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Running Man: Episode 114
by | October 14, 2012 | 53 Comments

Time to roll the variety clocks back because this week it’s X-man vs. the Running Man. The cast run around this week trying to figure out who the X-man is. Will the X-man be able to keep the Running Man off of their tail? Be careful of red herrings here people because it may not be the person you thought after all.

EPISODE 114. Broadcast on October 7, 2012.

Gary’s back! The cast bow deep in apology for worrying the audience about Gary’s news of leaving and then un-leaving Running Man and Gary thinks aloud, “When will I stop wandering aimlessly in my life?”

(In short, his company, Leessang, was involved in the sudden cancellation of the Infinity Challenge ‘Super 7’ Concert, which then led to both Gil and Gary’s announced hiatus from their variety world. About a week later, they returned to their respective variety shows.)

Gary tries to shy away from being the center of attention, and apologizes (in English): “I am sorry.” I also read that the Running Man cast gave up their Chuseok holiday to film this episode with Gary, which just extra aww.

The cast are gathered around a white platform which looks oddly familiar. Jong-kook asks if it’s a ddakji game again like last week. Power trip, much? Jae-suk: “I never got a chance!”

Adding to the mysterious set up is a wedding cake, reminiscent of their famous guests like Ha Ji-won and Park Ji-sung‘s entrance. And they gasp at today’s guest: actress Moon Geun-young (Mary Stayed Out All Night, Cinderella’s Sister). Woah, I think this pretty much takes the cake. (I couldn’t resist!)

Jong-kook calls Jae-suk out on pulling out his A-list Celebrity BFF card again and this time, Jae-suk admits, “I was surprised too!” Jong-kook mentions that Geun-young is his ‘ideal woman’, a compliment she finds flattering.

The cast asks if she’s heard about Gary’s scandal and she has – in fact, Gary is the reason why she watches Running Man religiously. Jong-kook: “Quit!” Gary: “I can’t quit anymore!” Not when the Nation’s Younger Sister is your #1 fan.

Jong-kook still fishes for compliments, asking if she saw his ddakji run and wrestling. It earns him a thumbs up and, “You’re the best!” which I’m sure made him die a little inside.

Haha astutely points out that today’s set up is eerily similar to their X-man days. They would use the platform for an opening dance sequence. Ah, that’s why it looked so familiar. Turns out the Running Man staff are the same people from X-man! Who knew?

As soon as Haroro gets on that stage, I know we’re in for a trip down variety memory lane. I’m going to love this episode, aren’t I? Everyone takes a turn on the platform (Geun-young even does a little wave) and even Yoo Hyuk graces us with his presence.

Mr. PD introduces today’s mission as X-man vs. Running Man. To jog your memory or if you’re unfamiliar, each member listens to hear if s/he is the X-man or not. The X-man works like a mole and works to secretly sabotage their team’s mission.

And if it weren’t a perfect enough replication of ye olden days, Haha quips, “Won’t Yoon Eun-hye come out [to guest]?” Great minds think alike, good man.

That rains on Jong-kook’s “I love Geun-young” parade and Geun-young tosses out a polite compliment, “I was a fan [of Jong-kook’s] since his Turbo days.” Meaning she was in elementary school. Well, that pretty much dates the man.

Mr. PD proceeds to explain the rest of the mission: There’s one X-man and the cast will be divided into two teams. Through a series of games, the winning team of that round may switch out a member they suspect to be the X-man. The team who ends up without the X-man wins.

The X-man will have special missions of their own and if they complete them all, the X-man wins it.

So it sounds like the same formulaic recipe of the vintage show. Jae-suk: “The teams will likely trade Geun-young regardless of who the X-man is.” HA – that is Jong-kook had that choice.

Haha steps up first and we hear the classic line, “[Yes/No] You are the X-man.” I always loved people’s exaggerated reactions to this tidbit and sure enough, we get the same gag here. Cracks me up every time.

Out of these 8, who could it be? Ji-hyo: “Who’s the X-man?” Gary: “I’m your X.” HAHAHA – as in “ex”?

The Blue Team (Jong-kook, Geun-young, Haha, Kwang-soo) heads out first and it doesn’t take long for Geun-young to pipe that she’s the X-man, “I don’t know what to do!” The boys swear that they won’t trade her. Jong-kook: “Even at the end, I won’t do it. We’ll just lose.”

Kwang-soo: “What makes you think we won’t trade you?” I know you’re joking but careful with those words there, buddy.

The boys are impressed at Geun-young’s strategy: if she were X-man, she’d make sure to stick around to the end. She doesn’t seem too deterred that Gary isn’t on their team, “I’ll just trade for him!”

We check in with the Red Team (Jae-suk, Suk-jin, Gary, Ji-hyo) and Jae-suk mentions the apple juice Gary handed out to the staff today. (apple = sagwa = apology) Ha, so like Gary and so punny!

Back to the Blue Team’s car where the dongsaengs are hard at work to set up a loveline with Jong-kook and Geun-young. Ha, he can’t even stare at her while he vehemently insists that there’s too much of an age gap and that he’s just a fan of her work.

But he does admit that Geun-young’s grown up as a woman and the boys “Oohh!” in the backseat. Such troublemakers these two, keh.

Mention of the “Dangyunhaji/Of Course” game directs the conversation back to the X-man days and Geun-young namedrops Yoon Eun-hye. Not only does that get Jong-kook plenty flustered but the boys reenact that famous moment in the variety world repeatedly as Geun-young dies of laughter in her seat.

HA – and I love it how Jong-kook warns through gritted teeth, “You don’t think I’ll hit you because Geun-young’s here?”

With some time to kill at their first mission location, the Giraffe and Penguin keep up the relentless teasing despite Jong-kook’s protests that they should act cool like they do with their former guests. (Kwang-soo: “He has his hand around her shoulder!” Haha:”They both have their hands in their pockets!”)

It’s further aggravated when the Red Team appears but Jae-suk interjects, “He hasn’t forgotten Eun-hye yet.” Pffft – they’re never gonna let him live it down. Now Jong-kook looks righteously pissed off now and two steps before he actually blows his gasket.

Anyway, back to the mission. Here they’ll need to grab the other’s team’s tail aka name tag to win. Suk-jin seems honestly lost and confused: “Is there a tail? Do we grab [at the waist]?” What kind of deprived childhood did you have, sir?

The two whip around each other (Gary blushes when Geun-young touches him) and Jong-kook grabs ahold of Jae-suk, which lets Haha get into position. Eyes locked on the target, he soon has Jae-suk’s name tag in his hand. Oh, game’s on now.

Except that our eyes are drawn to another sight:

AHAHAHAHAHA!! Jong-kook calls Kwang-soo out to be the X-man for his stunt and Ji-hyo jumps to his defense that Kwang-soo bore a genuine expression.

Kwang-soo grabs Jae-suk’s name tag in Round 2 of Grab the Tail and as we whip around, we find out that Geun-young has it in her hand. Fingers point to Jae-suk and the Blue Team fuels the fire, “You showed [your name tag] to her!”

The Ace charges towards Kwang-soo in Round 3 and gets a firm hold his sweater. It slips off and he whines, “Where’s my name tag?!” Ji-hyo reaches for his exposed back but her hands slips. And then, as she bides her time, someone else rips her name tag off – Geun-young.

This effectively throws off any X-man suspicion off of Geun-young’s tail and Jae-suk gripes that the games in recent weeks have all been strength-based. No, no, Jong-kook corrects him – it’s all about speed.

We get his hilarious bit of Haha and Jae-suk all up in each other’s faces where Haha’s all, Whaddaya got if you don’t have strength? Age? I think Suk-jin wins in that department!

Geun-young goes for name tag #3 and then another short minute as Jong-kook hoists Suk-jin into the air and serves him like a platter so Geun-young can rip off the final name tag.

As for the trade, they propose to trade Jong-kook for Gary (they ring-around-the-rosy in happiness, ha) and suspicion falls on Kwang-soo again who just stares back defensively, “It’s not me!” Yeahhh, I don’t think they believe you.

In the car, the matchmaker dongsaengs work their magic again with Gary who blushes awkwardly. They throw out possible names for the X-man and are surprised to hear that Geun-young suspects Jong-kook. Forming her arms into an X, she says, “He drove like this!”

The boys are impressed at her astute deduction – crossing one’s arms could be the secret mission. She enthusiastically responds that she would love to be a part of the Running Man family and then adorably suggests with doe-like eyes, “Monday Couple?” Girl after my own heart.

The cast eats heartily at their second mission location and is instructed to suggest their own games. Here, they’ll need to win three out of five. The first game is a “zero game” using spoons.

Mung Ji-hyo hasn’t really figured out the rules (If someone calls out a number and that number of spoons is raised, they’re out. Last one remaining is the loser.) but Suk-jin hasn’t figured out the game.

The ex-Monday Couple both lift their spoons and then after, when Geun-young calls out 4 and only 3 are lifted, Jong-kook gripes to Kwang-soo, “Why did you lift yours?” D’aww, did you want a special moment too? And after you so denied a loveline?

HA and then when she calls out “One!” later, Jong-kook says, “We were the only two who didn’t lift our [spoons].” Oh you soo want the loveline! Soon it’s just Jong-kook and Gary and Jong-kook wins it.

The Spartakooks Specialty aka arm wrestling, is served out as the second game and just when you think Jong-kook will win it all, the Blue Team sends in Geun-young. They start to mess with his head too when Jong-kook takes off his sweater (rawr): “He’s showing you his body.”

Jong-kook opts to use one finger and then their hands hover for a long while (“Why are you trying to hold her hand for so long!” “What are you doing?”) until Jong-kook throws in the towel and scurries away. Peeved, Jae-suk asks, “Then why did you write down arm wrestling in the first place?”

Anyway, it’s 1:1 and the next game is to flip a pen. The Red Team comes out with 12 and they call out Geun-young for catching rather than flipping the pen. Suk-jin: “Let’s go for 50 (catch) (catch)!”

You were talkin’ pretty big there Gary and now the game rests on your shoulders. And sadly, Gary messes up, giving the Red Team another win.

The following game is a staring contest and Geun-young picks Jong-kook as her opponent. He explains that he hasn’t been sleeping much lately (He’s preparing for a comeback later this month) and Geun-young just smacks the ground in response like, c’mere. HA – I like this girl.

I love how everyone gets up to surround them saying, “We have to learn from this!” and cry for a round of the “Of Course” game. The staring contest begins and Jong-kook and Geun-young gaze into each other’s eyes… and Jong-kook pulls away a second later.

As for his second attempts, he lasts all of three seconds. Jae-suk blames their losses on Jong-kook with a wary eye – could he be the X-man? Jong-kook defends that he can’t look into a woman’s eyes. They’re like, “What about Ji-hyo?” Jong-kook: “She’s family.”

It’s 2:2 now and the tie-breaking game is to move corn kernels with chopsticks. Am I really watching this?! Kwang-soo comes out victorious, winning the second mission for his team and he cries out, “I’m not the X-man!” Then who is?

Their third mission is a subway rock-paper-scissors game where the team who has the most remaining team members wins. Haha and Kwang-soo face off first and unsurprisingly, the latter loses.

Like a lost puppy, he asks why his hyungs won’t believe him and the children around him reply, “Because you betray them a lot.” It’s a truth universally acknowledged in this variety world.

Aww dang, and the Blue Team’s number dwindles down to two as Jae-suk loses. (He was traded to the Blue Team.) He calls up Kwang-soo and asks for the truth: is he the X-man? Kwang-soo denies that he is.

The game is tweaked at their next station with rock-paper-scissors minus one (you take one hand away) and Gary wins this hand, leaving Ji-hyo behind. And in a surprising turn of events, he even wins against Jong-kook. Two members left on each team.

The eliminated wonder who will win since the winning team will receive a hint about the X-man. They pull up to the station… where Geun-young waits with a smile, “I lost!”

This means the Red Team wins, gaining a hint and also a chance to trade team members. Kwang-soo interprets Jae-suk’s claims to mean that he loses on purpose as the X-man. Jae-suk counters that Kwang-soo’s reactions have sure been weird lately to which Kwang-soo cries, “I’ve always been weird!”

So the Red Team chooses not to trade and then in the car, they scratch their heads over the hint: Moon Geun-young? Whaaa?? They deduce that their hint is about the X-man’s mission and not the X-man itself. So how does Geun-young fit into all of this?

Suk-jin wonders if it means losing the games with Geun-young, which means it would be Jong-kook. Or perhaps giving her a high five which points the finger to Kwang-soo. Suk-jin denies that it would be Jae-suk – he’s too obvious.

They put their suspicions to rest for now since they have to a final mission to focus on.

Here, the cast will need to employ the audience’s help where the winner is determined the number of people collectively jumping rope together. More the merrier! The team who wins gains a valuable hint about the X-man as well as a final trade.

Each team gathers their participants from the crowd and the Red Team leers at Kwang-soo and Geun-young who do look mighty friendly right now. The Blue Team is up first and one by one they jump in… and only five of them successfully jump in before they mess up.

The Red Team gets nine people jumping together until Ji-hyo miscalculates her time to jump in.

On their second try, the Blue Team manages to get eight people under the rope but in a practice round before their third try, they get 13 people to jump. Impressive.

Their third try is where it counts – if they don’t get at least 10 people, they’ll lose to the Red Team. Unfortunately, they only get 9 people, handing the win to the Red Team.

The cast relocate and the Red Team receives their hint: DB. Like Dramabeans? (Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking that too.) Gary: “Daebak.” HA!

Faced with the choice to trade a member, Geun-young pipes that she’s the X-man. Kwang-soo gets in on this train too and the Red Team just reply, “We know [you are]…” They decide not to trade.

Now Mr. PD explains that the X-man’s secret mission was to remain on the same team with Geun-young in order to win. They all look at Kwang-soo.

The Blue Team steps up and Kwang-soo places his hand over the button… he’s not the X-man. Then what about Peaceful Gary? Nope. This means that if Jae-suk isn’t the X-man, then the Blue Team wins it.

Jae-suk places his hand over the button… and say hello to today’s X-man. Jae-suk lets out a victorious cry as we replay clips throughout the day confirming his X-man status. Turns out the ‘DB’ clue refers to the characters on the keyboard spelling out, “Yoo.” Sneaky!

Running Man vs. X-man? X-man wins.


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  1. UJ

    wohooo recap!!
    thanks…gonna go and read it now 😀

  2. divaz_sha

    i prefer last week episode ..but this week episode is special because we get our GARY back
    look his joke regarding X-MAN as EX-BF
    he totally jjang!!!
    RM is not the same without him or any member

  3. swui

    I thought it was a pity no one suggested the “ofcourse” game for the indoor games. That would have been daebak!

    • 3.1 min

      ya man! that is really daebak!

      would like to see KJK’s flustered face again and again whenever the other members play his and YEH of course game!

  4. oozzeee

    Thanks for the recaps.. The scene in the car where Haha and Gwangsoo keeps egging KJK was absolutely hilarious…

    Ahh, memories… I was so into the KJK-YEH love line in XMan..I was one of those who replayed and replayed and replayed that epic “ear covering” scene..Another fav would be Dangyhunaji involving YEH, Eric and KJK..

    On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed why there was no Danghyunaji portion in this Xman RM version..

  5. ice

    This is not going to be a popular opinion, but I didnt like the ep (love your recap though!). Just too much of a forced loveline that made it painful to watch. I want games, not fake lovelines running everywhere. All the fake blushes put on KJK. OMG. Thankfully it stopped halfway into the episode and I could watch the awsome rope skipping.

    And I personally thought it’d be much better if they had done the loveline of MGY with Gary (whom she admitted she likes) or LKS (much closer in age).

    • 5.1 bd

      Not so much of a “loveline” as just giving KJK crap and hitting him at his point of weakness – which is always hilarious.

  6. oi

    I liked this ep. So funny, when KJK gets shy because of a woman. And the teasing by the other RM members.

  7. Katherine

    Watching this episode made me realize how much I missed the “One Man” Kim Jong Kook. It did feel forced that KJK would have a “love-line” with MGY but then again it’s an Xman special so it would’ve been odd if KJK didn’t have one LOL.
    MGY is too cute for words, even though she is older than me so it sounds strange for me to be calling her “cute” lol. The girl definitely knows how to hold her own.
    Also throughout the whole episode I thought Lee Kwang Soo & Moon Geun Young were close friends in real life LOL. – It hit me at the end that this was the first time they’ve met (Unless I’m wrong ?!!)

    [YAY !! Kang Gary is BACK ^^~]

    • 7.1 SHAZZZZZ

      I noe ryt… I think young girls tend to be comfortable with kwangsoo cos he is the gentle type, like caring oppa?
      IU is also most comfortable with kwangsoo

  8. moon

    Yay, i will read it now <3 love you my lovely moon <3

  9. kelinci biru

    Oh. Yoon Eun Hye appearance is an absolute must at this point. Why is she comeback with MBC drama? Can she just come to Running Man to promote? *fangirlwish*

    • 9.1 MEL


  10. 10 Do-ra-ma

    An X-Man theme episode and no Eun Hye anywhere in sight. Missed. Opportunity. Show. I was disappointed.

  11. 11 A Fan

    Super Happy because I really like the XMan show especially KJK-YEH tandem but it would have been a BLAST if YEH was actually there instead of just being mentioned every now and then. Still, I enjoyed it! Thanks for the recap!

  12. 12 Lilian

    Haha…I never did watch the Xman variety show but did watch some clips of Eun Hye n Jong Kook. Can they please get her as a guest soon? She has a new drama 😉

  13. 13 MeiLin

    I was obsessed with the KJK and YEH couple too! I think it would be a dream come true for shippers if she came on the show. The thing is, I don’t believe for a second that the producers of the show haven’t reached out to YEH to come on the show. It seems like YEH or her people maybe want her to stay away from variety or another ‘scandal’ with KJK. She seems to be promoting herself more so as an actress and now a director. But, seriously, she needs to get on the show before it ends!

    • 13.1 Juby

      You shouldn’t assume that just because they have mentioned YEH a lot on RM means that they have actually INVITED her to be on the show.

      Yoon Eun Hye said HERSELF that she would be glad to have an opportunity to guest on Running Man IF they invite her, and since she hasn’t been on the show yet, it means they the reason why she hasn’t been on the show yet is because they haven’t invited her!

      Here’s the translation of the High Cut interview done by YEH (volume 78, June 2012). Credit goes to CDbloom for the translation.

      Let’s talk about SBS Running Man. I’ve heard that there were lots of requests from Running Man asking you to appear in their show. Do you have any plans to appear on that show?

      Running Man PDs are the same people who were with me during the X Man days. They are very close to me. Since Running Man is such a popular show, I’d be grateful if they’d want me in the show. But I’m not doing much these days and I’m going to school so what would I be able to show? (laugh) I think if the opportunity comes around, it’d be fun.

      The interviewer just like you MeiLin thinks that the PDs must have invited her, but Yoon Eun Hye’s answers implies that they have NOT asked her yet.

      On another note, I just can’t wait to see YEH back on screen for her new drama I Miss You!

      • 13.1.1 bd

        YEH’s appearance on X-Man was instrumental in getting YEH her 1st acting role in the film “The Legend of Seven Cutter.”

        Not a good film, mind you, but YEH showed a lot of charisma on the screen; and her acting, while raw, was better and more natural than the forced cutesy stuff she did for “Goong.”

      • 13.1.2 bd

        Maybe the PDs are waiting for the 150th ep to invite YEH? (200 is just too far away).

        The 100th ep w/ Kim Hee-sun was a bit underwhelming in concept as well as the guest (yeah, I know KHS is a pretty big star, but she just wasn’t that interesting of a guest).

        If and when YEH guests, they definitely need to do ssireum.

        RM should also do a fusion ep w/ the original cast of FO and include a cooking contest as one of the games.

        • Juby

          I agree with that they should do some ssireum if she comes on RM ^^

          I still remember her winning against Eun Ji Won and Lee Min Ki haha

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Be epic if they invited Lee Minki on the same show to have a show down and then also Bong Sun. The writers must have ideas by now since they seem to be doing X-man themes. *I* have ideas that would be epic… so the professional writers must have even better ideas. (Plus she has the chemistry with the rest of the X-man cast)

            Lee Minki was there for the ear covering thing. “Of Course”

            This almost seems like a stamped invitation. If they don’t do it before the show closes, it will be fail on so many levels. I hope the new drama makes her come on.


  14. 14 Running Man Fan

    I would prefer Yeh Eun Hye to come to Running Man in this X man special. I used to watch X man when i was younger.. Missed the show..
    Kim Jong Kook and Yeh Eun Hye is like a couple. The feeling is different with Moon Guen Young, she is like a younger sister to Jong Kook. Anyway, Kim Jong Kook is so cute with all the shyness and blushing. Totally different from last week episode where he totally blew me off with his strength and wit – Ultimate SpartaKook.
    Anyway, Glad that Gary returned to Running Man and i was entertained by all the dances on the platform.
    Kookie seem to be more open about dancing now as i remembered that he was the muscle man that only sway and clapped his hands in X man.
    Lastly, Yoo Jae Suk was so Cunning and bright to deceive the other RM. But i did suspect that he is the X man, followed by Kwang Soo and Jong Kook.
    *Haha.. Nobody believe poor Kwang Soo and even the children comment that he is a betrayer at the railway station. 🙂
    Thank you for the review.

    • 14.1 min

      dont forget his turbo dance with haha. that is my 2nd favourite other than KJK and YEH loveline.

  15. 15 Kookie

    Recently, the episodes seems to focus a lot on Kim Jong kook. I supposed it is because of his comeback album… The running man team concentrates on raising his profile in preparation of his new album which was anticipated for a long time. 🙂 smart move, Running Man, smart move.

  16. 16 ILOVERM

    Great recap! I love RM! I really liked this episode, glad to see Gary is not leaving!!:) Even though Moon may like to be mc w/ gary hehe, it wont be possible i think, ALOT of mc shippers would turn against her ha! Anyway, she ‘s so lovely and cute, i wouldn’t mind her being a member actually 🙂 ..loved this episode, love song jihyo,love rm! Best show ever XD

  17. 17 Mika~

    Jongkook’s like 11 years older than Geunyoung! It’s cute that he was shy, but they’re more like older brother and younger sister >.< I thought he was cute with Eunhye, but you know what? I LOVE HIM WITH JIHYO. It's so frustrating that Jihyo gets paired up with all these other men… her boss, Gary, and I guess kind of Jaejoong too. SPARTACE!!!

    • 17.1 bd

      KJK is shy like that – he had the same reaction when meeting Hyori for the 1st time when he joined FO1.

      But once they got used to each other, they became the “bickering couple” – w/ Hyori always bossing him around and teasing him how is always at her beck and call.

      KJK has a great and comfortable relationship w/ Ms. Mong, but thus far, there really has been only one female that KJK has worked w/ on variety shows where his face continually lit up – and that was YEH.

    • 17.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Her boss wasn’t a fictional pairing… just pointing that out…

  18. 18 noonaLuv

    I watched ep 114 and 115 because of Geun Young. She didn’t disappoint me. The girl is fun and knows how to mingle. She’s so tiny, even smaller than Ji Hyo. Why so cute?!

  19. 19 Kang Song Kyung

    I love the broken up monday couple jokes just as much as I loved monday couple! It’s so hilarious!
    Jong Kook was so cute in this episode(:

  20. 20 bd

    Loved the synergy of RM and X-Man.

    Probably the biggest reaction from the cast as to the guest – since anyone who is the nation’s _______ is huge and MGY doesn’t appear on variety shows too often.

    This is the 1st time I’ve seen Spartakooks react to a female guest in that way – whether it be on X-Man (aside from YEH), FO1 or RM, but more from being the POV of just being a huge fan.

    Ji-hyo can do 2 dance moves – the ones she did during the ep of RM at the spa where they were singing the Commander’s songs and she was front and center dancing and the “Hot Issue” dance – well, just a portion of it since she learned to do that for her guest appearance on FO1.

    And seems like MGY is another actress who can’t dance – lol (still cute tho).

    Never get sick when the other members bring up YEH and do the whole hands on the ears thing since KJK always gets so flustered.

    Haroro and the Giraffe repeatedly teasing/giving the Commander grief about MGY was simply hilarious since Kookie got so flustered (as he always does) while MGY took the teasing better.

    Speaking of MGY, while one can tell she is a bit on the shy side, she was a great guest.

    She was totally in when it came to the games and was up on all the RM minutiae.

    Loved it when she hit the floor w/ her hand – demanding that KJK come out to do the staring contest.

    And I don’t think there really was a loveline trying to be made btwn MGY and KJK – it was more just finding something to tease KJK with.

    Seems that MGY actually has more of a thing for Gary; not only trading for him, but the ways her eyes shown when when she suggested being the new “Monday Couple” (now, she could have just been excited about the whole MC thing, but there was a diff. in the way she reacted towards Gary as opposed to KJK).

    Also like it when RM goes out and intermingles w/ the public or uses public transport as the setting for their games.

    The little boy and then the little girl who waved at Kwangsoo when he was the 1st to ejected from the subway car were too cute.

    All in all another great ep in to add to the other recent great eps (such as the one w/ Gong Hyo-jin and the 1st ep w/ Han Ji-min).

    Some have stated in the past that RM isn’t as funny as before, but I disagreed – stating that there have been some really funny eps lately, and some of the early eps (aside from the 1st one w/ Hyori) weren’t that great – which is why I stopped watching until gave RM another shot halfway thru its run.

    • 20.1 noonaLuv

      MGY is a great dancer. Her S&M dance (hip hop) on her fans day was daebak. She’s great in everything she does. She danced her heart out in “Innocent Steps” as a ballroom dancer.

  21. 21 Sabah

    I truly did think DB: Dramabeans. Hehe.

    Thank you for the recap.

  22. 22 jae

    welcome back gary! ^^
    MGY is cute and has game spirit..
    can’t wait to see her next episode!

  23. 23 Sajen

    I wonder if Ji Hyo is getting ready to leave I mean it’s now as of this week’s episode been 12 weeks since she won that’s 8 more than ever before

  24. 24 bake24444

    I love love this episode its so funny entertaining and the female guest is awesome.I like her in the drma Cinderellas sister shes an amazing actress. The tagarachii is funny but Haha used it so much becomes annoying. I like Eun hye too but dont you guys think if she wanted to guest in RM she shd had come early on like when the RM is struggling with the low ratings.

    So, I dont think she wud guest and she didnt either in Family Outing.

    Moving on Yes I notice that the lasts episodes mostly focusing mainly to KJK…well Song Jihyo has a movie coming out too

  25. 25 bake24444

    Iam waiting for the flower boy Jaejong too guest his so fretty handsome………..Hope he guested

  26. 26 sulii90

    Iam so happy that they do the welcoming for Gary yey Everybody happy!!!funnnny episode I laughed so hard

  27. 27 sulii90

    Its great that they group them in two teams if they do 3 teams most of the time the third is suffering from air time so Its great to only do two teams the episode has a great funny games however i think the pds are stretching it so much I mean to big games are great right and then do the chasing…I dunno I fully enjoy these ep and the ep115 its great…

    Wow YJS is pulling his Alist card I think KJK card is already run out hehehe wharabout Miss Mongie get your Partner Jaejong yeahhh that would be super!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 A_Donuts

    Nooo. Why didn’t Yoon Eun Hye come out. 🙁 Hopefully she’ll come out to promote her new drama.

  29. 29 shansanwawa

    Thanks gummimochi … RM is DB (DaeBak)… <3

  30. 30 Stardust

    Thanks for recap gummi! lol yeah I really love this ep…

    My two wishes now – Jae Joong on RM for his movie with our Ace, and Mickey + YEH for their new drama ! Too greedy!!? hahahahahah When Mickey comes, he and YEH new ‘love line’ in their drama can be funny with KJK XD or too cruel… aaah

    I am also glad Gary is officially staying on RM… ♥

  31. 31 Laica

    This episode was DAEBAK.

    I have a crush on bashful Kim Jong-kook. It’s such a contrast to his tough Spartakooks image. <3

    And Moon Geun-young is so adorable and down-to-earth! Love her.

  32. 32 Sammi

    Does anyone know the brand of their clothing with the animals on them? So cute! Been looking everywhere since last week and didn’t find any info.

  33. 33 Kim Yoonmi

    One person: Yoon Eun Hye….
    You must come on. Please. It’ll be epic… I swear.

  34. 34 josh

    does anyone know about the title of the kim jong gook song when he was having a staring competition with Moon Geun Yeong?

  35. 35 josh

    does anyone know about the title of the kim jong gook song when he was having a staring competition with Moon Geun Yeong????

  36. 36 josh

    oppsss its not staring competition .it is arm wrestling is kim jong kook song.its his voice

  37. 37 oppa gangnam

    what the song with the whistle when kwang so and haha teased jong kook

  38. 38 Raptor

    Daebak! When ji Hyo was saying that Jae Suk was suspicious, I was screaming at the rest to listen to her! She’s called ACE for a reason, and that SOLE MOMENT just proved that she’s really observant! The rest were too caught up in suspecting the Giraffe to even listen to her.

    Ms Moon was a great guest. Thumbs up

    I wish the X man wasn’t YJS. He’s been winning too much lately, and thus game was clearly tipped to his favour by a LOT

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