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To the Beautiful You: Episode 16 (Final)
by | October 8, 2012 | 127 Comments

We all knew that this moment of truth would come; we just didn’t know how painful it would be. In this final chapter, it’s curtains on Jae-hee’s charade and she’ll need to jump the highest hurdle yet: reality. And just when you think she’s alone in all of this, we see that there are those willing to put their own necks at risk to protect her. Sad as it may be, it’s time to close the gates to Genie High.

The series finished off its final week with 4.1% and 5.2% ratings for its last two episodes.


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Morning breaks and Jae-hee wakes a still-groggy Tae-joon out of bed. She’s even prepared breakfast (no Wheaties?) with a nice large glass of milk to wash it down with.

Just because the boys are now frenemies (in the nicer sense) doesn’t mean they let up any at practice, working harder than ever. They share tips on how to jump higher and better, a sight that makes Coach Baek smile.

It’s a small moment but Tae-joon makes a mental note of Hyun-jae’s worn-out jumping shoes.

Jae-hee employs Doc’s help to learn a thing or two about giving sports massages for Tae-joon. Then Doc asks if the binding on her wrap still gives her trouble. She informs him that she’s gotten used to the constriction – an answer that earns her a noogie.

I love how Hanna dolls up prior to Seung-ri’s arrival and then puts on her normal snobbish air in his presence. She pretends that all the little things still annoy her (though they clearly don’t), even saying that his words give her goosebumps.

Seung-ri: “Only if they were just words. But I’m being genuine.” Aw.

He didn’t have enough time to prepare a joke today but he has heard an interesting rumor that there’s a girl in his dormitory. That’s news to Hanna, whose eyes grow wide, and she asks what he’ll do about it.

Seung-ri shrugs and figures that he’ll have his dorm train shirtless to confirm whether it’s true. Is there an extra seat on that training bus?

Hanna yells that they can’t do that, using the excuse that they’ll catch a cold that way. Seung-ri interprets this as concern for his health, a thought that makes him smile.

Going for the sight gag today, he dons a wig (she waits expectantly) which gets her to burst out laughing, “You’re so ugly!”

Er, it’s not exactly the reaction he was expecting, and he stammers in response, asking if she meant it. She nods, still dying of laughter. Don’t worry Seung-ri – HeadsNo2 still finds you beautiful.

The rumors continue to swirl around campus and Tae-joon tells Jae-hee not to worry about it and mutters, “No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

Jae-hee smiles in return, telling him that she won’t and just trust him. I’m thinkin’ you should probably worry a wee bit – it is your secret we’re talkin’ about here.

The conversation turns to Eun-gyul, and Jae-hee frowns that she hasn’t seen him around, nor has she reached out to him lately. Jae-hee mumbles aloud: “I must be a bad friend.”

Tae-joon tells her that Eun-gyul will slap on a smile even if it’s still hard for him and advises her that she leave him be for now.

So you wouldn’t think anything was off when they run into him later and Eun-gyul cheerily invites Jae-hee out shopping. Not one to be left out, Tae-joon tags along.

As they peruse the store, Tae-joon shows Jae-hee a pair of shoes that he picks out. She finds it strange that he orders a pair in a size too small for him and he comments that they’re for someone else. Aww, are those for Hyun-jae?

Gah, and then Eun-gyul has to muster the strength to pretend that he’s fine being the accidental third wheel.

As they eat, Eun-gyul and Jae-hee belatedly realize that they’re both wearing the rugby shirts, a sight that spurs Tae-joon’s jealousy.

So when they return to school, Tae-joon hands Jae-hee a bag, using the ol’ I bought it ’cause it was on sale line, adding that he just so happens to have the same one. Well, whaddaya know. Jae-hee remarks that it’s like having couple backpacks and then slinks her arm in his.

This gives her a perfect opportunity to do something for him in response and she offers to give Tae-joon a massage.

She pushes him into his bed (rawr) and then proceeds to massage his leg. She has no idea that the gesture makes his heart race and he swallows hard before he tells her to stop, declaring that she can’t come within a meter of him.

Jae-hee finds this barrier rule silly – shouldn’t he think of how much effort she put into learning this? Shouldn’t you think of his raging teenage hormones?

She bends down to continue when he suddenly grabs her by the arm. Tae-joon stares at her for a tense second before backing her into the pole. He instructs her to stay put and leaves.

HA – did you sleep in Doc’s office because you were afraid your hormones would take over? When Doc asks why he’s here, Tae-joon answers that he found the office a better place to sleep. Mmhm, you keep telling yourself that.

Alone in the bathroom, Tae-joon says aloud to himself: “It’s getting more and more dangerous.”

Hyun-jae takes a moment to reassure Tae-joon that the rookie jumper is no match against him. His next statement makes me even sadder for him: “You’ll beat him and definitely make it to the Olympics.”

But then Tae-joon replies that he has no intention to make it alone. Awww. And then he gives him the shoes he bought earlier. Double awww.

Tae-joon: “Let’s go together.” Triple awww.

Jae-hee helps Tae-joon do a final run-through of his things. She picks up the red shoelaces she once gave him, to which Tae-joon answers that he still needs a bit of luck.

She promises that she won’t be late on competition day. He’s just about out the door when she stops him and swoops in for a kiss. He drops his bag.

She pulls away, remembering his meter-barrier rule and it’s a minute before he can collect himself. The sudden kiss leaves him so discombobulated that he has to backtrack for his bag and he awkwardly stammers that she’d better not be late.

Coach Baek practically grins from ear to ear when he sees Teacher Lee waiting for him in the parking lot. Handing him some of her homemade banchan she had “lying around,” she tells him that eating too much ramyun is unhealthy.

He smiles and suggests that they carpool from now on ’cause he recently moved into her neighborhood. Awww.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon is on his way to Nationals and gets an encouraging text from Hanna about how she’s on her way to rehab and wishes him luck. She asks after Jae-hee as well.


Jae-hee’s diary has gone missing (uh-oh) and worse yet, she finds that her wrap is tighter than before. Her face pallid by the end of practice, she makes it a few feet out of the gym before she collapses to the ground, unconscious.

The boys rush over, concerned, and Seung-ri instructs them to loosen Jae-hee’s shirt to help her breathe. They do so but then stop when they notice the bandages that bind her chest, murmuring that the rumored culprit is Jae-hee.

We see Eun-gyul run across campus as Seung-ri’s voice booms in his head, “You were closest to Jae-hee. I was wondering if you knew… that Jae-hee is a girl.”

Seung-ri steps outside with Eun-gyul and is boiling mad – who else knows about Jae-hee? Eun-gyul admits that Tae-joon knows as well and when Seung-ri threatens that this will mean expulsion for all of them, he answers that it doesn’t matter.

Seung-ri kicks over the trash can in anger.

Back in Doc’s office, Jae-hee has regained consciousness. Doc places a hand on her shoulder, saying that this is the end and that it isn’t her fault.

Eun-gyul walks over to her bedside and her eyes well up with tears, “What am I going to do now?”

At the same time, Tae-joon wonders why Jae-hee isn’t picking up his calls. Then he’s called over by Coach Baek to take in their playing field for the next two days.

Seung-ri lets out a tense breath and we flashback to his earlier conversation with Jae-hee as he tears into her. Did she find their school so laughable that she thought that she could just waltz in here? And when she calls him sunbae, he rips: “How am I a sunbae to you?!” Oof. That’s gotta cut deep.

All Jae-hee can do is apologize and take full responsibility for the consequences of her actions. Insisting that Eun-gyul and Tae-joon are without fault, she vows to accept the punishment that she deserves.

Aw and even in his anger, Seung-ri asks if she’s all right. Tears fall from her eyes, touched by the moment of sympathy, “I’m sorry sunbae.”

Word about Jae-hee spreads quickly through campus. Jae-hee notices the students leer in her direction, at which point Eun-gyul appears to wordlessly take her by the hand(?) to her room. She says, “I think the other students have caught on.” That’s… a bit of an understatement at this point.

Eun-gyul tells her not to worry and that they’ll figure something out. “I won’t send you away like this.”

Jae-hee confides in Sangchu that she’ll really have to leave now and Sangchu cries in response.

The dorm leaders gather in the gym and Young-man tears into Seung-ri at his request to keep Jae-hee’s secret under wraps (hur).

Although they have a pull that doesn’t exist in other schools, he argues that they have to inform the school for the sake of the rest of the student body. Who’ll take the fall if things go awry?

In an unwavering voice, Seung-ri declares: “That responsibility… I’ll take it. If things go wrong, I’ll take responsibility for everything. So keep it a secret from the school. She’s part of my dorm! By whatever means… I want to see it to the end together. Let me make this first and final request of you.”

AHHHH!!! *fangirling* Seung-ri, why are you so awesome?

It looks like the dorm leaders have agreed to his request as Seung-ri tells Jae-hee afterward not to worry – they’ll keep her secret from the school authorities.

Her voice breaking, Jae-hee tells Doc that she intends to leave Genie High and that she won’t stay to see Tae-joon’s competition: “If I stay to see it, I don’t think that I’ll be able to leave.”

She’s even booked her flight the day of Nationals and she thanks Doc for everything as tears fall from her eyes.

Doc steps over and with a hand on her hand, he provides the only comfort he can: “Even though it hurts like hell right now, it’ll get better with time. Even if a scar is left behind, there are no wounds that won’t heal.”

Jae-hee fights tears as she packs her things. She wipes them from her eyes when Tae-joon calls to tell her that he misses her.

She replies that a full day hasn’t even passed yet, and Tae-joon wonders why he must miss her so much: “Did I catch some kind of sickness?” What sickness, you ask? “The Grungy Disease.”

Tae-joon asks why her voice sounds off and Jae-hee dismisses it, saying that Seung-ri was hard on them. She shuts down his idea to come for a quick visit, reminding him about his meet.

Once they hang up, Jae-hee breaks down in tears.

Eun-gyul catches Jae-hee just after she hands in her transfer papers to the school office. He drags her outside and declares once again, “I won’t send you away like this.”

Jae-hee hugs him and replies, “Everyone was so good to me. I must have been too greedy.”

Eun-gyul holds her by the shoulders and repeats, “Do you still not get it? I won’t send you away like this. No matter who you like, no matter who you date, that doesn’t matter. I’m just asking you to stay by my side. You can’t even do that for me? That’s the only thing I’m asking for… You can’t even do that for me?”

Jae-hee apologizes and Eun-gyul leaves.

Hyun-jae and Tae-joon leave smiling from their final practice, satisfied that Olympic qualification is within reach. As soon as Hyun-jae spots Jae-hee in front of them, he excuses himself to leave the roomies to talk.

Tae-joon excitedly runs over and asks why she’s here so early. Smiling, Jae-hee tells him that she missed him and came just to see him for a minute. But that seems like such a waste to him, so they spend the afternoon riding bikes in the park.

They sit on a bench later that evening and Jae-hee reminds him that he should get back early if he wants to be in top form tomorrow. Tae-joon answers, “Seeing you keeps me in top form.” They hold hands.

As they marvel at the large fountain, Tae-joon catches Jae-hee gazing at him and jokes if she finds him handsome. She quips, “There aren’t enough words to describe it. Because you’re my miracle, Kang Tae-joon. Because every day with you is like a miracle.”

Noticing that her tone sounds off, he asks what’s wrong but she changes the subject and asks him to stay still so that she can imprint his face in her memory. Suspicious, he asks if something happened, not fully buying her reason that she’s just happy to see him.

Jae-hee rolls away with her bike, blustering about the competition. And Tae-joon catches up to her with his bike and kisses her.

He escorts her to the bus stop and reminds her to drop by before his event. Jae-hee nods and then puts out her hand: “Take care, Tae-joon.”

Tae-joon notes that it’s a little dramatic since they’ll be seeing each other tomorrow, but he takes it anyway. They shake, and Jae-hee pulls her hand out of his first. Just before she gets on the bus, she turns to embrace him.

He asks again if something’s the matter and she replies that she doesn’t want to leave him, “Be it a second, a day, or a year… they’re all the same to me.”

Jae-hee sits on Tae-joon’s bed the following morning, and as she surveys the room and lingers by the bathroom door, the numerous memories spent with Tae-joon flood her mind.

Dragging her bag behind her, she walks through campus when she hears a voice call out, “Transfer student!” A crowd of students led by Seung-ri approaches her and Seung-ri finally calls her by name: “Gu. Jae. Hee.”

He puts out a hand and tells her not to forget them because they surely won’t forget her. She notices that Eun-gyul’s missing and the others collectively say their goodbye. She bids them farewell with a smile.

She continues to walk when another voice calls out, “Dough Boy!” And Eun-gyul and Sangchu run towards her.

Fighting his emotions, Eun-gyul ekes out that he wasn’t going to see her off. Jae-hee thanks him and then hugs him. He asks if she won’t see Tae-joon before she leaves and Jae-hee shakes her head that it’s better off that way.

Eun-gyul bucks up one last burst of courage and jokes, “This isn’t me forgiving you – you got that? I’m going to go see you and get my revenge.” Jae-hee lingers for as long as she can before she walk away.

A single tear runs down Eun-gyul’s cheek. Jae-hee turns at the last second and Eun-gyul sends her off with a smile and a wave.

Coach Baek gives his athletes a last-minute pep talk and tells Tae-joon that no, he hasn’t gotten any calls. Eun-gyul calls for him the next moment and drops the bomb: “Jae-hee told me not to tell you, but I felt that you should know… Jae-hee left for the States.”

Tae-joon hands the phone back to Coach Baek and heads back to the locker room without another word. No, you wouldn’t…

Hyun-jae charges in after him, telling him that he’s crazy – it’s just minutes until the meet. Tae-joon tells him to get out of his way but Hyun-jae grabs for his bag. It falls to the floor and Jae-hee’s diary spills out of his bag. Ah, so that’s where it’s been…

Tae-joon opens the diary and flips through the detailed pages recording his progress. Then he lands on the very last page: a drawing of Tae-joon clearing the 2.31m mark at Nationals. Hyun-jae gives him one final warning that the meet is about to begin.

Jae-hee is on her way to the airport on the bus. It just so happens that the woman next to her is watching the meet on her phone and lets her watch together. Tae-joon readies himself for the 2.31m mark and we see him tying Jae-hee’s lucky red shoelaces.

He puts a hand to his chest and then starts running. He jumps… and flies over the bar. Clear.

Tae-joon gives a fist pump to the crowd and Jae-hee’s eyes brim with tears. He looks straight into the camera and addresses Jae-hee directly, “I’ll come to see you! You have to wait for me, Gu Jae-hee!” She nods from inside the bus.

(Side note: I know that this is an emotional scene but I can’t help but notice that her neighbor bears this uncomfortable expression on her face watching Jae-hee cry.)

Fade to white.

One year later. California. Jae-hee checks her email and brightens at the video message from Eun-gyul. In it, he shares about his recent soccer goal with the national team and fills us in on what has been going on.

Coach Baek and Teacher Lee plan to marry in the upcoming year, Seung-ri is Hanna’s slave boyfriend, and Doc left for Paris to study fashion. As for Tae-joon, he went on vacation to a place Eun-gyul can’t remember.

Jae-hee muses to herself that it would have been nice to hear more about Tae-joon and wonders what he’s up to nowadays. Her diary falls to the ground and as she reaches down to pick it up, a pair of boots walk up to her.

She looks up…

…and is blinded by the sun until her mysterious guest comes into view. She gasps, “Kang Tae-joon!” An adorable nod to their first meeting.

Tae-joon smiles back at her and they embrace each other.

Tae-joon: “Didn’t I say that I’d come to see you?”


Much like how we jumped straight into the story at the start, the next chapter for Jae-hee and Tae-joon is left open to interpretation with a sweet and open-ended ending.

One of the strongest qualities this drama had was in the cinematography ’cause this drama was pretty and absolutely stunning. (We also got a rockin’ OST. Thanks SM.) Not only did we get some gorgeous shots of our characters, SM kept things fun by toying around with that fancy-schmancy 360 camera. Which then saddens me that the directing and writing couldn’t keep up, where jarring cuts threw us back from one extreme to the other and the story kept stringing us along. It’s like we were waiting for the main course and got dessert instead. Not that there’s nothing particularly wrong with dessert, but you gotta get your meat and potatoes to be fully satisfied.

There were definitely times where the music choices made me constantly question whether the show wanted to go all out zany or wanted to be taken seriously. Moreover, it became apparent that the writing was enough to drive me completely batty at times (okay, most times). Logic fail in drama world compared to the real world I can work with, because we’re being transported straight into a pseudo-world that establishes its own rules. But when those internal rules are bent and it fails at its own internal logic, I’m left frustrated at the drama’s own inconsistencies. “But this doesn’t make sense in this world!” I’d often cry.

I’m still unfamiliar with much of the manga this drama is based off of but I found that I would experience this outcry whenever the drama veered off-course from the Cute and dipped into common kdrama territory which does not suit this fluffy, adorable high school drama genre well – let alone this one. My mind is still perplexed over the ‘what could’ve been’ and I still dream of it. (Seriously, my dreams are filled with happy, smiling Eun-gyul sheep.)

You are certainly entitled to argue that fun is what you found as a viewer and I can see that point. Neurons checked at the door, you’ll find enjoyment and hope in this show. From a storyteller’s standpoint, if you have to enrich a tale out of scenes that just happen, then I wonder if you have much of a story at all.

The fraying plot threads were a-plenty. Does it matter at the end of the day how Tae-joon injured himself or the full reason why Jae-hee ended up at Genie High? (Answer: Yes.) What is important to highlight is to see that at the end of Jae-hee’s run at the all boys’ school, she never faced any real consequences of her actions. Though the situation forced her hand, she made the decision to leave and the rest of the cast helped to protect her secret as long as they could and continued to do so even after it was exposed. So is flying an ocean and being a stan worth it if it means you can be with your idol?

We never really got to see much of driving character developments in our leads but I was okay with that since those nuggets of gold nested in side characters like Eun-gyul and Hyun-jae. My heart will forever bleed for them and for their learned insecurity and inferiority; those arrows point to the writing. In terms of acting, Lee Hyun-woo and Kang Ha-neul drove these characters off the page and into our hearts. But I wouldn’t dismiss Sulli or Minho either, both of whom gave us solid performances despite the characters written for them.

The life lessons we were exposed to in this drama are definitely not ones I would pass onto my children. So with all the fluffy comedy, the gooey romance, and biting one-liners, all I know is that at the end of the day, I don’t need s’more.


127 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ashley

    Ooh, yeah! I was so surprised by how sad I was for this show to end. I know this was not the most to notch quality shoe, but in the end I loved it. I really hope Minho will be in another drama, and Kim Woo-bin. Thanks again for the recaps!

    • 1.1 Ashley

      *top notch show, yeah i typed that too fast

      btw I still really do not see Sulli being able to pull off a boy, maybe thats the point, but even Park Shin Hye was more believable than her.

      • 1.1.1 LK

        Park Shin Hye looked more like a boy, that’s definitely true. Her face isn’t as pretty and feminine as Sulli in my opinion. But her acting felt more girly than Sulli. The way she talked in You’re Beautiful was a bit too cute and filled with aegyo!!

        I still think Amber would have been better in this role!!

        • oh no

          Jaehee isn’t supposed to look like a boy… Amber is def a worse casting, not to mention she can’t act…
          In the manga Jaehe is a girly girl who fail to pretend to be a boy….
          And as GMN in YB, she isn’t supposed to be a tomboy either… She can look n act girly. 1. Because she is pretty clumsy and innocent. 2. TBH, some real idols are even act and be more feminine then her
          The point is both GMN and Jaehee isn’t the the kind of tomboy like Go Eun Chan in CP. I don’t know why people don’t get it… Why would they want Amber? That’s not the point… These 2 are comedy/manga-remake, n the writers def try to make fun of it

          • Startulle

            Yesssss!!!!! In the manga even she tried hard to be like a boy her expressions all are girly, that’s why 50% of people around her suspected,she was a girl!! Lol….everyone she met along the way thought she was a girl! …it’s not Sulli’s fault , her character in the manga was naive, thick head and very dense!!!!

        • oh no

          Despite of all the flaws I have enjoy this drama. So sad that it has come to the end
          Thanks to TTBY I have known ab Hyunwoo and like Minho better.
          It’s such a pity that the writer make Jaehee so boring and has no personality after a few first ep… I believe Sulli can do a lot better if they give her better materials

        • qiu

          i remember park shin hye have said that she keep the girly side for that character,, because at the story she just a woman that pretend to be a man and she is a novitiate before..

        • Dawn

          Shin Hye’s role in YAB is different from Sulli’s in TTBY. In TTBY, Jae Hee was the one who decided that she wanted to dress as a boy so it requires Sulli to act more manly. In YAB, Shin Hye is not required to act all boyish. Her character Minyu was forced to pretend to be a guy. She never wanted to dress as a boy. Everything happened in a blink of an eye for her and she wasn’t ready for anything like that at all. That explains the girly portrayal. Plus, Minyu’s character is a nun in training that grew up in the convent. What would she know about all these guy stuff, right?

          We tend to compare dramas like TTBY and YAB just because they have similar plots (a girl dressing up as a guy and falls in love with the cold-hearted popular dude which turns out to have tragic family problems) but you’ll see that they have more differences than similarities if you’ll just be more attentive.


      • 1.1.2 BBB

        That is the point. In the manga, she’s supposed to be this badly-disguised boy who people suspected is actually a girl.

      • 1.1.3 Kim Seo

        For me, I never really had a problem. Since one of my guy cousins looks exactly like her >.> With her hair like that… It’s just… He’s a very pretty boy, let’s leave it at that.

  2. Michelle

    I was surprised Sangchu was okay being with Eungyol XD Didn’t the dog hate all guys except for Taejoon?

    I wrote a short bit here on my personal blog: https://inanewfishbowl.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/to-the-beautiful-youinsomnia-rant/

    Thanks for writing!!

    • 2.1 hAil3Y

      ooh love ur blog! 😀

  3. wanderlust

    “Jae-hee finds this barrier rule silly – shouldn’t he think of how much effort she put into learning this? Shouldn’t you think of his raging teenage hormones?”

    HAHA! well put gummomochi!

    Horny Tae Joon > Jealous Tae Joon.


    So satisfied with finale, it was everything I wanted it to be and I’ve seen people complaining about how there wasn’t a kiss at the end. Dude, they kissed twice in one episode.

    This series just pulled me in and made me so happy, while it will never be up to par as my other two favourites this year QIM and AM1997, I would say that it tickled my heart much more.

    Tae Joon and Hyun Jae were so love and as always Eun Gyul is a favourite.

    As for your side note, gummo, I think that was the point- bit of humour to undercut the touching scene because serz, that’s the face EVERYONE would make if you had a girl sobbing uncontrollably next to you. Some of the soompiers and tumblrs made fun of it by saying she’ll regret it when she finds out she was sitting next to an olympic athletes girlfriend LOL.

    People were also complaining of how they hadn’t contacted eachother for a year, but understandably they’re both busy, and he already asked her to wait which she was doing, even without keeping in touch with him- it shows they both have their own lives and that she’s not living for the sole purpose of Kang Tae Joon anymore. And after it all, they still love and care for eachother and will be there till the end.

    The last meeting mimicking the first meeting made me tear up so bad and that HUG.

    Min Ho. That boy is so perfect. Now a fully fledged SHinee fan girl after being neutral about them before.

    I see what you did there SM.
    Well played.

    • 3.1 Jeannette

      You’ve said everything on my mind.

      I’m tearing up at this final recap. I”m just not ready for it to be over. I never expected to become so attached to these characters (the only time I felt this deeply for drama characters was Shut Up Flower Boy Band)…I might be lame but I feel like I’ve lost some friends. 🙁

      And Minho, yep. If MinSul doesn’t happen I will be so upset. SOOO upset.

      • 3.1.1 shelhass

        Don’t be upset, but I think Sulli is better off.
        Don’t you underestimate the power of some SHINee fangirls, what was that bloody thing that happened to one of them? Was it Key or JungHyung? Can’t remeber right now, but even though they (MinSul) were really cute, I think that’s not going to happen.

        But I think MinHo has a HUGE puppy crush on her.
        The tent scene is forever seared in my mind.

        • Jeannette

          Oh, that was Jonghyun I think…you mean where the girls pulled him and he needed surgery or something for his knee? You know what’s awesome though? Their manager is known for smacking Shawols if they get too close, but Jonghyun tells him not to.

          Seriously, SHINee is really humble and sweet. And PS the new MV? Only saw like 2:39 of it so far but my god. My Onew looks so ADORABLE. Onew conditions EVERYWHERE! And Minho, my god.

          Dead noona, over and out.

          • shelhass

            Yeahhh, that thing. He’s such a sweet.
            By the way, maybe that’s why they tend to dress Onew like a girl?! LOL

            Are you talking about Dazzling Girl? Pleassseee, there’s a 3:39 somewhere around YT – yep, been watching and spazzing.

            I’m starting to desire that D-shaped mirror sooooo much.

          • Jeannette

            @shelhass I know there must be a full edit somewhere but I want to wait til the 10th. I’m a sadist like that. Or is it masochist? LOL

            Taemin dresses like a girl more than Onew. They are both pretty…this one ep of Salamander Guru has Taeminnie dressed as a girl. And you heard about the stage kisses he got from Kyuhyun and Changmin? Our Thai Prince is so pretty as a girl.

            SHINee is the best for fanservice. I just love my little bunnies. (Infinite is another great fanservicing group)

            I should really post stuff on my fb group. Right now it’s empty haha. It’s too embarrassing to post all alone and junk hahah!

        • joybells

          I think the incident happened when jonghyun started dating shin se kyung,the fangirls went crazy and they all horded and attacked shin se kyung’ official homepage with vicious comments,until the entire homepage had to be brought down.The actress was reported to be in tears by that incident.
          But after getting mihno fever i was watchiing their old variety show and interviews.I hadn’t noticed before,but jonghyun always used to mention shin se kyung’ name (even joking) and those shows were prior 1-2 years before they started dating.So the poor guy did have a major crush on her.Its sad they broke up realli quickly too

      • 3.1.2 wanderlust

        I watched hello baby ages ago when it came out and Minho was the one that caught my eye there but coming off my recent Minho high, I’ve JUST discovered Onew and his condition and OMG it’s adorable. I think some Shawols made a comment about the fact that Onew is everyone’s ideal type and that you start off with another bias in SHinee and eventually go over to Onew. He’s serz the most adorkable leader ever!

        But too in love with Min Ho and his smouldering eyes that I haven’t got there yet. Literally squeal when Shinee songs like Reply come on the radio and I’ve watched everything with SHinee in it now haha! My sister says I’m not really a fan LOL. But besides Yonghwa, no ones captured my heart like Minho has. It’s his eyes I SWEAR.

        As much as I love them I don’t think Minsul are gna happen due to them being in the same company and also the fact that Sulli’s just very young but now I don’t want him with anyone else. The last time was when Jonghyun dated Shin Se Kyung, huge scandal but I’m all for idols dating, just because it hurts my feels too much if they date a normal person cuz then I’ll cry over the fact it wasn’t me LOL

        But deff Minho has feelings, Did anyone see the BTS for the Kiss scene at the foundation when Sulli started laughing and he was like “WHY ARE YOU LIKING IT SO MUCH.” and she’s like no it’s just a bit embarassing and he’s like ReAAAlllyyy ~ and then she whispered something in his ear and he leaned RIGHT in to her face to listen before it cut off. KYAAAH.

        Minho I must say, I see you more of an actor than an idol now really.

        • Jeannette

          Your comment makes me squee with happiness. I watched Hello Baby for darling Minho, but fell totally in love with Onew. “Whatever he does, it’s the Onew Condition!” He’s so super pretty too. I was on a forum and someone posted a pic of a HILARIOUS OC during the Japanese version of “Lucifer” where everyone looks all hardassy and he’s got this crazy goofball grin on his face. I was watching the video and looked up and BAM! I saw it! I was ROLLING. Fabulous.

          Fun fact: My bias was originally Key b/c of his fabulous style, but Onew completely won me over. Crazy chicken maniac Onew.

          If Minho has feelings for my darling Sulli…I would be so happy! When I saw Strong Heart and he was talking about how he liked the girl who played Hanna and then hugged her, I was GRRRR. She seems sweet etc, but YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE, BUDDY. She blew him off on their blind date! It’s CHOI MIN-HO, woman!

          I haven’t seen any BTS, really. None that were interesting.

          Oh, and Yonghwa? Totally a fan, too. He is so STINKIN’ ADORABLE. I lovelovelove “Love Girl.” Such a cute video. Also, Heartstrings was so cute. (don’t get me started on that cutie pie, Kang Min-hyuk)

          I could seriously go on for days about this stuff. ENABLERS!

          • wanderlust

            Try Yong Hwa in We Got Married with Seo Hyun and you’re gna be a goner. Yonghwa is my ultimate bias cuz hes got everything, looks, awesome singing voice, humour and personality, talent and he’s SUCH an oppa. Him and Sulli Mced together and on Happy Together, some of the new girl groups told a story about how on White Day, he was like to Sulli in a really greasy voice, “Aren’t you gna give any chocolates to oppppa?!”

            Oh Jeanette, this one is a must watch for the cuteness! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNokYxfNEFA
            and this one because he is taking SUCH good care of her, it’s adorable!

            Haha in strong heart he said he thought jiwon was pretty and she was the one telling the story about the blind date and he just responded to dispell the awkwardness of that incident, and created a nice oppa- dongsaeng relationship. Cannot beat the years of him and Sulli haha!

            I’ve abused the video of Minho rapping Shinee World, and the ending of how Onew goes DIBIDIBIDIP! and then there was the biggest tumbleweed ever freaking LOL. Put him in the safest situations and he manages to find a away to hurt himself.

            But forever in love with Min Ho and his hyung whoreness . You can tell he’d be SUCH a good boyfriend, if not the jealous type due to his competitiveness but that would be the exact same as Tae Joon so I DIE.

          • shelhass

            OMO. Yonghwa, you to? That’s so NOT fair. We’re going to share idols now? HAUHAUHAUHAUH

            I watched Heartstrings jsu because of him, but I think he tries really hard sometimes, so basically, he’s better being a musician.

            Now let’s talk SHINee shall we?
            I don’t think I have a bias here (Infinite’ L is an entirely different matter), cause I’m always changing preferences between them. However, I tend to swoon pretty easily for MinHo everytime they do something new, so maybe that’s something related to him being the visuals or just the flaming charisma thing going on.

            I’ve been to the “Key is so bloody fashion” and all that “Arms. JungHyun Arms”. Now I’m all into the “Taeminie, noona loves you”, so I’ll probably reach the Onew Condition pretty quickily. Hee.

            Never saw this video. I’m quite behing on those, since I’m going further and further into the photoshoots sessions.
            Taemin + Roses = Me. DEAD.

          • Jeannette

            @shelhass LOL oh L…my GOD I love me some L. But like I said before, the maknae Sungjong is getting to be pretty close. Also, thanks to The Chaser dance POV, I now have a thing for Sungyeol. Apparently L does too (SQUEEEE). When you get to Onew Condition, my god…you’ll die. Everything he does is so cute. I just want to wrap these boys up and put them in my pocket and feed them candy and throw confetti and glitter all around. I’ve had the worst week…(two weeks actually…a couple of our patients were murdered during a home invasion and then this past week we had one die of old age and another killed himself…a 16 year old Korean boy…I can’t get over that one) and the ONLY THING keeping me from becoming a mess has been our precious idols.

            @wanderlust, oh my god…you are all trying to kill a noona, huh? Onew, that pretty dork. His new pics for Dazzling Girl has me shimmering with happiness. Everyone at work thinks I’m nuts, but whatever! I had one doc wondering what the heck was on my desktop background (Boys Before Flowers at that time) and now everyone comes by to see what I’ll have next (today Iljimae was replaced by Hello Baby because I needed some Yoogeunnie sweetness).

            that’s it, friends. I am determined to put some stuff up on my FB group. I’m all ONEW CONDITION in there but whatever! We’re both Type O! MEANT TO BE hahah /delusional

        • Nana

          KYAAAAA. Got links to the BTS video? Anyway, I do think Minsul is possible if they went for WGM. HAHAHAHA. Somehow, WGM couple act lovey doves and they don’t get slammed by fan girls or fan boys. It’s like a LEGAL idol marriage where everyone accepts. Hope they go for WGM!

    • 3.2 Vincy

      OMG you completely took all the words out of my mouth!

      SHINee has also gained another fangirl due to this drama. Good job, SM.

  4. ck1Oz

    Sigh I did love ep 16. I would love it better if I could see my leads all fresh and dewy eyed instead of haggard.
    And yes, I am better with the ending than the Hana Kimi one where it was a just a newspaper article.

    Off to read. Thank you for the recap.

  5. Kwhat?!

    I never understood why I kept coming back to this show. It drove me crazy, and I skipped chunks of every episode, and even some episodes entirely. But, Gummimochi, your recaps were always worth it. So thank you for venting your frustrations—which usually mirrored my own—and enjoying the cute parts that were the teeny gems of this drama.

    I really loved Eun Gyul. He was by far the best character in this drama. I wish they had brought Da Hae back into the picture, because she really was perfect for him, and I would have loved to see him realize that. Oh well, at least he got to score some goals on the national team.

  6. myweithisway

    There was logic in this show? Where?

    Thanks for recapping!

    • 6.1 Kan Min Seul

      I guess the moment Tae-joon suddenly felt this urge to open up to Jae-hee because he was such an inspiration to her, you know, after watching that video presentation Jae-hee made? Because it’s the greatest flattery of all, getting to know that you inspired someone to be strong and excel.

      Except, disguising yourself and entering an all-boys dormitory is certainly out of the norm.

  7. Q

    Oh boy.

    I remember finishing the final episode of the Jap version and bawling my little eyes out for the last 10 minutes, because even though it was fluff, it was full-hearted, romantic, invested fluff.

    TTBY is gorgeous. Everything is so bright and glossy it looks edible. But it’s like one of those really nicely wrapped chocolates which cost way more than than they’re worth and end up tasting like flour.

    In the end, I just don’t care about any of the characters. I know they end up happy, because they have to, but I don’t particularly care about how they get there. In fact, I don’t think we were ever shown Tae-joon’s transformation; we just got old crabby Tae-joon and all of a sudden bubbly hormonal Taejoon. Like, BAM, you’re in love and somehow a completely different person. Although I suppose that’s how it really happens for teenagers. [I did enjoy the daddy conflict but his dad never shows up again after the dinner …]

    I pretty much only finished this for the visuals and the occasional “aw” moment. Looking back, it was kind of like watching a collection of cute animal clips on Youtube: briefly entertaining but ultimately a huge waste of time.

    • 7.1 Caitlyn

      Q, i basically agree with everything you just said. This line summed up me perfectly – “I pretty much only finished this for the visuals and the occasional “aw” moment.”

      In almost unrelated but still related news, has no one seen the second Japanese remake? Everyone has mentioned the 2007 version, but they did another remake in 2011, which, while not being as good as the 2007 version, was still decent. And it’s actually that Sano that I prefer over all of the rest. He was a good mix of cold douche and caring friend. I haven’t read the manga so i have no idea which reincarnation is the best in that regard, but 2011 Sano is my favourite in terms of personality and actions.

  8. joybells

    This drama could be so much more,im so disappointed. 🙁 the only thing that kept me going for da full 16 episodes was a certain someone named MIHNO (his smile!!!).
    I’ve said this before,but i wish they had givin a bit more backstory to tae joon’ injury and more solid reason for her comin all the way to genie high.
    And about those random girls in street gossiping about a female student in genie high! what was that scene about!!! i mean how did they even guess.Because prior to the scene NONE of the people who knew jae hee'(about 4 people) secret spilled it out.it was just a hurridly contrived plot point to get her to leave school.
    But no complaints about the OST n cinematography 🙂 .it was beautiful to watch 🙂 <3 minho <3 (*in total fangirl mode*) . lucky sulli so many kisses in this drama 🙂

    • 8.1 FlexibleSamurai

      I absolutely agree! Where did the gossip about a girl at Genie High come from?

      I don’t even know why they mentioned the gossip in the first place – the scene where she fainted and the boys unbuttoned her shirt brought the needed dramatic context. The gossip was not only unnecessary, there was no reason behind it.

      • 8.1.1 joybells

        Yah,now that you mention,the scene where she fainted was enough for the big reveal.Then after that the gossip could spread round the school causing her to leave. :/

    • 8.2 Bebe

      How Goo Jae-hee/Jay Dawson girl identity rumor started circling in Genie High School all of a sudden ?

      Recall the time when John Kim (real name Kim Woo-bin currently in SBS Heirs 2013 October 09 as Choi Young-do) (Goo Jae-hee’s photographer oppa) appeared in Episode 10, he “stupidly” told his lady assistant/staff in his photo studio office that Goo Jae-hee indeed is a girl! That lady/staff saw her boss was staring longingly/lovingly at Jae-hee photo in his computer. She commented that this boy who came afternoon to their office looked like a girl. John Kim confirmed to her that the boy is indeed a girl.

      Then you’ll notice that this lady/staff kept staring at the computer in disbelief. She saw Goo Jae-hee school uniform, how can a girl enter an all-boys reputable expensive Genie High? No way! She is the only person who has zero relationship with Jae-hee, thus she has no responsibility in keeping the secret for Jae-hee.

      Yes, since this lady work from outside Genie High, if the rumor was to travel back to Genie High it take from Episode 10 all the way to Episode 15 for it to spread slowly but steadily.

      John Kim, a successful professional working adult, man of his intelligence, maturity, status and reputation, know very well that he should not breathe Jae-hee’s well-kept (dangerous) secret to another person. I really do not know why he’d so casually told this forbidden secret to an unrelated person/stranger. He should bring this secret to his grave.

      Does he not know that once this secret is exposed, this could land Jae-hee in serious consequences, being a girl in an all-boys school??? John Kim could tarnish Jae-hee’s future high school/university admission record.

      The only safe/consolation is Jae-hee is a transfer student from US, so her way of escape once her secret is exploded; is she just pack her bag and leave anytime back to US (in fact she has been packing and unpacking for 3 times before she actually leaves in Episode 16). Moreover, she is not admitting into any Korea university in future so her concern is not so high.

      Thus far, only Daniel Dawson oppa, Kang Tae-joona, Cha Eun-gyeoli, Dr Jang Min-woo and Han-Na-rang (real name Kim Ji-won, currently in 2013 October SBS Heirs as Rachel Yoo, again as the irritating second female lead) 5 persons knew this secret, but they kept this secret pretty well. Jae-hee kept this secret so inconveniently and painfully from Day 1 in Genie High.

      But John Kim came and ruined it, unknowingly to him. John Kim claimed he loves Jae-hee very deeply (being the first male boyfriend that Jae-hee loved and kissed), but he blurted the secret so openly to a stranger.

      IMHO, John Kim should loves Jae-hee like Tae-jooni does, silently and strongly, doing a lot of things for Jae-hee but kept to himself when time is not right to tell. Tae-jooni saved Jae-hee from so many dangerous issues.

      Ya, John Kim is also from US, hence should anything go wrong in Korea, his way of escape, pack and fly back to US straight away. So he doesn’t concern for people who live in Korea, who have to bear the consequences if the secret is let out.

      Even the kids, 17-year olds teenagers namely Tae-joona and Eun-gyeoli and the youngest amongst them all i.e. Han-na-rang know when to shut up on this sacred secret. Han-na-rang of course, is protecting her beloved Tae-joona in this matter. Why an adult like John Kim is so careless?

      Dorm 2 Leader cum Track and Field Captain, Ha Seung-ri sunbae said if the secret is ever known to the school principal/board of directors/management, students involved knowing/keeping the secret, will be expelled from the school.

      Any students got expelled, know very well that it is difficult to gain admission into other school, don’t mention top elite high schools, even low ranking high schools may not accept an expelled student !!! Their reputation is gone.

      It is hard to gain trust from unknown strangers unless you prove yourself in a hard way. It is that serious repercussions.

      Hence, the 3 Dorm Leaders choose to keep the secret when it is exposed, otherwise, all of them will be punished. Their hard-work at school will be gone to waste.
      Topic aside-

      (1) Min Hyeon-jae

      Another student, the high jumper rival of Kang Tae-joon, i.e. Min Hyeon-jae (real name Kang Ha-neul is also in SBS 2013 Heirs as Lee Hyo-shin, son of Attorney General). SBS Heirs is like mini reunion of “To The Beautiful You” all over again minus the 3 main leads – Tae-jooni, Jae-hee, Eun-gyeoli.

      (2) TTBY Open-Ended Ending with just hugs.

      IMHO, Kang Tae-joon took one year to complete his unfinished business (he signed contract with an entertainment company, plus he just won the competition at Nationals) in Korea before moving to join Goo Jae-hee in US. As all of us know, Tae-jooni misses Jae-hee too much to be separated from her.

      “Big Thank You” to Gummimochi for the beautiful and detailed recap. I smile widely all the way from Episode 1 to Episode 16. Thank you for making our days lovely, Gummimochi.

      Gummimochi put it beautifully. Tae-jooni said in Episode 15 to Jae-hee: “There are still tons of things he wants to do together.” So, “You’re going to have to be by my side for a long time.” They hold hands and vow that from now on, they’ll do everything together.

      I’d like to believe that Tae-jooni will join Jae-hee, to study together in US – all the way to Ivy League together, high possibility, both are able to make it to the world ranking Harvard University, given that both of them excel academically and athletically high performers.

      Since Jae-hee made the first sacrifice to find Tae-jooni, crossed many oceans from US to Korea. To bring back a lifeless Tae-jooni to an energetic Tae-jooni whose raging hormones and heart race only for Jae-hee.

      This time it’d be Tae-jooni’s turn who make it a point to cross that ocean to go find Jae-hee in US.

      That way, Tae-jooni is also closer to Coach Holten in Canada.

      • 8.2.1 Bebe

        Pardon me. Typed too fast.

        Correction 1.
        It’s 6 persons who knew about Goo Jae-hee “girl secret.”
        6th person is Jae-hee’s American long wavy blond hair girl-friend who told Jae-hee in Episode 1,
        “You don’t have to do this!”
        But Jae-hee replied “I gotta do this.”

        Correction 2.
        Kang Tae-jooni signed contract with the perfectionist Manager, i.e. Director Jang Sil-jang Sports Management Agency.

  9. Perevell

    I wouldn’t say I was fully onboard with this show, I stuck to it mainly due to the cinematography and gorgeous actors. and Sulli. I adore her. Not Goo Jae Hee though. I kept raging time and time again in front of my computer screen that the scriptwriters need a little shake(or a huge one) to get the characters right. ALL the characters had so much potential in them, but it stop short just there, never really showing anything.

    Like, where is HyunJae?! what happened to him my gosh, one sentence and a clip of him in the year after would have made me happy already. Jae Hee’s character became rather flat for me later on, and Doc DESERVES MORE SCREEN TIME. lol sorreh, biased raging and all, didn’t think he should’ve just dissappeared just to study fashion in Paris.

    Eun Gyul was probably the most prominent character in this whole series. The whole inner conflict with him liking Jae Hee just hits me right through the heart. Props to Lee Hyun Woo! But again at the ending, I’d say they didn’t tie his story up very well, he deserved a more satisfactory ending. We all do!

    And Seung Ri. Well. I love him more now. Sigh, it just had to end so fast…

  10. 10 NissinRamen

    I know it’s pointless to compare the other remakes of this drama but I still loved the Japanese version, mainly because of Ikuta Toma’s portrayal of Nakatsu/Cha Eun Gyol. But I also enjoyed this version, like having a complete collection of the live action of the beloved manga.

    Kang Tae Joon was adorable, his abs…. (drool) and although Jae Hee made me hurl something at the screen alot of times (e.g. riding that danged bike knowing it was tampered), I liked her, even when I just knew her as a maknae in f(x).

    The ending was as the same as in the manga and I loved that part. Hoping they would have extra chapters where they will show the future of the extras. Tehee.

    Thanks for all the recaps! I really enjoyed your writing and always looked forward reading them. <3

    • 10.1 oh no

      Krystal is the maknae, though u can consider Sulli is the visual one( cuter)

  11. 11 Bahar


  12. 12 cattleyae

    If, if, IF Minho weren’t that good-looking (or yummy-looking, rawr) I would have ended watching this drama halfway. Thanks to the cinematography, the settings, the soundtracks, and the eye candies, I can gather some will to continue watching, no matter how bad the story goes.

    This episode did not fail to make me tear up, though. Sulli is a good actress, and the crying scenes are so convincing. The phone call scene while she was crying was especially so heartbreaking for me. I feel so bad for Eungyul, I just think that things are left unfinished for him.

    I think Hyunjae is informed everything by Eungyul about school matters during the competition, ha.

    • 12.1 Kan Min Seul

      I think so too. Or maybe someone else informed him. Either way he’s still a student of Genie High; he can’t have missed out something daebak.

  13. 13 blue

    thank you for the final recap gummi!!! (first of all..sorry for my bad english)

    So. what a sweet ending. Youth is so wonderful. And Hana Kimi has now also a Korean version.

    I know the other versions and the manga. My favorite so far is the version with Shun Oguri. Here is my comparison:

    The Japanese hana kimi (JHK) has the slogan “Coolness comes first, but cutness does not hurt. (I mean Shun is the arrogant cool crow ah I mean athlet in person) And it is a highschooldrama with a love story. In TTBY comes cuteness first, but coolness does not hurt. And it is a love story set in high school environment. Ok. I admit, a comparison is difficult. But I’ll try anyway.

    I liked the fact, that in TTBY takes place at a sports school. To see well trained bodies of young people on the sports field, in the locker room and in the shower – you can’t imagine how happy I was. Oh sorry. Of course YOU KNOW exactly how happy I was.

    In TTBY the main focus was the lovestory. That was nice, and heartwarming and super sweet. But I think, the sidestories were underdeveloped. Every supporting actor got his little story. But it was too little. I wanted to see more. More of Hanna and her new life without competitive sports or her new love. Or what`s with the dormleaders or the fashioncrazy doc or…you let us taste the Nutella (kind of chococream), but do not give us the full glass. or with gummi’s words “It’s like we were waiting for the main course and got dessert instead”.
    I think the writers have given away a lot of potential.

    So, now the details:

    Sano vs.Tae-joon: with his cool arrogance and wiry body is Shun the perfect highjump-genius who fights against his inner demons, to get back to the top. Min Ho is sweet and crunchy but not an athlet …sorry. Point for JHK

    Ashiya vs. Jae Hee: Both girls are pretty and sweet and cute and not boyish at all. Can`t decide.

    Nakatsu vs. Eun Kyul: Sigh..those boys are to good for this world. They fight for his love. They has ro deal with the fact, that they may homosexual. But they fight. And the idols wins. Poor second lead. Both actors did a very good job. Maybe Nakatsu was a bit funnier and Eun Kyul a bit cuter (especially with his new haircut). BUT: Can`t decide who’s better.

    dog vs. dog: the fluffy, white cut dog from TTBY is my favorit.

    dorm vs. dorm: The dorms in TTBY were really stylish. Maybe expensive in real life ..anyways .. points for TTBY

    maincouple vs. maincouple: Tae-joon and Jae Hee are defenitly the cutest hana-kimi-couple. Have to smile when I think about. Sorry Shun.

    The doctors: Why did the catwalk doc so little screen time??? It is really a pity. I wanted to see him mooore.
    The Japanese version shows us the doctor more often. And this gaydoc is soo crazy. What a fun. Even if you don’t like JHK. Try to see the scenes with this doc. It is worth. Really. Points for JHK.

    Rivals: Makoto vs. Hyun-jae: Points for TTBY because Hyun-jae is not only a rival, he is a teammate too (in the end). And we can see a little the life and sacrifices of a performance athlete. Sometimes I liked Kang Ha Neul play better than Min ho’s.

    And last but not least – the dormleaders. Like I already said: too little time for our dorm-heros in TTBY. On the other hand: the dormleaders in JHK where sometimes a bit too crazy for my taste. Points for TTBY.

    Summary: Both dramas are entertaining and nice to look at. The Japanese version with Shun is my favorit with tight edge. Why?? No. Not because of Shun.
    In JHK we saw more of the chaos, troubles and friendship at a boys’ boarding school after a girl-disguising-a-boy joins. Ok, sometimes the JHK is a bit strange, but hey..
    In my opion is Hana Kimi a story about youth with all the ups and downs. Yes. The sweet first love is an important part of youth. But also school and friendships and decisions about the future are part of it. So JHK shows a bit better how funny and difficult and (bitter)sweet youth can be.
    So Shun is the coolest highjumper, Tae-joon /Jae Hee the sweetest couple and Nakatsu / Eun Kyul is the best but unluckest friend.
    With this , I’ll wait for the next Hana Kimi remake.

    • 13.1 blue

      SOOORY. So many misspellings. It is not a ‘cut dog’ but a cute dog …and so on… ahhh sorry….(head bang on table)

    • 13.2 fodfran

      sorry, I just have to point out that Minho, despite his baby face, is probably 100x more athletic than oguri shun. He was an ace on Dream Team who made it to the hall of fame, and he probably holds the record for most gold medals in the idol olympics. Not to mention he’s the son of a former national soccer player.

      • 13.2.1 Jambo

        yep….he was doing some kind of high jump in a You Tube video, where he had to do a superhigh kind of leap frog trick, and they kept raising the height. One false move and it’ll be the end of his future (generation, that is). The boy is athletic!

    • 13.3 ajj

      But Minho is the athlete in real life even his dad is a famous football coach,I couldnt say about Oguri Shun but I highly doubt it.
      And for the Dorm leader in the Japanese version Mizushima Hiro kind of rocked that role.
      With all the 3 versions of Hana Kimi everyone who took on Nakatsu’s role ended up shining the most, Toma went on to bag the Best Supporting actor that year and Jiro made me a fan of Fei Lun Hai and Lee Hyun Woo delivered as I expected he would. But sadly for me,the Korean remake is the worst for me storywise.

      • 13.3.1 Azimiza1210

        Me too. I also thought that the korean remake is poor. The only good thing about it is Hyunwoo’s great acting (and hair ^_^). Plus, It was rather too mushy that at some points I think taejoon is obviously treating JH as a girl. In the taiwan and japanese version, we can see that Chun and Sano act cold to cover up their feelings towards [email protected]

        I’ll will watch it again, only for Hyunwoo.

  14. 14 Melmax

    Thanks for the recap, I enjoyed this cute–teen drama with the eye candy-ies. Min Ho-Tae Joon, Eun Gyul will definitely be back… Sung Ri I’ve seen in many dramas and he’s great here just like his other dramas..

    It’s hard not to compare the different versions, I wish there were more scenes with the other dorm members like in Hana Kimi-j… But the Korean version focused more on the main leads… Ikuta Toma was my main guy in the J-version, just as Eun Gyul was here, their confusion as to their sexuality basically was a huge part in the story… It was quite painful to see their love for our girl/boy, but in the end each was more the lead to me than Tae Joon and Jae Hee… Though Min Ho is truly the eye candy here…

    Again thanks for the recap…

  15. 15 Ash

    Finally the drama has come to an end. I would like to take this chanceto thank you for recapping this drama. *claps*

    Though I would not state that it is the best version of the manga; I’d agree that it has the best group of good-looking actors of three versions (jap, taiwan, kor).

    Despite that the individual charactors didn’t really stand out for me. For example in comparison to the dorm leader in taiwan version this version is a bit weaker except when taking responsibility. And the 2nd male lead in this version, Eungyol, was cute but he could have been given more story so that he too could stand out like in the jap/taiwan version where it was a funny/jovial charactor.

    ( I am not comparing or complaing, these are just some of my obervations.)

    Regardles this journey of To The Beautiful You was a fun one. Hope SM will under tke such projects.

    lastly The only thing I was angry withwas that the left Eungyol single till the end. They should have given him a girl friend, atleast in the video msg.

    He is soo cute. Why did they pair him with someone?

  16. 16 ninji

    Gummi, your comment “I don’t need s’more” made my day. A perfect way to say goodbye to this drama. Thanks for your wonderful recaps!

    • 16.1 iammt2

      Totally agree!

  17. 17 adeline

    Random observation- but did anybody else notice how a few snips to the hair did wonders for Jaehee’s androgynous look? ^^ the wonders of a good hairdresser.

    I can’t say that TTBY was the most well-spent 16 hours of my life (especially during my exams period T.T) but the moments of true sweetness and sincerity were infinitely memorable and replay-worthy.

    Speaking as someone who only watched the taiwanese version of hana kimi, I definitely enjoyed this version more (could also he due to bad memory) The calibre of the acting here was a lot better! 🙂

    THANK YOU for the hilarious, perceptive recaps! they tided me through when I couldn’t watch the actual show itself 🙂

  18. 18 toystar

    Thanks for the recap. Really cute drama and the guys excelled (Tae Joon, Hyun Jae & Seung Ri) but Jae Hee was a little flat. Poor cute and charming Eun Gyul where was his happy ending?

  19. 19 pigtookie

    what’s after this drama? 😀
    my takeaway:
    – the colors and scenery are very beautiful, and good for graphics.
    – it is funny and fluffy, as long as i throw out the manga background out the window and see this as an adaptation (much like 2007 japanese). i don’t have the heart for comparisons since I found all the live action versions adaptations of different types.
    – i light up whenever i see eun gyul onscreen.
    – looking out for kang ha neul and lee hyun woo’s next projects, though also kim ji won and sulli (my gripe is I wish they could’ve done more to our standard kdrama characters.)

  20. 20 Grace Wee

    Thanks for the recaps!
    I was happy to see you address the issue about the lacking injury connection between the Jae Hee and Tae Joon characters. Without that element it’s hard to see Jae Hee as being any different from a crazed fangirl, thinking they know best for the object of their obsession. I enjoyed the drama, but would have been less bothered if they’d carried over that plot line from Hana Kimi.

  21. 21 John


    Thanks for the recap.

    Dough Boy? Eun-gyul called her “Squishy” as per the subs on Viki. I like Squishy .

    • 21.1 gummimochi

      Doughy = Squishy = Softie = all the same.

  22. 22 Suzi Q

    Definitely agree the cinematography was beautiful, but sometimes plot was awkward.

    Discovered I liked Kang Ha Neul and Lee Hyun Woo’s acting in this drama. Even though Hyun Woo is the second lead, he’s the Scene Stealer. Hope they will be cast in some new projects soon.

    Seen Min Ho in SHinee’s MV, but he’s not the standout main singer. He is more in the background and couldn’t figure why he’s the lead actor.So I was pleasantly surprised that he did a solid job in his acting debut. Sulli was good too, but just wearing boys clothes doesn’t make you believable.Just couldn’t buy her portrayal as Jae Hee. She needs to find the right role.

    It was pleasant but no comparison to the original. I wish they would lay it to rest and stop making different versions of the same dramas…. Still liked the original Japanese version the best!

  23. 23 shelhass

    So. That’s the end?

    *let it sink*
    *not sinking*

    That’s pretty much my overall reaction.

    Anyway, thanks Gummi.
    Hope to laugh with your recaps soon. Am I being too Jae-hee-ish in asking what’s your next pick?

    • 23.1 gummimochi

      Jae-hee would only ask where Tae-joon went and then, yunno, cross a few oceans to get to him.

      Not sure just yet but keep an eye out! 🙂 Thanks!

  24. 24 vannie

    i liked the japanese version and this one too! sulli did good and she cut her hair for the role! i wish for someone would do the same given she’s supposed to be a boy in another drama remake with similar premise in our local tv.

  25. 25 FlexibleSamurai

    The scene of the goodbye with the guys from school would be so much more heart-grabbing if Jae Hee actually knew or talked with any of the guys (apart from Seung Ri).

    It looked so unnatural for them to be sad and that all of them came to say goodbye. In the Japanese version the girl made friends with the whole class and she talked to every one and in the end when they came to say goodbye I really felt they care for her and they’re sad she’s leaving, every one of them.

    And here they threw in a bunch of guys I haven’t even seen before (where is Kwang Hee? He was Jae Hee’s antagonist but he would make more sense being here than all those nameless guys) and we were supposed to believe they cared for Jae Hee.

    This drama could be so awesome if the writers used the premise they were given and showed us more school antics, more dorm leaders, more guys from different dorms.

    • 25.1 Laica

      I totally agree with you. The writers really dropped the ball on the friendship aspect of the drama, which is surprising considering it was all there in the manga. But Korean remakes always tend to overdo the romance at the expense of other things.

    • 25.2 Startulle

      True! In the manga JH/ashyia made lots of friends and was so touching when they said farewells to each other, I really missed this part… And I didn’t like a bit Why we had to have Hana ‘s character!

  26. 26 Laica

    Congratulations on finishing another recapping project, gummi! And props to you for your incredible patience with this show. It could have been so good, if only the writing had made sense.

    I especially loved your final comments:

    The life lessons we were exposed to in this drama are definitely not ones I would pass onto my children. So with all the fluffy comedy, the gooey romance, and biting one-liners, all I know is that at the end of the day, I don’t need s’more.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I was willing to put up with a lot in this drama for the sake of my nostalgic love of the source material and my weakness for the cross-dressing girl trope, but the last two episodes – and especially 16 – just about drove me bonkers.

    Did she face any consequences for her, let’s be honest here, extremely idiotic decision to come to GH? No. Not on a personal or and academic level. Her friends forgave her almost immediately and covered for her. The only adults who found out inexplicably decided to do nothing.

    Did she learn any lessons from her time at GH? Again, no. Unless it’s the lesson that stalking a celebrity and moving into his house under false pretenses will result in not only no punishment, but true lurrrrve with the idol of your dreams! *headdesk*

    In the end, the cuteness wasn’t enough to overcome the glaring flaws in the writing. I did love the soundtrack, and the blinding prettiness was a treat to watch. And I’ll be keeping my eye out for both Lee Hyun-woo and Kang Ha-neul in future projects. I was pretty impressed by Minho’s acting in some scenes, too. Sulli I’m kind of allergic to now, but I think that’s mostly the fault of Jae-hee, so maybe it’ll pass in time. Just like the memories of this disappointing drama.

    Thanks for all your hard work, gummi! Watching this show with you made it way more fun than it would have been otherwise. <33

  27. 27 Jambo

    Thank you for the recap!

    My perfect TTBY would have the romance focus they had in this version, plus the giving the school camaraderie a chance to develop. Maybe it’s asking too much for 16 episodes.

    Still, the Korean version came out to be my fave.

    Hmm…one thing that I just can’t dismiss…maybe it’s a cultural difference thing…as in people are just too impatient here in America…but not keeping in touch for a year, that’s grounds for breaking up around here.

    The OTPs did that in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, too. No communication for 2 years. Still they end up w/ each other. Hollywood should take a page from these Kdramas. 3/4s of them would still be married if they had this same outlook on relationships. And I mean that sincerely.

    • 27.1 joybells

      Yah these kind of endings,where the leads dont keep in contact for years and still end up togther,are sorta hard for me to accept and understand.Why dont they make it such that they keep in touch but not meet or see each other during that one year gap.That makes more sense.

  28. 28 estel

    The best part of this whole episode was learning that Doc quit to go study fashion in Paris. HA! I only wish we’d seen more of that side of him. The part part of the whole drama was when Julien Kang was making Jae-hee and Doc both uncomfortable.

    • 28.1 Startulle

      IKR….in the manga doctor played a important role in Ashya/JH life, and he was really unique and funny!!! Too bad the writers couldn’t give him more space…

  29. 29 kirara

    YES! Seugri is so darn HOT.. when he wanted to take responsibility…

    but I have to point out.. how did Jae-hee’s diary end up back in her possession? I thought it was in Tae-Joon’s bag and he didn’t visit her till a year later, so how did it end up with her?? Maybe he shipped/mailed/sent the diary to her.. I don’t know but that part is super strange but OF course.. NOT IMPORTANT right?? hahaha. Just had to point that out!! 😀

    Thanks for all the hard work in recapping the entire series!! 🙂

    • 29.1 Jeannette

      He met her at the airport and probably gave it to her then.

      At least, that’s my interpretation.

    • 29.2 karu

      So she can’t just buy another one like she did with the first one? It’s not like it’s hard to buy, considering that she brought it from the State?
      Sometimes I think we tend to pick on every little thing 😛

      • 29.2.1 shelhass

        Wasn’t it another diary? When I watched the scene I thought its cover had a different colour, so I guess she just bought a new one.

        What, are you guys telling me I’m colorblind?

        • Jeannette

          HAHH I thought it looked different, but whatever, it’s TTBY! hahaha!

  30. 30 Jeannette

    I want to bite Seung-ri. OM NOM NOM. SO DAMN HOT. Who else could make wearing pins made of Lego men look sexy? And sophisticated?

    This episode. I can’t even. Thinking about it makes me so tired. It was an emotional roller coaster.

    One last time, ladies: Minho is hot. More than hot. What’s more than hot? I don’t know, but he’s it. I always thought he was the cutest one in SHINee, but cute is too tame a word to describe him. He’s dangerous. Noona Killer.

    Everything else has left my brain right now..thinking of Minho pushing Sulli against that pole so he wouldn’t get (more) excited…gah. Oh, Jae-hee, so cute.

  31. 31 Fabmari

    wow…bravo gummimochi for sticking till the end 😀

    I enjoy reading your funny recap — although I am very sure that the drama itself may cause opposite reaction. kekeke

  32. 32 Eaglette

    You don’t have to have S’mores. If you don’t understand the manga then you shouldn’t have recapped it. It was never supposed to be of real life. If you need to enrich your brain, then watching dramas is not the way. You were only supposed to watch and enjoy the shenanigans!!! And that’s what I did. Let your brain cells and rationale take a vacation and just enter a world where sense makes no sense. With the Japanese version, we had fun with the dorm heads; the Taiwanese too, but the Korean version focused more on the leads and seconds….not bad. I enjoyed what it offered and in no way was it meant as a basis to raise your children. It is just one of those whimsy things mean’t for enjoyment only!

    • 32.1 Katsup

      “f you don’t understand the manga then you shouldn’t have recapped it.”
      Really? Because I thought this was a community focused on Korean Dramas… not manga… or even Japanese or taiwan dramas.

      I’m pretty sure its not a ~recap requirement~ to have read/seen all the previous versions of a story… and why should it be? This is a recap, not a comparison between all the versions. It should be able to stand on its own, for people who are familiar and unfamiliar with the original source.

      “You were only supposed to watch and enjoy the shenanigans!!!”
      Honestly there weren’t many “shenanigans” at all… ttby was filled with drama and angst and that killed a lot of the humor of the original manga. It pretty much did the opposite of the jdrama (which took it completely over the top and ruined the manga plotline) and instead just focused too much on the brooding and the angst.

      Personally, I enjoyed ttby but that doesn’t mean it was a show meant for everyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and telling someone how they “should have” seen or done something is just silly.

    • 32.2 shelhass

      “You don’t have to have S’mores. If you don’t understand the manga then you shouldn’t have recapped it”.

      Do you realize how RUDE you sound?
      And if you haven’t noticed, Gummi was recapping a DRAMA, not a MANGA, so… yes, you just DID a very RUDE comment.

    • 32.3 joybells

      @Eaglette,the first statement you wrote sounded very rude.Its ok for you to state your opinions here,but here in dramabeans family we refrain from making rude comments,esp to the recapper who put in all the hardwork and time.

  33. 33 ajj

    Im not a big fan of this drama but the soundtrack is amazing.

  34. 34 Brian

    I think I like this show because it seems like Sulli and Minho are dog lovers. That Samoyed is so fluffy and cute I wish I had one of those growing up, except that where I lived is too hot for a dog like that. When Jae Hee visits Eun Gyul’s house she also plays with his dog, and at the end she’s also walking a dog. I guess since I’m a dog person that really influenced me, although the cute and light tone helped a lot too.

    Also, if I was Seung Ri and I was mad at Jae Hee, just looking at her teary-eyed yet still cute face I’d probably melt even easier than he did and forgive her right there and also try to cover up for her with the other dorm leaders. I just hope that Sulli in the future continues to use her cuteness for good IRL, although as an actress using cute for evil works well too, hehe.

  35. 35 Cat

    hmmmmm by the end of this drama.

    The Leads:

    Minho: The dad-minho plot was by far emotionless. Overall he was alright, at times he was good – just outshined by the supporting characters.

    Jae Hee: Loved her in the beginning, but afterwards her character til the almost the very end – all that cheerfulness got sucked right out of her.

    Eun Gul: Lovely character. His character was brought up great, no complaints.

    Han- na: Was disappointed at first for adding such a character, but came to like her.

    The outstanding and intriguing characters:

    The Doc – an interesting character though completely underated and neglected

    Hyun Jae – his acting skills I have to say were top notch… yeshhhh, I can definitely see this guy in future dramas.

    Hyun Woo – Awesome and likeable.

    Jae Hee’s close friend (John) – Loved his character, handsome and rational guy. At times I got the doc vibe from him – he gave more advices to the main characters than the actual doc lol.

    The Pitiful ones:

    Tae Joon’s manager: Pointless, skipped every scene whenever the manager came up. Alot of her lines on which she revealed … ”we already know”…
    Reporter: Skipped

    Could haves:

    – Along with John coming along, they could’ve also brought up Jae Hee’s best friend Julia (from the manga).

    – Kayashima: A character for laughs and a catalyst for the leading couple’s romance.

    – Hyun Woo’s (dorm leader) past lover (awww oh wells, he got coupled with Han – na)

    What The’s:
    – Did the perverted guy just get swept?

  36. 36 Tamara

    Overall this drama disappointed me. l know about this drama as l already watch Japanese (twice, ..still laughing) and Taiwanese and even read the manga too.

    l dont mine the story line is different from the manga cos they have right to change whatever necessary to attract viewers. It doesnt matter to me as Japanese choose to round up all in (all the dorms boys stories beside the leading casts) or even Korean whom chose to focus more onto bromance and love story.

    Lets not talk about Japanese version. l am Shinee’s fan but l’m more to Taemin not Minho. But now l’m over Minho, sori Taemin, u still ‘pretty’. l’m not so overwhelm at first as l never know Sulli, l thought Amber will be playing Jae hee. Then l learn that Amber is actually more boyish whereas they need someone girly who doesnt looks like a boy.

    About negative – the story plot is somehow lost. To relate scene to other scene like edit is so troublesome. The editing here bad. The story does not run smoothly, it stuck here and there, too many lacks that l eh!!..ah!!!

    The grown up feelings from Tae Joon to Jae Hee just happened, flopped, yesterday l throw u from my room, today l fall in love with you? Man, that was fast! And they want us to understand that JH also fall in love with TJ..how? The skinship, why only TJ feel the teenage hormone…? JH..super idiot who knows nothing. PD Nim should balance a bit here.

    Eun Gyul seems like nothing to JH. She adored Sangchu more (just look at the farewell time). It shouldnt be as you really will be having hard time if not of that boy.

    And kisses, l think its 5 kisses (plus that at pool). But can we call that a kiss. Or is that how tennage kiss. l just watch Faith ep 17, first kiss from Lee Min Ho, gosh..l bet l want a kiss like that, not only passion but full with love, not only trigger our nerve. This MinHo just touch base…mmpphh, l still love you anyway. They should do better with the kiss to boost rating.

    Btw, where’s Kwang Hee (Jong Min). He just totally lost in recent eps. l always laugh loud when he’s around. He’s not even with the boys farewell moment with Jae Hee.

    There’s a lot more lacks but l dont blame the casts, just the writer and of course PDNim.

    Positive – who wouldnt say that how cute Sulli is with that short hair. This giant baby girl is surely cute. And Minho, l melt only with his smile, his smile, his smile…arrggh. They just too cute together. l voted them for the best OTP among 3 versions Hana Kimi.

    Hugging scenes were amazing, Minho really good with hugging, l wish l have boyfriend like that who really know how to hug tightly.

    All casts are wonderful and of coz handsome and hot. Hyun Jae is hottest. The most handsomest dorm boys of 3 versions.

    The best of this drama is the cinematography, camera trick 360 and all the scenery, very nice and amazing. And also the soundtrack, its really awesome. Stand up, butterfly, in your eyes, closer by Taeyeon my favourite.

    One more l love TTBY is how adorable MinHo is when jealousy came visit him. l watch it again and again, he is so damn cute. l love two Min Hos now.

    For me, TTBY is Eun Gyul’s like Japanese is Nakatsu’s. Both are amazing and no Hana Kimi without their funny and hillarious character. l wont compare both as they’re like star here.

    Anyway, even l’m disappointed but l never skipped any single ep. Why? Because its full with cuteness and adorable characters and casts. Its not logic but who cares, as long l can laugh and smile all the way and feel ease which is a good medicine everytime came back from work.

    • 36.1 happychu

      “Hugging scenes were amazing, Minho really good with hugging, l wish l have boyfriend like that who really know how to hug tightly.”
      I am sooo agree with you. I’m curious now to see Minho hugging another female lead, because it comes to my mind that maybe the hugging part was so good with these two because Sulli’s actually “A GIANT BABY” 😀 I mean, it was so easy and natural for her to put her head right into the curve oh his neck, she’s just tall enough 😀

      Am I writing about Sulli’s height fitting to Minho’s hugging? Okay, need to get out of what this drama have done to me 😀

  37. 37 owl

    Eun-gyul sheep, aw, love that. Too too cute, gummimochi 🙂 It is all about Eun gyul, for sure. What a riot that the Doc goes off to find his thing in fashion- ha! This was 16 episodes of just plain kdrama cuteness. Probably not one that I will rewatch. But at the end of the day, it was what I needed.

  38. 38 Aquila

    I’m a little undecided about this drama – even after watching this drama several times. I’m not sure what was lacking… The character portrayal was good, basic story plot was loosely similar to the manga and there was some cute/funny moments spread evenly throughout the series.

    Yet for some reason I never warmed up to the series.

    My bias is definitely the first Japanese drama with Shun, Toma and Maki. Even though there were moments of seriousness – it was the craziness of these ikemens that made this drama one of my favourites!

    The Taiwanese drama version is always good as they stick very closely to the story plot and Ella was fantastic as Mizuki/Rui Xi/Jae Hee.

  39. 39 umalily

    I squealed in excitement a plenty in the last 2 episodes and that made worth it all. Minho is super cute when he smiles so glad he was not a robot through outl and Sulli can definitely cry, I wish she’d learn a little bit of sexual tension and Minho too( though at least he tried in the dangerous scene.

  40. 40 umalily

    thanks for the ride gummi!

  41. 41 nisa

    i love the ending so sweet………!!!!

  42. 42 nisa

    minho are the best……………………….XD

  43. 43 Vincy

    Okay so after 16 episodes, I finally fell in love with Lee Hyun Woo’s character.

    This is almost a week after the episode aired so I’m not as hyper about it as I was.
    Anyway, I am not as satisfied about this version as I was with the Japanese version. I wish they had explored the other characters (i.e. the dorms, the doctor, the brother-where was he?!) more instead of Han na and. I guess this is a norm for K-dramas though. But I wish that Johnny had gotten more screen time..

    But, having said that, I’m also glad that the main couple had heaps of screen time together! Min Ho seriously…you’ve gained another fan, SHINee!!

  44. 44 lee4joy

    All the kisses in the drama were “surprise” kisses and they were cute. However it would have been nicer if Sulli had her eyes closed at the last fountain kiss, just to see one tender kiss where both have their eyes closed.

    Loved the show, loved the romance!!

    • 44.1 darla

      i was thinking the exact same thing too
      but i guess that’s what the director told sulli to do

      my favorite kiss is definitely the one that sulli kissed minho first in their dorm
      my heart skipped a beat watching it
      so cute <3

      i love minsul couple and are gonna start paying attention of their interaction with one another in the future
      but i'm sure even if they like each other in real life and dating, SM won't allow it to look so obvious and go public with it

      just like what happen to wooyoung and iu in dream high
      at least they were good friends while filming, but then it turns akward for both of them post-dream high becuase many are shipping them so they (especially iu) to try to keep distance
      i hope it wont happen to minsul and other lead idol couples

  45. 45 Moony

    Thanks for recapping TTBY! I loved the Taiwanese version but couldnt watch the Korean remake and had to relay on recaps.

    i wass disappointed as I was a HUGE fan of Hana Kimi. Although acting in Taiwan’s hana kimi is too exaggerated, especially Jiro Wang, the flow is better. We get to know the cause of injury, more craziness from the gay doctor, and more bonding between students in Dorm 2. Would anyone who watched Taiwan’s Hana Kimi remember Yang Yang, Da Shu, and Julie? I was so disappointed they don’t have an equivalent in TTBY but for better or for worse, TTBY is over and it is now on with the next drama!

    • 45.1 Jeannette

      LOL Jiro Wang was nuts in that version. I love him though (SO MUCH) so I can’t say anything bad about him. He’s just a crazy goofball.

    • 45.2 Mikunda

      The Taiwanese wasn’t that good. The main leads, especially the girl… bad acting & a lot of yelling. Not to mention the Korean cast was very very pretty. Totally prefer the Korean version, although agree that they could have made things clearer…

  46. 46 Rachel

    A bit taken aback by how they omitted the scene that explains why jae hee threw her stable life away in America and flew to Korea for minho. Wasn’t it because she was the cause of his hurt ankle and felt guilty for his hiatus in glamorous sports life? Had it not been for shinee visuals, I wouldn’t have sat through this drama..

  47. 47 IU8282

    This is pretty much the only version I watched completely. I couldn’t get through the first ep of the taiwanese/chinese vers, the quality over there just irks me which make me appreciate the quality of Korean dramas even more. That and my ears aren’t used to the language. Online buddies recommended me the 2007 Japanese one, it was entertaining in a weekly strip kind of way but wasn’t something that made me sit in front of my computer attempting a marathon and I still haven’t finished completing it, but I’m planning to!

    But yeah having the most beautiful cast out of the three probably helped too haha! Seriously the casting director should be commended, the extra + side characters were all preeeetttyy

  48. 48 Mikunda

    What I liked about this drama is its light-spirited atmosphere, and that the main leads were sooo pretty. Lots of beautiful faces, sunlight, gorgeous cinematography, young people. I will really miss it. I watched it to get my does of pretty two times a week. Hope we see these kids in some other cheerful series, and very soon:-)

  49. 49 Danial Superb Cool

    Yeah the finale was great and really missed this drama huhu….Minsul should be coupled in and out TTBY they’re beautiful,cool and natural:)

  50. 50 NN

    Thanks for the recaps, Gummi! When one dissects the show, it’s not great but I still enjoyed the 16 hours spent on it. I suppose it’s all great eye candy and good OST! The Korean version has the prettiest ensemble cast.

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