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Running Man: Episode 116
by | October 28, 2012 | 86 Comments

Ever wish you could see the future? What kind of future would you set for yourself? And would you still want it if you knew that your biggest foe was a horde of ajummas? In this Running Man superpower universe, remember these words: “With great power comes great responsibility. This is a gift, a curse.” Who are you? A Great Seer.

EPISODE 116. Broadcast on October 21, 2012.

On a fair autumn day, the cast gathers at the Iksan KTX train station as Mr. PD informs us that today’s guests are on their way. The idea of a train race does a turn on Jae-suk’s nerves. He’s only mollified with the knowledge that at least Kwang-soo will be eliminated first.

Gary’s absence puts them on edge (don’t worry – he’s here) and they excitedly await the arrival of today’s guests.

It’s a Great Seer kinda day as three handsome men come tumbling out of the train: Ji Sung (Protect the Boss), Song Chang-eui (Syndrome), and Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi). ‘Scuse me for a minute as I breathe in the hotness.

They certainly seem happy to be here and Jin-hee even playfully rips a bit of Jae-suk’s name tag. The cast gives us a rundown of the men’s previous appearances and what, Chang-eui was in Family Outing?

Mr. PD introduces today’s mission and for name’s sake, we’ll call itย The Great Seer Race. Puny humans they may be now, but they’ll gain the knowledge to see the future. Reaction? Laughter.

The cast has a hard time grappling with the concept (and an old-timey tune plays in the background) and at the news that the remaining members will get ddakjis, Jong-kook’s ears perk up. The cast member who survives at the end of this time continuum is declared the winner.

It’s a Survival Train Ride and the eliminated will have to drive to the final mission location themselves and after Jae-suk asks where the next station is, he turns to Kwang-soo, “Tell your manager to meet you there!”

There seems to be some hope for Kwang-soo today as the members vote Chang-eui as the Most Likely to be Eliminated First. And if those small clips tell us anything, it might just be true.

Once on the train, Mr. PD makes sure that everyone’s exchanged proper greetings (because they’ll soon be saying their goodbyes) and the cast picks a number that determines their order in which they’ll perform the mini-missions at the train station.

Ji Sung and Jin-hee luck out and end up in the rear of the pack but Chang-eui isn’t as fortunate with a 2. This is not gonna be a good day for you, is it? Then Gary cries out, horrified at his 1.

Jin-hee happily yelps with glee and Ji Sung smiles, “I’m just going to go out for some air!”

Here, they’ve got one minute to flip a coin on a textbook and surprise! – Gary succeeds. Chang-eui’s up next and the coin turns two times in the air… and lands on the same side. The rest of the cast scramble back onto the train as Chang-eui buries his head in his hands.

Huh, so did Jong-kook predict the future when he noted that Chang-eui would be eliminated first or was Suk-jin’s comment that it would turn over twice more than a jest? In any case, Chang-eui lets out a deep sigh.

On the train, Jae-suk notes how quickly the other two guests abandoned their own and worry about their missing guest. Kwang-soo: “He’s got such sad eyes!” Cut to: Chang-eui’s sad eyes.

All everyone cares about now is who’s got that dreadful number 1. That honor is handed to Suk-jin with Jae-suk right behind him with a 2. I just hope that karma of teasing Suk-jin doesn’t come to bite you in the butt.

No worries on that end because Suk-jin thrusts his hand into the box and pulls out an elimination. The rest of the cast celebrate and don’t even give a second glance as they run back to the train.

Jae-suk notes his uncanny ability to point out the next eliminated member (Ji-hyo: “Be careful where you point that!”) and can’t help but admit the happiness that comes from the “it’s not me” realization.

Jin-hee writes a little note on the glass for Suk-jin: Bye. HA – so childish.

The remaining members choose their order again and Ji Sung starts to sweat when it comes to his turn. He picks a 4… which means Spartakooks gets to be numero uno this round.

Jong-kook isn’t confident in the game either (If the pointer turns one way, you look in the opposite direction to pass.) and neither does Jae-suk. Haha notes that it would be highly entertaining if it came down to number 3, Jin-hee, who answers, “No way…”

Jong-kook’s got his eye on the prize and surprisingly, he passes with flying colors. So does Jae-suk. But that wouldn’t mean that Jin-hee would… yep. As soon as the members realize they’re in the clear, back to the train they run.

Jin-hee’s flabbergasted at this turn of events and he cries out, “It’s 50:50! Why did he point in the same direction TWICE!” And because karma’s a bitch, Ji Sung playfully writes a goodbye note on the glass – this time for Jin-hee.

He’s still worked up in the car and as he reviews the order of elimination, he wonders, “Will [the person who picks] 4 be eliminated at the fourth station?”

We’re about to find out as Jae-suk picks number 2 for the third consecutive time and then it’s Ji Sung who chooses the ominous 4. Gary’s up first again and gripes at the next mini-mission: a multiplication round.

Kwang-soo seems pretty confident in his mathy skills and quizzes Jae-suk, “9 times 8!” Jae-suk: “72!” Ji-hyo sighs, “You’re so good…”

Gary and Jae-suk succeed but it’s once-confident Kwang-soo who gets his question wrong. 8 times 6? Kwang-soo: “42!” He’s barely got time to let the truth sink in and it’s only once they’re gone does he realize, “It’s 48…”

The eliminated chat in the car about the final mission location and Suk-jin mentions that sometimes they’re eliminated so early that they watch the broadcast and go, “Oh, so that was it…” Heh.

The conversation turns to about how Running Man broke Jin-hee out of his super serious mold into a hilarious, lovable, sexy man-beast. I… may have embellished a bit.

He shares that when news broke of Gary’s ordeal, he thought, “This is my chance [to join the cast]!” Suk-jin replies that they tossed the idea of having Geun-young around and Jin-hee muses, “… but I’m better.” Pfft.

They talk a bit more about the “upgraded” name tags (they tear off easier) and Suk-jin wonders what the 2013 model will be like. HA.

Oh right – we’ve still got six people on the train. Their next mission will be to hula hoop simultaneously for five whole minutes. Ji Sung asks Mr. PD to confirm if they receive ddakjis if they survive to the end. Which jogs Jong-kook’s memory to assert himself as the ddakji champion he is.

They start twirling their hula hoops and it turns out everyone’s pretty good… that is, except Jong-kook, whose hoop flails to the ground in a few short seconds. Guess they didn’t need five minutes after all!

Coach Kookie won’t be defeated as he continues to practice as the others look on. Aww, I don’t know if I should be laughing or crying that Jong-kook can’t hula hoop. Jae-suk: “Look at him! He’s swinging it around with his strength!”

But then their teasing balloon deflates as Jong-kook picks it up right away and starts twirling with ease.

Now at their second to last stop, it boils down to a version of the nunchi game where the last person to shout out a number is eliminated. (The game starts over if two people yell simultaneously) Haha makes it a point that he’s going to stand up first and there’s nuthin’ anyone can do about it.

Ji Sung figures out the loophole right away: if everyone gets up, then no one’s eliminated, right? They agree to do so.

But that’s a different story once they’re off the train as Haha insists for the final time that he’s going to shout out first… and stays still when the others stand up.

Then it’s down to Jae-suk and Gary who go through several rounds of calling out “One!” until they run out of time, forcing everyone back onto the train.

Jae-suk complains about how they all were caught up Haha’s web of betrayal (he laughs maniacally) and Mr. PD isn’t fazed. Thankfully there’s another local stop before the final mission location and good news – everyone gets to participate again.

They ring-around-the-rosy and then suddenly Mr. PD calls out, “Two!” And who’s the fifth wheel? Haha. (Omo! Did the ex-Monday Couple just hug each other?!)

Jae-suk points out as much in the train and Gary replies, “There was only one person I could find!”

The remaining four are given their ddakjis to see the future and Mr. PD explains the rules of their hocus pocus ddakjis. So it sounds like after they see into the future, they’ll throw the ddakji down to return to the present.

Mr. PD, did you find the door to bend the time-space continuum? Oy, this is gonna get confusing. Gary: “This is too hard. Can I return it?” HAHA.

Their final mission location is an old-timey movie set and Jae-suk spots Kwang-soo right away, “Do I tear off his name tag right now?” Kwang-soo is legitimately surprised and yelps that he’s empty-handed.

Hmm, it looks like the eliminated are searching for some extra one-time-use ddakjis themselves. Jong-kook stumbles upon two boxes and he opens one to reveal: Danger. Uh-oh.

Out of nowhere, a man in a suit is hot on his tail. Bad news bears for Chang-eui too as he starts running from his pursuer. In the distance, Gary breaks out laughing, “This is the second time I saw Chang-eui! The first time he was eliminated and now he’s running away!”

Suddenly a loud gong disperses through the town and wait a minute, that’s a horde of ajummas running at them. WHAT?! They’ve got no time to react and run but as then another minute later, another noise and they disappear.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Jin-hee who squeals, “Hee! I found it!” and safely tucks a ddakji into his pocket. He runs into Ji Sung and tries to convince him to share the wealth, “You’ve got two right? Gimme one!”

Ji Sung’s reluctant and Jin-hee pulls the We’re gonna be workin’ together for the next three months card on him. But Ji Sung is sharp enough to politely decline, “I’ll think about it.”

Somewhere else in town, Haha and Kwang-soo chase Jae-suk down the street until they corner him. Jae-suk insists that he only has one ddakji but there’s more to elimination then just ripping off name tags. He’s got powers and he’s not afraid to use ’em!

Jae-suk claims that if he can bring someone else with him if he’s eliminated and Haha says, “Then I recommend Kwang-soo!”

But while his back is turned someone else zooms by and rips off his name tag: Jin-hee.

Just when you think that Jae-suk’s smile is out of place for someone who’s out of the game, he raises his ddakji into the air, “The power to see the future!” and slams it down onto the ground.

We go back in time (So is it future Jae-suk in the past? My brain hurts already.) two minutes prior and Jae-suk who has seen his future turns back to Jin-hee: “You were going to eliminate me! I saw it!” Ha – I don’t think the overacting sells it but it’s still funny.

Well, that was the future and this is the present and Haha yells out, “What are you doing! Get him!” See the future to change the present but it’s still the same future. Still with me?

Seeing the future is not without it’s consequences as another crack in a mirror tells us. Everyone is blindfolded and Gary yells out, “No you can’t do this!” (The words for ‘blindfold’ and ‘no’ sound similar. Hee.)

They’re gathered together and when the blindfolds come off, it’s utter chaos as everyone reaches for another’s name tag left and right. Then Ji Sung rips off Haha’s name tag much to his annoyance.

Never fear because he pulls out his ddakji and we see that he sees the future in fancy CG… it’s just that the present isn’t as clean cut as Mr. PD tells them to go back to being blindfolded.

Now they all have to pretend that the now past-present never happened. Haha goes beyond his seer powers, making sure that his VJ is ready when he makes his escape. Haha: “Come down here!” VJ: “But the full shot…” Haha: “What full shot?!”

He makes his daring escape when the gong rings again. At least… you got to change the future?

This man is not so lucky. Suk-jin sits alone in jail and sighs that he had a ddakji in hand when he was eliminated. We flash back to when he uncovered the ddakji and how Chang-eui had asked to see it.

I’m sure he meant to just call out the phrase just to show Chang-eui how to use it but yunno powers – sometimes they get outta control.

So Suk-jin wasted his ddakji and as a consequence, the horde of ajummas all came after him. Then Ji-hyo took hold of this opportunity and eliminated him.

Jong-kook decides that they should eliminate the members who have ddakjis and give Ji Sung chase. Ji Sung: “What crime is it to have [a ddakji]!”

Soon the others join them and in the scuffle, Chang-eui rips off Jae-suk’s name tag – he’s out. Jong-kook shouts for help to eliminate Ji Sung but Haha and Jin-hee drag Jong-kook away instead.

Kwang-soo stands there, confused: “Who do I eliminate!” He goes for Ji Sung instead, and the Great Seer pulls out his ddakji, “The power to see the future!” Damn – is it hot in here?

So we return to the present-past (or past-present?) down to the VJ tumbling to the ground and Jae-suk asks with great emphasis: “VJ are you okay? Chang-eui, you weren’t going to eliminate me, right?”

But seeing the future comes with at a great cost. As the mirror cracks again, the ajummas burst out of the buildings. Time to run!

The ajummas crowd around an exhausted Jae-suk and right after the gong sounds again, Ace Ji-hyo slips in and eliminates Jae-suk. Aw, your future didn’t change for the better.

The boys gather around and decide they have to force the use of the remaining ddakjis. Fingers point to Jin-hee who emphatically denies possessing any but he quickly runs away when their suspicion radar pings.

Once he’s a safe distance away, he calls out, “I’m sure there’s someone amongst you with one too!” And so they start searching each other and find one on Kwang-soo. Oh hai red undies.

They tear off his name tag and Kwang-soo lifts his ddakji. Ji Sung: “Throw that away after you use it!” And this future is fortuitous because now when they search him, they come up with nothing.

Let’s not forget that there’s a consequence involved and this time, Haha and Kwang-soo’s name tags are switched until one person is taken out. And that person is Haha.

Chang-eui finds a ddakji of his own but he’s easy prey against Jong-kook. After he uses it, he yells, “I saw the future! We rallied together and went after Jin-hee hyung!”

As a consequence, Chang-eui and Jong-kook’s name tags are changed and the four boys head down the hill to see the ex-Monday Couple and Jin-hee.

The trio all have ddakjis and resolve that the loser in rock-paper-scissors will use their ddakji. Gary betrays Jin-hee at the last second, which forces his hand and in the new future, Jin-hee runs away.

The gong rings again and everyone gets blindfolded again.

Everyone is separated and as soon as the blindfold comes off, Jong-kook races towards Chang-eui who is currently in Kwang-soo’s grasp. But he’s a second too late as Kwang-soo rips off Jong-kook’s name tag.

Chang-eui asks why Kwang-soo did it as they watch Jong-kook get dragged to jail. Kwang-soo: “Because there wouldn’t be another time to…” Rrrriippp! Chang-eui: “That’s right!” Well played, sir.

In jail, Haha hears some noise in the distance and comments, “Sounds like someone getting scolded.” Suk-jin: “Probably Kwang-soo [by Jong-kook].”

Hee – I love how both Gary and Ji Sung scared each other by both being sneaky. They fail to gang up on Ji-hyo and Gary uses his ddakji after Ji Sung tears off his name tag. Back to the Future Version 9.0 and Ji-hyo screams, “Ajummas!”

Impressively, Gary manages to withstand the ajummas and in a corner Chang-eui remarks, “Ajummas are the scariest.” Truer words, good man.

Now it’s the ex-Monday Couple versus the three guests and Ji Sung comes flying out of nowhere and somewhere in the mix, the ex-Monday Couple are both eliminated.

Ji-hyo sees the future and then her name tag is exchanged with Ji Sung’s. Gary runs to her side to protect her by ripping off Ji Sung’s name tag. At the same time, Jin-hee runs towards Ji Sung.

Both she and Ji Sung are eliminated.

Gary faces off against Jin-hee after he eliminates Chang-eui. It’s brute strength against brute strength and Gary shouts, “I hold my pride in name tag ripping!”

He swings Jin-hee around and as Jin-hee falls forward, Gary rips off his name tag. Gary falls to his knees in celebration – it’s all over! Something smells fishy… this was way too easy…

and sure enough, Jin-hee pulls out his second ddakji and raises his last glimmer of hope to the heavens. Gary stops short, shocked.

Now in the present, Jin-hee starts to tear off Gary’s name tag with his teeth. Woah, woah – hold your wolf headdress there, Lee Seong-gye.

They circle around each other, grabbing for each other’s name tags and then Jin-hee grasps Gary’s name tag with two hands. Another turn and Jin-hee eliminates Gary.

Today’s Great Seer, aka Jin-hee, is awarded a gold sandglass and he lets out a triumphant grunt.

Wait, you didn’t see this in your future? Keh.


86 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jessy

    So funny!! : ))

    • 1.1 Annie

      I have to peel my face away from the monitor when they are the mud. I feel like dying of laughing if I don’t turn my face away from looking at them.

  2. fanazuma

    I feel sorry for Kwang Soo – he’s obsessed with eliminating Jong Kook – but as Jong Kook himself said – did he ever win when he managed to get him out? But then again maybe it’s all purely for the pride.

    When did the Monday couple ‘broke-up’, though? I missed a couple of episodes. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 2.1 shepo

      they broke up when jihyo was officially announcing that she is dating her agency CEO

    • 2.2 Rachel

      Puhahhaha, true that. To him, winning equals eliminating JK.

    • 2.3 z

      Why would you? Itโ€™s a role he (they) decides to play (Tiger bullies Giraffe; Giraffe betrays Tiger (and everyone) and is obsessed with getting Tiger out)and it was a great success. His immense popularity in esp Thailand shows it.

  3. divaz_sha

    this episode is soooo awesome..love when their guest are 3 hotness guys

    guys…we will get GRASSHOPPER CHASING EPISODE soon…yeahhh!!!!!!

  4. ladyhahn

    Jin Hee is fun.prev ep his jacket ripped,all feathers fly..now he’s the sneaky one,with 2 ddakjis,and shamelessly want to be in RM when heard about the Gary fiasco.ahahhaa~

    • 4.1 gg

      hahaha yes, he was so cute when he admitted that he was gonna try contacting the PDs once he heard about the “Gary Incident” haha.. but i sure wouldnt mind seeing him join the rest of the RM members!!

  5. Village Mrembo

    The ahjummas made this ep, totally!

  6. Nokcha

    This show was hard to follow! Looking forward to next week. Some of the idol girls are a lot of fun and I really like Suzy.

    • 6.1 Raptor

      Most of the idol girls are NOT fun. Suzy is an exception.

  7. onyxx

    i wish i could say i liked this episode, but the truth was it got too confusing with all the “re-sets” courtesy of those ddakjis. so, finally i just stopped watching (which rarely happens). hopefully the next episode will be better :(.

    some parts were funny though.

  8. sugarpunch

    haha fun episode! love the guests ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah, song chang eui was in family outing… he was there as Chunderella’s good friend! quite a funny ep

  9. akikisetsu

    Monday couple are really the best in terms of chemistry and loyalty to each other on games (most of the time, they have each others back). Are Ji Hyo and her bf still together? Recently, the ex-Monday couple have kinda been resurrected. Well, I really don’t care about their real life, just want their chemistry on-screen.^^

    • 9.1 pigtookie

      I think it’s a good idea that the Monday couple did not stay in one position for too long- being together, breaking up, and half-flirting again. It changes up the pace and lets them explore more on these relationships. Besides, Gary and Ji Hyo are a great team, Monday couple are not. They’re both underdogs in their own ways during the races but have the skills to win with a little luck/help, and they work well together.

      • 9.1.1 pigtookie

        *woops, I meant “Monday couple or not,” as in they work well together whether as pretend lovers, or just regular teammates.

  10. 10 swui

    I love this episode. It could be confusing to some but I figured it out okay. And the ahjummas were scary lol.

  11. 11 pinkpia

    My head hurts with all the numbers, present future, future present back & forth, can’t catch up, its hard & confusing, oh my strained brain…… Loved Ji Jin Hee though ^_^

  12. 12 Do-ra-ma

    After a couple of lackluster episodes, this one was stacked with great entertaining moments. Running Man is so hit and miss for me these days, it’s a welcome relief when an episode is so thoroughly entertaining like this one. The guests definitely are a big part of it. Ji Jin-Hee is just so awesome and really throws his all into the competition. The moment that had me dying every time was probably the attack of the ahjummas. So very ridiculously hilarious.

  13. 13 PollyRose

    Trying to follow the concept of having seen your future and then going back to present definitely confused me at first. So I just thought of the ddakji’s as “redo buttons” instead ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I did that it got much funnier.

    Especially loved the end when Gary was insisting “I’m positive I won!”

  14. 14 Quiet Thought

    Quite the deal for that mob of middle-aged women: “We provide the snacks and you get to chase, mob, and hug your favorite TV leading men.”

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    I noticed a pattern today after watching a number of episodes of RM: the male guests who come on the show never seem to greet or speak to Song Ji-Hyo directly in the opening segments. I can’t tell if that is something to do with her being personally introverted or if it is old-fashioned manners. Hard to compare to variety shows done in a studio setting, as the social conventions would be different.

    • 15.1 Village Mrembo

      Yup, ur right i noticed that too. Almost forgot she was there till she spoke up in the train. I find she’s more comfortable with older sunbaenim ahjussis than these younger ones. Remember the ep where they were starting the hide and seek in 5 min intervals, she was all huggy and friendly with her Comrade Jo ahjussi partner.

      • 15.1.1 Quiet Thought

        That middling famous appearance of SJH on Family Outing was apparently a revelation to Yoo Jae-suk. She was very quiet at first, not a real natural for variety shows. Then when she had to go one on one with Lee Hiyori on the overhead bar, her fierce competitiveness suddenly appeared.

        • tieuyeunu

          I watched that episode as well. She was cute.

          She had a keen sense on her but was very shy.

          She made Yoo Jae-Suk speechless when she played his own trick agaisnt him, defeated Lee Hyori twice in a row and gave Daesung a piece of his own medicine.

    • 15.2 Mika~

      It’s a bit disappointing, but I’ve noticed that Jihyo’s presence on the show has been gradually minimized ever since her announcement that she has a boyfriend. She’s Ace Jihyo, yes, but another major part of her role was being the other half of the Monday Couple, and when she couldn’t be a part of the Monday Couple anymore, she just began fading away from the spotlight. I really wish Jihyo could play a larger role in Runningman again… I want to see more of her scenes…

  16. 16 charoula

    i am in love with song chang ui <333333 so cute!!!!!:)))

    • 16.1 syima

      Me too ! When he bumped into the cameraman …<3

  17. 17 rainy

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 kopi_adik

    you have to watch Song Chang Ui’s FO episode… one of the funniest episodes! he’s BFFs with Lee Chunhee but tag-teams with Hyori to gang-up on Chunderella lol!

    • 18.1 Wellington

      do you remember the episode that he appear?

  19. 19 ranisa

    I haven’t watched this episode and am still watching old eps but I think I’ll stick around here to read the recaps. I love Running Man so much, I don’t care for k-dramas much anymore. All I do is watch two running man episodes before bedtime, like a good ol’ bedtime story.

  20. 20 pigtookie

    This was such a great episode, I couldn’t stop laughing. I got a kick out of them fleeing the ahjummas, it was great the last time but this time it was used quite purposefully as a punishment. (Ji Hyo and Jong Kook, as expected exploited these new weapons, the ahjumma mob and Dakjji, very strategically.) Those ladies are just so excited and energized to be catching Running Men! The future Dakjji turned out to be interesting after all, as it could resurrect more than one person – it’s such a given on RM that after you’re dead you stay in jail, so the resurrection bit was refreshing and changes up the game. And it was hilarious to see them replay the ripping scenes jokingly.

    And congrats to Ji Jin hee! He was wonderful. Gary can’t always be winning the fun games, can he now?

  21. 21 JC

    As confusing as the premise was (I’m sure that somewhere, at some point in the planning process, the PDs just did not think everything through, especially the part where the cast has to act like they totally have no clue what just happened), this episode was pretty hilarious.

    I like that Jin Hee won (he’s totally awesome), but I feel like the rules weren’t maintained fairly for the regular cast members: for example, Ji Hyo should have gotten a chance to get her nametag back based on the switching rules, since Ji Sung’s tag got ripped off. And at the end, it seemed like Jin Hee was the only person who didn’t have to suffer consequences from using his ddakji (they spent so much time circling and stuff that there totally should’ve been enough time for the security guards or hoardes of ahjummas to come running).

    • 21.1 seasea

      I agree. I thought it was so unfair that Jihyo got eliminated like that. It wasn’t her fault that the name tag wasn’t switched back in time. There should have been a time out right after Ji Sung’s name tag was ripped off. I also was waiting for the punishment for Jin Ji Hee after he used the last ddakji but it never happened so I thought that was unfair too. I love that Gary was trying to protect Jihyo at all time. He eliminated Ji Sung to let Jihyo live but alas she was still eliminated.

      • 21.1.1 ii

        maybe because that was 2nd ddakji he used, the punishment only for 1st ddakji, if he has more than one ddakji its mean he can control the time and there aren’t punishment for him

        • Jta_0358

          You know, that actually makes sense. RM should’ve made that clearer though.

          • z

            How does it even make sense? Rules aren’t rules if they aren’t stated. Rules that pops up after the fact are just cop-outs. “Oh the guest didn’t get out although her nametag is torn off? Oh uh, she has invincibility for this 5minutes, didn’t you know?”

      • 21.1.2 Raptor

        Yes that last bit felt rushed and catered to let JJH win. Ji hyo, if she got back her name tag proper, would have worked with Gary to take JJH down. Maybe the writers had had a long day filming, and thought it was enough and not to drag it out anymore, and thus stopped it so abruptly

  22. 22 Claire

    thanks for the recaps! i totally love this episode! hilarious! love the guests too Ji Jin Hee is awesome! he could totally add and fit as an RM member lol but no subtracting of members!XD

    Gary’s expression when Jin Hee showed the ddakji is priceless! hahaha

  23. 23 Quiet Thought

    Has anyone counted and posted the wins for each regular on RM, both solo and as part of a team? I recall that Kwang Soo has won solo exactly once in 116 shows, but I’m lost on the others other than that they seem to know among themselves who has more game skills and who has less.

    • 23.1 Ryoko

      You’d have to count the number of wins per cast member yourself, but the Running Man Wiki page has a list of each episode broken down by mission and team members, as well as results.

    • 23.2 Jta_0358

      Found this site for you:

      Although this isn’t updated. And I would say that tallying wins is pointless. For example, the lottery wins is purely based on luck. We all have our on or off days. As for the team wins, it’s a bit unfair for Ji Hyo who always seem to get teamed up with Ji Suk Jin (and no offense but, he drags the whole team down).

      Honestly, I wouldn’t look at the tally since there are days when some members are not even present such as Ji Hyo (SNSD ep) and Gary (GaeKo and ‘the Chase’ actors).

  24. 24 bluemoon

    Yep, this episode was very entertaining.

  25. 25 xiaoSxin

    That was a great Monday Couple moment when Gary swoops in to (try) protect Ji Hyo from Ji Sung when he sneaked behind her.

  26. 26 Mia

    i love this episode! ๐Ÿ˜€ so funny~
    your recap is so hilarious gummimochi ^^
    thank you!

  27. 27 Kim Yoonmi

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  28. 28 topper

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  30. 30 Mcx

    The train games is the highlight it reminds me of 1n2d sigh the old days of glory of 1n2d anyways the guests seems so pump up and everyone seems to want to guests in RM now

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    Iam so over the Monday Couple Didnt u notice KJk and Jihyo always together and their actions towards each other is soooo obvious something especial there if so love them and I know Gary accept his an X aloonng time ago even if its make believe loveline

    • 31.1 z

      I like how you show that bias can totally blind someone. I’ve nothing against SpartAce (I like the hairpulling), but posting this in an ep when there were more MC moments (such as Gary’s repeated attempts to save Jihyo without a thought) than SpartAce just shows that people would say whatever they want if it fits their wishes ๐Ÿ˜› As for being together, yea it’s soooo obvious that they’re together often cos Jihyo likes to ally with the Capable One.

  32. 32 Socal

    I also notice that Jisung is checking out Jihyo cant blame him Jihyo has these charm

  33. 33 Socal

    I dont think Jihyo is fading away did u notice Haha KJk n even YjS have their moments that they are not seen as much especially when theres an A lists stars but still they have their moments

  34. 34 Fqwe

    You feel sorry for Kwangsoo hehehe I feel KJk irritation coz he feels 1 vs 6 all the time give a man a break yes his the strongest but his an Rm member too and Sukjin just chillin in thr jail so funny Yoo Jaesuk looks like his not feeling well poor MC I saw an article that he always go to the hospital for exhaustion YJS need to take cate yourself especially u have a little boy to raise cut off your shows u have to get some rest cant use your body if its wearing out and screaming for rest all the fans will understand if u take a vacation we want you well and healthy!

  35. 35 10 ThoughtS

    1) Thank you for the recap Gummimochi – you have work very hard

    2) At the start of the episode – Love the sense of togetherness and concern among members esp for Gary.

    3) I view the elimination via train stop games simple yet entertaining. It really is “Skill under pressure” which have created a lot of key moments.

    Who could have imagined Jong kok eliminated himself in the hola hoop challenge, kwang su survived until the math blunder, Ji-hee got hammered in cham cham cham, HaHa punk’d the rest of the RM mates in Nuchi game and later got punk’d in return in “round-about game”.

    4) Love Garyโ€™s comment and his simple hindsight upon receiving the Takji and instruction from the RM PD- โ€œThis is too hard. Can I return it?โ€

    5) Thou at later part of the stage the episode look chaotic to some but overall it turn out alright. It is good that players are given the opportunity to resurrect themselves or given second chance to change the course of their fate and the game.

    6) An interesting concept on the 50-50 chance box you either get the takji or getting caught by the LoLLoL ( men in black ).

    7) Additional note – The jailhouse scene where Sukjin ,Jaeksuk teased Jihyo for going to Busan night club was amusing.

    8) love the new term introduced – “Eliminate Jong Kook syndrome” as jong kook berates kwangsu and identify it on HaHa

    9)The retribution card after for using the takji which was planned by the production team- i.e. the mob of the chasing ahjumas in 1 minute time frame, the name tag swap and “blindfold and change of location” is no doubt the JOKER card and another highlight of this episode .
    It creates the unpredictable & an amusing outcome just like Episode 9)

    10) For the Final part where Gary face-off with Ji-hee, Gary could have won IF Gary quickly recover from his shock, snatch the takji away from Ji-hee’s hands and destroy it by tearing the takji to pieces) to prevent itโ€™s usage.
    Hai … but at last it is in the past.

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    • 39.1 z

      The rules/text on screen already said her half-standing didn’t count cos she didn’t say anything. Get over it. And I’m sure YJS is fond of everyone, not just Gary, whom doesn’t seem to be un-grateful, in any case.

  40. 40 KZ

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    To be honest, I’m a hardcore Infinity Challenge fan and reluctantly started watching Running Man and IC was on a hiatus until further notice. As weeks go by, it started to grow on me. Now my Sundays don’t feel complete without RM.

    I want the whole IC team as a guest for RM. Might happen, who knows?

  42. 42 Anon

    I have switched camp from 1N2D to RM. I used to be addicted to 1N2D but stopped watching recently as it just does not seem the same without Kang Ho Dong and gang. I am starting to enjoy RM very much.

  43. 43 asda221

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    • 43.1 Jta_0358

      Probably because it is his 2nd ddakji that’s why he didn’t experience it anymore? If so, RM should’ve made it clearer.

      • 43.1.1 z

        Eh, stop quoting made-up rules as if they really were there. They didn’t make this clear because there wasn’t such a rule.

      • 43.1.2 z

        I’m really impressed with KJK’s skills. He picked up hula hoop in something like 2 minutes. Indeed a master of games. Also in the cham cham cham (?) game, you could see he only won ‘cos of his great reflex.

        Also love how Gary again, rushes to Jihyo’s aid like it’s 2nd nature to him, even though a moment ago he was supposedly in an alliance to take her out (either a false alliance on his part, or more likely instinct won out when he saw Jihyo being ‘attacked’).

  44. 44 nad

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    • 44.1 nad

      i know already,it’s k will’s song.. =)

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    • 46.1 missgeminie

      it’s when spring comes – seo young eun

      cred: isubs

      • 46.1.1 missgeminie

        i mean when autumn comes – seo young eun

        cred: isubs


  47. 47 missgeminie

    hi can anyone tell me the bgm used when gwangsoo got eliminated during the train mission? the dramatic violin/piano bit..

    thanks a million!

  48. 48 Raptor

    People should stop acting as if they know EVERYTHING about the show and criticise others’ comments whom they don’t agree with, in a condescending manner. People watch the shows for many different reasons, and its their own right and prerogative to have certain opinions about certain things that happen on the show. At different points of the show, our opinions may vary due to different reasons as well. Stop acting like a big know it all.

    sickening ZZZZ

    Just re watched it and I love how unpredictable this whole ep is. Even the second viewing brings lots of laughs because of the awesome chemistry between the RM members and the guests. Ji Sung and Jin Hee in particular are a hoot to watch together with the rest of the cast!

    Agreed that all those Monday Couple moments are really sweet.

  49. 49 Raptor

    Jin Hee is damn swift and smart. Somehow I have a feeling the PDs allowed his tearing of Ji Hyo’s name tag off Ji Sung’s back because it was getting too draggy. There were just too many possibilities, and shouldn’t Ji Sung’s tag being torn off mean that Ji Hyo’s tag be returned to her first before someone else gets a chance to rip it off again? If Ji Sung was already out, it means HE was out isn’t it? Why should Jin Hee be allowed to tear Ji Hyo’s tag off an ousted person’s back? It really doesn’t make sense

  50. 50 Raptor

    And Gary should have let go of Jin Hee’s first name tag before he engaged him in the second battle with him. He was holding on to it all the way, restricting his own hand movements, until he himself got ousted. LOL that seemed so silly

    But the ultimate stupidity is still JSJ. Seriously he’s done so many ridiculous things (the biggest one to me was still him giving the answers twice to the other team at Nickhun’s home in Thailand, allowing YJS’s team to win), but him demonstrating that Daekji summon for fun to the guest was SO DUMB in this ep, allowing the Ace to get rid of his tag when the terrifying AhJuMaMas to surrounded him (like how she got rid of YKS’s tag later on as well). It’s so dumb that its frustrating!

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