Can you catch me in this week’s epic Hide-and-Seek episode? In a weird way, it’s nice to hear some bells to instill some fear. It’s like the staff blended all the classical elements of Running Man to create a hilarious and heart-stopping adventure that made me love this show in the first place. Anddddd we get to spend an hour and half with Yunho and Changmin, which is just delicious icing on the variety cake.

EPISODE 115. Broadcast on October 14, 2012.

We start off Day 2 with the world’s best alarm clock: TVXQ (U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin). Are they available via mail order? Even though it’s 8 in the morning, the idol boys dance to their new single, “Catch Me”, all while trying to stifle their laughter.

The cast members trickle out one by one and Ji-hyo whispers, surprised, “TVXQ!” Hee – don’t you have a movie coming out with Jaejoong?

Immediately, Jong-kook takes issue with the staff for making the idol boys suffer grass stains. Gary’s the last to arrive and greets them, “Hey good-lookin’ fellas!”

I love it when we get straight to the mission as Mr. PD introduces today’s race as a Bell Race. Everyone will be paired off into teams and given bells to wear. Should they come in last in any of the games, their bells will be taken away and out for the rest of the day. Haha: “Kwang-soo, what will you do?”

Time to pair off teams. The cast calls for Jong-kook to be paired off with Geun-young given last week’s events, and Mr. PD playfully asks, “Is there someone you want to be paired off with?” Is that even a question?

But what I love best is that the idol boys stand back, completely lost in the dark. When Haha explains the inside joke to them, they’re like, “Ohhhh.” HAHAHA. Then Chang-min quips, “Isn’t there a large age gap?” HA – I’m dying already.

Jong-kook gets his wish and his face turns a fierce red. There’s no need to announce the rest of the teams because they’re already standing next to each other. The Easy Brothers gape, What? and Gary asks to Ji-hyo: “Did you ask [the staff] to do this?”

The Blue (Jong-kook & Geun-young) and Black (Yunho & Jae-suk) Teams pile into a car and Jae-suk watches with a raised eyebrow as Jong-kook makes sure Geun-young isn’t cold. Jae-suk: “Just pretend we’re not here! [We’re Team Black] So think of us as shadows!”

And when he mentions that they don’t seem suited for each other, Geun-young jokes, “Why not?” Omo!

The conversation turns to Yunho’s rookie days and he comments about how he finds that once cute wink at the camera so embarrassing now. Jong-kook replies that no one saw him wink in his Turbo days and Geun-young quips that she did.

Gary points out the elephant in the room and how it’s awkward to be paired up again. He jokes, “You called the staff up prior to filming right?” Caption: No.

He pouts that he’s been suffering from the “Monday Disease” (You and me both, good man.) and lists the symptoms: He wants to see her, he wants to be coupled with her…. And he means Geun-young. LOL.

We’re going to call our first mission location the Muddy Beach of Doom ’cause once you’re in, you ain’t never gonna get out. The cast suits up (They have to cut the boots so Kwang-soo’s feet can fit) and stomp out to brave the mud.

While everyone else trudges through the mud, Jong-kook happily takes Geun-young by the hand. Cut to: The Easy Brothers where the Impala hyung is taking baby steps in the mud. Haha: “Why are there so many ‘firsts’ on this show for him!”

And then poor Kwang-soo, who’d been helping Suk-jin, gets stuck in the mud himself. Heehee.

Now we finally get to our first mission: Photo Zone! Yay! But I imagine that there’s going to be a lot of trouble just trying to get on that platform, let alone getting their picture taken.

As you can imagine, it’s pure chaos and everyone tries to push and shove each other out of the way. No team succeeds in the first round and everyone clamors onto the platform to get a good shot. It looks like Haha and Changmin has it in the bag until the very last second and tumble down.

Lo and behold – they get one good shot out of it and move on. That is, not until Jae-suk gets his revenge and wrestles Haha into the mud.

Ji-hyo falls into the mud and before Gary pulls her up he says, “Say that we should get back together again!” Ji-hyo: “Get lost! (push)”

The Easy Brothers (Gray) get pushed off early and hurl mud at the the other teams. Kwang-soo tries to get on the platform but it’s way too muddy now, so he ends up slipping and falling back onto the beach. Then he curses the torn makeshift plastic bags used to cover his feet.

But time to check in on our photos and this time, the Black Team comes out victorious.

There are three teams remaining and then Jae-suk saunters onto the beach calm as you please as the others gripe that they’ve got a game to play. Kwang-soo and Jae-suk bicker back and forth, “We’re filming!” “Then why are you here!” “I’m a celebrity! Let’s die together!”

Gary manages to push everyone off and drags Ji-hyo onto the platform only to be pushed off. And unfortunately his eyes are only half-open. No good. And then the Blue Team succeeds the next round, flashing big and bright smiles.

The ex-Monday Couple get another moment as Ji-hyo complains that Gary is so high maintenance and he answers, “That’s why the ladies can’t leave me!”

It’s down to them and the Easy Brothers and it’s a brutal battle to avoid last place… and the Easy Brothers snag 4th which means it’s the end for the ex-Monday Couple today.

Snip, snip – off comes the bells. *cries*

The Black and Green Teams head off to the helicopter after they clean up. Aww how cute – the officers are Ji-hyo fans! The Blue and Gray Teams climb into the hovercraft boat (so cool!) and speed off in the ocean.

The second mission is a mix between the game Categories and dodgeball. The VJs are tasked to throw, which I’m sure must feel like well-deserved revenge. If only they can aim properly because poor Kwon-ryul gets scolded for chucking one into the ocean.

His sub, Haha’s VJ, is no joke as he eliminates the Black Team out in mere seconds. Jae-suk gripes, “Give us back Kwon-ryul!”

As expected, Jong-kook acts as Geun-young’s bodyguard by protecting her from an oncoming ball. That leaves her to fend for herself between two VJs who toss the balls over her head a few times until they tag her out, igniting Spartakooks‘ rage.

The VJs don’t let up any as each team takes their rounds, and Yunho does an impressive job evading the attacks. That is, until he jumps up and a throw comes straight for his family jewels. OW. Then Jae-suk gets the same accidental punishment. Double ow.

Suk-jin manages to succeed first for his team (to no applause, heh), followed by the Green Team.

We check in for a moment with the ex-Monday Couple as Ji-hyo screams for Gary to kill a fly. It falls to the ground and she cries, “Oh the poor thing… kill it!” Ha.

Don’t think I didn’t see that mischievous smile on your face Gary when Ji-hyo asks him to kill the bug on her sleeve. He smacks it a few times and she hits him upside the head in response.

Back on the boat, Jong-kook is eliminated and Geun-young manages to name the rest (actress’ names) by herself. Which means the Black Team is eliminated.

The remaining three teams (Gray, Green, and Blue) head to Songdo where they’ll engage in a chicken battle. Their opponents? The White Team composed of the previously eliminated. It’s a timed game so biding their time is to their advantage.

The Gray Team goes down swingin’ (Kwang-soo hides his face in embarrassment) and Haha gets the crowd riled up. And boy can that child shrill like no other.

Gary sends Haha out (the boy screams again) and Yunho pushes Changmin out of the way. But Yunho falters out, resulting in his own elimination.

Coach Kookie reminds the crowd that you don’t use strength to win at a chicken fight. Gary: “You use your muscles!”

The White Team hop towards Jong-kook who easily pushes Gary out. What’s hilarious is that Geun-young gets in on this action and starts attacking Jae-suk. The ddakji kings face off and it looks like Jae-suk has the upper knee (snerk)… until Jong-kook kicks him and he tumbles to the ground.

If we’re keeping count, that’s now three games Jae-suk has lost to Spartakooks.

Now it’s just the Ace vs. Geun-young who persistently nudges Ji-hyo out of the way. So Ji-hyo resolves to attack Jong-kook instead. He knocks her out and the cast are up in arms. And oh-so-innocently, Jong-kook replies, “I just lifted my knee!”

The Easy Brothers join the eliminated White Team and Mr. PD announces the final mission as a good ol’ game of Hide-and-Seek. Woot! The Hiders head off first and Haha jokingly tears off Kwang-soo’s name tag.

It seems that the Hiders have their own mission as they search through the building. Gary: “It’s weird that we’re digging through the police station.”

The Seekers enter the building, pumped with confidence and barely two minutes have passed when Suk-jin opens the door to face Jong-kook. Time to run!

It’s no surprise that Geun-young eliminates him and cheerily sings his catchphrase, “Race Start!” And when the Hiders hear the announcement, they panic. Kwang-soo: “Already?!”

We roll the clocks back to the Hiders’ mission: find the bells containing the Seekers’ name tags and they’re out! Gary finds a dud while Kwang-soo and Yunho continue their search.

At the sound of the bells, they slip into an adjacent room as Kwang-soo shares some Hider tips, like locking the door or hiding in the women’s bathroom. Too bad that the Seekers, Haha and Changmin have found them anyway as they bang the door, “Open up!”

Figuring that now’s their time to make a run for it, Kwang-soo lets Yunho slip out first… and then locks the door. Uh, I don’t think the Cassiopeias are going to let you get away with that move.

Haha and Changmin chase Yunho around the floor a few times until he takes refuge in another room. Changmin easily shoves the door open and the two TVXQ members face off. They wrestle each other to the ground and rrrippp! Off comes Yunho’s name tag.

Things are starting to look bleak for the Hiders who have yet to find any boxes. Kwang-soo borrows an officer’s uniform as a disguise and Changmin roams the halls looking for the Seekers.

The sound of bells alert Jae-suk to backtrack upstairs and runs into Haha. Haha offers to spare Jae-suk “because I’m tired of running into you!” in exchange for another Hider’s location.

Jae-suk tosses out Kwang-soo’s name and Haha leads the way to find him. But then the speakers announce someone’s elimination: Changmin.

And when Changmin hears the news, he gapes in disbelief, “Kwang-soo? Kwang-soo?!” Cut to Kwang-soo who holds a bell in his hands and apologizes to the Cassieopeias.

Jae-suk keeps up the ruse that he’ll go bring Kwang-soo back but Haha knows to be suspicious right away. Jae-suk has one chance to escape and he pretends to call for Kwang-soo before slipping into the elevator. Niiicce.

Haha reels, astounded that he lost Jae-suk and then bugs out when his own elimination is announced. Double burn to his pride.

Meanwhile in jail, Suk-jin notices Changmin sweating and asks why he ran around so much. Changmin explains that eliminating Yunho gave him a confidence boost so, “I ran around like a crazy dog.”

Kwang-soo swings by and Yunho shrugs off the betrayal incident whereas Changmin burns holes into Kwang-soo’s soul with a devilish smile on his face. Caption: I can’t forgive you…

It is a little eerie how Jae-suk’s heightened senses can tell who’s coming just by the sound of their footsteps. He retreats, whispering, “It’s Kim Jong-kook! Kim Jong-kook!”

The ex-Monday Couple keep watch from a one-way mirror and see Jong-kook investigate the office. He draws near towards them… and then turns the corner. Woah, I know you can’t see anything if you peer in like that, but it’s still scary.

They’re almost in the clear but then Jong-kook returns to act on his suspicions, finding the locked door odd. This time Geun-young has joined him and she attempts to look into the mirror as well.

It’s no good so Jong-kook retrieves the key to the locked room. They give one last warning to whoever is inside… and then Gary opens the door, welcoming them. A minute later, the ex-Monday Couple are eliminated and Geun-young’s like, Thanks! Bye!

With just the Reason Brothers left to go up against Jong-kook and Geun-young, they run away as fast as their feet can take them. They collapse in a corner once they’re far enough wearing, both of them bearing the same pained expression.

Jae-suk cries, “Why do I have to run away from Jong-kook for the past two years?! What did I do wrong?”

After they catch a breath, they continue their search for the remaining bells until the distant ringing of bells alert them to the Seeker’s approach.

One of the officers readily gives away Kwang-soo’s position when asked (Hey waitaminit – aren’t you the same one who lent Kwang-soo your uniform?) and they head off in that direction.

Jae-suk waits, hidden beneath a desk but Geun-young easily finds him anyway and drags him out in a sweet, gentle voice. She cleanly rips off his name tag.

Jong-kook turns to open the door and what do you know – there’s Kwang-soo. He barely gets two feet out the door when Jong-kook grabs him and Geun-young tears off his name tag too with Jae-suk’s name tag in her mouth, thus securing their victory.

The cast gathers again to congratulate the Seekers (who get a shiny gold badge as a prize) as Jong-kook beams with pride, “Our Geun-young did it!”

Yes, yes she did.