    *The chemistry is bouncing off of those gifs! *__*

    *BTS video of Jun & Eita: [Credit: cherry ichigo]

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!! <333

    • 27.1 zgznoona

      Smile is on my waiting list, I tought it might be too melo. But everybody loves it.
      Just one little thing: Matsujun is not the producer of RMPW,Is the same name in romaji but not in Kanji.
      But they’ve worked together before. Shatomi’s first drama was Kimi was Petto, playing Jun’s ex girlfriend

      • 27.1.1 Saima

        aaahhh!! I stand corrected (RE RMPW). Thanks…one of those word of mouth things!! 😀 btw, one shouldn’t underestimate THE Jun power…friends mentioned to me that he told the HYD producers/PD that he would only accept Domyouji’s role provided they take Oguri for Rui!! *squeeeee* Their bromance is pretty legendary. <3

        yeah, Smile's really good. Not a whole lotta romance but this show tackles a lot of issues like racism (Jun's char is biracial of Filipino & Japanese descent), disability (Gaki's char is mute viz acquired), and a family that's formed b/w Jun, his 2 friends, & their samaritan employers. It's heart tugging & very simplistic in its delivery. You should definitely watch it!!

  28. 28 ...

    hi everyone! TGIF! wanted to share here my awe/surprise at bumping into not one but TWO korean actors here in london: Kim Suro and Kim MinJong!!!! no one else i know understands the AWESOMENESS of meeting them! Seriously, what are the odds? I went to korea and I didn’t see anyone famous. Anyways…

    What happened was, I was having korean bbq with my frnds when i notice this group of ppl walk in, and two of the guys were quite tall. took me about 10 secs to realise it was kim suro in person and that i wasn’t day dreaming! My thought process was along the lines of “that guy looks like Kim Suro, wait a second… is that Kim Suro? no way… this is london… they’re speaking Korean! It IS Kim Suro!!!” 😛 I belatedly realised the second taller guy was Kim Minjong because he had a hat on. Managed to get a photo with both of them (squeeeeeee). Kim Suro in particular was quite friendly and nice about it.

    so this is my exciting story of the week. school in comparison is really not that great >.<

    • 28.1 Saima

      YAYYYYY, how awesome!! Were they baffled that you knew them?!

      • 28.1.1 ...

        yep! Kim Suro asked me in Korean “are you korean?” (see! kdrama is EDUCATIONAL. u learn a new language! 😉 or so i tell myself…) and i replied that i’m chinese actually. They’re actually quite good looking in real life/even better. you can tell they definitely go to the gym.

    • 28.2 Ladytron33

      That is so cool! I love it when that kind of stuff happens. I bet they were surprised you recognized them 🙂

      Something similar happened to me a few years back. I saw Orlando Bloom and his supermodel wife at our local grocery store (I do not live in a place where movie stars visit)! Neither were as good looking in person though. I didn’t know who his wife was and thought she was his personal assistant (lol). Makes you feel better about yourself when you think a supermodel is someone’s staff member.

      • 28.2.1 kopytko

        LOL. My experience is a tad bit different – all celebrities/stars I get to meet in person look way better in reality. But it has a good point too – I know that the ones I admire do deserve it 🙂

        • Ladytron33

          That’s probably true! It’s nice to see that the people you admire on the screen are larger-than-life in RL too!

          For me, all the stars I’ve seen have been quite ordinary looking in person. I seriously though OB’s wife needed to go eat a sandwich because she was so frail! That was my first thought when I saw her (ha!). Just goes to show what good makeup, hair, and clothes can do for a person.

    • 28.3 kopytko

      My jaw dropped. You’re lucky, aren’t you?

      • 28.3.1 ...

        hehehe… not always. just this time! me and my frnds were actually going to meet tonight instead of last night, so thank the fates!!!

    • 28.4 Lizzy4e

      Wow! That is so great! and you got a picture with them!! Well Done

    • 28.5 Florentine Lily

      That’s amazing! I’ve never had that experience! I don’t know what I’ll do in that situation. I’ll properly be too surprised and frozen to do anything or remember their names.

      • 28.5.1 ...

        cldn’t remember kim minjong’s name. google again proved itself as a good friend 😉

    • 28.6 zgznoona

      YAYYY!!!!! So awesome.
      That something I could never do. Approach and artist and ask for a picture, etc. I feel like I’m intruding. It’s probably good I’ve never run into some one famous

    • 28.7 JoAnne

      oh my goodness I would have been SO excited you lucky girl you!

    • 28.8 Leaf

      IN LONDON????
      Now we just need some younger hot guys and we are sorted!
      And can my boyfriend come again haha

    • 28.9 cv

      OMG! lucky you. 🙂

      Can you post the pic? ^^

    • 28.10 enz

      how exciting! i JUST saw kim suro on happy together with je hoon. he talks soooo much and is funny. je hoon is soooo shy and has such a charming face. he looks so young but apparently is going to the army soon. he was really sweet on happy together (variety show)

  29. 29 Sabah

    That is just awesome! I loved that ‘slow’ realization, hehe, your emotions must have turned you upside down!

    • 29.1 Sabah

      sorry, that was in reply to ‘…’ about bumping into Kim Suro and Kim Min Jong.

      *sigh* having one of those days…

    • 29.2 ...

      yep! my frnd said i went all red… too over excited. but whatever!!!!

      • 29.2.1 Sabah

        Ah! Betrayed by your pulsating blood! When I imagine meeting actors actresses I like, I always come across as dignified and polite in my head, but the truth is that I would be a blabbering wreck! Actually, I think my worst fear is that I would call out a beloved character’s name instead the actor or actresses name. Dokko Jin! hehe,

        You did well, trust me! You even had your head on straight to get a photograph. I am impressed.

  30. 30 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    Is there anyone as happy with Five Fingers as me? Ekhm, happy is not really the word, maybe satisfied? I love it. There are tons of evil mothers-in-law and stepmothers plus whole flocks of crazed mothers who would do literally anything their kids want, but the one here is a piece of work. Cunning, unforgiving, greedy – yes, that’s a villain I want to watch in my dramas. Hopefully she won’t stoop to turning into a lovable grandma for JiHo’s kids in the last episode 🙂 The said JiHo is finally behaving like a human with emotions like anger, despair, desire to avenge his loss. Finally, he was so sweet-bland, that I was sure it was a marketing trick to make up for his adventures before the army times. I guess the hair stylist is still punishing him 😉
    The rest of the cast isn’t as entertaining to watch, but still they do a good job.
    On the other hand, in May Queen I am enjoying myself wanting an oppa like Kang San, he absolutely has to be an engineer! Shesh, I need a face transplant and maybe they will stop hiding, all those great oppas…

    Faith – the smile in the last scene is the very essence of why I watch this drama at all. Simple, I am simple, simple…

    Last but not least (the best? No, FF is just as good in my eyes) Nice Guy – a drama that makes me clench my fists, cover one eye, burst with laughter and finally say to the evil-twisted Jae Hee “In your face, #%&*%!”. I guess the biggest asset of this drama is that it manages to make me react emotionally, as strongly, as I haven’t for a very long time. Plus Jae Gil is a hoot. And the lawyers – either handsome and lovable or handsome and excitingly shrewd. I wish Eun Ki gets her sassy personality back very soon, then I am going to feel absolute bliss.
    Have a great weekend, Everybody!

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Well, got all choked up pretty much throughout all of the finale for Arang. Who knew seeing ghosts get their wishes could bring one almost to the point of tears? And …I have to get over my sorrow at Joo Wal .. Kinda wish he’d found and had a real deep love..or a fatherly love.

    I didn’t watch episode 10 and 11 of Nice Guy all the way through — just kinda skipped around– because the whole amnesia thing was hard for me ..but now that it’s over with (kinda) I can get back into it.

    I am totally loving Ooh la la spouses/couple. Who knew the remedy for Arang would be such a great comedy! Am totally addicted now. This is a drama where coincidences work really well and where embarrassment comedy and misunderstanding just pile on the laughter.

    Gonna try to marathon the Chaser now that the subs are all going up. I love that show and the actor is just sooo good.

    The eng subs on Madame Butterfly are really late in coming so I’m hoping they come back soon before I lose all interest.

    Eng subs for Piece, Sugarless, Blackboard, and Death and her and me.

    Am liking Kekkon Shinai, but nervous that it’s gonna do the Japanese drama thing and get all preachy and enlightened on me. So far it looks as if the older woman who has decided not to marry might end up being loved by the young guy who owns the florist shop. But there is this heavy whiff of teacherliness about the whole drama that makes me think I’m gonna be stuck with a noble woman who does the valid societal thing or who does the sticking to her new-found ideals thing. I am so wary of investing in a story that is gonna annoy the heck outta me. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t committed to watching Platinum Town and Going my home, although i like Abe Hiroshi. (The other reason being, the subs are coming slow)

    Totally waiting for the subbing of Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen, a Japanese Drama. Cause I definitely want to see how they flip the sexual/concubine roles.

    Other than that, I have now fallen totally in love with Lee Min Ho.

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      One funny thing: I love J doramas for their preaches. I just sit down and listen carefully to the master class. I not necessarily agree with everything they say but it’s very informative. They are also very good at exposing all the pros/cons for each decision of the characters. I learn more about Japanese society that way than with the World News on TV. Quite sad actually.

      • 31.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I generally don’t mine preachiness but I mind the taint and the sniff of cultural self-righteousness. IT just bugs me. And often I find that they look so much into the main character’s sorrows that they really don’t treat the character’s antagonist with the same fairness.

        That was one of the reasons I had to give up on Sprout. We were supposed to be on the main character’s side and to want her desire no matter what…and the little we were shown about the lesser characters was given to us only to show why main character was right. There’s just way too much self-reliance self-righteousness in Japanese dramas. To the point where I almost feel the story is written to reassure women viewers about their own uprightness. Not like Japanese movies where there is more openness and fairness to characters all around.

      • 31.1.2 Saima

        yeah, i don’t mind the preachiness. Dramas like NwP, Soredemo resonated with me wrt their viewpoint and character growth. I guess it’s one of those personal taste things.

        @Carole: RE Sprout, it’s been a long time so forgive me if I’m wrong…but wasn’t the main character the narrator of the story? So things were told from her perspective.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I don’t mind things being told from her perspective, I mind being forcibly put on her side and the secondary second-lead not being made really valid. She was the narrator of the story, pretty much, although there were moments when the viewer saw and heard conversations by characters when the narrator wasn’t in the scene. So it’s not entirely in her POV since she isn’t omniscient.

          She wasn’t around to see what Hayato, and the young guys who witnessed the hug between Miku and Hayato saw. So, even if it was her story, the POV shifts expanded the story. Or should have expanded the story.

          But the point is..I can accept this kinda thing with a kid character because kids are used to the world revolving around them. But even so, paper-cut out secondary characters don’t cut it for me. And they don’t cut it for me when it’s an adult story. I just think that Korean dramas do a way better job of showing the humanity and depth of every character involved in a story. Witness Joo Wal in Arang. I’m saying this as a fiction writer and as a lover of Korean dramas. At the end of a Korean drama, I feel for everyone. At the end of many Japanese dramas, I feel we are being pushed into praising the main character and kinda vilifying/judging the antagonists. I have no doubt that if there was a Korean version of Rich Man/Poor Man, we would’ve seen and felt the angst of the Big Bad even more. That is all I am saying.

          • Carole McDonnell

            *Rich man/poor woman.*

  32. 32 KrazyK

    Happy Friday!

    I am currently not watching any new dramas beacause I am trying to stay focused on actuallly getting things done in my life and I have started to watch american tv again.

    Currently Watching:

    You’re Beautiful – its my first time watching it and I kind of like it.
    Scandal – OMG this show is so good
    The Vampire Diaries- I cannot get enough.

    Recently Completed:
    Panda and Hedgehog – light and fluffly drama
    Haeundae Lovers – I liked the overall story and the OTP was very cute

    • 32.1 Shukmeister

      I thoroughly enjoyed haeundae lovers, especially after the harder emotional hits from other dramas. It was the perfect amount of fluff and substance, and light-hearted enough to make me sigh at the end.

      YAB is an old fav – no way can anyone NOT know she’s a girl but the outfits, cars, and overall interactions kept me watching it until the end. Plus, it was my first gender-switch KDrama. It was followed closely, though, by SKKS.

  33. 33 Nadia

    Happy OT everyone!
    I’ve been following drama Faith through recaps here. Reading JB & GF recaps are always great. Through their recaps and other comments it seems people are generally disappointed with the drama and domestic ratings are also bad(single digits). Will this drama be regarded as flop both nationally and internationally?

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      You can see the ratings here:
      So yes, definitely not good. But not catastrophic either. I’m sure it will be watched by legions of fans abroad.
      More than the ratings, it will stay as a doomed drama: The first production concept couldn’t be kept because of money problems and obviously LMH shouldn’t have been cast for this role. Or his part should have been rewritten to match his skills.

      • 33.1.1 kopytko

        LOL Noona fans had lots of idea about adjusting the script. The changes involved swimming in the river and bathing under a waterfall.

    • 33.2 JoAnne

      Unless the end is RIDICULOUS it really doesn’t deserve to be considered a flop. it’s much better than that – it’s just that it probably hasn’t lived up to the ‘epic’ tag it got in marketing. It’s enjoyable. Very enjoyable. Some characters are people you can love, and some characters are people you can hate, and there’s humor and romance and some very pretty scenes. The chemistry between the King and Queen and Choi Young and the Doctor is palpable. The secondary characters are often give quite a bit of room to shine – Lee Philip aside, and now that he has an eye injury he’s done with the series early. Detractions include some cheesy special effects and really badly choreographed fight scenes. Quite frankly, I can live with that if I get the mystery of Min Ho’s appeal, the cuteness of a dozen others, and over the top spazztastic crazy that is Ki Chul.

      • 33.2.1 Mar


        I enjoy Faith also despite the problems, mostly being the directing, the budget, and the cheese effects which were causal from the directing and the budget haha. I like all the characters, well except for that jerk advisor who was offed. I care, the characters excite me, I like the story. I want to watch it every week. Take in comparison Arang which was a better quality show, I liked but it wasn’t love. Good show, nicely done show, good acting. Why did I not love it over all? I don’t know really. Before halfway through the run I was fast forwarding through anything not featuring Arang and Sato, or Jade Emperor. By the middle, I knew I’d finish it but I wasn’t in love with it.

  34. 34 christy

    Hello OT. 🙂

    Ugh, I wish I had time to join in the comments more, BUT it’s enough that I’m taking time away from last minute packing because I just COULD NOT completely miss another week!

    Faith – I’ve fallen to only reading the recaps lately 🙁 I hope to go back at watch what I’ve missed someday but that’s kinda iffy to be honest. Not sure what isn’t grabbing when I watch an ep, and I’m still loving the story and characters for the most part. But the rest is kind of …underwhelming. I just want to know how it will end by now!

    Nice Guy – was not planning to start this, but by the episode 4 recap, I knew I was going to. I marathoned those first few eps and then have been sooooo hooked ever since. LOVE this show, and I’m not even a huge melodrama watcher.

    Oolala Spouses – It’s fun. I liked a leeetle bit better at first, but I’m still enjoying it a lot. Kind of annoyed with the guy in the wife’s body though, you’d think he might try a LITTLE harder by now to sit and walk less conspicuously! I think the wife in the husbands body is just hilarious though. Well, it will be fun to see how this all shakes out. *SPOILER* I do like that the girl he had an affair with isn’t in a typical 2nd lead situation. She kinda has her own legit claim to him, having been his past wife. That was pretty nifty twist in my humble option. That in the past the wife was the mistress? hahaha. but still…the husband is pretty big scum bag to me right now, he doesn’t seem to deserve either of these ladies. *END*

    SOOOO, that’s about all that’s happening in my drama life. Now, to get back to packing. I start the drive out on MN, thank God for Dad’s, mine is coming with, very happy to not have to drive all that way myself. Still, once I’m more settled I shall have to investigate because I believe there are other Minneapolis area Beanies around?! Let me know… someday I must have the pleasure of watching a drama with like-minded people. So far I just weird looks from my friends, lol.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

    • 34.1 RockPaperScissors

      Hi Christy! Welcome to Minnesota. I live in the SE part of the state in what we refer to as the Tropics, as it is a much milder climate than the remainder of the state. I’m not sure where you are moving from, but I agree with “thank God for dads” as my husband drove our daughter out and back the year she lived in California. Anyway we would be only two hours drive apart, my kids live in the Twin Cities , so if you don’t mind discussing drama with an ajumma I am here for you. I know there are other Beaners in the state and hopefully they come forward as I would really like to hold a mini-convention here.
      By the way, Kdramas are some of the most checked-out DVD’s in the St. Paul public library system!

      • 34.1.1 christy

        oooo library dvd’s! due dates are a good excuse to marathon!! 🙂 lol, don’t worry, I’ll talk dramas with any willing parties. 🙂 And I am so in for a mini-convention!! Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙂

      • 34.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi guys,
        Why are you guys doing this when I have left MN already? 🙁 (I left in 2007 and was not into Kdramas then). A mini convention about Kdramas sounds fun, especially in MN :-).

        • christy

          I know, shame on us! Do you have friends or family still in MN that you visit? Cuz then we’d rope you in too!!!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Christy,

            I haven’t visited MN since I left. Didn’t need to. My sister is in CA, which is why I relocated. I have a few friends (and church friends), but to be honest, no urgent reasons to go back atm. I will let you know when I come/go to MN. I hope you had a great trip and that you will settle in well. I have your email, and so I will keep in touch with you that way as well.

            Have a great week!

  35. 35 Carole McDonnell

    Accidentally put this on the wrong post. Ah, the brain! Sorry.

    Here goes:

    Hey, dramabeans folks, when are you gonna do one of your blog posts in which you compare tropes and common themes that pop up in dramas? I really liked the one where you compared time travelers and Flower boys. I think it was time travelers…but i remember Rooftop Prince being used. Oh gee — hope it’s not amnesia acting up– but i forget what you title those posts. Thanks.

    • 35.1 pinny

      It’s Thing vs Thiing

      I’ll second your request! That bit about the second lead in BoF (sorry I aint good with names) in the one where foursomes are compared is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read.
      Oh and the vampire one…

    • 35.2 Shukmeister

      @ Carole McDonnell

      There’s a website out there called “TV Tropes” and several of us here on OT have also been contributing and editing there under “Korean Series” and “Taiwanese Series”. Each show that we trope has it’s own page, so it’s fun to both write about them and read other people’s postings.

      One of my favorite is the “Eiffel Tower Effect” where every single KDrama that is filmed in Seoul has to have Namsam Tower in at least one background shot.

      Also, DBOT Mary has created a WP blog that I think is called “KDrama Laws” that is just that, a list of major KDrama tropes.

      • 35.2.1 joybells

        Its amazing,how many fun things i pick up in OT every week.I read your comment and checked out “TV troopes” and “KDrama Laws” . loved both the sides 🙂 , now i gonna browse through it out regularly. khamsahamida for the info.

        • Shukmeister

          De nada, chica. I’ve been editing on TV Tropes for about two years now; when I started, there were only 4 or 5 KDrama entries. Now there’s other folks contributing regularly, and the cross troping increases the fun factor.

          Still thin on the TW- and J-drama side, but I’m working on that in my spare [cough cough] time.

  36. 36 Big Unni

    Happy Friday everyone! Been reading through the comments and replying to few very funny ones (you know I talking about you guys, Joanne and Leaf) before posting my own. Been likin Nice Guy even though the opening title sequence makes me shake my head. Song Ki is just all types of deliciousness and I am fearing his character Maru might die at the end.
    *bows* Please drama gods don’t let that happen.
    Also missin To The Beautiful You. It’s ending was a bit of a let down though I’m not hatin’. I mainly watched because of LMH (not the original but the other one) who was just a cu-ti-pie! Lord help that smile. It should be illegal.
    Uh..rum..ah..rum…ah…oh yea, started watching Answer Me 1997. Love it! It’s just so…so…well like life except funnier than reality. Wish there was more but like where it stopped.
    I will begin Great Seer soon all due to its reccomendations. So have a nice weekend all!

  37. 37 Conny

    TGIF!!! Long week, even for a stay at home mom like me.
    I’m about to head out with my second oldest to watch the homecoming game. Our oldest (he’s 14 going on 27.. sigh) is staying home to watch his younger siblings. What a champ (never mind the fact that he has a huge book report due on Monday which is why he decided to stay home).

    I had the funniest/cutest moment this week. I’m teaching myself Korean. I mean, I already speak two languages (I’m a native German) so why not, right? Even though my family has officially declared me a lost cause, my 7 year old seems to be on my side.
    Mondays are library days at his elementary school. Instead of coming home with a book for himself, ya know, something along the lines of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, he walked through the door last monday with…

    .. a Korean dictionary.

    Gotta love that little brat!
    (So all this week I’ve been subjected to intense sessions of ‘Mom, how do you say [insert random english word] in Korean?’ If I didn’t know the answer, he usually just grinned at me and said ‘Pabo’. Le sigh!)

    • 37.1 cv

      Awww, thats so cute. Your seven yr old learning Korean with you too? Never to early to start them on languages.

    • 37.2 Ivoire

      Hi Conny, I loved your story. Your 7 year old son sounds endearing and he speaks some Korean too :-). Have a wonderful weekend!

      • 37.2.1 Conny

        He’s definitely a

        Have a great weekend everyone. <3

  38. 38 Mar

    Is it just me or is anyone else thinking…

    When’s Jung Il Woo going to do a new show? I mean, really, WHEN? Oh for the love of imp eyed, devilish smile, crazy ego, I got my swag on, cheek sucking, kimchi tonguing, uh, characters, WHEN?


    Hey, doesn’t Hyun Bin get out of the military soon? Not soon enough!

    And drama gods, please don’t let either of them sign up for a melo because, really, desperate need for some crazy hot rom with a side of com and you two guys can so bring it.


    in light of the PSY viral in the U.S. right now, do we K addicts qualify as “We were K-pop before K-pop was cool?” Just sayin’.

    Additional Comment Randomness:

    – I was driving down the interstate today, saw a VA license plate that read, “Flower 4.” I suppose it could be a florist’s vehicle, but there were no signs/advertising on the vehicle.

    • 38.1 enz

      hi mar, when jung il woo came to Kuala Lumpur, he said he will be in a drama next year.. early he said. no further elaboration though. fingers crossed!

      in the meantime, i will keep watching FBRS whenever i dont have time for a new drama and i just wanna hear some korean!

  39. 39 saltandpepper

    has anyone seen the drama “Romance Zero”??

    • 39.1 kopytko

      I have, I have!
      it was a funny, light watch with quirky characters. I don’t really remember the plot details, but I know I liked it. It was a ‘feel good’ drama for me.

    • 39.2 zgznoona

      I have. It was ok, episodic (each episode they have a new couple to match), funny (all the characters have unique characteristics), and light

      • 39.2.1 saltandpepper

        hey thanks for the review 🙂

  40. 40 enz

    darn! watching my daughter seo Yeong and they are eating such yummy looking food that I feel like eating again even though I’ve just had dinner!

    how come movie theatres are so empty in Korea? is that for real?

    random thoughts while watching dramas

  41. 41 Jeannette

    I’m in the middle of season 2 of Hana Yori Dango, and I like it better than Boys Before Flowers. The story is progressing faster, not so much needless drama, and I like most of the characters more. I miss Woo-bin though. Akira is awesome though, too…I just really miss Woo-bin. Dunno why as he wasn’t my favorite. Oh! And this version is a lot less exhausting! 🙂

    I still have to finish Salamander Guru (dreading the end of another Minho drama) and watch some more of “What is Mom?” I only found the first two subbed when I started watching. Hopefully more are subbed now. I don’t want to have to abandon it like I did Standby for lack of subs.

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      Hana Yori Dango is one of my fave J dramas: The 2 seasons and the movie. I’ll never get why BBF is so popular. It made me discover Kim Bum and Kim Hyun-joon. That’s the only positive thing I can say about that drama.

      • 41.1.1 Leaf

        Kim Bum is worth it though 😉

        And seriously… it didn’t seem so rubbish when I first watched it…

      • 41.1.2 Jeannette

        @Mystisith Kim Bum…HE was my favorite! I really loved his character, plus he’s pretty! I think if I could chop up the drama and just put in the best parts, it might be 12 episodes total. Too much redundancy in BBF.

        @Leaf About episode 16 I started getting really exhausted. I finished it mainly to see what would happen, not because it gave me any joy. Towards the end I kind of dreaded it, lol. The beginning was the best. K-dramas were brand new to me (my 1st!) and I was so curious and amazed about everything. Sometimes I flip through episodes to see certain scenes again (like the one where Jun-pyo rescues Jandi after they set her bike on fire or whatever) or when Kim Bum is in it, or when Woo bin kicks those creepster’s butts when they try to kidnap Jandi when she goes to visit Jun-pyo.

        And her outfits were just ODD.

    • 41.2 Shukmeister


      I consider Hana Yori Dango the best of the live action ones that I’ve seen, closely followed by Meteor Garden, and lagging in the read is BBF. Here’s my personal picks:

      HYD – Most accurate male lead (the manga has him as a fairly violent guy to start, and Jun Matsumoto hit it on the head)
      MG I/II – Most loveable male lead (loved Jerry Yan’s crazy hair and his puppy dog eagerness to be with Shan Cai)
      HYD – Best overall story pacing
      BBF – Best evil mom
      BBF – Best badass sister
      BBF – Best vehicles (I adore anything by Lotus!!)
      MG I/II – Best female lead – Barbie Hsu had the right tone to the manga, but HYD’s Mao Inoue is really really close. Gu Hye-sun wasn’t even in the same ballpark.

      Best F4 is a toughie, because, really, they were all cute and I wanted to take them all home. LOL The perfect F4 IMHO would be:
      – Shun Oguri
      – Wu Vanness
      – Kim Bum
      That’s based on their smiles and their ability to make me sigh.

      • 41.2.1 Jeannette

        I loved your post! I haven’t seen MG yet because I just now finished HYD about 30 minutes ago and starting on the movie. I think I’ll wait a few months and watch it only because the story exhausts me. I mean honestly? How dumb can a girl be? Stuck in the mud? USE YOUR CELL. Car break down? USE YOUR CELL. Want to say something to someone? COMMUNICATE so there are no misunderstandings. And when you DON’T communicate, don’t get mad at the other person…they aren’t psychic!

        I was thinking, I didn’t really care for Shun in Hana Kimi but I LOVE him in HYD. I’m glad to know it was t he character and not the actor.

        I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to watch after I finish the movie. Kinda thinking Vampire Prosecutor since everyone seemed to like it, but we’ll see!

        • zgznoona

          If you like Shun, have you seen Rich Man Poor Woman. Just ended and he was great in it. Also with Shun Tokyo Dong, it’s funny and has action in it

          • Jeannette

            I haven’t! I”ll add that to my list! Thanks!!!

    • 41.3 Mar

      I’m going to weigh in on the minority opinion here and say out loud I did not like HYD, (ducks) but to be fair I’ll also say I’ve never been able to finish it. I’ve tried. I just find it weird and annoying. I liked the lead actress though MG, I liked it alot but it was uneven in the second season. I liked all of the cast.

      BOF, loved it, wanted to kill the Director, omg if I hear Almost Paradise one more time I’m going to kill someone, in other words, it incited passion in me. Everyone always hates that song, and says it doesn’t fit, but if you listen to the lyrics, it makes sense and fits the series. But whomever scored and did the arrangement for the show was stoned and and sloppy. Anyway, the show had issues, no denial. Somewhere in the late teens episodes, it became a Jandi cries on Sunbaes shoulder over and over loop. It was exhausting.

      One of my favorite things about BOF is Jun pyo’s relationship with Jandi’s family. Heartbreaking and hysterical.

      The rich people in BOF really seemed rich though compared to the other two versions. HYD-was like okay, they are kind of like sorta rich. MG, it was like they were rednecks with a little money lol. Their supposedly “good” college looked a lot like a public high school. Ming Si’s bed looked like it came from Ho Jo’s. HYD, I don’t even know what to say about it’s sets. Weird.

      I’m not invested in the canon of the manga, so I look at each version for merits on their own.

      I agree with a lot of Shuckmeisters comments, Yan’s portrayal was so friggin earnest in wanting to be with Shan Cai it made him loveable. And he brought the sexy too.

      Barbie Hsu was the most likeable female lead in a way. I know a lot of people hated Jan Di, or more, Gu Hye-sun. But for me, she’s why I stayed through the first couple of episodes. She cracked me up, she definitely made the character her own. I did not like that the character lost a lot of her brass, but I cannot blame that on the actress, more on the director and writer.

      I thought all of the male leads brought the violent, and definitely showed they were socially impaired lol. All of them were a bit scary at first. But Jun pyo was the only one that really seemed like he could step in the the corporate world of the family business. He did have some social awareness and home training. He just chose to ignore it alot lol. I always thought Dao Ming Si looked like he should be working as a lifeguard or something. I do think all 3 actors did a good job showing vulnerability though.

      I’m also down with the Lotus. Hells yeah.

      What I learned from BOF and has been reinforced by many other k dramas-never, ever, let the rich guy with great clothes pick YOUR clothes, because he totally picks out weird crap or evidently he secretly is picking from the clearance-it’s so ugly that no one wants it no matter the designer tag-rack. I don’t care how much it costs and that I feel guilty, k drama rich dude, you are so not picking out my clothes.

      I just think the BOF version did a lot more character development across the board. And that’s always going to be a big deal for me. I just didn’t care about the HYD version portrayals, and they just did not stand out to me.

      Mama Kang, hands down evil mama award for all time, she was scary yikes.

      Best F4:

      The HYD guys are just not in the running for me

      I’m choosing Jun Pyo over Ming Si. It’s a hard choice, but I think it comes down to he seemed smarter, and again, better character development. And because of plot stuff I”m not going to get into which may contain spoilers for those that haven’t watched them.

      Sunbae over Hua Ze Lei- because he was like the best friend ever to both GJP and Jandi. I liked Lei though, not as much at first, but he grew on me.

      So Yi Jung and Xi Men-even more of a hard choice there. I loved both of them for their honesty with the best friend character. I think SYJ was allowed more depth of character in the writing though. I think we all are on the Kim Bum is adorable wagon. He probably has the best I’m going to kiss you face ever.

      Ah, Woo Bin vs. Mei Zuo. Both got the short end of the stick on character development and it still annoys. Come on, we could cut out an hour or two of the girls crying to give the guys some back story. I want to keep them both. I’ll have to say Mei Zuo wins on the sex appeal, but Woo Bin wins on the I’m all fun and games until this shit just got real because I’m mafia, bitch. This is the guy I want to have my back. I have a hard time picking between these two but Woo Bin, I want you to be my gangsta ghetto Korean Bestie. I think Mei Zuo would be a lot of fun to hang out with, but Woo Bin would be the mother hen and pick you up off the floor when you fall down drunk. Mei Zuo would be drunk with you and pass out on you and throw up lol.

      • 41.3.1 Shukmeister


        I like your character comparisons!

        Monster agreement with Woo Bin. Definitely the guy you want at your back, and it’s a shame they kept him so two-dimensional. There’s more backstory within the manga, but it is a long read.

        I didn’t particularly like Jandi, mostly because I thought the acting was wooden and uninspired. She’s supposed to be this spunky in-your-face girl that stands out like a diamond among all the boring fake socialites, and I didn’t see her as more than an energetic ditz.

        BBF was not a bad adaptation, and as a standalone story has some great scenes and cinematography, but I guess when you are already familiar with the franchise, it’s hard to look at that way.

  42. 42 mandelbrotr

    NPR’s Planet Money (podcast about economic) posted an epispode this week, “Why K-Pop is Taking Over the World” ( It’s an interesting exploration of how the Korean music industry has been crafted over the last 20 years taking advantage of current technologies (YouTube) to go global.

    Its made me think about kdramas and their export-ability. I think one major issue standing in their way is production levels. The system works great for national broadcast where you are only looking to deliver within your country. I hope that as money comes in from outside they begin to fix some of the production problems that the live-shoot system causes.

    Particularly I want someone to go back and fix the rushed-job that was the last 4 minutes of City Hunter that was told so obliquely that we had to debate whether the characters were alive or dead.

  43. 43 Leaf


    So so so so happy now <3

    • 43.1 Shukmeister

      [clapping hands in glee] I’m stoked and happy for you!!

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    Dear fellow Beaners,

    I would greatly appreciate if you can spare a few minutes taking a super short survey for my graduate school project:

    Thank you 🙂

    PS: I looooooooooooooovveeeeeeeee Nice guy!

  45. 45 akapbcup

    Will you be covering Full House Take 2? I just watched the first episode on dramafever, and the most coherent reaction I can come up with is WTF?!?