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Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young get wolfy for Vogue
by | October 2, 2012 | 42 Comments

Well that’s creepy. Not normally the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young, but in this themed photo shoot for their movie Wolf Boy, the pair of actors embrace the dark and otherworldly, almost a little too well. I think I’m a bigger fan of the movie’s wolf concept. Yunno, the one where everybody gets to keep his eyebrows.

I suppose the look is slightly Edward-Scissorhands-esque, which is in keeping with the movie’s take on the wolf boy — an innocent, misunderstood creature who finds an unlikely love. More moody quirky romance, less Teen Wolf. Park Bo-young plays an introverted girl who finds a feral wolf boy in the woods behind her family’s country home, and begins to socialize him little by little.

The best part? She uses a dog training manual to do it. Ha. I know we’re prone to calling Joong-ki a puppy ’round here, but that’s a new kind of ingenious. Do you think she’ll teach him how to roll over and play fetch?

The photo spread is probably scarier than the movie will be, but I do actually like how eery it feels. With this role and his current drama Nice Guy, it seems like Joong-ki’s really embracing the dark side, and I’m lovin’ it.

Wolf Boy is currently on the festival circuit and premieres October 31.

Via Vogue


42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 9to5

    i like the eerie surreal feel of these pics! tho he really doesnt not like himself at that angle in the second to last pic. :S

    • 1.1 9to5

      i meant to say, he really does not .. my bad 😛

      • 1.1.1 indigowine

        the power of hair style (O_o)

  2. Kelinci Biru

    still pretty though. how did Song Joong Ki manage that? creepy and pretty at the same time.

  3. Kwhat?!

    I swear in the last solo shots they look like siblings.

    • 3.1 Hannah

      because they’re both usually so adorable and full of puppies and rainbows and unicorns?

    • 3.2 anna

      MTE. I saw the pics and wanted to write the same thing. How freaky similar!

  4. Cat

    haha not getting a wolf vibe, but more like pixies? The last pic reminds me of hansel and gretel 😀

  5. missjb

    he is soooo good as Maru… This is the first time I’m watching him in a dark and intense role… His acting awe me so much. especially his eyes….

  6. Kdramafan

    I’m sorry to say that I love Song Joong Ki but not this shoot. I love the concept of the movie in keeping it more realistic instead of having a wolf decked out in fur, fangs and pointy nails to match but a wolf closer to a human without human behaviour. The first photo made me laugh now in a bad way. it’s just that he looks so innocent but the hair and make-up is so funny! It is very reminiscent of Twilight & Edward Scissorhands indeed!!! 😛

    I wish I saw the screening at the Toronto Film festival but you kind of have to camp out early to get in!

    • 6.1 Fiercediva

      I saw the final screening of A Werewolf Boy in Toronto, and want to reassure everyone that both actors look much more attractive in the movie than in this shoot. Song Joong Ki in particular was a great wolf/feral man-boy – I was worried that part might be cringe-inducing, but no. It was actually a very sweet story with a classic n’eer do well rich villain and a dollop of scifi or the supernatural, I’m still not quite sure which.

      • 6.1.1 indes

        I was there at the world premiere, and while there definitely was a slight line-up (amongst a whole bunch of Koreans – I was a little overwhelmed haha), we did NOT have to camp out at all. 🙂 The theatre was actually not very filled. I also only bought tickets the day before.

        Song Joong Ki (and Park Bo Young) was amazing…. like Fiercediva said, it’s a super sweet story. Predictable, but that’s not really a bad thing. There was a surprisingly good balance between cute, laugh-out-loud hilarious (yes, she tries to train him using a dog manual!!), sweetness and the necessary dark-freaky-angsty stuff.

        And oh gosh, the cinematography/visuals were BREATHTAKING.

        Not to mention what that did for Joong Ki oppa’s already super Pretty. ;D Wolf and all. So, don’t worry! This shoot isn’t really to my liking either, haha. They look more zombie-ish than wolfy to me…

        • eny

          when i see the picture above it’s so weird for me, he looks still looks cute and sweet for wolf charracter, i saw the movie teaser before and i i thought it was better

        • Fiercediva

          Lucky! I had tickets to the premiere but came down with a bug and missed it, so I was thrilled I had a second chance to see it, even if I missed seeing Park Bo Young. Truly I think it’s the best I’ve seen Joong Ki look, including his current drama. PS Hope you got to see The Thieves as well!

  7. queencircles

    I definitely feel like they should have kept the eyebrows … aren’t wolves hairier? Still a cool shoot though.

  8. DMKO


  9. stars4u

    I really can’t wait to watch the movie.

  10. 10 canxi

    I like all these “creepy” shoots coming out in time for October. Halloween is so fun. I like the shoot. They kind of went all “The Brother’s Grimm” on it–part fairy-tale/part creepy– it just looks like an ill-fated romance. Hopefully that’s not a spoiler for the movie.

  11. 11 Q

    Song Joong-Ki is it a really good idea for you to look, like, 20 years old? Do you know the kind of terrible impact it has on the hearts and minds of girls like me who will soon turn 20 and start LOOKING LIKE YOUR NOONA? STOP IT. STOP IT NOW.

  12. 12 Sammy

    OMG they look beautiful. Eerie and surreal and awesome!

  13. 13 Claire

    he looks so different! O_O but I think he’s still handsome ^__^

    it’s like Tim Burton-esque film..I think this’ll be good..

  14. 14 ceire

    I actually like this pictorial quite a lot. Kudos to the team responsible for the styling and photography… and kudos to the amazing models, of course.

    (That said, how can he look so effing YOUNG? Dude, stop doing that, you’re making me feel like a pedoauntie even though I’m younger than you!)

  15. 15 Noelle

    Wow he doesn’t look like himself at all. It’s amazing what eyebrows can do to a face. I love the look of the photos though. They are beautiful.

  16. 16 Enkhee

    Love them. Specially the last one. It’s gorgeous.

  17. 17 alua

    I kinda like it.

    Is this Werewolf Boy that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival? (I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll get it at the London Korean Film Festival in November.)

    • 17.1 alua

      Also looooooove the dress in the first picture!

    • 17.2 Fiercediva

      Yes, that’s what they called it at TIFF.

  18. 18 hoa lo

    Why did they take this photos is it for promotion?

  19. 19 xiaoSxin

    Their movie will be screened in November at CGV LA

  20. 20 Sunshine

    i dont know why i was thinking of seo in guk when i saw this!! ahhaa i must be watching too many reply 1997. anyways i almost couldnt recognize song joong ki…i thought it was heechul from suju for a moment 😀

  21. 21 Cynthia

    I’m getting “Tuck Everlasting” vibes from this photo shoot.
    Am looking forward to this being subbed.

  22. 22 frances


  23. 23 Mia

    I really want to watch Wolf Boy soon!

  24. 24 ajj

    this is weird.

  25. 25 Alice20

    Soneoms please give the boy back his eyebrows.

  26. 26 viave44

    that is so WOW

  27. 27 luvyluna

    There are only a few celebrities who has painting shape on their face, which means when it comes for a photo shoot their face can change from the original (photogenic), and I like those kind of things.. Even though it can be “not as prettier as original face”, if I remember Lee Min Jung for jewelry adv, It can fulfill art in photography..

  28. 28 Suzi Q

    How did feral wolf boy lose his eyebrows?
    Reminds me more of Hansel and Gretel.

  29. 29 subject

    It can be a perfect cover for reissue of the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Just saying…

  30. 30 chulz08

    aww…look at his eyebrows +_+

  31. 31 Carinne

    Love her. Getting nothing off him. FAILS!

  32. 32 sunshinehappyfeet

    OMG! “keep your eyebrows” is right! so creepy! for the reader who said “Halloween is so fun” this is not! fun! lol

    i almost cringe and had half my eyes closed whenever i scrolled down! especially on the photo of PBY looking like she died with purple eye shadow!

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