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To the Beautiful You: Episode 14
by | October 1, 2012 | 115 Comments

The spotlight shines back on Tae-joon, who comes to face to face with his Daddy issues. Sometimes shedding light on the truth is harder than staying in the dark. But once you learn how important it is to share the truth about your inner self, you gain the confidence to do the same.


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Unsurprisingly, Tae-joon has no intention to go to the hospital after he hears Dad has collapsed. He tells Jae-hee that it has nothing to do with him and to leave him alone.

Jae-hee won’t hear a word of it, knowing that he’ll regret it, “How can I leave you alone when I see it’s clearly hurting and tormenting you?”

Tae-joon hesitantly creaks open the hospital room door and Dad is already up and about, searching around. Dad is relieved to see him and explains that his blood pressure just shot up.

Without a word, Tae-joon adjusts the bed and turns on the humidifier, which reminds Dad how Tae-joon was the one by Mom’s sick bedside. Dad admits that he didn’t know how great the burden was and he starts to see why Tae-joon was so angry with him.

But Tae-joon bites back that no, Dad has no idea and mutters that he’s relieved to hear that it’s not anything serious.

Jae-hee and Tae-joon walk back to school and he silently takes Jae-hee’s hand. He says, “Can we… just walk like this for a while?” Don’t you think telling her the truth about two important things (her secret and your feelings) come before hand-holding?

He sighs that if he doesn’t hold someone’s hand like this, he feels like he might lose his way forever.

Seung-ri pays Hanna one last visit before he’s discharged, determined to make Hanna laugh. She warns him that she’s not the type to laugh easily but that won’t deter him because he came prepared. He delivers, “What’s it called when an almond dies?” Hanna: “A diamond.”

He lists off joke after as Hanna lazily matches them with each punchline until one finally stumps her. (“What’s the opposite of a compact car?”) Seung-ri breaks into a huge grin for his grand moment, “A big car.”

Hanna maintains her poker face until she wheels away with a small smile.

Jae-hee has taken to literally drawing out motivation for Tae-joon with a scribbled mark a centimeter higher than his previous record.

Seung-ri drills the track and field team and Jong-min gripes, asking whether the brutal treatment is punishment for not visiting Seung-ri in the hospital. Seung-ri: “Do I look like someone who’d hold a grudge over something like that?” Then he orders more sit ups.

Okay I get that as a girl, it’s hard to keep up with the guys in the number of sit ups, but how can a star runner get away with barely lifting her head off of the ground? Tae-joon lends a sneaky hand to help but he tugs too hard and Jae-hee flies on top of him. Omo.

They stare at each other, surprised, and then Seung-ri praises Jae-hee’s enthusiasm to the rest of the team. More sit ups.

Jae-hee puts a hand to her flushed cheeks, recalling the charged moment in practice. Adding his peculiarly nice behavior, a belated lightbulb flashes above her head, “Does Tae-joon like me?”

But that would mean Tae-joon likes guys and she shakes herself out of it, thinking it impossible.

Either Tae-joon has the world’s best selective hearing or has only paid attention to the last part of her freakout so Jae-hee puts her theory to the test. She shows him a picture in a magazine and asks what he thinks.

Tae-joon truthfully answers that he finds it pretty and would accept a date in a heartbeat. That makes Jae-hee gasp in horror, “Tae-joon… do you like guys?!” He clearly has no idea what she’s talking about since he’s staring at a photo of a woman. Then her eyes notice the fallen picture of the man on the floor.

Things are less tense but still awkward during high jumping practice and Hyun-jae fails to clear the 2.30m mark. Hyun-jae hears the same criticism that he’s jumping too early and Tae-joon suggests a tip to sing rather than count off his steps. The song? “A Frog Boy.”

One, two, and three times Tae-joon jumps and hits the bar on the same height. Coach Baek raises an eyebrow at the sudden regression. Is there something worrying him? Is he dating anyone?

Coach Baek tells him that one or two seconds can make a difference between success or failure in high jumping.

Tae-joon is puzzled as to why he’s been doing so terribly lately and dismisses the possibility that Dad’s condition may actually worry him. He’s been reviewing his jumps on Jae-hee’s phone when a text from Eun-gyul comes through.

Today’s the day of what was supposed to be Eun-gyul’s debut national soccer match and she’d agreed to watch the game with him. But then she’s like, “Should I tell him I can’t go if you have stuff to do today?”

Wait… so you’re willing to throw the friend who saved your life under a bus like that for Tae-joon who hasn’t told you anything? Why am I not surprised?

Doc watches the two from a distance and smiles warmly. But weren’t you afraid that the closer they’d get and if they eventually told each other the truth, Jae-hee would have to leave? Should I have this many questions?

Teacher Lee gazes at Doc (I don’t blame ya) when Coach Baek walks up behind her. I particularly love his scowl as Teacher Lee chatters on about how sexy Doc is with his bulging veins. Then Coach Baek flexes too and mutters, “There’s nothing different.”

At the hospital, Director Jang tells Dad to take it easy and asks if Tae-joon dropped by. Dad nods and she asks how long Dad intends to keep the truth about Mom from Tae-joon. Hmm.

Dad answers that Tae-joon is better off not knowing and asks that she doesn’t mention anything to his son.

Jae-hee asks a final time whether Tae-joon wants to go to the game and he gruffly refuses. She murmurs that it would be nice if he went. It looks like he’s had a sudden change of heart but she turns to leave, only to stop and turn around to grab her phone. He sighs. Whatever – you missed your chance, buddy.

Jae-hee and Eun-gyul watch the match on his phone while sitting in the soccer field. She apologizes about his leg again and he muses that he’s been hearing a lot of apologies lately.

Eun-gyul reminds her that she’s his best friend and he thought it was enough just to be by her side. But lately, he’s wanted more than that.

That prompts Jae-hee to say something but he cuts her off, asking why they both had to be guys. She apologizes again, this time for everything and hopes that he’s not too upset with her if she ever ends up disappointing him.

She wonders if they’ll still be friends. Eun-gyul says they can for as long as Jae-hee wants to be.

The boys still fail at clearing the bar at practice until Coach Baek finally stop them. He gives Tae-joon the day off because it’s his heart and not his body that’s getting in the way of jumping his best. As for Hyun-jae? He gets to stay and practice some more.

Coach Baek holds Jae-hee responsible – if they don’t have fun, they’re all in for “hell training.”

Apparently Jae-hee’s idea of preventing Tae-joon from exercising is sitting on his back while he does push ups. He gets in a few before he collapses on the ground. She laughs like she’s on an amusement park ride.

Coach Baek calls Teacher Lee over to impress her with his coffee making skills and bulging forearm veins. She notices them but her comments are more of the observant rather than the sexy compliment kind.

She particularly worries that one arm is much whiter than the other and pulls up his sleeve to reveal that he’s tied it off. Coach Baek resorts to drinking straight from the cup but it tips over, spilling hot coffee onto his pants.

Jae-hee connects the dots and makes the unsurprising revelation that Tae-joon’s numbers have dropped since Dad went to the hospital. Tae-joon isn’t keen on going out but Jae-hee’s determined to make sure he gets some fresh air and some fun. She has somewhere she wants to take him anyway.

They roam the town, playing games and visiting the local shops. Tae-joon tries to take pictures of Jae-hee without her looking. They stop by his old elementary school and Tae-joon marvels how she even knew where it was.

Jae-hee answers that she knows all things Tae-joon and if it were a test, she would have aced it. Sure you would, except for that bonus question asking whether he can eat eggs or not.

They spend some time in the playground and in his old classroom. Tae-joon, is it okay for you to take out a kid’s notebook and then take a picture of it?

When they exit the school, Tae-joon hears a voice call out. We see in the mirror a reflection of an old memory when Dad picked him up from school and doted on his son. Jae-hee asks after what he’s looking at and he says it’s nothing.

They take Sangchu for a walk when they return to school. Walking through his old school brought back some memories, Tae-joon admits. Jae-hee regales him with tidbits about her hometown and how nice it would be to show Tae-joon one day.

He asks if she ever regretted coming to Genie High (she doesn’t), finding it strange that he could be a source of strength to someone so far away. He wonders if she’ll leave when he’s back in peak condition again.

Tae-joon wraps her with his jacket when she comments that it’s cold. He gazes into her eyes and she stares back… and he goes in for the kiss. Whhhattttt.

Jae-hee pulls back and Tae-joon can barely stutter a response when she asks if the chocolate he ate earlier had any alcohol. They both know that he’s fully sober but Tae-joon just blubbers that that’s probably what it was. She runs off.

Tae-joon kneels down to Sangchu and confides that if Jae-hee catches on that he knows her secret then she’ll probably leave right away. See what your seed of doubt did there Doc? He muses, “But it’s getting harder to see her as a guy.”

Doc doesn’t find the situation a big deal at all (though he’s told they just brushed hands). He asks what Jae-hee would hypothetically do if Tae-joon knew that she was a girl. She says that she’d probably leave because, “It’s getting harder acting like a guy around him.” And here I thought you were doing a pretty good job of acting like a girl around him.

Doc tells her that her secret can’t stay hidden just by trying and tells her why he turned a blind eye to her in the beginning. “It was because there was some sort of desperation in you. And I was curious to see how you were going to solve it.”

He won’t intervene so the rest is up to Jae-hee. Wait, is this a heartwarming way of telling us that you’re wiping your hands clean of responsibility Doc?

She tells him Doc that there’s one more thing she needs to do.

The following morning, Jae-hee tells Tae-joon to keep his dinner time available. He wonders if she has something to say but no matter how much he presses, she doesn’t budge.

Gah, how cute is it that Hyun-jae now takes to calling Eun-gyul “Master”? He inquires about Master’s love life and asks if it’s a guy. Eun-gyul says yes. And then Hyun-jae leeaanns in and asks, “Is it me?” HA – oh how I wish it was.

Eun-gyul says that his crush is like a mirage he can’t get a hold of and he feels like he’s just walking in place. Hyun-jae wonders who it is that’s made Eun-gyul so hung up on them. When Eun-gyul gives a forlorn sigh, Hyun-jae grabs him into a headlock, telling him to stay strong.

Tae-joon returns to the room to find Jae-hee gone and wonders if the important thing Jae-hee wants to tell him over dinner is that she’s a girl. Meanwhile, Jae-hee visits Dad at the hospital for a favor.

Jae-hee returns to school with a heavy heart and Eun-gyul walks up to her and asks if something bad happened. She tells him that she did something that might make Tae-joon really angry.

Eun-gyul asks if it’s good or bad for him. When she tells him it’s for his benefit, he tells her that the important thing is that Tae-joon will pick up on her sincerity. He sends her off with a smile and then updates his status with another selca: “I’d rather see you smiling than smiling myself.”

Tae-joon is initially excited about dinner but his face is stern when he learns that he’ll be eating with his father. He gets up to leave just when Dad walks in. Jae-hee excuses herself and despite Tae-joon telling her to stay, she steps out.

They sit and Dad says that he has something important to tell him. Tae-joon doesn’t want to hear it and gets up and hears, “About your mother’s death… what you know isn’t everything.”

Next thing we know, we see Tae-joon by the Han River, holding back tears. We flashback to Dad telling us the truth: Mom knew about her illness from the start but she kept it hidden from the rest of her family. The doctors proposed a liver transplant in her late stage liver cancer even though the success rate would be too low.

She didn’t tell Tae-joon because he had the Olympics coming up. So Dad figured that it would be better if his son hated him instead if it meant that it made things easier on Tae-joon. Near tears, he finally says, “I’m sorry.”

Back in the present, tears stream down Tae-joon’s face.

Jae-hee waits back at school and thinks back to the earlier conversation with Dad at the hospital. She told him that Tae-joon needs someone to lean on and that he’s just a kid who tries his best to act strong and hide his pain. If it was her, her heart would have already been black and blue. If Dad truly cares for Tae-joon then he shouldn’t hide anything from him.

Tae-joon returns, still crying and Jae-hee pulls him into a comforting hug. They both cry.

Things are looking up at Genie High again – Eun-gyul’s back on the field and better than ever. (He still accidentally kicks a ball at Coach’s head, heh.) Tae-joon sends Dad an e-mail with a smile.

In voiceover we hear, “I went to the elementary school for the first time in a long time. Back then your shoulders seemed bigger than the athletic field. But now I know it’s not like that. So don’t try to carry the burden alone.” Dad smiles.

And finally, Tae-joon clears the high jump again.

Jae-hee asks if Tae-joon and his father made amends. He tells her not yet and adds, “How can you get over that overnight?” He keeps staring at her which makes her uncomfortable and Tae-joon says, “Grungy… this is all thanks to you. Thanks.”

Poor Eun-gyul sees the two of them laughing and lets out a deep sigh.

He lies outside on a bench and wonders why he can’t act natural like Tae-joon does. Uh, I don’t think he should be your role model on this kind of thing. He sits up and pulls himself together, “Who cares if it’s a guy or girl? We’re all human!”

Eun-gyul slaps on a smile but then flip-flops between scratching his head and revving himself up. “A guy? A human?” He hangs his head, just as confused as before.

Tae-joon finds a pot of flowers waiting for him on his desk (the same ones he admired when he and Jae-hee were at a florist). He looks at her and asks, “Can I take this to mean in whatever way I want?”

That catches Jae-hee off guard and she tries to change the subject, but Tae-joon looks at her, his eyes unwavering. You can’t blame it on alcoholic chocolate if you kiss her again – you two just ate!

He takes her by the arm and tells her not to act as if nothing happened between them. She still doesn’t get it and Tae-joon tells her, “I’m telling you that I like you right now.”

She stares back… and he leaves her hanging. DUDE. Once he’s outside, Tae-joon leans against the door and smiles.

After Jae-hee gets over the initial shock, she decides that now’s the time to tell Tae-joon that she’s a girl.

Eun-gyul has another bathroom emergency and rushes next door to Jae-hee’s room. The door’s unlocked (go figure) and Eun-gyul lets himself into the bathroom…

โ€ฆwhere Jae-hee is in the middle of changing. Epic revelation music plays in the background as Eun-gyul gapes, “Gu Jae-hee… you were a girl?!”


Now everyone who needs to know finally knows. This is surely going to throw Eun-gyul for a loop. The boy’s reality just rotated 180 – it hasn’t been that long since he came to terms with his feelings for Jae-hee as a guy but now that he knows she’s a girl, what is he supposed to do? I foresee another, “Tae-joon, you knew that she’s a girl but why didn’t you do anything about it?” conversation on the horizon.

While most of this episode was unsurprising, there were a few nuggets of saving grace. I loved the scene with Eun-gyul and Hyun-jae and I wish that these two were highlighted more often – not only as individual characters (which I love) but together as well. The best part about their budding friendship (or is it master/slave relationship now?) is Hyun-jae’s acceptance of Eun-gyul and where his feelings lie. I love that there was a tiny moment of vanity for Hyun-jae but it doesn’t take away that he supports his roomie. The bromance – I’m a sucker for it.

As for the romance? I’ll admit that the kiss was great but Tae-joon’s confession about how he feels towards Jae-hee didn’t have that punch that I wanted because that’s not the confession I’m waiting for. If we’re going for that last burst of angst, I want it to be about the fact that she’s a girl compounded by the fact that he likes her. I want Jae-hee to wrestle more with that and face some obstacles because of it. Because right now, apparently she can go up to anyone, give them her two cents and they’ll actually listen. I know – I don’t get it either.

Though the Mom’s illness revelation wasn’t that much of a twist, I still appreciated what it meant for Dad to come clean to Tae-joon about their misunderstanding and lack of communication. It’s a hurt that time and effort from both parties can heal. I’m still not okay with Jae-hee being the agent of motivation and meddling when it comes to everyone’s business but her own, but at least this time it led to repairing a relationship rather than injuring those around her.

Now that we’ve got one week left, we still have a bunch of questions left unanswered that I wonder if we’ll ever get answers for. I feel like the boats about Jae-hee’s motivation for coming to Genie High and staying here has left as well as the question about what led to Tae-joon’s injury in the first place have long left the harbor.

It’s a miracle that Jae-hee has lasted this long as a girl in a boys’ school. Maybe it’s the selective hearing thing again.


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  1. zoey0881

    yey! thanks gummi ๐Ÿ™‚ so excited to see this recap!

    • 1.1 zoey0881

      oh i forgot, i really thought that the red chrysanthemum was just a random thing… didn’t know until now that it has a very special meaning ๐Ÿ˜€ things you learn from this drama…. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 1.1.1 joybells

        wait…what does a red chrysanthemum mean? am i missin something?

        • happychu

          I think it means “I love you”. The thing is, JH’s character is so clueless that maybe she’s picked & offered these flowers without thinking about the meaning ๐Ÿ˜€

          (I really do like this drama, but, JH! JH! I’m speechless at how stupid she can be. Sorry).

          • sarang

            nah, in this case he was admiring them on their date earlier, she just saw he liked them and bought them for him, even though she didn’t know their meaning. Hell I didn’t even know their meaning so I think it’s a bit harsh to call her dumb for not knowing cuz I really didn’t know either ๐Ÿ™

          • rez007

            red mums could be a symbol of starting of a new relation but mums are also a symbol of death and are generally used for funerals or on graves. I was just wondering if those red mums reminded Tae-joon of his mother’s death….or may be not.

        • SuzenJ

          From “Dave’s Garden” http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/3026/#b

          In the language of flowers, the mum communicates a number of different sentiments. Giving your partner red mums means simply, “I love you,” while white mums say that your love is pure and enduring. But beware of receiving yellow ones! Their message is: “It’s over. Goodbye!” In European countries like Austria, Belgium, and Spain, white mums carry quite a different message, being associated with death and thus often found at funerals.

        • loola

          in some countries they mean many things but in this situation of the story it seems that TJ asks JH that can he take that in the meaning that she luff him……..or i think like that

          but who is reading still in 2016

  2. Jibbs

    it has its flaws but i really enjoy this drama….it has its moments. minho has really surpassed my expectations with his acting n the man is beyond good-looking!!!

    • 2.1 zoey0881

      i agree ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2.2 la dee dah

      I will say this, during his sad scenes, Minho can really do the wounded puppy dog look!

      • 2.2.1 rez007

        ikr! the moment i saw his face i felt like giving him a tight hug. thank god Jae-hee gave him a hug or else i would have hated her.

  3. JRoseLacroix

    There’s no question about it. Most women will fangirl over the men in this Drama. I assume there’s a lot of jealous boyfriend/husbands cursing Min-Ho and Lee Hyun-Woo right now. I can’t wait to see the two final episodes. Hopefully all loose ends will be tied up. Now for my fangirl momment…MINHO!!!

    • 3.1 wanderlusterer


  4. MhsC

    Ohh … bromance ๐Ÿ™‚ So sad that there are 2 episodes left… I wish I could have more Eun-Gyul Hyun Jae bromance ๐Ÿ™

  5. Suzi Q

    Just love the scenes with Eun Gyul, especially his facial expressions and his angst. He knows how to steal a scene!
    Hope he doesn’t have to play second lead again in his next drama.He is such a fine actor!

  6. Bahar

    Tanxxxxxx ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Izzy

    Like I did with the Japanese version, I left common sense at the door and just enjoyed the drama for what it was. Everything doesn’t have to be placed under a microscope and picked apart. Although, really… I am annoyed with Hyun Woo’s portrayal of the Nakatsu character (which I think Toma Ikuta played to perfection) but let’s not get into that.

    This drama is flawed, but it’s fun and breezy. There are a few missing components (ghost boy, crazy antics between the dorm leaders/dorms, the 3 crazy chicks from the all girls school, etc) but visually, it’s the closest thing to the original source.

    As for your question of why Jaehee is still in Genie High after seeing Taejoon jump? The Japanese version’s reasoning was, he may have been able to start jumping again, but it wasn’t the official competitions and he wants her to see when he makes the first jump at his official return to competing in high jump.

    • 7.1 la dee dah

      I look at Hyun Woo as portraying a different version of the Nakatsu character than Ikuta Toma’s. Toma’s Nakatsu was great (his acting out his inner monologues were genius), but it was not exactly like Nakatsu in the manga – the jdrama Nakatsu was much more comical and strange. Eun Gyul is not exactly like the manga Nakatsu either – Eun Gyul is more gentle. I look at it that way, so that’s why I’m happy with Eun Gyul’s portrayal of his version of Nakatsu.

    • 7.2 Caitlyn

      Yeah, I agree with La dee dah. It’s not Hyun Woo’s portrayal of the character, but how this version of Nakatsu was written. They’ve changed him quite a bit from the manga, so Hyun Woo is just playing him how the script tells him to.

      I do think they were stupid to change so much from the source manga though. Exactly the things you mentioned. With the competition between the dorms, it at least gave us something to watch each week. With TTBY, it’s like they just didn’t think they needed any other story other than the relationship between JaeHee and TaeJoon. But if they at least had something to do in each episode, we wouldn’t be so bored/sick of that relationship.

      • 7.2.1 confession

        I’m not sick or bored of them though……..


        • Caitlyn

          Lucky you, lol. I care much more about the other characters than I do about Jae Hee and TaeJoon. Those two just keep going in circles, urgh.

  8. Audrey

    I’m still not really sure how I feel about this drama. I haven’t watched it, I’m only reading the recaps at the moment (Seriously, I have no time. I’m falling behind on all my shows!). From what I’m reading, I know that I don’t really care about Jae-hee or Tae-joon at all. Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. Hyun-jae, seeing more of his character, I’m starting to like him. I’m also highly interested in the romance of Hanna and Seung-ri.

    I’m also curious, with just 2 episodes left (right?) how they’re gonna resolve the whole she’s a girl thing. Is the whole school gonna find out? Leave it at Eun-gyul? And they still have to get Jae-hee and Tae-joon on the same page regarding that. I watched the Japanese version and I can’t quite remember how long things lasted after Nakatsu found out, it might’ve only been a two episode span as well. But at the same time, I feel like it might lead to a rushed wrapping up of things, which is one of my least favorite things in a drama..I hope the ending doesn’t become that.

    • 8.1 Kwhat?!

      Spoiler alert! In the Japanese drama, I’m pretty sure she comes clean towards the end of the second-to-last episodeโ€”to the entire school. She says her farewells, and heads off to the airport. The last episode is pretty much about all the guys in the school being crazy and fun, and then she comes back for a visit at the very end.

      Honestly, I’d be okay if the last 2 episodes of TtBY were mostly just the guys in the school being crazy. But I know that’s not what will happen. ๐Ÿ™

  9. ninji

    Selective hearing! Right, that explains a lot in this drama.

    • 9.1 happychu

      Yeah, I was actually thinking while watching this scene, “wait, how many meters are there between them? He can hear everything she says, right? Ok, I forgot AGAIN not to ask anything about this show, damn”.

  10. 10 jomo

    Thanks for the very funny recap.
    espcially “And here I thought you were doing a pretty good job of acting like a girl around him.”

    This part broke my heart:
    “Without a word, Tae-joon adjusts the bed and turns on the humidifier, which reminds Dad how Tae-joon was the one by Momโ€™s sick bedside.”
    It was a beautifully done and wordless moment for Minho.
    I thinki I cried more then, at how lonely, burdened and sad little SJ was, than when he was crying by the river.

    The handholding was also nice moment.
    The kiss was great, but wasted on JH, who is officially
    the stupidest lead character ever. Her post kiss moment took the cake, the bakery, the flour factory and the wheat fields that supply them.

    But my favorite moment OF THE SERIES, was HJ’s slave to EG’s master. The Chest of Glory hoping EG has a crush on him. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

    EG’s announcement to HJ that his crush is a boy should get a Korean Glaad award. Loved how calmly as HJ reacted. It was a great moment in tolerance.

    I died when EG opened that door. Poor EG!!
    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee-yat meet fan.
    EG has a whole LOT of rethinking to do, but I am glad he saw it, rather than was told. There is no doubt about it now.

    One more week!? Where am I going to get my pretty boy fix now?

    • 10.1 Kwhat?!

      “The kiss was great, but wasted on JH, who is officially
      the stupidest lead character ever. Her post kiss moment took the cake, the bakery, the flour factory and the wheat fields that supply them.” Hilarious! She really is the most clueless, brain-dead character ever! I just wish Sulli had a better character to showcase.

      • 10.1.1 kdramapedia

        Agreed. I like all the characters except for Jae-Hee. So frustrating.

        jomo, I love you for that cake comment. best quote ever! =)

    • 10.2 momosa

      EG is my favourite character, want him to be on screen all the time.

      Truly, EG & HJ scene is the best moment, such unexpected admission met with calm & collected reaction. So cool!

      Instead of feeling relief for EG (after 14 epis of struggle), am worried now as to how he takes in JH as a girl. Now I was hoping that JH is really a boy or is it possibly I didn’t of her as a girl anymore….

    • 10.3 Jambo

      “Her post kiss moment took the cake, the bakery, the flour factory and the wheat fields that supply them. ”

      Pwahahahaha! OMG! I got tears in my eyes!!!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!

  11. 11 wanderlusterer

    Adoredddd this episode, and so sad it’s nearing its end. That moment when everything was right again and everyone was doing the things they loved gave me chills of happiess.

    Officially a Minho fan girl, I’ve been abusing the YouTube search bar with his name, haven’t had a crush this strong for a while haha. But must say I am IMPRESSED by his acting so far, he’s deff better than lots of the idols who transitioned over, he’s especially good with his eyes- there’s something so expressive about them and that crying scene was wow.

    Loving the lighter hyunjae and his acceptance of eun gyuls feelings however I want him and Tae joon to become bros as well! Taejoon telling him about the frog song was do cute.

    TaeJoons Oh?! When Jae hee asked him if he likes boys and his face when he thought Jae hee was coming back to him after deciding to go out with eun gyul only it was for the phone not him- LMAO so priceless, I could watch Minho being out in his place and jealous 5eva ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.1 Flamer4eva

      Me too. He looks so much like a boy when he smiles or cries. I’ll never get tired of him. Literally, I have to watch any vids of Minho everyday and my laptop is getting heavier with Minho-related stuff! Am I sick or what!

  12. 12 Danial Superb Cool

    All i can say is amazing Minho in every way and cool and shy girl Sulli (she had to be that way if not she has to leave immediately if she become known as a girl).A great drama but the whole Korea thots it’s not Korea original verse and for teenage eyes only huh!Never mind it will do well internationally i bet…..Minsul couple daebak!

  13. 13 Choa

    I want to see seung-ri and Hanna together please

    • 13.1 jomo

      Me, too. Although she doesn’t deserve Prince G, at ALL!

      • 13.1.1 HeadsNo2

        Agreed. Hanna is unworthy of the absolutely flawless Seung-ri. UNWORTHY, I say!

        • HeadsNo2

          Addendum: Was agreeing that she doesn’t deserve him (unlike, say, yours truly), not that they should be together.

          • jomo

            Heads, I have an idea.
            It’s not too too original, but here goes:
            I bet if you cut your hair, not that short, but like, boyish short, and transfer to Genie High, you could somehow end up as SG’s roommate.
            Don’t worry, there is no physical required. EVER.
            Just stay long enough for him to get to know your beautiful you.
            It appears, however, a successful strategy would be to dumb yourself downquite a bit. If you have a ribbon, some staples and a stick, that’d be good, too.
            PS Once inside, send us videos, for god’s sakes, please.

  14. 14 Danial Superb Cool

    All i can say is amazing Minho in every way and cool and shy girl Sulli.A great drama but the whole Korea thots it’s not Korea original verse and for teenage eyes only huh!Never mind it will do well internationally i bet…..Minsul couple daebak!

  15. 15 mercy

    thnx for the recap, loved it ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. 16 joybells

    Got a Huge Crush on MIHNO after this drama..So im trying to find shinee’ old variety show-“hello baby” online to cure my minho fix. Mysoju is not working,n epdrama n dramacrazy has their link broken.. can somebody plz help me out?

  17. 17 Kwhat?!

    “Should I have this many questions?” I think this episode was the most frustrating in that way. Since about episode 7, the show has done much better at not being completely and totally nonsensical, but this episode felt more like the earlier ones. Sure, there were great moments of cute, but most things just felt off for me.

    I, too, loved the Eun Gyul/Hyun Jae moment. I’m sad we haven’t had more awesome bromance interactions throughout the series, because those are really the best parts of the story.

  18. 18 shelhass

    seriously, this show is a mess.

    The best thing about reading recaps (besides for the fun of it) is that Gummi voices all the weird things I fell but I (sometimes) can put my finger on.

    Yeah, it’s probably the selective hearing thing. LOL

    • 18.1 Raven

      i agree. i think i’m a masochist for still watching this. but honestly, i’m gonna blame it on the bad writing and directing (partly).

      show, where are the other dorm leaders and my naked ikemen xD?

  19. 19 Jeannette

    With all of its flaws, I still loved this episode. There’s really nothing more to add, so I shall reiterate: Minho is flipping hot. What the heck is wrong with me?!

    • 19.1 happychu

      Have you also started watching youtube videos about him even if you weren’t a SHINee fan AT ALL? -_-

      • 19.1.1 Jeannette

        Yep. I mean, I liked SHINee well enough, they were cute, they were on my iPod, but I listened to them like once a year? Yeah, my day pretty much consists of promising myself only 5 minutes of SHINee/Minho YT vids and ending up watching hours of 2Min and now Onew. You know how bad it is? I FLIPPING JOINED SHINEEE DOT NET. I mean, come on!

        And I just started watching that Salamander drama he was in earlier this year. I need an intervention. Like STAT. It’s so embarrassing. I can’t talk to anyone about it IRL b/c they’ll think I’m some pedobear disciple or something.

        • happychu

          I must say, if SMEnt’s goal with this drama was to attract more people into their SHINee / idols stuff / whatever it is, they’ve just had a REALLY GOOD marketing idea. I keep reading comments about people discovering Minho (and Sulli), SHINee, SMTown… through this drama. Yey.

          On a more serious side, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this drama, and yes the writing part is poorly done, everything is sometimes such a mess in term of logic & even acting (but IT HAS IMPROVED!), but despite all (despite all!) they’ve managed to create something cute.

          And I MUST STOP watching videos about Minho.

          • Jeannette

            I agree! I get pissy with this drama sometimes, but it’s fluff. Hana Kimi isn’t serious to begin with! I really wish we had more Kwanghee. That kid is hilarious! I love watching him in variety shows!

          • shelhass

            @happychu and @Jeannette

            OMO, I thought I was the only one. The first time I heard about this show I was totally ‘what does SHINee stands for anyway?’ and ‘Minho who?’ and ‘God he needs a haircut’ (blame it on this post: http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/07/cast-list-for-heroine-in-drag-rom-com-to-the-beautiful-you/ ).

            Then it took me 3 FREAKING EPISODES (can you believe?) to actually fall in love with him. One minute I was so nonchalant and the other I was all ‘WTH he’s HOT!”. Since that day I’ve been downloading songs, watching videos, burning holes on digital pics from all the time I spend starring at them, etc, etc.

            The worst thing is: I keep coming back to the exact minute Minho says “Noona so cool” at the ๋ˆ„๋‚œ ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ์˜ˆ๋ป (Replay) MV, which, by the way, makes me feel so bloody old. They look like the kids I teach at school, but I console myself thinking I’m not he only one.

            Hee, thanks girls fo making me feel less weird.

            p.s.: Is someone else in love with Taemin singing ๋„ˆ๋ž€ ๋ง์•ผ (U)??? Yeah, he has improved so much – of course I can tell. Been listening to their whole discography non-stop.

          • Jeannette

            @Shelhass HAHAH Welcome to the club! Wait til you see Minho is “Hello baby” if you haven’t already. And all the hyung whore-isms…I can’t stop watching “SHINee’s School Ranking” on YT because Minho is like ‘if I get elected, I’ll kiss all of you.’ and Taeminnie is all “I AM SO VOTING FOR YOU HYUNG!”

            I’m so using my FB group to console myself. haha!

        • wanderlust

          I stayed up to 5am yesterday watching dream team eps and then clips of minho being a hyung whore that were like 10-15 seconds each…

          • Jeannette

            He’s such an adorable hyung whore though! I watched the one where he’s kissing (? *giggle*) Taeminnie in the dark at a concert like 50 times.

            I know the Onew MVP’s tend to be older so that’s where I lurk mostly… I was nervous but I ventured into the Minho forums earlier on shineee dot net. Seems that the oldest fan was born in 86. I backed out of that place real slow. I’m already the ajumma in Onew’s section! I’m like 100 years old in Minho’s!

        • starlight

          No age limit on real love I say!

          I’ve always like Shinee songs and the height of my like for them and Minho in particular was Hello Baby, but I don’t fan girl much anymore so it was simply a liking of their songs. But with this drama I have freaking fallen for Minho so hard it’s not even funny. I haven’t crushed like this in a while, and finding out that he’s a hyung whore was just the best thing EVER.

          so much better than all this shipping wars going on with sulli, yuri or krystal etc. I can now understand why fanfics are written, Minho is a slash fanfic writers DREAM.

          I saw him in concert last november in Australia but I wasn’t even that excited about Shinee who came TWICE last year, thats the most any kpop group has ever come and Im RIPPING my hair out that I wasn’t more into him then ๐Ÿ™

          His flaming charisma competitiveness just turns me ON. So hot when he wins, fml.

          • Jeannette

            LOL I love you. Seriously. All you damn Minho noonas really make my life! My best fiend lived in Seoul for the past year (came home a few months ago) and if I would have known I’d crush this bad I’d have made him stay and stand outside the offices and give them presents from me. Why, why oh why? Good news is my daughter wants to study in Korea someday so I’ll make her find the bunnies for me.

            I used to be a slash beta (kind of like an editor for fan fic authors) back in the LotR day…and if it didn’t make me feel so pervy, I’d probably be doing the same thing!

            (2Min & MinSul OTP!)

            Seriously…if I made a FB page would anyone join it? I’d call it something like “Noonas and Ajummas” or something better haha.

          • Caitlyn

            I was at the concert last year, and I can’t remember Minho at all, lol. I remember Onew being cute, and Key waving, and Jonghyun & Taemin not interacting with the crowd at all, but i literally have no memory of Minho. Not sure what that says about him, lol. I’ve always thought of Minho as the pointless extra. SHINee doesn’t need him at all, but SM thought they needed someone good looking. At least, in a different way to Taemin’s cuteness.

            That said, I do quite like him because he’s apparently quite shy and quiet in reality.

          • gobaek

            weird urge to hit anyone who says anything bad about minho, taejoon or this drama.

            can i join?

          • Jeannette

            Alright, I flipping did it. I made a new FB group! You can search for Dongsaengs, Noonas & Ajummas, or you can just click on my name and friend me. ๐Ÿ™‚

            WHAT HAVE I DONE

        • wanderlust

          Minho’s my oppa but I would still join ๐Ÿ˜€

          That boy needs to get another acting project, ASAP.

          • Jeannette

            All are welcome! LOL! I don’t even have an Oppa! Psy is my Oppa but no thanks! SHINHWA’s not even my Oppa! IT SUCKS!

          • Jeannette

            I should call it D.N.A: Dongsaengs, Noonas and Ajummas. lol.

  20. 20 lee

    I mentally checked out for most of this except the HJ and EG bit some of seungris bits were funny too but i really prefer the J version. any who canr wait to finish this then rewatch the j version

  21. 21 owl

    Just been along for the ride at Genie High and enjoying it for this drama. Haven’t had to think too hard at all, no drugs or alcohol to worry about (cuz alchol in chocolate candy don’t count), just friends being friends, hidden feelings becoming open feelings, and cuteness just getting cuter and cuter.

    I don’t even care anymore that is doesn’t make sense that Jae Hee is still around or that she even passed as a boy in the first place. Cuz it’s just plain high school sweentess oozing out eveywhere and I’m loving the no-brainer of it all. Watching feigned and real shock as the I-was-a-girl-all-along-!surprise! revelation comes clean in the last two episodes and bromance become romance, gomance or nomance, depending will be a good wrap up. Jereme (You’re Beautiful) and Eun Gyul are the bestest matching dolls second leads for innocent bromance ever. I love them dearly!

  22. 22 myweithisway


    That is all.

  23. 23 starlight

    But I do think people are getting too caught up on why she hasn’t been caught yet cuz she HAS been, by the characters who are suppose to catch her, like 50 percent of the people who are friends with her found out- everyone else, well they’re not supposed to find out yet and it’s written within the manga that shes obvs not supposed to be found out for a while, and well her not being able to act like a complete man, well that’s where the hi jinks of the whole concept is supposed to come from?

    I don’t think it was selective hearing, you could see from the scene that first Jaehee was musing to herself and taejoon was on the otherside reading so but you could see that jae hee started getting more worked up and making a commotion, grabbing her body and her voice gradually getting louder which is what caught Taejoon attention and so he heard the end part/.

    Anyway, contrary to Gummo, I thought the Docs smile was sweet and it made sense- he now knows that Tae Joon knows already so that’s one less worry for him and he knows they both feel the same way about eachother and are always there, supporting eachother. He’s come around from being full on prickly, like Jae Hee has won him over and I think that’s sweet.

    That highschool scene was sweetly nostalgic, best thing to do with your crush, really. and I don’t think there’s any problem with taking some pictures of some elementary drawings and stories unless Taejoons a sexual predator who gets off on kiddie paintings. and really, Taejoon is a olympic gold medal winner- the info for his school woulda been on any old webstie but the info about eggs is something that he wouldn’t say in interviews and only someone who knew him personally would know, ergo Hanna and not Jae Hee.

    The colours in this drama are so gorgeous. KYAH. The kiss. Only squabble is jae hee actually pushed him off. WHAT like NO girl. When a creature as fine as that kisses you you don’t stare wide eyed then push him off! You milk it for what it’s worth!

    Swoon, Minho’s jaw.

    • 23.1 sarang

      to add, the situp scene, they’d been doing sit ups in 30 lots and then shifting, it’s understandable that Jae Hee wouldn’t be able to keep up- shes a sprinter, and there’s not much upper body strength required for that and not to sound sexist but she’s a girl competing against the lights of buff chest Hyunjae and choco abs Taejoon. Taejoon had to help her out eventually.

      Sorry not sure if you felt it too but I felt like there was alot of needless nitpicking at insignificant things this ep..

      This ep made me feel warm on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 23.1.1 Brian

        Actually, if you look at sprinters, they tend to have a very well-developed upper body, both arms and chests. The distance runners tend to me slimmer on top. And actually, high jumpers tend not to be too massive on the upper body as well. Based on body type, Taejoon’s body is more archetypical of a high jumper than Hyun Jae.

        However, I digress as actually, sit-ups are not an upper body exercise but a core exercise, which is important for all runners.

        I expect that they purposely had her feign weakness at the situps so they could have him help her plotwise. I’m sure Sulli herself is quite fit as dancers generally have a good core and she does a lot of dancing with her little singing group.

        Anyways, just correcting you — the inconsistencies in this show don’t really bother me at all, I watch it to relax and enjoy the cute and the funny. I’m tired of all of the serious stuff in the other dramas, where people die, and careers are crushed.

  24. 24 aly

    For me the liver transplant issue played out as they probably thought Tae Joon as the closest blood relative will probably be a potential donor .(Unlike other organ, liver can come from a living donor as I think they take a portion instead of all?)

    Mum probably want to keep it as secret as Tae Joon will most likely insist on the transplant and that would probably mean he will miss out on the Olympic as he will be in recovery

    • 24.1 aly

      and ooh after that ,Dad still keep the secret as he don’t want Tae Joon to feel guilty that he didn’t have have a chance to save his mun

  25. 25 kirara

    When I saw Eun Gyul having another bathroom emergency.. I kept thinking.. Uh oh.. is he going to find out? and then when he opened the door and she turned around.. I let out a freaking, LOUD, huge *GASP* in a very quiet room.. luckily no one was around to hear me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well one more week.. wondering how they are going to wrap things up!! I agree with you that there’s A LOT OF selective hearing going around..hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for posting!

  26. 26 umalily

    This is an episode that had me yelling at the screen…”Kiss her!” and in shock in the last scene. Way to got show! and Min ho emotes!

    Yeah, very pleased …
    being what it is.

  27. 27 umalily

    “Because right now, apparently she can go up to anyone, give them her two cents and theyโ€™ll actually listen. I know โ€“ I donโ€™t get it either.’… In life, unlike dramas, people who are pure of heart are rare…so when they speak as Pollyanish or Candyish as their imput may be… you listen… because secretly you wish life was that simple, your heart and intentions were that pure..and life that uncomplicated.

  28. 28 :)

    Well I have been watching this show since episode 1 and from the way I see it I think you are quite against this show. I realised that this show was not really engineered to have a serious storyline which explains the sloppy writing but the main point of the drama was to show off the handsome cast and the cutesy teenage love.
    I guess I am one of the few minority who doesnt find Jae Hee annoying . I find her quite alright, I mean I know she’s extremely careless but if she had acted all suspicious and uptight over every little thing wouldnt that have made other people suspicious of her ? She had to learn to let go and act naturally and also it must have taken a lot of courage for her to come all the way to a foreign country and act like another gender. Would anyone of you had done the same to someone who had inspired you to get back on your feet ?
    Furthermore I do not agree that the Doctor is completely washing his hands of Jae Hee, right now this is Jae Hee’s decision and there is nothing more he can do to interfere cause this is a personal decision
    Personally I dont like comparing this version with the others as each one of them has their own distinct differences.
    But I will say that the bromance is something sweet and new , they should have more of it !
    As we come to the final week of this series lets see how it ends and try to not look at it as a serious drama but something that will bring a smile on your face

    • 28.1 confession

      TOUCHE ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 28.2 gummimochi

      Allow me to jump in here to respond although I can’t answer everyone’s concerns. You’re right that like the manga, the story wasn’t intended (and perhaps can’t support) more serious notes in storytelling and my expectations and outlook were similar to yours as well: light, fluffy, zany, and funny. I still wish we had more of those – so you may be seeing my frustration at the show trying to straddle that divide between Cute and This is Serious.

      To say that a string of episodes in angst (which we’d probably expected by this point in the series) has made me quite against the show is an overstatement since there are elements about this show I love. As for Jae-hee, I wish I could root for her (and there are plenty who do) but she’s not one of my favorite heroines. I’m glad that you do like her since there are times where she can be inspiring.

      About the Doc, it’s very possible we could have interpreted the same scene differently and a question isn’t necessarily a statement. When Hyun-jae met with that endorser, I questioned whether Hyun-jae would give in to the allure of fame as well.

      I’m still hopeful for this last week because goodness we all need something to lift our spirits. Thanks for all of your opinions everyone – two episodes left!

  29. 29 dramaku

    i like this episode…..

  30. 30 rez007

    Eun-gyul and Hyun-jae’s bromance! its so cute!
    Eun-gyul could be the best boy friend. <3 who agrees with me?

  31. 31 Flamer4eva

    I’m only watching this drama because of Minho but as the eps grow you can’t help but fall for the other characters too. Minho’s acting has definitely improved. EG and Sungri are forever cute. I really hope Sungri doesn’t end up with Hana. He deserve someone better though I have nothing against her now that she’s not annoying TJ anymore. I’m kinda impressed with Sulli’s acting at first but maybe of the writing, JH is really boring. This drama is made for visual and fun so let’s not be too serious. Let’s just enjoy watching these beautiful people.

  32. 32 Lol

    Is it me or u just hate this drama n the cast? Sure it’s not the best but I thought we shouldn’t take it seriously … It’s from a manga!!! It doesn’t have to make sense or logical…. N I thought u would be fair n smarter than that
    Guess not:(

    • 32.1 mildura

      yeah is it me or is everyone who is claiming to “put logic at the door” and just have fun nitpicking at every little thing?

      also, I get why people have to preface that they’re gna ignore the flaws to enjoy it but I must say:

      I love this drama, flaws and all. I’m not mentally checking out, I’m not ignoring all the plot holes and being shallow and fanwanked by the pretty.

      This drama honestly makes me happy and hopeful.

      I don’t see the need to nitpick at why jaehee knows about taejoons school but not his egg eating preferences though thats easy to discern- his school would be public info, his egg thing a personal tibit in which she knows both now so that would make the point moot cuz she would past with flying colors on a taejoon test. That part wasn’t important to the plot it was just a cheeky poke that she’s a taejoon fangirl through and through.

      It hits the right notes for me and I think it’s being sold short over superficial stuff.

      • 32.1.1 vitaminwater

        Agree, and that egg thing was an actual plot point in that Hanna was making a point about how she knew Tae Joon personally and better and had been by his side while Jae Hee came in from no where and started hanging around all the time and didn’t care about him on a personally level like Hanna did which prompted Jae Hee to realise Hanna was right and so she lashed out at Tae Joon. That point was actually really well done.

        So I think it was a bit unnecessary to pick on that.. some questions were valid but others were a bit hmmm..

      • 32.1.2 hi

        Thank you and well-said
        I want to enjoy the recap but the hate and poking fun just got me little and little and make me wonder that if we watch the same drama…
        Like if you want logic or a sersious drama, go watch …. Nice guy!!! This is not supposed to be sersious and flawless ( considered it’s a ramake from a freaking manga and most of lead casts are new and young)
        I agree that the writing is inconsistent and the acting arent the best but it’s a fun n young drama that should make people smile…
        And if I remember correctly none of the re-make Hana Kimi is logical … But they all have their strength and weakness ( the love story is more convincing here than others if you ask me)
        Anyway I hope you can just enjoy the drama like we all do without picking on every little thing ( aka the egg. She knows it now, doesn’t she? She has come so far away as a fan to a special person who live with him n is also his motive to jump now)

      • 32.1.3 sophia

        PREACH. AMEN. *snaps* and high-five mildura.

        normally i really look forward to dramabeans recaps …sometimes more than the actual show (looking at you FAITH). But i really think gummimochi is being unfair here and the expectations are way out of sync with what the show is supposed to be.

        why are we criticizing the show for following the plot of the manga on which it is based?

        this is classic lois lane. is it ridiculous that she can’t tell that clark kent is superman? YES. ..it’s just glasses. is it totally frustrating that we had to wait till the second movie for them to get together? YES. do you want to scream at her “lois! clark loves you..why so dim?” YES. but – that’s the show and it’s really enjoyable!

        anyway. i do appreciate that the recappers take so much time to put up the screen caps and do the commentary. REALLY. i guess i just think this one is a bit overly critical.

        • halongbay

          That room point didnโ€™t even compute with me cuz that always happens in real life, I zone out and am concentrating on something else so I donโ€™t catch the whole exchange of people talking, in real life or even when watching tv. It happens when Iโ€™m watching a kdrama too, Iโ€™m always talking to the screen but my sis doesnโ€™t hear half of it since sheโ€™s doing her own work not 1 meter away and only gets annoyed when I start getting too worked up. Out of all the unbelievable plot points that wasnโ€™t even on the radar so I agree that it was nitpicking.

          Completely true about the manga too. There are some things we were supposed to accept from the get go and itโ€™s that she stays in the dorm until the end of the series, sheโ€™s not self aware and so she doesnโ€™t realise when other ppl like her and that taejoon doesn’t tell her he knows. How is this different from every lead ever who is unaware of the 2nd leads feelings toward them? This drama even has a better excuse because she is in a boys school- there is no reason for anyone to like her so thatโ€™s why sheโ€™s been pushing back her feelings while still sorta hoping. Who hasnโ€™t been there? So the constant “WHY DOESNT HE TELL HER?” “OMG HOW CAN PPL NOT KNOW SHES A GIRL?” “SERZ HOW CAN SHE NOT KNOW HE LIKES HER” are just invalid questions. If this was not based on a manga and just a normal drama then im all for it but it is and you’re right, that IS where the fun comes from most the time. I’ve never even read the mangas so it’s easy to forget it’s not a drama on it’s own.

          I have nothing but respect for recappers but if gummi did this for every episode since it started, we’d have alot longer recaps but before this recap she’s stuck to what could and should be critiqued but in this one it seems like she’s purposefully looking for problems.

          Heck if every recapper pointed out every single small consistency in a drama, we’d all be in dramabeans for much longer.

          This drama IS being sold short for dumb stuff like that.

        • katsup

          “why are we criticizing the show for following the plot of the manga on which it is based?”

          The big problem is the show isn’t even following the plot of the manga. Characters are missing/changed/merged, relationships have been changed, and most of the inconsistencies come with the parts that the kdrama has added or changed…

          Besides, not everyone is has read the manga and knows every detail (like us/me?) and why should they be expected to change their own opinion just because of the fact it is based on a manga?

      • 32.1.4 oppan

        For me, I had a problem with the point made about the doctor.

        Where in the world did the assumption that he just wanted to wash his hands of them come from?

        TTBY might not be cohesive on all plotpoints but I’m sure there was a trajectory for this one, aka

        1. He finds out Taejoon knows.
        2. He finds out Taejoons okay with it.
        3. He finds out Taejoon likes her too and that Taejoon wants her to stay by his side.

        Thus, all the stuff he initially didn’t like and was initially worried about is now solved or answered. Jae Hee HAS helped Tae Joon, which is what she promised to do in the first place which is why he let her stay, Tae Joon is not only not angry with her being a girl, he is actively trying to keep her identity hidden so she can stay, and the doc can see they are both happy with eachother. That’s why he smiled watching them work together and that’s why he’s stopped telling off JaeHee everytime she came to him- he has come to believe in Jae Hee, the way he told off her brother for not doing at the beginning of the series.

        That warms the cockles of my cold cold heart, and that is character growth if I’ve seen any- Jae Hee’s won him over but he’s not the type to be all I ACKNOWLEDGE YOU so he said it in his usual prickly demeanor.

        Are we actively ignoring plot points and character development now?

  33. 33 Dara

    Sunk deeper, Min-ho crush. The boy is hot. Love them all, EG, HJ, SR, Hot-Doc. I shall miss them after it ends. I think the show do live up to its genre, youth and dream. Even with all the flaws, the show surprisingly made me come back for more every week. It’s the youthfulness that I beamed.

  34. 34 Muffin

    Thank you Gummi for the recap. Your recaps got me into watching the drama myself from episode 9!

    I must say when I heard that the male lead would be Minho I had extremely low expectations for him. I haven’t watched any of his previous work but I have heard all the cringe-worthy stories of his acting in them (I assume at that point in time he as an actor was under developed, lacked exposure and possibly lacked confidence to execute the job properly). I am so chuffed that Minho has surpassed my expectations. I have enjoyed how he has been able to alter his face whenever Tae Joon goes through a change of emotion in a scene (That scene when he was when excited to have dinner with Jae Hee. I could see the pure joy and anticipation in his face. When his dad walked in, his face went from being so warm to being so hard and annoyed as hell). It’s those beautiful big eyes, sigh.

    Just to echo what everybody else has been saying Hyun Woo is an absolute scene stealer. Whenever he smiles my heart just halts, oh boy! He carried every occasion Eun Gyeol went through so well. I think he made me enjoy the character so much and I normally don’t care too much for secondary characters.

    Sulli is one luck girl. To be surrounded by all that FINE-NESS these past couple of weeks, damn girl! Jae Hee has an incredible amount of self-control because if Tae Joon kissed me I would forget that I was pretending to be a boy and I’d be all over Tae Joon like a heat rash on a hot summer’s day.

    This drama has made me blush so much (I am so glad that I have a dark complexion so people in the varsity PC labs don’t notice me going red looking at my monitor! :P) and throw caution to the wind with my logic. I have enjoyed the story line, the cinematography and the cast. I am looking forward to this week’s episodes.

  35. 35 ann

    l’ve been watching TTBY since ep 1 till now, read live recap and watch without eng sub every Wed and Thurs night. Although we have Nice Guy, Arang and now 3rd Ward from TVN, l still choose TTBY to be the first to watch to. Why? Because its kinda light drama, who can make me laugh, smile and feel the cuteness in every single character. l watched Japan and Taiwan version and what l can say is each of them have pros and cons. And for Korean, they do not have to follow the previous two lines of story, they can do their own based on the manga and l think they have their 100% right to change whatever they think necessary.

    l’m sori but at first the only Min Ho l know start from Lee. l never know there is a cute, adorable, killing smile ever Choi Min Ho left in my craziness of Lee Min Ho. Now l have 2 Min Ho to crazy for.

    To talk about perfection and to fill our unsatisfaction thru out this drama, what l can say is there is a lot of space lack that suppose to be better or. l always aahhrrg, ..why like that….uuuhhh…it suppose to be like this or like that. Sulli and Minho are just nice to be paired. Sulli is super cuter with short hair and Minho looks a bit matured to compare with his ‘always long hair version’ that looks like a boy.

    l hope that the remaining 2 eps will satisfy everybody bcoz almost all recap and comments were mostly unsatisfaction. And hopefully dont follow Japanese last 2 eps that not satisfy me. Be a new ending. And yes….hopefully the last and most waiting kiss between Jae Hee and Tae Joon would be really a damn good kiss (not just touch lips from MinHo to our no feeling wall Sulli, no more, plsss). l know they’re should not overacting kiss cos they still teenager but light up the drama.

  36. 36 MelMax

    thanks for the recap, love the Minho/Shinee love, these boys can sing, dance and “aegyo” really well… great performers, talented!!

  37. 37 Jambo

    Wow, this is it… last two episodes starting tomorrow….! Since I watch Kdramas to take my mind off the endless piles of bills we have to pay in the Real World,….this show did it for me. It’s certainly entertaining.

    TTBY fighting to the end! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll miss you!

    • 37.1 owl

      It’s fake kdrama over Real World any day! Uh-huh! Cheers (*!glasses clinking!*) to the last 2 episodes this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 38 Jeannette

    Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. I am really, really sad.

  39. 39 bamskiii

    Tae Joon kissing Jae Hee? Kyaaaa!!
    Eun Gyul seeing Jae Hee’s a girl! longer, louder Kyaaaaaaa! *with both hands on my face*
    *sigh* i dunno with you guys, but i’m gonna be missin’ this show and all it’s cuteness! aww.

    • 39.1 Flamer4eva

      Yeap. I’m already preparing myself to missing Taejoon but *sigh* life must go on and Minho needs to get back to SHINee because he’s missed a lot of their activities these days. But I still hope Minho will get more acting roles after this because he’s so talented.

  40. 40 Flamer4eva

    My BIG question now is WHEN will the 9 EXO boys appear? I’m so confuse & curious! I mean they were in the group photo so their role must be more than just appearing in ep 2. It’s only 2 eps left and from the next ep clip I don’t think they will be in ep 15 either. So, WHERE ARE THEY? And Infinite’s L was also mentioned to join the casts in the beginning, so..what happened?

    • 40.1 Jeannette

      L (my Infinite bias!) is in a new drama coming up this fall so I think he decided not to do it or whatever. As far as the EXO boys…yeah, I wondered where all the pretty went to! Maybe they are just background pretties? Seems like a waste.

  41. 41 k-soup

    why do they have to get all the good stuffs for the last 2 episodes and GOSH! I am not up to ending YET! there are too much to see

  42. 42 darla

    i just can’t count how may times i reply minho and sulli’s kiss scene in this episode. LOL
    minho and sulli cute moments are the only reason i’m still hanging on to this drama
    i love kpop, but i’m never a fan of sm town artists
    this drama made me give a second chance to minho and sulli. They have such amaizing chemistry together and I haven’t been like this since dream high 1

    i feel sorry for sulli. Just because the writers didn’t write her character well, she doesn’t get all the attention that minho and other actors got. Don’t worry sulli, you and minho are my fav in this drama

    I hope the writers will make it a good ending. I don’t want to be dissapointed and still questioning lots of things like i did when i watch hanakimi japan version.

  43. 43 Sakura

    I see that most of the noonas have fallen so hard for Minho that they have somehow turn into a Shawol. ._. I’ve been a fan of SHINee even before his venture into acting and personally, I prefer his singing. He has a really beautiful sweet voice that I wish SM just makes him into a singer than a rapper. His fanservice is good ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Coming from a fan who went for their first SHINee World Concert and is now going for their SHINee World Concert2. /will shut up now/)

    Enough bout Minho. I really love Sulli’s acting. She throws herself into being Jae Hee and is actually willing to cut her hair for Jae Hee’s role. SULLI <3

    • 43.1 Jeannette

      He really does have a lovely voice. I’m not sure why they don’t use him more often. His voice is different than the other guys’ voices in SHINee. I think Onew and Minho have the most distinct voices.

      I actually only started watching this drama b/c I was curious as to how Minho would do. Kinda like seeing if Britney Spears was good in Crossroads, I guess? I’m pretty impressed with him!

      As far as Sulli goes, she’s an absolute doll. I don’t have any complaints about her whatsoever.

      You’re super lucky to see SHINee in person! I’ll probably never get the opportunity to, but I live vicariously through everyone else! LOL!

      • 43.1.1 Flamer4eva

        It’s nice that people are giving good response about Minho’s acting and singing. I’ve been a Flamer first before I become a Shawol because Minho’s the one that got me curious about SHINee. Sorry, off topic but I really envy people who got to see their concerts because I don’t think I’ll get the chance unless they come to my country. They’ll come to Singapore this December. I think I literally gonna rip my hair off that night because they will be only a few hours away from me!

      • 43.1.2 Sakura

        I don’t understand why they don’t use his voice for singing. I understand that he has the image of a rapper more but seriously, I love his singing voice a lot more. <3 Jonghyun has a distinct voice too and if there's something I love about SHINee is that Replay never gets old.

        Sulli is so adorable and I would really love it if she starts acting again. Minho is slowly improving and it would be nice if he gets more offers in dramas.

        Haha! I was squealing at my laptop like a deranged fangirl I am when I heard that SHINee was coming to Singapore for SWC last year. I didn't think they would come again for a second concert but I immediately made up my mind to go once it was confirmed. Minho's fanservice is really cute. <3

  44. 44 estel


    ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ ์นœ๊ตฌ์•ผ~~ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด ^___^

  45. 45 strongking

    awesome drama

  46. 46 panshel

    *squee* Eun Gyul found out! My only wish in this entire drama was not for Tae Joon and Jae Hee to get together, but for Eun Gyul to find out. And for him to see it with his own two eyes instead of being told by a third-party or even the source herself is cause for celebration.

    Eun Gyul and Hyun Jae’s conversation was a GREAT scene. They were so casually talking about serious issues, and Hyun Jae never made a big deal about it. What a great friend. Finally Eun Gyul has someone to confide in.

    I refuse to accept Tae Joon’s confession. That is not a confession when it comes to Jae Hee. Tae Joon, you have to go that extra step and tell her you know she’s a girl. Grr~ Thank goodness he has that kissing monster excuse to fall back on. Kudos to Minho for pulling off that crying scene convincingly.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  47. 47 sheesh

    Okay. this drama has its own way towards my heart but i personally think that the japanese version is still the best.

  48. 48 Zookie B

    What was the all girls school called?

  49. 49 hoola

    TJ’s expression during that seemed like he knew that JH was a girl but JH who kept her eyes open did’nt notice….

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