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Running Man: Episode 113
by | October 7, 2012 | 46 Comments

Who knew that Running Man makjang would be so entertaining? Old wounds are cut open again and new fresh scars are sure to stay. It’s a Chuseok special on Running Man and this year, get ready to flip the Ultimate Ddakji. Will yours be good enough?

EPISODE 113. Broadcast on September 30, 2012.

It’s a rainy day and Kwang-soo is the first to arrive at the hotel. He tries his best to wrap his head around the set up for Madame Maknae FD’s family reunion, taking his seat as ‘the third son.’

The others trickle in as Mr. PD directs them to take their seats (Gary: “Second son? I’m not the maknae?”) and Jong-kook speaks in banmal as the first son, only to apologize when he learns Jae-suk is his older cousin. Boy, this is gonna get confusing innit?

This means that Gary, Jong-kook, and Kwang-soo are brothers (Jong-kook: “Where’s Mom!”) and they light up at the fact they all have wives in this make believe reunion – which means female guests. And Jae-suk brings them back to Earth: “Ji-hyo’s one of them.”

Fingers start pointing to Gary who balks, “When was it that we ended things!” which is just when Ji-hyo arrives.

And when Mr. PD does confirm that they’re a couple, they both yell in protest: “We’re divorced!” I can’t hear you, la la la la!

And just like every happy family reunion, things start to escalate as Jong-kook points out that Jae-suk is voicing his frustration that he doesn’t have female guest on his team. Soon they’re bickering about how this dysfunctional family is straight out of a makjang drama and Kwang-soo shouts, “That’s why we all have different last names!”

Jong-kook looks to Ji-hyo: “I’m your ahjubuhni [older brother-in-law]!” Ji-hyo’s like, So? Jae-suk: “You’re just an ajumuhni!” Oh the puns!

I love how this entire family reunion keeps going on without Madame Maknae FD and their bickering comes to a temporary standstill at the mention of their first guest aka Jong-kook’s wife. She comes waltzing in and their jaws drop to the floor.

Say hello to Yeom Jung-ah (My Love, Madame Butterfly, Royal Family). Are we going to see her caught with ramyun again? In any case, her commanding presence overshadows Jong-kook, who meekly stands next to her. She tells him that he’s not scary but I don’t think he believes her. Keh.

It’s time to meet our second guest (and Kwang-soo’s ‘wife’), actress Jeon Mi-seon (Five Fingers). I think rendered speechless isn’t enough to fully describe their reaction to one another.

Kwang-soo, who had originally anticipated a younger guest, comments that he doesn’t understand how they met. The others tease him about how Kwang-soo pleaded to marry her despite their age gap.

Now there’s one family member left to be introduced: actor Yoo Hae-jin (Jeon Woochi, Tazza). Woah – this man is a force to be reckoned with, even without his famous ex. And to everyone’s surprise, the boys flock to greet him in reverence.

Mr. PD informs them that the family is gathered regarding Madame Maknae FD’s will. The cast immediately jump to grieve and Jae-suk says, “How could we not have known as her children?” Mr. PD clarifies that it’s been prepared in case of her death. Ah, okay then.

Her lawyer reads out her will and testament which tells her ‘sons’ about how she built this corporation making ddakjis (folded paper squares) and about how she crafted the ‘ultimate ddakji‘.

The mission: The son (and their family) who can flip over this ddakji will be declared the winner. The cast’s reaction at the rest of the legal jargon? “. . .” AHAHAHA.

Jung-ah’s competitive spirit shines through and despite the rain, she says, “Aren’t we supposed to run because it’s Running Man?” She assures them that her other guests aren’t competitive at all.

Cut to: Hae-jin and crew who are enjoying the rain. Hae-jin even gets in a pun, pointing to the ginkgo beans, “There are a lot of banks that have fallen!” (ginkgo = eunhaeng = bank)

Kwang-soo’s family overshoots their mission location and if battling the rain wasn’t enough, his umbrella turns inside out and Mi-seon covers him under hers. Jong-kook and Jung-ah share one too but I love how she yells out, “You want to hold hands?” first before doing so.

Their first mission location brings them to a vintage market where they’ll have to buy some items (in a cardboard box, no less) to move on. As to what items, they have to turn while holding their nose 10 times and kick a hackysack.

Though the dizzying part will be a problem, they’ve definitely got a bigger one on their hands because Jung-ah has a tough time kicking the hackysack as is. It’s both adorable and hilarious.

And then when she actually spins around 10 times, she just collapses on the ground, too dizzy to kick anything.

It’s a snug fit inside their cardboard box but there’s a time limit so they better run. Not only does Kwang-soo’s family have a large age gap but there’s a considerable height difference as well. So Kwang-soo sweetly cuts a hole in their box so that she can see. Aw.

Gary’s family is still trying to kick a hackysack and when Ji-hyo kicks it into Gary’s arms, he sadly cries if she’s going to be like this. ‘Cause they’re divorced. *cries*

Their kicks keep falling short of the board and the captions tell us that they’ve been at this for 30 minutes now. Seeing as that this is going to keep them here all day, Mr. PD tweaks the rules for the ladies, bringing the spin count from 10 to 7.

Kwang-soo’s family inadvertently stumbles upon the book Gary’s family needs to find. Then a nearby ajumma notes that Kwang-soo really does look like a Kwang-soo. When Suk-jin is like, “He doesn’t look like a Dong-gun or a ~bin right?” She nods.

So Kwang-soo’s family attempts to buy the book to stall the other team and Jae-suk uses tickling as retaliation. Gary’s family ends up buying the book off of them and then chug along back to make it within time.

Myuk PD shows them an array of paperlike materials they’ll need to flip the ultimate ddakji – everything from cardboard to paper towels. They choose cardboard and fashion an impressive ddakji out of it.

Jong-kook’s family choose newspaper but they stumble over the instructions at which Jung-ah eyes, “You must not have made any when you were young.” Out of all three – right now, the cardboard sounds the most promising.

Their next mission location is another market but here they’ll be having a wrestling match. Hey, haven’t we done this before? Thinking of Spartakooks, Haha rallies: “We’ve won!”

The first match is between Haha and Kwang-soo and now I’m positive that we’ve seen this before. Kwang-soo gets flagged a warning for trying to get the crowd to cheer for him but it looks like he won’t need it because he pins Haroro to the ground in 5 seconds flat.

Oho, he might have taken down the Penguin but what about the Tiger? He crumples to the ground just trying to get a good grasp. As for the match, he utilizes his long legs to evade attack and then charges at Jong-kook… who whirls around and flips him to the ground.

Suk-jin goes down too and the rules are altered so that the loser of the match wins. Which means Jong-kook can’t overpower her so she just swings and tries to throw her strength around so that she’ll hit the mat.

Not if Spartakooks can help it. He keeps a firm hold to make sure she doesn’t fall which is oddly endearing and hilarious. He lifts her up (Can we trade places?) and sits on the mat himself, ensuring that his team moves on.

The Ace vs. Jung-ah? Now this is a match of the ages. Jung-ah comments that Ji-hyo’s really strong and that she won’t budge. Then Ji-hyo wraps her leg around Jung-ah’s for an easy win.

She feels kinda bad about it and apologizes to Jung-ah, who just flashes her a thumbs-up.

Haha: “I think I’m gonna lose [against Ji-hyo].” Then as soon as the whistle blows, Ji-hyo jumps up and lies flat on the ground. AHAHA. Rewind, replay!

Now it’s time for SpartAce to face off. The whistle blows and Ji-hyo lifts herself into the air, ready to fall on her bottom… only that Jong-kook just carries her with ease. He whirls her around like before and she thumps at his chest. When that doesn’t work, she grabs his hair but Jong-kook sits down and wins it for his team.

It’s Jae-suk’s turn against the Tiger and just in case we forgot, the staff rolls a replay of what happened last year. Are you… rubbing your body against Spartakooks. I mean, I wouldn’t pass on that opportunity but how is that gonna help you win?

As expected, Jae-suk is no match against Jong-kook and eventually has to call for a time-out because of Jong-kook’s death grip. Which is a perfect opportunity for Jae-suk to wrap his leg around Jong-kook’s… but then falls and hits his hand against the mat.

The match continues as Jae-suk threatens to flips Jong-kook over (errr) but he ends up being the one flipped. PUAHAHA – I think this position is way more embarrassing than last year.

Everything now rests on Hae-jin’s shoulders, (“I’m scared!”) and the thing is that he can wrap his leg around Jong-kook but it’s no use. Oof and then a leg straight between the legs gets Jong-kook wincing in pain.

Hae-jin uses one last burst of strength to no avail and Jong-kook gently sets him down.

Each team choose another material for their second ddakji and move on to their next mission location.

Here at the restaurant their mission is to eat all the meat on the grill within 30 seconds. Catch is, they’re restricted by resistance bands. But nothing is gonna get in the middle of a man and his meat!

Gary as the most trouble so Jae-suk tries to feed him but ends up burning him. HA. They fail and Hae-jin muses, “If only I worked this hard at acting…” And then Jung-ah jokes that it’d be great if the meat was paired with a bottle of soju.

As for Jong-kook’s family, the Tiger has no problem grabbing at the meat as it pops into his mouth. It looks like Jung-ah’s extension is working against her as well. They fail too and Hae-jin complains that all of their missions involve strength aka an advantage to Jong-kook.

But at least they have the chance to eat some meat whereas Kwang-soo’s family is left to just stare at the meat and salivate. And if the sound wasn’t bad enough, the staff start wafting the smell towards them. Now that’s just plain mean.

Back at the other grill, Gary’s team fails again thanks to Jong-kook’s antics and Hae-jin enjoys the rest of the leftover meat. As they set up for the other team, Jae-suk notices the ex-Monday Couple and jokes, “Are you having a housewarming party?”

Now they’re using their brains as Jong-kook grabs multiple pieces at a time and feeding them to his teammates. They finish with less than two tenths of a second to spare.

Gary’s family finishes well under the time limit and high-five their victory. (Hae-jin eats.)

All the teams gather at another restaurant and Jong-kook’s family has the option of taking another’s team ddakji or handing over one of theirs. Annoyed, Jung-ah snaps, “Then we shouldn’t have placed first!”

They allow the other team to choose first and Jae-suk asks if that means that their decision gets locked in. Jung-ah: “Why can’t we [take it]?”

Poor Mi-seon and the Easy Brothers arrive last and she’s like, “I just wanna come in second!”

The teams are given a chance to test out their ddakjis and that newspaper one won’t. budge. whatsoever. It’s as if that thing can survive Armageddon.

Here, they have an opportunity to “upgrade” their ddakjis by flipping a coin in a frying pan. Jae-suk’s the first to slip, giving an apologetic look to Hae-jin. And then it’s Hae-jin who messes up the next time.

It’s sadly ironic that Coach Kookie trains his teammates only to mess up himself. Then when Jung-ah fails to flip her coin, she silently fumes as Haha playfully jokes that she has a competitive spirit… it’s just that she not very good at games.

Jae-suk calls out to Mi-seon the moment she flips her coin. She sends death glares, “Who was it?” LOL.

One by one, Gary’s family flips their coins and now it’s down to Ji-hyo… who succeeds. That’s why she’s the Ace. Gary: “Our wife’s the best!”

If you can’t beat Spartakooks in strength, you can try making fun of him instead. Hae-jin teases him as to why Jong-kook hasn’t succeeded yet. When Jong-kook drops the ball, Hae-jin keeps it up, much to Jung-ah’s annoyance.

Haha tells him to remember the wrestling match and Hae-jin retorts, “What? Me? I gave it my all!”

The teams choose their ‘upgrade’ items (tape, glue, a stapler) and Jae-suk complains that there’s not that much left on the roll. Mr. PD: “Of course we can’t give you a lot.” Jong-kook’s team patches up their monster of a newspaper ddakji. Caption: Is that a ddakji or a land mine?

Jong-kook’s team is the first to arrive at the final mission location. The doors open and an ominous Madame Maknae FD who lies down, waiting for them. Jong-kook calls out, “Mom!” Oh that’s right, I forgot. Heh.

Madame Maknae FD unveils the prize (a gold plaque that reads, “Don’t Walk, but Run!”) Will Jong-kook’s newspaper ddakji hold up against the ultimate ddakji?

Jong-kook revs up… and slams the monster onto the ground. The Ultimate Ddakji flips over. Daebak.

Game Over. Just like that.

Everyone, including Mr. PD and the rest of the staff, is in utter shock at this turn of events.

So… not so Ultimate after all.


46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. myweithisway

    This ending was perfection!

  2. Jane

    This ep really hilarious .. I laughing so much..

  3. Unnursvana

    lol, all this buildup to some epic battle of the ultimate Ddakji and then Jong Kook’s team shows up first and just wins, just like that. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  4. Quiet Thought

    Smart play on Jong Kook’s part. He figured out that they’d only have to flip the Ultimate Tack instead of getting their own flipped. He would have made his tack out of steel plate if it were available.

  5. Quiet Thought

    Ji Hyo is back on her game for this one. She has this gorgeous, beaming smile when she’s competing and winning at something.

  6. onyxx

    KJK really shone in this episode. no surprise there, considering that he has the wits, the muscles, the foresight and the drive to win most of these games. i expect he’d win even more rounds if he doesn’t hold back out of respect for the guests, the ladies, his seniors, etc.

  7. divaz_sha

    ONE OF THE BEST ep ever

    Jong-kook and Jung-ah is a cute yet fierce couple too
    how i wish she can stay longer…..
    she sooo suitable for our her when she get angry

  8. swui

    ending is hilarious! All the staff were shocked speechless, esp when KJK manage to overturn the ultimate ddakji TWICE. LOL.

  9. Ani

    Dropping by to show some RM love and appreciation for the recap.

    Let the awesomeness continue.


  10. 10 PollyRose

    Such a great ending! Loved the complete shock on the staff’s faces. And Jae Suk’s disappointment, thinking this episode’s theme was tailor made for him and then doesn’t even get a chance to try? Ha!

  11. 11 mary


    Maknae FD must’ve waited hours for them to arrive at the mission location in that ridiculous get-up… only to have JK flip the dakji immediately!

  12. 12 jae

    laughing from start till finish.. ^^
    thanks for recaps!

  13. 13 racheose

    i love the wrestling part so much haha i was literally dying laughing so hard with ji hyo and haha’s match then when it was jaesuk’s turn it was just so funny i replayed it a lot and i laugh harder each time and when jae suk was flipped i almost fainted and the ending haha it looks like the staff got payback for making yellow team suffer with meat lol i was a bit sorry to yellow team though they rarely appeared but when gwang soo cut a box hole for mis un i laughed so hard too.. i really liked today’s ep especially since my girl crush ji hyo was so awesome in the games.. XD

  14. 14 Village Mrembo

    Lols at Kookie telling grasshopper from now on u can’t call urself king of dakkji ever again! Well hes still Yooruce Willis atleast!

  15. 15 jude

    Loveee this episode. And the ending? Perfect.

    I love the fact that everybody was mind-blown by Jong-Kook’s ddakji. Daebak!

    • 15.1 Stardust

      I love that apparently it had a ddakji QC test and they failed like
      150++ TIMES!!

  16. 16 pigtookie

    haha at the production staff being overwhelmed that Jong Kook got it on the first try, when they couldn’t do it over and over.

    and another missed opportunity for the ex-king of dakkji. he can’t win if jong kook takes it before he does!

    • 16.1 Shraffe Naqiuddin

      jae suk won’t win it anyway. after the first shock made by jongkook, one of his team quickly tries to flip that but failed…

  17. 17 Vanessa

    Lol i don’t understand – why did ji-hyo win when she just by sliding under haha?

    • 17.1 Wellington

      When it’s man against women wins the first that sit and not who make the other fall.

    • 17.2 Minch

      who ever loss declares the winner that the reason why Ace Ji hyo win over Haha…

  18. 18 citrone

    Most hilarious last scene of running man! I laughed a lot and many times!!! Jung-ah was awesome too!!! KJK is the king of games for sure!

  19. 19 Kim Fieka

    I have to say this is another enjoyable episode. So much laughter it brings back memories of why RM is such a lovable show for ppl around the world. Lately RM has been showing some boring eps. But the last few eps including the middle aged flower boys were awesome. we need more eps like this…

  20. 20 galaxyxy

    Haha I kept replaying the final 10 mins of this wk’s episode cos it was just SOOOOO FUNNY! 🙂

    • 20.1 Stardust

      So I was not alone!! LOL I love how Jong Kookie’s ddakji is as well built as he is!! ♥ HAHAHAH yeah this episode felt like a trip down the warm fuzzy memory lane, but I laughed so hard at the parts its so hilarious!

      Thanks for recapping the awesome gummi!

  21. 21 Lila

    This was a very funny ep. I like Jung Mi Sun

  22. 22 green_umbrella

    I was laughing non-stop during the intro. Then the ending… DAEBAK. I feel for the staff. LOL. One of the best episode I’ve seen!

  23. 23 JenJen

    I felt bad for Jeon MiSun since the Running Man staff put her with the Easy brothers (who rarely win). The staff should have swapped Ji SukJin with Yoo JaeSuk to even out the teams’ abilities.
    Ace JiHyo’s wrestling matches were awesome! And loved that we got more Monday Couple~.

  24. 24 KZ

    Haha. The ending and everybody’s reactions were priceless. Then when Jong Kook flipped it again and the staff just busted out laughing because they couldn’t believe it. Hahaha funniest part of the episode for me.

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    These days you tend to take it for granted that American actresses are physically fit, if not actually athletic. Korean culture is so traditional I still get a kick out of it when a Korean actress shows some fighting spirit and more so when she’s actually physically skilled. Ji Hyo doesn’t seem to have the skills of a Ha Ji Won, but she stands out because she is fit and fiercely competitive, even around men.

    • 25.1 bd


      Pretty much all the recent actresses who were on RM were very competitive.

      Gong Hyo-jin
      Han Ji-min
      Kim Hee-sun

      Not to mention actresses from older eps like Park Ye-jin, Son Ye-jin, Hong Soo-hyun, etc.

      GHJ and HJM even engaged in some biting and hair-pulling.

      And frankly, I wasn’t impressed w/ Ha Ji-won’s athletic skills when she was on RM, nor her persona (HJW resorts way too much to the “cutesy” act and she is too old to be doing that).

      Yoon So-yi impressed me more w/ her all-around athletic skills and someone like Yoon Eun-hye or Suzy (who’s taken over the mantle as the “young girl warrior”) would crush HJW when it comes to a test of strength.

      • 25.1.1 Quiet Thought

        So true about Ha Ji Won . . . it was a great shock to see her coast through her appearance on the show getting by mainly on her giggle. But, it turns out, that is her natural persona. She’s very old fashioned, instinctively playing “girl” and deferring to the men around her.

        Gong Hyo-jin is a good example of what I meant by being both physically and emotionally competitive. She put some spine into Gwang-Soo by pointing out her bruises–most female guests shy away from physical contact in the tag games. When she saw a chance for a kill, she went for it, no showboating, no hesitation.

        Jae-suk, the MC professional, got so rattled trying to deal with Hyo-jin all evening that he wound up stammering an invitation for her to return at the close of the show.

        The caption writer, whoever he is, also made note of it. When Ji Hyo heard Hyo-jin’s script, the caption highlighted it: “We’re dead.” Exactly right. As soon as Ji Hyo was gone Hyo-Jin took off at full stride after the two survivors, took one out, and tore after the second without a pause. Game over and done.

        • bd

          Ha Ji-won did the same thing when she appeared on “Family Outing” – entirely relying on her “cutesie” act.

          Gong Hyo-jin was just – well, fierce (I totally dig her now).

          And I can totally see how Ms. Mong and Han Ji-min are close friends.

          HJM in the name-tag game was kicking the Giraffe and biting the Impala, not caring how she would look (didn’t have the greatest impression of HJM based on the mess that was RTP, but as her real personality, she’s much more interesting).

          Some, like Shin Se-kyung toned down things down the 2nd time around (SSK stated that she looked like a “wild woman” the 1st time, which is just too bad).

          • tieuyeunu

            I think Ha Ji-Won is just like that in real life. from what i read and saw about her doco’s she’s naturally very girly and dosn’t seem to do much outside of her ‘acting’. even in her behind the scenes and from her co-stars comments, she doesn’t talk much and is very differen to her onscreen characters.

            she’s very fit thought and apparently her whole body is toned with muscle but she’s not a ‘sporty’ person.

  26. 26 bd

    This was a very good ep/ b/c it had all 4 ingredients –

    1. fun, willing guests who let loose and are good for a few funny quips

    2. interesting, fun games

    3. a good amount of banter btwn the RM members themselves, as well as w/ the guests

    4. great, unexpected ending.

    The beginning set-up was perfect for all the bantering/teasing among the RM members.

    Loved that film clip of Maknae FD as the Madame/mother w/ the makeup job and wig to make him look like an elderly woman.

    Had no idea who Yeom Jung-ah was but she definitely had the competitive spirit, altho maybe not the ability.

    Didn’t recognize Jeon Mi-seon, at 1st glance, but then realized that she was the shaman in TMTETS and was in Girl/Killer K as well (she was game despite being stuck w/ the “Easy Bros.” and had a few good quips).

    A bit surprised that the cast members showed more excitement when Yoo Hae-jin appeared.

    Haha was back to his conniving ways when he tried to set up a scandal btwn Kookie and YJA, who showed no shyness when it came to skinship w/ the Commander.

    Loved that they brought back Ssireum as one of the games.

    Haha is officially now the weakest member of RM. lol

    Also glad to see Ms. Mong get back into the action and get more airtime. (we even got to see a bit of the “Bad Ji-hyo” come out during the intro segment and when she grabbed the Tiger’s hair during the match).

    And of course, the rematch btwn the Tiger and Grasshopper was hilarious.

    Would really like to try Ssireum against Spartakooks.

    KJK is a little thicker than I am, but I have a few inches and a bit more mass than he does (KJK’s weight is listed anywhere from 160-168 which seems a bit low to me).

    I’m not sure which eating game I found more funny – the non-eating one was both funny and cruel.

    Folded newspaper, esp. when coated w/ glue, would definitely have made a better ddakji than the cardboard that Jae-suk’s team had, but the ending was truly epic.

    Not only doing it at the 1st shot, but again denying the once ddakji-king, YJS.

  27. 27 Aqee

    Is it just me or..our Miss Mong is becoming more prettier recently..?

    • 27.1 sunny

      when she has sufficient sleep, she will look gorgeous.. lol

  28. 28 Peeps

    Lol, imagine what if Yoon EunHye came instead of Yeom JungAh this episode. JaeSuk would never have let them live it down FOREVER. Haha.

  29. 29 Lilian

    Haha I love the wrestling parts. At the end the staff looked really shocked. They must have tried the game many times and failed. KJK really has lots of strength.

  30. 30 Running Man Fan

    This episode was a showdown between Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook – ddakji-king. I like the whole episode from beginning to ending. My favorite parts

    1) The role play and the drama at the beginning for the family meeting – Kim Jong Kook shouted at Yoo Jae Suk and later apologize.

    2) The ex-Monday Couple interaction – Gary declares “we are divored!” and “this is my great wife”

    3) The Running Man aniticipate the female idols but was left disappointed

    4) The 1st game where they have to kick the hankysack. Jung-ah awkward pose and Kwang Soo sweetly cut a hole on the cardboard and Ji Hyo kicked the hankysack at Gary accidentally.

    5) The “romance scene between Jong Kook and Jung-ah

    6) Jung-ah compeitive spirit but is bad at games

    7) The wrestling game.. ( classic, this is Jong Kook game) Surprisingly girraffe Gwang Soo had bcame stronger. Haha is the weakest, Jae Suk being carried like a broom and Ace Ji Hyo strength and wit to win.

    8) The food games.. Once again, Kookie rules with his strength, i like that he played a trick on the other team and get caught by Yoo Jae Suk, he cheesy said it is “variety mindset”

    9) The flipping coins game.. Kookie missed the flip and being teased the other team

    10) The last game Spartakook surprised everyone with his ddakji and strength

    * the easy brothers had little screen time and the i pity them for the food game.

    * The script was interesting and well written

    * Kim Jong Kook – The games master

    * During the wrestling game, the girls keep hitting Jong Kook chest.. hmm… i wish to hit too. haha

    * Jong Kook wise choice of using materials (esp. the glue)

    * Kwang Soo ask Jong Kook to be a scientist since he likes to analyize things.

    * The reaction of the staff members was epic.. 🙂

    Thank you for the review.

  31. 31 Running Man Fan

    I had forgotten to add the other classic part – Yoo Jae Suk feeding Gary and burned his nose. It was so funny..

  32. 32 Roo han

    I loved so many parts of this episode! Keep it up RM!

    Thanks for the recap:)

  33. 33 jack

    well… there is no such a thing as Ultimate in front of Spartakook’s

  34. 34 Ivonne

    Do you know where the place that runningman want to use for shoot at 15oct2012?? please give me some info,bcause i’m in korea now and i came here especially just to watch runningman live.pleaseee heeelllppp meee😭😭😭😭

  35. 35 mpari

    Thanks for your awesome recaps 🙂

    Loved this episode! Enjoyed the staff’s priceless expressions in the end LOL. Poor Grasshopper didnt even get a chance hahaha. Wrestling match was also LOLsome! Go Commander! 😀

  36. 36 Raptor

    KJK and SJH made this ep. Such epic laughter. Ace was truly an ace this ep

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