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Park Shin-hye cameos on King of Dramas
by | October 26, 2012 | 110 Comments

It’s only a guest stint, but you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Park Shin-hye in SBS’s upcoming King of Dramas, where she’ll play the star of a drama. So… she’ll be in the drama-within-a-drama-about-dramas. Say that five times fast.

The guest spot comes thanks to PD Hong Sung-chang, who directed Park Shin-hye in 2009’s rom-com hit You’re Beautiful. (Gah, has it been that long already? Where does time go?) Park was already pretty known at the time (she was a child actress and had a number of dramas under her belt), but I’d venture to say that was the show that catapulted her to widespread fame. So mostly this is just a favor to the director, and while I’m still waiting for her to take on a new leading role, I suppose we’ll take it. As though we had a choice.

King of Dramas features a sharp, shrewd producer/CEO named Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-min), who’s always got his eagle eye on his dramas’ bottom lines and has a knack for turning them into profitable successes. Park plays the star of one of Anthony’s productions, which is titled “Elegant Revenge.” Ha. Can it be a parody of dramaland’s revenge excess, making for a cheeky inside joke? Please? Lots of histrionic displays and glaring eyes and tortured vows of revenge, with a pulse-pounding symphonic score? C’mon, if you’re making a drama about dramas, you can’t not poke fun at yourself, can you? Otherwise you’d just be full of hot air, when you could be fun and sly.

King of Dramas airs in the post-Faith timeslot on Mondays and Tuesdays, and premieres on November 5.

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110 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JoowonLover

    Sweetttt! I love park shin hye, where have you been lately woman??
    Def need to see her in another leading role especially after heartstrings

    • 1.1 addylovesbwood

      Heyy!! your name can’t be JoowonLover! he’s mine girly lool

      • 1.1.1 JoowonLover

        I’m sure you’re not the only one. lol!

        The “Mine!” game might get ugly if we start now…. 🙂

  2. Yervang

    Yahhh! She needs a new drama. I miss her.

  3. pabo ceo reom


    seeeee….easy! 😛

    • 3.1 jomo


    • 3.2 Sonia

      lol. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one who’d try saying it five times.

    • 3.3 Cam


    • 3.4 kumi

      Now, say it 5 times backwards.

  4. bear99

    Gah! I wish fir next project she will play as a mature lady and step aside from her cute image.
    If she can play new drama with a strong actor like kim so hyun, jo won, jongki, seunggi, then i’ll die happy and worship dramagod forever.

    • 4.1 krista

      That is also what a wish for her…a good drama with those good actors..i just miss her

  5. crazedlu

    New drama with good story and male lead for Park Shinhye, please.

  6. nomu nomu nomu

    I miss Park Shin-hye already, although her last drama special ‘Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost’ was not that long ago and she had two drama’s in 2011 (you’ve fallen for me and Hayate the combat butler) So she is keeping busy.

    Regarding show: ‘King of Dramas’.
    I challenge you to get some balls and not tippy-toe around all the crap that goes on behind the scene and show all the dark side of k-drama. If you are afraid of angering the money grubbing Fat Cats, then you shouldn’t be making this drama in the first place.

  7. oh yes

    I have been waiting for her forever ( God her and the deal with a drama/ year and a movie/ year is killing me LOL)
    But I suppose she is in a talk with SBS about a new drama for early next year ( not sure how reliable this is but I hope she will sign with KBS instead)
    And I hope she picks a new role that different from her image as well… with a good co-star ( a talented and experienced one)
    I really miss her

    • 7.1 oh yes

      oh her 1-ep-special drama didn’t count though and her movie will be out next year as well so we have been pretty much dry oh her deals this whole year lol

  8. sam

    Please Come back Soon Park shin hye as a lead its been awhile. seems She is studing hard.

  9. Daisy

    Aweee I miss her so much!

  10. 10 Farpavilions

    Oh! She looks like she lost a ton of weight in the picture … like the Jung So Min transformation …. hope she’s not succumbing to industry pressure as she already looked stunning before (and dare I say, happier and healthier … but then it’s just the one picture).

    • 10.1 Danna

      that’s exactly what I thought….i don’t like what I’n seeing here…and same goes for what happened to Jung So Min….It makes me so incredibly sad seeing her this thin….Its definitely the media pressure….I remember seeing an article somewhere about Jung So Min’s fat thighs or something…so ridiculous!…..same thing had happened to Moon Geun Young around the time of Painter of the Wind ….but she bounced back…I hope these two can too

      • 10.1.1 Farpavilions

        Totally agree on all 3 actresses. With PSH, the frail delicate look scares me as her image is so quirky, perky and happy!

        • lol

          Nah she is still healthy and happy, even she has dropped a few pounds for her movie…. it’s always like that when she starts a project but don’t worry she isn’t the skin-over-bone starving type 🙂

  11. 11 Wowow

    Hahaa bear99! worship the kdrama gods? HAHAA 😀

  12. 12 rabbitsfortea

    I’m REALLY praying that this drama takes a dig at all the kdrama cliches. Given the title and the premise, it would be such a waste if they don’t (;

  13. 13 saltandpepper

    Park Shin Hye 🙂 🙂

  14. 14 Roxy

    Wow… where have you been, woman?

    We need you back in dramaland.

  15. 15 Noelle

    Wow she’s looking more and more like a woman these days.

    I am seriously excited for this drama!

    • 15.1 addylovesbwood

      i agree she looks grown up and cuter! i might reconsider my take on her as an actress.

  16. 16 addylovesbwood

    I kinda don’t like PSH along. I used to always confuse her with YEH, but i now the the difference and that i don’t like PSH or the roles shes taken in the past! nonetheless i am still excited about this upcoming drama! we need something light-hearted to save us from this melo-drama season.

    • 16.1 oh yes

      why wouldn’t you like her?
      Girl has to be one of the kindest and more talented among her age group.
      Not to mention she can dance and sing..

    • 16.2 gg

      i agree that she used to look a lot like YEH (especially in You’re Beautiful), but her acting is pretty solid i must say. and she does have likeable vibes around her…

  17. 17 Fabiola

    I love Park Shin Hye!, I want her in a drama soon!, she was busy lately filming a movie, but I know that the filming is done! …I am looking forward her next project!

  18. 18 ecjl

    I like PSH but even her presence isn’t enough for me to watch this drama.

  19. 19 blah

    I can’t stand her. All her recent dramas have been mediocre and badly acted. I wonder what happened to her. Her acting was better as a child actress. Nowadays, it’s like she is more desperate to portray herself as this popular hallyu star, instead of focusing on being a good actress. The projects that she’s picked recently was also a mess. Hated You’re Beautiful with her bad unconvincing act and Heartstrings was such a mess.

    • 19.1 Ellen

      I haven’t studied acting, so my biased judgement only comes from watching dramas over dramas. And maybe we fans are often influenced by our personal tastes.

      Still, I must say I like her a lot, both personality-wise and acting-wise. I feel the emotions coming from her characters. Which I can’t say for other actresses from her same age range who eventually have a wider general consensus in being considered skilled, but fail to hook me up.

      In YAB I’ve always felt she delivered what the script required of her. It was a parody of those cross-dressing dramas were the girl is never found out in spite of evidence. She had to be femimine and not believable as a boy. And about this, I found her convincing. (but this is just me).

      I don’t think she is pushing things to be an Hallyu star. Overseas fans like her naturally, just like other stars are more loved in Korea equally naturally.

    • 19.2 Fabiola

      I really like her but I know that not everybody does and that is part of the entertainment world. I have to say that she has improved a lot as an actress, in Cyrano Agency (movie) she received a lot of good critics and her acting in her latest short drama “Don’t Worry, I am a ghost”, too. She was working hard in December 23th, her latest movie with a very good actors where she is not portraying at all the role of a hallyu star. I hope that one of her latest projects finally will get your attention 🙂 and at the end she can convince you as an actress (little by little).

    • 19.3 Nilechoclat

      i think you should watch YAB and cryano agency again 🙂

    • 19.4 lol

      I wonder if we watched the same things? lol 0_o;;

      Her earlier roles were more melo ( Tree of Heaven and Stairway to heaven) and she rocked them even she was so young
      The drama that helped her more popular oversea is “you are beautiful” and her first romcom was as huge success.
      Heartstrings got messed up partially because of the writer/ PD and she was involved to a car accident at time, yet she still finished her role beautifully.
      Her movie Cyrano Agency was a huge hit as well with a lot flavor criticisms her a mature role.
      The special 1-epside “Hello I’m a ghost” was unexpectedly good and emotional… which was recommended by a lot of drama fans
      And Shinhye’s new movie Dec 23rd will be coming early next year…

      Which dramas/ movies have you watched I’m curious lol 😛

  20. 20 Cammie

    Aw. I really miss watching this actress Park Shin Hye in that drama You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings. Woah, she look like she’s more womanly now [from picture]….I really expect that she will have a new drama soon! 🙂

  21. 21 umalily

    I’m choi siwon deprived. I can’t wait!

  22. 22 Nilechoclat

    Finally thank you that bring article about shin hye i missed her i am waiting this drama and her movie December 23 <3

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    Yay, I am waiting for this drama. Sharp and comes with abs. Plus a leading lady I like, well since salaryman. So come on Nov.
    Can’t believe that is the only new show I am watching. Everything else is saguek. Ergh.

  24. 24 rainy

    thanks for the info….

  25. 25 tinatot

    excited for this drama <3

  26. 26 seara

    wohoooooooooo… super excited!!!
    PDnim..please give PSH new drama please? Maybe Hong sisters drama again? 🙂

  27. 27 JYA

    Prays that my favorite actor doesn’t get her as a partner in any drama. While she isn’t a terrible actress, she is considered ratings death. There’s many people who like her, but not enough to tune in on any of her dramas. Even YAB had dismal ratings.

    Sounds mean, but I dont want my fave actor to be paired with an actress who has such bad luck in all dramas where she plays the lead role.

    • 27.1 Nilechoclat

      I think the bad luck that your fav actors won’t play with her even me I don’t want your actors play with her she just grow Like Rose with thorn I hope just you will remember my words .

    • 27.2 mary

      I think your comment is a bit harsh to accused PSH of being a bad luck!! You cannot measure a person’s success or a drama being successful just because of the rating?? Yes it’s true that YAB had a dismal rating.. But thanks to YAB, they’re being known all over and gathered international fans including me. Since it’s last airing in 2009.. until now YAB is still popular. Don’t put all the blames to Shin HYe cause she works really hard to improve her craft . Shin hye is a versatile actress and I believe once she have a good tv/movie offer, she will definitely shine.. Hope next time try to be rational and be fair ok!!

      • 27.2.1 kaylee

        park shin hye please come back i miss you soo much i cant bare it without you when will you make another k-drama i don’t want to keep on watching the same ones all over again and come to California my friends and i are exited to have you hear…..

        • kaylee


    • 27.3 ranisa

      I wonder who your favorite actors are, coz there are only some actors who can get high ratings project after project. Even Moon Geun Young suffered from such blow, but she’s one of the best actresses of her generation. Hey, wait, so do you mean Jang Geun Suk is a ratings death too?

      I don’t really think ratings can be considered as a way to weigh the greatness of dramas. Wild Romance got low ratings, but it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen so far. Secret Garden and BOF were able to rate well but by the end you’re just shaking your head with disbelief.

      • 27.3.1 JYA

        Moon Geun Young is a great actress, she had some dramas that had bad script but not all of her projects are major flops. She can portray any kind of character flawlessly may it be a boy or a girl, evil or good character. Did you see how flawless she was at portrying a boy as Shin Yoon Bok in Painter Of The Wind? It makes Park Shin Hye’s ridiculous act in YAB so ludicrous.

        You think YAB would be a success had Park Shin Hye been paired with someone other than Jang Geun Suk? YAB failed in Korea but became popular overseas because of Jang Geun Suk’s hallyu power. It was only after she was paired with him that she started getting noticed. Since then, I noticed that she’s starting to become somewhat of an attention seeker.

        How is it possible that Park Shin Hye’s dramas where she leads all failed in ratings if she really isn’t the cause? Not just one but all of them failed. Dont give me the stupid excuse that ratings dont mean anything because it does.

        So no thanks, pair her with your favorite actor if you want but dont pair her with mine. I want my actor to be paired with someone who can work well with him and they can help eachother not only during drama shoots but also help with ratings part.

        • Ellen

          Oh noes…I thought those old childish flame wars between some immature Shin Hye and Geun Young fans were over.

          It saddens me because both girls have talents on their own and in different ways. What’s the point in continuosly comparing them? And also they have a lot of nice and dedicate fans, but there are some small niches in their fandoms who still lingers in childish shipping wars, extending the bashing to wathever the two girls do. It usually ruins everything the other fans do to keep peace.

          oh whatever…. haters to the left

          • JYA

            It’s not even about shipping wars. I am just stating a fact.
            Park Shin Hye doesn’t have that extra uumph factor!
            Just because I am criticizing her doesn’t mean it’s because I am trying to instigate flame wars or because it’s about shipping.

            I have a a totally different issue with her, which is her inability to pick good dramas and that all her dramas failed in ratings. I am just being honest when I say that I wouldn’t want my favorite actor being paired with her for that reason.

            Some of you may say that ratings is not everything, while I agree that it isn’t, you also have to admit that ratings plays a huge factor, whether we like it or not. Good ratings not only inspires the cast and crews to do better, but it also relieves them from having to be stressed out. Good ratings is a nice reward for actors, it’s like telling them that they did a good job. So it is very important to have a leading partner who you can have great compatibility with, but can also be a big help in the ratings area. It’s not fair if only one actor has to shoulder all the responsibilities with ratings, while the other actor has absolutely zero contribution with ratings, espescially when the script is less than stellar.

        • getto

          You might adore geunyong but shinhye’s acting moves me more. In fact, shinhye’s acting moves me the most among all actresses. And wth ALL dramas r u talkin abt? She only took little number of projects due to her study. YAB might be had low rate, but its popularity not only bcoz of KS hallyu power. Gominam strong character is the main factor who brought YAB popularity abroad that risen ALL YAB casts career. And abt HS.. Shinhye more experienced than the lead actor. So you cant poin your finger only at her face.

    • 27.4 yuri

      me, too…i hope she won’t get to be the partner of your favorite actor.

      YAB and HS may have dismal ratings in Korea but they are well loved in other countries. Besides, PSH is one of the few Korean actresses who is loved not only for her dramas/acting but most especially for her real personality.

      It may not yet be Park Shin Hye’s time to really outshine everyone but I like it that she is taking it slow. She is young, perky, and going through in between K-pop and K-drama. I want her to enjoy that path instead of just taking angst-filled dramas/movies. Hope she does lots of fanmeets for her international fans so that she won’t think that people regard her as something JYA unfairly thinks she is…

    • 27.5 getto

      while u pray ur actor wont play with her, ur actor busy praying to act with her. U should go to fortune teller to check ur actor luck. Maybe he is the one who bring her to the miserable low rates when all she’s done is being a lucky charm for all her co-workers. That’s why she’s loved so much by her co-workers.

  28. 28 MARICEL

    I think you haven’t watched kimcheed radish cubes, or dont worry i’m a ghost, while the first got good ratings and her character was mature, the second was deep and emotional. She did show all of her quality… plus cyrano had records in viewers and in one of the scenes there she is outstanding. It’s saddening how mean and unfair people can be to her. She doesnt deserve it, especially when she has got a great personality , and is natural like , unlike some other singers and actresses from her country.

    • 28.1 JYA

      Kimcheed Radish Cubes was a weekend drama so that getting good ratings is hardly an accomplishment. All of the primetime drama that she leads are major flops.

      Cyrano Agency if she was really that good how come she only keeps getting the popularity award and nothing else? While Lee Min Jung ran away with the big awards.
      I guess that backs up what I said before, while she isn’t a terrible actress, she just doesn’t have that extra uumph! Sorry!

      • 28.1.1 Nilechoclat

        Park shin hye nominated the best 2nd lead actress in 8th Korean Film Award Nomination 2011 as her role in cryano agency seriously you don’t knowanything if you really not accept her acting then why you comment ???
        I don’t understand some people those days if dislike someone just don’t look at her if that annoys you !

        • JYA

          Nominated and WINNING are 2 entirely different things, so I do know what I’m talking about!

          She’s only good for popularity awards where her rich fans can buy votes to make her win. As for her acting ability she doesn’t get much credit.

          • Nilechoclat

            Rich fansssssssss I am so Laughing calling her fans are rich but you have point she is more rich with fans from every country I am from Egypt and she deserve those awards and if she didn’t take awards doesn’t mean a failure it is success I think you watch the oscar academy awards how they feel happy just nomination .
            In short words if you dislike shin hye just say good or keep silent .

          • JYA

            Fine then! Keep buying her votes for Popularity Awards, cause that will be the only award that she will keep on getting. That’s the only thing she’s good for anyhow.

        • ranisa

          JYA, I’m sorry but… you’re strange. If you don’t like Park Shin Hye then don’t read articles with her in it, don’t watch anything with her on it, and don’t care about her existence at all. It will save you time and energy. It will make your day brighter and the cyberworld a better and a more peaceful place. And this is not about depriving you of your freedom of expression, but still, if you don’t like her then you don’t.

          But if you keep bashing someone just because you don’t like her/him, then you’re not so different from Internet trolls.

          • JYA

            ranisa, I have no choice but to watch her, since she’s been paired with all the guys that I like. It’s not like I can fastforward the scenes they act together, how would I understand the drama if I did that?

            There’s only one actor that I like that she hasn’t been paired yet, so I hope that would never happen.

            You can call me a troll if you want. I am just stating my opinion so be it.

          • ranisa

            All I’m saying is, just don’t let the dislike eat you up. I’m sure your favorite actors will eventually pick things up, and you can move on with things.
            You may not be a troll but the way you focus on PSH and the qualities you don’t like about her are really tiresome. You’re even spending time here but she’s not even a supporting cast in this drama, and will not act together much with the actors. So it means it really is your choice to post comments about this article that clearly doesn’t have to do with her pairing up with your fav actors.

      • 28.1.2 getto

        I see your true colors now. You just trying too much to find shinhye flaws. Firs about lucky thingy. Then acting abilities. Finally turn into ur so called uumph factor. And you bring up abt buying awards and blah blah blah. Your statements just full of nonsense, jealousy, and insecurity…*abt ur couple* kekeke

  29. 29 Almontel

    I totally love this girl…she’s beautiful in and out and one reason i can tell is because she had stayed friends with everyone she’s worked with in the past.
    i love her bond with CNblues’s YongHwa, FTIsland’s Hongki, the prickly TaeKyung: Jang GeunSuk
    You’re beautiful was a super big hit internationally esp Japan and i believe she portrayed that role Gominam as what was described in the script and more.

    i’ve loved her since Stairway to Heaven and especially in Tree of Heaven with Kim TaeHee’s brother Lee Wan, what a sad story, can’t help but cry everytime I watch that series. she’s a very talented actress at her age.

    i love that she’s brought up as a Christian and always make time to do a lot of community services in and out of Korea.

    she’s a great dancer, we can all agree to that and her stars’ shining bright right now and I hope we’ll be blessed to see more of her and like almost everyone here, I too, would love to see her in a different lead role that will really showcase her talent!

    PSH, Fighting!!!

    and thank you Javabeans for writing this article for us PSH fans! Khamsamhida…

    i can’t wait for her Dec 23rd movie….i’d love to see her in another emotional drama… i hear the storyline is similar to Hilary Swank’s past movie Convicted combined with I Am Sam storyline…surely can’t wait to see it!

  30. 30 MARICEL

    Right, it’ childish. To like one actress doesn’t make the others worse or a failure. I admire Psh in many ways , acting, abilities , personality,, etc. But that does’t make me want to bash MGY, and even when I don’t find her special , i see her talent.

    Well, i’m glad Shin Hye is busy and that they keep calling her. It means they can see how capable and charming she is.

    • 30.1 Nilechoclat

      I agree with you I am not bash MYG or EYH i respect both as Korean actresses but some fans of them doesn’t respect Park shin hye she made me Love her from YAB drama if this drama is a failure how it can make this success in Japan ,Taiwan and all over Asia also Middle east , In japan they made YAB drama .
      I am sorry the success of this drama by 4 PSH , JGS , YH and LHK .

      • 30.1.1 Ellen

        Agree with Maricel and Nilechoclat, in all counts.

        Girls, let’s not feed the troll anymore, she is only seeking attention, the same thing she keeps accusing Shinye of.

  31. 31 MARICEL

    Troll hahaha…right let’s end it here. We better go to work and make money if not ,we wont be able to buy more votes for SH.>.<

  32. 32 Nilechoclat

    Jealous haters make us smile, they spend their life cloning our style. Nothin’ better to do with their time, they’ll even try to copy our rhyme. Ain’t none like us, as you can see, we the best, so let it be.

  33. 33 seara

    So, if i conclude, someone thinks that
    -if the drama success..it belongs to the actor
    -if the drama sucks in rating..then you blame it to PSH
    Thats too funny dear 🙂

    I will respect your opinion anyway.. Hope your fav actor will success in his drama

    About PSH, she is the only actress that i always follow her drama, news, activity, etc.. I always support her, and i dont have to pay anything to make her win the polling, because she has a looooooot of fans around the world anyway

    Shinhye!! Fighting!!!

  34. 34 Rising Angel

    OMG You can hate her, you can love her.. but you cant ignore her…

    Cant wait to see her in this drama.

    • 34.1 yuri

      I agree with @Rising Angel… definitely someone to watch out for… if not, why does she get the attention of everyone including the haters? it is because they knew deep down she is someone who has the potential… but i also want her to really hone her craft in dancing….
      definitely one of the best! ^^

      and @seara…me, too… i am even surprised why she gets the popularity award when PSH fans are all low profile… and mind you she is one of the few actresses who does fanmeets and they are well-attended… means only that looottttssss of fans love her dearly ^^

  35. 35 Rising Angel

    LOL I am back again.. about the popularity award.. she would be popular if they like or love her acting rite?? I mean no one want watch someone who doesn’t act great??

  36. 36 kim

    I’m upset reading those harsh comments and I think Shinhye doesn’t deserve it..calling her attention seeker, bad luck in a drama..if you don’t like her, don’t troll and don’t bash.

    I love Park Shin HYe and I believe in her talent..i think she just needs a very good story, good director, good cast in her next drama.

    Shinhye, Hwaiting..

  37. 37 daqzx

    to the girl bashing shinhye. why do you hate her? i will give u the answer.

    1) geunsuk consider her as one of his close friend. and she is only the girl close to him.

    2) yonghwa is comfortable and happy around her. and they undersstand eachother very well.

    3) hongi is close to her too. and support shinhye. he visit shinhye in HS shooting days and support her.

    4) not to forget she has been in cf with all the hot and good looking guys like lee min ho, kim hyun joong. kimbom and have acted with seven, lee wan.

    5) and she is close with kim so hyun too.

    and dont say yab got hallyu popularity just becoz of jgs coz of course its due to him too but he also got support from shinhye. yonghwa and hongki and it was perfect cast.

    and let me tell u shinhye has done all type of role. she acted in stairway way to heaven as awesome child actress. she acted as emotional character in tree of heaven and dont worry ghost and married character in kimcheed radish cubes and she also acted opposite or villian character in goongs. so she is absolutely versatile actress.

    you are just jealous of her coz geunsuk yonghwa hongki are close to her. and she can dance,sing ,mc and can play instruments. with her natural beauty and great personality.

    she has lot of fans not only due to her drama. but also due to her personality and kind heart.

    and at last if u cant write any good words then just dont write any bad words either.

  38. 38 daqzx

    i m 100% sure that above is the reason. and take your fav orite actor with u. shinhye doesnt need him. coz when he will get chance to cast with shinhye. that day will be the best day of his entire life.

    i love shinhye first due to her acting talent and her various talents and after knowing about her more i love her more. so dont give your shit here.

  39. 39 sarah

    my favourite korean actress..i dont know why i like her very much…cant wait her for next project…

  40. 40 jojo

    to the person who hate Shin Hye so badly…i think u’re the one who bring the bad luck here just to bash her…no need to hate her…she nothing to do with u…u know why? Shinhye is the only Hallyu actress that i like not bcoz her natural beauty but her good manner too..your comment just hurt her so much if she read this page…people like you just ruin this industry with that harsh comments…may Shinhye forgive u lol…

  41. 41 mulan

    I don’t understand why are you guys comparing Park Shin Hye with Moon Geun Young! Seriously? MGY is way than PSH. nuff said.

    • 41.1 mulan

      way better*

    • 41.2 Nilechoclat

      Who comparing ??????you just write without reading comments every one has style in acting I love shin hye More than MGY but that doesn’t mean shin hye is better or MGY is better seriously just watch every actor and actress not the same in acting and who attract you doesn’t mean is the best and other are worst .

    • 41.3 giggle

      that’s for you. not me. =,= PSH all the way. nuff said.

  42. 42 seara

    I think it just shipper wars anyway
    whatever you say, i will always choose shinhye as my fav actress.

    @yuri: yeah..i forget to mention about fanmeeting. All FM shinhye, drama or individual FM, always sold out. and for the last HS FM in japan, they make it to 2 sesions. Ah, maybe someone wanna say it is bcos the actor only? hahahaa #LOL

  43. 43 lol

    So I just read that the person criticized Shinhye because almost all her fav actors have been paired with her?
    I guess we know where the hate come from LOL
    It’s ok at the end of the day, no matter how much you like or hate her, your fav actors will be close with her and think highly of her than you’d ever wish for ( that’s always been the case)

  44. 44 krisv

    Haters always gonna hate and that’s their problem..pitiful..

    ShinHye will always be my favorite no matter what they say. When you are so popular like Shinhye, its inevitable that there will be haters, those who are jealous of her especially since she has been paired with almost all the hot guys in Korea and to make matters worse (for those haters) she is close friends to JYH, HK and JGS. So, I was wondering which camps those haters come from, hahaha..
    AS to her numerous popularity awards, please don’t think lowly of that much more don’t ever accused her fans of vote buying. I wonder if you are you afraid of shinhye winning a popularity award again, hmmm, is it becoz someone will again walk up the stage and give her flowers or maybe another one will sit beside her.

  45. 45 Ai2

    I so………………..love…………….this girl. The very well-mannered and polite Park Shin Hye.

    Its not a surprise that many who have worked with her loved this girl. She is well-brought up. Such a lovely lovely person and so down-to-earth.

    I really miss her, but a 16-episode drama is not her priority since her accident. I’m glad that a University degree is her priority.

    Looking forward to her movie “December 23”.

  46. 46 Tsina

    I miss you Miss Park Shin Hye! But, no more dramas?

    I watched “Sorry I’m a Ghost” and you are so good in that drama, and so beautiful too. I can’t believed that you did that 5 meter dive.

    You are becoming more beautiful everyday, with or without make-up. and gee, you’re one of the few actresses who did not go under the knife.

    I so look forward too to your movie December 23.

    and, how was your exam?

  47. 47 Hacci lover

    PARK SHIN HYE is one of the best and brilliant actress in the Hallyu world. Now tell me hater, why did the media call her HALLYU PRINCESS/QUEEN if not for her talent/s? She acts like no other actress, even cries in a snap… she can take on any role if u ask her to do so… she dances better than some girl idol and sing too… ratings are important, yes but dont blame it all on her… remember YAB had KEUN SUK, YONG HWA AND HONG KI too… the last two are idols so it should’ve gone up.. and for sure, YOUR FAVE ACTOR couldn’t wait to be paired up with PARK SHIN HYE coz if u haven’t noticed SHE IS THE LUCKY CHARM of the actors after being paired to them because they gain popularity.. haah! So if you havent gotten any good thing to say, just hush it and watch your fave actor instead…

  48. 48 Hacci lover

    @krisv hahaha!! agree.. someone might give her flowers, sit beside her and not take his eyes off her on stage, or escort her on stage even next time lol

  49. 49 abc123

    that person bashing shinhye is one of the jealous, insecure and pathetic creature. she may dont like shinhye so she is using moon geunyong as the reason to bash her. i m not fan of moon geunyong but i know that her fan is not that bad . that jealous creature you hate shinhye. fine she dont need a pathetic fan like u. there are lot of fans who truely love her and support her.

    its obvious that there will be hater of shinhye coz she is versatile actress with various talents, natural beauty and very popular among her age actress.

    and if it is about shipping thingy. shinhye is not in love relation with any one. so need need to burst yourself with jealousy and insecurity. shinhye is completely fine with herself. its just that our love and believe in that couple so we ship them.

    the more u hate her. more she will be loved by her fans.

  50. 50 [email protected]


    Shin Hye is the most popular girl in the heart of Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hongki.

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