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Philip Lee injured, drops out of Faith
by | October 19, 2012 | 93 Comments

Oh no, bad news for Philip Lee, who has sustained an eye injury and is now pulling out of the currently airing Monday-Tuesday drama Faith. The injury did not arise during drama filming, but because he is scheduled for surgery next week he won’t be able to continue shooting.

Philip Lee said, “I have a heavy heart to be dropping out of the drama so close to the final broadcast. Above all I want to convey my apologies to the fans who have shown love for Faith.”

It’s too bad that he leaves so close to the drama’s finale without getting to be a part of it. On the other hand, it’s both fortunate for the drama and a damn shame for him that he’s barely a presence in the show to begin with, despite the setup hinting at a much meatier role. His Jang Bin character is supposedly Goryeo’s greatest doctor, and should have provided a counterpart to Kim Hee-sun’s modern medical perspective. Plus, he could have also provided some pushback as a romantic rival to Lee Min-ho, given that Jang Bin often lent a friendly, sympathetic ear to our heroine, especially when our hero was the one aggravating her.

And yet, we ended up with nuthin’. I wonder if this is a victim of the live-shoot or evidence of poor planning from the outset, in not rewriting his character and scenes to fit the newest versions of the story, which has undergone some significant changes since its earlier versions. In any case, I’ve thought it was puzzling to have him cast, then only trotted out to play occasional exposition fairy. He may not be the most skilled actor around, but surely he was good for more than his two minutes per episode.

Better luck next time, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you Javabeans for the news. I just commented (not long ago) about that on Open Thread, as I noticed that he wasn’t in epi. 20 of Faith (I don’t remember about epi. 19).

      I feel the same way you do, that he was casted and yet not given a meatier role when the rewrites were done, which I found regrettable. However as you said, maybe it is better for the drama that things were this way, considering that he couldn’t make it to the end.

      I was also hoping to see him being somewhat of a rival to CY, exactly for the reasons you mentioned. I loved seeing him in Faith, even if it were just for two minutes. I do hope he will fare better with his next project (movie or drama) and I do hope his surgery will go well.

      I have never seen him in a drama, I was looking forward to seeing him in Faith.

      • 1.1.1 EERYLIN

        “I have never seen him in a drama, I was looking forward to seeing him in Faith.”

        If you want to see him in a drama, watch Secret Garden ^^

        • jp

          wait… phillip lee was in secret garden???…
          please enlighten me – what was his role, as i am inundated with back logs due to watching Faith and reading DramaBeans recap over and over again..
          pray do tell

          • zsa

            yep…he was gil ra im’s director at the stunt school…i’m still waiting for him to get a lead role…sigh

          • EERYLIN

            Of course he was in Secret Garden ! He played the handsome and super sexy boss of the heroine
            You know the stunt boss ^ ^

    • 1.2 Dominique

      Jang Bin did appear in Episode 19, where he diagonosed the Queen’s pregnancy.

      I assumed that his absence in Episode 20 in the scene of the Queen’s miscarriage, was due to his gender – a male doctor might have been highly inappropriate to examine the Queen’s bleeding, etc. Just speculation on my part.

      As I commented previously, Jang Bin was very impressive and inspiring in every scene he appeared. Yes, the sum total of his screen time was not a lot. But I don’t believe that good acting is directly proportionate to the amount of screen time. It is the quality, not the quantity. And the drama gave Jang Bin a meaningful role to play.

      Faith is littered with many other minor but significant roles. The best example is Gyeong Chang Goon, who appeared in Episodes 6-7. How can we forget him?

      His decision after deliberation to drink the poison rather than deliver Choi Young to Gi Chul’s trap was simply Shakespearean. And his death by Choi Young’s sword, to relieve him from the pain, is what caused Choi Young to abandon his dream of leaving the palace to go fishing. I will not forget the Gyeong Chang Goon story of Faith for a long time to come.

      And the child actor who played Gyeong Chang Goon delivered the best performance by a child actor in the Korean dramaland, which, as you well know, has no qualms whatsoever in hiring kids who can barely manage to speak the lines, let alone act. The case in point was the two children last night in the final episode of Arang. They may be cute, but they were certainly not acting.

      Then we have mercurial Dae Man, innocent Deok Man, the reliable second-in-command Oodalchi, stern Lady-in-Waiting Choi, and the untamed mute girl in the palace pharmacy, all of whom fire up the screen whenever they appear and whose presence we feel 100 times bigger than their screenn time. So, quality, not quantity.

      Faith does have two minor roles that it has so far wasted. They are what someone called Pipeling and Fireling.

      I find the actor playing Pipeling fatally miscast. I know he even sang one of the OST songs and all, but can a guy be any more boring and lifeless? At least, when all else fails, exude some sexual charm. Then all will be forgiven.

      The case of Pipeling is different. I believe that the drama just did not give her much of anything to do.

      • 1.2.1 soon

        Actually I am happy that Jang Bing didn’t go into a tiangle relationship with CY and ES, if not it would be too typical of korean drama with male 2 always handsome, rich, pecfect character etc but end up with nothing…so i am glad writer nim did not use this type of old plot but still a pity he cannot stay till last ep. Btw, what kind of injury?

      • 1.2.2 Waca

        I totally agree! It is true that we didn’t get to see Jang Bin much, but each time he appeared he had an impressive presence, and I’m not sure it would have been the case if he had been there more often (and certainly not if he had been the third guy from a love triangle…eek, I’m happy they didn’t do that!).

        However I did expect him to learn more stuff to Eun So, such as acupuncture, so it’s a shame he’s dropping out. But the way I’ll remember this character won’t be a “they underused him” because I don’t feel this way.

        We could say that the pipeling and fireling were underused, that is true, but actually in this case I’m glad they were because they were walking clichés. Especially the fireling, she hurt my eyes each time I saw her and my ears each time she opened her mouth. And that was not a problem with the actress, but totally a problem with this anachronistic and cliched character.

        • Qítko

          I agree with you, Waca and Soon. I am also glad there is not the love triangle: Jang Bin – Eun Soo – Choi Young. JB and CH are friends and they care about each other and help each other, so rivalry between them would be very sad thing and I would not like it at all.

      • 1.2.3 jp

        ok. as long as the writer and the director find a way to make CY and ES have their happy ending, i am ok.
        like what happened to Arang… well, that’s another story.

      • 1.2.4 mia

        “…..but can a guy be any more boring and lifeless? At least, when all else fails, exude some sexual charm. Then all will be forgiven.”…..written by Dominique about the Pipeling

        Yes, what a pity…..it’s like having a good ingredient to prepare a good meal but the cook just don’t have the slightest idea how to use it or bring out its flavour and taste. This flute-boy is played by the actor Sung Hoon, who was the lead in New Tales of Gisaeng (NToG), where he exudes oodles of sex appeal and charm and charisma, with a bod to die for. His crying scene in NToG is worthy of an award…….in fact, he garnered an award as a promising new actor as the unforgettable Ah Da Mo in NToG.

        But WTF….how could such a smexy, charismatic guy morph into such a creature as the Pipeling with a sex appeal ( or rather non-sex appeal ) as exciting as a dry piece of tasteless bread ? What a puzzlement, as the king of siam is wont to exclaim !

    • 1.3 Awe

      come back to America, Philip Lee! we love you. <3

    • 1.4 Shifa'a

      I think it’s pretty serious. Some pictures of him at the hospital after the surgery. A covered eye with some expression which I can’t describe but that it made me feel sad… Get well soon.

      Arab fan


  2. Mystisith

    Who else believes it’s an amicable separation disguised as an health problem so everyone could save face? What a waste, really.

    • 2.1 kakashi

      oh, interesting theory… I felt so bad for him since episode 1, but this isn’t really the “end” he deserves after all.

      • 2.1.1 kakashi

        they could at least have given him a proper and very dramatic as well as meaningful drama death, no?!

    • 2.2 Dafne

      Yes I totaly felt it like this. Don’t know if I’m paranoid though -_-

    • 2.3 belleza

      Yeah, I feel that way too. It already felt like he was being written out of the show quite a few episodes ago.

    • 2.4 Awe

      whatever the reason, the dude got seriously reemed in this drama. waste of talent. his sense of timing and dry humor is some of the best in all of Kdrama-land, if not the best. think back to Secret Garden and all the times Hyun Bin called Lee Philip an Arab and his reactions. not many can hold a candle to Lee Philip.

      i say YAY to him. good for you! get away from projects that promised and don’t deliver. you’re better than that.

  3. nomu nomu nomu

    I’m not convinced it was a “medical” reason for bowing out so close to series finale, and can’t really say I would blame him for that.

    but, look on the bright side Philip Lee, at least you weren’t a walking manga-flute-boy who absolutely have NO PURPOSE in the story what so ever

    • 3.1 Mystisith


    • 3.2 Carole McDonnell

      LOL!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I shouldn’t laugh and I was feeling so sorry for Philip and hoping he’d heal quickly but your comment just cracked me up.

    • 3.3 Ivoire

      Hi nomu nomu nomu, you are funny. But didn’t Flute boy kill a few people in the beginning of the drama? Maybe that was his purpose? 🙂 And to hear people’s conversations?

    • 3.4 Betty

      lol!!! I have no idea if it’s true (ok ok I have my doubts) but if it’s true, it sure is a blessing in disguise… or maybe not that much in disguise…

    • 3.5 Waca

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Walking manga flute boy!!! 😀

      Thanks for your hilarious comment!!!

    • 3.6 Naz

      yeah flute boy could have had an amazing character but they haven’t really dug into any of the side characters at all. heck even the main characters backgrounds and motivations are kind of lacking

    • 3.7 asianromance

      I think the eye injury is real, but the surgery could have been planned for an earlier date so he could bow out. It probably could have been okay to have the surgery after the finale filming (the drama’s almost over anyways), but what’s the point of delaying if he’s only going to have 2 minutes on-screen. He has seriously been shafted!

    • 3.8 F.Ids

      Hahahaha! A manga flute boy! hahahah. i will remember this one.

  4. Kwhat?!

    What’s with all the eye issues in dramaland lately? I find it interesting that Philip Lee is the only actor to hang on to this drama from the very beginning, yet he’s the first out. (Not counting all the people killed off for the sake of the story, natch.) I agree with you Javabeans, better luck next time.

  5. jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    i agree that he should have been a rival of LMH for the High Doctor’s love..at some parts of the drama, i was thinking the same thing..he could have been! but he wasn’t! **SIGH

  6. Mystisith

    OK. I don’t want to seem insensitive. I really hope he is safe and healthy. Count on me to check the coming pics on the net: If I see an eye patch I will be VERY sorry. Ps: Sunglasses won’t be enough to fool me.

    • 6.1 Ivoire

      Mysti, LOL! OK, THAT was funny!!!! I like the bit about the sunglasses not being enough…

  7. Daisy

    Man this drama is so unlucky.. Lee Jun Ki dropping out, many lead actors reject to film, being in production for 2 years, and now this..

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      Hi Daisy, you are right, but the way you put it sounded funny! It might not have been your intent, but it was kind of funny…

  8. cv

    Yez, better luck next time. I bet his role would have been different if it was the original cast and story. Oh well, see you in the next drama Philip.

  9. cvang010

    yea i wished he was more into the drama. they didn’t give much scenes and his character wasn’t really portrayed with in depth details. i wish you well!

  10. 10 Fab

    Isn’t he like second lead? I dropped Faith after 4 eps, I guess that’s when things went downhill for the eyecandy(say Fluteguy…), lol. He had more luck in Secret Garden.

    • 10.1 Naz

      he sure did. the king ended up being the second male lead

    • 10.2 jp

      what episode was he in Secret Garden???

      • 10.2.1 Mystisith

        He was in all of them. You could say a 3rd male lead but well written and perfect for him. He caused a lot of second male lead syndromes.

  11. 11 Addyloveswood

    Awww poor baby!! too bad he won’t be missed cuz he was just chillin the whole time…

  12. 12 Lila

    I was really hoping for more for his character as well. At first (and even towards the middle of the drama) I thought he would be a possible love interest for her. I loved their chemistry and they made it seem like he was a little interested in her, but it now looks like this was just as friends.

    • 12.1 Carole McDonnell

      He was a center of calm in the story. A confidante for all the stressed out characters. I think he used his fan once but other than that, he was just peace and calm.

      • 12.1.1 mia

        So spot on ! Perfect description of Jang Bin…

  13. 13 Annie

    I kind of wish Faith was shelved for a bit longer so that the writers could work out a better readaptation of the original story.

  14. 14 Waca

    I am so sad! I was hoping he would have a little more role, so I was so sad not seeing him in the last episode!

    I have to say, I am actually glad that Jang Bin and Eun So were on friendly terms, and not Jang Bin being a rival to Choi Young, because I really hate love triangles. And I liked their chemistry as fellow doctors. It was a nice friendship imo.
    I really don’t understand why kdramas adore love triangles so, because as for me, they give me ulcers. Maybe I am too much of a sensitive person, but I get sick just by watching the unlucky guy suffering. And also hyper annoyed by the fact that the girl has two guys swooning over her when in real life it is hard as Hell to even have ONE guy swooning over you. Augh.

    Anyway, I hope Philip Lee is well, but I also hope his eye infection is actually true, because since I’ve come to dramaland, which has not been such a long time, I am amazed at the number of eye infection I’ve seen. Seriously, does Korea have a problem with eye health?

    A shame Jang Bin didn’t have a bigger role. I was expecting him to teach Eun So about acupuncture, because if Eun So is supposed to become Hwata, then she has to learn acupuncture too.
    We will miss you, Jang Bin! 🙁

    Oh, and a last thing: I sure do hope the characters in the show will actually say something about him not being here, because nothing annoys me more than a character disappearing and the others not noticing it. So the drama better have an explanation for Jang Bin’s disappearance…

    • 14.1 Airyn

      I agree! His departure should be written into the script, like the King sent him somewhere or something. Please don’t just ignore his disappearance, writers!

      I hope that Philip Lee gets well soon and gets a better project. 🙂

    • 14.2 owl

      Like the antidote and poison got mixed up while he was taste testing . . .

  15. 15 Mar

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and good luck in future endeavors.

    I like this actor but I have no use for his character as a rival of Choi in Faith. I’m not a fan of the rivalry trope and frankly this series doesn’t need the conflict. And with this character to me would seem contrived. I do however feel that the two docs had a great rapport and budding friendship. I liked his place in the series, but he definitely did not have much to do. I have always felt there were too many characters in the series to allow good character development of the secondary characters, and I was conflicted feeling this way because I like most of the characters. I always liked him for Hwata, that he would learn from Eun-soo, go to the future and become a skilled surgeon, and return to Hwata’s time. Oh well.

  16. 16 sky

    Too bad but i agree. His character wasn’t being utilized. I thought he had better chemistry with the lead then Lee Min Ho.

  17. 17 jyyjc

    Yeah I also think it’s fortunate his character was barely there in the first place, that way the story doesn’t suffer a huge loss. But yes it did seem like his character was going to be something more. I also think the flute guy is going through the same thing. Thought there were hints that his character is going to play a bigger role in the story during those scenes where he’s all contemplative while the fire girl asks him what he really wants. But drama’s almost over and still nothin’.

  18. 18 new fan

    i feel bad for him!!! i could totally see a love line with him n ES but they just cut him off like that
    he’s a victim
    while the character of kings relative or something seem like the 2nd lead now~~he’s gettin more screentime

  19. 19 MC

    Come to think of it the Woodalchi men has more screen time than his character.

    Hope he’ll get better exposure on his next drama/film.

    Even if the eye injury is true or not, I wish him well. I’ll miss the character. 🙁

  20. 20 befuddled

    I agree- I told feel like his character really could have had more screentime.

    • 20.1 befuddled

      Oops, *told* was meant to be *too* in that last comment.

  21. 21 Ann

    It’s strange because I have thought his eyes looked weird from the beginning of the show as if they were a little crossed or something. I have seen other pictures of him where his eyes don’t look like that. I think he his much better suited to modern dramas, so I hope he heals quickly and finds a good one.

    • 21.1 alwaesboo

      Haha! my sentiments exactly. his eyes are close together, so i guess he looked crossed eyed… but i wonder what sort of surgery it’ll be though, i hope its nothing serious. it may be something at the back of his eyes, so may be its nothing to do with what we’ve noticed! hahaha

      btw, my name’s ann too! haha what a coincidence!

      • 21.1.1 Ann

        Hi Ann! I went back and looked at his photos and I think his eyes are bulging a little more. Perhaps it is an infection or something in back.

    • 21.2 DeeDee315

      Agree, I’ve always thought his eyes looked strange. But I’m a little hyper-critical when it comes to Philip because I’m always looking at his face & the poor plastic surgery job(s). I do however think he looked much better in Faith than he did in Secret Garden. He looked great in A Man’s Story. He should never have messed w/a good thing. His acting has improved as well 😉

      • 21.2.1 Ann

        Maybe that is what I am seeing–bad plastic surgery making his eyes look weird.

        • Monica

          Did he really have plastic surgery? I don’t really know. I haven’t read anything about it. I’m so far away with this news or something.

      • 21.2.2 Nora

        I think I read a very similar post on MyDramaList don’t know if it’s you though XD

        I’ve had a good look at all his dramas+graduation pics. If we put the hair aside, naturally handsome since high school. Yes he looks different in Legend than he is now but I doubt it’s a plastic surgery, I would rather say he got older and gained weight that’s it. Same eyes, same nose.

        Donnot know, maybe I’m mistaken

  22. 22 Village Mrembo

    Personally am glad he wasnt involved in a love triangle, it can get a bit tideous (sp) to be honest. A rival to the doc would have been nice plus wth happened to his powers?? They only showcased them in the earlier episodes and that was it! Its probably a good thing that injury is, the bright side u may call it!

  23. 23 KDrama Fan

    ‘He may not be the most skilled actor around, but surely he was good for more than his two minutes per episode.

    Better luck next time, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.’

    Second that JB.

  24. 24 aicy

    i admire the acting ability of phillip.he is one of the best actors.i just couldn’t remember any drama that he is the leading character.he is always the second lead.he should be given a break .he is also very fluent in speaking english.

    • 24.1 mia

      He’s an americano ? maybe….

      But he was brought up in the U.S and his family is quite well off and naturally of course he speaks with an american accent. In one interview, he said korean is his second language and he’s struggling to master it for his acting career.

  25. 25 Ennayra

    Oh no! I hope his operation is a success, but I hope his character didn’t have any really influential role to play in the last 4 episodes. Rewrites?

  26. 26 ZOBear

    They didn’t use him as much as they should have, I love Phillip Lee. but I like they didn’t use him as a love rival. I’m kind of bored with the two men in love with one woman and she chooses one guy while the other is left to walk away crying like a big ass baby.

    It was refreshing that he was simply a friend and colleague. Someone that respected her and cared for her on a friend level.

  27. 27 Suzi Q

    Hope the he has a successful eye surgery and recovers swiftly. I think he did a wonderful job in Legend and was looking forward to see him in Faith.

    He was suppose to be the second lead? He got gypped.

  28. 28 Joweng

    thanks so much dramabeans for posting this news. I was really wondering about him. I was expecting a lot more him in this drama.

    Thanks a lot. <more power!

  29. 29 Jenny

    If only this whole drama would have been as good as it’s first episode. Gah, breaks my drama-heart even thinking about it!

    Why drama gods, why? Orrr, is this letdown the real drama of this drama? o.O


  30. 30 jomo

    Poor baby!
    He seems very much like the character he played. Easy going, willing to do just about anything to help.

    I don’t think it is a shame that he didn’t have a bigger part, and that his screen time was limited by the rewrite of the story. His scenes were wonderful because they were rare.

    He was just way too low-key to be anything but a sounding board, or alarm ringer to HS. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to battle him and KC and DH. And really, how could anyone be more of a protector that CY?

    I like him a lot, and I hope he gets in a project where his calm presence is central to the plot, not an aside.

  31. 31 Monica

    Too bad that he got injured. I like him a lot. I was always hoping that he has a lot of screen time every episode.

  32. 32 namcha

    Oh poor guy! Just a waste of talent in this drama. I hope he has more screen presence in his next drama.

  33. 33 lilly

    no good no good this is no good. why would u said he’s not as talent as others. its just that the writer does not give him the chance to show his talent, including his other works too.

  34. 34 Dixie

    Phillip Lee also in the “Story Of First King’s Four Gods” though he does not shows up until episode 15.

  35. 35 Lilian

    Yeah…but this news does not make much impact becoz as mentioned he is not vital to the plot unlike the king for instance. Such a waste. He made more impact in Secret Garden.

  36. 36 fabmari

    His eyes are huge… So may be they are more prone to injury.
    Speedy recovery Phillips!
    I agree with JB about his acting. He just stared a lot.

  37. 37 BoomBoom

    He’s so gorgeous, he’s very intense. Maybe a nice melodrama would be good for him, though I won’t watch it. I was hoping for more for his character in Faith even if he wasn’t Choi Young’s love rival, he and many other characters in the show were seriously short changed.

  38. 38 MsB

    So unrutilized! So deserving of more! Hope all goes well and come back in a better, deserving role!

  39. 39 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    OK, if it…REALLY…was an eye injury,
    they…COULD…have bandaged one eye
    with a patch (which was good enough
    for the leader of the Red-crescent-moon
    Army) after the doctor was attacked by
    some assorted bad guys, and Phillip Lee
    could have continued playing the role of
    the doctor. Whatever…….

    OR……as someone has already written
    here, maybe Phillip Lee got disgusted
    that after waiting like, for forever, for
    “Faith” to be finally filmed, as his part
    diminished to the point of nothing, he
    decided to walk.

    And what happened to his lightening
    and thunder fan? Didn’t it protect him
    from a gang of hoodlums who were
    attacking him in one of the early episodes?

    Either way, it makes no sense to film
    so closely to the air date/broadcast time.
    Don’t we fans ALWAYS HAVE THIS
    DISCUSSION whenever somebody gets sick
    or has an accident while filming something
    for Korean TV?

    Stupid. Just plain stupid. 🙁


  40. 40 debz

    why did they have to write JB character out. Why didnt they just replace Philip Lee with another actor to take on his character, after all he was supposedly Goryeo’s greatest doctor. Why didnt they just make JB live and the great doctor Eun Soo perform plastic surgery on him, she is Hwata after all. I too feel robbed that JB disappeared into thin air!

    • 40.1 Kim

      I would have been really ticked off if they replaced him with a lousy actor. That’s one of my pet peeves. I get tied to the actor playing the role, more than the role itself. I would have probably quit watching the series if they kept changing actors on me.

  41. 41 Kim

    I so wanted to see his final battle, he was so cool with that fan… That’s why in episode 21 it became clear that the actor had pulled out. I came to this website to find out why…

  42. 42 tilda

    Really hoped for chemistry between the docs doe.

  43. 43 tilda

    Nigerian addicted to Korean series and movies…love phillip lee a lot!
    The soundtrack (carry on) is mad!my current most favourite song on my Ipod!

    Eun soo’s questions and resistance in the first few episodes almost got on ma last nerve,comedy glued me to my sofa till I got to where she relaxed and accepted her fate of being heaven’s doc and playing along.

  44. 44 Anne-kissme

    I wanna know your twitter account or instagram or anyway that I can get the news from you. I’m concern about you eyes. So get well soon. Just a little girl from thailand who care of you.

  45. 45 Biggest-Fan

    I was so heart-broken when he died in the movie!! Hopefully next time he’ll get a bigger role in another movie.

  46. 46 Biola(n)

    Being a Nigerian and First time getting glued 2 a kdrama….. kudos 2 all d actors nd actresses…but i just love the character of Lee,he is so fucking cute nd cool,more grease 2 ur elbow!!!!!!

  47. 47 fan

    I was SHOCKED, and seething MAD, that “my” big brown eyed, pillar of peace doctor “disappeared”.

    I was so disgusted. You’d think that being the king’s/country’s high doctor, would have been guarded like the priceless treasure he was.

    Super powers or not, when “they” invaded, you’d think that they’d have some kind of evacuation plan at the first sign of any breach of the kings compound.

    What also made me mad, was that “pipeling” and “fireling” were um..overcome, so quickly, after being unconqurable, and just going around slaying anyone who moved.

    “pipeling” was so easy to foil. Actually, when anyone wants something you have, and you know it, they are so easily overcome, because you can simply use what they want as “bait” and lure them with it, exactly where you want them.

    Why wasn’t that done sooner? I was starting to get bored of the cat and mouse game, I was going to start forwarding. Even the Choi & lady doctor “love me, love me not” was getting frusterating to the point, that when they were together, they couldn’t take advantage of the moment in a meaningful way (being stand offish/feigning indifference, etc) especially, since i think at some point they both saved each others lives. Usually when a person saves your life, you can’t treat them so carelessly.

    The fact that I got so mad, annoyed, sad, apprehensive, means this was an outstanding portrayal by most of the cast (besides stoic pipeling). The actors weren’t “acting”, they became the characters.

    I rarely feel anything when watching a US film. K- drama RULES!

    I hope u r ok phillip. I really miss the doctor. 🙁

  48. 48 fan

    Another thought. A triad romance between, choi, lady doc & high doc, may have been impossible.

    The high doc DID probably love her, however showed a resignation in not pressing the matter because I believe he may have been a eunich (demaled man/a man severed from all of his “manhood”-it was all removed, so it was impossible for him to even act like a male with a female) This was the custom of males working inside the royal compound at the time. This was almost a guaruntee, that any females in the compound could never be “with child” by anyone but royalty. All babies the queen bore, would be the kings, (insurance before DNA tests). It also insured, that no mistresses, maids, servant females, other royal females, would end up “with child”, making them a burden, and creating “problems” with job duties, and the daily workings of the kings compound. Babies require stuff, clothes, beds, doctoring, babysitters, teachers, and may run about disturbing the status quo, could be used as pawns by enemies, or could create a problem in an evacuation (where’s Jr.!).

    So the kings compound was to be kept pregnancyfree/childfree, except for any children of royal birth, and children “given” to the king, for servantude (girls & boy eunichs).

    Royal Doctor’s of the time, may have been eunichs, also, because it WOULD have been improper for any intact male, to be touching, or seeing the queen, as a doctor may have to. The high doctor probably DID act as a midwife to the queen. Looking “there” in helping the queen, in that instance, as a “full” male, would probably not have been tolerated by the king or queen, in that time.

    By being a eunich, the doctor became a non threat, like a female nurse. Also, at that time, females weren’t usually allowed to be doctors, etc (like in pre woman’s rights time in the US).

    So, I really think that Phillip’s doctor portayal, seemed like he was a eunich. Why? 1. because Eunichs were incapable of lust, they walked among women, as if they WERE women. 2. he had a womanlike demeanor, very humble, dutiful, understanding, calm, virtually emotionless, extremely loyal, very unassuming peaceful presence, ect. 3. Eunichs wouldn’t be distracted from their jobs, by having women around, like whole men might 4. he was incapable of jealousy 4.however, he could love, even though he wasn’t supposed too. 5. that love could ONLY ever be that of a friend because he wasn’t a “whole” man. 6. he was ok with that, because his “condition” allowed him to love freely, man or woman.
    I say love & man, not as in intimate man and man, but love a man (like choi) for being the guardian of someone else he loved, the lady doctor. If he was friends with both, he would be allowed/trusted to be close to the lady doctor. Choi, would trust the doctor to guard the lady doctor, when he couldn’t. The lady doctor, could freely train long hours with the high doctor, with no ill will/jealously/or feeling of betrayal (in Choi).

    So that’s what I think anyway. It’s very sad that eunichs were actually real. But amazingly, young boys/men, or their father’s, chose life as a eunich for the males, to ensure a secure life for them. They would be given, food, shelter, bed, clothes, and even companionship in a reletively safe place. They might live to old age there. The other choices for male non nobles, were an unstable peasent life, or the military. As a eunich, the male would be taught a trade, metalworking, manservant, horse groom, carpenter, teacher, doctor, scribe, etc.

    That’s why I think Phillip portrayed the calm doctor the way he did.

    I don’t believe the Wooldacchi were eunichs, even though they were sometimes in the king’s compound, probably, if just for the fact that they had to be strong and warlike.

    I think the Wooldacchi, were generally based outside the king’s compound, and were just well trained civilian men, who could eventually be released from their obligations, to one day return to civilian life and get married and have children.

    I’m not sure about the inside palace guards.

    • 48.1 latrece

      Makes sense when taken from that perspective. I liked his character in spite of his limited exposure! I look forward to seeing him in future work.

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