Park Ha-sun offered lead in new rom-com

It’s raining dramas lately. Another new project is in the works — a romantic comedy series called Gangnam Style. Whaa? Thankfully, it has nothing to do with the song (because what would that drama be?), but then, that leads to the obvious question: WHY would you call it that? It’s a drama project that’s been in the works for some time, set in the fashion world, and based on the popular webtoon Fashion King… which has nothing to do with the drama Fashion King.

*headrattle* Okay, Show, you’re already confusing the daylights outta me, and you haven’t even started. You’re called Gangnam Style but have nothing to do with horse dancing or Psy, and you’re based on Fashion King the webtoon which has nothing to do with Fashion King the drama. All my ducks in a row?

The leading role has been offered to Park Ha-sun (High Kick: Counterattack of the Short Legs), in what will be her first headlining role in a drama series. Yay for her. I have absolutely no idea what the drama will bring, but I’m excited for how much exposure she’s gotten since High Kick. She was really so lovable and so game for the crazy comedy. Park has played lots of supporting characters in film and tv (and some notable ones like in Dong Yi), but after standing out in the ensemble-cast sitcom, she went on to star in the rom-com movie Tone-Deaf Clinic (due out next month), and now has a lead role in a drama coming her way.

The drama is described as a story about young love and today’s trendiest fashion, which doesn’t actually tell me much. It makes sense that that’s where they got their title Gangnam Style — in reference to the trendy shopping district. It’s just… you do know it means something else now, right? I guess fashion designers are going to be next year’s time travelers, if the trend holds.

On paper the story sounds much like Fashion King — about a young designer trying to become the king of fashion — which would explain why that drama got slapped with accusations of plagiarism early on, for its similarity to the webtoon. On the upside, you can only do better than Fashion King. On the downside, that’s a lot of negative association you’re carrying into the project from the start. Here’s hoping for better things.

Gangnam Style will start shooting in December for a February premiere, and is still looking for a broadcaster.

Via Sports Chosun