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Third tvN Flower Boy drama stars Yoon Shi-yoon, Park Shin-hye
by | October 31, 2012 | 202 Comments

Dude. DUDE! I’m not going to jump the gun and say this show is going to be awesome… but it’s going to be awesome, right?

The time has come for a third installment in the “Flower Boy” series, and this one is titled Flower Boy Next Door. I love that, inasmuch as I love all cute plays on words. The producers have scored two big names for this one: Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Shin-hye. Huzzah! Two young talents with acting skills to match their pretty faces.

Cable channel tvN has scored twice thus far with its “Oh Boy” series of programming. Oh Boy was a project that kicked off last year to target the young teenage demographic (which doesn’t always command the big broadcast audiences—the prime-time dramas on the Big Three stations mostly target 20-something and 30-something audiences, as well as the ajumma viewer base). It kicked off with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, then aired a reality audition show to cast a supporting role in the follow-up drama. Straight from the auditions did Yoo Min-kyu go to Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, where he played bassist Ha-jin.

Both Flower Boy dramas have been ratings successes and became buzz shows, and both definitely scored with me—they were vastly different despite the Flower Boy in their titles, but spoke to me for different reasons. Ramyun Shop was zany and comedic in the best of ways, while Shut Up just spoke to my heart. The reason both worked—despite the admittedly gimmicky premise—is that even though they’ve got the trappings of fluff teen fare (and the marketing, branding, and pretty faces), neither drama forgot to have a story and a spirit, and contained tons of warmth and soul.

Thus I’m hoping third time is also a charm, and am optimistic that this one will also have a solid story to carry the drama. It’s based on an existing webtoon called I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day. It’s an upbeat, lively story that centers around an “urban Rapunzel” type character, played by Park Shin-hye, who is locked up in her lonely tower. Figuratively speaking—at least I hope. She sneaks peeks at her neighbor across the street, and gets caught by a different guy, played by Yoon Shi-yoon. Sold and sold. I’m hooked already.

These names crack me up; Park plays Go Dok-mi, which is a play on the word for lonely (go-dok). Yoon’s flower boy character is named Enrique Geum. Okay, there’s nothing inherently funny about his name, but the juxtaposition amuses me. Enrique is a fashionable creative director with charm out the wazoo and “superior genes.” Heh.

I’m super excited about this pairing, because I love both actors but not always all their roles, and this one sounds like it’ll be great for both of them. I’m crossing fingers and toes that they have chemistry, because they sure have the comedic and dramatic chops. I really enjoyed Yoon Shi-yoon in his last drama, Me Too, Flower, and he was good in it—but that drama nosedived and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was terribly miscast. Park, too, has had some winners and also some… not-so-winners. So I’m hoping this one succeeds.

Plus! PD Jung Jung-hwa is back in the game, after having directed Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Screenwriter Kim Eun-jung is penning the scripts; her film credits include Coffee (Gabi) and Hwang Jini (the 2007 movie).

Just like the first two series, Flower Boy Next Door one will be a Monday-Tuesday romantic comedy running for 16 episodes. It premieres on January 7, 2013. *circles date in red ink* *decorates with flowers and hearts*

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202 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cg

    wow….finally park shin hye’s drama….i really like her….
    both the actors are so pretty….couldn’t have a better pairing for a “pretty” drama 🙂

  2. OMG

    M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let me down…Flower Boy Ramen shop was amazing!!!!

    • 2.1 dbsklove


    • 2.2 Cam

      OH. MY. GOOOOSSH!!! Oh. YEAH.


      THAT’S SO UNBELIEVABLY AWESOOOOME!!! I am looooking forward to this new drama because of Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye!! 😀 😀

  3. Lemontictac


    • 3.1 diorama

      Lol, that was verbatim what came out of my mouth when I saw this post.

      I am BEYOND excited. I really really hope third time’s the charm – squeee!

      • 3.1.1 Lemontictac

        Hee! *happy dances at same thoughts* I really do hope that this drama will be fab, haven’t been interested the recent dramas! FINGERS CROSSED!!! >.<

    • 3.2 jomo

      OMFG, nah du.

    • 3.3 ......

      MTE oh god she’s finally back T________T

    • 3.4 zsa

      yeah….baby…I love YSY after me too flower…..and PSH is lovely…can’t wait!

  4. Amberscube

    Another great show to look forward to..

    And Park Shin-hye… I like her.

  5. starmizt

    I’m so interested with this show and pairing.

  6. mtoh

    I wish it was Lee Seung Gi, but this will work too…
    I saw this in the morning and made my day sunny…So happy…, can’t wait January!

    • 6.1 MsB

      Yeah, tweet twin! We will enjoy together! 😀

      • 6.1.1 mtoh

        Wuhuhu, it’s gonna be happy ride 😉

    • 6.2 cg

      ya….it would have been so good if it was lee seung gi….

      • 6.2.1 mtoh

        I looooove their pics from Japan!

    • 6.3 Arhazivory

      Kyaaaaah! I can’t wait too. January seems really far away. Like the others….I’m gonna marathon this AFTER its run. 😀 Fufufufufu~

  7. Mystisith

    My sunshine is back!
    EXCITED! For all the reasons given here by javabeans. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Jomo, where are you?

    • 7.1 jomo

      Ici ici!

  8. CThajarN

    Can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this. OMG!!!

  9. adette


    k breatheee

    okay. WHOA. i was totally thinking about TvN’s flower boy series a couple days ago and wondering if that was still a thing or if it was just those like, 2 dramas months and months ago (BOTH OF WHICH I LOVE WHICH MEANS THERES A GOOD CHANCE I WILL LOVE THIS YOU HAD BETTER NOT DISAPPOINT ME TVN)

  10. 10 Bengbeng

    loving it already. I haven’t seen the 2 in a while. Shipping them already =)

  11. 11 Daisy


  12. 12 MsB

    Circled and reddened! Imagine my shout for joy with another reason to love my KDramas! YSY is on my list as I have seen and loved everything, including Me Too, Flower! But Baker King started it for me. I definitely like PSH and I think the pairing can possibly be perfect. And another plus is its on cable! The romances tend to be yummier!! Yum! Yum! Yum!

  13. 13 mas

    I CAN’T WAIT! Ahhhh I’ve missed them both in dramaland so fricking much!
    I was having a bit of a down day, but this made me SO happy xD

    Aw, only downside is…JANUARY 2013! It feels like ages away. Well it is ages away. *sigh*

    Time, go faster please. T_T

  14. 14 nomu nomu nomu

    AWESOME!!! excited for the new series 🙂
    Loved the previous two installment. So. Much. Heart.

    I actually think using the “Flower Boy” label for the title is doing the drama series a disservice. I almost didn’t check out the previous two and thus would of missed out on two great, well written with plenty of heart.
    (think Fashion king, to the beautiful you, DH2, etc, etc, Crap drama is crap drama regardless if cast is beautiful or a dozen flower boys are in it. )

    Take note, dramaland! Fluffy doesn’t always means empty calories.

  15. 15 redfox

    I hope it is more like Shut Up…. and less like Ramyun Shop.

    • 15.1 crazedlu

      Total ditto.

    • 15.2 mrmz

      Me too!!!

  16. 16 browncoat_78

    I couldn’t have cast this better myself. When I saw this news earlier today, I squeed — BIG TIME! I LURVE Yoon Si Yoon and there is just not enough of him in dramaland to go around! And I at least like Park Shin Hye. So YIPPEE!!!!! Also, I’ve decided that tVN is just totally awesome and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from them, especially the Flower Boy series’ earlier installments. This will be perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 ricky

    Park shin hye is so talented and beautiful. I’m not always into the dramas she’s in, but since this is the third installment to the flower boy series I’m hoping it will be good. The first two were really entertaining with a great cast and interesting stories to tell.

  18. 18 cutieblue

    This sounds fun! 🙂 romantic and comedic and pretty, oh my! I was just looking for info about when this would exactly start last night, you have come to my rescue javabeans! ^^

  19. 19 crazedlu


    K, I was a fan of Yoon and was even excited for his casting in Me Too, Flower until that drama just didn’t hit it right with me. Miscaaaasst. I started to question my fandom then, so let’s see if he does this one well with Park. I just love her too much to not want this drama to succeed. The Flower series so far have fared well so I’m not too worried. Plus, love the premise. Ha.

  20. 20 sPark*

    When I found out about this yesterday, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I LOVE Yoon Shi Yoon (Me Too, Flower *drool*) and Park Shin Hye (since forever lol). I never thought about putting these two together, but OMG this is such a BRILLIANT idea! I hope this one is just as awesome as Shut Up Flower Boy Band and not really like Ramyun Shop since I never finished that one. I hope the script is written well so that both leads can bring their A-game and have many scenes that will showcase their (hopefully) sizzling, adorable chemistry 😀 I think I have conveyed my enthusiasm enough heh

  21. 21 Faye

    Very exciting news! Does anyone know if this will be available to watch online in the States (on any legitimate sites that air K-dramas) before the series concludes?


    • 21.1 nomu nomu nomu

      The previous two Flower Boy series was available on pretty much ALL the k-drama streaming sites. (Raws released same day and subs didn’t take too long, if i remember correctly, subs was available within several days)

    • 21.2 jomo

      Dramafever had them up subbed pretty fast, too.

  22. 22 MsScorpion

    I was just wondering today about why Park Shin-Hye is hiding from dramaland since “You’ve Fallen For Me” specially after seeing her look stunning at the Grand Bell awards……and BAMM this comes up, I’m soooooooooooo excited right now.

    And I have to say this but TvN is rocking it this year one awesome drama after the other…..
    *crosses fingers for it to be another AWESOME hit*

  23. 23 Bu Young

    I missed Yoon Si Yoon so I’m in!

  24. 24 toritorisan

    Awesome! This is such good news…! There just seems to be more and more great new dramas to look forward to. Love the casting – both are very strong in acting and the story seems to fit their personalities perfectly! Wish it would come sooner than later. Can’t wait!

  25. 25 Joy

    Hope tis can replace my Mon-Tue FAITH addiction. Perhaps a rehab for me on Mon-Tue.

  26. 26 ranisa

    This is one pairing that I always dream will happen but kinda thought that it won’t materialize coz they’re just both so pretty. What, they wanna choked the audiences with Yoon Shi Yoon’s and Park Shin Hye’s killer charms and die happy? If that’s that then I’ll die with a huge grin on my face but let me finish it first. Hee…

    Don’t go wrong with me drama. Hearstring’s nonsensical plot is enough, and I just felt wronged after watching Me Too Flower! Oh, boy, I want this to be good. Please be good! If you can’t, then please be awesome!

  27. 27 Carolyn

    I think I just fainted from excitement!!! Amazing casting! I ditto – *circles date in red ink* *decorates with flowers and hearts*

  28. 28 Shortiesss

    this is such wonderful news!!!! ive loved yoon shi yoon since watching him in baker king and me too flower and park shin hye was awesome in you’re beautiful and heartstrings. they are just too cute for words!

    i hope they have awesome chemistry b/c it would be such a waste of pretty faces if this drama isnt good!

  29. 29 pinkpia

    This will be the most pained waiting ever! January is sooooo far *sigh* Loved both of the previous flower boy installments, Shut Up more than Ramyan Shop though. But all the characters were so good love them to bits except for the leading ladies, for me, they were definitely not up there with all the boys. Still this hasn’t dampened my love for the drama series & I am super excited for this one.

    Both the leads are great & hope these two will have awesome chemistry! The premise for this has me laughing a lot & I cannot wait till January. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO IN THE MEANTIME!??????

    Loving tvN. This is my Channel. I shall not tune out everrrrr

  30. 30 Gaeina Lee

    I am overly ecstatic~~ Wait, hold on… January? January?! How many dramas that I’ve been waiting for will start in December/January…??

    Duh! Goodbye sleep. Hello sleep deprived. #_#”

  31. 31 Nilechoclat

    Also they are know each other they have pic in Peaksang 2011 with yong hwa http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/6082/19877222.jpg
    and in KFHI Korea Food for the Hungry International’ a charity work :
    http://www.shinhye.org/2011/05/park-shin-hye-appointed-ambassador-of.html 😀

  32. 32 Hanachio

    yay!!! I love the two of them!!!!

  33. 33 zoe

    Only one flower boy??? Cmon dey ve to get atleast 3!

    • 33.1 ladida

      I think Yoon Shi Yoon can make up for, like, 5, lol. (My fangirl is showing, sorry!)

      • 33.1.1 anicheung

        Agree. But it doesn’t hurt to have multiple flower boys who can also make up for more than one. Just saying. 😛

  34. 34 jubilantia


    I was wondering when another one of these would come! They’re so much fun, and like you, I was so surprised and delighted when the dramas had quality behind the pretty faces. And then sad when they had two in a row, with no word of another one.

    Count me in!

  35. 35 Natalie

    OMG!! I’m so excited! I LOVE him. This is going to be great…

  36. 36 Jambo

    And so my kdrama addiction goes on….

    I like Park Shin Hye…still bummed that Heartstrings didn’t do as well as it could’ve since it’s like giving her and Jung Yong Hwa a second chance. I liked them together better than the OTP in You’re Beautiful.

    Anyways….here’s something to look forward to in 2013…none of that apocalyptic talk now!

  37. 37 malta

    Sooooooo excited!!! Woohhooo!

    Love YSY.

    • 37.1 ladida

      Squee!!!!! Cannot. Contain. Emotions.

  38. 38 Danna

    I’ve been excited before they even announced the cast…that was lsst week…this casting is like icing on the cake….and to think I was so skeptical when they first announced this series…it was the whole idea of an entire series on flower boys…shut up changed all that….cuz they really do care abt story and these shows have so much heart….super excited…NOW 2013 look so much more awesome!!

  39. 39 PiggyBunny12

    I’m sooooo excited for this! I didn’t love Ramyun Shop…but FBBand was so amazing. I’ve been waiting for the next one ever since it ended. + Park Shin Hye!

    I’m not really interested in any of the shows out right now so I”m excited for something to watch live in January 🙂

  40. 40 gailT

    Anybody knows where we can steal sneak peeks at the webtoon, I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day? It sounds like my kind of story (sounds like my life, perhaps?). Any link to the webtoon?

  41. 41 becca_boo

    well, there go my monday and tuesday nights. I am sooo all over this drama. love the casting, too. : )

  42. 42 mskololia

    “She sneaks peeks at her neighbor across the street, and gets caught by a different guy, played by Yoon Shi-yoon. ”

    Too funny.

  43. 43 Jenny

    I would have loved it if they would have had one of the lead be a more unknown face but I like both actors though.
    So yayayayayay!!!!

  44. 44 Russe12

    I totally had to keep myself from squealing when I saw this. SUFBB and FBRS are two of my favorite dramas, although unlike most people, I like FBRS more. It’s probably because I’m a complete Jung Il-woo fangirl, rather than an actually intellectual comparison of the two, but what can I say? He’s amazing.

    So now I have to last until January…OMG, why?!

    • 44.1 SoulsEntwined

      FBRS is what made me into a Jung Il-woo fangirl. Loved FBRS and liked SUFBB.

  45. 45 SoMaeny

    Awww… but Yoon Shi Yoon is just a puppy to me. I have a feeling I’m going to have a severe case of Second Lead Syndrome~~

    • 45.1 jomo

      He was an extremely convincing leading man in M2F, even if the story fell apart.

      Very sexy voice, and one of the top kissers of 2011/2012, I tell you.

      • 45.1.1 Mystisith

        I still rage over the wtf editing for that kiss. Screen on fire! And yes, that Darth Vader’s voice. *fans self*.

        • jomo

          I hope they make him all dark and cynical to start.
          I like him like that.

          And his hair better not be flooffed out.

          • Fireatwill

            Aww it’s too bad for you then because his character is the total opposite.
            I personally don’t mind because Korean dramas rarely have the cute and always happy guy as the main lead. Usually it’s the second or third lead that’s like that. The only drama I can think of that has one was Kim Tak Gu which coincidently, Yoon Siyoon acted as haha

      • 45.1.2 ladida

        ♥ ♥ ♥

    • 45.2 Annie

      Park Shin Hye is a puppy herself, so it’s fitting.

  46. 46 jomo

    So, yes.
    My heart leapt up over my monitor, through the ceiling and landed outside on the swing where it hot straight up to the drama gods and kissed them.

    • 46.1 oh yes

      I just did the same last nite lol

  47. 47 Mary

    WTF? Enrique? LOL

  48. 48 Sabah

    Finally this got confirmed! I was really hoping that the rumours were true.

    Thank you so much for the info on the story which makes me just love it even more. The oh boy series is definitely a hit with me despite me being way out of the target audience range. My mind is already conjuring up fantastical scenarios. Will she be a Rapunzel type princess, locked up though voluntarily? (Maybe a skin condition which keeps her unable to be out in the sun.) Or will it be more in the style of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and self inflicted? Hmm, either way or another one, I am just asking to bring it on! January seems just too far away…

    Park Shin Hye has this wonderful charm that is endearing and Yoon Shi yoon was excellent in Me too flower. Their pairing really has me anticipating something grand, for no real reason except in my heart of hearts I want everything to just work out into happily ever after, for the production people, actors and audience alike. Yay!

  49. 49 oh yes

    You have no idea how much shaking and crying I have since last night. I have been crying that she need to be back already. And there have been rumors that she was in a talk with SBS… But a cable drama is something I wish she would have tried for at least once. So my wish came true ( even the rating wont be as high as the usual channels)
    But PSH +TvN= Perfection
    Add more YSY and the flower boy series will be ice in the cake. I just can’t wait.
    They will start filming this month but we wont able to see it until January 7th. 🙁
    *circles date in red ink* *decorates with flowers and hearts* and continue the happy dance 🙂

  50. 50 kdramapedia

    I was *just* wondering when Yoon Shi-Yoon was going to return to dramaland! SO excited!!!!

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